Stress Test
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  • Post Date - 3/26/2019

Author's Note: In a world where virtual reality rules supreme, Casey uses an artificial double to safely suffer through some of the worst tortures a woman could ever experience. She loves every second of it.

Warning: This story contains very extreme, over-the-top depictions of BDSM and torture. It is a work of pure fantasy. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

Casey lived in a world where virtual reality ruled supreme. Centuries of technological advances had allowed computers to become capable of replicating practically any sensation the human body could possibly experience. Simulated cyberspace was nearly indistinguishable from reality. Everybody owned a virtual reality headset. It was practically impossible to function in modern society without one.

In this world, the most popular sex toy was without a doubt the Plugin-Plays, elegant androids that users could mentally possess through their virtual reality headsets. Beautiful, tireless, and very customizable, Plugin-Plays let adults engage in whatever erotic pleasures they wished through their own artificial doubles. They were quite widespread, to the point where there were more couples with a pair of Plugin-Plays than without.

It was also well-known that Plugin-Plays were easy to retrofit, even those that were clearly not meant to be modified. Easily hacked and repurposed software, an overabundance of documented bugs within the code, hardware vulnerabilities, all that and more could be found in nearly every Plugin-Play on the market. Corporate regulations let manufacturers get away with guarding against only the most obvious avenues of attack, and all too often features and functions were included without appropriate amounts of testing. It was a problem the big businesses did their best to ignore, because the alternative would require harder work and stricter standards.

Casey knew everything there was to know about breaking apart Plugin-Plays. She made a living buying old and damaged Plugin-Plays, refurbishing them, and then selling the end result for a tidy profit. There wasn't any internal security she couldn't circumvent or any hardware she couldn't physically alter. It was an easy way to make money. Most customers were willing to pay premium prices for remodeled Plugin-Plays, especially if they wanted her to include any custom modifications. She had plenty of business.

Nobody knew about Casey's second job. It was a carefully hidden secret, in large part because it was incredibly illegal. She would take a doll and adjust their control schemas, making it so that the mind link could be initiated and sustained without the user's permission. Alter how the toy transmitted physical sensations, change what the machine considered user privileges, and that left Casey with a Plugin-Play that could be used as an outright tool of torture. Then, when the lights were off and she was done for the day, she would load the modified Plugin-Play into her van and take it to a special mansion, an estate built deep in the woods. It was far away from prying eyes. She'd hand off the Plugin-Play to a group of very serious men, be given money, and leave. She always came home well rewarded for what was at most a few hours of extra work.

But sometime she drove over without a Plugin-Play. Sometimes she'd park her car in one of their large garages and let those men escort her into the building. She would be taken down into the basement, where there were no windows and a large number of doors that could only be opened with special keycards. Oftentimes she would be locked inside a small guest room and be left to wait with nothing but a few books and bare furniture to keep her company. Then, once everything was ready, she would be escorted to a studio set, a large and well-lit room that held many men and many cameras. She would be loaded into one of her own modified Plugin-Plays, her real body would be set aside, and Casey would become Rose, the star of some of the most extreme torture porn ever to grace the internet.

Nobody in Casey's life suspected she was secretly a masochistic porn star. How could they? The mere idea was preposterous. Still, if any of her friends or family were ever to find out, Casey would be the first to admit that she was a sick fuck. She was borderline addicted to the sexual rush pain brought her. She loved it when men she barely knew tied her down and forced her to suffer through some of the worst cruelties a woman could possibly experience.

Casey knew this wasn't the healthiest thing in the world, but in her mind that was life in a nutshell.

One night, Casey found herself lounging on a small couch in the back corner of the room that held the studio set. She was wearing nothing but a virtual reality helmet, practically naked in all but name, and was being entirely ignored by the two dozen men in the room with her. Some were hustling and bustling, some dutifully manned the diverse collection of recording equipment. Others stood by the laptops scattered across the long line of nearby tables. The floor was scuffed and scarred concrete, the walls were rough stone, and all the lights in the room were beaming down on the Plugin-Play laid across the padded table in the center of the set.

The doll was quite pretty. It had tan brown skin, long black hair, and came with a respectably large chest and ass. Its flawlessly gorgeous face held thick lips, sensual olive eyes, and a cute button nose. In Casey's opinion, the Plugin-Play was an indisputable ten out of ten. Casey would know, she had put it together herself. She always paid special attention to the bodies she planned to have used on herself.

Derrick, the leader of the group and a very recognizable baritone, spoke up from the far side of the room, beyond her sight. "Alright, is everybody good to go?"

He was met with various sounds of agreement.

"Great. Rose, are you ready?"

Casey licked her lips. "Yeah."

"Wonderful. We're going to start the upload procedure. Hold on for a minute."

Two of the computer people started typing and clicking away. The rest kept still. Casey laid back and tried to relax.

Casey knew that loading her mind into the Plugin-Play was actually very simple. Most of the men at the computers were there for monitoring and safety purposes. Once she was inside the android, they would be able to use the machine to read her emotions and parse through her surface thoughts. Pretty much everything inside her head would be laid out in plain view. It was an extreme invasion of privacy, and wildly illegal, but the men were there for a good reason. They had been given the job of ensuring the upcoming torture never went beyond the limit of what she was capable of enduring. They would cut the show short if things went too far.

As a side benefit, they would also be able to record her mental reaction. All of her thoughts and feelings, everything that passed through her head during every second of excruciating pain, would be immortalized in digital format and bundled with every video sold. This would both be proof that genuine torture was being inflicted on a real woman and add an additional voyeuristic component to the shoot, which would draw in more customers. Casey found it all very invasive, and also quite humiliating in an exhibitionist sort of way. That was why Casey liked it. It appealed to her masochism.

"Upload is ready," Derrick announced. "We're about to begin. Starting on three, two, one."

Casey's conscious fluttered. She fell asleep.

Then she was awake, in what felt like a second later. Now she was on her back, with her head tilted to the side and her arms and legs ramrod straight. Casey blinked, frowned, and then very quickly realized that she couldn't move her body. She could control her face just fine, but nothing else would respond.

Casey took stock of the situation. She was on the padded table in the middle of the set. Red lights had sprung up in the gloom. They must have started recording when she was out, which meant an unknown amount of time had passed. She could just barely spot the edge of Derrick's body standing in front of the table. He was partway through some sort of speech, his attention entirely focused on the cameras. Casey listened, and she realized he was telling the audience why she couldn't move.

"Full body paralysis is a common technique for controlling unconsenting victims. They don't have a hope in hell once their body is rendered nonresponsive. They won't get away, no matter what you do to them." Derrick turned. "And look who's up! Rise and shine, girl."

Derrick slapped Casey's tit. It was a powerful blow, a sharp meaty thud that quickly blossomed into a surprisingly intense bloom of pain. It hurt a lot more than what Casey would have expected. She only then remembered that she had modified this Plugin-Play to feel much more sensitive than the average human body.

Derrick strolled around the table, toward her head, and fully entered her field of vision. He wore a blue and black stagehand's outfit, one that covered him head to toe in thick cloth, and he had a silver ball mask hiding his face from view. Barely any of his dark chocolate skin could be seen. The costume made him look remarkably intimidating, especially with his heavy leather boots thumping against the ground with each step.

Derrick reached out and lifted Casey's arm. When he let go, her arm remained in place, still up in the air. "Locking her out of her own body is pretty bad, but it gets even worse when you learn about some of the special features of this model. See, this Plugin-Play is very flexible. It's capable of holding some incredibly extreme poses. Doesn't matter how nasty a stress position it is, doesn't matter how long we want her to stay in place. She'll stay in place until the end of time. Won't ever lose balance. That happened with some of the older models, when too much strain was put on the joints."

Derrick pulled her legs apart, giving the cameras a clear view of her bare pussy. It was visibly wet, clearly broadcasting her enthusiasm. The body wasn't even faking anything, Casey really was that excited. "The best part," Derrick continued, "is that muscle strain is still being accurately modeled. If I make Rose squat, her legs will feel uncomfortable, and the pain will get worse the longer she holds the pose. It'll hurt just as much as it would in a natural body. That pain is usually kept capped at a low threshold, mostly for safety reasons, but we got rid of that. No reason to give this slut an easy break."

Derrick slapped her pussy, hard and fast. It forced a surprised shriek out of Casey.

"Oh, she still has her voice. Turn that off, guys?"

Buttons were pressed. Something twitched inside Casey's throat. A few seconds of experimentation showed that she no longer had the ability to make noise. She still had control of her mouth, though.

"Well," Derrick said, as he lightly trailed his fingers down her stomach, "I think it's time we go ahead and break this bitch. Let's get started, shall we?"

Derrick bent down. On the far side of the table, out of view from the camera and Casey's line of sight, was a pile of sex toys and general BDSM equipment. She was pretty sure everything he'd need for the shoot was there. She had gotten a glimpse of it while she had been waiting on the couch, but she had not been in a good spot to see anything specific. That was fine. Casey enjoyed surprises.

Derrick came back up with two thick handfuls of white sticky shock pads with thin wires trailing out the far end. He stuck them all over her stomach, the sides of her breasts, the underside of her breasts, and the skin above her mound. A few more were pasted across her inner thigh.

Then came a long cord of nylon rope. Derrick wrapped a loop around the base of each breast, then slowly tightened and layered the loop as he threaded the rope around her shoulders and across her back. He was making a harness, slowly constricting the rope as he worked, and it was squeezing her tits harder with each pass. Derrick kept going, even when her breasts began to bulge out. He didn't stop until there was an almost obscene amount of pressure clenching down on the base of her breasts.

"You don't have to worry about damaging a model like this," Derrick said offhandedly. "The body is built to last. Very durable. You can treat one of these much rougher than you ever could a real girl. See these tits? There's no blood flow, so you'll never get that nice bruised color, but Rose is definitely getting the real experience. It feels the same."

Derrick pushed Casey's arms against her sides and nonchalantly flipped her body over. Her stomach hit the padded table with a heavy thud. Derrick gave her ass a friendly slap, then grabbed hold of her waist and pulled her butt into the air. The hard upward angle he placed her ass, outward thrusted as it was, curved her lower back like a stretching cat. Next, he spread her legs, stretching them so far apart that she was almost doing a perfect split. It put her pussy and asshole on full display. Then he folded up her legs, pressing thigh against calf, and forced Casey onto her knees. Her feet were positioned so the soles faced the ceiling.

Casey's arms were next. Derrick took her wrists and pulled them towards her ass, as far as they could go. This arched her shoulders and bent her upper back, to the point where her body bowed like a shallow bowl, and let Derrick pull Casey's hands within reach of her legs. He wrapped her fingers around her ankles, making sure it was the tightest grip possible, before letting go. He laughed at the sight. It looked like she was the one keeping her legs spread.

For the final touch, he pulled Casey's hair. This tilted her head painfully far back, so that her face pointed up towards the ceiling at a shallow angle. When he let go, her hair slid down onto her back, soft and gentle as silk. Everything else stayed in place.

Derrick looked over Casey's body. He pursed his lips, then spent another minute adjusting Casey's pose. He tapped her waist higher up, leaned down on the arch of her back, pressed her stomach farther back. It was an exaggeration of her already punishing position, and he kept at it until her body was stretched out to the absolute limit that it was capable of. He also made sure that her breasts and her knees held all of her weight, with no other body part touching the table. Only then was he satisfied.

For Casey, the end result was incredibly painful. The breast bondage was bad by itself, but the weight of her body pushing down on her bound breasts made things infinitely worse. Her tits were in agony. Casey would have been groaning and moaning if she hadn't been forced to remain silent. As things were now, all she could do was grimace.

"Look at this," Derrick murmured. "Look at how extreme this pose is. It's basically a hogtie. Look at her arms, her legs, that back. Everything's stretched out. That has to hurt, yeah? Especially with those nice tits. You usually need rope to keep someone in a pose like this. But not for Rose, oh no. She'll just stay in place. She doesn't have any other choice."

More shock pads were taken out. Some went onto her outer thighs, a few on her calves. Four were spread across the soles of her feet. Her asscheeks were practically buried underneath a thick layer of pads. Another minute was spent carefully tidying up all the loose wires, making it so nothing was in the way. Then Derrick took out a large metal box that, after a quick look, Casey realized was some kind of control panel. The sides were covered in electrical connection ports. Derrick connected each shock pad to the box, one by one. Over two dozen leads were attached. The box was then moved to the edge of the table, near Casey's head but outside her field of vision. She heard rather than saw him plug the box into the wall, and it sprung to life with an ominous electric hum.

Derrick didn't touch the box any further. Instead, he walked over to Carey's ass. With his boots, each step was a foreboding thump, a signal that he was moving and there was nothing Casey could do to stop it. She heard him stop in front of her pussy. Casey couldn't see what he was planning. She bit her lip.

A harsh buzzing filled the air, and Casey's eyes bulged when a wand vibrator pressed down against her clit. The surprisingly intense pleasure was like a punch to the stomach. Even with all the pain, even as Casey suffered under the horribly extreme pseudo-bondage, heat built up in her core. The vibrator felt amazing. Knowing that she couldn't do anything but lay still and let Derrick have his way with her body made it even better. The heat mixed with the pain, turning it into tight, hot tension. Something like electric sparks fluttered through her pussy. Her body thrummed. She could feel herself rocketing towards the edge.

Derrick pulled the vibrator away. He turned it off and set it down next to her body, and she then heard the sound of his footsteps walking off set. She would have screamed if she could. Her face was furious murder. Her body was motionless, but the tension from her denied release was so strong it almost convinced her she was really quivering.

Casey was given a short amount of time to cool off. Once she had calmed down, Derrick was back. He walked over to the padded table and held up two dildos, letting both the camera and Casey have a good look at what he had brought.

The first dildo was a black monstrosity nearly as thick as Derrick's wrist. It was almost comically long as well, a true bunker buster, the kind of thing that was normally made to be put on display rather than actually be used. The shaft was veiny, the tip shaped like the head of an uncircumcised penis, and a thick rubber tube stuck out of the flared base. The base's shape made it clear that the dildo was built for anal play. Casey knew it was destined for her ass. Her face involuntarily flinched at the sight.

The second dildo was even longer and thicker than the first, though only by a small degree. It was far bigger than anything a human body could reasonable hope to take. The dildo was made of some kind of silver metal that shined like chrome, and the shaft was covered with swooping stylized ridges and thick ribbed rings, all hard rounded edges that Casey cringed to imagine inside her. But what truly frightened Casey was the thick wires that hung out the end of the base. The dildo was electrically conductive.

Derrick smiled towards the camera. "Most Plugin-Plays come with a user manual. They put all sort of fun stuff in there, like how wide any given hole can be stretched. They don't want anyone doing anything stupid, right? Heh. Well, guess what I have here? A pair of toys that are just barely under that maximum limit. Only a few millimeters off! And they both come with some fun extra features. Let's introduce Rose to her new friends."

Derrick nodded to someone behind the camera crew. A second later, a soft jolt ran through Casey's body. When Derrick experimentally poked the back of her head, her body didn't budge. The same went for when he pushed. Casey was firmly locked in place, completely unmovable.

Casey heard Derrick chuckle. She felt him line the black dildo up with her asshole, lightly teasing her entrance for a few seconds, and then he unhesitatingly forced it down. Casey silently screamed at the sudden piercing pain that came when the massive toy's tip speared through her rosebud. It only grew worse as Derrick slowly pushed the dildo further and further into the depths of her asshole.

The pain grew more agonizing with every inch Casey took. The dildo's unbelievably extreme girth, her helplessness, the sense of sheer penetration, it all utterly overwhelmed her. It felt like Derrick was pushing something larger than her actual body into her ass, like the dildo was going to poke out of her stomach if he pushed it any further. It was like giving birth, but backwards. And it kept coming. Every notch of fake cock she was forced to take came with a desperate hope that the toy had reached its end, that she was going to feel the toy's base press against her ass and he was going to let go and step. That hope was always followed by the horrified realization that there was still more.

Casey knew what was going on. It was one of the illegal modifications she had made. Typically, Plugin-Plays modeled physical sensations as accurately as possible, using the average human body as a template. A guideline, not a hard set of rules. For this Plugin-Play, the sensations sent to her brain were based on what she would feel if she were using her own body, not the android. This doll could handle this dildo perfectly fine, it was built for this sort of thing, but Casey's body couldn't, so the machine was treating the dildo like it was far too large for her to handle.

The android's body was perfectly fine, no matter how much it insisted Casey was going to explode from the sheer size of the dildo splitting her ass apart, but knowing this didn't offer any kind of protection. It still felt like she was taking a devastatingly gigantic dildo up the ass, and more and more of its length kept coming, no matter how hard Casey soundlessly shrieked.

But all things come to an end. Eventually, the base was firmly nestled between her cheeks, and the whole ordeal was over. Casey had taken the whole toy. But she still suffered. Every inch of her body was howling bloody murder, especially her tits, but her ass was practically twenty times louder. The unbelievable depth of her aching impalement was almost unbearable.

Casey heard Derrick chuckle. "The ass is self-lubricating, so there's no need to pussyfoot around. Just shove it in. It'll work out just fine, yeah? I mean, look. Rose is doing fine." He lightly patted her ass. It was a soft, almost loving gesture. "Now for the second one."

Casey felt him tease the metal dildo against her slit. It was cold enough to make her yelp, though no noise escaped her lips. Her teeth clenched as he softly rubbed her entrance. Her mind thrummed with the need to move, to get away and escape what was about to happen. She was completely still. She laid and waited for him to tire with his teasing, each passing second a torture in itself. The anticipation was enough to make her want to curse him out.

Then Derrick thrust the toy into her with one hard shove, fast enough to take her by surprise. Again, Casey noiselessly shrieked. The pain was terrible. The dildo was insanely wide, horribly long, and the ridges and rings across the shaft torturously dug and scraped against her inner walls. It was horrible, so much worse than what Casey could have imagined, but she could endure the pain. It wasn't as bad as the first dildo. Her pussy was meant to be filled, even if the toy was doing so to an unbearably extreme degree. Her ass had gone through worse. For a second, Casey dared to hope.

Then she realized her ass still hurt, and that the two sources of pain were layering on top of each other and creating some sort of super pain that could only be compared to being fisted by four arms at once. Casey would have started crying if her body had allowed it. Every scream, shriek, and incoherent plea for mercy she would have let out through her mouth was being bottled up inside her head. The mental cacophony was so deafeningly loud Casey could barely think. The only thing she could focus on was the pure intensity of her suffering.

The torture continued. Derrick was merciless. He had no pity. He pressed the dildo into her body, leveraging all his strength to push the toy as deep as it could go.

"There we go," Derrick breathed out. "You're doing great, Rose. You're being a very good girl. Just lay back and take it."

That was what she did. At some point Derrick managed to push the dildo all the way inside her, but Casey could barely tell over the pain. She only noticed the moment Derrick stepped away from her body and laughed.

"Look at that. What a sight. It's beautiful. Take a closer look at this, guys, zoom in. See how thick the toys are? She's stretched so tight. It's a wonder they fit at all."

Derrick walked to the other side of the table. He looked down at Casey's face. It was screwed up in an agonized rictus, deep and terrible in its intensity. It was enough to have Derrick laugh a second time. Though his face was covered by his mask, his body language made clear that Derrick was smirking quite hard.

"For this next part, I'm going to need something special. Be right back, boys and girls. I'll only be gone a minute." With that, Derrick strode out of shot.

Casey stared ahead sightlessly. Her body remained utterly still, trapped in her punishing hogtie. Mentally, she was desperately surfing the waves of pain that radiated from her body. She could keep thinking and remain sane so long as she kept her focus, but if she lost her balance she risked being capsized and dragged under. She would become incoherent, a mindless thing that could only react to the overwhelming pain. Casey had to hold onto her resolve.

She was left alone for some time, with nothing but her thoughts for company. There was nothing but deafening silence. Her body's ache grew worse. It was hard to keep sane under it all. Then her attention was drawn to the sound of wheels.

Derrick came back into view with a heavy metal cart. It was solid and hard-angled, and it carried three metal tanks. Long plastic tubes stuck out the top of each tank, which were all connected to a large pump set in the center of the cart. Derrick let it roll to a stop besides Casey's upturned ass.

"This Plugin-Play is a luxury model," he informed the camera. "It can eat, piss, shit, all just like a real body. It can even digest food! Turns it into energy and waste, just like we do. Hardly anybody bother building Plugin-Plays with that sort of thing. But you know what's even crazier? Her insides are hooked up to just as many sensors as the rest of her body. It can simulate cramps, bowels movements, stomachs aches, so on and so forth. Isn't it amazing how far people will go to make these things as human as possible?"

Derrick fondled Casey's feet. His fingers lightly tickled her soles. "Now, that part of the Plugin-Play is never meant to simulate real pain. Not like the rest of the body does it. No need for anything too realistic, yeah? There's no reason to go that far. Or is there?"

His hands trailed over her ass. He lightly touched the electrical pads that were still plastered her skin. "There's hardware you can adjust and code you can change. If you're willing to hack the system a little, put in some effort and clever thinking, you can make it feel pretty much like a real body. I want nothing but the best for Rose, my favorite little whore, so that's what she gets. The best." His hand reached over mockingly pinched one of her cheeks, like she was a child. "The extra work is worth the effort, so long as it keeps her life interesting."

Derrick stepped back. He pawed through the cart, and Casey could only stare at the wall, with no company but the pain and the sound of soft rustling. A minute passed. Then Derrick walked over to Casey's face. He held up a thick plastic tube.

It was long, what looked to be more than two feet from each end. There was a deflated rubber balloon built into the tube at the far end. A longer, narrower deflated balloon covered the shaft at the near end. A pair of tiny tubes ran within the large plastic tube, linking each balloon to the two small ports that jutted out of the tube's near end. Casey's eyes bulged. She knew what the tube was, and what it meant.

Derrick looked to the computer crew, waited until he got a signal Casey could not see, and then started to unceremoniously feed the thick tube down her open mouth and unprotesting throat.

Derrick talked while he worked. "The nice thing about a Plugin-Play is that they don't need to breath. They can simulate smells, and sometimes they can pretend to breath, but there's no actual lungs. They don't need oxygen. It's incredibly simple to use a stomach tube on Plugin-Plays, because it's pretty much impossible to actually harm a Plugin-Play with one. I can just push this little tube down to her belly, no fuss no muss. No need for anything special."

Casey's eyes twitched like a frightened fish. Derrick paused when he felt the end of the tube finally reach her stomach. The other end stuck out of Casey's open mouth, pointing up into the air like a limp flagpole. Derrick took out a small inflation bulb from his pocket and screwed it into the first port, then began pumping it. The balloon inside Casey's stomach slowly expanded. Her face shivered at the growing sense of uncomfortable tension within her stomach.

Soon the stomach balloon was full, locking the tube into place. The size of the balloon inside her stomach was enough to make her feel queasy and full. It was unnatural in a horribly invasive, hard to describe way. She watched Derrick unscrew the inflation bulb and attach it to the tube's second port. A few seconds later, the balloon deep inside her esophagus swelled.

It was ten times worse than what she felt in her stomach. Casey was overcome with the urge to gag, to cough and spit out the huge foreign object that was filling the hollow of her esophagus, but she was entirely incapable of reacting. Her body laid limp and still as the balloon filled the depths of her throat. Filled was truly the only word Casey could use, because the balloon was completely stuffing her. The strength of the pressure pressing against her throat's inner walls was surely enough to create an air tight seal. The balloon was long, large, and utterly filled her, in a way no human body could ever experience and survive.

Derrick finished pumping the inflation bulb. He unscrewed it and put it back in his pocket. Then he looked down into Casey's open throat. Derrick smirked, and stepped out of view. A few moments passed. He returned with another long tube, this one capped with a plastic connection port. He connected this second tube to the open end of the tube that ran down Casey's throat.

"As I said earlier, I like keeping Rose's life interesting," Derrick said. His voice was rich with amusement. "I'm always cooking up ways to keep her on her toes. There's a trick to it, you see. You can't just keep to the obvious angles of attack. You have to get creative. Some serious thought has to be put into things. You have to keep the torture fresh, you know? I'm not an amateur. I'm a professional. There isn't anyone in the business better at this than me."

Casey's racing thoughts froze. The pain of her stretched holes, her aching muscles, the screaming pain of her bound breasts slowly being crushed under her body, all that faded away beneath her sudden spike of panic at seeing Derrick walk towards the metal cart. Towards the pump and the mystery metal containers hooked up to the long plastic tubes.

"So today, we're going to be putting Rose through a stress test. Pushing the boundaries of what a Plugin-Play can endure. We'll start by filling her up. Won't be hard, it's as simple as pouring water down a tube."

Derrick was out of her line of sight, so Casey couldn't see what he was doing. But she could hear him perfectly fine. The loud electric roar of the pump was as sudden as a gunshot. The same went for the feeling of chilled water flowing out the tube and into her stomach.

Derrick didn't stop there. While Casey felt herself be slowly filled on one end, he ambled up to the other, her spread open ass. She felt him thread a second tube into the base of her anal plug, and the heard the click as he latched it into place. There was a pause, a few seconds where water continued to pour down her throat and into her stomach. Derrick ambled over to the cart, then to Casey's face.

He held up a thin tube with an inflatable balloon tip. It took a second for Casey to realize she was looking at a catheter. The catheter was connected to a longer tube, the tube to one of the cart's metal tanks. Derrick caught Casey's eye, smiled, and then slowly sauntered back over to her upturned pussy. Dread overcame her.

She could feel Derrick bend over and carefully touch her outer lips. He took his time, kept his hands steady, as he carefully inserted the catheter into her urethra. The tube's tip slowly penetrated her channel, and he pushed the tube inside her with the utmost care. Soon the tube's end was within her bladder. A few seconds later, Casey felt the balloon inside begin to inflate, growing larger and larger, trapping the whole thing in place.

Casey's body remained dead still. She couldn't react, no matter how much she wanted to. Derrick chuckled. She heard him move to the cart. Derrick flipped a switch, and the pump's roar picked up a notch. Casey's eyes widened and her mental wails grew louder when the first burst of agonizingly cold water hit her guts. The water flowed into her bowels, pushing itself deep into her ass. The water was horribly, torturously cold. It felt like ice. The agonizing chill kept forcing itself deeper and deeper into her inner body. Every passing second it grew worse. Her face twitched and fidgeted, thrashing like a fish trapped on a hook.

"Her intestines don't work like a human's would. It won't cramp, for starters. Boring, right? Extreme temperatures are the way to do it. The sensors are very sensitive to that sort of thing, so the pain is actually worse than it would be in a human body. To make it even better, her guts don't run nearly as hot as ours, so the water takes a hell of a lot longer to warm up. I'd say there isn't any enema in the world that can hold a candle to the pain of an ice water enema. At least in a Plugin-Play."

The pressure built, slowly but surely. Both in her stomach and her ass. The pain intensified. But before it could go on any further, Derrick flipped another switch, and Casey felt liquid pour into her bladder.

Whatever he was putting inside her, it burned. Just a little, not too much, but enough that the liquid definitely hurt to hold inside her. It was an irritation, a pain that Casey could not ignore. And it grew worse the more it filled her bladder, as the pressure built higher and the liquid ground itself against her inner walls. Casey badly needed to pee. She didn't want to pee, she needed to pee. The ache was extreme, almost breathtaking in how excruciatingly strong the insistence was, and it was getting worse, same as the pain. But Casey couldn't piss, not with the catheter blocking the way, not to mention her complete lack of body control.

Her bladder was soon completely full, and no more liquid could be pushed inside it, but the pump for her ass and stomach still droned away. It was incredibly uncomfortable to feel her stomach be stretched out by the heavy sloshing water, with each second putting more pressure on her insides. But it was nothing compared to the insanely agonizing ice water enema that ravaged her bowels. Every inch of her guts suffered under what felt like the coldest, sharpest knives in the world, and it was just getting worse. More and more water was being mercilessly pumped into her tormented body. Her bladder ached beyond anything she had felt before. It hurt. It was like spice was being rubbed against the sensitive membranes within her. She needed to piss more than she had in her entire life. It was an overpowering, overwhelming. The strain on her bladder was somehow just as bad as the torturous cold in her bowels.

Casey would have given anything to turn off the pump. She would have promised anything if it meant Derrick would just flip the switch and make it stop. But her body wouldn't move, no matter how hard she cried within her mind. She could do nothing but suffer.

The pump started to sound strained. Then it suddenly died with a hard thunk.

"Ah, it looks like Casey is full. Literally full, I mean. Her body physically cannot hold any more. It's reached peak capacity. Good, good. It looks like everything worked out fine."

Derrick gave Casey's ass a friendly squeeze. "She can feel it, you know. The bloat. Her body can simulate that sense of swelling. The inflation, I guess you could call it. I can only imagine how indescribably uncomfortable it must be. I don't think anyone has ever gone through anything like this. Rose is exploring new ground. She's practically a pioneer! A pioneer discovering a band new world."

Casey couldn't think. Her mind was nothing but pain. Everything hurt. She was full, beyond anything she had ever experienced before.

"Ah, she's not listening. It looks like Rose is busy enjoying herself. Or maybe not? I'm not sure. Let me see."

Derrick bent down, his eyes less than half a foot from Casey. He took in her pained expression, the wordless begging, the frantic suffering. A soft, small smile hung off his lips, out of view from the camera. He shot her a small wink before standing up. "Oh! Well, you folks may not believe this, but I'm not sure Casey is enjoying her gift as much as I thought she would. In fact, I think she's a little upset. What a surprise, right? Well, that's something we can fix."

Casey felt something rub against her clit. It pulled away. Then came the harsh buzz of a wand vibrator. It sounded different than before. Stronger. Then it touched her clit and the sheer power of the vibration had her eyes bug out. It was enough to actually push away the pain, to a small degree.

"Let's play a small game," Derrick announced. "I'll give Casey five minutes with the vibrator. If she's really not enjoying the enema, the stomach tube, and all that other stuff? Well, she'll be in too much pain to get off. Right? The vibrator won't do anything. That makes sense. So, if she lasts five minutes without coming, I'll take all of this down and let her go. We'll do something else, like see how many times I can make her orgasm on the sybian. She'll like that."

Derrick leaned over, close to Casey's ear. He ground the vibrator against her button, forcing a sudden spike of pleasure to pulse through her sex. "But if the silly little slut tries to come, I won't let her go. Because that will prove she's just complaining for the sake of complaining. I always give whores what they want, even when they beg me to stop. Four minutes and thirty seconds, Rose. Think you can last that long?"

Casey strangled the urge to sob. She gathered as much of her self-control as she could and tried to clamp down on the traitorous warmth spreading through her sex. Her core was sluggishly coming to life, a heat that Casey absolutely hated with all her heart. The pain was still there, the pain was inescapable and overwhelming, but it wasn't pushing away the pleasure. It was mixing with it, strengthening it. The agony in her ass, her bladder, her stomach, her tits, and pretty much the rest of her body? It fueled the hot, wet mess down below.

The harsh vibrator viciously rubbed against her pearl, with the occasional change in angle to make things interesting, and it was the best thing she'd ever felt. Casey soundlessly begged for him to pull it away. He didn't. The pleasure grew. It built higher and hotter. She was drowning under the overwhelming sensations that assaulted her. She couldn't push it away, any more than she could fight off the ocean tide.

Derrick laughed. He pulled the vibrator away. Scooped fingers rubbed against her lips, especially in the crack between her channel and the giant metal plug. He walked over and stuck his hand into her mouth, scraping off her moisture onto her tongue. She could taste her salty arousal. He pulled out his hand and smirked. "Well. I think the answer is pretty clear. We all know what you really want, Rose. You can lie to yourself, but you can't lie to your body. It knows how much you love being a pain slut."

Casey closed her eyes. Her face sagged. Utter defeat cloaked her mind, like a funeral shroud. Derrick patted her shoulder. "Hey, don't worry. It's not all bad. You've got some fun stuff ahead. I'll just wrap up a few last things and give you some alone time, alright? Let's say... an hour. That should be enough."

Derrick went to the control panel, the metal box that was connected to all the shock pads stuck to Casey's body. He pressed a few buttons, adjusted a few settings, and then pressed one last button. Casey's stomach and ass were immediately shocked, hard and fast. The pain was strong enough to catch her off guard. There was a pause, and then her thighs and the soles of her feet suffered a similarly painful burst of electricity. Still reeling, Casey was caught completely by surprise. Then her tits and asscheeks took a jolt. A break, then her tits and belly. One more empty moment, and her vaginal dildo and the shock pads over her mound delivered an excruciating shock.

The machine continued delivering strong electric shocks at a steady rate, randomly target two body parts at a time. Casey silently screamed. Derrick moved on.

First, he grabbed a blindfold and placed it over Casey's eyes. A pair of wireless earbuds came next. He inserted them into her ears, then covered those ears with a pair of heavy duty ear muffs. He waved to one of the men in the back, and a few moments later the earbuds sprang to life, filling Casey's ears with the obscene sounds of a vibrator held against wet flesh, heavy feminine moaning, and the occasional meaty smack. Finally, for the final touch, Derrick bent down and picked up a tiny glass jar. It was full of a special cream, an irritant carefully tailored for a very specific part of the body. Derrick snapped on a plastic glove, opened the jar, gouged out a small dollop, and delicately spread a thick creamy coat over Casey's clitoris.

It didn't take long for it to kick in. It felt like itching and burning all at once, like poison ivy and stinging nettle mixed together and intensified beyond the worst rash in the world. Her incredibly sensitive nub motionlessly writhed under the inescapable torture as Derrick, smiling politely, stood up and put the cream away. He threw away the used glove as well.

Derrick bent over and tenderly kissed Casey's forehead. He patted her shoulder, then said, "Have fun, Rose. I'll see you later. Just shout if you need anything, okay?"

Casey's mouth wordlessly begged for mercy. Derrick gave her one last shoulder rub, then stood up. He walked away. Each heavy stomp of his boots grew fainter and fainter as he left the room. Soon there was nothing but silence and the heavy, inescapable presence of the cameras.

Inside her head, Casey was completely overwhelmed. There was too much to focus on, too many aches and agonies for her mind to actually pay attention to one thing. The pain covered her like an ocean full of water. Mixed together, completely inescapable, a solid wall of torture that pressed down on Casey from all sides.

Her body ached. Her legs, back, knees. Her muscles strained to hold her pseudo-hogtie. Her breasts hurt most of all, for they had been tightly bound and pressed down against the table for so long that Casey knew she would have been in danger if she wasn't inside an artificial body. But she was in a Plugin-Play, and the pure, undiluted suffering that radiated from her tortured tits was breathtaking.

Even that, as bad as it was, did not compare to the torture her pussy and asshole were being put through. Her holes were stretched to the max, forced to hold a pair of toys so large her body insisted that she wasn't physically capable of holding them. They filled her beyond anything she had ever felt. Expect that wasn't entirely true, because the water within her stomach and bowels filled her beyond anything she had ever felt. It was excruciatingly cold, every inch a torturous exercise in agony, the opposite to the burning anguish her close to bursting bladder suffered. Her clit burned and itched, every few seconds a random pair of body parts suffered an unbearably painful shock, and the blindfold and ear muffs cut her off from the world. The porn streaming into her ears was just one last insult, the final touch of the torture Derrick had crafted for her.

Put all together? It was completely beyond Casey's ability to deal with. She ranted and raved within her head, begged and cursed with fervent passion, and was just utterly broken under the sheer overwhelming wall of sensations that assaulted her. Every second she wished for someone to save her, the wish fueled by a desperation beyond anything she'd ever experienced before, and every second Casey was left unsaved. There was nothing she could do. Her body remained unresponsive, no matter how hard Casey fought against what kept her locked down and under Derrick's control. Only Casey's face moved. All she could do was silently endure the hellish torture for however long Derrick wished her to suffer.

Through it all, as the pain built and the minutes passed, as Casey underwent something that pretty much everybody else would consider a nightmare beyond imagining, her core remained stoked, a light heat that warmed her from the inside, as her arousal laid waiting for the touch of a vibrator that wasn't coming.

The End
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