Total Darkness
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  • Post Date - 9/11/2019

Author's Note: In this sequel to Into Darkness, Tiffany finds herself in a slave training facility in the company of former friends and new enemies.

Chapter 1: A Shocking Confession

Tiffany grunted as the box she was crammed into fell hard to the floor. She couldn't tell how long she had been trapped within the cramped space, certainly half a day at least. The crushingly tight corset around her waist restricted her breathing. And the enormous dildo rammed in her pussy didn't help either. Within the tiny box she could hardly move at all, which was unfortunate since a few hours earlier she found that she could no longer hold her bladder. She had been laying in a pool of piss ever since.

"How did I get myself into this?" she thought unhappily. Several weeks ago, and what felt like a lifetime ago, she had found herself blackmailed by a co-worker, Bill, into being his part time slave. Trying to get out from under his control had only made things worse. She had lost her job, her friends, her family, and worst of all she had dragged her cousin Jax into this mess with her. Jax had already spent the past week in the clutches of these sadists, with them doing who knows what to her. And now Tiffany's part time slave status had been upgraded to full time. She was on her way to a training facility for disobedient slaves.

The lid to the box was pulled open. Tiffany breathed fresh air for the first time in a long time as she squinted against the sudden bright light. The box was tipped over and Tiffany spilled out, the puddle of piss she laid in poured out with her. Whoever had opened the box jumped back in surprise as the liquid ran over his boots.

"You fucking bitch," he grumbled as delivered a kick to her ribs. "You'll be punished for that later."

Tiffany groaned into her ring gag as her legs were unstrapped. The tight corset was removed and she could finally breathe deep again. Slowly the man worked the enormous dildo out of her pussy. He yanked her to her feet, her legs wobbled from being immobilized for so long. He pulled her hands above her head and locked her wrists into metal cuffs dangling from chains in the ceiling. Next he pulled her legs apart and locked them into matching metal cuffs attached to the floor. She was now standing spread-eagle in the center of the room. The man activated a ratchet mechanism on each of the chains, pulling them tighter. Tiffany moaned as she was pulled up onto tiptoe and her arms stretched far up overhead.

Once the man was satisfied that she was sufficiently uncomfortable he removed the box and the bondage gear that Tiffany had arrived in from the room. Tiffany looked around her. The room was entirely empty except for a cabinet behind her. The dingy concrete floor was matched by equally dingy gray walls. The room was illuminated by a flickering florescent light overhead.

Suddenly Tiffany was disrupted from her browsing by a blast of ice cold water to her backside. She shrieked in surprise as the man had returned carrying a sprayer, with a tank of water strapped to his back. He ignored her cries as he continued to spray Tiffany down, washing away the accumulated filth of her journey. By the time he was finished she was soaked through and freezing cold. She shivered in her bonds, for as much as they would allow. When the man was finished he left the room once more.

Several more minutes passed, then a pair of hands reached up from behind Tiffany and removed her gag. Her teeth chattered as she flexed her aching jaw.

"Please, no more," she begged.

"No more?" a woman's voice answered. "Why I haven't even begun."

Tiffany spun her head around to see who this new person was. Her heart leaped with joy at the sight of her former best friend, Jenn. During the course of her blackmail Tiffany had been set up to make it appear that she was cheating on Jenn's fiance, Ryan, a man whom she had previously had a relationship with back in college.

"Jenn! Thank God! You've got to get me out of here. I've been set up. Let me go and I can explain everything," Tiffany gushed.

"There's no need to explain," Jenn replied. "I'm pretty sure I know exactly what's been going on. I'm just here to collect your confession."

"Confession? What confession?" Tiffany asked, confused.

Jenn had fallen on hard times after her engagement to Ryan had ended. She got in a big fight with her family over the expenses for the wedding that was cancelled and she lost her job working for Ryan's mother. After they broke up Jenn found herself out on the street. That's when Bill found her and took her under his wing. He gave her a new job and a new purpose, and Tiffany played a key role in her plans.

"Don't play dumb with me. You're going to tell me all about your tryst with Ryan," she answered coldly.

"Jenn, I didn't-," Tiffany began, but she was cut short by a searing jolt of pain on the back of her leg. A broad smile spread over Jenn's face as she stepped around in front of Tiffany brandishing a cattle prod.Tiffany panted as she recovered from the shock.

"Don't lie to me," Jenn seethed. "I caught you in the act. When did you start sneaking around with Ryan?"

Again Tiffany tried to explain that she hadn't slept with Ryan, and again Jenn cut her short with a jolt to her bellybutton.

"Perhaps I am not asking the right way," Jenn said. She raised the cattle prod and rested the tip on Tiffany's pierced nipple.

Again Tiffany tried to tell the truth, but Jenn wasn't having it. She sent the worst shock yet into Tiffany's tit. And then another. And another. Tiffany shrieked and pulled against her bonds. The stiff metal cuffs dug into her wrists and ankles.

Jenn raised the cattle prod to Tiffany's pussy and raised an eyebrow, "Well?"

Tiffany was flummoxed. She hadn't even been able to finish a sentence before Jenn had unleashed her shocks on her. Tiffany trembled in fear. Jenn moved to press the trigger.

"No, wait," Tiffany pleaded. "I'll tell the truth."

Tiffany proceeded to make up a story about how she had seduced Ryan and tricked him into deceiving Jenn. She rambled on and on, desperate to tell Jenn what she thought she wanted to hear. Jenn encouraged further details to the story through strategic shocks to Tiffany's back and thighs. Finally Jenn was satisfied with all that Tiffany had to say, despite the fact that nearly all of it was demonstrably false.

"That wasn't so hard now was it?" Jenn sneered. "If you had told me the truth to begin with then you could have saved yourself a lot of pain. Now that I've got your confession, let's move on to your punishment."

"What?" Tiffany shot back in surprise. She had spent the last hour being tortured by Jenn and her dastardly cattle prod. What more did she want from her?

Jenn didn't feel the need to explain herself. Instead she raised the cattle prod to Tiffany's exposed pussy. "No, please," Tiffany cried. But it was too late. Jenn pressed the trigger and held it. Tiffany's body writhed in pain as the shock coursed through her body until finally, mercifully she passed out.

Tiffany awoke sometime later to find herself strapped to a board in a dank, dark room. She could hear the drip of a leaky faucet somewhere out of sight. She laid on her back on a long wooden plank. Metal brackets screwed into it held her wrists, ankles, knees, waist, and neck firmly in place. She futilely tested her restraints, but couldn't move an inch.

"Poor baby, you fell asleep before we got a chance to finish. I hope that I'm not too boring for you," Jenn said as she stepped into view, hovering over Tiffany. "I couldn't help but notice the kinky gear you had set up for Ryan when I discovered you two. Did he like to spank you?" Jenn slapped Tiffany on her exposed abdomen. "Did he like to twist your nipples?" She reached down and grabbed ahold of Tiffany's pierced nipples and twisted hard. Tiffany groaned in pain. "What other little games did you two like to play?"

Tiffany looked up at her former friend in fear. Jenn reached back and slapped Tiffany hard across the face. Then again and again. "Answer me you fucking whore!" she raged.

"I don't know. I didn't do anything," Tiffany sobbed between slaps.

Jenn recollected herself, "You just confessed to me your crimes a little while ago. Do we need to go over that again?" Jenn reached over to a table, picked up the cattle prod, and waved it in front of Tiffany's face.

The bound woman shuddered in fear, "Please, no!"

Jenn pressed the cattle prod to Tiffany's chest and gave her a shock. Tiffany jumped in her bonds and howled in pain.

"Perhaps you are right, Tiff. There's no point in living in the past. Let's talk about the present. You are here because you deserve to be here. You belong here. You need us to break you down and rebuild you as a useful, obedient slave rather than the deceitful, entitled whore that you currently are," Jenn explained. "Go on, tell me that you deserve to be here. Tell me that you want to be here. That you are a naughty girl, and you need to be punished."

"Jenn, you don't-" Tiffany began, but Jenn reached over next to her head and yanked a lever. The end of board that Tiffany's upper body was strapped to suddenly dropped. She splashed down in a tub of cold water, submerged up to her tits. The unexpected submersion and the shock of the cold caught Tiffany completely unawares and out of breath. She struggled to breathe as Jenn held her under, her toes kicking frantically at the air. Finally Jenn relented and raised the board up from the water. Tiffany came out coughing and gasping for breath. Jenn stared expectantly at the miserable woman.

"Jenn, let me-" Tiffany tried again. And again Jenn dumped her into the water. Tiffany managed to suck in some air this time before hitting the ice cold water. She struggled uselessly as she was held submerged, then she felt the telltale tap of the cattle prod on the inside of her thigh. Tiffany froze. The shock was ten times worse now that she was wet and submerged. The blast of electricity forced the air from her lungs. She reflexively breathed in a lungful of water.

Jenn raised Tiffany from the water again. Tiffany coughed the water from her lungs.

"You are not telling me what I need to hear," Jenn explained coldly.

Tiffany coughed the last of the water from her lungs. "I deserve to be here," she said meekly.

Jenn tipped the board down towards the water, but stopped just short of the surface. Tiffany took a breath and closed her eyes, expecting to go under again.

"Say it like you mean it," Jenn admonished.

"I deserve to be here," Tiffany said with greater confidence.

"What else?" Jenn asked.

"I am a naughty girl," Tiffany replied, her eyes never leaving Jenn's hand gripping the lever.

"And?" Jenn goaded.

"I deserve to be punished," Tiffany said.

"Ok!" Jenn laughed as she tipped the lever to drop Tiffany into the water yet again. Jenn lifted the cattle prod and delivered a shock to each of Tiffany's trembling tits. Her screams bubbled up from beneath the surface. Then Jenn lifted her clear of the water.

"Finally we're getting somewhere," Jenn enthused. "Let's hear it again."

Tiffany repeated the statements again, and was dunked and shocked again after the final statement. Jenn had her repeat the process over and over, adding additional phrases and tweaking the wording. After a few dozen times through this process Tiffany was beginning to fade. Even the shocks failed to elicit the same response that they had before. Jenn decided to call it a day. She tossed the cattle prod aside and locked the board in place above the water.

"We've made some good progress today. We'll pick this up again another day. See ya later," Jenn said, and she marched out of the room leaving poor Tiffany soaking wet, strapped to the board, and mumbling incoherently to herself.

Chapter 2: Hell's Concierge

Through a combination of exhaustion and boredom Tiffany managed to drift off to sleep, still strapped to the board. She was awakened some time later by the sound of a drill removing the screws from the brackets holding her in place. She looked up to see Bill, the man responsible for blackmailing and then sending her to this awful place.

"Bill, you've got to get me out of here. I've made a terrible mistake," she pleaded. Bill shrugged and continued removing the screws. Tiffany kept pleading as the last screw was taken out and Bill guided her to her feet.

"You've made your decision. There's no going back on it now. Unlike you, I honor the deals that I make," he turned his back to her so that he could retrieve some items from a nearby cabinet. Tiffany, now unbound, looked over at the open and unlocked door next to her. For the tiniest moment she contemplated making a run for it. But she quickly realized that she had no idea what was on the other side of the door, or even where she was.

Bill turned around and handed her a ballgag. "I've had enough talk out of you for one day," he explained.

Defiant, Tiffany dropped the gag to the ground and stared at Bill. She could see the anger spread across his face. In a flash he had Tiffany bent over the board she had been bound to. He quickly rained down slap after slap on Tiffany's bare ass. It glowed red as she squirmed to avoid the blows. She howled as the blows rained down. Finally he stopped and stood her back on her feet. "You'd better pick that up, slave," he growled.

Tiffany rubbed her burning ass and bent down to pick up the gag. At Bill's urging she strapped it in place around her head.

"You've got a lot to learn about obedience. You're going to have a very unpleasant time here if you resist," he said.

He took out a mess of chains and shackles. He locked a chain around her waist, then handcuffed her wrists in front of her, running the links through a loop in the waist chain. Next he shackled her ankles together, the two foot long chain connecting her ankles had another segment which also ran up through a loop on her waist. The chain running up to her waist was short enough that she had to remain stooped over while standing, unable to straighten her legs. Finally he locked a metal collar around her neck, it had a length of chain attached to it to act as a leash. He shoved her towards the door. Tiffany stumbled along, hobbled by her chains.

"I'm going to give you a tour so that you can see what this place has to offer. Hopefully it will help to adjust your attitude," he said, following close behind her.

They moved through several unremarkable rooms before passing through one last doorway to the outside. Tiffany squinted against the late afternoon sun and surveyed the scene before her. The compound extended as far as the eye could see. Several buildings of various sizes and purposes dotted the grassy expanse, and running all along the perimeter was a tall and imposing chain link fence, topped with razor wire.

Bill tugged Tiffany's leash and walked at a brisk pace toward a building resembling a barn. They paused near a wooden fence next to a pasture. Tiffany's attention was immediately drawn to a pair of people in the grassy field. One was a tall, nearly nude, well-toned woman wearing some sort of elaborate harness. She had a metal bit gag strapped into her mouth and a long black tail dangling from what had to be a buttplug inserted into her ass. Little brass bells hung from her clamped nipples. They tinkled with every step as she marched around the pasture. Following close behind her was a man dressed in fatigues shouting out orders and brandishing a horsewhip, which he regularly crashed down on the woman prancing ahead of him.

The pair circled the pasture, ignoring their spectators as Bill explained, "This is part of our ponygirl training ground. Each of our slaves at this facility is eventually assigned a specialty. It helps to shape their training and give them a purpose. Would you like to join her?" He gestured to the harnessed woman just as her trainer crashed the whip down hard. It caught the woman squarely on the nipple, she shrieked and fell to the ground. Furious, the man brought the whip down again and again until the woman regained her feet. Tiffany shuddered at the sadistic display. Bill tugged her leash and led her away.

They next passed a plain concrete building with a big red cross painted on the side. "This is our infirmary," Bill explained. "Sometimes our masters and slaves have a little too much fun during punishments, so they end up here. Don't think this is a respite from your training though. Just because one part is injured doesn't mean another part can't be punished. In fact, our good doctor likes to test out his medical skills on the helpless victims placed in his charge."

As if to emphasize the point Tiffany heard a blood curdling scream emanate from behind the concrete walls. Tiffany began to feel nauseous as Bill tugged on her leash to continue the tour. As they rounded a corner past the infirmary Tiffany stopped in her tracks after what she saw next. Bill tugged harder on her leash to give her a closer look.

Standing in the middle of a courtyard was a lone woman who looked to be in complete misery. As Tiffany moved closer she could see that the woman was held in place via a three inch thick pole sunk into the dirt. It rose up from the ground and between the woman's legs with the top part buried deep inside her pussy. The woman was forced to stand on tiptoe to keep the pole from pushing any deeper into her penetrated pussy. Her arms had been tied up behind her back in a reverse prayer. The rope holding her wrists in place wound around in front of her and passed tightly around each tit, turning them a deep shade of purple. Tiffany was horrified to see that whip marks appeared to cover every square inch of exposed flesh on the poor woman.

Tiffany didn't know how long the woman had been standing there. Her legs trembled from the strain of holding herself up on tiptoe. She couldn't get a good look at the woman's face because her head was covered in a thick leather hood. A ring gag held her mouth wide open, a trail of drool streamed out. Through the narrow eye holes Tiffany could see the terrified woman's bloodshot brown eyes.

"We caught this slave attempting to escape last night. She didn't make it very far before we caught her. She'll be spending the next day or so here as an example to the rest of our guests. She was so desperate to get through that gate over there," Bill said gesturing to a heavily fortified metal barricade, "we thought it only fitting that she spend some time admiring it." He looked down at his watch. "We're about to see my favorite part."

Bill and Tiffany waited, watching the terrified slave standing up on her perch. Just as Tiffany thought nothing was going to happen the woman threw her head back and screamed, her whole body seemed to spasm and shake. There was a short pause while the woman caught her breath, then again she threw head back and screamed. The process repeated twice more.

Bill looked over at Tiffany, beaming. The woman's four screams still echoed in her ears. "Four o'clock. Right on the nose," he announced. "The part of the pole buried in her pussy is wired into a big battery. At the top of every hour she calls out the time. There's a Bluetooth headset underneath her hood which counts down the time until the next shock for her. She pissed herself just before eleven this morning. And she nearly passed out at noon," he chuckled. "We will probably take her down a little later, but certainly not before midnight. Anyway, let's continue the tour."

He tugged at her leash and pulled her along past more buildings. As they rounded a corner and walked through a small courtyard Tiffany saw a set of three old-timey wooden stocks lined up side by side. Each set of stocks was occupied an unhappy naked slave bent over with her neck and wrists locked in place. A man stood behind the girl in the middle, vigorously fucking her exposed pussy, she grunted along with each thrust from her rapist. While he did so he enthusiastically swung a wooden came into the ass of the girl locked to his right, the girl winced and trembled at every strike.

Bill continued walking as if he saw this spectacle every day. For all Tiffany knew, he did. They kept walking, farther away from the buildings now, out into a wild prairie area. Tiffany shook away a horsefly that kept buzzing around her as she struggled to keep up through the thick grass. Bill spotted a patch of thistles and guided her through. Tiffany protested into her gag as Bill tugged her along.

Tiffany could smell the next stop on their tour before she was able to see it. The awful stench wafted through air and had her wishing that her chains were long enough for her to hold her nose. She couldn't even breath through her mouth with the gag in the way.

Finally they reached the source of the smell and Tiffany gasped as she realized what it was. The grass in a small area had all been matted down, and staked out spread-eagle was a thoroughly miserable filth covered woman. The ropes holding her wrists and ankles had been pulled excruciatingly tight, the poor girl could hardly move at all as she noticed her two visitors and groaned.

As Bill and Tiffany approached a mangy-looking dog looked up from nosing around between the woman's legs. At the sight of additional people it scurried away.

"We've had a problem with wild dogs around this part of the complex. Whenever we stake out a slave here they usually come by and give her a good fucking," he explained.

Bill tied Tiffany's leash to a nearby tree. He then picked up a pail of water from the ground and tossed it over the woman's face. She sputtered and coughed through the ring gag jammed in her mouth. Tiffany gasped again as the filth covering the woman's face was washed away and she recognized her cousin, Jax! Tiffany called out to her cousin from behind her gag. She had hired Jax, a private investigator, to dig up some dirt on Bill in an effort to escape his clutches. Instead, Jax was caught and drawn into this hell with Tiffany.

"Jax has gotten a little bit of a head start on you," Bill explained. "Since it was patently obvious that she was the world's worst private detective we figured we'd see what other occupations might suit her. First we thought we'd try the world's oldest profession. But after every man here thoroughly fucked every one of her holes, she begged us to stop."

"So next we tried plumber," he continued. "She spent a little over a day tightly hogtied, laying on her back in our facility's septic tank. We made sure that her ring-gagged mouth was positioned just beneath the inflow pipe. Can you believe that when we hauled her out that she said it wasn't for her?"

"Someone then suggested entomology, that's the study of bugs, you know. So we found a nice sunny spot here and staked her out so she could admire nature. No one volunteered to rinse her off after she came out of the septic tank, and we figured the bugs wouldn't mind, so here we are. She's been here since early this morning. Did you discover anything interesting?" he asked the miserable woman.

Tiffany looked down at her poor, abused cousin. She looked completely awful. She was covered in what was presumably shit and dried piss from the septic tank, completely unable to move. Horseflies and mosquitoes buzzed and bit her all over. And it appeared that she had been staked out on top of a patch of poison ivy. When Jax didn't respond to Bill's query he stepped forward and kicked an ant mound that was located just between her legs. Hundreds of angry ants came pouring out, crawling up onto her pussy and legs, biting and tickling her as she screamed and squirmed.

"We'll give her some time to continue her studies before she makes a career decision. Besides, we should get back before dusk. The mosquitoes out here are ravenous," Bill said as he unhooked Tiffany's leash from the tree and began leading her back toward the buildings in the compound.

They hiked back through the tall grass and the terrible smell emanating from Jax until they reached a blank, gray, windowless building. Bill tugged Tiffany along and guided her into a small room. The only contents of the room were a thin, stained mattress and a bucket. Bill shoved Tiffany inside and slammed the heavy steel door shut. Tiffany plopped down on the dirty mattress.

A few minutes later the door creaked back open and Bill appeared carrying a tray. He set the tray down on the ground and set two bowls on it. In the first he poured a bottle of water. He then held up a can of food to show Tiffany.

"Our supply guy is a bit of a cheapskate. He ordered two pallets of this super low quality dog food because he got a great deal on it. The only problem was that the dogs wouldn't touch it," he explained. "Fortunately, the slaves eat it without complaint. They know better than to refuse."

He removed her gag and then pulled out a can opener and dumped the wretched slop into the remaining bowl. He gave Tiffany an expectant look. Tiffany's stomach turned just looking at the dog food. She raised her hands as near to her mouth as the chains would allow, there was no way she could eat with her hands. She sighed and then knelt in front of the bowl. She took a tentative taste and nearly threw up.

"You'd better eat the whole thing and lick the bowl clean, slave," Bill said sternly. He was now holding a riding crop that he had pulled out from somewhere. Tiffany moaned and mashed her face into the bowl. She tried to think of anything other than how awful it tasted. She had to pause a few times to gag and retch, but somehow she managed to keep it all down. She licked the bowl clean and slurped down some water to try and rinse the taste from her mouth. She looked back up at Bill with gravy smeared all over her face.

"Very good, slave. Maybe you can be trained after all," he commented. "Well, I'm going to take off. I have to work tomorrow and it's a long drive back to the city. We've got all sorts of fun games lined up for you. And I'm sure that the rest of the staff will want to pay a visit to our newest plaything. Sweet dreams."

Bill stepped out of the room and slammed the heavy door shut behind him. Tiffany could hear the lock slide closed on the other side. She laid back on her grungy mattress and bemoaned her fate. She knew she should sleep since tomorrow was bound to be a new set of horrors, but sleep wouldn't come. The chains connecting her wrists and ankles jangled with every movement and she could feel the cold ground through the thin mattress. She stared at the ceiling as night set in.

Chapter 3 - Tension

Tiffany wasn't sure how long she had spent laying in her cell. There were no windows and the dim light in the ceiling remained on the entire night. The terrible thoughts of what might happen to her kept her awake despite her exhaustion. At one point she got up to piss in the bucket she was given to use as a toilet, otherwise she remained on the dirty mattress.

The creak of the lock on the other side of the door suddenly got her heart pumping. She sat up as the door swung open. A handsome young man with sandy brown hair and piercing blue eyes stepped through. His heavy boots thumped on the ground as he surveyed his new charge.

"Up, slave," he barked. Tiffany climbed to her feet. The man grabbed ahold of her leash and tugged her along behind him as he swiftly navigated the corridors. Tiffany struggled to keep up as she hobbled along in her chains.

"Excuse me, where are you taking me?" she asked.

He ignored her and walked faster. Eventually they reached their destination. The man took the chain attached to Tiffany's collar and hooked it to the ceiling. He hauled it up as high as he could while still allowing her toes to touch the ground. Next he walked over to a wall, picked up a hose, and cranked a valve to turn it on. Tiffany jumped in surprise as the cold water blasted her all over. She begged him to stop as he sprayed away the dirt from yesterday's walk around the facility with Bill. When he was satisfied that she was clean he shut off the hose and detached her chain from the ceiling. Then he tugged her along out the door.

As they stepped outside Tiffany could see the sun just a little above the horizon. He led her along between the buildings she had seen yesterday. As they turned the corner near the infirmary Tiffany glanced over at the courtyard near the entrance gate. To her horror she saw that the slave who had attempted escape was still perched up upon her post. Her legs no longer trembled as they no longer had the strength to keep the woman upright, all of her weight was now resting on the post rammed deep into her pussy. The woman emitted a constant moan as Tiffany passed by and was led into the infirmary building.

She was led down more hallways and into an exam room. The man removed the chains between her shackles and from around her waist. Then she was guided up onto a gynecological table. He lifted her arms above her head and locked her wrist shackles to a bracket there. He put her legs into the stirrups and locked her ankle cuffs to those. Next he took several thick leather straps and secured her waist and thighs to the table. Then he flipped down a head restraint that pulled Tiffany's head down to the table and forced her to stare up at the ceiling.

"Please, tell me what's happening," she begged.

The man continued to ignore her. He pulled out a dental gag from a cabinet and instructed Tiffany to open her mouth. Knowing better than to resist, Tiffany opened. He slid the gag in behind her top and bottom teeth, then ratcheted the gag open as far as her jaw would allow. Her ability to talk and protest was now gone. Satisfied that Tiffany was securely held in place on the table, the man left the room.

Tiffany laid on the table expecting the worst. After about half an hour she heard the door to the room open and someone enter. The person fumbled around gathering various items from drawers and cabinets, ignoring the bound and helpless woman strapped to the table. Finally he stepped into Tiffany's line of sight.

"Good morning, slave," the man crowed. "I am Master Red. I'm something of a doctor. I run the infirmary here. How are we feeling today?"

Tiffany mumbled something through her gag. She had the feeling that she had seen him before. The doctor snapped on a pair of latex gloves and began inspecting her piercings. That's when Tiffany remembered him. She had been ordered by Bill to pay a visit to his clinic on the outside world where this man had pierced her labia, clit, nipples, tongue and septum.

"Some fine work, if I do say so myself," he commented. "But now that you are a full-time slave I think some more substantial piercings are called for. We will add a few more piercings, and upgrade the ones you have."

Tiffany protested unintelligibly. The man picked up his piercing tool and quickly punctured her navel. She begged him to stop as he moved the tool to her mouth and added two piercings to each lip, threading rings through as he went. Tiffany shuddered as he moved to her pussy, she howled as he added two more piercings to each of her pussy lips on either side of the existing rings.

The doctor then turned to his cabinet and began withdrawing more tools. Tiffany was left panting and in pain.

"That was the easy part," he said. "Now we'll upgrade your old piercings. This may hurt a bit."

First he removed the studs from her nipples. Then he swabbed each with alcohol. He picked up a menacing-looking tool and lined it up on her nipple. He squeezed the handle on the tool and it punched its way through her nipple, stretching and tearing at the hole as Tiffany screamed. Still using the tool to hold the hole open, he threaded a thick, heavy ring into it. He snapped the ring closed and soldered it shut. He repeated the process on the other nipple.

As Tiffany panted and cried she could feel the additional weight on her chest with every breath she took. The heavy weights would be pulling and stretching her nipples from now on.

After waiting a moment for Tiffany to collect herself the doctor moved to her pussy. He pulled free the existing rings from her labia and clit hood with his cold hands. Tiffany's heart beat faster as he lined up his insidious tool with her labia. With a thunk he squeezed the handle as Tiffany screamed. Again he threaded a thick, heavy ring into the widened hole. Then he repeated the process on the other side.

Tiffany begged and pleaded for mercy as the doctor lined up his tool near her clit. He looked her straight in the eyes and smiled as he used his tool once more. Tiffany shrieked in pain, and then passed out. The doctor finished threading a large new ring in place before reaching for smelling salts to revive his patient.

"I am not done yet, slave. Please try to remain conscious for the rest of the job. I like to have your screams keep me company," he said.

He reached into a drawer and withdrew a pair of forceps. He grabbed ahold of her tongue and pulled it out of her mouth. He locked the forceps in place, pulled out the existing tongue stud and picked up his piercing tool. Tiffany's eyes grew wide as he lined up the tool, then squeezed the handle. She howled as he fitted yet another thick heavy ring onto her tongue. As he removed the forceps Tiffany pulled her tongue back into her mouth. The heavy metal ring clanged against her teeth as she did so.

The doctor removed the dental gag. Tiffany flexed her sore jaw and closed her mouth. The ring continued to clatter and clang against her teeth as she waggled her damaged tongue.

"Just one more. Are we having fun, slave?" the doctor inquired.

"No, sir. It hurts," Tiffany lisped, the heavy ring mangling her words.

"Aw, poor baby." The doctor picked up the tool once more. He removed the ring from her septum and lined up the tool.

"Please, no," Tiffany begged. He ignored her, of course, and punched a larger hole. He then fed a thick one inch diameter ring into her septum. As he released the ring it swung down and knocked against her upper lip.

"Perfect," the doctor exclaimed. "The nice thing about using existing holes is that the piercings are strong enough to be used right away, we'll have to come back another time to upgrade the new ones. Let's try them out."

Tiffany didn't like the sound of that. She nervously withdrew her legs from the stirrups as the doctor unstrapped her from the table and guided her to her feet. She felt light-headed for the short trip to the next room down the hall.

She was led into an empty room. On the walls, floor, and ceiling hung several metal cables. The doctor positioned Tiffany in the very center of the room, facing away from the door. The doctor walked over to the wall behind Tiffany, grabbed ahold of a waist-high cable and pulled it towards her. She could hear the whir of the tensioner that had held the cable on its spool in the wall. The doctor clipped the end of the cable on the metal shackle around Tiffany's wrist. As he let go Tiffany could feel the cable pull back towards the wall. There was just enough force that it pulled the slack out of the cable, though Tiffany could still move her arm forward and backward freely. The doctor repeated the process with another cable to Tiffany's other wrist.

Next he grabbed a cable near the floor on the wall directly to Tiffany's left and hooked that cable to the metal cuff on her left ankle. He did the same with a cable from the right wall on her right ankle. These cables, too, had tensioners to draw the slack out of the lines, but still allowed Tiffany to adjust her position. The doctor next grabbed two chest high cables from the wall directly in front of Tiffany and hooked one each to the thick metal rings he had installed in her nipples. Tiffany moaned as the cables tugged gently at her sore nipples.

The doctor stepped out of the room briefly and returned carrying a stepstool. He placed it next to Tiffany, climbed up, and grabbed a cable from the ceiling above and a few feet in front of her. He stepped down off the stool. "Open," he commanded. Tiffany complied, opening her mouth. He attached the cable to the ring in her tongue. Tiffany struggled against the pull of the cable and withdrew her tongue back into her mouth, the cable snaking out oddly, forcing Tiffany to tip her chin upwards. The doctor grabbed another cable from the ceiling directly above her and attached that one to the ring in her septum.

Finally, he bent down to the floor and grabbed three more cables, one, a couple feet in front of Tiffany he attached to her clit ring. Tiffany moaned more loudly this time as the cable tugged at her clit. The other two cables were a couple feet behind Tiffany, he attached one each to her large pussy rings. He stepped back to admire his work.

Tiffany was standing in the middle of the room. Her wrists attached to cables pulling them back behind her. Her ankles attached to cables pulling her legs slightly apart. Her tongue and nose attached to the ceiling above her. Her tits pulled straight forward. And her pussy was pulled straight down. Despite the tug of the cables Tiffany was still able to shift her weight in an attempt to find a less stressful position.

"There," the doctor broke the silence. "How does everything feel? Are we comfortable?" Tiffany mumbled something unintelligible, the ring and cable in her mouth made speech difficult.

"Good," the doctor replied. "Now here's the fun part. Once I flip this switch on the wall the tensioners on each of these cables will act as a ratchet. The cables will still tug just as much as they do now, but any slack that you give them will not be given back." Tiffany shifted uncomfortably. The gravity of her predicament had not yet sunk in.

The doctor flipped the switch. Tiffany braced, fearing something unexpected, but nothing happened. "This isn't so bad," she thought to herself. The doctor walked up behind her and suddenly slapped her hard on the ass. Tiffany jumped forward. The tensioners now made a click-click as they took up the slack in the cables leading to her nipples. She swayed back into position and felt the tug on her sore nipples as the cables refused to release their hold.

The doctor wound up for another swat. Instinctively, Tiffany moved to cover her stinging ass cheeks with her hands. The doctor lowered his arm and laughed as Tiffany realized that she had just given up slack in her wrists. She could no longer return her arms to her side, instead they were held slightly behind her.

"The rest of the staff in the compound is eager to meet you," the doctor said casually. "I'll be sure to send them by to say 'hello'. You will be taken down once everyone has had a chance to meet the new meat, though I'm afraid they're all rather busy people. It may be a while before they visit. You'd better get comfortable."

The doctor laughed again as he exited the room and locked the door behind him. Tiffany looked around in terror, afraid to move lest she further ensnare herself. After a few moments she realized that she had been standing with her muscles all tensed up. There was no way she could remain standing very long as she was. She made the difficult decision to shift her feet further apart and bend her knees. The click-click of the ratchets told her that there was no going back from her decision.

After standing alone for about twenty minutes Tiffany heard the door lock shift and the door swing open. She shifted her head slightly, and heard her nose and tongue chains retract by a click.

"Well, well, well, look what we have here," Tiffany recognized Jenn's voice. Her heart raced as Jenn wound her way through the cables and stepped in front of Tiffany.

"You always seem to find yourself in the most interesting situations, don't you?" Jenn teased. Tiffany looked anxiously at her former friend.

"Answer me, you bitch," Jenn screamed and slapped Tiffany hard across the face. Several chains clicked tighter.

"Yes, mistress," Tiffany finally said, though the chain and ring made it sound like 'yeth, mithreth'. The tongue and nose chains clicked even shorter for her effort. Tiffany was now forced to tip her chin up toward the ceiling and she could no longer pull her tongue back into her mouth.

"Good. I don't think you need any introduction from me. Here I am known as Mistress Pink," she explained. "You know, seeing you like this makes me wonder... are you ticklish?"

Tiffany begged Jenn not to, but she could no longer enunciate her words. Her tongue was pulled too far up to the ceiling. Jenn withdrew a long, soft feather from her sleeve and waved it in front of Tiffany. She lowered it to Tiffany's midsection and ran it back and forth. Tiffany couldn't help herself, she wiggled and squirmed as Jenn worked her over. Cables withdrew in all directions, taking in the slack. When Jenn finally stopped Tiffany was pulled tight. Her arms were pulled back at an angle towards the wall. Her chest was thrust forward, the cables tugging harshly at her nipples. Her legs were now spread a little more than shoulder-width apart, which put a good amount of her weight on her tongue and septum.

Satisfied that she had increased her former friend's misery Jenn left the room whistling a happy tune.

Just a few minutes later another visitor arrived. It was the handsome man with the piercing blue eyes from earlier in the day.

"I am Master Blue. I am responsible for feeding you and getting you to and from your appointments," he said. "If you cooperate then you have nothing to fear from me. If you don't..."

He let the last words linger as he unfurled a slender rubber hose. He delivered several rapids blows to Tiffany's stomach. She howled as the area stung and turned bright red. He turned his attention to her tits, thwacking the undersides of her stretched globes. To his satisfaction he managed to achieve several more clicks from the cable tensioners. Tiffany sobbed as he coiled up his hose and left the room. She was left hanging from the cables for another hour before the next visitor arrived.

"I am Master White," said the creepy-looking older man. "You look like you've had a rough day. Maybe I can help you relieve some stress."

He set the satchel he was carrying down next to Tiffany, pulled over the stool the doctor had left and took a seat next to her. He slowly rubbed his hands all up and down her smooth legs. He guided his fingers to her pussy to explore her folds, gently rubbing her stretched labia, fondling her new piercings and petting her clit. Tiffany, who was clearly too preoccupied, didn't respond to her master's machinations.

"Not into it, eh?" he said after a few moments of fondling her sensitive flesh. "Lucky for you our skilled doctor has a cure for everything." He withdrew a small syringe from his satchel, stuck it into her ass cheek and depressed the plunger. "It's a cocktail of hormones that can get even the most frigid bitch in the mood."

He went to his satchel once again and pulled out a vibrator. He switched it on and began rubbing it up and down her pussy. When it passed by a piercing the vibrations travelled through the metal creating a new, and not entirely unpleasant, sensation.

Despite her predicament Tiffany soon found herself responding to the stimulus. Her master noted her pussy getting wetter as he continued his work with the vibrator. With the skill of an experienced sadist he brought her just short of orgasm before abruptly switching off the vibrator. Tiffany cried out in dismay. Master White collected a handful of pussy juice from her overstimulated snatch and smeared it under her nose and all over her face.

"You are a thirsty bitch, aren't you?" he said. "Would you like to cum?"

Tiffany voiced her assent.

"How badly do you want it?" he wondered aloud as dribbled another gob of her pussy juice onto her tongue. "Perhaps if you can get three more ratchet clicks out of any of the cables then I'll let you cum. Deal?"

Tiffany voiced her agreement. Not cumming was not an option. Between the cocktail of hormones she'd been injected with and her visitor's masterful vibrator play she could think of nothing else than pushing herself over the edge to orgasm. She briefly considered what cables she was most willing to tighten. Reluctantly she flexed her shoulders back, allowing each of the cables attached to her wrists to retract by one click. She immediately felt the added strain on her nipples which resisted any further backwards movement. To get a third click she raised her left foot up on her toes and instantly regretted it. She was now forced up onto her toes there, and the extra weight was borne by her tongue and nose.

Tiffany had held up her end of the bargain. Master White, satisfied, sat down again on the stool and picked up the vibrator. With renewed effort he attacked her dripping wet pussy, his tool buzzing loudly. Tiffany moaned aloud. She began thrusting her hips into the vibrator, calling out for more and more. Finally she was swept away by one of the most powerful orgasms of her life. Her body turned to jelly as wave after wave crashed over her. In her moment of weakness she was horrified to hear several more clicks as she briefly gave up her resistance to the pull of the cables. The sag of her body had caused the cables connected to her labia and clit to pull shorter. As she righted herself she tugged fiercely against her pierced pussy, forcing her to sag down again lest she stretch it too far.

"Well, my work is done here. I'll see you around," Master White announced as he packed up his satchel and left.

Tiffany was alone for not more than fifteen minutes before her next visitor arrived. Already the euphoria from her orgasm had worn off, leaving her a tortured and tired marionette dangling between tightly drawn cables.

With her face turned up toward the ceiling she could just see out of the corner of her eye that the new visitor was completely naked except for a tight fitting steel collar locked around her neck.

"Hello," she said softly.

Tiffany thought the voice sounded familiar, but couldn't place it.

"Do you remember me?" the woman asked stepping up onto the stool so Tiffany could get a better look at her.

Suddenly memories from several years ago came flooding back. The slender raven-haired woman before her was Cassandra Parsons. She had been assigned as Tiffany's mentee at work. Always hardworking and eager to please, Tiffany quickly began to see her as a threat to her own career goals. During one particularly tough negotiation with a Japanese client Tiffany caught wind of some rumors about the head of the company. Apparently he was into some rather deviant stuff: piss play, bukkake, bondage, and more. Tiffany managed to convince Cassandra to attend one of his parties as a 'special guest.' Tales of what happened there, mostly spawned by Tiffany, spread around the company like wildfire. Cassandra's reputation was ruined. She left the company shortly thereafter. Tiffany assumed that she had moved on, but apparently she had fallen within the clutches of Bill and his sadistic organization.

"After you ruined my career I fell on hard times. No one would hire me because of what you said about me. Bill came along and offered me salvation, which turned out to be slavery in this hellhole," she explained.

"I worked hard and learned quickly. Now I am a slave trainer apprentice. Through work and discipline and enduring some unspeakable horrors I have earned additional privileges and responsibilities. Now I often assist in the application of punishments to the other slaves. Perhaps you can become my mentee. I'd love to give you the same help and guidance that you showed me," she said with venom in her voice.

She set down a duffel bag that she was carrying. Tiffany could see a series of fresh welts running down the woman's back, clearly she was not above receiving the punishments that the rest of the slaves here received.

"I have been given three minutes to get you to give up three more clicks on the cables or else I will receive my own punishment. So," she said, with an evil tone growing in her voice, "are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way?"

Cassandra withdrew a riding crop from her bag and waved it in front of Tiffany's eyes. She gave it a few practice swishes through the air for effect. Tiffany moaned her displeasure, as much as she didn't want Cassandra to be punished she couldn't possibly make the cables any tighter.

When Tiffany failed to comply with her request she sighed and said, "Very well. Looks like the hard way."

She cracked the crop hard onto Tiffany's ass on the last word. Tiffany jumped in surprise, but all that happened was the cables attached to her piercings tugged hard at her sensitive areas. Not deterred, the woman struck again and again. Tiffany screamed in protest, but still gave up no slack.

The woman decided to try a different tack. She stepped around front of Tiffany and began alternating strikes between the tops and bottoms of her tits. Tiffany screamed and thrashed. The blows and the struggling pulled fiercely against her nipple piercings. After a minute of this savage assault Tiffany's thrashing resulted in one click each on the cables attached to her tits.

Sensing that this approach couldn't possibly withdraw any more cable on Tiffany's overstretched tits her attacker shifted her assault to alternating between the fronts and backs of Tiffany's thighs hoping to find some slack in her legs. The woman began to look more concerned as the third click didn't come. A timer in the woman's bag began to beep, indicating that she only had thirty seconds left to extract another click.

"Come on you bitch!" she frantically shouted as she redoubled her efforts. A look of worry began to show on her face. Tiffany howled and shrieked under the increasing rain of blows. Her thighs glowed red from the slaps.

Finally, a persistent beeping indicated that the woman had failed. "No!" she screamed, continuing her assault. "I just need another minute."

Master Blue stormed into the room. "Enough, slave. You have failed," he commanded as he pried the woman away from Tiffany. As he dragged the distraught woman from the room Tiffany could hear her pleading for another chance and begging not to be punished, "Please don't put me back in there! I'll do anything! No! Please!"

Tiffany was left alone with her misery. Her skin glowed bright red and stung from the work of the riding crop. She had been hung up for hours with no end in sight. The tension in the cables only grew worse with every visitor.

After about thirty minutes alone the silence in the room was disturbed by the sound of a wheeled cart coming through the door. Two men marched in along with it and began unloading equipment. When they finished the older of the two men stepped in front of Tiffany.

"I am Master Orange and my assistant here is Master Green," he said running his fingers over the 'cum whore' tattoo above her pussy and the 'anal slut' tattoo on the small of her back. "We are here to upgrade your body art to something more befitting your status."

Tiffany cried out in protest. Despite all the other things that she had experienced nothing had left permanent damage. The piercings could always be hidden beneath clothing or taken out, but tattoos were very visible and very permanent. Of course, the cable's tight hold on her tongue rendered her protest unintelligible.

"No need to thank us," Master Orange replied. "We're happy to do it. The only problem with the tattoos that we had in mind is that they would take a long time. Fortunately, Master Green is a brilliant inventor. He has come up with a tattoo gun and ink formula that allows us to work significantly faster. The only problem is that it hurts about ten times as much."

He shrugged, "But you don't mind, right?"

Tiffany's protests increased a level. "I didn't think so. Let's get to work," he said as he picked up the modified tattoo gun and switched it on. Tiffany flinched at the sound. If she could have moved away from the man she would have, but the cables kept her riveted in place.

He pulled up a stool, sat down and pressed his tool in close to Tiffany's thigh. She shrieked like never before as he touched the gun to her skin and began his work. It felt like a hot knife was being scraped along her leg. She screamed and screamed, but the men ignored her. A minute later, Master Green picked up a second tattoo gun and began work near her right ankle, just above the cuff.

For hours the men plied their craft to the screaming, suffering canvas before them. About midway through their session the men stopped for a dinner break. Master Green generously dribbled some water into Tiffany's parched mouth, unable to close her mouth to swallow, half dribbled down her face. At this time they also arranged several mirrors around the room so that Tiffany could admire the work they had done.

Tiffany stared in horror at the extensive and elaborate tattoos covering her body from her ankles up to her tits. An intricate pattern of thorny vines, round chains, and spiderwebs snaked their way up her legs onto her torso. Images of her servitude were interspersed throughout the pattern: bondage pinup girls, handcuffs, heels, riding crops, gags and more. On the backs of her thighs were the outlines of roses, between her tits was a smiling skull. Never in a million years would she have considered getting a tattoo of any of this, but now staring back at her in the mirrors was the implacable and irreversible evidence of how far she had fallen.

After their break the men finished their work while Tiffany screamed herself hoarse. The last ink they cruelly applied was to tattoo 'pain slut' just inside her lips; 'pain' on the upper lip, and 'slut' on the lower. Finally their guns fell silent. They packed up their things and left their poor, suffering masterpiece moaning to herself.

Tiffany could feel herself losing control. She feared that soon she would collapse and pull all her piercings free from her body. But still she held on. A little while after the last visitors had left Master Red returned.

"Have you had a good time meeting our staff?" he inquired. Tiffany continued moaning softly to herself. The doctor stepped forward to admire Tiffany's new tattoos. "They really do wonderful work, don't they?" He brushed his hands over the rose outlines on the backs of her thighs. "I look forward to shading these roses a beautiful red with my paddle... another time perhaps."

He walked back near the door and flipped a switch. All at once the tension in every cable was released. Tiffany collapsed to the floor, crying in relief. She was too exhausted to get back up and too exhausted to resist as the doctor unhooked each of the cables from her body. When he finished he lifted her back to her feet. Master Blue was waiting in the hallway to escort her back to her cell.

She was soon locked back into her wrist and ankles chains and left in her room for the night. A bowl of cold gruel was waiting for her. She slurped it down and fell asleep.

Chapter 4: Tit for Tat

Tiffany was mostly left to herself the following day so that she could recover. She was sore all over. Her newly enlarged piercings ached from the strain they had felt. Her skin still tingled and burned painfully where the tattoos had been etched onto her skin. And muscles she didn't even knew she had were fatigued from the strain of holding herself up for such an extended time.

Twice during the day she was delivered meals consisting of the horrendous dogfood from her first day, served with a side of table scraps and water. Learning to eat with the massive tongue ring was a challenge. Master Blue watched her intently to ensure she ate every morsel and licked the bowl clean before removing the items and leaving her in solitude.

Early the next morning the door to her cell creaked open, but this time instead of Master Blue carrying food it was Master Green carrying a collar and leash. He commanded her to her feet, attached the collar and led her out of the room. Tiffany knew that any questions would be unanswered and were likely to attract unwanted attention so she kept her mouth shut.

She was led into a bright white tiled room and shoved toward a sturdy wooden chair. Her manacles and collar were removed and she was roughly guided down into the chair. Tiffany couldn't help but notice that there was a large hole in the seat of the chair, exposing her pussy and ass from below. Master Green began applying thick leather straps to Tiffany's ankles, thighs, and wrists. Another thick strap wound around her chest, just below her tits, holding her securely in place. He commanded her to open her mouth, then shoved a large red ballgag in and strapped it in place.

Tiffany looked around the room that she suspected she would be spending the day in. Directly across from her and facing toward her was an identical wooden chair. Between the two chairs, up against the wall, was an ominous machine. The lower part had connections for various plugs or wires, the upper part held a display that was currently blank.

Master Green walked over to a cabinet behind Tiffany and began collecting equipment from it. Just then Tiffany's attention was drawn to more people coming through the door. She saw Master White pulling a leather leash attached to a slave crawling into the room on her hands and knees. Tiffany's heart skipped a beat when she realized that the slave was her cousin, Jax.

Master White came to a stop in front of the empty chair and Jax obediently sat back on her legs, lifting her arms in front of her like a begging dog. Tiffany could see a plethora of scratches all up and down her back. As Master White commanded her up into the empty chair Tiffany could see dried dogfood smeared all around her cousin's ballgagged mouth.

Master Green stepped forward with more leather straps and secured Jax in place in an identical manner to Tiffany. Master White turned to Tiffany and explained, "It seems this slave decided that entomology is not for her. Too many bites and stings she said. So we thought she'd like to try her hand at veterinarian. She has spent the last few days in our kennels seeing to the needs of our dogs. Mostly it involved getting fucked by them, but we took her out to play fetch and learn the finer points of animal obedience as well."

He turned to her and wiped the dogfood from her face with a wet rag. "We've decided to give her a little break so that she could spend some time with the dear sweet cousin who introduced her to our fine facility. I'll explain more once we are all set up."

Tiffany and Jax watched as they began pulling clamps and cables from a box. Master Green worked on Tiffany while Master White tended to Jax. First they looped copper wires around the big toe on each girl's foot, running the wires back to the box off to the side of the girls. Next each man picked up a set of sharp, sawtoothed alligator clips and attached them to the girls' nipples. Their squeals helped them know that the clamps were nice and tight. More wires were connected to these clamps and the box. The men then each picked up a pill-shaped metal object about the size of an egg. They lathered the objects liberally with a conductive gel then crawled beneath their bound victims and pushed the probes up into their asses.

Finally each man dragged forward a small box with an average sized six inch dildo. The dildos were lathered with conductive gel and then were positioned beneath the girls and adjusted until each girl's pussy was fully penetrated. The men tidied up the wires and Master Green began adjusting settings on the control box between the anxious slaves.

Master White turned to them and explained, "We're going to play a little game. Master Green, our engineer extraordinaire, has developed this machine. As you slaves are fully aware, various parts of you have been wired up to it. Every three minutes it will randomly select a body part and an intensity numbering one through ten. One of you two will then receive the shock. Here's the fun part, this controller here will decide who gets it." He snapped the controller to the left armrest on Tiffany's chair, just beneath her fingers and addressed her. "Since you appeared to be the ringleader of your operation we will let you decide who receives the shock. You will have twenty seconds after the machine makes its selection to turn the knob toward yourself, or your dear cousin. If you do not decide then both of you will receive the shock. We will return in a little while to see how you are getting along."

He nodded to Master Green, who flipped a few final switches, then both men exited the room. Tiffany, now alone with Jax, tried to communicate with her cousin through her gag. She wanted to express how sorry she was that Jax had been dragged into the situation, she obviously had been getting the worst of it so far. Unfortunately her words were rendered unintelligible by the gag shoved in her mouth.

Suddenly both girls' attention was drawn to the display above the machine as it beeped. The display read 'TITS 6'. Tiffany, determined to do right by her poor cousin, decided that she would take as many of the punishments as she could. She turned the knob toward herself and waited for the final seconds to tick off on the clock.

The machine buzzed loudly and Tiffany jumped against her bonds as a ferocious electric shock rocketed through the clamps locked onto her nipples. She spasmed and screamed as the blast continued, each second felt like minutes as the sharp bite of the electric current flashed in and out of her tits. Finally the buzzing stopped and Tiffany slumped back into the chair, gasping. She looked up at Jax, who had a look of abject horror on her face. "If that was a six," Tiffany thought, "then what is a ten?"

As if the machine were reading her thoughts, a moment later the machine beeped and flashed 'TOES 10'. Tiffany gulped. She had had every intention of taking all the shocks for the sake of her cousin... until she received the first shock. Now seeing that the next shock would be even more intense than the last she began rationalizing in her head: "We're both here through our own actions" and "It's only fair that we take turns" and "If she had done her job better then we wouldn't be in this mess." Having convinced herself, Tiffany slowly turned the dial toward Jax.

As the machine acknowledged that Jax would receive the next shock a look of surprise came over her face. She couldn't believe that Tiffany was giving her the worst shock after all she had already been through! She pleaded with Tiffany to reconsider. Her sad puppy dog eyes pierced through Tiffany and made her feel wretched. Jax's pleading had nearly convinced Tiffany to change her mind when the machine abruptly started buzzing.

Jax nearly jumped up out of her chair, as much as the restraints would allow anyway. She shook and screamed while Tiffany looked on in horror. She was wracked with guilt for having given this extreme shock to her cousin. Jax screamed and screamed, then mercifully after twenty seconds the buzzing stopped and Jax slumped back down. Her legs still trembled and her moaning turned to sobs while Tiffany awaited the next selection.

Tiffany stared expectantly at the screen for what she had decided would be her turn. A moment later the machine beeped and displayed 'PUSSY 1'. Tiffany sighed in relief. "I can take this one," she thought to herself. Confidently, she turned the knob toward herself. Jax, still recovering from the last shock didn't even look up to see who was selected or what the next activation would be. Tiffany braced herself for the incoming pain. The machine briefly buzzed and Tiffany winced as she felt a sharp pinprick deep within her pussy. Pleased with how well she handled that she turned back to watch the screen once more. It was Jax's turn next, she decided.

Both girls watched the display as the machine beeped and showed 'ASS 8'. Tiffany gulped. Jax turned toward her and pleaded with Tiffany to take the shock. But Tiffany had already made up her mind. She turned the knob towards her cousin. A look of fear swept over Jax's face. She began sobbing even before the machine activated. When it finally did she once again screamed over and over while she writhed in electric agony. The metal probe buried in her ass crackled and buzzed as it delivered its wrath to her insides. When it stopped Jax collapsed and cried anew. Tiffany felt awful.

Moments passed as Tiffany awaited the next selection which would be 'her turn.' Her heart skipped a beat as the machine beeped and displayed 'PUSSY 10'. Panic swept over her. This was the worst possible combination. She shook her head and the rationalizing began again: "Why should I have to take this? They gave me the controller for a reason" and "Jax is so much stronger than me, she can handle it" and "Jax would do the same if she were in my place".

Jax looked over at her cousin in concern. Tiffany was taking too long to select herself and she didn't like the implication of that. She pleaded with her eyes for Tiffany to select herself, it was her turn after all. The look of concern quickly changed to anger and fear as the machine showed Tiffany's selection: Jax. She screamed her displeasure through her gag. This was completely unfair.

Tiffany couldn't look Jax in the face. As she turned the knob to select her cousin she dropped her head in shame. She was a coward and she knew it. Jax berated her from behind her gag while Tiffany averted her eyes. Jax continued her complaints right up until the machine activated. Then Jax screamed like never before as shock after horrendous shock rocketed through her pussy, blasting her insides. The wooden chair creaked and strained as Jax pulled against it with all her might, her muscles spasming and contracting. Tiffany couldn't watch. This shock was meant for her and she had passed it off on Jax. As the machine switched off, leaving Jax a crying and sobbing mess, a small part of Tiffany was glad that it wasn't her.

And so the session continued. The machine handed down shock after shock. For the most part Tiffany dealt the larger shocks to her cousin and the smaller shocks to herself. She felt less and less guilty about the unfairness of the distribution as time went on, having convinced herself that she was in the right and that she didn't deserve the harsh punishments.

For her part, Jax stopped looking at the display. She accepted that her selfish and cruel cousin would send the worst punishments her way, and knowing what was coming beforehand just made it worse. She had devolved to an exhausted, tortured mess, constantly moaning to herself with her chin resting on her chest. Her melancholy was only interrupted by the horrendous tortures sent her way by Tiffany, who had tried desperately to tune out her cousin's screams.

After a couple hours passed Master White and Master Green returned. Tiffany had just sent the last four shocks to her nearly catatonic cousin. Master Green turned off the machine while Master White removed the controller from Tiffany's white-knuckled grip.

"That was some fun, wasn't it?" he asked Tiffany. "Tell me, slave, did you like deciding who would receive the punishments?"

Tiffany shook her head 'no'. She glanced at her tortured cousin and felt horrible. She knew that she could have done more to lessen her pain, but she chose not to.

"Well then, maybe we'll have to switch things up for the next round," Master White replied.

Tiffany and Jax both perked up at that statement. "Another round?" Tiffany thought. "This was horrible, how can they keep doing this to us?"

"We decided that you girls deserve a little pleasure this time," Master White continued. He nodded to Master Green, who pressed a button. Both girls stirred as the dildos beneath them sprung to life, slowly pumping in and out of their trembling pussies. Master Green approached each girl and attached a small sensor to her forehead, wiring it back to the machine.

"We're going to have a little contest to see who can cum first. Master Green has developed a simple sensor that can monitor a slave's arousal, so there's no use in faking an orgasm. The winner will return to her cell, the loser will get a chance to practice a bit more," he said with a smile. "Some more options have been added to the machine's controls this time: 'speed' and 'size'. Speed will control the speed of the dildo, you are at a one right now so the dildo will slowly pump once every ten seconds. Size will adjust the size of the dildo, you are also at a one on that as well. The dildo settings will remain at their last selection until a different parameter is assigned. Of course, the machine will continue to deliver the electric shocks, but those will only come up roughly half the time now."

He turned toward Tiffany. "Since you didn't like deciding who got what in the last round we will let your cousin decide this time." Master White snapped the controller onto an armrest beneath Jax's fingers. Tiffany wasn't sure, but she thought she saw an ominous glimmer of glee in Jax's eyes. "Before we go, Master Green, could you bring up the statistics of the electric shocks delivered to each slave from the last round?"

Master Green pressed a few buttons and the display showed the sum total of shocks each girl received, and the average intensity. Tiffany's face reddened in shame as it showed that Jax had received more than double the number of shocks as Tiffany, as well as more than double the average intensity. Jax made no effort to hide her anger as she glared at Tiffany. She stroked the controller beneath her fingers knowing that she would soon have her revenge.

Master Green cleared the display and activated the next round. The two men left the room and the contest began. The girls waited, watching the display while the dildos slowly pumped in and out of their pussies. Neither woman was at all aroused after the punishments they had just received, but cumming was now of the utmost importance to both of them.

The machine beeped and the first selection showed 'SIZE 5'. Jax immediately turned the controller toward Tiffany. Tiffany gulped. This was not going to be good. Her pissed off cousin now controlled her fate and she suspected that she would be receiving the worst of the selections. Several seconds later Tiffany heard a whirring beneath her chair as the machine inflated the dildo that was still slowly moving in and out of her pussy. Over the course of thirty seconds it grew from six inches long and about an inch across to nine inches long and three inches across. She grunted as the enlarged intruder powered into her tight pussy, stretching and tearing where it had to to force its way inside. She moaned as the pumping continued, never missing a beat, each thrust slamming hard into her aching snatch.

Jax gave small smile behind her gag. There was no way she was going to lose this contest, and she was getting her revenge on her selfish cousin. The machine beeped again and showed its next selection of 'SPEED 3'. Jax quickly selected it for herself and the machine increased the pace of the dildo sliding in and out of her pussy. Despite her situation the fucking was starting to turn her on, her pussy juices mixed with the conductive lube smeared on the dildo and dribbled down the shaft.

The next choice of 'TITS 7' was delegated to Tiffany, who writhed in electric agony as the shock coursed through her tits. All the while the large intruder in her pussy maintained its relentless assault.

The process continued for the next few selections. Tiffany received all the electric shocks, while Jax slowly increased the speed of the dildo fucking her own pussy. At 'SIZE 7' the dildo within Tiffany was inflated to ten inches long and four inches across. She screamed as the intruder stretched and tore at her abused cunt. She wasn't even closing to cumming. Meanwhile, Jax had closed her eyes between selections, fantasizing about ex-boyfriends and hunky movie stars. Her hips wriggled in delight and her pussy juice flowed freely down the shaft of the size two dildo steadily working its way in and out of her pussy.

At one point Jax, lost in the ecstasy of her steadily increasing arousal, forgot to make a selection on the controller when the machine chose 'PUSSY 4'. Her eyes shot open in surprise as both she and Tiffany were assaulted with electric shocks by their non-consensual lovers. After that Jax paid closer attention to what has happening in the game, the shock having set her back from her steady rise toward orgasm, but by no means stopping the journey.

More rounds proceeded. Tiffany was in complete agony. She had just received an intense shock to her ass and was no closer to orgasm than when the round had started. Her sore, abused pussy was being steadily hammered away at by a size seven dildo at speed setting six. Meanwhile Jax was edging closer and closer to her ultimate goal. Then Tiffany looked up the display with the next selection and groaned in horror, it read 'SIZE 10'. Tiffany had no illusions about who would be receiving that one.

The machine blinked acknowledgement and Tiffany braced for the worst. She shrieked as the dildo pumping away at her pussy grew larger than ever, the pressure against her insides growing with every thrust. The monster inflated more and more until finally it was a foot long and over five inches across. Tiffany felt her head swim as the dildo stretched and tore at her sensitive flesh, relentlessly pounding away at her aching snatch.

Jax curled her toes in bliss, ignorant and uncaring of her cousin's misery. She was close to cumming now and just needed a little more to push her over the edge. To her good fortune, the machine obliged with a display of 'SPEED 10'. Jax gave a thankful nod to the heavens, then looked down at her suffering cousin. A wicked smile grew on her face behind the gag. Rather than selecting just herself to finally ride over the edge, she chose no one, thus ensuring that both she and Tiffany would see the fucking increase to its highest speed, Jax with her size three dildo and Tiffany with her size ten.

The machine beeped and both dildos sprang to life, thrusting away at the girls strapped atop them. Jax moaned in pleasure, Tiffany screamed in pain. Together their sounds filled the room and Jax released her loudest moan yet as a powerful orgasm crashed over her. She writhed and bucked, wanting more as the dildo slid in and out of her quivering wet pussy. Tiffany screamed in agony as the monster cock assaulting her pussy increased its pace, slamming into her cervix then quickly reversing course only to repeat the process again.

A light turned green on Jax's side of the display acknowledging that the sensor had detected her orgasm. Master White reentered the room, stopped Jax's dildo and began unplugging her wires from the machine. Master Green arrived a moment later to unstrap her from the chair and escort her out of the room. All the while, the size ten dildo continued ramming away at Tiffany at speed ten.

Through a haze of pain Tiffany heard Master Green address her over the whine of the fucking machine, "You have failed, slave. I suppose somebody had to lose, but now you must pay the consequences. It seems that you may need some practice finding pleasure in your pain. Therefore, you will be released from the machine only after you have had three orgasms."

Tiffany's mind swam. She hadn't even had one orgasm and now she wouldn't be released until she had three! She thought it was impossible, that she would be trapped in this chair forever. Master White tidied away the cables that had been attached to Jax, then strolled out of the room.

It took many hours before Tiffany was finally released from the tortures of the horrible machine. With no one at the controls Tiffany received every selection. Only through a streak of good fortune with the random number generator was she able to string together enough time with both a reasonably sized dildo and electric shocks of a low enough intensity that she was able to climb toward orgasm uninterrupted. Many times she grew frustratingly close before getting derailed by an intense shock or an increase in dildo size that turned her fucking from pleasure to pain.

By the third orgasm she was a blubbering mess, drool hanging from her gag as her stretched out pussy was reamed by a size five dildo at speed ten. She ignored the level four shock to her ass as her overfucked hole responded to the stimulation. She came just as a level nine shock to her pussy left her screaming in both pain and pleasure, then she passed out.

Chapter 5: The Great Escape

Tiffany awoke to find herself still strapped into the chair. She felt a tugging at her nipples and opened her eyes to see Cassandra standing before her, removing the cables connecting her body to the wicked machine on the side of the room. The last time Tiffany had seen the 'apprentice slave trainer' she was being dragged out of the room after failing to increase Tiffany's discomfort between the tight pull of the cables connected to her piercings. Tiffany couldn't help but notice that the woman now sported several additional bruises. She wondered if the slave's failure with Tiffany was the cause.

Once the cables were tidied away Cassandra snapped a metal collar around Tiffany's neck and removed the leather straps holding her to the chair. A leash was attached to the collar and Tiffany was hauled to her feet. Cassandra scooped up Tiffany's chains and manacles from the floor and carried them with her out the door. With shaky legs Tiffany followed along with the tugging of her leash as she was guided back toward the building that she knew contained her cell. The early evening light cast long shadows across the quiet compound as the two made their way to their destination.

Cassandra escorted Tiffany into her cell and ordered her to remain standing at attention in the middle. She began untangling the chains and manacles, laying them out in front of Tiffany as she did so.

Suddenly the booming voice of Master Blue thundered down the hallway and through the open door of the cell, "Slave Cassandra come here right fucking now!"

The woman looked up like a deer caught in headlights. A look of panic and fear flashed across her face. She dropped the manacles and sprinted out the door. Tiffany was standing there alone and confused, she didn't want to be Cassandra right now.

Unsure what to do Tiffany remained standing at attention in the middle of her cell. Then, the open door caught her eye. It was unlocked, and she was alone. Not only that, but she was unfettered as well. Thoughts of escape quickly crept into her mind. She took a step towards the door, then stopped. She remembered the poor woman that she had seen on her tour with Bill. She had attempted escape and was caught, the memory of that slave's punishment poured cold water on her thoughts of fleeing. But still the open door beckoned to her. Without realizing it, she found herself stepping towards it.

"What the hell am I doing?" she thought to herself as she slipped into the hallway. "I don't even know what is outside of this compound," she realized as she peeked out of the exit to the building. Nevertheless she scampered along through the growing shadows as she stealthily made her way to the front gate. She saw no one at all as she reached the heavy metal barrier. She checked the lock, hoping that she wouldn't have to scale the fence naked. To her surprise the gate swung open when she leaned against it. The squeak of the rusty hinges made her heart flutter.

It didn't occur to Tiffany that this misadventure had been far too easy. As she set foot outside the gate she nearly crashed into Jenn, who was standing there expectantly with a big smile on her face.

"Looks like I win my bet with Master Blue," she said as she jammed her beloved cattleprod into Tiffany's tit. Tiffany was frozen in fear and shock. Jenn pressed the trigger, zapping Tiffany until she passed out.

Tiffany awoke some time later, facedown on a metal table. She heard several voices around her and tried to speak to them. Her words only came out as a groan.

"Ah, she finally woke up," Master Red stated.

"You fucked up this time, slave," Master Blue chimed in.

"I thought you were smarter than that," Bill agreed. "The consequences for an escape attempt were made perfectly clear to you. Since you want so badly to leave here, we are going on a little field trip. I have decided to resign my position as director of IT where we used to work and I have accepted a position running this facility full-time. You will be attending my retirement party as my special guest. However, the party is not for a few days, so we'll have to find some way to keep you occupied until then. Gentlemen, please get her ready."

"Gladly," replied Master Red.

He stepped forward and quickly poked an IV into Tiffany's arm. "I'm afraid you won't be in a position to eat or drink anything for a few days, so this will be your sustenance," he explained. "I've made sure that the schedule includes the appropriate additives to suit our purposes as well. For example, right now you are receiving a muscle relaxer. It will help us to get you prepared more easily."

Tiffany felt the cool liquid flowing into her veins and soon was unable to move a muscle, though she still felt everything. First she was squeezed into a tight latex catsuit. It must have been a size too small for how tightly it fit, but that did not dissuade her captors. Her tits were pinched and pressed through two strategically placed rubber-ringed holes, and Tiffany couldn't help but notice cool air passing over an additional hole allowing access to her ass and pussy.

Next, her arms were pinned behind her back and fitted into a long leather sleeve. The armbinder was yanked excruciatingly tight, ramming Tiffany's elbows together and forcing her to stick out her chest. Master Blue forced each of her feet into a metal soled ballet shoe which kept her toes pointed straight down while Master Red reached between her legs and inserted a catheter. Next a thick rubber buttplug with a tube hanging off the end was lubed up and forced into her ass.

Master Red picked up a rather large dildo and waved it in front of Tiffany's face. "This is one of my favorite toys. It's so full of surprises. I won't spoil them for you, the discovery is part of the fun." Tiffany's look of pain and dread was matched by his look of glee as he rammed the unlubricated nine inch long dildo into her dry snatch. A pair of tight leather panties were pulled up over her legs to hold everything in place.

Next a tight leather sleeve was pulled up over her legs and yanked until Tiffany could no longer move her legs. It was matched by an equally tight leather corset that crushed her waist until she was sure that her ribs would crack.

Tiffany's mouth was then pried open and as large a ring gag as would fit was strapped in place. This was followed by another dildo that clicked into place on the ring. It was just long enough to tickle her gag reflex, but not long enough to choke on. Next a set of earbuds were inserted into her ears which was followed by a wet leather hood. One whiff of which immediately told Tiffany that it had been soaking in piss, not water. She knew from painful experience that as the leather dried it would shrink as tight as a second skin around her head. Two small slits near her eyes allowed her continued sight with the outside world. A valve near her nose was connected to big black rebreather bag. She quickly discovered that with the bag in place the only way to get fresh air was to breath slowly and deeply, a task made difficult by the tight corset and her growing panic.

The last thing Tiffany saw before a loose velvet bag was pulled over her hooded head was a large polished steel box being rolled into the room. Tiffany noted that it was ominously coffin-sized. The three men present hefted her up off the table and into the box making sure that all the various tubes and cables connected to Tiffany were put in the right place.

Tiffany, trapped in insanely tight bondage and unable to see or hear anything felt claustrophobic as the lid pressed shut on top of her. She was startled by the sound of Bill, now known as Master Black speaking into her earbuds. "We're going on a little trip now, so you can't yet experience all the fun your box has to offer. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Master Red tells me that you should start receiving more of his 'horny hormones' cocktail through your IV soon. In fact, he says that by the time you come out of that box they may have permanently affected your libido. You'll be horny all the time. I hope we can keep you satisfied," he laughed.

"There is unfortunately one side effect. I'm afraid your beautiful red hair may turn a light lavender color for the rest of your days, but I think it goes well with your edgy new tattooed look, don't you?" he added. "And we've got one more special feature. Master Red has applied a new lotion to your ankles that we've developed. It will tighten the tendons in your legs so that from now on you will not be able to stand flat footed. It will be nothing but ballet shoes and six inch heels from here on out. That ought to slow down any future escape plans that you may be plotting."

Dread and anxiety continued to build within Tiffany as Bill dropped the terrible news on her. She fought to maintain her slow and steady breathing so that she could receive fresh air through the rebreather bag. She felt the box shift as she was loaded into a vehicle. A tingling between her legs suggested that Master Red's hormones were beginning to take effect. Her feet had already begun to cramp from being crammed into the ballet shoes and she wasn't even putting any weight on them. But all she could think about as the box shimmied and shifted on its journey was the sensation building in her pussy. She tried shifting within her bonds to work the thick dildo in and out of her soaking wet hole, but she was bound too tight to move.

After some indeterminate amount of time the jostling stopped and Tiffany felt the box hoisted out of the vehicle and carried a short distance. The box was dropped roughly to the ground and Tiffany felt cool, fresh air as the lid was lifted free. The loose velvet bag was pulled off her head. Tiffany's eyes darted around in fear, wondering where she was. Staring up at the ceiling, she could tell nothing from the recessed lights and ceiling tiles.

Bill loomed over her and began connecting the tubes and wires attached to Tiffany to various points nearby. Then he took a thin metal cable and tightly looped it around each exposed tit. He lifted the cable towards her head. Tiffany was startled as she felt the box being lifted up on its end. She groaned as her weight shifted onto her pointed toes. With her legs bound tightly together balancing was difficult, but Bill had attached the cable binding her tits to the top of the box. Now when she lost her balance the cable tugged harshly at her tits, allowing her to right herself.

Bill stepped back after making a few more final adjustments. Now that Tiffany was upright she was able to see more around her. She saw a large security desk before her, it was beside a set of metal turnstiles, on the wall behind the desk was a large company logo she immediately recognized. She was in the lobby of her former employer!

She struggled against her bonds as the lid of the box was pressed into place once again. Right before her face was a small rectangular two way mirror that allowed Tiffany to see out, but no one on the outside to see in.

Bill held a small microphone to his mouth and Tiffany heard his voice through the earbuds beneath her ever tightening hood. "I bet you never knew that the pillars in this lobby were hollow. From here you can observe the comings and goings of your former friends and co-workers. You wanted the outside world, well this is as close as you're going to get," he said. He reached down to a remote and pressed some buttons.

"To help you pass the time," he continued, "we're going to play a little game. I bet that by now Master Red's horny hormones are taking effect." Tiffany had to agree. Her pussy juices were running freely down her legs and pooling on the floor beneath her. "Here's how it works: at the top of the hour the dildo in that wet pussy of yours will spring to life in pleasure/pain mode. Master Green has one of his orgasm sensors embedded in your hood, you will have one hour to cum. If you fail then then the dildo will spend the next hour in torture mode. The cycle will begin again after that. You can cum twelve times a day, right?" He laughed.

"This is the start of your conditioning. From now on you will not orgasm unless you are also being punished. Your body will blur the line between pleasure and pain and with the help of your hormone treatment you will become a true painslut."

"We've got a few more surprises for you as well while you are in there, but I don't want to spoil the fun. You will come out of there for my retirement party. Enjoy!"

Bill pocketed his microphone and walked away. Tiffany shifted uncomfortably within the confines of her prison, her toes were already beginning to ache. She glanced at the clock on the wall above the security desk, it was a quarter till four. She assumed it must be morning since no one was around... unless it was the weekend. She had no idea what day it was nor when Bill's party would be. How long could they keep her in here?

Just after Bill stepped away she heard a new sound emanating from the earbuds beneath her hood. It was a recording of Tiffany's punishment at the hands of Jenn on her first day at the facility. She heard her own voice repeating over and over the phrase "I deserve to be here."

Tiffany watched the clock nervously as it approached the top of the hour. When it finally did her heart fluttered in anticipation. The dildo that was rammed into her pussy sprang to life pulsating and vibrating. Tiffany, already superbly horny from the dose of hormones, moaned in pleasure from the stimulation. Her wet pussy quivered and her heart raced. Then suddenly her pleasure flashed to pain as suddenly the dildo transformed. Tiny little pins emerged from concealed holes all over the dildo, they pricked and poked at the sensitive flesh inside her stimulated snatch. Tiffany shrieked and pulled against her bonds. Her growing sense of pleasure as she rode towards orgasm came crashing down as her pussy was savaged by pinpricks.

The dildo continued to vibrate and wriggle inside her while at the same time the pins moved in and out at varying intervals. The pain had thrown cold water on her building orgasm. Conscious of the need to orgasm before the end of the hour Tiffany forced herself to focus on the pleasure of the dildo's machinations and ignore the pain of the pins. Gradually she was able to work herself up once more. She soon found herself writhing against her bonds again, her heart racing faster.

Then finally she peaked. Waves crashed over her as she came hard. As she did so a sudden electric shock crackled from the tip of the dildo mixing pain with her pleasure. Tiffany shrieked. She lost her balance, perched up on her tiptoes, and fell. Her fall was arrested by the sharp tug of the cable wrapped tightly around her tits. She fought to regain her footing. Her ragged breathing interfered with her ability to get fresh air through the rebreather bag. She forced herself to calm down and breath slowly.

As she regained her composure she was left in relative peace, though the soundtrack in her ears continued to remind her in her own voice that she deserved to be there. With her lust sated for the moment she was able to focus once more. She glanced at the clock on the wall, only fifteen minutes had passed.

Around five o'clock a security guard that she recognized from her time in the office arrived. He parked himself behind the desk facing Tiffany, unaware, or perhaps uncaring, of the suffering woman trapped fifteen feet away from him. He propped his feet up on the desk and busied himself with a crossword puzzle.

About twenty minutes later the first employee arrived, some junior accountant whose name Tiffany had never bothered to learn. He flashed his badge to the security guard and pushed his way through the turnstile beside the desk. As he did Tiffany felt a sudden pain across the top of her exposed tits. She jerked back in surprise, unsure what to make of this new development. When nothing further came she relaxed, as best she could given her predicament.

A few minutes later the next employee arrived. As he, too, pushed through the turnstile Tiffany was again assailed by a strike across the top of her tits. Now she made the connection, the turnstile was rigged up with a spring holding a thin strip of leather. When the turnstile rotated it released the spring causing the leather strip to crash down across her tits. With the cable looped around the base of her tits there was no way to avoid the vicious slash. Only two people had arrived and already her tits burned from the blows they had received.

More people trickled in, though it was still early in the morning. Tiffany braced herself against the lashes as each person pushed through the entrance to the office. Her tits burned in agony. Her toes ached from supporting her weight. And the recording of her voice never ceased reminding her over and over that she deserved to be there.

A few minutes before six the recording suddenly changed. Now, Tiffany heard herself repeating "I am a naughty girl." The transition was jarring. The previous recording had become a background rhythm, silently drilled into her head, as normal as breathing. Now there was a new soundtrack to her misery.

At the top of the hour the dildo once more sprang to life. In the nearly two hours since her previous orgasm the hormones being pumped into her system had once again had their effect. Tiffany swooned as the pleasurable sensations erupted in her pussy. But she waited with trepidation for the pinpricks to interrupt her ride to orgasm. Instead, she received an unexpected sensation in her ass as the tube into her buttplug began to fill her with liquid. Tiffany tried to ignore the sensation and focus on her pussy. The sooner she could cum, the better. However, she soon found her attention drawn back to the discomfort in her ass. The liquid that was being pumped in was piping hot.

Tiffany jostled and writhed about as the hot water enema filled her fuller and fuller. The pressure continued to increase causing pain in her abdomen. A wicked strike to her tits as another employee entered the office pulled her attention away from the agony in her ass. She looked up at the clock, fifteen minutes had already passed. Thankfully the pressure from the enema stopped increasing. The machine must have decided she was at capacity. Nevertheless, her body was wracked by cramps as the dildo continued to work away.

Tiffany forced herself to ignore the pain and focus on the pleasure. Slowly she used her hormonal horniness to her advantage. As she got more and more worked up it became easier to ignore her agony. She was able to push the vicious strikes to her tits to the background as she wriggled her hips in time with the dildo. The increased pressure in her ass worked to amplify the gyrations of the dildo.

Sensing an approaching orgasm, the dildo issued one last sinister twist. It began to ooze a slimy gel from pores all up and down the shaft. Tiffany ignored the gel, which was beginning to tingle, as her orgasm began to crest. She peaked just as she discovered the full effect of the gel. She screamed in pain and pleasure as the gel changed from tingling to burning. The substance was like an 'icy hot' menthol muscle relaxer poured all over and inside her sensitive bits. As she came down from her orgasmic euphoria the burning only intensified, made worse by the added sensitivity of her pussy post-orgasm.

Tiffany squirmed and squealed. She was so focused on her burning pussy that she didn't notice that the enema was being expelled from her stretched ass. Eventually the burning sensation subsided and Tiffany was left a sobbing tortured mess, awaiting the next forced orgasm in another two hours time. Meanwhile the audio track pumped into her ears reminded her over and over that she was a naughty girl.

She relished the relative peace of her post-coital bondage. Though she noted with worry that as the morning progressed more and more employees were arriving at the office. The wicked strikes to her tits were coming with increasing frequency. She couldn't see her whipped globes but she was sure that by now they were crisscrossed with welts and bruises.

By the time eight o'clock rolled around the whip was crashing down over her tits five or ten times per minute. She could no longer focus on the clock as the fury of the lashing took all her attention. She did notice when the audio track that had again become the background of her misery abruptly switched to her voice repeating over and over "I need to be punished."

A moment later the dildo activated again. Even though the hormones coursing through her body made her pussy yearn for stimulation, her mind was exhausted. The gyrating dildo worked diligently away at her wet pussy but Tiffany could only think about the pain in her tits. Though that changed as the dildo soon began generating sharp electric shocks all up and down the shaft. Tiffany squealed and jumped at each little jolt.

She tried to focus on cumming but her pain far outweighed the pleasure. Her worry grew as she saw the minutes tick away on the clock. She desperately tried to orgasm but it wouldn't come. Her anxiety only made things worse. The whip strokes grew ever more frequent. A busload of employees arrived via the company's train shuttle and the whip snapped into her tits non-stop for a good three minutes while the crowd piled into the building.

Tiffany cried and screamed in frustration. Her body wanted to cum, her mind told her to cum, but she couldn't make it happen through the haze of intense pain. She watched in terror as the clock struck nine. The vibrations in the dildo ceased, but the electric shocks kept coming. She had failed. The dildo no longer generated pleasure, only pain.

Tiffany's agony went up a notch as she noticed a growing pressure in her ass as another enema was pumped in. This one was ice cold! As she shivered she suddenly felt the pinprick spikes along the dildo extend and another dose of the burning gel was emitted. She was experiencing all of the painful tricks her evil masters had all at once.

Her failed attempt at cumming had left her pussy wet, vulnerable, and frustrated. Now it was assaulted by shocks, pricks, and burning. She shivered against the icy water growing within her aching ass. She was completely miserable. The only consolation was that the whip strikes to her tits were arriving less frequently as the latecomers trickled in.

For the next hour Tiffany screamed herself hoarse while her voice played into her head reminding her that she needed to be punished. She couldn't concentrate on anything outside the punishment being inflicted on her tortured body.

At ten o'clock, like the sun breaking through the clouds on a rainy day, the punishments ceased. Tiffany was left gasping into her rebreather bag as the overly large enema drained from her ass. The electric shocks ceased and the burning gel was allowed to wear off. Through all the punishment her pussy remained wet and aroused. She coo'ed lightly to herself as the sensual vibrations of the dildo started again, giving her another chance to cum and avoid the punishment mode, an experience she desperately wished not to repeat. She noticed that the pins on the dildo continued to pulse in and out, stabbing and jabbing at her sensitive inner flesh. The soundtrack in her ears had also shifted back to the now familiar repeating mantra of "I deserve to be here."

Now that most of the staff had arrived for the day the whip strikes to her tits were few and far between. For this Tiffany was thankful, as she was certain that the cavalcade of employees earlier this morning had left her tits swollen and bruised. With the relative punishment reduced Tiffany was better able to focus on her arousal. Her previous opportunity had brought her close to, but short of, orgasm which left her sexually frustrated during the entire punishment session. Now she hoped to pick up where she left off.

She focused on the pleasure between her legs, trying her best to ignore the pinpricks all up and down her sensitive love tunnel. After only a few minutes she was moaning along with the pulses in the dildo. Finally she hit her peak and came harder than any of the previous orgasms. As she did so a powerful shock erupted from the dildo into her pussy. Her legs trembled and grew weak, causing the cable wound around her tits to pull tight and hold her upright. Her breath grew short and ragged causing the rebreather bag to choke off her air supply lest she regain control. She grew light headed as pain and pleasure combined. Then the dildo turned off.

Tiffany was left in relative peace, though a gnawing thought in the back of her mind kept reminding her that she would need to cum again in another two hours, and again after that, and again after that, until eventually her cruel captors decided to free her from her personal hell.

Tiffany was able to relax somewhat in the morning lull. Her legs and feet still ached from standing upright on her toes all day, and the soundtrack continued to blare into her ears. As eleven o'clock neared a small group of employees came down out of the elevator and pushed their way through the turnstile. Tiffany, who had been trained to expect a slash on her tits from the whip, jumped in surprise. She did receive the blow, but instead of striking down on top of her tits it swung up from beneath hitting heretofore untouched titflesh. Apparently the exit turnstile would cause the whip to swing in the opposite direction. She squealed anew at this latest sinister twist.

The flow of employees leaving for lunch steadily increased for the next hour. The undersides of Tiffany's tits were striped with welts and bruises. Tiffany realized with terror that every one of these people would soon be returning when their lunch break was finished.

At noon the dildo sprang to life accompanied with another piping hot enema. Tiffany struggled to cum with the continued distraction of people both entering and leaving the office causing her tits to be lashed from two sides. Nevertheless she was able to overcome her torture and achieve orgasm just two minutes shy of one o'clock.

She spent her next hour of 'rest' bemoaning her terrible fate, hoping that somehow someone would discover her and rescue her from this nightmare. But there was no such luck.

With the staff again returned to their offices Tiffany was able to cum on time during her two o'clock stimulation which was accompanied by a sequence of electric shocks that left her jittery for long after. Tiffany realized that it was getting harder and harder to force herself to cum. Her overstimulated pussy was raw and sensitive. The day's torture and previous orgasms had taken their toll on her.

The four o'clock session was the most difficult yet. Tiffany was exhausted. The dildo activated, along with the pinpricks, but it had almost no effect. An increasing stream of employees leaving the office for the day left her focused on her poor battered tits. By five o'clock she was nowhere near cumming. Her tits were being tenderized by a nearly non-stop rain of blows swinging up from underneath them. As the dildo switched into 'punishment' mode Tiffany was knocked off her feet. She hung from her tits, unable to regain her footing under the extreme agony inflicted on her tortured body. She swung helplessly from her tits begging for it to stop.

The orgasm she failed to achieve at four made an orgasm at six easier. When Bill strolled out of the office at six forty-five he paused in front of Tiffany and gave a knowing wink. She knew he couldn't see her behind the two-way mirror, but he enjoyed her agony anyway.

As nighttime came and the office quieted down Tiffany knew that Bill's party, and her release would not happen today. With the titty whip silenced for the night she was able to rest and even get some sleep between sessions, though for never more than an hour at a time. The soundtrack of her voice telling her that she deserved to be there, that she was a naughty girl, and that she needed to be punished permeated her tortured dreams. Her battered pussy hurt so much that even if her orgasms weren't accompanied with an electric shock they would still be painful on their own.

During the night she only managed to miss one orgasm, spending the next hour screaming to the empty lobby during torture mode. The early morning sun streaming into the building told her that another day of suffering was at hand.

This day passed much the same as the one before, though it was harder and harder to achieve orgasm and she ended up in torture mode about every other time. By three o'clock in the afternoon she was a brain addled mess. She could hardly stand any longer, though the alternative of hanging from her tits was just as bad. She quietly suffered in her tight bondage as she noticed Victoria, the head of HR wheel a cart into the lobby. As she was not currently in a torture session Tiffany was able to monitor the woman as she diligently decorated the lobby for Bill's retirement party. A feeling of joy overcame her to know that within a few hours she would be released from her hell, though it was surely only to be exposed to some new torture.

Victoria hung banners and installed balloons, then she began decorating the walls of the lobby with some photos highlighting Bill's career: standing in front a new server, or speaking in front of a trade group conference, or shaking hands with a senator. Tiffany was able to steal a glance at the photo that was taped to the pillar she currently occupied; it was Bill standing behind a new hire, sagely instructing her on how to use the office productivity software. That new hire was a young Tiffany McKinney. She sobbed as she saw the young carefree woman she used to be. It felt like a lifetime ago that she was that beautiful young redhead with a devil-may-care attitude. Now she was a battered and broken mess, owned by sadists and abused for their pleasure.

Shortly after the decorating was complete Bill came down to survey the scene. He paused and smiled in front of Tiffany, taking the photo down and making sure she got a good look at it before putting it back up. He left and returned to his office. Tiffany was startled a few minutes later when the soundtrack being pumped into her ears ceased for the first time in days. The silence was deafening and she found herself repeating in her head "I deserve to be punished" as if the recording still ran.

After a moment Bill's voice flooded her ears, "Slave, today is my retirement party. At six o'clock the dildo will deactivate and a microphone embedded in the lobby will allow you enjoy the festivities. Once the party is over you will be released for a special after-party with some open-minded colleagues. We'll make sure that your IV pumps you full of stimulants to keep you alert and ready to serve, which you'd better do or else you'll spend all of the next week in that coffin."

The now familiar recording resumed and the clock stuck four. Tiffany tried desperately to orgasm one last time, but two full days of countless orgasms coupled with the relentless strike of the whip on her tits as the employees uninterested in staying for the party filed out of the building were too much for her and the dildo activated 'torture mode' one final time at five o'clock. She would be screaming and begging for mercy right up until the party started.

Chapter 6: Life of the Party

Tiffany suffered the full effect of the dildo's torture mode right up until six o'clock when it abruptly stopped. The ceaseless soundtrack into her ears finally stopped too, though Tiffany still found herself repeating the phrases over and over in her mind.

As she grew accustomed to her newfound silence she could feel her heart racing and her pulse pounding in her ears, partly from the anticipation of the party but also from the stimulants being pumped into her bloodstream. Her attention was briefly drawn to the security guard sitting behind the desk as he coughed. To her surprise Tiffany could hear him. A microphone embedded in the pillar transferred the sounds of the lobby directly to her ears.

Employees began filing into the lobby, led by the head of HR carrying a sheet cake and punchbowl. Tiffany discovered to her dismay that the tit whip was still wired to the turnstile. She endured a flurry of strikes to the undersides of her tits as everyone arrived. The attendees milled about the lobby chitchatting about mundane office politics and weekend plans. Tiffany would have given anything to be among them, just another boring nobody in the crowd.

People strolled around looking at the various photos posted on the wall, commenting about how young Bill looked, or how he had done such a great job on such and such project. A group of people who used to work under Tiffany made their way in front of the pillar she resided in. She looked longingly at her former employees wishing that she could join them. She felt like they were looking and talking directly to her as they studied the photo of her and Bill.

"Is that Tiffany McKinney?" one man asked.

"I think so. Did you see her at the Christmas party? Holy shit that was the most amazing and embarrassing disaster I've ever seen," a woman replied.

"Yeah, she was a total bitch though. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving person."

Tiffany was surprised. She had worked with these people for years, she had no idea that they had such disdain for her.

"I was kissing her ass for years and she sold me out every chance that she got. Good riddance. She probably fucked her way up the corporate ladder anyhow. She was such a slut."

Several more people joined in on the gossip.

"I hear that she ran off and joined some sex cult upstate. She changed her name to Tiffany Cumslut or something like that," someone said.

"I thought she changed her name to Tiffany Minx and became a hooker."

"I heard that she murdered her cousin and went on the run from the law," chimed in another.

"Do you know Ryan in Sales? She broke up his relationship with his fiance. He hasn't been the same ever since. What a whore!" commented yet another.

Tiffany listened in shock as the terrible gossip continued. It seemed that everyone in the office had heard some twisted version of what happened. And that she was much less liked or respected than everyone had let on when she worked there. There wasn't a single person who had something nice to say about her other than 'she was one hot piece of ass'.

Eventually Bill arrived to shake hands and work his way through the crowd. He ended the party with a speech reflecting upon his time spent with the company. Then many of the people filtered out of the lobby to head home.

But many stayed behind. They had been invited to attend the after-party with the promise of entertainment from a special performer. Once the last of the regular guests had left several new people showed up to set up the event. Waitresses in tight black bustiers, leather miniskirts, fishnet stockings and strappy four inch heels wandered the lobby with trays of wine and champagne. Two men wheeled in a large crate and began setting up equipment.

Bill stepped up on a box and with microphone in hand he addressed the crowd, "Welcome everyone to my 'real' retirement party. We have gathered here all the ladies and gentlemen whom I am certain can be trusted and discrete. Know that anything that happens here tonight stays here. I will have my good friend Master Blue introduce you to our first performer."

He gestured to one of the men who had entered to set up the equipment, sure enough Tiffany recognized him as Master Blue. She waited in dread, expecting him to reveal her in all her shame to the crowd. Instead she stared in shock as he approached a different pillar and began working at it with a pry bar. Had her head not been crushed within an excruciatingly tight hood, her jaw would have hit the floor as he revealed a woman bound behind the pillar she had been staring at for the past two days. She had no idea that anyone else was here.

Tiffany stared in disbelief as Master Blue began removing the woman, whom Tiffany immediately recognized as Cassandra, from her bondage. Cassandra was not bound in the same manner as Tiffany had been. Though she wore the same dried leather hood. It was pulled so oppressively tight that Tiffany could see the contours of her cheekbones beneath the taught, stretched leather.

Her feet had been shoved into six inch heels and locked in place, her toes bent at a tortuous angle by the sexy stilettos. Her ankles were locked into a metal spreader bar which kept her feet shoulder width apart. Sexy black stockings ran up her trembling legs attached with garters to an unbelievably narrow corset that cinched her waist.

Between her legs was a long metal pole anchored into the floor. Attached to the top of the pole was a large dildo that was slamming in and out of her swollen, red pussy.

"What do you think?" Tiffany jumped at the sound of Bill's voice piping directly into her ears. He had made his way over to where Tiffany remained concealed and spoke directly into her microphone while the tortured woman in front of her was revealed. "We put her up in there shortly before you arrived. You were her responsibility when you made your escape, so she must also pay the consequences. For all we know, you two were in on it together. Besides, we figured that she might want to see her old office."

Tiffany knew that was bullshit. Cassandra had been intentionally called away in order to entice Tiffany to escape. It was completely unfair that she was being punished for it. Tiffany felt horrible.

"The dildo pumping in and out of her pussy is linked to your heart rate. During your torture sessions she was getting quite a fucking. You see, your failures don't only affect you. You have let down so many people in your time."

Tiffany watched as the dildo was stopped and removed from the slave's overfucked pussy. Her eyes were then drawn to Cassandra's tits. They appeared to have received the same treatment as Tiffany's, streaks of purple colored the tops and bottoms of her battered tits which were thrust out by the corset that circled her waist. A vicious-looking clamp bit down hard on each nipple. A small chain ran from each clamp up to the top of the box, then down to each respective wrist. There was enough slack in the chains that she could lower her hands, which had been balled into fists and enclosed in tight leather mittens, only as far as her ears. This meant that Slave 37 had spent the past two days with her arms held up above her head. And the only way to rest her tired arms was to pull on her tender nipples and bruised breasts.

Master Blue released the nipple clamps. Tiffany could sense the relief from the hooded slave as she was able to lower her arms for the first time in days. They fell limp to her sides. Next he reached up and detached a tube running into her gag.

"At least she was kept well hydrated," Bill explained. "That tube fed her the output of your catheter and your enemas." Tiffany shuddered at the thought.

Finally Cassandra was free of the bonds holding her upright in the box. Still wearing the corset, stockings and heels, Master Blue guided her out of her enclosure and began loosening the binding on the skintight hood. He pulled it and the gag free. Tiffany gasped as she saw that the slave's beautiful black hair had been completely shaved off. Her bare scalp gleamed under the bright lights. At a command from Master Blue she quickly fell into a submissive position, kneeling on the ground with her face pressed to the floor.

The crowd ooh'ed and ah'ed at the spectacle before them. Some recognized their co-worker from several years earlier, but none were surprised to see her as a pain slave. After all the rumors Tiffany had spread about her it was just assumed that this is what she'd be doing now. Cassandra, with a discipline instilled by many hours of punishment remained completely still. Master Blue picked up his pry bar and looked Tiffany's way.

"We have one more special guest tonight. She has changed her look to better suit her status in life, but I suspect you all will recognize her. Master Blue, please do the honors," Bill announced to the crowd.

Tiffany's heart raced in anticipation as Master Blue pried free the cover to her prison. As the panel fell away she felt cool air blow over her aching tits, the only part of her that was not covered by tight latex and leather. With a flick of his wrist he unhooked the cable connecting her tits to the top of the box. Without the support of the cable Tiffany's agonizing toes could support her no longer, she came tumbling out of the box. As her arms were still pinned behind her back in the leather sleeve, she was unable to break her fall and landed flat on her face. Her battered tits were crushed beneath her and she cried out in pain. The crowd roared in laughter at the inelegant entrance. Tiffany quickly rolled over onto her side.

Master Blue got to work removing the sleeve holding her legs together and the armbinder that had trapped her arms for the past two days. He flashed a blade from his pocket and deftly cut away the latex bodysuit. Several spectators leaned in closer to gawk at her tattoos, giggling and making lewd comments.

Next she felt a tug at the laces of her hood as they were loosened. Tiffany was pulled up onto her knees, facing the audience, as Master Blue removed the oppressive leather from her head. There was an audible gasp from every person in the room as her face was revealed.

"Holy shit! That's Tiffany McKinney," someone shouted. There were smiles and laughs all around as the crowd murmured their excitement. Tiffany's face grew bright red in humiliation.

"Actually," Bill corrected, "she had her name legally changed to Tiffany Cumslut Minx once she found her true calling. She will be the entertainment tonight."

The crowd roared in approval. Bill reached over and unhooked the dildo from Tiffany's ring gag and slid it out. Drool poured out of her mouth and down her face. Next he tugged the tight panties free from her legs and extracted the buttplug and dildo. The spectators marvelled at the size of the cock needed to satisfy the hungry whore before them. Tiffany dropped to the floor, and crumpled into a ball.

Bill prodded her with the toe of his boot. "Slave, assume a more submissive posture like your friend," he commanded. Tiffany rolled onto her knees and rested her head on the floor. Bill turned to the crowd, "It is still early in her training. She has a lot to learn. I'm hoping you can help her with this tonight."

He stepped over to Cassandra and gave her a gentle kick to her battered tits. She winced as he said, "Tiffany is being a little shy. Why don't you welcome our guests?"

Cassandra lifted her head from the floor and rose to her knees. She kept her eyes cast to the ground as she spoke loudly and clearly. "The two of us are here for your pleasure and entertainment. We are sex slaves and pain sluts. We need to be fucked. We deserve to be punished. Please don't go easy on us. Your pleasure and entertainment is the only thing that matters."

Tiffany couldn't believe what she was hearing. She certainly didn't feel that Cassandra was speaking for the both of them. But gagged and under the watchful eye of her masters she was in no position to object.

Any trepidation within the crowd about interacting with these two abused and enslaved women was allayed by Cassandra's invitation. Tiffany could see several bulges in the pants of the intrigued men in the crowd.

"Let's get started," Bill announced. Master Blue dragged a set of stocks into the middle of the room. "I don't expect either of our slaves wants to volunteer to be first." Neither girl moved. "So let's have a little contest."

Bill and Master Blue pulled both girls up from the floor. Tiffany closed her eyes against the agony in her feet as she balanced precariously on her ballet shoes. Bill grabbed two empty champagne glasses and placed one on the top of each slave's head.

"First one to drop the glass loses," he said. "Now walk over to the security desk and turn around."

Tiffany teetered forward, focusing on keeping her head still. From the corner of her eye she saw Cassandra taking pained steps forward. She heard a murmur from the crowd as she moved forward, but she didn't dare turn to see what the disturbance was.

Then she heard a click, followed by a squeal from Cassandra. Before she could figure out what had happened she heard another click and felt a flash of pain on her ass. Bill was shooting them with a pellet gun! She fought to maintain her composure as he fired more shots at the both of them, hitting the soft flesh of their asses and thighs. Despite the onslaught both slaves kept their balance and made it to the desk. They turned around.

Bill nodded his approval. As the two women stood there the pain in their tortured feet was obvious. Tiffany's legs trembled as Bill raised his pellet gun and took aim again. He fired three rapid shots into Cassandra's tits. She moaned as the little balls bounced off of her bruised flesh, but the champagne glass did not fall. Then he quickly turned his sights on Tiffany and fired three shots at her. The third ball hit Tiffany square in the nipple, she yelped and twisted in pain then gasped as she felt the glass topple. She reflexively reached up and caught the glass. But the damage was done, she lost.

"Looks like we got a volunteer," Bill chuckled.

Master Blue grabbed Tiffany and led her over to the set of stocks. He bent her over and inserted her neck and wrists in place before locking it shut. Tiffany was trapped with her ass sticking out to the gleeful onlookers.

"Alright, ladies and gentlemen, come say hello to your former coworker. Be sure to let her know what you think of her. We have a fine selection of accessories available as well," Bill announced.

The crowd eagerly surged forward, everyone forming a line to torment Tiffany. She felt hands groping, pinching, and poking every part of her body. The cruelest attendees mauled her battered tits, while Tiffany cried out in pain.

"Hey, check it out. This is making her wet!" one of Tiffany's former direct reports called out. Tiffany blushed red. It was true. She was becoming conditioned to respond to pain. Between the cruel pinches and pokes, and the hormone treatment, her pussy was practically gushing.

"I've got just the thing for that," replied a creepy guy Tiffany recognized from the mailroom. She heard him unzip his pants and step up behind her. He slipped his stiff cock inside her pussy and began fucking. "Holy shit! This bitch is looser than a dockwhore after Fleet Week," he shouted to riotous laughter. Tiffany didn't think she could be more embarrassed. After a couple minutes he finished inside her.

Another man stepped forward to take his turn, all the while the others in the crowd continued to torment her tits and slap her ass. Soon the toys came out and Tiffany found herself subjected to the sting of various whips and the pinch of clamps. Meanwhile, Cassandra crawled about the room offering blowjobs to the folks waiting their turn, but she didn't get many takers. Everyone wanted to hate-fuck their former coworker.

The torment continued for hours. Once Tiffany's overfucked pussy lost its appeal the attention turned to her ass, which it was gleefully pointed out to the entire room was just as loose as her pussy. Despite the abuse, or perhaps because of it, Tiffany managed to cum twice. Her erotic moans and trembling legs drove the crowd wild as they teased and tortured her over the edge.

Eventually she was removed from the stocks and Cassandra took her place. However the other slave still received little attention. Tiffany was dragged by her cum-soaked hair over to a chair and forced to eat the pussy of every woman in the room. Before each tormentor spread her legs Tiffany was made to beg, under the ever-present threat of the whip, for the privilege of eating out each pussy.

As the party wound down Cassandra was released from the stocks and the two girls were ordered to lick each other clean, though Cassandra obviously had the much larger job. Bill and Master Blue then began to prepare them for their trip back home.

Leather cuffs locked Tiffany's wrists to the side of the tight corset that she had been wearing for days. Leather straps around her ankles, knees, and thighs held her legs together. The small coffin that had been her tortured home was unmounted from the pillar and laid on the floor. Tiffany was ordered to thank everyone for giving her what she deserved before being ring gagged and placed into the box on her back.

"I've got one final request," Bill addressed the crowd while Master Blue wheeled in a large opaque barrel and then ran a tube from it to Tiffany's box. "In front of our friend, Tiffany Minx you will see two buttons, green and red. I would like you to vote on how you like her new lifestyle. If you think she makes a better painslut than executive then press the red button. If you think she served us better before her transformation then press the green button. I have some friends who operate a stud farm and they often end up with loads of horse cum that they have no use for. So, for every press of the red button Tiffany will have a pint of cum pumped into her box to accompany her on the way home."

Everyone lined up to vote. Tiffany couldn't help but notice that the tube was placed directly above her ring gagged mouth. The first votes came in, they were all the red button. Runny horse cum began oozing out of the tube. Tiffany closed her eyes as it poured out all over her face. Her mouth quickly filled up and overflowed. More votes came in, not a single one was the green button. The box filled fuller and fuller. By the time the last vote came in it was inches deep and came up over her ears.

Tiffany wallowed in sticky, cummy misery. She felt like the whole world had abandoned her. Not a single person from her former employer seemed to respect, or even like, her. She had been fucked and humiliated. Yet even as she lay there a small voice in the back of her head kept telling her: you deserve to be here, you are a naughty girl, you need to be punished.

For one last twist Cassandra was brought forward, bound similarly to Tiffany. Master Blue set the woman down on top of Tiffany before setting the lid of the box down and sitting on it until it snapped shut. Inside Tiffany and Cassandra were crushed into each other, face to face with their beaten and battered bodies pressed together. With their arms and legs bound it was nearly impossible to adjust and find a more comfortable arrangement, not that there was anywhere within the small confines of the box to move to anyway.

Tiffany felt the box shift as they were lifted up and loaded into a truck. A wave of cum splashed up over her face and left her coughing and choking. For the whole ride back every stop, start, or turn would send another wave splashing up over her face. Even after they arrived the two slaves were left smashed together within the box for several hours more. Tiffany exhausted from her ordeal somehow managed to fall asleep.

Chapter 7: A Place For Everything

Tiffany and Cassandra were eventually released from the confines of the dark, cum-filled box. Tiffany was hosed off and returned to a different cell than the one she had been staying in before. This one had no dingy mattress in the corner. Instead it had only a piss bucket and the cold, concrete floor. Her wrists were locked to a metal collar around her neck with a short chain, and her ankles were likewise locked together with a short chain and then secured to a bolt in the wall. No longer would she be left alone with access to her pussy. Her captors intended to keep their promise that she would only cum under pain and torture. This frustrated Tiffany to no end, as the hormone treatment had had its intended effect, she was constantly horny and longed to rub her pussy on anything that would get her off.

Tiffany spent the next several days recovering from her ordeal. She found that Bill's prediction about Master Red's cream was true, she could no longer stand flatfooted on the floor. Her tendons had tightened up during her stay in the box, now she could only stand and walk when she was up on her tiptoes. Twice a day she was served a bowl of dogfood and table scraps that she greedily wolfed down. Slowly her bruises faded until they were just a painful memory. Once she was deemed ready she was dragged out of her cell and led to her next nightmare.

She was shoved into a bright lit room by Master Blue. After spending so much time in her dark, dingy cell she squinted against the bright lights reflecting off of the clean white tile. She looked around the room and saw several people. In the center of the room was Bill, now known as Master Black, talking quietly with Master White. Over on the side of the room was Jenn, now known as Mistress Pink, standing next to her weary cousin, Jax. Jax was completely naked except for a metal collar around her neck and a pair of six inch heels locked onto her ankles. She stood at attention with her hands behind her head. Her eyes narrowed at the sight of her hated cousin.

"Ah, you're finally here," Master Black said. Tiffany was guided over to her cousin and ordered to stand at attention as well while her chains were removed and matching six inch heels were fitted to her feet. Jax stared daggers at Tiffany. It was obvious that she wanted to dart over and strangle her, but the discipline instilled by her captors got the better of her.

"We've recently had a job opening made available. It seems Slave Cassandra was just not cutting it for us as a slave trainer, so we're going to give you two an opportunity to audition for the role," he explained, then turned to Tiffany. "We have been having a hell of a time finding the right occupation for your cousin. While you were away attending my lavish party she was trying her hand at being a fitness trainer. After failing to complete our little slave triathlon we decided it was not the right role for her."

Tiffany later learned that the triathlon consisted of riding an exercise bike for three hours. The bicycle seat had been replaced with an oversized dildo that pumped in and out along with the turn of the pedals. If she pedaled too slow then she received electric shocks to her nipples. The biking was followed by a two hour run on a treadmill. To make sure Jax kept pace, clamps were attached to her nipples and clit. Unfortunately, she fell, exhausted, before she could finish her run so she never got to find out what the swimming event consisted of. Instead she was brutally punished for her failure.

"The job of slave trainer certainly comes with some perks. You get your choice of rooms within the slave quarters. You get better food. And your responsibilities often leave you less time to be punished by our staff," he explained. "Of course with these perks come some hefty responsibilities. Therefore, we must test you to see if you have what it takes."

"The test will consist of three phases. Whoever finishes the third phase the best will be eligible for the slave trainer position. So let's get started with the first phase." Tiffany and Jax were ordered to step forward into the middle of the room and to bend over and grab their ankles. "It is important for a slave to maintain control of herself at all times. We will now test your self-control." He set a small box on the floor which had three lights; red, yellow, and green.

"This is a decibel meter. It measures how loud a sound is." He made several noises of varying volumes so that the girls could see which lights turned on. Anything louder than a groan would trigger the red light, slightly softer than that would trigger the yellow light. "You will take turns receiving cane strokes from Mistress Pink. The first one to make too loud of a noise or let go of your ankles will lose, resulting in a handicap for the following phases. Understood?"

Both women nodded. Mistress Pink stepped forward brandishing a thick wooden cane. "Which one of you would like to go first?" she asked. Neither woman answered. Mistress Pink moved behind Tiffany. "Very well. Age before beauty then," she remarked.

Tiffany ignored the slight and braced for impact. Mistress Pink raised the cane high overhead and brought it crashing down as hard as she could into Tiffany's firm ass. Tiffany swooned. Her ass burned in pain. She took a sharp breath in, staring at the decibel meter. It showed only green.

Mistress Pink stepped behind Jax and delivered a blow to her ass. Jax squeaked, causing the display to flash yellow. But the contest continued. Tiffany couldn't tell for certain, but it seemed that Jax's strike wasn't as hard as hers was.

Mistress Pink moved back to Tiffany and laid down another stroke parallel to the last one, but Tiffany kept her composure.

Back and forth, back and forth, the blows rained down. Mistress Pink gave each woman twenty hard strokes. By now Tiffany was certain that Jax was getting lighter blows. Nevertheless, both Tiffany and Jax now had twenty angry parallel red lines running down from ass to lower thigh.

Mistress Pink set her cane down for a moment and wiped the sweat from her brow. She bent low near Tiffany and ran her hand along her pussy, coming away with fingers soaking wet with pussy juice.

"Is this turning you on, slave?" Mistress Pink mused.

Tiffany blushed. It really was. "What is happening to me?" she wondered to herself. Her ass burned in pain from the cane but her mind kept wondering when would be the next time she got fucked.

"Tell me, slave," Mistress Pink continued. "Did my fiance strike you like this when you were fucking him behind my back?"

Tiffany held her tongue. She wanted to defend herself, to tell Mistress Pink that she never fucked her fiance, but she knew it was a trick to try and get her to make a noise.

Mistress Pink picked up the cane once again. She ran its length along Tiffany's soaking wet pussy. "You are such a slut," she commented. Then she suddenly raised the cane and delivered four rapid strokes to the back of Tiffany's legs, at an angle to the existing welts. Tiffany was caught off guard. Her hands flew up to shield her battered behind as she screamed in pain. Small drops of blood appeared where the latest strikes had crossed the old. Realizing her failure, Tiffany collapsed to the floor in defeat and began sobbing as she massaged her beaten ass.

Jax looked on in relief. She was glad that Tiffany had failed. The bitch was finally starting to get what she deserved for leading her into this nightmare, she thought. At Master Blue's direction she was allowed to stand upright and move to the side of the room. She did so, rubbing her own sore ass along the way.

"Congratulations, slave," Master Black said to Jax. "Before we move on to the next phase of our competition you girls need to get prepared. I'll see you in a little while, and then explain what's next."

Tiffany was roughly dragged up off the floor by Master Blue. He led her and Jax out of the room and down the hall. As he pushed open the door to a new room Tiffany braced herself for what new torment would be greeting her. Instead, she was surprised to see a fairly typical looking dressing room. There was a shower in one corner and a make up table and mirror in another. Tiffany was shoved inside.

"You have thirty minutes to clean yourself up and get presentable. If we're not satisfied when we return then you will automatically lose the next phase," Master Blue explained. He closed and locked the door as he led Jax along with him, presumably to a similar dressing room for her.

Tiffany headed straight for the shower. She hadn't had one since she had arrived at this horrid facility, unless you counted being blasted by a high pressure hose while chained to the ceiling. She turned on the water and stepped inside. She yelped as the ice cold water hit her aching body. There was no temperature control. Quickly, she soaped herself up and rinsed off. She winced as her hands passed over the raised welts streaked across her ass and thighs. She got out and dried herself with a rough, threadbare towel then moved to a nearby wardrobe to see what clothing there was for her.

Inside the wardrobe were various sets of lingerie, all very slutty and all very revealing. Tiffany chose a lacy black silk teddy with a sewn in cupless bra. She matched this with a pair of black thigh high stockings and garter belt. She strapped her feet into a pair of six inch shiny black patent leather heels and then turned her attention to the makeup table.

As she sat down at the table she looked at herself in the mirror for the first time in weeks. The figure staring back at her was a stranger. Her time spent here had taken its toll on her. She appraised the various marks, piercings, and tattoos covering her body. She picked up a hairbrush and began grooming. As she leaned in close to the mirror she could see that the roots of her lovely red hair had turned lavender. As it grew out she would lose all traces of the beautiful hair that she was so proud of. Master Black had told her that her hormone treatment might change her hair color. Now that she could notice the effect it was almost too much for her.

She finished brushing her hair and began applying the makeup provided to her. It was quality stuff and soon she was made up like a young Hollywood starlet, even though she was dressed like a workaday whore. She set the makeup brush down just as the lock on the door clicked open and Master Blue walked through.

"You clean up nice, slave," he commented, his eyes roving up and down her body. Behind him stood Jax. She, too, was dressed in sexy lingerie and all dolled up. Her feet were squeezed into a pair of white stripper heels, with matching white lacy holdup stockings. Her pussy poked through a pair of white silk crotchless panties. And her tits were nicely boosted by a tight white half-cup bra.

They were led back to the room they were originally in. Two padded leather tables now occupied the room. Tiffany was led to stand next to one, and Jax the other.

"We're going to have a little race," Master Black explained. "It is very important for a slave to please her master quickly and efficiently, so we have bussed in sixty homeless men from a nearby town. You slaves are going to fuck them. Whoever gets off the most guys wins. Got it?"

Tiffany and Jax reluctantly nodded. "Alright, let's bring in the first guys," he said. "But, first, we need to handicap the loser of the first phase." He turned to Tiffany. "Since you couldn't keep yourself under control during a caning, we will help."

Master Blue stepped forward carrying a black, leather armbinder. He fitted Tiffany's arms into it and pulled it tight until her elbows touched.

"One final thing," Master Black said as each girl had a steel collar locked around her neck, "you are not here for your pleasure. If you cum or don't show proper enthusiasm then your collar will deliver you a series of shocks."

He sat himself in a comfortable chair and watched as the first men entered the room. Tiffany could smell them before she could see them. Obviously the men were not bathed before being turned loose on them. Eager not to lose again Tiffany climbed up on the table, laid down on her back while trying not to crush her bound arms too badly, and guided one bum into her pussy and another around the other side of the table where she began sucking his cock. She glanced over at Jax who was on her knees being fucked doggy style by one man, while also sucking the cock of another and also giving hand jobs to two more men.

How can I possibly win when she can service twice as many men at one time, she thought. Determined for quality to win out over quantity, Tiffany put all her effort into getting off the two guys spitroasting her, hoping to finish them quickly and get on to the next. She was rewarded a few minutes later when the man fucking her pussy came. As he stepped away he clanged a brass bell mounted on her side of the room. The guy who was fucking her mouth came a few seconds later, reflexively she swallowed his cum as it sputtered into her mouth.

Tiffany looked over at her cousin as two more horny men came to take their turn. She could hardly see the petite woman behind the crowd of men surrounding her. Tiffany turned her attention back to task at hand, but was distracted a short time later as a bell with a different tone clanged several times on Jax's side of the room. Tiffany really got into her performance then, she began moaning and writhing about, trying to push the men over the edge.

As the train of men continued she soon found that she didn't have to pretend. The relatively pain free stimulation of her pussy was getting her worked up. She fought the need to cum, remembering her master's warning. Nevertheless her pussy juice mixed in with the copious amounts of cum that oozed from her snatch.

As the current hobo fucking her came, she found herself pushed over the edge. She trembled and her legs shook as her body was rocked by orgasm. The man fucking her face withdrew as she writhed, which was a good thing because just a second later her collar activated, sending intense shocks into her body. Tiffany screamed and trembled, this time in pain rather than pleasure.

When the shocks finally ceased she looked over at Master Black, who shook his head disapprovingly. Tiffany was determined not to let that happen again. She had lost a precise count of just how many guys she had serviced versus her cousin, but she feared she was falling behind. Another clang of the bell from the other side of the room drove the point home.

Despite her resolution not to cum again, Tiffany soon found herself getting worked up as the non-stop fucking continued. She cursed the hormones that had caused her to get aroused so easily. As another satisfied customer left her pussy she reluctantly decided to guide the next man into her ass. The loads of a dozen previous visitors already had spilled out of her pussy and run down over her asshole, providing lubrication for the first eager cock. She lifted her knees to her chest and groaned as he pressed his stiff dick into her ass.

The painful stretching of her asshole gave Tiffany a brief reprieve from the orgasm building within her. It also had the added benefit of providing a bit of additional excitement to her patrons, allowing them to get off a little quicker. However, by the time the third cock had shot its load deep into her ass Tiffany was again building towards orgasm. She fought with all her might against it. But the feeling edged closer and closer until finally she screamed in ecstasy... and then in agony as the collar assaulted her once again with electric shocks.

The two women soldiered on. The line of waiting men grew shorter. Tiffany, convinced that she was falling behind, frantically fought to catch up. She invited a third man to the fray to sit on her chest and fuck her tits while her pussy and mouth were occupied. She tried to ignore the added weight crushing her arms beneath her as the man in the new position climbed on and pressed his cock between her fleshy tits. He mauled at her tits with his dirty, untrimmed fingernails as his cock slid back and forth.

Finally the line of waiting men ended. The last few customers finished fucking whatever hole they had been assigned. Tiffany collapsed onto the table as the last load shot into her ass and the man withdrew. She looked over at her cousin and saw as she finished off her last visitor. He fired his load into her hair. Jax was completely covered in cum. It clung to every part of her body and ran in little sticky streams into pools beneath her exhausted body.

"Well that looked like some fun," Master Black declared. "But before I announce the winner. I think that you girls have some cleaning up to do. This place is a mess. I'm going to prepare the final round. I expect you two to have licked these tables clean by the time I return."

He left the room, leaving Tiffany and Jax staring at the cum covered furniture before them. Begrudgingly they began their task. Tiffany had the more difficult time since having her arms pinned behind her back made positioning herself a challenge. She licked and slurped at the salty semen which seemed to be everywhere. She tried not to think about it as it slid down her throat and collected in her stomach.

Finally the task was completed and not a moment too soon. Tiffany kneeled down on the floor in front of her table just as her master returned. He strolled in and inspected the cleaning job the girls had done.

He tssked in disapproval. "It looks like this is something we'll have to work on," he commented. "But another time. Are you ready to hear who won?"

Tiffany nodded, but feared the answer. She hung her head as Master Black announced that Jax had prevailed once more. "Your cousin clearly wants to win this, or maybe she's just a better slave," he admonished. "But you still have a chance. This next round is for all the marbles. Though before we begin we must assign you your handicap for failing."

He withdrew a handkerchief from his pocket and approached Tiffany. He took the cloth and wiped up the copious amounts of cum splattered all over her pussy and ass. Then he commanded her to open her mouth. Tiffany reluctantly complied as he packed the sopping wet rag into her mouth. She choked as the oversized gag filled her mouth completely and tickled her gag reflex. Master Black secured the gag in place with an excessive amount of tape wound around and around her head.

Satisfied, he stepped back and admired his work. Then he guided the girls out of the room. They stopped at a room down the hall where they were ordered to strip off their cum-soaked lingerie. They were then sprayed with an icy blast of cold water from a high pressure hose to wash the remaining filth off. When he was satisfied that they were clean enough he led them outside.

Tiffany blinked against the bright sunshine as she and Jax followed Master Black out into a grassy field. "Our final test," he explained, "will determine who has the strength, endurance, and perseverance to perform the duties of a slave trainer."

Tiffany squirmed as Master Blue sidled up behind her and dropped her to the ground. Master White did the same for Jax. Then each of the men took an inflatable dildo and an inflatable buttplug, inserted them into the appropriate holes, and strapped them in place. Jax was also fitted with an inflatable gag. The women were returned to their feet with the inflater bulbs dangling ominously between their legs.

"I've recently taken up golf," Master Black explained. "But the trouble is that I never have the time to practice. Today you will help me." He stepped over to a bag of golf clubs and pulled out a driver, then teed up a ball from a nearby bucket.

"Here's the contest. You two are going to take turns retrieving my ball. After each shot you will have five minutes to return it. If you get here in time then you will get one pump on an inflator of your choice. If you fail, then you will get two pumps. You may quit when you can't take it anymore. The last slave standing wins."

Tiffany grunted in protest. It wasn't fair. With her gag Jax had one extra place to assign the pumps. Not only that, but with her arms pinned behind her back Tiffany would have a much harder time running to and carrying the ball.

Master Black noticed her dismay. "I bet you wish that you had done a better job in the previous rounds, eh?" He commented. "Tell you what, we'll have your cousin go first."

He lined up behind his ball and teed off a shot that rocketed out into the field. Jax watched closely to see where it landed, then took off running as Master Black started a timer on his watch, then teed up the next ball.

Tiffany watched as Jax ran, the uninflated dildos positioned in her pussy and ass caused her to take awkward strides. Nevertheless she soon reached the ball, picked it up and ran back. Master Black stopped the timer, pleased. He asked Jax which item to inflate. Jax, of course, chose her gag. He squeezed the bulb, expanding the item in her mouth. Tiffany could see her cheeks bulge ever so slightly.

Next was Tiffany's turn. The ball was hit squarely and sailed out into the field, nearly as far as the first shot. Tiffany watched anxiously to see where it landed, then took off running. Her body was stiff and sore from the caning and fucking earlier in the day. She ran as swiftly as she could, but already she could feel poking and chafing from the dildos in her pussy and ass. She reached the ball. With her hands pinned behind her by the armbinder she was unable to pick up the ball with her hands. Instead she was forced to kneel down and trap the ball between her chin and chest, wasting precious time.

Now running with her neck bent down, Tiffany scurried quickly back to the group. She saw on the timer that she had thirty seconds to spare as she dropped the ball, panting. Master Black nodded and asked Tiffany what to inflate. She reluctantly proffered the inflater bulb for her pussy. As he squeezed it she felt the dildo grow inside her.

The next shot for Jax flew off the tee with a sharp right hook. It vanished out of sight into a copse of trees and bushes on the side of the field. Master Black grumbled as Jax took off after it. She was still gone minutes later when the timer began beeping. She returned a few minutes after that, empty handed. Scrapes and scratches covered her body along with spots of dirt.

"Not only are you late, but you failed to find the ball?" Master Black said. "This is unacceptable. You will receive three pumps and three strokes of the cane. Where do you want them?"

Tears formed in her eyes as Jax indicated her gag for the pumps and her tits for the cane. Tiffany felt terrible about her joy at seeing cousin punished. The advantage the inflatable gag had given Jax was all but gone as the three pumps expanded the gag painfully wide, forcing her jaws wide. Jax was then ordered to stand at attention with her hands behind her head. Master Blue stepped forward and delivered three swift strikes to her tits. She squealed as three bright red lines flowered across her tits.

The contest continued. Master Black hit several more shots with his driver and the inflatables got larger and larger. Tiffany failed to return in time on one shot, having to pick up the ball with her chin wasted far too much time. Fortunately, Jax failed a few shots later when she chased another shanked ball off into the woods.

Tiffany was now finding it difficult just to walk. Chasing after the ball was agony as the dildo and buttplug stretched and pressed against her insides. Sweat poured off of her as she frantically chased shot after shot. She was reaching her breaking point, her only hope was that Jax was as well.

She looked up in hope as Jax failed to return the latest shot on time. Her distress was palpable as she dejectedly returned the ball to her frowning master. Tiffany silently begged her to quit, repeating it over and over in her mind as if she could will it to happen. But Jax stood firm. She screamed as she endured another pump each to her pussy and ass. Her cries muffled by the overfilled gag.

It was Tiffany's turn. She groaned as she got up from the ground where she had been resting awaiting her turn. There was a twinkle in his eye as Master Black lined up and swung. Tiffany watched in horror as the ball flew straight and true... directly into the copse of trees on the side of the field. Master Black shrugged and smirked. Tiffany thought that perhaps he had done it on purpose, wanting her to fail, but she couldn't be sure. Nonetheless she raced, or rather waddled, after the ball cursing the sticks and rocks that poked her feet along the way. The monster dildos inflated inside her made every step torture.

Frantically she searched for the ball within the woods, but it was nowhere to be found. It couldn't have just disappeared, she thought. Minutes passed and still she couldn't find it. Cramps wracked her body from shuffling around with the monster dildos inside of her. After a few more minutes Master Blue arrived and demanded that she return. With her head hung low she trudged back to Master Black.

"Have you lost my ball, slave?" he asked. Tiffany nodded her head softly. "That means three pumps and three cane strokes. Where would you like them?"

Tiffany stared at the ground. She wasn't even sure that she could tolerate one more pump, there was no way she could withstand three. She began sobbing and fell to the ground.

"I take it that you concede?" Master Black said. Tiffany said nothing. Master Black turned to Jax, "Congratulations. You will get to try your hand at slave training. If you succeed then you may advance beyond the status of your lowly position. We've got just the right slave for you to begin training. She's standing right in front of you. I bet you two will have tons of fun together."

Jax glowered at her cousin as Master Black continued. "We've got something special in mind for your slave. Would you like to see it?"

Jax nodded. The gag and dildos were deflated and removed from her as Tiffany was hauled to her feet and dragged towards a barn near the edge of the field. Outside of it was a heavy wooden frame that Tiffany was draped over. The frame was essentially a sturdy saw horse with a few extra bars and beams. Tiffany was leaned over a beam that was nearly waist high. Her wrists and ankles were locked in place near the ground on the legs of the apparatus. With her ass thrust up into the air the pressure was released from the buttplug and dildo. Tiffany moaned in relief as the items were slid free from her overstretched holes.

"We had this piece made special for one purpose," Master Black explained to Jax. "Let's show you how it works. But first we will need your new assistant."

Master Blue entered the barn and came out leading a sturdy, jet black pony. It trotted along as he pulled the reigns and guided him alongside Tiffany.

Master Black walked over next to Tiffany and patted the solid, muscular beast. "Meet Prince. You two will be spending a lot of time together," he told Tiffany, who had a worried look on her face. Prince whinnied and stomped a hoof. "I think he likes you. Or maybe he just says that to all the girls he sees locked into his fuck stand."

Tiffany's heart skipped a beat. She looked beneath the massive beast and saw his enormous semi-erect cock dangling between his legs. She objected loudly into her gag. Master Black ignored her and showed Jax how things worked.

"He's already pretty familiar with the process. You just have to command him up onto the stand and guide his cock into the hole of your choice and he'll take it from there. There are strategically placed points on the frame for him to comfortably rest his weight without crushing his companion. When he's finished you guide him down. Why don't you give it a try?"

Jax stepped over and grabbed ahold of the reigns. Then she led Prince around behind the fuck stand. She hardly had to guide him at all up onto the stand, he was excited and ready to go. Jax reached beneath the animal and grabbed his gigantic, throbbing cock. Her fingers hardly fit halfway around the girth of his stiff shaft. Tiffany howled in protest as Jax guided him into her trembling pussy.

Everyone looked on as the thick cock pumped in and out as the beast rocked in excitement. "Normally we'd need to loosen up Prince's date before we turned him loose," Master Black explained. "Fortunately our previous activities today left her more than ready."

Tiffany continued moaning as the beast pounded away at her tender pussy with his meaty horse cock. She squirmed against her restraints. Each thrust slammed into her pussy with the force of a jackhammer. Prince came, his hot cum exploding into Tiffany's battered pussy. He whinnied in delight. Jax looked over at Master Blue and noticed for the first time that he was holding a camcorder and capturing the entire scene on video.

Master Black guided the spent pony down from the fuck stand as he explained, "We're going to be putting together a series of films chronicling our newest pony slave's training. There will be a website dedicated to the whole process and members can watch via webcam twenty-four seven." He turned to Tiffany. "You're going to be famous. I hope you had a good time with Prince just now. You two are going to be spending a lot of time together."

Tiffany moaned as the camera panned in on her face, then swept down to capture her wrecked pussy. She was unstrapped from the fuck stand and led into the barn.

Chapter 8: Prince's Prize

Four months later...

Tiffany groaned as the early dawn light shined on her face through the window in the barn. She rolled out of the pile of straw that was her bed so that she could start her day. She had to finish her morning chores before Mistress Jax arrived, otherwise she would be severely punished. Last week she hadn't finished her training session until well after midnight. And the next morning despite positioning herself so that the morning light would wake her up (she wasn't allowed an alarm clock) she ended up sleeping late. When Mistress Jax found her still scrambling to finish her chores she was furious. Tiffany had spent the rest of the day hung up by her ankles from the rafters of the barn while her mistress whipped her over every inch of her body. She was then slathered with honey and left hanging while the horseflies buzzed and bit at her.

Tiffany shook away the memory of that day and focused on the task at hand. She stooped over and unhooked the gate to her stall. She spent every night with her wrists attached by a short chain to her metal collar. Her captors didn't want to allow her unsupervised access to her pussy lest she attempt to cum without permission, and with the hormone treatments she had been given she was constantly wet and horny. When her mistress arrived later in the morning her wrists would be freed, though likely replaced by some other strict bondage.

The first thing she did upon leaving her stall was to slip her feet into her pony boots. The bottoms of the boots were shaped like horse hooves, her toes slipped in place at the bottom and her feet and ankles were supported by stiff black leather which she strapped to her feet. With her ankle tendons medically shortened she would have had to walk around on her tiptoes, these boots provided some needed support to sustain her while being on her feet all day.

When she had first donned the pony boots she was slow and clumsy as she clip-clopped around. However, her mistress made sure that she had plenty of opportunity to break them in with miles of long marches during which she learned to walk and run in a manner befitting a proper ponyslave, all under the watchful eye of her horsewhip wielding overseer. Now she had worn them so much that walking without her pony boots felt uncomfortable and strange to her. As she slipped each foot in place she took extra care to make sure the leather was shiny and clean. Every night before bed she was expected to lick her boots clean and leave them outside her stall for inspection. If they were found lacking then she was certain to be punished the next day with an extra long march accompanied by an unending flurry of whip cracks to keep her at a breakneck pace.

With her boots secured Tiffany started on her next chores. She went to the stall adjacent to hers and guided Prince out of it. She tied his reigns to a post in the main part of the barn. Then Tiffany went to a sack of oats in the corner and filled his feed bag. She took a small scoop for herself and placed it in her food bowl. She gave Prince his breakfast then she went to the trough that she and the big, black pony shared to get a scoop of water for her own makeshift oatmeal. She and Prince always ate the same breakfast. In the evening she was served a gruel that would supplement her diet with other nutrients that her pony chow lacked. If she was good during the day, she and Prince would often be rewarded with carrots or apples.

While she waited for Prince to finish eating Tiffany cleaned out his stall, removing dirty hay and scooping out his droppings. She wasn't given the privilege of a shovel so she used her hands. Next she took out a brush and a bucket and washed Prince down, making certain that his jet black hair gleamed and his tail was free of knots. As she worked her way toward his rear haunches she glanced down and saw that his massive cock was semi-erect. With a sigh, she unhooked his reigns and led him to her next morning chore.

Tiffany pulled Prince up behind the back of the fuck stand. Jax was delighted to learn early on that if Tiffany was relatively unrestrained she could guide Prince up onto the stand and into her pussy all by herself. Ever since then it had been Tiffany's job to be fucked by Prince once every morning, and again at night if time allowed and if Prince was up for it. She pulled the animal into position then slipped herself beneath his muscular body and onto the rack. Prince stepped forward and she guided his enormous cock into her wet and waiting pussy. She no longer required any warmup to ready her pussy for the gigantic horse cock. One of her mistress's first tasks was to stretch and loosen her pussy with frequent fuckings from her companion. And during that period when Prince grew tired of fucking Tiffany she was hooked up to a horse cock sized fucking machine that drilled her pussy for hours on end. Now she was so loose that Prince's cock slid right in with ease.

She closed her eyes against the thrusts of the excited beast and focused on the sensation in her pussy. This was often her only opportunity during the day to cum. She hadn't been fucked by anyone other than Prince since her training had started and by now she was tuned in to his signals and rhythms. She came at the same time as the pony. He shuddered and whinnied, a stream of saliva dribbled from his mouth and into Tiffany's hair.

Once her lover had calmed down Tiffany slipped his softening cock from her cum-soaked pussy and guided him back to his waiting post. She tied him in place then slipped beneath the muscular beast and licked his cock clean. She eagerly licked up the runny horse cum, fighting her revulsion. The first time that she was commanded to drink Prince's semen she threw up. After that happened Jax had fed her nothing but horse cum for three days. She still found the taste revolting and her stomach turned as she slurped down the last drops and crawled out from beneath the pony.

Next she scooped a bucket of water from the trough and carried it over to a side of the barn that had a full length mirror. Tiffany took her horse brush and began scrubbing the previous day's filth from her body. The coarse, sharp bristles poked and agitated her skin to a light pink color, but it was the only way to be certain that she was cleaning herself to her mistress's high standards, a task made all the more difficult by the short chains attaching her wrists to her collar. She had to get creative to reach all the places where filth accumulated.

She appraised herself in the mirror and reviewed the stranger staring back at her. Her lavender hair had grown out over the months and now fell to her shoulders. She brushed the tangles from her curly locks, remaniscing about the beautiful red hair she once had. The heavy piercings in her septum, tits, and pussy had seen frequent use. Additional heavy rings had been added to her labia, now there were three on each side. Her legs and back had become firm and toned from strenuous daily exercise; forced marches and stress positions.

Eventually Tiffany was satisfied that she had gotten herself clean. She made a twirl in front of the mirror to make certain. Last month she had missed a speck of mud on the back of her thigh and found herself serving as a toilet slave for three days since she 'enjoyed wallowing in filth' according to her mistress. After that stint, being a pony slave didn't seem so bad.

Her final chore for the morning was to saddle Prince. She grabbed his tack and saddle and fitted them onto her now sanguine lover.

Tiffany walked back into the middle of the barn and stood at attention next to Prince. She thrust her chest out and held her hands behind her head, staring straight ahead while she awaited the arrival of her mistress. Sometimes she appeared fairly early, other times Tiffany was left standing at attention for hours. She didn't dare to relax her posture lest her mistress arrive and find her unready.

After about twenty minutes Jax arrived. She was dressed every bit as the harsh mistress pony trainer that she was. Her tight black pants hugged her hips and tucked neatly into her dark, leather boots. They matched neatly with her stiff white bustier which lifted her perky tits. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun. A small metal collar locked around her neck was the one reminder of her status as a slave.

She approached Tiffany and looked her over, making sure that her appearance was up to her standards. Then she examined the barn and Prince to verify that all of her morning chores were complete. All the while Tiffany stood at attention, staring straight ahead and hoping that her mistress would not invent some perceived infraction as an excuse to punish her.

At last Jax returned to Tiffany. "You have performed a satisfactory job this morning," she said. Tiffany breathed a sigh of relief. "We have a special task today," she continued. "You are going to be given an evaluation by several of our masters to validate the quality of your training."

Tiffany fretted quietly to herself. She had participated in a few other evaluations before. She had always passed, however Jax seemed to have higher standards than the people doing the grading and she often found herself being punished for minor mistakes that had been overlooked by the graders. Nothing less than absolute perfection was acceptable for her.

"The testing begins soon," she said. "Let's get you dressed."

Jax had brought with her the things she needed. "It's expected to be very hot today, so you've been given permission to forgo your latex bodysuit."

Tiffany was thankful for that. Even on cool days she found the confining latex stifling. Though she was certain that she couldn't expect any additional mercy from her captors.

Jax began by equipping a black, leather corset around Tiffany's waist. She slid it into position and tugged the laces tight. Tiffany groaned against the pressure crushing her ribs. After Jax had pulled the laces as tight as she could by hand she then pulled out a tool which allowed her greater leverage to tighten the laces even further. Tiffany felt light-headed as her waist was crushed impossibly thin.

Next Jax pulled out a shiny metal bit gag. As a ponygirl, this type of gag was used almost exclusively during her training. This familiar gag had an additional metal piece extending from the metal bar between her teeth that pressed back and down against her tongue, more effectively silencing her, but also causing a copious amount of drool to constantly pour from her mouth. Jax raised the gag and Tiffany obediently opened her mouth. However, before she could insert it Jax was distracted by Prince.

The black pony stamped his hoof on the wooden floor of the barn and began pissing. A sinister smile spread across Jax's face. She dropped the gag and quickly grabbed a nearby bucket. She placed it on the floor beneath the horse. After a moment he finished and Jax retrieved the bucket. She waved it beneath Tiffany's nose. The smell was nauseating.

"What good luck," she exclaimed. "I've been trying to collect some piss from Prince for about a week now but we've always been busy or otherwise occupied when the opportunity arose. Your lover is just not very predictable. I guess today he wanted to give you a little something to wish you good luck before your trial. Go on, drink up."

Jax handed the bucket to Tiffany. Her stomach turned. She had never been forced to drink horse piss before. There was so much in there despite Jax not catching it all. She slowly lifted the bucket to her lips and tipped it up. She began drinking, but not quickly enough for Jax, who tipped the bucket up higher. A wave of hot horse piss splashed over Tiffany's face and she choked. The foul, salty liquid was snorted up into her sinuses. Jax was not pleased. She picked up a riding crop and struck Tiffany on her ass.

"Come on, bitch. Drink up. I bet your fans are loving this," she gestured to the camera mounted on the barn wall. Tiffany blushed red. She'd have thought that by now she'd have no shame left, but the thought of strangers on the internet watching her drink horse piss embarrassed her to her core.

She lifted the bucket and resumed drinking. She coughed and choked several more times before emptying the bucket. She had lowered it for only a moment before her stomach turned. The feeling of nausea overcame her willpower and she vomited everything she drank plus her breakfast back into the bucket.

Jax seethed. "You're lucky that we have somewhere to be or else you'd be in for such a punishment right now," she growled. "Clearly, we will have to work on this."

Tiffany groaned. Jax had found a new way to make her life miserable.

Jax picked the bit gag up from the floor and forced it into Tiffany's mouth, locking it in as far back as it would go. Almost immediately a stream of drool began sliding from her mouth onto her tits.

Next Jax picked up Tiffany's 'tail'. The buttplug was about three inches long and one inch across, relatively tame considering some of larger items that had been shoved in Tiffany's ass. However, Jax had found early on that her slave wasn't able to perform all day if she was stuffed too full. At the end of the plug was a black horsehair tail, matching Prince, which was a little over two feet long.

Jax lifted the buttplug to Tiffany's drool covered tits and rubbed the plug around on them to lube it up. At a nod from her mistress Tiffany turned around, bent over as much as her corset would allow, and spread her ass cheeks. Jax worked the plug in place then slapped Tiffany on the rump. She stood up straight and turned around giving a little shimmy to work the plug into place.

The next item for Tiffany was a black, leather armbinder. Jax pulled Tiffany's arms behind her back and slipped them into the leather sleeve. Then she cranked the laces tighter until Tiffany's elbows touched. To ensure maximum tightness she again used her special tool to pull at the laces. Tiffany groaned as her arms were crushed in tight leather behind her back.

Jax finished off her Tiffany's bondage with a stiff leather collar around her neck. It was large enough that it prevented Tiffany from being able to turn her head more than a few degrees in any direction.

Satisfied that her ponygirl was bound as securely as she liked, Jax grabbed a ratty towel, dipped it in the trough and wiped away any trace of the horse piss and vomit from Tiffany's face and chest. Though the steady stream of drool pouring from her mouth had done most of the work for her. Then Jax hooked up Tiffany's reigns. This was a 'Y' shaped leather strap which hooked onto the ring in each of Tiffany's nipples.

Jax grabbed ahold of the reigns of her two ponies, Prince and Tiffany, and led them out into the pasture. Through training and habit Tiffany lifted her knees high as she marched out into the bright morning light. Her shapely muscular legs flexed beautifully as she pranced ahead. Her long black tail swished back and forth with every step.

Waiting for them at the edge of the pasture were Master Black, Master White, and Mistress Pink. They sat in comfortable chairs beneath a shady tent attended to by a slavegirl encased entirely in latex.

"Slave trainer, are you ready to show us what you have taught your ponygirl?" Master Black asked.

"Yes, master," Jax confidently replied.

"Good. The decision among the three of us must be unanimous. You have been told what to demonstrate for us. Begin."

Jax unhooked Tiffany's reigns from her nipples then swiftly climbed up into Prince's saddle. She sat with perfect posture, her hands confidently holding the pony's reigns and her feet in the stirrups. She looked like she belonged there.

"Pony, step up," she commanded.

Tiffany whinnied. She was trained to act as pony-like as possible while in her role, she thought her masters would appreciate the small detail. She began marching forward at a slow trot, lifting her knees gracefully with every step. She stared straight ahead as she marched following the fence that lined the pasture. Jax spurred Prince forward and followed along. When she reached a corner Jax commanded, "Yee" and Tiffany neatly spun ninety degrees and continued. An entire circuit of the pasture was about a quarter mile. Tiffany trotted the entire length at a steady, consistent pace lifting her knees high the entire way.

The heat of the day was just setting in and a fine sheen of sweat joined the mass of saliva collecting on Tiffany's chest. Though she was not yet fatigued. She had been conditioned to perform for hours and she still had plenty of stamina left. As she approached the tented area where her masters observed, Master White signalled a halt.

"Woah, pony," Jax called, halting Prince as well.

"This is all fine and good," Master White said. "But where is the challenge? Your ponygirl has been doing this for months. It has become second nature to her. But how does she perform if there is something to distract her?"

He picked an item up off a table and slipped through the gate into the pasture. He commanded Tiffany to spread her legs shoulder width apart then he took his object and hooked it to her clit ring. With her stiff collar Tiffany was unable to look down, but she felt a sharp, painful tug as Master White released the heavy object and it fell to the end of its foot long chain and yanked hard at her clit. Tiffany gasped in pain, which drew a fierce glare from Jax that Tiffany noticed from the corner of her eye.

"You may continue," Master White said as he settled back into his chair.

Jax ordered her slave to begin again. Tiffany took a first confident step, raising her knee high, and groaned as the heavy weight swung on the chain, pulling and twisting at her clit. She forced herself to ignore the pain as she took another step, but faltered ever so slightly as she felt the weight swing against her thigh. The weight was covered in sharp metal pins! They brushed against her skin prickling, poking, and scraping as they swept past. Tiffany pressed on with all her might, fighting to maintain her form and composure.

Tiffany completed two laps at her steady, graceful pace. All the while the weight swung sadistically back and forth, twisting and abusing her poor clit. By the time she finished her second lap the insides of her thighs had been scoured red by the sharp metal tines of heavy weight.

As she approached the tent for the third time Jax ordered her to increase her pace. Tiffany obediently quickened to a canter. She no longer kicked her knees quite so high as she moved faster. However the weight pulled harder with each step as her hoofed feet crashed into the ground. Her composure was beginning to waver as she completed two laps at this faster pace. The sweat collecting on her body was a result of the exertion from her performance, but also from the distress her poor pussy suffered from the swinging weight.

After finishing her second lap at this quicker pace Tiffany was again ordered to increase her speed. All grace and beauty left her stride as she galloped as fast as she could around her circuit. The heavy weight clamped to her clit swung wildly as her legs pumped and her feet slammed into the ground. Drool poured in rivers from behind her bit gag as she completed first one lap, and then a second. Mercifully after the second lap her mistress called her to a halt.

Tiffany stood at attention, gasping for breath. The last momentum of the weight carried it back and forth as it dangled from her bright red clit. Her legs were streaked with stratches where the pins had scraped at her thighs. Tiny drops of blood appeared in several places where the spikes had broken the skin.

Tiffany was allowed to remain standing at attention for twenty minutes so that she could catch her breath while the next trial was prepared. Master White and his slavegirl left to get the needed equipment while Jax dismounted her pony and wiped clean Tiffany's scraped thighs. She made sure to note to everyone that her slave's pussy was soaking wet with arousal. Tiffany blushed, after all this time it still shamed her that despite all her abuse she was constantly aroused. Prince was turned free to graze in the pasture.

When Master White returned his slave was bringing an item all to familiar to Tiffany. The slavegirl walked up behind Tiffany and set the two wheeled trap down on the ground. It was a light carriage consisting of a small bench positioned above a single axle. Two long bars extended parallel to each other from the front of the bench which could be hitched to a ponygirl.

Tiffany had spent many hours pulling the trap while her mistress rode along on it brandishing her whip. There was a course configured in the adjacent pasture with a curving trail populated with large rocks, potholes, and other obstacles to trip up an inattentive pony slave.

Several weeks back Tiffany was racing through the coarse, her mistress was intent on setting a new record time, and she clipped a small boulder on one of the turns. The impact was hard enough to toss Jax from the cart. She landed roughly on the ground then immediately sprang to her feet to unleash her fury on Tiffany. Tiffany had spent the entirety of the next day suspended by her tits from the rafters while Jax worked her over with a cattle prod. Since then, Tiffany had run the course dozens of times and had every obstacle and turn memorized.

Jax began fitting the trap to Tiffany. Of course they could have simply attached the bars to the sides of her sturdy corset, but that would not be nearly uncomfortable enough for a deserving slave like Tiffany. Instead a harness was fitted around Tiffany to pull the trap. A broad leather strap was buckled around her corsetted waist, a strap ran from that down between her legs, nestled within the folds of her sore pussy. All along that strap where it ran through her pussy it was covered in dull metal studs. That strap then ran up her back, split around her armbinder and up over each shoulder. Finally the two ends dangled loosely near the front of her waist where the bars of the trap were locked in place. The effect was that the weight of person sitting in the trap was born partly on harness, pulling the leather strap hard into Tiffany's pussy. Every bump, jostle, and shudder was translated through the trap and into her snatch.

Tiffany stood obediently while she was fitted into the vehicle by Jax. Once it was in place, Jax mounted the reigns to Tiffany. There was a leather strap that ran from the bench over each of Tiffany's shoulders, held in place by a ring mounted on the harness. The end of each strap was secured tightly to a nipple. On days when her trainers were feeling kind they would just hook the reigns to her nipple ring. Today, however, the straps were connected with a spring-loaded sawtoothed alligator clamp that crushed her nipples within their tight jaws. Tiffany whinnied in pain as each clamp was snapped in place.

Ready to ride, Jax climbed onto the bench of the trap. Tiffany groaned as the weight of her mistress pulled the strap running across her pussy tight. The hard leather and the metal studs dug into the soft folds of her sensitive flesh. Jax grabbed the reigns and prepared to show her superiors what her pony could do, but Master Black held up a hand commanding her to wait.

"I'm sure your slave is plenty skilled at pulling the trap in this configuration," he said. "So let's make this more interesting."

Tiffany didn't like the sound of that. Master Black grabbed a glass of water from his table and placed it in a cupholder mounted on the end of the bench. The glass was three quarters full and there was a line around the glass at the halfway mark.

"I'm going to leave this in here. I expect that by the time you finish here that this glass will still be half full," he said. Jax acknowledged his request.

"I assume your ponygirl is well versed in non-verbal commands as well?" he inquired.

"Yes, sir," Jax replied. "She has trained extensively with them."

"Very good. Let's make sure." He went to the tent and returned with a thick black leather hood. He approached Tiffany and removed her bit gag.

"Hmm, I'm afraid I forgot to bring an appropriate gag for this hood," Master Black said. He turned to Jax. "Slave, I require your panties."

Jax snapped into action. She jumped off the bench, tore off her boots and peeled away her tight pants. She quickly slipped off her black, satin panties and handed them to Master Black. He smelled them and made a sour face. Then he commanded Tiffany to open her mouth. She could smell the musk and sweat on the panties as they were crammed into her mouth. She choked a little as the last bit was packed in.

Next, Master Black lifted the thick leather hood onto Tiffany's head. The black leather had been sitting in the sun all day and Tiffany felt like she was sticking her head in an oven as the hot, oppressive leather swallowed her up. Master Black got to work tightening the laces as far as they would go. Aside from two small airholes beneath her nose and a small hole near the top that her hair was fed through Tiffany's head was completely encased in tight, hot leather. She could neither see nor hear anything.

Jax, now naked from the waist down, climbed back into the trap. Tiffany groaned as Jax's weight once again pulled the strap tight against her pussy. Jax picked up the buggy whip from its mount on the front of the bench. It was a long, thin leather whip at the end of a sturdy pole which allowed the driver to strike her pony from her position back on the bench.

"Tell me," Master Black asked, "what is the fastest time your slave has finished this course in."

"Seventeen minutes and thirty seven seconds, sir"

"That's pretty good. I will give you forty minutes to complete it twice, except you are going to run the course in the opposite direction today."

Jax nodded as Master Black returned to his seat in the shade. He signalled to start. Jax raised the buggy whip and cracked it forcefully onto Tiffany's exposed ass cheek. Tiffany jumped from the pain and sprang forward. Jax cracked the whip several more times to encourage her ponygirl to pick up the pace. Tiffany raced ahead. As they approached the start of the course Jax lifted the reigns and tugged at the strap attached to Tiffany's left nipple. This was to signal her to turn left. The harder she pulled the tighter the turn needed to be.

Tiffany hesitated ever so slightly at the first commanded turn. She had run this course dozens and dozens of times and she thought that she had every turn and obstacle memorized. She wasn't expecting to run the course backwards. It had never occurred to her mistress to attempt it.

Through hours of intense and painful practice Tiffany and Jax had worked out the nuances of pulling and steering the trap. Tiffany knew just how much to turn the cart based on how hard the reigns were pulled and Jax knew the timing to issue the commands for her desired route. The slight hesitation from her confusion briefly threw off the timing of the first turn. The left wheel of the trap ran up over a rounded rock buried in the dirt. The wheel rolled up and over, jostling Jax and the cart. The slave trainer glanced at the glass of water in horror as a small amount splashed up over the rim. One turn down and already they had spilled. Jax steeled herself and swallowed her anger at her stupid ponygirl, she would pay for that later, for now they had a course to run.

Together, ponygirl and trainer gracefully pranced about the course. Jax tugging gently or harshly at Tiffany's nipples to steer her about. The ponygirl took her abuse like a champ. Her twisted and crushed nipples turned red under the onslaught of commands. Jax alternately thrashed at Tiffany's ass to command her to go faster, or pulled fiercely at both nipples simultaneously to command her to slow down.

Despite the unfamiliarity with the reversed course they deftly maneuvered around the remaining turns without error. As they rounded the final bend Jax laid into Tiffany's backside with a flurry of blows commanding her to go faster. They raced across the finish and Master Black stopped the timer on his stopwatch. Jax hauled on both reigns commanding Tiffany to a halt. She nearly broke the clamps free of their crushing grip on Tiffany's nipples. She could here her slave's cry of pain even through the hood and wadded up panties.

Master Black stood up and approached the trap. He turned his stopwatch so that Jax could see the time. She held her breathe. It read thirty-nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds. A broad smile spread across Jax's face. Master Black inspected the glass of water. It was still over half full. They had made it.

Jax stepped down from the trap and stood proudly at attention.

"Nicely done," Master Black commended her. "You may unhook your pony while I consult with my peers to see if you have passed this examination."

Jax stepped over to Tiffany and loosened the bindings on her hood. Beneath the thick leather she found an exhausted and miserable woman. Her hair was matted down against her sweat and tear stained face. Jax pried her saliva soaked panties from Tiffany's mouth and tossed them on the ground. She reached down and unhooked the vicious clamps from Tiffany's nipples. Tiffany howled as the blood rushed back into the tips of her bruised tits. Her nipples were visibly distended from the harsh twisting and pulling during the ride.

Next Jax unhooked the trap. She pried the thick leather strap from the folds of Tiffany's pussy where it had buried itself. During the course of the ride the leather had become sodden with the pussy juices constantly leaking from her aroused hole. Jax silently wondered if she could get her slave to cum while pulling the trap. She shook away the thought and loosened the laces for the armbinder and pulled it free. Tiffany shrugged her shoulders forward and massaged the feeling back into her arms.

Jax reattached her 'Y' shaped leash to Tiffany's nipple rings and pulled her over towards her masters' tent, they appeared to have finished deliberating. Tiffany moaned in protest at further tugging on her bruised nipples. Jax ignored her complaints and pulled more insistently.

They arrived in front of the tent. Both slaves stood at attention as Master Black, Mistress Pink, and Master White all stood.

"Master White and myself believe it is obvious that you have adequately trained your slave," Master Black began. Jax's heart skipped a beat. "However, Mistress Pink is not so sure. Would you care to explain, Mistress?"

Mistress Pink stepped forward and spoke, "It is clear to me that you have indeed instilled the necessary skills of a ponygirl into this worthless slave. However, I'm not convinced that you are harsh enough with your trainee. A piece of shit like this needs to be treated particularly harshly." She emphasized the last statement by grabbing ahold of Tiffany's nipples in a tight pinch and twisting them severely. Tiffany howled, her knees buckled and she nearly fell to the ground. Mistress Pink released her hold.

"Furthermore, I -," Mistress Pink began but Jax interrupted.

"Please excuse me mistress," she said quickly as she grabbed an ice bucket filled with drinks from the masters' tent, upended it spilling out its contents, and raced over to Prince, who had wandered nearby during his grazing. Jax darted beneath the muscular black pony and shoved the bucket into the stream of hot piss pouring out of the animal. She waited until the flow stopped then scooped up the bucket and returned to the group.

"I'm terribly sorry for interrupting, mistress," Jax explained. "However, I thought that my slave might be thirsty after her strenuous exercise today and it's terribly difficult to reliably acquire a suitable beverage for her."

Mistress Pink paused her lecture and gestured for Jax to proceed. Jax handed the bucket to Tiffany and said, "You know what to do, slave." And she gave her a look that said, 'you had better drink every last drop without error or you will be sorrier than you have ever been.'

Tiffany slowly lifted the bucket to her lips. The pungent smell of horse piss pervaded her nose for the second time that day. She suppressed a retch as the first drops of the hot, salty liquid passed her lips. She tried to think of anything else as the foul substance poured down her throat, settling uneasily in her stomach. The only thing saving her from losing control was that she was indeed parched from her day's exertion. Her body didn't know that the salty liquid would provide no relief from dehydration, it only sensed liquid passing down her throat and greedily demanded more. She finished off the last drop of the piss and lowered the bucket. Jax took it away as Tiffany fought the urge to vomit.

Jax turned back to Mistress Pink. "I apologise for interrupting, mistress," she said. "Please continue."

Mistress Pink smiled. "I stand corrected," she declared. "You pass."

Jax stood straight and proud. She looked over at her miserable cousin, who was looking queasy.

Master Black stepped forward. "Excellent. Now that we're decided we can tell you the good news. This was your final test as a slave trainer. We've been so impressed with your performance that we've decided to take the unprecedented move of making you a full mistress. Congratulations, Mistress Purple."

Jax beamed. She was free from the life of a slave. She did have to admit that over the past few months she did really enjoy training and torturing a slave, especially one so deserving as Tiffany.

"You will be given additional slaves to train," he continued as Master White stepped forward and unlocked her collar. "Of course, you will continue to oversee this slave here. After today we have deemed it appropriate to officially designate her as a full ponygirl slave. The returns from her website have been remarkable, thanks in no small part to you. So she will soon be rented out to her fanbase for parties and special events. There's just one more thing we need to do to make it official. Follow me."

Jax followed Master Black into the barn, tugging her slave along behind her. Sitting in the middle of the barn was a heavy 'X' shaped rack. Tiffany was guided up to it and pressed against the rack face first. Her wrists were lifted up above her head and locked in place with steel shackles. Her ankles were likewise secured near the floor. Then a broad leather strap was wrapped around her waist and pulled in tight.

Master Black wheeled up a cart containing several items that Tiffany could not see, but she could feel the heat eminating from a brazier atop the cart.

"Every true pony slave requires a brand from her mistress," he explained.

Tiffany whipped her head around. "What?! You can't do this! Jax, please," she begged.

Jax answered Tiffany with a slap in the face. "Shut up, slave. No one asked you. And by the way, you will address me as Mistress Purple from now on."

"We've selected a brand for you that we think you'll like," Master Black continued. He held up the long metal shaft. At the end of the glowing red rod was a pattern resembling two jacks, like from the children's game. Jax looked at the hot metal.

"I love it," she said taking the rod from Master Black.

"The trick is to press it in firmly and hold it in place. It hurts like hell, so your slave may try to wriggle away. Speaking of which," he turned to Tiffany and thrust a thick strip of leather in her mouth. "Bite down on this. It keeps you from biting off your tongue."

Tiffany's eyes grew wide. Jax waved the brand in front of her face. She could feel the heat blazing from the metal. Jax lowered the brand to a spot just above Tiffany's hip where there was a small patch free of tattoos. Tiffany tensed as Jax pressed the brand against her skin, then she screamed long and hard thrashing against her bonds and biting into the leather strip. Jax held firm, burning her mark in place while Tiffany writhed. Just before she pulled the implement away Tiffany passed out from the pain.

Master Black and the others packed up and left. Before he went Master Black advised Jax on how to care for the brand. Jax turned to her slave, she was euphoric about her newfound freedom and power. She dug some smelling salts out of her supply stash and revived Tiffany. The tortured slave groaned as she regained consciousness. Jax tied a bag of ice to the brand as advised by Master Black then walked around the rack to talk to Tiffany.

"You may have passed the examination, but I have not forgotten the mistakes you made. You very nearly fucked everything up. Clearly we have more work to do," she grumbled into her slave's ear. "I think it's about time we introduced Prince to your ass. I'm sure he's grown tired of that loose pussy of yours."

The color drained from Tiffany's face as Jax continued. "I've also decided that now that you are an official ponyslave that we ought to change your name. What's more fitting for Prince than to be fucking a princess? I think we shall call you Princess Cumslut, or just Princess for short. By the time I'm finished with you, you will forget that your name was ever anything else."

Jax laughed maniacally as tears formed in Tiffany's eyes. This was only the start of a long and horrible relationship.


Many more months later...

Princess groaned as the early morning light shined on her face. She rolled out of her pile of straw and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Something was off. She quickly realized that her hands were unbound and her collar was missing. She had spent every night since her escape attempt with her hands bound up near her neck to prevent her from cumming without permission. She was constantly horny, even more so since Prince had been fucking her ass exclusively. She often wasn't able to cum while he reamed her asshole with his giant horsecock, there was no stimulation to her clit. In fact, ever since he had been introduced to her ass Princess had had a small chain run through the piercings in her snatch, pulled tight, and locked in place. Her pussy was officially off limits.

Now, however, with her hands free Princess immediately reached for her throbbing, wet pussy. She worked her fingers in under the chain and rubbed at her clit like her life depended on it. She quickly came, hard. Her toes curled and she uttered an inhuman groan as the pleasure washed over her. She took a moment to catch her breath, then rubbed herself to orgasm again. She didn't care if this was some sort of test that she was failing, she really needed to cum and nothing her cruel mistress could do to her would dissuade her.

Her lust temporarily sated, Princess stood up and tiptoed out of her stall. She moved awkwardly. Per the orders of her mistress she was required at all times to wear her new ponytail buttplug. It was rather large, roughly the size of an avocado, but it fit easily in her ass after all the buttfuckings she had endured from her pony lover. The end protruding from her stretched out asshole was donned with a long bundle of lavender hair, recently shaved from her head to fashion into what her mistress deemed a 'proper ponytail'.

She heard Prince snort in the next stall over. She looked down at the floor for the pony boots she had worn every day during her time as a ponygirl. They were not there. She glanced around and saw them against the wall near the door to the barn. She moved over to them, her steps felt strange without the support of the boots. Pinned onto the door of the barn was a note, next to it was her slave collar and cuffs. She leaned over and read the note:


It has been one year since you signed the contract confining you to your slavery at this compound. Per our agreement you are now free to go. If you feel ready to resume your life as you left it then exit this barn and walk out the front gate. You have until nine AM to do so. After that time if you are still here then you are implicitly agreeing to remain in this facility indefinitely. You will never again be offered your freedom. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

-Master Black

Princess took the note down from the wall and read it again. A dozen thoughts ran through her mind all at once. Was this real? Did she really agree to this? Is this another trick to test her loyalty? Had it only been a year, it felt like longer? What was waiting for her on the outside anyway? Was she still wanted for the disappearance of her cousin? Had the cops found out about her embezzlement? What would she do with no money, tattoos and piercings all over her body, and a stretched out pussy and asshole?

As she thought longer her mind turned itself in knots. I'd have to be crazy to stay here. But don't I deserve to be here? Mistress Purple is so cruel to me. But it's only because I am a naughty slave. I have been abused, degraded, and humiliated. But I deserve to be punished.

She took the collar off the wall and considered its shiny metal and what it represented. With a deep breath and a sense of determination she made up her mind. She locked the collar around her neck and fastened her hands within the cuffs. Then she crumpled up the note and threw it away. She had morning chores to do and her mistress could be here at any moment.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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