Slave School - A Group XS Story
  • Author - Hidden Darkness
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Author's Note: This story is a spin-off from one of my favorite stories of all time, Group XS by Dr. Saavik. It's not necessary to have read that beforehand, but you really should... it's pretty great.

Tucked away beneath a non-descript brick manor off of a sleepy, tree-lined road lies a classroom. Its walls are lined with the letters of the alphabet, sentence diagrams, and maps of the world. The teacher's desk sits at the front, next to a large blackboard. A shiny red apple rests on it next to a stack of papers to grade. Several rows of desks occupy the middle of the room.

It is a scene that would not be out of place in any school in the world. However, this room was very out of place for the facility it resided in: it was a beloved feature of the torture dungeon operated by Group XS, a organization of sadists and kidnappers who dragged their unwilling victims into their compound to torture and abuse them to their heart's content.

Chapter 1: Maximus Excruscio

Clarissa Duncan marched into the classroom and stood at attention next to her desk, waiting for class to begin. She wore the official Group XS school uniform, which she was expected to squeeze into before every class. And squeeze was the operative word, Group XS seemed to revel in dressing their victims into the tightest lingerie imaginable. Clarissa was covered from head to toe in rubber and leather.

Her feet were crammed into black leather six inch heels and buckled in place. Tight rubber stockings hugged her toned legs, running up to her thighs and attached with garters to her panties. Her panties were black, high-waisted, control panties made from heavy rubber with inset leather panels and a thin strap running between her legs. The strap had been drawn so tight it was only visible where it ran over the leather control panel at the front before it delved into a deep crevice between Clarissa's legs, only to emerge on the other side at the top of her buttocks, just below the hem of her skirt. The back of the panties consisted of a thin rubber material stretched across her ass cheeks and pulled into the cleft of her ass by the leather strap. This design was meant so that a naughty schoolgirl would have little protection on her ass cheeks from a spanking or, even worse, a caning.

Concealed beneath the tight rubber, and held in place by the leather strap were a pair of stiff metal dildos rammed into Clarissa's pussy and ass via a slit in the crotch, a slit which was lined with dull metal spikes. The ends of the metal dildos curved around the leather strap on either side, helping to hold them in place and exposing just a hint of the shiny polished steel peeking out from beneath her panties.

Clarissa's upper torso was held in what looked like a schoolgirl's pinafore dress, except this one was made of rubber and had an integral leather corset which had reduced her already slender waist dramatically. The pleated skirt of her dress ended just above her crotch, ensuring that her panties were prominently displayed.

Her breasts stood proud and independent from the dress, bound in two sacks of rubber which had thin little straps encircling them, making her tits look like two taut and stretched pieces of meat on a butcher's slab, a thin strap embedded in the meat every half inch or so.

Her arms had been pulled into full length rubber opera gloves that extended all the way up her arms. Her wrists were locked into thick leather cuffs, they matched the cuffs locked around her ankles. These cuffs complemented the stiff leather posture collar wrapped about her neck.

Atop her head she wore two hoods. The first layer was a tight fitting black rubber hood with holes for her eyes, nose, and mouth. There were two additional holes on the top of her head on either side through which she fed her long brown hair, which had been braided into a pair of pigtails. The second hood fit over the first and was made of stiff, thick leather. It had holes similar to the hood beneath it, though there were additional buckles on the hood to which one could attach a blindfold, gag, the hated rebreather bag, or even all three. The laces at the back of the hood had been pulled as tight as possible and tied in place. Stamped into the leather running across her forehead was a stylized logo reading 'XS School' beneath that in small letters read the school motto: Maximus Excruscio, meaning 'the most extreme pain'.

As she shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot, Clarissa passed the time ruminating on the series of events that had led to her capture and enslavement in this wretched place. By her best guess she had been here for nearly two months. Though it was always difficult to gauge the passage of time when you were bound and locked into a tiny box for hours, or suspended from the ceiling in a confining bag, or crammed into a cage awaiting your next torture session at the hands of the cruel sadists who had captured her. It was two months of torture, humiliation, and degradation.

It all began with an argument she had with her mother about something as mundane as the length of the skirt she wanted to wear to school (if only her mother could see her now!) Clarissa stormed out of the house in a huff, intending to spend the night at her friend's house. She was eighteen, her mother couldn't tell her what to do! Unfortunately it had started raining and she was soaked through and freezing before she was even halfway there. By a stroke of luck (which turned out to be the worst luck possible), she was offered a ride by a tiny Asian woman in a van who introduced herself as Midori. Clarissa eagerly agreed. She should have been suspicious when Midori began to drive before Clarissa had even given her an address, but she was distracted with wringing the rain from her long brown hair.

Clarissa lost herself in her phone, scrolling through social media and texting friends, and also didn't notice when Midori pulled off onto an empty road and into an abandoned warehouse. She looked up when she heard the rain cease pattering against the roof of the van. She felt the van shift as someone exited from the rear. She didn't know anyone else was inside due to the metal bulkhead between the front cab and the rear.

Suddenly Midori snatched the phone from Clarissa's hands. She protested and was slapped across the face in response. A stern-looking woman with short, brown hair and a heavy German accent opened her door and ordered her out. Tina considered resisting, but her cheek still stung from Midori's slap. She followed the two women into the back of the van. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness she was horrified to see that the back of the van contained a variety of cages, sacks, chains and straps. She turned to leave, but was dropped to the floor by a gutpunch from the tiny Asian woman that left her gasping. The stern woman, who she later learned was Mistress Helga soon had her trussed up in tight bondage and packed neatly away within the confines of a small box.

The trip to the Group XS compound was only the start of her nightmare. Once she was there she was subjected to bondage, beatings, and rapes that kept her in agony for days. The cruelest torturer of all was the woman known only as Mistress XS. Her cruelty was matched only by her cleverness. Like a conductor leading a symphony, she left Clarissa screaming for hours on end as she plied her craft. When she had finished welcoming Clarissa to her new life she assigned her to Mistress Olga, the head schoolmistress, so that she could receive a proper education befitting a slave.

If she thought life in Slave School would be any better than the horrors of the torture dungeons then she was sorely mistaken. School usually met twice a week. The girls were expected to be in uniform and in the classroom on time. The slightest infraction was severely punished. Clarissa one time arrived a minute late, she was held up struggling to close one of the impossibly tight straps on her uniform. Upon arriving at the classroom she was given one stroke of the cane for every second she was late, then ordered to sit at her desk. The only allowable excuse for missing class was if a slave was being punished elsewhere in the dungeon.

Between classes the slaves were assigned to duties throughout the complex. Though the jobs varied, they all required the girls to be dressed in tight restrictive bondage and humiliated in the worst ways possible. Jobs ranged from cleaning the dungeons (with a brush if a slave was lucky, with her tongue if she was not), to assisting in punishments, to toilet duty, to being on the receiving end of some cruel punishment. The masters and mistresses would find any excuse to declare a job substandard and punish the slave accordingly.

When they were between assignments the slave students were returned to the dormitory. It was a dim room with several rows of cages set into the wall. Each cage was no larger than three feet on a side, luxurious by the standards of the other accomodations in the dungeon. It was during the precious few hours they spent in these cages that they were able to rest in relative peace. However, it was also only during this time that the students had the free time to work on their school assignments.

The most recent of which was an essay. Each student was given a master or mistress in Group XS and instructed to write a biography of that person: their history, likes, dislikes, and favorite tortures. The subjects were more than happy to demonstrate their favorite punishments on their eager pupils. Clarissa had been assigned to Mistress Lisa, a defense attorney who used her position to steer frightened young girls into the clutches of Group XS.

Mistress Lisa had locked Clarissa in a standing spread-eagle, her wrists chained to the ceiling and her ankles chained to the floor so that her toes barely touched the ground. She then snapped a set of vicious clamps to her nipples and clit and took out a set of weights that could be hooked onto the ends of the clamps. She agreed to answer one question for every weight that Clarissa begged to have added to her clamps. Of course, Mistress Lisa answered the questions as vaguely as possible, requiring lots of follow up questions. But Mistress Lisa didn't mind. By the end of the session Clarissa was doing more screaming than questioning, especially when Mistress Lisa generously offered to demonstrate her favorite whip on Clarissa's exposed back.

Clarissa shuddered as she eyed her essay sitting on Mistress Olga's desk. She hoped it was good enough. Poor grades were grounds for extreme punishment and often required redoing the assignment. The bruises on her back still hadn't healed from her first interview with Mistress Lisa.

The rest of the class slowly trickled in until a dozen identically dressed schoolgirls were standing at attention beside their desks awaiting their instructor. The last girl to arrive was Hannah Firman. She was moving slowly, clearly in pain from some recent abuse. What little skin showed from beneath her school uniform was covered in fresh bruises. Her eyes were puffy and red. She took her place standing beside the desk in front of Clarissa. She could see the petite blond girl trembling as she stood upright with her hands behind her head.

Hannah had the unfortunate pleasure of having caught the eye of Doctor Saavik, one of the ringleaders of Group XS. He had a penchant for busty blond schoolgirls and Hannah was just his type. In fact, Hannah didn't stay with the rest of the class in the dormitory. No, she was a special guest in Saavik's own personal apartment. From there she often served as the entertainment at the frequent parties that he threw. And when she wasn't in use, Saavik took advantage of Hannah's crippling claustrophobia to keep her bound for extended periods inside tiny boxes or tight bondage bags.

Hannah frequently missed class as a result of Saavik's dalliances, but it was no excuse for missing out on assignments. She was punished for failing to turn in assignments on time, and when her doting caretaker learned of her poor grades he would punish her further. As Hannah struggled just to remain standing it was obvious that she had spent the previous night and perhaps most of the previous day being used and abused by her master. Fortunately, Mistress Olga arrived a few minutes later.

"Good morning, class," she called out.

"Good morning, Mistress Olga," the class replied in unison.

Mistress Olga took attendence and then instructed the class to take their seats. She then called Becky Meyer to the front of the room. Becky had missed the previous class because she was detained by Doctor Zorhof. Students who missed a lesson were required at the next session to stand in front of the class and describe in explicit detail exactly why they had missed class and precisely what was done to them. It was an opportunity for the rest of the class to learn from the mistakes of others, and Mistress Olga reveled in forcing her students to relive their tortures as they gave every horrifying detail and what they felt. Students often fought off tears as they recalled the brutal punishments. They were then graded based on diction, vocabulary, and detail. And, of course, Mistress Olga made sure to update the student's records to reflect what punishments seemed particularly effective on the slave.

Becky had been assigned to clean up the medical suite where Doctor Zorhof liked to practice her medical tortures and she hadn't showed sufficient enthusiasm for the task ahead of her. As a result, Zorhof took away the toothbrush and bucket Becky had been given to complete the task. Instead she was bound in a dozen tight leather straps that trapped her legs together and her arms at her sides. Her tits were covered with a loose fitting bra, the insides of which were lined with sandpaper. She was then instructed to lick the floor and Doctor Zorhof's instruments clean with her tongue. Bound as she was, Becky was only able to move about by wriggling her body on the floor as she lapped up blood, piss, and shit from the filthy tile. By the time she had finished her tits had been rubbed raw by the sandpaper. Needless to say, the task took a rather long time and by the time she had finished she had missed class. Nevertheless, Doctor Zorhof ordered Becky to wriggle her way to the classroom before she would agree to unbind her.

Once Becky had finished regaling the class with her misadventure she was instructed to take her seat. Mistress Olga then began her lecture. Clarissa was silently grateful that today would only be a lecture. Often a special guest lecturer would lead the class. It was always some monster who reveled in torturing the frightened young schoolgirls. It was these sessions that frequently involved painful demonstrations or field trips to a different part of the dungeon. Many lectures ended with a pop quiz to make certain that the students had absorbed the material, with dire consequences if they didn't.

Today Mistress Olga was covering the finer points of fine dining, not that any of these slaves would ever be eating anything other than slave cuisine, dogfood mixed with shit. But, as Mistress Olga explained, the slaves could find themselves tending to their masters at a formal dinner and would be expected to know the etiquette.

Mistress Olga droned on about the importance of chilling a salad plate, while Clarissa tried to take diligent notes. One never knew when some minute detail might show up on an exam. However, she was having difficulty staying focused today. Her after school work assignment was as Mistress XS's personal assistant, a task which was almost certain to end in extreme pain and humiliation for her.

Suddenly, her attention was stolen away by a soft, rumbling noise from the desk in front of her. She shifted in her seat to get a better look and discovered Hannah asleep at her desk! This was bad. Poor Hannah had spent all of the previous day enduring the tortures of Doctor Saavik and had been left exhausted and sleep deprived. And now Mistress Olga's lecture had lulled her to sleep.

Clarissa tried to nudge Hannah with her foot, hoping to wake the girl before Olga noticed, but Hannah was sound asleep. Clarissa didn't dare attempt anything more drastic lest she draw Olga's eventual wrath down upon herself as well. You learned very quickly in the clutches of Group XS that it was best to keep your head down and avoid drawing attention to yourself.

Clarissa couldn't tear her eyes off of the poor, doomed girl. She didn't notice that Mistress Olga had stopped her lecture. Suddenly Hannah bolted upright and screamed, her body trembling in agony.

Mistress Olga released the button on the control panel affixed to her desk and Hannah slumped in her seat, sobbing. Every desk in the classroom featured a fully metal seat, the metal dildos that were a part of the school uniform jutted out from beneath the leather crotch strap that held them in place. This allowed them to make contact with the chair, which was wired to a powerful electric generator, perfect for punishing a wrong answer or, in Hannah's case, getting the attention of an unfocused student.

"Is my lecture boring you, slave?" Mistress Olga seethed.

"No, mistress," Hannah replied, sitting up straighter now.

"Perhaps you think you already know all the material then?" Olga asked.

"No, mistress," Hannah said. Clarissa could feel the fear growing within the traumatized girl.

"Perhaps I can do something to help you maintain your focus then," Olga said coyly as she grabbed some items from the drawer of her desk. "On your feet, slave!"

Hannah jumped to her feet, hoping her ready compliance might assuage Olga's fury. She was guided over to the wall on the side of the classroom. The entire class looked on, helpless to do anything as Olga positioned the girl facing the wall and standing about two feet away from it and locked her wrists together behind her back. She raised an item that she had retrieved from her desk. It was a vicious-looking set of nipple clamps! Olga reached up to Hannah's tits and tugged her nipples through slits in the front of her uniform. Hannah winced and moaned as her nipples were roughly pinched and squeezed, they were already severely bruised from her previous night's misadventures.

"If you think this is bad, then just wait," Olga whispered in her ear. "In fact, we can't have you disturbing the rest of the class. We'd better find you a gag."

She returned to her desk and pulled a gag from a different drawer. The gag, a favorite among members of Group XS, was all to familiar to the entire class. It was a thick pear-shaped chunk of rubber. Olga forced it back behind Hannah's teeth, the tip of the rubber bulb just tickled the back of her throat. She then locked it in place using the buckles on Hannah's hood that were there for that purpose. The gag, as every slave who wore one well knew, flexed when one bit down on it, causing the bulb to expand backward into its victim's throat which was certain to generate a strong gag reflex.

With the gag in place Hannah could only plead with her eyes as Olga picked up the nipple clamps once again. The clamps were flat metal tabs forced together by a strong spring. Olga fed the first of Hannah's nipples into a clamp. As the clamp squeezed down on her bruised nipple Hannah screamed into her gag, then choked as her bite expanded the gag back into her throat. She was able to control herself slightly better as the second clamp was applied, though she still tossed her head back in agony.

Next, Olga grabbed the chain connecting the clamps together and draped it over a hook on the wall that was chest high.

"It is very important that these clamps do not slip off, as you will see in a moment," Olga explained. "I think maybe these will help."

Olga held aloft two thick, three inch long silver needles. Several of the students looking on gasped as Olga lined up the first one with a small hole in the metal tab on one of the clamps. Hannah begged and pleaded, to no avail, as Olga slowly pressed the thick needle in her nipple. She shrieked as the sharp tip poked through the bottom of her nipple, threading its way through a matching hole on the other tab. Now, if the clamp slipped, its movement would be halted by the needle running through the middle of it.

Hannah was frantic as Olga slowly pressed the other needle through her other nipple. Now chained to the wall via immoveable nipple clamps, Olga connected a wire from lower on the wall to the metal dildo embedded in Hannah's pussy. She stood up and addressed Hannah, making sure that the rest of the class could hear as well.

"When I flip this switch," she said gesturing to a switch on the wall out of Hannah's reach. "The electric current for your pussy will activate. If you wish to avoid a shock to that naughty cunt, then you will have to pull on the hook that your nipples are chained to. There is a built-in pressure sensor behind the hook. So long as you pull hard enough there will be no shock. I won't tell you how hard you have to pull. I think figuring it out is half the fun. This should keep you focused enough to hear the rest of my lesson, no?"

Hannah moaned in dismay. Olga rested her finger on the switch and looked in her direction. Defeated, Hannah leaned back, groaning as she pulled the chain tight, twisting and stretching her bruised nipples. Olga flipped the switch. Hannah flinched and took a sharp breath, expecting a shock. But it didn't come. She was pulling hard enough on her nipples to prevent the device from activating.

Satisfied, Olga returned to the front of the room and resumed her lecture. Clarissa tried to maintain focus as Olga droned on about the different types of dinner forks, but she kept stealing glances over to the side of the room. Hannah struggled to maintain a persistent pressure on the chain, but the constant pulling was agony. Unsure of just how hard she needed to tug the chain, she slowly tried to relieve the pressure. Suddenly her head shot back and she screamed into her gag as a vicious jolt ripped through her pussy.

The entire class turned to see Hannah frantically leaning back against the chain once again, desperate to avoid another shock. Her legs trembled, her shoulders shook with her sobs, and Mistress Olga continued her lecture as if nothing had happened.

Twice more during Mistress Olga's lecture did Hannah activate the electric shock, each time emitting an inhuman scream into her gag and fighting to regain her composure afterward.

Finally the lecture ended. Olga dismissed the class. The students filed out of the classroom, heading to their next assignment, or perhaps back to the dormitory where they'd try to catch a few hours of sleep before starting their next day of torture. Clarissa gathered up her things and headed to the door. She was none too eager to report to Mistress XS, but being late would be the worst thing she could do. Mistress Olga followed close behind her.

As Hannah realized that she was about to be left alone the room she squealed and grunted into her gag.

Mistress Olga poked her head back through the door. "Oh, did I forget to take you down?" she asked, a look of faux surprise on her face. "I'm terribly sorry, but I've got a meeting in the Nazi dungeon in a few minutes to discuss a future lesson for the class. And if there's one thing Nazis hate, other than the Jews, of course, it's tardiness. I'll be back in a few hours to take you down. Though I should probably stop by and chat with Doctor Saavik about your lack of discipline first. I'm sure he will be not be happy about that."

At that Mistress Olga hit the lightswitch and closed the door to the classroom, leaving a screaming, teary-eyed Hannah trapped against the wall.

Chapter 2: High Honors

Holly was always a good student back in her old life. She got straight A's and graduated high school on the honor roll. Her excellence continued on into college where she studied architecture and design. Unfortunately, her life took a turn for the worse one night when she was driving back home during winter break. Her car broke down on a deserted stretch of highway, out of the coverage of her cellphone. Worried and unsure what to do, she headed toward the nearest town on foot. She hadn't walked very far before a police car pulled up beside her. The sheriff, a woman who introduced herself as Judy offered her a ride. Holly happily agreed. Too bad for Holly the ride ended in the Bondage Suite in the basement of the Group XS compound, where Holly found herself hogtied and bound in tight leather straps at the hands of Mistress Judy Spite, sheriff by day and master of the Group XS Bondage Suite by night.

Holly had spent the next week bound in a variety of tight hogties, eventually earning her the nickname Hogtied Holly. After receiving a variety of punishments as a means of introduction to her new life, Holly was eventually assigned to the Slave School so that she could continue her education.

Now Holly sat at the front of the class paying close attention to today's lesson. She did well on her assignments and was something of a teacher's pet to Mistress Olga, which earned her many sneers from the other students. Olga had begun the lesson with an overview of the various knots that were commonly used to bind and restrain an unwilling victim. Now Olga turned to the class and asked for a volunteer.

Of course no one was eager to stick her neck out when in the presence of a vicious sadist like Mistress Olga. However, Holly proudly stuck her hand high into the air. She knew Olga was going to get a 'volunteer' one way or another, and assumed that Olga intended to demonstrate how to tie knots on a female figure. Since that would be a relatively painless experience (especially compared to some of the other activities she had endured in her time here) it would be a good opportunity to score some brownie points with Mistress Olga.

Mistress Olga was somewhat taken aback by actually getting a willing volunteer, but shrugged her shoulders and invited Holly up to the front of the class. In truth she wasn't particularly fond of the brown-noser and this was a good chance to take her down a peg.

"I'm so glad that I've got such an eager volunteer," Olga said. "Especially one who has such a nice large bosom because the next part of our lesson is how to use the knots that I've taught you to perform a proper tit hanging."

Holly's jaw dropped open. This was certainly not what she had expected. She felt every pair of eyes in the class staring at her tits. She had always been proud of her big tits, reveling in the attention she received from boys when she wore a lowcut top. They almost seemed out of place on her slender frame, but she considered them her best asset. At least that was until she had found herself within the clutches of Group XS. They had no shortage of cruel sadists who delighted in tit torture, one of whom was standing next to her right now, eyeing her breasts like a lion next to a prime cut of meat.

"Remove all of your clothing," Olga commanded. Holly began unbuckling and removing her school outfit. It was too slow for Olga though. The big woman stepped forward and slapped Holly across the face. "Come on. You are moving too slowly and wasting valuable class time."

Olga moved in to help. She roughly tore clothing away from Holly, tossing the girl about like a ragdoll until finally she stood naked before her peers. Without her restrictive clothing the chill of the classroom caused her nipples to harden.

Olga grabbed some lengths of rope and got to work. First she tied Holly's wrists together behind her back. Then she wound the coarse rope around and around Holly's fleshy tits, occasionally pausing to give pointers to the class, who took diligent notes as they watched and learned. Gradually the tight ropes enclosed her breasts in their unyielding grip. Her tits began to color first to a deep red, then giving way to a light purple. Finally Olga finished the final knot. She took the remaining length of rope and tied it to a block and tackle hanging from the ceiling above her.

"Now watch closely," Olga instructed the class. "The critical part is when you first lift the slave from the ground. You must pay close attention to make sure the ropes do not slip and that the knots are positioned correctly so as not to completely cut off circulation."

"As for you, my willing volunteer," she addressed Holly. "I expect you to remain silent so that you don't distract your classmates. Understood?"

Holly nodded. She braced herself as Olga gripped the rope and began hauling her upward. Holly groaned as she felt herself pulled up on tiptoe. Olga paused, leaving Holly dancing from foot to foot. She gave her an icy glare, warning her to control herself. Then after leaving Holly dangling for a moment, building up the anticipation, she threw her weight hard against the rope, suddenly pulling Holly free from the ground.

Her tits stretched and twisted under the sudden strain. Holly futilely kicked her feet, searching for a floor that was no longer there. And she screamed. Her tits hurt like never before. It felt like they were slowly being ripped from her chest. She swayed erratically back and forth as she panicked and kicked her legs about. She didn't notice Olga walk around behind her and pick up a cane.

Thwak! The stuff wooden cane crashed into Holly's defenseless ass. Her screams went up an octave from this new unexpected assault.

"I told you to remain silent!" Olga raged as she delivered another strike to Holly's backside. She delivered several more swift strokes, sending Holly swinging back and forth from the impacts.

Olga turned to the class. "Now that you have seen what to do it is time to practice," she announced. Had this been any other class in the world the students would have groaned in displeasure. However, no one dared to raise the ire of their angry teacher.

"Everyone pair off. Find a partner to practice with," she called out. The classroom came alive with chatter as the girls worked out who would partner with whom. Eventually everyone paired off, except for Clarissa, who was assigned to partner with Holly by Mistress Olga.

The girls were lined up next to their partners when Olga turned around and cursed. "I have left the extra ropes that we need back in the supply room next to the Ageplay Suite," she said. Olga turned to the nearest slave, Charlotte, who had arrived at Group XS just last week. "You. Do you know where to go?"

Charlotte shook her head. Olga sighed. "Fine. Clarissa, you go. And take this girl with you so that she knows for next time."

She turned to the rest of the class. "The rest of you get undressed. You can watch while I give this noisy girl here a few more strokes," she said.

Charlotte and Clarissa slipped out the door while Olga picked up her cane and began laying into Holly once more. She gave Holly a shove to set her swinging and then timed each stroke so that Holly was swinging into the blow as it landed.

Clarissa moved swiftly down the hallway. It was risky for a slave to be out in the hallways. While out in the open it was easy to draw the attention of a passing Master or Mistress, something which no slave wanted. Charlotte, still getting used to her uniform's six inch heels, struggled to keep up with Clarissa as she swiftly navigated the halls.

Just as they turned the final corner and entered the hallway near their destination Clarissa suddenly stopped. Charlotte, not paying attention, nearly crashed into her companion. The reason Clarissa had stopped was that she had seen Mistress XS coming in their direction. It was too late to pretend that they hadn't seen her, so the two slaves slid to the side of the hallway with their backs against the wall and stood at attention with their hands behind their heads and their eyes cast down to the floor.

The click-clack of Mistress XS's heels drew closer. Clarissa felt her heart beat faster as the woman approached. The last time she had seen Mistress XS she had wound up chained to the ceiling in an upside-down spread-eagle while Mistress XS whipped her breasts and pussy because she hadn't shown enough enthusiasm licking her mistress's pussy.

The sound of Mistress XS's heels stopped as she came to a halt in front of the two girls.

"What do we have here?" she enquired. "Why aren't you girls in class? Playing hooky?"

"No, Mistress," Clarissa answered. "Mistress Olga asked us to retrieve some supplies for her to assist with today's lesson."

Mistress XS nodded. "And what, may I ask, is today's lesson?" she asked.

Clarissa gulped. "Tit hanging, ma'am," she replied.

Clarissa could feel Mistress XS's piercing gaze drop to her tits. A smile spread across the evil woman's face. "Ah, I love a good tit hanging," she said, reaching up to caress her breasts.

"Have you ever experienced a tit hanging?" she asked Clarissa.

"No, mistress," she replied.

Mistress XS then turned her attention to Charlotte. Clarissa didn't think it was possible, but Charlotte seemed even more frightened of Mistress XS than her.

"And what about you? You have such lovely tits, maybe you would like a private lesson," she purred, fondling Charlotte's large round breasts through her school uniform.

Charlotte froze, then gasped. Clarissa looked over as she heard the sound of liquid hitting the floor. A small stream of urine was running down Charlotte's leg and pooling on the floor. What little amount of Charlotte's face was visible beneath her hood turned bright red. Mistress XS's face turned hard.

"Come with me," she told Charlotte so coldly that it sent a shiver down Clarissa's spine. She gave the slave a rough shove forward. "Do you know what we do with naughty girls that piss on the floor? Well you're going to find out after I finish your lesson."

Mistress XS turned to Clarissa as she and her crying slave walked away. "Lick this mess up, then continue with your errand. Inform Mistress Olga that this slave will be detained for a while."

"Yes, mistress," Clarissa replied. She immediately dropped to her knees and began lapping up the puddle of piss, while the sound of the other two women retreated down the hallway.

When Clarissa returned to class Mistress Olga was still caning Holly's bright red ass. The girl was no longer screaming as she swung from her tits absorbing the blows. Instead she was sobbing softly to herself while the rest of the class, now stripped of their uniforms, looked on.

Clarissa informed Olga of Charlotte's fate. "Lucky girl," Olga replied. "Mistress XS is a master of tit torture. I bet she's already got young Charlotte screaming herself hoarse."

Olga dropped her cane and lowered Holly from the ceiling. It had stopped being fun once she had ceased screaming. Olga ordered her to lay in the corner and be quiet.

"Who was Charlotte's partner?" Olga asked.

Anne, a petite Asian girl raised her hand. "Ok, Clarissa you are now partnered with her. I guess we'll give Holly a little break for now." Clarissa moved to stand next to her partner.

"Now, because of our naughty volunteer's behavior I don't know that we will have time for both partners to participate in a hanging. I want each group to decide who will hang and who will do the hanging. You have one minute. If I have to pick then you will both see me after class."

Olga smiled as the girls argued amongst themselves, obviously no one wanted to hang. Eventually the assignments were worked out before Olga had to make good on her threat. The girls were handed ropes and set to work. Olga patrolled the classroom, adjusting knots or tightening ropes. In a short time each pair consisted of one frightened, tit-tied girl and her partner holding the rope that would hoist her off her feet.

"Now, I don't want a repeat of Holly's screaming. So everyone gag your hangee. There should be a ball gag in your kit," Olga instructed. The girls complied.

"Everyone ready? On the count of three raise your partners," Olga said. As she hit three there was the sound of ropes straining immediately followed by muffled groans and screams as five pairs of feet lifted free from the floor. However, one girl in particular was shrieking especially loud. When Clarissa heaved Anne up off the floor one of the ropes slipped. The poor girl's tits were wrenched and twisted up and away from her chest. Olga cursed and quickly lowered the girl to the floor. She slapped Clarissa across the face.

"Your shoddy ropework has slipped and you may have torn something in her breast. You must be more careful," she growled. Olga sent a crying Anne off to the infirmary. Then she walked up and down the line evaluating each hanging and pointing out mistakes of the other girls. She walked deliberately slowly while her tortured students swayed in pain.

Finally she finished her circuit and returned to the front of the class. She commanded the slaves to be lowered.

"You did relatively well, but clearly you still have more to learn. I think we will go a little late today so that you can get more practice," she said. This time there were some audible groans as the girls who thought they had escaped the torture had their hopes dashed. "Since a plain old tit hanging is sometimes a little dull we're going to jazz it up this time. I want every hanger to find a creative way to increase the suffering of her hangee. You may make use of any items that you can find in the storeroom nextdoor. I'll give you one hour to prepare your torture. Get to work."

There was a scramble as the tit tied girls freed themselves of their ropes and ran to get supplies.

The exception was Clarissa, who had sent her partner to the infirmary. When Olga noticed, she prodded Holly, still sobbing quietly in the corner, with the toe of her boot.

"You are Clarissa's partner now. Get to work," she commanded. Holly summoned her remaining strength and scurried into the supply room.

For the next hour there was a lot of commotion as items were dragged in from the storeroom and set in place beside increasingly fearful victims. After the hour had elapsed Olga commanded her students to stop what they were doing and apply the punishments that they had devised on their unwilling victims. The sound of muffled screams filled the room as five frightened girls were hoisted by their tits into the air. Olga looked around with a grin, it was music to her ears. Then she visited each pair to see what they had come up with.

The first pair she approached was Katie and Michelle. Michelle was hanging from her swollen, purple tits kicking her feet about. Her arms were tied together behind her back. She was ungagged, but her complaints were stifled by the fact that the rope holding her aloft was held firmly between her teeth! She grunted against the strain, not only on her tits, but also her jaw as she struggled to hold onto the rope.

"What do we have here?" Olga asked Katie.

"Well, mistress, I thought that a way to make the punishment worse would be if the victim had the ability to end it herself, but didn't want to," Katie explained.

"And why wouldn't she want to?" Olga inquired.

Katie gestured to a large metal panel on the floor beneath Michelle. "I have placed an electric shock generator beneath her," Katie explained. "If her foot touches the panel then she will get a nasty shock. I made sure that the rope she hangs from is long enough that her feet would touch the ground even if she does remain suspended. That way she has to focus on keeping her legs up as well."

As if on cue, Michelle's wild swinging caused her toe to graze the plate beneath her. She squealed in pain as a spark leapt to her foot and gave her a jolt.

"Very nice," Olga said. "I will give you a passing grade."

Katie sighed in relief. Olga turned to Clarissa. "As for you. I will give you some extra incentive to hold onto the rope. If you drop down before the end of class then I will put you back up there for the rest of the night!"

Clarissa moaned acknowledgement as Olga moved on to the next pair. Twin sisters, Serena and Alex, were relatively new to class. The girls were recently acquired as part of Group XS's campaign of terror against the girls' aunt, Catherine. Olga approached the two slaves and frowned. Serena had bound Alex adequately, the pained girl hung by her swollen tits. Her arms were tied together at the wrist behind her back. As Olga came closer Serena picked up a cane and began to lightly strike the back of her sister's thighs.

"This is all you could up with after an hour?" Olga asked angrily. "This isn't creative or original. This is the exact same thing that I demonstrated on Holly earlier."

A terrified Serena said nothing. Olga slapped her across the face, and the frightened slave dropped the cane. It rattled away.

"And you," Olga addressed Alex, still swinging away up above, "You should have helped your sister come up with a more severe punishment. This just will not do."

Olga stormed up to her desk and grabbed her most vicious whip from a drawer. She stomped back to Serena and thrust the whip into her hand. It was a stranded leather whip, about three feet long, but embedded along each of the leather strands were little barbs of metal.

"You will both see me after class. How severe your punishment is will depend on how well you apply this whip to your sister," she growled. "You'd better get swinging, class will be over soon. You're not doing her any favors by going easy on her."

Serena lined up and swung a hard blow with the whip into her sister's exposed back. Alex shrieked in pain as the whip crashed into her skin, the little barbs tearing at her tender flesh. She thrashed about in agony. Serena hesitated, a look of shock on her face, but a stern look from Olga encouraged her to continue.

Olga moved onto the next pair in a foul mood as she left the twins, both of them crying. She walked up to Becky and Raisa to see what they had done.

Becky had Raisa hanging by her tits, but she had also tied an additional rope to each ankle. Each of those ropes went up behind Raisa's back, through a loop in the ceiling and attached to a long thick fishhook which had been pressed through Raisa's tongue.

"What do you have for me, Becky?" Olga asked.

"Mistress, I have tied this slave's ankles to a thick hook in her tongue, which I have to admit was much more difficult to insert than I had been expecting. This way if she swings her legs it will tug on the hook," Becky explained. "And to encourage her to swing her legs I have this."

Becky pulled out an industrial strength vibrator, pressed it against Raisa's crotch and strapped it to the girls leg. Almost immediately Raisa began moaning.

"I have seen during previous lessons that when this slave cums she tends to thrash about uncontrollably. Maybe this will encourage her to keep still or at least contort her legs to keep the vibrator away from her clit," Becky said coldly.

Raisa squirmed as the vibrator worked away at her. "I am impressed," Olga said. "You have received a passing grade." She turned to Raisa. "And you are not to be let down until either you have orgasmed three times, or until you tear that hook out of your tongue. I'd suggest the former. Becky, keep count."

"Yes, mistress," Becky replied, and she sat down to watch Raisa build to her first orgasm.

Olga walked to the next duo as Raisa came for the first time. Her legs trembled as she fought to control herself. She screamed in pleasure and pain as she came. Olga smiled.

The next two students were Beth and Tina. Tina had been lifted by her tits up over a sturdy wooden pony. Some of the ponies at Group XS had a triangular shape which tapered from a wide base up to a narrow ridge which the rider sat upon. This allowed the rider to rest some of her weight on her thighs. This pony, however, was simply a one inch wide board, forcing poor Tina to rest all of her weight on the ridge. But, Beth had graciously allowed Tina a respite from her pony ride. She simply had to lift herself off of it by her tits. Beth had tied Tina's hands above her head and attached the rope for her to hoist herself. If Tina wanted to rise up, she just had to pull her arms down. At the moment, however, Tina was resting her exhausted arms and had lowered all her weight to the pony, crushing her tender pussy against the narrow board. A spreader bar ran between her ankles and underneath the pony to help keep her in place.

"I should have known you'd use a pony," Olga told Beth. Beth had been with Group XS for a long time and they had learned that the wooden pony was one of the most effective tortures against her. The fact that she would inflict the same torment on another slave was testament to how desperate she was to please her masters.

"Yes, ma'am," Beth replied. "What you can't see right now because she has lowered herself, is that there is a rough textured dildo mounted on top of the pony. Every time she raises or lowers herself it grates against the inside of her pussy."

"Very good," Olga replied. "Though this is supposed to be a tit hanging punishment. I suspect that as time goes on she will spend more time on the horse. Maybe we can make that option more unpleasant."

Olga went to the supply room and returned with a large bucket. She placed it on the floor and called all the students over to piss in it, the ones that weren't tied up anyway. She then pissed in it herself and then poured some additional water in until there was about a gallon of liquid within. Olga then dragged the bucket beneath the horse that Tina was on. Beth noticed that as Olga moved the bucket some of the liquid began to leak out the bottom of it. This was because there was a small nail hole in the bottom. Olga tied the handle of the bucket onto the spreader bar running between Tina's legs. It didn't add any additional weight while she was seated on the wooden pony, but if she lifted herself up then the weight of the bucket added to the weight of her body pulling on her tits.

"You may be wondering how adding extra weight will incentivize you to lift yourself up onto your tits," Olga said. Tina was too pained to respond, but Olga continued anyway. "You will not be let down until the bucket is empty. The longer that you hold yourself up, the sooner the bucket empties. Have fun."

Olga then took a roll of paper towels and made a ring around the suspended girl. She turned to Beth. "We can't have our slave making a mess in the classroom, but, these paper towels are not for cleaning up. You will lick up the liquid as it leaks from the bucket. If I see that any of these paper towels are wet when Tina comes down then you will go up there next. Understood?"

Tina nodded, then immediately dropped to the floor. A small trickle was already headed toward the ring of paper towels.

Satisfied, Olga turned to the final pair of students, Holly and Clarissa. She had low expectations for what Holly might have accomplished considering the beating she had just received. But she was pleasantly surprised at what she saw.

She approached the pair and saw Clarissa struggling to swing herself back and forth, her legs flailing wildly despite a wide spreader bar holding her ankles apart. The reason why soon became obvious.

"Tell me what you've done here, Holly," Olga said.

Holly stood at attention, trying to ignore the painful bruises all along her backside. "Well, mistress, it's a fairly simple configuration. As you have taught us, the best tortures are the ones that force a slave to torture herself. So I have attached the widest spreader bar that I could find to Clarissa's ankles. Then I lifted her up by her tits and installed a heater directly beneath her. If she doesn't want to burn her pussy then she needs to keep swinging!"

Clarissa was clearly in pain. The swinging she was forced to do put a tremendous strain on her tightly tied tits. A sheen of sweat covered her body as she swayed back and forth over the glowing red coils of the electric heater beneath her. Her arms had been fed into a tight armbinder that crushed her elbows together behind her back. The enormous pear gag in her mouth stifled any complaints.

"This is good work. Simple, but creative and effective. Well done," Olga said.

"As for you," Olga addressed Clarissa. "I was going to have to punish you for sending Anne to the infirmary, but I think maybe now I don't have to. I will leave you up there to think about your mistakes. Perhaps a few hours from now you will have learned your lesson."

Clarissa complained into her gag to no avail.

Olga stepped back and admired the sight: five tortured girls screaming and struggling. Their pained cries filled her ears like a beautiful symphony. She smiled warmly to herself. This was the best job in the world.

Chapter 3 - Lingua Franca

Back in her days before captivity, Becky Meyers was told by her German language teacher that she had a gifted tongue. Though that was surely due to the weekly blowjob that she gave him in exchange for a passing grade rather than any lingual prowess on her part. By the end of the semester she had earned a solid 'A' despite not learning a word of German. Her instructor often chuckled as he asked her for a "guten tug", when he wanted a handjob, the joke went over her head every time.

Now, however, Becky paid attention to the lesson presented to her as if her life depended upon it because, in a way, it did. It was Mistress Olga's suggestion that the slaves learn German so that they could provide a more authentic experience when they served in the Group XS Nazi dungeon. Of course no one was surprised that this gang of sadists and kidnappers aspired to be more like history's greatest villains. To them the atrocities of the past were mere inspiration.

The Nazi dungeon was presided over by Judge Kellerman, a man who many of the girls knew because he had sentenced them to rehabilitation programs, that were a front for Group XS, as an alternative to prison. Had any of the girls known where they would end up, they would have readily agreed to prison instead. While inside the Nazi dungeon Judge Kellerman dressed himself as an officer in the Gestapo, and insisted on being addressed as Herr Obersturmfuhrer while he applied his sadistic punishments on his hapless 'Jewish' whores. He was often accompanied by his equally cruel wife who delighted in torturing the girls while at the same time working them toward orgasm. It was she who had been leading the class for the past few sessions, teaching the girls conversational German so that they could pass more convincingly as lowly Jewish slavegirls.

Frau Kellerman, as she insisted that her students address her, had a short temper and very little tolerance for error. She made liberal use of the 'electric shock' feature of the girls' desks. A dedicated teacher, if someone didn't understand her lesson, she was determined to get her pupil to understand under pain of punishment.

Unfortunately for Becky her previous experience in German class was essentially worthless and she often found herself on the receiving end of Frau Kellerman's fury. At one point her teacher decreed Becky's pronunciation "an affront to every German who ever existed," and duly applied a vicious clamp to her tongue for the remainder of the class lest she insult anyone else.

Becky just didn't get it and no amount of punishment would get her lessons to sink in. Frau Kellerman graciously offered to give Becky personal lessons after class, an offer she couldn't resist (because she wasn't given the option). She had found herself suspended upside-down with her legs spread. She was given a list of verbs to conjugate and every mistake was met with a savage strike of a whip on her exposed pussy. Becky did a lot more screaming than translating that day.

Today was at last the final day of German lessons. Becky was eager for an opportunity to move on and hopefully find a different subject that did not incur such wrath from her instructor. Frau Kellerman stood at the front of the classroom. Today she spoke only in German as she explained the final exam. Unfortunately Becky had no idea what she was saying. Suddenly the entire class rose to their feet. Becky followed suit.

The class silently marched out of the classroom and moved single file down the hall with Frau Kellerman leading the way and Mistress Olga bringing up the rear. They stopped in front of a door marked 'Nazi Dungeon'. Becky had never been in this particular corner of the compound. As Frau Kellerman opened the door and ushered the girls in Becky was assaulted by the smell of fear, pain and hopelessness. A scream of pure agony echoed through one of the nearby doorways as if to greet them. The girls filed into a small anteroom populated with an array of tiny metal cages, one for each student. Mistress Olga began cramming the girls into the cages while Frau Kellerman walked through a door labelled 'Interrogation #2'. The cages were so small that each girl had to squat within, with her chin pressed to her chest. Olga had to lean against the cage door to get it to close on some of the taller girls.

A few minutes after Mistress Olga had the girls uncomfortably situated, the door to the interrogation room swung open. Through it stepped a man in a crisp, black uniform. His black leather jackboots, undoubtedly polished by some unhappy slave, gleamed in the dim light. Under one arm he carried his officer's cap. His uniform bore the insignia of a high ranking Gestapo officer. He slowly walked up and down the row of cages, taking stock of the frightened girls within. Many were familiar with the horrors this man could inflict on his unwilling victims. In his outside role as judge he had sentenced several of these girls to the alternative rehabilitation that led them here only for him to 'greet' them when they arrived with a brutal torture session.

He stopped and addressed everyone in the room. His loud, booming voice said in clear English, "I am Obersturmfuhrer Kellerman, head of the Gestapo for this district. It has come to our attention that some of you may be Jews, whores, spies, or other undesirables. It is my intention to root out the traitors among you, by any means necessary, and see that you are fittingly punished."

Becky shuddered at the prospect. The fact that he had explained the situation in plain English made her feel a little better, but she feared that the interrogation would be conducted more authentically, in German.

Herr Kellerman gestured to the girl in the cage next to Becky. Holly trembled as Frau Kellerman hauled her out of the cage and dragged her into the interrogation room. She closed the door behind her, leaving the rest of the girls wondering what was happening.

After a few minutes it was clear that the interrogation had begun. Raised voices could be heard booming through the door, slowly growing more agitated and frantic. They were soon followed by screams of pain, and begging for mercy. Whatever was happening in there was bad. The girls could do nothing but listen in fear, knowing that they would soon have their turn, while the interrogation continued.

After nearly an hour the door to the room opened once again. A slightly more ruffled Obersturmfuhrer strode out.

"This one has passed," Herr Kellerman announced as Holly's sobbing carried out of the room. Herr Kellerman marched over to Becky and pointed to her. She was next.

A broad grin grew across her German teacher's face as she released Becky from her cage and led her into the interrogation room behind her husband. Holly gasped as she was led into the room. It was larger than she expected. It was equipped with whips and racks, cages and menacing machines. A row of lockers lined one side of the room. There was another door leading out of the room labelled 'Prisoner Holding Cells and Solitary Confinement'.

Off to one side was Holly, now naked and covered in welts. She dangled weakly from an X-shaped rack, her arms and legs shackled in place. A large inflatable gag filled her mouth. From how much her cheeks bulged it was obvious that it had been pumped to the extreme. If this was passing, then what would failure look like, Becky wondered.

Frau Kellerman led Becky next to a large wooden chair and began stripping her school uniform from her while Becky gaped at the chair. The sturdy wooden frame was covered with spikes. They were on the seat, the back rest, the arms, there was even a spiked panel near the floor on the front just behind where her legs would rest. The only place where there weren't any spikes was in the center of the seat, where a pear-shaped metal device jutted straight up. The metal pear looked to be made of three round metal plates folded together almost like a tulip. Needless to say the chair was well equipped with plenty of thick leather straps to hold its unwilling occupant in place. Though when Becky took a closer look, she saw that even the leather straps were studded with spikes!

Frau Kellerman finished removing the last of Becky's uniform, leaving the girl trembling against the chill of the room and the anticipation of what was to come. Frau Kellerman retreated to the back of the room to gather more supplies. The obersturmfuhrer settled into a cushy leather chair behind a luxurious mahogany desk, which was completely out of place in this room full of torture equipment. He gestured to the chair beside Becky and then to his wife in the back and said something in German which she didn't understand.

Becky looked on, befuddled. The man repeated his statement, this time with a hardness in his voice. Becky hesitated then moved in front of the chair, presuming that he had told her to take a seat. She winced as she put her hands onto the sharp spikes of the armrest and slowly lowered her weight onto the seat. She paused as the cold metal bulb met her pussy. Her interrogator looked on in amusement and she wondered what to do. His wife came up behind Becky to assist the poor girl. She grabbed Becky around the waist, then leaned over and whispered into her ear, "He was asking you to go retrieve some lube to apply to the bulb... but if you'd rather insert it dry then that's fine with us."

Becky's eyes shot wide. "Wait, no-," she began, but stopped as the woman holding her waist shoved her down onto the seat. The cold metal dildo slammed its way into her defenseless pussy. Becky shrieked as her ass hit the spikes and the unlubricated metal dragged against her insides. She reflexively tried to get up, but her mistress shoved her back down.

Becky sobbed as the woman began fitting the broad spiked straps in place, though before she did she locked Becky's feet into a pair of metal boots bolted to the floor in front of the chair. The boots were essentially two metals plates that fit on either side of her foot, holding her toes pointed toward the floor. Next came the straps. There was a strap on each ankle, below the knee, across her lap, around her waist, on each wrist, and on her biceps. Thankfully the strap running around her neck did not have any spikes, but it was tight enough to restrict her breathing.

Once Becky was securely attached to the chair Frau Kellerman began to apply additional items to it. Becky saw her pick up a long thick bolt, she walked around the back of the chair and began screwing it into a hole there. After a few turns Becky could feel the dull metal pressing ever so slightly into the small of her back. A similar bolt was inserted just behind her neck.

Next Frau Kellerman fitted something resembling a bra over Becky's tits. However, this was less of a bra and more of a pair of nets made of a coarse twine that loosely surrounded each breast. After carefully positioning the intricately weaved strands just where she wanted them her mistress ran a long strand of the twine from each net around the back of the chair and tied them off to a large knob. Becky could hear the click of a ratchet as Frau Kellerman turned the knob. Becky felt the twine around her tits tighten everywhere at once. The knob was turned until the rough twine pressed firmly into her breasts.

Obersturmfuhrer Kellerman leaned forward over desk. "This is going to be fun," he thought to himself. His wife had told him that this slave was particularly inept, so he saved this interrogation method especially for her.

"You have been accused of some very serious crimes, Fraulein Meyer," he said in German. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

The terrified girl stared at him for a moment. Clearly she had no idea what he had said, or even that he had asked her a question. Eventually she caught on. "Nein," she ventured.

Herr Kellerman scoffed. "No? That's all you have to say in your defense?" he continued in German. "Let's unpack your alleged crimes one at a time. First, you are accused of being an unregistered undesirable, namely a Jew. Is this true?"

"Ja," she replied uncertainly.

"Aha, so you admit it. We have some special ways to treat your kind around here. Would you like an example?" he asked in a tone that Becky couldn't help but agree with. He nodded to his wife.

Frau Kellerman bounced to the back of the chair and began turning the knob attached to the ropes around Becky's tits. As she did the ropes drew tighter, pressing into her meaty tits. Panic spread to Becky's face as her mistress did not stop turning. The ropes pulled even tighter, the coarse twine giving her rope burns as it drew across her skin. Her tits began to turn a light shade of purple as the nets pressed in on her flesh from every direction. Her mistress finally stopped turning. Becky moaned as her trapped tits throbbed under the pressure.

The obersturmfuhrer continued his interrogation in German. "You admit to being a Jew. That is a very serious matter. We will follow up more on that later. On to the next charge, you have been accused of being a whore. Tell me are you a virgin?"

Becky distracted by the pain in her tits, shook her head 'no' (at least as much as the strap around her neck would allow anyway).

"I might have known given how eagerly you sat on that implement for your pussy," he laughed. "Let's show you how it works."

Becky saw the stern woman approach her chair once again and pleaded for mercy. Her tits were turning a darker shade of purple already from the lack of circulation. But instead of reaching again for the knob connected to the ropes she knelt down and reached for something beneath the chair. It was yet another screw previously unseen by the chair's pained occupant. As her mistress began turning the screw Becky gasped. The screw was driving the "petals" of the metal pair apart. Her pussy was slowly and painfully being stretched by the ever-expanding device. Becky begged her to stop as her pussy was pulled wider and wider.

While Frau Kellerman worked the screw beneath the chair her husband continued asking questions. Becky, distracted by the pain within her pussy, began to falter in her answers. Her interrogator, growing frustrated by her lack of responses, reached into his desk and withdrew a riding crop. He slapped it down hard across the top of Becky's bound breasts. That finally got her attention. She jumped against her bonds, driving the spikes of the chair and its straps hard into her flesh, and screamed.

Now that she had raised his ire, Herr Kellerman freely peppered strikes of the whip in with his questions. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, his wife began to work more knobs at the back of Becky's 'boots'. As each bolt spun it pressed a flat metal plate into the arch of her foot, crushing it flat. For Becky this was somehow worse than any of the other tortures so far. She shrieked and howled as her feet were smashed within the unyielding metal boots.

Finally the pair paused their tortures to give Becky a chance to catch her breath. The man wiped sweat from his brow and placed the riding crop down on the desk. Once Becky's screams quieted to sobs he began again.

By now it was clear that Becky had no hope at all of this interview going well. Everything she might say would just make things worse. She decided to keep her silence and hopefully end her torment sooner. Maybe they would tire of the game if she didn't play along, she thought. At the next question Becky pointedly kept her mouth shut, resisting the irate man's query.

He repeated himself, and still she did not answer. He threateningly raised the riding crop, but Becky held firm.

"We have ways of making you talk," Frau Kellerman hissed in Becky's ear as she reached for the knob behind Becky's neck. As she turned this one the dull metal bolt pressed insistently into the bones in the back of her neck, while at the same time pushing her throat against the unyielding leather strap encircling it. To Becky it felt like a knife was being driven into her. The bolt did not break the skin, but the immense pressure on such a small area was unbearable. Becky choked and gasped... and then broke.

"Please, no more. Stop! You're killing me," she gasped in English. "I'll tell you anything you want. Just stop."

Frau Kellerman withdrew the neck bolt ever-so-slightly. Becky fought for breath, drool running out of her mouth.

"What's this?" Herr Kellerman asked, switching to English and feigning surprise. "You speak English. This is quite a discovery, Frau Kellerman, it seems that we have caught ourselves an American spy!"

He picked up his riding crop again and gave Becky several strikes across her tits. "You thought that you could deceive us, did you? Well, we have some very special ways that we question spies. Frau Kellerman, I think our guest has been made too comfortable, could you please correct that?"

The sadistic woman smiled as she grabbed the knob as the small of Becky's back. It, like the knob near her neck, also drove a dull metal bolt into her. Becky screamed as the pressure increased, pushing her body forward, but her body was held tight by the straps.

Next she revisited each of the other knobs on the chair, tightening them as much as she could. She started with the knob connected to the ropes around Becky's breasts. By the time she stopped, her titflesh bulged from between the gaps in the rope that cut cruel lines in her crushed mammaries, which were turning a deep purple.

Then she tightened the already too tight metal boots on each foot. Becky bucked and howled as her feet were crushed within the vicious boots.

Finally, she twirled the knob on the metal pear buried inside Becky's pussy, extending the petals of the "flower" as far as they would go. Becky screamed until she was hoarse as her pussy was stretched to the extreme.

Herr Kellerman looked on in satisfaction. "We're nearly ready to begin. I hope you are comfortable now," he said. Becky's cries of pain were the only answer he needed.

Frau Kellerman went to a nearby cabinet and withdrew several items. She returned to the back of the chair and flipped a set of latches. Becky shifted as she felt part of the seat just behind the metal pear pull away, the metal spikes scraping against her skin as it moved. Next the woman grabbed her new items and slid under the chair like a mechanic doing an oil change. From this angle, and with the section of chair that was removed, she now had easy access to Becky's helpless asshole! She blew gently on Becky's heretofore untouched hole and watched as it clenched and unclenched.

"Let us begin," the obersturmfuhrer announced. "My dear wife has developed a series of delightful salves that she will be applying to your whorish Jew butthole while I finish my questioning. The more quickly and truthfully you answer, the faster we will finish. Perhaps you may avoid some of her worse concoctions."

Becky moaned in response. She didn't think her agony could get any worse.

"Now," the man began, "clearly you must have co-conspirators. Who among your classmates are you in league with? We must know so that we can question them more harshly."

Becky thought for a second. Surely, these monsters would not stop until she gave a name, so who should she say? Whatever name she gave would another girl to an agony equal to hers. Her thoughts were interrupted by the feel of a small paintbrush passing across her anus. She jumped in surprise.

The obersturmfurher smiled. "She startled so nicely, dear. What application did you start with?"

"Soap and water," his wife replied dryly. "This whore's asshole is filthy."

The man chuckled. "If that gets to you then I'm afraid that your in for an unpleasant time."

The interview continued. Her questioner sought details she didn't know. Becky initially tried to answer truthfully that she wasn't a spy and she didn't know anyone else who was. All the while Frau Kellerman probed her ass with soapy liquid and various brushes, an altogether not too unpleasant sensation. However, much worse was to come.

"This isn't working," her interrogator exclaimed at Becky's version of the truth. At that signal the woman positioned beneath her chair set down her bottle of soapy water and picked up a clear glass bottle.

"Perhaps this will help our traitor to remember the truth," she suggested. "It's a mild acid."

She pulled out a small bottle brush and dipped it in the solution, then she rubbed it all around Becky's trembling butthole. She braced herself for the pain, but nothing came. Then a moment later she felt an intense burning. She felt like she was on fire. She shrieked and pulled against her bonds while her captors laughed maniacally. There was nothing 'mild' about this acid.

The interview resumed. This time Becky was eager to tell her interrogator the version of the 'truth' that he was looking for. Though, Frau Kellerman grew impatient. She coated the brush again and this time rammed it quickly up Becky's puckered burning asshole. She wriggled the brush back and forth, in and out. The acid quickly had an effect, Becky stopped midsentence and shrieked. It felt like she was being assfucked by a redhot poker. Frau Kellerman returned to the bottle several more times before setting that aside to grab the next concoction.

The obersturmfuhrer was determined to get every detail exactly right, so he asked each question several times. Becky fought to remain consistent, but was continually distracted by the latest substance Frau Kellerman applied to her tortured asshole, chili oil! The burning from the acid had just subsided when a different kind of burning assailed her flesh. She screamed herself hoarse as her pain crescendoed.

Fortunately for Becky her captors sensed that she was beginning to fade. Herr Kellerman announced that the interrogation would be suspended for now so that he could corroborate her confession with the other students. Becky sobbed in relief as Frau Kellerman loosened the knobs crushing her within the torture chair. The straps were pulled away revealing several nasty scrapes where they had broken the skin. Her tits were splotched purple and red with bruises received from the riding crop and ropeburns from the nets. As she was lifted free of the chair Becky collapsed to the floor, exhausted. She wanted nothing other than to be returned to her cage, no matter how small it was, so that she could be left in peace.

But alas, Becky's wish was not to be granted. Her captors pulled out a box of bondage gear and began arranging it before her.

"We can't have you coaching your co-conspirators with untruths. Therefore you must remain sequestered while we finish the interrogations. Fortunately, we have just the place for you," Herr Kellerman said. "But first let's get you dressed appropriately."

They presented her with a matching bra and panties, white leather with a blue star of David over each breast, her cunt, and her ass. Since she was in no condition to pull them on by herself they helped her into them, which was good because each item was excruciatingly tight and difficult to pull on. Of course it wouldn't be Group XS if the insides of each garment weren't lined with sharp metal spikes! Becky winced as the items were pulled into place and the spikes found a home nestled within the folds of her pussy and ass. Her nipples peeked through a hole at the front of each cup on her bra.

If she thought that the panties would protect her abused and battered holes she was sorely mistaken. A slit in the panties provided access to each area. Frau Kellerman selected two very large dildos from a shelf and showed them to Becky.

"As I recall, a whore like you indicated that you don't require lube. But I don't think I'd be able to force these monsters into you without it," she said. "What do you say we compromise and I lube these up with my chili oil? It does make them nice and slippery."

Becky moaned in protest, but Herr Kellerman held her in place while his wife carefully and thoroughly coated each dildo in the spicy hot grease. She bucked and thrashed against his strong grip as first one and then the other dildo was rammed forcefully into her pussy and ass. She writhed about as her nether regions burned. Herr Kellerman grabbed a leather strap and pulled it tightly between her legs, fastening it to either side of her panties to help hold the dildos in place.

Next the pair fitted Becky with a set of white thigh high stockings which clipped to garters on her panties. After those were smoothed into place her feet were slid into a pair of ballet boots which forced her into an enpointe position.

The next item she saw was a thin cord that was easily a hundred feet long. Becky was stood up on her pointed toes. She groaned as her weight sank onto her aching feet. Her legs were pressed together and the cord tied around her ankles. With the end secured the cord was then wound tightly around and around and around, slowly moving up her body along the way, pinning her legs together and her arms at her sides until finally ending at her shoulders.

"Before we put your hood on we thought you'd like to see where you'll be staying for a few days while we question your friends," Herr Kellerman said.

As Becky was unable to walk, he hefted her up into the air and carried her over to the side of the room. His wife scurried ahead and opened the door to one of the lockers lining the wall. Becky thought she was just retrieving more bondage gear, but her jaw dropped when she saw what it was really for. The locker was entirely empty, and roughly large enough to uncomfortably fit one tightly bound and terrified girl. What was worse is that the sides of the locker were lined with short, sharp spikes! As she looked closer she saw that even the door of the locker had the menacing spikes from top to bottom.

Becky opened her mouth to protest, but found an enormous pear gag shoved in instead. Herr Kellerman lifted a featureless black leather hood with the word "Juden" written in white lettering across the forehead. Becky futilely began to struggle as the thick leather enveloped her head. The laces were pulled as tight as possible, leaving only two small holes beneath her nostrils for her to breath.

Despite the tightness and discomfort of her bondage, it provided very little protection for her skin, as Becky quickly realized when she was shoved into the locker. A muffled scream emanated from the hood as her body slammed into dozens of the tiny pins. The door to the locker swung closed pressing further pins into Becky's front side. She scrambled to stand upright to minimize the areas exposed to the walls of the locker. Her feet already began to protest from the strain of standing on her toes.

"I'm starving," Herr Kellerman commented as he walked away from the row of lockers. "What do you say we go grab dinner?"

His wife agreed. The couple left the interrogation room, locking the door behind them.

"I'm afraid Fraulein Meyer has confessed to some rather egregious offences," the man addressed the remaining schoolgirls, still trapped within their tiny cages in the anteroom. "She is being held for further questioning. And it seems that she has implicated many of you as accomplices to her crimes. We will be certain that we are very thorough when each of you are interviewed. Unfortunately it is getting late. My wife and I will return in the morning to finish our work. We hope you don't mind waiting until then."

There were several dismayed groans as the class realized that they would be spending the night trapped inside cages too small to sit upright or lay down in. A sleepless night was not a good way to start an intense interrogation in a foreign language.

The couple chatted briefly with Mistress Olga before the three of them turned out the lights and left the room together.

By the end of the next day, the empty cages, racks, and shackles in the interrogation room were all occupied by raped, beaten, and terrified slaves who had endured tortures limited only by the imaginations of their captors.

As for Becky, she was never seen in class again. But some of the slavegirls who later visited the Group XS Nazi dungeon reported seeing her in her new home, a dank, dark, tiny sewage filled pit located in the corner of the dungeon where she recovered between torture sessions by evil Nazi pretenders who seeked to exact vengeance against their whorish Jew spy.

Chapter 4 - Learning by Example

Raisa had always been an idealist. In highschool, back in her native Czechoslovakia, she championed causes for the betterment of mankind: she started a composting program in her neighborhood; she volunteered at a hospital, she tutored underprivileged kids. And her proudest achievement was to lead a national campaign against human trafficking.

When she graduated she moved to the US to start working on a degree in criminal justice, with a goal to eventually become a prosecutor and put the bad guys in jail. It was during this time that she came across the story of Catherine Grace, a local prosecutor who had almost single-handedly taken down the infamous Group XS. Raisa decided then and there that she had to work for Catherine. She took a job as a clerk in Catherine's office, doing her part to help put the guilty in prison.

After a few months working with Catherine she was contacted by someone claiming to have information on a ring of human traffickers. Raisa, always on the lookout for a chance to do good, instantly agreed to meet. Once she arrived in the dark, abandoned parking garage things quickly took a turn for the worse. Her contact turned out to be none other than the evil Dr. Zorhof, who abducted her and introduced her to a first-hand account of human trafficking.

Raisa was brutally punished, humiliated, and degraded. Her association with the hated Catherine Grace made her a favorite target for the fury of the resurgent Group XS. Under the threat of further pain (which she received anyway), Raisa was forced to send her letter of resignation to her former boss explaining that family problems required her to return to her native Czechoslovakia.

After a few agonizing weeks being the special guest at all of Group XS's raucous parties Raisa was eventually relegated to the care of the slave school.

Now she found herself sitting in class awaiting the arrival of Mistress Olga. As the stern instructor entered the girls in the class sat up straighter.

"Class," Mistress Olga addressed the room. "Today you will be observing a very special presentation. As many of you are aware, our organization found itself in some legal troubles a few years ago. During that time the authorities managed to acquire several of our slaves. One slave in particular, a woman named Tania, was especially cooperative with the investigation, causing us several headaches. But as luck would have it, we have reacquired our property. You all will be given a demonstration of what we do to traitors here, given by none other than Mistress XS herself."

At the mere mention of the Group XS leader the heart rates of every slave in the room increased. Her cruelty and depravity were unmatched by any of the other sadists in the organization.

"Be certain to pay very close attention to what you see," Olga continued, "because your assignment for next class is to write an essay describing in explicit detail exactly what transpires today. Insufficient detail will result in punishment."

The class was ordered to their feet and marched double time down the hall and into one of the larger torture chambers. The girls looked around nervously as they entered almost as if they expected Mistress XS to jump out and shout, "Boo!" But the torture chamber was devoid of other people. The racks, sacks, cages, and chains were all unoccupied. All the implements of pain and torture were neatly stowed away within cabinets or orderly arranged along the walls.

The class was lined up, shoulder to shoulder, in front of one of the walls. The girls, still wearing their school uniforms, shifted uncomfortably in their six inch heels. Hanging above each girl was a set of long chains made of small links. None of the chains were actually attached to the ceiling, rather the chain was fed through a large loop in the ceiling and each end dangled freely from there. At the end of each chain was a clamp, though it was a different kind of clamp on each end.

Raisa stood at one end of the line. Mistress Olga approached her and grabbed one end of the chain. She then snatched Raisa's hand and fitted one of the clamps over her left thumb. The thumb cuff bit firmly and locked in place, trapping Raisa's digit within. Mistress Olga pulled on the other end of the chain forcing Raisa's arm up into the air. She then grabbed at the pensive girl's left tit. Raisa braced herself as Olga snapped the other clamp down onto her nipple. She groaned as the sharp teeth bit down, the strong spring in the clamp pressed hard. There was no way that the clamp would slip without doing serious damage to her nipple. Unfortunately for Raisa, Mistress Olga had adjusted the length of the chain so there there was no slack. If Raisa wanted to lower or rest her arm then she had to pull on her nipple.

Mistress Olga then grabbed the next chain and locked Raisa's right thumb into the end. Raisa closed her eyes, expecting another sharp bite of the clamp onto her right nipple. Instead, she heard the girl next to her, Michelle, squeal as the clamp was pressed onto her nipple instead! Now if Raisa lowered her right arm she would be tugging on Michelle's nipple. Michelle was likewise restrained with her left thumb connected to Raisa's right nipple.

Olga continued down the line, connecting each girl's thumb to her neighbor's nipple. When she got to the final girl, Holly, the slave begged not to be subjected to the harsh clamps. She had, on the previous day, been subjected to an intense tit torture session at the hands of Doctor Zorhof. Her tits were splotched with welts and her nipples bruised purple. Surprisingly, Olga agreed. She told Holly to stand off to the side while she looked down the line at the other girls as they shifted uncomfortably with both arms held up in the air, trying their best not to tug on their neighbor's tit. It was one thing to hurt yourself, it was totally different to be responsible for hurting a fellow slave, especially when she could hurt you back by tugging her own chain.

As if they weren't confined enough, Olga next went down the line connecting the ankles of each neighboring girl together with shackles joined by a single link. Now no girl could even so much as shift her foot without tugging on her neighbor's leg as well. The six inch heels that went with their school uniform were certainly not made for standing. The extra restriction of being unable to even lift a foot for relief made it that much worse.

With the girls in place Olga guided Holly toward a piece of furniture that all the girls were familiar with, as they had all spent time within its confines at one point or another. It was sort of a combination of a bench and a school desk, however, the configuration of the supports in the desk allowed a slave to be strapped in such that her head would be trapped between the legs of the person sitting in the desk. Holly dropped to her knees to get into the desk, but was confused by a new feature in it that she was not familiar with. Olga, always the eager teacher, helped Holly figure it out. Holly would be locked in place in a kneeling position, with a metal frame holding her head stationary. This was the usual configuration. The new part was a shelf beneath the seat which her battered tits were guided onto, small metal nubs on the bottom of the seat and the top of the shelf pressed gently into her tits. Confused, Holly settled in as Olga strapped her into place. It was only once Olga took a seat that Holly realized what the shelf could do. Olga set her feet into a set of stirrups near the floor, when she pressed her weight onto these stirrups it pulled the shelf holding Holly's tits up against the bottom of the chair. Holly squealed as Olga made herself comfortable. She soon busied herself with some paperwork while Holly, with her head pressed tightly against the woman's crotch, struggled for breath. The class, expecting their demonstration to start at any minute, waited quietly. Though they were ungagged they knew not to speak without permission.

After a few minutes Olga, aroused by the struggling girl trapped between her legs, shimmied out of her pants and pressed her wet cunt against Holly's lips. The pained slave didn't need to be told to start lapping at her mistress's pussy. As Olga's excitement increased she pressed harder on the stirrups, crushing Holly's tortured tits harder between the shelf and the chair. After Olga came she stood up, put her pants back on and left the room.

The girls, still awaiting the demonstration, waited. Minutes soon turned to hours. The class was left standing alone. No one dared to break the silence. The girls shifted uneasily in their bondage. Nipples were tugged as fatigued arms sagged onto the chains.

Then, all of a sudden, the door to the room crashed open and in walked Mistress XS. Her mere presence reinvigorated the frightened girls. They stood up straighter, staring straight ahead, eager to avoid making eye contact with the woman who haunted so many of their nightmares. She wore a form fitting black latex catsuit with matching black leather boots. Her icy gray eyes peered out from behind a black executioner's hood, with a stylized XS logo emblazoned across the front.

Mistress XS surveyed the room, examining her tools and equipment, making sure that everything was just right. She paid no mind to the row of slaves present to observe her activities.

A few minutes later Mistress Olga returned, removed her pants, and retook her seat in the corner of the room with her cunt pressed into Holly's face. The girls had expected her to have brought Tania, Mistress XS's victim for the day, but the unlucky girl was still nowhere to be seen. That is until Mistress XS approached one of the heavy leather sacks dangling from the ceiling in the center of the room. She walked up to one of them and delivered several sharp jabs to a few strategic locations. To the girls' surprise, muffled moaning could be heard coming from inside the sack! Tania had been in the room with them the whole time, crammed into a hot, confining leather prison. They had no idea how long she had been in there.

Mistress XS lowered the sack to the floor and began undoing the straps and laces. Once they were all free she upended the bag, spilling poor Tania out onto the floor where she laid in a sad, pathetic heap. Her head was encased in a thick leather hood. A pair of panties around her waist held two enormous buzzing vibrators inside her pussy and ass. Mistress XS switched them off and tugged the panties free. The dildos popped out along with a river of pussy juice. The vibration of the dildos was enough to stimulate, but not enough to make her cum. She had been denied orgasm during her entire stay in the sack.

Mistress XS sat Tania up and worked the straps and bindings free from the hood over her victim's head. As she removed the hood she had to twist and pull at it to extract the enormous pear gag that was wedged into Tania's mouth beneath it.

Tania shut her eyes against the bright light of the torture chamber. When she finally opened them she saw Mistress XS's smiling face staring back at her from behind her hangman's hood.

"No, please," Tania cried. "Haven't you done enough? Please have mercy."

Mistress XS smiled wider. "Nothing is enough for a traitor like you," she said with venom in her voice. She turned to some of the items she had gathered nearby. "While you've been lounging around in your cozy bag for the past twenty-four hours, we've been hard at work preparing your next punishment and working towards our eventual goal of reuniting you with your dear friend, Catherine."

"But where are my manners? You haven't had anything to eat or drink for the past day. You must be famished," she said. Tania's stomach turned at the sound of a can opener. She was indeed starving, but she was well aware of the cuisine that Group XS offered, and she soon saw as a foul smelling bowl of dogfood placed in front of her. Tania knew resistance would only make things worse, so she dutifully lowered her face to the bowl and ate a chunk of the horrible 'food' before her. As she fought back the urge to vomit Mistress XS prepared another bowl of water. However, before placing it in front of Tania she made sure to snort up a disgusting loogie which she spit into the bowl.

While Tania enjoyed her feast Mistress XS began to prepare for the main event, gathering supplies, plugging things in, and then fitting a pair of heavy leather cuffs around Tania's ankles.

After Tania had finished licking both bowls clean Mistress XS clapped her hands. "Alright," she said, "we can finally get started. As you can see we have a few visitors here today to observe what happens to enemies of Group XS. We want to give them a good show, so I've added some amphetamines to your lunch. It should help keep you from passing out if things get too intense."

Tania looked wanly at the empty bowl on the floor as Mistress XS hauled her to her feet. After so long trapped in the bondage bag, her muscles protested the strain of just standing upright. But she wasn't standing for long. Mistress XS guided her over to a waist high metal bar supported by two sturdy metal legs that were bolted into the floor. Tania was positioned facing the bar. Her heart was already starting to race, partly from the drugs, but also from the terror of what horrors would face her. Mistress XS spread Tania's legs so that each ankle was near the base of the supports for the bar, about three feet apart. She then locked the ankle cuffs to rings set in the bar for that purpose.

Next Mistress XS fitted a set of thumb cuffs to Tania, similar to the ones being worn by the student observers. Tania was pulled forward so that she was leaning over the bar with her upper body parallel to the floor. Then Mistress XS took the metal cables attached to each thumb cuff and hooked them to a set of eyebolts set in the wall. Each cable had a tensioner attached, which Mistress XS began to work. Tania could feel herself being stretched as the cables drew shorter and shorter. The metal bar at her waist pressed harshly into her upper thighs as Mistress XS continued cranking. Tania groaned as she was forced up onto tiptoe before the cables were deemed tight enough.

Finally, Mistress XS grabbed a metal anal hook, she ordered Tania to lick the tennis ball sized bulb at the tip of the hook, then she unceremoniously rammed the hook into place. She then grabbed a handful of Tania's hair, yanked it back, and tied it into a leather strap which she looped onto the anal hook. The strap was adjusted so short it pulled Tania's head back as far as it would go.

Mistress XS walked out of Tania's sight for a moment and rustled amongst her gear. When she returned she was wearing an enormous strap-on dildo. The big black cock was easily ten inches long and thicker than her wrist.

"Seeing as how you were confined in that sack for so long and prevented from being able to cum I thought I'd be a good host and start this off with a good fucking," she explained. "What do you say?"

Tania looked at the enormous cock swinging before her eyes, mesmerized. Mistress XS slapped her across the face with it. "What? Is this not good enough for you? Perhaps you'd prefer that I use this then?"

The onlookers gasped as Mistress XS held 'The Punisher' aloft. It was another gigantic dildo shaped like five balls fixed end-to-end with each ball covered in short, prickly, horsehair. Interspersed among the horsehair were little bits of short, sharp wire. At the tip of the terrifying cock were three, thin, sharp spikes.

Tania was snapped out of her stupor by the sight of The Punisher. She knew firsthand what agony it could inflict. "Please no! Anything but that," she begged.

Mistress XS sidled in front of Tania. "Show me how much you want this cock then. Beg me to fuck you with it," Mistress XS commanded.

Tania eagerly obliged. She begged for all she was worth, pleading with Mistress XS to ravage her with her dildo. She promised to suck it, take it in her ass, deepthroat it... anything to avoid a date with The Punisher.

Satisfied with the begging, Mistress XS stopped Tania's frantic pleading by thrusting her cock into the girl's mouth. Only the very tip of the enormous dildo fit within, nevertheless Tania licked and sucked like never before. Once Mistress XS had deemed that the dildo was wet enough she stepped around behind Tania and placed the tip of the dildo up against her pussy. She paused just a moment before slamming hard against the dildo with all her weight. Tania screamed as the monster buried itself halfway into her snatch in a single thrust.

Mistress XS paused for a moment. Tania, unable to turn her head to see what was happening, didn't notice as Mistress XS donned a pair of black, latex, elbow length, opera gloves. From far away they looked like a fairly typical set of gloves for a latex enthusiast, but up close one would quickly notice that the palms and fingers of the gloves were covered in dozens of short, sharp spikes! Tania jumped as Mistress XS lightly brushed her gloved fingers over her nipples, the tiny spikes pricking at her sensitive buds. She screamed as Mistress XS then used her whole hands to grab ahold of Tania's tits. She mauled at her tortured slave's tits as she resumed fucking Tania with the massive dildo.

Mistress XS now began pumping her cock in and out, continuing to thrust as hard as she could. Each penetration brought the large dildo deeper and deeper into her victim's pussy. Tania screamed as she was stretched and battered by the cock, all the while Mistress XS explored her body with the spiked gloves. But as her pussy gradually grew accustomed to the size, her body began to respond pleasantly to the sensations within. She had been left bound and sexually frustrated within the bondage bag for an entire day, now she might just be able to find the release that she had been denied.

Mistress XS began to sense the arousal of her victim. "That's right you greedy whore, you'd better cum for me," she said through a smile. Just as Tania approached her peak Mistress XS slammed against her with her hardest thrust yet, driving the entire length of the dildo into Tania's quivering pussy. The force of the impact against her cervix would have been dreadful on its own. Unfortunately for Tania, she hadn't noticed that the base of the strap-on, holding the dildo to her mistress, was also studded with dozens of tiny spikes! Tania shrieked as the pins made contact with the sensitive flesh all around the outside of her pussy.

Undeterred by her victim's screaming, Mistress XS continued ramming the dildo in and out. She ordered Tania to cum, coordinating her thrusts with hard slaps to Tania's back and ass. Somehow through the pain Tania managed to find the pleasure that had been denied her for the past day. After a dozen more slams of the dildo in and out she finally came. Her legs trembled and she collapsed against her restraints as her orgasm washed over her.

Finally satisfied, Mistress XS drove the dildo in deep one last time and detached it from her hips, leaving the monster buried in Tania's cunt.

"Now you'd better not let that slip out during this next part," she warned as she removed her gloves. Mistress XS picked up one of the tools she had plugged in earlier, dropped to her knees and moved beneath the trapped girl. Tania, with her head pulled back by the anal hook was unable to see what her mistress was up to, but she soon felt the heat as Mistress XS waved a piping hot soldering iron just above her nipple!

"I figured it would be prudent to adorn you with written instructions just in case you find yourself out of the clutches of Group XS again," she explained.

Tania pleaded as Mistress XS grabbed firmly ahold of her tit and slowly pressed the tip of her soldering iron into the flesh above her nipple. Tania shrieked as the hot iron was slowly dragged across her skin, burning a path the entire way. Mistress XS paused after each letter, allowing her victim to savor her pain and focus on the pain to come. After twenty minutes she had finally etched the words "torture me" over Tania's left breast. Mistress XS took a brief break to stretch and get a drink of water before taking up position beneath a frantic Tania so that she could continue her work on the other breast. After another twenty agonizing minutes Mistress XS had burned the words "punish me" over Tania's right breast. She saved the dot above the 'i' for last, and almost as an afterthought jabbed the tip of the soldering iron in hard to make the final mark. However, for Tania it was one torture too much. She shrieked as the hot metal point pierced her skin. Her body tensed in shock and the large dildo which had been so firmly wedged within her stretched pussy popped free and fell to the floor.

As the dildo clattered to the ground Mistress XS dropped her soldering iron and picked up a braided leather whip. She laid into her screaming victim with an intense fury, not stopping until Tania's entire back was glowing bright red.

"I gave you a very simply instruction and you did not follow it," she growled. "Perhaps I need to use something that will stick in your fucking hole better!"

Mistress XS reached over and picked up The Punisher. Tania, desperate to avoid the ravages that the wicked implement would inflict, pleaded desperately for mercy. Mistress XS wasn't having it. She carefully lock The Punisher in place on her hips.

"No, no, no, no!" Tania shrieked over and over at the top of her lungs. Mistress XS paused.

"You know, I think I've heard just about enough of you for a while," she said. She walked over to her collection of tools and grabbed a large metal ball and shoved it into Tania's mouth. Tania didn't know what to think as the heavy metal was pressed in behind her teeth, she obediently bit down to hold the ball in place expecting it to have straps around the back to hold it in place like a typical ballgag. There were no straps. Instead, there was a small eyebolt sticking out of the front of the ball with a long chain running through it. Mistress XS released Tania's hair from the anal hook and removed the hook with a loud 'pop' from her ass. Her head slumped down and she saw that at either end of the chain were two fierce looking nipple clamps. She moaned in protest as Mistress XS picked up each saw toothed clamp and snapped it into place on her nipples.

"We don't want these slipping now," she said as she picked up two thick needles. Tania screamed into the gag as Mistress XS pressed a needle through a hole in each side of each clamp. Now with the clamps pinned into place there was no chance of them coming free without tearing out the needles with them. Tania quickly realized that dropping the heavy metal ball from her mouth would result in the weight crashing down until the chains arrested its fall, tugging severely on her clamped tits.

Satisfied with her newly gagged slave Mistress XS walked around behind Tania once again. She pressed the tip of The Punisher against the trembling girl's pussy. Mistress XS reveled in building the anticipation of punishment within her slaves. She paused for a count of thirty before stepping back again.

"Actually," she said matter of factly, "we should probably lube this thing up before I go tearing into you. We wouldn't want it to get stuck up there would we?"

Tania knew this could be nothing good. Her thoughts were confirmed as the sharp smell of chili peppers reached her nose. Mistress XS was lubing up The Punisher with her famous chili oil! Once she had slathered the enormous dildo with the spicy concoction she once again took up position behind her slave. This time she only waited a few seconds before driving hard into Tania with the spiked monstrosity. Tania shrieked like never before as the first of the five stacked balls of The Punisher slipped inside her pussy. The tiny bits of wire dragged along her insides tearing at her flesh. As she reversed direction and pulled the dildo out the horsehair covering the entire surface stood on end, poking and scraping the entire way before Mistress XS again changed directions forcing the dildo back in. Tania felt like she was being fucked by a grappling hook!

Again and again Mistress XS rammed the dildo in, then withdrew. Slowly she forced in the second ball, then the third, then the fourth. She grunted as pounded away with all her might. Tania was beyond frantic, she screamed and screamed as her pussy was assaulted by the full fury of The Punisher, her pain multiplied by the burning of the chili oil. Mistress XS cackled like she was having the time of her life. "I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am," she exulted. "Just tell me when you've had enough." She thrust in again. "Just say to me, 'Mistress I've had enough'." She pulled out again.

Tania tensed as the next thrust began pressing against her. "Mistress, I-," she began, then screamed again as the ball fell out of her mouth and yanked sharply on the chain connected to her nipples. Mistress XS proceeded with the thrust, slamming in four balls deep once again. Tania was a blubbering mess. She fought for breath as Mistress XS withdrew once again.

"Mistress, I've had enough," she finally rasped. Mistress XS paused.

"What's that, slave?" she asked.

"Mistress, I've had enough," she repeated between sobs.

"Oh, really?" Mistress XS replied. "That's too bad. Because I haven't had enough."

She laughed maniacally as she slammed The Punisher in all the way, five balls deep. The spiked tip rammed hard into Tania's cervix. The spikes at the base of the strap-on met with the flesh around Tania's battered pussy. The heavy metal ball, now no longer safely held within Tania's mouth, swung freely back and forth with each thrust tugging and twisting at her nipples.

Mistress XS rammed the full length of the dildo in and out several more times before finally stopping. She paused with The Punisher still entirely buried in Tania's poor pussy. Then she reached over and picked up a black permanent marker.

"I hope you enjoyed your fucking. You and The Punisher are going to be spending a lot of time together in the future. I think maybe next time we'll try it in your ass."

Tania continued sobbing.

"It's important that everyone that meets you knows who you are," Mistress XS said, changing the subject but still attached to her victim via her horrible implement. "You have somehow found a role worse even than slave." She uncapped the marker and began writing in big block letters across the top of Tania's back. "You are a T-R-A-I-T-O-R."

Mistress XS put the cap back on the marker and set it down. Then she picked up a huge shiny metal hunting knife. She admired its gleam in the lights then lowered its point down towards the letters she had written on Tania's back.

Raisa had been watching the entire proceeding so far in rapt horror. She wanted over and over again to look away, but she knew that she must memorize every last detail for the essay she was expected to write. She briefly spared a thought for poor Holly who, still trapped between Mistress Olga's thick thighs, had been unable to watch the tortures unfolding. Surely she would fail at the essay assignment. It was doubtful that Mistress Olga would excuse her from the work just because she had been licked to orgasm half a dozen times by the slavegirl. Afterall, it was Holly who had requested that she not be strung up like the rest of the class.

Raisa stole a glance down the line of her chained up classmates. The other girls, too, were watching intently, taking in every detail despite their intense desire to look away. Every girl, that is, except for Michelle. The poor girl, recently arrived at Group XS, had her eyes tightly shut, her breathing shallow. Raisa knew that for the girl's sake that she had to watch. It would be worse for her to fail the assignment. Raisa gave a gentle tug on the chain connecting her thumb to Michelle's nipple.

Michelle stirred. Raisa felt her try to move her foot, which was chained to her own ankle. The girl slowly opened her eyes just as Mistress XS was pressing the tip of her knife into Tania's back.

"No!" Michelle shouted, then immediately gasped, realizing her mistake.

The rest of the slavegirls looked over, alarmed. What was she doing? Was she insane?

Mistress XS stopped what she was doing. She tossed the knife to the table beside her, unstrapped herself from The Punisher, leaving it buried deep inside Tania, and stormed over to the line of slaves.

"Who said that?" she roared. "Who the FUCK said that?!" She walked up and down the line staring each frightened slave in the eye.

Michelle trembled in fear. She was frozen in panic and said nothing.

"Do I have to punish all of you? I want to know who dares to interrupt me!" she threatened.

Still no one said anything. Raisa could feel Michelle's trembling translate through the chain attached from the girl's thumb to her own nipple. Raisa gave the girl a tug back, encouraging her to speak up. Michelle said nothing. Mistress XS's fury only seemed to grow more intense as seconds ticked on. The silence was only broken by Tania's soft sobbing.

Raisa took a deep breath. "It was her," she said nodding to the girl chained next to her. "It was Michelle."

Raisa felt a hard yank on her nipple as Michelle nearly fainted from fear. Mistress XS marched over to the terrified girl and grabbed her by the chin.

"It was you?" she asked.

Michelle nodded weakly.

Mistress XS turned to Olga who, sensing that something bad was about to happen, had gotten up from her chair and dressed herself again. Even Holly, strapped into the stool and covered in pussy juice, had a look of shock on her face at the unexpected turn of events.

Olga marched over and began unhooking Michelle from the other girls in the line. Pity the poor slave that raises the ire of Mistress XS, Raisa thought to herself. Michelle was now bawling. Olga quickly removed the girl's school uniform until she was standing naked before her classmates.

"Her, too," Mistress XS said pointing at Raisa. Raisa was dumbfounded. What had she done?

"No one likes a tattletale," Mistress XS answered her thoughts. "Besides, you were given explicit instructions not to talk."

Raisa looked to the other slaves as she was taken down from the line and stripped of her uniform. As if any of them would speak up on her behalf. They were smarter than to get themselves involved in this situation. They all avoided her pleading eyes.

"Since this punishment is all too much for this slave to watch," Mistress XS said, gesturing to Michelle. "Then perhaps she would like some time to herself in that new leather bondage suit that Mistress Severity designed."

Mistress Olga smiled at the suggestion, she knew just how tight, hot, and confining that bondage would be. She immediately got to work gathering the things she needed.

First she fitted Michelle into a pair of tight leather panties. Attached to the inside was an inflatable dildo and buttplug which she greased up and rammed in place. The two inflator bulbs dangled ominously between the slave's legs. Next a matching inflatable gag was strapped in place inside Michelle's mouth.

Mistress Olga then laid out on the floor a mass of shiny black leather. The suit consisted of two layers. The inner layer had sleeves to fit her arms and legs, pinning them in place. Thick leather mittens were fitted over her hands. They were so stiff that she couldn't so much as wiggle a finger once they were on. The sleeves surrounding her arms and legs were laced up extremely tight. Michelle couldn't help but notice that the rawhide laces were soaking wet. She didn't know that that meant they would shrink as they dried, pulling her bondage even tighter.

Next a thick leather hood was yanked over her head. The only opening was a tiny hole over her nose through which the frightened girl might draw the tiniest breath. Before Olga tightened the hood in place Mistress XS reached over and grabbed ahold of the inflator ball for Michelle's gag.

"Hopefully this can keep you quiet," Mistress XS sneered as she squeezed the ball over and over and over. Michelle squealed and choked as the gag swelled to epic proportions. Her cheeks bulged out and her face flushed. Mistress XS finally stopped about one pump shy of dislocating the girl's jaw. She then detached the inflator mechanism and encouraged Olga to resume placing the hood.

But before she did Mistress XS leaned in and whispered into the unhappy girl's ear, "I want you to know that when you come out of there I will punish you so severely that you will beg me to be returned to that bag for a whole week."

Olga pulled the hood tight around the frightened girl's head, casting her into darkness and muffling all outside sounds, leaving Michelle's pounding pulse the only thing that she could hear. The hood was, of course, tied into place with more wet rawhide laces. While Olga secured the girl into the bag Mistress XS picked up her hunting knife and returned her attention to Tania. The traitorous slave's pained screams provided background music to Olga's work as Mistress XS carved each letter into the agonized girl's back, then immediately stitched the wound closed with needle and thread.

Olga closed the outer layer of the bondage suit around Michelle with more wet rawhide laces. Leather belts encircled the outside of the suit every three or four inches along its entire length. Olga made sure to tighten every belt as much as she could. When she was finished Michelle was completely immobilized. Olga smoothed and shined the black leather, admiring the way that the trapped girl's ample breasts bulged from beneath the straps. She hefted the bondage suit upright and suspended the girl from the ceiling by two metal loops sewn into the shoulders of the suit. Then she turned her attention to Raisa.

First she grabbed the pair of pussyjuice soaked panties that she had been wearing earlier in the day and packed them into Raisa's mouth. As Olga was a rather large woman the panties filled her mouth completely. Next Olga applied a large panel gag to hold the panties in place. The shaped leather wrapped down around her chin and even came up over her nose, which poked through a small opening in the leather.

Once the gag was buckled in place Raisa was led over to a low platform and ordered to kneel on it. It was obvious where her knees were to go as the only part of the platform not covered in sharp spikes were two narrow gaps where her legs would fit. Raisa climbed onto the platform and groaned, all along the area where her shins met the platform were dull metal ridges. As she pressed her weight to them they ground painfully against her shin bones.

Olga now began assembling what would be a metal cage around Raisa. First she attached another piece of "floor" to the cage just in front of her. This piece was studded with spikes like the other part, but also contained two metal cages shaped like bowls, side by side. It was obvious to Raisa what was intended to go in those bowls. Olga forced the girl forward until she was leaning with her neck on the edge of the new section and her tits resting within the metal bowls which, of course, were lined with even more spikes.

A spiked wall was then screwed in on the front of the cage. There was a small cut out near the bottom which fitted neatly around Raisa's neck. She was now trapped in a kneeling position with her head sticking out the front of the cage.

Two more spiked sides were added on her left and right. They fit so snugly that Raisa was forced to lift her arms up behind her back to avoid the spikes. The rear of the cage was next. There was a large hole at the top through which Raisa was forced to thrust her ass in order for her to fit in the cage without pressing against the spikes. Finally, Olga attached the top. Before she did, she handcuffed Raisa's wrists together behind her back. After the top was screwed in place she slid a long metal bar beneath her elbows and above her back to make sure the occupant couldn't move too much, not that she wanted to. If Raisa moved more than an inch in any direction she would find herself stabbed by dozens of the little spikes.

Once Raisa was in place Mistress XS came over to investigate. She had finished carving her message into Tania's back and had now moved on to caning the tortured girl's ass and thighs. The Punisher was still wedged agonizingly within her pussy as she flailed against the blows.

"This ought to keep you from sticking your nose in other people's business," Mistress XS told Raisa. She emphasized her point with a sharp snap of her cane against Raisa's vulnerable and exposed ass. Raisa squealed and lurched forward, immediately regretting it as she made contact with dozens of spikes. Then Mistress XS picked up a long metal skewer. Raisa's eyes grew large as Mistress XS bent down beneath her cage and lined up the skewer with the side of one of the bowls holding her tits. Raisa begged and pleaded through her gag, but Mistress XS slowly forced the skewer through one and then the other breast until it emerged on the other side of the cage. Raisa was left gasping for breath. She was now pinned in place in one more way.

"We'll be filming a little video for your old boss, Catherine, tomorrow," she continued. "I know she'd love to see her old clerk. You two will have so much to catch up on once she comes here. I bet you can't wait. Anyway, I don't want you to get bored while you're waiting for your chance to appear in the video, so I'll make sure that plenty of folks come visit you. Your pussy and ass look so inviting in this position."

Mistress XS gave Raisa several more cane strokes then turned to the rest of the spectators. "Since we are apparently in the audience participation phase of our proceeding I now have a new task for each of you," Mistress XS announced. "One by one, you each will come and use my soldering iron to write what you think of Tania somewhere on her stomach. Then we'll find a nice place for you somewhere in here so that you all have the opportunity to appear in the video for Catherine. We want her to see that Group XS is alive and thriving."

Olga went down the line of the remaining students and released each girl. The slave was then shuffled over to Tania, who was rapidly losing her strength. There, the girl had the soldering iron thrust into her hand and ordered to write. The students knew better than to show any hesitation or sympathy towards Tania. Soon her torso was littered with burned in obscenities like "cunt", "slut", and "whore". After each girl was finished she was ushered off by Olga and rammed into a tiny cage, or hung from a rack, or packed away into a crate in a stress position.

When the whole procession was complete Mistress XS looked proudly at her dungeon, fully occupied with suffering slaves. She turned back to Tania, took a firm grip of The Punisher, and tore it free from her agonized pussy. Tania released one last visceral scream before finally passing out from the pain. Mistress XS released the exhausted and tortured girl from her restraints, she immediately collapsed to the floor. Mistress XS revived the poor girl with smelling salts, then picked her up with the help of Olga.

"Come along," she said, "all this punishment has made me horny. You'll be spending tonight with your tongue buried in my pussy. Besides, we need to treat some of those wounds with antiseptic. We don't want you to get an infection."

She paused for a moment, then returned to her table and grabbed the bottle of chili oil and smirked. Then the two mistresses and their victim turned out the lights and left the room.

Chapter 5 - Summa Cum Laude, or Some Will Cum Louder

Charlotte had always wanted to be a fashion designer. As a kid she would make shirts and dresses for her mom and big sister, Lynn. She dreamed of one day moving to New York and presenting a collection during fashion week. But now, in a wicked twist of fate, Charlotte did get to design and build clothing, only it was bondage gear that she made for herself in the dungeon studio of Group XS. Charlotte had been caught up in the group's plot to exact their revenge on Catherine Grace, who was her sister Lynn's lover. Charlotte thought she was heading with her sister to a beach vacation somewhere tropical and warm, instead the two were intercepted and inducted into the horrors of the Group XS compound. Lynn was taken away for 'special' handling and Charlotte hadn't seen her since. She would have worried for her more if she wasn't in over her head with her own problems.

Charlotte had to learn a lot of hard lessons very quickly. Mistress Olga had no patience for new students, nor did she explain what any of the rules were until after they were violated. Charlotte was beaten, humiliated, and punished countless times before she fell into the routine of the school. For today's lesson she found herself with her classmates in the design studio, where the class had been tasked with creating a new set of punishment panties for themselves. Group XS certainly had a theme in their designs, it was tight fitting black leather or latex, usually donned with dozens of tiny sharp spikes or pins lining the inside. And they loved to force their slaves to design and build the items that they would later be punished with. Mistress Spite ran the Group XS Bondage Suite, and as part of her responsibilities she also oversaw the construction of the bondage gear. In her day job as a sheriff she was a strict disciplinarian, and she carried that vigor into her duties overseeing the girls.

During clothing construction assignments Charlotte found that her previous experience as an aspiring fashion designer came in helpful, but only to an extent. She had little experience in working with leather, and the stiff material often frustrated her stitches or didn't fit together exactly as she imagined. Furthermore, the clothing was expected to perform under extreme circumstances. The first pair of punishment panties that had Charlotte made at Group XS was a simple pair of bikini briefs that she was required to make two sizes too small. Later when she was squeezed into the panties and having her ass beaten with a paddle some of the stitches tore. Needless to say, her substandard work was severely punished. In addition to the cruel punishment that Mistress Spite subjected her to, Charlotte was required to remake the punishment panties, only this time the seat of the panties was to be lined with tiny pins. She was forced to don the new pair and subjected to the same paddling as before to make certain that the construction was satisfactory. It passed, but Charlotte spent the next day walking around in the panties with the sharp pins embedded in her ass.

Sometimes the slaves were tasked with coming up with original designs to see if they could create something more punishing or more creative than the existing inventory. Today, however, the slaves were given a pre-made pattern. Charlotte picked up the pair of heavy duty shears and tugged the broad leather panel she was working on toward them. The various tools in the design studio; shears, needles, awls and more were all, understandably, tightly controlled. The tools were attached to the workbenches with short chains and the slaves were all required to work in the nude to ensure they did not try to smuggle anything out. In addition, each slave was locked to her workbench by a metal collar with a chain short enough that they were unable to stand completely upright. Mistress Spite patrolled up and down the rows of students, looking over their shoulders and making sure that everything was being done correctly.

Charlotte jumped as she heard a sharp slap at the back of the room. "You stupid girl, look what you've done!" Mistress Spite yelled at Serena. The frightened slavegirl trembled before her angry mistress. Charlotte had never met Serena, one of Catherine's nieces. She had apparently arrived at Group XS a few weeks before Charlotte along with her twin sister, Alex, and her mother, Georgina. "You have made your cut too far, and now you have ruined this piece of leather," Mistress Spite continued, slapping Serena across the face again.

"I'm sorry, mistress. Please let me try it again. I won't make another mistake. I promise," Serena pleaded.

"What, you think this leather is free? You can just waste resources without regard?" Mistress Spite argued. "You will make it again, but first you must be punished."

Serena sobbed as Mistress Spite unlocked her from the workbench and led her to the punishment platform. Any mistake or infraction in the design studio inevitably resulted in a trip to the punishment platform. Every student knew well what Serena was in for.

The punishment platform was located at the front of the room so that all of the other slaves could watch its unfortunate occupant suffer. Serena knew the drill all too well and got herself into position.

First she set her feet on the pair of small metal panels that were shoulder width apart on the floor. She had to stand on tiptoe because behind each panel, underneath her heel, was a small spring-loaded plunger. Once she was fully hooked up, the plungers would be connected with a switch which when activated generate a powerful electric shock. Mistress Spite picked up the clamp which would conduct the shock. She knelt down between Serena's legs and gently teased the girl's clit out of hiding. Serena winced and groaned as the sharp teeth bit into her tender flesh. Mistress Spite activated the circuit and tested the connection by depressing each of the plungers beneath Serena's heels. Her pained cries indicated that they were working. Serena was now left standing on tiptoe, unable to lower her heels. Furthermore, if either of her feet left the metal panels she was standing on, then that too would generate a shock.

Next Mistress Spite fitted Serena with a gag. It was a broad leather panel with a long rubber hose passing through it into her mouth. The teeth marks in the rubber showed the heavy usage that the gag had seen by the students.

The gag was followed by a set of nipple clamps. Serena squealed into her gag as each clamp, with an especially strong spring to hold it closed, was snapped on. A chain joined the two clamps together, and another chain connected to that ran up to the ceiling and over a pulley that was positioned a few feet in front of the slave. The end of that chain ended in a carabiner.

Serena, who knew what was next, held her arms dutifully out in front of her. Mistress Spite smiled and lifted an empty glass jug into her hands. She then connected the carabiner to the jug. So long as Serena held the jug in her outstretched arms, she would avoid the weight of the jug pulling on her nipples. Unfortunately for Serena, the next step was for Mistress Spite to connect a hose to a valve on the jug. She then flipped a switch, turning on a green light at the front of the room.

At that cue all the onlooking slavegirls moved over to the ends of their workbenches and picked up a funnel attached to a tube. A punishment session was the only opportunity that the girls had to go pee. They had all been working for the better part of the afternoon and couldn't be sure when their next opportunity would arise, so every slave let loose a hot stream of piss into their funnel. The urine was then carried to the front of the room and into the jug by a series of tubes. Serena looked on in worry, watching as the jug filled higher and higher and grew heavier and heavier.

Mistress Spite flipped the switch again and the green light turned off. She disconnected the tube leading into the jug and then fed the tube connected to Serena's gag into it. Then she took a marker, looked at the volume of liquid within the jug and drew a line on the outside about halfway down. Serena would not be released from her punishment until one hour had elapsed and she had drunk enough piss to lower the level to the mark, which was about two pints. The only other way out was if someone else did something to earn a punishment, in which case that person would take her place.

For the final touch Mistress Spite erected a tall pole off to Serena's left side. Attached to the pole all up and down its length were dozens of three foot long metal wires. Once it was installed Mistress Spite walked over to Serena's unoccupied bench. She watched the punishment platform in fascination as she pressed the pedal to activate the sewing machine. As the sewing machine whirred to life so, too, did a section of the pole. It began spinning and a handful of the long wires spun along with it. As they picked up speed they crashed against Serena's exposed flesh. The girl squealed in pain as a barrage of blows striped her backside. In her current position she could do nothing to avoid the lashes. The piss in the jug sloshed around as Serena struggled to maintain her grip on the heavy item.

After a minute Mistress Spite let off the pedal and the wired pole slowed to a stop. But it was only temporary, each workbench in the studio was connected to a different part of the pole. Any student who used her sewing machine would contribute to Serena's punishment.

Serena struggled with the weight of the jug attached to her nipples while simultaneously fighting to keep up on her toes. The rest of the class worked on, trying to block out the suffering of their fellow slave before them.

Mistress Spite turned to address the room. "You all have been given two patterns for a special new pair of panties. You will have until five AM to finish both designs. I have other matters to attend to so Master V will supervise you all." At this announcement the mood in the room darkened. Master V was a regular in the leather dungeon. When he 'supervised' the students he was just as likely to be fucking them in the ass as he was watching over them. And he loved to hand out punishments for arbitrary reasons. It would be no surprise if by the next morning every girl had a turn at standing on the punishment platform.

"I have something special in mind for all of you tomorrow," Mistress Spite continued, then switched to her best Time Gunn impression. "Designers, make it work."

Mistress Spite left the room and Master V entered. He surveyed his charges like a kid in a candy store, then settled into a comfortable chair on the side of the room so that he could admire Serena's predicament.

Charlotte looked again at the two patterns she had been given. Normally the amount of time she'd been given would have been more than enough to make two pairs of punishment panties. However, these designs had several extra features which would require lots of detailing and extra attention. Fortunately she had made good progress on the first of the two designs. She moved to her sewing machine to attach the pieces together, trying to block out the Serena's squeals as the whipping pole spun up, painting the poor girl's ass red with welts.

By midnight Charlotte had finished both pairs of panties. In that time several of her classmates had found themselves on the punishment platform for one reason or another. She now had two pairs of panties. They were similar in that they both had a sort of pocket on the front which could be locked shut, and a slit on the back allowing access to the wearer's ass. But one pair was adorned with dozens of Group XS's signature spikes in strategic locations, sure to make wearing them miserable.

Charlotte leaned against her bench, hoping to get a few hours of sleep before whatever Mistress Spite had planned for them in the morning. The chain connecting her collar to the bench was too short to allow her to lay on the floor, but somehow she managed to fall asleep bent over the workbench.

She awoke a few hours later to the feeling of Master V's hard cock pressing against her ass. She knew better than to resist, instead she lifted herself up and spread her ass cheeks while Master V pounded away. He finished just as Mistress Spite entered the room. Charlotte looked up at the clock, it was five AM.

Master V finished and pulled his cock from Charlotte's ass, then he grabbed his things and left. Mistress Spite surveyed the room. The entire class was exhausted. Many had been working right up to the last minute trying to finish their items, but every girl had completed her two pairs of punishment panties.

Mistress Spite, obviously well rested from a night sleeping in her big, comfortable bed, was bright and chipper this morning.

"On your feet, slaves," she ordered. The tired girls climbed to their feet. One by one, Mistress Spite unlocked them from their benches and sent them to stand up against the wall. Once everyone was gathered she blindfolded them and led them to a nearby room. Charlotte waited patiently while Mistress Spite took each girl away. With the blindfold she could only guess what was happening.

Finally, her mistress's soft hands guided her into the middle of the room. Her arms were pulled behind her back and leather straps pinned her elbows and wrists together. She was pressed forward a step and her ankles were locked shoulder width apart into a spreader bar that was secured to the floor. Mistress Spite left for a moment while Charlotte explored her bonds. As she swayed she could feel that there was a post rising from the spreader bar. It stopped a few inches short of her pussy.

Charlotte gasped as she suddenly felt a broad nylon strap surround her neck. It was connected to a stretchy nylon rope which was tied up to the ceiling. Once she was tied in place her blindfold was removed.

Charlotte looked around the room and saw that the rest of the class was tied similarly to her. Each girl had her ankles locked in a spreader bar with a low post rising just short of her waist, arms behind their backs, with nylon bands around their necks rising up to the ceiling. At the tip of each pole was a "magic wand" vibrator. Mistress Spite flipped a switch and the tennis ball sized tips all buzzed to life.

The tired girls looked nervously at the vibrators before them as Mistress Spite explained, "We're going to play a little game. You girls will soon be trying on your new panties. But first I am going to give you a chance for a little relaxation. I will give you all fifteen minutes with these vibrators. If you cum, then you may pick which pair of panties to wear. If you don't, then I pick."

Mistress Spite started a timer then stepped back to enjoy the show. Charlotte sighed and lowered herself to the vibrator. Obviously a long night with little sleep and the promise of punishment to come was not exactly the way to put a girl in the mood. Nevertheless, if she could lessen her pain then she certainly had to try.

As she lowered herself towards the vibrator she felt the nylon band around her neck draw tight. She groaned as the soft tip of the vibrator made contact with her pussy. She was only able to hold herself there for a few seconds before she was forced to relent. She came back up coughing, then took a breath and pulled herself back down. She was able to remain a little longer this time before her vision began to fade. This was not going well.

Charlotte took a moment to recover and looked around the room. The rest of the class was having just as much difficulty holding themselves down. The most determined among them were turning blue in the face. All the while, Mistress Spite looked on in amused satisfaction. Then her smile turned to a scowl as Holly, the ever-eager-to-please teacher's pet, slumped down against her restraints. She had held herself down too long and had fainted. Mistress Spite jumped to her feet and pulled out a large sharp knife. She slashed at the nylon rope. Holly fell to the floor with a thud.

Charlotte lowered herself again. Despite the difficulties she was starting to work herself up. Her wet pussy covered the vibrator and she began to moan as she ground herself against its pleasant machinations. As her vision began to fade she relented and paused for a break, then sank down again. Two more girls passed out and had to be cut down.

Charlotte could feel the orgasm rising within her. She wriggled her hips as she pressed against the source of pleasure. Her face grew flushed and her breathing ragged. Then a loud buzzer sounded and the vibrator stopped.

Charlotte groaned in frustration. She was so close. A stream of pussy juice dribbled down her thigh as Mistress Spite released the girls from their bondage and revived the unconscious participants. Not a single girl had achieved orgasm. They were all led back to the design studio.

"It seems that none of you were willing to take advantage of my generous offer," Mistress Spite told them. "Therefore, you will all wear the spiked panties that you have made. Go ahead and put them on now."

The girls groaned as they squeezed themselves into the tight leather panties. Charlotte felt the spikes lining the interior scrape their way up her legs before finally stabbing at her crotch and ass. Her tender, overstimulated flesh felt particularly vulnerable against the sharp metal bits.

Once the girls had pulled on their panties Mistress Spite lined them all up against the wall and fitted a metal collar to each girl and then shackled her wrists to the collar with a short chain. "Perhaps you just weren't properly stimulated to cum on such short notice," she said. "Well I've got something that should help."

She grabbed a bag and walked up to each girl. Then she grabbed a small device out of the bag and slipped it into the pocket on the front of each pair of panties. Once every pocket was filled she went back down the line, locked the pocket shut with a small padlock, and activated the device.

Charlotte jumped as she felt the item spring to life, gently vibrating. Her pussy, denied orgasm earlier, responded positively to the new sensation and she could feel her excitement growing once again. She swayed her hips, trying to grind herself against the device and push herself over the edge. But there was not enough pressure in the right places to allow her to finish. The leather pocket attenuated the vibrations enough to prevent her release. Instead she found only the tiny spikes pricking and poking at her tender areas as she squirmed.

"We're going to have some fun with edging," Mistress Spite explained. "These little devices will be buzzing away at your cunts non-stop for the next two weeks. They have been designed to keep you near, but just short of, orgasm. The other members of our organization have been informed of our little game and will make certain not to interfere with our fun while you go about your duties."

Charlotte shifted uncomfortably. The prospect of having her pussy stimulated constantly for two weeks was frightening.

"I, and I alone, will determine when you receive release," Mistress Spite continued. "I wonder... Have any of you heard the story of Mistress Helga's personal slave from a few years ago?" The class stared blankly back at her. "Mistress Helga rigged up something akin to what you girls are wearing right now and she kept her slave on edge for fifty seven weeks straight. She shattered the Group XS record. By the end, the slave was hardly able to function, she was so distracted. She received many punishments for her inattentiveness as a result."

"Mistress Helga had intended to keep her slave deprived even longer, but was called away by other responsibilities. While she was gone the slave managed to slip free of her bondage and drive herself to orgasm. She came so hard that she passed out. When Mistress Helga found out, she raced back to the compound. She vowed then and there that it was the last orgasm that slave would ever have, and she cut the girl's clit off and punished her severely for her disobedience."

"For ruining her mistress's record breaking run, Helga used the girl to try for several more group records: longest time spent crammed in a box, most lashings before passing out, most cocks sucked in a week, biggest cock fit inside a pussy, and countless others."

"Just something for you slaves to think about for the next two weeks," Mistress Spite added.

The girls were dismissed and sent off to perform their chores around the facility. Charlotte found it hard to focus on anything with the distraction of her constantly stimulated pussy. She found herself on the receiving end of several blows of the cane from Master V as she was ordered to clean up the workroom.

For the next two weeks whenever she was left unattended it was with her wrists tied in a way that prevented her from touching her pussy. Charlotte would wake in the morning after a restless sleep peppered with sex dreams that never reached climax, her leather panties soaked through with pussy juice.

Her handlers were careful to assign tasks which kept the frustrated girl occupied, though she frequently found her mind wandering, which led to punishments. The only good to come of the restricted access to her soaking wet hole was that she was spared from the painful and humiliating rapes that she had endured as a slave. But even still, in her desperation to cum she found herself chained to a wall watching a newly arrived slave being savagely fucked by Master Saavik and as he did so she wished it was her on the receiving end of brutal fucking.

The rest of the class fared no better. By the end of the two weeks the entire class was frazzled and frustrated by the constant stimulation. As the girls filed back into Mistress Spite's studio they all sported more bruises and abrasions than was typical, even by Group XS standards. The distraction had clearly taken its toll on the quality of the girls' work.

The students were lined up against the wall with their hands chained over their heads. They shifted uneasily from foot to foot. They knew that the two weeks was up and they were due for release from their torture. Every girl was eager to be freed from her uncomfortable panties.

"So," Mistress Spite addressed the class, "Who wants to be the first one to cum for me?"

Immediately the mistress was assailed by a cacophony of pleas from every girl. She smiled as she considered her options. She walked up to Serena. "How about you?" she asked. "Would you like to go first?"

"Oh yes, please, mistress," the girl replied. "I need to cum so bad."

"And how should I get you off then?" Mistress Spite inquired.

"Any way you want, mistress. My pussy needs attention so badly," Serena pleaded.

"I think I have just the thing," Mistress Spite said with a wry smile. She unchained the girl from the wall and moved her to the center of the room. Then she loosened the punishment panties and slid them down the excited girls legs. Underneath, Serena's cunt flowed freely with pussy juice. The girl was put in chains once again. Her wrists and ankles held her standing spread-eagle, facing the rest of the class. Mistress Spite went to the back of the room to retrieve something while the girl's juices slowly pooled on the floor beneath her.

Mistress Spite returned carrying a three foot long bamboo rod. It was about an inch thick with the natural bumps and ridges of the bamboo spaced every few inches along its length and it was hollow on the inside. She stood in front of Serena and gripped one end of the rod. The other end she tenderly placed against Serena's quivering pussy. Ever-so-slowly, Mistress Spite drew the length of the rod back and forth across the girl's soaking wet snatch. Serena cooed in utter ecstasy at the sensation. She closed her eyes to focus on the feeling of the smooth bamboo sliding across her slippery twat.

Suddenly Mistress Spite dropped the tip of the rod to the floor, then viciously snapped it upward again with all her might. The rod crashed hard into Serena's unsuspecting pussy, landing with a sharp splat. The girl's eyes shot open and her mouth contorted into a tremendous scream. Mistress Spite, acting as if nothing had happened, resumed rubbing the slave's pussy with the rod.

As Serena recovered from the stroke and again began to respond to her mistress's ministrations, she was again assailed by another fierce blow to her pussy. This process continued for several more strikes. Serena became a blubbering mess, crying and moaning and thrusting her battered pussy against the rod that provided her both pleasure and punishment. Through it all she kept begging Mistress Spite for more.

Finally, at long last, the rod rubbing against her swollen pussy pushed the slave over the edge. An inhumane moan escaped the beaten slave as she came hard. Her legs quivered and shook. She collapsed against her bonds as the orgasm, long denied, finally crashed over her.

Mistress Spite took in the entire spectacle with an amused look. When Serena finally stopped trembling in ecstasy she quickly delivered three sharp blows to the exhausted girl's overworked cunt. Then she dropped the rod. As it clattered to the floor she turned to the rest of the class, who had been watching in stunned silence, "Who's next?"

After the beating they had just watched, the enthusiasm among the slaves was dampened to say the least. Every one of them was desperate for release from the denial they had experienced for the past two weeks, but clearly their relief would not come without a price. Mistress Spite's query was met with silence.

"No one wants to go next?" she asked. "Shall I leave you all for another two weeks?"

The girl standing next to Charlotte gasped. "Please, mistress, no!"

Charlotte looked over at Holly. The petite slave trembled in fear as Mistress Spite approached her. "It sounds like we have a new volunteer," she said coldly.

Holly was taken down from the wall and stripped nude. A large red ballgag was crammed in her mouth and a heavy metal collar snapped around her neck. Her manacled wrists were attached to the collar with a short chain. Holly was left standing there while Mistress Spite retrieved a long, heavy rope from a cabinet. She tied one end to a ring in the wall at waist height. Then she uncoiled the rope and drew it across the room where she pulled out all the slack and tied it off on a matching ring there.

Holly was taken over to the first wall where Mistress Spite roughly lifted the frightened girl's leg up over the rope so that she was straddling it. The rough fibers cut cruelly into her sensitive pussy as she stood up on the very tips of her toes to prevent it from digging any deeper. As Holly looked down at the rope she straddled she could see that every two feet or so there was a large knot tied into it.

Her attention was drawn away from the rope as Mistress Spite reached overhead and pulled something nearby. Holly looked up and saw that running the length of the room above the rope was a metal track. In the track was a wheeled block with two cables dangling from it. At the end of each cable was a vicious-looking nipple clamp. Holly squealed into her gag as the clamps were snapped into place on her tender nipples.

Mistress Spite pressed a button on the wall behind Holly. The slave instantly bolted upright and shrieked as a strong electric shock blasted her tits. Mistress Spite waited twenty seconds for a second shock to surge through her slave's tits before chiming in. "If you want the shocks to stop then you will need to press the button on the other side of the room."

Holly groaned and took a tentative step forward. With her weight pressed against the rope that she was straddling the coarse material ground its way through her sensitive flesh. Before she could even make it to the first knot she was buffeted by another shock. She paused as her aching snatch met the first knot. As she pressed forward against the protrusion that resisted her advance, it tore at her labia as it dug into her folds.

Holly paused atop the knot. Despite the pain of the rope pressed against her pussy, or perhaps because of it, her need to cum became acutely aware to her. She tried hard to ignore the next shock as she ground her pussy back and forth atop the knot, using it to stimulate her sex deprived parts.

In short order Holly came. Her legs trembled and weakened. The rope sagged as her full weight fell upon it. The girl screamed in pleasure, and then in pain as another shock hit her. This most recent blast refocused her on the task at hand. She once again trudged forward, sliding her pussy along the rope. The knot that she had vacated was soaked through with pussy juice and dribbled onto the floor as the rope wriggled from her movement. The orgasm had made her pussy even more sensitive and the rope hurt more with each step now.

At the next knot Holly fought to push past it, grunting and groaning the whole way. She kept up her advance. The pain in her pussy grew worse with every step as the friction of the rope burned at her hot, sensitive flesh.

Holly fought her way to the halfway point. But starting at the next knot the rope appeared to be a different color. When Holly looked closer she could see that the rope was covered in some sort of sticky substance. Cognizant that she had no choice but to press forward, she dragged her ropeburned pussy onto this next section and immediately realized why the rope was discolored - it was doused in chili oil! She screamed into her gag as the hot sticky substance made contact with her raw ropeburned flesh. She felt like she couldn't press on, but another shock to her tits reminded her that her predicament wasn't getting any better.

Holly forced herself to continue her advance. Tears welled in her eyes as she fought for every step. Every knot along the way smeared the chili oil deeper into her burning snatch.

Finally, she reached the other wall. She pressed the button on the wall and then slouched over bemoaning her tortured pussy. However, several seconds later Holly was rocked by another electric shock to her tits, but this one was even stronger than the previous ones she had experienced. Panicked, she looked up at the wall thinking that she hadn't pressed the button correctly. But the light next to it blinked green.

"Oh, did I forget to mention?" Mistress Spite called from across the room. "The buttons at both ends of the room need to be activated. And after you press it the light will only remain green for five minutes. It looks like the button that I pressed for you has deactivated. You'll need to come back and press it again. You'd better hurry."

The color drained from Holly's face at the realization of what her mistress had said. She would have to cross the rope again, and faster.

"By the way," Mistress Spite added, "each time a button is pressed the electric shocks get stronger. I suggest you succeed on this pass."

Holly got moving immediately. As she was straddling the rope, she was unable to turn around. This time she would have to traverse the length of the room backwards. She groaned as she pushed herself along, up and over the first knot. The new direction allowed the friction of the line to find new and untouched regions of her pussy to torture.

With the shocks to her nipples she certainly hadn't taken her time on the first pass, but now if she wanted to be free of her torment she had to move even faster. The increased pace was pure agony. Her pussy burned both from the friction of the rope and the chili oil that had found its way to every part of her cunt. Some had even splashed up to burn her puckered asshole.

Holly had no idea how much time she had remaining as she raced along. When she finally reached her original starting position she leaned back against the button while still staring at the blinking green light across the room. She made it! She forced herself to count to twenty so that she could be certain that the shocks had stopped. Then she collapsed against the wall, exhausted.

"Finally," Mistress Spite stated impatiently. "I'll leave you there to cool down while we find our next volunteer."

She turned to the remaining girls chained to the wall and raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

"I'll go next," Alex called out.

Mistress Spite turned to her. "Ah, jealous of your sister I see," she said gesturing to Serena who was still sobbing softly to herself as she still dangled spreadeagle from the ceiling. "Would you like the same treatment as her?"

"Whatever you'd like, mistress", Alex replied obediently. She knew full well that Mistress Spite would do whatever she wanted to anyway and that they all would suffer at one time or another. It was better to just get it out of the way.

"I like your attitude," Mistress Spite answered. "I think I have something you will like. Since you have been denied orgasm for so long I think we will give you the opportunity to make up for what you've missed."

She took the girl down from the wall and led her off to a corner of the room. There, Alex was pressed facing up against a post that ran from floor to ceiling. A set of clamps was snapped onto her nipples with a chain running around the post to help hold her in place. Her wrists and elbows were tied together behind her back. On the floor, on either side of the post, was a small U-shaped bolt through which each of Alex's big toes was secured. This held her feet in place next to the post. Mistress Spite then produced a large vibrator which she fastened to the post at just the right height that it would be mashed firmly against Alex's wet pussy. She switched it on and stepped back to watch.

Alex, always expecting the worst, was pleasantly surprised that this was it. She pressed herself against the vibrator and came in less than a minute. After she had finished moaning in delight she figured Mistress Spite would take her down and subject her to some terrible torment. Instead she was left there. With the deficit of stimulation Alex had had for the previous two weeks she soon found herself approaching another orgasm. That one came and went, and still she was left in place. Now Alex's sensitive pussy was beginning to protest against the overstimulation. The vibrator continued buzzing away. Alex found that she could lift herself away from the vibrator by standing up on her toes, but she was unable to remain raised for very long and had to set herself back down on the relentlessly stimulating device. After the third orgasm Alex was finding herself in distress. Mistress Spite turned away from the struggling girl and she fought to lift herself off the vibrator and find respite.

"I consider myself something of a scientist," she said to the remaining girls locked up against the wall, "so let's run another trial of a test we did a few weeks ago."

Each of the girls was taken down from the wall and led to a station where a vibrator on a post stood just below her pussy. Her ankles were locked to a spreader bar at the base of the post and a wide nylon band was fitted around her neck and attached to the ceiling. Her arms were fastened together behind her back.

"As I recall, none of you were able to cum when you were in the this setup before," she stated. "Let's see if you are more inclined to cum now. Do so as quickly as you can." She flipped a switch which activated the vibrators.

Charlotte was the first to be installed on the post. Even with the vibrator inactive it called to her pussy. She yearned to cum. It was the only thing she could think about as the other girls were taken off the wall and put in place. As soon as the vibrator sprung to life Charlotte mashed herself down on it. Unfortunately she wasn't properly prepared for the pressure against her throat and quickly popped back up, coughing. She tensed her neck and pressed herself down again. The ministrations of the vibrator against her pussy were pure delight. She felt as if it were the best thing she'd felt in her life. After thirty seconds or so she began to run out of breath. She fought to remain down as long as possible, but her vision was starting to fade and she was getting light-headed. Off to her side one of the girls near her came with a screaming fury. The sensation was so powerful that the girl blacked out. Mistress Spite quickly rushed over and cut the girl down.

Charlotte girded herself again and lowered her sopping wet pussy to the vibrator. She was rewarded a few seconds later with an earth-shattering orgasm. This time her vision faded from the intensity of the sensations in her pussy. Her legs trembled and turned to jelly, pushing her further down against the vibrator. She felt wave after wave of pleasure wash over her until finally she recovered her strength and lifted herself up to take a breath. To her other side another girl came, and another until there were only two girls remaining.

Charlotte studied one of the girls, Elissa, who was struggling to lower herself onto the vibrator. Every time she tried she couldn't hold herself down for more than a few seconds before she popped back up, red-faced and coughing. She was obviously desperate and frustrated by the situation. She sobbed in dismay each time she popped up. Finally her frustration welled up inside her, she steeled herself for one good plunge that would push her over the edge. She lowered herself just as the other remaining girl finally came. Suddenly all the vibrators shut off.

Elissa looked up, confused. Obviously there must have been some sort of mistake, she thought. She hadn't had a chance to cum. She turned to Mistress Spite to plead her case. "Please, mistress. Just another minute. I didn't get a change to cum!" she cried.

Mistress Spite looked at her coldly. "You had plenty of time, slave. All your peers were able to cum by now. Maybe you just don't want it enough," she stated.

"No. Please, mistress. I need to cum so bad!" Elissa begged.

Mistress Spite appeared to think for a moment. "No. I don't think so," she finally answered. "In fact, I think I may have found the perfect slave to give a good attempt at breaking Mistress Helga's edging record."

Elissa was stunned into silence. Two weeks of stimulation with denied orgasm was pure agony. Surely she couldn't be held in this state for a year, or longer. "Please, mistress. No! Anything but that! Beat me with your bamboo rod. Have me walk the knotted rope. Fuck me with The Punisher. Anything, please," she cried desperately.

But Mistress Spite had made up her mind. She cut the girl down from her post and guided her out of the room so that she could be fitted into a more permanent chastity belt, complete with computer controlled vibrators that would keep her as close as possible to orgasm.

The rest of the class was left for hours awaiting retrieval so that they could resume their slave duties. All the while Alex continued bobbing up and down on the vibrator positioned beneath her cunt. She could hold herself aloft for less and less time and the day went on. When she was finally taken down she had cum a dozen more times and was unable to walk back to the slave dorms, she had to be dragged.

Chapter 6: Honor Roll

Tina had a bright future ahead of her. She was top of her class at her university where she studied mechanical engineering, she had internship offers from half a dozen companies, and she had her choice of suitors eager to have the beautiful, lithe, long-legged blond on their arm. But despite all this she was unhappy. She held what she considered a dark secret that she told no one about, something that she was ashamed of: she was a sexual submissive. She could only get off while tied up, preferably after having her ass spanked red and her nipples twisted until they were bruised. She didn't dare let any of her boyfriends know, out of fear that having her depravity known would darken her bright future. So she tried to find outlets for her fetish. She frequented obscure porn sites on the internet, wishing that she was the woman being tied down and forced to climax. She secretly bought toys that she could use on herself: nipple clamps, ball gags, paddles, and hoods.

One day she finally built up the nerve to visit a fetish club in a neighboring city. She sheepishly mingled among the patrons, uncertain of how to approach someone who could take her home and ravish her. As she sat in the back nursing a martini with a frown on her face an older man with grey hair, a stern expression, and air of confidence sat down next to her.

"I can give you what you need," he said to her with his gravelly voice.

"And how do you know what I need," Tina replied.

"I can see it on your face. It is obvious. You need to be owned. You need to be commanded. You need to be disciplined. You need to be dominated. Come back to my place and I will give you your desires," the man said.

Tina's heart fluttered at the prospect. It sounded like everything she'd ever wanted. How could this man be so forward? How could he be so direct? Was she really considering going home with a total stranger?

"You didn't even ask my name. Do you make it a habit to pick up strangers and take them home with you?" she asked.

"Your name is not important to me. You are a slave, a fuck hole, a painslut, who will get everything that she deserves," he replied.

"And what about me? My mother always told me not to go home with strangers," Tina said coyly.

"Ah, then let me introduce myself. I," the stranger said as he got up, "I am Dr. Saavik."

He stood Tina up from the table, grabbing her arm and guiding her alongside him. Tina obediently complied. Am I really doing this, she thought to herself. This is so wrong. But it's just what I need. She followed him out to his car. Like a perfect gentlemen, he opened the passenger door and she climbed in. Then he went around to the driver's seat... and Tina was never seen again.

Several weeks later...

Tina awoke with a start as she heard the door to her cell swing open. How long had she been asleep? Surely not more than a few hours. She moved to rub the sleep from her eyes, then remembered that she couldn't. Her neck and wrists were locked in a set of wooden stocks. Her ankles, too, were locked in a separate set of stocks. She was on her back on a hard leather clad table, where she had been laying for the past three days, the stocks fastened securely on either end. During that time she had been fucked time and again by dozens, maybe hundreds of men. They climbed onto the table and mounted her while twisting her nipples, slapping her tits, and spitting into her ring gagged mouth. The table was tilted slightly downward so that the copious amounts of bodily fluids drained away from Tina. It was to be used as food for the other slaves, she was told.

She wasn't even removed from the table for bathroom breaks. When she had to pee, she went. The piss drained away with the rest of the detritus. When she shit, someone came to clean it away and she was given a brutal whipping in exchange. Not that that was the only reason for whippings. Lack of enthusiasm, making too much noise, making too little noise, closing her eyes, making eye contact with her "betters", any of those would also result in an application of the whip. Though often it was for no reason at all.

She was fed twice a day with a gruel so foul tasting that she thought it must be made partly with the runoff from her table. And she was right. An indifferent attendant would arrive and insert a funnel into her ring gag, then pour the slime into her mouth. If she failed to drink it down quickly enough then she was punished with a cattleprod. He'd follow up her meal with a jug full of either piss or water, depending on his mood that day. He'd splash the liquid over her face, laughing as the piss burned her eyes, trying to see how hard he could make her cough.

This was certainly not what she had in mind that night when she went home with Dr. Saavik. He had been a kind and generous lover, right up until he had hogtied Tina, shut her up in a tiny pin-lined box and shipped her off to Group XS. There she was very quickly introduced to tortures, humiliations, and depravity that she could never have imagined. Sure, she sometimes orgasmed during her tortures, she was still a submissive after all. But this was far more than she had bargained for.

The members of Group XS gave her the warm welcome that they gave all their new slaves. When, finally, she stopped being the shiny new object that everyone had to play with, she was enrolled in the slave school. Mistress Olga began her education in the duties of a slave, but when an opportunity for her current torture arose, Dr. Saavik made certain that Tina was given a break from her lessons to experience it.

Tina held her breath as the figure who had entered the room approached. She never knew what to expect but was surprised when, for the first time in days, the stocks holding her to the table were unlocked and she was guided to her feet. She was weak on account of her stiff muscles and her sore, abused body. Her savior took her for a short trip down the hall to a small room. He shoved her in, then left, closing and locking the door behind him.

Tina looked around to see what fresh hell she could expect next. She was amazed to discover that the room was simply a cot and a small table. On the table was a turkey sandwich, baby carrots, and a glass of milk, a feast by the standards of her stay with Group XS. Without waiting she wolfed down the sandwich, then collapsed on the cot. To her the thin, stained mattress was as comfortable as a bed at a five star resort. She instantly fell asleep.

She awoke feeling refreshed and a little confused at her sudden good fortune. She laid on the mattress for a little while until the door swung open once again and Mistress Olga entered. Tina immediately dropped to her knees before her mistress, assuming a submissive pose she had recently had drilled into her. Mistress Olga smiled.

"On your feet, slave," she ordered.

Tina rose and followed as Mistress Olga guided her out of the room and down the hall.

"Do you recall the essay you wrote last week?" Mistress Olga asked.

"Yes, mistress," Tina answered. "It was titled 'What I'd like Mistress Severity To Do To Me by Catherine Grace'." Tina pitied poor Catherine. She had found her way into the bad graces of the most vicious sadists in the world. Tina had tried her hardest to come up with a series of tortures that would please her instructors. She knew that the punishment for substandard work was severe. She drew from own nightmares and experiences at the hands of Group XS to come up with inventive and diabolical tortures.

"That's right," Mistress Olga said. "And guess what? Mistress XS just loved your suggestions. She intends to make use of several of them."

Lucky Catherine, Tina sarcastically thought to herself.

"In fact," Mistress Olga continued, "Mistress XS would like to thank you personally."

Tina couldn't help but feel a little proud. Sure, her ideas would be used to torture some poor hapless slave, but she was able to satisfy the most vicious sadist of all. That must explain the improved food and a night spent in an actual bed.

The pair arrived at a door. Mistress Olga unlocked it and gestured for Tina to enter. She did, then stopped in her tracks when she saw what was in the room. Arrayed before her like a nightmare come true were all the tools, restraints, and equipment needed for the tortures she had invented in her essay for Catherine. Sitting at a table re-reading her assignment was Mistress XS herself.

"Ah, Tina," Mistress XS cooed.

A shiver ran down the frightened slave's spine. The last time she had met Mistress XS she had been whipped, hooded, hogtied and shoved in a large barrel filled with dozens of sharp metal jacks, like the children's toy, but with razor sharp points. While inside the barrel she was rolled back and forth, causing her to be tossed about, landing on the sharp objects over and over again. By the end her tits, legs, and torso looked like they had been assaulted with a weedwacker.

"I was just re-reading your essay," she continued. "This is wonderful work. Are you sure you came up with this all by yourself?"

"Yes, mistress," Tina said meekly.

"Come now, speak more confidently. You should be proud. This is terrific work. Very creative," Mistress XS said.

"Thank you, mistress," Tina said, eyeing the items in the room cautiously.

"There is just one problem," Mistress XS said, pausing for effect. Tina's heart stopped. "How do we know that these punishments you describe work? How do we know they are severe enough for someone so deserving as Catherine Grace?"

The color drained from Tina's face as the implication became clear. "They do work," Tina stammered. "They are as harsh as I could come up with, mistress."

Mistress XS gave her a disapproving glare as she continued. "Maybe you thought to take pity on Catherine and come up with something that seemed extreme but which would be completely tolerable for that lowlife bitch. Do you think you are more clever than us? Do you think that you can trick us?"

"No, mistress, no. I would never. These punishments will work," Tina replied desperately. Mistress Olga's rough hands grabbed Tina from behind.

"Let's see," Mistress XS replied coldly.

A wine bottle was shoved in her hands and Tina was ordered to drink. She did so, gagging weakly as the first taste of the acrid piss hit her lips. Mistress Olga kept the bottle tipped high while Tina chugged all of the stale, salty liquid. She could feel her stomach turning as she was guided in front of a large metal washtub with a cover over it.

"For Catherine we'll need to be tailoring some of the punishment so that she can equip everything all by herself. But those details will be worked out later by some our other 'volunteers'," Mistress XS explained.

Tina stared at the covered bucket in front of her. She knew full well what was in it. It was incomprehensible to her that any person would willingly participate in this humiliating and painful torture, but Group XS had their ways to get people to do all sorts of horrible things.

"Now, of course, we liked your punishment as you described it for Catherine. But as a card-carrying member of the itty-bitty-titty committee we have to make a few adjustments for you," Mistress XS said.

Tina looked down at her chest and blushed. She had always been ashamed by her A-cup tits. She had a ballerina's figure, but was always envious of the girls she saw with big, full breasts. At least here at Group XS it usually meant less flesh for the sadists to torture.

Mistress Olga approached Tina from behind and pulled something resembling a broad strapless bra around her chest. Tina groaned as the front of the bra met her tits. That area consisted of a pair of circular metal plates, one for each tit, each plate was studded with quarter inch claw shaped spikes which embedded themselves into her flesh. The plates were mounted within the bra inside a stiff frame. Dropping down from the edge of each plate was a long metal cable. A separate cable was locked snugly around Tina's waist. Then the pair of cables from her bra were fed through a loop at the front of her waist cable, down between her legs and then through a loop at the back of the waist cable. There the two cables were joined together to a ring.

Tina knew that for Catherine's version of the punishment the bra would instead be replaced with a loop of cable which fit like a noose around each breast. When Catherine inevitably pulled on the ring at the back, the nooses would tighten around her tits. For herself, however, Tina could not divine the purpose of the bra that she wore.

As the cables were fed through her belt Tina knew exactly what they were going to do to her pussy, but still she jumped in surprise as the cold metal brushed against the folds of her snatch. This wasn't a standard smooth cable as she had imagined it for Catherine. No, this cable was coarse and bumpy like a metal file. This would tear her pussy to shreds!

She opened her mouth to protest, but Mistress XS's evil stare made her think twice. She had learned that at Group XS things can always be made worse, and the squeaky wheel often gets the grease.

Next for Tina was a pair of tight black rubber piss pants. They were a pair of shorts which Mistress Olga struggled to get up over Tina's legs. Tina, after a moment, reached down to help. The tightness was making her mistress frustrated and when she got frustrated she got meaner. Mistress XS smiled as she watched her slave assist Mistress Olga with the preparation of her punishment.

Tina paused when the piss pants reached her waist. Embedded within the pants were three protruberances, two dildos and a catheter. Mistress Olga was not so patient as Tina and lined the items up with their corresponding homes, making sure one metal cable was on either side, then rammed them home. Tina yelped as the unlubed members pushed against her dry holes. Fortunately these dildos were a fairly reasonable size by Group XS standards.

She caught her breath while Mistress Olga produced the black rubber catsuit that she would wear next. Recognizing that the fight had gone out of her slave, Mistress Olga tossed the garment to Tina and told her to put it on. Tina complied and soon was covered from neck to toe in shiny black rubber. The suit had been designed to fit with the piss pants and had a metal lined hole at the crotch through which the tube from the catheter would fit, as well as room for the cables to protrude out the back. As she moved about she felt the dildos within her shifting as she bent and stretched.

Mistress Olga was growing impatient with how long this process was taking, so she stepped in to cram Tina's feet into stiff black ballet boots while Tina donned a pair of black rubber opera gloves. The boots held her feet in an en pointe position, and she struggled to maintain her balance.

Next her legs were inserted into a black rubber sheath, essentially a long tube that held both legs tightly together. It had both laces and buckles which Mistress Olga made certain to fasten as tightly as possible. The top of the sheath hooked into metal grommets on the thighs of her catsuit to ensure that it would not slip down. Tina, encased in all this rubber, was starting to get hot, and she knew there was more to come.

Mistress Olga stepped back and watched as Tina struggled to maintain her balance. After a minute Olga nudged the girl forward and she fell to her knees in front of the bucket.

"We'll let you do the remaining steps yourself. You know what to do," Mistress XS chimed in. "It's so much fun to watch a slave prepare herself for her torture."

Tina, who was decidedly not having fun, reached forward and removed the cover from the washtub before her. The smell of stale piss was like a slap in the face.

"We were skeptical that a slave would be able to breathe with the plan you had proposed, so you'll have to let us know how it goes," she added.

Tina looked inside the washtub and felt queasy. Inside was a second, smaller bucket also filled with piss. She reached inside the smaller bucket and withdrew a pair of sodden piss soaked panties that she recognized as Mistress Olga's. She moved to wring them out, but Mistress Olga gave her a "tut, tut" and ordered her to soak them again. She did, then Tina pulled the panties on over her head, adjusting the crotch so that it was over her nose and the leg holes so they were over her eyes. The piss soaked into her hair and ran down her back. She could sense the nauseating moisture with every breath.

Tina reached into the bucket again and grabbed another pair, and another. The wet fabric was difficult to breath through, but with effort she managed. But she wasn't done yet.

With a resigned sigh Tina reached into the bucket one more time and pulled out a slippery leather hood. She fitted it loosely over her head and already felt like the leather was suffocating her. She slipped the gag attached to the inside of the hood through a slit that had been cut in the seat of each pair of panties. It was a large wad of sodden leather that oozed piss as she slid it into her mouth and behind her teeth.

Mistress Olga couldn't resist stepping in to assist Tina with lacing the hood. She used all her strength to get every last millimeter of slack out of the wet leather laces. Tina could feel the world closing in around her. All she could taste or smell was piss. She looked out the narrow eyeholes at the smiling faces of her two tormentors. Her head was crushed within the oppressive, wet leather. But still there was more to come.

She reached into the bucket one last time and pulled out a thick leather collar. With a deep breath, the last she would manage until the collar was removed, she lifted the collar to her neck and reached for the buckles. There was only one hole available on each strap for the buckle to fit into. Tina tugged and struggled against the tightness of the collar until she was able to fasten each one closed.

Now standing on her ballet boots inside the tight all-encompassing rubber with her legs bound together and her head and necked trapped within unbearable, wet piss-soaked leather, Tina watched Mistress Olga prepare the final step that would begin her nightmare. Her mistress took a long chain and attached it to a ring mounted high on the ceiling. The chain ended about waist height from the floor. Mistress Olga grabbed the ring attached to the cables wound around Tina and fed it through a ring at the end of the chain. Then she locked a pair of handcuffs to it. Tina felt her arms yanked behind her back and then locked into the handcuffs.

To put the cherry on top of her awful situation, Mistress Olga reached down and grabbed the tube attached to Tina's catheter and screwed it onto a pipe embedded in her gag. Almost immediately Tina felt a steady trickle of her own piss dribbling down the back of her throat.

Now the three occupants of the room, two mistresses and one unhappy slave, knew that there was nothing left to do but wait. Tina shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot. She was aware of exactly what would happen. As the leather covering her head and neck began to dry it would shrink. Slowly as the minutes passed, the hood and collar would draw tighter and tighter until finally she could tolerate no more and was forced to dunk her head in the piss bucket. Then, once the leather absorbed enough of the liquid, it would loosen again only for the process to repeat.

As she stood there she tried to think of anything else, but her mind kept coming back to pressure of the hood against her skull. Already it was painfully tight and she'd only had it on for a few minutes. The other thought nagging her in the back of her mind was what would happen when she inevitably knelt down to submerge her head. She had designed the setup so that the relief from the pressure would itself be a different form of torture. For Catherine, kneeling down would draw the cables looped around her tits unbearably tight, causing them to bulge out against the tight rubber catsuit, while at the same time the cables would bite into the cleft of her pussy and ass. For Tina, she wasn't sure what the modification to the setup would mean for her, and whether she should fear that or the serrated cable running between her legs more.

Time ticked by. The leather drew so tight that Tina could feel her pulse pressing against the material. Small patches of dry leather began to show on areas of her head. As the leather shrank it fit to her like a second skin. Her features were clearly visible through the thin leather. One could tell by looking at it exactly where the panties atop her head lay.

The leather of the collar was a little thicker and dried more slowly, but soon even that began to draw unbearably tight. Tina rasped for breath. The pressure against her throat grew and grew. The steady trickle of piss coming from her catheter began to pool at the back of her mouth, as her ability to swallow diminished.

With fear and trepidation Tina decided that she could wait no longer. She had to dunk her head. She wiggled closer to the bucket. Then, pulling the slack out of the chain behind her she guided herself to her knees. She felt her arms pulled up behind her in a strappado position. Already the cables began to draw tight. She groaned as the serrated metal slid along her pussy. She leaned forward slightly and gasped.

Now she knew what the cables attached to her bra did. The two spiked plates in front of her breasts rotated with the force of the cable. The claws on the plates, deeply embedded in her tits by the pressure of the tight catsuit, dragged and scraped along with them. When she released the pressure from the cables two strong springs rotated the plates back to their original position.

The intense flurry of pain in her chest made Tina want to pull back. But she knew that she had to press on. She tipped her head forward over the piss bucket, the cables resisted her the entire way. She had to pull forward with all her might. Her pussy and tits lit up with pain. Her shoulders ached from the strain. She held her breath and submerged her head in the bucket. She had to make certain that she was down as far as possible so that the liquid would soften her collar.

She held her breath until her lungs burned, then came up. The leather had barely absorbed any liquid at all. She could still feel its ever-present pressure on her throat. She would have to dunk herself again. She braced herself for the agony that she would inflict on her body, then leaned forward again.

Tina had to dunk herself several more times before finally the leather had absorbed enough liquid to relax its grip. She had bought herself more time. She sobbed as she pulled herself back to her feet. Standing on tiptoe in her ballet boots was marginally better than applying any tension at all on the vicious cables running between her legs. Though in the back of her mind she knew that it was only a matter of time before she would have to kneel once again and submerge her head.

As she stood there sobbing, her attention was drawn by movement she saw through the slits in her hood. Mistress Olga was wheeling a television in front of Tina, she stopped just on the other side of the bucket.

"You have proven the basic concept a success," Mistress Olga announced loud enough to be heard through the hood. "But now we must evaluate how long we think Catherine can withstand our little game. Never fear, though, we have something to help you pass the time."

Mistress Olga pressed a few buttons and the screen flickered to life. Tina watched and immediately recognized the scene before her. It was herself, locked in two sets of stocks and secured to a table. This was a glimpse of the scene that had just played out a few days before. She watched as the first of many men entered the room and had his way with her. Tina watched and relived the rapes all over again. Before Mistress Olga left the room, leaving Tina alone with her tortures both past and present, she produced one more item to add to her misery.

"I thought of one more item that I think will make your stay more miserable. Please do tell me what you think of it," Mistress Olga added. She took a long triangular shaped rod and set it on the floor in front of the bucket and screwed it into place. Tina wasn't entirely sure what it would mean to her, but she was destined to find out.

"This really is such a wonderful predicament you've invented," Mistress Olga commented as she left. Tina rolled her eyes and thought of the old saying: 'no good deed goes unpunished.' At Group XS they took it literally.

After nearly another hour Tina knew it was time again to wet her hood and collar. She fell to her knees and immediately howled in pain as the triangular rod crashed into her shins. The metal ridge, though dull enough not to cut, felt like a knife rammed into her legs. She suffered through the agony again as the cables drew tight, sawing at her pussy and ass, and tearing at her tits. Her shoulders screamed in pain as she submerged her head in the bucket of piss. Her shins added to her agony as she rested her weight on the thin ridge. Once the collar was finally wet enough to loosen its grip she arose to her feet again to watch the horror show on the TV in front of her.

For hours and hours this process continued. Every time Tina knelt down was worse than the last. The damage caused by her predicament was added to and compounded by each movement. Cuts and bruises piled on top of each other. As she stood, her legs trembled from the strain of holding herself upright, she knew that resting on her knees would bring no relief. The video rolled on and on. Tina noticed that they had cut out the "boring" parts where she had been given time to rest between assaults.

More time rolled by. Tina didn't know how long she had been strung up in her position. Had it been a day? Two? She somehow managed to catch a few minutes of sleep between dunkings, but her fatigue only added to her misery. As she came up from her latest dunking she felt rough hands grab her from behind. Unbeknownst to her, Mistress Olga and Mistress XS had been watching her latest attempt at wetting the hood. They waited for her finish before Olga stepped forward and detached Tina's wrists from the chain holding her to the ceiling. Immediately Tina collapsed to the floor.

She cried in relief as she felt a sharp knife cut the bindings of her hood and collar. The reduction of intense pressure felt strange. The soaking wet panties that were essentially pasted to her face were peeled away. She looked up and saw Mistress XS's smiling face.

"Twenty five hours," she said coolly. "Very impressive. I bet it feels good to be out of that oppressive leather doesn't it?"

Tina could only sob.

"We could have let you go a little longer, but it seemed like your piss bucket was getting a little too low to adequately soak your collar. We'll have to make sure future participants have more if they are to go for more time," she said. "But let's get the rest of this stuff off of you and have a look, shall we? I'm curious to see how you fared under your cleverly designed punishment."

The knife flashed again in Olga's skilled hands. She didn't bother taking off the items properly. She shredded laces and bindings. She cut through leather and rubber. Tina shrieked as the piss pants were pulled free. Her pussy had been rubbed raw by the serrated cables. It bled profusely as Mistress Olga applied alcohol to the wounds. She screamed again as the bra was pulled free, exposing her torn up tits. The claws on the metal plates had embedded themselves into her tits so deeply that Mistress Olga had to tug at them to get them free. Tina bucked and kicked futilely in her weakened state as the bra was finally freed and Mistress Olga applied more alcohol. Tina was left as a sobbing, tortured mess on the floor.

Mistress XS and Mistress Olga evaluated the girl as if she were a prize pig going to the state fair. "I think, perhaps, for Catherine we should not use the serrated cable on her pussy. Mistress Severity will not want her so damaged for when she gets to have her fun with her," Mistress XS remarked.

"I agree," said Mistress Olga. "And perhaps the bar for her shins was a bad idea after all. Clearly it was painful." She pressed at the bruises on Tina's legs and the girl howled. "But it was starting to cut holes in the rubber leg bindings. We want Catherine to look her best for her mistress. We can't have holes in her bondage gear."

Mistress XS nodded along. She turned to Tina, "Well I guess the procedure that you had exactly described in your essay was the best way to go. Our attempts at improvement were not worthwhile." She shrugged. "Live and learn, I suppose. You should be proud. This punishment was a rousing success. We've got girls lining up to try it! ...not voluntarily, of course, but that has never stopped us before," she laughed.

"As for you," her voice turned colder. "You are in terrible shape. Let's get you something to eat and drink, and a bucket to use for the bathroom. You've been recycling the same old piss for a day now. After that, we'll get you a nice, snug place to recover."

Mistress Olga held Tina up over a bucket while the tortured slave pissed and shit. Then Mistress Olga produced two cans of dog food and a bowl of water. She placed them on the floor in front of Tina, then paused with a devilish smile. She took a spoon and scooped a small piece of shit out of the bucket and mixed it in with the dog food before presenting the dish to Tina. The tortured slave wolfed them down ravenously, gagging at the awful taste, but famished nonetheless.

When she finished Mistress XS stepped up in front of her. "I bet you're exhausted after your ordeal," she said. "Well it just so happens that I have a fine suggestion of a place where you can rest and recover in peace." The color drained from Tina's face as she saw that Mistress XS was again holding her essay with procedures on how to torture Catherine.

"No, no, no, no," was all Tina could manage to repeat over and over.

"It seems you have a penchant for tight leather. I see here that you suggested confining dear Catherine in a wet leather bag for a day. I think that would be a great place to recover from your injuries. But we have to get a few accessories for you first."

She stepped out of the room for a few minutes and returned with a tub full of wet leather items. "Do you recall last week when you made these?" she asked lifting some strips of leather from the tub. Tina recognized the items. They were several kidskin straps, studded on one side with spikes. The wet leather would be fastened on strategic locations and as the leather dried it would compress and drive the spikes into the unwilling victims flesh. At the time she thought that she was making them for Catherine to wear. The measurements certainly seemed too small for herself.

Tina groaned as Mistress Olga held her down and Mistress XS began fitting the straps around her thighs, upper arms, and waist. Even with the leather still wet, they were painfully tight. The spikes nestled against her skin, biting and poking her all over.

Next Tina was fitted again with a catheter and a buttplug with a large tube attached to it. Once those were in place came the heavy, wet, leather sack that would be her home until these monsters decided to release her. It was roughly shaped like a person, with arm holes and leg holes. Straps located all over the sack ensured that she was positioned just so. The leg holes kept her feet pointed straight down. The arm holes had attached gloves with a space for each individual finger. Once these were in place her legs were bound together and her arms strapped to her sides. She was then placed into another wet leather sack. This extra layer to make sure that she couldn't move even a little once it was dried.

"It was very nice of Mistress Olga to lend you three pairs of her underpants for past day. But I think you ought to try to clean them up for her before returning them. They've been soaked in piss," Mistress XS commented.

She took the three pairs of panties that had recently been plastered to Tina's head and began packing the slave's mouth with them. Olga was not a small woman and her panties matched her large figure. Mistress XS struggled to fit all three pairs inside the girls mouth, but after enough pressing and gagging and choking they all managed to fit. Next came another wet leather hood that was laced extremely tight around Tina's head. There was a hole around the mouth, which had a broad leather panel gag placed over it. The last thing Tina saw before being enveloped in the claustrophobic hood was Mistress XS's stern face and cold, gray eyes.

Two rings, one on each shoulder of the outer sack, had chains attached to them. These were then cranked up to the ceiling, lifting Tina free from the floor. She felt like she was being crushed in the fist of a giant. The wet leather flexed ever-so-slightly. Though Tina was sure that by the time it dried that small freedom would be gone.

"I believe," Mistress XS shouted so as to be heard through the hood, "that you had suggested Catherine spend a day like this. But that seems a tad too lenient to me. I think three days ought to do. But don't worry, we will send someone by feed you and clean you out. Plus I'm sure that Mistress Olga has some other panties that she'd like you to wash for her."

Tina was left alone. Suspended as she was, she felt like she was floating. But she was conscious, of course, of the leather which began to grow tighter and tighter as it dried. The pressure was pervasive. She felt it everywhere. It was hard to breath. She had to fight for every breath against the press of the suit against her chest. The spike straps about her extremities had long since dried and left a sharp pain where the spikes had dug into her skin.

Twice each day someone came to release the tube on her catheter. Right up until that time the pressure in her bladder grew and grew and she was in agony as the stiff, tight leather resisted her fullness. After her bladder was emptied she was administered an enema through the tube in her buttplug. During that her insides felt the competition between her swelling gut and her tight bondage. The enema was left in her for twenty agonizing minutes until she was finally able to expel it.

After that came feeding time. A feeding tube was snaked up through her nostril until it reached down into her esophagus. Then a cold, wet slurry was pumped through the tube into her gut until again her abdomen pressed painfully against the tight leather. She was told the first day that the slurry was supplemented with the output of her catheter and enema. Of course, with it being fed directly into her stomach she couldn't taste it, but the thought of it made her nauseous nonetheless. And being pumped so full only exacerbated the problem of her overfull bladder as she digested her sizeable meal.

When Tina was finally released from her latest nightmare she was returned to class. There she learned that most of the students had been subjected to one or more of the punishments she had devised. Those students who had failed the writing assignment were severely punished personally by Mistress XS before receiving Tina's punishment.

On her first day back in class the students were given a new essay to write titled "How Catherine Grace Should Be Welcomed To Group XS." Tina's hands shook as she picked up her own and began writing...

Epilogue - Graduation Day

Lauren went through the routine in her head for the twentieth time. It was graduation day and she was to be given a final exam. She was to visit some unfortunate slave whom she was expected to torture according to a very specific set of instructions. She was to show no sympathy or emotion for her victim. She wasn't even supposed to talk. She would be graded on the accuracy and effectiveness of her torture. If she failed then both she and her victim would be subjected to the procedure again by an "expert".

Lauren paced back and forth in her small cell. She wore nothing except a small metal ring around her neck. She did not want to fail, though she knew that passing would not make her life any better. She was a slave of Group XS after all. She would be used and abused indefinitely. As soon as the membership tired of her she would be disposed of.

The door to her cell creaked open. It was time.

"Nervous?" her master asked.

"A little bit, sir," Lauren replied.

"I'm sure you'll do fine. Your victim today is a very new acquisition to our group. We just picked her up yesterday. You'll be her introduction to what she ought to expect from her stay with us," he said.

"Mistress Severity found her out alone in the forest. It seems her sister disappeared sometime last year and she has been searching for her every day since then," he said making a mock pouty face.

They stopped in front of a door. Her master unlocked it and Lauren stepped inside. The door slammed shut behind her. Inside the room was a frightened, naked girl strapped to a rack with a canvas bag over her head. Her muffled sobs emanated from within.

Lauren took a deep breath and stepped forward. She put on a stern expression, mimicking her cruel captors then she yanked off the canvas bag. Lauren's heart stopped. Staring back at her with reddened tear-stained eyes was her sister. The girl's fear turned to relief as she recognized her long lost sister. She tried to speak through the large red ballgag shoved in her mouth, but could say nothing intelligible.

Lauren swallowed the lump in her throat and picked up her whip. Her sister's face filled with confusion and fear. There was work to do.

The End
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