The Foundation Slave
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Author's Note: A short story intended to introduce a world that I hope to write more stories in going forward. This is a complete story describing the process of training a slave for the service of a secret organization called The Foundation.

Chapter 1

Haley's eyes fluttered open, her vision going from a grey fog to a watery blur before finally coming into focus. She saw only a cement wall in front of her. Her head was pressed against a hard backing by a tight restraint making it impossible to look around.

Cool air hardened her bare nipples and alerted her that she was naked. Straps crossed her chest above and below her breasts pinning her torso to the chair. More straps ran from her wrists to elbow holding them against the chair arms. Her legs were similarly trapped under unforgiving bonds.

She fought frantically to find any ways to wriggle free but every twitch only caused the straps to cut into her skin. Her screams were muffled by something hard and phallic that filled her mouth and was held in place with another strap around her head.

After several minutes she went limp from exhaustion. She panted from the exertion, her exposed breasts heaving with each deep breath. For all the effort, though, nothing was accomplished as everything held firm. Tears wet her face and her mind turned to terrifying thoughts about where she was and for what purpose. A few horrific ideas already invaded her mind even as she struggled to keep control of herself.

Hands touched her shoulders, from behind, causing her to jerk violently at the restraints. "Oh honey, please do calm down it's not going to get you anywhere," a woman's voice said behind her.

Haley tried to speak, forgetting about the gag, and managed only pitiful squeals. The woman moved around and sat on a stool in front of Haley. She had black, chin length, hair and wore some kind of leather fetish getup. She was too terrified to really consider what that might mean for her own plight. The woman was quite beautiful, the type to turn the heads of both men and women, but any thoughts of her beauty halted once the woman resumed speaking.

"Listen carefully to what I am about to say because it is the last time anyone will explain what is happening to you."

Haley didn't breathe for a long time, her heart pounded in her chest as she waited to hear the woman speak.

"You have been abducted by The Foundation, you will never be released, you will never escape, and you will never be rescued. Your body will be used physically, for sex, servitude, and pain, as our clients see fit. Our clients prefer the objects have human names, but your old life and the name that went with it are no more. From this day forward you will be referred to as Michelle 053. Other times you will be called simply Object or The Object. If you are allowed to address me you will refer to me as Mistress Dominique."

A hot wave washed over Haley's body, already slick with sweat, a new layer now coated her skin. She pulled again at her straps and tried to scream but the gag and restraints did their work well.

Dominique continued; " Your training will begin shortly, the quicker you submit the better it will go for you. I will be handing your training over to my trustees, soon, but I prefer to meet all new arrivals just when they awake to welcome them to The Foundation." Dominique stood, "You really should be honored that you have been selected to become an Object of The Foundation. In time, you will realize that."

As Haley watched her tormentor leave the meaning of Dominique's words set in, and she began to scream, and cry, and pull at her restraints all it got her was exhaustion. Eventually, she slumped in her chair, as much as the straps would allow, and sobbed through her misery.

Chapter 2

Sometime later three women entered her room. One of the women wore uniform blue overalls and carried a tablet with a stylus. The other two women were bald and wore only a skimpy leather outfit that resembled a tiny string bikini, the top of which, barely managed to cover their nipples. All three of the women wore a metal collar around their necks.

The clothed woman spoke, "Object Michelle 053 I am Anne and will be in charge of your training. You will follow every instruction, without hesitation, or else face punishment." The other two women stood ramrod straight, in silence, their eyes declined toward the floor. "You may begin," Anne said.

The two slaves went into action, without pause, moving to the chair, they released Haley's straps. Once she was free the slaves grabbed her arms, with remarkable strength, and pulled her to her feet. "Stand with arms out and legs spread," Anne said, with a stern commanding tone. Haley complied, too scared to think about resisting.

The slaves began measuring every part of Haley's body speaking only to relay the measurements to Anne who recorded them onto her device. They measured everything from her height to the length of her fingers and toes. Worst of all was when they measured the inside of her anus and vagina. They did this by inserting an inflatable bag that grew until it filled her painfully. Somehow this gave them the size of her orifices.

During this procedure, Haley tried not to lose control, but her tears went ignored while the women did their work. Once finished, a collar was closed around her neck identical to the one worn by the three women. "All objects wear this collar, even trustees like myself, it reminds us that in the end we are all equal as slaves. It cannot be removed and it's closing around your neck marks the beginning of your new life as an Object of The Foundation," Anne said, without emotion.

Chapter 3

Anne walked into the conference room and took her usual seat. The slave trainer always sat two seats to the right of Dominique who, of course, would sit at the head of the table once she arrived. The seats were comfortable, corporate, and under different circumstances this might be any boardroom meeting. Anne scanned the faces already present around the table. Dominique's administration, all women, all kidnapped at some point over the past decade just as Anne had been. Like Anne, these women enjoyed special status, as trustees, and were mostly free within the underground compound. But, make no mistake, they were prisoners, and slaves, the collar they were required to wear served as a constant reminder of that fact.

The "cabinet" as it could be called was made up of a; chief of staff, ob-gyn, medical doctor, dentist, security chief, processing secretary, and finally herself the training secretary. Each of the department heads had worker slaves and lower ranked trustees who answered directly to them in each department. It was quite the organization, she had to admit, and the reason no one ever escaped and why the authorities could not do anything to help them.

The women talked amongst themselves while they waited for Dominique to arrive. The oldest of them was Robin who served as chief of staff and recently turned forty. She was the gateway to getting to Dominique and guarded that power like a hungry dog. Anne's eyes fell on the one chair that remained empty, Melanie, The Foundation dentist would normally have sat there. Anne forced herself to look away not wanting to think about her now.

Her eyes inadvertently met one of the worker slaves standing in the four corners of the room. The slave averted her eyes to the floor, immediately, as she was trained. The slaves shaved head caught the light as she dropped her gaze. Her stiletto boots that forced the slave to stand at all times on the balls of her feet clicked against the hard floor as the girl shivered hoping Anne did not notice her. An infraction that could bring severe punishment if Anne chose to follow up on it. She saw the shackles on the girls wrists and ankles, chainless for now so the girl can serve them if need be, and wondered what she had been in her old life. Anne tried to remember, but could not, she had broken so many girls like her over the years.

Dominique entered, and the room fell silent all eyes going to the tall powerful woman as she sauntered to her seat. "Good morning, everyone." Dominique said, and one of the worker slaves began to type furiously as the meeting began. "Let's get started, secretary Greta, I heard one of your collectors had a difficult night."

"Yes ma'am, collector Gregory and his apprentice had some difficulty and were forced to deviate from their original plan. But it worked out in the end. Their collections are being processed as we speak." Greta, the beautiful Norwegian woman that oversaw the processing of all new arrivals and the collector corps. Hers was the step just before they were handed to Anne for training.

"Very good, and secretary Aralyn what do you have to report?" Aralyn was The Foundations Ob-gyn and had a busy time inspecting every pussy in the organization.

"I don't have any outbreaks to report but we are running low on antibiotics which help with that," Aralyn reported.

"I'll ensure another shipment arrives soon," Dominique said. "Linda, what of that security threat we had?"

Linda was in charge of security at the compound, "The offender has been dealt with according to your orders ma'am," Linda said.

Dominique nodded, "That brings me to an important issue I must address today. Do you all see the empty chair where trustee Melanie would be sitting. As you may already know trustee Melanie was recently caught trying to escape. She has been punished in the most severe manner that we have at The Foundation. And I want to take this time to remind you of how lucky you are to have the privileges you get as trustees. Those privileges can be taken away at any time and any of you can end up like Melanie. Do not forget that."

"Yes, ma'am," the entire room said in unison.

"Very good, now let us continue." The meeting went on as normal from there with each of the department heads offering some short report on their respective areas including Anne. When the meeting was adjourned Dominique asked her to remain as the room emptied out.

When the room was clear Dominique walked around the large conference table to where Anne stood, waiting, nervously. As Dominique approached, she slipped on a pair of black leather gloves reaching midway up her arm. She wore a leather corset that covered her nipples even while her breasts threatened to burst out beneath their tight confines. A dark line of cleavage ran between the exquisite mounds. If Anne didn't hate the woman so much for what she had done to her she would be hopelessly attracted to her instead.

"How is our new Object coming along?" Dominique asked.

"I've only just begun but I don't anticipate any problems."

"You always have been good at breaking new arrivals. Almost, as good as I was." Dominique pursed her pouty lips painted with a dark purple lip stick as usual.

"Thank you."

"What do think about what happened with trustee Melanie?"

"She was caught trying to escape."

"That's right. Foolish girl, had a good thing here, why she would throw that away is beyond me."

Maybe because she had a one-year old daughter before you abducted her and brought her to this place, Anne thought, but kept her expression neutral.

"Anyway, she was dealt with accordingly and will serve as an example to the others."

"She was given the maximum penalty then?" Anne asked, already knowing the answer, but needing to hear it anyway.

"She gave me no choice. A trustee that I cannot depend on is useless to me and I can't have her putting foolish ideas into the heads of the Object Slaves,"

Dominique's tone became indignant, showing emotion for the first time, as if Melanie's escape attempt insulted her personally.

"I understand," was all Anne had the courage to say at the moment.

"Once Melanie is settled in to her new life I might put her on display in the trustee common room for all to see. That should make sure no one forgets the consequences for defying The Foundation."

Anne's stomach twisted at the thought of this but used every power within her to suppress any outward reaction. "That would serve as a powerful deterrent."

"Yes, a reminder that all trustees gain their privileges through my good graces. Something, you too should keep in mind."

Chapter 4

After Haley was measured and collared the two slaves drew blood from her arm. Metal shackles were affixed to her wrists and ankles which were then attached to one another in front of her. The slaves led her via a leash. The shackles allowed her to hobble clumsily and prevented her from lifting her hands above her hips.

At some point, Anne left her with the slaves and they brought her to a shower room. The slaves scrubbed every inch of her body with a coarse brush until her skin was raw. Haley cried as it scraped across her delicate pussy and ass and tore at her tits. Next, ice cold water pounded her until all the lather circled the drain at her feet. She was then bent at the waist as an enema and douche were administered.

The slaves pressed a strange device against the nape of her neck and she felt a sharp pinch that caused her to emit a muffled yelp. "That was an RFID tag," one slave spoke to her for the first time. "This Object was like you once. The faster you forget your old life the faster you can begin your new one," the slave spoke as though she truly believed that deep in her heart.

Haley shuddered at the torture these women had to endure to be broken so completely. These women must not have had families, though, surely someone would have come for them. Her family is looking for her right now, she convinced herself, she just had to survive long enough.

A few minutes later Haley found herself held in an up-right spread-eagle position. Hard metal shackles held her immobile, the tips of her toes just barely touching the floor. The slaves covered her body in an oily liquid leaving only her head untouched. "These oils will permanently prevent the Object from growing hair below its eyebrows. After a few minutes it will become painful," one slave explained.

Panic set in as Haley's skin began to tingle. The tingle soon grew to burning and that burning soon increased until her entire body was on fire. Haley jerked violently against her restraints trying any way to avoid the growing pain. It felt as though her skin had been covered in red hot stones. The burning was especially bad under her arms, on her legs, and her pubic area.

The slaves simply watched her writhe until the pain slowly subsided, after what seemed like hours, she slumped in her restraints her skin glistening with sweat and oils. One of the slaves approached her with a syringe and stabbed her with the needle in her pubic area. "This injection will prevent your ovaries from producing eggs. From now on you will not get a monthly period. And will not become pregnant."

Haley did not know how to respond to this new information. They must be lying to her just trying to scare her. But she could already feel a new burning sensation resonating from her crotch and knew it must be true. Her eyes overflowed with tears anew as it dawned on her she had now been permanently altered by these people, even rescue wouldn't change that, what more might they do to her.

Haley didn't know how much time had passed. After the hair removal procedure, she was brought to a tiny cement cell and bound mercilessly in a tight ball position. Her knees were tucked in under her chin, calves tied to thighs, and her thighs tied to her torso. Her arms were pulled painfully around her folded legs and anchored at the wrists and elbows. The gag that stretched her jaw and throat remained in place as it had since she first woke in this hell. Only now, the harness portion of the gag that went across her head was attached to something above her preventing her from tipping over. Finally, two massive dildos that protruded from the cement floor penetrated her holes. They stretched her vagina and ass beyond anything she could have imagined before this all started.

Tears, of course, remained her only real option and even those she was powerless to stop. She squirmed in hopes of finding a more comfortable position. Doing that only led to a painful reprisal from the dildos that would shift inside her with every muscle twitch.

Making matters worse, the area where they stuck her with the needle burned continuously. It reminded her of how she had already been mutilated. Would someone find her, and if they did what would be left of her by then. These people were monsters and she knew her ordeal was only beginning.

She tried not to think about her growing thirst and pain and eventually fell asleep. But her dreams were filled with images of her parents and brother appearing and rescuing her. If it wasn't her family then it was the FBI like on TV. Each time she would wake to find herself still stuck in her hopeless reality, and each time the discomfort of her position would be worse as the hours passed.

Haley jerked awake, her bound limbs instinctively trying to defend herself from the ice-cold water that drenched her, but she could do nothing. Her muscles tensed and shivered as the icy water poured down her bare back. She shrieked and tried to look in the direction the water came from. She saw one of the slaves holding a now empty bucket and Anne standing behind her.

The slave finally unfastened the gag, sliding the saliva-soaked dildo from between her aching jaws. Haley coughed, and dry heaved, her arid cracked lips stinging as they contracted.

To her surprise, the slave allowed her a short but much needed drink of water from a straw she guided between her lips. Haley took this opportunity, the first she had been given since she woke, to speak, "Please, stop this. You were in my position once, please help me." She said, her voice cracking with renewed tears. "if you help me, I'll make sure they know when I'm found."

"The Object still doesn't understand." Anne said, gesturing to the slave before continuing, "Maria 023 has been here for three years the Objects old family have declared it dead. As for me, I was fortunate enough to have been brought here to serve as a trustee and have been allowed to retain some of my old identity. But I haven't been permitted outside the compound since I woke here over ten years ago. I was twenty when my old life ended. No one I knew then is thinking about me, anymore, let alone trying to find me. I will die with this collar around my neck as Object Maria 023 will and as Object Michelle 053 will even though it doesn't know it yet." Anne's words were stern and decisive spoken by a woman who has completely accepted her fate and maybe even has come to enjoy it. Haley was not going to get any help from her.

Haley cried uncontrollably again as Anne continued to speak. "The Object's old life was deviant and immoral. An Object does not have rights, it does not have needs of its own, it exists only to serve, to please, and to endure pain for the pleasure of others. This is the true purpose of the Object slave that you will become once I am done with you. Your training begins now, Michelle 053."

Chapter 5

It wasn't long before Haley was removed from her strict bondage and placed in another painful position. This time she was forced on her knees in front of a wooden device. Her arms were bent behind her so they each formed a perfect right angle to her shoulders and back. They were then fastened in place at the wrists and elbows. The wooded device ran between her legs and her ankles and knees were bound to it as well. As before, two painful dildos protruded from the device and filled both of her orifices. Finally, a ring gag stretched her jaws and she was powerless to stop the drool from dripping down her chin.

This new position left her bare breasts, midriff, and thighs exposed. Haley soon learned why as Anne approached with a cat of nine tails dangling from her hand. Each strand was round and as thick as her index finger and ended in a hard leather knot. Anne dangled the nine wicked tendrils in front of Haley's face. "The pain you are about to feel is punishment for the twenty-three years spent rejecting your true purpose."

Haley tried to whine a protest; the ring gag allowed her to make some noise from her throat but any kind of words were impossible. It didn't matter anyway because Anne brought the heavy leather whip down across the top of her breasts sending a skin rippling shock through her entire body. She jumped and jerked the restraints cutting into her skin and an ear-piercing shriek came from her stuck open mouth. The whip came down again, and again, and again, with each hit a wave of fresh pain drove her into a panicked frenzy. The dildos ground against her delicate insides but the beating continued.

Once her tits were beaten to a red and blue palp the whip found her belly and thighs. Each area getting thorough attention until her body was crisscrossed will bright red welts the shape of the whip's tails. Where the end knots hit purple bruises were already beginning to form.

By the time Anne was finished Haley's face was coated in a layer of drool and tears. She gazed down at her swollen purpling breasts. The throbbing stinging sensation emanating upward to her wracked brain.

Anne removed the gag. Haley did not dare speak, fearing it may cause another beating. "What is the Objects name and purpose?" Anne asked.

Haley's mind searched for an answer already knowing what Anne wanted to hear. But she desperately did not want to give her the answer she wanted.

The whip slapped across her tits again, one of the knots pounding her sensitive nipple. Haley screamed, her mouth free of the gag, she emptied her lungs of everything they had. "I asked you a question," Anne said, after Haley's screams dissipated.

Haley forced herself to breath and decided to give Anne what she wanted. Just saying it wouldn't mean much they could never make her believe it. "The Objects name is Michelle 053 its purpose is to serve and satisfy clients," Haley yelled, desperate to get the words out before the whip fell again.

"Good, understanding that you have no choices but to give me what I want is a first step. It will be a while before you say those words and actually believe them but we'll get there."

She was allowed another small drink of water and then the gag was replaced. "We'll give you some time to rest and then we will return for round two. We can't forget about your back side after all."

Haley moaned, at the thought of enduring another beating. Will this hell ever end? Why was this happening to her?

Haley would endure a total of six beatings two more on her front side and three on her back side. At the end of each round, as Anne called them, Haley was forced to repeat the same mantra from the first round. Then she would be allowed something to drink and a short break. As her body became increasingly bruised and, in a few places, bloody she came to love those short breaks. She found herself actually begging Anne, through the ring gag, to be allowed to renounce her old identity as long as it meant she could have water and a reprieve. Anne did not relent, of course, making Haley endure the full duration of each round. But when those short breaks did come Haley spent the time trying to remember when not feeling pain and terror was a normal occurrence.

Chapter 6

Anne stepped carefully into the hall trying to remain as silent as possible. It was late and any Objects not in use were stored away for the night. Most trustees, not on duty, were also asleep by now. Dominique would have retired to her suite to do whatever it was she did alone and the place was about as quiet as it ever was.

Trustee's enjoy many privileges the Objects do not. Trustees are issued overalls and a pair of lace-less shoes. They do not get rented out to clients, get to keep their first names, and can move around the facility with relative freedom. However, trustees still belong to The Foundation, they cannot leave, they must wear a collar, and their status can change for violating the rules. They enjoy the best lives at The Foundation, aside from Dominique, the only truly free individual in the facility. As a trustee one could almost forget they were abducted and turned into slaves...almost, she thought, adjusting her collar.

Anne was brought here specifically for her administrative skills. Once she learned the reality of her new life, she came to realize being a trustee was far better than serving as an Object slave or a worker slave. She took to the job rather well after that.

Sometimes, she did take late shifts, but she would rather not be seen this time to avoid unnecessary questions. She felt her pocket and swallowed hard. The syringe, filled with a lethal chemical, that she couldn't pronounce. What she did know was trustee Becca used it to euthanize Objects, when they could no longer be used for work or profit.

Anne opened the heavy door to the stairwell and descended to the lower levels. She thought of Aralyn, she was a nice girl and in the same position as Anne. They both enjoyed many privileges over the Objects but those could be taken away at any time. If Anne did what she was about to do, Aralyn, would have to take the blame and that would subject her to serious punishments. Aralyn was the only trustee with access to this sort of drug, of course Anne had her ways, but Aralyn would have no defense.

She reached the bottom floor, walked down a long hall, and entered another room. On the far wall of the room there were doors resembling those used to hold bodies in a morgue. Standing in front of the door she took a deep breath before opening it. She pulled out the draw and gasped in horror at what she saw. She didn't see anything she was not expecting. In her capacity as the head trainer she had seen this procedure before. But, seeing Melanie in this condition for the first time nearly sent her running from the room.

Melanie's torso was suspended several inches above the drawer by a metal frame. Her arms and legs had been amputated just below the shoulders and hips leaving only a short stump. The stumps were capped with metal plates drilled into the bone. The frame encircled her neck, midriff, and ran between the stumps of her legs. They couldn't be scene, but two massive metal dildos penetrated both of her holes. Her breasts were squeezed at the base by a steel band causing her welt covered tits to turn a dark purple hue and bulge many times their normal size.

A feeding tube was inserted at her navel while another tube served to remove excretions. Her head was completely encased in a steel helmet. The helmet fastened around her neck and sealed her mouth, nose, ears, and eyes, cutting off all sensory information. A tube in her nostrils puffed oxygen into her lungs. This prevented her from suffocating but also bypassed her sense of smell.

The mask was drilled directly into poor Melanie's face and her mouth was packed with dental putty. Not that she could have spoken any real words anyway, her tongue was surely removed as standard practice for this punishment.

The only part of the mask that could be removed were the four hinged doors that covered each ear and eye. Anne unclipped the ear doors and pulled them open. On the inside of the doors a rubber plug filled the ear cutting off all sound when the doors were clasped shut.

Next, she opened the eye flaps revealing two blue eyes, moist and blood shot from the doors pressing against them. Melanie blinked rapidly, confused for a moment, but then recognition as her vision cleared and she saw the face of her lover.

Melanie began to struggle against the metal bands holding her. She made deep moaning noises from her throat which were largely muffled by the mask. Without limbs Melanie couldn't do much. It was still amazing how much of a racket she could make even in her sorry state.

"Please calm down, struggling is only going to make it worse." Anne ran her hand down Melanie's exposed flank and buttock. She closed her eyes remembering what it was like only a week ago when they were last together. She saw the bulge in Melanie's pubic area where the dildo stretched her insides. She considered moving her fingers to Melanie's crotch, but remembered, they would have removed her clit and labia before mounting her.

"You should have listened to me. I told you not to try and escape that you would end up like this. As trustees we had a good thing here," She said. It was more than she had planned to say, but seeing Melanie like this made her angrier at her former lover than she thought it would. Melanie was paying for her foolishness, that was certain, so she tried not to say all that she felt.

Melanie's squirming had subsided and her muffled screams became sobs and tears dripping from red swollen eyes.

Anne pulled the syringe from her pocket and held it so Melanie could see it. Melanie recognized what it was and what Anne bringing it to her meant. Melanie's eyes widened, not out of fear, but hope that Anne might be there to end her miserable existence. "This will stop your heart in under a minute. It will be painless. You know the risk I am taking by even thinking about doing this. Aralyn will surely get blamed and maybe end up down here in the same position you are in now. The same will go for me." Anne spoke aloud but with an indifference as if talking to herself.

Melanie began to buck and moan, trying to let Anne know to be put out of her misery was what she wanted. Anne ignored her while she thought. In order to survive at The Foundation, she has had to create two versions of herself. The version that was sadistic, cruel, and trained new slaves and the version that resembled her old self, before the abduction, and who fell in love with a fellow trustee. What she was considering now would put that delicate balance in danger a risk she has never taken before.

Anne turned her attention back to Melanie who had stopped bucking and moaning and seemed content to wait now. It soon became clear why Melanie had calmed, though. Without realizing Anne removed the cap on the syringe and now pressed it against Melanie's bare skin. She pulled it away, suddenly, as if afraid of it.

Melanie couldn't turn her head to see, but must have noticed the needle edge disappear from her skin and began to complain again. "I...I'm sorry, I can't do it. I can't force Aralyn to go through this, or myself, because you refused to listen to me."

Melanie was insane now, wrenching herself against the restraints violently. Her stomach muscles flexed, her well-defined abs showing with each frustrated twist. The sound she made, even muffled, was guttural and inhuman. "I'm sorry," Anne repeated, quickly, then closed the eye flaps latching them tightly in place. She did the same with the ear plugs sliding them snuggly into Melanie's ear canal. With Melanie still going mad in protest, desperate for her suffering to end, Anne shut the drawer and locked the door leaving Melanie in her silent, black, hell.

Chapter 7

Haley hung upside down, her arms trapped in a tight box tie. Her legs bound together at eight points four above and four below the knee. This time there was no gag, instead, her head was bent back so her face was parallel with the floor. A nose hook dug deep into her nostrils and stretched all the way back to a steel hook that was lodged in her asshole. In lieu of a gag a hard-erect dildo attached to the floor was forced into her mouth. Electrodes were attached to her tits, ass, and pussy, Haley learned fast that the dildo could be sucked and a strange liquid would shoot into her mouth. The liquid was salty, and she thought she knew what it was, but she tried her best to ignore that thought or else risk dry heaving in disgust in this difficult position. The worst part of this particular torture, every time she stopped sucking; the electrodes activated sending agony through every sinew of her body. As time went by, her ankles burned from the leather straps that dug into her skin and took on her entire weight.

The semen that ejaculated from the dildo filled her mouth and soon dripped down the shaft promptly provoking another painful shock. It wasn't long before she realized she was supposed to be swallowing every drop. Hung from her ankles as she was, swallowing anything would be difficult let alone the putrid collected seed of strange men. But she tried anyway, sucking and licking with ferocity like some kind of common whore to avoid the stinging torment of the electricity.

Haley heard the door open and soon came that familiar voice. "Hello object, I trust you have been getting along alright on your own," came the smug sarcastic voice of Anne. Haley did not react, too busy focusing on sucking. Either Anne or one of her slave assistants fitted what felt like ear buds into her ears. "During your next session I want you to listen to the words repeating in your head." Haley heard another voice as the ear buds came to life.

"You are nothing but an object and a slave. You exist to serve whomever the Foundation wishes you to. Your old existence was flawed and immoral and you must renounce it and forget it before your new life can begin. You are Object slave Michelle 053 and are worth only what your body can provide. You will know only pain from now on. You will except this as good and proper and will love and cherish the moral life that the Foundation is giving you."

After the words stopped, they looped back to the beginning and repeated again. Haley could not think much about it before a wooden paddle was slapped across her exposed ass. The clap was like a whip cracking and a buzz-saw of agony drove across her body in every direction. The hit came as such a shock that she pulled violently against the hooks between her nostrils and ass and she stopped sucking for just an instant. That hesitation was enough, however, and she was hit with the body wide electricity. Haley eagerly found her rhythm again, on the dildo, as the words repeated in her blood-filled skull.

Anne waited just long enough for everything to settle down before the paddle slammed Haley's ass again. Haley did all she could to stay focused on sucking as the paddle painted her ass a dark reddish-purple color. Several times she failed to satisfy the dildo and she felt the painful shocks again. Each time she would desperately try to get her rhythm back while the beating continued unabated.

Once it finally ended Haley was a sobbing mess, with tears and gooey strands of snot pooling on the floor mixing with the discarded cum that she failed to swallow.

"Good, you have done well today," Anne said. Haley was lowered to the floor, the gag, and ear buds removed, and given some much needed water. "Is it so hard for you to except your new life? Fighting it will always bring you more pain, but embracing it will bring you rewards."

Haley forgot that she could talk, she had spent so much time with her mouth stuffed that speaking seemed a strange thing to her. Now, with the gag removed she tried to form words. Her first instinct was to beg for release or for mercy but the words caught in her throat. Instead, she surprised herself by saying, "I want to please you. How can I please you?"

Anne smiled, "What is the Objects name?"

Haley took a moment to think about her response. Haley knew what she wanted to say, she wanted to tell this monster of a women to fuck off. But as Haley sat on the floor her ass still buzzing from the beating, her face covered in drool, tears, and mucous, arms and legs still bound tightly, she knew only one answer had any chance of avoiding more pain and torment. So, when she finally spoke it was to say, "This Objects name is Michelle 053 and it is here to please."

Chapter 8

Haley was left bound for many hours the best she could tell. This time she rested on her knees with straps pinning her arms to her sides. Dildos penetrated her holes again and her jaw was ratcheted open with a ring gag. She was held firmly to a metal apparatus that kept her from moving around much. In her ears the voice blared again, the same infernal words as before, designed to wear her down and condition her to a new perspective.

Haley sat there, bound and gagged, her new constant state of existence, with nothing to do but listen to those words roll through her head over and over. Sleep would begin to overtake her only to have an electric shock delivered through the dildos that would snap her awake again. Before long, her mind clouded, her thoughts mixed with pain, fear, and exhaustion. Hunger also bit at her as she did not know the last time she ate. The words that beat into her head incessantly became her only focal point, the only thoughts she could still comprehend. And against her best efforts, mental, and physical Haley felt an ever so slight change in the way she viewed herself.

Her desire to hold onto her old life was the reason her pain continued. If she just forgot about it, just for now, until someone came for her. No, she couldn't think that way, who she was is all she had left, she had to hold onto it. But they had all the power, and she knew they would win in the end.

More time passed before Anne returned, along with her two slave assistants. Haley was released from the straps, but the shackles were immediately placed on her wrists and ankles. The ear buds were removed stopping the words, that by now, she could recite from memory.

She was led to another cold concrete room and strapped into a metal apparatus. The apparatus resembled a bench, longer than it was wide, with four legs coming from the bottom angled slightly away from each other. She was forced to lie across the top while straps bound her torso in place. Her limbs were stretched and secured to the bench legs. A board was removed from beneath her breasts revealing two holes just large enough for her tits to fall through. A lever was pulled from beneath the bench and something slid across the holes crushing and trapping her tits. She moaned and instinctively tried to pull away but that only stretched her tits causing more discomfort. A harness ring gag was strapped over her head and the harness was secured from the top to something above her. This forced her to point forward with her mouth gaping.

"One of the most important jobs of the Object is to please the clients, sexually, in any and all ways that they desire. Now, you will begin to learn how to do that," Anne said. Two naked men entered the room each taking a position at Haley's front and rear.

She shrieked and tried to pull away, realizing, what was about to happen. Throughout all of her sufferings, so far, somehow, she managed to forget that her body being violated was inevitable. Since arriving, she had only seen women and she was growing accustomed to constant pain but this new threat caught her off guard.

"The faster these men cum the quicker the next pair can replace them, and the quicker the Object will serve its purpose for the day. So, I suggest you stay focused," Anne said.

Haley didn't have time to think about it, for long, before the engorged cocks from each man buried themselves inside her mouth and pussy. They quickly found a rhythm and pounded her back and forth. Every muscle tensed in protest as the cocks filled her insides but nothing would stop it.

Every so often the man in front would bury his hard cock to its base and the tip would block her throat cutting off air for long terrifying moments before withdrawing. She would gasp in a short breath just before it would return again. From behind, the man pumped her dry until, finally, her natural lubricants began to respond which increased her humiliation. Her own body betraying her as if inviting the assault against her minds will.

Eventually, they both came inside her. The one in front filled her mouth with his hot spunk that over flowed and dripped down her chin. At the same time the one behind filled her pussy with his warm seed as his cock pumped it into her. Afterward, the first pair of men withdrew.

Another pair stepped into position. Only this time the one behind penetrated her ass. His cock stretched her and she fought against the restraints while gaging on the other man. Occasionally, the man behind would slap her ass. And the man in front would grab her hair and thrust her head forward until her face was buried in his pubes.

It went on like this for many hours the best she could tell. The men behind would always alternate between her ass and pussy but all her holes were violated many, many, times. Haley vaguely thought it could have been dozens at least. All she knew by the end, she was soaked in sweat and cum. The male seed dripped from every hole drawing long lines down her legs, and dripping off the tip of her chin. Tears and snot also mixed with the slimy mess covering her face.

"Not bad for your first time. But you have a long way to go. You will do better tomorrow when we increase the session duration," Anne said.

Haley was only mildly aware of what that meant. Not only would she have to go through this all over again, tomorrow, but for an even longer period. She allowed herself to be unstrapped and shackled again. She was too exhausted, and broken by this point, to put up any resistance. She was washed and brought to another cell.

Chapter 9

This is how things went for Haley for the next several weeks. Her life was filled with an endless routine of pain, assault, and bondage. Along with that, came the constant drum beat of those words forced into her weakened mind. It became harder and harder for her to remember her life before, and harder to remember her name. She tried valiantly to repeat her name in her mind, but more than once she thought the name Object Michelle 053 before correcting herself. As time went by these instances grew more frequent. Until the name, Haley, seemed wrong to her and she began to question if that had ever been her name.

She only saw Anne, her slave helpers, and those men who attacked her ceaselessly. The only one who spoke was Anne, and aside from her, the only other words she heard were the ones that blared into her ears reminding her of her true purpose. Words she now heard in the very few hours of sleep she was allowed.

One day she woke in her cell and her restraints had been removed. She fell asleep in restraints, as she always did, but they must have been removed while she slept. That never happened, she was held in some kind of bondage at all times. She got up from the cold cement floor. She was naked, as always, and noticed the door to her cell was left open.

Surely, they were coming right back for her. She waited, a long time, and still nothing happened. Summoning enough courage to approach the door she peered into the hall and saw no one. After more hesitation she stepped into the hall and tensed, waiting for her punishment, which did not come.

Taking several deep breaths, she forced herself to walk down the hall in the direction that went the furthest before she could see a wall. She rounded the corner and eventually reached an elevator. She knew this was wrong, wrong to leave her cell, wrong to move without permission, and wrong to hope she might find escape at the top of this elevator. But, some old piece of her, long buried beneath months of pain and brain washing, forced her to step onto the elevator.

The elevator went up for a long time, long enough, that her ears popped from the change in elevation. When the doors slid open there was a short hall and then a steep staircase going up. She slowly, nervously, ascended the steps and reached a storm door. She pushed up on the door and to her surprise it opened.

She gasped as bright, warm light hit her eyes and face. She turned away, shielding them, but even as she did, she could feel the warmness of the sun on her bare skin. This was an unusually pleasant sensation for her. After waiting for her eyes to adjust she stepped fully outside.

She was standing alone in a heavy wooded area on a bright day. The sun warmed her, and fresh air filled her lungs for the first time in months. She heard birds chirping and bees buzzing nearby. But the most important thing she heard was the sound of cars humming over a road. It was close, she could run to it easily. Only, her legs wouldn't move.

She willed herself to run, take a step, anything, but she just stood there. It wasn't her nakedness that held her back she had lost any modesty or shame a long time ago. Nakedness was more natural to her than wearing clothes at this point. What kept her from running, now, that she could?

What would she be running too? She tried to remember her old life, her family, her name, but nothing was clear to her anymore. It was as if she was looking at her old memories through a fogged mirror. What she did know for sure was what her role at The Foundation was. Here, her name was Michelle 053 and she was an Object designed to serve. This place she understood, whatever she was before...if there ever was a before... scared her.

After a full minute taking in the sun's rays Michelle 053 turned around, shut the door, descended the stairs, and dutifully returned to her cell. She would wait there, until she starved if necessary, for her chance to serve again. The Object was content.


Anne stood beside Dominique as they both watched the monitor observing as Object Michelle 053 stood outside the compound for several minutes. She heard Dominique sigh with satisfaction as Michelle 053 returned to her cell and sat hugging her knees in the center of the floor. "You have done well, yet again, it's when the slaves imprison themselves, we truly own them," Dominique said.

Anne could not help feel a rush of pride come over her. "Thank you, ma'am, Object Michelle will make a valuable slave for The Foundation."

"That she will. The collectors brought another group in this morning and they await your attention. Maybe you can show them what happened to Melanie so they won't make the same mistake."

Anne bid Dominique farewell to prepare for new Object training. Anne smirked, yes ma'am, I am good at this work, maybe good enough to have your job someday, she thought. She would bide her time, be patient, and eventually she would get what she wanted. Anne smiled, at the thought and returned to her work.

The End
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