Cam Whores
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  • Post Date - 5/10/2019

Author's Note: If you're here for the 'good stuff' and not the story, then start at chapter 2. Enjoy. I'd love to hear your feedback.

Chapter 1: Bad Brake

Vanessa moaned in utter ecstasy, thrusting her hips against the vibrator buried deep in her pussy. She seductively rubbed her big, round tits and curled her toes as she writhed on the bed. Spent, she slumped back onto the silk sheets. After a moment, she brushed her long black hair out of her face and winked at the camera mounted on her desk in front of the bed. She blew it a kiss before getting up and turning it off. She glanced at the clock on the wall.

"Oh, shit! I'm going to be late," she thought to herself. She quickly threw on some clothes and rushed out the door.

Meanwhile, across town Kristen checked herself out in the mirror for the tenth time that hour. She was dressed to kill. Her slender black pencil skirt hugged her round hips. Her long legs were accentuated by sexy black stockings. Her black stiletto heels shaped her firm ass just right. Her cream colored silk blouse and black blazer professionally hid her shapely tits. She pursed her crimson lips and closed her smokey eyes.

"This is it," she thought to herself. She had moved to this city to make it big as a fashion designer, but after nine months she had nothing to show for it but maxed out credit cards and a pile of past due bills. Now she had her chance. A buyer for a major retailer had seen her portfolio online and after wearing her down, Kristen had finally arranged for the buyer to see her collection in person.

Kristen settled in to her rusty brown car. Calling it a shitheap would be generous, by now it was more duct tape than automobile, but it still got her where she needed to go. Once she hit it big the first thing she would do is replace it with a car from this century. She glanced in the back seat at the makeshift hangar bar she had installed. Her collection of upscale womenswear swayed as she closed the car door. She had spent the entire night before ironing and adjusting each garment until it was perfect. It had taken all her savings, and then some, to put together this collection, but she was sure that it was her ticket to success.

She started the car and looked down at the dashboard in dismay, a new warning light had blinked on. I just need this hunk of junk to survive one more trip, she thought as she ignored the warning light and pulled out into traffic. She glanced down at her phone to check the time. Even with heavy traffic she ought to make it to the buyer on time. As she cruised through an intersection the light on the dash began to blink more insistently. Kristen sighed. "Why don't they make these warning lights easier to understand?" she thought, "I have no idea what it's trying to tell me."

Just then the traffic light up ahead changed to yellow. Kristen hit the brakes to slow down. And nothing happened! Panicked, she held down her horn as she barrelled through the intersection. A car just barely missed her, honking angrily in return. She was not so lucky at the next intersection. A white van plowed into the rear passenger side of her car. She spun violently as her car veered off the road and smashed into a concrete barricade. The airbag inflated, cushioning the blow. Dazed, Kristen stepped out of the crumpled car. Miraculously she was unhurt.

As she came to her senses, she realized that she had to find a way to get to her appointment. Bus schedules and train lines ran through her head, then she looked down. Laying in a pool of gas, oil, and other fluids dribbling out of her car was her clothing collection. It was ruined. She was ruined. There was no way that she could afford to remake the garments. And even if she did there was no chance that she could convince the buyer to meet with her again, it was hard enough making this appointment happen this time. She sat down on a bench and cried as the crowd of onlookers dispersed. After a tow truck came to haul her wrecked car away she began the short walk home.

As she turned the key and stepped inside she saw her friend Vanessa sitting on her couch. Vanessa looked up at Kristen's tear-stained face.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

Kristen broke down as she described what had happened. "I have nothing. No money, no car, no job, a stack of past due bills."

Vanessa guided her to the couch. "I may have something that could help," she explained. "You know how I've been earning money by doing cam shows on the internet, right?"

Kristen nodded.

"Well, I've found a new company that pays significantly more for doing special fetish shows. And I've heard that you can make even more on top of that if you have two girls doing a 'buddy session'. How would you like to join me? We'll make a pile of money and split it fifty-fifty."

"Just how kinky are we talking?" Kristen asked.

"I've skimmed through a few of their shows. It's just some light bondage and a few spankings. Nothing we can't handle," explained Vanessa.

After a few more minutes of convincing, Kristen eventually agreed. She had no other prospects, and soon would be out on the street. She felt better knowing that Vanessa would be joining her. Vanessa wasn't a great friend, she only seemed to come by when she needed something, but she was the only friend Kristen had made since moving to town. Together they got into Vanessa's car and drove to a shady office park in a bad neighborhood to meet the agent for the fetish website. After seeing the shitty facade on the building that they entered Kristen was pleasantly surprised by the luxurious interior staffed by a handsome and well-dressed young man who introduced himself as Bruce. Vanessa explained that they were interested in making a lot of money very quickly since they both had some debts to pay off.

"We do things a little differently than other organizations," Bruce explained. "Here's how it works. We will assume all your debts and you will come stay with us at our production studio until you have earned enough to pay it back, plus whatever extra cash you'd like to take home with you. While you are there you will have access to all of our state-of-the-art equipment, film suites, and staff. We expect at least one show per week, with one week off each month. How much you earn is entirely up to how many 'tips' our viewers give you. Sound good?"

"Sounds too good to be true," Kristen replied.

"Ha, yeah, we get that a lot. But we've been in business for a long time, by internet standards, and we've worked out a very successful business model," Bruce explained.

"Well, you've got me convinced," Vanessa said. "Where do I sign?"

Bruce handed each woman a pile of papers. "The first few forms are standard stuff: W-4, health and sexual history, bank accounts, a list of all the debts we will be assuming. The last form is the contract detailing all the stuff I just explained," he said, brandishing a pen for each woman.

Vanessa whipped through each form hastily signing her name without stopping to read anything. Then she goaded Kristen into moving things along more quickly. Once all the i's were dotted and t's were crossed Bruce led them through a door and into an empty warehouse.

A black car with windows tinted so dark that they were essentially opaque awaited them. Bruce ushered them into the backseat as he explained, "We will take care of everything here. Don't worry one bit about your debts, your rent, your bills, or anything. We've got your back. Our driver will take you out to our studio where you can focus on making money! Who knows, maybe I'll check out one of your shows online. Give a wink for the username 'slybruce' if you see me online."

A divider between the front and back seat prevented the girls from chatting up the driver as they took what turned out to be a rather long drive to the middle of nowhere. The girls tittered in excitement at the prospect of earning some cold, hard cash in the world's oldest profession. Had they been able to see out the darkened windows they would have seen their car pull off the empty desert highway and into a forboding compound surrounded on all sides by razor wire and guard towers.

The car pulled to a halt inside a garage. Kristen and Vanessa stepped out and were greeted by a pock-marked, guy with slicked back hair and an ill-fitting suit.

"Ladies, welcome to XS Fetish. I am Doug," he looked down at a clipboard, then at Kristen and Vanessa. "First we will take you to shower before processing. We're very strict about health and hygiene here."

The girls were led through a heavy metal door and down a concrete hallway. Kristen stopped short when they reached the end of the hallway and she saw that it led to a row of metal-barred jail cells.

"What the hell is this?" she demanded.

Without breaking his pace Doug coolly explained, "This facility used to be a state prison. We've converted much of it to suit our purposes. In fact, some of our viewers prefer the prison scenery for the cam shows they watch. We are more than happy to give our members what they want. Don't worry, you won't be staying in a jail cell here, unless you are bad, of course." He gave a wink and a chuckle. Kristen wasn't sure whether or not he was joking. She uneasily followed along.

They stopped at the end of a block of cells at a big prison shower. Doug gave a knob a crank and a row of showerheads sputtered to life. He disinterestedly flipped through the paperwork on his clipboard. After a moment he looked up, "What's the hold up? We need to get moving here if you want to be through processing by dinner."

Kristen gave him a look of disbelief. Did he expect her to strip down and shower in front of him? She glanced over at Vanessa, who was unbuttoning her blouse. Doug saw her hesitation. "You have come to the wrong place if you have a strong sense of modesty. Your friend here has the right mindset." Vanessa had by now shed her shirt and pants. She shimmied out of her panties as Doug leered at her.

Thinking of the money she needed, Kristen sighed and followed suit. Doug hardly blinked an eye as the two young ladies shed their clothes and stepped into the shower. After they had washed themselves, Doug handed each woman a razor and explained that it was company policy for the 'talent' to be completely shaved from the neck down.

Once they were finished Doug turned off the water and gave each woman a threadbare towel and a gray prison jumpsuit.

"What about our clothes?" Kristen asked, noticing that the clothes they wore in were gone.

"This is standard for our talent, except of course during performances, when you are encouraged to wear whatever will generate the most tips," he explained. He looked down at his watch. "It looks like you've missed dinner. I'll take you straight to your rooms. We'll have something sent up for you to eat. I see that you are on the schedule for your first show tomorrow morning."

He led them up some stairs and down a hallway. Each girl was given her own room. Kristen looked into the room in dismay. It wasn't much better than the prison cell she had seen earlier. There was a bed, a TV, a desk, and a toilet. She flopped down on the bed, wondering if she had made a terrible mistake. A short while later, dinner arrived. She ate the cold soup and turkey sandwich, then turned in for the night. She drifted off to sleep anxious and uncertain about what the next day would bring.

Chapter 2: In Too Deep

Kristen awoke the next morning and found breakfast waiting for her. As soon as she finished her cold eggs, the door to her room opened. Doug entered and explained that it was time for her first performance. As he led her up to what he described as the 'studio' he explained how it would go.

This was a buddy performance, so it would be Kristen and Vanessa together. The show lasted for ninety minutes. The entire performance would be live streamed on the website. There would be a computer in the room where the performers could chat and interact with the subscribers. Plus they would be able to see the tips come in as they performed. If they needed any equipment that was not already in the room they could call and an attendant would bring whatever they wanted. After the performance, they would be taken to the green room to relax, where they would see their final earnings.

Doug finished explaining as he and Kristen reached the green room. Vanessa was already inside waiting. Kristen looked over in surprise at her friend, who had donned a tight leather corset with matching black stockings and heels. Her black hair was pulled back in a tight bun. With her ruby red lips and smokey eyes, she looked every bit the stereotypical dominatrix from television.

Doug left the girls alone to prepare. He explained that when the session began the door to the studio would open automatically.

"Wow, you look hot," Kristen commented.

"It's all about playing the part," Vanessa explained. "We give these losers what they want and they send us plenty of tips. It's like taking candy from a baby. We'll be debt free and out of here in no time."

Kristen's anxiety cooled a bit at the thought of making money. She would get her life back on track. Vanessa turned to a chest lying on a table behind her.

"Let's get you dressed for the show," she suggested. "Since I am playing the part of the domme, I have planned out everything we're going to do. I ordered the attendants to stock the studio with everything we'll need."

She turned to Kristen holding a black leather collar. "Put this on, slave," she said with a wink. Kristen chuckled and complied.

As she buckled the collar into place Vanessa pulled more items from the chest. She helped squeeze Kristen into a fiercely tight corset.

"It's too tight," Kristen gasped.

Vanessa dismissed her complaints. "You look hot. Besides these guys know a fake when they see it. They like their slaves bound tight. Believe me, it will be worth it when you see the tips rolling in."

Next Vanessa tipped Kristen back on a table and crammed her feet into tight black ballet boots. They forced Kristen to stand up on the tips of her toes. As she teetered uncomfortably Vanessa pulled out a long coarse rope. She started wrapping the rope tight around the base of each of Kristen's tits, then wound the rope around behind her back and up over her shoulders. By the time she was finished Kristen's tits were squeezed tight between the ropes. With the remaining length of the rope Vanessa pulled Kristen's wrists high up behind her back and tied them in place on the mass of ropes entangling her upper body. Even after all that a six foot length of the rope remained. It trailed freely behind Kristen.

Just as her tied tits began to turn a light shade of purple there was a loud buzzing sound and the door to the studio swung open. Kristen took a breath as Vanessa prodded her slave forward through the door.

Kristen teetered into the room, her toes already beginning to ache from the ballet boots. She squinted against the bright lights mounted along one wall. The white tiles and white walls gleamed brightly as the computer mounted on the lighted wall came to life. The large monitor displayed a high-def video feed of Kristen and Vanessa entering the room. A window to the side of the video began filling with text, announcing the arrival of members. A small counter below that window displayed the number of active viewers. A series of beeps began to emanate from the computer as the viewers sent messages in the chat. Each new comment indicated by a beep. Kristen was near enough to read a few of the comments.

hrsh_mstr22: love the tit tie

smFreak99: oh yeah, sexy domme... can't wait to see what she has for us

bigD1ck: i want to hear her scream

mstrsss: i'd love to whip those tits

Kristen grew uneasy as the comments and suggestions continued to trickle in. Her attention was drawn away from the display by the sharp crack of a riding crop on her ass. She yelped and turned angrily to Vanessa.

"Slave, you're not here to stand around. You are here to be punished. Why don't you give a quick twirl for our viewers so they can admire the goods while I get prepared," she said in a harsh tone.

Kristen obliged while Vanessa pulled a chain down from the ceiling. She took the extra length of rope from Kristen's bindings and secured it to the end of the chain. She then retracted the chain, pulling Kristen beneath it. The chain continued to rise until Kristen's toes were just barely able to support her on the ground. She teetered from toe to toe in her ballet boots as Vanessa stepped in front of her and addressed the viewers.

"Greetings, fellow sadists. I am Mistress V. Today we will be punishing my new slave, Kristen. This naughty girl hasn't fucked a man in months. Can you believe it? That just won't do for one of my slaves, so we'll have to correct that. We will start with the riding crop. Any suggestions on where to begin?"

The chat came alive with requests for strikes to her tits, her ass, her pussy, and a myriad of other locations. Vanessa smiled and turned to Kristen. The extra strain caused by hanging from the rope had caused her tits to turn a darker shade of purple. Vanessa stepped behind Kristen and quickly landed several hard strikes on her defenseless ass.

Kristen howled in pain as a flurry of tips from satisfied viewers chimed in. Each tip making the sound of coins falling in a bucket. Vanessa delivered more blows, leaving Kristen begging for her to stop.

Vanessa addressed the camera, "This bitch is getting on my nerves. I think it's time that we gag her." A flurry of chat replies agreed.

Vanessa pulled out a large ring gag and held it in front of Kristen. When she hesitated to open her mouth Vanessa grabbed hard onto one of Kristen's nipples and twisted. As she opened her mouth to scream Vanessa jammed the gag in behind her teeth. The ring was large enough that she had difficulty forcing it entirely in place. After some effort she managed to get it in. Kristen was left moaning, a trickle of drool was already beginning to run from her mouth.

"Now," she said, "it's time that we address this naughty pussy." She accentuated the statement with several strikes to Kristen's defenseless pussy. The tortured girl lost her footing trying to avoid the blows and swung suddenly onto the rope supporting her from the ceiling. The ropes dug hard into her abused breasts as her weight pulled them tighter.

Vanessa paid no mind as Kristen scrambled back to her aching toes. Instead she dragged a heavy piece of furniture into the center of the room. Kristen could not make out what it was because it was covered with a plain white sheet. With a hard pull on the chain, Vanessa heaved Kristen up off of her feet. She pulled until the girl was hanging with her feet about a foot off of the floor. Kristen moaned as the ropes around her tits dug hard into her sensitive flesh.

Vanessa left Kristen helplessly dangling for a moment, her feet flailing uselessly beneath her. Her suffering was not lost on the viewers, who applauded the spectacle in the chat and showed their approval with a steady stream of tips.

Vanessa returned to the distressed girl and grabbed ahold of one kicking foot. She bent Kristen's leg back until her foot touched the back of her thigh, then she grabbed a leather belt and strapped it in place. She repeated the process with the other leg.

With her legs out of the way, Vanessa was now able to slide the furniture beneath Kristen. Once she was satisfied with the position she turned to the camera.

"As it has been so long since Kristen has had a proper fucking, I was hoping that you all would help out," she announced. With dramatic flourish, she grabbed ahold of the sheet covering the apparatus and swiftly pulled it away.

It took Kristen a moment to realize what she was looking at, and then she began to protest loudly behind her gag. The item positioned below her was essentially a black leather covered sawhorse, but mounted atop it was a dildo the size of an artillery shell. The shiny metal monster was ten inches tall and four inches wide at its base. Near the top it tapered off to a rounded point. Kristen stared transfixed at the metal monster pointing straight up at her suspended body. She tried to protest to Vanessa. She wanted to tell her that this was too much, she could never fit that dildo inside of her. But instead the gag made her pleas unintelligible. Saliva poured out of her ring gagged mouth as the viewers announced their approval.

Vanessa slathered the dildo with lube then grabbed ahold of Kristen's shoulders and lined up her pussy with the dildo. She lowered the rope slightly until the metal monster began to part her pussy lips. The dildo was inserted just enough that Kristen would be unable to wiggle herself off of it once Vanessa let go.

Satisfied with Kristen's position, Vanessa turned once again to the camera. "This is the part where you guys come in. Dear Kristen's rope is linked with the tip jar. Every tip will lower Kristen a fraction of an inch. I figure it will take about a thousand tips before she is fully lowered. So get busy viewers."

Her announcement was greeted with a flurry of tips. Kristen shrieked as the enormous dildo was slowly driven deeper into her pussy, pressed deeper and deeper by her weight as the rope let out more length.

"I'll give you all a little time to enjoy the show and give Kristen the fucking she deserves. I'll be back in a little bit," Vanessa said.

Before stepping out of the frame she sauntered over to Kristen and pressed her lips to the sobbing girl's ear, she whispered so that only Kristen could hear. "I think you realize by now that you're in too deep. You got more than you bargained for. I knew all about this place and how hard their punishments were when we signed up. In fact, I cut the brakes on your car so that you'd be desperate and broke like me. They told me that I could be the domme and make a lot more money if I brought a 'friend'. You're my ticket out of debt."

Kristen turned to Vanessa. Her face grew bright red with fury. She tried to yell and shriek at her false friend, but her words were mangled by the gag. Vanessa chuckled and walked over to the side of the room. She perused the chat window, looking for suggestions and interacting with the members in search of more tips.

The tips continued to trickle in. Kristen was lowered further and further. She passed three inches deep and was moaning non-stop as the thick intruder stretched her pussy painfully wide. As she was slowly lowered another half an inch deeper the dildo no longer tapered, it was at its widest. Now not even the full weight of Kristen's body was enough to force her down on the dildo. Slack began to grow in the rope.

Vanessa re-entered the video.

"Hmm, it seems our naughty slave needs a little help filling her pussy," she announced. Vanessa pulled out a set of nipple clamps and snapped them onto Kristen's puffy nipples. Her moaning went up an octave as the clamps bit down on her sensitive flesh. Next Vanessa hung several small weights from the clamps, Kristen's protests intensified.

Vanessa stepped away for a moment to give Kristen time to appreciate her new accessories. She returned swishing a birch cane through the air. Kristen's eyes grew wide and she shook head, pleading with Vanessa for mercy. Vanessa stepped behind Kristen, lined up the cane with her ass and swung. Kristen howled in pain as the stripe was laid across her ass. She jumped in response to the blow. This jostling had the effect of forcing Kristen further down the dildo in addition to sending the nipple weights swinging. Vanessa landed several more blows for good measure. The rope was now held taught once again and Kristen was left panting, with a series of red stripes criss crossing her ass.

"I think that maybe Kristen is not getting a vigorous enough fucking. She needs your help, dear viewers. For a lump sum donation of fifty credits you can activate a special mode for her. This will raise and then lower the rope by two inches three times. Let's give her the fucking that she deserves."

Before Vanessa could even step out of the frame the clang of a big donation echoed through the room. Kristen's eyes grew wide in terror as the rope lifted her upwards on the dildo, reversing its course. Just as suddenly the rope was released. Kristen slammed back down onto the dildo, it's rounded tip punching up into her cervix. She shrieked in pain as she was immediately lifted and dropped again, and then a third time. The chat lit up with excitement. The viewers were more than pleased with this new twist on the punishment. Kristen bawled as more donations streamed in, activating the 'fuck mode' on the dildo. All the while more minor donations trickled in to ensure that Kristen was lowered even further onto the monster cock.

After fifteen minutes of this, Kristen had now sunk three quarters of the way down the enormous dildo. She could feel the pressure of the enormous member inside her pressing hard against the lower part of her corset. Her heavy breathing and the hard fucking had left the weights on the nipple clamps continually swinging and pulling on her tortured buds. But now enough slack had been left on the rope that not even the hard drops from 'fuck mode' would push her further down the dildo.

Vanessa shook her head. This would not do. She reentered the scene and grabbed ahold of Kristen's left knee. Her ankle was still strapped to her thigh, but Vanessa was able to loop a thick rope behind her knee. She did the same thing to the other knee. Then she turned to the camera.

"I just know that Slave Kristen would be disappointed if she didn't get the entire cock in that needy pussy. So I've brought her a little help."

Vanessa dragged from the side of the room a heavy sandbag. With some effort she was able to hoist the heavy sack and attach it to the rope dangling from one of Kristen's knees. Kristen perked up as the added weight pulled savagely at her bound tits, drawing the rope even tighter. Vanessa dragged over a second sandbag for the other leg. With the extra weight dragging her down, the dildo was now pulled as deep as the rope would allow.

"The ropes on the sandbags are long enough that once you are fully on the dildo they will be resting on the floor. If you want to take the extra weight off those nice purple titties, then you'd better beg your fans to keep the tips coming," she explained to her suffering friend.

Vanessa removed the ring gag from Kristen's mouth. She flexed her jaw in relief, grateful for it to be removed.

"Please, get me off of this thing. It's splitting me in two," she begged.

Vanessa pulled out the wooden cane once more and laid three rapid strikes down on the front of Kristen's left thigh. The stunned girl shrieked in pain.

"I didn't ungag you so you could complain, slave," Vanessa admonished. "You are to beg the viewers to lower you further. Or shall I have my cane do the talking for you?"

Kristen sobbed in reply. Vanessa slashed the cane down on Kristen's other thigh.

"No! Please!" she howled.

"Please, what?" her cruel mistress replied.

"Please fuck me deeper," Kristen sobbed.

Vanessa waved the cane menacingly, encouraging Kristen to keep going.

"I want this cock all the way inside me. I'm a needy whore. Fuck me harder," she cried.

Her pleas were interrupted by the activation of 'fuck mode'. Kristen howled as she was thrust up and down on the cock. The extra weight from the sandbags made each movement even more taxing, both on her purpled tits and her stretched pussy.

With encouragement from Vanessa, Kristen resumed her begging and the tips trickled in. Just a minute shy of the end of the session Kristen finally touched down on the base of the dildo. The entire monster was now lodged firmly into her overstretched and abused pussy. Whatever relief there was from the sandbags reaching the ground was unnoticeable to Kristen, it was drowned out by the agony that the rest of her body was in.

Vanessa stepped in to congratulate and thank the viewers on the accomplishment.

"Since we're nearly out of time I've got just one more opportunity for you all. For ten thousand tips, one generous member can keep dear Kristen in this position for the next twenty four hours," she announced.

Kristen was shocked. She was sure that she would die if she was kept like this much longer. Her mouth hung agape, silently hoping and pleading for no one to take Vanessa up on the offer. She stared at the timer on the wall indicating the time left in the session, willing it to tick down faster.

Fortunately for Kristen the timer expired before anyone came up with the money. The chat window closed and the camera feed cut out. A loud buzz indicated that the door to the green room was now unlocked. Vanessa scurried through and disappeared, leaving Kristen suffering on her perch.

After a few minutes two burly men entered the room. They removed the sandbags tied to her legs and then lifted Kristen free of the enormous dildo. One man held her aloft while the other untied her arms and tits. They set her on the floor and ignored her while they tidied the room. Kristen summoned the last of her strength to free herself from the corset and ballet boots. Then she crawled into the green room and collapsed on the floor.

Vanessa was resting casually on a couch drinking a bottle of water. She looked dismissively at her abused friend laying on the floor. If Kristen had had any remaining strength she would have jumped up and strangled Vanessa. Instead she just lay there, her pussy agape and her tits returning to a more normal color.

After a little while Doug entered the room carrying some paperwork.

"Great show, girls. Really good numbers for a first time performance. The members ate it up. Here's the invoice with your earnings," he handed each girl an envelope. "I hope you guys can keep it up next time. You're slated to go again Tuesday evening. You should be able to earn more with an evening slot. There's more viewers online then."

Kristen shuddered in fear at the thought of returning to that torture chamber again in a week. She was in way over her head. But what recourse did she have? She was trapped here until her debts were paid.

"We've been running through the comments and suggestions from this session," Doug continued. "There's a lot of interest in having Kristen get her 'revenge' on Vanessa next time. So you're the top next time, kiddo." He winked at Kristen. This news snapped her out of her malaise. Ideas for her revenge began pouring into her head and a sinister smile grew on her face.

"Wait a minute," Vanessa interrupted. "I was told that if I brought someone with me then I would get to be the top."

Doug crossed his arms. "We did say that. But if you read your contract closely then you'd know that the management has the final decision for performer roles in order to maximize revenue. Besides after the number you did on your 'friend' I doubt she'd be fully recovered by next week anyway."

Not looking to discuss the matter any further, he took ahold of Vanessa's arm and guided her out of the room. Kristen could hear her continuing to protest as he led her down the hall. Left alone in the room now, she struggled up onto a couch and opened the envelope with her earnings.

Her fingers trembled as she pulled the invoice from the envelope. She would at least be able to see how much her suffering was worth. As she perused the paperwork she grew angrier and angrier. They had earned what Kristen thought was a pretty decent sum, but after studio fees, cleaning fees, equipment rental, room and board, and a myriad other bullshit fees the amount being deducted from her debt was hardly anything. She could have made as much if she had spent a week waiting tables.

Doug returned a few minutes later and she gave him an earful about how little she had earned. Doug merely shrugged and replied, "It's all in the contract that you signed. Did you even read it?"

Kristen's anger was redirected to Vanessa for rushing her into agreeing to the contract, and for putting her in this situation in the first place. She would be sure to exact her revenge during their next session.

As Doug picked her up to escort her back to her room he commented on how slowly she was moving. He offered to take her to the infirmary. Kristen nearly agreed before she thought to ask if medical care would result in more being added to her debt. Doug admitted that there would be a nominal fee for their services. Kristen decided she was well enough. She didn't want to dig herself any further into debt.

For the rest of the week Kristen spent her time in her room recovering. She never crossed paths with Vanessa, who was apparently being kept on a different schedule. None of the other women that Kristen came across throughout the week would talk to her. Conversation was discouraged by the ever-present 'caretakers' monitoring the common areas.

On the Sunday before the next session Kristen received a large binder. In it was an expansive listing of all the options for equipment and supplies to use during the upcoming session. Everything was exhaustively described and categorized. Kristen was amazed and frightened by all the various items available to bind and torture a person. Over the next few days she planned out what she intended to do, and submitted the requests for the equipment she expected to use, as well as a rough outline of the proceeding.

Chapter 3: What Comes Around Goes Around

As Tuesday evening approached Kristen found herself getting nervous. Soon she would have her revenge against Vanessa. She returned to her room after dinner to find the clothing she had requested laid out on her bed. She donned the sexy black bustier and matching crotchless panties. Then she slid the sheer black stockings up her long legs and slipped her feet into the shiny patent leather heels. She sat in front of her makeup mirror and made herself beautiful, then stood up and headed to the green room.

Doug was waiting for her, lounging on a couch.

"Wow, you clean up nice," he whistled. "Vanessa has been prepped according to your instructions. She's waiting inside the studio. She put up quite a struggle. Make sure you keep her under control. We don't want to have to send somebody in to rescue you. You'll have ninety minutes, same deal as last time. Have fun." He stood up and left the room.

A moment later the door to the studio swung open and Kristen sauntered in. The computer on the side of the room was loading up the session. Viewers were pouring in by the dozens. They immediately began commenting on the scene before them.

In the center of the room stood Vanessa. She was wearing nothing but a pair of shiny black six inch heels that had been jammed onto her feet and buckled in place around her ankles. Vanessa was held standing in place in the middle of the room with what one of Kristen's binders described as a 'one bar prison'. It was simply a thick metal bar set into the floor. Vanessa had been lowered onto the bar so that it was buried six inches deep in her pussy. Standing on tiptoe, as she was, there was no way for Vanessa to lift herself free from the bar. She was trapped, standing in the middle of the room. Kristen couldn't tell how long Vanessa had been standing there, but she was already shifting awkwardly from foot to foot. The tall heels were definitely not made for comfort.

Kristen greeted the viewers then turned to Vanessa. She looked her up and down then said, "Are you ready for your punishment, slave?"

Vanessa stared daggers back at her. "Fuck you, bitch," she seethed. Kristen could see a bright red handprint on Vanessa's cheek. Clearly she had gotten on the bad side of whoever had brought her in.

"Tsk, tsk," Kristen admonished. "Such a bad attitude on this one. Let's see if we can do something about it."

Kristen strolled over to the side of the room and dragged a heavy item next to Vanessa. She began fussing with several attachments before deciding on the right one, with the help from several members in the chat who were familiar with what was about to happen.

Erected next to Vanessa was a tall post. Attached to the post was a small arm, to which Kristen had attached the stranded leather whip that she had selected. Once she was satisfied with the setup Kristen hit a button at the base of the post. The arm holding the whip began to slowly spin around on the post. The leather strands slapped gently into Vanessa's back.

Vanessa shrugged off the gentle slaps landing on her back. "Pretty weak, bitch," she taunted. "These guys won't give you any tips for this amateur shit."

"Ah, but I haven't yet explained how this works," Kristen replied. "The speed of the arm will increase for thirty seconds for every tip received. The speed increases will stack, so several tips in a short time span should get this spinning pretty fast. To keep you from getting bored the arm will move up and down on the post, from your upper back down to your thighs." She turned to the camera. "Let her have it, gang."

Before she could even step out of the frame a cascade of tips came in. Each one increased the speed of the whip. Now it was hitting Vanessa's back fast and frequently. She began moaning and twisting as the relentless fury of strokes stung her skin. Her back began to glow a light red. The arm holding the whip also began its slow descent, painting heretofore untouched skin with its stinging kiss.

As the whip lowered itself within reach of Vanessa's firm, toned ass the number of tips increased dramatically. Vanessa howled and screamed. She moved her hands to her rear to shield herself from the blows. Kristen quickly stepped in and grabbed each wrist. She applied a leather cuff to each and then linked them together in front of Vanessa.

"Having fun yet," Kristen teased.

"Fuck you, bitch. I'm going to remember this next time I'm in charge," she grunted between blows.

Kristen turned to the camera. "I think I've heard just about enough from this slave. Will you guys help me to shut her up?"

She punched some commands into the computer and the viewers were presented with a pie chart divided into four equal segments. Each of the four segments was labeled with one of: ball gag, ring gag, bit gag, and pain gag. The members of the site were well aware of how this worked. At the end of two minutes a 'spinner' would randomly select one of the four gags. Before that time the viewers could use tips to increase the size of the pie slice that they wanted to be selected, thus increasing the odds that it is chosen.

"Kristen, no! You don't know what you're doing," Vanessa pleaded as she saw what was happening.

The tips began to roll in. The pain gag was the far and away favorite. Kristen had no clue what a pain gag was, but all the viewers seemed to be very excited for it. After the two minutes had elapsed a little spinner began dramatically moving across the four segments. Vanessa stared rapt at the display, temporarily ignoring the flurry of blows to the back of her thighs. She had seen the pain gag in use before and it terrified her. The arrow slowly came to a stop and the chat window flooded with cries of disappointment as it landed on the tiny sliver of a pie slice for the ball gag.

Kristen shrugged and walked over to a drawer filled with ball gags. She selected a nice large red gag, walked over to Vanessa and jammed it in her mouth. She resisted at first, but after Kristen pinched her nipple hard she relented and opened up. The center of the ball gag had a small white tube running through it which had given Kristen an idea.

She grabbed a clear glass goblet from a nearby shelf. "I hope you guys don't mind if I take a little bathroom break," she winked as she held the glass beneath her pussy and let loose a stream of yellow piss. The members in the chat inclined towards pissplay cheered their approval with a flurry of tips, which were poorly timed for Vanessa, as the whip machine had finished moving downward and was now on its way back up. It was currently positioned over her already reddened ass when it began to spin up to not-yet-seen-before speeds. She howled into her gag as a relentless string of blows crashed over her already battered ass.

Kristen pulled over a stepstool and rigged up some equipment over Vanessa, then ran a tube from a container amongst the items down into the hole in Vanessa's gag. Finally she poured the glass of piss into the container. Vanessa pleaded for her tormentor to reconsider. Kristen blithely ignored her.

"Alright everybody, if you'd like to buy this lovely lady a drink the bar is now open. Five credits for an ounce," she announced.

Within minutes the container with Kristen's piss was emptied. Vanessa gagged and coughed as the vile liquid ran down her throat. She looked up in miserable relief at the empty container. But her relief was short-lived, Kristen walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a jug full of yellow liquid labelled 'horse piss'. She made sure that Vanessa and the viewers got a good look at it before she emptied a gallon of the liquid into the overhead container. The viewers kept the drinks coming.

By now the whipping machine had reached its apex and was once more descending back down the pole toward Vanessa's bright, red ass. Her back and thighs were now, too, tanned red by the fury of the whip. Vanessa's legs trembled in pain and exhaustion. Her feet had long since cramped up from the absurdly high heels, but the pole rammed deep inside her pussy kept her standing in place. She slumped as best she could, the blows to her back having fatigued her muscles.

After taking a moment to savor the agony of the woman who had tortured her the week before, Kristen stepped forward once more. "My slave has such poor posture. I think we should help her to work on that," she declared.

Once more Kristen ascended the stepstool. She grabbed ahold of Vanessa's cuffed wrists and pulled them up over her head and attached them to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Kristen then removed the stool and stepped back. Vanessa was expecting more than just having her wrists chained loosely overhead, so when Kristen did nothing further she slumped back in her bonds to absorb more blows from the whip.

However, as soon as she tugged on the chain Vanessa shrieked and arched her back. The chain pull had activated an electric shock at the tip of the pole embedded in her pussy. Vanessa cried and blubbered from the sudden unexpected assault on her snatch while Kristen stood back and laughed. "That ought to correct her slouching," she commented to the camera. Once Vanessa had recovered from the shock, Kristen snuck up behind her then suddenly slammed a fist into the bound girl's gut. Vanessa slouched from the blow then immediately rocketed back upright as another shock rocked her tortured pussy. Vanessa pleaded and cried for mercy. The viewers cheered the torment.

After a moment Kristen put on her best faux look of concern, then stopped the spinning whipping machine. It had just finished yet another pass over Vanessa's flaming, red ass. "I think this poor girl has had enough," she hesitated, "...on her back. Let's move to the front!"

Vanessa continued to cry and beg. Meanwhile Kristen dragged the whipping machine into place in front of her helpless victim. With a flourish she bent down and restarted the spinning whip. It was now calibrated to sweep from her tits down to the front of her thighs. The viewers enthusiastically got the machine up to speed as it painted Vanessa's front side pink, starting with her tits.

Kristen stepped behind her to admire the effects to her backside. She ran her hands up and down her skin. She was surprised by the heat radiating from the whipped skin. She massaged Vanessa's battered ass, eliciting a squeal. The flesh was already fading to a dark purple.

Satisfied with the effects she'd accomplished so far Kristen leaned down to admire Vanessa's dainty feet crammed into the agonizing six inch heels. She unstrapped the shoes from her ankles and pulled them away.

Rather than feeling the relief from having the shoes removed Vanessa unconsciously sank back onto the high heels that weren't there. As she unexpectedly fell the pole buried in her pussy jabbed hard into her cervix. The sudden pain caused Vanessa to reflexively pull her arms down to catch herself. This activated the electric shock once again. Vanessa howled in pain. Her legs trembled as they struggled to hold her as far up off the bar as possible.

Kristen laughed in delight at the plight of her former friend. The whipping machine had now made a full pass from tits to thighs, leaving a trail of red, beaten skin in its wake. It was now covering areas previously kissed by the whip. The spectators had taken special care to ensure the machine was spinning at its fastest as it swept across her tits. Vanessa twisted in vain, trying to avoid the blows but there was no relief to be found.

Meanwhile, her patrons kept buying Vanessa 'drinks'. By now the container above her head was half empty, meaning that she had swallowed a half gallon of horse piss. Her tummy had swelled with the amount of liquid, a tummy that currently was receiving a thrashing from the whipping machine. A particularly hard blow caught her just right in her gut, Vanessa lost her balance and tugged down on the chain attached to her wrists. Another electric jolt rocked her pussy, to the delight of the onlookers.

Kristen looked at the clock indicating the time left in the session, there was fewer than five minutes. "It's nearly last call, gang," she hollered. Vanessa furrowed her brows and looked at the piss bin. Her legs trembled from the stress of standing on tiptoe for so long. She counted the seconds as they ran off the clock. The whipping machine had spun up to a level that left the whip as a black blur that was relentlessly slapping her bright red tits. She shrieked and moaned as the final seconds ticked away. The whipping machine slowed to a stop. Vanessa was left gasping and shaking. Her entire body, front and back, would soon color to one big purple bruise.

Kristen thanked the viewers for their generosity and strolled out of the room. Vanessa watched as her tormentor left, leaving her mounted atop the pole.

Kristen grabbed a bottle of water and plopped down on a couch in the green room. A few minutes later a couple of burly guys passed through into the studio to release Vanessa and tidy up. Vanessa came crawling through the door and collapsed on the floor. After a minute, she shot up and vomited a surprising amount of liquid into a trashcan before collapsing on the floor once more.

Five silent minutes passed between the girls before Doug barged in with some paperwork.

"Excellent session, girls," he glowed. "Way more revenue than the last one. You two are stars."

Kristen wasn't sure whether to be flattered or horrified. She tore open the envelope to examine her earnings. They were, indeed, a lot more than last time. But the fees and charges piled onto the final tally once again reduced it to practically nothing. Apparently the fees were much higher during 'prime time'.

"I have some exciting news," Doug continued. "We run a special event around this time every year. It's a competition of sorts, and you two have been selected to participate. You will each perform a solo show that you script beforehand, and whoever brings in the most tips will have her debt completely eliminated."

Even Vanessa perked up at this news. Kristen's heart fluttered. This was her chance to get out of this hellhole.

Doug refused to answer any more questions as he escorted her back to her room. He merely explained that a binder would be arriving soon which would help her to coordinate her session. Kristen was left dreaming of her freedom.

Chapter 4: Whore Off

Kristen found herself getting excited as the special event approached, though she was certainly terrified too. She wasn't sure how far she would have to go or how much pain she'd have to endure in order to come out on top.

A few days before the event a binder arrived with the paperwork to plan out the what/when/how of her session. To her dismay, the available punishments described in the binder were frustratingly vague. It was her understanding that an 'assistant' would come around at the designated times to administer the punishments. Slowly and carefully, Kristen formulated her session, keeping in mind what brought in the most tips during the previous performances.

Meanwhile, Vanessa slowly recovered from her latest session. She was determined to outdo Kristen and leave that bitch here to rot. She had been kept away from her the entire time, which was probably for the best, since she would have kicked her ass had she seen her walking down the hall. As the marks all over her body faded, she, too, planned out her session.

The event was to take place on Saturday night, prime time. As the hour approached each girl was let into her own studio to prepare.

Kristen immediately got to work making sure that everything was in place. She began by putting on a black leather corset. She pulled it tight and it cinched her waist seductively thin, while at the same time pushing her tits up and out. Kristen admired her figure in the mirror. She'd have to get one of these when she got home, she thought to herself. Next she strapped black leather cuffs onto her wrists. She then sat down on the floor and took two thick black leather straps. She bent her legs so that her ankles touched her thighs, then pulled a strap around each ankle/thigh pair. Now she waited, the rest of the setup would require some help.

After a few minutes a gruff looking man entered. He looked over his clipboard, then hefted Kristen up over his shoulder. He walked her over to a square post in the center of the room. He placed her with her back against the post, standing up on her knees. He lifted her wrists up above her head and clipped each cuff to a side of the post. Next he ran a thick leather strap around the back of the post and over her chest, just above her tits.

Finally, the man examined Kristen's corset. Not satisfied with how tight it was, he untied the laces and pulled them excruciatingly hard. Kristen objected. "I had it tight enough already," she protested. The man chuckled to himself and tightened the corset even further. Then reached down and tightened the straps around her legs by another notch. Now that the initial setup was complete, the man stepped over to the side of the room and waited for the show to begin.

Vanessa had a bit more prep work than Kristen to do. Having more experience than poor, naive Kristen, Vanessa knew that ponygirls were a popular fetish, and so she was determined to give the people what they wanted. She began with a shiny black latex covered corset. Unlike Kristen, Vanessa knew to pull it as tight as it would go, not as tight as was comfortable. Next she pulled black latex stockings up her legs and clipped them in place with suspenders attached to the corset. Most of the bruises from her previous punishment had faded, but this helped to cover the ones that remained.

Vanessa next grabbed a harness bit gag. She set the shiny little bar between her teeth and pulled the harness up around her head, then buckled it in place. The harness had a long fluffy red ostrich feather sticking straight up from the top. Vanessa immediately began drooling all over her tits from the gag.

Vanessa then took a thick leather collar and locked it around her neck. The broad collar covered nearly her entire neck, making it difficult to bend her head.

The next item for Vanessa was a black inflatable buttplug. She lathered it, and her asshole, with a generous gob of lube then slid the item in. She gave the plug one pump to help hold it in place. The buttplug had a long black tail attached to the back which swayed beautifully back and forth as she walked over for the final items.

She grabbed a pair of 'pony boots' from a shelf and buckled her feet in place. The boots forced Vanessa up onto her toes, but the hoof-shaped bottoms did not provide any support for her heels. She sauntered to the center of the room, her boots click-clacking with every step. Then she awaited the arrival of her handler.

Kristen grew more nervous as the start of the show approached. She shifted her weight uncomfortably from knee to knee. Already she was beginning to ache and the show hadn't even begun.

Finally, the computer came to life and a clock indicating ninety minutes left in the session began to count down. Kristen put on her best pouty expression and addressed the members filing into the chat. "Hello masters and mistresses. I've been a very bad girl. I need you to punish me. Show me no mercy. Please hurt me. I deserve it!"

She made a show of wiggling in her bonds to emphasize how tightly she was held. "I have a series of punishments that are unlocked by your tips. Any tip will count towards those, even tips spent towards 'special' punishments. Speaking of which, let's begin with our first special," she nodded to the assistant on the side of the room.

The assistant jumped to his feet and dragged in front of Kristen a small square table about the size and height of a stool. Dangling from the side nearest Kristen was a pair of chains, at the end of each chain was a saw-toothed, spring-loaded nipple clamp. The man reached down and pinched Kristen's left nipple, she moaned in response. That moan morphed to a scream as he snapped the clamp down on her nipple. The sharp teeth bit hard into her sensitive flesh, the spring mashed the sides together with savage force.

Kristen had chosen this punishment from the binder, but she had no idea that the clamps would be so painful. Between short, ragged breaths she begged him to remove the clamp and replace it with something else. The man ignored her with cold indifference. She tried to twist away as he reached for her right nipple, but her effort was futile, bound as she was. Knowing how much it would hurt made the anticipation that much worse. She screamed again as the second clamp bit down. The man adjusted a few things on the tray, then stepped back to the side of the room.

After a minute, Kristen was able to regain her composure. She had to stay with it if she wanted to win her freedom. Already the tips were coming in from viewers looking to show their approval. "These excruciatingly painful clamps are attached to a series of weights that are magnetically attached to the underside of this tray. For a donation of fifty credits you may release one of the weights. There are twenty in all, ten for each tit. Please punish me. I've been so naughty."

No sooner had Kristen finished explaining than someone had activated the first weight. As the tray was positioned a little above her head, and the chain drooped a foot down past her tits, the weight had a long way to fall. Kristen watched as it fell free of the tray and came crashing down at the end of the chain, pulling hard at the clamp attached to her left nipple. She jumped in surprise and shrieked. This had hurt just as much as when the clamps were snapped in place. And now the weight was left swinging freely from the chain, continuing to tug and pull with every ragged breath.

Tears formed in Kristen's eyes as she thanked the contributor for the punishment. "I suppose you have heard enough from this pain slut for one day. So I think it's time that you chose a suitable gag for me. My assistant will provide any further explanations for my punishments, if necessary."

Right on cue, the pop up pie chart with four available gags appeared for the viewers. The four options were equally weighted to begin with, but tips would allow the viewers to adjust the probability of the selection towards their preference. The four options were ball gag, ring gag, bit gag, and pain gag. To Kristen's satisfaction, tips began to pour in immediately. She had seen how lucrative this game was in her last session, though she still did not know what the crowd favorite 'pain gag' was.

Before the gag voting finished, a pop up appeared to announce that the first level of additional punishment had been reached. The votes for the gag selection had pushed the total over the edge. The assistant appeared next to Kristen carrying a small burlap sack. He reached in and began sprinkling the contents on the ground all around Kristen. What was described to Kristen in the binder as 'sand' was actually very small, jagged rocks. She protested as the man sprinkled the rocks all around her. The man continued to ignore her as he lifted up each knee and sprinkled more rocks beneath. Kristen cried and howled as the sharp rocks were driven hard into her knees by her weight. Almost on cue someone triggered the release of the second weight for her nipple clamps. She screamed anew as a weight fell and tugged hard on her right nipple.

A moment later and the gag voting was finished. Kristen held her breath as an animated spinner appeared on the pie. By now the 'pain gag' option comprised a full three quarters of the circle. Slowly the arrow came to a stop, pointing directly at the selection for pain gag. "I guess I get to see what that is after all," she thought unhappily.

The assistant stepped into action. He withdrew several items from a drawer out of Kristen's sight. Her anxiety increased as she saw him snap latex medical gloves onto his hands. He moved in front of her, his feet crunching on the rocks that were strewn everywhere. Kristen obediently opened her mouth as he approached. He reached forward and inserted a large metal ring into her mouth, behind her teeth. He ran the strap attached to it around the back of head to secure it in place. Then walked away.

"This isn't so bad," thought Kristen. "I don't see what all the excitement is about." Then a look of confusion spread across her face as the man returned. In his hand was a pair of forceps, they had a large hole in the middle of each grabbing surface. Before Kristen could react, he reached into her gaping mouth and grabbed her tongue with the forceps. He pulled it as far out of her mouth as he could and held it in place. Kristen moaned in complaint. Then her eyes grew wide in terror. In his free hand he held a four inch long shiny silver needle. He lined the point up in the center of her tongue and very slowly pushed it through. Kristen screamed like never before as the sharp spike pierced its way in. The man stopped shoving once the needle was halfway through. Two inches of metal now protruded from either side of her pierced tongue. He released the forceps, but Kristen was unable to pull her tongue back into her mouth. The spike caught on the ring gag, preventing her from pulling her tortured tongue back in. He fastened a tiny clip on either side of the needle to keep it from slipping, then retreated back to his position on the wall.

Kristen wailed and wriggled. Her tortured tongue pulled painfully far from her mouth. The effort of trying to pull it back in just made it hurt more. A trail of saliva soon poured out of her mouth and down onto her tits. The viewers lit up the chat with praise. Tips poured in. And another generous donor released the third nipple weight. It clanged down next to its identical predecessor already hanging from her left tit. It addition to the harsh tug, the impact of the weights crashing together caused the chain to vibrate, translating a new and unpleasant sensation to Kristen's tortured nipple.

Vanessa's show was just getting underway. A few minutes before the cameras went live her handler arrived and tightened every strap to its utmost. Vanessa had thought she'd done so already, but to her dismay the gruff man found a way to make them tighter.

As the session began Vanessa was led over to an apparatus that the spanned the entire room. In the center was a sturdy eight foot vertical pole. Connected across the top and running the entire width of the room was a long beam forming a 'T'. Vanessa was positioned beneath one end of the horizontal beam. Her handler began loosely winding a thin metal cable around each of her tits, and looped it around her back. He then connected it to the end of the beam above her and gave her a shove. She took a wobbly step forward, pulling against her harnessed tits which tugged against the beam overhead. Slowly the beam began to pivot, following Vanessa. It did not move quickly or easily because hanging from the side of the beam opposite Vanessa, on the other side of the room, was a large container partially filled with one hundred pounds in metal weights.

As Vanessa leaned against the resistance of the beam, the loose cable looped around her tits pulled tight, cutting cruelly into her flesh. Nevertheless, she trudged on, bringing the heavy apparatus up to a walking speed. The reason why was just being displayed to the interested onlookers in the chat window.

The session was to be divided into five minute intervals. During each period Vanessa would be assigned a 'goal' for the number of laps she needed to complete. If she failed to meet her goal then she would be punished. The viewers could increase the number of laps required in the next interval through their contributions. In addition, for one hundred credits, a donor could add an additional twenty pounds of weight to the container opposite Vanessa on the beam.

Vanessa leaned back a little as the beam reached her desired speed. The cable loosened slightly as the amount of force applied to keep the beam turning was not nearly as much as was needed to get it going. Her goal for this first segment was five laps, a fairly easy target to reach. The clip-clop of her hoof shoes filled the room as she completed the first lap. A small scoreboard on the rear wall tracked the number of laps and amount of time remaining.

She completed another lap. And another. As she was halfway through the fourth lap a notification sound indicated that someone had purchased an increase in weight. The handler sprang into action. He hefted a heavy metal plate into the container opposite Vanessa. It clanged into place and Vanessa groaned as the increased resistance tugged on the steel cables around her tits. She leaned into the resistance and brought the apparatus back up to speed.

Inspired by their companion, and wanting to get the most out of their money, four more patrons stepped in to increase the weight. Vanessa groaned as the additional weights were piled on. This was escalating faster than she had anticipated. She wasn't yet finished with the first interval and already she was pulling two hundred pounds around the circle.

Nevertheless, she easily met her goal before the timer expired. She used her extra time to bring the apparatus to a stop so that she could rest. A moment later a chime indicated that the next round was starting. She looked over at the scoreboard to see how many additional laps her patrons had purchased for her. A look of worry swept over her face as she saw that she was expected to do fourteen laps in the next five minutes.

Hoping to avoid the punishment that would result from failure, she leaned into her harness to get moving once again. She groaned as the cables pulled tight around her tits, crushing them inside their tight loops. Her legs pumped, her hips swayed, and slowly she began to pick up speed. Cognizant of the challenge ahead of her she brought her pace up to a quick trot. Her hoof shoes click-clacked loudly on the floor as she fought against the weight holding her back.

She kept up a decent pace, knocking off three laps in the first minute. But she could not sustain it for long. The pull of the cables as she led the weights around the circle began to chafe her tits. A raw red line was forming on her skin beneath the cable's tight embrace. A thin sheen of sweat formed on her forehead. With a ponylike whinny she flicked the moisture free of her eyes. She finished more laps, but her pace lagged what was needed to meet her goal. The timer expired with two laps remaining.

Vanessa's handler stepped forward and brought her to a halt. He reached behind her and grabbed the bulb to inflate her butt plug and gave it two hard pumps. Vanessa groaned as she felt the plug swell inside her ass. It would make future laps that much more unpleasant.

The timer reset and the next interval began. Vanessa looked to the scoreboard to see what her next goal would be. With relief she saw that she would only have to do ten laps. She had achieved as many in the previous interval, so she was confident that she could meet this goal. But just as she leaned into her harness to start the apparatus turning, a chime sounded, indicating that someone had purchased additional weight to pull. She sighed as her handler clanked another metal plate into the container, then moaned as she pulled herself up to speed. The cable dug harshly into her tits and she was now acutely aware of the larger buttplug wedged inside her ass.

Kristen was in hell. Her tongue was stretched painfully far from her mouth, a pool of saliva had poured down onto her tits. She shifted uncomfortably on her knees. There was no place she could adjust herself to avoid the sharp pebbles scattered beneath her. Any movement merely sent the weights dangling from her nipples swinging. They tugged and twisted at her sensitive buds.

With a beep, yet another weight was released from the tray in front of her. Kristen braced herself and screamed as the metal chunk fell free, tugging even harder on her nipples.

To her dismay, this additional tip activated the next 'special' punishment. Her assistant stepped forward and attached something to the post that Kristen was bound to. As he began twisting a handle at the back of the post a broomstick shaped shaft began to emerge from the front. Slowly it extended further, pushing into the small of her back. The persistent pressure focused on such a small area forced Kristen to scoot forward. The man continued cranking and the shaft extended further and further. Kristen shifted as much as her bonds would allow, leaving her upper body trapped against the post and her lower body forced away, her lower back bearing the brunt of the blunt tip.

Even through her corset the dull shaft felt like a knife in her back. No longer could she so much as lift a knee without shifting her weight onto the shaft and crying out in pain. Finally the assistant stopped cranking the shaft further out. He walked away as Kristen was left moaning anew. A viewer capped the scene by dropping the last of the twenty weights. The metal chunk dropped swiftly, collecting near the other weights tugging cruelly at her nipples, twisting and pulling at the strong metal clamps.

Kristen was given no respite. The next punishment she had scheduled was brought forward. The assistant removed the tray that had held the weights until now. He replaced it with a tall pole. Dangling from the pole was a transparent bucket. Running from the bottom of the bucket was a long tube. Kristen remembered this punishment described in the binder as the 'cum sampler', though she had no idea how she was expected to drink anything with her mouth propped open as it was.

The man answered her question by taking the end of the tube and sticking it inside her mouth, nearly all the way back to her throat. He secured the tube in place by tying it to the spike running through her tongue. Finally, he removed a jug from a nearby cabinet. He gave Kristen and the viewers a good look at the label reading 'horse cum' on it. Kristen's eyes grew wide. She had assumed the 'sampler' part meant various human cum. Her stomach turned, she felt nauseous, and she hadn't even tasted anything yet.

The man lifted the jug high and poured about ten ounces into the bucket. He then pulled out a metal dildo, about six inches long and one inch wide. He lathered it up with lube and shoved it into Kristen's pussy. With a few straps he secured it in position, then connected a wire to the bottom of it and ran it somewhere out of sight.

Kristen was confused, she didn't recall any part of the punishments that she had scheduled involving this. The man stepped off to the side, and a message flashed up for the viewers. It explained that for ten credits they could purchase one ounce of cum for Kristen to drink. If any cum dribbled out of her mouth then she would be shocked.

Kristen protested uselessly to the interested onlookers. With her mouth held open as it was she was going to have great difficulty swallowing anything. Almost immediately a buzz indicated that the first ounce of cum had been purchased. The gooey white horse cum slowly oozed out of the tube. Kristen gagged when the foul substance hit the back of her tongue. She snorted and coughed, but by tipping her head back as far as her bonds would allow she managed to swallow the salty liquid. Though not without pulling painfully on the spike inserted into her tongue.

No sooner had she recovered from her first taste than two more ounces were sent back to back down the tube. Kristen tried to keep up as best as she could, but her mouth filled faster than she could swallow. Fear swept over her as she felt the creamy cum spill over her lips and dribble down her chin. Just as a small trickle fell down onto her clamped tits a powerful electric shock slammed into her pussy. Kristen shrieked. The remaining cum erupted from her mouth as she coughed and thrashed. The weights hanging from her nipples were sent swinging, tearing at her nipples. The wooden rod pressed against her back jabbed hard. Her legs trembled, supported by her pained knees.

She looked over at the clock. The session was just over half finished.

Sweat poured into Vanessa's eyes. She blinked away the stinging distraction and leaned into her harness. The metal cables pulled tight around her tits yet again. The skin beneath them had been rubbed raw. The fleshy mounds shaded purple under the crushing press of the cables. She had lost count of how many intervals she had done. Over half had ended in failure. Each time the butt plug in her ass was inflated a little more. She now had something the size of the bottom half of a bowling pin inserted into her ass. Every step twisted and pushed at the unyielding object within her. The plug pulled and tore at her stretched and abused ass.

She bit down on her gag and pulled harder against her harness. She finished her goal with seconds to spare. Vanessa was relieved, she couldn't take another inflation of the plug. Surely she would burst. She looked over at the scoreboard to see what her next goal would be. Instead she saw that the clock was stopped, and no goal was displayed. Was the session over? Had she finished? No. Her handler approached carrying something new.

He brought her apparatus to a stop and connected something around her waist over her corset. It was a stiff, broad leather belt. Jutting out from the belt, parallel to the floor were two stiff two foot long sticks. At the end of each stick was a small brass disc, shaped like, but smaller than a cymbal. The trainer bent down and strapped to each leg, just above the knee, a matching cymbal. The sticks were positioned such that if Vanessa raised her knee high enough she could clang together the two brass cymbals.

The trainer stepped back. "It is important for a pony slave to not just have endurance," he explained with authority, "but also to have good form. For the remainder of the time in this session you may purchase additional laps for this pony slave. Proper form may slow her down, but she will not rest until she has finished all the laps assigned to her, even if that means she stays here after time has expired. If she does not raise her knees high enough to make a sound then she will be whipped." He brandished a long buggy whip. "Begin, slave," he ordered and with a flick of his wrist brought the whip down on Vanessa's exposed ass.

Vanessa jumped in surprise at the sting of the whip. She leaned against her harness once more and groaned as it bit into her tits again. The apparatus slowly began to turn. She took a step. As soon as her hoof-heeled foot touched the ground she felt the sting of the whip once more.

"Knees high, slave," her driver ordered.

"How could she bring the heavy load up to speed if she had to prance forward?" Vanessa wondered worryingly. She continued pulling, this time she lifted her leg high. The cymbals met and made a satisfying ding sound. She lowered her leg and braced for a slash of the whip which did not come. She could not pull nearly as hard and the contortion of raising her leg wracked her insides as it shifted the enormous butt plug, but she slowly was able to get up to speed. She'd have been fatigued prancing this way if she hadn't just completed dozens of laps around the circle but as it was she quickly found herself exhausted. It was a strain to just lift her knee, but the kiss of the whip was all the motivation she needed.

Ding, clop, ding, clop, clop, swish, scream. Vanessa made her way around the circle. She stole a glance at the scoreboard and saw the required number of laps growing. Frustrated, pained, and determined, she trudged on. Her ass and shoulders, the only exposed skin available to the whip, quickly became streaked with angry red lines. Her legs trembled in exhaustion, but relief was a long way away. For the next few minutes the counter for the laps increased faster than it decreased. Vanessa feared she would pass out from exhaustion before she could ever finish all the laps.

Kristen shrieked again and again as the electricity coursed through her pussy. She simply couldn't keep up with the volume of cum being dumped into her mouth. Her viewers knew it and continued to pile on, knowing that Kristen's failure would result in more shocks.

She had long since emptied the bucket of the horse cum. She then emptied it of the pig cum that came next. Her stomach turned at the thought of what was flowing into her throat with each swallow. She was most of the way through the bucket of dog cum that now hung above her.

The sticky goo ran down her chin, covered her tits, and pooled on the floor beneath her. She couldn't stop trembling. Between gulps of cum she moaned her displeasure aloud to the delight of her tormentors. Her eyes remained fixed at the clock on the wall. With one minute left in the session, the last of the dog cum was drained into her mouth. She screamed as, of course, she could not keep up and more electric shocks rocked her body.

Finally, the time ticked off of the clock. The computer went dead. The man sitting on the side of the room came and released her from the pole she had been bound against for the past ninety minutes. Kristen collapsed to the floor. The man ignored her as he began cleaning up the room around her.

After taking a few minutes to collect herself, Kristen began to undo her bondage. She unstrapped her ankles from her thighs, took off the wrist and ankle cuffs, and shrugged out of the corset. Now for the worst part, she loosened the clamps on the spike through her tongue that held it in place. Then she grabbed ahold of the spike and slowly slide it free from her pierced tongue. She wailed as the spike pulled loose. Then she reached around her head and removed the ring gag. It hurt just to pull her tongue back into her mouth.

She tried to lift herself to her feet but her legs were too weak to support her weight. Instead she crawled out of the torture chamber and into the adjacent room.

When she eventually got there Doug was waiting for her with a big smile on his face. "Tonight was our biggest haul of all time," he exclaimed. "You were great." Kristen held her breathe, hoping that meant she would be free.

"Vanessa probably won't be available for a few more hours yet. I think she underestimated our viewers' generosity. I guess she'll have to wait to get her bad news." He handed Kristen an envelope. Her heart raced as she tore it open. Bad news for Vanessa must mean good news for her, she won. Her debt would be eliminated and she'd be free to go.

Her eyes quickly scanned the invoice. They jumped down to the line showing her remaining debt. It was higher than when she had arrived at this horrid place.

"This isn't right," she mumbled through her damaged tongue.

Doug took the paper from her hands and perused it. "Looks right to me," he said. "What? You thought you'd won?"

"But you said Vanessa lost," she replied, fighting back tears.

"She did," he explained. "You didn't think it was just you two competing tonight? There's no profit in that. No, we had twenty five performers going." He flipped through some paperwork. "Carol, a longtime performer here, has won. She put on one hell of a show. Although I'm afraid that by the time she gets out of the infirmary she'll have a whole new set of debts to pay off. She really earned her keep tonight." He laughed maniacally. "Your earnings, and that of the other twenty four performers all go to the winner. Your costs for your performance are all your own. Don't worry. We'll have another performance for you soon, and you'll have another chance to earn some money."

Kristen slumped down to the floor. She was trapped in this hell for the foreseeable future. The only way out was more pain and torture, and even that was no guarantee of freedom considering how little each performance earned her.

"Cheer up, kid," Doug called from the door. "You're scheduled for your next performance in five days. Better start getting ready, gotta give the people what they want."

He closed the door and walked away, leaving Kristen devastated and alone on the floor.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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