The Office Horse
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"We run a tight ship here, Ms Dremmer," the bald department head lectured from the front, and in the same pace he was storming along the corridor. Mr Wicklebimm couldn't be bothered to hold any door open for the young woman struggling to keep up.

"Do not think of your first day at work as a first day, but as work. There is no need for idleness just because your notepad still has all its sheets blank."

"Absolutely, sir," Jördis dared pipe up whilst hurrying behind her new supervisor, the crown of his amazingly smooth head like a beacon at her eye level.

Eventually they entered the open plane office she would be slaving in from now on. The short man came to an abrupt halt and snapped around.

"A corporate dress code is in effect. I advise to adhere to it."

He scrutinised her attire. Dark fitted blazer over white blouse, dark skirt ending three centimetres above the knee. Sensibly heeled court shoes.

"That will do."

He gave her way-too-blonde hair a disparaging look, but considered a comment to be beneath him.

"You remember your work place number?"

"Yes, sir; one-three---"

"Then you know where you should have been for five minutes."

Wicklebimm glanced at Jördis' dye accident again and went off to uphold his reign of terror elsewhere, leaving the youngster to her own devices.


Jördis made her first careful steps into the cube farm, a blue-meets-grey maze wilfully designed to suck any residue of individuality out of the employees. Through the hustle and bustle she sought her way to her own personal holding cell. It, too, sported a cheerful non-colour framed by corporate-blue walls. Jördis sighed and dropped her handbag on the sterile desk.

"Could be worse..."

She just had to settle in. Some pictures, a funny mug. Maybe a tiny potted plant. Most certainly an emergency bottle of vodka in the lower drawer. No sooner had she booted up her desktop computer than a pretty redhead stuck her pretty red head over the cobalt coloured divider.

"Are you the new girl?" she chirped.

"I reckon. I'm Jördis."

She held up her hand, and the ginger took it. She had to stretch her arm over the shaky wall for that, only to go out of sight the next moment and reappear at the entrance to Jördis' cubicle.

"Hi, I'm Tessa!"

They shook hands again, a repetition as silly as cordial.

"Divi, meet our newest sister in crime!"

Over the edge of the divider opposite the entrance an oriental woman peered from the second neighbouring cube. Jördis had to contort on her chair to make eye contact, but the peculiarly named colleague quickly vanished again.

"Wait, I'm coming over!"

True to her word, she stood next to Tessa a mere twenty seconds later after having employed obscure rat runs through the farm. With both of them now blocking the exit, Jördis was properly cornered.

"Welcome to the galley. I'm Gretchen."

Hands were shaken again, this time in a more reserved fashion. Confused by a certain ethnic discrepancy between name and person and Tessa's use of a seemingly disconnected moniker, Jördis made a careful approach.

"I actually never met someone called Gretchen before."

"What is that supposed to mean? Just because I'm of Korean descent it means I am not allowed one of your precious old, white, rich names?"

"No, no---"

"Cultural appropriation doesn't feel so good that way around, does it?"

"Honestly, I..."

"Jördis," Tessa chimed in.

"... didn't mean it like that."

"She's taking the piss out of you, Jördis. Her name is Ji-eun, and she shouldn't be mean to rookies."

Ji-eun winked at the guilt-shaken new girl, otherwise still keeping a straight face.

"But everyone calls me Divi."


"As in diversity. For every company photo I get dragged to the front row, together with Vihaan from Tech. Homepage background: me on a white board. Promo brochure: Vihaan wiring up servers. Christmas party picture: us wearing Father Christmas hats."

"That sounds... unthoughtful?"

Divi was clearly amused by her insecurity in regard to political correctness.

"You really have to toughen up, sweetie, if you want to survive here."

Ere Jördis could express her gratitude for this fundamental advice, the phone on her desk -- her phone now -- fell into a ringing fit. Tessa glanced at the extension displayed.

"Argh, you wanna answer that one."

Jördis brought the receiver to her ear and was actually capable of getting the first syllable of her surname in before being run over by Wicklebimm's demands. Pull the Larsson-files -- Production need them now. Make 400 copies of the F07s for HR till two. List me the handicaps of the Claymore board.

"You mean their disabilities, sir?"

"Their golf handicaps! And tell your colleagues I can see them fooling about!"

The line went dead with a finality that made Jördis wince.

"What did he say?" Tessa enquired whilst the platinum-blonde turned desperate to get her computer fully working.

"That he can see you, and that Production need the 'Larry'-files. What are F07s?"

"Oouh, he's put her on F07 duty...!" Tessa mocked benevolently.

"Wicklebimm is very protective of his F07s," Ji-eun followed.

Jördis pieced her composure back together.

"What kind of name is that anyway? Sounds like a Harry Potter villain."

"Never mind him -- we got a system on this floor." The Korean made an ensuring gesture.

"What do you mean?"

"We stick together. And if one botches up, all of us help out, and she makes it up to us later. Pricklebrimm doesn't need to know what Pricklebrimm doesn't need to know."

"You are explicitly welcome to join, if you want," Tessa offered with a sincere smile.

"Hell, yes!"


After 400 copies she still didn't fully comprehend the meaning of F07s, but at least HR would be content. Back in her cubicle, now without Tessa and "Gretchen", Jördis just resolved the "Larry" issue. Her two new friends had given vital pointers (smack-squish), and she was positive to (smack-squish) fulfil her next assignment as well.


Jördis turned her head left and right, with inconclusive results thanks to the office's viscous background noises.


She rose from her chair to peek over the front divider. Tessa was busy on the telephone.


She checked to the left. Ji-eun's pen was deserted.


The annoying noise came from the back. She turned just in time to see a blue something shooting into the air, then surrendering to gravity and disappearing into the cube behind hers.


Jördis closed in to the rear divider. Beyond it her eyes were greeted by something best described as a man cave away from man cave. Posters of action flicks, rock bands and video games at every vertical surface. A phalanx of infantile office toys guarding the untidy desk. Amidst the controlled chaos a twenty-something let a blue rubber ball ascend towards the ceiling. Leaning way back in his chair, he was carrying out his day's duty of letting the promotional gift land in his hand with a smacking-squishing sound.

"Excuse me, can you knock that off?"

"Are you the new lass?"

"Accidently yes."

"Didn't know they have put you next to me."

He flashed a boyish smile whilst maintaining a state of serious relaxation.

"I'm Reuben, but I also answer to Rob."



In Jördis' experience there were two major categories of lazy blokes. One contained those who just lazed about on expense of others. The second was populated by sages who had mastered the art of delivering sufficient results with minimum effort. Chaps who knew every short cut and, at times, even put deep thoughts into strategies to stay beneath the radar. Rob struck her as firmly rooted within the latter group. He was evidently expanding his leisure way into working hours, but never had anybody had to work a minute longer because of him. Which rendered him quite likable. Jördis did not fail to notice he was also nicely built -- although the empty nibble boxes and soda cans littering his desk confirmed him currently being in his "bulking phase".

"I don't mean to come across as prissy, but can you stop throwing that thing?"


"Because it distracts me. I have work to do."


The tone of sincere curiosity in his voice baffled Jördis.

"Because I need to work. And I need to not get fired on my first day."

"They seldom fire people around here. They just break them mentally to reshape them into mindless, unambitious worker drones," he shared a piece of wisdom with her whilst granting the ball a rest.

"That may be so, but I'm not planning on living out my working days in a cubicle."

"Don't fight it, and after a month you are cuddled into the warm cosy feeling of being dead inside."

"I feel very much alive with Wicklebimm breathing down my neck. One mistake, and I'm getting keelhauled."

Reuben stretched his muscles, sore from a tiresome morning. His shirt tightened across his pecs and slight love handles. Both his sporty frame and the hint of puppy fat in his cheeks made him look young, and Jördis reckoned she had to add a few years to her estimation.

"If it comes to the crunch, the girls will cover up for you. They've thought up that system, you know?"

"So I am told. They were a bit thin on the details, though."

Rob anticipated her follow-up question and dodged it with a sly grin.

"Let the girls show you. I only observe. Have you met Eka yet?"

"I have not."

"Ask her. She has it all worked out."

"You lads got a system too, in case you are being walk in on whilst playing with your blue balls?"

He seemed genuinely amused by her suggestive choice of words.

"Don't need to. See..." he threw the company stress ball up again and almost fell off his chair catching it, "Ficklequimm is a misogynist, in case you haven't noticed. On the downside all fair creatures of your chromosomal disposition are in constant peril. On the upside he leaves us lads alone."

"Great. Now you see why I have to insist you stop throwing that thing in the air."

"Sure, sure. No prob!"

"Thank you, Reuben."

With a sigh she sat back down to (phok-phok-squish) get busy on the handicap issue. Jördis didn't know the first thing about (phok-phok-squish)---

"You've got to be fucking kidding me...!"

Now he was flinging his stupid ball onto the table, letting it bounce off the desktop and then off the divider, back into his hand!

Jördis was already halfway out of her cubicle as her phone went off again. This time she wasn't even able to utter a single sound against a new cascade of menial tasks handed personally down from her gaoler. Head spinning and ears ringing, Jördis hung up to take some deep breaths. She must have done something horrible in her former life. In her agitated state she almost got a heart attack as the stress ball impacted into her keyboard.


She jumped up and spun around. Rob sheepishly raised his head above the divider. He flinched as he saw murder in Jördis' eyes.

"Can I have my ball back? Please?"

She grabbed his toy with one hand, with the other she picked up a brand new pencil. Jördis brought both items in front of her and, keeping a steel gaze upon him the whole time, slowly pierced the ball. With a satisfying feedback the graphite overcame the rubbery resistance as it went in, and again as it pushed out on the opposite side.

"Aw, c'mon! Those are so hard to come by!"

"You know what isn't hard to come by? Pencils. I can easily get two more."


Groaning under the weight of eight packs of printer paper a red-faced Jördis stumbled her way towards the copy room. The F07s had been dealt with beautifully. What she had failed to be aware of was that an F07 was supposed to come with its mates F07a, F07b, F07c and F07d. Now the deadline was closing in, and with it the wrath of Wicklebimm.

From the corner of her eye she noticed Reuben catching up with her.

"Are you still mad at me?"

"I'm too busy to be mad," Jördis panted.

"Here, let me help you..."

He took the topmost pack off the pile and gallantly escorted her through the office, but spared her any other form of toxic masculinity.

"I thought you were done copying."

"Me, too", she kept straining behind him.

"Don't tell me you are still on the F07s? HR will throw a fit. They need them to fire all those poor bastards from that French company we've taken over."

"Ironic. Door -- quick!"

Reuben opened the door to the copy room for her, and Jördis half tottered, half fell towards the near-empty table next to the copy machine. With a final effort she let her papery burden slam onto the desktop, sending a pair of hole-punch and stapler into a merry dance.

"Bloody hell...!"

She leant against the machine to catch her breath and shake the cramps out of her arms. Rob entered the small chamber with the final pack in his hand.

"You can't keep'em there."

"What, why not?"

"He whose name shall not be mentioned wants it tidy in here in case the Pope's wife drops by. There's a shelf for stuff like that in the next room."

"But I need the packs here to restock the--- eh, whatever..."

Reuben had been right. She already longed for her higher brain functions to drift into oblivion. The adjacent room offered the same windowless size once the neon light buzzed to life, but differed from the copy place in that it did not sport a door to the open plane office. They stored all but two packs next to toner cartridges and empty binders.

"What's that?"

Jördis nodded towards a waist-high contraption apparently made from divider spare parts. She recognised the distinctive aluminium profiles which created a supporting skeleton for a board-like piece of blue cube wall.

"That's something the girls have come up with to create a safe and non-judgemental working environment," Rob stated evasively. He showed the struggle of somebody knowing a really funny, but also really inappropriate joke.

"By building hurdles for company fitness day?"

He made a vague gesture, and Jördis wasn't willing to lose any more time. Back in the other room she fired up the copier and ensured a steady supply of dead trees to it. Since Reuben had already turned out to be unfit for methodical work, she kicked him out to have at least a bit of space. She had planned on printing one hundred of each form by turns. Like this she could sort and staple them as the next batch was churned out. A wise plan. Right to the point when the copier decided to jam. And to jump to A3 size. And print in purple.

When she had finally overcome these obstacles -- mostly by punching the control panel and expressing some truly dark thoughts -, the clock had moved on to a quarter past one. There was no way that Jördis, kneeling on the floor between piles of paper, could transform this chaos into 400 sets of documents within the next forty-five minutes.

"You need some help, love?"

The blonde woman who had appeared in the doorframe had assessed the situation quite correctly. Jördis had tried to avoid looking completely unapt on her first day, but that resolution had gone out of the window for good. She rose and smoothed out her skirt in defeat.

"I'm afraid I do."

"No need to be afraid. You must be Jördis. I'm Ekaterina."

Jördis shook the offered hand. Ekaterina turned her head to scan the office, an action which sent her very high and very tight pony tail into a perfect motion. She beckoned into the busy area, and soon Tessa and Divi were at the ready.

"You summoned?" the Korean reported.

"Can the both of you spare half an hour?"

Tessa stole a glance of the paper landscape on the copy room floor.

"Let me guess: puzzling F07s together?"

"Sorry," Jördis groaned meekly, "I will make it up to you girls."

"Yes, don't worry about that. Ji-eun and Theresa are going to support you," stated Ekaterina and gave a short nod to the duo.

The woman with the stern hair-do obviously wielded some unwritten authority around here. Although not intimidated as such, Jördis considered it a good idea to take her seriously. Which was totally okay with her right now. Thanks to Ekaterina's detailing of Divi and Tessa, the tedious work was not only dealt with in a third of the time, but also under a considerably lighter mood.

"Thank you so much! You've literally saved me. If there's anything I can do for you..."

Jördis let her last sentence fade out as both Tessa and Divi flashed mischievous grins.

"What?" Jördis smiled unsurely.

"If you could stay a bit longer after work," Tessa almost giggled.

"Sure. Why?"


"So, what's the matter?"

It was past five now, and the only remaining people of the office had gathered in the side room with the paper shelves. More precisely, four of them had cornered Jördis in it. The new girl was feeling more uneasy by the minute as she looked at each of her colleagues. Ekaterina -- neither Eka nor Kati -- carried an austere look on her face, whereas Tessa was almost jumping up and down with excitement. Divi's cattish sneer had made way for an irritated frown as soon as Reuben had shown up. Leaning in the inner door's frame, he was fumbling idly with his interpretation of a tie knot.

"What is Doofus doing here? This isn't bloke business."

"He's here to ensure an orderly course of events," Ekaterina declared.

"I am? Actually I just strolled by to annoy Deviant Divi."

Ekaterina quickly brought everybody on the same page, especially their new colleague.

"I understand that you have been informed about our system of compensation."

"In passing," Jördis trot carefully.

"Originally, if one of us asked for a professional favour, she would bake a cake in return or showed her gratitude in some other quaint way. But come this year we have decided to switch to a less stereotypical concept, moving away from positive reimbursement and towards negative reinforcement."

"Are you going to spank me?" Jördis tried to laugh it off.

"Way more sophisticated," Tessa sprang into action.

From the corner she pulled the ominous dwarf divider to the centre of the room. Her enthusiasm came in handy, as the construction was surprisingly heavy and stable. Its feet stretched out to the sides twice as far as the ones on the tall counterparts creating the cubes. Therefore it was secured against tilting even without a cross section.

"Please remove your shoes and undies," Ekaterina ordered.


"Your blazer, too."

Jördis looked at them, stunned. Ekaterina was dead-serious. Tessa was clasping her hands in front of her chest as though she was waiting for Jördis to blow out the candles on her birthday cake. Divi mouthed a wicked "do it!". Rob suddenly felt caught and turned around with a "sorry!" to give her some completely meaningless privacy. Jördis started with the easiest part. If she played along for a bit, everything would soon turn out to be some bizarre joke. She took her blazer off, folded it neatly and put it on the shelf. Her audience's expectations did not change. Jördis sighed and kicked her heels off.

"Seriously, is this some rite of passing?"

Ekaterina's gaze remained stalwart. From the door Reuben got either too bored or too excited.

"Can I look again?"

"No! Perv!" Divi scolded first him, then Jördis: "C'mon, knickers to the carpet!"

She should just go. Make a run for it, if necessary. Jördis did not believe Rob would harm her, but then again, he wouldn't have to. He just had to keep standing in the door frame. She could not squeeze herself past him, and it was physically impossible for her to push him aside. Tessa was too cute to try anything. Jördis could probably take Ji-eun, but of Ekaterina she was close to be terrified. With a tightening throat she brought her hands underneath her skirt and hooked her thumbs into the lace. A last moment of hesitation, then she quickly pulled the hipsters down and stepped out of them.

"At last," Ekaterina commented and nodded towards the divider-turned-hurdle thingy. "Sit."

Totally oblivious of the structure's actual function and still dumbfounded by the twisted turn of events, Jördis perched herself on the upright board.

"Nice try. Don't play coy."

"What the hell do you want from me?" Jördis made a last stand.

"You really don't know? Straddle it."

Only now it hit Jördis. Her face was drained of all colour as images flooded her mind. Some from books, some from films. Some horrific, some titillating. All of them depicting women being forced to ride the infamous Spanish Donkey.

"Wait, you can't be---"

"For crying out loud, ladies...!"

Rob, who was facing the tiresome action again, grabbed Jördis around the waist and lifted her up effortlessly. One quarter turn, and he placed her properly onto the makeshift wooden horse. Jördis' eyes grew wide as her body's full weight came to rest on the wicked edge. Immediately she tried to wiggle out of Rob's grip, yet at the same time seeking hold at him to lift herself off. Her legs stretched out in a wild search for the ground, but more than a span remained between her toes and the carpet, no matter her struggles. Jördis managed to get a hand before and the other behind her, pushing herself up a crucial centimetre.

"Are you fucking mad?! Let me down!"

The edge was painfully digging into her palms. Reuben had repositioned his hold to her shoulders, effectively preventing the girl from throwing herself off the horse.

"Are they always making such a fuss?"

"I certainly did," Tessa coquetted and cheerfully joint the action with a set of fluffy handcuffs. "No cheating! Hands behind you back!"

Rob forced Jördis' elbows together, thus allowing Tessa to put her cuffs in fetching snow leopard design where they belong. With her wrists trapped behind her back, Jördis was able to transfer weight to her hands only by leaning back. But even that Tessa would have none of. Deftly she wove a length of parcel string into the new girl's hair to create something between a ponytail and a braid. Under a steady pull she made Jördis' arms fold, bringing the cuffs up until the chain between them could be tied in position by the hair strap. Jördis grunted as the weight of her limps yanked at her scalp, causing her to tilt her head back. Her grunt turned to a yelp as Rob let go of her. Again Jördis' mind was overruled as her hands reached down in panic -- a reflex savagely reined in by her mean restrains. Till this moment Jördis had no mental concept of the posture which was demanded from her. If somebody had asked her to imagine bearing all her body weight on a small area between her legs, her mind would have come up w

ith the same blank result as if being asked to divide by zero. It had been simply unthinkable.

Tonight Jördis' mind was expanded in the vilest possible way, as the tenderest parts of her anatomy became the intersection of gravity and geometry.

In a desperate attempt she pressed her thighs together to gain a minimum of protection. Obviously considered cheating as well, Divi was quick with grabbing a single piece of aluminium profile. It had a metal basket for files screwed to it and fitted easily beneath the vertical board with its comfortable ground clearance. Thanks to a makeshift ankle cuff at each end the profile was swiftly utilised as a spreader bar. In this capacity it opened Jördis up for the devilish edge, and the girl was finally balancing on it under full effect of what the wooden horse was capable of providing.

"Fuck! Take me off! Take me off, please!"

Displaying a certain lack of compassion, Divi approached with two bulldog clips from a box on the shelf. She undid Jördis' blouse and front closure bra, storing the shiny clamps between her lips. They didn't stay there for long, though. As soon as the Korean girl had free access to Jördis' breasts, the metal jaws closed tightly around her nipples. Jördis paused her pleadings in favour of two sharp howls. A third, even more anguished followed as Divi pulled the clamps forwards and down, thus forcing the new lass to put even more pressure on her clitoris.

"To make sure you snap into place..." Divi explained whilst maintaining the pull for several seconds.

Jördis was crying freely now. When Ji-eun finally let go of the clamps, she rocked back to trade the pain in her vulva off against a splitting sensation in her perineum. Barely two minutes on this torture instrument, she had begun to truly ride her horrid mare.

"How long do you girls want to keep her up there?"

Reuben helped himself to a piece of parcel string from the same ball as Tessa had before him.

"At least an hour," demanded Divi.

"C'mon, it's her first day," Tessa argued. "Half an hour is enough. Trust me."

Divi wasn't done haggling.

"Okay, but with the weights. And the clamps stay!"

The two women looked at Ekaterina for a verdict, so did Reuben. The seasoned colleague protracted her decision for effect, then gave a short nod.

"Thirty minutes. Load her up."

Jördis had already learnt just how atrocious the straddling of a wooden pony was in itself. Now she would learn just how much worse it could get with the right adjustments. She would learn about the purpose of the spreader bar basket. And from this day on she would never look at copy paper the same way. When the first pack landed in the basket, a vertical jolt surged through her. And then another and another with each additional bundle.

"That's three packs -- seven and a half kilos," Rob calculated. "That enough? It sounds the way."

"That's plenty," Tessa confirmed, "even more than---"

"Coming through...!" Divi shouted as she wiggled past them and slapped a fourth pack into the holder.

The spreader bar tilted under the weight, and the edges of the rigid cuffs cut into Jördis' bare ankles. A fierce pain, no doubt, yet the least of the new girl's sorrows. The additional heft rammed the narrow peak even harder into her, and still Jördis had to bear the unbearable. With her centre of gravity significantly lowered, she was now fully secured on the wooden horse.

"What?" Divi challenged. "In the olden days a hundredweight or more was common. You've never read a book about the witch craze? Embrace your history!"

Jördis gave another short-breathed howl. Hearing her anguish marginalised only added to it. With the resident hobby historian stroke witchfinder general satisfied, the clock started. That Jördis had already suffered several minutes in various severities was generously overlooked. The distressed girl could not imagine spending another half an hour under this torture. Her tailbone had to split any moment. Before her vagina could recover from her previous position, she leant forwards again -- the deep pain cutting through all tissue layers of her perineum ordained it so.

"She will do that the whole time, to the point of total exhaustion."

Reuben, fiddling about with his string, turned to Ekaterina as she continued to comment on the delightfully gruesome display.

"It will increase her suffering exponentially, but she cannot help herself."

"How does someone come up with something like this between filing and making coffee?"

"Do you remember the gentleman from Testing who expressed his opinion on our department quite loudly to Mr Wicklebimm last year?"

Reuben did.

"The one who said we should take care of our office sluts?"

"The one who said we should take care of your office whores."

"Get it?" Tessa took over avidly. "A little phonetic shifting. A bit of handiwork. Et voilà!"

The redhead made a proud gesture towards the contraption; the office horse that was so intimately taking care of Jördis. Exactly as Ekaterina had predicted the fake platinum blonde just couldn't keep herself from moving. In ever decreasing intervals and under pitiful wails she ground herself from one excruciating posture into another.

"Please let me down! I'm sorry! I will never make any mistakes again! Just let me dowwwn!"

Ekaterina came closer to her.

"Do not think of this as punishment. We don't claim to right any wrongs -- you are simply paying us back for our efforts. The alternatives would be inequity at the best and malevolence at the worst."

As on cue Jördis tilted far back on the dreadful wood, offering her anus to be cut in two. The resulting shriek was well-received.

"See," Tessa rejoiced, "That is you saying thank you!"

"You sisters are really fucked up..." observed Reuben.

Divi crossed her arms before her chest in defiance.

"Why are you still here then, big boy? Don't tell us you aren't intrigued."

"She's hot as hell up there. But I could do without the noise."

Divi scoffed.

"She certainly won't stop anytime---"

She interrupted herself as she noticed what Reuben was letting dangle from his hand.

"Naughty boy!"

Through her teared-up eyes Jördis recognised the blue something Reuben had threaded onto the string only as he stepped next to her: his beloved stress ball she so meanly had mutilated. She had been correct in labelling him a type-II lazy bloke in that he'd made a small one-time effort to increase his comfort in the long run. Yet on this occasion it would be at the expense of somebody else.

"Rob, pleeease...!"

"I just want to see if it works."

Jördis was too scared and in too much pain to offer any noteworthy resistance. Making sure the company logo remained visible, Reuben pushed the blue ball in her mouth -- first with all fingers, then only with his thumb. It settled in deep with a satisfying squish. He guided the parcel string around her head and tied it off in the nape of her neck, thus hurting the corners of her lips and pulling the toy even deeper into her oral cavity. Immediately Jördis' jaw muscles throbbed from the girth of the rough-and-ready ball gag.

"Say something."

She uttered a tortured groan, dull and muffled behind the orb.

"Seems to work," Tessa giggled. "Okay, let's give her some privacy. Coffee?"

A new wave of horror washed over Jördis. As vile as it was to ride the wooden pony semi-naked and ball-gagged in front of her new colleagues, the thought of being left alone like this terrified her beyond all terror. She pressed out a series of pleading squeaks until her throat turned hoarse. She rattled at her restrains, but only managed to sink deeper onto the wood.

"'ou 'ank 'eave 'ee 'ike 'is!"

"We leave you exactly like this," Ekaterina replied and, true to her word, went out of the door first.

Divi grabbed Reuben, who was still fascinated by Jördis' plight as a whole and his invention in particular.

"You really leave her up there?! Whoa!"


Divi rammed her palms against his back and shoved him through the door. Tessa was the last. She tapped on her watch and mouthed "twenty". In her harrowed state of mind Jördis could not tell if the redhead was referring to the duration of their planned coffee break or to the remaining time on the horse. Tessa waved and -- to Jördis' utmost horror -- switched the neon tube off. Darkness engulfed her as the door closed shut. For some moments a small wedge of light from under the door clinged to the carpet, then was snuffed out as the copy room fell dark as well.


For all intents and purposes Jördis was incarcerated in a mediæval torture chamber. Absolutely nothing indicated to the contrary. She was suffering within an other-world of sort, deprived of all stimuli except for the white-hot blade of agony that cleft her atwain. All other pains had to bow to this one. Her burning scalp. Her twisted arms. The diabolical sensation of having her nipples flattened by lowly office supplies.

The pressure on her perineum was maddening. And just like Ekaterina had predicted, Jördis was fuelling her own undoing. Back and forth she went, working her most sensitive regions harder and harder into the unforgiving edge. Slowly with a whimper at some times, under contortions and desperate howls at others. Now both her lower orifices were in full and permanent contact to the ridge. She was bleeding between her legs. Must be. Although the only wetness she felt was sticking to her chin and chest. The ball gag made her drool, and fine rivulets of rubberised saliva ran down her body. She was covered in a fine layer of sweat, though, as cramps were gnawing at every muscle in her body.

Jördis' head would have snapped around as the door opened, if she had any strength left in her overstretched neck. A second later she was blinded by the light of the reanimated neon lamp.

"How are you holding up?"

Tessa had entered the room alone and immediately read the suffering girl's mind.

"You are not quite there yet. I won't tell you how much longer exactly. Just let it happen."

She met Jördis' beseeching look. The blonde was panting hard behind her cruel gaggage.

"Pinching quite a bit, doesn't it?"

Tessa nudged the spreader bar gingerly. It was enough to elicit a series of yelps. The blonde's ankles, knees and hips were screaming under the constant strain.

"I now. The weights are so mean! Divi just loves them. And she would keep you nocked on that thing till Easter if she had her way. I tell you, if Eka hadn't come up with the horse, Divi would have."

She leant against the nearest shelf and took some paper clips to play with.

"You are doing great, sweetie. The worst thing for me was that I was horny as hell afterwards, but way too sore to touch myself, let alone have sex in any form. Unlike some others I could name I do not get off on that sado-maso stuff. But pain is a powerful aphrodisiac."

Tessa flicked the bulldog clamps still crushing the tortured girl's nips as if to prove her point. Jördis jerked as fresh fire shot through her breasts.

"You are only the fifth girl reciprocating this way. So it's all still a bit rough around the edges, pun intended. We are always open to new ideas, like that ball thingy."

She showed Jördis the paper clip chain she had crafted and used it to connect the nipple clamps. Jördis feared she would hurt her again, but the chain was light, and Tessa displayed no intention of hanging any weights from it.

"Don't spoil her!"

Divi had entered with Reuben. Ekaterina strolled in last to illustrate that time was still not on Jördis' side. The girl on the ridge fell into a pleading fit, giving up whatever reserve she had left.

"How much longer? Please say another thirty minutes!"

The glance Ekaterina gave Divi told her that she might be too eager for her own good. Jördis was terrified by the natural blonde. If she ever recovered from her infernal ride, she would slap Tessa silly and place Divi on the horse herself come next chance. But before Ekaterina she would grovel till the last day on this job.

The senior co-worker closed in, and a none-too-tentative pull on the nipple chain ensured Jördis' attention. She'd had it nonetheless, but the sharp alternative pain caused Jördis to cease her begging.

"Within a minute you will have paid us back in full. You will owe us nothing, and you are welcome to request help and support at any time. With the hopefully well-established ramifications, of course."

Jördis mewled words into her gag the meaning of which she neither knew nor cared for.

"Two more administrative things, though: You will vow to our ways, and you are not to tell about them. You will protect this system as it protects you against male arbitrariness and female spite alike."

Jördis nodded her head as franticly as her high-cuffed arms allowed. Ekaterina gazed into her blood-shot eyes for eternal seconds, as though drinking her throes of agony.


The pain was beyond comprehension. Jördis tried to scream herself into unconsciousness as Rob lifted her off the wooden horse and fresh blood flowed back into the area between her legs. Quickly the spreader bar was removed to fully disconnect her from the torture device, but her legs would not carry her. Her tendons and ligaments were inflamed as if having been racked. She could not move her arms, could not close her mouth. Drops of urine darkened the carpet as she struggled for bladder control. Jördis lost that struggle as Divi removed the nipple clamps.


"Oh, no-no-no. Please don't do this to me...!"

With rising panic Nette pressed various keys on her board, none of which convincing her desktop computer to cooperate. Her distress did not remain unnoticed. From the neighbouring cubicle across the aisle a colleague watched with a strangely ambivalent look.

"This programme hates me."

The colleague leant out of her cube to glance at Nette's monitor, her dark-blonde hair with light ends becoming unravelled the tiniest bit in the process.

"You are the new girl?"

"It's that obvious, right? I'm Nette."

The other woman gave herself a push off the divider and rolled on her chair into Nette's professional residence.

"Jördis. We use some special plug-ins. Has nobody shown you?"

"Uhm...," Nette ran a hand through her cute pixie cut. "I might have over-embellished my knowledge of this software in the interview. So, no."

The woman smiled leniently.

"Just call Vihaan from Tech. He has basically written that stuff during his lunch breaks."

"Thank you. But I reckon he won't be able to talk me through it within the next ten minutes?"

"Ten minutes?"

"By then Mr Wicklebimm wants the file on his desk. I'm in a spot of bother, you see."

"I know how that feels."

"Can you help me out? Just this time?"

Jördis drew her breath in sharply.

"Pleeease?" Nette playfully folded her hands for a begging gesture. "I'll make it up to you!"

Her colleague hesitated for a length of time long enough to make her feel uncomfortable. Eventually Jördis gave a single nod, almost as if in defeat.

"You might have to stay a bit longer tonight."

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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