From the Female Bible
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Author's Note: Peri is a member of a rather unique church that expects females to submit to the men in their lives. Females are inferior to Males and this commandment forms the foundation of her life and her role in society.

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The 10 commandments for females

1. Females are inferior to Males

2. No female may hold a position of authority over any Male

3. No female may question the authority of any Male

4. No female may question the wisdom of any Male

5. No female may deny a Male

6. Females do not hold dominion over themselves

7. Females may not be counted in a vote

8. Females may not own property

9. Females are subject to the disciplinary discretion of Males

10. Females are objects

I'm hanging by my titbags from a hook in the ceiling. As my body sways, the pressure on my bags changes, but the pain never goes away. I can feel the muscles strain under my weight and my entire chest throbs. My bags are a deep purple color, almost black and it feels like my nipples will pop off at any moment. They won't of course, I've been here before, and they never do. As I hang in the foyer of my Master's home, I start to think about how I got here.

I met my Master at church. Probably not a denomination you're familiar with, but my family have been members of this particular congregation for generations. In our church, females are taught that God created Men and then females to serve those men. First comes God, then Men, then Cock, and finally females. We females must always remember our rightful place in nature. My mother always told me that the only thing that mattered was making sure that ManGods were happy and content.

On my 18th birthday, I met Master. He was a member of our congregation and decided to attend services and act as a witness to my confirmation. I was the only female confirmed that year, and the entire congregation came to watch. At our church, unconfirmed females are not allowed to attend services. We spend Sunday mornings kneeling in a gravel courtyard behind the church reading from the female's bible. On the day of my confirmation, I was led into the church for the first time by our minister, Lord David.

As soon as I crossed the threshold, Lord David pushed me to the floor.

"In church, females always remain in their place. You may never rise above the level of any ManGod or any ManGod's cock. You live in service to both. Now, remove all of your clothes." With those words, he shoved my head toward the floor and walked away.

I looked around and saw several of my father's friends as well as my father watching me. Females were kneeling against the walls, all of them in the same pose. Hands resting on knees, legs spread wide, eyes lowered. I saw my mother, and I tried to get her attention, but she remained completely still. Lord David looked back at me.

"Peri, don't you want to commit your life to God and Man. You have a choice, there's the door."

I'd heard stories about the females that refused to be confirmed. They spent their lives all alone, without a purpose. I knew from my study of the female Bible that a life without purpose was a hell on Earth. I quickly removed my clothing, shivering from cold and nerves, all of the Men were staring at me. Lord David gestured for me to come forward. As I crawled past the Men lining the aisle, several of them pulled their cocks from their trousers. I'd never seen a cock other than my father's, and I was interested. I would have stopped to look, but my father flicked my bare ass with his belt. I scampered forward to kneel at Lord David's feet. David placed a hand on my head and said " Peri today you commit to taking your rightful place, you will be baptized in the creation of God, Man, and Cock. Once you have been baptized, one of these men will accept you and you will be his." With those words, I felt something wet splash all over me. I didn't understand at the time but the men of the congregation were all cumming on me. A dozen men in all, dumped their load on me. I could feel it dripping down my cheeks, onto my chest, even in my hair. By this time, I was shaking and crying. What was happening? What would happen next?

Lord David spoke again, Peri, you are now a member of the True Church," turning to face the congregants, Lord David continued "Does anyone want to claim this female?" That is when I met My Lord God and Master.

My Master stepped forward. "I'll claim her." He strode forward, his cock still hanging from his pants. I couldn't stop looking at it. It was kind of long but really thick. I have studied basic sex education at the church school. It was hard to imagine that Cock inside me. My new Master reached down and grabbed me by the nipple. I lost my balance, but he just dragged me by my tit until I was next to him. I screamed at the pain, but everyone ignored me. All of the men were congratulating my new Master on the nice piece of meat he'd claimed. He looked at me fondly and reached down to slap my huge tits and then my face, hard. Lord David asked my Master what I was to be called. My Master said "meatbags." With that, he grabbed me by the hair, pulled me to my knees and stuck his cock down my throat until I gagged. "If you puke on me, I'll give you to my dogs." With that, he resumed his conversation with the other men. I tried not to throw up, I think I was in that position for most of the afternoon. Finally, My Master released me. "meatbags, follow me." and he walked out of the church. I quickly crawled after him into a very different world.

Fast forward 10 years, here I am, hanging from the ceiling by my meatbags. My Master walks by on occasion to get me swinging again, like a pendulum that cries and screams. I've begged him to take me down, but he ignores me. He liked to see me this way. I look at my udders. They have turned almost black by now, I can't even read the word MEATBAGS tattooed around each nipple. Finally, Master returns and reaches for the release on the pulley holding me up. He lets me drop. The abrupt release of pressure has me screaming in agony, but not for long. Master thrusts his cock straight down my throat and starts to hammer fuck my face. I concentrate on keeping my teeth out of the way and hope he finishes fast. The penalty for scraping a Cock is pretty severe. Master pulls out and grunts "present asshole." I quickly move onto my knees, my hands are still tied behind my back, so I have to balance on my face. Master, shoves his thick cock into my asshole after he pumps a few times, I feel his spunk coat my insides. Just as I relax, I hear the whir of the pulley motor. Master is hoisting me back toward the ceiling. As the slack in the ropes is decreased, I feel all of the pressure back on my titbags. I try to scream, but my throat is raw from the brutal face fuck. Master looks at me and laughs. He grabs and leather belt and beats both my ass and cunt. I can hear the faint splat as the belt hits some of the jizz leaking from my asshole. Each stroke of the belt is like fire on my skin. "Meatbags, you know you are going to have to lick all of that up, don't you.? I'm going to meet some friends for dinner, when I get back, we'll discuss your punishment for making such a mess." As Master walks out, he only closes the screen. I'm still hanging in the foyer, ass, and cunt on fire, tits stretched by my own weight and hoping nobody comes to the door, but I am happy. Master was in a good mood, so I have served my purpose.

Chapter 2

The morning after the barbecue, Master went to work and left me with strict instructions to clean up the yard. I ached from head to toe but I know better than to procrastinate. I yawned wide and let out a little yelp. My jaw ached from all of the Cock I had sucked at the party. My asshole felt like raw hamburger, I need to go to the bathroom but I didn't get permission before Master left for the day. I know when I do go, it will be very painful. I think Master likes to remind me of my place in the universe. He controls me. I walked out to the yard with several large garbage bags and started picking up empty bottles, plates and assorted trash. Some of these bottles had been in my cunt or mouth or asshole or all three. As I picked up the litter around the yard, I also inspected the furniture and ground for any cum that may not have made it into one of the females. Master requires that I lick up anything I find. He has cameras in the yard so he'll know if I cheat. It takes me an hour but finally the yard is tidy and I head back into the house to get some work done. Master told me that if I am extra good, he has a big surprise for me. I'm so excited.

I spend most of my morning preparing a lesson for the Sunday school classes I teach. For the young females, I teach a class on how to be pleasant. The female Bible commands that all females strive to be pleasant at all times. No shrill voices or unwanted opinions. The girls practice sitting quietly with a lovely smile and an attractive posture. Of course, this is really position training for when the are chosen and given their real names. I barely remember the girl I was. It seems like I was always Meatbags.

The class for the boys is very different. That class is taught by a ManGod, and I work as his object assistant. He teaches the boys from the Bible Dictated by God for Man. We usually just call it the Bible. The class I teach is for the older boys. They learn advanced lessons like techniques for loosening a clenched asshole, or how to make a female fear orgasm. They also learn more religious lessons like the 10 commandments. The first commandment they learn is Thou shall not hold female the same as Man. I sit quietly through the religious stuff. Sometimes, if the Boys are behaving well, our minster Lord David lets the boys play games with me. Lately, they like to play tag. I crawl around the room with my ass in the air, and my tits on the floor and the BoyGods hit me with stuff. The winner gets to use me as a toilet for the rest of the class. This week the Boys will learn about the clitoris. It's important that they learn not to let females experience unintended pleasure.

After I prepare my lessons, I grab my gym bag and put on my outside clothes ( a plain white tank and a cotton skirt and head to my sister's house. She lives a few doors down. Stupidcunt is waiting in the doorway for me. We like to work out together whenever possible and her house backs onto a couple of acres of land owned by our church. The moment I enter her house, I remove my outside clothes and grab my gym clothes out of my bag. Stupidcunt and I like to go running so I put on a pair of sneakers and my sports bra. Now, before you picture a regular sports bra, remember I am a religious female. Covering udders is a sin before God and Man. We get away with it when we are among the heathens but who wants to tempt fate? Anyway, I put on my bra, a harness that attaches my nipples to my collar with a two inch chain. Each udder is held up high and they don't bounce around when we run. Stupidcunt and I also wear our asshole and pussy trainers. Basically, a thin smooth dildo with a weight attached. We have to keep our muscles clenched tight to keep them from falling out when we run. Stupidcunt's Master has a minder, usually one of the older females, follow us to be sure we don't cheat. If the trainer falls out, we have to confess in church and Lord David assigns a punishment. Stupidcunt and I finish getting dressed and head out onto the trail. After a five mile loop, we head back to the house. Stupidcunt's Master has two females. Firstcunt is quite a bit older and is exempt from the run. She rinses us down with the outside hose and I head home. Master is waiting for me.

When I arrive back at the house, Master is just getting changed. I meet him in the bathroom and kneel next to the toilet. "Did it have a good run" He tweaks my nipple as he sit on the commode. "Yes, Master." Then, as usual, I take his soft dick in my mouth and hold it there while he uses the toilet. It's another way he reminds me of my faith in the natural order. "DId I remember to let it go this morning." "No Master" I reply. "Oh well, it can go outside and use the lawn like a bitch." Master steps into the shower while I run outside to do my business. When I was finish, I find Master waiting on the stairs. "I know it's been training and its asshole is nice and tight. Let's see what I can do to ruin all its hard work." He pulls a huge dildo from behind his back. It must be 10 inches long and maybe for inches in diameter. About midway along the shaft is a triple row of bristles. "I told you that if you were good, I'd get you a surprise, well meatbags, surprise!.You have three minutes to bury the entire thing in your ass." Master walked over to me and slapped me hard across the face and then pushed me to the ground and stood on my tits. "I've had a great week and have decided to reward myself. Now get going, it has already lost 30 seconds, I'll just stand here and keep time.

Chapter 3

I get out of the car to join Master on the sidewalk. I see other Masters opening car doors and helping females out. The females are walking in front of the Men, and all of their cum receptacles are completely covered? Master had warned me that I might see some strange things, but I'm still surprised. I've never really been out in the heathen world. Our church does not allow females to mingle with the unenlightened. The old females do things like grocery shop for those of us who are still impressionable.

Master and I are at a wedding. I was shocked when he told me we were going. He was invited by a co-worker. As a religiously observant female, I should not be so excited to go to a ceremony that I know is an affront to God but, I am. Heathen weddings are apparently an unnatural version of a claiming. Master bought me a special dress to wear. Heathens are so strange. It's like they want to offend God. I felt weird putting it on but Master said it's OK and that made me feel better. The dress has dark floral pattern with a halter style top and reaches almost to my knees. I don't think I've been this covered since I was claimed. Short chains hidden on either side of the neckline lead to alligator clamps that are attached to my nipples. I've already been warned that if the clamps come off, I'll be offered to the boys Sunday School class as a punching bag. In addition to the nipple clamps, Master has inserted sand paper covered dildoes in my ass cockhole and my cunt cockhole. Both can be activated to vibrate or spin from an app on my Master's phone. He had the ass dildo spinning on the car ride here. I'm pretty sure my ass is bleeding.

Master heads into the venue, I hurry after him, trying not to act like I'm visiting a zoo. The church is huge, and hundreds of people are seated on benches, and the Men and females are next to each other! I feel like lightening is going to strike me for even being here, Master takes a seat and gestures for me to sit next to him. I sit quietly through the ceremony. Master introduces me to several people as Embee, and I try to fit in as best I can. The ceremony, if you can call it that, ends and Master leads me outside to the alley behind the church.

"I've had to piss for the last 30 minutes, and I'm not waiting in that line, what are you waiting for? Squat down, I don't want it to ruin its dress. " I squat carefully in front of my Master and open my mouth wide. Master pisses down my throat, I swallow as fast as I can but there is so much, and some of it leaks out and drips on the ground. Oh no! I've wasted issue from a Cock. That's a violation of one of the commandments. Master looks furious. "What the fuck meatbags." You'll have to confess this in church on Sunday. " I look at Master and ask for forgiveness. "It is sorry it wasted your issue. It has no excuse other than its useless and unworthy." Master turns on both of the dildoes to full speed. "10 minutes of having your ass cockhole and your cunt cockhole abraded should improve your attention span. Now lick up your mess." I carefully bend over and lick up the drops of piss from the ground. I can taste the dirt, oil, and grime. Some of the piss is on a pile of bird shit, but I don't hesitate. I'm such a waste of cunt. While I'm cleaning up my spill, my Master is kicking my tits with the tip of his boots. Each kick causes the clamps to dig deeper into my nipples. Finally, he grabs the chain under my dress and pulls be to my feet. "You know meatbags, Lord David asked if I could do a cervix punching demonstration and practice for Sunday school. I told him "yes." With those words, Master and I walk back to the car. Both dildoes still whirling away.

We arrived at the reception hall, and when we got to our assigned table, six other men were already seated. "Gentlemen this is meatbags. It's yours to enjoy." Master went to get a drink while I just stared at the table. One of the men spoke " Hello Meatbags, we are members of a brother Church. It does not need to conceal its religious convictions. Now, crawl under the table. It is our toilet for this evening. I quietly crawled beneath the table and spent the evening swallowing piss and cum on demand. At the end of the evening, my Master pulled me from under the table, and we leave.

As soon as we got back to the car, Master ripped off my dress. The clamps attached to the neckline almost tore off my nipples. He left the ruined dress in the street, and we drove home in a normal way. He drove, and I lay on the backseat, mouth, and legs open in case a Man in a truck happened to look into the vehicle. When we got home, I crawled from the car, across the gravel driveway, and into the house. Master keeps a trough of salt water by the door, and he was waiting for me next to it.

"Meatbags, bend and present." I stood and bent over, my body at a 45 degree angle, legs spread wide. "It did very well tonight. I am pleased with it." As he spoke, he yanked the diloes out of my cunt and ass. I could see the blood dripping onto the porch. "It needs to clean itself and meet me upstairs in ten minutes." I stayed in position until I heard the screen door close. I stood up and lowered myself into the trough. The salt water burning my ravaged skin. I heard a sound and saw the Boy from across the street standing in his yard watching me. Oh no, I made eye contact with the Boy. He was sure to tell Lord David. I had already committed one sin tonight. Two sins would ensure a serious repentance in church. My jizz holes felt like they were on fire as I shoved my washing stick up inside. I had to make sure that nothing of mine would defile Master. The water was stained pink when I crawled out, I dried myself quickly and made my way into the house and up the stairs, ass in the air, tits dragging the ground like a good cumcow.

When I got to my Master's chamber, he was lying on his bed stroking his cock. " Meatbags, I have a present for it." My Master hands me two round weights with copper alligator clamps attached to the top of each one. I take the weights and almost drop them. I can see a number 15 etched into the top of each. "Put those on your titbags and climb up here. It's had a rough nite so I'm going to be kind and fuck it on the bed." Tears are leaking down my cheeks as I feel the clamp bite into my already raw titmeat. I'm holding the weight with one hand as I attach clamp with the other. My Master reaches across the bed and shoves the weight out of my hand just as I tighten the clamp. All of the weight pulls me off my feet. I fall to the ground but the clamp holds. I stand up, this time letting my nipple take the entire 15 lb weight. I scream as my breast is grotesquely stretched away from my body. I can't believe my nipple has not been sheared clean off my udder. I slowly attach weight number two. Both udders dragging down, the weights sway as I climb onto my Master's bed, intensifying my pain. I'm sobbing with the pain, my voice is raw from screaming. " It is a glory to God," Master speaks kindly to me as he grabs a weight in each hand and uses them to pull me over his Cock. "It needs to ride my cock. I expect to see its fuckbags really fly."

My Masters thrusts his Cock into my cumhole. The pain is so intense that I start to pull myself off , but my Master is having none of that. He thrust up hard while grabbing both weights and flinging them like heavy tether balls. I'm screaming in agony, my nipples are bloody and my udder skin feels like it might tear. Just when I think I might pass out, my Masters shoves me onto my stomach and drags me to the edge of the bed so my head and udders are hanging off the side. The weights pull my tits toward the floor and I think I might fall off the bed but then Master shoves his thick cock into my ass, anchoring me to the bed. He bottoms out with every stroke. My Master gets his legs under him and pounds his cock into my ass, jerking my body back and forth with every stroke. The weights on my titbags are flying in every direction, sometimes banging into each other sending a percussive shock straight into each nipple. Suddenly, Master pulls out of my rear jizz hole, flips me over and sprays his precious seed all over my body. The weights pull my tittmeat past my ears. There is no part of me that doesn't hurt but I am content. God has blessed me with a purpose. Master drags my body back onto the bed and shoves his cunt juice, shit, and blood covered Cock into my face cockhole. I lovingly clean the Cock. Master pulls out his Cock and I lick his blessed testicles and asshole clean. Master climbs off my chest and pushes me off the bed onto the floor. The weights make a loud thump as they hit the ground just before my body. "Meatbags, go to bed." Dragging the weights underneath me, I crawl to the beach towel on the floor at the end of Master's bed but I see the dog is already there. I curl up on the bare floor. The only sound in the room is my Master light snore and my whimpering.

Chapter 4

It's Sunday morning and Master and I are on our way to church. As a claimed female, I attend services with the men. Unclaimed females are not permitted into the sanctuary until their claiming day. Master parks in the church's private parking lot and opens the back door of his car so I can crawl out. When on church property, females must remain low to the ground. If our heads are raised higher than the level of any ManGod's cock, we are punished. I crawl across the lot and into the church where I kneel next to Master's chair. He takes out his cock and I immediately take it into my mouth assuming he wants me to swallow cum but He surprises me by starting to piss in my mouth. I choke as the stream of urine fills my mouth cunt. I'm usually better at this. When He finishes, He slaps me hard across the face and tells me to go confess my confession to Lord David. Master starts to chat with some of the other ManGods and I crawl to the confession line.

Several females are already in line to confess. Hole is at the front of the line with her Master and she is crying. Her Master is in conversation with Lord David and they both look annoyed. Once Hole is finished with her confession, it is Wetcunt's turn and then it will be my turn. I kneel quietly and wait for Lord David to summon me. When my turn comes, I am surprised when Lord David tells me to wait while He gets my Master. I wonder what's going on. Choking on piss is a sin but surely not that serious? Master approaches with Lord David and He looks furious. Master walks right up to me and grabs my by the hair, holding me steady while he delivers several hard slaps to my face. Then He drops me to the ground and tells Lord David to feel free to punish me as He sees fit. I don't know what's happening but Lord David tells me that the service is about to start and He wants me to kneel at the front of the pulpit. I crawl to the indicated spot and see that Hole and Dumbcunt are already waiting. Hole is still crying and begging Lord David to give her another chance. Chance for what? Lord David looks amused and just tells Hole to shut up before He smacks her hard on the back with his Holy Cane. I am so confused, why are we up here? Then, I notice some of the BoyGods are carrying out the wooden pony and my heart leaps. You see, usually once a year, on Christmas morning, one female is chosen to suffer for the sins of eve. She rides the wooden pony and while each ManGod takes a turn caning her. The females is chosen by Lottery. A few years ago, I had to do it two years in a row. It's horrible, my cunt and ass felt like ground meet for weeks afterward. It doesn't help that for the 12 days of Christmas, any ManGod can fuck the Eve.

The horse was brought out and hole was unceremoniously hoisted onto it. Her cuntlips spread wide and a bridle strapped to her head. The bridle held a spreader that kept her mounthcunt open but did not allow her to speak. Usually the cunt riding the pony was secured by attaching her arms to a pulley on the ceiling. This time, Hole's arms were bent behind her and her udders were attached to the pulley by nipple clips. An anal hook with a huge ball was shoved into Hole's ass. I know she was in pain because her scream when the 6 inch ball was shoved into her ass cunt drowned out the chatter from the other congregants. Lord David laughed and struck the noisy female a few times with his Holy Cane. Once secured, her feet were pulled back at the knees and attached to the pony so her entire body weight rested on her cunt. When all of the ManGods finished with Hole, they turned to Dumbcunt and me. Lord David turned to the congregation and asked everyone to take a seat. All of the ManGods and BoyGods sat in chairs, the cunts knelt low to the ground at their feet. Lord David began the service with the usual announcements. While He spoke, Dumbcunt and I were fitted with tongue press. The press painfully held our tongues out, not allowing either of us to close our mouth cunt or speak.

Then Lord David turned everyone's attention to us and began to speak. "ManGods, we have a serious infraction to address today. First, the most serious. It seems that the female previously known as Wetcunt has dishonored herself by speaking critically of her Master. A double infraction because she has also disrespected a God. Her former Master has unclaimed her." With those words, several of the females in the room gasped. The gasp was followed by the sounds of flesh hitting flesh and whimpering as the females were reminded to be silent in church. Lord David continued "unless someone wants to claim the cunt, it will remain the property of the Church. Its new name will be Shitcunt, and it may be loaned to any member of the community for any use. That said, as a punishment, it will spend the next 12 hours on the horse. From there, it will be placed in the lavatory to be used as both urinal and toilet for the next three months. It must learn that it's mouth is not its own. In addition, its breedercunt will join it as a toilet during church services for the next twelve Sundays for failing to properly to teach Shitcunt proper respect for its superiors. An older female in the second row started to cry as her Master grabbed her by the hair and gave her head a firm shake.

Dumbcunt and I were still kneeling in the edge of the pulpit, mouths open, drool dripping from our lips with our tongues hanging out. The vice griping my tongue was spiked and clamped down so hard that the part beyond the vice had started to swell. Lord David walked over to us and again addressed the congregation. "It has been brought to my attention that Dumbcunt and Meatbags were both present when the disrespectful words were spoken. Neither of the cunts protested the blasphemy or reported it to a ManGod. So while they themselves did not sin, they were still complicit. They will each receive 10 lashes to the tongue with my Holy Cane. Then they will each spend the rest of the service in the basement, repeating the first commandment and ground sanding their udders." With that, Lord David turned to me and brought his cane down hard on my tongue. I screamed and tried to crawl away, it just hurt so much that I forgot all of my training. The next thing I knew, my Master was on the pulpit and he was beating me with his belt and ordering me to get back into position. I crawled back to my place, shaking with pain. Master told me to remain still and that Lord David would start again. Each time I moved, I would be receiving 10 lashes to the clit and He'd let the BoyGods do it. I held myself still and Lord David delivered 10 more cane strikes to the tip of my tongue. By stroke 5, it has started to bleed and by 10 my tongue looked like hamburger. When my punishment was finished, the vice was removed and I was led off of the pulpit and taken to the basement for my ground sanding punishment. I could hear Dumbcunt screaming as she took her punishment.

In the basement, I was told the kneel on all fours so that my nipples dragged on the ground. Then, I was told the drag my nipples across the dirty and cold concrete, with each pass I was to repeat the first commandment, 'females are inferior to Males.' I would do this continuously until the service ended in a couple of hours. The ManGod instructing me let me know that my nipples would start to bleed after just a few minutes but I was not to stop for any reason. I remained in the cold basement, abrading my nipples on the concrete for several hours. When Master finally came for me, both nipples were raw and I had rubbed off several layers of skin. I followed him to the car, my head hanging in shame as we passed other members of the church. Master did not speak a single word to me until we got home. That's when he informed me that the ground sanding would continue, this time in the front yard and for the rest of the night. In addition, he's invited the BoyGods to make use of me in any way they liked. They could even breed me if they so desired. My tongue was so swollen I could barely speak but Master informed that there was no excuse to EVER deny a man. I would have to live with the consequences of my actions. With those words, he went into the house and I started rubbing my raw titmeat on the brick walkway in front of Master's house. About an hour later a carload of BoyGods arrived. One of them carried a bag full of wooden blocks. They thought it would be funny to try and fit square objects into round holes.

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