White Flag (Mad Crazy Love)
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  • Post Date - 2/13/2019

Author's Note: There are also some illustrations for this story that can be found at Deviant Art and Visionsofdarkness. Happy hunting.

Chapter 1

I've always been the kind of person who likes to listen to songs that have a personal meaning in my life. Lately, I'd been listening to White Flag, by Dido, a lot-so much, in fact that I know when I finally stop listening to it I would probably never want to hear the song again.

Too bad love doesn't work like that, I thought as I watched Vinny pull up to the curb of my dorm and park. In the background, the Dido song was just starting over:

I know you think that I shouldn't still love you
Or tell you that
But if I didn't say it, well I'd still have felt it
Where's the sense in that?
I promise I'm not trying to make your life harder
Or return to where we were
I will go down with this ship
And I won't put my hands up and surrender
There will be no white flag above my door
I'm in love and always will be

It was almost as if the song had been written by me (or at least for me)-although I don't think I did anything to mess things up. I was the perfect girlfriend in every way, except one. I was a grade behind him, which meant that he'd graduated and gone off to college while I stayed behind for my final year. It didn't matter that I was the same age as him, because I failed second grade. I was a bit of a problem child; a Tom boy who like to hang out with the guys more than being one of the girls. I got into a lot of fights over that-both with the girls who were jealous and with the boys who didn't think I belonged and needed some convincing.

I learned to accept (and even appreciate) my feminine side as I got older. It helped when my breasts began to grow about the same time that I developed a different kind of interest in being with the boys. A few years later, I joined the cheer-leading squad and began dating my football player. I was happy and popular and I thought we would eventually become one of those old married couples, who began dating in high school and never broke up until the day they died.

Silly me.

Apparently Vinny was never on the same page, despite frequently telling me how much he loved me. The moment he went off to college, he dumped me.

"Look Beth, you're a really great girl," he said. "We've had a lot of fun together, but I just don't see myself starting college with a girlfriend that's still in high school. It would really be a social downer, you know?"

Yeah, so is loosing your boyfriend just before your senior year, I thought.

But the truth is that I never cared about any of that. True love isn't something you need to make excuses for; it's not something that dies just because the one you love has gone away.

I thought maybe it would, because of the way he left me. For nearly three months I sat alone, moping around in my room, hoping that my feelings for Vinny would eventually die. But they never did. I felt like one of those penguins who mate for life-only, what happens to the penguin when its mate dies young?

Nearly a year later and I still felt that empty hole where my heart was supposed to be. Of course, I hadn't spent that whole year hiding away in my room. Once I knew that I would always love Vinny, I decided it was time to try and get him back. I started calling him regularly. I reasoned with him at first. I would be starting at the same college as him in a few months; why not pick up where we left off, once we we're together again?

"Sorry, but I've already got a new girlfriend," he said. "It wouldn't be fair to her."

Yeah? What does fair have to do with it; why does everyone else deserve to be treated fairly but me?

Next, I tried persistence. I called him every day for a month. Sometimes two or even three times a day. When he finally blocked my calls, I began calling his friends, pretending to be someone else so I could get information about where he was going to be. I began to frequent his favorite bars, just so I could watch him from a few tables over. I even had sex with a guy so he'd invite me to a party where Vinny was going to be.

And then, finally, in my desperation, I began to target his girlfriend. I'd call her and drop little hints that Vinny and I were still seeing each other.

"Hey, is Vinny there?"

"No, he's not in right now."

"Oh... okay, I guess I'll call back later... Oh, hey, are you and Vinny going out this Thursday night?" Thursday was her weekly girl's night out, so she and Vinny never did anything together on Thursdays.

"No... Why?"

"Oh," I said casually, "there's going to be this wild party over at the Brinkman building and I just wanted to see if Vinny was available. We had so much fun last Thursday."

"What? Who is this?"

"Oh, don't worry about giving him a message. I'll call him directly on his phone; I'm sure we can work something out. He's such a horn-dog, as I'm sure you know."

Then, with a big smile on my face, I hung up; wondering what she'd make of that.

That call had been three weeks ago; and now, after calling him again (not more than an hour ago) Vinny was walking up my sidewalk wearing a stylish suit and holding an oversized briefcase in one hand. I pressed the repeat button on my music player just as he pressed his finger against the door bell and I opened the door as the Dido song softly sang out:

I know you think that I shouldn't still love you
Or tell you that

"Hey, Vinny," I said, trying to keep it casual as I opened the door, "long time no see."

He looked down the length of my body, taking in the sheer baby-doll nightie I was wearing and the lacy, black panty underneath. As I struck a sexy pose, I could feel the cloth on either side of the crotchless seam pressing the lips of my pussy together.

"You just don't stop, do you?" He asked.

"I will go down with this ship," I sang along with the words of the song. "I won't put my hands up and surrender; there will be no white flag above my door. I'm in love and always will be."

"She left me, you know." He set his briefcase down and crossed his arms over his chest as he stood there staring at me, obviously angry. "Samantha left me! Does that make you happy?"

"No," I lied as I moved forward and took his hand. "This isn't about revenge. I love you, Vinny. I just... I want you back; I want things to be the way they were before."

"Didn't your mother ever tell you that you can never go back?"

"I don't believe that," I said. "We were good together, weren't we?"

"We can't go back," he said more firmly, "but things can't go on the way they are now either. Calling my girlfriend? That was pretty low, even for you."

"I'm sorry, baby. I know that was pretty messed up, it's just... I go crazy, mad thinking about you sometimes. I'd do anything for you."


"I'm afraid so."

"Then maybe there is a way we can move forward, together; but not the way things were. Things are going to have to change. For starters, I'm going to have to punish you for taunting Samantha like that."

"Are you serious?" I asked, my heart all a flutter. "You really want to get back together with me?" I'd been desperate and willing to try anything, but deep down I hadn't really expected it to work. In the movies it never worked. The stalking ex- is always portrayed like some evil, crazy person-the more they pushed the more their former lover rejects them. I'd known all that, but I hadn't been able to stop myself. I really was willing to try anything to get Vinny back.

"I want you to be my slave," Vinny said as he picked up his suitcase.

"Of course, baby," I said as I tried awkwardly to reach between his legs and caress his bulge. "I'll be whatever you want me to be."

"I'm serious," he said, pushing my hand away with a scowl as he walked over to the kitchen table and set his briefcase down. "I'm talking about being in bondage 24/7. I've prepared a little contract for you to sign... but first I want you to understand all of my conditions."

"You're serious about this?"

"I'm very serious," he replied as he took a stack of printed photos out of the briefcase. "I brought these to show you just how serious I am."

I began to thumb my way through the stack, looking at a series of bondage frames and stacks of rope and leather.

"I've prepared my off campus apartment to house you," he said as he pointed at the photo I was looking at. It showed a small cage, like the kind you'd keep a dog in while traveling.. "You'll spend your nights at the foot of my bed, or in this cage-depending on whether you've been a good slave or not."

As soon as he removed his finger, I thumbed to the next photo. It showed a close up of his new bed, with a set of heavy chains and manacles attached to the sturdy bed posts.

"You'll spend every day bound, dependent on me to feed and bath you-like a pet."

The next picture showed a small collection of dildos, vibrators and fuck machines-which were obviously designed to tease any slave fortunate enough to be bound in one of the frame I'd seen earlier.

"I'm ready to take you into custody right now," Vinny said, "But I want you to understand the full consequences of your decision before you sign the legal papers."

The next picture showed a table piled high with miscellaneous bits of bondage paraphernalia-most of which I couldn't identify except to say that it was made of leather straps held together by metal rivets, buckles and rings. I recognized a small collection of nipple clamps and weights, which were all placed together in a pile, prominently displayed in the photo's foreground.

"I don't intend to treat you kindly," Vinny was saying. "Especially when you've been bad, which I suspect will be quite often-given your track record."

"You want to turn me into your own personal torture pet," I said; and I could feel my face burning red as I continued to look at the pictures. I imagined him doing all sorts of nasty things to me and it made my face burn hot.

"You'll be entertainment for me and my friends," Vinny said with a cold smile; obviously pleased by my reaction. He took a stack of papers out of his briefcase and set them on the table. "I've brought a legal contract for you to sign. Look it over; show it to your lawyer and decide what you want to do."

"You'd really do this to me?" I asked.

"You're the one who keeps saying how much you love me. I asked, and you said you'd do anything ... well, here's your chance to prove it. Become my personal torture pet. Like I said, look the contract over and decide if you love me enough to do this." He stood and turned towards the door. "If not," he said, looking back over his shoulder, "I'll expect you to quite bothering me."

My mind was in a complete state of chaos as I watched him walk towards the door. The images in my head were making my crotch tingle, but the idea of giving myself completely to someone-even someone I loved-was terrifying. On the other hand, I'd always hated those characters in movies who swore up and down that they'd do anything for the one they loved-and then, when given the chance to prove it, they invariably countered with some sort of rejection like: "I'll do anything for you... but not that."

What do you think the word anything means, you fucking idiot?

So even though the idea of being bound and helpless was a little terrifying, I ran towards the door and blocked him from opening it with my foot. "Okay," I said, looking him steadily in the eyes. "I'll do it. I don't need time to read it; I'll sign your papers right now."

As I spoke the words, my body felt like it was on fire. I knew my face had turned a bright red, but my clit had also begun to tingle. It was hard not to squirm; to stand still instead of pressing my legs together. But it was well worth it when I saw the shocked look on Vinny's face, as if agreeing to his demands was the last thing he'd ever expected me to do. And suddenly I understood. He didn't really want me as his slave; he'd simply chosen something he couldn't imagine me saying yes to, and he'd used it as a weapon-to try and scare me away.

This gave me even more courage. I was certain that if I tried hard enough; suffered long enough, I could prove my love to him.

"I'll be your slave," I said more forcefully; and this time I dropped to my knees at his feet and began to kiss his dirty shoes. "Do anything to me that you want," I said as I hugged one of his legs before beginning to kiss his shoes again. Even the dust from his shoes tasted good in my mouth, because I knew it was his dirt. I knew that if I abased myself enough, he'd see just how much I loved him; he'd finally be willing to take me back-just as I'd always known he would-and we would finally be happy, together again.

"Fine," he said, but I could tell the words didn't come easy. He wasn't prepared for this moment, because he never thought it would come. He'd been sure I would get angry and kick him out the door. He'd been hoping that's what I'd do, because then he would be off the hook. I'd have no more excuses for bother him. "Fine," he said again, taking me by the shoulders and pulling me up to my feet as he tried to think what he should say next. "Come to my apartment next Monday and we'll officially begin your training as my slave."

"I'll be there," I said, smiling at him with perfect adoration in my eyes.

Chapter 2

When I knocked at Vinny's door it was opened by a handsome looking stranger wearing a casual dress shirt and a crisp pair of jeans. "You must be Vinny's new slave," he said, giving my body a long look up and down-which made me question my choice of clothing, not for the first time. I'd felt virtually naked the whole way over. "Lucky man! Not sure why he thought you wouldn't make suitable arm candy at our fraternity's parties, but I'm kind of glad he kicked you to the curb. Otherwise, we'd never have known you're such an addict to love; like a moth being drawn to the flame, you just can't seem to help yourself, can you?"

I wasn't sure if he'd just given me a slap in the face or a glowing compliment-but either way, my face had begun to burn a bright red. The skimpy little outfit I was wearing (primarily because I thought it looked like something suitable for a slave to wear) didn't help. I wasn't used to wearing such things in public, although I wore frequently wore them in my bedroom (or under my clothes). The way he was looking at me also didn't help.

My clit was tingling again, however, so despite the embarrassment I kind of liked the hard way he was looking at me. Really looking and openly assessing-not just giving me a quick glance and then looking away when he thought I noticed. His eyes were taking everything in, as if he were trying to memorize my every curve.

"Is V Vinny here?" I stammered, stepping self-consciously from one foot to the other.

"Come on in," he said, pushing the door aside. "My name's Daniel. Vinny will be right out. I'm afraid he's a little indisposed at the moment." Daniel closed the door as I I took a few steps into the room then he turned and gave me a gentle push in the back, urging me towards the larger sofa in the middle of the room. I sat down and he sat down right beside me; much closer than I was used to someone sitting, especially when I didn't know them yet.

"I hope you've put your affairs in order," Daniel said as he reached over and began to unbutton my see-through top, made of supple red plastic, with tight, long sleeves and long fins that hung down on the side and in the back, while leaving my bell bare.

"What do you mean?" I asked. It was all I could do not to push his hand away. I'd agreed to be Vinny's slave, but agreeing to do something and doing it are two very different things-especially when the one unbuttoning my top wasn't Vinny.

"You're going to be a 24/7 slave from now on, at least until you void the contract. You should have quite your job... said good buy to your friends and family..."

"What are you talking about?" I asked, a little confused.

"That's right," Daniel said. "Vinny said you didn't bother to read the contract-not that you have anything in particular to worry about, it's actually a very generous as far as most slave contracts go... I mean, giving you the right to void the contract at any time? That's... well, not the thinking of a man who's eager to take advantage of you, I suppose. Still, it would have been nice if you'd read the thing, so you knew what to expect. I mean, for starters, you won't be going home at the end of the day; which means you should have had a lawyer use the slavery clause to void your apartment lease. And you should have had all your stuff moved out by now, so you don't get stuck with another month of rent. Well actually, it's Vinny who'll be responsible for paying your rent now, but if he was an unscrupulous type, he could roll that into your slave debt and use it to help permanently entrap you as his slave."

"I didn't know you could do that."

"Oh yeah, the slave laws were written to protect slaves like you, but people find ways to legally abuse them all the time. It's definitely a dangerous business, signing a slave contract without even reading it. And not just because you won't have a chance to explain what's going on to them..."

"I really don't want my friends and family to know anything about all this."

"Ah," Daniel said with an amused smile. "Then I don't think you're going to like your first day as Vinny's slave much."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Ah!" Daniel said, obviously avoiding the question as Vinny came out of the bathroom. "Here's the new master now." He turned to his friend and smiled as if he knew he was about to say something outrageous. "Do you need your ass licked clean? Or are you too eager to get going to deal with your slave's full service?"

I couldn't tell if my face was turning red or going pale, but I was glad when Vinny said, "That's just gross."

"Fine," Daniel said, still smiling. "I'll let her clean me the next time I take a shit."

"No you won't," Vinny said, "I don't want your shit all over my dick when she gives me a blowjob."

"You could have at least made her think you were going to do it," Daniel said with an amused shake of his head. "I thought you wanted to punish her for fucking with your life?"

"I know what you're doing," I told Daniel. "But you can't scare me off that easily."

"Good," Daniel said. "I'm really looking forward to getting serious about this slavery stuff. It's really more my thing than Vinny's anyway."

Chapter 3

Ten minutes later, they'd completely stripped me of my clothes-except for a pair of lacy white stockings-and I was lying in the back of Daniel's truck, looking up at the overcast sky as he drove out of the city. I'd overheard enough to know that we were headed for an old hunting lodge that Daniel had inherited from his parents when they died. I didn't know where it was located or how long it would take to get there. But Daniel drove for a long enough time that my hip began to get sore and I rolled over to give the other side a little abuse. Lying on my belly was even worse, since the bed of his truck was dusty, and I kept breathing it; and lying on my back was out of the question, since my backside was all arms and legs. After a while, the roads became windier as we started climbing up into the mountains.

I was relieved when the truck finally pulled off onto a side road covered by trees and stopped; at least until I realized we were still in the middle of nowhere.

"Why did we stop?" I asked as theyboth got out of the truck.

Daniel shook his head as he looked over at Vinny. "I told you we should have gagged this dumb bitch," he said, "She's too stupid to know her place."

His comment made my face burn, but I could also feel a tingling in my clit-and it wasn't just from the constant rubbing of my crotch rope.

"I'm not a bitch," I muttered, even though I knew it was probably unwise. "I just want to know what's going on."

"Slow learner too," Daniel said, turning to grin at me. "I'm really going to have fun training this one."

"Quite teasing her," Vinny said, "And lets get this done. I want to get to the cabin before lunch time, you know. I'm hungry."

"Fine, but I'm going to gagging her, while you free up her legs. The only time a slave shouldn't wear a gag is when you want to hear her scream."

Together they worked on me, Daniel filling my mouth with a large rubber gag that tasted of plastic. It was strangely satisfying to have him bending over me so close, pinching my nostrils together when I refused to open my mouth and then shoving the thing between my lips. I could smell the sweet sweat from his body, and it was the perfect compliment to the slick, feel of the soft ball in my mouth. I could feel the warmth in my crotch as it began to vibrate all on its own.

Daniel gave me that smug grin of his. "If I didn't know better," he said in a soft, soothing voice, as he grabbed the rope that passed between my legs and gave it a few gentle tugs. "I'd think you were actually enjoying this."

"Mmmhh!" I moaned in pleasure.

"Well, it never hurts to give a slave a little pleasure from time to time, as long as she knows who's responsible for giving it to her."

Meanwhile, Vinny had removed the ropes to my legs and he was now using that same, long rope to connect my crotch rope to a metal ring that had been welded to the tailgate of Daniel's truck.

"Time to exercise your legs a bit, Nicole," Vinny said as he picked me up and set my feet down on the ground. My arms were still tightly bound behind my back by the wrist and elbows, with a rope pinning my wrists to the crotch rope so I couldn't even move them.

"Mmmph!" I complained, as I suddenly realized what they were planning for me; but they both ignored my squawking and got back in the truck. Daniel popped the clutch a little, and the truck lurched forward taking the slack out of the ropes as it pulled me forward with it. I ran across the rocky path, desperate to keep up, so I didn't receive any more encouraging help; but fortunately Daniel slowed down after the first few steps and the truck virtually crawled along. He was probably letting it idle in first gear, so that it moved as slowly as possible. It helped, but not enough. My feet were bare and they were about as tender as you'd expect feet that never saw the light of day to be, so trying to keep up-even with a slow moving truck-was difficult and painful. It was also humiliating to have the truck yanking at my crotch every so often, whenever I failed to keep up; but at least the woods we were traveling through were quiet and seemed uninhabited, so there was no one around to see my naked humiliation.

It wouldn't have surprised me if my feet had been bloody by the time we reached the cabin, but when the truck finally stopped and I raised my right foot (the one that hurt the most) to examine my abused sole-or at least the delicate fabric of the stocking-it didn't seem any the worse for wear. There was no blood, and although the cloth was dirty, there weren't even any tears in the delicate fabric.

You're a fucking pansy, I told myself, angry that something which hadn't even left a single mark could be so painful.

They led me inside, across a lawn plush with soft grass. Like the house itself, it wasn't what I expected from something called a hunting cabin. It did have a gun wrack display in the entry way, but the place was definitely large enough for entertaining, with large rooms, a high, coffered ceiling and exposed beams. On the far side of the room, was a double doorway leading out onto a good sized balcony, with what I could only imagine was a spectacular view. From where I was I could only see blue skies and mountains off in the distance.

"Let's take her downstairs to the dungeon before we eat," Daniel said. "We've still got a few hours before the others arrive and we've got a lot to do."

The dungeon wasn't nearly so nice, but it was at least as big as I expected the whole cabin to be-and one side of it was filled with what could only be described as bondage gear.

Daniel opened a small pillory, which was just two small lengths of wood, held together by a hinge at one end and a latch at the other. Three holes had been cut into the center of the planks, making a space for my neck and one wrist on either side. Lengths of rope were already tied to this device, so as soon as the snapped the lock on the latch they were able to pull the rope up to a metal ring that had been attached to the ceiling. Using this for leverage, Vinny pulled the rope until I was standing on the tips of my toes. Then Daniel threw a small block of wood at my feet and said, "You might want to step up on that, if you don't want all your weight resting on your chin."

The small piece of wood wasn't big enough for my whole foot, but I managed to support most of my weight on it as Vinny continued to pull on the rope.

I balanced precariously on one foot, while Daniel tied the other end to a hook in the far wall. Then he came over to look at his work.

"This is kind of awkward, just hanging there, isn't it," he said as he traced his fingers along the inside of my thigh. It tickled, but I willed myself into not giggling. Being so completely helpless and exposed, I didn't want to give them any ideas. "I think we should do something to support this limb," Daniel said as he lifted my leg in the air.

"Mmmph!" I protested as he continued lifting my leg until it was impossible to keep my other leg straight and more of my weight was forced to press down on the wooden pillory under my chin.

"That's better," Daniel said as he quickly wrapped my ankle with a short length of rope and tied it off to the rope that trailed off towards the wall. When he was done, he rubbed his fingers across my pubic mound, which was slick with my sexual juices. "I think she actually likes this shit," he told Vinny, as he pushed his fingers between my lower lips and pumped them vigorously a few times. "She's a right horny little bitch."

When he took his fingers away, I could feel the cool air circulating inside me for just an instance before my passage closed. And then, as I watched the two of them walk away, I could feel my clit throbbing.

Damn, I thought in frustration.

I'd really been hoping that at least one of them would fuck me before they went upstairs to eat.

Chapter 4

I'm not sure how long I stood there, with my cunt dribbling juices down my leg.

Upstairs was quiet for a long time, except for the occasional thumping of men at work. But finally I began to hear other sounds. There were cars pulling up the drive; people greeting each other. Music began to play.

It sounded like a party.

And here I was: naked and spread open in the basement.

I wasn't sure if I wanted them to forget I was down here, or come let me down so I could join them. There wasn't the slightest chance that I'd be a regular guest, like all the others, but I was so horny at that moment I wasn't sure if I really cared.

This is part of being a slave, I told myself. This is the price of being with Vinny.

With anticipation and dread, I heard Vinny and Daniel coming down the stairs.

"Time to join the party," Daniel said.

"But first," Vinny added as he began to remove my gag, "It's time for you to make your choice. This is your point of no return. If you still want to be my slave, we're going to put you through an intense punishment session, which will include humiliating you in front of people you know, as well as recording the whole thing and putting it on the internet... where your friends from school and even your family will be able to see it."

Just the idea of my parents seeing what they were going to do to me was humiliating and terrifying, but at the same time, my body seemed to be exploding with intense sexual feelings. It was like there was a connection between the blood flowing to my face and the warm aching that filled my clit. I loved the way that felt: all tight and throbbing. I could feel my sex literally bobbing in the cool air and, and even though it left me feeling unfulfilled and desperately wanting more, it also felt amazing.

When my gag was removed, I took a few moments to work my jaw around, continuing to think, really think, about this question. Was I really ready to take this irrevocable step?

Part of me knew that he was still trying to scare me away, and my stubborn side wasn't willing to let him get away with it-not even if it meant being known publicly as his personal sex toy.

"I'm yours," I said, "You're free to do whatever you want with me."

Vinny seemed a little disappointed, but Daniel was definitely pleased.

"She might make a decent cumbucket yet," he said as he unlocked the pillory. His words made my crotch ache; my face seemed to burn with glorious shame.

"I guess we're going to find out," Vinny said as he led me towards the stairs.

"Wait," Daniel said, "Let's put a blindfold on her first. That way, she won't know who's playing with her until the very end when we reveal all of her friends and family."

I was pretty sure he was teasing, but once again I could feel my body burning with pleasure as I eagerly let him put the blinders over my eyes.

"Let me help you balance on the stairs," Daniel said as he pushed his middle finger into my asshole from behind, while using his other fingers to squeeze my ass. "We wouldn't want you to trip and fall." He chuckled as he used that hand to give me a little push toward the stairs.

He finger fucked me all the way up the stairs and continued using it to guide me into the room where all the people were waiting. I could hear them muttering, making appreciative sounds or expressions of disbelief. Apparently the later group hadn't been convinced that Vinny and Daniel could deliver what they'd promised-but here I was, walking into the room completely naked and of my own free will.

Daniel guided me over to a soft rug and had me keel down with my back against a coffee table. Wrapping my wrists with a long length of rope, he pulled my arms towards the back corners, away from my body; twisted the rope around the back legs of the table then tied the end of the rope to my ankles. This forced me to stay bent backwards over the table, while they all gathered around and began to grope me: squeezing her breasts, tugging at the flesh of my arms, legs and belly; even poking their fingers into my various orifices. As they continued doing this, I could feel the shame dribbling down the inside of my thighs. Knowing what the feeling creeping down my leg was just made by body burn even hotter.

"I think she likes it," one of the strangers said as he wiped the leading trail off my legs with his fingers.

"I think it's time for this," Daniel said

"Why don't we let one of the new guys do it," Vinny said evasively, and I knew he was waving off whatever Daniel had been trying to give him.

"Yeah, I'll do it," another, eager voice said. I wasn't sure, but I thought I recognized it as someone I went to school with. We had a few classes together, so I'd heard him answering the teacher's questions. He sounded a lot louder and more confident, but the voice seemed to have the same distinctive timber.

I didn't have the chance to think about that for long before the smack of a whip made me jump, as its leather tips bit into the inside of my thigh.

"You getting this?" Daniel asked someone.

I didn't hear a reply and wasn't sure who he was talking to.

Another smack of the whip grazed across the top of my cunt, setting my clit on fire as one of the whip's strands made contact. Several hands were still groping me, poking and prodding my most intimate parts as the blows from the whip continued to fall.

"When do we get to fuck her," the voice I recognized asked. I didn't know his name, but this time I was even more certain that it was him. "I thought that's what we were here for."

"We're here to torture her and take embarrassing video," Daniel corrected as he smacked my belly with the palm of his hand. I couldn't see that it was him, but he grunted a little at the same moment the pain flared. "And when we're done we're going to release the video on the internet so that all of her family and friends can see what we've been doing to her for themselves... Which, trust me, will definitely include a lot of fucking!"

"And sucking," Vinny inserted.

"Yeah," Daniel agreed. "Sucking, ass-fucking and titty-fucking; to go along with the whips and nipple clamps and whatever the fuck else we might want to do to her. Right now, we're taking care of the whipping part-so put your junk back in your pants! It's not like we're going to be done in an hour or two. I don't know about you, but I think most of us are planning to stay here and fuck with her the whole night."

"Yeah," a few others muttered in agreement.

After several more minutes of being whipped and groped, Daniel cleared his throat and said, "I think maybe it's time for the next step now," and I thought I could hear him nudging Vinny forward.

"Ah... Wh-wh-why don't you do it?" Vinny stammered. "You've done this sort of thing before."

Daniel gave a small sigh of resignation, but when he said, "okay," I thought there was a hint of satisfaction in his voice as well. Even stranger, I suddenly realized that I was not the least bit displeased by this turn of events.

Daniel has the expertise to do it right, I told myself. It's not like it's a knock on my love for Vinny. He just needs to learn the ropes. Eventually he'll get the hang of this, and I'll be loving it even more.

Before I could finish that thought, Daniel had begun to release my leg from the coffee table, using the same rope to wrap my ankle and thigh. He did the other leg the same way. This left me essentially kneeling in front of the table, with my toes pressing against the top surface and my back arched uncomfortably over the edge. He used more rope to wrap my breasts, turning them into tight and painful little balls, with long lengths of rope trailing away, presumably to the ceiling, since the ends were tied to something that kept a little pressure on my balloons of flesh. The ropes didn't support my full weight, since I was still resting on both my knees with the small of my back pressing on the table's edge.

I had a fearful premonition about what was to come next; and Daniel proved me right when he removed the table's support, leaving me hanging from my breasts, balanced on my knees, long enough to secure my arms behind my back. My knees still hadn't moved from where they'd been when they were tied to the legs of the table, so my legs were spread very wide, now that they were no longer tied. I could have moved my legs together, but I was already wobbling at the end of my rope and moving my legs together would simply create more slack in the rope around my breasts. As it was, when I flopped forward, the rope pulled my breasts up and back, with the rope cutting across my shoulder. This forced me to arch my back, as gravity pulled my unsupported middle forward-and it created an unpleasant pinching and pulling effect at the bottom of my breasts. Fortunately it was easy enough to rock myself in the other direction, so that I was leaning backwards instead of forward. This actually put more weight on my breasts, but at least they weren't being pinched any more.

At this point, someone released the rope a little more and I thought at first they were going to let me down enough to let my feet rest on the floor. Instead, they lowered the rope just enough to let my toes brush against the rug, but not enough to let them provide any support for the rest of my body. This created more of an angle, so that less of my weight was pressing down on my knees. I could straighten my body, of course, but this just changed the angle at which the rope pulled at my tortured tits. Finally, it occurred to me that if I spread my legs, I could lower myself enough to take up some of the slack. This worked, but it also removed much of the supporting effects of my knees, putting even more of my weight directly on my breasts.

"Who wants to go first?" Daniel asked.

I wasn't sure what he meant until the person who volunteered pulled my head back so he could straddle my face. I moved my legs back together to give my body more extension as he forced me to arch my back. He was now literally sitting on my face, although he was still supporting most of his own weight. Still, it gave me little room for easy breathing.

I kept trying to imagine that it was Vinny, as his long cock slid into my mouth, but for some reason my mind kept showing me Daniel's face. I didn't really think it was either of them; but whoever it was, they were working slowly, sliding their member across my tongue until the tip was pressing against the back of my throat.

"Relax your muscles," Daniel said, placing his thumb and finger against the muscles on either side of my esophagus and rubbing gently. I couldn't help wondering what the guy fucking my mouth thought about having another man's fingers so close to his crack, but I didn't have time to ponder that for long because the cock wasn't stopping when it meet with the resistance at the back of my throat. He kept pushing; pressing his cock against my tonsil-which triggered my gag reflex. "No, no." Daniel said as I tried to pull away. "Don't pull back; you can take it. Just relax your throat and let it slide in." He was pushing up on the back of my head with his other hand (so it wasn't like I really had a choice) but his gentle urging made me want to try harder, for him.

My lungs ached for air, which was making my clit tingle in a very pleasant way, but my body seemed to have a mind of its own; it wanted to jerk and buck, even without my consent. I did my best to suppress these reactions, but I couldn't still all the twitches and false starts. Soon my head was literally beginning to spin from the lack of air-but my clit had never been happier. The tingling and throbbing made if feel like it was dancing and the lack of air filled my ears with a strange, almost mystical sounding music.

I wasn't fully aware when he finally pulled out of my mouth. I could feel the sense of reality returning as my lungs automatically sucked air and realized that this was probably not my first breath. I simply hadn't been aware of the others. I started to take another breath, but he was already shoving his cork back into my pie-hole.

Since he hadn't given me long to recuperate, it didn't take my clit as long to start tingling again. It was almost as if I was having an orgasm, only the feeling filled nearly my whole body. It was not quite as intense as a normal orgasm but seemed to cover me like an endless sheet instead of assaulting my body in wave, the way a normal orgasm did. Just before I could pass out again, he let me take another breath, but only a single one; it was barely enough to take the edge off my body's buzzing. This process seemed to continue for a very long time. Each time I took a breath the tingling faded for a moment, but not as much as it had the time before. Eventually, I felt the rhythm of his motions changing and something warm, thick and sticky filled up the back of my throat. Leaning back at forty-five degrees with my arms tied and the ring gag in my mouth, there was nothing I could do but let it trickled down into my belly. I felt completely spent. All of my weight was pulling at the ropes around my breasts and I was too tired to even care.

"Maybe we should let her rest," Vinny suggested, as he knelt with his knee pressing against my back, to help support my weight. "She looks exhausted."

"Give her a few minutes," Daniel countered, "I'm sure she'll perk right back up once she's had a chance to rest a bit.

"We could move her to the bed," Vinny tried again, although it was obvious he didn't expect Daniel to accept his suggestion.

To my surprise, and temporary relief, Daniel seemed agreeable. "That's not a bad idea," he said. "That way she won't need to support herself, so it won't matter if she's worn out or not."

"And we can fuck her all night, if we want to," one of the others chimed in.

Someone untied the rope to my breasts-not the ropes that bound them into tight little circles, but the one that had been keeping me upright by running from those ropes to the ceiling. Someone else caught my weight as I began to sag to the floor.

"Help me carry her to the bed," Vinny said and, from where his voice was coming, I could tell he was the one who'd caught me as I began to fall.

They carried me a short way and were preparing to lay me face up on the bed when Daniel said, "Not like that. Put her face down over the edge of the bed so we can do a little prep-work on her before we tie her down."

His idea of prep-work was to have some of the other guys wrap even more rope around my legs while he untied my arms from behind my back and folded my elbows so my hands were against my shoulders before wrapping them with more strands of rope. When my arms and legs had been readied, Daniel picked me up enough to wrap a thick, stretchy waist-belt around my middle. It had a latch with a hooked end that extended well past the end of the stretchy material, so it required a little effort to pull the material tight enough to hook the two ends. Once the hook was latched, however, the lever-like handle could be used to easily pull the ends much tighter. This constricted my waist so much that I could feel my stomach (and other squishy organs) moving around inside me as the belt pushed them out of the way. I could feel my ribs and hips jutting out beyond the top and bottom of the belt-which functioned a lot like a typical corset. Next he put a severe posture collar around my neck and pushed an o-ring gag into my mouth, buckling it into place.

Just knowing that its purpose of the gag was to hold my mouth open as these men pushed their cocks down my throat made my crotch tingle with excitement and my face burned red. Despite my embarrassment, however, I was quite certain that it would have been even worse if I'd had any choice, since being tied and helpless freed my conscience from much of the guilt I might otherwise have felt.

At this point, someone picked me up and carried me to the bed.

It wasn't very soft or very big. I could literally feel the edges of the mattress with my elbows and knees as I was being tied down. Of course, I was being tied down in a spread-eagle position that brought to mind lying in the snow as a young child and making snow angels-it was a similar pose, although then my limbs hadn't been halved and rendered immobile. Rope was carefully threaded through the holes that were formed by the fold of each limb and the ropes that bound them, with the ends of the rope being tied to the bottom of the bed. This pinned me so tightly to the mattress that it made me feel a little like a butterfly pinned to a stick board. I'd literally been turned into a bed-bound torso, with a gaping hole at either end. I could feel my whole cunt throbbing with eager anticipation and (once again) this made my face and body burn red with embarrassment.

But that only caused my sex to throb even harder.

One after the other, each of the men climbed on top of me, choosing their preferred hole and pounding away. Hour after hour, my humiliation and ecstasy throbbed on.

When they were finally done, I was wearier than I'd ever been in my entire life, but I as also happier.

"She's done pretty well for her first day," Vinny said as he removed my blindfold. He gave my gagged lips a quick kiss before looking up at Daniel. "Don't you think she's done well?"

Daniel cleared his throat and my heart feel a little as I could almost hear him shaking his head. "I've seen better," he said. "She needs to improve her pelvic muscles so her cunt doesn't feel like a damp hole in a piece of meat. And I'd want her to learn to use her tongue better, if she were my slave."

His words seemed harsh and cruel; they cut me to the quick.

I wanted to be a good slave.

I yearned to hear his praise.

This was only my first time, I thought, but his criticism made my face flame brighter than anything else so far; and I vowed that I would do my best to do better next time.

Vinny seemed to be reading my mind. "It was only her first time," he said, "which makes me wonder if she hasn't changed her mind yet."

"We'll never know until you remove her gag," Daniel said. "Which is why I wouldn't remove it just yet. In fact, I'd be tempted not to ever remove it. The contract says she can void it at any time, but it doesn't say you have to let her speak so she can do so."

"I don't know," Vinny said as he pushed my head down and began to unbuckle the leather harness. "I think I should give her another chance."

"She's your slave," Daniel said, "you can do whatever you want with her."

"I want to be your slave," I told Vinny, as soon as I could speak. I've loved every minute of this." Then I turned to Daniel. "And I'll work very hard to be an even better slave the next time."

Daniel grinned. "I told you we weren't being too hard on her. Asking her again was a total waste of breath."

Vinny frowned, obviously not pleased. "Why don't you tie her up for the night then," he said. "I'll show our guests to the door."

I'd been so keyed on Daniel and Vinny that I hadn't even noticed who else was in the room. To my surprise, they were all strangers; they hadn't invited a single person I knew, other than the two of them. It had all simply been a mind fuck. Their attempt to get me to back out of the deal.

Daniel seemed amused and definitely very pleased to help with his assigned task; while I was a little surprised to realize that I didn't mind him being the one to tie me up.

It doesn't mean anything, I told myself, He's just a more experienced Dom, so having him tie me up will make me a better slave for Vinny.

"Since you insist on being Vinny's slave you won't need to use these for a while," Daniel said as he placed his fingers against my lips. When he took his fingers away, I opened my mouth willingly.

"Eager, aren't you?" He said with a grin. He walked over to the table where a satchel full of supplies was sitting. "But I want to do this right," he said as he began to paw through the supplies. He found several items in the bag and brought them over to my bed. "You really were born to be a slave, weren't you?" he asked as he sat down on the bed between my arms and legs. There was a twinkle in his eye, and I couldn't help thinking that (despite his previously harsh words) he very much liked what he saw. "With a little training, you'll be quite the prize."

His words made me glow inside.

My eyes widened a little as he held a new gag up for me to see. It wasn't the ring gag I'd been wearing earlier to give access to my mouth, but this one didn't need any help to fuck my mouth, for it had a long penis shaped probe attached to it. There were several holes in the end, to make breathing easier, but it was still an intimidating apparatus. I had to force myself to open my mouth. He pushed the phallus against my teeth, forcing my jaw to open even wider as it slid into my already well used crevice. Fortunately, the phallus was made of a material that was even softer than the erect cocks I'd sucked on earlier. If it hadn't been, there wouldn't have been any way Daniel would have gotten it down my throat, for it was by far the longest and thickest thing to breach my oral opening this evening. My eyes watered as he kept pushing those last few inches and once again I was forced to fight against my own gag reflex. My breath wheezed thru the holes in the phallic tube-and I found the sound and feel of it all to be surprisingly erotic. The noises I was making punctuated my situation with a graphic mental image that just feeling the phallus hadn't been able to produce.

Daniel pinched my nostrils together and for a moment the sound of my breathing became even more labored. The muscles of my throat clenched around the phallus as I tried unsuccessfully to swallow.

"Easy," he said as he gently massaged the muscles of my neck, the same way he had before when the first cock was being shoved down my throat. "Just relax and learn to accept it." Now his other hand had begun to press rhythmically against my clit. "You'll need to get used to this feeling. This is the natural shape of a slave's throat."

The pressure on both sides of my throat (along with his kneading my pubic mound) was beginning to make me feel very hot. My body was sweating and my clit ached as much as my throat did-but both aches were not entirely unpleasant.

ked my world in a way that nothing else ever had. After already having so many, it seemed like a minor miracle that I could have yet another. But even more surprising was how rapidly it came on and how intense it was.

Daniel continued to work my clit. "I'm going to make you the best fuck toy ever," he said.

And that just pushed me into an even more frantic level, as I rode my orgasm for what seemed like a short eternity.

When we were both finally done he said, "I think it's time to put my toy away now."

I lay on the bed, sped and exhausted as he untied my arms and legs. For a while they just felt really heavy and dead, but then they began to tingle with needles and pins. Before that subsided, he had me up and was walking me around the room and before I knew it my limbs were feeling pretty normal again. I expected them to be a little worse for the wear, but they seemed to be recovering surprisingly quick.

"Are you ready to be tied up again?" He asked. I nodded eager to move on to the next trial even though I could tell that my body desperately needed rest. Daniel actually chuckled, as if he thought I was being foolish, but he walked me over to a chair with metal arms and legs. "Put your legs through the arms," he said.

"What?" I honestly had no idea what he was suggesting.

"I'm going to lift you up," he explained, as he wrapped his arms around my waist, "and you're going to kneel on the seat of the chair." He picked me up and when I bent my knees it seemed like he was beginning to set me down, but instead he paused while I was still in the air. "Now angle your legs outwards so that your feet will slide under the arms when I set you down.

I was beginning to get an inkling of what he was planning for me and the idea (if I was right) was a little scary to think about. I wasn't even sure if it would be possible; but I was determined to obey his commands no matter what. If I got stuck in the chair and couldn't get out, so be it.

With my arms now free and Daniel helping to support me as he lowered me into place, it was actually much easier than I'd expected. A little wiggling of my hips and I slipped right into place, with my legs spread so wide that they were almost in a straight line with each other. The inside of my thighs (just above the knees) were pressing sharply against the chair's metal arms. My feet were firmly on the ground-at least until Daniel pulled my legs up and lashed them to the legs of the chair.

"Excellent," he said with a pleased grin. He took my right wrist and pulled my arm behind my back, before taking the other arm and doing the same thing with it. When he tied my arms together, the back of the chair was wedged between my back and my arms. My breasts were still squeezed tight at their base by the ropes I'd been wearing for quite some time now and the resulting globes of flesh were quite sensitive to the touch. Daniel wrapped still more ropes around my arms and chest, pinning me against the back of the chair even tighter. Then he pinched one of my nipples, squeezing harder and harder until I finally screamed. When my mouth was open he shoved in a large rubber ball-gag.

"It's time to clean you up," he seemed to explain, as he caressed the red ball of my gag. "But I didn't want you waking up the neighbors with your screams."

My eyes widened with fear when I heard that. Given what I'd already endured without screaming, it worried me that he thought I would start now. If it was as painful as the nipple pinch, I definitely wasn't going to like it.

I couldn't see what he was doing very well, from under the black hood, but I could hear his footsteps receding as he disappeared for a few minutes; then he came back with a bucket and a scrub brush. He doused me with some sort of soapy spray, paying particular attention to my crotch-which explained why he'd wanted my legs to be spread so wide. Then he began to scrub me down with a brush. The bristles were relatively soft-for a brush-but it was still quite an intense experience as those bristles scraped over my swollen clit and dug deep into the folds of my cunt.

He seemed to be trying to remove my outer layer, as if I was a potato and he needed to remove my skin. And yes, I did scream, even though I tried not to.

When he was finally done, he slapped my breasts a few times, as if he thought a couple of poodles were lying on my chest and he didn't want to insult either one of them by ignoring the other. "That should keep you for the night," he said as he pulled a black canvas bag over my head. At first it was comfortably loose, but by the time he'd wrapped the rope several times around my neck, the loosely woven material was pressing against my face. I had to suck the air though the threads, but that was probably better than if the bag had been loose. At least this way I was forcibly pulling in fresh air and it didn't stifle my breathing too much as long as I puckered my lips so they were pressing against the cloth. It also made things more difficult to see. "I'll be back again tomorrow, for some more fun. Until then, try to get some sleep."

"Mmmph!" I cried out in protest.

I'd been expecting (or at least hoping) to be left untied in a cell for the night. It hadn't occurred to me that he might leave my breasts like this for the whole night. Already they were aching enough to worry me. It couldn't be good for them to be tied so tightly for such a long period. Unfortunately, all I could do as I listened to his heavy feet walking to the door was to groan a weak protest. The door clanged closed behind him and I did my best to settle in for a long and uncomfortable night.

Chapter 5

The next few hours were among the longest of my life so far, mostly because my discomfort made the time seem to drag by interminably, in a way that time rarely had for me before. When Daniel came back, however, I was fairly certain that only a few hours had passed, but between my aching breasts and not being able to see anything, time seemed to be moving through a temporal morass.

When he finally untied me and released my breasts, they'd been tied so long they tingled; it wasn't as bad as when my arms fell asleep, but my poor tits were black and blue. The ropes had left red indentations in the my flesh that were so deep, I wondered if it would leave scars.

The last thing he removed was the bag over my head

"Time to stand up," he said, pushing a button to easily remove the arms of the chair.

After all I went through to wiggle into this seat, I thought irritably, and all the while it would have been that simple?

Daniel took me up stairs, and without speaking he forcibly sat me down at the dining table. Then he brought over a spoon and a bowl of thick white soup. I looked at it longingly. I hadn't eaten for what seemed like a very long time and I thought he was planning to eat in front of me. Instead, he dipped the spoon into the soup and held it up to my lips.

I eagerly ate every last drop. Then he brought over a glass of water and let me drink it with a straw.

After that, he lead me back to the room where I'd been tied earlier and tied me up in what I thought at first would be an uncomfortable, but slightly less strenuous position.

I was wrong, of course.

After gagging me, he folded my right leg and tied a rope harness around it, so I couldn't straighten it. I couldn't move it much either, because the harness was tied to a metal ring in the floor. My arms were tied together behind my back with a similar harness that was connected to several loops of rope around my neck. Like my right leg, both of my arms were folded, with upper and lower arms almost touching. Then my upper arms were bound behind my back with more rope. This was quite painful and humiliating. For starters, it turned my arms into totally useless appendages. I felt like a tyrannosaurus Rex, with its tiny little forearms-only I didn't have a dangerous mouth. My arms weren't even long enough to keep my tender nipples from rubbing across the hard wood floor.

He tied my left knee to a metal ring in the floor, then pulled my right leg out (roughly parallel) and tied the harness to another floor ring.

I was beginning to think he'd already done his worst, but he wasn't finished just yet. Next he folded a long rope in half and pulled it over itself to create a double stranded loop at the end. He slipped this over my left big toe then tied the other end of the rope to the ring on the top of the leather harness that held my ring-gag in place. This forced my leg to angle awkwardly towards my head, making me feel like a ballerina doing a strangely contorted pirouette. Next, he tied another rope around my left knee and connected it to the big toe on my right foot with another short piece of rope.

I didn't think it would be possible to move even an inch, and I certainly didn't try, because I was reasonably sure that moving would not be entirely pleasant. Daniel still wasn't finished, however. His final touch was to bolt a small motor to the floor and attach a long pole with a dildo on the end to it.

"You have such a cute ass," he said, giving it a hard slap; and proving that I'd been very wrong about how limited my mobility was. "And here I thought your ass looked as cute as it could already, but you wiggle even cuter."

"Hank Houw," I said through my ring gag, just before he slapped my ass again and I wiggled some more for him.

He chuckled. "You really are making this a tough decision... should I chose the front or the rear? What do you say? Would you prefer to have this stuffed up your pussy?"

"Uh hu!" I said shaking my head as vigorously as possible-which wasn't much.

"Up the ass it is then," he said.

I gave a little scream of pain as he shoved the red tip of the dildo inside me. But once he turned the motor on, it didn't take long for slow in and out motion to begin loosening me up back there.

"I wish I could stay longer," he said, "I really do love watching you squirm. But I have to get up early to go to work. So I'll leave you for the night."

"Nawhwhp!" I groaned inarticulately, in protest, as I wiggled my as with renewed desperation. I was hoping this was just another mind fuck-like when he said he was leaving me for the night in the chair, but somehow, even though he'd been playing mind games with me ever since I signed that contract, I couldn't help trembling with read as he turned off the lights and closed the door.

His footsteps faded as walked away.

This time, I was sure he wasn't kidding-although I hoped that was just because I was so uncomfortable that I was more fearful this time than I had been the others. One thing I knew for certain: I'd never be able to fall asleep. I was surprised; however, that squirming actually seemed to ease the discomfort a little, as my back began to stiffen up-which meant that the constant motion of the fuck machine actually prevented things from being even worse.

I lost track of how many orgasms I had that night, but they were some of the most intense I'd ever had in my life. Each new orgasm I'd had, since becoming a slave, seemed to be more intense than the last.

In between these moments of bliss, I endure my misery by telling myself that I was enduring it all for the man I loved and that made it easier to bear.

Chapter 6

Several eternities later, I heard footsteps approaching the door once again. My whole body (but particularly my back and leg muscles) were very stiff. But my circulation was again doing surprisingly well.

"Have you been squirming for me?" Daniel asked as he slapped my ass again.

"Un huh," I groaned. I was squirming once again, hoping desperately that he'd let me out of this horrible position. Still, I was a little surprised when he actually released me.

I felt such an overwhelming gratitude towards Daniel that it was rather shocking to see how my mind was playing tricks on me. I knew that he was responsible for all my suffering. I knew I was feeling this way only because he was letting me out of a terribly painful situation-but knowing all that didn't change what I was feeling one bit.

"I want you to crawl to your favorite room now," he said after releasing me.

I just crawled for him, keeping my head low to the floor and my ass high. I'm not sure why I did it. In part it was because my arms were too weak to support my body well, but I also had this instinctive feeling that he'd enjoy it. He didn't disappoint. Walking behind me, he kept remarking on how fine my ass looked sticking up in the air.

When he said that, my pussy throbbed so hard that the lips of my cunt split open all on their own. I don't think it was just because I was excited; my body was stretching in an unusual way, putting unusual stresses on my parts. But when he remarked on what a complete slut I was, I was surprised by how little embarrassment I felt. Now that we no had an audience, his comment just felt right. I was a slut. I loved being tied, helpless and fucked. I loved suffering for my new master. Perhaps most importantly was the fact that when Daniel called me a slut, there didn't seem to be any condemnation in his voice at all. If anything, his words sounded more like a compliment. They seemed right at home beside his other comments about what a great slave I was turning out to be.

His praise left me feeling warm inside, but for another reason then they had the night before.

He guided me into the bathroom and forced me into the shower, turning on the cold water. I tried to reach for the soap, but he slapped my hand away. "That's my job," he said, taking the soap and rubbing the slippery bar over my sensitized flesh with his warm hands. The water warmed up as he continued to rub; and in my whole life, I've never felt anything more erotic. His hands were made slick by the water and the soap, and the rubbing was more like a whole body massage-easing out the pain and tension in my muscles. It was like standing on aching feet all day and then finally sitting down. The pain leaving my body was glorious.

He cleaned every surface of my body, both inside and out. He even told me to open my mouth, and I feared he would wash my mouth out too, but instead he used a brush and some toothpaste. Thankfully, it was a smaller (and softer) brush than the one he'd used on my body the other day.

When he began to pull my arms behind my back, I nodded towards the toilet and said, "Before you do that... I really have to go."

"I'm sure you do, slave!" he replied, intentionally stressing that last word. "But slaves don't get to decide when they take a shit, anymore than they get to decide whether they eat shit."

I felt my eyes widening in sudden alarm. Oh shit! I hope he's not into any gross shit like that. If he was, I realized that he certainly could, if he wanted to. I hadn't placed any limitations on how I could be used in my slave contract. Which meant that short of intentionally causing my death (which was virtually impossible to prove) he could do anything to me that he wanted.

Daniel grinned. "I see that you're beginning to realized the mistakes you made when you signed your slave contract."

"Maybe," I admitted reluctantly.

"Well, don't worry," he said, I don't think Vinny has any interest in that sort of stuff; and neither do I. But as a slave, you're not going to need your arms or your hands to take a shit anymore."

"But..." I began.

"Don't make me have to put a gag back on you," he said.

I pressed my lips together, forcing the rest of my protests to slide heavily back into my stomach.

"I'll help you, of course," he said, as he led me over to the bowl, balancing me as I sat down with my bound arms. It was difficult to do my business with him watching and it felt even stranger when he wiped me clean afterwards. He even washed off my bottom with baby soap and water, patting my lower lips dry with a wad of toilet paper.

Despite my renewed feelings of embarrassment, there was something very intimate about Daniel doing these things for me. When he was finished, he pulled a translucent skirt up around my waist, taking special care to make sure it was riding very low on my hips and that it was level. Then he led me into the kitchen where he began packing a picnic basket.

The sun was high enough, I knew it was almost noon and despite feeling vulnerable, walking around half naked in the wooded land around his cabin, I was also feeling very hungry. I had no idea how long it had been since I'd eaten, but my body was telling me it was well past time to eat again.

As we walked, Daniel put his arm around my waist, guiding me where he wanted to go. I just put my head down, letting my hair fall down over my face as much as possible. It was silly. I knew how secluded this place was; no one was likely to be around, but being in the open, I couldn't help feeling almost as embarrassed as I had been the night before in front of strangers. Maybe it had something to do with the translucent dress I was wearing. When I was totally naked and completely bound, I felt more comfortable in my role as slave because I was completely helpless, for one. I didn't have the choice to run, if I wanted to. But also, dresses were associated with my life when I wasn't a slave-so this faux-dress was sending mixed signals to my brain.

It was confusing. And my emotions were in a tangle, trying to sort it all out.

After a while we left the clearing where the cabin was, coming to a trail that led into a more heavily wooded area. Daniel pushed me ahead of him, giving verbal directions when we came to a split in the trail; and knowing what an ass man he was, I shook mine as much as possible as I walked. My confusion didn't prevent me from wanting to please my master.

I mean the friend of my master.

He spread out the blanket at the top of the basket and set out the food before taking my hand to help me sit. The gesture made it seem like we were simply out on a date and again my mind roiled in embarrassing confusion.

"Fold your legs," he suggested. "Sit on your heels. This is the perfect slave position for this particular situation. It will balance your weight evenly and make it easier not to fall over."

I nodded my understanding.

It was not an unfamiliar pose: I often sat like this in front of the TV or beside my bed. Sometimes I'd even sat like this as I read a book.

He was being so chivalrous that I almost expected him to untie me, but of course that was a foolish though, given how much he enjoyed feeding me. "You may speak freely while we eat," he told me as he took an apple and a knife from the basket and began to turn it into little slices. "Be honest; I'd like us to know everything there is to know about each other."

"Today?" I asked, feeling a little surprised and intimidated by the size of the task he was setting before me.

But he just laughed. "I'm hoping this will be the first of many picnics we have together," he said. "There's no need to feel rushed. For today, we'll just speak about whatever we wish."

I nodded as he placed a slice of the apple on my eagerly waiting tongue.

"So," he said, "Tell me what you've liked best about your experience as a slave so far. And tell me the truth-not what you think I want to hear, but what you've actually felt and thought. I may even have you write it all down later, but I want you to tell me everything you remember now."

And so I did.

At first I was fearful. It was another form of humiliation, to admit that I loved feeling embarrassed; to admit the way it made my clit tingle. Speaking about it all forced me to evaluate what I was feeling, instead of just feeling it and that made me realize that despite the discomfort it sometimes brought, I really did enjoy the feeling of ropes holding me tight. It made the feel of a stranger's hands on my body so much more erotic; and my orgasms so much more intense.

Daniel never seemed to judge me for what I said. And as I continued the truths we were learning together became easier and easier to expose. We seemed to talk for hours and eventually things turned to other topics. What I hoped for the future, as a slave.

I didn't know. "I guess it's enough just to be with Vinny again," I said lamely and for some reason that felt like the first time I'd lied during the picnic-because deep down I knew that it wasn't enough just to be with Vinny anymore. I couldn't quite place my finger on what I did want, but I knew I wanted more.

He continued to ask questions long after the food in the basket was gone and I admitted (in various ways) that I found being a slave much more exciting and fulfilling than I ever would have expected. "I do wish Vinny was a little more assertive, as my master," I said.

And that was the moment it occurred to me. That's the something more that's missing.

"I've been trying to help with that," Daniel said, "but..."

"Maybe it's not in him?" I suggested, as a way to finish his thought.

"I wouldn't worry about it," Daniel said. "I'm sure he'll figure out how to deal with it eventually. Usually it's the slave that struggles and has the biggest learning curve, but being a good master is a skill that needs to be learned too."

I nodded my understanding.

"Well," Danny said as he began to place what was left of the food into the picnic basket. "It's been a lot of fun getting to know you, but now there's only an hour or so before the start of the game... playing with you is always fun but that's really what I came up here for. So I think we should head back to the cabin so I can get you situated before kickoff."

I wish our little discussion didn't have to come to an end, I thought with disappointment.

"Don't be so sad," he chuckled, "You'll still be watching the game with me." My face must have broken out into a spontaneous grin, because now he gifted me with an infectious laugh that made me grin even harder.

He led me back to the house and once inside, he didn't waste any time getting started on me.

Silly me! I hadn't realized that watching the game with Daniel would involve being tied up again, but perhaps I should have. I also didn't realize I could grin any harder, but when he told me to kneel on the floor with my ankles splayed out to the side, beyond my hips, I must have, because it made Daniel chuckle again.

"I've been around a lot of slaves," he said, as he began wrapping loops of rope around my waist, "I've even trained a few, but I've never seen anyone take to the life as quickly as you. You really are a born slave."

"Thank you master," I replied, feeling strangely proud as he knotted the ropes snugly around my waist. I wasn't sure if I liked having my waist tied so tightly again. Feeling my stomach and other internal organs squishing around inside me is not my idea of fun; but on the other hand, it did seem to put an unusual pressure on the bladder (and perhaps other, more directly sexual parts) which aren't used to being under duress during sexual activity and this led to very intense orgasms, with a unique feel. Still, it might have been nice to give my middle a little time to recover before abusing it again.

But I'm a slave, I told myself. Things like this are not for me to say.

"Lay back," he said when he'd finished tying off my waist rope. I did as he ordered, leaning back on my elbows to support my weight, while he tied more ropes around my wrists and ankles.

When he was done, he pulled my wrists to my ankles, taking away any hint of support my elbows had been able to provide. Now my head and the tips of my toes were the only thing touching the floor.

He smiled. "You suffer so prettily," he said as he slipped his fingers easily into my damp folds. "And look, you're already all wet in anticipation." As if giving me a reward, he vigorously finger fucked me for a few moments. "I was thinking of making this a crotch rope suspension," he said casually, as if this sort of talk was ordinary conversation for him. "But I figured I'd give your poor pussy a bit of a rest. I've been abusing it a lot lately."

Given how tightly the ropes had already tightened around my waist, I wasn't entirely sure that I approved of his choice, but all I said was, "Thank you, master."

"Still," Daniel said as he showed me the dildo and butt plug that he was now holding in front of my face. "I wouldn't want you're poor little cunt to get lazy. So I'm going to give it something to do during the game."

He shoved the two bulbs between my legs, and began pumping them up until there was absolutely no chance that they were going to come out during the game. I'm not sure if Daniel could have pulled them out if he'd tried, they were pumped so full. He dropped the hose and pumping bulbs between my legs and I could feel them dangling there.

"Uh! Ah," I squealed as he turned the vibrating units on them up a little.

"Better gag you too, I guess." He said. "Wouldn't want your noises to interfere with the game.

When he'd silenced me as best he could, he left me and went into the kitchen-presumably to fix something for the game-and I was left with nothing but time, as I tried unsuccessfully to keep my hips high enough to keep at least some of the pressure of my waist rope.

Despite the uncomfortable position, I was happy.

Even though my arms had been tied during our picnic, it felt a little strange when Daniel first began to remove my skirt and retie my arms to place me in my current bondage position. During our picnic discussion, it seemed like we'd taken a step forward in our relationship-whatever it was-and being tied up again had felt a bit like a step back. In another way, however, it also felt like coming home. Don't ask me how I could have both of those feelings at the same time-but I did.

My thoughts and emotions were in a pleasant turmoil once again.

All I knew was that the ropes digging into my flesh just felt right. Being helpless felt strangely more like freedom than being free. I was liberated from the distractions of thinking responsibly. Free from deciding what to do next or even the necessity of understanding what I was feeling. My master and his ropes made all those decisions for me-freeing me to simply enjoy being forced to cum so hard that my crotch could still feel tingly hours later, when I felt rope pressing against my clit once again.

When he came back from the kitchen, Daniel set a bowl of chips down on my belly; then he sat down, kicked off his shoes and propped his feet up on my chest.

He was treating my body like a coffee table, and I was tied in such a way that my body could easily serve as one. Other than during the picnic, this was as loosely as I'd been tied since becoming a slave-and yet it was just as uncomfortable as any of the other positions.

"Sweet," Daniel said, "You're all squared away just in time for the game to start." he said, reaching for a handful of chips.

"You're not uncomfortable, are you?"

I groaned again. It was the only thing I could do with my mouth gagged.

"Here," he said, "this might help." He thumbed up the vibrators and instantly, my body was awash with the sensation of pleasure heightened by discomfort and pain.

I'd never been a girl who enjoyed watching football before, but something told me this was going to be a very enjoyable game.

Chapter 7

After the game, Daniel untied me and gave me another shower, once again forbidding me from touching the soap or myself. He wanted to do it all. And once again, he paid particular attention to the folds between my legs. Then, he put be back in the same skirt and ropes I'd worn during the picnic, except that instead of a crotch rope, he put me in a strange looking chastity belt. It was a high-tech looking bit of metal, with what looked like a control box on the front panel. The strip of metal that went between my legs wasn't smooth-or even accessorized with a dildo or butt plug-instead, there was a small little protrusion, more like a butterfly vibrator only still made of metal.

When he pulled the belt tight, the press of this little lump was cool against my warm private parts. My clit was already irritated enough that touching made it sting with a strangely pleasant irritation. My body tingled, as if in anticipation; throbbing, as if begging for more. But I wanted something that would bring me closer to an orgasm not just something that would make my already raw flesh ache. Not something that emphasized my need without doing anything to fulfill it.

Daniel led me down into the basement, past where I'd been tied when I first arrived, with my leg sticking high in the air. Just around the corner there was a large room with what looked like a jail cell built into the walls and ceiling. There was a toilet, a sink and a mattress on a platform supported by chains mortared into the wall.

As Daniel sat me down on the bed, I couldn't help wondering if he'd built just for me.

Probably not. He said he's trained slaves before. He probably needed this for them.

Daniel pushed me back and pulled down my see-through skirt enough that he could access the panel on the front of my chastity belt. "I wouldn't want you to get bored," he said, "so I'm going to set your chastity belt on a timer. It will go off for 10 seconds, every three minutes."

Oh fuck! That's not enough to do me any good! I immediately thought. But of course, that's the whole idea. I realized, as the belt began to buzz furiously. This reawakend the need in my overused little nub even more-but it was over so quick that it hardly even had time to get past the initial shock and discomfort of being abused and settle into becoming pleasurable.

"Argh!" I groaned with the agony of realizing what was to come, for I suddenly knew with absolute certainty that he didn't plan on returning any time soon; not the way he had the other times he left me. That's why he didn't make any smart-assed quips about seeing me in the morning; and it was why the ropes were so loose. He knew I'd be wearing them for a long time.

"There you go," Daniel said, giving my nipple a parting twist. It popped to attention and I could feel the little bumps of pleasure springing up around it. "You're already getting in the mood, aren't you?" He chuckled. "It almost makes me want to add some nipple clamps, but..." He didn't finish the thought, or get the clamps, and that confirmed my earlier suspicions. He didn't want to use them because he knew I'd be wearing them for too long for it to be safe. "That's alright," he said, as if consoling me. "I'm sure you'll manage to suffer for me just fine without them."

I nodded my agreement.

And as he walked to the cell's door, I stood up and followed him, stopping just on my side of the bars. The door clanged ominously, just as the belt began to buzz again. My whole body tensed with an uncontrollable shiver.

He just smiled and turned to leave.

And I watched him go; smiling despite my anticipatory dread. Our more informal moments from the picnic were unquestionably over; things between us had gone back to the pattern of master and slave.

Just the way it should be.

Chapter 7

The next several hours seemed very long.

I spent most of my time sleeping or pacing back and forth across the length of my cell. All it contained was a bed, a wash basin and a toilet, but with my arms tied behind my back and the crotch robe between my legs, the only thing that was useful to me was the bed. There weren't any clocks and I couldn't help wondering from time to time if being able to watch the hours slowly ticking by on a clock would have been better or worse.

Much of my waking time I spent replaying the events of the past several hours over and over in my head. Reliving (as best I could) each touch and every orgasm. All the pains came back to me, but only as hollow echoes; while the pleasures seemed to magnify in my memory. It was easier to dwell on them, picking at each remembered moment the way a crow picks at a carcass. Occasionally, I occupied myself with doing stretches and deep knee bends-but after a while I began to realize that this just made the ropes slide back and forth across my clit. It was not an entirely uncomfortable feeling, but I was absolutely certain it would lead to a raw clit long before it gave me the satisfaction of an orgasm.

So I went back to the endless pacing.

When Vinny finally showed up, my bladder was extremely full and I was feeling very hungry. I'm not sure how long I'd been in the cell, but he apologized several times for neglecting me for so long. "I'm really sorry," he said, "but I've been busy with work... and other things."

The way he said 'other things' made me think that he was probably seeing other women. Nothing in the contract said he couldn't have other slaves-or other women who weren't slaves.

I braced myself for the bitter resentment I expected this thought to bring, but to my surprise it never came. And, for the first time since I'd known Vinny, this thought didn't bother me at all.

It's just because I know I'm his now, I told myself. There's no longer any reason to be jealous.

He untied me, but left me wearing the same skirt as he took me out to his car and buckled me into the passenger seat. Once I was safely belted in, he secured my wrists with a pair of metal, police cuffs. Then he gagged me as well, but it felt more like an after thought-something he did just so he wouldn't have to think about what to say during the long drive.

When we got to his house, I noticed a number of changes and realized that I'd misjudged him. The 'other things' hadn't been other women. I felt guilty, realizing that I'd been ready to believe the worst, when he'd spent all this time getting his house ready for me to move in.

For the next several weeks, I spent my days cooking and cleaning for Vinny. When he'd let me, I woke him in the morning by sucking his cock. I served his meals and played three-dimensional sex games, while I waited for him to come home from work. He liked me to wear this sexy, little maid's uniform as I cleaned and cooked. I liked it too (except for when I was cooking) because it was obviously designed more for its visual appeal than practicality. At night, I usually slept at the foot of Vinny's bed-unless we had sex, then he'd let me sleep beside him. But as the days wore on, we had sex less often. And we almost never had an actual punishment session. Sometimes I would tie myself up just before he was scheduled to come home. The first time he just untied me, and the next time he didn't come home until very late and I was stuck in my bondage with nothing to do. I think he was going out to drink just so he could avoid me. Or perhaps he had a girlfriend on the side.

Vinny tried to explain away this lack of interest by saying that he was just worn out from too much work. But I didn't buy it. He seemed to want sex as much as I did. Sometimes I caught him looking at me wistfully, but I think he felt guilty about what he was doing. Not having sex was his way of coping. And each day, it was becoming a little more difficult to coax his cock out of his trousers.

And each day I felt a little less like trying.

I didn't see Daniel again for more than a week.

Answering the door had become one of my main slave duties so I was the first to see and greet him and when I finally did, it wasn't much of a surprise to me that his visit made me unusually happy.

When I opened the door he stood there for a moment admiring the cheerleading outfit I was wearing: Vinny hated the Dallas Cowboys, but it was one of the first cheerleading outfits I found when I was looking for something to wear during his games. I'd hoped it would distract him a little-or perhaps even anger him enough to discipline me, but he just looked at it and shook his head.

Daniel's response was much more satisfying.

"It's been quite a while since we've seen you," I said when I was done modeling it for him; and I couldn't keep the smile off my face. "So where the hell has my master-two been?"

"Obviously not here, disciplining you," he said with a disapproving scowl. "Or you'd have better manners when you answer the door."

"Sorry master," I bowed my head only slightly more submissively before looking up and rolling my eyes. "I'm out of practice, I guess," I said, "Vinny barely treats me like I'm a slave at all anymore."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Daniel said, giving me a mix between a sympathetic smile and an amused smirk. "I'm afraid my job forces me to travel. Sometimes I'm gone for as many as six to eight weeks."

"That's a long time for a slave to be on her own," I said with a demure little smile, "Plenty of time to develop some really bad habits."

Before he could respond, I turned and led him into the house. I remembered how much of an ass man he was, so I gave him a little show, swaying my ass as much as I could without dislocating my hip. Looking back over my shoulder, I said, "But when he does return, that just gives him that much more to discipline her for."

He seemed to be enjoying the show; and he nodded wisely at the wisdom of my logic.

Vinny was downstairs in the TV room. Lately, he'd been spending a lot of time on the couch there. He was a big football fan and liked to watch as many games as he could on the weekends. When we were dating, I hadn't realized he was such a big fan. I always just assumed he was religious and reserved Sundays for going to church, or something, so I'd known that Vinny would be watching some games-and even that he'd invited someone over.

I didn't know it was Daniel, however, and now I was wishing I'd thrown together something special, instead of just the chips and pretzels I had. I threw what was available into some large bowls and put together a small cooler with an assortment of pop and beer. Then I carried everything into the TV room. I set the bowls down on the coffee table and put the cooler beside Vinny's chair, on the side closest to Daniel.

"Are you boys sure this coffee table isn't a wee bit to hard for your tastes?" I asked, giving Daniel a smug wink. Like me, he was obviously remembering another game that we'd watched together.

"Quite being so silly," Vinny said as he grabbed a handful of chips and stuffed them into his mouth.

"Maybe you'd like me to massage your feet," I offered, as I knelt in front of him. Then I reached for his belt and began unbuckling it. "Or I could suck your cock."

"Good Lord, Beth," Vinny exploded, pushing my hand away. "Why don't you just... I don't know... go to your corner. Stop being such a nuisance and let us watch the game."

"I'm sorry, master." I said, giving him a slight bow.

As I backed away, I looked over at Daniel, to see how he was responding to my attempts and Vinny's rebuke. He was frowning as he looked at me thoughtfully. But I couldn't tell if he was feeling sympathetic or disappointed in me. His eyes gave nothing away.

By the time the game was over, I'd finally come to a decision that had been a long time in the making. More than just the last six weeks while Daniel had been away. The way I was feeling was something (which I realized now) had been brewing since that first moment when I expected to see Vinny and Daniel opened the door.

A good slave can't do justice to two masters, I thought, and in my heart, Daniel was my true master. He was the one I wanted to serve. He was the one who made me happy to suffer for him. He was the one who not only knew how to treat me like a slave, but also how to make me feel like I was beautiful and had value, even while doing so.

I wasn't sure if Daniel would want me. And perhaps that was why it had taken me so long to come to this decision; but whether he would take me or not, it was time to move on. I couldn't help remembering the Dado song I'd been listening to that day when Vinny offered to make me his slave.

I will go down with this ship

And I won't put my hands up and surrender

There will be no white flag above my door

I'm in love and always will be

Apparently, I'd been wrong. I'd thought the words of that song were true for me; that I'd always love Vinny and nothing could make me stop. But I'd been right about something else. I'd known that I was listening to that song so much that eventually it would grow stale and I'd never want to listen to it again, when I was finally done with it. And now, the time had definitely come when I'd had enough of the Vinny song. I'd saturated myself in his melody, and I didn't want to listen to it ever again.

If Daniel didn't want me, or if he was worried that he might loose Vinny as a friend, if he took me as his slave, then I'd find a new master. I wasn't finished with that melody. In fact, that one was just getting started.

Still, I was hesitant when it came time to tell Vinny. I wasn't sure if I should wait until after Daniel had left or do it while he was still in Vinny's house. It seemed impolite to 'break up' with Vinny in public; but on the other hand, I wasn't sure how he would react. Despite my slave contract, which gave me the right to end my servitude at any time, I was still a slave. If he kept me gagged and bound, there would be no way for me to let Daniel (or anyone else) know that I wanted out.

Ironically, if Vinny had been doing the things I was afraid he might do now all along, I never would have reached this conclusion. I could have been happy as his slave, if he treated me like a slave.

So, when the game was over, and Daniel was getting up to leave, I cleared my throat and said, "I have something I want to tell the both of you." Vinny was obviously more surprised than Daniel but they both looked at me expectantly. "I've decided to end my slave contract with Vinny."

Vinny smiled, as if a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders. "That's great!" He said, grabbing me in his arms and giving me an exuberant hug. "I never really wanted you to be my slave. I just... I know I didn't appreciate you then; I didn't realize how deep your love for me really was or how worthy you were of mine. But I do now. I love you Beth, and honestly I'm just so happy we can go back to the way things were before all of this began. You can't imagine how hard it's been, trying to treat you like..."

"I'm sorry, you don't understand," I said, pushing Vinny away. "I'm voiding the contract because I'm leaving you. I don't intend to give up on being a slave. You showed me that part of who I am and I'll always be grateful to you for that."

"What?" Vinny's face was pale. For a long moment he seemed to be too shocked to know what to say, but then he recovered. "But things can be perfect now, Beth; better than ever."

"I'm sorry, Vinny. You're a good man, but...

"Why? What did I do wrong?"

It was like my own words were being thrown back at me and it was both sad and a little satisfying at the same time. Now you know how I felt once, I thought. That was the satisfaction part, and even I recognized how unattractive and petty it was, but I couldn't help it. On the other hand, I also knew how he must have felt. And for that I'm sorry. But just like him, I couldn't force myself to feel things I didn't any more."

"You can't break up with me," Vinny said, "I'll... I'll..."

Even though he had no idea how to harness it, his voice sounded threaten now.

I remember feeling that too, I thought with regret, for I remembered going through that stage too. Although it took me a lot longer to get there.

"I'll send the pictures and videos we took of you to your family and friends," Vinny said.

"I thought you already did that," I said.

That flustered him a bit. "I... no! We took the pictures, but we didn't actually post them."

"Why not?"


I waited.

"I didn't think you'd really want me to," he finished lamely. "I loved you, I just... I didn't realize it then."

"No you didn't," I countered. "You threatened me with the pictures because you were trying to get rid of me. You were hoping, all along, that I'd back out and leave you alone. Well now I'm finally doing that."

"No, no, no," he moaned miserably. "Okay, I know I didn't love you then, but... but I do now. Over these last few weeks I've come to realize what I have in you and I..."

"Really?" I was actually surprised. "If that's true, then why have you been so... Vinny, trying to get into your pants these past few days has been harder than... "

He looked down, as if embarrassed. "I didn't want to do that to you when I knew you had no choice," Vinny said beseechingly. "I've been thinking about how I could bring up the subject of voiding your contract... but not because I still wanted us to break up. I've wanted things to go back to the way they were for weeks now..."

I just shook my head at the irony of it all. More than anything, he reminded me of a dog desperately wagging its tale when it hears its master approaching the door after a long day away at work. It was sad: I'd actually become the dominant one in our relationship and I didn't want that. I didn't want someone who would pamper me any more.

"Did it ever occur to you that I might have wanted you to post those pictures?"

"What?" This time, instead of going slack, his mouth fell open in stunned surprise.

"I didn't realize it myself at first," I admitted. "The idea that my parents might see what you were doing to me was terrifying and humiliating, but at the same time, my body was... exploding with the most intense sexual feelings." Vinny was looking at me in stunned silence, obviously having no clue what I was talking about; so I tried my best to explain. I'm not sure if I thought I owed him that much, or if I was doing it for Daniel's benefit: because I wanted him to understand. "It's like there's a connection between the blood flowing to my face and the warm sexual feelings that fill my clit. And I love the way that feels."

"How does it feel," Daniel asked.

I smiled at him. "Tight and throbbing," I said, "I can literally feel my sex bouncing and despite the pain and humiliation-or maybe because of it-that feels amazing."

"The more pain there is the more pleasure," Daniel said, as if confirming something he'd suspected all along. "It's like having to stand on your feet all day, and your feet hurt so, but when you finally take off your shoes..."

"I'm filled with this amazing feeling of euphoria."

"I didn't know," Vinny said, and I wasn't sure if the look of disgust on his face was for himself or me.

"Of course you didn't," I said, placing my hand on his cheek and shaking my head sadly. "I suspect that you really are a good person, but you were too busy thinking about how the things you were doing made you feel. You didn't pay attention to me, so it never occurred to you that I might actually want you to post those pictures. I want my friends and family to know what I am. I want them to know I'm a slave to the person I love, body, mind and soul... Unfortunately, Vinny, that person is no longer you."


Once again, I was in glorious pain.

More than three months had passed since I told Vinny I didn't want to be his slave and left him; and nearly two and a half of those months had been spent trying to convince Daniel to take me as his. It didn't take long to find a casual master on one of the local hook-up sites, but I was careful not to sign any long-term contracts. This was one of those try-before-you-sign places where tops and bottoms experimented with their own compatibility. It left me plenty of down time for my job, which I had to get to pay the bills, since I was back to living on my own again-at least for the time being.

I hadn't had any expenses while I was staying with Vinny-or earlier, when I was staying up at Daniels mansion-cabin in the woods-but my contract with Vinny hadn't specified any payments to me, either. So all I had was what I'd managed to save before becoming a slave, which wasn't much.

For nearly a month, I stayed at the cheapest economy lodge I could find-which still cost a lot more than a typical apartment; but at least I didn't have to sign a 12 month lease or come up with a deposit. Then I moved into a slave house: one of those prostitution places that specialized in bondage and provided the slaves on sight.

It took a while to find one that would take me, because I wasn't willing to sign a long term contract. So I wasn't getting paid much, but at least the money was coming in instead of just going out.

Money was a big part of what I needed to rectify. Even though I wouldn't be spending much (if any) money, as a 24/7 slave, this short break had shown me that I needed to prepare for the future. I wouldn't be young and attractive forever. With the abuse my body was taking, I might need the services of a regenie machine or even a full bio-morph to keep going this way for very long. Not to mention the fact that, eventually, I'd become old enough that I'd need a DNA-level bio-morph, if I didn't want to become unemployable as a slave. There's a reason you don't see many old hags with sagging breasts running around on all fours at the end of a puppy girl leash.

Slavery is a young girl's game.

And even though DNA-level bio-morphs are dropping in cost by tens of thousands of dollars every year, they still cost millions to get. The projects were that they'd bottom out somewhere around a half a million, as access to the machines became more readily available. But who knew if that would happen fast enough to let me afford getting one.

It would still be cheaper to buy and run one of those slave houses. It was amazing how many of them were run by former slaves.

That wasn't the main sticking point between Daniel and I coming to an agreement, however.

"I want to be your master," Daniel said during one of our negotiations, "But I'm not willing to give up my friendship with Vinny to do it."

"I don't see why you would have to," I said. "Vinny can still come and see me any time he wants. I'll even treat him as a second master, if you want me to; the way I did with you. Only I think I always thought of you as my true master, even when I was still in love with Vinny. All this would do is make it official."

"Make what official?"

"That I'm really yours and not his. I need to be a slave, but I want to belong to the one I love. And that's you."

"I'm not willing to do a contract like you did with Vinny, where you have the right to end it whenever you want."

"And I'm not willing to sign all my rights away without receiving some compensation-even if it's for you. So I guess we've both evolved a little."

"Vinny's not going to see it that way."

"Maybe if he's angry at me he'll be a better secondary master," I said, "The two of us didn't work out because he's basically too nice of a guy. He couldn't stand the sight of making me suffer. But I promise you, I won't have any difficulty servicing his needs, or treating him with the level of respect and deference that you want me to treat him with."

"I don't know. He's barely speaking to me as it is... just for talking to you."

"Invite him to your house. Hire me as your entertainment slave for a day. I can wear a mask so he doesn't know that it's me; and you can explain that it's therapy. Tell him it's to let him get all his frustrations out by beating on someone who looks like me, while she's tied and helpless. Then, when you're both done, you can remove the mask and reveal that it's really me."

So that's what we did.

Daniel had me all ready for when Vinny arrived. Waiting was the hardest part, for I was tied to a beam that was suspended from one of the fortified ceilings in his cabin. Daniel asked me to bend my knees so he could tie my feet to the beam behind me-focusing all of my weight onto my crotch. I couldn't even help support my weight, because my arms were already tied behind my back, in a tight little chest harness. Then he tied one end of a rope to the metal ring at the top of the face mask's straps and wrapped the other end around the beam-pulling me into an uncomfortable back bend, with all of my weight being supported by the beam I was sitting on. Only then did he give me some additional support by tying a rope to my chest harness and another rope around my waist to take some of the pressure off my poor little pussy and my back.

The few minutes while I waited for those ropes were easily the most difficult moments I'd been forced to endure as a slave-but I reveled in every moment of it.

I hung from the beam, just like that, while Daniel went up and answered the door; and as he brought Vinny into the room and explained how his plan was designed to let Vinny vent his anger and begin the healing process of forgetting about me.

They beat me for what seemed like hours. Long and glorious hours where my body was constantly screaming with the pleasure of unending pain-pain that I offered, like a sacrament of sacrifice to my new master.

When Daniel finally untied me and removed my mask, I spent the next several minutes groveling and worshiping at Vinny's feet, begging him to let me suck his cock. And when he agreed to let me, it was actually the happiest I'd been since becoming a slave, for I knew it meant that Vinny had accepted my new role.

I would happily service him (or anyone else Daniel chose) but only Daniel would be my true master from now on.

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