Just One Week
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  • Post Date - 2/21/2019

Author's Note: The old truth applies: Be careful what you ask for...

This is not (quite) a true story, but it is one that could happen and most parts of it has actually happened. It has the element of consent in it, but from the perspective that consent is given once and can't then be withdrawn until terms have been met. Where the story references real events, names have been changed to protect the (not so) innocent.

When fantasy meets reality, fantasy has to yield. What you asked for, you may be getting - or not.

Chapters 1 - The Party

I noticed her immediately. How could one not notice? Apart from shiny steel cuffs around her wrists and ankles and a tall, shiny steel posture collar, she wore nothing. Still she carried herself around the room without hesitation, serving drinks from a tray she carried balanced on all five fingers, held above her shoulder. She wore no heels, but she walked on her toes, making her legs look even longer than the gracious long legs nature had given her. Her black hair flowed freely over her shoulders, reaching down beyond her pert butt. Her breasts were firm, and well proportioned for her body, giving a slight bounce with each step she took. Her pubic area was clean shaven, and I could see glistering moisture on the inside of her thighs.

Many tried to speak to her, but she never made any verbal response, just a slight nod of her head, limited strongly by the steel posture collar.

A man approached her, he did not look very impressive, he was skinny, had medium length black hair with a hair-do that most reputable saloons would strongly deny that they ever had their hands on. His face was long and pale, his nose dominated his face because of its tall ridge and length. His eyes were set close to the nose, his mouth was small. He was of medium height. Seeing him in a bar, I would never have noticed him. But the way he moved carried great authority. He radiated power.

The girl fell to her knees upon seeing him, bending her upper body slightly forwards to avoid any chance of eye contact. He took her serving tray and placed it on a nearby table. She assumed the submit position and remained motionless. I was drawn to the scene like a moth to a candle.

I am not bad looking. I am 1.73 meters tall, have long, blonde hair reaching down to the middle of my back. My breasts are on the large side, although nowhere as large as many others at the BDSM party. They are still firm, mostly thanks to time spent in the gym.

I walked up to the man and introduced myself, stretching out my hand for a handshake.

"Hi, I have not seen you here before, my name is Ann, and I must say that I am most impressed with the discipline of your slave. She is a beautiful beast." The moment I said that I heard how awkward it sounded. I probably broke half a dozen protocols in approaching him so boldly. But he smiled, gave a slight nod and put the fingers of his hands together, like in a Japanese greeting. My outstretched hand was left in mid air until I brought it back to the side of my body, blushing slightly.

"Jason. Sir Jason to you. From your outfit I assume you are a submissive."

Now that was not a hard guess, as I wore a steel collar, wrist and ankle cuffs and had a ball gag hanging around my neck. I also had five-inch heels, locked on with a pair of padlocks. I wore a white leather bikini and top. But I had the keys to all my restraints in my bag in the wardrobe.

"Kneel if you want to talk - nadu position," he said, loud enough for me to hear, but quiet enough for all else to not hear. I assumed the nadu position and made sure to spread my knees well. Men seemed to enjoy that.

"You approached me, what do you want?" I looked briefly up and saw an amused smile on his face. I quickly lowered my eyes again.

I stuttered a little. I had lost control over the situation rather quickly. "Eh - well I saw your slave and yourself and I was impressed and..."

"You wish you were in her position." It was not a question. I blushed. Trying to regain control, I blurted out: "Well, eh - I am fascinated by her and - oh - what is her name?"

"She has no name. She is a slave. That is how she is addressed. I am sure you have many questions. This is not the time and place. If you are a serious submissive and don't just wear your restraints because you think they are sexy, then we can talk when this event is over. Are you serious?"

Now I was on the defensive. "Well - yes - I guess - I was really intrigued by the way your -eh - slave carried herself and the drinks, and the way you two interact and..." I kept blabbering, but Jason interrupted me: "Gag yourself then and wear the gag until the event is over".

I was blushing red but got that much too large ball past my teeth and into my mouth. He was right, the gag was for show. I had, until now, had no intention of wearing it. It was a lockable gag. Once it was strapped in place, he brought out a small padlock and locked it on me.

"Take off the top," he said, and before I could even think, I felt my own hands behind my back, unclasping the bra. My breasts fell a little down, but I was proud to sat that they were not sagging. My nipples pointed slightly up. He brought out a pair of clover clamps linked with a chain.

"You will wear these too, they only come off after we have talked later". Before I could even grunt a protest, my nipples hurt like they were on fire.

"Stand." I got to my feet, tears in my eyes from the pain in my nipples.

He spun me around and fastened my hands behind my back. I heard the click of a lock. I really wanted those clamps off, like really badly. They were so painful.

"We will talk later unless you remove any of the restraints. The nipple clamps will stop hurting after a while. If you are serious, you will endure. If not, well come to me and I will release you."

With that he left me standing there, in the middle of the floor. A small movement of his hand got his slave to her feet and they both disappeared in the crowd.

"Oh cool, awesome nipple clamps, they must hurt a lot!" A lady spoke behind me, moved up to my side and gave the chain a playful tug. She giggled and moved on. My eyes were shooting daggers at her. But she was just the first one. It seemed like all guests wanted to give my chain a tug. I was in tears.

Two hours later, the event was winding down and people started leaving. I was in severe pain from a cramped jaw, but thankfully my nipples were not hurting so much anymore. I finally spotted Jason and his slave. He motioned me over and pointed to the floor. I got into the nadu position and remained motionless. He said goodbye to several guests, and I realized that this house was his, and that he really was the host of the event.

"You endured. I promised you to talk. So, I will talk."

I grunted, and he smiled. "I said nothing about you talking, so the gag stays on. I bet you regret that big ball now.

"Slave here has been through years of training. She now obeys blindly and perfectly. She is one in a million that has it in them to become true slaves. Still, she has one word that she can say, and I will release her the same second, she utters it. It has consequences though, as she will never be my slave again. She therefore choses to be my slave. Real slavery is anyhow illegal, and I would never submit a person to that.

You approached me, accepted to wear nipple clamps and an over-sized ball gag and made no attempt to escape. That tells me that you may be serious. But so has several others been. What you did today opened a door. Let me explain a bit more what awaits on the other side of the door. If I am to let you try out, you will be offered one week, nothing more, nothing less. At the end of the week, you will leave and spend a week reflecting before we possibly proceed. However - during that week with me you will have no safeword, no way out. If I see signs you are in real medical distress, I will of course deal with that. You will not be permanently marked or permanently harmed in any way.

You will be wearing the same type of cuffs that slave wears. The collar has batteries. It has electrodes. The cuffs have inertia switches and position switches. They report to the logic of the collar. Through the remote, I can give you shocks through the collar. I can set the collar so that if you move any of your limbs, even a fraction of an inch, the collar will shock you. And believe me, the pain from the collar will be right up there with the worst a human can endure and remain sane. The collar also has a microphone. You can be forbidden to speak with a few pushes on my remote, or you can be given a limited allowed vocabulary. You will not speak before asked. Slave here got her last shock for disobedience more than a year ago. She is still shocked once per week to remind her of the pain though. That is our weekly ritual. I ask her if she wants to continue. If she answers yes, she is shocked.

I know this is a lot to take in, please nod your head if you understand it all."

I nodded. More eagerly than needed. Take it in? The masochist in me was in overdrive. I had forgotten the nipple clamps and the oversized ball gag. This was serious stuff. If I did not try it, I would forever regret.

"Slave here is in isolation and she can't speak without being shocked. If you accept a week here, you will be in isolation too. It will be harsh. You will not be able to avoid shocks. Oh, and you will be locked in a chastity belt. Nod if you understand".

I nodded again, a bit more controlled this time. This was scary but really interesting. The chastity belt was a bummer, I had somehow counted on being able to finger myself in between, to release endorphin to sooth any pain, but hey, in for a penny, in for a pound.

"This talk has been video and sound recorded. I have to do so to protect myself against people that misuse the "MeeTo" campaign. Nod if you understand."

I nodded, not really caring. My head was in the clouds. So far, the strongest kick I ever got was when I lost my keys and spent 18 hours restrained on my bed before my dorm-mate at university returned and freed me. She was not into kink and changed room after that incident. I became more careful. My release mechanisms became more elaborate and reliable. But I never got the same kick as when I lost the keys.

"Do you want to proceed?"

I nodded.

"Now you have a life, a job and a family. You need to take a week of vacation. Nod the number of weeks until you can take your vacation".

I nodded twice.

"Good, then it is settled. Come here Friday in two weeks, be here by 20:00." Without any warning, he removed my nipple clamps, and I cried out in pain.

"Crying is a luxury you will not be given the week you are here. The ball gag will not be needed, although I may put it on for decoration. After the first shock, you will make every effort to be quiet."

Again, I nodded.

"Stand and face away from me." I obeyed, and he removed the ball gag and unlocked my hands. "Make sure that someone knows where you are going to be that week. Make them understand that you will be unreachable. You can bring your cellphone, but you will not be able to respond or see messages before the week is over. And remember - you are in for the full week, no matter what you say or do."

"Yes," I responded meekly, and was rewarded with a swift slap on my butt. "Yes, Sir". This time there was no slap.

"You will, during the week, address me as Master. There are three sentences you need to know, as they will be the only ones you are allowed to say at any time without being shocked: "Yes, Master", "No Master" and "Thank you Master." Now be on your way and make preparations for the week."

I got my clothing and gear gathered, Jason called a taxi, and soon I was on my way home. The taxi driver tried to get a conversation going, but I was not in the mood, and he eventually shut up after going all grumpy on me. I over-tipped him, and that put some smile-like grimace back on his face. He even offered to carry my bag upstairs, something I of course declined.

After he drove off, I crossed the street to the other side where my apartment really was, got upstairs and got inside. It was nearly 2 am, but I could not sleep. First of all, I was not tired. Then it was a matter of my hurting jaw and nipples. I was not new to chastity belts. In fact, I had a few, carefully tweaked to fit my body perfectly. I looked at all three. The Neosteel one would fit under clothing without being too visible. I locked it on before I could reconsider. Then I got out an envelope, some stamps and wrote the address to Master Jason on it. Still dazed by my own actions, I got downstairs and out, and put the envelope with the keys in the mailbox a block down the street. When I came back upstairs, I was shaking from excitement, but the unforgiving steel of the belt kept my hands away from the sensitive spots. I knew from experience that even the vibrator could not give me proper release, so I did not even try. The last thing I needed now was to become more aroused.

Chapter 2 - Day 1

I left work at 17:00 sharp. All arrangements were made, an envelope with the story deposited with my lawyer with an instruction to open the envelope if I was not back as agreed. I was not very worried though, I was simply following instructions. I told my friends and family that I was at some high-intensity management training and could not be contacted before the week was up. They wished me the best of luck.

I had been very uncertain of what to wear, but in the end, I settled on my red fox fur coat - thigh high boots with extreme heels - and of course the chastity belt. By now I was so aroused that just putting on the fur coat sent shudders through me. I drove my own car there, and as I approached the garage door opened and I parked in the garage. I was at the door at 19:58 and waited exactly two minutes before ringing the bell.

The slave opened the door. Without a word, she turned around and I followed. We entered a room near the front door. She pointed to a pile of restraints on a table. I removed the fur coat and the boots, placing the coat on a hanger on the wall in that room. I then put the restraints on one by one. They all fit tightly and clicked locked. The posture collar was really restrictive, forcing my chin up, holding my head in an unyielding grip. The slave clipped a lead to the front of the collar and tugged me along. The not too gentle tugs on the leash told me that slave did not really like me. Or maybe it was just a way for her to establish some superiority.

Jason was sitting behind a desk in the main living room. As we entered, Master Jason pointed to the front of the desk, and slave clipped a short leash to a ring bolt down by the floor, forcing me into a kneeling position with my head close to the floor. My butt was sticking up in the air.

"So, there you are, looking good and ready."

"Yes", I answered, but strong shocks hit my throat and neck, and I cried out in pain, triggering more shocks. I have no idea how much time passed, but eventually I managed to stifle my cries, and the pain went away. I was sweating all over and trembling from the after effects of the pain.

"Yes, Master, thank you Master" I managed to utter. That brought no new shocks.

"That was lesson one. The next lesson is a bit more difficult. I will ask you some questions. The answer will be either "Yes Master" of "No Master". The trick is of course that I know the answers, and if you answer untruthfully, you will be shocked. Do you understand the lesson?"

"Yes, Master".

"If you delay answering, you will also be shocked. Do you understand that?"

"Yes, Master".

"Have you followed my instructions to the point in setting up our meeting?"

"Yes, Ma..." I cried out in pain, earning more shocks, struggling to keep my cries under control."

"Did I tell you to put on a chastity belt?"

"No Master".

"Did you disobey me in doing so?"

"Yes, Master".

"Must disobedience in a slave be punished?"

"Yes, Master". And without thinking, I added "Thank you Master" - but got no shocks for that.

"I think twenty strokes with the cane will do. Do you agree?"

"Yes, Master, thank you Master". It was at that moment my butt felt like it was on fire. Unheard to me the slave had taken up position behind me and hit me with all she had right on the back of my thighs. Before I could react, she hit again. By the third stroke I cried out and was rewarded by severe shocks. I tried to cover my sore thighs with my hands, but that led to more shocks and more crying out. By the time the 20 strokes were done, I was a trembling heap of pain.

"You really did not listen, did you? That was a very unnecessary punishment. You are not to move your limbs without permission. You must be far less vocal when punished. You must listen to every word I say. You must obey blindly. Do you understand this?"

"Yes, Master".

"Now - good. Nadu. Let me talk."

The slave unclipped my leash and I got up into the nadu position, making sure my legs were spread well. I was still breathing heavily from the pain.

"Your week has started. Good slaves have superb self-control. You don't. Unless you learn, the week will be really painful for you."

Painful? What the fuck! It was plenty painful already.

"Arms to the side, parallel with the floor, don't move."

I obeyed without hesitation. As I was left kneeling with my outstretched arms, they started feeling more and more heavy. Soon my arms were shaking from fatigue. I knew it was just a matter of time before I could not hold them up no more and would be getting the shocks in my collar. But I kept holding them out long after I believed I could not. And then Master Jason finally allowed me to lower them.

"You have stamina. It was fun to watch how your breasts were jittering as you struggled to keep position. We must play more with this later."

"Yes, Master, thank you Master".

"The first 24 hours are always spent in the isolation hood, so let us not waste any more time in getting that on," Master Jason said, and the slave started pulling a thick, heavily padded hood over my face. My hair was fed through an opening in the back and formed into a braid. The hood attached to the posture collar, and I assumed it also locked. All sounds became muffled and no light penetrated the hood. My ears were filled with white noise. After only seconds, the hood started feeling stuffy, but breathing was unobstructed through a large grommet hole in the mouth area. 24 hours? I was absolutely in over my head here, and with no safeword! Jeeves, what a fool I had been. I tried to raise my hands to feel the hood, but the shocks stopped me. I barely managed not to cry out.

It had started dawning on me how helpless I was. Rebellion had no purpose except create more pain. I was totally at the mercy of someone I could not control, nor manipulate. I had to take what was coming my way and take it all. Without a single word of protest, without a single whimper of pain. I even had to say thank you. For a full week. The realization almost had me cry out in frustration, but I managed to stop the cry before it made it past my throat. While my mouth was free, I still had to keep quiet.

"Are you comfortable?"

"No Master".

"Good! Do you want to be released?

"No Master".

"Enjoy your week."

"Thank you Master."

Time lost all meaning. I was not sure if I was awake or asleep. Much as I wanted, I dared not use my hands to touch the hood. Slave had put me on my back on some bed like surface, then stretched my limbs out to the sides, so I was in an X-shape. My limbs were numb. My world was dark. The white noise in my ears drowned out all sound from outside the hood. I needed to pee, and I was fighting a losing battle against my bladder.

Someone touched me, moved my arms down my side, brought my legs together. I wondered if I was just dreaming. I was helped to my feet, a leash clipped to my collar and I followed the not too gentle tug on the leash. My legs struggled to keep me upright. We went down some stairs. The leash was clipped somewhere high, forcing me up on my toes.

I was totally unprepared when ice cold water hit me from all sides of my body. I screamed and was shocked. I screamed more, and more shocks followed. I did five cycles before I managed to regain control and stop my screams just short of the sixth. My teeth were clattering, I was shaking and more or less hanging from the front leash of my collar. The water stopped, someone used a coarse sponge to soap me in, then the cold water was back, rinsing the soap off.

I have no idea how long I was left there, I was cold, miserable and wanted to get out of this darn hood, these darn restraints, this darn house. I noticed that my bladder was no longer full, I must have emptied it when the cold water hit.

After what could have been half an hour, or possibly hours, I was unclipped from the leash point in the shower and placed in a standing position with my legs spread and my wrists crossed above my head. The chastity belt was removed. Someone then rubbed me down with a towel. I assumed it was slave, as the person was not gentle at all. A hand moved to my vagina and fingers were pushed in. I was finger fucked to within seconds of an orgasm. Then a new chastity belt was locked on me. This belt had two plugs that were pushed into me without any ceremony. The rear plug hurt a lot and made me feel all full like if I needed to take a dump. My braid was undone, and a hair dryer was used. I loved the warmth of the hair dryer whenever the air touched my body. She left my hair unbraided.

Chapter 3 - Day 2

I have no idea how the night and following day passed. I was back on my back, on some mattress, arms and legs stretched far out to the sides, and unable to move them at all without feeling the horrifying shocks. Because I was laying on top of my free-flowing hair, I frequently felt it tugging on my scalp. Time lost all meaning. At one point I was given a drink and potty break. Then it was back on the mattress, spread out and held by my own will not to move. The hood was clammy and sweat stung in my eyes. I started hearing things, voices, music. But when I tried to focus on the words, all I heard was the white noise. Despite being able to move my arms and legs, I had never felt more helpless in my life. And it was dawning on me that this may just be a warm-up.

Hands moved my wrists to my chest. I felt straps being undone on the hood. I finally saw light. The white noise faded. The slave helped me to my feet and guided me back to the room where Master Jason waited. I struggled to walk and needed help to prevent me from falling over. I somehow managed to kneel in front of Master, and again my head was locked close to the ground.

"Did you sleep well?"

"No Master".

"A slave must be able to sleep hooded. We will practice more as the week goes by."

"Thank you Master." I could not believe it. I thanked him for keeping me hooded and ruining my sleep.

"The guests are soon arriving, slave was struggling a bit to keep up with the drinks last time as there was just so many guests. Now you will be two. No talk. Walk with grace. The chastity belt comes off for the evening. If you bring your hands below your waistline at any point, you will be shocked. So far, the shocks have been at level 50, to get you used to them. This evening I will increase to 60. Walk proudly. Don't drop anything. Head high. Chest out. That is about all."

He got up and left the room. Slave unclipped my leash and I followed her into the kitchen. She unlocked the chastity belt and put it to one side. After having the plugs in so long, I felt empty. I was stark naked save from the restraints. My head was held straight ahead and up. And I was pretty sure I was supposed to walk on my toes.

Slave gave me an evil grin and brought out the hatred nipple clamps. I wanted to protest but did not want to learn what level 60 shocks felt like. The clamps hurt like they did yesterday and brought tears to my eyes. Slave was not done, she attached two weights to the chain. I nearly cried out.

Guests were milling into the combined living room, library and patio. The summer night was warm, so being naked outside was not a problem. I moved to pick up a tray, forgot the warning, brought my wrists below my waistline and doubled over in pain from the collar. I screamed and got more pain. I tried to hold back the next scream, but only partially succeeded. The third scream never came out of my mouth. That was in itself a miracle. Level 60 was really beyond human endurance, and I was shaking and sweating.

I watched slave kneel by the kitchen bench, pick up the tray and start walking out among the guests. I copied her movements, and soon I was making my rounds withy my drink tray. As soon as it was empty, I returned to the kitchen to pick up a new, and a new and a new.

I was on my fifth tray when I felt a sharp tug on my nipple chain.

"Ann? Is that you? Whow! That looks so sexy. You are wonderfully restrained! Oh, you have the motion sensitive restraints on, poor you". The voice belonged to Beatrice, a friend of mine - well - maybe former friend if she did not soon let go of my nipple chain!

"Oh, let me look at you," - she used the nipple chain to pull me closer. I struggled to keep on my toes and to keep the serving tray level.

"Absolutely uber-sexy. And you are so enjoying this!" She pushed two fingers into me and triumphantly held up the glistering fingers in front of my face. Then she picked a glass from the tray and dropped it on the floor while staring me in my eyes.

"Clumsy slave! Those glasses are very expensive!"

The room became all silent. Everybody was looking at me and the glass on the floor. Master Jason made his way over, grabbed my tray, put it on a buffet table and pulled me harshly by the nipple chain into the kitchen. Once in there, he got a chain from the ceiling, attached it to the chain and pulled it so far up that I could barely stand on my toes. My nipples felt like they were about to be pulled off. I could not help giving out a whimper, which gave me a shock, which made me scream, triggering a new shock. I only managed to gain control on the fifth round, but now I was on my toes, held up by the nipple chains.

My mind was raging. There was no way I could hold this position for long, but nobody was paying me any attention.

"Oh, that was so entertaining you know," Beatrice whispered in my ear. She was almost purring. "Too bad Jason forbid me to touch you. Now you enjoy your predicament and I will enjoy the party, slave. She ignored Jason's order and gave me a stinging slap on my butt. Compared to other pains I had experienced, it was like a mosquito bite.

Shortly after, Jason was back. "Other guests saw what happened. Beatrice's Master has her punished now, you can continue to serve," he said and unhooked the nipple chain from the ceiling chain. No apology. No "I'm sorry". No ease of my tortures.

"Thank you Master" i whispered. I simply did not have a voice left to speak at full volume. I picked up a tray and went back to serving. I saw that Beatrice was strapped on a frame, bent by her waist, naked butt in the air and a mean looking cane hanging from a hook on the frame. She was clearly no longer enjoying the party. I saw several people pick up the cane and land a few swings on her very red striped butt. From her muffled cries it was obvious she was gagged. I just wished I could use my own hands to swing the cane, because then her cries would have been too loud to be muffled.

I was frequently felt up and quickly realized that the lack of a chastity belt was to enable just that. The nipple chain was used to hold me still. There were several that had very skilled fingers, but they all stopped short of sending me into orgasmic bliss. As the evening passed, I became more and more frustrated and tears came into my eyes whenever someone grabbed my nipple chain.

The party wound down. People left. Beatrice was released after her Master had taken twenty hard swings at her already bruised and welted bottom. She struggled to stand, and I failed to stifle a snigger and got badly shocked. I did keep my position and managed not to cry out, so it was just the one shock. Her master removed a huge gag from her mouth, and drool fell on the floor. He had to halfway carry her. As they passed me, she whispered: "You are so going to regret this!"

That was so unfair that I nearly protested verbally. I wanted to tell Master Jason, but I was not allowed speech. Beatrice was after revenge - for something I did not do, and I could tell nobody. I sincerely hoped that we would not meet again until my week was over.

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