My Visit to Mistress Catherine
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Author's Note: This is a very long one. It is the continued adventures of an unnamed slave/bottom from the previous stories. Like the others, this story can stand alone. Comments, suggestions for future experiences and the like are welcomed and encouraged.


You would think that with the incredible BDSM relationship I have with Domina that I would not be interested in what is available on the Internet. The problem I have run into is ever since we started this great relationship I am constantly hungry for the next best thing. Everything we have done so far has certainly been mind blowing wonderful, but there continues to be a part of me that is yearning for something different.

I tried to be surreptitious when it comes to my searching, making sure to keep the sites clean while not erasing the entirety of the history as this would be too obvious. I also tried to keep my searching to when Domina was out. She does not work, but she does do the occasional grocery shopping or errand. She is not one to leave me in anything when out because of concerns of safety.

Here lately I have been fascinated with sharing and double domination. Sharing in the sense of being loaned out to another dominant for a period of time for training or some other purpose. Double domination, because, well, who would not love to be tag teamed by two gorgeous dominant women?

It goes without saying that I have quite the fondness for pegging and heavy bondage. My straitjacket has been a life saver on more than one occasion, and I have taken great pleasure sleeping in it for quick naps or extended periods.

Since Domina loves to keep me on a tight leash, metaphorically at least, with the cage, I do not get the opportunity to "self serve" as it were. If I had access to the toy box, there are a few prostate massagers and other toys that I could use, but these are kept under lock and key.

She had gone out shopping, and I had taken it upon myself to curl up in the bed for a nap. Domina came home and climbed into bed next to me, snuggling down and idly rubbing her hand down from the nipple to my tightly confined member. She, like many times before, roused me from my slumber. I responded to the light touch with a low hum and slight sharp intake of breath when she moved her hand close to my testicles.

"Do you like this," Domina asked me.

"Um hum," I answered with my eyes still closed.

"That's nice," she replied, "is there anything you want to share with me?"

Still half asleep and entranced by her touch, I responded, "No, Domina. I am happy."

"Are you sure," she continued, sliding her hand back to my nipple.

"No, Domina," I replied, opening my eyes to look at her.

"That is not what I am seeing on the key logger on the computer," she stated as her fingertips grabbed tightly to my nipple and giving it a firm twist. I sucked in my breath, having been caught off guard by her words and actions.

"Domina, I meant nothing by it," I started to stammer, desperately trying to come up with reasons for my actions and hoping against any sort of punishment for my actions.

She released my nipple and returned her hand to my testicles, cradling them gently in her hand. "I know. But, we do need to do something about this."

I was nervous and a bit apprehensive. "What do you mean, Domina?"

Domina smiled in the smile I knew so well. I could tell she had some sort of idea in her mind.

"I have been asking around among circles of dominant friends in the community. I have found someone who is willing to take you on for a few days. She has been given free reign within your personal limits. I was adamant she understood certain elements of your past and PTSD," Domina said as she held my scrotum lightly in her hand.

I paused, partly because of her hand, partly because I was confused, partly because I was nervous. "When," I asked with hesitation.

"Today," was her simple response, "so I have to get you ready."

Domina rose from the bed and took my hand to do the same. We went into the bathroom. Domina had previously stopped in, apparently when I was resting, and got out the enema bag. I knew what this was for.

"Assume the position," Domina spoke in her dominant voice. I complied immediately.

I heard the distinctive snap of the latex glove, the warm hand and feel of lube followed by the nozzle of the enema tube. Warm water flooded my insides. The inevitable cramping began to settle in. Domina knew this and allowed me to evacuate. We repeated the process several times to be certain I was completely void and cleansed.

Next, she got out the razor and shaving cream. She moved the blade swiftly across my genitalia, face and strangely, under my arms. I looked at her quizzically, but she merely smiled in her knowing way.

I knew better than to ask.

Domina warmed the shower, and I stepped in. She joined me. Lathering up a loofah, Domina set to scrubbing down every part of my body from head to toes. No part of me was left unscrubbed. A quick rinse, and we stepped out.

I put on some deodorant, brushed my teeth and gargled mouthwash. Domina took a small bottle of lotion and rubbed me down well. The cool lotion was pleasant against my freshly shaved self.

"Go put on a pair of cotton shorts, no underwear and a white cotton t-shirt. You may wear flip flops," Domina instructed after completing ablutions.

I left the bathroom for the bedroom. There was no doubt I was getting excited as my penis began to swell against the cage. I grunted in discomfort, but there was little I could do. Domina joined me in the bedroom in short order.

"Okay; you are set. Now we wait for Mistress Catherine to come collect you," Domina said with a smile, "remember: you will be completely safe. All of your limits were expressed shared with Mistress Catherine. She is also keenly aware of your PTSD, safe words and what to do in case you begin to panic. She has my number as well."

With that, Domina held my face gently in her hands and pulled me forward. "Know I love you. This is why I am allowing Mistress Catherine to take you," she said. Domina then kissed me warmly and gently.

We parted. "Thank you, Domina. I will make you proud," I said.

Domina smiled, took my hand and led me into the living room to wait for Mistress Catherine.


I sat on the couch, nervous and excited. Domina busied herself in the kitchen putting groceries away and straightening up the kitchen. There was a ring at the door.

I rose to get it. Domina told me to remain seated, and she would take care of it.

I heard a strange female voice, along with Domina's. Pleasantries were exchanged. I heard the two decide on coffee, followed by the movement of chairs in the kitchen as the two settled down to chat.

After about ten minutes, Domina summoned me to the kitchen. It was then I first set eyes on Mistress Catherine.

I was quite taken aback.

What I saw was nothing as I had expected. Next to Domina sat a woman approximately the same age as Domina. She was wearing a pair of faded jeans, sneakers and a common t-shirt. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail. She had on very little makeup. She was, for lack of a better term, normal. Why this surprised me I do not know. Dominants are people too, after all.

Mistress Catherine smiled warmly when I stepped into the kitchen.

"Hello! I have heard much about you from Domina. I am Catherine. Nice to meet you," she said, rather personally.

"Good day, Mistress Catherine. It is a pleasure indeed," I said, sheepishly.

Mistress Catherine laughed. "You are so sweet. We are not in any sort of training at the moment, so please, Catherine is perfectly acceptable."

Domina motioned for me to join them, and I took a seat. I was still nervous and apprehensive.

Small talk ensued. The two chatted like old friends. They shared coffee while I sat quietly, staring out the window. My mind, however, was awash with what was to come.

After a few minutes, Catherine rose. Domina did as well. The two exchanged pleasant farewells. I knew it was time for me to go.

I rose, and Domina pulled me close. She whispered in my ear, "You are going to have a great time. I assure you. In fact, I plan on taking care of myself when you leave because I know what is coming. I love you."

Domina kissed me again. I turned to Mistress Catherine, and we walked out the door to her waiting car.

Outside, the sun was warm and pleasant. Mistress Catherine made her way to her door. I overtook her, opening the door on her behalf.

"Why thank you. I see Domina has taught you well," she said.

As she settled in, I inquired where I was to sit.

"You may join me in the front," Mistress Catherine replied, "We are not formal."

I complied and took my seat next to her. I buckled in. I could not help but notice Mistress Catherine drove a standard. She noticed me looking.

"My father taught me how to drive. He said if I could drive a standard, I could drive anything," Mistress Catherine said, "can you drive a standard?"

I nodded in reply, not knowing what to say or how to say it.

Mistress Catherine laughed. "You are so sweet. I am quite looking forward to introducing you to Lucy."

"Lucy," I thought to myself. My mind began to race as to the possibilities.

Mistress Catherine looked at me and winked. We drove off.


The drive took a while, and it was in relative silence, at least on my part. Mistress Catherine tried to make small talk to set me at ease. I answered each of her questions with a short of an answer as possible. Mistress Catherine began to scold me at one point.

"Okay. We are not in play. You are not expected to act completely submissive all of the time. I am trying to get to know a bit more about you outside of what Domina has told me. Perhaps there is something there we can explore. I gave Domina my word that nothing will happen that you cannot handle. I respect your limits and wishes," she said with a touch of her true dominant side.

This helped me relax, and I opened up a bit. I went into some details about Domina and I; how we met and discovered our mutual interests and the like. I could not help but notice Mistress Catherine was a most astute listener. This would prove later on to be a major component of what was to come.

One thing that Mistress Catherine seems really interested in was my personal limits on punishment, specifically corporal punishment. I told her a few things, but I politely declined to discuss in detail. I explained to her what happened when Domina attempted corporal punishment in the early stages of our relationship. Mistress Catherine was very surprised and taken aback.

"I understand now," she said. The discussion was left at that.

Instead, we chatted about ordinary things. Hobbies, work life, family and the like. Mistress Catherine at no point mentioned anything about specific interests, fetishes or what was planned. If I tried to broach the subject, it was quickly shot down with an abrupt, insignificant trivial road subject or the like. I took the hint and tried to relax.

I laid back into the seat, closed my eyes and rode out the remainder of the trip in relative silence.


The ride took some time, but I could not help notice the once even pavement turned into somewhat of a rough change. I sat up, opened my eyes and noticed we were on a very narrow dirt road which apparently led into nowhere.

"My driveway," Mistress Catherine said.

It was a long and winding way to the house. I was sure of one thing: Once I was here, there was not going to be much chance of escape.

We arrived at the home. It was rather boring and bland. Standard, ranch home with brick. There was absolutely nothing about the home that stood out in any way. In fact, it was almost like something out of a magazine.

"We have arrived," said Mistress Catherine.

I got out, stretched a bit and took in the scenery. We were surrounded by woods; I could hear the sound of water nearby. This was a very relaxing place, and the last place I would assume to be anything to do with BDSM.

We both exited the car and walked to the back door. As we did, Mistress Catherine turned around to speak to me.

"Welcome to my home. Once we come inside, the dynamics are going to shift. You have a basic understanding of rules, and I expect you to follow them. I will respect your safe words. Do you have any questions," Mistress Catherine said as she looked dead at me.

"No, Mistress Catherine. I do not," I replied.

"Splendid," she replied and opened the door.


I stepped into the house. I was again rather disappointed as the home looked very boring and bland. I continued to expect something fantastic and extraordinary. So far I have not seen anything special.

Mistress stopped and turned to look at me. Her entire look and features changed. It had begun.

"Strip. Fold your clothes neatly. Place them on the kitchen table. Await further instructions," she said.

I complied, taking off my shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops. I did as instructed and waited. By the time I was done, Mistress Catherine had left the room.

I stood still. I heard Mistress Catherine calling me from the other room. I stepped into what I believed to be the living room. I almost fell to my knees when I walked in.


As I stepped into the room, the first thing to hit me was the smell of leather and latex mixed. The room was dark, with black lighting all around. All around me there were various implements of BDSM. Straitjackets, sleep sacks, armbinders, hoods, gags, dildos and several pieces of equipment with multiple points for securing slaves.

Mistress Catherine was standing in the center of the room. Her once drab and common clothing was long gone. Standing before me now was a true dominatrix. She was dressed in a black leather skirt, long sleeve top and gloves. She had heels on her feet. She had on makeup, and her hair was flowing down across her shoulders.

She spoke, "take a long look, walk around and feel free to touch anything with gentle care. It will be one of the last times you are going to be allowed to see anything for a while. When you are done, come before me."

I took several moments to walk around. I could not help but finger pieces of leather and latex, wanting to try on everything at one time. It was a delicious sight to behold. This was everything I had wanted and more.

I completed my journey and took my place before Mistress Catherine as instructed. She looked at me and smiled.

"I hope you enjoyed your view. It will be one of the last you will have for a while. Turn around," she said.


I did so and felt the touch of soft, buttery leather begin to cover my head. Mistress Catherine pulled the hood down over my face. There were two nose holes and a zippered mouth cover. I could not see. She tightened the mask down securely. I next felt what I believe was a collar go around my neck. This was followed with the sound of a snap. I tentatively reached behind my head. There was a small padlock hanging from behind my neck.

"Hold out your hands," Mistress Catherine told me.

I did so. I felt something going around my wrists. Without thinking, I reached up to feel them. This was apparently what I was supposed to do. I heard two more sounds of padlocks locking.

"There," said Mistress Catherine, "you cannot see and are in an unknown location. I have 100 percent control over anything you do."

I tried to reply and was swiftly informed of the error of my ways with a gloved hand covering my mouth.

"Most of my slaves when they try to speak without permission receive a firm slap across the face. However, I know that to be one of your hard limits, and I will not break that limit. This does not mean I cannot devise other ways of reminding you when you can and cannot speak. Do you understand," Mistress Catherine said.

I nodded in the affirmative. Her hand fell away from my mouth.

I next felt the cock cage covering my penis being removed. My semi-flaccid penis sprung to life. I heard Mistress Catherine giggle.

"You are welcome to try and self-stimulate. In fact, I encourage it. Know the ramifications of your actions will be swift and uncomfortable," she said. I could feel her gloved hand stroke my rapidly swelling member.

I began to moan and tried to thrust my hips for additional stimulation. The sensation stopped immediately. I was rewarded for my efforts with a sharp slap on the tip of my penis. I winced and began to blush under the hood.

"I strongly recommend you not try that again. Your body is mine. Your penis is mine. There is nothing that you have any longer," Mistress Catherine spoke in a rather stern and serious tone, "it is time to start the majority of your time here."

I heard something clip to the front of the collar. I realized quickly it was a leash as I was pulled forward. I did not know where I was going or what was going to happen at this point. All I knew was Mistress Catherine had complete control, and Domina promised me all would be well. I had no choice but to believe them both.


Mistress Catherine pulled me forward and stopped. I felt something resting against my knees.

"Slide up onto what is in front of you. I know you have bad knees, but I have made extra certain to make this as easy on them as possible. You will need the comfort as you will be here for a time," I heard Mistress Catherine say.

I complied. I inched forward on my knees until I could go no further. I felt Mistress Catherine pull my leash down and forward. I was lying on some sort of bondage device.

Mistress Catherine pulled my arms down. I felt her lock them into place. She did the same with each ankle. I was stuck where I was. What came next was something I knew very well.

I felt the cool pressure of a hand against my rear. Mistress Catherine was prepping me for something, and I knew what to do. I exhaled a deep breath and relaxed as she worked one, then two fingers into my rear. She carefully worked her fingers in a full circle, helping the muscle relax and accept what was sure to be on its way.

"You are so clean," I heard Mistress Catherine say, "I plan on keeping you this way with daily cleansing."

I knew better than to answer.

I next felt her tying my testicles off into two, separate globes and then stretching them down. It was uncomfortable, but not terribly so.

She traced her hand up my back, around my head, nose and ended at my mouth. She inserted a gloved finger into my mouth. I understood what to do and began sucking gently on the finger. Mistress Catherine worked the finger in and out several times as if gauging the depth of my mouth. She removed her finger as quickly as she had inserted it.

"Open," came the directive. I complied.

A moderately sized dildo was placed at my lips. I tried to refrain from accepting it. I felt Mistress Catherine reaching down along my side. I yelped as she yanked on my tied testicles. It was enough to have me accept the dildo.

I tried to back away, but each time I did, Mistress Catherine pushed the dildo in further. I decided it best not to do this, so I stopped, returned to a comfortable point and accepted the dildo partially inside my mouth.

"Excellent," Mistress Catherine said.

She again traced her hand across my head and down my back. This time she ran her hand across my backside, pausing to smack it gently, eliciting a grunt from me, and brushing my testicles before giving the rope another tug. Her hand pulled away.

I felt something pushing at my rear. I tried to push forward and away, but this simply sunk the dildo in my mouth more. I knew if I pushed too far, the gag reflex would kick in. I stopped. I felt the dildo push into my backside at almost the same depth as the one in my mouth. I had a feeling what was to come.

"You know what spit roasting is, and according to Domina, it is something that you did look at and read up on in some detail. Therefore, I thought it right to start you with some of this. I have other things to attend to, so please enjoy yourself," said Mistress Catherine.

I heard the whir of a mechanical device and felt the dildo in my rear begin to work its way in and out. Before I could catch my breath, the one in my mouth began to do the same. I grunted in protest, but I knew it was all for naught. I struggled against my bonds, but I knew it was futile. Besides, I was loving what was starting to happen to me. The dildos had a perfectly synced rhythm of one in and one out. I was able to time it so it was not terribly uncomfortable.

There was only one problem. The dildo in my rear was not reaching my prostate or providing enough stimulation for an orgasm. The dildo was, in fact, managing to keep me right on the edge. I could only imagine the pre-cum juices dripping from my glans.

I do not know how long I stayed there. I did feel someone, possibly Mistress Catherine, re-lubricate the dildo in my ass at what appeared to be regular intervals. It could have been 20 minutes or an hour. The mask helped me lose track of time. I was growing tired and getting a very dry mouth after leaving my mouth open for so long. I grunted into the dildo, trying to get Mistress Catherine's attention in the hopes she would release me.

I felt a hand across my back and up to my head. Mistress Catherine spoke, "are you growing uncomfortable?"

I grunted a yes response.

"Oh. I have the perfect solution," came the reply.

The speed on both dildos increased. What was a leisurely set of dildos filling my face and ass suddenly turned into a pair of pistons, ramming themselves into each orifice. I struggled to keep my breath up and mouth open. I felt more lubricant on the rear dildo.

"There you are. See you in a bit," I heard Mistress Catherine say.

Something told me not to express any dissatisfaction over this.


Time passed. The two dildos worked their magic in and out. Drool had long formed on my lips and a steady stream was dripping out of the sides of my mouth. Someone, I assume Mistress Catherine, continually kept the rear dildo well lubed. There was nothing I could do in the meanwhile but deal with it. I had no vision so I could not see what, if anything, was happening around me.

The dildos stopped. The one inside of my mouth was removed. I worked my jaw for a few minutes. I winced as the other dildo was removed.

Mistress Catherine spoke, "It is time for dinner. I hope you are hungry."

I was. I was also thirsty, having held my mouth open for so long. I felt my bonds release. Someone again helped me stand up. I was a bit woozy, so it took me a moment to get my wits about me.

The familiar leash was again clipped to the front of the collar, and I was led into another room.

I felt myself turned around, and again, something rested against the back of my knees.

"Sit back, but gently do so," came the instructions. I realized why as I sat.

As I began to sit back, another invader was poised to enter my rear. By the time I realized it, it was too late. Another toy was seated firmly inside of me. I heard a creak of wood as if something was pulling over my head. I did not know what was going on.

My hands were pulled down beside me and again attached to the sides of the chair. Another strap came across the top of my legs and was cinched down. I then felt the hood coming off of my head. It took me a moment, but I started to blush again when I realized where I was.

I was sitting in a giant high chair.

Someone stood behind me and placed a latex bib around my neck. It was apparent I was about to be fed rather than given an opportunity to eat. Whoever was behind me disappeared into another room before I could get a look at them. Mistress Catherine sat down in a chair near me.

"Are you hungry?" The question seemed more rhetorical than inquisitive.

What I saw next turned my stomach and not in a good way. Several jars of what I assumed to be baby food materialized before me, along with a baby spoon. All were placed on the front portion of the high chair. It was obvious what was about to happen. I decided then to have a hunger strike before I would dare eat baby food.

Mistress Catherine saw me glancing at the plate and began to explain, ôSlaves under my care do not have the luxury of teeth or needing teeth. Don't fret; you will eat before I do for certain. I plan on feeding you myself."

Mistress Catherine reached for a jar and unscrewed the lid. Taking the spoon in her leather clad hand, she dipped the spoon into the mash and brought the spoon to my lips. "Open wide," she said, smiling happily.

I turned my nose up at what was offered and turned my head in distaste. Mistress Catherine put the spoon back into the jar and looked at me before speaking.

"I promised Domina I would meet all of your needs. This included being fed and kept well hydrated. Am I to assume you are not going to eat what I am offering you?" she asked me.

I kept my head turned away and chose not to respond.

I saw her reach for something out of the corner of my eye. She picked up the spoon again with her other hand and again offered me its contents. I glanced at the spoon and turned away defiant.

Mistress Catherine sighed heavily. "This happens with all whom I train. This is why I had this chair specially made," she spoke and pushed a button on whatever it was in her hand.

A jolt of electricity coursed through my rear. I screamed in pain as it did. I turned and looked at Mistress Catherine. I realized what she held in her hand was a remote control.

The spoon returned to my lips. I hesitated. The electricity filled my rear again, and I shook violently in the chair. I could not rise up off of the dildo. I was stuck. Tears began to well up in my eyes.

Mistress Catherine said nothing but continued to hold the spoon before me. I opened my mouth as I began to sob. The spoon unceremoniously entered my mouth. I closed around it, and Mistress Catherine removed the spoon.

"Good boy," she said, "I do not think we will have any more trouble with feeding. You need to be sure to eat every day, twice a day. I have found this chair and system to work exceptionally well."

I swallowed what can only be described as a thick slime of something. It may have been peas, beans or something else. What I did know is no matter how foul tasting, feeling and embarrassing this was, it was certainly preferable to being shocked.

The humiliating meal continued for some time. Mistress Catherine took her time feeding me as if to make the experience that much worse. The small spoon meant small amounts, so I dealt as best as I could, shifting every once and a while to the invader I was sitting on. Mistress Catherine completely ignored me, concentrating on my feeding.

I was getting thirsty. Mistress Catherine realized this and returned to the kitchen. She came back with a kid's sippy cup. This too was held to my mouth. I opened and started to drink what I realized was milk.

"Good boy! I was hoping I could use the sippy cup and not the bottle. Don't drink too much. We have not gotten you ready for when you need to pee," said Mistress Catherine. This comment scared me as much as it intrigued me.

Thankfully, the torture ended. Mistress Catherine rose and collected the dishes. She took them to the sink before returning to me. In her hand, I caught sight of a gag. She stepped behind me. I instantly opened my mouth. The large invader settled in, and I felt her tighten the straps behind my head.

"Now that you are good and fed, it is my turn to eat," she said. Returning to the kitchen, she came back with a plate of food and glass of red wine. I started whining through the gag.

On her plate was a thickly cut steak, baked potato and steamed asparagus. She sat down, picked up a knife and fork and began cutting into the steak. I saw the juicy red of the middle and started shaking in the chair. Mistress Catherine noticed my distress.

"I am sorry. Did you want something else for dessert? If you did, you will have to wait until I am done," she said as the first chunk of steak crossed into her mouth. She chewed slowly as I sat and watched. I shook in the chair more and began to protest my displeasure.

Mistress Catherine finished her bite and took a sip of her wine. She picked up the remote and without speaking sent a jolt into my rear. I yelped in pain. She calmly placed the remote down again and continued her meal.

We sat for what felt like hours. I was forced to watch Mistress Catherine enjoy her meal. A thin line of drool was falling from my lower lip and onto the latex bib. I could feel my face turning crimson. There was nothing I could do but sit. She took great pride in taking her time and eating slowly, savoring each bite. I could tell this was part of her grand plan - slow, painful torture and humiliation.

Every so often, I would shift again in the high chair. I tried to keep my movements at a minimum and certainly not try to voice any feelings one way or the other. At last, she completed her meal.

Mistress Catherine rose. She took her plate to the kitchen and returned with a damp cloth. She removed my bib and removed the gag. She wiped down my face and chin.

"Okay. That was meal time. As a good hostess, I believe in feeding my guests first. You should be well sated until the morning when we will eat again. It is getting late and time for bed," Mistress Catherine said. I glanced at the clock on the wall. It was 7:30 p.m.

Mistress Catherine helped me up out of the high chair. I was relieved to have the dildo out of my rear. She again clipped the leash to my collar and led me back through the house to a back room. I gulped when I saw what was in my future.


We arrived in what can only be described as an examination room from the 1970's. The walls were a pale green. Various poles were around the room for what I can only assume to be I.V.'s. In the middle of the room was an examination table with two large extensions for legs. Once you were on that table, your genitalia was completely exposed. There would be nothing I could do about it.

Mistress Catherine turned and looked at me in the eyes. Her eyes sparkled. "In a previous career, I was a nurse. There is very little in the nursing field I cannot do," she said, "obviously, you are going onto the table for a full examination."

She stepped behind me. Mistress Catherine first removed the collar.

Mistress Catherine quickly placed a full latex hood over my head. She pulled the hood down over my face. This hood had no eyes or mouth. There was a full nose hole so I would not have to concern myself with breathing. Another collar, this one holding my chin up considerably, was placed around my neck and again closed tightly with a padlock.

I felt her pull me in the direction of where I had seen the table.

"There is a small step. Step up, and then turn around. You will lie back on the table. I will help you with your legs," Mistress Catherine instructed. I complied.

Settling back onto the table, it was cool to my back. I tried to get comfortable.

"You need to slide forward," came the instructions.

I did as told. My rear was precariously close to the edge.

"Perfect," Mistress Catherine said.

I felt my right arm pulled down. It was strapped down to the side of the bed. Before my other arm was done in a similar way, a strap went loosely across my neck and one around my head. The left arm was strapped down. I knew what was next.

Mistress Catherine took my left leg gently into her hand. I felt it placed into the leg rest. The cool plastic against my leg only made me think of what was to come next. The leg was strapped down. The same treatment was applied to the right leg.

"I hope you are comfortable. It is time to start your examination," Mistress Catherine said. I mumbled a reply. Mistress Catherine took hold of my testicles. I froze.

"I have previously explained to you about speaking unless given permission to do so. This will be your final warning. I will respect your limits, but I promise you those limits will be tested and pushed for another infraction such as this. You may respond," Mistress Catherine said. There was ice in those words.

"Yes; Mistress Catherine," I mumbled through the hood.

"Well done. You will become a proper slave yet," she replied in a much more friendly tone, "Let's start the examination."


Mistress Catherine left me there to my own devices. Like always, I made sure to test my bonds. I knew it was futile, but I was compelled regardless. For the first time since arriving, my two largest holes were empty. It was somewhat of a liberating feeling.

A hand touched my chest. It was covered in a latex glove. I moaned in pleasure.

"Domina made it clear how much you love the feel and touch of latex and leather," said Mistress Catherine, "I plan on taking advantage of this fact. It is time to examine you. We shall start with your chest."

I felt the touch of the cool latex circle my nipple. The pleasure was apparent as I began to moan. My penis, still free of the cage, began to grow as well. It was obvious I was enjoying the attention given. I felt something like a cloth rub around each. I detected a faint smell but could not place it.

"I see you are enjoying this. Now, I want you to take a deep breath, hold it for three seconds and exhale," instructed Mistress Catherine.

Not knowing any better but to comply, I did so. The needle piercing my areola caught me off guard, and I screamed into the gag.

Mistress Catherine giggled in glee. "Domina said you did not have anything in the key logger on piercing, but I discussed the possibilities with her. She was in agreement that a temporary piercing would be interesting. I am to report back on its effectiveness. From what I can see, it is working."

She was no doubt referring to my penis and body. I steeled myself for what was sure to come next. I was very close to safe wording.

"Same thing. Deep breath; hold and release," Mistress Catherine instructed.

I did as instructed, and as I exhaled my breath, the sharp sting passed through my nipple and rest of my body. I struggled against the bonds again. I wanted to express my displeasure, but I knew what this would get me. I instead thrashed around some. The pain was almost unbearable, and I let that fact be known. This did not go unnoticed.

Mistress Catherine stopped. She began stroking the side of my head. She spoke softly into my ear. "I see you are in pain. If you wish me to stop and remove the piercings, I will do so. I will then unstrap you and allow you time to cool down before continuing play. It is perfectly okay to do so. Otherwise, I will continue as I have planned. At no point do I want you to feel you cannot use your safe word. So again, I ask, are you okay with what we are doing?"

I blubbered a bit more and mumbled a reply in the affirmative. Mistress Catherine replied, "Good boy. I am proud of you. I am going to give you a few minutes to compose yourself. Do you need me to remove the hood?"

I nodded. Mistress Catherine unstrapped my neck and head before removing the hood. It took a few minutes to regain composure as my eyes were red and swollen. She looked at me and stepped away.

I did not hear her for some time as I lay there in relative silence, the throbbing in my nipples slowly subsiding. I could still lift my head, and I saw Mistress Catherine returning holding a tall glass with a straw in it. She brought it to my lips. I took several long sips of the cool water. I pulled back and lay my head back down. Mistress Catherine wiped down my face with a cloth.

Mistress Catherine sat the glass down and spoke, "If you are ready to continue, lift your head. You are certainly free to safe word again if need be. We will be moving forward from here. The piercings will remain for now, as I see you have acclimated to them nicely. Realize, however, I am going to use this as a benchmark. I now have a solid idea of where your boundaries lie, and I plan on exploring them further. This information will be reported back to Domina."

I lifted my head without hesitation. Mistress Catherine smiled, "Excellent." This time Mistress Catherine did not use a hood. Instead, she buckled a small ball gag onto my mouth. A black rubber blindfold went across my eyes. I felt the blindfold inflate and cover my eyes completely. I could not see, but I could hear everything around me. She buckled my neck and head back down firmly. I heard the click of the heel as Mistress Catherine walked away.


After a time, I heard something scraping across the floor. A hand rested on the inside of each thigh before slowly working their way down to either side of my now swollen penis. Mistress Catherine's hands worked their way up either side. She removed one hand to the underside of my testicles. The other hand she kept near the glans, gently massaging the back and tip, working the pre-cum juices all across to my foreskin.

"Remember what I told you earlier about my previous profession? You may reply." Mistress Catherine asked as she played with both my testicles and head of my penis.

I tried to nod but could not. I mumbled out a reply of no.

Mistress Catherine giggled again. "How soon you forget. I was a nurse. Do you know what nurses do? You may reply."

I replied I did not know everything they did.

Mistress Catherine continued rubbing her hands across my groin as she spoke. "Nurses do lots of things. We check vitals, give medications, report to the M.D.'s and so on. Some nurses have to change diapers on patients, young and old alike."

I did not understand where she was going with all of this. I continued to lie still and listen. Her hands never stopped their motions as she continued.

"We also have to do some things that are not pleasant. Nurses insert NG tubes, for example. An NG tube is a nasogastric tube. This is used for people who refuse to eat. Since I have a better way of handling eating issues, I do not do NG tubes. There is one other thing we do that many people find unpleasant. Do you know what that is," Mistress Catherine asked.

I was getting very nervous at this point.

"We do catheters," she said. Her thumb paused at the tip of my penis. She began to rub on the small opening. "Do you know where a catheter goes," she asked.

I gulped. I started to shake my head as best I could given the fact it was thoroughly strapped down. I had read about catheters, but I did not want one. I started to grow upset and whine through the gag.

Mistress Catherine laughed a deep, throaty laugh. One that made me shiver. "Silly boy. Catheters when done right do not hurt. I had toyed with the idea of a penis piercing instead," she told me as she squeezed the tip of my penis, "all that would take is a piercing needle through here." Her other hand left my testicles and rubbed between her other fingers, letting me feel where the piercing would go.

"So, you have a choice. Do you want a catheter or a penis piercing? Before you say anything, this was cleared with Domina. You may reply," Mistress Catherine told me in a matter-of-fact tone.

I strained against the bonds and whined. I really did not want either, but this Hobson's Choice meant the lesser of the two evils. I forced the words around the ball gag, "cafefer." Tears again began to well up.

"Well done. You see, the catheter is necessary for you to sleep. I have done the diaper thing, but this is something Domina and I discussed in detail. She is not comfortable with catheterizing you. This is why she uses the diaper. I have no such qualms. I have done plenty of them in my day," said Mistress Catherine.

I heard her removing gloves from her hands. I felt the soft, cool touch of her naked hands across my penis. I moaned slightly.

Mistress Catherine removed her hands from my groin. I heard the familiar sound of latex. She was about to start. I came to a realization: This is why she did not want me back in a hood. She wanted me to hear everything.


"As a nurse, we have protocols for everything we do, including catheters. I am going to take you through each of the steps just like you were my real patient. So, I introduce myself: Hello, I am Mistress Catherine. I get your name. I then explain what we are going to be doing," Mistress Catherine explained in an almost technical way.

She continued, "One of the things we do is insure patient dignity. This means we cover the patient's genitalia before and after the procedure. We don't have to worry about that."

I felt her hands rub across the tip of my penis. There was something cool to the touch about it that I did not understand. I made some noise to appear curious.

"Numbing cream," came the reply.

I sighed, feeling a little better about the ordeal. I checked my bonds again and tried to pull up. This got me a not so friendly slap across the bottom of my testicles. I grunted in discomfort.

"It is my professional opinion that you lie as still as possible," said Mistress Catherine.

A few minutes passed, and I noticed my penis had grown soft again. I felt something like pressure on the top and bottom of my glans. "Okay. Take a deep breath, and exhale slowly," the words sounded almost encouraging.

I did so. I felt something pass the hole in the tip of my penis and into the urethra. I could feel the slender tube going down my penis. It did not hurt. In some ways, it was erotic feeling. I began to grow firm again.

Mistress Catherine chuckled, "Happens all the time. Especially with younger patients. They would get so embarrassed."

The pushing stopped. I felt something inside of my bladder pull against the wall. It was a little uncomfortable. I grunted and shifted as this happened.

"That was the balloon. There is a balloon inside of you that keeps the catheter from falling out. I will deflate it before removing the catheter. You did very well. For that, you will get a special reward," said Mistress Catherine.

Mistress Catherine got up, and I heard the scrape of the chair as she did. I heard her return and retake the seat. I hmm'ed in anticipation of what was to come from here.

"Now that you have a catheter in place, orgasms are not possible. But, I promised you a reward, so you are going to get one," I heard Mistress Catherine say.


The familiar sound of latex snapping on gloves came again to my ears. I felt hands caress the inside of my thighs down to my groin. This time, the hands continued past the scrotum and to my rear. I shivered as a finger ran itself around the rim of my rear. Lying as I was, I was completely exposed and helpless to anything that would happen. My penis began to grow, and the sensation of the lengthening against the catheter was strange and unusual. It was also somewhat of a turn on.

"Domina said you enjoy anal play. I do as well. Domina also said she has not really tried to do much with you outside of some basic dildo play. Did you know that the sphincter muscle is very elastic? You may reply," said Mistress Catherine.

I mumbled a no through the gag. I also shifted slightly, trying to move up and away.

Mistress Catherine's hand rubbed slowly across my tight bud. I felt cool lubricant massaged in and around. I next felt a finger passing across my tight hole. Mistress Catherine began to work her finger slowly, back and forth inside of me. She went very slowly, deliberately. I had a feeling of what was to come. I began to moan into the gag.

Mistress Catherine removed her finger until it was almost completely out. I felt a second finger added to the first. She continued with the same motions as before. I continued to moan in pleasure.

Mistress Catherine continued working my rear for a few minutes with the two fingers. Again, she almost completely backed out, and I felt a third finger added. By now I had an idea of what was coming. I shuddered as the realization dawned on me. I felt a hand slide down my penis and back up, stopping at the sensitive area on the underside. There I felt Mistress Catherine's thumb gently rub.

Mistress Catherine twisted her fingers inside of me before continuing with the same practice as before. I felt a third finger enter. I was starting to shiver.

Mistress Catherine added her fourth finger and spoke, "do you feel what I mean? You are so close to accepting an entire hand. Domina is going to be so pleased with you when she learns what you are capable of."

A fourth finger was added. I felt additional lube across my backside. Her fingers backed out until I could feel only a single tip of a finger. I took a deep breath. It was about to happen.

Mistress Catherine again started slowly, backing her fingers in and out in a rhythmic way. Before I knew it, she spoke to me.

"There. You are officially being fist-fucked," she said.

I lay still, taking on the sensations as Mistress Catherine moved her hand back and forth. After a few minutes, she withdrew her hand completely. I heard the gloves coming off, and she began to clean the excess from around my backside.

"I always enjoy busting the cherry of a slave when it comes to anal play. Fisting is my absolute favorite, however. You did very well, but it is time to get ready for bed," Mistress Catherine said.

The hard tip of what I knew to be a butt plug was pushed against my rear and entered without any resistance. I could feel the pressure against my prostate. I wanted so badly to stimulate myself, but with the catheter in place, I thought it best not to try anything. Mistress Catherine began to undo the straps on my legs, helping me set them down slowly. She next did both of my arms.

"I am going to remove the piercings," she said. I nodded.

The removal of the piercings were not as painful as the going in, but it still hurt. Mistress Catherine massaged each nipple for a moment before wiping them down with something moist. The same familiar scent wafted through my nostrils.

"Antiseptic wipes like when I started. Just to be on the safe side. Both of the needles were sterile and new," Mistress Catherine said as if teaching me a lesson.

Mistress Catherine helped me stand. I was still blindfolded and gagged.

"Bedtime," she told me. I rose off of the examination table and dutifully followed her. My penis raised slightly in the air from the catheter. I had no idea where my urine was going.


I did not know where we were going, but I knew we were going to another part of the house. I could smell the leather in the room. Mistress Catherine walked me to a certain spot and had me stand. I could feel cool leather beneath my feet. Mistress Catherine released my hands from their current position. I took a moment to flex my fingers and reach up to touch the gag and blindfold.

This elicited a smack across one of my ass cheeks. "No," Mistress Catherine said. I dropped my hands to my sides immediately.

"Lie down. You will feel sleeves. Put your arms into each sleeve," Mistress Catherine instructed. I did as I was told, realizing this was a leather sleep sack.

I got comfortable in the sleep sack and could feel the touch of the leather cover my back. It reminded me very much of my straitjacket at home. I tried to smile around the gag. I instead sighed a very happy, contented sigh.

Mistress Catherine overheard me. "Domina shared with me your love of stringent bondage. However, I have a surprise to accompany your overnight stay," she said.

I felt the sack begin to be zipped up from the toes forward. The bag attached to the catheter was rolled underneath me, where I felt the touch of the floor. I would not be going anywhere for the night. The zipper was pulled all the way up to my neck, where a wide leather belt cinched around my neck. My head was exposed, but that was it.

"Lucy," I head Mistress Catherine call.

I perked up at hearing her name. I very much wanted to see who and what this Lucy looked like. I tried to maneuver my head where the blindfold would come off. Mistress Catherine noticed what I was doing.

"Are you trying to get a look at Lucy? Don't worry; you will," she said to me. I took the hint to stop worrying about the blindfold.

Two sets of hands began to strap the sleep sack across my body. Each strap pulled the sack tighter and closer to me. Soon I would not be able to move at all. It did not take long before the pair was finished.

"Thank you Lucy; that is all," Mistress Catherine spoke. I heard a door open and shut.

What happened next was hard to describe. I heard a whir sound and the slight jingle of what I thought were chains. I could feel Mistress Catherine walking around me. I also felt the sides of the sack move slightly. I did not know what was happening.

Mistress Catherine lifted my head and slid something behind it. Then, it happened.


I heard the whir again, and then I felt the sides of the sleep sack be pulled up. The next thing I knew I was being lifted into the air. I began to struggle in the sleep sack as I did not know what to do. I heard the voice of Mistress Catherine speak.

"I thought you would be tired after everything we have done today, so I figured to make you as comfortable as possible. You are being held by chains tested to over 10,000 pounds with a custom welded frame. I assure you that you are not going anywhere," Mistress Catherine told me. "You also do not have to worry about going to the bathroom. I have that covered already. Would you like something to drink before bed?" she asked.

I nodded. I felt the ball gag come off. A straw was placed at my lips, and I closed around it. What I believe was a sports drink crossed into my throat. I drank my fill and lay my head back down, opening my mouth as I did.

"Well done. I did not have to remind you about your gag," Mistress Catherine said.

The previous ball gag was replaced with a new, latex one. It was not tight in my mouth, so I began to wonder. The gag began to inflate and fill my cheeks and push my tongue down. This was new.

Mistress Catherine patted the side of my cheek. "You have made me and Domina very happy. In fact, I am going to go call her now and give her an update on your progress. Sleep well; I shall see you in the morning," she told me.

I could feel the lights in the room cut off. I heard a door open and then close.

It was me, a butt plug, catheter in my penis, gag and blindfold. I could not move otherwise. I did not know what time it was. I could only hope sleep would come soon.

Time passed. I drifted off.


I am not certain how long I slept, but I did sleep well. I was very surprised at how well I was able to rest given my situation. I tried to reach my penis for some self-stimulation, but the sleeves held my hands tightly. I did not feel any pressing need to go pee, either. There was little I was able to do but lie in the sleep sack and wait.

I heard a door open, and the voice of Mistress Catherine, "Good morning. I hope you slept well. I certainly did. I had a lovely long chat with Domina about your day, and I believe she had an orgasm on the phone talking to me. I know I did. Lucy is so wonderful in that regard.

I was so very curious to meet Lucy. I shook in the sleep sack to let Mistress Catherine know of this fact.

She either ignored me or was not paying attention. I heard the whir of the electrics again. I felt myself lowering to the floor and the sides relaxing. Mistress Catherine began to unhook the sides of the sleep sack and then the unbuckling and unzipping.

"As you get up, you need to go slowly. Your catheter is still in place. If you accidentally tug on it too hard, it can be very painful. I am going to bring you a chair to help you stand. When you get to your feet, sit down in the chair to collect yourself," came the instructions.

I complied, realizing as I did why she had me do so. I was still gagged and blindfolded. I reached down and followed the tube from my penis to the catheter bag. I could hear urine sloshing inside of it.

"Such a shame you do not do bodily fluids. I have the perfect recycling gag for urine," Mistress Catherine said with a dejected tone, "Now, let's get you ready for breakfast."

I sighed silently. I knew what would happen at breakfast. I rose, felt the clip of the leash and was led out of the room.


I was led into a new room, and I could feel tile floor beneath my feet. I assumed we were in a bathroom of some sort. I was correct.

Mistress Catherine removed the blindfold and gag. I bent over for her, and she pulled the butt plug out. She turned me around. She inserted a syringe into one of the tubes on the catheter bag. The syringe filled with water. When Mistress Catherine was satisfied with the amount of water, she removed the catheter. I winced.

"It stings, but it is tolerable. You will get another one tonight," Mistress Catherine instructed, "If you pee, there is a chance it will sting. This is because the urethra is a bit irritated."

It gave me a moment to see my surroundings. I was standing in a most elegant bathroom with a full, walk in shower, bidet and toilet. The shower had a solid glass door, and I saw two chains coming down from either side of the shower. It did not take me long to realize what those chains were for.

"Domina has done such a wonderful job with you," she said, "Now, it is time for your daily enema and shower. Keep your position."

I continued to bend, and I felt the nozzle of the enema bag enter me. It was not long before the warm water rushed inside. The cramps began, and I winced, reaching up and grabbing my gut.

"Sit on the toilet," Mistress Catherine said.

As I turned around, I got my first glance of Mistress Catherine today. She was clad a tight latex cat suit that covered her entire body. She wore slippers on her feet. Her hands again were covered in latex gloves. I buckled at the knees when I saw her. She acted as if everything was perfectly normal.

I complied and flushed my bowels. The process was repeated two more times.

"Time for you to get a shower. Everything you need is within reach inside. You can adjust the water as you see fit. Do not worry about running out of hot water. Step inside," Mistress Catherine instructed.

I entered the shower and stood between the two chains, waiting to be buckled in. Mistress Catherine smiled.

"The chains are for when slaves disobey and need to cool off," said Mistress Catherine.

It did not take me any time to realize what she meant. Being blasted with cold water was not something I would enjoy, and it would be an appropriate punishment should I do something stupid. I reached forward and turned on the hot water, adjusting it with cold. I turned around and let the water cascade down my back. Mistress Catherine spoke.

"I will be leaving you some items on the counter. Put everything on when you are done. Ring the bell, and I will send for you," said Mistress Catherine.

I nodded in ascent. I reached for the soap and a washcloth. I heard the door shut behind me.

I started washing my hair. The door opened and shut almost as quickly. I turned around to see who it was, but I was too late. I can only assume it to be the elusive Lucy.

I wrapped up in the shower. I stood inside for a moment to drip dry. Stepping out of the shower, there was a towel waiting for me. The towel was soft and luxurious. I toweled dry.

A toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash waited for me on the counter. I used all three. I then turned my attention to what I was to wear for the day.

I saw two wrist cuffs, two ankle cuffs, leather hood and a collar. There were six small padlocks as well. I applied everything and clicked the padlocks on. I then rang the bell.

I heard a voice from outside, "Turn around." The voice did not belong to Mistress Catherine. I could only assume it to be Lucy.

I did as instructed. Someone threw a snap on blindfold onto the counter. I attached it.

A hand turned me around. I felt the leash clip and was led out of the bathroom.


I was led back into yet another new room. I could feel a stream of sunlight coming into the room. I assumed it to be a sun room. I felt the back of a chair against my knees. I knew what to do. The dildo slid into my freshly cleaned rectum. Hands attached my feet and hands to the chair.

"That will be all, Lucy," Mistress Catherine instructed.

I felt a hand reach up and remove my blindfold. I blinked a few times and saw what would become my breakfast. Mistress Catherine had apparently already started. I looked longingly at what I could only assume was Eggs Benedict. There was a Mimosa on the table as well.

Mistress Catherine saw me looking. She pulled a plate of several jars of baby food before herself. She took a spoon, put a small amount of what appeared to be green goo on it and offered it to my mouth. I sighed and opened.

Mistress Catherine grinned. I surmised she knew exactly how I felt about what was happening. I had a choice: Eat what was offered, or be shocked. I chose to eat.

As I was fed, Mistress Catherine talked. I learned about who she was, her interests and how she met Domina. The story was an interesting one. Apparently they have been talking for some time. Mistress Catherine took a real interest in what Domina had said. She and Domina had apparently met several times before, with Domina even coming to the house to get a tour before I was to arrive.

I listened, trying to ignore the foul taste of the baby food. Every so often I would shift on the chair, trying to get the dildo to move. Like before, movement was futile.

The sippy cup of milk was again offered to me; I accepted. Mistress Catherine continued the meal and chatting amiably, as if we were old friends enjoying a breakfast in the sun room.

The atrocious meal finally ended. Mistress Catherine cleaned my face. She rose and stepped out. As she did, I heard her call Lucy. I was sitting in such a way I could not see. Lucy's visage was still lost to me.

Hands reached over my head and reattached the blindfold. "Open," Lucy instructed. I did, and a penis gag was pushed into my mouth and snapped onto the mask. My arms and legs were released, and I stood. Lucy re-clipped the leash and led me out of the room.

I could only imagine what was to come next.


Lucy led me into another room. I recognized it immediately because of the smell. It was the first room that I entered when I arrived. The smell of latex and leather filled my nostrils.

Mistress Catherine spoke, "I have a few things to do today. Lucy is in charge of you for a while. She has precise instructions on what to do. She will not speak to you unless there is an emergency. You may speak if you need to use the restroom or would like water. Other than, your silence is required."

I nodded.

"Lucy, you know what to do," she stated.

"Of course, Mistress Catherine," Lucy replied.

I heard a door open and close. I assumed Mistress Catherine had left.

"Stand still," Lucy instructed, unclipping the leash.

I heard Lucy moving around the room.

"Arms out front," she directed. I complied.

The feel of cool latex covered both of my arms. Lucy stepped around to my back and began buckling. I realized it was a latex straitjacket. My first.

Once she finished buckling the rear, I raised and crossed my arms. I felt Lucy tug and pull my arms tightly. The leg straps dangled against my legs.

She came back to the front and worked the final strap that would hold down my arms. I felt her pull the leg straps up and behind me, cinching them down as well. She was careful not to pinch either side of my testicles.

I was rock hard at this point.

"Bend at the waist."

I complied, recognizing what was to come. Lucy's hand rubbed lube across my rear, and the plug was pushed into my rear. I felt it grow inside of me.

Lucy re-clipped the leash to the collar, and with a sharp tug, she pulled me into another room.

We went into a new room. I felt cool leather against the back of my knees.


I sat down. The chair or couch was very relaxing and cool to my legs. I nestled in comfortably.

Lucy took one of my ankles, and I heard a click. She stretched my legs apart and another click. My legs were held apart. I struggled for a moment.

"Remain here," Lucy instructed.

I stayed put. I could hear the sound of popping corn coming from what I assume to be the kitchen.

I felt someone sit down on the couch beside me. The smell of freshly popped popcorn waifed through the air.

A television set turned on. I could hear the sound of the program. It was not one I recognized. It did not matter.


I shifted ever so slightly in the couch.

A hand reached over and touched my penis. Lucy began stroking it with a leather gloved hand. I moaned in pleasure. I could hear her munching on popcorn. I wanted some, but I knew better than to ask. The stroking speed increased. I moaned more loudly.

And as quickly as it started, Lucy stopped. I grunted in displeasure, turning myself towards Lucy in hopes of more.

I was rewarded with a hard slap on the tip. I yelped and leaned back over.

A few minutes passed. Lucy grabbed my penis and stroked it rapidly. I could feel the orgasm welling inside. I tried to work my body to increase the stroke length.

She stopped again. I thrashed around in frustration.

It dawned on me. We were going to sit and watch television, or Lucy was going to watch television and keep me on edge the entire time.

I thrashed again in displeasure. I felt Lucy rise from the couch.

She returned and sat on my lap, straddling me. I felt a zipper slide down from the area over my nipples. I tried to turn away. A hand went to my testicles and squeezed. I whined. Lucy squeezed harder. I whined again. Lucy continued to squeeze and began to twist.

I started to cry, but I realized what was certain to happen should I continue to avoid the inevitable. I turned my body back around and pushed my chest out. Lucy released my testicles. A clamp went down on the first nipple. Lucy pulled the zipper and did the same to the other. I yelped and tried to sling the clamps off.

I felt Lucy get off of my lap and take her place next to me on the couch again.

Her hand again went to my penis. This time, she used her fingers to caress the tip. I tried to pull away from her hand. She let go.

I moved back to a sitting position. Her hand returned to the tip of my penis, and she began to rub pre-cum across the entire head. I could not help myself. I mumbled through the gag, "please. Please get me off."

Lucy's hand immediately came up from my penis. I felt her shift again on the couch. I put my head back and was steeling myself for what was sure to be an intense orgasm.

Or so I thought.

Pain shot through both of my nipples as she yanked on the chain between them forcefully. I tried to release the tension, but each time I moved, Lucy would change direction, maintaining constant pressure. The more I continued to move, the worse it was. I finally came to the realization of what was going to be required.

I stopped moving around. The tension on the chain lessened. I settled back and sniffled a bit. Lucy dropped the chain and returned to her previous position. Her hand went back to my penis and continued toying with me as if nothing had happened.

I started to cry. There was nothing I could do. Lucy sat silent, eating popcorn and toying with me aimlessly. She stopped a few times to wipe drool from me. Once she removed the gag and offered me something to drink, which I readily accepted. I started to say 'Thank you,' but I decided against it. The gag was replaced quickly and filled again to its maximum point.

This went on through several television programs. There was no pattern, no set amount of strokes, speed or touch. Lucy obviously knew what she was doing and could do it well. I had no alternative but to sit as still as I could and hope beyond hope nothing happened.

I heard a door open.

"Lucy, how did he do today?" I heard Mistress Catherine ask.

"He did well, Mistress Catherine. There was nothing I could not take care of myself," replied Lucy. Her hand fell away from my penis, stroking my testicles and inside of the thigh as she did so.

"Excellent. I see he is well covered in pre-ejaculate. Clean him up before we move to the next activity, please," Mistress Catherine said. I heard a door open and close.

I felt Lucy get up off of the couch. I felt her between my knees, both hands resting on the outside of my knees. Tendrils of hair brushed against the inside of my thighs. I froze.

The soft warmth of a mouth kissed the tip of my penis. Lips touched the tip and slowly opened as Lucy's mouth ran down the length of my shaft. I felt her suck in deeply and slide her head back up. Lucy's tongue wrapped around the shaft as she did.

Her mouth arrived at the top and paused briefly before slowly rising up and off of me. As she did, I thrashed around harder than I have before. I screamed into the gag.

Lucy pushed down on my thighs as I felt her rise. Almost as an afterthought, she grabbed each nipple clamp and pulled them off. My scream of frustration quickly turned into one of pain as blood rushed back into each.

It took a minute, but I composed myself. Drool continued to ooze from my mouth as I sat and waited again.

The cuffs attaching my legs came loose. I shook my legs a bit to get some feeling back into them.

I felt the leash attached. I struggled to stand as I could not move my arms. I eventually slid forward and stood up.

"Stand for a second to get your balance," came the directive from Lucy. I complied.

A sharp tug pulled me in the direction of the room we just left.


We stepped back into a previous room. I felt the straps of the latex straitjacket coming off. I stayed still as Lucy removed each of the straps one by one. I pulled my arms free from around my waist and allowed the jacket to crumble to the ground. I was glistening in warm sweat from the experience.

"Arms out from your sides, and stay there," came the directive from Lucy.

I did so, and I heard her leave. She returned quickly. I felt the cool touch of what I assumed to be wipes cleaning my body. She took her time, making sure to get all of my body. When she got to my groin, she held the cloth on my belly and stepped around back of me. I felt her push her body against my own. She was wearing a leather top, and her breasts pushed firmly against my back.

One of her hands snaked its way up to my nipple and began to circle the areola slowly. She took her other hand, still using the wipe, and started cleaning my groin. Lucy went agonizingly slow, rubbing up and down the shaft of my rock hard self while simultaneously massaging my nipple.

She spoke into my ear, "Mistress Catherine has taken a real liking to you, and I have as well. In fact, I think I want to feel exactly what you feel like inside of me. Do you like that idea?" She licked the tip of my ear lobe as she spoke.

I whined into the gag, wanting so much to spin around and take her. I knew better, so I stood still and continued to whine.

Lucy kept her hand on my penis and came back around to my front.

I felt her push her head against my chest. She continued to stroke my penis and nipple. I felt the her lips enclose around the other nipple. Her tongue began to flick the tip, still sore from the earlier piercing. I moaned and whined.

Before I knew it, I was again thrusting myself into Lucy's hand. Her hand immediately stopped. I braced myself for what was sure to come as a response.

Instead, she ran her hand up to my face and onto my cheek. "All in due time, you. All in due time," she cooed.

She led me over to a chair. I sat, slowly, still aware of the plug in my rear. She strapped my wrists down.

"Be seeing you soon," she said. She kissed the gag covering my lips and both nipples before pulling herself way.

There was nothing I could do but struggle and whine.


I do not know how long I sat there. I would shake my body every once and a while trying to get loose. I tried to ask who was there through the gag every so often as well, but it was all in vain.

I felt someone or something rub a leather-covered hand across my chest and down to my penis. A few short strokes, and I was again stiff. I struggled to increase the friction and get some enjoyment.

Mistress Catherine spoke, "Would you like to cum? You may respond."

I almost screamed through the gag. I was thrusting myself forward as best I could to prove my willingness.

Mistress Catherine giggled. I detected a slyness in her chuckle. "You are about to get your chance. Lucy has taken a real liking to you and this." She stroked harder. I moaned into the gag.

"I bet you would also like to see her," said Mistress Catherine.

I nodded in the affirmative madly.

"And you will," she said and began to unstrap me from the chair.


Mistress Catherine helped me from the chair, clipped a leash to the collar and led me out of the room.

We entered yet another area of the house. Mistress Catherine pushed me against what I thought was a bed. I sat down and realized I was correct.

"Slide to the center of the bed. Stretch your arms out above your head," Mistress Catherine said.

I complied immediately.

I felt each arm stretched in the direction of the bed post. I was quickly strapped down. It was not long before my legs were done the same. Mistress Catherine removed the hood. The gag stayed in place.

I adjusted to the sight. Mistress Catherine was dressed plainly. She was in another t-shirt and jeans, similar to what she had when I first met her.

"Well now. I suppose you deserve a chance to cum. I will have to get you ready. This, she took hold of my penis again, will need some attention first," she said, smiling.

She turned away from me. I could not see what she was doing. She turned back around and had on a pair of latex gloves. In one hand was a small packet.

Without speaking, she opened the packet and put some on her hand. She smeared it up and down my penis.

"We will let that sit," she said. I did not know what she meant.

Mistress Catherine then ran a strap across my hips, just above my pubic bone and one across my thighs.

"Lucy," she called.


I strained to look up and finally get a solid look at Lucy. I was not disappointed.

Lucy came into the bedroom. She was clad in a pair of crotchless latex panties and a latex bra with nipple holes. She had long, brown hair that cascaded past her shoulders. She was barefoot. She was not rail thin or overly heavy. She had a small amount of weight on her, but she was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

I began to whine.

Lucy did not say a word and approached the bed. Mistress Catherine handed her a condom. Lucy opened it and rolled it down my penis.

I could not feel the condom going on.

I looked at Mistress Catherine, wondering what was going on.

"Ah. The numbing cream is working. You see, Lucy is allowed to ride you, and you are free to cum at your leisure. However, I used some numbing cream and a condom to keep you from getting overly excited," Mistress Catherine said with a sadistic smile.

I dropped my head back against the bed, shattered in disbelief.


Lucy took her time and climbed up onto the bed. She looked down at me and leaned forward. She shot a look at me that spoke of a tease I would not soon forget.

Lucy took one nipple into her mouth and her hand on the other. She began to suck and nibble, driving me into a rage because I could not react. I tried to buck my hips into her, but I soon realized this is the purpose of the extra straps. I would not be allowed to enjoy Lucy.

"Lucy, you are to orgasm no less than two times. You are free to continue afterwards if you so choose. I will be back," Mistress Catherine said and left.

Lucy did not say a word. She lifted her head and smiled at me with a knowing smile. She backed herself up into a semi-squat, grasped my penis and slowly slid her body onto it.

I tried my best to do something to stimulate myself, but there was no use. I was going to be forced to have Lucy ride my penis to orgasm with nothing I can do.

I laid back, closed my eyes and tried not to think about it.

Lucy leaned forward, placing her hands on my nipples again. She began to twist, hard.

"Eyes open," she directed, "you are to watch me."

I grunted and opened my eyes. Lucy looked down with a satisfactory glance and rocked back.


Lucy began to rock back and forth, grinding her hips into mine and burying herself onto my penis. I was on the verge of tears, still trying in vain to find some way to stimulate myself. Bound as I was and without sensation, I had no choice but to endure.

Lucy worked herself back and forth for what felt like an eternity. I heard the tell-tale signs of an orgasm building. Her eyes dilated, face flushed and she began to cry out. The crescendo of pleasure started slowly and worked its way up to a shocking climax.

"Geezyespleasemakeme," Lucy exclaimed, stopping rocking for a second to grind down as deeply as possible.

Lucy stayed on me for a minute as she began to recover. She slid off and lie down next to me. She took her hand and began to circle my nipple with her fingers.

"Damn. You are so hard and thick. I have not had an orgasm like that in some time. I can imagine what would happen if you were able to feel what I feel like inside," Lucy said with a satisfied look.

Lucy continued to lie next to me for some time. She chatted about her life with Mistress Catherine and her life before that. I could do nothing but sit and listen.

Every so often she would pinch my nipple, rub the tip of my penis and nibble on my ear. Each time I would grunt and moan in frustration and thrash about.

Lucy grinned. "You must really enjoy that. I will be back in a moment," she said, rising from the bed.

I lay there, wondering what was going to happen. Lucy returned after a moment, holding a pair of clamps between a chain. I knew exactly what was going to happen.

"Now, I think you recall what happened the last time you tried to be funny with me. Let's not have to do that again, okay," she said, holding the clamps in each hand.

I nodded and tried to agree. Lucy again climbed up on me. She leaned forward and clamped each nipple. I hissed through my gag as she did.

Lucy stood on the bed and turned around, placing her beautiful rear into my face. She backed down, and I could smell the scent of her juices. I wanted so badly to put my tongue in and go to work, but I was stuck with the gag in my mouth. I had to lie there and whine.

I could feel Lucy manipulating my penis again. I felt the condom come off.

"Mistress Catherine would not be pleased if she knew what I am about to do. I cannot help myself. You are so thick and swollen, I have to know what you feel like," Lucy said, looking back at me.

She again got off of the bed for a moment. She returned with her hand cupped. She reached over and smeared something on my penis. I immediately knew it was numbing cream.

I shook violently in protest. Lucy awarded my behavior with a sharp tug on the chain. I yelped loudly. She said nothing and climbed onto my penis again.


"Eyes on me," Lucy directed.

I focused on her. I tried desperately to shift all of my attention to my penis. I wanted to cum so badly, but I was helpless. I could not move enough to enjoy myself. Lucy on the other and rocked back and forth across my penis, twisting her body in various ways.

"God, you are like screwing Hercules," Lucy said.

It was considerably longer than the last time, but Lucy's began to breathe faster. She sped up with her motions. I tried to match her as best I could. She let go with a howl unlike I had ever heard before.

"NNNNNNNUGHHH," she moaned.

I could do nothing by lie there and watch.

Lucy slumped forward onto me. I grunted as she did, not expecting her to do so. She slid slowly off of my penis and got off of the bed.

"I had best clean you up a bit before Mistress Catherine returns," she said, "I would not like her to catch me. There is no telling what my punishment would be."

"Oh, I can think of something."

Lucy turned in horror, and I turned my head to look. There, standing with a fist on her hip, was Mistress Catherine. She did not look happy.


Lucy paused for a moment and quickly scurried over to Mistress Catherine. Dropping to her side, Lucy began to beg for her indulgence.

"Mistress Catherine, I am so sorry. Please be merciful," said Lucy.

Mistress Catherine reached down and caressed Lucy's hair for a second before taking a handful and snatching her head back.

"I will deal with you in due time," she hissed, "get out of my sight."

Lucy rose and hurried out the door. I could tell she was in serious jeopardy.

Mistress Catherine glanced at me. I began to beg through the gag.

Mistress Catherine walked over to me and stood next to the bed at my head. She reached over and looked at the clamps.

"Sadly, you did nothing wrong and were incapable of stopping Lucy. Fortunately you did not orgasm, or I would have used that against you. The question I have now is what to do with you while I deal with Lucy," she said, unclamping one nipple.

I winced and thrashed as the blood rushed back into the tip. Mistress Catherine did the same to the other nipple, and I had the same reaction as before.

"Tell you what. You wait here for a few minutes while I decide what I am going to do," she said.

Mistress Catherine stepped out of my view. She returned.

"Lift your head," she instructed.

I did so, and a blindfold covered my eyes. I lay back down and sighed. There was nothing I could do.

"Ta ta," Mistress Catherine said.

I heard a door click.


It was some time later that Mistress Catherine came for me. I felt her release the bonds from all around me and help me sit up on the bed. I knew by now to wait a few minutes before standing to get my bearings. I stood.

"Lucy was a very naughty girl, and she will be punished for it. I decided you would make an excellent addition to that punishment," Mistress Catherine said.

I did not know what she meant, so I kept still and listened.

I felt the blindfold come off, followed by the gag. The plug remained in place.

Mistress Catherine walked around before me. She had changed into a leather skirt and jacket. She had gloves on, along with short heeled shoes.

"Stay," she said.

She stepped back around me and returned with yet another gag and a straitjacket. This was a standard penis gag with a dildo attached to the front. I had an idea what this was going to be for.

I dutifully opened my mouth and accepted the gag. Mistress buckled it down tightly. I then extended my arms to receive the straitjacket. Mistress Catherine took time to buckle it on tightly. I heard the click of a padlock at my neck.

"Now then. Let's go see about Lucy," she said. I followed her out the door.


We went back into the first room with all of the accouterments. I saw Lucy.

She was on the floor on her knees. Her arms were pulled back in a latex armbinder. Her beautiful hair was encased under a latex hood. The bottom of the armbinder connected to a pair of painfully high ballet boots. It was clear Lucy was uncomfortable.

Mistress Catherine walked us up to her. I could see she had been crying for some time as if her punishment was severe. Her breasts were bound tightly with harsh clamps on each nipple. Weights hung from each one. Mistress flicked one with her hand, and Lucy made a noise to indicate her pain.

Mistress Catherine left me beside Lucy and went to what appeared to be her throne. She backed up to it and lifted her skirt. Underneath, she wore a pair of sheer silk panties. She spread her legs widely.

"Lucy, you enjoyed his penis inside of you so much, I thought I would allow you to continue having some. While you are pleasing me, he will be your dildo. Under no circumstances are you to orgasm until I have. Do you understand," Mistress Catherine said in a stern tone.

"Yes ma'am," came the reply.

Mistress Catherine motioned to me. I came forward to her.

"Lie down on your back. Head towards me," she instructed.

I did as told.

"Lucy," came the single command.

I could not see what was happening, but I knew quickly enough. Lucy had stood up and walked up to Mistress Catherine. She straddled my face and dropped down onto the dildo sticking from my face. I saw her lean forward to Mistress Catherine.

"You may, if you choose, adjust yourself while Lucy is on your face. See if you can make her cum before I do. If you do, I will award you with a steak meal tonight," Mistress Catherine said.


Lucy settled in onto the dildo sticking from my face. I could tell I was going to need to adjust every so often so I could breathe.

Thoughts of real food coursed through my brain as I began to move around my head trying to get Lucy to orgasm. I pushed up as hard as I could trying to massage her clit, but I could only stay up for so long before I had to drop back down and catch my breath.

I could hear Mistress Catherine in her own world, clearly enjoying the pleasure Lucy was providing her. I tried my best to ignore it and concentrate on Lucy.

I felt Lucy sit back. It was clear she was trying to catch her breath and take a second to compose herself. This did not sit well with Mistress Catherine.

"Did I give you permission to stop?" I heard Mistress Catherine scold. "I have no qualms about strapping you down under me. Back to work."

Lucy did as instructed. I could hear her start to enjoy the movements as I worked hard to make her reach orgasm.

I do not know how long this went on. Then I heard the tell-tale signs. Lucy had beaten me. I could hear Mistress Catherine clearly enjoying herself.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Lucy! Good girl," I heard her exclaim. It was clear that Lucy was certainly better skilled than I. She sat back onto my chest again. This time, she leaned back. I could feel her rubbing the end of the armbinder against me as if to tease me again.

"Well done, Lucy," Mistress Catherine said, "stand, and I shall release you."

Lucy rose off of my face and chest. I lay there a second before I tried to get up as well.

Mistress Catherine put her foot on my chest, pushing me back down.

"I will deal with you in a moment," she said.

I saw her yank the clips from Lucy's breasts and untie them as well. She cried out in pain as the blood ran back into them. Mistress Catherine massaged both for a few minutes.

Lucy turned around, expecting the armbinder to come off.

"No; I have changed my mind about the armbinder. You look good in it. You can stay in it until after dinner," Mistress Catherine said, "and speaking of dinner. It is about time."

I sighed. Lucy sighed. Mistress Catherine laughed.

Both helped me rise from the floor. Mistress Catherine removed the plug and led me to the dining room. I was not looking forward to this.


We went back into the dining room. Mistress Catherine had a feast set out before her of a lobster, salad, baked potato and a bottle of wine. I glanced at it longingly but knew better than to make any noises or complain.

Mistress Catherine walked me over to my seat. I sighed and settled down, adjusting myself as I went. I grunted slightly.

"Now that you are comfortable. I will deal with Lucy," said Mistress Catherine.

Lucy was standing silently against the wall. I could see in her eyes she was not looking forward to what was about to come.

Mistress Catherine walked back over to the table and picked up two bowls. She set them on the floor. Lucy dropped slowly to her knees and made her way to the bowls. She leaned over and began to eat.

Satisfied, Mistress Catherine returned to me. She snapped her fingers as if she had forgotten something and removed my gag, setting it aside.

"It is a real shame you lost. I happen to have extra steaks I have been meaning to prepare. Oh well, I have a delicious meal prepared for you," she said with a broad grin.

I looked lovingly at the lobster for a brief second. Mistress Catherine saw my glance and picked up the remote. I froze, looking dead at the remote.

She looked at me and put the remote down.

Mistress Catherine began opening jars of food and started spoon feeding me, slowly and deliberately. Meanwhile, I could hear Lucy rotating between her food and water on the floor.

Lucy finished her meal before I did. Mistress Catherine rose and cleaned Lucy's face. She slid the bowls out of the way and sat back down. Lucy worked her way under the table. I knew what she was doing and whined.

Mistress Catherine looked at me. "Dessert."

For the first time since I had been there I was not gagged at all. It was a pleasant reprieve. I worked my jaw a bit while Mistress Catherine ate. She would, at intervals, pause and close her eyes. I did not know if it was Lucy, the meal or a combination of both.

Mistress Catherine placed her utensils on her plate and dabbed the corners of her mouth. She placed the napkin on her lap and sat back with her hands clasped.

"So, is there anything you would like to share with your experience so far? You may speak," she said.

"I cannot think of anything, Mistress Catherine. I am so far enjoying what is happening," I said, keeping my eyes down.

Mistress Catherine sat back and closed her eyes a moment. She began to shake and let out a long satisfying sigh.

She reached under the table and pulled Lucy out.

Lucy came out from under the table. Her face glistened with the juices from Mistress Catherine. Mistress Catherine removed the armbinder and gave it to Lucy. Lucy scurried away into another room.

Mistress Catherine returned her attention to me.

"We are soon to wrap up your experience here with me," she said, almost with a sad tone, "and I am considering a few things to do with you. I can tell Lucy has taken a fancy to you. What about you? You may speak," she ended.

"Yes, Mistress Catherine. I find Lucy to be very attractive," I replied.

"Do you want to take her," Mistress Catherine asked.

"Very much so," I answered.

Mistress Catherine sat back and pulled her fingers into a temple. "This is something I have considered. I am thinking you do deserve a reward for your service. However, I am waiting on Domina to come. She will have the final decision on what will happen to you of course."

I nodded in agreement.

Mistress Catherine rose. "Very well. It is time for bed. I am thinking to allow you something different for bed tonight. I am actually considering allowing you to sleep with Lucy.

My eyes rose at the possibility but quickly sank. Nothing was that simple with Mistress Catherine.

"I hope you enjoyed your meal. I certainly did. Shall we?"

Mistress Catherine helped me up and led me into the bedroom from before.


Mistress Catherine led me back into the equipment room. She took her time reviewing each piece trying to decide what to wear tonight.

"Okay. I need to get you ready. Turn around," Mistress Catherine directed.

I did so and felt the straps of the straitjacket falling away. Soon I was out of the jacket and shaking my arms out.

A leather hood was slid over my head. Mistress Catherine cinched it down with a padlock. I could see and my mouth was open.

She walked around to my front. "Arms out front," she said.

I complied. She slipped something of latex over my hand. I felt a ball inside of it and closed my hand around it. Mistress Catherine padlocked this onto my wrist before repeating the process on the other hand.

"Wait," she directed.

She stepped away and came back with something that resembled a pump. She attached a piece to a nipple on the front of one of the two things on my hands and began to pump.

I realized immediately what was going on. I tried to open my hand but could not do so. I was going to have no use of my hands at all. Mistress completed the first side and then the next.

When she finished, I tried to reach around to the back of my head and do anything with my hands. There was nothing I could do. I whined.

"I see you are experimenting with your hands. Good. We are not done yet," said Mistress Catherine.

Again, she disappeared from my sight. She returned behind me and directed me to lift each leg, one after another.

A pair of shorts slid up my waist. Mistress Catherine came around to the front of me and admired her handiwork.

"These shorts are going home with you. They are a custom pair. The front has a plastic cup inside. You cannot get stimulation at all," she said as if explaining the features of a car."

Next, she padlocked the shorts onto me.

"There. Nice and comfortable," she said.

I whined and began to bounce like I was having a tantrum. Mistress Catherine noticed.

"I will deal with your attitude later on," she said with a stern look, "for a start, let's do something about that mouth."

Mistress Catherine pulled a zipper across my mouth. This too was sealed with a padlock.

"Now, you are all ready for bed," said Mistress Catherine, "I have to go get Lucy prepared now."

I whined again. There would be no way Lucy and I would be able to do anything but lie there together.

"I did say you could sleep with Lucy," she said, smiling, "and I meant what I said."


Mistress Catherine led me into the bed room. In the center of the room was a king sized bed covered in a latex sheet.

"Lucy," Mistress Catherine called.

Lucy came walking in. She was completely nude and quite striking. I looked at her and whined, knowing I could not touch her or feel her body inside of me. I was hopeful, however, we would be able to make contact in some way.

"Get in," Mistress Catherine directed.

I assumed she would be getting onto the bed and readying herself for bed. I saw her go to the bed and lift a latex sheet. There was a small hose sticking out of one side.

It was a vac bed.

Lucy lay in the vac bed, and Mistress Catherine went over to her. She zipped the bed closed and attached a vacuum pump.

I watched in vain as the air was sucked out of the bed. Lucy lay there motionless. There was no way I would be able to touch her, or she touch me. A small tube stuck out from where Lucy's mouth would be. It was her only access to the outside world.

"Come lie down," Mistress Catherine instructed.

I sighed and walked to the bed and lie down. Mistress Catherine covered me in a latex sheet. She attached my hood to a chain coming from the head of the bed. I was not going anywhere soon.

She rubbed her hands across my chest and up Lucy's thigh. I heard her moan slightly. I could do nothing but lie there. I could see at least. I also noticed my rear was unplugged for the first time since I got there.

"Well, good night you two. Don't do anything naughty," Mistress Catherine laughed, turned off the light and closed the door.

I tried to fall asleep.


At some point I had fallen asleep and was awoken by Mistress Catherine coming into the bedroom. She was wearing a catsuit of spandex that covered her entire body from neck to feet.

She started by releasing Lucy. Lucy sat up for a few minutes before getting up and walking out without so much as a word or glance back at me.

Mistress Catherine came to me next. She allowed me to sit up and removed the hood. I shook my head.

She then took the strange latex gloves from my hands and helped me stand. She removed the shorts.

"Bathroom," she directed.

I complied and went to the bathroom. The enema bag was hanging ready. The customary three enemas expelled, Mistress Catherine stepped out so I could shower.

The hot water felt wonderful. I took my time, making sure to completely clean up as I did not know what today's plans were going to be. I was hopeful that at long last I could ejaculate. Sadly, this mood quickly passed as I realized breakfast was coming.

Lucy came into the bathroom as I was exiting the shower and toweling off. She was wearing a leather corset, pulled extremely tightly, and a pair of leather shorts, similar to what I had worn last night. Her feet were bare. A small leather collar hung around her neck. The center of the collar had a small ring with the letter "D" suspended from it.

She did not make eye contact with me as she showed me today's wear. There was a large collar with a huge D ring in the center. There was also two gloves without fingers. There was nothing else to wear. I was going to be nude for a while. There was no plug either.

I attached the collar. Lucy helped me put on the strange gloves and buckled them on. Next, she raised one hand to the D ring and attached it with a padlock before repeated the same with the other hand.

I could not move my hands. I flopped my elbows a few times to see what would happen. Lucy said nothing and turned to leave. I took the hint and followed to the dining area. Strangely, there was no leash this time.


We arrived in the dining room. There was a feast of food laid out on the table. Everything from bacon, ham and sausage to a variety of fresh fruits and pastries. It was an absolute dream breakfast to behold.

Mistress Catherine was seated as Lucy and I arrived. She stood and spoke. She was clad in an outfit very similar to that of Lucy. She wore a tight, leather corset and pair of tight leather shorts. She had on thigh high leather boots. Her hair was cinched back into a tight pony tail. My soft penis began to grow as I laid eyes on her.

"Lucy, come join me at the table." Lucy walked over to the table without a word. I started to follow.

Mistress Catherine saw me and smiled, "And what exactly are you doing?"

I was not given permission to speak. I stopped and stood still, waiting.

Mistress Catherine touched the front of her forehead as if she remembered something she had forgotten. "Oh! Right. I forgot about you this morning. You may come over and take a seat as well."

I walked over and sat. Lucy and Mistress Catherine filled their plates and began to eat. I sat there and watched. Mistress Catherine filled a plate and placed it in front of me.

"Bon appetit," she said and returned to her meal.

I stared at my plate for a second, looked at my hands and then at Mistress Catherine. She put down her utensils and finished what was in her mouth. "Yes? You may speak."

"I cannot move my hands to eat," I said.

"Oh! Silly you. You do not eat with your hands. You eat with your mouth," she said, picking her fork back up and starting to dine again.

I looked over at Lucy. She said nothing nor made eye contact, continuing to eat her meal.

I sighed and sat back. Being forced to eat like a dog was not something I was interested in doing. I twisted my hands inside their leather prisons.

Mistress Catherine took notice again. "Are you choosing not to eat," she inquired, "you may speak."

I glanced down, somewhat embarrassed, "It is not that I do not want to eat, Mistress Catherine. It is I do not want to eat like an animal. Please do not make me do that."

Mistress Catherine smiled again. This time was no mirthful smile. I was nervous about what was to come.

She looked at me, "do you want to sit in the chair again, and eat like a baby? You may respond."

"No ma'am. I do not like that either." I realized I was digging myself a hole.

"Very well then. I shall give you a choice. You may choose to eat or not. Which do you choose," Mistress Catherine asked with a very stern look on her face.

I gulped. This was going to be one of the most difficult decisions I have made in some time. It was more difficult than the catheter and piercing decision. I thought for a moment as the look in my eyes certainly gave me away.

"I ...," I stammered.

"It is not wise to prevaricate with me. Choose. Now." There was ice in those words.

"I choose not to eat," I said, instantly regretting my decision.

Mistress Catherine smiled. "You have made a choice. Lucy and I shall finish our meal. You will remain here until we are done. During this time I shall decide what to do with you."

Fear and trepidation crept over me. I started to turn red. I am quite certain this look was well noticed by both Lucy and Mistress Catherine.

The rest of the meal took ages to complete.

Mistress Catherine and Lucy completed their meals. Lucy attended to Mistress Catherine's plate first and began to clear the table. Mistress Catherine rose from her seat after dabbing the side of her mouth with a napkin.

"Delicious as always. Now, to deal with you. Rise, and follow me," she said, "Lucy, prep a bag."

Lucy went to the kitchen and began to busy herself.

I complied without question. I knew two things: 1. We were going somewhere in the house; 2. whatever it was to befall me was going to be more than unpleasant for certain.


I followed without question back into the equipment room. Mistress Catherine pulled out something that resembled a saw horse.

Mistress Catherine spoke, "Lean over this. Stretch your arms to the edges."

I followed instructions. Mistress Catherine clipped the cuffs on my wrists to the ends of the sawhorse. I tugged to be sure.

I could hear her moving around behind me. I felt her reach up to my testicles and pull down. She tied them off before dropping the rope for a moment.

I then felt her finger begin to massage my rear. I have become accustomed to wearing plugs, so I knew what to do. I took a deep breath, relaxed myself and was patient. Before too long, I felt something like a dildo slide in. I tried to pull forward.

Mistress Catherine expected this, apparently, and quickly took hold of the rope hanging from my sac. She stretched the rope back, pulling my testicles towards my rear and making me very uncomfortable. I grunted.

Mistress Catherine said nothing. Lucy came into the room. From the side, I saw her bring a tall pole over. In her hand was a bag of brown fluid.

Lucy did not notice me and busied herself with the bag and pole. She hung the bag from the top of the pole and produced a large dildo. She inserted a thin hose into the rear of the dildo.

"Open," she said. I complied.

Lucy shoved the dildo into my mouth before attaching it to the side of the pole. I grunted. I was being spit-roasted again. This time, however, something was decidedly different.

Mistress Catherine walked to my face. I had to struggle to look up to see her.

"Since you chose not to eat this morning, and I have promised Domina I would take care of your basic needs, you get the bag. Inside the bag is all of the nutrition you need. You will have to suck on the dildo to get anything out of it. I use this on Lucy frequently when she is misbehaving," Mistress Catherine explained.

I grunted in reply.

"Strange. I did not give you permission to speak. For that, you will earn something extra," Mistress Catherine chided. She stepped out of my vision.

She returned to my side. I winced and yelped as the clamp closed around my nipple. I could feel the weight pulling it down. She went to the other side and did the same. A tear formed on the side of my eye.

Mistress Catherine returned to my front. I struggled to look up again.

"There. You are set. You will be free when you finish your meal. Until then, you will stay put. Just to encourage you, I set up a surprise," she said with an evil grin, "Lucy."

I heard a whir and suddenly, the dildo in my rear began to thrust forward. As it did I instantly pushed forward onto the other dildo in my mouth and almost choked. The dildo in my rear began to back out. I cried out in agony as my testicles were stretched back with the dildo.

"Finish your meal, and I will let you go. Lucy will be around to lubricate the dildo filling your backside. She will not speak to you or provide you any assistance," Mistress Catherine explained. I heard her walk away as the dildo continued its straight path in and out.

I set out to dealing with what was in my mouth. I began to suck, but nothing happened. I tried again but no luck. I tried sucking and moving my head forward. I felt a small amount of the brown fluid touch my tongue.

The taste was horrid. The consistency was that of children's glue. I closed my eyes and worked for all I could. An additional small amount hit my tongue. I swallowed.

I started again. Nothing came out. I stopped to rest and deduce what to do. A few seconds later, another small drip touched my tongue. I realized what was going on. The dildo was refilling with goo. I would have to suck the dildo empty, take in a small amount and allow the dildo to fill before starting again.

Mistress Catherine laughed at me. "I see you figured out what you have to do to make this work. I will be around. I have a few things to do around the house. Lucy will be here with you. Who knows? You may be privy to a show later on."

She flicked one of the weights hanging from my nipple. I cried out in pain.

"Remember what I said about your limits. I paid attention when I pierced you," Mistress Catherine said. I could not answer.

This was going to take some time.


I tried to make a rhythm for what was going on in hopes of speeding things up some. I had worked up what I thought was pretty effective when I heard Mistress Catherine's voice.

"Lucy, he needs something to keep his mind off of what is going on. Make sure he is well-lubed, and do find something to entertain him," I heard her say. I continued in my efforts to finish.

"As you desire, Mistress Catherine," Lucy replied.

I tried to concentrate when I felt Lucy's hand wrap around the base of my penis. She did not do anything but hold tightly to it. I tried to maneuver myself to stimulate myself, but I could not manage to do it. I then cried out in a combination of pain and surprise.

"Very nice touch, Lucy," said Mistress Catherine. Lucy had grabbed the roped tied to my testicles and yanked it harshly, forcing me to stop what I was doing for a moment while the dildo continued to pound into my rear.

"I do not think he is uncomfortable enough. Push the dildo closer. I want it to sink in completely," Mistress Catherine dictated.

Lucy simultaneously pulled on the rope around my testicles while pushing the dildo forward. I pushed back to relieve the tension only to be met with a deeper thrust. I could feel Lucy shorten the rope as well.

I shook in place trying to demonstrate my displeasure. Mistress Catherine made note and came into my view.

"If you have another outburst like that again, I will not only increase your nutrition allotment, but I will also attach the clamps on your nipples to the dildo. I really do not think you want that," she admonished.

I glanced up at her and returned my focus onto my meal. I was determined to finish this as quickly as possible.

Mistress Catherine smacked me on my backside and walked away. Lucy meanwhile began to bat at the weights hanging from the clamps, causing me to yelp and stop sucking.

I wanted Domina.


I am not certain how long it took. Lucy kept not only lubricating the dildo but also teasing me to no end. Occasionally, she would whisper in my ear how much she wanted me. This only served to drive me more and more stir crazy. At long last, I finished the bag.

Mistress Catherine came back around. She was wearing a terrycloth robe. Her feet were bare, and her hair was wet. She had brought a chair with her from the kitchen. She sat down in front of me.

"Whew! I had a nice workout and shower. What I thought I would do now is provide your dessert now that you are done with your bag. I am sure you would like that," she said.

I did not respond but stayed in position.

Mistress Catherine stood and dropped her robe. She was nude. Her vaginal area was shaved smooth, and her skin glistened with a thin coat of lotion.

I shook while I stared.

Lucy came around from my back side after lubing the dildo. Her hand slid across my penis and tugged on one of the weights. I squealed.

Lucy knelt down in front of the chair. Mistress Catherine sat back down.

I knew what was coming.


"I promised you dessert. Here it is. You will watch Lucy pleasure me," said Mistress Catherine, sitting back and spreading her legs.

Lucy glanced back over her shoulder at me and licked her lips. She then turned back around and began to service Mistress Catherine. Mistress Catherine sat back, closed her eyes and gave instructions to Lucy.

I had a front row seat during the display. Drool began to fall from the side of my mouth from the dildo inside while the one in the rear continued its ministrations. The pain on my testicles and nipples had all but subsided thanks to the endorphin rush. All I could do was watch. I shook every once and a while in frustration, wanting to be in Lucy's place.

Mistress Catherine began with a low, guttural moan. She grew louder and louder. She grabbed the back of Lucy's head and forced it forward. Lucy wrapped her arms around Mistress Catherine's waist for even more pressure.

Mistress Catherine exploded. Her entire body shook violently. She tossed her head back, and her breasts lifted into the air.

I could do nothing but express my frustrations physically and with grunts.

Lucy rose and wiped her face clean. She turned to me and licked her lips again before walking past me. She again pulled on the weights and my penis. I shook in protest.

Mistress Catherine rose and put her robe back on. She looked at me in the eyes.

"You know, I think I have a solution to you and your frustrations. I am going to contact Domina. I think you need to stay for a few more days," she said.

I twisted and grunted, trying to get her to understand me. I was ready to go home.

Mistress Catherine laughed in the way I was beginning to fear. She walked past me, slapping my rear again on the way. For good measure, she pulled hard on the rope binding my testicles.

All I could do was yelp and struggle. It was obvious I was not getting away any time soon.


I remained in that position for some additional time. My jaw was growing sore. My mouth was also dry and still filled with the taste of the vile solution Mistress Catherine forced down my gullet. I decided then baby food was far better than this could ever be.

I felt the dildo coming from out of my rear. Lucy appeared around my front and removed the other dildo from my mouth. A glass of water materialized in her hand along with a straw. I drank the entire glass down.

Lucy left me in that position. I rested my head down and exercised my jaw. Presently, Mistress Catherine returned.

She wore a white latex nurse's uniform. She had a pair of latex gloves in her hand along with a device I did not recognize. She sat back down on the chair. She uncrossed and crossed her legs. She wore no underwear.

"So, I spoke to Domina. She agreed to let you stay a bit longer. She will, however, be coming out to check on you and be sure you are in good health and spirit. I did mention to her something I learned as a nurse. She was thrilled to hear about it," said Mistress Catherine.

I perked up, curious.

"One of the things that many who live in chastity do not understand is the dangers of prostate cancer. The prostate needs to be drained every so often for health reasons. Most boys, you included, do so through ejaculation. I prefer milking," she said.

I was still curious and did not understand. She continued, "milking is the act of draining the prostate without orgasm. The beauty of it is you are drained completely but still horny. Does this sound like fun?"

I shook my head no, although I knew this to be in vain.

"Great! Let's get started," Mistress Catherine said.

Mistress Catherine uncrossed her legs again, pausing briefly as she did. Her vagina was in clear view. She rose, took her chair and walked behind me.


I heard the chair scoot across the floor. Mistress Catherine placed her hands on either side of my rear and rubbed them gently before smacking either side with a bit of force. I jumped as she did, not expecting what happened. She then reached underneath me and cupped my testicles into her hand. I froze.

"Very nice. I see why Domina chose you," she said. Mistress Catherine fondled me for a few minutes before turning me loose. She then began to slap my testicles with the back of her hand. This made me twist and try to get out of her hand's way. All it managed to do was make the clamps and weights sway, causing me more anguish.

"I have always enjoyed CBT. The male sac can take quite a bit of punishment. I see you seem to be enjoying this, which gives me an idea," she said.

I heard her rise from the chair. She returned. I could feel something like a riding crop rub my chest and swat at the weights. I whimpered as she did.

"I know your limits. I do believe this is something you may enjoy. I so look forward to sharing this idea with Domina when she gets here," Mistress Catherine said.

I steeled myself, not knowing what was going to happen.

The first strike caught me off guard. Mistress Catherine aimed the tip of the crop squarely on the backside of where my testicles meet my rear. I jumped forward as she did, and I yelped out loud.

"Oww," I shouted. Mistress Catherine took note of my noise.

I did not hear anything but the chair being pushed. The next thing I knew was a large ball gag filling my mouth. Mistress Catherine buckled the gag down tightly and ran her hands across my head before returning to her task. I shook myself, trying to escape.

Mistress Catherine began again. She would strike either testicle, sometimes rotating from one to another, and sometimes striking the same several times in a row. I could not adapt to any sort of a pattern. The blows came in rapid succession, one at a time, or Mistress Catherine would stop completely, stroking my penis and massaging my testicles. There was also no way of knowing where the blows would land. Mistress Catherine had obviously honed this particular skill with diligent practice.

This went on for some time. Mistress Catherine would even reach higher and strike my nipples, still firmly clamped, as well. I tolerated it as long as I could. Eventually, the pain began to be too much. I started thrashing more seriously. Mistress Catherine took note.

"Well, that is enough of that. I will take great pride in informing Domina of how much you took. She will no doubt expand on that. Over time, you will grow to love it and crave it," she said, walking around to face me.

Mistress Catherine wiped my face clean of any tears.

"You are so sweet. It is time for your milking," she said, leaving my field of vision.


I remained still, trying to recover from the experience from before. I was quite certain there were no welts to be seen, but it did hurt. Why I loved it so much I do not understand.

I heard Mistress Catherine return to her seat behind me.

"You are very familiar with anal play and have now been fist-fucked. I am sure you are aware of your prostate but have never been milked," she said, speaking as an academic almost.

I felt a finger enter my rear. This was nothing new or different. I relaxed and drew in a deep breath like I did normally for this.

Then I felt it.

I thought I need to pee, but this was not the case. Mistress Catherine was rubbing something inside of me. The pleasure was intense, and my penis was certainly showing this fact.

"Lucy, ice," Mistress Catherine said, withdrawing her finger.

I was not sure what Mistress Catherine meant until Lucy placed what I can only describe as an ice pack against my penis and testicles. My rock hard self quickly shriveled. I tried as I could to avoid this, but it was no use.

"Thank you, Lucy," Mistress Catherine said. I could hear them kissing behind me. I felt a hand cup my now frigid member and testicles. There was no reaction.

I felt Mistress Catherine's finger return into my rear. She began to work her finger back and forth, slowly, across my prostate. I wanted it to feel good, but Lucy and the bag of ice kept me from enjoying the experience. Each time I began to swell, the bag of ice went right back on.

It took time. I do not know how long but eventually I felt a dribble exit the tip. I tried to move and get some pleasure, but all this did was elicit a slap on my rear.

"Do that again, and I will not only bring out the crop but also make you lick up your mess while doing it," Mistress Catherine said.

I whimpered like normal. Mistress Catherine pulled her finger out. I heard the sound of the gloves coming off.

"You did well on your first milking. Domina will be pleased to know this. It is getting close to time for dinner. I bet you are hungry. Would you like a bag again," Mistress Catherine asked me.

I tried to shake my head. I mumbled through the gag that anything was preferable, even eating like an animal.

"We shall see what we can do about dinner," she said, walking away, "Lucy, get him out of this and ready for tonight's meal. I think we may have a guest tonight."

Lucy began by undoing my hands. The gag stayed in place.

The pleasures I had experienced when I first arrived began to wane. I was getting tired of it all and ready to see Domina again. I wondered how much longer this was going to last before I could see Domina again.


Lucy completed removing my hands from where they had been stretched for so long. I took a moment to stretch them out and get the blood flowing again. Without thinking, I reached up to my gag.

Lucy stopped my hand immediately and looked at me in the face, "Touch it, and I will inform Mistress Catherine. It would not be in your best interest to learn what other gags she uses from time to time. You can trust me on that."

I lowered my hand, and Lucy smiled warmly.

"Excellent," she said, "let's get you ready for tonight's meal."


I did not know exactly what the plans were for the meal, but I had a feeling I would not be joining them. I sighed again like I have so many times already. The time here was starting to drain, and I began to long for the arms of Domina again.

Lucy took me into the same bedroom we slept in and took me to the middle of the room. I stopped, and she left me for a moment. I did not know what her plans were at this point.

"Mistress Catherine wants you a bit freer tonight than normally. However, she does want you in some sort of clothing. I am allowed to dress you as I see fit," Lucy told me with a gleam in her eye.

Lucy moved around the room, checking random drawers and the closet. She came back to me with a massive pile of leather and latex. I looked at all of the gear with a mixed look. Part of me was excited to be a part, but another part of me was growing weary and ready to be done.


Lucy started with some lube of some sort up and down my legs. I assumed it was to put on some sort of latex. She pointed to the bed, and I sat.

Lucy began to work a pair of what appeared to be latex stockings up each leg. I could feel the latex pulling against my leg hair, what started to grow back, as she did.

Once the stockings were up and over my thighs, she took a pair of sharply toed boots. She brought a chair over for me to sit in while she worked the boots up onto my feet. This took some time because she had to lace them on.

After she had laced each boot on tightly, she took a small piece of leather and a lock. She put the leather across the top of my foot and under the arch before buckling the entire piece with the lock. I was not coming out of these boots until someone removed them.

"There," she said satisfactorily.

Lucy helped me stand. She lifted my arms up and parallel to the ground. She walked behind me. Reaching around my front, she pulled what looked to be a latex and leather corset around my mid section. She began tightening it in the back.

I grunted each time she pulled harder, cinching my waist down and making breathing difficult. I looked down and saw the corset cut under my chest perfectly exposing my nipples to the air. I winced as I thought what may be coming.

Lucy walked back around in front of me and ran her hands up and down my sides before settling on my penis. I whined into the gag and looked at her longingly.

"I know. You are still very excited but can't," Lucy teased. She knelt down, and I saw a piece of latex in her hand. Deftly, she began to wrap the latex around my testicles, separating them from my penis.

I grunted as she worked. I was enjoying the sensations but growing weary of the stringent bondage. I found myself wanting to be vanilla for the first time in a very long time.

"It is a shame you did not elect to have this pierced," Lucy said as she put her thumb across my glans and rubbed it, "you would look so good with a Prince Albert. Not to mention, all of the fun things to hang from it."

I stood silent, not knowing what to say or do.

"Almost done. Two more things to go and we can call it," said Lucy.

She started by buckling a leather collar to my neck. I recognized what it was immediately. It was the same neck to arm binder Domina has at home. Without thinking, I lifted my arms and crossed them at the buckle points. Lucy noticed my movement and had a look of surprise on her face.

"Now, for the piece de resistance," said Lucy, presenting a chain with two clamps on the end. I knew exactly what these were for and began whining into the gag. Lucy grabbed my testicles and twisted. Her entire demeanor changed as she spoke.

"You will take these and deal. I will not be held accountable if you go out there with anything but what I was told to use. Understand," she said, hissing through her teeth.

I nodded and closed my eyes.

The sting of the clamps was almost unbearable after the tenderness from the previous piercing. I shook for a moment and tried to catch my breath. I could feel tears welling up. I had to be careful, the boots made me concentrate on my balance while the corset labored breathing. This was one of the most difficult situations I had ever been in, but I was starting to enjoy myself even in the face of growing weary.

Lucy looked up at me. She unbuckled the gag from my mouth and placed her hand behind my head. She pulled me down and kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. My knees buckled slightly as she did. I moaned, caught up in the moment.

She pulled away. I stood there, mouth agape and eyes closed. Lucy took advantage of my state and shoved a fresh gag into my mouth. Before I could react, she began pumping, the gag filling my mouth and cheeks. I tried to let her know how I felt.

She winked at me. "Gotcha," she said, "time to go eat." Lucy grabbed the chain between my nipples and tugged. I lurched forward, trying to walk in the boots. This was going to be a very interesting meal.


Lucy led me back into the dining room. Mistress Catherine was already seated. I froze when I saw what I saw.

There was someone else with her dining. I could not tell who it was because they faced away from me, but I knew immediately it was not Domina. I became very nervous and balked from moving forward. Lucy felt me stop and yanked firmly on the chain. I made my discomfort clear, and the new person turned around when she heard me.

"Oh. Here he is. I have been waiting to meet you. Mistress Catherine and Domina have told me quite a bit about you. Mistress Catherine thought tonight would be the perfect time to meet," she said, pausing briefly. "My goodness! Where are my manners? I am Mistress Aurelia."

Mistress Aurelia rose and walked to me. She was dressed in a while bustier, white leather skirt and white high heels. She was a vision in white and very lovely.

She took the chain from Lucy's hand and pulled on it. I lurched forward with a noticeable grunt. Mistress Aurelia took no notice of this as she turned and returned to her seat. I had not choice but to follow.

Mistress Aurelia sat, and I stood next to her. She dropped the chain and began to stroke my penis and testicles idly while continuing to chat with Mistress Catherine. Infrequently, she would take a bit with her other hand. I tried a few times to turn and look for Lucy, but each time I did I was reminded of my place with a sharp tug on my testicles. I could tell Mistress Aurelia meant business.

"Mistress Aurelia, would you like to feed him tonight," asked Mistress Catherine with a sly look as she glanced up at me.

"I would be delighted," Mistress Aurelia exclaimed, "where does he sit?"

"Normally in the high chair. Since you are a guest tonight, he may join us at the table. He does have bad knees," said Mistress Catherine.

Mistress Aurelia nodded in agreement and pulled me to a chair next to her. I took my seat. She deflated the gag. I took a few minutes to work my jaw.

Lucy returned with the detestable baby food bottles. There was no spoon, however. I looked at the jars, at Mistress Catherine and then at Mistress Aurelia.

Mistress Catherine rose after finishing her wine. "I am going to take Lucy to the back for a little while. You may feed him. I do ask that you recall his limits and his instructions. He will not speak unless specifically asked to do so," she said.

"Of course," said Mistress Aurelia.

Mistress Catherine stepped out with Lucy trailing behind. I watched them leave. Mistress Aurelia got my attention with a sharp pull on the chain.

"Now then. We do not have a spoon so you can eat. How ever are we going to resolve this," Mistress Aurelia asked, reaching for her bag.

I gulped at what I saw.

Mistress Aurelia pulled a rather substantial dildo from her bag with an enlarged tip. I had a bad feeling about what was about to happen.


Mistress Aurelia smiled at me. She set the dildo down on the table and opened one of the jars of baby food, looking at the label soon after.

"Strained peas," she said with an evil grin at me.

She took the dildo in her hand and dipped it into the jar. The head was smeared with a considerable amount of the green goo that was strained peas. She lifted the dildo to my face.

I hesitated. I was not in the high chair, so I could not be shocked. I was hungry, but I was not about to eat pea goo from a dildo.

Mistress Aurelia set the dildo down on her plate and looked at me. Her demeanor changed drastically and became very dark.

She hissed at me while she spoke.

"I do not have any qualms about making this as uncomfortable as I possibly can. I know you have limits, but I promise you this. If you choose not to eat this now, I will make you regret it in ways you cannot fathom," Mistress Aurelia said, grabbing the chain and twisting it. The chain began to shorten, pulling my sensitive nipples toward the center of my chest.

I strained to ignore the pain.

She released the chain. "Okay. No problem," she said.

Mistress Aurelia rose and left me sitting at the table.


I sat in silence waiting for Mistress Aurelia to return. A leather hood was forced over my head and strapped on rather roughly. I heard the distinctive click of a padlock locking the hood onto my head.

I was snatched up by the chain and pulled in the direction of the back room. I did not know what was going on.

We ended up in what I thought was the equipment room. Someone forced me down onto a table, and straps were quickly run across my body. My hands were freed only to be strapped down beside me. It was clear someone was not happy.

Someone grabbed my groin and twisted. I started to cry out, and as I did, a ring gag was forced between my lips before being attached to the back of my head. I was going to eat something whether I liked it or not. I tried to twist my head.

Dumb move.

I felt something pushing on both sides of my head. Something like a vise was grabbing onto my head. I was stuck.

The eye binder was removed, and I was able to look straight up. There was something resembling a nipple suspended above my mouth. I tried to express my displeasure.

Another dumb move.

Mistress Aurelia's face appeared over mine. I felt her hand slide down to my groin and grab again. I sucked air in as she did. Mistress Aurelia twisted my testicles, smiled an evil smile and spoke.

"I am not one to accept disobedience well. If you were mine, you would be caned for your insolence. However, I am not at liberty to do so, but I can make sure you will eat what I offered. So, I thought to mix everything together and feed you. I hope you don't enjoy this," she smiled as she spoke.

She left my field of vision for a moment. I saw her drop some sort of colored goo into the device over my mouth. The color was a disgusting brown/green, and I could smell it as well. This was not going to be fun.

Mistress Aurelia grabbed the chain on my nipples and raised it to the funnel, stretching them uncomfortably.

She then went to my groin and tied a rope around my testicles. She grabbed my legs and pulled them up close to groin as well. She tied the rope off to my ankles. I could not stretch my legs without pulling harshly on my groin. Mistress Aurelia yanked the rope one good time, eliciting a groan from me.

"I am not sure how long this will take, but I assume you are comfortable enough to enjoy," she said. The light went off, and the door shut.

It was dark. I felt the first dribble of goo hit the back of my throat. It was disgusting. I fought the urge to gag and swallowed it down.


It felt like forever. Finally, the light came on, and the dastardly funnel was moved from my face. It was Mistress Catherine. She was dressed in a latex bikini and nothing else. She unstrapped me, and I sat up while she removed the gag.

"Mistress Aurelia was not pleased with you, so I told her about the feeder. I see you did not care for it. You have pleased me and Domina. You will be going home tomorrow. Before we do, there is some additional fun I want to have," she said, "stand up."

I rose. She brought the leather straitjacket back around and began to strap me in. She cinched me in tightly.

"Lucy," she called.

Lucy came in from the other room and I almost crumbled when I saw her. She was wearing a latex straitjacket of her own along with a latex hood. There was a substantial ballgag in her mouth. She was naked, and her nether region freshly shaved.

Mistress Catherine helped Lucy onto the same table I was on when I first arrived. She slid back and opened her legs with her beautiful slit wide open.

Mistress Catherine stepped back to me, strapping on a dildo harness.

"Time to play a game. If you can get Lucy to cum before you do, you may have her tonight as part of your last night. If you cum before her, your night will be most uncomfortable," she said.

Mistress Catherine placed me in front of Lucy. I was eye level with her vagina. It was glistening in the light.

I felt the dildo begin to rub my bud. I decided not to wait and dove into Lucy.

Mistress Catherine laughed and entered me without much ceremony.


I did not waste time. Domina had taught me exactly what she liked when it came to this. I aimed straight for Lucy's clitoris, sucking on it while flicking my tongue against it as well. Mistress Catherine was pounding my rear, giving me some additional assistance. My nose and face was pushing into Lucy.

Mistress Catherine apparently noticed what was happening. She grabbed the strap on the straitjacket and pulled me back just far enough where it was going to be a struggle to reach Lucy. I grunted my displeasure but concentrated on the task at hand.

Lucy apparently knew better and stayed put. I could hear her moaning and gyrating against my mouth as I worked on her as best I could.

Mistress Catherine continued working me over. I think fatigue set in, because she released the strap on the jacket. I lurched forward into Lucy just as I was sticking out my tongue. My tongue dove in between her lips. I took the opportunity to work as hard as I could for as long as I could.

Mistress Catherine grabbed my hips and sped up. I leaned forward as far as I could. I took a deep breath and pushed forward as far and as hard as I could muster.

Lucy's body began to shiver. The shivers turned into uncontrolled spasms as the sound of satisfaction poured from around the ball gag.

She then screamed into the gag as she tried to pull away from me. I kept trying to reach into her, caught up in the moment.

Mistress Catherine buried the dildo deep inside of me and smacked either side of my hips in defeat.

"Nicely done. I see you have more experience at that than I originally gave you credit for. I should have known that Domina would have you well trained," she said in a congratulatory tone.

Lucy continued to shake and breathe hard. She was starting to come down.

Mistress Catherine pulled the dildo out. She walked around to Lucy and helped her down. She unstrapped Lucy from the jacket, gag and hood. I could see the sweat falling from her body.

"Go get some water and bring some for our guest," Mistress Catherine said. Lucy disappeared.

I stood up, juices were all over my face, and I smiled.

Mistress Catherine returned to me and helped me undress as well. She had a satisfied look on her face.

"I am a good loser and a woman of my word. You will have Lucy tonight to do with as you please," Mistress Catherine said, "for now, you need to rehydrate and get cleaned up."

Lucy returned quickly with a large glass of ice water. She had put some lemon slices in it, which I thought was a nice touch.

I took the glass from her and drained it in a single gulp. She took the empty from me, turned and disappeared again.

Mistress Catherine led me into the bathroom again.

"Take your time," she said, "Lucy will be meeting you in the bedroom."

I stepped in and had what felt like the finest shower I had in ages.


I finished my shower, dried off well and put on some lotion I found. I returned to the bedroom. The sheets had been turned back previously. I climbed into the bed and got comfortable, waiting on Lucy to return.

It was a few minutes later, and Lucy came back. She was nude. Her body shone in the light as she too had put on a thin coating of lotion. She said nothing and came to the bed. She joined me.

I rolled over and took a good look at her. She smiled and rubbed the side of my face with a gentle touch. I leaned in and kissed her deeply. She reciprocated.

We began to touch and feel each other's bodies. Her skin was soft, and I wanted nothing more than to continue touching, feeling and being next to her. I felt as if this is what I was to do for all of my life.

Lucy was doing the same, making sure not to spend too much time on my tumescent shaft. She leaned over and sucked lightly on my nipples. I moaned, and she sucked that much harder, biting down gently as she did.

That was almost all I could stand. I started kissing down her body until I again arrived at her gorgeous, freshly shaved area. I picked back up where I had left off with my tongue. Lucy placed her hands on the back of my head and guided it to where she would have it go.

She squirmed with each touch of my tongue and lips. I used my tongue to enter her several times, taking time to be sure to cover all aspects of her warm, juiciness. I could feel her body begin to tense. I redoubled my efforts, and she grabbed the back of my head, pulling me in more closely until I almost was suffocating.

I clamped down on her swollen clitoris, engulfing its entirety in my mouth and pulling on it with a deep suction while tenderly touching the surface with the tip of my tongue.

Lucy threw her legs around my back and squeezed. She cried out a low, guttural, almost primal scream. I stopped and lay still, my head still buried in her.

Lucy gingerly removed her legs from behind me and pulled my face away. As she did, I took the chance to kiss the inside of her gorgeous thighs before rising up to meet her at face level.

She looked at me and smiled before pulling me in for a deep kiss. She pulled back and said, "my turn."


Lucy turned me over and kissed me again. She started kissing down my body until she arrived between my legs. Once there, she made herself comfortable and began.

I felt the tip of her tongue rub the underside of the tip of my rock hard penis. She was flicking her tongue back and forth on either side before sliding her tongue down the entire shaft and back up again. I was in heaven.

She continued this action for some time. Suddenly, she took the entire shaft into her mouth all the way down and hummed loudly. The sensation was unlike anything I had ever felt.

She released her lips, grabbed my shaft and slid upwards and over it. Lucy lowered her body down on top and began to rock her hips back and forth. I pushed myself up and into her, trying to get as much of myself into her as I possibly could.

She began to moan that moan I began to learn so well. I increased my own movement of my hips. The throes of release overtook her body. Lucy began to shake violently unlike she had before.

That was all I could take. I released my load into her, straightening out my entire body as I did before dropping back into spasms. Lucy held on for as long as she could before she fell forward onto my chest. We lay there for a full minute, enjoying the afterglow.


The next thing I knew was a cheerful voice rousting me out of my sleep. It was Mistress Catherine. She had come into the room and woke Lucy and I up.

"Wake up sleepy heads," she said, "I have robes for you both. Breakfast is on the table. Take your time, but everything will get cold if you do not hurry."

I rolled over and looked at Lucy. She smiled, gave me a huge kiss and rolled out of bed, donning the robe with quickness.

I rubbed my eyes and got out of the bed myself. The robe was a luxurious terrycloth and quite comfortable. I made my way into the dining area.

Mistress Catherine was already at the table, seated with a full plate. There was a glorious spread of food - eggs, bacon, sausage, bagels with all of the trimmings, coffee, milk and juice.

"I did not know how you take your eggs, so they are scrambled. If you take cream and sugar with your coffee, I have that as well," Mistress Catherine said as she beckoned us to join her.

I was surprised at what I saw. Mistress Catherine was dressed in a pair of denim shorts, t-shirt and sandals. Her hair was pulled back in a standard pony tail.

I sat, somewhat surprised. I started to open my mouth, but Mistress Catherine seemed to know what was about to happen.

"I know what you are about to say. We are done. You will be returning to Domina today and back to your life. I wanted to adjust you back into the real world before taking you home. I hope you had a good time," she said.

"I did. Thank you, Mis -." At that point, she cut me off with a wave of the hand, "my name is Catherine," she said with a slight tone of warning.

I nodded in understanding. I took a seat and fixed myself a plate of food.

The food was delicious after what had happened to me over the past few days. I savored each bite as Catherine and Lucy smiled at each other with a knowing look.

We all finished our meals. We rose, and Lucy gave me a warm hug. She also whispered in my ear how much she loved our time together and looked forward to the next time.

Catherine had washed my clothes. I went back into the bedroom through the equipment room one last time. I dressed and made my way to the outside.

Catherine was in the car, waiting on me. I climbed in.


I rode back mostly in silence like I did before. Catherine took the opportunity to ask me a few questions about the experience, what I did and did not like and so on. I answered each of them with complete honesty. I was considerably more talkative on the way home.

The ride seemed to go much faster than before. We arrived back home. Catherine and I got out and went inside. Domina was waiting for us with a smile on her face.

Catherine and Domina shared a friendly embrace.

"Well," asked Domina with interest.

"I believe he had a good time," Catherine replied, "did you?"

I smiled broadly. "It was amazing," I said.

"Splendid," said Catherine, "we shall do it again soon. Come here, and give me a hug goodbye."

I stepped forward and wrapped my arms around Catherine. The hug was very warm and friendly. It was clear she was genuine.

As we pulled away, she took the sides of my face and pulled me into a kiss. It was unexpected, but I quickly returned the gesture.

She let go. "You are quite the kisser," she said, "I will remember that."

I got a touch embarrassed at that.

Domina looked over at me, "I am going to escort Catherine back out. I will be a few minutes while I get some better details."

I nodded and walked to the couch, sat down and grabbed the remote.


I don't know how long she was gone, but Domina came back in and sat down next to me on the couch, leaning against me. I took the chance to look at her.

"It sounds like you really had a good time and were stretched to your limits," said Domina.

"It was intense in some places," I responded.

Domina dropped her head on my shoulder, "I missed you terribly."

"And I you," I said.

I pulled Domina in closer while I looked for something on television.

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