Rose’s New Life
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Author's Note: This is my first story so feel free to comment on what can be improved

Rose was a 18 year old girl with light brown hair living in New York With her mother and her sister. Rose was 5,1 feet tall and had a relatively slender build. The summer break had just started so she thought this would be a good day to lounge about in her night dress and watch TV while her mother and sister are out shopping for the day.

At about 12:00 Rose Heard a knock at the door.

Rose: Who the fuck could that be?

Rose walked to the door with caution, still in her night dress. When she opened the door she saw a tall 35 to 40 year old lady standing in front of her, she was wearing a tight black skirt, a White blouse and 4 inch high heels.

Rose: excuse me, can I help you?

Lady: hey sweetie my name is Helga, is your mother home, little girl?

Rose: for your information I'm 18 and no she is not.

Helga: Do you mind if I come in sweetie?

Helga walk straight through the door even though Rose clearly didn't want a stranger in the house.

Rose: I'd really prefer if you'd leave.

Helga started looking through all the rooms, Rose didn't really know what to do so she just hoped that she would leave soon.

It was at this point that Rose noticed the handbag Helga was carrying had a diaper in it.

Rose: I've noticed that you have a diaper in your bag, do you have a baby?

Helga stopped what she was doing and walked towards Rose

Helga: well not exactly

Helga reaches in to her handbag and pulls out a small gun. Rose freaks out and nearly screams, but Helga quickly puts her hand over her mouth and starts speaking softly to Rose like she was trying to calm a toddler.

Rose: Nnnfff!

Helga: it's going to be okay sweetie, I'm not going to hurt you as long as you be a good girl and do as I say. Now be quiet and sit down.

Rose was terrified and didn't want any trouble, she just sat down on the chair that Helga pulled up for her. Helga got some rope from her handbag and started tying her arms together, Rose was to afraid to move.

Rose: take what you want just leave me alone!

Helga: I think it's time for a little peace and quiet wouldn't you agree?

Rose: what are you talking about just let me go!

After Helga finished tying her wrists together she walked to Rose's mother's room and started going through her laundry. After about a minute, she came back to Rose who was still in the chair tied up. Helga was holding 2 pairs Rose's mother's dirty panties.

Rose: is that all you really came here for?

Helga: open up, its snack time.

Rose: wait what are you doinnMMMMMMPPPPHH

Helga stuffs both of the dirty panties into Rose's mouth with force. She felt like vomiting from the thought of her mother's panties, they tasted as bad as they smelt but she couldn't spit them out.

Helga: no need to make a fuss, think of it more as a treat. Once I'm done with you you'll be craving some wet panties to put in your mouth.

Rose: Mmmmmhhhhr

Next was the tape. Helga picked up a roll of duck tape and started wrapping it around Rose's head until it covered her face from the bottom of her nose to her chin. And if that wasn't bad enough, Helga pulls Rose's C cup boobs out of her night dress and started tying fin black tape around each boob until they were like red balloons on her chest. But it didn't stop there, Helga grabbed a roll of white tape and started wrapping her entire boob in it, Rose noticed that the tape had a really weird smell to it, like something she had smelled before.

Helga: you are probably wandering why I have wrapped your boobs up like that.

Rose: Mmmhh hhmm

Helga: The white tape I have used is superglue tape so I doubt it is ever coming off your skin

It was at this moment Rose really started to freak out. She just wanted it to all be a bad dream.


Helga: don't worry sweetie, think of them more as two bouncy balls on your chest for you to play with. Now let's get you ready for the long Car ride home.

Helga Pulls Rose off the chair and on to her feet. She pulls her night dress up to see what she is wearing under their.

Helga: naughty naughty, no panties.

Helga gently slaps Rose's vagina just to give her a little jolt. The next thing she did was tie a knot at the back Rose's night dress so it didn't cover anything below her waist. The last piece of rope that Helga had was for a crotch rope that she made sure was as tight as she could make it

Rose: Mmmmmmmpppphh!

Helga: that should keep you under control for an hour or two, plus I think you'll learn to like it.

Last but not least was the diaper that Rose noticed before she got tied up. Helga took it out of her bag and explained why She had to wear it.

Helga: I'm know you don't want this but it's for your own good, I can't just have you pissing all over the place. Besides I think it's more girly of you to wear a diaper instead of going to the bathroom all the time.

Rose tried to stop her from putting it on her but there was only so much she could do tied up and in a lot of frustration.

It seemed to be over but Helga still wasn't satisfied.

Helga pulled up her skirt and started taking off her baby blue Silk panties. Rose was a little confused at this point but quickly realized what she was planning to do. The panties were put over Rose's face with the crotch Area right over her nose, they smelt like they had been worn for over a months without being cleaned.

"now you are Beautiful" Helga said as she held Rose's face and kissed her where her lips would be.

Helga: you are going to be like the daughter I never had. And don't worry, mammas gone take real good care of you.


now that Rose was all packaged up and ready for transport, the last thing Helga had to do was get her to the trunk of her car without anyone seeing her and before her family comes home. She had brought a sack that was Big enough for Rose but also needed something like a wheelbarrow to carry her out. After a couple minutes of snooping about in the apartment she eventually decided that she would use an old baby stroller that she found.

She stuffs Rose in the sack and puts the sack in the stroller. It would have been pretty obvious that there was a girl in the stroller, but Helga covered the sack with a baby blanket so any one who walked past her would just think that there was a baby under the blanket.

Rose was really uncomfortable, her legs were folded when she was being transported in the stroller and the only thing she could see was the blue silk of Helga's panties on her face. After 10 minutes of being in the stroller rose finally got to stretch her legs as she was carried out of the stroller and into the trunk of Helga's car, unfortunately she didn't think to much of it because of the fishy smell from the panties over her face that were pretty much the only thing she could think about, plus she just realized that she really needed to pee.

It was going to be a long car trip for Rose.

Chapter 2

Rose woke up still in the back of the car in the same state as she was in yesterday. The car had been driving for about 2 hours now and her urge to pee was to strong. Never in her life did she think she would be tied up in the trunk of a weird ladies car with her mother's panties in her mouth, A pair of dirty panties over her face and wetting herself in a diaper. It was all to humiliating To handle, but that was the least of her worries for now. The car Kept on driving for another 5 hours, now Rose had probably peed her self 4 time and the diaper was getting really thick and irritating. Eventually she felt the car come to a stop and someone getting out of it. As the trunk of the car opened,Rose was greeted by the Voice of Helga.

Helga: Wacky wacky sweetie, looks like you slept like a baby.

Rose: Hhmmmmm

Helga was clearly just saying that to humiliate her some more. Rose was carried out of the car and into this house in the middle of a Forest, of-course Rose didn't know this because the panties were still blocking her field of vision.

Once Helga had brought Rose into the house, she sat her down on a restraint chair and started untying her wrists. Rose thought that she was going to be set free, but this freedom was short live because her arms and legs were immediately strapped into the chair. Helga finally removes the panties from Rose's head, for Rose it was a relief to finally see and breath air that wasn't filtered through smelly panties.

Helga: I'm sorry sweetie I'm sure you wanted to wear that for a little longer. Don't be upset though, we just need to put on your real gag first.

Rose became really paranoid after hearing those words "real gag" how can the gag get more real?

Helga started untaping the gag, pulling Rose's hair in the process.

Helga: now don't spit those panties out just yet, I need to get the stuff.

Helga finishes removing the tape from Rose's face and then walked into another room to get the items for the new gag. Rose was far too afraid to spit out the panties that were in her mouth, so she just sat there with two pairs of her mother's panties in her mouth until she got back.

When Helga finally came back she was holding a small bucket of glue and the same tape that she used to encase Rose's boobs with.

Helga: such a good girl, keeping those panties in your mouth. You most have gotten quite attached to your mother's panties.

Helga removed the two pairs of panties from Rose's mouth, Rose was happy to finally have her mouth free again but not for long . Helga started dipping the panties in the small bucket of glue.

Rose: what are you going to do with thMMMMMHHHHP

Helga: good girls don't talk that way sweetie.

She shoved the now glue soaked panties into Rose's mouth without warning, Her cheeks puffed up as the panties went deeper into her mouth.

Helga: there we go, that should de good enough. Now for the tape.

Rose protested as much as she could but it was no use, Helga held her head firmly as she applied the super glue tape to Rose's mouth. It was so humiliating, her freedom of speech was being taken away permanently and there was nothing she could do.

Helga: there we go all done, your a perfect girl now.

Helga smoothed out the tape that she wrapped around Rose's head 7 times.

But if the permanent gag wasn't bad enough to live with, Helga also had a pair of ballet boot and bondage mittens that were going to also be permanently attached to Rose, she started with the ballet boots.

Rose: Mmmmmmmmggrrhhh

The ballet boots were fitted with a metal lock that couldn't be unlocked, the same was done for the mittens. Since The mittens prevented Rose from using her hands, there was no need for her to be tied up so Helga Untied her from the restraint chair.

Helga: now that that's all done, let's get your diaper changed.

As soon as Helga let's Rose off the chair she tries to make a run to the door and escape, but as soon as Rose takes one step she falls to the ground.

Helga: hahaha don't worry sweetie, you'll get use to walking properly eventually.

Helga ties some string around Rose's encased boobs and uses it as a leash while Rose crawls on the floor behind her.

Helga led her to the living room that had what looked to be a toddlers play area in it, there were stuffed animals, toys and it was surrounded with a children's safety fence.

Helga: as you can see sweetie I have been waiting for this day for quite awhile. It has been my dream to raise a daughter of my own.

Rose: Mmmmffffnnnn

Helga: now why don't we get that diaper of yours changed?

Helga tugged on Rose's boobs lech to motivate her. She opened the gate to the play area to let the poor girl in, once Rose had crawled her way into the play area Helga Crouched Down in-front of a baby changing pillow. The pillow was made of white latex with little pink Hart's around it. She lifted Rose up and put her on the changing pillow laying on her back, Rose was dying of embarrassment at this point but she had given up fighting for now, she had been overwhelmed from all the freedom that has been taken away from her.

Helga: aren't you a messy girl.

She lifted Rose's legs up and removed the piss soaked diaper and replaced it with a fresh diaper, Helga had a smile on her face while she was doing this, it was clear that she had been wanting to do this for a long time. Rose wouldn't admit it but it felt good to finally get changed out of that wet diaper, any longer and it would have probably given her a rash.

Helga: my little girls first wet diaper, I'm so happy. you most be starving by now aren't you?

Rose: Mmmmmhhhmmm

Helga: great I'll go and fix you up something yummy, be a good girl while I'm gone ok.

So many things were going through Rose's head right now, why did this lady restrain me like this, why is she treating me like a baby and how I'm I going to eat food with this gag stuck to my face. Rose knew she had to find a way out before this crazy lady did anything else to her body, she tried to get over the child safety fence but she just wasn't able to stand up with the ballet boots on her feet, and pulling her self over the bars wasn't an option because of the bondage mittens she was wearing. After about 30 minutes of failed escape attempt she started to cry thinking that she would never be able to escape, and that's when one of the toys caught her eye. it was a black and white dog plushie that was lying in a pile with the rest of the toys, she crawled over to the dog plushie and held it in her arms, for some reason it just made herself feel better about her situation.

Helga: I hope your hungry my little gagged child?

Rose quickly dropped the toy dog as she saw Helga walking into the living room holding what looked to be a baby bottle with a long straw out the top of it. Helga stepped into the play area and placed Rose on her lap, Rose struggled for a bit when she knew what was going to happen.

Rose: Mmmmmhhhhhhffffmmmmmmhhhhhrrr

Helga: don't make this more difficult for mammy, be a good girl and stay still or mammy will get mad.

Helga grabbed one of Rose's encased boobs and squeezed it hard, the Pain was unbearable for her, eventually she had to give in and let Helga do her thing.

Helga put the straw of the bottle into Rose's nose and down her throat in order to get the liquid passed the gag, it didn't feel good for Rose but it was nice to finally not be hungry.

Helga: there we go, that wasn't so bad was it?

Rose: Mmmggmm

Helga: don't be a sad baby, if you promise to be a good girl and do as I say, I'll buy you a little cute pink outfit for you to wear tomorrow.

Rose didn't react to any of this, she was just tired at this point and wanted the day to be over soon.

Helga: let's have an early night tonight, tomorrow your training starts so it would be best for my little cutie to get some sleep.

Helga put her arms around Rose and carried her to another room in the house, the room she was brought into was completely pink with a wardrobe fall of little girly dresses and a crib in the corner. Rose was placed down in the crib that she noticed had a latex pillow and blanket, she was hoping that Helga would take off her ballet boots and mittens now that she was in bed but she didn't.

Rose was on the verge of crying, knowing that she would probably be spending the rest of her life as a slave, that was until Helga gave her that toy dog that she was playing with earlier.

Helga: that's okay sweetie it's natural for girls to want to sleep with their toys.

Rose felt a glimpse of hope now that she had something to cuddle at night, she started getting emotionally attached to the toy dog even though she thought she had grown out though having toys years ago.

Helga: one more thing to make sure you are tucked in probably.

Helga got some string and tied it around one of Rose's boobs, then she tied the other end of the string to the side of the crib. She did the same to the other boob to prevent any scape attempts.

It did make it irritating for Rose but she just tried to ignore it and get some sleep.

Helga gave rose a kiss on her gag and started walking out of the room.

Just before she turned off the lights and closed the door she said.

Helga: sweet dreams my little cutie, tomorrow will begin your training.

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