The Rubber Shut In
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Author's Note: Something I wrote sometime back on another site for a fellow rubberist. Certainly my longest story I have ever written.

Part One - Meeting

A knock at the door, a young woman named Sara walks to it and opens her front door. Standing before her a man dressed in a heavy overcoat, he is actually looking down a bit so Sara does not catch his eyes. He picks his head up slowly and looks at the young woman.

"Hello Sara, my name is Tom, so nice to finally meet you."

Sara looks at the man for a few brief seconds before actually saying anything.

"So very nice to meet you Tom wont you come in." As the man walks in a scent of rubber hits her nose, and all to familiar smell to Sara. Her memories fade back to a time of how she had come to be all too familiar with the scent of rubber.

For you see Sara is what is called a rubberist, when she was young her father worked at a plant that made rubber products. All kinds of different things within this world for almost anything, Sara being so young became fascinated by the smell and texture of it.

Her father must have had some kind of the same fetish for it as well, for at a young age she caught her father one day when she was just only 12 years of age dressed in rubber head to toe. Her father explained it to her in a unique way that always had stayed with Sara.

He simply said, "It's something I enjoy."

As Sara grew into her teens she found out what all her body parts were meant for as all young adults do and she began exploring her sexual desires. Her first time was at age 16 with a fellow student she had fallen for, just regular vanilla sex but oh how it opened up a whole new world for Sara.

One day when her parents were not around she had found her fathers secret hiding place for his rubber gear. She inspected the material feeling the texture of the rubber as it slid over her hands. She could feel the anticipation growing within her she had never felt before. Among her fathers gear was a gasmask. She looked it over, and old coal miners gasmask, the scent of rubber permeated the air around her and finally her anticipation got the better of her, she had to try on the gear for herself.

That first time trying on rubber has always stayed with Sara, it was hard to describe. As she pulled the heavy black rubber over her young naked body she would never be the same. But at the same time it's as if a void in her life was filled. Her naked body covered head to toe in rubber was such a unique feeling; she ran her hands over the thick rubber exploring her body underneath. Her body temperature was building but oh my God what an incredible feeling it was.

She walked over to a full-length mirror and looked herself over covered by the thick rubber suit. Her hands continuing to explore her body when she found her clitoris, she rubbed her hands over her pussy covered by the thick rubber and found a quite different sexual experience that so many others have never tried.

Sara stopped for a moment and found the gasmask again; she slid the straps over her head positioning the mask in place. Making sure that each strap secured her lovely features behind it. She took a deep breath from the mask as a strong rubber smell over took her to another world.

She moved again to the full-length mirror to just stare at herself in all the gear. She must have of stood there for at least 10 minutes just looking herself over. Finally stepping away to the bed she sat down at the end, the thick rubber sliding over her body as she moved, she now understood why her father had said what he did of just enjoying it. She pulled herself to the middle of the bed and closed her eyes behind the gasmask and once again found her sweet spot. Sara began rubbing her cunt through the thick rubber building herself to her first rubber orgasm. It is a first she will never forget and it will always live on within her mind.

Back to reality as she shows Tom to the den of her house, you see Sara is well off, her father and mother left her with quite a bit of money. Unfortunately they are no longer living, for they had Sara when there were actually a bit older. Sara is only in her mid 30's works a simple job but for the most part she lives a simple life. At least that's what her neighbors think.

"Can I offer you a drink, Tom?"

Before sitting down he undoes his overcoat and lays it over the couch, for underneath his coat he is wearing nothing but a full body rubber suit. He watches Sara's reaction for a moment, as her eyes grow wide in not terror but enjoyment.

"Did you want to say something Sara."

"Not at all," she replies, "You know why I asked you here in the first place."

For she had made arrangements with Tom sometime back for some rubber fun that she desired. Within the fetish community she was a part of she had made arrangement with Tom, he was known of all things as a rubber callboy.

He tried to say something but Sara cut him off...

"I'm a rubber slut, and I wish to be used."

Part Two - The Playroom

"You see as you walked in I could smell the rubber suit you wore. It took me back to my first time and I absolutely love to be encased in rubber and latex. The more the better it seems. My neighbors think I'm the nicest person and I do try to be that way but when I'm home alone and on my weekends I'm almost always wearing either rubber or latex. Would you love to see my playroom?"

Sara stood up and peeled off her dress to reveal the latex bra and panties that she wore.

Tom just sat there watching the lovely woman with her dark brown hair and features, Sara was no model but still a very athletic and desirable woman who took care of herself, for she had a magnificent body.

"So what do you think of me Tom?"

He only said one word.... "Lovely"....

With that he took Sara's hand as she walked down a hallway to a bedroom, she walked to a closet and opened it and pulled some clothes to the side to reveal a hidden door. It actually had a padlock and Sara put her combination in and opened the door. Tom looked through the door to see stairs as he followed Sara down to her playroom.

"Watch your step, don't want you to fall."

Sara flipped on a light to reveal her special playroom; it almost looked like the entire room was made of rubber. There was so much gear and bondage equipment in it that Tom's jaw just about dropped to the floor.

There had to have been at least 40 to 50 different outfits made of latex and rubber on a long metal rod, some were drysuits and wetsuits. There was a bed located against one wall with nothing but latex and rubber sheets and pillows. Straps came from the metal bedpost so ones arms and legs could be secured in place. He noticed a mirror on the ceiling above the bed. On another side of the dungeon were nothing but different style gasmasks hung on the wall, even more were on shelves going all the way back to World War 2, to are now present time, there had to be around 100 different style gasmasks. Rubber hoses were attached to some with breathing bags. Full-face hoods and different style rubber and latex gloves were scattered among them. Located next to that, all different style types of scuba and breathing gear from SCBA to even firefighter equipment, there were several different style air tanks to even scuba tanks. It was truly and amazing collection, it was a rubberist fetish dream come true that Sara had before Tom.

He stood there stunned and just said, "What an incredible collection."

Sara walked to the bed and sat down as Tom still continued to look over the fetish gear.

"This is where I spend most of my time when I'm home, I guess you could call me a rubber shut in.," she laughed, but oh how true it was.

"I've only had a few lovers here in my dungeon but none could give me what I truly wanted, I need a release that I hope you can give me."

Tom slowly turned back toward her and gave her a stern look, "Oh and that I will dear." He gave a crooked smile as he formed an idea in his head of what to do to Sara since looking over the gear. Sara chimed in...

"A couple of things my rubber callboy, when I said I want to be used as a rubber slut I meant it. I wish to be bound as tight as you can get me with layers and layers of rubber and latex and breathing gear. I don't want to get free as you use me. As you can see from my collection I absolutely adore breathplay and I want to be kept close to breathlessness."

"Your wish is my command." Tom replied... "Then there's nothing like the present to get started."

Sara still sat at the end of the bed as Tom picked out a latex suit and even a heavy rubber suit. He walked to her as his voice changed to a more commanding voice.

"Don't say a word unless I ask you too from now on, take your latex bra and panties off and put these on."

Sara didn't say a word now as Tom went to the gasmasks and picked out an older style mask. This one was a M17 gasmask, looked to be around the time frame of the early 70's, it was modified with hoses coming from each of the side ports. They both came together to a t-valve; he inspected it to make sure it was to do what he had in mind.

Behind him Sara had removed her latex bra and panties and was now pulling the latex suit on which he had picked, one leg then another she pulled the tight fitting latex suit up past her mid drift and worked her arms through the latex, the suit was tight and accentuated her figure nicely. With that done she turned her attention to the heavy rubber suit, by now Tom walked to her throwing the gasmask on the bed.

They both said nothing as Tom helped her on with the rubber suit, two layers one of latex and the other rubber over Sara's nude body.

Tom pushed her down to a sitting position on the bed saying nothing; he walked back to the fetish gear and found a latex hood some rubber booties and some rubber bondage mitts.

Once again he spoke in a stern voice, "Now lets get this all on so we can start on our first session, I'm sure you will want more then just one time, is that correct my rubber slut?"

Sara looked at him and simply said .... "Yes".....

Without saying a word Sara went about putting on the rubber booties, she turned her attention to the latex hood that the rubber callboy had picked. No longer were they on a first name basis. She had taken on the role of the submissive and he the role of the dominator.

The hood that was picked by the callboy was open to Sara's face so the gasmask would fit nicely over her features. Next was the bondage mitts, the callboy took great care to make sure each of Sara's hands were brought into a ball making sure that in no way shape or form she would be able to use them. A short belt on each mitt was used to secure them in place.

Sara was now completely covered from head to toe in latex and rubber gear, vulnerable to this rubber callboy.

Tom picked up the gasmask from the bed, for a second he thought of gagging Sara.

"So a couple of question before we get started with what I have planned, how soundproof is this dungeon of yours? If you scream will someone come running to save you of your neighbors?"

"No one sir." Sara replied...

"Very good," as he brought the gasmask over Sara's features, he pulled over the straps to the back of her head and synched each nice and snug sealing her off from breathing the normal air we breathe.

Sara now was already in rubber heaven, breathing the limited air the M17 gasmask provided. The long hoses that hung from each side of the mask made her really have to work to fill her lungs to capacity. The sound of her own breathing was already turning her on as Tom forced her on the bed; he positioned her so that each of her arms and legs were brought to the bed frame. For on each corner of the bed were belts that were designed to hold someone down.

First her right arm, a belt went just under the bondage mitt and stretched her arm so in no way shape or form could she move it. The same was done to her left. Tom had forgotten the mirror on the ceiling as Sara just stared at herself being bound to the bed frame. She did not even fight back in any way. The rubber callboy did the same with both of her legs spreading them apart. He finally realized that Sara was staring intently at herself in the mirror.

Sara breathed deeply from the gasmask looking at herself all bound as she was. The entire ordeal was completely euphoric.

Her rubber callboy had disappeared for a moment from the view of the mirror; all of a sudden she could make him out from the corner of the mirror, for he had found a huge rubber sheet that she would use from time to time on the bed. He flung it out as it rippled before her. The hoses that came from the gasmask disappeared under the heavy rubber sheet closing off any fresh air coming into the gasmask. Sara watched him walk around the bed tucking the heavy rubber sheet under the mattress holding her down to the bed even more.

She simply could not help herself as she began to struggle for air. The mask collapsed to her face as she screamed a suffocaters scream all the while loving her predicament. The rubber callboy simply watched Sara struggle in delight; he knew she probably loved every breathless second.

Finally he reached under the heavy sheet and pulled out the hoses, Sara took a huge breath as she simply stared up at the mirror at herself. He waited for a bit for Sara to recover as he moved on the bed now; he brought himself over her mid drift over the heavy rubber sheet almost to a sitting position. But did not bring his weight down upon her. He fiddled with a zipper at his crotch as his member plopped out of his rubber-covered suit.

Sara could not believe how big he was, his cock had to have been at least 10 inches long and his thickness was incredible.

With his cock out he grabbed for the hoses and the t-valve. He watched intently at Sara's eyes as she breathed over and over again from the M17 gasmask, the hissing from the hoses was the only thing that Sara could hear within the room.

He showed her the end of the hoses with the t-valve as he turned it closed. Sara knew her gear, she knew with the t-valve closed that she could bring no air into the gasmask. She shook her head back and fourth a bit knowing full well that she could only hold her breath for so long. The callboy stared back at her holding and watching her futile struggles. Finally Sara expelled the oxygen from her lungs, it escaping from the exhaust port of the gasmask. She quickly tried to take a breath again only to find an airless mask and rubber. The rubber callboy was now holding the t-valve in one hand and stroking his cock watching Sara struggle.

She screamed using up more of the air from her lungs, as the gasmask grew tighter over her features.

But oh my God Sara's body was sending her signals; it is after all what she had asked for being the rubber slut that she was. She shook her head back and fourth in a frenzy trying to dislodge the gasmask in some way. She tried to move her arms as if to escape her rubber prison and reach for the gasmask. Her bondage held, stars were beginning to appear before her eyes as her body was reaching a sexual peak. All of a sudden air hit her lungs, the callboy had opened the t-valve again.

He moved off her belly from his kneeling position and pulled up the rubber sheet past her waist. For you see he had picked these two suits because they opened at the crotch he unzipped the first and used his fingers to find the second zipper of the latex suit under the rubber one.

Sara watched him do so through the mirror and her pussy was ready for the fucking she needed now from his very large cock. He placed the tip of his cock at her folds and looked at her eyes through the gasmask as Sara picked up her head just a bit to watch him push his way into her.

As thick as he was his cock slipped in very easily into her dripping wet cunt. She screamed from behind the gasmask in sexual bliss it would not take long for her to cum, but she had to hold on, she wanted it to last as long as she could.

The callboy fucked Sara's pussy for all that she was worth; suddenly the air was gone again. He had closed off the t-valve once again and was fucking her as her already oxygen starved body reacted to the suffocation once again. The bondage held her in place no escape possible. Sara screamed again for it was both from the suffocation and sexual fulfillment she received. Sara thought she would explode in orgasm right then and there but once again the t-valve was opened and she took in a breath of fresh air within her lungs. She tried like everything to break the bonds that held her but even if she could with the bondage mitts over her hands there would be nothing she could do.

The callboy screamed out, for he was close to cuming as well, Sara's cunt muscles tightened to his shaft. She could not take it anymore a strong wave of electricity shot through her body as an incredibly intense orgasm came over her. Her body shuddered like mad under the weight of the callboy and heavy rubber and bondage that held her.

The t-valve was closed again; the callboy had closed it off right when he saw Sara's body shudder in orgasmic delight. He actually pulled himself from her quivering cunt on his shaft and picked up the back of Sara's struggling head.

Sara made the strangest sounds of gurgling and screams as the callboy shot his entire load over the eyeports of the gasmask. Her body in sexually overload as one after another orgasms racked her body. As her airless body struggled like mad a strange sensation over came Sara.

It's as if she were a ghost hovering over the bed unseen within the room watching herself struggle in sexual fulfillment.

Darkness enveloped Sara as she passed out from the ordeal.

Part Three - The Long Ride

Eye's fluttered open from a darkness and sleep Sara has never had before. But she is still hazy from the darkness; she blinks her eyes several times to wake up even more as her memories come back to her from the day before. With her realization a strange sexual afterglow comes over her making her body and face glow with a new day.

She is free of the bondage that had held her as she moves under the latex sheets. She picks herself up to a sitting position to look over her dungeon. Tom is nowhere to be seen, she still wears the latex and rubber outfits from her sexual adventure, she takes the time to remove them wondering where Tom may be.

Sara grabs a robe that is in the dungeon and works her way up the stairway to her kitchen, as she rounds the corner she can smell food and freshly brewed coffee. Tom has his back to her as she walks through the door.

He turns around...

"Good morning their Sara, nice to see you are awake. I was going to surprise you with a meal and coffee in your dungeon. Hope you don't mind that I helped myself to your kitchen."

Sara walks to him not saying a word and places her lips against Tom's and embraces him with a long sensuous kiss.

When done, Sara simply says...

"Thank you for an incredible first day my rubber callboy," and smiles back at Tom.

"Your more then welcome, so what's on your kinky mind today."

A garage door opens...

"So are you comfortable back their Sara."

For you see Sara is now once again in a full latex suit, during there morning visit she told Tom of a rubber straightjacket that she had purchased sometime back but being alone it is kind of hard to put oneself into. Along with the latex suit and straightjacket a full-face hood was placed upon her and a pump gag was placed into her mouth and pumped several times filling Sara's mouth to its capacity. A S10 gasmask was placed over her features sealing her inside her latex prison. For underneath her latex suit in her privates is the largest metallic vibrator on the market, for this one has some special features to it that will push Sara to some unbearable orgasms.

Once everything was on she was walked out to the garage and placed in the back seat. It seemed almost every step was a work in progress for Sara with the intrusion of the vibrator buried deep within her. Tom even brought the seatbelt into place to hold her to the seat.

With her arms trapped to her sides from the straightjacket and full body latex suit Sara was once again thrust into her latex world.

She stared out past the circular glass lenses of the S10gasmask as Tom started up the SUV.

"So I do hope your ready for the ride Sara, with your directions we should be there in about an hour I do hope there aren't; to many bumps along the way. This should be quite interesting."

Before pulling out from the garage Tom placed a remote next to him on the passenger seat.

He drove out and pushed the garage door opener and pulled out into the street.

Thankfully for Sara her SUV had tinted windows so no one knew of her bound state in the back seat. She simply stared out through the mask to the oncoming street.

It seemed every bump in the road intensified her ordeal as it caused the vibrator to dance within her. A grunt came every few seconds from her of sexual bliss.

Tom came to the first traffic light, it seemed he intentionally stopped suddenly on the brake to see Sara's reaction in the rear view mirror that he placed so he could watch her torment. He reached over to the remote waiting for the light to change. Sara moved her head as she watched him turn it on and pressed several buttons, suddenly the vibrator came alive within her.

Sara's eyes grew wide behind the lenses of the gasmask as her body instinctively shook from the metallic beast buried within her. Her head bobbed up and down and grunts of pleasure came from under the gasmask.

"Now pace yourself Sara that's only the first setting on the vibrator. I think there's five settings."

The light changed, as the SUV jumped into gear it caused Sara to wiggle back and fourth as if trying to escape the straightjacket that held her firmly to the seat.

Her body relaxed a bit as the movement from the vibrator became almost bearable. Sara concentrated on her breathing; the smell of rubber and her predicament turned her on to no end.

"Oh there's a bump in the road coming up lets see what kind of reaction we get from hitting it." Tom was enjoying the show.

The vehicle jarred causing the vibrator to practically fuck her pussy; it caused Sara to scream in ecstasy from behind the gasmask, as her head shook back and fourth in sexual fulfillment. Tom smiled....

"So this place were headed to is where you go when you want to get out of the house, let's see you said you liked to walk around in a half respirator mask or gasmask kitted up in latex or rubber. Well then lets make this a memorable day shall we."

Tom paid attention to the road just every now and then looking in the rear view mirror to see how Sara was doing.

"So are we ready for setting two?"

He picked up the remote with a free hand and pressed a few buttons. In the rear view mirror Sara danced again in sexual fulfillment, it was hard for Tom to pay attention to the road, as it was hard to look away from the show that Sara was put through. Some screams were so intense they filled the cabin of the SUV.

A truck passed the SUV, if only they knew of what was going on in the vehicle headed down the road. I mean how many times do you truly look over at the car you pass.

A little more down the road and a few bumps later it was time for setting three. Tom didn't even announce that he was changing it.

He noticed a scream of ...

OOOOHHHHHH MMMMMYYYYY GGGGGOOOOODDDDDD come from under the gasmask as it echoed through the cab.

Sara's body was priceless, just as she thought she was getting used to the pain it increased. It was hard to determine just how many orgasms Sara had on the ride. Her body would arch and her head would swing back and fourth as if trying to get the gasmask from her face. Her arms flexed around her body within the rubber straightjacket with no escape possible.

He only kept setting three for a few minutes before moving it up to setting four. Each setting more intense causing the vibrator to wiggle and jump deep within Sara, she thought she couldn't take much more. How long had it been since starting the ride, she had lost all track of time not knowing when they would arrive at their destination. Nor did she care, she was trapped in all her latex glory and she would not have wanted to be any other place in the world.

She didn't notice that Tom had pulled off the road on to the gravel lane for each jump and pitch of the SUV sent her off to a special place of many orgasms.

Setting five...

It sent an electrical shock through her cunt muscles that nearly tore Sara apart. It caused Sara to pitch wildly in the back seat her head whipped around like mad but the seat belt kept her in place.

Her arms instinctively again tried for an escape that was not possible from behind the rubber straightjacket, as countless sexual screams and inaudible grunts came from under the gasmask.

The vehicle stopped and Tom got out leaving Sara to struggle away in her bound latex glory. He opened the back of the SUV and took from the back the heavy rubber sheet that they used on the first day. He let Sara have as many orgasms as she could muster as he found a place under a tree and laid out the rubber sheet on the ground.

He had to of left Sara on setting five for at least five minutes before returning to the remote.

Sara was so caught up with her orgasms she never noticed the vehicle had stopped and that Tom had left her alone.

Tom turned off the remote; Sara's body all at once just kind of slumped motionless as her head fell forward. A small sexual grunt came from under the gasmask as she just breathed over and over again from behind her mask.

Tom opened the door and released the seat belt, before helping Sara out he said...

"I bet that's a ride you'll never forget."

He let Sara compose herself a bit and helped her out to her feet. Sara was almost week in the knees she almost could not support herself. Every step was almost magical as the vibrator moved within her. Finally she was at the rubber sheet; she looked down at it as she was helped to her back. Tom found the zipper to the latex suit and slowly revealed Sara's shaven and very messy cunt. He inserted a finger and slowly pulled out the messiest vibrator that had ever been used.

Sara let out an incredible release of endorphins as her body just kind of trembled in the release He undid the straps to the gasmask and produced the bulb to the pump up gag and screwed it in place. After removing it Sara moved her jaw around to compose herself.

"My God that was incredible." She stated...

"Oh were not done yet, I'm going to keep you in the straightjacket just a bit more and will go for a walk."

Part Four - Afternoon Delight

"So let me help you up their Sara."

Before helping her up he zipped up the latex outfit over her cunt. He reached under the straightjacket and helped Sara to her feet; her face was still free of the S10 gasmask. Tom kneeled down and picked from the latex sheet the gasmask.

"Don't want us forgetting this now shall we."

He loosened the straps and brought the mask under Sara's chin and pulled it over her face once again. No gag for her this time under the mask as Tom makes sure that Sara is once again sealed off from the outside world.

Sara takes a breath from the gasmask for she was holding hers as the mask came over and tightened. A wonderful rubber smell permeates her lungs once again, for behind her mask Sara is all a glow. Oh how she loves to wear any of her gasmasks from her collection.

She stands there for a few brief minutes alone as she watches Tom move to the SUV. She watches as he takes from the front seat a gasmask that he had taken from the dungeon and pulls it into place over his own features. The mask that he wears is a M50 style military gasmask; my God she thinks to herself he looks incredible in the gasmask and latex suit he wears as if some black knight coming to rescue me.

Sara can see his large member under his suit as he approaches her. For he is already at full erection under his latex suit just from the drive and watching Sara struggle in the back seat of the SUV..

Tom walks closer to Sara and wraps his arms around the straightjacket and looks deeply into Sara's eyes behind her gasmask. For they both look so alien to their surroundings within the country, but this is where Sara likes to come and wander around in latex and a mask just to get out from time to time. For even a rubber shut in has to get out every now and then.

They both just look deeply into one another's eyes for a few minutes as if transfixed by one another in the gasmasks as they listen to one another breathe from each of their masks. But Sara still has the rubber straightjacket on and her rubber callboy has plans for her.

Tom finally looks away breaking the stare that they both had on one another. He moves his head to the side of Sara's and speaks as loudly as he can from behind his gasmask so Sara can hear him.

"Time for a walk my dear and then back here to the rubber sheet to finish what I started, stay here for moment longer I forgot something in the SUV."

Sara stands in place as Tom steps back to the SUV and takes out a collar and chain. He comes back and picks up Sara's head and buckles the collar in place. It actually prevents Sara from turning her head so all she can do is look forward. He clicks the chain to the front of the collar and begins walking.

"Come along my dear."

Even with her mouth not gagged behind her gasmask it's as if Sara knows her place and does not speak at all.

Sara is forced to walk behind her rubber callboy by only a few feet, for the chain is only but five to six feet in length. He makes sure not to take to ruff a terrain so Sara does not fall, all the while her arms still trapped to her sides from the latex straightjacket. With the collar and gasmask in place it is not easy for Sara to see exactly where she steps.

Fortunately she does keep pace with him and not to fall down the path that they take. Sara loves the feeling of helplessness though for she knows nothing of what her callboy has in store for her once they are back at the SUV. She looks at the world through the eye ports of her S10 gasmask, as she is lead around the countryside. Oh how she loves this, with the collar in place it is hard to make out where exactly she is. They walk around the countryside for maybe 20 to 30 minutes all the while Sara enjoying her predicament; she loves being lead by her black latex knight.

For Sara and Tom it's as if they are the only people in the world, just she and Tom clad in their latex and gasmasks sealed off from the environment of the world as if it were polluted and they had to wear such gear to keep themselves alive.

A vehicle catches Sara's eye's it is her SUV, with her head held up by the collar and the gasmask affixed over her face she had lost all track of where she was as she was lead around by Tom.

He walks past the SUV to the rubber sheet that he had laid out under the tree.

"So did you enjoy your walk Sara?"

"Yes my rubber callboy." Sara exclaims...

Sara tries to look down wondering if Tom is still erect behind his latex suit, she actually has to bend forward just a bit with the collar on and straightjacket just to see if he is. She holds her weird stance for a few seconds as she takes in the sight of his full erection behind his latex suit. My God she thinks that makes me horny seeing him like he is in his latex.

"Well then Sara I see you are checking me out, does someone deserve a fucking for being such a naught latex girl?"

Sara tries to say something from behind her gasmask but Tom cuts her off...

"Oh I think a naught latex girl deserves some punishment."

He quickly grabs the chain closer to her neck and forces Sara to lose her balance from her awkward stance and falls forward to Tom's waiting arms. She tries to move her head around the collar to look up at Tom as she falls forward but unable to do so. He catches her and helps her down to the latex sheet. He lays her down on her back as Sara looks up at the sky from her perspective, the collar keeping her head and neck in place. Sara's arms still trapped in the latex straighjacket to her sides. She wiggles back and fourth a bit as she can feel some coolness hit her privates. For Tom is undoing the zipper to the latex outfit over her cunt. He inserts one of his latex covered fingers into her to get a reaction from Sara.

Sara tries to shake her head in the collar as his fingers cause her to yelp out in enjoyment behind her gasmask.

Suddenly his fingers are removed; Sara tries once again to move her head in the collar to look at Tom unable to do so. She vaguely hears a zipper sound from under her own hood, for Tom has undone the zipper to his own latex suit and removes his fully erect cock.

He actually stands up and walks into sight where Sara can now see him in full latex glory holding his very stiff cock in hand. Her black latex covered knight encapsulated in all his glory staring at her intently behind his gasmask stroking his cock at Sara.

"Time for the fucking you deserve."

He disappears from her view as he kneels down on the latex between Sara's legs. He actually picks both her legs up as if pointing them up into the sky, with Sara on her back and her arms still trapped in the latex straightjacket it is far to easy.

Sara tries to move her arms inside the straightjacket, still finding she can do nothing about it till she is released. She concentrates on her breathing from behind her gasmask waiting for her rubber callboy to enter her. With her legs up in the air she is completely vulnerable.

She can feel the tip of his cock as he slaps his member at her folds just playing with Sara; she tries to move her head in the collar once again to look at her rubber callboy, as he pushes his way inside of her.

Sara groans in pleasure as one after another stroke is working her up to a frenzy. Her head actually does shake just a bit in the collar as if saying please more my rubber callboy.

Another stroke this one just a bit deeper then the last, it's hitting her sweet spot. His cock as a piston in a vehicle in and out of Sara's pussy simply revving up to send Sara to the edge.

But her rubber callboy has something else planned, he lets loose of Sara's left leg letting it fall over his shoulder as he reaches down and places his hand over the filter of the gasmask.

All of a sudden Sara's air is gone, the S10 gasmask collapses to her face as Tom's latex covered hand makes a perfect seal over the filter letting nothing into the mask. Sara's eyes grow wide behind her mask as another stroke from Tom's cock is sending her closer to an impending orgasm.

Sara instinctively screams behind her gasmask letting more air escape from her lungs and the mask. With the collar holding her neck and head in place Sara can do nothing as she takes another stroke from Tom's cock. Tom is playing with her body; he wants it to last as long as possible for Sara and himself.

He moves his hand away from the filter for just a few quick seconds and lets Sara have a quick breath, only replacing his hand once again. Another stroke, this one deeper almost plunging his entire member into Sara's now dripping wet cunt. But he still holds his hand over the filter. He can feel the mask collapse to Sara's face as the S10 gasmask draws closer to her face. Sara is starting to really struggle now underneath Tom she can't last much longer her arms still flex inside of the straightjacket. No escape possible but Sara really needs air now.

Tom lets his right hand loose just for a second and lets Sara have the most minuscule amount of air into the gasmask and places his hand once again over the filter. Sara's hips are going crazy her cunt muscles tighten to his member as Tom plunges his entire ten-inch cock deep within Sara sending her to an incredible orgasm. He holds his cock within her as he can feel her muscles tighten around his shaft, what an incredible feeling for both of them.

But Sara needs air; he still holds his hand over the filter watching her reaction. As her body is ready for the orgasm she deserves.

The gasmask must feel like a vice as it sucks up against Sara's face, a vacuum, no air, her lungs are on fire as Tom now begins fucking her pussy for all she is worth as her body reacts as if it were not her own. Her body jerks as a massive orgasm hits Sara.

Sara screams behind the gasmask, AAAAAHHHHHHHHH, using up the last remaining air she would have had within her lungs

Tom yells out from behind his mask as he shoots a massive load into Sara's cunt, it makes Sara's body shudder in delight. But yet he still holds his hand over the filter for a just a few more brief seconds finally releasing his hand. He pulls from her dripping wet cunt and grabs the vibrator from earlier in the day and plunges it into Sara's cunt. The process almost makes Sara jump out of her skin. She's panting for air behind her gasmask trying to get her breath back.

Tom zips up her latex suit keeping the vibrator in her cunt. He slaps the latex over her cunt causing the vibrator to move within her making her body tremble through a secondary and unexpected orgasm.

Her body in a state of convulsions as she rolls back and fourth as the orgasm rolls through her body over and over again, she's painting for air trying to bring herself back to reality from the asphyxiation. The air hitting her lungs makes her head swim in delight. Sara is lost in her own little world struggling away.

As Tom watches Sara he catches something out of the corner of his eye from behind his gasmask, a squirrel was not far away just staring at the both of them, he wondered how long it had been there just watching them fuck in the latex gear, finally it scurries off to a nearby tree. He leans down to Sara as she recovers from her orgasm.

"A squirrel just saw us, I wonder if it ran off to its family to tell them what he saw."

Sara's body just kind of jiggles in place behind her latex and the straightjacket for she is laughing uncontrollable behind her gasmask...

Part Five - Back to the Playroom

Sara and Tom headed back to the house after an incredible afternoon together. They cleaned up and went out to a nearby restaurant for the evening, almost as is they were just some normal couple out for the evening. Some good food and wine to celebrate such a memorable day, Sara and Tom certainly made heads roll as they entered the restaurant for they made such a lovely couple.

They sat in a corner and kept to themselves as they smiled back and fourth and just enjoyed the evening. It was a beautiful dinner date and after they were done they headed back to Sara's to retire for the evening.

The next day Sara awoke early, she didn't even wake Tom next to her as she slipped out unnoticed; she showered and cleaned herself for the day. When done she slipped on a robe and made her way to her playroom as she had so many times before.

Sara just stood there for a few brief seconds after moving down the stairs and just kind of stared at all her gear. She thought in the back of her head of what gear to wear today and what possibilities may come with a new day.

She moved to the rack that all her latex suits and rubber hung on, she just kind of ran her hands over the material. My God how she loved it. She thought in the back of her head.

In the middle of the rack was a latex suit that she had not worn in quite sometime and she pulled it from the rack. Sara inspected it before dropping her robe and pulling it over her nude form.

A few minutes passed for Sara as she worked her beautiful nude body into the latex suit, this one was just a bit tighter then some of her others and hugged every curve of her body. She ran her hands over the material as it snapped over her nude form underneath it. She fondled her breasts as she moaned as she touched herself in all the right places already working herself up.

Sara stopped suddenly, she went to her gasmask collection and started to pick one after another to her face just breathing from each rubber gasmask, each one having a distinct rubber smell to it. She must have tried at least a dozen or so before finally picking one from her collection. This one was a 3M full-face respirator mask. It had a wide shield in front so she had a good view; inside of the mask itself was a respirator that fit nicely over her mouth and nose.

She placed the mask on the bed and from her assorted gear she found some rubber booties, latex gloves and even a latex hood. Sara pulled her hair back and pulled the latex hood into place. It was a tight fit she even took the time to tuck the hood under the latex suit that she wore around her neck. The hood was open for her face; she sat down on the bed and worked the rubber booties over her feet. She picked up the latex gloves and really had to work them over her hands. For everything that Sara wore was made out of black. After all it is the true color of latex and black was Sara's favorite color. She picked up the 3M full-face respirator mask; she took a second and inspected the inside of it just looking it over. She brought it to her face and worked the straps behind her head; she was incredibly meticulous as she drew each strap tightly to the backside of her latex covered head. Each nice and secure encapsulating her beautiful features, it doesn't seem to matter how many times she dons her equipment how it is still and incredible turn on.

She loves that first breath, nothing but rubber. She picks herself up from her sitting position on the bed and moves to a full-length mirror, there's nothing like looking at herself in her gear.

Sara just stares at her reflection in the mirror. Her hands exploring her body as if it were her first time, the latex snaps as she moves her latex covered hands over the material. One hand over her latex covered breasts the other at her crotch as she feels her own folds to her cunt through the milky material.

Sara moans in pleasure...

For at the foot of the stairs Tom has been watching, he had awoke as Sara tried to walk past him after taking her shower. He had played possum and slowly and quietly worked his way to the playroom. He almost figured Sara would have seen him but she was so caught up within her own little latex world that she simply didn't notice him. He simply watched the show as he sat on one of the steps watching Sara encapsulate herself in her gear. What an incredible woman she was.

He finally got up and slowly worked his way trying not to be seen in the mirror, Sara finally caught him as he got closer but did not turn around to him she simply watched him come to her and pull his arms around her. A lover's embrace...

"My God Sara you are just a beautiful woman." He whispered into her ear, a smile formed from under the respirator from Sara. She had not turned to her rubber callboy, his arms wrapped around her latex frame. Her eye's all a glow behind the 3M respirator mask as she watched Tom within the mirror move his hands over her latex covered body.

It must have felt incredible; their eyes found one another in the mirror as Tom just explored her body as if it were his first time. For every new day is special for a true rubberist. Tom moved his head to Sara's ear again.

"I have a very kinky idea Sara, it's something I have never tried before. Are you game?"

Sara slowly turned around to him and looked into his eyes from behind her mask...

"Anything for you my rubber callboy."

Tom takes her latex covered hand and walks her over to the bed and sits Sara down.

"Now stay here I saw a few things in your collection of gear I'll need for this playtime."

Sara can't help to wonder what he has in mind as she watches Tom come back with some extra thick electrical tape from one of the shelves where an assortment of her bondage gear is located.

"Give me your right hand if you will and make a fist." Sara flexes her hand into a ball as Tom brings and end to her wrist and slowly begins wrapping her wrist and hand in electrical tape, round and round it goes tightening over her hand until it makes it impossible for Sara to open her hand. He does the exact same thing to her left and now both of Sara's hands are useless.

Tom helps Sara move further on the bed and uses more tape to secure Sara to the bed frame making sure both of her arms are now stretched out and she is truly at her callboys mercy.

He looks down at Sara...

"Maybe I should use some electrical tape and cover the exhaust port to the respirator and just watch you struggle away for air. What do you think about that Sara?"

Sara raises her voice from behind the mask to be heard...

"I wouldn't mind it at all."

Tom smiles from her response.

"Alright my dear, what I have planned is I'm going to play with you. Oh yes I'll make sure you have a nice orgasm once again but I'm also going to play with your ass too. I wonder how much of my hand might actually fit up there?"

Sara's stares intently out through the window of the respirator as she watches Tom leave the room. But as Tom is gone Sara's mind races of what is to come, she just enjoys her predicament bondage. With the mirror above the bed she simply looks at herself all bound, encapsulated once again by latex. She breathes deeply through the respirator just loving every second. She wishes she could touch herself but that will soon change.

Tom is back within a few minutes for he had stepped up stairs to change into one of his own latex outfits. Sara is so intently staring at herself in the mirror on the ceiling that she does not notice that he is back in the room until his hands come into view in the mirror. He caresses her body causing the latex to ripple and snap over Sara's skin again. His touch is amazing as it is working her up once again.

"Time to play Sara, I think I like the idea of no gag under the respirator that way I really hear you scream for pleasure."

Tom moves on the latex bed between Sara's legs his fingers begin exploring the latex on her legs working his way to Sara's neither region. His hands seem alien at first as they work there way up her legs. When he reaches the zipper he slowly pulls it down to reveal Sara's beautiful shaven cunt as well as her ass.

Since Tom had no mask on himself he indulges himself and brings his face down upon Sara's cunt. He uses his tongue and licks Sara cunt as she feels him exploring her insides. His tongue on her privates produces quite an arousal within her making her hips tremble I delight.

Sara can't help it she squeals behind her mask at his intrusion within her.

Sara closes her eyes to the reflection in the mirror as her rubber callboy licks her pussy, she breathes heavily behind the mask lost in the foreplay but none the less getting her well aroused.

Tom stops, he doesn't want Sara to cum just quite yet, he moves off the bed and remembers something that was scattered among Sara's latex gear. For it is what is called a sniffer dildo. He simply throws it on the bed as he moves once again between Sara's legs.

Sara opens her eyes again from behind the respirator. She picks up her head as Tom brings both her legs together, he grabs both her ankles with his left hand and picks them up as straight as he can get them and pulls them down closer to her body. Sara can't help it, she screams from her legs and body being stretched as if she were some kind of contortionist. He takes a rubber strap unseen from Sara as he winds it around her ankles and with both of his hands ties it off to the frame of the bed keeping her in the awkward position that she is in. Sara instinctively tries to shake her legs loose of the belt and break it from being in the position that she is in, but the belt does not give.

She tries to look in the mirror as her legs sway in front of her as Tom uses another finger and slowly pushes a second finger into her rectum. It makes her scream behind the mask as her head shakes violently back and fourth. Her arms flex as if to bring her hands down to him but even if she could with her hands taped shut there would be nothing she could do.

A third finger probes her rectum, her hips shake back and fourth almost causing the sensation of being fucked in her asshole from Tom's fingers in her ass.

Sara screams...


Her scream is so strong it's a surprise it doesn't shatter glass within the room.

She shakes her head once again violently from side to side. Tom seeing that Sara has had enough removes his fingers from her rectum; he quickly grabs the sniffer dildo and brings it to the respirator. Sara can see what is happening her body is on overload as she can feel an orgasm building within her. The end of the sniffer dildo is screwed in place at the exhaust port of the mask causing a limited air supply coming to Sara. For the way a sniffer dildo works is one has to really work to get oxygen for on the other end is a rubber dildo with only small holes that can only bring a limited oxygen supply through them.

Sara knows what is to come as she can feel the sniffer dildo placed at her asshole.

"Relax Sara, just let it happen."

Upon hearing this, the sniffer dildo is pushed deep within her rectum. Sara screams once again...


She tries to pull fresh air into her lungs the mask collapses to her face. The long corrugated hose that comes from the respirator dances around her chest. She flexes her legs again trying to get out of her awkward bondage position but cannot.

Sara's face contorts strangely from the other side of the respirator, as she fights not only the bondage but also the suffocation being put upon her from the sniffer dildo.

She flexes her arms trying to get free; Tom grabs the sniffer dildo and moves the dildo in and out of Sara's ass. Which causes Sara's entire body to release a huge amount of endorphins. A huge anal orgasm hits her a feeling she has never felt before.

"HOLY SHIT." Comes from under the respirator. Tom watches Sara's head shake from side to side as her body tenses up. Her asshole pulsates around the sniffer dildo. It is an amazing site for Tom to see such a thing as Sara fights for air within her lungs and also receives such torment.

But Tom can see Sara will not last long as he unscrews the end going to the respirator. Sara takes a huge lung full of air as she pants from behind the respirator to recover. He even undoes the bondage to her legs releasing her from the contortionist style bondage that she was subjected to. Before letting her legs down to the latex bed he slowly pulls from her rectum the sniffer dildo.

He turns his attention to the respirator and undoes it from her face, as he takes it off Sara keeps muttering the same thing over and over again.

"Damn that was Amazing"

"Damn that was Amazing"

"Damn that was Amazing"

Tom breaks her attention away...

"I do hope you're not mad at me Sara for putting you through such restrictive bondage, I've never seen an anal orgasm before. That was quite intense."

Sara finally is able to compose herself a bit more.

"Hell no I'm not mad, I told you that first day I was a rubber slut and I wished to be used. Not mad at all."

Part Six - Beautiful Darkness

My name is Sara; over the last few days I have been subjected to all forms of sex and suffocation, bondage and used all types of breathing related gear. Oh and if I haven't told you I am completely and utterly addicted to latex and rubber in all forms. I have been since I was very young. These last few days have been amazing so far; you see I got in touch with a gentlemen through my fetish friends, he is know as a rubber callboy, his name is Tom I hope we can have more adventures in the years to come. But you see this is my last day with him for now, for he has certainly made these last few days very memorable for me.

Mostly it is men who are into this kind of fetish for latex and rubber and anything breathing gear related, kind of a rare thing for a woman to be into. There are a few of us women out there.

This playroom is where I spend almost all my free time. It should tell you how addicted I am to my fetish.

This final day I told him I really wanted to be pushed, kind of funny to ask him that, he most certainly has with some of the things he has come up with.

And it just so happens that the week before I had received something new for my fetish gear. It was a Kirby Morgan EXO-BR full-face scuba mask. Black of course, it's my favorite color. Last night I hooked it up to one of my scuba tanks and tried it out.

I've always loved the sound of breathing compressed air from a tank to a mask, what an incredible turn on it is. As I breathed from it I just knew I had to try it, so I asked Tom to come up with something special.

Last night I had decided to sleep in my playroom, I guess I should have known better. But maybe in the back of mind I was hoping to wake up like this. For you see sometime in the morning Tom must have of come up with his idea.

As I awoke I found myself bound to my latex bed. He must have drugged me in some way to get me in to such a crazy situation. For the reflection before my eyes in the mirror revealed my current predicament. I was not gagged in any way but I soon would be.

Tom was simply waiting for me to come around; and as soon as he realized I was awake he approached me with an inflatable penis gag. He pushed it into my mouth before I could say anything at all.

I grunted from the other side as he pumped it up filling my mouth to its capacity, I shook my head instinctively from the gag growing in my mouth. It's something that is just kind of an automatic response to having ones mouth filled with rubber. And it certainly wasn't under protest.

When he was done he unscrewed the pump from the gag and took several long pieces of black electrical tape and put them over my mouth. Of course I grunted as he did so, but oh how I loved it.

"Well good morning their sleepy head. I must say first that putting a woman into an inflatable suit is not an easy task when they're unconscious. Should have thought that through a bit, but oh have I ever come up with something special for you Sara. Figured I would place that gag on you right away when you came around, didn't want any kind of protest. But I bet your enjoying yourself so far."

I simply stare up at him as he goes on with what he has planned for me.

"So let me give you a hint for what is in store for you today Sara. I found your inflatable suit. But underneath that inflatable suit I have also inserted two very large vibrator into your cunt and ass."

No shit I think to myself I can feel them already, there so damn big.

"I also found some suction devices that go over your breasts, and the remote control that sends and electrical current through them, that really should make things interesting. Oh and just as you asked I have placed next to the bed your lovely new toy your new Kirby Morgan mask all hooked up to a scuba tank so you can breathe that compressed air you love so much. Or maybe not breathe I should say, and one more thing I found some digital video cameras so I set them up to record this session, don't worry there already recording. I'm sure you will love that. Well I guess there's no time like the present to get started shall we begin."

I move my head a bit as I watch Tom move to the scuba tank and take a line that will put air into the inflatable suit. I notice my hands have been placed in bondage mitts and each of my appendages have been secured to shackles. I am so severally secured to the bed that there is no way with out help that I could escape. Before filling the inflatable suit I see Tom pick up the Kirby Morgan mask.

"Time to play."

If I could have smiled from under the gag and tape I would have.

He brings the Kirby Morgan mask to my face as with every time I hold my breath as a mask goes over. A huge glass before my eyes from the mask, so incredibly erotic to be encapsulated within the mask, Tom makes sure the inner mask lines up with my noise since it is my only chance for air since my mouth is so heavily gagged. I feel him tighten the mask down to my face still holding my breath he makes sure there is no way out for me as I'm covered from head to toe in rubber and latex. I try to finally take a breath no air already. I try to scream from being so well gagged from the penis gag and tape fixed over my mouth.

I shake my head out of instinct I cannot help it.

"Oh did I forget to turn on the air their Sara."

I can see Tom smile back at me as I struggle. I turn my head just enough to see him turn on the air from the first stage, the compressed air works its way into the mask and I take a deep breath from my nose.

As I breathe deeply from my newly acquired Kirby Morgan mask Tom turns his attention to my inflatable suit. I can feel the suits pressure on my body as it fills with air. It's tightening around my body almost trying to restrict my breathing. I can really feel the vibrators in me now as they move from the suit filling with air.

This inflatable suit has belts going over the chest area and even at the crotch as the suit puffs out, it compresses against my skin the feeling of it over my naked body underneath it all is intoxicating. I look at myself in the mirror on the ceiling over my latex bed I look almost comical as if I was a kinky Stay Puff Marshmallow woman, all in black of course.

I test my bondage that holds my ankles and wrists I simply bounce around, seeing myself do so in the mirror turns me on. I can tell the inflatable suit is filled to its capacity for the airline is disconnected to the suit.

Suddenly the vibrators come alive within me. I instinctively scream inside the Kirby Morgan mask as they go off simultaneously. Not much of a noise at all escapes from the heavy mask. I watch my inflatable body go crazy in the mirror, my arms flex and legs move just enough to make me bounce around on the bed. I love the site of me struggling in the mirror as I look out past the glass of the Kirby Morgan to the mirror above me.

Electricity hits my nipples as the pads over my tits go off I didn't think I could move anymore, I feel like I could jump up a mile high if it weren't for the bondage holding me to the bed. But my body rebels as it still tries for some kind of escape.

My hands try to flex inside the bondage mitts, the air is gone in the Kirby Morgan mask, and I catch a glimpse of Tom standing by the tank as he just watches me struggle for life giving air. I grunt behind the penis gag as to say let me out but it is more a thank you for my rubber callboy.

The vibrators seem to increase their torment in my cunt and ass, as they seem to be almost driving themselves deeper within me pushing me onward to what will be an ultimate orgasm as I just struggle away.

The air is back, how much more can I take like this; I struggle to fill my lungs as another round of electricity hits my nipples. The mirror seems to be fading away from me as I continue to struggle.

The last thing I see is Tom before the mask. He leans down and moves closer to the mask and almost screams at me so I can make him out.

"One more surprise for you Sara since you love latex and rubber so much and this is my true gift to you."

He steps away and begins taking off every single rubber suit and latex suit from the long rack and begins throwing them on top of me as I struggle away in all my inflatable rubber prison. The vibrators doing there job, the electricity over my nipples pushing me onward as each and every latex and rubber suit is thrown on top of the bed. One if not several cover the faceplate of the Kirby Morgan mask blackening out my site. I'm truly in a latex rubber prison unable to escape to the real world.

Nothing but blackness before me now I can't even see my body struggle, once again the air is turned off and I get nothing but rubber it is what I truly live for in this world.

Tom pushes a few buttons on some remotes to there maximum. The vibrators buried within me are as beings from outer space that will take my very soul, the electricity over my nipples is so intense now. But as I struggle in my rubber darkness it is air that my body needs to survive for without it I have nothing.

Then it hits me like a freight train...

It is simply the most beautiful orgasm of my life, for within these few moments of ecstasy stars and colors explode within my head from the euphoria of suffocation and bondage that hold me down to the bed. My body underneath dances in a rhythmic delight like never before as my sex regions are toyed with from the toys buried deep within me under all the latex and rubber, with no escape possible and nor would I want to. I want to live within this moment forever.

Darkness and suffocation...

Darkness and the struggle...

Darkness and the bonds that hold me...

Such a beautiful blackness of latex and rubber, my body relaxes in a wave of sexual acceptance. My hips dance under the inflatable bondage as the vibrators take me to the edge of oblivion and beyond. I wish in a way this feeling would never end as I quiver in sexual fulfillment. It is a moment that will live on within me for the rest of my rubber life.




Air finally hits my lungs from the demand valve being turned back on creating one of my strongest after glows.

I breathe invisible air through the long black hose coming from the tank next to the bed, the hiss from the demand valve echoes in my ears. An all to familiar sound in my dungeon of me breathing from a self contained breathing apparatus.

If my walls could talk, oh the stories it could tell.

Within a few moments the latex gear and rubber is off me on the floor next to the bed. Tom is before me now the vibrators have been turned off the electrical current does not surge through my body. I can feel his hands on the back of the mask. I open my eyes as the Kirby Morgan mask is pulled from my face.

I'm such an incredible mess under everything and a glow from an amazing sexual fulfillment that only a true rubberist can feel; I have lived the rubberist life and will not be giving it up anytime soon.

Several days after I viewed the content from the cameras, they were truly amazing. If I were to sell them on the Internet I might just get a million dollars for them.

When I look at them, and it is quite often, I will always have that moment of that beautiful orgasm buried within my brain and I hope it never fades away.

The videos are mine to love and cherish as if they were a child of my own. They are something I will always possess for the rest of my given life. I hope there is a rubberist afterlife waiting for me beyond this realm of existence here on earth whenever my time may come.

For I truly am a rubber shut in, and so I shall be for the rest of my given kinky life....


A black envelope is opened; neither address nor name appears on it.

A smile forms from the man who has received it, written on the card two simple words and a name.



The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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