Bad Decisions
  • Author - Hidden Darkness
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  • Post Date - 11/29/2018

Author's Note: Evie has a history of making bad decisions. Now every decision is a bad decision.

Starting at chapter 3, each chapter splits as you may proceed like a "choose your own adventure" style story. I'd love to hear your feedback.

Chapter 1: Bad Decisions

Evie awoke with a groan on the hard cement floor. She fought back a wave of nausea as she tried to recall what happened last night. She had decided to go out with her friends to celebrate quitting the job that she hated. She wasn't sure what she was going to do next with her life, but she really needed to blow off steam. So, equipped with her sluttiest skirt and her favorite "fuck me" pumps she went out to the club to party and forget that she had no job, no savings, and no prospects. Besides, other than the cover, the drinks were going to be on all the gullible guys at the club. A flirty smile, and a shake of her tits, and they had fallen over themselves to buy her drink after drink. She spent a fair amount of time with a particularly handsome guy who had an unusual interest in who she was there with and whether she had any family in the area.

She sat up off the cold, hard floor and discovered to her dismay that she had pissed herself last night. She scooted out of the pool of urine and looked around. The room was totally dark except for a warm, red glow coming from somewhere across the room.

"Hello?" she called. "Is anybody here?"

As her words echoed off the walls she thought she heard the squeak of wood against wood. Suddenly, a bright fluorescent light flickered to life. She shut her eyes against the harsh light, as she reopened them another wave of nausea washed over her, but this time it wasn't from the hangover, it was from what she saw. She was in a cell in the corner of a stark concrete block room. Through the metal bars she could see on the walls an array of whips, clamps, chains, restraints, and other items whose purpose she could not divine. But most concerning of all was what occupied the center of the room.

There she saw a beautiful, young woman approximately her own age, bound to a sturdy wooden chair. The woman was completely naked except for a black bra. Straps across her ankles, hips, torso, and wrists secured her firmly in place. A bright red ball gag filled her mouth. Marks and bruises scattered around her body suggested that she had been here much longer than Evie and obviously wasn't enjoying her stay. The woman perked up and took stock of her situation. As she met eyes with Evie a look of realization followed by fear swept across her face, her eyes grew wide.

"Mmmph," the woman mumbled through the gag, "Mmmph, mmmph."

"What's going on here? Where am I?" Evie asked the helpless woman.

Just then the large metal door to the room banged open. The handsome man from last night walked through.

"I see you've met Teresa," he said coyly.

"Who are you? What the hell is going on here?" Evie demanded.

"You may call me Master Darkness. As for what you are doing here... You have made a lot of bad choices in your life, Evie dear. Choices that have led to your current situation. You will find that there are no good decisions left for you here."

"Fuck you, you psycho! What the fuck do you want from me?" Evie raged.

"All in good time." He glanced over at the woman bound in the center of the room. "What do you say we get started? Perhaps we should get you into something more... appropriate."

"Go to hell! You can't make me do anything."

"Ah, you may think that, but that is why dear sweet Teresa is here. I think she can convince you to cooperate," he said with a sinister smile. "Allow me to draw your attention to this metal shelf underneath her chair. It is sitting beneath a rather large metal dildo resting inside Teresa's poor little pussy. I will be taking some nice hot coals from that brazier over there and placing them on this shelf. I'm afraid things are going to get very uncomfortable for Teresa rather quickly. But I will take the coals away once you have done what I have asked."

He walked over to the wall and grabbed a set of tongs. "Let's start with you getting undressed."

"You are insane! You can't do this!" Evie shouted.

He placed the first coal beneath the trembling, bound woman. "And how are you going to stop me?" He returned to the brazier to grab another coal. "We're just getting started. I suggest you hurry up."

Evie glanced at the squirming woman in front of her. Teresa's eyes pleaded with her. Defeated, Evie slid out of her piss-stained dress and heels. Of course her clubbing outfit did not include a bra. She covered her tits with one arm while she slipped out of her piss-soaked thong panties, then quickly covered her clean-shaven pussy with her other arm.

"Now, now, this is no place for modesty," her captor teased as he dropped yet another coal onto the shelf. "The next things we will need are in that chest in your cell."

Evie walked over to the chest and threw it open. Her face paled. "There is no fucking way. Go to hell, you piece of shit!"

"Oh my! Such a potty mouth on this one," he teased. "I have just the cure for that. You are going take those lovely piss-stained panties of yours and put those in your mouth first."

Evie didn't move. She continued to stare daggers at her tormentor.

"It seems sweet Teresa is not being persuasive enough," he shrugged as he put down the tongs. "Maybe she needs a little help."

He walked to the brazier and picked up a small accordion-style bellows. "You are going to do what I ask eventually, so you may as well save everyone the trouble."

He placed the tip of the bellows on the shelf below Teresa and drew the handles apart. He paused. Teresa pulled and strained against her bonds. Her muffled pleading intensified. He pressed the handles together. The coals glowed bright red. Teresa's pleading turned to a shriek, as a wave of heat surged from the coals into the metal dildo buried in her pussy. He pulled bellows wide for a second time.

"No! Stop! I'll do it," Evie relented. Her arms slumped away from concealing her private areas, defeated. She bent over and scooped up her piss-soaked thong. She met eyes with Teresa, still panting and gasping, then she opened wide and shoved the panties into her mouth. She fought back retching and gagging as the putrid piss taste lingered on her tongue. "Now that wasn't so hard, was it?" her tormentor asked, thoroughly enjoying Evie's misery. "Next you will take the gag from the chest and strap that in place. I think I've had enough of your backtalk today."

Evie reached into the chest and pulled out the gag. It was a simple red ball gag, similar to the one lodged in poor Teresa's mouth. She fit the ball into her mouth, shoving the panties farther back. She retched as the panties tickled her gag reflex, but she held on as she reached behind her head and strapped the gag in place. She thought it was too small, as it pulled the ball farther into her mouth, but there was only one hole to secure the buckle into. She was just barely able to latch the buckle. She was now unable to communicate beyond the grunts and mumbles that she had heard from Teresa.

"I'm afraid the next item won't be quite so comfortable," he said, gesturing to the chest. "We've had a special pair of panties fitted just for you. Why don't you try them on?"

Evie sighed into her gag as she reached into the chest and pulled out the 'special' panties. What would have been fairly normal looking latex bikini-style briefs had been augmented to have two dildos sewn in place. Their intended destinations were obvious. The dildo intended for her pussy was about five inches long and an inch and a half across, shaped so that it would rest fully within her pussy once the panties were pulled up. The anal dildo was a little shorter and tapered near the bottom to help hold it in place once it was fully inserted.

"Since your mouth isn't available we've provided some lubricant, if you feel you need it. It's the small white tube inside the chest."

Evie reached in and grabbed the unlabeled tube. She popped the cap and smeared the lube liberally on her pussy, her asshole, and the two dildos. She set the panties on the ground and pulled them most of the way up her legs. She took a deep breath. As a party girl, and a bit of a slut, she was no stranger to a dick in her ass, but she had never been double penetrated before. She worked the panties all the way up, pressing the intruders firmly into her pussy and asshole. They were tight, but they fit. She now felt uncomfortably filled.

"Excellent! I hope you don't mind, but we took your measurements while you were passed out," he said. "This next item is one of my favorites. We've had a special bra fitted just for you. I think you will like it."

Evie sighed and reached again into the devious chest occupying her cell. She pulled her hand back as she felt a prick when she went to pick up the bra. She bent over to take a closer look. The innocuous looking black leather bra had had the insides of each cup lined with little spikes the size of thumbtacks. She looked up at her tormentor. The beaming smile on his face told her just how much he was enjoying this.

"What do you think? Pretty sexy, huh? In fact, Teresa is modelling her own version of the bra. Isn't that right?" He leaned over and gave Teresa's tits a squeeze, she moaned as the spikes dug into her big, round breasts.

Evie sighed. She slipped her arms into the loops and slid the bra up. Of course, fastening the back would involve mashing her poor tits into the spiked cups. She glanced over at Teresa. A sheen of sweat glistened all over her body. The coals must have made the dildo unbearably hot by now. Evie closed her eyes and steeled herself against the pain to come. She adjusted her tits to fit within the cups of the bra and reached behind her back. She pulled the clasp closed.

"Mmmph," she moaned into her gag as the sharp spikes bit home. The clasp only had one size setting and the bra would have been tight even if it wasn't lined with spikes.

"The last piece are the handcuffs. Nothing fancy here, I'm afraid. Just lock them on your wrists behind your back."

Evie reached into the chest one last time, careful not to contort her chest in any way that would cause the spikes to scrape against her tender tits. She locked the cuffs on one wrist then reached behind her back and secured the other wrist.

"You're finally finished," the sinister man said. "I'm sure Teresa appreciates your compliance... Even if it did take a while."

He went over to the brazier and grabbed a shovel and bucket, then walked to Teresa's chair and scooped the coals into the bucket. Next, he fished a key out of his pocket and opened the door to Evie's cell. She briefly considered attempting an escape, but in her current state she realized she wouldn't get very far. He led her out of her cell and over near a wall.

"I have one final piece, which I prefer to attach myself," he said.

He pulled out a black leather collar with the word 'slave' spelled across the front in shiny metal letters. He secured it in place. It was loose enough for Evie to breath, but tight enough that was difficult to swallow (which she couldn't anyway due to the large gag in her mouth). Next he attached a black leather leash to the collar and gave it a tug. Evie stumbled after him.

"Let's go somewhere else while we give Teresa a chance to cool off."

He led her out the large metal door and down a dim, narrow hallway. More doors similar to the one she just passed through lined the hallway. Her bare feet padded down the cold cement. Evie wasn't sure, but she thought she could hear moaning or screaming coming from behind some of the doors. He finally stopped in front of a door and pulled out a key. He unlocked the room and nudged Evie through.

He followed behind, closing and locking the door behind him. Then guided Evie near the center of the room. He tied her leash to a chain hanging down from the ceiling, then grabbed several leather cuffs off of a nearby table. He fastened a cuff to each ankle, and then secured them to small rings bolted to the floor. Her legs were now spread about three feet apart. Next he removed the handcuffs and fastened a cuff to each wrist, then he pulled each wrist up and secured it to chains hanging from the ceiling. There was barely enough slack in the chains to sway. Evie was now secured in an 'X' position facing one side of the room. Finally, he removed the leash and tucked it away in his pocket.

"Let me explain how this is going to work. You have a history of making bad decisions. So now we are going to help you out. Every decision you make from now on will be a bad decision. We are going to present you with two options for punishment. You are going to pick one. Sound easy? It is. Your first decision is in front of you. We won't tell you outright what each punishment is, but you may be able to figure it out. We will give you some time to decide. I'll be back in a few hours."

He turned to walk out the door. "Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention. You would probably figure it out pretty soon anyway, but that lubricant you rubbed all over your pussy, ass, and the dildos... it's got a rather strong, slow acting irritant. I think in a little bit you will feel like your insides are on fire. Just a little reminder of what you did to poor Teresa by acting so slowly this morning."

He stepped through the door and banged it shut behind him. Evie heard the heavy lock shutter closed, not that it mattered, she could hardly move, chained spread-eagle as she was. Helpless, Evie looked around the room.

Ahead of her and to the left was a rack. Hanging from the rack were several items that looked like whips, some short, some long, and of varying styles. Next to that rack was a tall X-shaped apparatus, about as tall as a person. At the end of each arm of the 'X' was a ring.

Ahead of her and to the right was a cylindrical bin. Inside the bin she recognized a wooden paddle, a leather strap, and a several rod shaped objects. Behind the bin was a sort of two tiered table. At each end of the table were two sets of stocks. The lower tier had two small holes, and the higher tier had three with two small holes on the outside and a larger one in the middle. The upper tier was about two feet higher than the lower.

Evie looked back and forth between the two sides of the room. It wasn't much of a secret what she was expected to choose between, but she was quickly losing focus due to the increasingly intense burning sensation inside her pussy and ass.

Chapter 2: The Worst Decision

Several hours passed, then the door to the room banged open. Master Darkness and two other men walked in. Evie looked over at them in abject misery. She had spent the last few hours with an intense burning sensation in her pussy and ass from the irritant on her dildo panties. Her muscles ached from being held spread-eagle, hung from the ceiling.

Master Darkness walked up behind her, grabbing her spiked bra. The tiny pins jabbed into her tender tits. She moaned anew from the sudden assault. Still kneading her tits he whispered in her ear, "I hope you've spent some time mulling over your decision. Have you made a choice?"

Evie looked back and forth at the whips and rack on the left and the paddles and canes near the table on the right.

He reached up and undid the buckle holding her gag in place. He pulled it out of her mouth followed by the saliva soaked panties.

"So, what is it to be? The left or the right?"

Evie flexed her aching jaw. "Fuck you, asshole!"

He stepped in front of her and slapped her hard across the face. "Such a mouth on this one," he said to his associates. He turned back to her. "I'll need your decision."

Evie stared daggers at him, her cheek reddening from the slap. She said nothing.

Master Darkness pulled out a small sand filled hourglass and turned it over. "You have about a minute to make your decision."

Evie stared ahead defiantly and waited. She said nothing as the last grain of sand fell.

"Very well. Your choice has been made," he said. "You will have both."

The color drained from Evie's face. "What?! No! Wait, I will choose. Please let me pick," she begged.

"Too late. The sooner you realize that you can't win here, the better." He turned to his colleagues. "We will start with the table. Please prepare our guest."

Evie continued to beg and plead, but her words fell on deaf ears. The men stepped forward. They unhooked her ankle cuffs from their anchors in the floor. One man began coaxing the dildos out of her tender holes and slid the panties down off her legs. Next each man took an arm and unchained it from the ceiling. Together they unclasped and removed the pin bra. While keeping a firm hold on the struggling woman they lifted her to the table.

The bare wood two tiered table was shaped such that she could kneel on the lower end with her feet just hanging off the end. She was then bent forward over the upper end. It was high enough to support her waist, with her head hanging over the end. She struggled in vain as the strong men forced her down onto the table. The end of the table near her head was equipped with a set of wooden stocks. Her head was placed in the middle hole and her arms were held on either side. The end of the table near her feet was likewise equipped with stocks. Her slender ankles were locked into the holes, holding her legs slightly apart. Two leather ties, one for each leg, were attached just behind each knee, holding her legs down and slightly apart. Two ties, one for each big toe, were brought up from beneath the table to hold her feet in place. She bucked and strained against her bondage. She could move, but not by much. Finally, a leather bit gag was forced into her mouth, turning her pleading into unintelligible grunts.

"You will receive five strokes from each of our tools. Let this serve as an introduction to what awaits you for misbehaving in the future."

He picked up a birch cane, about three feet long and brandished it menacingly in front of her. "Let's start with a classic."

He stepped behind the table, wound up, and swung. Crack! The thin cane bit into the back of her firm thighs. Evie bit into her gag and moaned, bucking against the restraints as an angry red line formed on her legs. He paused, letting her savor the pain, then wound up and struck again. And again she moaned and strained against her bonds. He laid down the remaining strokes on her, now quivering, thighs. He returned the cane to the bin and stepped back to admire his work. Five bright red lines now colored the back of Evie's creamy white thighs.

"That was fun," Master Darkness beamed. "Next I think we will do the prison strap." He hefted an implement with a six inch wooden handle. Attached to the handle was a thick strip of leather about two feet long and four inches wide. "We'll let Master Kimball do this one, that way we'll have someone with fresh arms."

Master Kimball stepped up. He was a short, bulky Asian man with a shaved head. He enthusiastically received the strap from Master Darkness and took up a position next to the table. He raised the tool high over head and brought it down hard on Evie's exposed back. The snap echoed off the walls. Evie would have screamed, but the air had been forced out of her lungs. Stinging pain flashed across the area where the strap had landed. Before she could even recover her breath he hefted the strap again and brought it down on her reddening back. Evie could do nothing but holler as the blows rained down. He finished the remaining strokes and stepped back, admiring the sobbing pain-wracked woman.

"A pleasure," he whispered, returning the strap to Master Darkness with a slight bow.

"Alright! Moving right along, our next tool is something every frat boy has probably experienced. Though I doubt they wield them nearly as effectively as our staff," he picked up a long wooden paddle. It was a solid piece of wood with a narrow handle carved in one end, extending beyond that another eighteen inches long and four inches wide. All throughout the "business end" of the paddle were drilled small holes to prevent trapped air from cushioning the blow. "Doctor Kivaas, would you do the honors?" he turned to Evie. "That's right, we have a real genuine doctor on our staff. Though instead of 'tell me where it hurts' he is more of a 'tell me where to hurt' kind of doctor."

He handed the paddle to the Doctor Kivaas. He was an older, gray haired man who despite his age seemed remarkably fit. Doctor Kivaas stepped beside the table and raised the paddle. "Now this may hurt a bit," he said through a heavy German accent. He brought the paddle down hard on Evie's firm, round ass. If she hadn't been braced by the table she would have been slammed forward. Already delirious with pain from her previous punishment Evie continued to howl. The paddle raised a bright red streak across her ass, little unreddened circles lined up perfectly with the circles on the paddle. He waited patiently for Evie to relax again, at least as much as she could given her current situation, before landing another staggering blow to her damaged ass. The pain flared anew. He quickly delivered another. And another. And another. The final blow landing so hard that it cracked the paddle.

He shrugged as he returned the broken paddle to Master Darkness. "Danke," he nodded curtly.

"Well. Now you've met with the good doctor. He'll be taking care of you in case you get a little too damaged during any of your punishments. Though I doubt you'll be satisfied with his bedside manner." He picked up the final implement from the bin. "The last item is my personal favorite. Simple, but effective." He picked up a thin metal rod. It was a little over three feet long, less than a quarter inch thick. It looked like the antenna off an old car or TV.

He walked behind the table, out of Evie's field of view. She heard him swish the rod through the air. She jumped as he reached out and playfully tickled the bottoms of the soles of her feet. "Gotcha," he chuckled. Evie was obviously not amused.

Snap! Suddenly, the rod crashed hard into the bottoms of her feet. Evie saw red. She felt light-headed. This was by far the worst of the punishments yet. He wound up and quickly landed two more blows. She became frantic. She tried in vain to wiggle her feet free of their exposed position, but the stocks on her ankles and ties on her toes prevented any movement. Tears flowed freely from her eyes. Snap! The fourth blow landed. She pleaded for mercy through her gag. Her pleas fell on deaf ears. He landed the final blow and Evie slumped unconscious on the table.

Master Darkness returned the rod to the bin and turned to his colleagues. "What do you say we break for lunch?" The three men strolled casually out of the room leaving the battered, bruised, and unconscious woman in her restraints on the table.

Evie awoke some time later to find that she had been removed from the table. She looked around to see that she was now attached face out to the X-shaped rack. Her wrist cuffs secured to the rings at the top of the rack and her ankle cuffs attached to the rings at the bottom. She shifted her weight to look around and recoiled in agony at the pained sensation in her feet. She leaned back against the frame and immediately regretted it as the welts and bruises along her entire backside lit up.

"Welcome back to the world of the waking," Master Darkness announced. "Shall we continue?"

Evie sobbed anew. The bit gag in her mouth prevented an intelligible response. She didn't think she could take any more.

"Remember, we could have been done by now if you had cooperated," he admonished as he picked the first whip from the rack on the wall. "Let's start with another classic." He raised a black leather stranded cat-o'-nine-tails. It had multiple two foot long straps attached to a sturdy handle. "Typically this is employed against a nice round ass, but we'll try somewhere else today given the circumstances."

He stepped beside the frame and swung. The whip slapped her square in the abdomen. She would have doubled over from the hit to the gut, if her restraints had allowed. He delivered the remaining blows, leaving her tummy bright red and stinging.

He returned the whip to the rack. "A pity, I was just getting warmed up. Anyway, on to the next one." He picked up a long leather bullwhip. "This is another one that lends itself we'll to laying stripes across a bare back. Fortunately, Master Kimball is skilled enough that he could knock a fly out of the air from across the room. I'm sure he can find an appropriate target." He handed the coiled whip to the Asian man. "Do your worst."

Evie slumped in her bonds, unsure whether or not she wanted to look up to see where Master Kimball decided to strike. He stepped back several paces The other men in the room gave him plenty of space as well. Crack! The whip flew so fast that the only indication anything had happened was a sudden jerk from the restrained woman, and a bright red stripe painted across the front of her left thigh. He wound up and paired that lash with another across her right thigh. Evie howled into her gag as the remaining lashes were issued to her legs. She was too weak to support herself, and dangled meekly from her bonds. Master Kimball returned the whip to the rack with a content smile on his face.

"Nicely done. This next one is another favorite of mine." Evie was now shaking in agony. She feared that she knew what a favorite of his would feel like. He picked up a length of wire, about six feet long. It was thin and flexible. He doubled it over, grabbing both ends in one hand, then wrapped the wire a few times around his hand to maintain a good grip. He wound up and swung. The wire swished through the air, slashing viciously across Evie's tits. A thin red loop-shaped line glowed along her chest. He swung again. And again. This time the wire caught her nipple as it zoomed down. Evie's screams went up an octave and then she passed out.

Dr. Kivaas was on the spot with smelling salts and some not-so-gentle slaps to the face.

"Tsk, tsk," Master Darkness admonished. "We're not done yet. You may rest later." He quickly followed that up with another slash from the wire whip. Evie swooned, drunk with pain. He harshly applied the final stroke and stepped back, satisfied.

"That leaves one final item, then we are done for the day," he picked up something that looked like a miniature version of the cat-o'-nine-tails from before. "This is what is known as a pussy whip." Evie gasped. She ached all over. She didn't think she could take another punishment.

Master Darkness handed the whip to Dr. Kivaas. "Why don't you do the honors?"

Dr. Kivaas stepped behind the rack holding the bruised and battered woman. "I tire of these bland punishments. I look forward to something more creative in the future. Yes?"

At that the doctor delivered five lightning fast strokes in quick succession. The whip curling up from beneath Evie's buttocks to strike directly on her labia. She had hardly reacted to the first one before the others arrived. She squealed and screamed at the assault on her tender pussy.

The doctor stepped back, leaving her gasping for breath and hoarse from screaming into her gag.

Master Darkness returned the whip to the rack. "I hope we have adequately demonstrated what we are capable of. You will be given some time to recover, and then you will face a new decision. Make no mistake about this, no matter how bad things are, we can always make them worse. Someone will be along shortly to return you to your cell. While you are there you are expected to follow orders precisely. You will be fed twice a day. You are expected to eat everything. Any disobedience will end with you subject to further punishment."

He and the other men exited the room. Evie was left sobbing, still dangling from the rack. Her body criss-crossed with welts and bruises.

Some time later a new man entered the room. Without saying anything he took Evie down from the rack and dumped her into a wheelchair. She winced as her sore ass made contact with the seat. He quickly whisked her through the maze of corridors and unceremoniously dumped her on the floor of her cell and left. Evie, too weak to pull herself up to the cot, cried herself to sleep on the cool concrete floor.

She awoke to find herself still trapped in her nightmare. On the floor in front of her was a bowl of runny oatmeal and a large bottle of water. Starving, she greedily shoveled down the foul tasting gruel and drained the bottle. She settled onto her cot and worried about what might happen next.

Evie was left to recover in her cell for what felt like several days. It was difficult to tell time in the windowless cell. But she was able to gauge the passage of time by the twice daily meal deliveries by the silent man. Fearing the consequences for misbehaving, she quickly ate the gruel presented to her.

One morning she awoke to find Master Darkness in her cell hovering over her.

"Get up," he commanded. Evie rose to her feet. He quickly and efficiently attached a broad leather belt around her waist. It was adorned with several metal loops. Through a loop in the front dangled a pair of handcuffs. He roughly grabbed each wrist and slapped it into a cuff. Next he attached a set of ankle cuffs linked together by a foot long chain. Finally he presented a rough canvas sack, which he pulled over her head. "Come with me," he said pulling on a chain attached to the belt. Evie stumbled forward, unable to see and hobbled by her restraints.

He led her down twisting hallways to a room. She heard the heavy door swing open and then was shoved inside. He clipped the chain holding her ankle cuffs to a ring in the floor just as she heard other people enter the room.

"I hope you've been settling in well. Your first punishment was rather disappointing to us. You see, you didn't really make a decision." Master Darkness roughly yanked the bag off of Evie's head. "So we've decided to give you another chance." Evie felt her stomach drop as she looked at the familiar items in front of her. "You will make a decision this time. And for wasting our time you will receive ten strokes from each item. Choose wisely."

Master Darkness stepped out of the room, closing the door behind him. Evie's screams and howls echoed off the walls as he strode off to his next appointment whistling a cheery tune.

Chapter 3: A Rock or A Hard Place

The marks all over Evie's body had turned to dark bruises and started to fade. She felt her strength returning, but the memory of her last punishment would be with her for a very long time.

Master Darkness stepped into her cell. "Good morning. It's finally time for a new decision. Come with me," he announced. A simple leather collar was locked around her neck. He pulled her along by a leash.

They entered a room similar to where her last punishment occurred, it may have been the same for all she knew. He led her to the center and attached her collar to a chain dangling from the ceiling. On the floor, about shoulder-length apart were two wood blocks. Each block was cut to dull point at the top. Master Darkness guided each of Evie's feet up onto a wood block. The point of the block was not enough to puncture the skin, but the pressure on the bottoms of her feet quickly became unbearable. With Evie now balancing on the blocks, Master Darkness shortened the chain holding her to the ceiling. The shortness of the chain forced her to stand upon her tiptoes on the blocks to avoid choking from the collar. Satisfied, Master Darkness left the room.

Evie, while struggling to maintain her balance up on her toes, looked around the room. The pointed blocks were already causing her tender feet to protest in pain. The walls of the room were bare and there was no furniture. On the left side of the room was a planter with a tall cactus in it. The spiky arms jutting out like a stereotype in a cartoon. On the right side of the room was a simple black chest. It was about three feet wide, two feet long, and two feet high with two heavy duty clasps on the front to hold it closed.

Several hours passed. Evie's feet ached from standing tiptoe on the blocks for so long. The door creaked open. She wasn't sure whether to feel relieved or terrified. Master Darkness stepped into view. "Well, I hope we have given you enough time to make a decision. This choice is not so transparent as last time. We think it is more fun that way. So, what's your choice?"

Evie took a deep breath and made up her mind.

Chapter 3a: A Rock

"Give me the cactus punishment," she said. At least, she thought, it's more of a known. There could be anything in that box, but there couldn't be anything so bad about a plant.

"Very well," Master Darkness replied, satisfied that she had learned her lesson and this time made a decisive choice. "Your punishment will begin tomorrow. Master Kimball will meet you, bright and early."

He promptly left the room. Evie continued to dangle from the ceiling by her collar, her aching feet protesting the strain. After a while, the silent caretaker arrived and detached Evie's chain. She slumped into his arms. He led her back to her cell. Evie fell asleep on the cot, wondering and hoping that she made the right decision.

Evie was awakened by the snap of a riding crop on her left nipple. "Wake up, slave! It is time," Master Kimball sneered. Evie rubbed her eyes, she couldn't tell from the windowless room she was in, but it felt early. Really early. Another sharp snap of the crop from an increasingly impatient Master Kimball hurried her to her feet. She was herded through rooms and corridors, the swing of the crop kept a quick pace. They finally ended up in what looked to be a garage. A large windowless white van was parked inside with the rear doors open.

"In," commanded the terse Asian man. She stepped up into the back of the van. There were no seats. A divider wall separated the driver's cab from the rear compartment. In the back on the floor lay a shallow plywood box. It was about six feet long, a little less than three feet wide, with the sides rising about six inches from the floor. On one side of the box was a set of stocks with room for her wrists and neck. There was no top to the box Evie noted thankfully, she'd hate to be shut up in such a confined space.

Master Kimball guided her into the box, laying her on her back. Cold steel cuffs were attached to her wrists and ankles. He pulled her hands up into position in the stocks and locked the part closed. Next he attached each ankle cuff to a corner near the other end of the box. Evie could still wriggle around some, but there was no way out of the box. He went to the wall of the van and pulled a set of jumper cables down. Evie yelped as he clamped the sharp metal teeth on to her nipples.

Her captor stepped out of the van. When he returned he was carrying a length of mosquito netting and a small plastic terrarium. He set the box down and laid the mosquito netting across the lower part of the box, containing her body from the neck down. Before securing it in place he took out a spray bottle and sprayed a fine mist of colorless, odorless liquid on each breast and on her pussy.

"You know in high school," he said suddenly, "they called me 'bugman'. No woman would ever be interested in me, they said. I would be alone forever. But I am a great admirer of women... and bugs. And here I have the opportunity to combine both of my interests."

He leaned over and pulled something out of the terrarium with a pair of tongs and held it in front of her face. "Allow me to introduce you to the bark scorpion. It is commonly included in lists of the most painful sting in the world. They say that for a few days after a sting the affected area feels like jolts of electricity are coursing through it. I have sprayed some strategic areas of your body with scorpion pheromones. They make the scorpions very aggressive and very attracted to that area."

He pulled up a corner of the netting and dropped the light brown scorpion in the box. Evie cringed as she felt the critter crawl up along her body and settle in on her right breast. He returned to the terrarium and dropped two more scorpions into the box and secured the last of the netting.

"I would recommend that you remain very still," he said. He turned to step out of the van. "By the way, the cables attached to your tits are wired in with the vehicle's brake system - when I brake, you get a jolt. And I'm afraid the stereotype of the bad Asian driver holds true for me. Have a pleasant trip."

The door slammed shut. Evie could feel the other two scorpions take up positions on her sensitive areas. She felt the van shift as Master Kimball opened the driver's door and stepped in. Suddenly she felt a terrible jolt tear through her tits as he applied the brakes to start the car. Evie shrieked. She fought to hold still against the onslaught of electricity, but her muscles spasmed out of her control. Then she felt a sharp stab strike her left breast. One of the scorpions, agitated by the shaking had struck home with its stinger. Evie saw red, whatever pain the electric shock to her nipples had delivered paled in comparison to the sting. The agony in her tits screamed for attention, but helpless, all she could do was lay there shrieking and suffering.

The van, started now, pulled out onto the road. Even if Evie might have been able to guess her location or destination by the twists and turns she couldn't stay focused due to the searing agony from the shocks and the sting. Had she been paying attention, she might have noticed her chauffeur for the morning had taken several extra turns, and was particularly aggressive in his acceleration and liberal use of the brakes.

During one sharp turn the scorpion nestled atop her labia decided to strike. Again Evie was blinded by agony and her tender pussy glowed with pain. She was now openly bawling as her hellish journey continued.

Finally, the van stopped and she heard the engine turn off. The rear doors swung open and a cool breeze blew through the compartment. Master Kimball stepped in, carrying the empty terrarium. He nodded approvingly at the sting marks on her breast and pussy. Evie was relieved that he would finally take the horrendous critters away.

"Looks like this one is a little shy," he said gesturing to the scorpion defending her right breast. Evie's eyes grew wide as moved in to poke the bug through the netting. "No! Please -," her words were cut off by the lightning bolt of pain coursing through her tit. She screamed and screamed. Master Kimball smiled and gently removed the netting and gathered up the scorpions off the hyperventilating woman.

Despite the numbness from the stings she moaned as the clamps were removed from her nipples and the blood rushed back in. Tiny drops of blood formed in a few places where the sharp teeth of the clamps had pierced the skin.

He released her from the stocks and guided her out of the van. Confused, Evie looked around, she assumed they had returned to the garage after her drive through hell. Instead, she found that they were standing in the middle of a desert landscape. A nearly full moon hovered just over the horizon. There was nothing but scrubland, dotted with cacti and brush as far as the eye could see in any direction. "Where are we?" she mumbled, "Isn't my punishment over?"

"Over?!" Master Kimball laughed. "We haven't even begun. The drive over here was just a little bonus punishment from me. We should get started though, we're running a little late," he said as looked Eastward at hints of morning twilight appearing on the horizon.

Evie, devastated by the news, meekly followed along as he guided her over to a large flat rock laying on the sandy desert ground. She laid on her back as he grabbed each of the metal cuffs on her wrists and ankles and chained it to eyebolts set into the corners of the stone slab. He made sure the links selected made the chains short enough to pull her tightly into a spread-eagle position, the cuffs cutting cruelly into her appendages.

Next he went to front seat of the van and returned with a large box of equipment. He built some sort of stand holding an empty five gallon drum near her head. He then strapped around her head a gag, the part in her mouth was a squishy rubber gasket with a long hose attached to it. He fed the tube up into a hole in the empty drum. He returned to the van once more carrying several clear jugs of water and began emptying them into the drum. Evie noticed as the water began filling the drum that if she bit down on the gag a trickle of water flowed into her mouth.

At last he finished emptying the last of the water into the container and stepped back. "I'm sure you've spent more than your fair share of time sunning on the beach. This isn't so different, though I'm afraid we forgot the sunscreen. No matter. I'm sure someone will be along with it shortly," he said with a wry smile. "While you wait you can enjoy the beautiful desert scenery and enjoy a nice drink. Allow me to top you off."

At that, the stout man climbed up on the rock, pulled his cock out of his pants and fired a stream of acrid yellow piss into the drum. Evie whimpered in dismay. Even clean water was too much to expect. The man then hopped down and shuffled back to the van. Evie heard the engine fire up and the tires spin out as he drove away, leaving her alone chained to the rock just as the sun was peeking over the horizon in the East.

Several hours had passed. The cool desert morning had transformed into a blazing hot day. The sun beat down, drawing a sheen of sweat all over Evie's body which evaporated as quickly as it formed. Her thirst had long ago driven Evie to sucking down the piss-tainted water, though she still gagged at the thought of it. Her alabaster skin had already turned a bright pink from the exposure to the sun's harsh rays. In the distance she could see buzzards circling, whether for her or some nearby carrion, she couldn't be sure. Her bounds allowed her body no movement, though she could lift her head to look around. She had initially hoped that a rescuer might stumble across her and deliver her from captivity, but there wasn't even so much as a passenger jet flying overhead.

The day dragged on. The sun was now just setting beneath the sandy desert floor. Evie's muscles begged for release from the tight bonds that had firmly held her in place all day. The skin all over the front part of her body was now extremely sunburned. The heat radiating from the damaged areas welcomed the cool desert night air, though the rock beneath her still held the warmth of the day. The jug of water was now long empty from evaporation and the exposed woman, who had greedily fought to stay hydrated in the hot sun.

The crunch of tires on the ground drew Evie out of her trance. It hurt too much to look up as she heard the car door open and feet approach. A hard slap landed on her tautly stretched tummy, her pain receptors lit up. Her dry mouth screamed into her gag, a feather-touch on her skin would have sent waves of pain through her, but this was a thousand times worse.

"Good evening," Master Darkness cheerily announced, "I hope you've had a pleasant day and gotten some nice fresh air." He examined her exposed body, noting the scorpion stings on breasts and pussy. "I see Master Kimball has introduced you to his pets. Those things creep me the fuck out."

He got to work releasing Evie from the chains stretching her tight across the rock. The relief from being able to relax her muscles was matched by the pain of moving her damaged skin. After taking off the gag, he scooped her up over his shoulder and carried her to the back of the van. Any contact to her skin felt like a belt sander and Master Darkness was none-too-gentle as he unceremoniously dumped her in the back, climbed into the driver's seat and sped off.

Some time later they arrived back in the garage from earlier that morning. Despite being unbound Evie couldn't move due to the pain of her sunburn and the scorpion stings riveting her in place. The silent man from the previous punishment arrived and delivered Evie back to her cell. She fell to the cold concrete floor, welcoming what little relief it provided to her flaming red skin.

Waiting for her on the floor was dinner for the night, a jug of water and a large bowl of chili. Fearing the consequences of punishment for not eating, she crawled over to the tray. She brought a spoonful of chili to her mouth, realizing that she hadn't eaten all day and was famished. Her eyes grew wide and mouth burned as she tasted the spiciest thing she had ever eaten. She quickly followed up with a swig from the jug. Eyes watering and nose running, she realized with dread that she was expected to eat the entire thing if she wanted to avoid additional punishment. Slowly, bite by bite she choked down the torturous meal, emptying the water jug out of necessity. She lay down on her back on the cot, her nose still running and her eyes watering. The fire in her mouth was an unwelcome companion to the fire on her skin. Somehow she drifted off to sleep.

Evie was awakened by the snap of a riding crop on her right nipple. "Get up, slave!" Master Kimball commanded. Over night the previous day's sunburn had really set in, it was agony just to move. The snap of the crop hurt a hundred times worse on her red, damaged skin. Another blow landed, the pain was enough to jolt her into action despite the agony everywhere on her body. Again the evil man corralled her down twisting hallways and into the garage with the waiting van.

She was helpless to resist as her captor forced her to the ground and began to hogtie her with coarse, scratchy rope. First he tied her ankles together, then her knees, then pulling her arms behind her back he tied her elbows together, then her wrists. Next he tied her long hair into a loop and used another length of rope attached to it to pull her ankles severely forward, arching her back as far as it could go before tying her hair rope to her ankles. He then secured her elbows to her ankles as well.

He swung open the doors of the van, inside the entire floor had been covered with the green plastic faux grass used for cheap outdoor patios and miniature golf courses. He swiftly hefted the bound woman up into the van. The scratchy plastic blades of grass poked, scratched, and agitated her painful inflamed skin.

"Have a nice trip," he said as he slammed the doors closed and climbed into the driver's seat. Evie felt the van peel out. Her driver deliberately took every turn at speed, tossing the immobile woman around and grating her body against the rough floor.

After a very long and winding trip the van eventually pulled to a stop and the engine shut off. Evie's skin glowed even redder after being scoured by the floor of the van. The doors swung open and the cool night air flooded in. With the flick of a blade Master Kimball quickly released the bonds holding Evie in the tight hogtie. She flexed her stiff muscles as she was hauled out of the van. She looked around, expecting to see the large flat rock that she had spent the previous day bound to, but they were somewhere else today. In front of her grew a large cactus, like the one she'd been presented with at decision time, only this one was much bigger and sturdier looking.

She was shoved toward the cactus. Metal cuffs were fastened to her wrists and ankles. A chain was run behind the cactus and locked to each ankle cuff, with enough slack that she could just barely avoid brushing against the pointy needles. Next a chain was run over and behind two of the "arms" of the cactus which jutted out from the main part at about chest height. Her arms were pulled over and around the branches and locked together by a short chain.

Evie was now trapped in a hug with the big, spiky plant. By positioning her body just so, she was able to avoid the pricks and pokes of the sharp needles, but she soon found that the stress of that position did not allow her to hold it for very long. She kept bumping and brushing her chest, arms, and legs against her spiky companion.

Next the same gag from the day before was secured within her mouth. Master Kimball returned to the van and pulled a ladder off the roof. Climbing up above her head, he affixed the water jug assembly to the cactus and ran her gag's hose up to the jug. He once again filled it with water.

"They tell me that you greatly enjoyed your beverage yesterday. You drank it all up." He climbed up on the top step of the ladder and unzipped his pants. Evie sighed as she heard the trickle of urine tumble into her water supply. He zipped up and climbed back down.

"Yesterday you were introduced to several of my bug friends. I thought today we might try and meet some more."

Evie's grew wide in terror at the thought of those dreaded scorpions. Her tits still ached from the stings. She jumped as she felt his hand reach up between her legs and smear sticky, sweet-smelling honey all over her pussy. Next he reached up and smeared more of the same all over her tits. "Let's see what that attracts," he said as he packed up his gear and returned to the van.

"Have a pleasant day," he called from the driver's seat as he peeled away.

Once again Evie was left alone, and helpless, in the desert just as the sun was rising over the horizon.

Several hours had passed and the sun was now high in the sky. Evie had long since given up on trying to avoid the cactus spikes as she leaned against the plant attempting to find relief for her tired arms and legs. Many of the sharp needles had now embedded themselves in her tits, tummy, arms, and legs. A trail of desert ants has followed the scent of the sweet, sticky honey on her pussy and now swarmed up and down her legs, their tiny feet teasing and tickling her entire lower body. Meanwhile, a swarm of horseflies had discovered the feast on her tits. They buzzed and bit, the tiny bites allowing her no rest. Her attempts to wriggle and shoo them away only resulted in more cactus needles wedged in her sensitive skin. She gulped greedily at the piss-tainted water as the heat of the day set in and the skin on her back began to blister and burn.

A coyote howled in the distance as the sun set. The glowing red sky reflected off an exhausted woman. She was so tired and spent that she now rested her head against the prickly cactus trunk, indifferent to the scrapes and scratches of the needles. Her back radiated the heat of her sunburn, blistered and red. It hurt to move.

Smack! A hard slap landed across her sunburnt ass. Evie jumped forward into the cactus, driving the needles in deeper. She hadn't even heard the van pull up.

"Another day in paradise, eh?" Master Darkness teased as he released her from her bonds. She moaned as he hefted her up over his shoulder and dumped her in the van. To her dismay the back was still covered in the coarse plastic flooring from earlier that morning. He jumped into the driver's seat and peeled away. Unbound, Evie was able to resist grinding her damaged skin against the rough material, but her muscles ached in protest at the effort.

Before long they had returned to the garage. The silent man hauled open the doors and took her back to her cell. Waiting for her on the floor was another hot bowl of the painfully spicy chili and a jug of water. Evie sobbed as she choked down every throat searing bite, pausing to pull cactus needles out of her frontside between bites. She fell asleep on the cold concrete floor.

Evie was kept in her cell for the next few days. The sunburn covering her entire body blistered, then peeled. Even the pain of the scorpion stings slowly faded. Twice every day she was fed, not always chili, but always something spiced hot enough to bring tears to her eyes and pain to her mouth and throat. Several times she was not given the luxury of a jug of water to temper the burning.

Then one morning she woke up to see Master Darkness standing in front of her cell. "It's time for your next punishment."

Chapter 3b: A Hard Place

"Give me the box punishment," Evie said, glancing nervously at the cactus. She dreaded the idea of where those cactus needles might end up. After all, the contents of the box couldn't be so bad, right?

"Very well," Master Darkness replied. "Let's show you what you're in for." He stepped forward, unhooked her collar from the ceiling, and brought her before the box. "Open it up. Take a look," he commanded.

Evie took a breath, leaned forward, and swung open the lid. It was empty. Confused, she looked up at Master Darkness.

"Wondering what's supposed to be in there?", he asked. Evie nodded. "It's you," he replied.

He smiled as a look of realization and dread appeared on her face. "You will be spending the next several days in the box. Don't worry, Dr. Kivaas has devised all sorts of things to keep your mind occupied while you're in there. He even knows lots of tricks to keep your body nourished, so we don't need to give you any breaks."

Evie paled, she was mildly claustrophobic and just the thought of being trapped in that box made her heart race. Before she could do anything rash, strong arms grabbed her from behind. She felt a prick as something was injected into her ass cheek.

"Just a little something to make you more compliant," Dr. Kivaas whispered in her ear, "Don't worry. You will still feel everything."

Evie was beginning to lose her balance. Whatever she had been injected with was causing her muscles to relax. She fell into the doctor's arms, hardly able to move her fingers.

"Let us get started," he said turning to a box of equipment that had been brought in.

He pulled out a pair of black rubber panties. Attached to them was a rubber buttplug and metal dildo, similar to the panties she wore her first day in the dungeon. Though these panties had a third protuberance in front of the dildo. He slid the panties up her legs pausing just before their destination.

"They tell me you really liked my special lubricant last time. I should give you more, no?"

Evie was unable to communicate with anything more than a moan. The doctor put on latex gloves and liberally lathered the inside of the panties with the lubricant that would make anything it touched feel like it's on fire, lasting for several hours. First he guided the small tube in the front up into her urethra, followed by the dildo into her pussy and finally the buttplug was shoved into her asshole. The tight panties held the intruders firmly in place. He then fitted several tubes and wires to the outside of the panties.

Next he pulled out a black latex bra. The cups were lined with little metal grommets. He squeezed her tits into the tight fitting bra and after significant effort pulling it closed he brandished a long syringe filled with a cloudy liquid.

"This is a little cocktail I've developed. It will cause your breasts to swell up very nicely for a few days. Though I'm not sure where the extra titty will fit," he shrugged, tapping on the already tight fitting bra. Each of the grommets in the bra had a small hole in the center to allow the needle to poke through. Dr. Kivaas lined up the needle with the first grommet. "This will hurt quite a bit," he smiled. The needle plunged deep into her tit flesh. The doctor injected some of the liquid as Evie, still unable to resist could only moan through the agony. He repeated the process over and over for each grommet. When he plunged the syringe into her nipple Evie felt her vision blur from the pain. By the end Evie could already feel her tits swelling into the tight bra.

The next item he pulled out was a thick leather corset. He wrapped it around her waist and laced up the back. Then he began tightening it. The first tug knocked the breath out of Evie's lungs. Each tug pulled it tighter and tighter. For the last pull before he cinched the laces in place he was practically bracing his knee on her back to get the last millimeter of give out of it. When he stood up, red in the face, Evie could hardly breathe. Any tighter and she felt like her ribs would crack.

As she lay on the floor fighting for breath, he pulled out a pair of boots. She realized as he wedged her toes into the narrow openings that the boots held her feet in an en pointe position. Her feet stretched uncomfortably with her toes pointed straight out, she could wiggle neither ankle nor toe with her feet locked in the boots.

Now fully dressed in boots, panties, corset, and bra he pulled on a heavy latex full body catsuit. There were strategically placed holes in the crotch to allow access to the tubes and wires hanging off the panties. He struggled and pulled the tight garment onto her pliant body, eventually tugging the last zipper closed. Evie quickly realized that besides being very tight and uncomfortable, it also made her very hot. He completed the ensemble with stiff rubber mittens that fit over her hands. Individual finger holes held each digit so that she couldn't so much as wiggle a finger.

Next he pulled her long hair back and worked it into a braid so tight she felt like her hair was being pulled out by the roots. After that he fitted a stubby penis shaped gag into her mouth. The phallus just long enough to tickle the back of her throat and trigger a gag reflex when she tried to swallow. A hole down the middle of the gag allowed liquid to pass. He fitted a long tube to that.

He then dumped a pile of thick leather belts out. He bent each leg at the knee and belted her ankles to her thighs. Then he pulled her thighs up to her chest and belted them in place there. Next he pulled her arms behind her back, further smashing her swollen tits into her tight bra, and belted her elbows together with her hands near her neck in a "reverse prayer" position. He then secured her wrists together. She was now tightly packed, completely unable to move, and she hadn't even been placed in the box yet.

The next item from his box of horrors was a thick leather hood. She noticed as he pulled it out that it was dripping wet. He paused before pulling the hood over her head.

"As you are about to lose the ability to see and hear for the duration of your punishment I will explain a few things. This hood has been soaking in the piss bucket from your cell since you left this morning. The liquid makes the leather soft and pliant. As it dries it will shrink tight around your head. Your ass has been fitted with a tube connected to a pump system. Did you know that the colon is capable of absorbing enough water and nutrients to keep someone alive for weeks? You won't be spending quite that much time with me I'm afraid... perhaps another time we can see if you are able to beat the record. Anyway, you will be receiving periodic enemas of varying duration and composition. It is probably more liquid at one time than is strictly necessary for sustenance, but I like to have a little fun," he winked.

"Next, you will quickly notice once we begin that your pussy and the metal grommets in your bra have been wired to an electric generator. You will receive shocks of random intensity at random times, though far more frequently than the enemas."

"Your bladder has been connected to a catheter with a pressure valve. It will only empty once a sufficient level of pressure is applied. I feel like there is something else that I am forgetting... Oh well, you will figure it out soon enough."

At that he pulled the piss soaked hood over her head. The aroma drove home the helplessness and vulnerability of her situation. After feeding her ponytail through a small hole in the top he once again worked the laces as tight as he possibly could. Evie's head was crushed within the hood, her only sense with the outside world came through two tiny nose holes delivering the acrid scent of her own piss.

She felt strong arms lift her up. As she was lowered into the box that would be her home for the foreseeable future she felt another set up arms press her head down towards her chest. Even still it took several minutes of adjusting, wiggling and outright shoving before the helpless woman was crammed into the box. She could feel small tugs at her panties and gag as various tubes and wires were connected. Then a final wave of panic and terror washed over her as she felt the lid press close. She was alone, unable to move and about to be tortured for who knows how long. The tight corset cut her breathing to short gasps. Neither sight nor sound could pervade her tiny prison. The acrid scent of piss filled her nostrils. The burning sensation from the lubricant had begun to take effect. She writhed uncomfortably as her pussy and ass felt like they'd been fucked by a hot poker. The burning in her urethra added a new dimension to the horrible feeling in her nether regions.

Suddenly, a jolt of electricity rocketed through her tits and pussy. Evie felt like she had jumped out of her skin, though the box prevented all movement. Her heart raced and her restricted breathing intensified. How could she possibly spend hours(?), days(?), or weeks(?!) like this? She'd only been trapped for a few minutes and already felt overwhelmed. She had no idea how long they intended to keep her like this, nor any way to track the time even if she did know.

What felt like hours had passed, though in the confines of the box she could not tell. Evie had reached a sort of miserable equilibrium. The electric shocks continued to assault her tits and pussy, and between those shocks the burning sensation from the lubricant was a constant reminder of her agony.

A new feeling pulled her out of her trance. A cool stream had started flowing through the buttplug wedged in her ass. The slow steady trickle persisted, pushing her ass full of a tepid runny fluid. Evie began to feel full, but still the pressure increased. Little by little the fluid was forced into her. The swelling in her ass pressed uncomfortably against the dildo in her pussy and the corset holding her waist impossibly small. At last the pressure ceased building. Cramps rocked her body from the intense pressure in her ass. She hoped that now that the enema had been fully pumped in that the fluid would be released. She counted the seconds, waiting for the pressure to abate, but relief did not come. Seconds turned to minutes, she feared that something had gone wrong. Maybe the hose had come unattached, maybe the pump had broken. Panic set in. She tried screaming, all that got her were stabs in the back of her throat as the dildo gag jabbed home causing her to cough and choke. Finally she felt the pressure slowly abate as the liquid was pumped out of her ass. Her feeling of relief was quickly interrupted by one of the dastardly electric shocks that had been menacing her tits and pussy off and on for the past few hours.

More time passed, the piss soaked hood encasing Evie's head had now mostly dried. The intense pressure all around her skull increased as the leather shrunk. A constant headache roiled her brain. Her stiff, cramped muscles begged for release from the positions they'd been locked in for so long. The concoction injected into her tits had taken full effect. Her swollen breasts pressed painfully against the tight fitting bra. The random electric shocks kept her attention focused on her agony and dreading the next jolt. A wave of anxiety hit her as she felt the telltale trickle of liquid entering her ass. The next enema was coming. She braced herself as best she could for the assault, but was quickly thrown off by a new sensation. The liquid being pumped into her ass was ice cold! The unceasing stream poured in, more and more. She shivered within her bonds, teeth chattering into the penis gag locked into her mouth. The enema hit full pressure and the fluid stopped just as horrendous cramps rocked her whole body once more. The earlier tepid enema from before was no match for this new chilly intrusion. She moaned and begged for the liquid to be released. After an eternity she finally felt the pressure decreasing, but not before the ice cold liquid had sapped all warmth from her body. Empty now, she shivered uncontrollably, fighting to regain the lost warmth.

Still more time passed. There was no telling how long she had been trapped in this box. Evie ached all over. The burning sensation from the lubricant had finally abated. But that small relief was soon replaced by a new discomfort. The previous enemas had done their job at hydrating her, and now a painful pressure was building in her bladder. She had been informed that there was a pressure valve holding back the piss filling her up, so focusing all her energy there she pushed as hard as she could to expel the liquid. She was rewarded with a small feeling of relief as the contents pushed past the valve and out of her body. The relief was short lived, however, as she discovered to her horror that the tube coming from her bladder was routed into the tube for her gag. A warm trickle tickled the back of her throat. She retched and coughed, but the liquid had nowhere to go but down. Furthermore, she had only been able to empty a small amount of urine from her bladder before the pressure dropped low enough that no more could flow. Her bladder remained uncomfortably full, though less than before. And the knowledge that the urine she just drank would very soon find it's way back to where it came from made her queasy. There would be no relief as the problem would only be exacerbated by the addition of more liquid to her system from the enemas.

Evie had finally managed to regain her composure from this discovery when she felt the telltale sign of another enema starting. She was wrong when she thought there could be no further unpleasant surprises as she quickly felt that this enema was scalding hot! The burning sensation permeated her entire ass, no part was spared the hot liquid. She squealed and writhed, but there was no stopping it. Again the pressure grew and grew until she was full to bursting. The heat coursed through her whole body, sweat formed on her leather and latex clad skin but in the tight confines of her tiny prison the heat had nowhere to go. Just as the pressure peaked an electric shock rocketed through her body. As usual her pussy and tits took the worst of it, but the between the liquid in the enema and the sheen of sweat covering her the jolt was amplified across her entire body. Her mind was pushed to extremes as the enema finally was expelled, leaving a scalded, miserable, blubbering woman.

Evie couldn't sleep. She couldn't tell how long she had been trapped in this hell, it must have been at least twenty four hours by now. Any time her mind wound down enough to rest a blast of electricity rocketed through her body, tearing her back into consciousness. That and the fear of when the next enema would come had left her jittery and on edge at all times. There was no part of her that didn't hurt. When the fullness of her bladder became too much, she was forced to empty it into her mouth for a brief respite.

Now with a sinking feeling, she felt a new enema starting. The trickle began to fill her ass. To her relief the temperature was normal, but as she began to fill she felt a new sensation. This latest concoction had been laced with capsaicin, the chemical which gives hot peppers their burning feeling. As the liquid filled her the burning spread, her entire ass engulfed in an intense pain. The cramps began even before she was filled. She moaned into her gag, it was the only thing she could do. Tears welled in her eyes and her nose ran. Thankfully the enema soon stopped and minutes later was reversed. Even after she was emptied, the burning sensation remained. It would continue to linger until the next enema rinsed the irritant from her tortured body.

Minute by minute, hour by hour, days passed. The electric shocks never ceased. Enemas continued periodically, alternating between hot, cold, spicy, and an occasional "normal" concoction. All the time she could not sleep. She felt her mind begin to fray. She started to doubt that she would ever be released from this hell.

Through the fog in her mind she felt something shift. The rigid box lid which had been pressing down on her back for days was lifted. She felt movement as the tubes and wires were disconnected. Then suddenly the whole box shifted and she was dumped out on the floor. Quick hands got to work releasing straps, unlocking buckles, and cutting ties. The last item to come off was the leather hood, so tight now that it revealed every feature of her head underneath in complete detail. She opened her eyes, then immediately shut them again against the brightness. She wept in relief. Every muscle ached and she was unable to move. As soon as the catheter had been pulled out a quick stream of urine poured out of her overfilled bladder and on to the floor, which earned her a swift kick in the ribs from her savior. Once everything had been removed she was thrown over his shoulder and hauled back to her cell. After being dumped on the floor she immediately fell asleep right there, too weak to move to her cot. She was able to rest for the first time in days.

Evie wasn't sure how long she had slept. When she awoke she felt stiff all over. She opened her eyes and saw her old familiar cell, and was somehow happy to see it. She rolled to her feet, her tight muscles protesting, and saw laying on the floor her breakfast. Having not eaten for several days, her stomach rumbled. On the tray was a single slice of bread, a liter-sized tube of liquid with a plastic plunger sticking out of one end, and a note. She bent down and read the note:


I hope you enjoyed your stay with me. Perhaps you will come again. On the tray before you is your breakfast. I suspect you know already that the liquid is not intended for your mouth. You are to hold it in for at least thirty minutes before you empty it into your bucket. Do not disappoint me.


Dr. Kivaas

Evie sighed, dreading the task before her. She quickly wolfed down the bread. Though the enemas in the box had kept her nourished they did little towards providing calories, food in her stomach was a comforting sensation. She sat down on the floor and spread her legs. She had to adjust several times to find the right position, then she took a deep breath and inserted the tip of the plunger into her ass. She shuddered as the cloudy liquid filled her up. She had to press particularly hard near the end to force the last of the liquid into her overfull ass. She removed the plunger and stood up, finding that that was the best position to hold in the liquid. Now she had to wait. With no clock or other means of telling time she could only guess how long it had been. Finally when she decided that she could wait no longer she took a gamble and expelled the liquid into her bucket.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, if rather dull. Her stomach rumbled with hunger as she waited around. In the evening the door to her cell opened and her next "meal" arrived. It was a peanut butter sandwich and another tube of liquid. The tube had a note reading simply "thirty minutes". The silent man placed the tray on the ground and left. Evie wolfed down the sandwich, grateful for anything to eat, then got to work on the next enema. She again held it as long as she could bear. She squatted over the bucket and released the foul smelling liquid.

Suddenly, the door to the room banged open. Master Darkness stormed in. She was hauled out of her cell and bent over a table. Her arms were stretched forward to the corners of the table and locked in place. Her ankles were locked to the legs of the table.

"Twenty eight minutes is not thirty minutes," he raged.

He pulled out a large wooden paddle and rained a fury of blows on to her ass. She screamed and wailed. He paused to catch his breath, her ass glowed red. Then he wound up and delivered more strikes to the screaming woman.

Tears streamed down Evie's face as Master Darkness was handed a new enema plunger by someone who had arrived during her punishment.

"This one you will be holding all night. You will have a butt plug to assist you. You are not to remove it until your breakfast arrives."

He inserted the tip into her hot red ass and squeezed. Evie jumped as ice cold liquid flowed into her. He finished draining the liquid from the plunger and quickly forced a large butt plug into her tortured asshole. He released her bonds and dumped her back into her cell.

"Sweet dreams," he cooed as he left the room.

Evie was left on the floor shivering, her body wracked by cramps and her beaten ass screaming for attention. She wasn't able to fall asleep until her body temperature had finally climbed back to a normal level.

She awoke with still more cramps and looked down. Thankfully her breakfast was waiting for her. No food this time, but another of the dreaded enemas. After much effort she was able to work the buttplug out of her ass and expel the punishment enema from the previous day. Her bruised ass had turned a deep purple overnight.

She then picked up her "breakfast". A note attached to it simply said "forty-five minutes". Evie bemoaned her fate and got to work. With the renewed motivation from last night's punishment she was able to hold the enema for longer but she wasn't certain it was long enough as she expelled the liquid into the bucket.

Master Darkness reentered her cell. Evie trembled in trepidation. She must not have held it long enough, she thought.

"It's time for your next punishment."

Chapter 4: Hell or High Water

Master Darkness marched Evie out of her cell and down the twisting hallways of the compound. He led her into the center of a sparsely furnished room. On the floor beneath her was a large square metal plate about six feet on each side. Above the plate, hanging from the ceiling and parallel to the ground was a metal bar about an inch in diameter. Each end of the bar was bracketed firmly in place to the ceiling.

From his pockets Master Darkness pulled out two sets of handcuffs. The chain between the cuffs on each set was about a foot long. He secured Evie's left wrist into a cuff and then attached the other end to the bar in the ceiling, then he repeated the process with her right wrist. She was now standing with her arms held above her head, though the length of the chains still allowed her to stand on the ground and even move around a little on the metal plate.

The next thing he pulled from his pocket was a set of clamps. Each clamp had a foot long chain attached and at end of the chain hung a one pound weight. He pressed open the spring loaded clamp and closed it on her right nipple. Evie winced in pain as the sharp teeth bit hard into her nipple. She braced herself as the next clamp was attached to her left nipple.

"It is almost time for you to choose your next punishment," he said. "We will give you some time to come to a decision. I'll be back in a few hours."

He walked towards the door, threw a high voltage switch on the wall, and stepped out. Evie flinched, expecting the switch to have some horrible effect, but nothing happened. She looked around, careful to not move too much lest the swinging weights tug painfully at her nipples.

On the left side of the room was a headshot portrait of a teenage girl. The girl's toothy smile was covered by thick, dark braces. Her eyes peeking through thick coke bottle lenses. Her face was covered in acne and her hair was a mousy brown bird's nest. Evie wondered who the nerdy looking girl was and what she had to do with her next punishment.

On the right side of the room was a guitar stand, amp, and electric guitar. Aside from the fact that they were completely out of place in this dungeon there was nothing unusual about them.

Evie's attention to the items set before her was taken away by a new sensation at her feet. The metal plate she was standing on was getting hot! She repositioned herself to try to find a cooler or less hot place to stand but there was nowhere, and each shift sent the nipple weights swinging. She quickly realized that she was expected to jump up to the bar she was chained to and hang from that. She jumped up and grabbed hold, the clamps biting especially hard from sudden movement of the jump. There she hung, finding relief for her burned feet.

After just a few moments though the ache in her shoulders, arms, and hands became too much. She was forced to drop in order to rest the muscles in her upper body. The jump down sent the weights crashing, she thought they might snap off, but their tight grip pulled harshly on her tender buds. While she tried to rest her sore arms she was forced to hop from foot to foot, lest her soles get burned by lingering in one place too long. When her feet could take no more burning she jumped up to the bar once again.

Her painful dance continued for hours. She was able to hang from the bar for less and less each time since she was never able to really relax or lower her arms, chained up to the bar as they were. Sweat glistened on her skin, part from the exertion, part from the pain of the nipple clamps, and part from the heat of the plate beneath her. Finally the door to the room swung open and Master Darkness stepped through and turned off the heavy switch controlling the hot plate. Evie didn't dare jump down from the bar, the plate would remain hot for some time.

"You've come to a decision, I hope," he inquired.

Chapter 4a: Hell

Evie sighed. The hints given to her were too vague to really tell what she was in for. The portrait of the girl seemed innocent enough.

"I choose the nerdy bitch on the left," she announced.

Master Darkness smiled. "That 'nerdy bitch' is our beloved Mistress Black. Someone stumbled across her old high school yearbook picture a few years ago and it's been a running joke among the staff here ever since. Though I don't think she will appreciate your opinion on the photo. And that's too bad because you will be spending some time with her for your punishment."

He stepped towards Evie, his heavy boots entirely unaffected by the hot plate beneath them. He detached the cuffs from her wrists and brought her down to a section of the floor that wasn't covered by the burning plate. Evie was relieved to finally be able to lower her arms. The blood rushed back to them as she rubbed her sore shoulders and inspected her burned feet.

Out of nowhere a jolt of electricity slammed into Evie's lower back, throwing her flat on the ground.

"Get up, slave," a cold cruel woman's voice sneered.

Evie looked up to see a beautiful forty year old woman dressed in a shiny purple dominatrix catsuit. Her long brown hair was pulled back in a tight bun, her steely gray eyes showed no mercy. Her sexy curves cut a nice figure, she was a far cry from the nerdy teenager of her past. In one hand she held a two foot long red metal rod, on one end the rod forked into two copper colored prongs, the other end held a battery pack, handle and trigger mechanism. Mistress Black stepped forward to deliver another jolt from the cattleprod to the stunned woman lying before her. Even quickly scampered to her feet.

"Let's go," Mistress Black commanded. She scooped up the chains to Evie's nipple clamps in one hand and turned to lead her out the door. Evie gasped from the twist of the clamps on her nipples and instinctively reached toward her breasts. In one smooth motion Mistress Black dropped the weights and then slapped Evie hard across the face. Her latex glove left a bright red mark on Evie's left cheek. The weights crashed down, tearing at Evie's tortured nipples, she grunted in pain and surprise.

"What makes you think you could touch those nipple clamps? You are here to suffer, plain and simple, slave. Put your hands behind your back keep them there."

Mistress Black leaned over and once again picked up the chains. Evie winced in pain, but held her hands tight behind her back. Mistress Black turned and led them out the door. She walked at a brisk pace, paying no mind to the suffering girl attempting to keep up with her. Evie found it hard to walk on her tired, burned feet, but was forced to continue at the relentless pace until they arrived at the door to another room. Her captor threw open the door and pulled her inside.

On one side of the room was big comfortable looking four post bed, complete with big fluffy pillows and white silk sheets. On the other side of the room was a collection of whips, chains, paddles, clamps, dildos, gags, knives, belts, ropes, cuffs, restraints, hoods, corsets, and a myriad of furniture that would make any sadist whistle in admiration. Mistress Black released the clamps that had been locked onto Evie's nipples for the past few hours. Evie moaned as the blood rushed back to her tortured buds, small drops of blood formed where the sharp teeth had cut through the skin. Evie's moan turned to a howl as Mistress Black massaged the feeling back into the nipples.

"Now, before we get started I will make you the same deal that I make for every slave who finds herself lucky enough to pay a visit with me. I will give you thirty minutes to get me off. If you do that then you can go back to your cell and consider your punishment over. But if I don't orgasm before time is up then we get to have fun my way." She sauntered over to the bed, her hips wiggled sexily as she shimmied out of her tight latex pants. She flopped down on the bed and spread her legs wide. Then she reached over to a bedside table, turned over an hourglass, and looked over at Evie.

Evie had never had sex with a woman before, but realizing the opportunity that she had been given she quickly overcame her hesitation. She knelt down on the floor before the bed and buried her face in Mistress Black's smooth shaved pussy. She licked, sucked, and nibbled for all she was worth. As the slave worked away at her pussy Mistress Black laid back on the bed, Evie with her face buried deep in the woman's snatch, didn't notice the look of boredom on her captor's face. After several minutes of working away Evie looked up to see how much sand remained in the hourglass, and to gauge whether she was making any progress towards her goal. She looked up at a severely apathetic face.

"That's enough. You don't need the entire half hour, you're just wasting time at this point." The woman started to get up.

"Wait, no!" Evie cried. She moved to refocus her attention on her mistress's pussy, but she was easily thrown to the floor by the surprisingly strong woman.

"What you slaves never seem to understand," she said as she pulled several small ropes from a nearby cabinet. "Is that I am a sexual sadist. I get off on seeing you suffer. If I wanted some whore to lick my bits I'd be running a brothel. No. I need something much stronger. Much harsher." She sat atop Evie, who was laying on her stomach on the floor, and began tying her elbows together behind her back. Evie realized that she had failed and thought about what awaited her and began to sob. Mistress black sat the pathetic woman up and pulled her wrists in front of her and tied them as closely together as the rope on her elbows would allow. Her arms were now pinned to her sides, her fingers just able to touch each other.

"We'll start with a favorite of mine. My signature piece, the hell post." She hefted the distraught woman towards a wooden structure on the "toy" side of the room. It was a round post a little over five feet tall and three inches thick. Halfway up the post a smaller wooden shaft stuck out, perpendicular to the ground, it was a little over a foot long and as thick as the upright post. About three quarters of the way up, on the opposite side of the protruberance was a sort of shelf, about six inches long and two feet wide. At the top of the post, forming a small T was another smaller perpendicular post, about six inches long and as thick as the other posts.

She guided Evie up against the vertical post, and lifted her up so that she was sitting on the perpendicular part hanging out halfway up. She pushed the woman forward until her chest was pressed against the post and positioned between her tits. Then she hefted her tits up onto the shelf. Evie looked down at the T on top of the post and noticed that it was adorned with bite marks, obviously made by a myriad of slaves punished on the apparatus.

Mistress Black turned back to the cabinet and pulled out a shiny silver handheld tool. Evie looked at it inquiringly, until she realized what it was, a staple gun! "No, please, you can't -," she started as she wiggled backwards on the post. "Shut up, slave!" Mistress Black interrupted, slamming the girl forward again. "Bite down on that post and don't say another word. Hold still and it won't hurt so much." Mistress Black knew this wasn't true, but it helped encourage her slaves to struggle less. With her free hand she reached forward and grabbed Evie's left nipple in a vice-like pinch and stretched her tit as far forward as it would go. Evie moaned at the abuse on her already bruised nipple. Mistress Black lined up the staple gun just to the side of the nipple. The heavy duty furniture staples would easily pierce her flesh and drive deep enough into the wood to hold tight. She pressed the staple gun to Evie's skin, the anticipation left the helpless girl trembling.

Ka-thunk! The staple pierced through. Evie jumped from the sudden pain. She bit down hard on the post to stifle a howl. Mistress Black lined up the staple gun on the other side of the nipple. Ka-thunk! Evie moaned. Her left tits was now securely fixed to the shelf. She knew what came next. The vicelike grip latched onto her right nipple and pulled as far as at it would go. Ka-thunk! Ka-thunk! Two more Staples and now her tits were stretched tight holding her in place, pressed forward on the post. As the last staple into her tits bit home Evie released her bite on the wooden peg in front of her and screamed.

"Please take them out! It hurts so much!"

Mistress Black annoyed by the interruption wound up and gave Evie three hard slaps on the ass. "A mouthy bitch. I thought I told you not to talk," she admonished. "I've got just the thing."

She pressed Evie's head forward. "Bite," she commanded. Evie complied. Her eyes grew wide as Mistress Black raised the staple gun up to her lips. Using one hand to hold her in place she used the other to drive four staples into Evie's lips, two on top and two on bottom. Evie shrieked and wailed. She bounced as much as her position allowed. Small drops of blood formed near her lips and tits where the staples had punched through.

"A bouncy bitch, too. Well, while we're at it..." She bent over and tugged at Evie's labia, spreading a pussy lip to either side of the horizontal post she was sitting on. Evie begged and pleaded, her words mangled by her mouth fastened to the peg. Ka-thunk! Ka-thunk! Ka-thunk! Ka-thunk! Two staples on each side. Evie howled some more, then passed out.

She was awakened by another jolt from the dreaded red cattleprod to the middle of her back. Evie jumped, pulling at the staples in her lips, tits, and pussy.

"Am I too boring for you slave? You think you can just nod off to sleep?" She punctuated her questions with another jolt to Evie's thigh. Evie fought to hold still, lest she tug at the staples, but the current caused her muscles to spasm.

Mistress Black circled the post, teasing her victim with feints and pokes of the prod. It kept her guessing when the next blast would come. She jumped at every touch of the prod, expecting the worst. "The only problem with my lovely post," she continued circling," is that I haven't found a way to get a staple into the clitoris from this position." Another jolt, to Evie's bicep this time.

Evie trembled, her nerves were fraying from the stress of her situation. Mistress Black continued circling and teasing, chatting casually like she did this every day. For all Evie knew, she did.

"You know my very first tester was the one who named it the hell post. She spent quite a bit of time on it until I got it just the way I like it." She unleashed another blast of the prod on Evie's belly button. "The name inspired me to acquire my devil's pitchfork." She waved the cattleprod menacingly and continued to circle, feint, and tease.

Evie quivered. Tears flowed from her eyes. She would do anything for the torture to stop. Mistress Black paused. She nestled her evil prod in against Evie's stapled pussy, pushing the metal barbs until one rested against Evie's clit. Evie begged and pleaded as best she could. "So I'm a nerdy looking bitch, am I?" she taunted, paused, and then pulled the trigger. The harshest jolt yet coursed through Evie's tender pussy. She jumped so violently that she pulled free one of the staples in her labia. A trickle of blood ran from the wound as Evie howled in pain.

"Tsk, tsk," Mistress Black admonished her sobbing slave. "You've pulled one of the staples out. Shall I put it back in?"

Evie shook her head no as best she could. "Mmph, mmph," she cried frantically.

"Ah, so you'd like to move on to something else then?"

Evie nodded yes.

"Very well, I've got lots of other fun activities planned for us today." Mistress Black turned to a table and picked up a pair of needle nose pliers. She carefully and agonizingly slowly pulled each remaining staple from Evie's punctured pussy. Next she moved up to her tits and pulled one then another staple from each breast. They sprang back from their stretched positions as the staples pulled free. Finally, she brought the pliers up to Evie's stapled lips and removed each of those.

Evie flexed in relief, glad to be free of the horrendous metal clips holding her in place. She feared to remove her mouth from the peg, lest she bring down further wrath from her mistress, so she continued to bite down on the slobber soaked wood. Blood now ran freely from all the little puncture holes in her lips, tits, and pussy. She had only a moments rest while Mistress Black put away her tools before she turned back to Evie and pulled her down from the hell post.

She was dragged over to a waist high table and thrown face down onto it. Mistress Black affixed a black leather collar and ankle cuffs, then strapped each ankle to a leg of the table near the floor, and hooked the collar in place to the top of the table. With her arms still tied to her midsection, Evie was now bent over the table. Mistress Black then pulled out a large ring gag, forced it in behind Evie's teeth, and strapped it in place. Evie lay drooling on the table while Mistress Black rummaged around for something out of sight.

"When I first saw you," she said at last, " I thought to myself, there's a girl who hasn't had a proper fucking in her entire life." Mistress Black walked in front of the table so Evie could see the strap on dildo she was wearing. "Today's the day that we fix that. Let me introduce you to my friend, The Punisher."

Evie shook her head in protest. The dildo consisted of five balls stacked end to end, each ball was covered in prickly horsehair. At the end of the last ball was a pointed metal nub, not sharp enough to cut, but certainly painful when banging into a cervix. At the base of the dildo, facing outward from the mistress's crotch were several thumbtack sized spikes.

"I've heard that it's like fucking a grappling hook. But that's why I like to lubricate it with chili oil to make it easier to pump in and out." She snapped on some latex gloves and lubed up the dildo with oil from a red tube adorned with pictures of flames. "Dr. Kivaas makes a wonderful burning lube, but I prefer something faster acting. I'm not so patient."

The woman stepped out of sight. Evie trembled as she felt her line up the tip of the dildo with the entrance to her pussy. Mistress Black hesitated, relishing the suspense, then drove deep. Evie howled as first one, then two, then three of the horsehair covered balls drilled their way into her pussy. The hairs scoured the walls of her snatch as they drove in. This was followed by the burning sensation from the chili oil mixing with the new wounds. As bad as it was going in, it was worse coming out. The horsehairs stood up on end as the device shifted direction, driving deeper into her flesh. Then they scoured their way out of the shrieking woman.

Evie was left gasping for breath as Mistress Black slammed in again, this time four balls deep. She continued pounding away, in and out. Finally she had worked her way five balls deep. The metal nub at the end banged harshly into her cervix at the same time that the pins at the base made contact with the sensitive skin around her pussy. Evie screamed and shrieked. She struggled against her restraints but there was no escape from the relentless assault. In and out, Mistress Black continued to pump. The burning sensation grew worse with every stroke as Evie was fucked raw by the evil dildo.

After many agonizing minutes of fucking Evie lost control of her bladder. A stream of acrid yellow piss splashed out onto the floor and the mistress's boots. Mistress Black quickly pulled The Punisher free and jumped back.

"You naughty bitch," she cried. "Have you no manners?" She walked over to a wall, The Punisher swaying menacingly in front of her hips with each step, and pulled down a heavy leather cat-o'-nine-tails. "I'll guess I'll have to teach you some then."

She stepped up behind Evie and rained blow after blow onto her wriggling pale ass, which quickly turned a bright red. Then she removed the gag walked to a wall and grabbed out a long, thin metal chain. Connected to the end of the chain was a small vice consisting of two little metal plates each about one inch square with a bolt on each side to press the plates together and hold them secure. She reached into the moaning girl's mouth and pulled out her tongue. She attached the vice as far back on her tongue as it would fit. Next she detached the collar and ankle cuffs and led the dazed girl by her tongue chain to the middle of the room, just in front of the bed. She stepped up on a nearby stool and adjusted the chain to pull Evie upright. She continued to pull until her slave was forced to stand on tiptoe.

She then returned to wall of whips and paddles and selected a thin wire whip. She doubled over the wire and wrapped it around her hand, leaving a three foot long loop. She marched over to the helpless pathetic girl who was struggling to remain up on her tiptoes, her arms still pinned to her sides by ropes. She wound up and lashed the girl square across her exposed breasts. Evie screamed as the pain flashed across her tits. Another blow swished in. Evie twisted away from the next strike causing it to snap across her back. Mistress Black continued swinging at the twisting screaming woman before her, indifferent to whether she was striking her front or back. Evie's entire upper body was streaked with red welts. Finally Mistress Black dropped the whip and stepped back.

"I hope that will teach you to be more civilized. You can't just go pissing wherever you want like an animal." She stepped over to a mirror in the corner and straightened up her outfit, then switched out her piss covered boots for clean ones. She then walked over to the bed and lifted a part of the mattress to reveal a hidden compartment. Tucked inside the confined space was another slave girl. Mistress Black lifted the girl to her feet and addressed her. "I'm going out for dinner. Our guest here has made a disgusting mess over there," she gestured to the puddle of urine near the table and to her boots. "I expect you to have this cleaned up by the time I get back."

Mistress Black stepped out of the room, leaving Evie alone with the slave girl. Her toes had already begun to ache from attempting to relieve the strain on her tongue. Evie rotated to look at the girl, as spinning was just about the only freedom of movement that she had. She was about the same age as Evie. The slave girl walked wobbly on impossibly high shiny black heels strapped to her feet. Around her waist was a black leather corset pulled excruciatingly tight. The girl was clearly only able to take shallow breaths. Around her neck was a thick black leather collar, barely allowing her to move her head. Her arms had been bound together at the wrist, pulled up behind her back, and attached to the back of her collar. Aside from the heels, corset, and restraints the girl was completely nude. Her waist length black hair cascaded down her shoulders covering her firm tits.

The girl teetered out of her enclosure. Evie made noises to try get the girl's attention. She was shocked that this girl had been confined in that small space this entire time and wondered how long she had been in there. This was the first time that she had seen another captive since her first day in this hellhole, and they were alone. This could be her best chance to escape! Despite her noises and movements the slave girl completely ignored Evie as she got straight to work. Clearly she had been taught the consequences of attempting to escape and wanted nothing to do with disobeying her orders.

First she went to a table and picked up an empty bucket, grabbing the handle with her teeth. The girl then wobbled across the room and carefully knelt down on the floor at the edge of the table and set her bucket nearby. Evie wondered how the girl would clean up anything, bound as she was. She didn't even have a mop or sponge. Her questions were soon answered as the girl dipped her hair into the puddle of piss, soaked up as much liquid as she could, then moved over to the bucket where she wrung the piss out. Back and forth she went until the entire puddle was gone. The girl then set to work licking clean that area of the floor. Her tongue was efficient and thorough as it swept across any place that might have even a hint of uncleanliness. Evie shuddered at the thought of being used in such a humiliating way, but the girl showed no opinion one way or another as she went about her job. It was just another day in hell.

Once the floor was immaculately clean the girl got to work cleaning the mistress's boots. Again her tongue worked diligently up and down, touching every nook and cranny. When she finished she returned the boots to the corner where they belonged, carrying them in her mouth since her hands were unable to reach them, and crawling on her knees since there was no way back up on the tall heels by herself. Then she again picked up the bucket handle in her mouth and repositioned herself kneeling in the middle of the room facing the door. Evie thought she saw a look of relief on the girl's face behind the bucket.

About two minutes after the girl finished the swung open again and Mistress Black stepped in.

Mistress Black looked down at the slave kneeling before her. "So you've finished, have you?" She walked over to the area the girl had cleaned and carefully examined it. Then went to look at her clean and shiny boots.

"This is one of my own personal slaves," she told Evie. "She helps me to test out new punishments and keep the dungeon looking immaculate. If she didn't finish by the time I returned she would be joining you tonight. But of course, she has learned very well the consequences of doing substandard work."

Mistress Black returned to the slave and removed the bucket from the girl's mouth. "Open," she commanded. The girl tipped back her head as far as the thick collar would allow and opened her mouth. Mistress Black poured the dirty liquid into her mouth. The slave eagerly gulping it down, careful not to spill a drop. Mistress Black then walked over to the bed and lifted up the door to the hidden compartment. "You have done well slave," she said. "You may return to your cell."

The girl crawled on her knees to the bed and climbed into the compartment. She lay down on her side, folding her knees up to her chest. Mistress Black closed the compartment. Evie watched the entire process in disbelief. If this was how good slaves were treated, then what about the bad slaves. She feared she was about to find out.

Mistress Black turned to Evie. "I'm pretty tired tonight, so we may need to save the rest of our fun for tomorrow." She reached over to a nearby table and pulled out the nipple clamps Evie wore on her way into this punishment session. She detached the weights from the ends of the foot long chains and replaced them with little brass bells. Then she walked over to Evie and attached the clamps to her punished nipples. The bite of the clamps caused some of the staple wounds to reopen, tiny drops of blood dripped from the marks around her nipples. Evie moaned as the familiar pain returned. She shifted her weight to adjust for the clamps and relieve her aching feet, this caused the bells to swing. The tinkling sound of the bells filled the otherwise silent room.

Mistress Black flopped onto the bed. "I have to let you know that I am a very light sleeper. If you disturb me during the night you will regret it. Sweet dreams." She turned out the lights and snuggled under the sheets. Evie was left in disbelief. Clearly she was meant to spend the night suspended from the ceiling by her tongue. Her only possible position was to stand on tiptoe the entire time, fighting to maintain her balance lest she agitate the bells. It was going to be a long night.

Several hours must have passed, though in the pitch black room it was difficult to tell. Evie fought valiantly to maintain her balance and her silence. The long day's torture had taken its toll on her. Somehow she nodded to sleep, exhausted. Upon doing so she slumped down off her toes and yanked painfully on her tongue. This startled her awake and the bells shook vigorously as she struggled to regain her footing. There was a moment's silence as Evie wondered whether Mistress Black heard the disturbance. The shuffling of sheets and a grumble was her answer. A small light turned on. "I told you to be quiet slave," Mistress Black snapped. Evie heard the woman rummaging around on a nearby table. She climbed up out of bed brandishing a thin metal rod. She stepped up behind Evie and viciously swung the cane into her calfs over and over. Evie squealed, she tried to avoid the blows but they rained down faster than she could move. Already sore from holding her up on tiptoe for so long her legs now screamed for relief. Mistress Black threw down the rod. "You'd better not disturb me again or you'll be wishing all you got was a thrashing." Mistress Black settled back into bed. Evie resumed her silent vigil up on trembling legs and an aching mouth. She began to doubt that she could make it until morning.

Several agonizing hours later Mistress Black stirred once more. She sat up, turned on the full room lights and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. A red eyed, exhausted Evie looked back at her. Her body a canvas of misery that Mistress Black had colored in with all the shades of her cruelty.

Mistress Black stepped out of the room briefly and returned with a tray of food. She sat at a table and ate a leisurely breakfast of ham and eggs while Evie looked on, exhausted and hungry. Finally she stood up, walked over to Evie and detached the clamp from her tongue which had held her upright all through the night. Evie collapsed to the floor. Mistress Black returned to her breakfast table and grabbed a piece of toast. She tore small pieces off and tossed them to the ground. Evie stopped flexing her aching jaw and crawled to each piece, gobbling it up. Once the bread was gone Mistress Black grabbed a handful of hair and hauled Evie up onto her knees. She poured an entire bottle of water down the girl's eager throat. Finally, she stepped behind Evie and undid the bindings holding her arms at her sides. For the first time since she had arrived in that room she was able to move her arms. Evie stretched, waiting to see what the price of her relief would be.

Mistress Black shimmied out of her pants and flopped down on the bed. "I will offer you the same deal as yesterday. You have thirty minutes to get me off. Otherwise you spend another day with me. I'll even give you five minutes before I start the timer for you to gather together what you need."

Evie gulped. The implication was obvious, she was expected to torture herself for her mistress's pleasure. She looked around the room at the tools available to her. She didn't want to choose something too light or too boring, or her pain would be for naught and she'd get much worse from Mistress Black. She didn't want to choose something too heavy. Besides the obvious reasons, she wanted to make sure that it was something she could go through with. She walked among the items, picking some up and then putting them back. Many items she could not divine the purpose for. Finally she gathered everything she thought she needed in one place. She gave a nod to the half naked woman on the bed, who flipped the hourglass, and got to work.

The first item she picked up was an inflatable gag. She quickly buckled it into her mouth. Tight seemed to be the only setting anyone used here so she planted it firmly in place with the smallest buckle hole that would work. She then pumped the ball dangling from the front of it a few times until her mouth felt full. Next she picked up two vice grip pliers. It was essentially a set of pliers with a heavy spring to hold it closed once the handle was squeezed. A small screw on the bottom allowed one to finely adjust how close the teeth came together. Evie picked up one of the vice grips, she immediately had second thoughts as she felt the heft of the item. She gingerly held out her left nipple with one hand, and with the other she brought the vice grip in so it would close just behind her sensitive nub. She took a deep breath and squeezed the tool closed. She squealed into her gag as the spring forced the teeth closed. She hadn't expected it to hurt nearly so much. The teeth had been adjusted so close that her flesh was crushed hard, it would certainly leave a very nasty bruise. Evie moaned as she lowered the item, letting it hang from her pained left breast. The heavy tool pulled hard at her tit.

"You chose one of my favorite tools," Mistress Black purred. "You should see what it can do to a pussy... perhaps you will, later."

Evie forced herself to pick up the matching vice grip. She turned it over to adjust the teeth separation, having learned her lesson from the last one.

"Tut, tut," her mistress interjected before Evie could turn the knob, "I've got those adjusted just the way I like them and I'll thank you not to mess them up."

Evie groaned. It was much worse putting on the second vice knowing how much the first one hurt. Her hands shook as she pulled out her right nipple and lined it up in the jaws of the tool. She pressed the handle closed and squealed into her gag as her flesh was crushed between the teeth. Mistress Black looked on, pleased. Her hand slipped down to her waist and gently twiddled her bits, the sight of this innocent girl torturing herself thoroughly turned her on.

Now with two heavy tools locked onto her tits Evie turned to the next item. She grabbed a long smooth dildo from the table. It was about eight inches long and tapered to about three inches wide at the base. The bottom had a large suction cup to help hold it to a hard surface. Evie stepped over to a small apparatus resembling a saw horse. It was a narrow beam, a few inches wide and a few feet long horizontal to the ground and held about three feet above the floor by sturdy legs. Evie affixed the dildo to the surface. She realized that there was no way to slide the big cock into her pussy without lube so she begrudgingly poured a generous glob of the mistress's chili oil on the tip and rubbed it all down the shaft. Before she lifted her leg up over the horse to start her ride on the dildo she picked up a short many-stranded leather whip. She then climbed over and positioned the tip of the shaft at the entrance to her pussy. She was still sore and recovering from the reaming she got yesterday from The Punisher. With a sigh she slowly lowered herself onto the shaft. It probed an inch into her pussy and she slid back up. When she reached the top of the shaft she reached forward with the small whip and swung it back over her shoulder. The strand snapped at her back, leaving a small red splotch and a sharp pain. She then lowered herself onto the dildo. Each time she rose she threw the whip over her shoulder. Each time she sank she fell lower onto the cock. As she got a rhythm going she eventually got all eight inches of the dildo buried into her pussy. With her mind focused solely on her task she didn't notice Mistress Black get up off the bed and approach her. Evie glanced quickly at the hourglass and saw that she still had about half her time left, surely she wasn't being cut off prematurely again.

"This is a nice start, but I'm going to help you out because I'm randy this morning and really want to get off. First, it seems you forgot to pump this gag up all the way." She grabbed the pump ball and gave it several squeezes. Evie's eyes bulged as the already large gag grew larger. She choked and coughed as the gag nearly dislocated her jaw. Through the tears in her eyes she looked down as the mistress reached down and pulled the dildo off of the horse. "This is no good, it's too much fun. I'm the one who's supposed to cum, not you, slut." She flung the dildo across the room and grabbed something from the table behind Evie. The pained girl stared in shock as Mistress Black pulled out The Punisher and locked the spiked dildo in place on a bolt built into the top of the horse. "This is much better. See it was made for this horse, it locks right in." Mistress Black lubed up the evil rod with a healthy glob of chili oil. Then she took the small stranded whip from Evie's hand. "This is a pussy whip. It does just about nothing to a slave's back... This is more appropriate." She pulled out a long stranded leather whip. Each of the dozen or so two foot long leather strands ended in a hard tight knot. "Make sure to swing it as hard as you can. I'll know if you're holding back."

Mistress Black flopped back down on the bed to watch the show. Evie coaxed the tip of the giant prickly dildo into her pussy as slid the first of the five balls in. She gasped as The Punisher scratched at unhealed wounds inflicted just yesterday. She slipped back up and threw the heavy whip over her shoulder. Her back lit up in pain as the hard knots crashed into the muscles in her back, the leather straps slapped her skin a bright red. Evie felt nauseous with pain. She looked up at Mistress Black, who was thoroughly enjoying herself. Her fingers were knuckle deep in her sticky snatch.

"You'd better keep going, slave," she called. "I want to see at least nine more strokes of the whip. And I want to see you go all the way down on The Punisher. If you don't then I will give you twenty more strokes and I will ream out your ass and your pussy with it. Get moving, the clock is ticking."

Evie looked over at the hourglass, she estimated that she had about ten minutes left. With renewed motivation Evie wriggled down on the painful dildo, this time she got three of the balls in. She reversed course with a groan. Each time she changed directions the prickly horsehair briefly stood up on end and dug into the walls of her pussy. She threw the whip over her shoulder and felt the searing pain as it crashed into her back. She continued working up and down, at the top of each thrust she delivered another blow with the whip. Finally she had worked the fourth ball from the heinous dildo deep into her tortured snatch. She threw a tenth stroke over her shoulder. She could feel her strength waning. She mustered her strength for one last thrust and drove herself down hard onto The Punisher. She screamed the loudest shriek her gag would allow as the fifth ball drove home and the metal nub at the tip of the dildo slammed into her cervix. Evie passed out as Mistress Black moaned in ecstasy from the bed. The tortured girl slumped forward, the painful intruder still buried deep in her tortured pussy. The metal vices attached to her tits swayed gently with each breath.

She awoke some time later back in her cell. She hurt all over. She got up and scanned the room expecting to see Mistress Black waiting with some terrible new punishment, but she was alone. On the floor there was a meal waiting for her. Next to it was a note, it read:

"I had a wonderful time playing with you. I hope to see you again soon. XOXO, Mistress B."

The meal was surprisingly good, a green bean casserole and mashed potatoes. Evie spent the next several days in her cell recovering from her injuries. The boredom was a sweet relief compared to the excitement that this place offered.

Once she had recovered her strength and the marks began to fade she her anxiety grew as she knew it was only a matter of time before her next punishment. And she was right. The next morning she awoke to find Master Darkness hovering over her.

Chapter 4b: High Water

Evie sighed. There was really no telling what the punishment might be given these hints.

"I pick the guitar," she announced.

"A fun choice," Master Darkness exclaimed. "According to your social media profile you are a pretty big fan of the Rock Gods."

Evie nodded slowly.

"It just so happens that they are playing at a desert music festival not too far from here tomorrow," he continued, "and you will be attending."

Evie's heart raced. She knew that festival. She had tickets with her friends to go! There was a chance that she could contact one of them and be rescued from this nightmare.

Master Darkness walked up to Evie and took her down from the bar she had been hanging from. Evie collapsed to the floor, exhausted.

"Well come on, Cinderella, we have to get you ready for the ball," he said with mock enthusiasm. She was tugged to her feet by the nipple clamps still attached to her sore tits. He fitted a blindfold over her eyes and by tugging at the nipple chains he hurried her through the hallways to another room.

She was dumped on the floor and had the nipple clamps removed. A large stale hunk of bread was thrust into her hands and she was told to eat. Despite having her hands free she didn't dare remove the blindfold. Her curiousity did not outweigh the fear of what might happen if she disobeyed.

After choking down the stale bread a large ring gag was forced into her mouth. Her jaw instantly ached from the size and stress of the gag. Next each wrist was tied with coarse rope to the bicep of the same arm. Before the ropes were cinched tight another longer rope was thread into the crook of each elbow, but those ropes were left untied to anything. The process was then repeated with her legs. Each ankle was tied to the thigh of the same leg, and again a long rope was threaded in behind each knee.

After being tied up she was hoisted into some sort of container. She was laid on her back and the loose ropes behind her elbows and knees were tied out to the corners of the container. The points they were secured to were about a foot off of the floor. She could tell because there was enough slack in the ropes that if she pulled her elbows towards her ribs and pulled her knees together then she could lift herself up from the floor, though she could not hold that position for very long, nor did she feel the need to.

Once she was secured within the container the blindfold was removed. Evie looked around. The container was completely dark aside from a roundish hole cut into the top. Through this hole came the only light. The ceiling of the container was not more than a few feet from the floor. It was roughly square, four feet to a side. There was a strong smell of chlorine within the enclosure. Evie feared that this box would be dropped into a swimming pool with her trapped inside.

A few hours passed while Evie waited, trapped in the bottom of the container. Suddenly she heard a whirring and felt a rumble as the entire enclosure was hoisted up onto the back of a truck. She was bounced and tossed around as the truck raced off to its final destination, presumably the music festival. Evie recalled fondly attending the festival the previous year. It was more about getting drunk and high than it was about the music, but it was a lot of fun. Eventually the truck came to a stop. The container was unloaded. Evie could tell she was at the festival because she could hear the blaring of the sound checks through the walls of the container. They were loud enough that she knew she must have been placed right next to a speaker. Any sound she made appealing for help was easily blared out by the noise outside.

There was nothing Evie could do now except wait and wonder what was in store for her. The light coming through the hole in the ceiling gradually grew brighter, suggesting that it had changed from dawn to early morning. Suddenly a sound and movement up above broke the tranquility. Evie could see nothing through the hole in the ceiling, but she could see even less as it was mostly covered up by something. Suddenly a hot stream of piss cascaded down from the hole. Evie quickly turned her head away as her upturned face and open mouth were perfectly positioned to catch the falling stream. A light flutter of toilet paper floated down once the person above had finished her business and left. Not more than a minute later another person entered to deposit another hot splash of piss on Evie's helpless face. It was clear now where she was. Evie was laying bound in the bottom of a portable toilet at the festival. She was grossed out just by using one of the toilets when she attended the festival, and now she was expected to spend the whole day wallowing in filth within one!

Patron after patron visited her in the chamber. The first of many turds dropped squarely between Evie's tits. She shimmied and squirmed to try and eject the vile waste from her chest, but it was a fruitless effort since as soon as she cleared it off to the side another fell to take its place. She tried to make noise and scream to attract the attention of the visitors, but the loud music and noisy crowd outside drowned out any sounds she could make through her gag. Besides no one would think to look down in the hole, and even if they did Evie was quickly finding herself disguised by an ever growing pool of piss, shit, and toilet paper.

The day pressed on and the neverending line of visitors continued. As soon as one left another came in. Evie kept her eyes shut tight. She could no longer turn her head to prevent the waste from falling down into her ring gagged mouth, as the water level was getting higher. She had to keep her head facing up to keep the liquid collecting in the container from flowing into her mouth.

The day was hot and the sun baked the container, making the smell even worse. Evie tracked the passage of time by the various opening acts coming on and off the stage. The liquid level continued to rise. Evie could no longer rest her head on the floor without the filth cresting over her face and threatening to drown her. At one point a particularly drunk girl dropped her phone down the hole. It splashed down onto Evie's chest vibrating and buzzing until the liquid ended its life. The upset girl looked down into the hole. Evie could have swore that she made eye contact with the girl, but in her inebriated state she doubted the girl would do anything, or even be believed if she did tell someone.

The cheering of the raucous crowd intensified as The Rock Gods took the stage. Evie was struggling now to keep her head above the sludge. She had to press her arms to her sides and her knees together to draw in the slack in the ropes holding her to walls. This lifted her enough that she could strain her neck forward and breath in the noxious air of the pit. She wallowed in misery as she heard the start of her favorite song. She struggled to maintain the tension in the ropes that held her head high enough.

Finally the concert ended, the neverending stream of people visiting her hell abated. Evie's limbs trembled from the stress of holding her in place for so long. Shortly after the last visitor left she felt a rumble as the entire container shifted. A wave of vile waste washed over her face as she was loaded back onto the truck. Evie coughed and gasped from the wave that had caught her unawares. More waves continued to wash over her as the truck lurched to a start and took every turn at speed.

Eventually the truck came to a stop and she felt the container unloaded. Somewhere a plug was pulled and the waste flooded out of the container. Evie was finally able to relax her head against the floor again. Someone wearing something resembling a hazmat suit crawled into the chamber and cut the ropes free. As soon as the gag was removed Evie turned and spit the filth that had collected in her mouth onto the floor. She flexed and stretched her aching jaw as she was pulled free of the container. She was hauled over to a tiled part of the room and handcuffed to the ceiling over a drain in the floor, her arms stretched above and holding her in a standing position.

Suddenly an ice cold high pressure spray blasted her from behind. She screamed in shock as the cold water scoured the filth from her skin. Pass after pass left her body shivering and her skin irritated pink. The sadist with the sprayer lingered longer than necessary with the sharp stream of water pointed at her pussy and tits. Once she was finally clean, Evie was led back to her cell and dumped on the floor. Master Darkness was waiting for her.

"I hope you enjoyed the show. There was quite a turnout. Too bad the vendor supplying the toilets didn't bring enough. There was a non-stop line at each one. Though I suppose you know that," he said with a grin.

The door opened behind him and the silent man from the previous punishments walked in carrying her meal tray.

"I don't think you've been properly introduced to my assistant. This is Matt. He is something of a summer intern here. He is not allowed to talk to his charges. And as the new guy he inevitably ends up with all the shit jobs, quite literally today it seems. He was none too pleased with your choice. One of his other responsibilities, aside from cleaning up after our guests, is preparing the meals. What was that saying about not angering the people that prepare your food? I forget. Anyways, bon appetit."

Matt set down the tray and scurried out of the room. Evie looked down at the tray. There was a sizzling hot steak, garlic mashed potatoes, and steamed vegetables. It was the best food Evie had seen since she arrived in this hellhole, except for the fact that topping her delicious dinner was a big brown turd. And she suspected that the tall glass of lemonade was anything but.

Evie looked up at Master Darkness, who was clearly enjoying himself. "By the way, I'm sure you knew this, but I forgot to mention that the music festival is a two day event. You'd better eat up. You'll need your strength tomorrow. And I heard that those awful food vendors messed up and accidentally mixed in some powerful laxatives with their fare. I think things may get very interesting."

He marched out the room as Evie contemplated her dinner. Her stomach turned at the thought of voluntarily shoving the putrid waste in her mouth. She decided to eat most of the pleasant food first, postponing the worst for as long as possible. She finished off the steak and washed it down with the glass of piss. She fought back the urge to vomit, her heaves and gags suppressed by sheer force of will. She sighed and picked up the hunk of shit. She gingerly bit off a small piece and immediately spit it out and retched. Tears welled in her eyes as she tried again. She took another bigger bite and tried to think of anything else as she chewed it up and swallowed.

It wasn't in her stomach more than ten seconds before she raced to the bucket and emptied out the contents of her stomach. As she lay sobbing on the floor Master Darkness reentered the room. "You know that there are consequences for not eating your food. Are you going to comply?" He gestured to the bucket. Evie continued sobbing on the floor. "Very well," said Master Darkness as he entered the cell.

He dragged her out into the room and strapped her upright to an X-shaped rack, face against the rack. "Since it is my assistant's meal you refuse to eat, and he has had such an unpleasant day, he will administer the punishment. He tells me he has been getting very good with the single tail bullwhip."

The silent man entered the room and Master Darkness handed him the whip. "Ten lashes," he ordered. With speed and skill the man wound up and quickly laid down four strokes. Evie was left screaming and four bright red lines in the shape of an M were striped across her back. Master Darkness nodded his approval. " Show off," he muttered. Six more lashes were laid down, each targeted to inflict maximum misery. Evie was left howling and shaking. She collapsed against the rack. The whip was returned to its rack on the wall and Evie was dumped back in the cell. Her dinner and bucket were removed. "We'll see you bright and early tomorrow. Good night," Master Darkness called as he left.

Evie managed to struggle up into bed and fall asleep. She awoke hungry, having only eaten a piece of bread the day before, as a shadow shifted above her. "Eager to spend another day at the festival I see," Master Darkness said as he entered the room. "I'm happy to oblige." He led her down the hallway, this time without a blindfold.

She entered a room and a knot in her stomach formed as she saw the portable toilet. The back of the lower chamber was opened, ready and waiting for its unfortunate occupant. The same ring gag as yesterday was forced into her mouth, holding it wide open. She was led next to the chamber to a strange apparatus. It looked like a teeter totter. A central fulcrum supported a board about four feet long.

Her legs were folded back with her ankles strapped to her thighs. She was then attached to the board face up with a strap running across her waist and neck. As she was laid in place she realized that the board was actually two boards connected atop each other and able to slide across on ball bearings. The lower board was fixed to the fulcrum, but the upper board that she was attached to was able to slide up and down. If she shifted the upper board up towards her head the teeter totter dipped her head to the ground. If she shifted the upper board down towards her knees then the teeter totter raised her head high. Her wrists were handcuffed to two handles attached to the lower board, giving her something to grab onto if she wanted to shift her weight.

Master Darkness held up a set of nipple clamps. "These are a very fine piece of engineering. The clamps are held closed by a spring mechanism. This little chain here at the end pulls the clamps closed harder the tighter it is pulled. I'll show you."

He grabbed her right nipple and fed it into the clamp. The smooth, rubber coated faces of the clamps grabbed onto her nipple flesh. Evie moaned at the pinch. Master Darkness then grabbed the chain hanging out the back of the clamp. Not only did the clamp pull her nipple up away from her chest, but the clamp closer tighter and tighter as he applied more force to the chain. Evie squealed as her nipple was crushed within the tight grip. She exhaled in relief as he released the chain and the pressure abated. Evie moaned in dismay as the matching clamp was attached to her left nipple. Master Darkness then brought out two strong springs. He slid Evie as far up on the board as it would allow and attached one spring from each clamp onto a hook fixed into the unmoving of the two boards near her head. In this position the springs applied a minimal amount of tension on the clamps and the pain was tolerable. But the implications were clear, if she tried to slide down the board the springs would pull excruciatingly tight and twist her nipples upward.

Next he began attaching a small metal frame near her waist. Evie raised her head and saw that it provided a mounting point for something intended to go between her legs. She protested behind her gag as she saw what that something was. Master Darkness pulled out a hollow metal dildo, about six inches long and tapered to about two inches wide at the base. What made the dildo particularly terrifying was that it had holes punched out of it all up and down the shaft. It reminded her of a cheese grater, though hopefully not as sharp. Keeping Evie pressed up on the board as far as she would go, Master Darkness worked the dildo about an inch deep into Evie's dry pussy and locked it in place on the frame. Now if she slid herself down the board not only would she have her nipples pinched and twisted, but she would be fucked by this raspy metal dildo. She had every intention of doing that as little as possible.

Satisfied that his victim was locked firmly in place Master Darkness stepped back and admired his work. He called over his assistant and together they moved the entire apparatus into the chamber beneath the portable toilet. This chamber was slightly different than from the previous day. Rather than a flat floor, the bottom sloped down from the sides to the lowest point, where Evie was strapped to the board. All the waste would run down and collect near her. Evie quickly realized that her head would soon be underwater once the day began and that the only way to keep above it would be to adjust herself on the board to tip her head higher.

She felt a rumble as the enclosure was loaded onto a truck. She dreaded every twist and turn that took her closer to her final destination. Eventually the truck stopped and she felt herself tossed around as she was put in place. The sound checks for the day were already underway and her first visitor arrived just a few minutes later. Knowing what to expect didn't make the first splash of warm piss on her face feel any better. Evie sighed as her long day began.

The festival grounds filled with unruly patrons and the visitors became non-stop. She waited with dread as the water level rose higher and higher. First to her ears, then touching her forehead. The board kept her mouth higher than her eyes so she was still able to breathe as the water splashed up over her tightly closed eyes. As she lay there she couldn't help but notice that it somehow smelled worse than yesterday. Obviously Master Darkness's little prank with the laxative in the festival food was having its intended effect.

Evie retreated back into her mind, trying to imagine that she was anywhere else but here. A splash from a particularly large turd interrupted her thoughts as a wave of waste washed up over her ring gagged lips. She choked and coughed as the foul liquid ran down her throat. Once she recovered she could feel the tickle of liquid on her upper lip. The next visitor would likely render her unable to breathe freely unless she tipped herself up. As the next person sat down Evie held her breath, hoping to put off her torture for a moment longer. She continued to hold on until her lungs burned even as the wastewater crested up over her lips and filled her mouth.

Finally, she could hold her breath no longer. She took a firm grip on the handles at her side and slid herself down towards the fulcrum. Her wet hair weighed her down and she had to pull far before she began to tip upwards. As she slid, the nipple clamps pulled tighter crushing her bruised nipples while pulling and twisting them up towards her head. The sharp metal dildo, lubricated with piss and shit, ground its way deep into her pussy. Evie fought against the pain. The need for air outweighed her instinct to leg go of the handles and slide back up. At last her nose cleared the water level and she took a deep breath. But no sooner had she taken a lungful of putrid air than the agony in her nipples forced her to slide back up the board, dipping her head back beneath the foul water. The raspy metal dildo ground its way back out her pussy. Again she held her breath for as long as she could. And again she was forced to push herself down against the metal intruder in her pussy. Over and over she continued slowly fucking the raspy dildo. It ground and tore its way in and out of her pussy, all the while the nipple clamps crushed and twisted her nipples.

The water level of the putrid waste continued rising, and Evie continued her tortured fucking of the evil dildo. She felt like each of her tits had become one big bruise. Finally the concert ended. Evie felt a wave of waste wash over her unexpectedly as she rose for air. The container was being loaded onto a truck. Evie felt the tiniest bit of relief that soon she would be released from this hell. She was forced to continue rocking up and down on the board as the truck bounced and lurched its way back. Evie was left coughing and choking as unexpected swells washed over her when she came up for air. Each cough tore painfully at the nipple clamps.

Finally the truck came to a stop and the container was unloaded. The drain was pulled and the waste rushed out of the container. Evie breathed in relief, she could finally pull in air without rocking herself down and torturing herself. The apparatus was pulled from the container by the silent man wearing a hazmat suit. She sobbed as the cruel nipple clamps were freed from her tits, and the punishing dildo was yanked from her pussy. She was unstrapped from the board and hung over a drain. Just as the day before, a cold blast of freezing cold water rushed all over her body, washing the filth away. She shivered and shook as the cold spray ran up and down her body. Finally when she was all clean she was hauled down and returned to her cell. Waiting for her on the floor was her dinner.

With trepidation Evie shuffled over to the tray and pried up the piece of bread topping her sandwich. Nestled between the slices of bread, resting atop a leaf of lettuce was a big brown turd. Her stomach roiled as she picked up the sandwich. Not having eaten much in the previous days, and remembering the punishment for failing to eat yesterday, she brought the shit sandwich up to her lips and took a bite. She retched as she chewed the putrid substance, but she was finally able to get it down. Bite after bite she struggled, but managed to eat the entire thing. Several times she paused, and through sheer force of will, avoided emptying the contents of her stomach into the nearby bucket.

She lay down on her cot with what felt like a boulder in her stomach and cried herself to sleep. She awoke the next morning to find Master Darkness hovering over her.

Chapter 5: Bitch or Whore

"Get up," Master Darkness commanded.

She was ushered out of her cell and down a long hallway to another room. Once there she was led to the center of the room. A heavy leather collar and matching cuffs were fitted around her neck and wrists, then the wrist cuffs were locked to a ring on the front of her collar. Her feet were kicked apart and a her labia spread. Evie squealed as a tight clamp was latched on to her clitoris. This was quickly followed by a set of clamps latched on to her nipples. The nipple clamps were connected by a thin chain.

Master Darkness then pulled out another thin metal chain. Standing on a step stool, he attached one end to a point in the ceiling directly above Evie and the other end to the chain on the nipple clamps. There was enough slack that Evie could stand flat footed, and even move a few feet around her. Next he grabbed another chain and set it into the floor directly beneath Evie. The other end was brought up and attached to the clamp biting down on Evie's clit. This chain was short enough that Evie could not stand fully upright before the chain pulled hard at her pussy.

Master Darkness stepped back to admire his work. Evie was in the middle of the room in a half squat, unable to stand fully upright due to the lower chain, and unable to squat down to the floor due to the upper chain. "As always, we will give you some time to come to a decision. Think hard," he said as he walked out the door.

Evie could already feel the strain in her quad muscles as she surveyed her choices. To the left, sitting on a table was a black collar and leash. All along the outside of the collar were dull silver metal spikes. There was a metal name tag clipped on to the collar, but Evie could not make out what it said. To the right, sitting on a a separate table was a pair of shiny black high heel pumps. She immediately recognized them as the shoes she was wearing the night she was abducted and taken to this hellhole. It felt like ages ago since she had donned her sexy black "fuck me" pumps and went out to the club without a care in the world.

Evie's legs began to tremble as more and more time passed. She tried to adjust her position to find one that put less strain on her legs and she was rewarded with sharp tugs on her clit or her nipples with no relief found. She eventually got to the point where the fatigue in her legs had her convinced that she was doomed to collapse and tear the clamps from her nipples. Then the door to the room opened and Master Darkness returned.

"Have you come to a decision?" he asked.

Chapter 5a: Bitch

Evie glanced at her beloved pumps and then the collar. She was convinced that her old shoes were a trap.

"I choose the collar and leash," she said meekly.

Master Darkness approached her. He quickly unhooked the nipple and clit clamps. Evie collapsed into his arms. He led her over to the table with the collar and leash. Evie leaned over to read the tag clipped to the collar. It said simply "Bitch".

Evie looked up, expecting the bad news. Master Darkness was happy to oblige. "You will be spending some time in our kennel learning how to be a proper bitch. Once you have passed your obedience test you will have earned the right to wear this collar," he said gesturing to the table. "Until then we have something more appropriate for a bitch-in-training." Master Kimball had entered the room while her punishment was being explained to her. He now sidled up behind Evie and with quick hands he pulled a collar around her neck. It was about an inch thick with broad metal spikes along the inside. The collar was not tight enough for the spikes to hurt, but they made contact with the skin all around her neck. A tug in any direction on the collar would drive the spikes painfully into her flesh. On the outside of the collar, near one side was a small metal box with a red LED on it.

"Master Kimball is our resident dog trainer. He will be preparing you for your obedience exam. Do you understand?" Master Darkness stared intently into her eyes.

"Yes, I -", Evie began. But she was unable to finish as a jolt of electricity flashed from her collar. The pain causes her to drop to her knees.

Master Darkness smiled. "You have a lot to learn. Bitches don't speak English. Do. You. Understand?" He looked at her menacingly. Evie wasn't sure what to do. Should she reply? She thought for a second.

"Woof," she said after a moment.

Master Darkness patted her on the head. "Good doggie. Master Kimball, she's all yours." He attached a leash to her training collar and handed it to the muscular Asian man.

"Come," he ordered tugging on the leash. Evie winced at the pain from the spiked collar digging into the back of her neck. She started to rise to her feet to follow Master Kimball out of the room, but no sooner had she lifted her hands from the floor than another blast of electricity from the collar sent her reeling back to her hands and knees. "Down bitch," Master Kimball commanded. Tears welled in Evie's eyes from the assault. "Come," he commanded once again. Evie followed, crawling on her hands and knees out of the room.

Master Kimball walked at a quick pace. He held Evie's lead short so she was forced to scurry along at his side, still crawling. He announced each change in direction with a sharp tug of the leash in the direction of the turn. By the time they reached their destination Evie's neck was scraped all over by the spikes inside her collar and her knees were raw from crawling on the rough floor. The room she entered was every bit the kennel she expected. In the corner was a crate, large enough to fit a big dog... or small human. In front of that on the floor was a water dish with "Bitch" written on the front. In the middle of the room was a chewed up yellow tennis ball. Master Kimball unhooked the leash, picked the ball up and tossed it to the far side of the room. "Fetch," he ordered.

Evie crawled after the ball. She hesitated when she saw that the ball was soaked in what smelled like dog slobber. Evie grabbed the ball with her hand and immediately received another fierce electric jolt. Master Kimball tsked in admonishment. Evie sighed, bent low and picked up the ball with her mouth. The taste of dog slobber and kibble caused Evie to gag as she crawled and delivered the ball back to Master Kimball. "This is my alpha dog's favorite toy," he explained as he tossed the ball again. "Go fetch. And show a little more enthusiasm," he demanded, shaking the shocker control menacingly.

Evie panted like an excited dog as she chased after the ball, fearing another blast from the collar. "Good," Master Kimball praised as he threw it again. This time when Evie came crawling back with the ball he motioned her to drop it into a ball sized metal scoop attached to a machine he had dragged into the center of the room. The scoop was attached to a two foot long metal arm. The arm, in turn, was attached to a metal box with an LED display with the number twenty on it. As soon as the ball was placed in the scoop, the arm of the machine wound up and flung the ball across the room. The numbers on the box began counting down from twenty. Evie hesitated, watching the numbers count down, confused. She looked up at Master Kimball who seemed amused at his pet's naivete. "What are you waiting for, bitch? Fetch."

Evie crawled over to the ball and picked it up in her mouth just as the digital timer reached zero. As it did another jolt from the shock collar stopped her in her tracks. Evie recovered from the shock and brought the ball back to Master Kimball. He motioned her to return it to the machine. She dropped it in the scoop. The mechanical arm swung back and flung the ball again. The timer restarted its countdown from twenty. This time Evie quickly hustled after the ball. She returned the ball to the scoop only to again have it tossed away and the timer restarted.

This automated game of fetch continued for an hour. Evie was able to return the ball in time for most throws, but several took an odd bounce and resulted in a shock for taking too long.

Eventually Master Kimball deactivated the machine and took the ball away. Evie sat at his feet, panting and out of breath. Her knees were raw and her back ached from crawling on the floor for so long. Master Kimball took hold of her collar and led her over to the dog bowl on the floor. Evie looked down. Clearly she was not the first creature to drink from the bowl, a thin film of slobber floated on the surface. "Drink," her handler commanded. Evie leaned down and slurped at the foul water. Almost immediately a jolt from the collar stunned her. Her face plopped into the water and she came up choking. "Like a bitch," Master Kimball corrected. Evie leaned down again and dipped her tongue into the water, lapping it up into her mouth. She continued drinking, fearing the consequence of stopping before she was told to. But she was not told to stop. She kept drinking and drinking. At first the water was refreshing after her strenuous game of fetch, but soon her tongue began to tire. After she had lapped up nearly the entire bowl a tug at her collar pulled her up away from the bowl. She sat up, awaiting her next command.

Master Kimball fished around in a drawer until he found the item he was looking for. He waved it in front of her face and ordered, "Lick." Evie bent forward and began to lick all up and down an enormous buttplug. The part intended for her ass consisted of three balls each larger than the next. The ball at the base was at least two inches across. Attached to the base, intended to dangle from her plugged ass was a small fluffy tail. With the assumption that she knew where it was going, Evie put every effort into slobbering all up and down the buttplug as best as she could. Once Master Kimball was satisfied with the lubrication on the plug he snatched it away from Evie. "Present," he ordered. The context was clear. Evie turned around and stuck her ass up in the air with her face on the floor. She knew it was futile and painful to resist. Master Kimball, pleased that his bitch was finally getting it, slowly worked the buttplug into Evie's ass. First one, then, then finally the third ball sank deep, stretching her tight asshole. Evie yelped and squealed as each ball of the plug stretched her ass, but she remembered not to talk, despite the urge to curse like a sailor as her ass was assaulted.

With the buttplug secured Master Kimball turned to the crate in the corner of the room. He jimmied open the door and beckoned for her to come. Evie crawled over, her fluffy tail swishing back and forth, tickling her thighs. He shoved her inside, ass first. The crate was small enough that Evie could not turn around or rise up off her hands and knees. Before closing the gate on the crate Master Kimball suddenly stood up and turned to a nearby cabinet. "I almost forgot," he said.

Evie heard the clatter of a bowl and the grinding of a can opener. Master Kimball turned and dropped a bowl in front of Evie. "Eat," he ordered.

She looked down at a cylinder shaped mass of foul smelling dogfood. The smell alone was enough to make Evie gag. She looked up at Master Kimball. "Eat," he repeated, raising the shock collar controller. Evie bent down and shoved her face in the putrid slop. It tasted worse than it smelled. After pausing a few times to gag and retch Evie was eventually able to choke down the dogfood and lick the bowl clean. She looked up at Master Kimball with dogfood smeared all over the lower part of her face. He took the bowl away. "Good bitch," he closed the crate. "Sleep," he ordered as he turned out the lights and left the room.

Evie somehow managed to fall asleep despite not being able to move around much, and the enormous buttplug stuck in her ass. She was exhausted from the day's events and knew that tomorrow would be more of the same. She tried not to think about the awful can of dogfood sitting in her stomach as she nodded off in her crate.

She awoke the next day on her own, her muscles stiff from being locked in the crate all night. The room was still dark and unoccupied, nothing had changed from the night before. But now the effects of drinking an entire bowl of water were making themselves known. Evie had to piss like she had never pissed before. She wiggled back and forth in her crate, as much as it would allow. Minutes passed but no one came. She ventured a "woof, woof" to the empty room, but still no one came. Finally she could hold it no longer and a warm stream of piss flooded out of and pooled on the floor. Evie knew she would be punished. She sobbed softly to herself for the next half hour before Master Kimball came strolling casually into the room. He took one look at the puddle of piss on the floor and a look of fury flashed across his face.

"Bad bitch!" he railed. He raised the shock controller and gave Evie several long blasts. Evie jumped against the bars of her crate as the electric fury punished her over and over. Master Kimball dragged the sobbing woman out of the crate by her hair and shoved her nose in the puddle on the floor. "You will be punished," he seethed.

He went to the wall and removed a riding crop from a rack. He walked back to Evie. "Present," he ordered. Evie scooted back from the puddle and put her ass up in the air and her face on the ground, not wanting to anger her master any further. Master Kimball again grabbed hold of Evie by her hair and dragged her forward into the piss. "I did not say to back up," he growled. "Present!"

Evie shoved her face down into the puddle and thrust her ass up into the air. Master Kimball took a firm hold of the buttplug and unceremoniously ripped it from her ass. Evie howled as the huge plug reamed its way out of her ass. Master Kimball then laid stroke after stroke from the crop down onto her upturned ass. When a rain of blows caused her to collapse he would give her a kick to the ribs and order her up again. When he was finished he commanded her to lick up the mess from the floor. Evie, thankful that her hair had soaked up most of the puddle, miserably obliged.

After starting the morning off all wrong Master Kimball was finally ready to resume Evie's bitch training. He commanded her to drink another, smaller, bowl of slobber filled water. Evie wondered where the slobber was coming from before deciding that she'd rather not know. This was followed by another hour of automated "fetch". Evie was a bit slower today, partly from exhaustion and aching muscles, but mostly from the savage punishment that started the day. She found herself getting shocked several times when she failed to return the ball to the machine in time. This was followed by "lunch", another can of nauseating dogfood. Once she had finished the entire can she was given a "break", by being ordered to remain perfectly still in a kneeling position for an hour. The slightest twitch was punished with a shock from the collar. She sat there with dogfood smeared all over her face, her stomach rumbling with the lowest quality food imaginable. When she was finally told to relax Evie collapsed to the floor.

"It is time to introduce you to some other dogs I have trained. They have been with me much longer and are much better trained and better behaved. You may consider them the alpha dogs, as such you will follow their lead and act like a good bitch. Understand?"

Evie nodded. "Woof," she replied.

"Good." Master Kimball raised her up on all fours and ordered her to stay. He left the room, when he returned a few minutes later Evie could not believe her eyes. She was expecting him to return with other human slaves, treated like dogs, as she was. Instead he came in with two of the meanest, ugliest looking real dogs that she had ever seen. A quick glance between their legs suggested that these were no bitches either. Evie twitched as the alpha dogs barked their excitement at seeing her. "Stay, bitch," Master Kimball cautioned. "This is Cerberus and Bruiser. They are here to help you finish your training." He bent down and unhooked the leash from each dog. Cerberus ran forward and immediately began licking the dried dogfood from Evie's lips and face, while Bruiser ran around behind her and buried his nose in her pussy, hoping to get a good smell of his new bitch. Evie struggled to remain still as the dogs explored their new toy.

Master Kimball strolled over and grabbed each of the dogs by collar. "These guys have been specially bred for the three S's: size, stamina, and slobber, as you will soon see."

He walked the dogs behind Evie. "Present," he commanded. Evie was horrified. Surely she couldn't be expected to fuck a dog. She sat down on the floor. Master Kimball immediately hit her with a shock to her collar. "I said present," he repeated. Evie curled up in the fetal position as the shock ripped through her. She remained hugging her knees. Master Kimball ordered his dogs to stay and heaved Evie up off of the floor and dragged her across the room. There, jutting up out of the floor, was a vertical metal rod that was about a foot long. At the top was a loop, which Evie's collar was clipped to. Running horizontally from the top of the rod and centered on it was another bar about three feet long at each end was a metal cuff. He locked each wrist into a cuff. Master Kimball then inserted another T-shaped support under Evie's tummy. She was now held with her head just above the floor and her ass held up in the air. Evie trembled as he ordered Cerberus forward. The big dog's tail wagged excitedly as Master Kimball lined the beast up behind Evie's exposed pussy. He spit on his fingers to give Evie the slightest amount of lubrication then ordered the beast to mount her.

Evie screamed and struggled as the dog's cock entered her pussy and the beast began humping away. Her struggling only seemed to excite him further. She could feel his knot swelling larger, painfully stretching her pussy and locking him in place. As he humped away he brought his paws up onto Evie's back and slid them down to her tits to get a better grip. Evie could feel the claws scratching at her breasts as the horny beast continued. Minutes passed and still he did not stop. Evie could feel the slobber pouring from his mouth and running down into her hair and neck. Finally with a satisfied squeal the monster came. Evie felt the hot, sticky dog cum coarsing into her pussy and dribbling out onto the floor. Master Kimball led the satisfied beast away. It sat down on the floor, completely disinterested in what happened next.

Master Kimball then ordered Bruiser to come. "Since you are a disobedient bitch Bruiser will not be fucking your pussy. Remember that you brought this upon yourself." Evie had retreated back into her mind as Cerberus had raped her, but this statement snapped her back into reality. "What? No," she cried. Master Kimball responded with yet another shock from the collar. He slapped her hard on her bruised ass. "Bad bitch," he whispered into her ear.

He returned his attention to Bruiser. The dog was getting excited for what it knew was coming. Master Kimball spit on Evie's asshole, lubrication that was more for the dog than for her, and then he lined up the dog's cock with her tight hole to make sure the randy beast drove home into the correct place. He ordered the dog to mount. Evie screamed as its cock was savagely driven deep into her ass. She continued screaming as the knot swelled and the beast viciously fucked her. His claws scraped roughly against her back, drawing blood in several places. Like his companion Bruiser poured slobber down Evie's back and head as he rammed away. After what felt like an eternity the beast finally came, his hot cum oozed out of her abused hole as the dog was withdrawn. He trotted over to a nearby water bowl, took a few noisy slurps, then joined his companion in lying on the floor, disinterested.

Evie continued sobbing and moaning as she was released from the restraints. Master Kimball grabbed her collar and positioned her nose just above the pool of doggy cum that had leaked from her onto the floor. "Lick," he ordered. Evie, thoroughly broken, humiliated, and abused, complied. She fought back the urge to vomit as she cleaned every last trace of cum with her tongue. After that she was ordered to lick up the slobber that had collected underneath her during her fucking. Finally she was commanded to drink the remaining contents of the water bowl that Bruiser had helped himself to earlier. Evie, grateful for anything to rinse the taste of dog cum from her mouth, greedily drank down the slobber filled water.

"Now even though I think that you are a bad bitch and require further training Master Darkness has determined that tomorrow you will take your obedience test. If you fail then you will continue your lessons, but we'll need to be more severe to better drive your understanding." Evie didn't know how that was possible. "You will be given the remainder of the day to rest." He walked over to the crate and opened it up. "In," he ordered. Evie crawled into the crate, ass first. Master Kimball locked it shut, gathered up his alpha dogs and left the room. As it was still only early afternoon at the latest Evie had nothing to do with her time. She was not tired enough to sleep. Nor could she move around enough in the crate to find a position that was comfortable for very long. She passed the remaining hours in the day by massaging her poor bruised ass and feeling sorry for herself. After several hours the silent man entered the room, opened the crate, and presented her with a dish of the awful smelling dogfood. Evie obediently gobbled it down and was relocked in the crate for the night. She eventually fell asleep.

Evie awoke the next day much the same as the day before: alone and needing very badly to piss. Remembering the consequences from last time, Evie did everything in her power to hold it in. After a while the door creaked open and Master Darkness entered the room. He opened the crate and commanded Evie out. "Are you ready for your test?" he asked.

"Woof, woof," Evie replied, trying to think of a way to draw his attention to the fact that she needed to piss.

"I know that before I take a test that I like to empty my bladder so that I can concentrate. Would you like that?"

Evie nearly wept with relief. She did her happiest dog yip and spun a circle on her hands and knees. Master Darkness put a small bin on the floor and ordered her to make. Evie sidled up beside it, lifted her leg and emptied the contents of her bladder into the bin. Then she squatted over it and pinched off a turd. She was a little surprised that she wasn't embarrassed to go in front of the man, but considering what had happened in her captivity, this was nothing. After she had gone Evie moved in front of the bin and scratched at the floor, "burying" her waste for good measure. The act wasn't lost on Master Darkness who chimed in with a "good bitch" and a rub behind the ears.

"Let's begin."

He started off with basic commands that Evie easily followed: roll over, sit, beg, bark. He ordered her to stay and watched for thirty minutes to see whether she moved at all. He brought out a dish of slobber water and ordered her to drink it, which she dutifully did. Then he set up the "fetch machine" and ordered her to play. The machine was modified to not display a countdown clock to her, or to shock her for failure. Evie raced after the ball with vigor each time it was tossed. She couldn't tell whether or not she was passing her test, but she felt like it was going well.

Next Master Darkness presented her with another bowl of the awful smelling dogfood which Evie made a great show of pretending to enjoy. He then led her into the center of the room and ordered her to stay. He left the room and came back a few minutes later with Cerberus. Evie's heart dropped and the dogfood in her stomach felt like a brick. She remained still as the dog was unleashed and he ran to her face to lick up the dogfood smeared there. Then the command she feared most was uttered, "Present!"

Evie took a deep breath and pressed her face to the floor. She raised her ass high in the air. She heard the dog yelp in excitement as he was led behind the terrified woman. She cringed as the beasts front paws jumped up on her back, but she held her position. She jumped as Master Darkness reached between her legs and smeared a dab of cold lubricant on her dry pussy. Then he guided the dog's cock in. Evie did her best to pretend she wasn't being fucked by some monstrous animal as it pounded away at her pussy. But it didn't help. She sobbed as the beast fucked her long and hard. Finally he came. Evie collapsed as the dog withdrew, she was openly crying now.

Master Darkness led the beast out of the room. When he returned he ordered Evie up onto all fours. She was surprised when he reached down and removed the training collar. He replaced it with the little black collar she saw when she had chosen this punishment. The one with little decorative spikes on the outside, and the dog tag reading "Bitch".

"You passed," he said at last. "However, until your next punishment you are to remain my bitch. Understand?"

Evie barked assent. Somehow she was a little bit proud that she had passed the test. Master Darkness led her back to her crate and locked her in place, then left.

For the next several days Evie was treated as a bitch. Twice per day she was given a bowl of dogfood and a bowl of water. Once each day she was given the opportunity to relieve herself. For an hour each day she was commanded to play fetch. For an hour each day she was ordered to stay. The rest of the time she spent locked in her crate. She obeyed completely. She did not want to find out the consequences of disobedience, and she didn't. Thankfully for her she never saw the other dogs again.

One morning her routine was interrupted when Master Darkness pulled her out of her crate and said, "Get up slave. It is time for your next punishment."

Chapter 5b: Whore

Evie looked longingly at her beloved black pumps. She was sure her cruel master would find some sinister way to make her hate them, but didn't care. Maybe wearing her old heels would let her feel like her old carefree self, if only for a few minutes.

"I choose my high heels."

"Your high heels?" Master Darkness asked incredulously. "Let me make it perfectly clear," he said with a tug on the chain holding her nipple clamps, "You do not own anything, slave. Your things, your thoughts, your holes between your legs, they all belong to me. And I will do with them as I please."

He detached the chains and clamps holding her in place and brought her over to the table. He placed the shiny black heels on the ground. "Go ahead and put them on," he said. Evie did as she was told. "I can see why you liked them so much. They make your ass and legs look great. Follow me."

He led her out the door and down a hallway to another room. Evie braced herself for what lay inside as she stepped through the door. In light of all the abuses she had seen thus far she was shocked at what she saw. Inside was a table set up against the wall and in front of it a well lit mirror. The table was stocked with all sorts of makeup products and grooming tools. In one corner of the room was a shower complete with shampoo, conditioner, soap, and a safety razor. In another corner was a wardrobe with a set of skimpy lingerie inside, dangling from a hanger. Evie looked back at Master Darkness.

"You will be going on a date tonight", he explained. "You are to shower, shave, dress, and make yourself pretty. If you don't, then someone will do it for you, but we will need a lot more makeup to cover up the bruises."

Evie was in shock. It had been so long since she had had an opportunity to pamper herself, let alone take a shower. Though she knew the night would likely end in pain and humiliation she got right to work. She stepped into the shower and turned on the water. She jumped back in surprise when she realized that the only temperature setting was ice cold. She looked back at Master Darkness. "We're not running a day spa here. Get to work," he commanded.

Evie stepped into the shower and washed her hair and body. Weeks worth of dirt and filth washed off her body. With shivering hands she shaved her arms, legs, and pussy. She stepped out of the shower and dried off with a thread bare towel on a nearby rack, then looked at the wardrobe to see what she would be wearing. Inside the wardrobe was a sheer black teddy, garter belt, and black stockings. She pulled on the teddy. The lacy black bra cups lifted her perky tits and the sheer black silk flowed over her smooth tummy. She slipped on the garter belt and secured it around her waist, then she slid the sexy black stockings up her long firm legs and hooked them in place. She stepped into her lovey black "fuck me" pumps once again. She couldn't help but notice that the outfit did not include any panties. Next she stepped in front of the mirror and got to work applying her makeup. It was quality stuff and Evie found that her makeup skills were still at the top of her game despite her time in captivity. When she was finished she turned around and presented herself to Master Darkness. If one didn't know any better she looked set for the night of her life rather than whatever trial was in store for her.

"Nicely done," commented Master Darkness, adjusting the bulge in his pants. "If we didn't have a date to keep I might just keep you here all night myself. But duty calls." He pulled an item out of his pocket. "One last thing." He tenderly secured around her neck a short black choker necklace. On the front of the necklace was a simple silver charm that read "Whore." Evie pressed her crimson lips together and gulped. She was concerned with where the night was heading.

She was led out of the room and down several hallways, her heels click clacking with every step. Her hips swayed seductively. Eventually she was led into a room. Inside the room was a padded leather table, about waist height. On the wall was a large digital clock display. It read sixty minutes. The room was otherwise unremarkable.

"Let me ask you, slave," Master Darkness said. "How many men have you fucked in your life?"

Evie looked down, red faced. She was a bit of a slut in college. She wondered if she should count blowjobs. Master Darkness noticed her hesitation.

"So many that you lost count," he teased.

"Eight, sir," she finally answered.

"Haha, I don't believe that for a second," he laughed. "I guess it's irrelevant, but we're going to add to your number... whatever it actually is. Your task is simple," Master Darkness explained gesturing to the clock. "You have sixty minutes to get off forty guys. When you have finished servicing one guy you will press this buzzer to admit the next." He handed her a small box with a single button on it. "You may be wondering where we got so many willing volunteers. There is a nearby maximum security prison down the road. We hired a few fellas for a little bit of work-release duty. While they are here you are not to talk to any of them, other than to instruct them where to fuck. They think you're some kinky slut who wants to run a train, not that any of them would believe you if you told them otherwise. And even if they did believe you what are they going to do about it? These are rapists and murderers, the dregs of society. No one would listen to what they say anyway. Fortunately for you, some of these guys haven't seen a pussy in years, so they ought to get off pretty fast. Remember to smile and have fun."

He stepped out of the room. As soon as the door clicked shut the timer on the wall started counting down. Evie pressed the button on the controller and hopped up on the table. The door opened and a mean looking guy in an orange prison jumpsuit walked in. His tattooed face broke into a wide smile when he saw what was waiting for him. Evie spread her legs seductively, lay back on the table, and beckoned the man to come closer. He pulled his erect cock out of his pants as he stepped up to the table. Evie guided his throbbing cock into her pussy and he started pumping away. After a moment the guy twitched in ecstasy and fired his hot load into Evie's pussy. Evie pressed the button to summon the next visitor and looked over at the clock on the wall. Two minutes had passed. She would have to work faster if she hoped to service enough men in time.

The next visitor was a young guy who didn't look older than eighteen. He barely gave Evie two pumps before he orgasmed, adding his load to the previous one that was oozing out of her snatch. Evie, grateful for the exuberance of youth, summoned the next visitor.

And so the visits continued. The young guys tended to get off quickly. The old guys took a little bit longer. One ancient scar faced prisoner took nearly five minutes to get off. Evie decided to try to hurry her visitors along by putting on a show of really enjoying getting fucked. Her moans of pleasure filled the room as she seductively rubbed her tits and wrapped her long stockinged legs around each man. As one slow old man finished inside her she looked up at the clock. She had just five minutes left and still had ten more men to go, or was it eleven, she was losing count. Her pussy was tender and sore from the enthusiastic pounding of her visitors. A pool of cum had collected on the floor beneath her, having oozed out of her overstuffed pussy. Lost in the panic of running out of time, she realized she hadn't summoned the next man. She pressed the buzzer and slumped in disappointment as the next man to walk in the room was another old timer, one who looked like he'd take forever to get off. She was right. The old guy finished just as the timer ticked down to zero. She pressed the buzzer to summon the next guy. Instead Master Darkness and his silent assistant entered.

Without saying a word they walked to the foot of the table. Evie's heart raced as each man grabbed an ankle, slapped a thick leather cuff on it and attached it to a chain that each man had pulled down from the ceiling. The silent man walked to the side of the room and activated a switch that began retracting the chains into the ceiling. As she began to slide up off the table Master Darkness shoved it over to the side of the room. The winding of the chains stopped. Evie was now suspended upside down from the ceiling. Her legs were held about three feet apart. Her upper body was left to swing freely.

"You have failed," Master Darkness finally said. "You are obviously not a very smart whore, slave. You do realize that you have more than one hole? And that there are a lot of different ways to get a guy off?"

Evie blushed in embarrassment. It hadn't occurred to her that she could service more than one guy at a time, and now she was going to pay the consequences.

"Of course you must be punished for your failure. You left ten men unsatisfied. I think a fitting punishment is ten strokes with this." He pulled out the short multi-stranded pussy whip.

"Master, please no I -", she began.

"Quiet slave," Master Darkness interrupted. He signaled the silent man to gag Evie. He quickly complied by shoving an enormous red ball gag into the distraught woman's mouth. "You will receive your punishment, then you will be given a day to recover, then you will try again. And again and again until you learn how to fuck men quickly and efficiently."

He gave the whip a few practice swishes, more for Evie's sake than his own, he knew exactly where and how to strike. Evie trembled in her restraints the black cum stained teddy fell down over her face. Her long stocking clad legs tensed as Master Darkness lined up for the first blow. Evie's pussy was already puffy and sore from the dozens of men that had spent the last hour pounding away at her snatch. The first blow struck like lightning on her pussy. Evie thrashed and swung from her restraints. She howled into her gag. The whip left several angry red lines cut into the pile of dried cum stuck to her mound. Again and again the whip fell on her abused pussy. Master Darkness took his time and allowed Evie to savor every blow before delivering the next one. By the last one she was a hysterical mess. Her pussy was striped red all over and was even more swollen than before.

Master Darkness put the whip away. "My my, that looks painful," he gently caressed her abused pussy. Evie winced in pain. "I've got just the thing."

The silent man stepped forward holding a cooler. He pulled out a rather large dildo made out of solid ice. It was eight inches long and had pretty good girth. Evie jumped at the cold touch as Master Darkness started working the icy member into her swollen snatch. With some effort he managed to work the entire dildo in. As he held it in place he said, "You will be returned to your cell to recover just as soon as you work this dildo out of your pussy, or when it completely melts, whichever comes first. Do better next time."

Master Darkness and the silent man left the room. Evie, already exhausted from her ordeal, tried pushing the dildo out, but like licking a dry ice cube fresh out of the freezer it had stuck to her moist insides. She realized that she would have to wait until it started to melt a little before she could start to make progress. By the time it was ready to move, the muscles in her pussy had already started to tense up and she was unable to move the monster ice cock. She shivered in misery as ice cold water dribbled down from her pussy washing salty dried cum down between her breasts, past her face, and on to the floor.

Unable to dislodge the dildo herself, Evie was forced to wait for it to melt. She sobbed and shivered helplessy as she thought about how she would soon be forced to fuck so many men again. She was determined not to fail next time.

Long after the dildo melted the silent man returned and lowered Evie to the ground. He carefully stripped her naked and washed her down with a cold wet towel. Evie grunted as he scrubbed the last of the dried cum from her damaged pussy.

She was then led back to her cell. Waiting for her there was her dinner for the night, a creamy white chowder and chunk of bread. As she got closer she realized that the base of the "chowder" was really several ounces of cum. Not wishing to bring down the wrath of her masters yet again today Evie steeled herself and slurped up the salty revolting meal. She even used the bread to soak the very last few drops from the bottom of the bowl. Very carefully she crawled into bed for the night and cried herself to sleep.

The next day was uneventful as she was left in her cell to recover. Her morning and evening meals were also comprised very heavily with more cum: pancakes with cum "syrup" for breakfast, and a peanut butter and cum sandwich for dinner. As she fell asleep that night she lay on her cot dreading the morning. The swelling in her pussy had gone down, but it still hurt quite a bit just to touch it.

The next morning when she awoke Master Darkness was already waiting in her cell. Without a word, he led her out into the hallways and back to the prep room from two days ago. Knowing what to do, Evie showered, shaved, applied makeup, and dressed. The lingerie was either thoroughly washed, or new. There was no sign of the cum stains from her visitors, except for a few drops on her high heels. When Master Darkness noticed, he ordered Evie to lick clean the crusty, salty spots.

Now, dressed for business, Evie was again led to the room with the table. She glanced up at the ceiling and noticed the chains just above the table. Determined not to swing from them today she walked over to the table and glanced at the wall. In her absence her tormentors had installed a digital "now serving" display, like you'd find at a deli counter. Next to it was the digital timer, it read ninety minutes. Confused, Evie looked back at Master Darkness.

"Word spread about the whore who fucked nearly an entire work-release crew and there was almost a riot at the prison when they called for volunteers to help on the next shift," he explained. "We decided to help them out a little. With your previous day's experience under your belt we figured that you ought to be able to service sixty men in ninety minutes. It's really the same rate of guys per minute, so you should be able to handle it. Don't disappoint us."

He handed the buzzer to summon the men to Evie and walked out the door. "Have fun," he called as he left.

Evie, dismayed by this latest turn of events, glanced over at the pussy whip hanging on the wall, then hopped up on the table. She pressed the buzzer four times, and four men in orange prison jumpsuits entered. She guided one man to her pussy, who eagerly dropped his pants and started fucking her sore snatch. She guided two men to the sides of the table, one on each side, then she fished their stiff cocks out of their pants and began giving them handjobs. The remaining man was directed to the head of the table. Evie lay back, tipped her head off the end of the table and started sucking his cock. He eagerly obliged, ramming his stiff dick hard into Evie's tonsils. Evie choked from the assault, but remained focused on servicing all four men. It was going to be a long day.

Excited by Evie's struggling with his hard cock, the man fucking Evie's mouth came first. He blasted his load all over Evie's face and stepped out of the room. Evie paused the handjob on her left side to reach a hand up to wipe the cum out of her eyes, then grabbed the buzzer and summoned the next visitor to come fuck her face. The man pounding Evie's sore pussy came soon after, blasting his load deep within Evie's snatch. The cum barely had time to ooze out before another man was there for sloppy seconds.

And so the process continued. With efficiency Evie kept a steady stream of men cumming and going. The men receiving the handjobs took a while longer to get off, but they too added their loads to Evie's tits and face before being replaced by a fresh dick.

After some time Evie ventured a glance at the wall timer. The counter indicated that she had summoned thirty five men and had nearly forty five minutes left. She was ahead of schedule, but there was a problem, her pussy was so swollen and sore that every thrust felt like a knife stabbing her insides. She flinched as an unexpected load blasted her in the face. With a deep sigh she pulled her knees up to her chest, scooped a handful of cum from her tits and smeared it over her asshole for lubrication. She summoned the next man into the room and guided his stiff cock into her tight ass. The man was happy to oblige. He rammed his shaft in balls deep in a single thrust. Evie groaned as the anal assault stretched and tore her heretofore untouched ass. The anal assailant didn't last long, he buried his load deep in Evie's ass and left the room. Evie summoned another man to take his place.

And so the relentless stream of visitors continued. Evie's tender ass was stretched and punished by cock after cock. Her lips became puffy, swollen, and numb from sucking countless dicks. Her hands cramped from the handjobs that she eagerly doled out to any penis presented to her. As a particularly large and violent dick exploded in her ass Evie reached over to summon the next man, but no one came. Worried, she glanced over at the timer on the wall, it read zero. She looked over at the "number served" display, it read sixty eight. Her remaining visitors quickly shot their loads and left the room. Evie, exhausted, collapsed on the table. Cum covered just about every part of her body. It soaked her hair and ran freely from her swollen pussy and gaping asshole. Her lingerie was unrecognizable. Cum had even dripped down onto her sexy high heeled shoes. She heard the door open and tipped her head to see Master Darkness enter.

"Well done, whore," he beamed. "You finished in time. In fact, you were in such a rhythm that we decided to let the early visitors have a second go. Master Kivaas and I had a bet as to how many extra gyuys you'd finish. You should be happy to know that I won, though you may want to be careful around Master Kivaas the next time you see him. He holds a grudge."

Master Darkness lifted Evie up to her feet, careful not to let the soiled woman lean against him. He stripped all the clothes from her body and tossed them into a bin. He gently placed her beloved shoes on the floor next to the table and surveyed the room.

"Such a mess," he opined. "It took our staff quite some time to clean up after your last session."

He quickly whipped out a pair of metal handcuffs, pulled Evie's arms behind her back and locked them to her wrists. A devilish smile crossed his face, "I think you ought to help them out. Since you've surely developed a taste for cum by now you should have no problem licking up this mess. I'll come back in a couple of hours to check on you. Don't forget to clean those lovely shoes as well. Do a good job, or else I will let Master Kivaas exact his revenge on you for causing him to lose our bet."

Master Darkness strolled out of the room whistling a cheery tune. Evie looked with dismay at the task before her. Cum covered the table, running down the legs. And there were several pools on the floor, a particularly large one in the area beneath where her pussy had rested on the table above. Evie got right to work, lest any further delay caused the cum to dry and make the job even more difficult. She climbed up on the table with the idea to work her way from the top down but soon had to stop as she noticed that the areas she cleaned were quickly resoiled by ejaculate dripping off of her body. She paused the table cleaning and began licking the cum as best she could from the places on her body that she could contort up to her mouth. She then leaned over the table and wrung as much of the mess from her long sticky hair as possible.

With her body no longer dripping quite so much mess on her work area Evie returned her attention to the table. Her tongue was already getting dry and tired, her throat was sore from the many cocks banging into it earlier in the day. After a while Evie finally managed to finish cleaning the top of the table. She stood up, a sea of cum swished around in her stomach, making her feel queasy. She traced her tongue up and down the table legs, stretching it into the crevices to get every last bit. After cleaning the table, the floor felt like a much smaller task, but after dipping her tongue into the deep puddle of jizz at the foot of the table Evie felt her stomach rumbling in protest. With great effort she managed to slurp down the puddle and lick the floor clean.

Now all that was left was to clean her shoes. Licking them clean was more difficult as they kept sliding around and the cum was starting to dry and become crusty. After some effort she finally finished. She placed the shoes neatly in front of the table and kneeled on the floor awaiting her master's return. About twenty minutes later he came strolling in. He inspected every part of the room for cleanliness. Once he was satisfied that there was no mess left behind Evie was led back to her cell.

For the next several days Evie was given time to rest. She continued to receive cum-laden meals twice a day. Gradually the swelling in her pussy and ass receded and the marks faded. Then one morning Evie awoke to find Master Darkness hovering over her. "Get up, slave. It is time for your next punishment," he barked.

Chapter 6: Hot or Heavy

Evie was pulled roughly to her feet. Heavy leather cuffs were attached to her wrists and ankles as she was shoved out into the hallway. By now the halls were starting to look familiar as she was led through the twists and turns. How long had she been here, Evie thought as she was herded into a room. Her heart pounded in anticipation of what tortures she would face this day.

In the middle of this new room was erected a four foot high wooden "horse". It was essentially two long planks of wood meeting at a dull point near the top. The angle between the boards was such that its unfortunate victim would sit atop it with her legs gently spread and her weight resting on the apex. The sweat stains along the top edge suggested that this apparatus was well used. Strong arms hefted Evie up off the ground. Surprised, Evie kicked and struggled as Master Darkness and his assistant lifted her over the horse, spread her legs, and dropped her on top. "No, please," Evie howled in protest as she felt the dull wood dig into her pussy. The men ignored her as they secured her in place.

On each wall to her left and right was a rope secured to an eyebolt at what was now shoulder height. Each rope was pulled to its nearest wrist and tied to the wrist cuff. Evie was now unable to lean more than an inch or two to the left or right. Nor was was she able to slide backward or forward on the horse, not that she wanted to. The position of the ropes also meant that Evie was unable to use them for leverage to reduce the amount of weight resting on her crushed pussy.

Next Master Darkness produced a long length of coarse rope. With the practiced hands of a veteran tormentor he began winding the rope starting first as the base on one breast then over to the base of the other. Occasionally pulling the rope around her back, each loop pulled tighter and tighter. By the time he was finished each of Evie's tits were crushed by a coil of rope and were starting to turn a light shade of purple. His clever winding had left a small loop of rope at the bottom of each breast. Evie twisted her head to see behind her as each of the two men in the room hefted a softball sized metal weight with a hook on top.

"No, don't. You can't," Evie pleaded as each man hooked his weight into the loop on each breast. She moaned as each weight pulled her harder down onto the wooden edge of the horse. Her tits turned a shade darker. Evie sobbed as her misery increased. Distracted, she didn't notice as the two men went to the back of the room and each returned carrying a heavy gallon-sized sandbag. Evie tried to pull her ankles away as the men grabbed at them. In her position it was an exercise in futility and only resulted in further anguish as her pussy rocked on the horse. Once the sandbags were hooked in place on her ankle cuffs Evie was unable to raise her legs without significant effort. She howled in pain as the sensitive flesh of her pussy was crushed between the bones of her pelvis and the narrow unforgiving edge of the wooden horse. The best she could do to alleviate some of the pain was to squeeze her thighs together so that they might bear some of the weight, but those muscles tired quickly and left her slumping down onto her tortured snatch.

"For your next punishment," Master Darkness finally broke his silence, "you will be getting some exercise. Some of us have felt that you've been a little lazy lately and could do with some movement. As always you will be given some time to choose your punishment. Choose wisely. I will return in a few hours."

He turned to the door and left with his assistant as an anguished Evie looked at the clues she was given for each punishment. On the table to her left was a large black metal cauldron. It looked like the prop to a movie about witches. On the table to her right were several larger versions of the kettlebell weights hanging from her tits. As usual Evie had little idea of what each clue could mean. The time she was given to decide was obviously just to prolong the suffering of her current situation.

Hours passed, but the pain of riding the horse did not subside. Evie's tits had turned a shade of deep purple. They had long ago gone numb. Evie relaxed her quivering thighs. She had been trying to prop herself up as much as possible to try to reduce the amount of weight crushing her pussy, but she was able to squeeze her thighs for a shorter and shorter duration each time. Evie was eager for her next punishment to begin, if only to relieve her of her current predicament.

Finally, Master Darkness and his assistant reentered the room.

"You've come to a decision, I hope," he enquired.

Chapter 6a: Hot

Evie fell back down onto the horse and winced.

"Yes, master," she replied. "I choose the cauldron."

"Excellent," he exclaimed. "You will be given the remainder of the day to rest. Your punishment will begin tomorrow morning."

Master Darkness and his assistant approached the suffering woman, untied her arms and quickly removed the weights from her tits and ankles. She was lifted off the horse and collapsed into Master Darkness's arms, relieved to finally be free of the excruciating pain on her pussy. Master Darkness reached over and unwound the rope from Evie's squeezed tits. Her breasts slowly began to regain their color and feeling. The rope left dark red lines all around the base of her breasts. Evie moaned as he massaged the feeling back into them. The wrist and ankle cuffs were removed and Evie was led back to her cell. She was left wondering what her punishment could be. By now she knew that clearly there was no good decision, it was inevitable that she would suffer at the hands of these vicious sadists no matter what she picked.

In the evening a meal of protein bars and water was served to her. She munched them down and tried to get some sleep. She knew that tomorrow would be very taxing.

She awoke the next morning expecting Master Darkness to be hovering over her. Instead she found a bowl of piping hot oatmeal and a large jug of water. She quickly finished both. As soon as she did Master Darkness entered the room carrying a large box of items for Evie's punishment. He ordered her out of the cell and demanded that she raise her hands to her head and hold still. The first item he removed from his box was the familiar pin bra that she had previously experienced. The tight strapless black bra with cups lined in sharp pins was pulled tightly around her chest. Evie fought the urge to lower her hands and resist. She knew that non-compliance would only make things worse.

With the pin bra firmly in place Master Darkness next pulled out a purple full body latex catsuit. Evie was directed to slide her feet into the legholes. She noticed as it was pulled up over her round ass that the part covering her pussy and ass were cut away, leaving them exposed. The catsuit was tight. Evie pulled and struggled along with Master Darkness to squeeze her muscular, toned legs into it. Next her arms were guided into the armholes. Master Darkness reached behind Evie and began drawing the zipper up from near Evie's ass to the back of her neck. Evie squealed as the catsuit drew tight around her chest, pulling the pin bra hard into her tits.

With her body now squeezed into the tight catsuit Master Darkness presented a black leather armbinder with a metal ring beneath the point where the hands go. He pulled Evie's arms behind her back and slipped the long single sleeve over them and up to her shoulders. He adjusted her hands so that they were pressed palms together then began drawing the laces tight. As he pulled, Evie's elbows were yanked together until they were touching. This also had the effect of forcing her to arch her back, further agitating her pinpricked tits. He finished by buckling the armbinder in place around the front of each shoulder. Evie could now hardly move her arms.

The next item from his box of accessories was a thick black leather collar. He fitted it tightly around her slender neck and buckled it in place. The tall thick collar prevented Evie from bending her neck at all. She could no longer look down at her increasingly confined body. Master Darkness slipped a finger within a ring on the front of the collar and pulled Evie forward and bent her over a table face down. Evie yelped in pain as her weight pressed on the pins. Evie was unable to turn her head to see, but she felt as Master Darkness roughly grabbed one of her feet and began fitting a boot on it. He grumbled and cursed as he forced her dainty foot down into the tight slender enclosure. Finally he was able to tie the laces and force the buckle on the top of the boot closed. When he let go Evie found that she was unable to flex her foot and that the boot forced her to keep her toes pointed like a ballerina. She was able to catch a glance at the matching boot as he pulled it out of the box in front of her. It was essentially a stiff black leather ballet slipper that extended up to cover her ankle. Extending from the heel very nearly to the toe was a thin six inch stiletto heel. Evie had no idea how she was expected to stand in the boots, let alone walk around all day.

Once the boots were in place Master Darkness withdrew several items from his box. The first of which Evie immediately recognized with horror was a tube of Doctor Kivaas's special lube, the kind that would make the affected area feel afire after it had been applied for a while. Master Darkness donned a latex medical glove and grabbed the tube then smeared a dab on a thin catheter. He then pushed Evie's legs apart and worked the catheter into her urethra. Evie grunted as the thin tube pushed home and a small trickle of liquid filled the clamped off tube. Next he lubed up a rather tame, by sadist's standards, buttplug. She couldn't help but notice that there was a tube leading into the base of the plug. He rubbed a generous amount of lube on her asshole and worked the plug in place.

He then lifted Evie up from her position leaning over the table. She immediately almost fell down as she tested her balance on the absurdly high heeled boots. Master Darkness quickly caught her and held her upright. Even after a few seconds of standing on her toes ballerina-style Evie felt her feet ache and her toes protest in pain. The final item Master Darkness pulled from his box was a rubber harness gag. He fitted it around her head and buckled it tightly into place. The piece forced into her mouth had a tube leading out of it and flexed when she bit down on it.

Satisfied that his victim was now sufficiently bound and uncomfortable Master Darkness grabbed hold of the ring in Evie's collar and led her out into the hallway. No doubt to a room with fresh horrors and places to connect the worrisome tubes dangling between her legs and from her mouth. Evie slipped and stumbled after him as he half dragged, half carried her through the hallway and in front of a closed door.

Immediately upon entering the room Evie was blasted with hot humid air. The room was easily eighty five degrees with swamplike humidity. The thick, closefitting latex bodysuit quickly became even more uncomfortable in the heat as Evie took stock of the contents of the large room. In the center was a large turntable resting on the floor. It was about three feet across and loaded with various items. The largest of which was a big black metal cauldron, big enough to hold about fifty gallons. It was filled to the brim with what appeared to be water. Beneath the enormous cauldron was an electric heater. Its metal coils glowed red hot as they heated the water in the cauldron above. Mounted just to one side of the cauldron was a sturdy metal frame. It held several contraptions, and jutting out parallel to the floor at about waist height was a metal bar that was five feet long. The end of the metal bar twisted ninety degrees back. Mounted on top of that part was a sturdy rubber dildo. Evie recoiled in fear at the enormity of it. It was the shape and size of a bowling pin. Before she could investigate the rest of the apparatus strong arms grabbed her from behind.

Master Darkness's assistant entered the room. Together the two men hauled Evie over to the dildo. She could see that it had already been thoroughly lubed. One man spread her legs while the other positioned her pussy above the enormous dildo. It wasn't so much inserted as she was dropped onto it. Her struggles only served to wiggle the dildo in place inside her stretched pussy. Evie moaned as the head of the bowling pin shape was lodged firmly inside her. At this depth her toes were able to touch the floor and stop her descent. Though the dildo was close enough to her cervix that she wouldn't have fit the entire thing anyway. With the height of the bar there was no way Evie could detach herself from the assembly without help. She was stuck until someone lifted her off the dildo.

Now that she was secured in place Evie was able to examine more details of the setup as Master Darkness began preparing her torture. A long tube ran up over the edge of the cauldron and led to a small box on the metal frame that she was attached to. Coming out of that box were two more tubes and a metal cable. One of the tubes trailed down to a floor drain. The other tube and the cable snaked along the arm extending out to where Evie rested. Master Darkness grabbed the tube, ran it between Evie's legs and connected it to the tube coming out of her buttplug. The cable was also run between her legs and clipped onto the ring at the end of her armbinder. There was one more tube running along that arm which was connected to Evie's catheter and led back into the cauldron. Once Master Darkness had hooked that up and removed the hose clamp a small trickle of urine flowed out of Evie and into the cauldron.

While Master Darkness was connecting the tubes and cable his assistant was struggling with a large heavy box he had wheeled into the room. He brought it near the turntable, connected some chains to what was inside the box, and began hoisting it out. Evie was surprised to see a large block of ice. It was cube shaped, about two feet on a side. He hauled the block up into a transparent container six feet above the cauldron. The bottom of the container had a tube as well. This one was connected to Evie's gag.

Master Darkness made a few final adjustments to everything, then turned to Evie. "Allow me to explain the rules to a little game we're going to play. The goal is simple. Beside you is a cauldron of water. You must empty it before the block of ice that you see above you melts. The pump for the water is operated by rotating the turntable that you are attached to. The pump has two modes. The first directs water from the cauldron into that sweet ass of yours. The second mode pulls the water from your ass to the floor drain. To switch modes you simply pull the cable attached to your armbinder. But be warned, you may only switch modes after making at least one complete revolution of the turntable."

"I know it's rather hot in here today. Feel free to drink as much of the ice water as you like and take as many breaks as you want. Though if you stop the rotation of the turntable the heater beneath the cauldron will activate for one minute making the ice block melt just that much faster."

"You know, this is one of our newer punishments. So we're still looking for ways to improve it. Some of our staff has said that the challenge is too difficult. I have conceded that by choosing not to blindfold you. Though personally I feel that the problem is insufficient motivation, which is why I have this."

He walked over to a cabinet and withdrew a long metal rod. On the end of it was metal lettering. Master Darkness brought it over to Evie for a closer look. She saw that it spelled 'slave' except that the letters were reflected as in a mirror. A look of realization swept across Evie's face and she began protesting as best her gag would allow.

"That's right," Master Darkness said. "If you fail, you will be branded. Let this serve as your motivation." He walked over to a table in the corner of the room and lit a small brazier. Then he buried the brand in the coals.

He walked towards the door with his assistant. "You'd better get moving. The heater is running and that ice isn't getting any less melted."

They left the room. Evie looked anxiously at the brand resting in the coals and took a few tentative steps. The turn table provided some resistance but not as much as she feared. Propelled forward by the dildo lodged in her pussy the table began to rotate. Evie watched out of the corner of her eye as fluid flowed through the tube leading into her ass. Suddenly it trickled through the plug. Evie stopped in her tracks and shrieked. The water was hot! How could she possibly be expected to empty this entire cauldron via her ass? One glance as the brand was all the answer she needed. She tensed her muscles and pressed forward again. She moaned as more hot liquid filled her bowels, but she kept moving.

As Evie started the first of many laps around the table a previously unnoticed feature caught her eye. Sticking out nearly as far as the metal shaft she was fastened to was a long wooden rod, a little thicker than her thumb. It was currently about a foot above the floor and on the other side of the cauldron from her. But as she walked the rod rotated in the opposite direction around the table, slowly approaching her from the front. As it moved slowly towards her it raised slightly higher from the floor until it was at waist height. Just before the rod was finally close enough that she would bump into it it stopped rotating towards her and instead changed directions to proceed in front of her, remaining about two feet ahead of the rod Evie was attached to. As she continued to walk the rod remained the same distance but now began to lower back towards the floor.

Finally Evie finished her first lap, she could feel the hot liquid swish around in her ass with every step. By now a minute had passed since the turntable was last stopped and Evie heard the heater beneath the cauldron click off as promised. Despite the extreme discomfort of her situation Evie thought that perhaps she could finish in time. Eager to expel the water before her ass filled any more than necessary Evie leaned forward and lifted her arms within the armbinder to pull the cable and switch the pump so it would empty her ass. As soon as she tugged on the cable she heard a click. The wooden rod that had been locked in place ahead of her suddenly released. It whipped rapidly around the circle and crashed hard into backs of her thighs. Evie howled into her gag. Her legs gave out beneath her and she fell hard onto the enormous dildo. It slammed into her cervix causing further pain. Evie, stopped in her tracks by the assault, saw the heater beneath the turntable click back on.

With no other option, Evie began walking around the circle once more. She could feel the pressure abate as the water was released, and she could see the liquid trickle into the drain. Though ominously with every step the rod began to wind up again, creeping closer to her. After completing another lap Evie could feel that most of the liquid had been expelled from her bowel. She was ready to switch the pump back to its other mode, but she eyed the rod fearfully. She tensed her muscles as she tugged the cable once more. The rod was at a different height this time when it was released. It whipped around and crashed squarely into Evie's firm round ass. The thick latex catsuit did little to cushion the blow. Evie howled into her gag, but managed to keep moving. She felt her ass fill anew as her tortured journey continued. The heater clicked off once more. Evie was determined to keep it that way. Fearful of taking more strikes than absolutely necessary from the rod she realized that she would have to fill her ass as full as possible before switching the pump. She looked over at the water level in the cauldron. It was not noticeably changed from when she started. She sighed and pressed on. It was going to be a long day.

For the next segment Evie was able to make two and a half laps around the circle before the pressure in her ass became too much to bear. During those laps the rod wound up and bobbed menacingly up and down as its height continually changed. Evie pulled the cable and was rewarded with a strike to the back of her calves. This was the cruelest strike yet. She howled into her gag, but managed to keep moving.

The heat of the room, the exertion, the hot liquid in her ass, and the tight latex bodysuit was starting to take its toll. Evie sweated profusely beneath the catsuit, but the tight latex was pulled against her skin and gave her no relief. She looked up at the ice block. Already it glistened with water as the enormous block began to melt in the heat. A thin puddle had started to form beneath it. With no other options to cool herself Evie bit down on her gag and was rewarded with a trickle of ice cold water. Though the cold water was a tremendous relief Evie was hesitant to drink any more than a tiny amount. Each sip took away some coldness, allowing the block to melt that much faster. Furthermore, any liquid she consumed that got turned to piss would end up in the cauldron via the catheter, giving her that much more liquid to move. Refreshed from the cold drink, but hobbling from the latest strike on her calves, Evie pressed on.

And so the day continued. Evie weathered blow after blow from the wooden rod. Though her legs were not visible beneath the tight latex she was sure they were striped with welts and bruises from her ass on down to her calves. She found a rhythm in her endless march around the circle. Slowly she was able to hold more and more liquid before reversing the pump. She was now able to make three and a half turns before needing to make the switch. Her legs ached from exhaustion and the beatings. Her pussy ached from the enormous dildo and the pressure it applied as she used it to rotate the table. Her tits ached, crushed as they were beneath the pin bra and the catsuit. Her entire body was drenched in sweat and exhausted by the heat. Every step was difficult. Her legs protested the punishment they had endured. Evie didn't think she could continue to withstand further blows to her legs and still be able to walk. She glanced into the cauldron, it was about two thirds empty. She looked up at the ice block, it had melted into a rounded cube about a foot across and was resting in two inches of water.

One thing that Evie had noticed in her hundreds of laps thus far was that the wooden rod was always at the same height at each part of the circle. At the twelve o'clock position relative to the door of the room the rod was at ass height. At the six o'clock position it was below her knees. She hadn't made much attempt to release the rod at any particular point because she was trying to minimize the number of blows by circling until her ass could hold no more liquid. Though she was often inspired to take an extra step or two if the rod would swing at her calves. Now thinking of how she couldn't take another blow from the rod she decided to try something different.

Evie circled until her ass was full of the hot water, but halted at the six o'clock position when the wooden rod was at its lowest point. Before tugging the cable to release the rod she slowly lowered herself onto the massive dildo between her legs. She grunted as the extra volume inside her pressed against her overfull bowel. She then lifted both of her legs up off of the floor and pulled the cable. The rod swung free and swished harmlessly beneath her legs. The heater beneath the cauldron clicked on as the table had ceased turning but Evie had avoided the blow. She triumphantly marched around the circle, renewed by the thought that she had outsmarted her torturers.

With her new plan Evie was able to avoid further blows by the wicked wooden rod. But she found that she was unable to move quite as quickly with the frequent stops to lower herself onto the dildo. She also noticed that she was sucking down more of the ice water. The heater beneath the cauldron was running more frequently now and noticeably raising the temperature of the room. She felt the effects as the water pumped into her ass felt hotter than it had before. Nevertheless, Evie felt that the best chance at success lie in avoiding the rod. She marched on.

More time passed. The water level in the cauldron got low enough that Evie could no longer see it from her angle. A second wind reached her as she felt more and more confident that she would succeed. She realized that it had been a while since she had checked the status of the iceblock. She looked up and her heart stopped. It was nearly gone! At some point the block had split in half. Now two walnut sized chunks were all that remained. She had no idea how long that would last or how many more spins she needed to complete her task.

Evie quickened her pace. She could no longer afford to stop and avoid the rod. The blows that struck at her legs felt even worse than before. Somehow she had grown accustomed to them earlier, but having avoided them for so long each one now felt worse than the last. As she completed each lap now she couldn't help but stare at the brand in the corner as she passed it. Her eyes were otherwise fixed on the rapidly melting ice. Clearly her pauses to avoid the rod, and activate the heater had accelerated the rate at which the ice melted. Her heart pounded in her chest as she watched the last of the ice melt. She stopped.

The door to the room swung open and a stern-faced Master Darkness entered, followed by his assistant. He peered into the cauldron and then looked up at Evie.

"You have failed," he said. "Too bad because you were so close. There's only about a gallon left... Of course you know what this means."

Evie's eyes shot over to the table in the corner. From behind her gag she began pleading and blubbering. She was too exhausted to resist as she was unhooked from the various tubes. Then she was lifted off the device she had ridden all day. The armbinder, gag, shoes, collar, and buttplug were efficiently removed and the tight latex catsuit was peeled from her sweat soaked skin. She grimaced as the pin bra was taken off. Many of the pins had pierced her skin, now small drops of blood formed at those spots. Evie was led over to an X-shaped frame. Her wrists and ankles were cuffed in place. A crank on each corner of the frame pulled her limbs tight. Evie was now stretched to the point that she could not move. While she was being prepped on the frame Master Darkness was adding coals to the brazier and stoking them until they glowed red-hot. He buried the brand in the hot pile and walked over to Evie.

"I bet you thought you were pretty clever by avoiding the swing of the rod. Do you think that you are smarter than us, slave?" he asked.

Exhausted and terrified, Evie answered with silence.

Master Darkness slapped her hard across the face. "I asked you a question," he raged.

"No, sir," Evie sobbed.

Master Darkness walked around behind Evie and admired the bruises and welts lining her legs from her ass down to her calves. She jumped at his gentle squeeze on her ass cheek. "Nevertheless, it did quite a number on you. I'll see to it that this defect in the design is corrected. We are nothing if not adaptable here." He turned back to the coals. "But for now we have other matters to attend to. I had hoped that the threat of a brand would motivate you to hurry. It seems that I was wrong. But I am a man of my word. I do not make idle threats."

He presented Evie with a thick strip of leather to bite down on. Then grabbed the brand and walked behind her. Evie whimpered in anticipation, helpless. Master Darkness raised the brand to the back of Evie's right shoulder and held it an inch away. She could feel the heat of the metal that it radiated near her skin. Evie was pulled so tight on the rack that she could not so much as tremble. Slowly Master Darkness pressed the brand into place. Evie howled and shrieked. She bit into her gag as the metal seared her flesh. Then after a few seconds she feinted from the pain.

Evie awoke back in her cell. She was laying on her stomach on her cot. Her back had been bandaged and a huge bag of ice had been strapped in place on top of the burn. She wasn't sure how much time had passed since she had been removed from the punishment room. She hurt everywhere. Her legs were sore from the exertion of her march. Her feet ached from being confined en pointe in the boots while she walked. Her tits hurt from the pin bra. Her ass hurt inside from the stretching of the water, and outside from the blows of the wooden rod. But most of all, her back hurt where the brand had permanently burned the word 'slave' just above her shoulder blade.

Several hours after she awoke someone came to remove the bag of ice, change her bandage, and bring dinner. Her meal consisted of a burned steak, burned vegetables, and warm milk that also somehow tasted burned. Obviously someone's cruel joke. She choked down the charred meal and returned to feeling sorry for herself and recovering from her ordeal.

The next week passed without much happening. Her bandage was changed every day and she continued to be served food that had often been burned beyond recognition. Breakfast the first day was burned toast, burned eggs and burned coffee. As time passed she began to feel better. The morning after she was able to flex her back without wincing she awoke to find Master Darkness waiting outside her cell. She was ordered to finish her breakfast, burned oatmeal and a large bottle of water, then brought outside her cell. Upon seeing the contents of the box on the table beside Master Darkness she protested, "Please, no. Not again. I can't!"

"Silence," Master Darkness commanded. "It is not up to you to decide. You will continue until you succeed. We have modified the setup to see if you fare any better."

Master Darkness began equipping Evie with the contents of his box. To Evie's relief the pin bra was not among the items in the box. The first item equipped was a tight black latex catsuit. It was similar to the first one in that there were cutouts to the crotch to allow access to her ass and pussy. However, this catsuit also had holes in the chest through which Evie's tits were squeezed. Master Darkness continued with the remaining items which were similar to the last time: high heeled ballet boots, armbinder, buttplug and catheter (both generously greased with the burning lube), collar, and gag. Once he was satisfied that she was firmly bound and uncomfortable he grabbed hold of her collar and led her out of the room. She stumbled along behind him, having difficulty keeping pace in the harsh boots and tight latex. As he opened the door at their destination Evie was assailed by the familiar wall of heat and humidity. She briefly panicked as she was shoved into the room, but firm hands from the silent assistant who was waiting inside held her in place.

Evie looked around the room that she had become intimately familiar with during her last visit, much of it was the same. In the center on the turntable rested the same large cauldron of water atop a glowing red heater. The arm to which she shortly expected to be attached was held out proffering the enormous bowling pin sized dildo. Above the turntable was the tub which would soon hold the block of ice. The one thing that she noticed was different was that the dreaded wooden rod was gone. In its place was a similar mechanism that Evie assumed would wind up the same, except that attached to that was a stranded leather whip. It was mounted higher too, which Evie ominously noticed was about chest height. She glanced down at her tits exposed through the holes in the latex catsuit. Apparently the long leather strips of the whip would be crashing against her tits all day.

Wasting no time, Master Darkness and his assistant lifted Evie up onto the giant dildo that would hold her attached to the turntable and also provide the means of turning it. Evie grunted as the large rubber intruder stretched her pussy wide. The two men then got to work attaching the tubes for her buttplug, catheter, and gag. The assistant hoisted a block of ice into the upper tub while Master Darkness lit the brazier. Evie's pulse quickened at the sight of the glowing coals.

"You let me down last time," he said as he presented Evie with a new brand. On it, in backwards letters read the word 'pain'. "I had thought that the threat of the branding last time would be enough to motivate you. Maybe the memory of the pain will motivate you this time." He dug the brand into the coals as he continued, "The designer of this punishment was very disappointed that you found a way to avoid the wooden cane, though he was pleased that the effort to do so slowed you enough to fail. As you can see, he has modified the design slightly. You won't be avoiding it this time," he said brushing the dangling leather strands of the whip. "I argued that without the strokes to your legs and ass the punishment would be too easy, but in the end I relented. I guess I'm just a big softy," he said with a coy smile as he pulled something out of his pocket. "It doesn't quite make up for it, but I decided that you should at least have this." He walked behind Evie and pulled a black leather blindfold tight over her eyes. "I figured it would keep you guessing. I think you'll enjoy the suspense of not knowing how close you are to success or failure."

Evie felt a hard slap on her ass, "You'd better get moving. Time is wasting."

And with that he was gone. Evie trudged forward, the dildo in her pussy pressed and stretched her insides as she started the first of many laps. She jumped at the sensation of hot water flowing into her ass. With the blindfold it was difficult to tell how far along the circle she had gone. She pushed until her ass was as full as she could tolerate. With trepidation she tugged the cable to reverse the flow and begin emptying her bowels of the water. She heard a click and the swish of the leather whip accelerating through the air. The strands struck squarely on her exposed tits. Evie drew in a sharp breath as the sting of the whip blossomed across her chest. She pressed onward with determination, the memory of the brand touching her skin was fresh on her mind.

Evie quickly fell into a rhythm. The previous session's experience had helped in some small way to condition her to the exertion and discomfort that the hundreds of laps required. After a dozen or so strikes of the whip her tits began to ache constantly. There was no escaping the vicious strike of the whip. The best she could do was twist her body a little so that it would not hit the same place every time, but she rapidly ran out of untouched areas to sacrifice to the sting of the whip.

On she marched for what felt like hours. Her ass protested the constant pressure and stretching from the water. Her legs ached from the exertion. The hot room left her hot and sweaty under the thick latex catsuit. Every ten laps she treated herself to a tiny sip of the ice cold water that was collecting in the tank above her. It was continually frustrating that she could not see how close the block was to melting, nor could she gauge how empty she had made the cauldron. She wondered how many laps she had already completed.

Another snap of the whip lit up her tits, pulling her mind back to the task at hand. Despite the agony her chest felt, she was grateful that the rod was not swinging into her legs, that had made walking the circle that much more difficult. Suddenly a new sound caught her attention. A slurping noise echoed from within the cauldron. Evie's heart beat faster. Had she done it? Was the cauldron really empty? She heard the sound of the door open. Rough hands tore away the blindfold. Evie quickly glanced up at the container holding the ice block. A softball sized chunk remained! She looked into the cauldron. As far as she could see, it was empty.

"Congratulations, slave, you have finished," Master Darkness announced as he and his assistant began unhooking the tubes from Evie. They lifted her up off the enormous dildo and she collapsed onto the floor, exhausted. She looked down at her poor abused tits. They had been painted completely purple with bruises, her nipples puffy and swollen. The two men got to work removing the boots, collar, gag, buttplug, and catsuit. Once they were finished Evie was hauled back to her cell where her burnt dinner awaited her. She wolfed it down and immediately went to sleep. The day's trials had certainly taken their toll.

Chapter 6b: Heavy

Evie fell back down onto the horse and winced.

"Yes, master," she replied. "I choose the weights."

"Excellent," he exclaimed. "You will be given the remainder of the day to rest. Your punishment will begin tomorrow morning."

Master Darkness and his assistant approached the suffering woman, untied her arms and quickly removed the weights from her tits and ankles. She was lifted off the horse and collapsed into Master Darkness's arms. Evie was led back to her cell. In the evening a meal of protein bars and water was served to her. She munched them down and tried to get some sleep. She knew that tomorrow would be very taxing.

Evie awoke to find more protein bars and a large jug of water waiting for her. As soon as she had munched down her breakfast Master Darkness entered the room. He wheeled with him a large cart stacked high with equipment. Without saying a word he pulled Evie from her cell and began arranging items for her to wear. The first item was a thick black latex catsuit. He pulled the tight garment up over Evie's muscular legs and onto her torso. As he squeezed her arms into the armholes Evie noticed that there were cutouts to allow access to her crotch and tits. The suit zipped up and pressed tight to her form.

The next item she donned was a thick leather corset. Master Darkness arranged it neatly around her waist and began cinching it tight. Evie felt the air forced from her lungs as he tugged hard at the laces and tied them in place. Her waist was now squeezed impossibly small.

Not satisfied that she was covered enough, the next item was a heavy leather bodysuit. Her legs were shoved into the legholes. The front of the suit was slid up over her arms, the ends of the armholes were sewn shut leaving her hands trapped within the sleeves, balled into fists. Two holes lined with rigid leather rings allowed her tits to be forced out of the front of the heavy garment. Master Darkness pinched and pulled her fleshy tits through the small rings. Like the catsuit beneath it, this covering also had a hole to allow access to her pussy and ass. Once the heavy suit was in place, with her tits pulled through Master Darkness began tightening it in place with an abundance of straps lining the back. Her arms were secured behind her at the elbow and wrist by additional straps. The entire suit easily weighed twenty pounds and Evie could feel the thick material resisting her movement.

The next item pulled out was a set of heavy black leather combat boots. Master Darkness jammed each foot into the thick leather. The bottom of each boot had a rigid heavy sole, each boot weighing at least five pounds. He laced the boots tight and then buckled them in place.

Next up was a thick leather collar locked around her neck. Once it was in place Evie had difficulty turning her head to see the gag that came next. It was a simple bit gag consisting of a metal bar held in place by a strap of leather around her head. Master Darkness made sure to pull the bit as far back into her mouth as possible before buckling it in place.

Evie was now encased in heavy tight fitting clothes. Her tits had turned a light shade of purple having been forced through the small rings of her outer layer. Master Darkness caressed them gently then snapped vicious saw toothed clamps onto each nipple. Evie howled as the clamps bit hard into her sensitive nipple flesh. Not yet finished, Master Darkness attached to each clamp a foot long length of chain with a large brass cowbell at the end. The bells, weighing a pound each, tugged at her nipples and clanged loudly as they swung.

Satisfied that his slave was as uncomfortable as possible, Master Darkness grabbed hold of a ring at the front of Evie's collar and tugged her out the door and down several dark hallways. Evie was surprised when he finally opened a door and she was shoved into the outdoors. It was a large grassy area with a small stage near one end and a tall razorwire-topped chain link fence running all along the perimeter. The morning sun hung just over the Eastern horizon. Master Darkness took hold of the leather clad woman and led her to the stage. She was guided up a set of stairs to one side. On the stage were twenty kettle bell weights, each labelled as fifteen pounds. Secured next to the stage was a flat topped two wheel cart. Its top was even with the height of the stage.

Master Darkness kicked Evie's legs apart and pulled out a set of clamps. Evie winced as he tugged at her labia and snapped a clamp onto each of her pussy lips. The broad flat clamps held firm as he strung a length of chain between them. At the lowest point of where the chain drooped he connected a large hook.

He stood up and addressed Evie, "Your first task for today is to load this cart with these weights. Obviously your arms will be of no use, which is why I've given you something to help drag the weights into place. I suggest you get moving, time is a resource that you don't have the luxury to waste."

Evie sighed and walked over to the first weight. She squatted low and swung the hook between her legs until it caught on the handle attached to the weight. She took a tentative step forward, pulling the chain taught. She slowly increased the pressure she applied to the chain. As she leaned forward she moaned into her gag as the clamps pulled and stretched her labia. Finally the weight began to slide across the floor. She continued to lean into the chain, dragging the weight toward the empty cart. The vibration from the weight as it slid translated up the chain, rattling her poor stretched pussy lips. At last she brought the weight fully onto the cart. She stooped low and swung the hook free of the handle, then glanced in dismay at the nineteen remaining weights on the other side of the platform.

Evie trudged back to the next weight, her heavy boots clomping across the platform. She hooked the heavy weight and dragged it into place. Again and again she dragged each heavy weight across the platform. By the fifth weight her pussy ached from the pulling and stretching of her labia. By the tenth weight her fleshy pussy lips had been stretched down away from her body and swung with the weight of the chain clamped to them. A thick sheen of sweat covered her skin beneath the leather and latex by the time she had finally dragged all the weights into position on the cart.

Evie returned to Master Darkness, standing impatiently at one end of the platform. "Finally," he sighed as knelt down to remove the clamps from Evie's distended pussy lips. Evie moaned as the blood returned to her crushed bits. Ignoring her pain Master Darkness led her down off the stage and in front of the cart. From this vantage Evie could get a better look at the cart. The two spoked bicycle style wheels supported the wooden platform, now fully laden with three hundred pounds of metal weights. Jutting from the front of the cart ran a long wooden bar. Attached to the end of the bar was a metal apparatus with two large metal dildos strategically placed. It was no secret where they were intended to go.

Master Darkness detached the cart from the stage and led Evie to the yoke. He lifted his hand to Evie's mouth and gathered a string of drool from the corner of Evie's mouth, the bit gag generated no shortage of it, then he rubbed the drool on each of the dildos. He returned for more. Evie jumped as his cold hands lubricated her asshole. Next Master Darkness hefted the bar up and positioned the dildos just beneath Evie's tight holes. Evie grunted into her gag as he rammed both dildos in with one hard push. Straps attached to the bar were brought up around Evie's legs and waist, securing the yoke in place. Master Darkness stepped back.

"Now that we've got your cart just right you'll be getting some exercise. We have configured a track for you to take the cart around. It's about a quarter of a mile all the way around. Your punishment will be complete once you have finished two hundred laps."

Evie quickly did the math in her head. She was expected to pull this cart while dressed in this heavy, uncomfortable getup for fifty miles! She began to protest behind her gag, but was cut off by Master Darkness.

"Of course we don't expect you to be able to finish in one day, or even two for that matter. You will be given all the time that you need. But be warned that each day the punishment will be made worse. So make the most of today, because you will not like tomorrow."

Master Darkness guided Evie and the cart to the edge of the perimeter near the chainlink fence that ran all the way around this large outdoor area. About fifteen feet from the fence was a one foot high wooden rail that the cart would be unable to climb over. The rail ran parallel to the fence for as far as Evie could see. This would define the track that she would circle. Master Darkness pressed a button and a small display lit up on the side of the platform nearby. It read two hundred. With a hard slap on Evie's ass to get her going, Master Darkness walked back into the compound, whistling a happy tune. Evie started her long journey. She leaned into the hard metal dildos strapped to her holes and pulled the heavy cart forward.

The weight of the cart resisted movement as Evie took the first of many steps forward. The dildos within her bounced and jostled with every bump in the path. The first section of the track was a mostly flat, level dirt path but as she rounded the first corner she saw in front of her a small hill. The movement of the cart slowed as the wheels dragged up the incline. The dildos pulled hard backwards as Evie fought her way uphill. Evie found herself breathing heavy as she crested the hill. The trip down the slope wasn't any easier. She had to resist allowing the cart to gather speed as it moved down the hill. The dildos now pushed hard in the forward direction.

Having mastered the hill for the first of two hundred times Evie now found herself on a section of the track that was layered with sand. As soon as the wheels hit the loose ground she was forced to pull twice as hard to keep the cart moving, her feet slipped as they trudged through the soft sand.

After turning the second corner Evie found that the smooth dirt gave way to bumpy uneven ground. The cart, and the dildos attached to it, bounced and rocked as each bump jostled the wheels as they rolled on. Turning the third corner brought her alongside the compound where she had been trapped for so many days. As she rounded the fourth turn she was brought back to her starting point near the platform. When she passed the platform Evie saw the counter mounted on it tick down from two hundred to one hundred ninety nine. Evie trudged on. It was going to be a long day.

The midday sun beat down on the thoroughly uncomfortable woman as she continued her endless circuit of the track. Sweat collected under her heavy garments, unable to cool the miserable woman. The heavy metal bells clamped to her tits clanged loudly with every step. Her pussy and ass felt like they'd been reamed with a broomstick from all the tugging, jostling, and banging that the dildos delivered as the cart transferred every bump in the ground into them. As she completed her fortieth lap she saw someone waiting for her next to the platform.

Master Darkness's silent assistant stepped in the way of the cart and approached Evie. He removed her bit gag. As she flexed her tired and aching jaw he walked to the platform and returned with a large bottle of water and several protein bars. With her hands bound behind her back Evie was unable to feed herself, so she held still as the man poured the water into her mouth and fed her the bars. Once she was finished the bit gag was replaced, as tight as ever, and Evie was allowed to continue her arduous journey.

Time trekked on slowly as more laps were completed. The sun had set hours ago, but still Evie marched on, exhausted. Her legs protested every step. Her feet were sore and blistered. Her pussy and ass had gone numb from abuse. The midday meal had provided a boost to her pace but that quickly diminished. She was now going less than half the speed that she had earlier in the day. As she approached the platform to finish her ninety third lap she saw Master Darkness waiting for her holding a lantern.

"That's enough for today," he announced. He stopped the cart and undid Evie's gag. Once again she was fed and watered. Then the cart was unstrapped from her waist. Evie moaned as the dildos were pulled free. Master Darkness grabbed hold of her collar and led her away from the cart. Evie looked forward to collapsing into the cot in her cell and resting. Instead, Master Darkness opened a small door beneath the platform. Surprised, Evie did not resist as she was shoved into a small, confined space. The area was only a few feet high and a few feet on each side. It was room enough to curl up on the floor, and nothing else. Her master hadn't even removed her other garments, so the tight corset and having her arms pinned behind her back made finding a comfortable position particularly difficult. Nevertheless, no sooner had she set her head on the floor than she had fallen asleep, completely spent.

She was awakened the next morning by a series of loud thumps on the ceiling of the enclosed space. When the door finally opened she could see that the morning twilight was just starting to lighten the Eastern sky. Her sore muscles protested as she was dragged out of her resting place. Standing on her blistered feet after spending the night laying down was agony. Nevertheless she was hauled up onto the platform. The loud thumps that had awakened her were the twenty kettle bell weights being returned to where they were to start the day yesterday. Evie pulled away as Master Darkness knelt down to apply the clamps once again to her labia. Firm hands and a stern look held her in place. She moaned as the clamps squeezed her tender pussy lips and the chain and hook were strung between them. She was ordered to load the cart once again.

Evie gingerly walked over to the first weight and hooked it on. Her legs were still stiff as she dragged it across the platform to the waiting cart. Back and forth she went, dragging each fifteen pound weight into place. The movement did start to loosen up her stiff muscles, but each weight tugged painfully at her pussy. By the time the cart was loaded her labia had been stretched painfully far and hung down from her pussy.

Master Darkness removed the clamps then fed the anxious woman more protein bars and water. She was allowed to relieve herself in a nearby bucket before being led in front of the cart. Her metal bit gag was replaced. Then Master Darkness knelt down and applied a generous gob of lube to each of the dildos attached to the cart, and smeared a healthy amount on Evie's sore pussy and asshole. The previous day's effort had taken a hard toll on her holes. The dildos had thoroughly banged and bruised her insides as she hauled the cart around the wicked track. Now she howled in pain as the dildos were reinserted to her battered parts. Master Darkness strapped the yoke in place around her waist and left without saying a word.

Evie looked over at the display, indicating one hundred and seven more laps to go, then starting walking. The familiar resistance from the weight of the cart tugged at her pussy and ass as she brought the cart up to speed. However today there was something different. As the cart moved she could hear the click-click sound of something like a ratchet as the wheels turned. Puzzled as to what it was and assuming it could be nothing good, Evie continued along the track. Evie rounded the first bend and started up the hill just as she heard a loud clang, followed by a whirring sound. She was suddenly dropped to her knees by a powerful blast of electricity through the metal dildos buried inside her. She shrieked into her gag as the jarring blast rocked her body and left her gasping. Clearly this was her cruel master's way of escalating the punishment to encourage a faster completion. After a moment Evie recovered from her shock and stumbled to her feet to continue her journey. As she strained and pulled the cart up the hill the click-click of the ratchet resumed, even more menacing now that Evie knew its purpose.

As Evie rounded the third turn and navigated her way alongside the brick walled building she her the loud clang once more. This time, knowing what to expect, Evie was not dropped to her knees by the blast. Nevertheless, the shock ripped a terrifying scream from her as the pain coursed through her body and left her legs trembling. Still she soldiered on, completing her ninety fourth lap.

The morning passed in much the same way. The relentless click-click of the ratchet followed her as she trudged along lap after lap. The electric shocks racked her body two or three times per lap. After a while Evie was able to count exactly how many steps she could take before the clicks would give way to the loud clang and then the shock. The worst was when the shocks came while scaling the hill, Evie had to brace herself to prevent the cart from pulling her backwards when the shock weakened her legs.

Around midday Master Darkness arrived to feed and water her. "What's the matter?" he taunted, "You don't have the same spring in your step as yesterday. Don't you like the new motivation we've provided for you? I'm sure you've figured out by now that every step you take is winding a spring. Once the spring reaches maximum compression it releases its energy into a magneto wired to your holes. I made sure to use plenty of conductive lube on the dildos this morning to make sure you got the most of the discharges. Anyway, enough talk. You still have a long way to go before you're finished." He walked away leaving Evie to her torture.

Evie could feel herself slowing as afternoon turned to evening and the sun set under the horizon. After darkness fell she once again found Master Darkness waiting by the platform holding a lantern. "I think that's enough for today," he said glancing over at the display. It indicated that Evie still had fourty four more laps to complete before she was finished. The gag was removed and Evie was detached from the cart. She was given more food and water then led to the tiny enclosure that would be her home for the night. There was a ripple of thunder in the distance as Evie was shoved inside and the door was locked shut. As she settled in for the night on the hard ground Evie could hear rain tap-tapping on the platform above her.

Evie was once again awakened by the thump of the weights being replaced on the top of the platform. She was pulled out of the tiny compartment expecting to once more see the early morning twilight lighting up the Eastern sky. Instead she was greeted by a cloudy gray sky bleakly illuminating a muddy wet landscape. Evie glanced with concern at the condition of the track as she was stiffly pulled to her feet and led up atop the platform. Just the same as the previous days the clamps, chain, and hook were attached to her pussy lips and she was ordered to load the cart.

Evie trudged over to the first weight. Her stiff exhausted muscles protested every step. She hooked the first weight and tugged. It did not move the same as previous days. Evie groaned as she pulled harder and the weight finally gave way and slid across the ground. After much straining she finally got it into the cart, then she looked down and saw why she had had so much trouble. The weight was labeled as twenty pounds! The previous days had only been fifteen! She looked over at the remaining weights and saw that they were also twenty pounds, and that there were just as many weights as the previous day. She was expected to load the cart with an extra hundred pounds of weight today. She furrowed her brow in Master Darkness's direction. "You've been taking your sweet time to finish your assignment. Since you seem to be enjoying yourself so much we thought you wouldn't mind bringing along a little extra weight."

Evie sighed and resumed loading the cart. The one nice thing about the rain was that the water on the platform provided some minimal assistance in sliding the weights onto the cart. When she had finished Master Darkness unhooked the clamps from her distended labia, fed and watered her once more, led her to the toilet bucket, then brought her back to the cart. He replaced the gag and lubed up the dildos, then hefted the cart into place. Evie howled into her gag as the dildos pressed into her bruised and battered holes yet again. He quickly strapped the cart in place and left.

Evie looked over at the counter, only forty four more laps. Despite the extra weight she was confident that she could finish today. She leaned into the cart to start her first lap. It didn't budge. The extra weight and the mud held the cart in place. Evie pulled again, nothing. She rocked the cart back and forth, the dildos grinding away at her pussy and asshole, stretching them painfully. Finally the cart pulled free of the mud and began moving. It was slow going as the cart picked up speed, the mud constantly sucked and pulled at both her boots and the tires of the cart. Then she realized the cart was still making the click-click of the device winding the magneto! Not only would she have to deal with the extra weight and the mud, but she would continue to receive the electric shocks as well. She rounded the bend and started to ascend the hill. The extra weight became painfully apparent as she drove the cart up the incline.

Suddenly the clang announcing the activation of the magneto sounded. Evie's attention had been focused on driving the cart up the slope so the shock caught her unawares. The electric current ripped through her body. Her knees buckled. The heavy cart, no longer held by Evie's tortured body, rolled backwards down the hill dragging the poor girl with it. She eventually regained control and arrested its uncontrolled descent. She was left gasping as she struggled to get the cart moving uphill again.

The morning dragged on. Evie's pace compared with previous days was pitiful. Her legs ached, her pussy and ass screamed for attention, yet slowly she trodded on. Thankfully the morning clouds gave way to sun and the ground slowly dried out as the day wore on. At midday the mud-caked woman was met with food and water, then left to carry on. As darkness fell she looked at the counter to see that she had only eleven laps remaining. She quickened her pace, hoping to finish before her tormentors found some new way to make her life more miserable. She finished another lap, and another. But as rounded the bend to tackle the next lap she saw Master Darkness waiting for her with his lantern.

"We're rather disappointed that you have not finished yet," he chided as she was ungagged, fed and watered. He unhooked the cart, eliciting a loud groan as the dildos pulled free. "It has been proposed that perhaps you are too comfortable in your private suite over there," he said gesturing to the compartment beneath the platform. "So we've brought this out for you." He lifted to Evie's neck a large metal collar, it was big enough to fit over her existing collar. What made this collar unique was that it had four evenly spaced two foot long metal bars welded to it so they jutted out from her neck in all directions. As Evie was shoved into her sleeping quarters for the night she realized that the collar would prevent her from resting her head on the ground. No matter what position she tried she could not find a configuration that would allow her to rest without the collar pressing down on her neck. That coupled with the tight corset, the heavy mud-caked boots, and her arms pinned behind her back led to a restless night.

The next morning Evie heard the weights once again being replaced on the platform. Master Darkness dragged the exhausted woman from the enclosure and removed the new collar. The morning routine was the same as previous days. Evie glanced down before moving the first weight to confirm that they hadn't gotten any heavier from the day before. When the cart was finally loaded she was brought down to once again be attached to the yoke. As she approached the cart Evie paused. The wheels from the previous days had been removed. In their place were two oval shaped wheels. They were fixed to the axle with their axes at right angles. The effect of this would cause the cart to rock violently to the left and right as it was pulled forward. Evie cringed at the thought of what that would do to her poor abused pussy and ass.

Master Darkness urged her forward, attached the cart, and left. Evie took solace in the fact that she only had nine laps remaining. Then the cart started moving. The oblong wheels caused the cart to rock vigorously as it rolled forward. The weights clacked and banged together. The yoke twisted and swayed causing the dildos inside her to thrash around. Evie fought through the pain and trudged on.

It was slow going. Evie was frequently overwhelmed by the pain and had to pause her trek to work up the strength to carry on. The morning quickly wasted away. By midday she still had two laps remaining. She was fed once more by an indifferent Master Darkness and sent on her way. The next lap took nearly an hour to complete. As she pulled the cart for one last miserable lap her pace could be measured in inches per minute. Step by step the exhausted woman moved onward.

Finally, late in the afternoon Evie finished the two hundredth lap. As the counter ticked down to zero she fell to her knees and sobbed uncontrollably. Master Darkness said nothing as he arrived and detached the cart from the exhausted woman. He removed the gag and collar, then unstrapped her arms and removed the heavy dirty boots to revealed blistered and bloodied feet. He removed the heavy outer garment, the nipple clamps, and the corset. For the first time in days Evie could take a deep breath. She fell to the ground, completely spent.

She awoke sometime later back in her cell. Everything hurt. Waiting for her on the floor was her dinner(?). She crawled towards the plate and looked down. She had been given a glass of milk and a heaping plate of dead crickets. She picked up the first crunchy insect and swallowed it whole, trying not to think about what it was. Then moved onto the next one... just another day in hell.

Epilogue: Bad Decisions

Evil awoke feeling groggy. Something was different. She had fallen asleep in her cell after eating her latest terrible meal. But now as she awoke she found that she was definitely not in her cell. The room was nearly completely dark and she was sitting upright in a chair. A large ball gag filled her mouth, stifling any speech. She attempted to raise her hand to rub the drowsiness from her eyes only to find that both her wrists had been bound to the arms of the chair. She wiggled her body to test the limits of her bonds and was rewarded with a flash of pain in her chest. She was apparently wearing the pin bra that she had encountered in previous punishments. She wriggled her hips, her ankles and thighs had also been bound to the legs of the chair. The wooden chair creaked as she moved. Evie discovered that the seat of the chair had been equipped with a solid unmoving dildo buried deep in her pussy.

Evie sighed. Usually her sadistic captors revelled in showing her just what was happening to her as a punishment began. This was something new. Suddenly a voice broke the silence.

"Hello? Is somebody there?", a frightened female voice called out. Evie shuffled in her chair, surprised at the sound. Then the lights in the room flickered on, and Evie knew exactly what was happening.

The room was similar to the one she had spent so much time in, recovering from her ordeals. Evie was affixed to a sturdy wooden chair in the center of the room. In the corner was a barred off cell. Inside the cell was a disheveled young woman. Her long blond hair was all in a tangle. Her makeup was smeared across her face. She wore a wrinkled, and rather slutty looking, blue dress. Her eyes grew large as she took in the scene before her.

"What the fuck is going on here?", she shouted.

Evie tried to communicate with the woman. She wanted to tell her to cooperate, to move quickly, to follow instructions. Instead all she could manage was a "mmmph, mmmph" from behind her gag. She tried gesturing with her eyes and twisting her body. There was nothing she could do. Then both woman turned to the door as it swung open and Master Darkness stepped through.

"Good morning, Lauren," he said coolly. "I see you've met Evie. I hope you girls have had a good chat."

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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