A Bedtime Story
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  • Post Date - 5/17/2019

Author's Note: For when the day's fun is over with...

He lifted her up from the fuck post. She had been bent over the waist high horizontal bar with her wrists and ankles locked to the ground for the better part of the day. Countless cocks had pounded her sore ass for hours. When she wasn't being fucked she was being whipped. Angry red lines streaked her ass, her thighs, and her back.

But now the day was coming to an end. The visitors and their cruel whips had gone home. She felt light-headed as she was raised to a standing position. Cum poured out of her gaping asshole, running down her leg and pooling on the ground beneath her.

"This place is filthy," her master complained. "You have quite a clean up job ahead of you."

"Yes, master," she mumbled meekly. She knew that it meant licking every surface clean with her tongue, probably while painfully bound.

"We'll save that for tomorrow though. It's bedtime now," he said.

He guided her to the center of the room and stood her next to a large bucket. He pulled away the cloth covering the top of the bucket. A strong smell of piss quickly permeated the air. He snapped on a pair of latex gloves and reached inside the bucket. He withdrew a softball sized sponge, dripping in piss. As he raised it to her face she reflexively opened her mouth. She had learned better than to resist.

He shoved the awful sponge entirely into her mouth, pushing it in behind her teeth. The action squeezed a lot of the piss out of the sponge, she dutifully swallowed it all down. He commanded her to close her mouth. She complied, gagging on the sponge that filled her mouth so completely.

He grabbed a roll of thick black tape and wound it around and around her head, sealing her mouth shut and locking her jaw tightly in place.

"Are you comfortable, slave?" he hissed. She furrowed her brows.

Slap! He struck her across the face. Her cheek flushed bright red.

"I asked you a question, slut!" he seethed.

"Mmmph, mmmph," she answered behind her gag. He didn't know if that was a yes or no. He didn't care.

Next he withdrew a long strip of thin leather from the bucket. He deftly wound it tightly around her chest crushing the base of each breast within the tight grip of a loop of wet leather before passing the strip around behind her back and tying it off. Her tits began to shade to a light purple as he gruffly yanked her wrists up behind her back and tied them into the tangle of leather. She flexed her fingers into fists as she felt the circulation in hands restricted. Another short strip of leather soon bound her elbows together, forcing her arms into a reverse prayer.

He guided her to her knees then instructed her to press her face to the floor. With her tortured ass pointing up in the air, he easily guided a plum-sized rubber buttplug into her gaping asshole. He removed more leather straps from the bucket and set those aside. Then he hefted the bucket up onto a post. He attached a tube to a valve near the bottom of the bucket and ran the tube into a slot in the buttplug. He turned the valve and cool piss began flowing into her abused ass. She shivered against the chill of the liquid.

While she filled he took another wet leather strip and tightly bound her knees together. Then her ankles. He grabbed a fistful of hair and braided another leather strip into a ponytail.

By now her ass had filled with half a gallon from the piss bucket. She moaned as he as shut off the valve, pulled the tube free, and shoved her down onto her distended belly.

She moaned more as he pulled the leather strip braided into her hair down to her ankles. He cinched it excruciatingly tight, pulling her hair back so hard that it bent her neck nearly ninety degrees.

She was left tightly hog-tied on the floor as he stood up and walked over to a cabinet against the wall. She hadn't paid any attention to the cabinet despite spending nearly the entire day in this room. She gasped as he swung open the door revealing a petite woman covered entirely in a tight fitting leather bodysuit. Her waist was crushed impossibly small by a stiff corset. Her arms were pinned behind her back by a single leather sleeve. She teetered on a pair of heelless ballet shoes. Her head was completely enclosed within a thick leather helmet. The only part of the woman that was visible were her eyes. Beautiful blue, expressive eyes. And what they were expressing right now was misery.

The leather bound woman was held upright within the cabinet by a chain attached from the top of her leather discipline helmet to the top of the cabinet. The chain was just long enough for the woman's toes to scrape the floor, allowing her the tiniest bit of relief from the weight of her body hanging down.

It wasn't clear how long the woman had been trapped in the cabinet. She had never seen it opened the entire time that she was in the room. Her master stepped in front of the terrified occupant of the cabinet.

"Tsk, tsk," he admonished. "More mess for you to clean up." He gestured at the puddle of piss beneath the terrified woman. "Don't worry. She will be appropriately punished for relieving herself without permission."

He donned a pair of thick leather work gloves and unhooked the woman from the top of the cabinet. As she was brought closer it became obvious why the gloves were necessary, all over the outside of the woman's bondage gear were hundreds of tiny, sharp, quarter inch long spikes. She looked like a leather clad cactus.

Her master guided the woman forward. "What do you think of her outfit? I love a sharp dressed woman," he chuckled at his own pun. "Of course every spike that you see on the outside has a corresponding spike on the interior. We had a lot of fun getting dressed this morning, didn't we?" He finished his question by mauling the woman's tightly bound tits with his gloved hands. A severely muffled scream eminated from the woman. "I thought that you two would like to snuggle together tonight."

He lowered the woman to her knees. She moaned as more spikes dug into her legs. He deftly attached a short chain between her ankles and then locked the end of her armbinder to the chain.

He left the spiked girl for a moment while he dragged a wooden crate next to her. It was about three feet long on each side and two feet high. Next he opened another cabinet and removed a bag full of freshly picked stinging nettle leaves. He upended the bag into the crate, covering the entire floor of the box.

Still wearing his thick leather gloves, he hefted the spiked woman into the box. More muffled screams came from behind the wooden slats as she was laid down on her side. Once she was in place he removed his gloves. Next he lowered a car battery and small electric device into a corner in the box. He ran a thick wire from the device to a dildo embedded within the spiked woman's pussy.

"Your turn," he called, turning to his miserable hog-tied slave. The thin leather bindings holding her in place had already started to dry, shrinking as they did and pulling even tighter. He lifted her in his strong arms and placed her within the cramped crate just next to the other occupant. She squealed as the stinging nettles instantly attacked every bit of skin that brushed against the leaves, but was thankful for the small gap left between her and the dozens of spikes on the woman beside her.

That relief was short-lived. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a red LED flash on the electric device attached to her companion's dildo. She heard a muffled shriek come from within the thick hood. The woman's bright blue eyes bulged as a fierce electric shock rocketed through her body. As it did so her muscles tensed, forcing her body forward. Dozens of the tiny pins slammed into exposed skin as the two women met.

As the shock abated the spiked woman relaxed, pulling back from the other occupant of the box. Her ragged breathing could be heard through the hood.

"Don't mind her," her cruel master mused. "She'll be doing that all night. I haven't heard any complaints from her other roommates, so it must not be too bad." He turned to pick up a few small boxes. "Just a couple more things and then I will leave you alone to get some rest."

He opened one of the small boxes and poured the contents over his tightly bound slave. Hundreds of tiny little black spiders poured out of the box and began scrambling all over the woman's exposed skin. Their tiny legs tickled their way up and down every part of her body. She writhed in terror, regretting that she had ever confessed to him her fear of spiders.

Next he placed a clear glass box on the side of the crate and removed the lid. Dozens of hungry mosquitoes swarmed from the box. Within seconds they were feasting on their immobilized victim.

Her master quickly grabbed the lid to close the occupants within the crate. Before he did he whispered, "Nighty night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite." He chuckled to himself as he secured the lid in place.

Within the crate a mosquito buzzed past her ear. She could do nothing within her tight bonds to stop it as the pest settled on her forehead to drink. A red flash caught her attention, followed quickly by the searing pain of dozens of tiny pinpricks all over her front side. She howled into her gag and cried.

It was going to be a long night.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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