Go With the Flow
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Author's Note: Inspired by a drawing by Augustine, and special thanks to Tyjord for helping me edit this story.

"You wanted to see me Ms. Strong?" Arin asked meekly as he entered her office.

"Please, sit Arin." Erica Strong motioned him to take a seat at her desk as she finished replying to an email. Taking off her glasses and holding them in hand, she turned her attention towards him. "I've got a special task for you today young man."

"I-I'm sorry Ms. Strong..." She saw the boy was very clearly nervous in her presence as he stammered. "I-I've already been assign..."

"I'm sorry?" Her hand brushed aside a strand of blonde hair from her face. "I specifically pick you for a special task and you respond with hesitation? May I remind you that I am not only the reason that you have been chosen to be a part of this internship program, but that I am also the one that can get you swiftly removed from the program. You wouldn't want that, now would you?"

"No Ms. Strong..." Arin replied softly, hanging his head low in shame. He knew that he had been incredibly lucky to land a medical internship at the age of 19, and that the 31 year old hospital administrator had developed a fondness for him after having met him at a medical conference several months prior and vouched for him to be included in the program. In turn, she could just as easily get him thrown out of the program, and being kicked out of an internship is not a good look to prospective employers.

"I expect you to be a good little intern and follow my orders without question" she snapped, a look of obvious annoyance on her face.

"Yes, M-"

"Did I give you permission to speak?" Erica commanded, causing his face to turn bright red with embarrassment.

The boy stayed silent as she put her glasses back on and resumed typing.

"I've just cleared out your schedule so you can assist me. We'll be testing some new medical equipment that arrived the other day," she said, completely dropping her domineering and commanding attitude.

She then turned off her monitor, grabbed a binder from her desk, and stood up from her chair.

"Come with me," she said, motioning for Arin to follow her from the office.

Arin watched her guiltily from behind, her stark white heels clicking loudly on the similarly stark, sterile white of the floor. He noticed that the white of the floor, heels and her blouse as well, was broken only by the tight-fitting yellow mini-skirt she wore. Despite the heels and skirt, she moved through the halls of the admin building surprisingly fast, leaving the boy struggling to keep up.

Concerned by keeping up with his superior, Arin had completely lost track of where they were. He hadn't had time to figure it out before Erica stopped abruptly in front of what, at first, looked like a normal section of wall. Upon closer inspection, however, it was actually a door, with only the faint edges barely giving it away. She grabbed her ID card from her binder and used it at a panel set slightly off to the side, causing what sounded like heavy deadbolts to lurch back, and the door to pop open slightly.

She pulled on the edge of the door with a heave, opening it just enough for them to fit through and motioned for him to enter. Erica quickly followed, and, grabbing the large handle on the backside of the door, pulled it shut. Arin watched as the deadbolts moved back into place, keeping the entrance secure without the use of the panel that sat next to the door.

"You're one of the few people to ever see this area of the hospital." They found themselves in a well-lit hallway, the walls painted beige with multiple doors present on each side. "It's mainly used for secure storage of equipment and things that we can't afford to lose."

Her heels began clicking once more as the boy followed her to the end of the corridor, entering the last door and descending down the stairwell that was revealed. It was a fairly small stairwell, and appeared to only go down a single floor.

The change in atmosphere between floors was quite apparent however, with the lower floor of this secure storage area bearing a musty smell and the walls being exposed concrete. A single door sat at the bottom of the stairwell, with another surprisingly modern keycard panel next to it. Erica once again swiped her ID card, a dull tone emanating from the door, and quickly entered the room beyond.

Arin followed and glanced around the room. With only a couple of overhead fluorescent lights, he could still see that the floor was covered in a thick layer of dust and that musty smell continued to permeate the air. It was extremely cold as well, much more so than the normal floors of the hospital. Several boxes sat adjacent to the entrance, and one wall was lined with pipes, which he assumed were for plumbing. He noticed a strange metal panel that sat below a few of the pipes, with two odd looking metal braces protruding out of it about a third of the way up from the bottom, and various small holes littered on its surface. He didn't think much of it.

"Now young man," Erica set her binder beside the boxes and opened the one on the top of the stack. "Today you are going to help me test out a new type of patient clothing."

Arin was puzzled, but also intrigued by whatever this "patient clothing" happened to be. He watched as she pulled out a bright red latex bodysuit. The boy was shocked to say the least.

"Uhm, Ms. Strong? What exactly is that..."

"It's a new formulation of latex that is supposed to breathe far better than conventional latex, with additional antimicrobial properties as well. It's designed to be used on our bedridden patients who won't be doing much moving throughout the day. Thanks to the antimicrobial properties, it will also require patients to be cleaned less often by nurses." She looked almost in awe at the latex suit, before glancing over at him with a sadistic look on her face. "And you will be my little test subject for today."

He glanced down at the latex that she held in her hand, the bodysuit looked about two sizes too small for his body and he had absolutely no clue how it would fit with all the clothes he was wearing.

"I expect full cooperation Arin." She asserted, noticing the look of bewilderment and hesitation present on his face.

With the fate of his internship obviously at stake, he made the decision to comply. "Yes ma'am," a twinge of hesitation still present in his voice. He held his hand out, expecting Erica to hand him the suit.

"I think you misunderstand. I need you to strip, this is skin tight." She told him matter-of-factly.

The boy was slightly taken aback; the thought of having to be naked in front of his boss was absolutely humiliating.

"Any day now," she said, getting impatient.

With no other choice, Arin quickly began pulling his clothes off. First he removed his shoes and socks, then his t-shirt, his pants, and then finally, his boxers. His face turned a bright red as he was now fully nude in front of Erica, showing off his this frame. He was completely overcome with a feeling of extreme embarrassment.

Her gaze scanned over the boy's body, taking note of his near complete lack of body hair. She didn't miss the fact that only his pubic region had a slight amount of neatly trimmed hair.

"Oh, don't be embarrassed young man, it's not like I haven't seen male anatomy before." She approached him with the red latex in hand, stepping directly behind him and holding the bodysuit in front of him. "I need you to hold your hands out for me."

He complied, lifting his hairless arms out in front of him and allowing Erica to pull the latex over them. She struggled to slip the bodysuit onto him, due to both the size of the suit, and the thickness of the latex.

She did eventually manage to get it slipped onto his arms fully, revealing that there were actually no openings for the boy's hands. Instead, they were simply stuffed into small mitts that rendered them completely useless. He actually found the fact that he had no way to use his hands quite worrying, and was about to voice his concerns before Erica interrupted him.

"Arin are you going to make me do everything for you?" She was very clearly annoyed as she had been holding out the suit for him to put his legs into, but he was so shocked by the mitts that he hadn't noticed.

She manhandled his legs, shoving them into the suit, and quickly pulling the latex tightly up around them.

"I told you I expect full cooperation!" She delivered a firm slap to the boy's ass, much to his surprise. "That is unless you'd like to have the reputation of being the first person to be dishonorably ejected from this valuable internship program?"

The unexpected slap to his ass had made an impression, and Arin, feeling a bit subjugated and more willing to cooperate, responded meekly. "No, Ms. Strong. I'm sorry."

"Good choice." She flashed a devilish grin before continuing.

Erica managed to get the rest of the suit onto him without incident. She finished it up by closing the suit's zipper that ran from just above his buttocks to the base of his neck

The boy was completely overcome with a crushing feeling from all sides now that he was fully encased in the red latex. The built-in hood of the suit amplified the claustrophobic feeling by quite a bit, even with the large opening at the front exposing the entirety of his face.

"I-is there a hole in th-" He inquired before being abruptly cut off by Erica once again.

"It's necessary to have your buttocks exposed, as it allows easy access to both your anus and genitals for the purpose of urination and defecation." She quickly explained in a clinical, matter of fact tone, while walking back over to the pile of cardboard boxes beside the door.

He watched as she retrieved a bundle of brown leather from the box, walked back over to Arin, and tossed it into a pile behind him.

"Arms behind your back for me," she commanded, swiftly grabbing each of his arms and swinging them behind his back, while quickly taking several belts from the pile beside her.

With incredible swiftness, she secured the boy's arms above and below the wrists, as well as using a belt to secure his elbows together. He let out a grunt as she used all the strength she could muster to bring them adjacent to each other. Arin was very obviously caught off guard, stumbling backwards into her arms after his own were restrained. Erica graciously made sure he kept his balance, while using another belt to strap his knees together. This made any attempts at walking extremely arduous for him, especially with the cold concrete floor beneath his bare feet.

"E-Erica, w-what are you..." The boy stammered in complete shock.

"That's Ms. Strong to you young man!" Arin cried out as her hand once again struck his exposed ass. "I need to make sure you stay still during the testing period, as the patients this suit will be used on won't be doing very much moving about. Plus, I won't be able to stay down here and watch you the entire time to make sure you aren't just lounging around in this suit."

"Wha...what do..." He was still in complete disbelief as to what was happening.

"I think it's time for you to quiet down Arin." She then held up a large black latex harness with a multitude of leather straps dangling off of it.

He noticed the large rubber plug that was pointed towards his face, a large hole going through the center of it. There wasn't much time for him to study it however, as Erica quickly forced the plug into his mouth, cutting off all of his stammering and protestations. He choked on the foul-tasting rubber as the large latex panel conformed to his face, covering his nose and the entire lower half of his face. Thankfully there were nose holes allowing him to breathe, but even then, they were slightly smaller than his nostrils, hampering his oxygen intake ever so slightly. The boy felt the latex tighten further as the multitude of straps were tightly secured around his head, sealing the thick rubber plug in his mouth.

"There we go. We don't want to run the risk of someone hearing you and interrupting the test, now would we?" She let out a quiet chuckle, one of the few times Arin had heard her do so. "Can you just let out a scream for me?"

He quickly complied, doing his best to scream out. Erica actually laughed again as the boy's cry was reduced to a quiet gurgling sound.

"Looks like we won't need to get out one of the stricter gags then," she said, sounding slightly disappointed. She then walked back around to his front, seeing his eyes wide and filled with panic and discomfort. He noted that her demeanor had quickly turned from strict and professional to far more casual and fun, as if she was enjoying this. "I would calm down if I were you; it's going to be much more difficult for you if you don't."

The boy's attempt at a response was ignored while Erica used the remaining brown leather straps to tightly restrain the rest of his legs, making walking safely without assistance now almost impossible and compelling Arin to stay as still as he could to keep his balance.

Next, a thick leather posture collar was added around his neck, restricting his breath quite a bit as it was tightly secured, several d-rings positioned on all sides of the collar. She then turned her attention back to his gag, focusing on the metal plate that sat mounted on the front of its face panel. A metal cap was screwed over a pipe slightly extruding from the plate. She made sure the cap was still tightly wound in place, not allowing the boy the luxury of breathing through the plug.

"Okay, now time to get you in place young man." She grabbed each of his shoulders and guided him towards a small hand cart that sat beside the boxes. It took them a bit of time, but Erica was persistent, slapping his ass whenever he slowed down.

The cart was simply a flat piece of metal that was slightly raised above the ground, with a handle jutting out the side and a wheel on each of the four corners. She helped the boy down onto the cart, laying him onto his back, his arms crushed under his backside, with his legs hanging off the edge. The cart was pushed across the room, Erica casually humming a tune as she stopped in front of the peculiar metal panel on the wall, with a pipe coming up from the floor sitting about a foot in front of the panel and one positioned a foot or two above the panel.

"This is going to be quite a daunting task, so I'm going to need your full cooperation." She stared into his eyes, her demeanor cold and stern. "Will I have your full cooperation?"

Arin slowly nodded, not seeing any other choice.

Her demeanor quickly changed once again, a smile appearing on her face before she grabbed the boy and began attempting to put him in position.

Once she had finally done so, using her above average strength to lift the lightweight boy, he had been situated upside down, each of his shoulders resting on one of the metal braces he had noticed earlier, and his head fitting just between them. His legs were extended out fully, just reaching the ground and helping him stay balanced.

"I know it's quite hard to keep your balance in this position, but just let me grab something quick and I'll make it a bit easier on you." She jogged back over to the boxes as he trembled in his position, the blood rushing to his head as he tried to maintain his balance and not topple onto the concrete beneath him.

She hurried back, dropping a few strange metal brackets and a box of large bolts onto the floor, and holding a small drill in hand. Erica made sure that he didn't fall over, keeping one hand on his body and pressing him against the panel.

"This should make sure you don't move an inch from this panel." She grabbed one of the smaller brackets, pressing it just above the belt restraining his wrists, lining it up with the holes in the panel, and used the drill to tighten the bolts in place.

The boy felt the cold metal of the bracket pressing tightly on his hands, pushing them uncomfortably close to the frigid metal panel. She repeated the process with another similar bracket just below the belt securing his wrists, keeping his hands completely flush against the panel and making sure he wouldn't fall forward onto the concrete.

The last bracket was quite a bit larger, and Arin quickly found out why as she positioned it over his forehead and swiftly secured it in place.

He thought she had been finished with restraining him, but he was wrong. He let out a groan as she revealed another bundle of belts, this time colored white plus a smaller, thinner one still colored brown.

She first took the brown one and cinched it to the front d-ring of his collar, attaching the other end to the belt situated between his knees and hips, pulling his legs closer to his body and in turn bringing his knees to his chest. The remainder of the belts encircled his scrunched-up body, pinning his knees closer to his chest and bringing his feet closer to his exposed ass. The last smaller belt was used to secure the arches of his feet together and a small line of cable was used to tie his big toes together. Maybe a bit of overkill, but Erica wanted to be sure he was fully restrained.

"There we go, now we shouldn't have to worry about you moving much at all." She retrieved the last implements and set most of them aside. "I won't be much longer Arin."

The cap at the front of his gag was loosened and tossed aside, his labored breaths now a bit more audible.

"Don't get too used to breathing so easily," she cooed, a sadistic grin on her face as she held up an L-shaped piece of piping. The boy let out another groan, which was a tad louder with the opening of the plug exposed.

She began ratcheting it onto the pipe that sat a foot in front of the boy's face, twisting it into place until it was just at the plug gag's opening. Then, she secured the other end of the pipe into the gag, tightening it as much as possible and as a result, quieting him down once again.

Erica slipped on a pair of black latex gloves and grabbed her last bit of piping, a large straight piece with a much larger diameter than the L-shaped piece. Crouching down to Arin's level, she held the pipe in front of him.

"I recommend that you stay calm and try to keep still while I finish up." Using a small bottle of lube, she began liberally coating one end of the pipe with her gloved hand. The boy was puzzled for a second, but quickly figured out what was about to happen and muffled cries emanated from his gag. Erica smiled as she saw his distress. "It looks like I won't have to explain what's about to happen then."

She stood back up beside Arin, using the hand coated in lube to gently probe his anus. He squirmed as she continued her attentions, the restraints barely allowing an inch of movement.

"I would try to relax to make this go along a bit easier if I were you," she stuck a finger deeper into his anus, coating it with lube in the process, "because this is going to go in, no matter what."

With little warning, Erica began pushing the end of the pipe into his anus with a steady force. She ignored the boy's muffled screams and eventually penetrated his tight asshole, the cold metal pipe sliding in and giving him an incredibly uncomfortable sensation. With a bit of effort, she managed to fit six inches of the pipe inside of him, the other end of the pipe seated just below the pipe that came from the ceiling. Ripping her gloves off and tossing them aside, she used the ratchet to secure the pipes together, tightening it until it wouldn't budge.

"Shouldn't have to worry about you expelling that then" She laughed, glancing down at him and seeing his eyes watering. "I'm sure you'll get used to it in no time."

She started to put the finishing touches on the boy's predicament, starting by firmly grasping his genitals and pulling them up through his legs, fully exposing them. Using a coil of rubber medical tubing, she encircled his testicles tightly and then tied a section down the center of his balls, splitting them apart into individual units. Finishing off his testicles, she used another coil to secure them to the pipe that was extended out of him, pulling them quite far from his body.

Then, a catheter was slid down his urethra, Arin wincing as it reached his bladder. Using an inflation bulb, she rapidly pumped the retention balloon, keeping it firmly lodged inside of him. The other end of the catheter was secured to a small one-way connection at the joint where the pipes were secured above him, and a small clamp was swiftly added just outside his urethra.

Working quickly then, she grabbed a small metal cylinder that could be opened via a hinge on its side, and quickly encircled his penis with it. She closed the narrow device around his shaft, using a small padlock to ensure its security. Erica had used it to prevent Arin from getting an erection, as well as preventing the catheter from any chance of coming dislodged.

Letting out a satisfied sigh, she backed up, and took in the entirety of the young man's situation. Her gaze came to rest at his panic-stricken eyes.

"I know that this position must be quite stressful for you, so allow me to explain." She began, quickly grabbing her binder off the floor before continuing. "To properly test the new material, I needed to ensure that you would remain mostly immobile. Mainly because the suit is designed for patients who would be mostly sedentary, plus, I didn't want to run the risk of you damaging the bodysuit. You may be wondering why I couldn't just stay down here and monitor you to ensure you remained immobile. Well, it's necessary that we test this material long-term because patients are going to be in these for several days at a time." She smiled down at him. "And it's not like I can be down here to babysit you for that long."

Arin's eyes widened even further upon hearing that. Stuck down here for several days!? He felt as if he could barely stay in this position for a few more minutes. Erica took notice, smiling again sweetly as she watched him try to struggle and heard his heavily muffled pleas.

"As a result of the time factor, I had to make sure your basic needs were going to be fulfilled." She crouched down next to the pipe connected to his plug gag and twisted the small valve at the base of it. "This pipe I had custom installed just for you. It leads down to a utility closet a floor below us and allows me to easily control your fluid intake. Currently it's just connected to the water line with a timer and should give you about a quart of water every hour. But, I can control whatever comes through this pipe fairly easily," she said ominously, glancing down at her watch. "Oh, would you look at that, it just turned noon. Some should be coming up any second now."

Erica watched intently for the boy's reaction as the water shot up the pipe. Arin was caught off guard, despite being warned of the fluid's arrival. The flow was absolutely brutal for him as he struggled to keep up with, choking on the lukewarm water at several points. He fervently struggled but was once again impeded by Erica's incredibly secure restraints. After he narrowly avoided drowning for an entire minute, the water finally let up and his struggling died down.

"I know the flow is quite punishing, but I had to make sure, due to your position, that you would ingest all the fluids that I give you. And I know that much water a day is a bit overkill, but you can never be too careful." She stared deeply into his eyes as his face filled with anguish and his eyes began watering once more.

"This pipe however," she said, standing up and placing her hand gently on the tube going into his rectum, "I sadly could not get a custom connection for, so I had to make do with what I had. Since I needed to make sure that you would have no problems with dealing with bodily waste. I considered giving you a healthy dose of hot soapy water to keep your insides cleans throughout the day, but instead opted to use the existing connection this pipe has to the urinals in the men's bathroom upstairs." Erica expected his struggling at this point, and watched him squirm beneath her. In response, she gave his tied testicles a savage squeeze, hearing the boy choke on the plug gag as he tried to scream. "It's really a much better idea if you accept this and just 'go with the flow' as they say."

She then began slowly loosening the valve situated on the top pipe. "Let's see how much has been built up for the past hour, shall we?"

Arin immediately felt the cold mixture of urine and water flow into his bowels. The chill from the liquid caused him to shiver a bit more, the latex suit not providing any real protection from the chilly room temperature. On top of the growing discomfort in his bowels, he knew that he was tiring himself out with all the intense struggling he had been doing. He could also feel his throat hurting from all of his gagged cries and pleas.

The rectal pipe stayed firmly in place as fluid continued to rush into him. He thought it would never stop, but after what felt like an eternity, the flow subsided.

"As for managing your bladder, thanks to this catheter, your urine will just be deposited straight into your bowels and out of the way." She swiftly removed the clamp, and watched as a stream of piss quickly made its way into the pipe. "See, thanks to this whole setup, you're nice and self-sufficient!"

The boy simply let out another one of his gurgling noises, presumably an attempt at a response that was silenced by the plug gag.

"I will be down here later tonight to empty you out, although your position should increase your capacity significantly, so there's no real rush, I guess. Oh, and also, no need to worry about any tasks you had assigned over the next few days," she opened her binder, thumbing to her schedule. "I made sure to have you assigned to work on this special project with me full time."

Erica's face was filled with absolute joy and glee as she shut her binder. She couldn't keep herself from letting out a girlish giggle. She knelt back down again next to Arin, setting her binder on the dusty floor beside her.

"Well, I should get going then. I have some business to attend too. I just wanted to let you know, I picked you for this special project because I know that my favorite little intern will be able to handle this just fine. I know that this may be a bit difficult for you, but I think you'll be able to persevere through this and impress me." She flashed one last smile to the boy before standing back up and proceeding to the door, pulling her keycard from her binder. "Oh, and by the way, I made sure a few days ago that I'm actually the only one with access to this room, so you won't have to worry about anyone interrupting the test."

She quickly swiped the card and opened the door, taking one last look behind her. "Remember, I should be back in about eight hours or so to check back up on you, so don't go anywhere. Oh, one last thing, I forgot to mention, there's a very high level meeting about to start upstairs. Guess which bathroom is right outside the meeting room?" She giggled, flicking the light off. "Ciao, Arin."

He watched as the door slowly closed behind her, the last bit of light from the stairwell quickly receding and, as the latch automatically locked back into place, he was plunged into total darkness.

Arin was already feeling the effects of the urine and water enema. The waves of cramping washing over him and causing him to thrash around as much as his bonds allowed. He quickly realized that was entirely counterproductive, only serving to tire him out further.

The boy then quietly accepted his fate, not looking forward to the longest eight hours of his life. He was left wondering what Erica had in store for him when she came back down. His thoughts were quickly interrupted though by another wave of cramping, causing him to bite down hard on the thick rubber plug gag that reached the back of his throat.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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