The Perfect Delivery
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  • Post Date - 8/31/2019

Author's Note: True Story, first of many

Chapter 1 - The Arrival

The following events are not fiction, this story and all future chapters added are entirely real.

I had today possibly the single greatest delivery of all time.

Something I'd wanted for years but because of the cost and size always put off but a couple of days ago I made the order and today it arrived.

I picked up the parcel from my delivery point on the way home from work, a large inconspicuous brown box about 2ft by 2ft and 1ft deep. Carrying it home my head was going crazy with the possibilities, I actually had one, after all these years of dreaming, playing scenarios in my head they could now all become reality.

I hadn't fully realized how incredibly horny I had become and just noticed my raging erection pointing through my trousers.i repositioned the box just as 2 women turned the corner in front of me. Red faced and sweating due to the heat I continued on my journey home, my cock not showing any sign of calming down I got inside, thankfully no one home, although for home long sure I had no idea, so I knew I couldn't get the full use out of my new stuff tonight.

Ripping open the all the packaging inside, fully naked at this point and eager to see the contents I took everything out in front of me and set it up.

In front of my eyes was the most magnificent sight, just as I imagined, the possibilities rolling across my eyes, knowing full well that this beauty would see incredible amounts of use.

What I know have in my fantastic collection of bondage equipment and sex toys, I owned a full size fucking machine. With a handheld, wired controller this big black piece of machinery looks inconspicuous enough, until you look at the foot long rod with a further 8" long dildo securely attached to the end.

I switched the remote to the lowest position and instantly the contraption starting pumping away, moving a good 3-4" forward and back at a pretty nice speed, twisting the nozzle round I relatively quickly tested all the speeds, once at full strength the machine actually started moving, only backwards and forwards, it carried on fucking, but for long periods of time using that mode I would need to secure it down, which isn't an issue in the slightest. The movement speed of the dildo on max speed was much greater than I had thought it would be, it was all a blur when trying to focus on the dildo.

Enough of that though, I needed to try it out, I showered, had an enema and came back to my room, quickly assembled my machine and sat down in front of it, I had decided to start with this position in the shower, an easy one to get into and also get out of quick, given I had no idea when my housemate would return. I spread my legs either side of my new machine and positioned the dildo right in line, I pushed myself onto the dick, compared to my usual dildos this was tiny in comparison, an 8" long and kinda standard thickness, I knew my next purchase was gonna be a larger dildo for it, I have my eyes on a 12", thick cock that has the correct attachment. I let the dildo slide all the way inside me, then backed off a couple inches and turned the switch.

Instantly my level of arousal went through the roof!! It was happening, it has happened I've actually got a fucking machine of my own and can have hard anal sex whenever the fuck I want without expending any energy. I am without doubt a self confessed anal whore, and this proves it 200% I wacked the speed all the way to the top and lay back. Bliss flooded my brain as I was fucked to oblivion by a relentless machine, no more stopping when my arm gets tired, or my legs from bouncing, no this machine would not stop.

I however, did have to stop the machine, it was loud and I wouldn't be able to hear the front door open if I kept it running. I put it away and moved onto the other part of my delivery.

I'm actually almost just about as happy with this one as I am the machine. For I have found the perfect dildo. I love big thick dildos for when I do anal, my current largest one is an absolute monster! Measuring 13" long combined with a gurth thicker than my bicep it's truly terrifying. That being said I fucking love it, it's the only toy I own that I simply can't keep quiet with, fully uncontrollable moans escape me any time I use it, and although I can use it, I can't yet properly fuck myself with it, and I mean full on pound at ferrocious speed ;)

No this new beast is slightly smaller, still 13" long, and thicker than any of my other dildos, it doesn't quite have the width of the black monster and fucking it is pure joy.

I lubed it up and sat it down, it has a solid and thick head of the penis, feeling like a large butt plug going it, but then it just keeps going, I slid it all the way in, right down to the balls and my mouth just gawed. Eyes rolled, mouth wide open I just rode it, every time I got to the tip and then thrust back in I was in ectasy, not screaming and moaning like I would be if the monster was between my legs, but silent awe as the dildo did its job. I bounced on it and fucked it on the floor for a good while before moving to the bed and laying down and pumping my ass with my legs over my head. This was truly the perfect dildo, and I only had to go through about 20 over the last 5 years to find it.

I'm now still horny to the point of insanity as I hold my orgasm off, I spent last night in chastity as I couldn't trust myself. I'm saving myself for over a week so that next Friday, when I do have some guaranteed alone time, I can have a mind blowing orgasm whilst having my brains fucked out by a machine. It's gonna be incredible, and it's now just a waiting game, getting hornier and hornier as the days go on, any time I think about having a wank and I have to immediately lock myself up for the night.

I will continue my anal trend, I've now had hard, deep anal every day for a week, yesterdays session being the most intense with a long fuck on the bed just before going to sleep, ending with 50 sit ups, with the dildo wedged deep inside my and my hands pushing it further in, putting full pressure on when at the peak of each sit up.

Today's fuck has been fun, and I'm 100% certain to have a further fuck in a few hours time, my nipples are almost completely healed after last week's extreme session, leaving me with small (accidental) cuts on each nipple, I reckon another couple days and they will be ready to play again, certainly by the weekend. I didn't do any cock shocking yesterday, think I might go do that now actually. :)

Oh my! Had my shock session. Was a particular tricky one, easily the most pain elemented one so far. Reason behind that was all to do with the positioning of the metal plates on the straps. I had 1 around my cock and balls, with the plate facing the down, 1 around my balls, again with the plate facing down. So far this was usual standard so far, having only owned this new shock machine about a week ago it has seen plenty of use. I bought 3 straps, 2 sized plugs, 2 sets of clamps and 4 pads along with a machine capable of duel outputs, meaning at a cost of less power to each path, I can use multiple sets, so a plug alongside my cock, or my nipples and all 4 pads on my arse etc.

Anyway today the reason it was so much worse than normal was because I placed the plate of the 3rd strap right on the tip of my cock, instead of it's usual just beneath the tip.

This difference was insane! I took my shock therapy in doggy style position this evening, and from the first shock all I could really feel was the shock on the head of my cock, the rest feeble in comparison and I simply couldn't help moaning, as I turned the power up they intensity quadrupled into pure pain for the time it's on. I love the pattern I've found, it simply alternates 2 shocks, the first is almost like a vibration, but more than that as the shock is still there but it almost feels like being fucked. Then the 2nd kicks in and it's all mean, electrical power coursing into my dick, extreme involuntary movements, forcing me into odd positions, as I said it's just pure pain, but it only lasts about 5 seconds and then it stops replaced immediately by the vibrating pain.

This today was even more so than usual and I literally screamed in pain as the shocks got to maximum strength. Wanting so badly to stop but after each shock came the pleasure of the vibro shock. I held on thrusting my face into my bed to smother my screams my arse forced high into the air, seemingly further every shock. I held on for an impressive amount of time, looking at myself in the mirror face covered in druel and sweat, panting and screaming until I stopped it, but then just for food luck I turned the power all the way up and dropped the remote out of hand. The shock literally forced me into a ball in the air, the 5 seconds seemingly lasting an eternity as I crumpled to the bed, grabbing the controller and pulling out the wire. I just sat there on the bed, face down, on my knees, spread wide. I felt like a real sub at this point, the waves on energy and rushing sensations still going through me as I write this up, my excessive recent play is turning me into a complete submissive. And day by day I go on and push my limits even further.

This session was plain painful, there was the slight pleasure factor of one of the shocks wasn't as bad as the other but they were both very powerful shocks and by no means satisfying of having the ability to bring me to orgasm. Yet I loved it, I loved the feel of submitting, this is what I can do to myself, with a beautiful woman or maybe multiple pushing my limits with me, I can train to be a true slave, worshipping a gorgeous girl is my true desire now.

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