Caught In The Hot Sun
  • Author - Colton Lowery
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  • Post Date - 4/5/2019

Author's Note: This is my first story, but go easy on me. This is kinda a fantasy of mine, which I hope never happens, but it definitely turns me on.

Chapter 1

I should first start off by telling you a little bit about me. I'm a small town country boy who loves to farm. I am thankfully living in my own house. Same town as the parents, but glad to be able to do my thing once in awhile. My other favorite love is bondage. I am a 6 foot tall, average built, 22 year old. I have an average sized penis. I have always loved anything BDSM. I will tie myself up and force myself to crawl to the knife or device I'm using to get out. But I just wanted something more.

It was the middle of July when we got a big rain. Big enough for my parents to get away for a week or two. It was a perfect opportunity for me to get some outdoor bondage fantasies going. They left early Monday morning. As soon as they left the driveway, I had the farm to myself.

I went into our shop and grabbed whatever zip ties I could find. I'll just buy dad more later and he won't even notice. The last thing I needed from him, was a hitch pin. Not too long or big around, but I had found the perfect one. It was 0.5 inches in diameter and 4 inches long, with a big round handle at the end. I then ran home and got my locked safe and other supplies. Such as: belts, knives, a gift bag, and lube. I then headed north of town to a farm we run. It had an old house, a couple old barns, and completely surrounded by trees. Not too mention that the corn was also tall enough to be able to conceal my fantasies as well.

I pulled in to the driveway to the house, locking the gate behind me. It was strangely already unlocked when I arrived, but was just guessing Dad forgot to lock it the last time he was here. I drove up this long driveway leading me to this abandoned homestead. The house was an old cream color with all of the windows broken out of it. There were also a couple of older barns that the red paint had started chipping away at it. So I parked my pickup in one of the sheds so no one could see it from the road. It was now time to put my plan into action.

I laid out all my equipment on the back of my pickup. I took the keys out of my ignition and put them in a little gift bag that I had brought along. I walked the bag over to an old trailer and put it just inside of it. The trailer was at least a quarter of a mile away from where I had parked. I started walking back, admiring what a beautiful day it was. The sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze that made me cool if I got too hot. Now comes the fun part.

I got back to my pickup and opened the door. I proceeded to put my knife just on the inside of the pickup. I then started to strip. I stripped completely naked. It felt good feeling the grass underneath my feet and the breeze blowing on my already erect genetalia. I then threw all of my clothes in the pickup, hit the locking mechanism to the door and shut it. Now if I want to get my clothes back, I am forced to go to the bag and get my keys back. I then started to get more excited knowing that. I walked to the back of my pickup and started at my waist. I wrapped a belt around my waist and cinched it as tight as it would go. I then lubed up that hitch pin I brought along, and slowly inserted it into my ass. I then ran a rope through the handle of the pin and tied it off on the front and back of my belt. I now have a butt plug that I soon won't be able to get out. I didn't want to totally restrict my walking abilities, but decided to make it a little tougher on myself. I zip tied my legs together right above my knees. So now I can't take as big of a step with that restricting my length of movement. Now from the waist up.

I tried not to make things too complicated, but I brought along 4 clothespins that I had grabbed from the house. I flicked my nipples to bring them to life. I then pulled them out and applied a clothespin to each half of my nipple. So I have 2 clothespins per nipple now. I then got out my black rubber ball gag. I shoved that into my mouth and fastened it tightly behind my head. Now onto the final touch. I had made a pair of handcuffs out of zip ties. I hesitated for a second just thinking if I should do this or not. I decided to go on with it anyway. I put my hands behind my back. Slipping my left hand through the first time, only to repeat the same process with my right. It took me a little bit to find the right ones to pull on, and as soon as I did, I was stuck in those things until I got the key, only to have to get my pickup door open for the knife.

I just stood there for a minute or two, just admiring how I looked. You may be wondering why I didn't do anything to my balls or cock, but I figured denial and waiting was torture enough for me. As soon as I got done looking myself over, I thought I should start hobbling over to retrieve the key. I could only take small steps due to the zip ties I had used on my knees, and with my hands behind my back, I was just trying to stay focused and balanced. It was still a gorgeous day out as I came around a grove of trees and saw the trailer.

Time flies when you're having fun I guess. I was honestly okay with being close to the trailer. I was getting tired and I still had to walk all the way back to my pickup tied up. As I was getting closer to the trailer, something just didn't feel right. But I guess being tied up in the outdoors gets to your head once in awhile. As I approached the trailer, I looked in the back to only find that the bag was no longer there. I frantically looked around the trailer, underneath it, even retracing some of my steps to be able to find it. But nothing came up. Panic then started sinking in. I was stuck in what I had done to myself. That's when I heard a voice.

It came from behind me. I whipped around, as much as I could with those ties on, and saw a man and a woman standing there. Holding my gift bag with the key in it. The man was a bigger built guy. Maybe 6 foot 2 inches, very muscular, and very tan. He was wearing jeans and a loose t-shirt. He had tattoos all over his arms. The woman was very gorgeous though. She had tits the size of melons, along with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and also very tan. She was also wearing jeans and just a low cut t-shirt. Most likely showing off the belly ring she had.

My mind just started racing on what I should do. I turned around and just started running as fast as I could. But the zip ties at my knees were hindering my speed. So it didn't take long for the guy to catch up to me and push me down to the ground. As I was falling to the ground, I hit my head on a piece of pipe that knocked my out cold.

When I came too, I could only see darkness. I tried moving my hands and feet around and they wouldn't budge. I tried opening my eyes, even though they were already opened, and could still only see darkness. My mouth was still crammed open by the ball gag. The biggest difference was that my balls had started hurting. I tried screaming for help, but nothing came out, other than a muffled noise. All of a sudden I heard footsteps coming towards me. I froze. In an instant my blindfold was yanked from my head. As soon as my eyes adjusted to the light, I could tell I was upside down. My feet were tied to a spreader bar that was about 3 foot long. The bar was also held up by some rope to the top of the roof. I must be in the barn. I also realized the pain to my balls was that they had moved 2 clothespins to my sack. And there was only 1 clothespin directly on each nipple. My butt plug was still in but my hands were a different story. I had rope around my wrists, which was tied to a post behind me. I was also tied right above the elbows. My shoulders were already feeling the pain swelling up inside of them. I bet I was hanging 4 foot off the ground. I then looked up to see who was there.

"You don't need to know our names, or even who we are", the man said. The woman was nowhere to be seen. "We have been using this house as a halfway house for drug smuggling. We had just received a shipment last night so we thought we'd just wait the rain out and go home in the morning. Then you came along. We couldn't hardly let you stumble upon our secret, so we thought we should take matters into our own hands. If you listen, you will be fine. If you disobey us, or try any funny business, you will be punished severely. Do you understand?" I slowly shook my head yes to his stern voice. The strange man then proceeded to unzip his jeans to reveal a huge erect cock. Bigger than mine by a long shot. I wanted to ask if he was taking pills for it it was so big. He then said, "the Mrs. is asleep and I want you to suck me off."

I never considered myself gay by any means, I love women and always have. But there has also always been a part of me that wants to blow a guy just to see what it's like. He walks towards me and removes my ball gag. "Any funny business, or if you even think about biting down, I'll remove those teeth one by one", the man said. I didn't see much option for it anyway, I was hanging upside down with every appendage of my body tightly tied. As soon as he removed the gag, I stretched my jaw out a little bit. I wasn't able to do that for very long though. As soon as I got a breath of fresh air in, it was muffled by his cock he shoved in my throat.

It was so big it filled my mouth. It was the very first blowjob I had ever given though. He thrusted in and out of my mouth violently. He then proceeded to grab the back of my head and just thrust in and hold it. He held it there until he saw that I needed to breathe. But as soon as he had taken it out, it just went right back in. I didn't know if I was doing a good job or not, the only thing I could see was his balls hitting me with every thrust. I started using my tongue a little bit more and the man started moaning and groaning. All of a sudden everything seemed to stop, as his load started coming out. There was so much cum on my mouth and in it, I was trying to swallow as fast as I could. Once he was done, he wiped his now loose dick over my face. He the. Slowly stumbled out the door only to leave me hanging there.

I was just thinking to myself that I must have done a good job. He didn't put the gag or blindfold on, but my shoulders, nipples, and balls were still very sore. As soon as he left and shut the barn doors, it got very dark in there. I eventually passed out from exhaustion is what I'm guessing.

I woke up the next morning by being sprayed by a garden hose. The water was cold, but felt good to rinse out my mouth and get a drink of water. As soon as the hose had gotten to my nipples and balls though, the shock from that water about threw me sideways. The water then stopped. Once my eyes were clear of water, I noticed the woman was standing there. "I Know my husband already told you everything you need to know, so I don't want to here anything from you at all. Speaking of my husband, he had to run a couple of errands." She said. "He also said that you have a way with your tongue. But I don't know if I believe that or not." At that she was out of her jeans and panties faster than I could blink. She had a very nice shaven pussy. She walked towards me and lifted my head so I could smell her musk. "Well get at it!" She barked. As soon as she said that, she brought her hand around a spanked my balls. The pain was so bad I was tearing up. She was winding up to do another one, but at that moment I buried my face in her. It wasn't only a couple of minutes and she was grinding my face hard. Her juices were so sweet and it tasted good. About 5 or so more minutes later she had a raging orgasm tear through her body. She ended up squirting all over my face. "Wow, you are good with that mouth of yours. We might have a reason to keep you for ourselves.", She said.

As soon as I got my head on straight again, the water from the hose hit me. She was washing her juices off of me. With an evil smile she said, "Now you're gonna go to sleep for me and when you wake up, you'll be back outside". All of a sudden she put something over my mouth and knocked me out.

When I came too, I was definitely outside. I could feel the sun on my bare body. It was nice and warm. The light was also very blinding. I looked around my surroundings only to find that I was in the back of a pickup truck. With each hand and foot tied at opposite corners. My butt plug had been removed though and replaced with a much larger vibrator. My nipples had different clamps on them that had little teeth biting into them. My balls and cock then had the 4 clothespins on them. As I was looking around, the man looked over the side of the pickup and said, "since we might get caught up here, we have decided to move our operations elsewhere. And with a mouth like yourself, we can't afford to lose you. So we're moving on. You on the other hand are going to be shipped down to a house in Texas. It's in the desert and you'll be working for us. You'll be sucking cocks and eating the pussies if our drug mules crossing the borders. By the time your parents get back, you'll be sucking hard in Texas. Oh! And my wife has the remote to your vibrator in your ass, so good luck."

I then started to freak out and started to scream, which was a mistake. He hopped in the back with me and put a blindfold on, and put my old ball gag in me. "There you go. And just to make sure you won't be seen, I'll put this pickup topper over you. We'll be in Texas in awhile. Depends on how many service calls you get on the way down." He then slammed the cover down, hopped in the pickup and started driving.

As soon as we were on our way, my butt started vibrating violently. This is going to be a long ride.

Chapter 2 (added: 2019/10/13)

So there I was. Lying in the back of a pickup bed tied spread eagle with my limbs tied to each corner of the pickup box. I was in complete darkness. I had incredible pains all throughout my body. Not being able to see anything and not being able to move just made me break down in tears. The only thing you could hear was the pickup driving on the gravel road and a slight buzzing sound coming from the vibrator in my butt.

I guess the best place to start this story would be to give you a little back story on how I got in this situation. I am a 22 year old male who LOVES BDSM. I am average built with a great ass. Any available chance I had to be able to do it I would. Well back home on the farm the parents had went on vacation in the middle of summer since we got some rain and didn't have to irrigate. I was perfectly fine staying behind. I grabbed a bunch of materials to do my own self-bondage experience. I went to an old farmstead and tied myself up. I went the whole 9 yards; nipple clamps, butt plug, handcuffs, and a ball gag. Well as I was performing my self bondage session, I was caught by 2 drug dealers, who were using the old farmhouse as a halfway point. They tied me up and hung me in the barn. That's where they found out about my unknown talent that I had. Apparently I was great at sucking off the male's penis, and eating out the woman's vagina. Apparently they couldn't just let me go or leave me there to have my parents find me. Instead they threw me in the back of a pickup truck and said, "we're moving our operations elsewhere, but you are going to be shipped down to a house in the Texas desert, right across the border. Where you will suck the dicks and eat out the women of our drug mules." That is when I protested against that and started yelling. That was a mistake. I should say I am tied spread eagle in the back of this pick up truck with my limbs all tied at separate corners of the pickup. As soon as I started yelling though, my male captor hopped in the pickup bed and put a ball gag in my mouth. He then blindfolded me, and I could feel him putting clothespins on my ball sack. He then put some aggressive clamps on my nipples. I could feel the teeth on them biting into my nipple. I then felt his hand go from my nipples to my butthole. There was something pressing against the beginning of the hole. I heard him say, "take a deep breath in". I could not with my gag in, so I started breathing through my nose, and that's when he shoved a huge plug in my anal cavity. I let out a moan more than anything. I've never felt pain like that. After awhile the pain receeded. The man said, "just so no one sees you I'll put this topper over the pickup, and if you were wondering, the plug is a vibrator and my wife has the remote." I could feel us start to move down the road. As soon as the trip started the vibrator started as well.

I could only lay there in pain. My nipples and ball sack had gone numb from the clamps they have on them. The vibrator in my ass made me have a huge erection the entire time. And I could only hear where we were going. I could tell when we got off gravel roads and started driving on the highway. All that was in my head were 2 things. How I could be so stupid not to check my surroundings out before I tie myself up. And the man saying, "we'll be in Texas soon, just depends on how many service calls we make." What did he mean by that? All I could do was lay there, unable to move, and think about those things in my head. Being from small town Nebraska, I knew we had a long drive ahead of us. I don't know how long it was or how long we've been going for, but the vibrations in my butt finally stopped. At least my female captor was kind enough to let me have a break. At that moment I think I passed out from pure exhaustion.

I woke up due to the vibrator in my ass coming back to life. This time it was vibrating violently inside me. It was much cooler than when I had gone to sleep. I don't know how long I was out for though. This caused my nipples to start getting harder, which in turn made the clamps hurt even more. This also caused my sack to start shrinking as well, but at the same time, the clothespins that were on there felt like they kept getting tighter. I could only lay there and wait to see what happens. I then started to feel the pickup slow down. We went over a couple of bumps and then we stopped. I just stayed perfectly still. We probably just sat there for a good 20 minutes or so. All of a sudden I heard the pickup doors open and heard some clanking going on above me. I could feel a cool breeze going throughout the bed, and it was cooling down my body even more. I then felt a hand at the back of my head, and all of a sudden the blindfold was ripped off. I then looked around at my surroundings. It was night time, the stars were above me. As I looked around I saw the man and woman looking at me. They then said, "try any funny business and we will make your life a living hell." I just slowly nodded my head. They then reached in the pickup and took off my nipple clamps and clothespins. The pain was excruciating. I wish they would have left them on honestly. They then reached in and started untying my limbs. They told me to get up and stand by the tailgate. I could barely move. My muscles were so sore and my legs were numb from the vibrator going on, which was still going. I slowly got out of the pickup and just stood there. Completely nude, with only a ball gag in and the vibrator in. I looked around and noticed we were at a really old truck stop. We were behind the building and I just stood there trying to stay calm. The man then showed up with a pair of handcuffs and told me to put my hands behind my back. I reluctantly agreed. He attached the cuffs, and then out of nowhere, the female showed up and put a collar around my neck with a leash. All they said was, "welcome to your first stop/service call." They then yanked the leash and we started walking towards the building.

My mind was racing just thinking about what's going on. I was more embarrassed and trying to hide myself while walking to the truck stop. What if someone saw me? What if someone I knew saw me? Should I really be embarrassed or try to get away? Those questions were racing in my mind until we got to the back of the building. We came up to an old door on the back of the building. They banged on it a couple of times and it slowly opened. We walked in and just stood there for a couple of minutes. They tied the leash to a ring that was on the wall. They then left and walked off.

So there I was. A completely naked 22 year old male, hands behind my back handcuffed, ball gag in my mouth, a massive vibrator in my ass buzzing away, and tied to a wall by a leash and collar. To be truly honest, I kinda have to pee and take a shit. While I was laying in the back of the pickup bed, I did pee. But it wasn't on myself, luckily it shot off to the side of the pickup. Now just standing there and waiting I truly had to go again. I was standing in what looked like a storage room. The cement was cold on my feet but the air was warm. For as old of a building it was, I'm guessing there's no AC, so the air is still warm from the day. All of a sudden my captors were walking towards me.

As soon as they got to me, they took off my ball gag. I stretched my jaw out a little bit and looked at them. They said, "you could scream and yell, but no one here will help you. Soon you will find out why." They asked if I had anything to say. All I asked them was if I could use the restroom. They both had a big smile on their faces and said, "that's where we were planning on going anyway." They then untied the leash and we started walking through the building. We came up to a door that read, "Dining Hall", my heart dropped.

The door opened and I planted my feet. I don't know why I did that, because the male captor just yanked on my leash hard and about knocked me over. As soon as I went through the door, all I could see were eyes staring at me. There were probably 40 people in there. Primarily big burley men, and only a couple of women. They were all staring at me while I walked through there. The entire time, my 2 captors were yelling, "come and get some!!! $20 for as long as you want to have some fun with him. He'll suck you dry or lick you clean!! He'll do about anything you want! Come and get it in 20 minutes." My mind was racing. I felt completely humiliated while walking through there. And I was trying to figure out what they were planning on doing with me. We then came to the men's bathroom door.

They opened the door and it looked completely filthy. There was stuff written on the walls and even stuff painted on them. It probably hasn't seen a sponge or anything for quite awhile. They walked me to the first toilet stall. There were a couple of urinals there, a stall with a toilet, and then there looked to be a bigger handicapped stall, but it had an out of order sign and what looked like black curtains on the inside of the door.

I just stood there for a moment. All of a sudden I heard, "spread your legs!" As I did that, they reached up and pulled out the vibrator/butt plug. I couldn't be more thankful. They then uncuffed my hands and unhooked the collar from my neck. This was the first time that I didn't have anything on or in me. Although I was completely nude in a truck stop bathroom, it felt freeing. "You got 5 minutes, you can try to escape, but you have nowhere to go. Hurry up!" I went inside the stall and the toilet in there had not been flushed for some time. I might be a farm boy but there are still some things that I think are gross. I took some toilet paper and wiped down the seat. As soon as I sat down, it just came out at once. It was definitely the best shit and piss I have ever taken. I then wiped and flushed. I then stood up and opened the door. No one was in there with me. I then went to the sink and washed my hands. Thank God they had hot water and soap. I washed my arms and rubbed out the marks the cuffs and ropes had made. My 5 minutes was up.

The male captor opened the door and said, "it's time for you to start working". He then went to the out of order stall and opened it up. I couldn't believe what I saw. It was an enhanced medieval wooden stock sitting there. It looked like it was bolted to the floor. I then looked at the man and he waved for me to come towards him. I knew there was no reason for me to try and run, so I just did as he said. I went up to it and he lifted the top half up. I laid my neck down in the bigger of the 3 holes, I then put a wrist in each one of the smaller ones. The reason I think it is enhanced is because as soon as he locked the top of the stock and trapped me, there were bolted metal cuffs with a spreader bar on the bottom of it. He moved 1 ankle in a cuff and put a lock on it. He then put my second ankle in the cuff and locked it. There was probably 2-3 feet in between my legs right now. I was at a perfect 90 degree angle with my ass in the air. I then heard a higher pitched buzzing sound behind me. It was too high and loud to be a vibrator. All of a sudden I felt something going across my butt. I then felt him spread my cheeks apart and it went in my crack. He was shaving me! He proceeded to do both of my cheeks, from the bottom of my back to the beginning of my sack, and all around there. He then came and shaved off the little bit of hair I had on my upper lip. He also shaved my thighs all the way down to my knees. He then went to the corner of the stall, grabbed a hose, and start spraying me down. Inside and out. Everywhere from my face to my toes. He then shoved the hose in my hole and let me fill up a little bit. He then pulled it out and told me to push it out. We did that a couple of times. He then stopped and I just stood there dripping wet. He then went to that same corner and grabbed what looked like some small chains with a clamp on them. He proceeded to attach 2 clamps to my ball sack, both of them with separate chains on them. Thankfully they didn't have teeth but the pain was still bad. He then pulled the chain down to my left big toe. He wrapped it around it a couple of times and pulled the chain until my sack was stretched to it's limit and my toe was raised. He did the same thing with my right toe and the other chain. The only way I could get any relief from the pain is if I bent my knees some. Letting my toes rest on the floor. But in return of squatting at the knees, that exposed my now shaven anal cavity. It then hit me. I knew what I was about to be forced to do.

The man took a step back and said, "now it's time for your training and you get to see what you'll be doing for the rest of your pathetic life. We also get to make some money from your worthless body. If you do anything to anger our customers, we'll pull those teeth out one at a time. If you bite anyone, we'll cut off your balls and let you bleed to death. I am also going to put this little bucket underneath you. You're ordered to swallow any cum shots thrown your way. We'll weigh the bucket at the end of your session. We'll see how it goes, but if there's too much in there, we'll just leave you here for good. I'll be standing outside the door, so just let me know if you need anything. Do you understand?" At that I shook my head as much I could and waited for what was coming. He left the stall with an evil smile on his face.

I heard the main door swing open. I could hear multiple people come in. It was very loud and I could hardly hear the male captor talk. He said, "alright everyone, please quiet down. I'm only going to say this once. Here are the rules. It's going to be $20 for as long as you want." The crowd cheered after he said that. I can't believe I'm only going for $20. He then continued. "You are welcome to do anything you want to him. Just don't kill him. He can give handjobs, incredible blowjobs, and you can stick it in his ass if you wish to do that. I'm sorry ladies but he is not set up to service you very well. You will only be charged $10 since he can only finger you. You are more than welcome to play with him though too. Are there any questions?" No one said anything other than, "here's your first $20 bill."

I just stood there, finally getting dried off. Only to see my first "customer" walk through the door. It was a middle aged man who was kind of a bigger guy. He pulled down his pants and revealed an already erect cock. He put it right in front of my head, and before I knew it, he shoved it in my mouth. Before this all began, I never have thought of myself as being bisexual. Apparently though I have an amazing talent of sucking guys off. He thrusted into my mouth hard. I started using my tongue around his tip more. He started moaning and groaning loud. Before I knew it, he was shooting his load in the back of my throat. I just kept swallowing as fast and as hard as I could. I did not want to leave a drop of cum in that bucket. He then stumbled backwards, pulled up his pants, and walked outside. I knew as soon as he walked outside, and everyone saw how he looked, they'd get hungry to get after me.

Then came the next one. He was a little bit more of a feminine man than the first one. He did the exact same thing though. He walked in and took down his pants. Which revealed a very hard massive cock. Much bigger than the guy before him. He proceeded to walk behind me. I tried protesting against him for how big he was. He then slapped my ass a couple of times. I then proceeded to squat my legs a little bit to take pressure off of my sack. Which in return made my cheeks spread apart and he had easier access to my hole. No lube no nothing. He took my hips in his hands and rammed his big cock in my hole. I screamed a little bit with tears already in my eyes. As he continued to thrust himself inside of me, he slapped my ass hard. Turning it a bright red. He moaned loudly and all of a sudden he pulled out. He then proceeded to walk towards the front near my mouth. I kept my mouth shut. He then aimed his cock at the bucket and said, "I know the rules, I'll do it and you'll stay here." With that, I opened my mouth. I let him in and it didn't take 5 pumps until he started jizzing in my mouth. Once again I swallowed as fast I could. He then zipped up, patted me on the ass one last time, and walked out the door. All that was going through my head was, this must be like a day in hell.

The same thing happened time over time. The most things I gave were blowjobs. I gave a couple of handjobs, which they exploded in my mouth anyway. I only had a couple of people fuck me in my ass, and there were even a couple of people who shot their load in my hole. Or pulled out at the last minute and shot it on my back. I have successfully kept that bucket clean though. I'm not sure how though. I'm getting full on cum in my stomach and feel like at any time I could throw up. But I'm proud of myself for that fact anyway. My male captor looked in a couple of times. All he said was, "there's a only a few left." But that seems like it was 5 guys ago. The worst part is that I had a raging erection during all of this. I just might have a little gay in me. Or my darkest fantasies are coming true. Then the tables turned. And not in my favor.

A shorter guy walked through the door along with an average sized guy. They must be getting a deal or something. 2 for the price of 1. I never thought anything about it. But they both pulled down their pants and walked around me a little bit. They whispered to each other a little bit. The average guy stood in front of me and put his dick in my mouth. The shorter guy behind me, pushed on my back forcing me to squat a lot. He then inserted his dick inside my ass. They both thrusted in sync it felt like. Suddenly the shorter guy pulled out and ran to the front where he shoved his dick in my mouth with the other guy's. I now had 2 dicks in my mouth. I don't know how but they both started cumming simultaneously. My mouth and throat filled up with cum, I was swallowing fast, but not fast enough. I could feel it dripping out my mouth and in to the bucket. They both finished and pulled out. I finished swallowing my mouth full and looked down to see that the bucket had cum in it. The 2 guy's dick's were still covered in each other's cum, which they made me lick it off of them anyway. They left, and all I could think about was that there's cum in the bucket. But this is only the first time and there's not much.

My captor looked in the stall and said, "you look a little messy. But this is your last client for now. Since it's your last one, we gave this one to them for free." As soon as he stepped out, a bigger sized woman walked in. Even though she was much larger than any of the men I sucked off, I figured I wouldn't have to worry about anything in my bucket. She was also older. But honestly looked like a sweet lady. She proceeded to walk over to my left hand. She straddled the board a little bit and I started to rub my finger over her. I thought this was going to be easy. Until she came close to my ear.

"Your owner wanted me to have fun with you." She said. She then proceeded to run her hand down to my erect cock. She began stroking it. I began to moan. It only took a couple of strokes and I could feel myself about to jizz. That's when she pointed my dick towards the bucket. I tried pulling away, but my balls were already stretched to the max. I then tried to not cum and hold it back. All of a sudden my heart dropped and I came. I came so much and it shot straight into the bucket. I couldn't do anything about it, other than watching my load ooze down the side of the bucket. There was a shiver followed by shaking going throughout my body, as the jizz stopped coming out and I went soft. The woman then stepped away and looked at me.

"He said I even will get paid a little bit if I clean you up for him. Then he doesn't have to do it." She said. She proceeded to the corner and grabbed the hose. She turned on the water and started spraying me down. The water felt good. She did some of the same things my captor did. She shoved that hose inside of me and washed my ass out. She then shoved the hose in my mouth and held it there for awhile. I was swallowing as much as I could and couldn't breathe. My face started watering with water coming out of my nostrils. She finally pulled the hose out and I blew out all of the water. As soon as I got my breath I looked down and saw that the bucket was completely full of water. I wanted to throw up after seeing that. The woman proceeded to rinse me off and turned off the water. She then went for the chains around my toes and the clamps attached to my sack. She then walked out of the door not saying a word.

I just stood there praying it wasn't true. All I could look at was the full bucket. I had done so well keeping it clean until the very end. I just started crying, which the tears from that dripped in the bucket. But I didn't care anymore. All of a sudden, everything stopped and my captor walked in.

"Look at you! Oh, but look at the bucket. It's full. Now I told you that if it was full, you'd stay here. And I don't like to break my word. But today's your lucky day!!" He said. I looked up at him with a confused look on my face. It must have been an ugly look with tears, cum, and the confused look on my face. "You serviced 35 guys!! That's $700. And after giving the woman $50 for jerking you off and cleaning you up, which I expect thanks for doing that to you, we ended up making $650 off of your worthless piece of ass." Surprisingly, I never thought it was that many. The sad part though is that I'm happy I made him that much money. I don't know where it came from, but the next thing I said shocked both him and myself.

Thank you sir. I'm very grateful, and to show my gratitude, I'll suck you dry. At that I opened my mouth and he took a step back not really knowing what to do. He then unzipped his pants and walked over to my hand. I proceeded to stroke his balls and cock until it came hard. He then came over to my mouth and stuck it in. I sucked him off until he jizzed in my mouth. I made sure to swallow every drop of his jiz. I even licked his dick clean before he put it back in his pants. All he said was, "thank you. I'll be right back." And walked out of the door. Leaving me there in the stock.

I was just standing there waiting. Not too long after the man walked out, my female captor walked in. "Surprisingly my husband is a bit of a pushover. Me on the other hand though, not much. I see your bucket is full. Looks like you'll be punished. I think we need to keep you here and you live off of scraps and people's cum. But I guess my husband thinks you're a money slut and thinks we need to keep you around. So we met in the middle. I have arranged a ride for you to the next stop. Your ride is even willing to pay me for letting you ride with him. We'll start getting you ready here shortly. Just hang tight." The woman said that and left. I just stayed like I was and wondered what was coming my way.

Only a couple of minutes had passed and both of my captors walked in carrying a black bag. They unlocked my ankle cuffs and the top part of the stock. I stood up, very slowly, and stretched to the roof. I was sore from bending over for so long. I about passed out from the soreness alone. As I stood there though they were going through their bag. They took out a long white soft rope. They told me to reach for the ceiling, and I obeyed. They then started wrapping the rope just underneath my armpits and around my neck. They went around a couple of times and then tied it off. I'm not sure what they were doing back there but it took some time. They then pulled my arms behind my head, bent them at the elbows, and put my palms together. They proceeded to tie my wrists together and then tied the rope to the strands that were around my neck. They finally tied it off, and I was standing there with my hands tied behind my head and tied to my neck. They then started working their way down my body. They inserted a ring gag in my mouth and tied it off behind my head as well. They then attached nipple clamps from earlier that had teeth on them. At the end of the clamps there were rings. They proceeded to add a short chain and added weight to it. It wasn't much but that weight pulled my nipples down while the teeth were biting into my flesh. They attached a total of 12 clothespins on my sack. I lost count after 8 or 9. I'm guessing this is my punishment for the full bucket. They then started spreading my cheeks out and put in the massive vibrator again. The remote was nowhere to be found.

"Well I guess that's it. I hope you like the way you are. This is how you'll be for the next day or two." The female captor said. "We'll take care of your legs when we get inside of your ride."

At that statement they pushed me forward and I started walking. They took me back through the main dining room. It still had a few familiar faces in there. As soon as I walked through the door, they all started clapping. It honestly made me feel good, even though the state I'm in of my current situation. This time though they walked me through the front door instead of the back door. We walked towards a truck that was parked near the tree line. A man opened the door to the truck and hopped out. He was a big strong man that looked like he could carry me around. He motioned for me to get in the truck. I sort of got up in there, but only with the help of the trucker and my male captor. It was a very spacious truck with a sleeper in it and everything. They positioned me between the gear shifter and the sleeper.

"We don't need that butt plug in there. I have something way better." The trucker said. I didn't notice this, but underneath me there was a dildo coming out of the floor. It was very large and big around. The vibrator thankfully ended once it got shoved in my butt. But this dildo seemed like it never ended. With that he reached over and without warning yanked the vibrator out. Thankfully he lubed the dildo quite a bit it looked like. He then put his hands on my shoulder and pushed me down to where I got on my knees. My knees were at a 90 degree angle and started feeling the tip of the dildo already. He then pushed down harder and the dildo started going inside of me. It was massive and the pain was excruciating. I tried to resist some but he proceeded to push me down all the way. Until the heels of my feet were touching my ass. As soon as he let go, I tried standing up, but as soon as I tried, the female captor held me down. I felt them put a strap over my waist and drilled it into the floor. They then grabbed another strap and put it on my upper thigh and drilled it to the floor. I was now stuck. I couldn't even move my feet since they were tucked underneath my thighs. With my hands tied behind my head. Clamps everywhere. I was stuck.

"We'll see you in a day or two slut" the male captor said. "We'll see you sooner or later" the female captor said. And with that she put a blindfold over my eyes.

"You have a special dildo inside of you slut. I'll let you know all about it so you aren't too surprised. As soon as we get going, I control the vibrating that goes on in your ass. The special thing about it though is it is connected to the shifter and the accelerator. Whenever I shift into a higher gear, the dildo will grow a half an inch in either length or size. This also is a 10 speed truck. So it'll grow another 5 inches one way or another. That's not it. Once we get started rolling down the road, it'll start fucking you. It'll go in and out of you. When I hit the gas though it'll accelerate that motion. So as it's growing it'll constantly be fucking you. And your female captor said to leave on the vibrator for most of the ride for your punishment. That's about it." The trucker said. I sat there and tried to swallow a couple of times to keep the cum down. It was hard though with a ring gag. My worst fear came true once I heard the engine start.

He slowly put the truck into gear and the dildo came to life. I could feel the dildo start expanding. It then proceeded to start vibrating. I could obviously tell when he started moving. It started sliding in and out of me. It already hurts and I let out a slight groan. "We're only in the first gear baby", the trucker said. He hit the gas and it started fucking me harder. He then flipped it into second gear. And once again it expanded in size. We kept getting faster and faster. 3rd and then 4th gears were also making it expand in size. I feel like this is going to rip me in half. As we increased speed though, it just fucked me faster. Thankfully 5th, 6th, and 7th gears made the dildo grow in length. I swear with every time it came in, it touched my bladder. 8th and 9th gears made it expand more. Finally I felt the truck jolt into the last and final gear. Number 10 made it expand in length. So in total, it grew in width a total of 3 inches and got longer a total of 2 inches. It felt horrible. At this time though we were at maximum speed. The dildo was so big and fucking me so fast right now. All this going on and it's still vibrating. I could feel my dick getting hard. This is going to be a long couple of days. Sitting there being violently fucked by a dildo in a truck where I can't even move. I can't even lick my lips with such a big ring gag in. A couple of hours have had to pass on and then something went wrong.

"Ah shit!", Yelled the trucker. As soon as he said that I could feel us slowing down. As he was slowing down, the dildo started shrinking in size and it slowed down on how fast it was fucking me. Slowly but surely I felt us come to a complete stop. Even the vibrating stopped. I could finally catch my breath.

"It's a damn cop. If you make any kind of noise or try anything, we'll find you and make it worst than it already is." The trucker said at me. I just patiently sat there. I could hear the cop talk to the trucker. The cop had him get out of the truck. I couldn't really hear what they were saying though. Before I knew it the trucker hopped in the truck. All of a sudden though, my ring gag came out. It didn't really feel like the man's hands though. As I was sitting there, someone pushed my forehead back. All the way until my head was laying flat in the air. This made my back and shoulders start hurting. Then my nipples started getting real sore with my skin being pulled out of the teeth from the clamps. I let out a slight whimper. That's when a female voice said something catching me off guard.

"I'm officer Shelley and your trucker friend and I worked out a deal. In order for him to not get a speeding ticket and be cleared to drive all the way to Oklahoma without being stopped, means I get to ride your face." As soon as Shelley said that I could feel her straddle my face. She had a very nice shaven pussy. I started eating her out. I was licking and kissing very fast. She was moaning and groaning and thrusting her hips on top of my face. I could barely breathe with her on top of me. Before I knew it, she squirted all over my face. I could feel her to start slowing down her thrusts as a shiver went through her body. She just sat there for a couple of minutes. Still on top of me. I felt her climb off of me and I slowly sat up. Finally have relief to my shoulder, back, and nipples.

"That was amazing." Shelley told the trucker. "Here's your slaves ring gag back and you are good to go from here on out."

I could feel that the trucker hopped back in. "This ring gag might as well stay out for a little bit longer." the trucker said. I then heard something unzip. At that moment I felt him put his hand on my head and I went ahead and opened my mouth. He thrusted his very large bulgy cock inside of my mouth. He thrusted in and out of me. He then grabbed the little chain between my nipples and started pulling on it. That pain was terrible so I started sucking harder and using my tongue around his tip. With that extra effort he did a last couple thrusts and came inside of me. I swallowed until he was clean. He slowly sat back in his seat, zipped up his pants, threw the ring gag back in, started the truck, and my nightmare began again with the vibrator violently thrusting, growing, and vibrating inside of me.

We could have been driving for hours and I wouldn't have known. I was going in and out of passing out I was so exhausted. The only thing keeping me up was the dildo inside of me. We proceeded to drive and drive down the road. We've had to be driving for hours. But what do I know when I'm getting fucked by a dildo in a trucker cab and tied up to the point I can't move. This entire time that I had just sitting there, I was able to move my fingers around and managed to untie the blindfold over my eyes. As it fell to the floor, I was blinded by the light. It looked like it was middle of the afternoon. My ass and legs had gone completely numb due to the constant fucking in my butt.

"We'll have to let your owners know what you did," said the trucker. I saw him look down on me for taking off my blindfold. "Don't matter, we're almost here."

I looked at the clock and noticed that it read, "5:30p.m.". Damn we've been going for the entire day. I couldn't tell anyway. We started slowing down around 8 o'clock. I noticed a sign earlier said that we were 30 miles south of Oklahoma City. I can't believe we made it across the entire state of Oklahoma. But I guess it has been a couple of days since we started this so called adventure. I could feel us really slowing down. We pulled into a parking lot of an old MOTEL. Half of the letters were burnt out. Thankfully the dildo stopped. But the throbbing pain was still existant in my ass.

"Just wait here and I'll go see if your owners are here yet", said the trucker. I don't know where else I would go. I'm still tied here. So I just sat there waiting for him to return. I heard what sounded like small wheels coming towards me squeaking very loudly. "Ok so here's the deal, they're not here yet. They had to drop off some stuff in OKC. So they're gonna be a couple of hours. So I'm going to go ahead and get you settled in your hotel room and continue with my life." The trucker said that as he climbed in the truck and took those straps off of my legs and hips. I tried standing but there was no budge. I am physically incapable of standing on my own will. The trucker climbed in and slowly lifted me off of the dildo. It hurt so much but I was finally free from that terrible device. He sat me on the seat for a little bit to let me gain feeling in my legs. I then looked outside and noticed he had brought out an old luggage cart. I tried stepping out of the truck, only to have my legs crumble beneath me and me fall to the ground. Thankfully I didn't get hurt. I don't know how, but I guess I was lucky. The trucker came over and untied my hands. I stretched them out and moved around a little bit. He left the nipple clamps and clothespins pins on, but at least my arms were free.....for a brief moment.

He got underneath my arms and lifted me onto the luggage cart. He then had me sit back against a side, and tied my hands behind my back and behind a bar. He then just tied my ankles to the opposite side of the cart. I'm ok with that since I didn't have a blindfold or ball gag in. He then started pushing the cart towards the motel. We got to the room and we are lucky room number 7. He opened the door and pushed me inside and let the door slam behind him.

"I'm going to untie you let you clean yourself up for a bit. Don't try to escape, I'm going to run to my truck and grab some things. Ok?" The trucker said as he untied me from the cart and left the room. So there I was, standing in a room all by myself and still naked. I've gotten used to being nude though for as long as it's been. I figured without the use of my legs I better start cleaning up. First thing I did was I slowly started taking off the clothespins. The pain was excruciating with the rush of blood going back to my sack. I then took off my nipple clamps and set them on a table. They were so raw they almost started producing blood. The next thing I did was sit on the toilet. And once again it all came out of me very fast. But I just sat there and enjoyed the moment. I then stood up and hopped in the shower. I turned on the hot water and it nearly shocked me to death coming out of the faucet. I stood there for a moment catching my breath. The hot water ran over my body. I then soaped and shampooed everywhere. It felt like a little slice of heaven. I didn't want to get out but I knew I had to. Once I hopped out and dried myself off, I walked back in to the main room. No one was there yet. I ended up slipping off the towel and crawling underneath the covers. As soon as I hit the pillow, I was out.

I was suddenly awoken by a man on top of me grabbing for my hands and arms. It took me a little bit to realize where I was at again. It was the trucker who was on top of me. He had pulled the covers off the bed and proceeded to tie my wrists together behind my back. He then ran a rope around my waist and made a little belt around it. He cinched that tight. He then tied my elbows together causing my shoulders further back than they've ever been. He then ran a little rope around my wrists and the rope belt he had made. I currently can't move my arms any direction. He then shoved the old vibrator in my ass. He then tied rope around my thighs, underneath my knees, at my ankles, and even a little strand around my toes. I am now currently immobile and can't move a muscle. I can't even think about pushing the vibrator out. I quickly pleaded with him not to put anything on my nipples or balls, but could put the gag and blindfold on. He reluctantly agreed.

"Just so your owner doesn't get angry at me, I should turn your vibrator on before I leave. Have a nice life. I loved our little adventure. Here you go. Goodnight!" With that the trucker turned my vibrator on, thankfully not much, and threw the remote on the other bed. He quickly ran over to my body and spanked my ass a couple of times real hard. And walked out of the door. So there I was, tied at the elbows, hands, thighs, knees, ankles, and toes. With a ball gag and vibrator in me and a blindfold on. Eventually I fell asleep from pure exhaustion.

I don't know how long I had been asleep, but I was once again rudely awakened. This time it was the female captor grabbing at me. "Sluts don't get beds!!" With that she grabbed the rope around my ankles and pulled me off of the bed. I landed hard on my stomach. Thank God I didn't have any clamps on otherwise that could have been worst than it already is. She then unfastened the rope that was around my ankles and toes and helped me stand up. She left the rope around my thighs and knees though. She then led me to the little closet in the room. It just had a metal bar running from one end to the other and that was about it. She pushed me in there where she tied a rope around the metal bar in the closet, then ran the rope around my neck a couple of times.

"Now I wouldn't fall asleep if I were you. The rope that's currently tied around your neck and the bar is a cinch rope. So if you happen to doze off, and your legs give out, you'll literally hang yourself in here. So stay awake and you'll be fine. I'll even help you a little." The female captor then produced the vibrator remote in hand and turned it all the way up. I could feel it shaking in my ass. She then put a clothespin on each nipple and slapped my balls. Which made me want to fall down, but I knew I had to keep my composure and stay up. She then closed the doors and left me in complete darkness. I thought I painted a great picture when I was tied in bed. Now that I'm in the closet, I have a blindfold on, ball gag in, cinch rope tied around my neck, tied at the elbows, hands, thighs, and knees, with a huge raging vibrator in my ass. I honestly felt okay though. Since I had taken such a deep sleep, I felt fine standing there. I don't know how long it was but I managed to stay upright the entire time.

I don't know how long it was, but I heard footsteps coming towards the closet door. They opened the doors, reached in, and yanked off my blindfold. It was the male captor standing there. It was obviously daylight out. He then proceeded to untie the rope around the bar. He still had it around my neck so he had something to pull me by. He sat me on the bed. I heard the shower running though. The female captor must be in there. As I was sitting there, he removed my gag. Out of nowhere he had a bottle of water that he shoved down my throat. Followed by a couple of small donuts. And then lastly another bottle of water. That must be my nutrition for the day. As soon as I got done drinking the water he shoved the gag back in me along with putting the blindfold back on. He then tugged on the rope and pulled me outside. I don't know where we were going but it seemed like a long way to walk to his pickup. He then started mumbling during our walk. The sun was nice and warm beating down on my bare body.

"We actually have some good news for you. My wife is still a little bit cautious about it, but I think we have changed our plans with you. The original plan was to take you to Texas for you to be used as a pleasure machine for our drug mules. But instead we decided we would make more money if we kept you for ourselves. The best part of it is that we get to travel around the country, stopping at various rest stops and motels, and sell your body each time we want to use it. Don't worry, we have all of your necessary tools and toys. Our collection might even grow as we go. I even have the wooden stock in the back of the pickup. I am very happy with my decision, so let's go have some fun!" The male captor said as we finally started walking straight it felt like.

Slowly but surely we made it to the pickup. He had me climb in the backseat instead of the bed of the pickup. He had me lay on my stomach which made the clothespins bite my nipples even harder. He reached underneath me and put a couple of clothespins on my sack. He then tied my knees and toes back together. He ran a rope through my ankles and ran it through the door handle that is near my head. He then pulled it as tight as he could go. He went so far my balls were actually hanging in the air a little bit. He then untied my hands from the waist rope, still left my hands together, and ran a rope to the door handle that my feet were recently by. He ran that rope through the door handle and once again pulled it as tight as he could. This time raising my upper body up. He pulled so tight that really the only thing still on the seat was my balls and right underneath my stomach. Otherwise I was in an extreme hogtie. Keep in mind that the clothespins are now currently barely hanging on to anything, and with that happening the pain was terrible. My vibrator was still shaking violently. I also still had my ball gag in and blindfold on.

"The windows are tinted dark enough so no one can see you, and I'll put up a little curtain in the cab so if we get stopped, it'll look like there's just junk back there. Now the wife is in the shower and we're going to enjoy the morning and then we'll head on our way south. Going cross country. No rules." My male captor said as he was shutting the doors.

My mind was in a blur. Other than my nipples nearly bleeding and the vibrator in my ass, I didn't know where I'd rather be. If I wanted to be put in Texas and live my days out there, or go around the nation and become a great sex machine for other people to use. I guess my decision was already made for me though. My limbs were already on fire and I already felt like throwing up. This might be considered my future days of hell.

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