The Uniform at University
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  • Post Date - 6/4/2020

My name is Katie and I am a freshman at an all-girls collage. My roommate and I both experimented with each other in our first semester and are now a couple. This particular collage has a very good reputation and has several companies that hire exclusively from its graduates. The college got bought by some rich business man and he had made some radical changes over winter break. First off tuition was now free. He was concerned with the amount of sex going on. Std's were a problem as well as pregnancy and girls just being distracted. Any of these could lead a promising girl off her career track. He also thought that since uniforms help students do better in high school, they should be worn in college to. He wanted everyone to be judged on who they are and not just there looks. We were told we would be expelled if we did not comply with the new uniforms. We were told we would be provided all the clothing we needed. Since it was such a great school, it was worth any odd uniform request. We had to fill out an extensive contract over break. It mentioned punishments for misbehaving and restrains may be used as necessary to enforce good behavior. I never got in much trouble so I wasn't worried.

When I got back to school after break I unpacked. I was told to take all my clothing down to a new building on the edge of campus. We would get our uniforms there. They said to leave behind any other items including our phones and keys. We would get new keys. Once I arrived I found a room with thousands of lockers. On one side there were 30 numbered doors all next to each other. A check in table was in the middle of the room. I was assigned a locker and told to put all my clothing in it. I then was told to go into changing room 19. I went in and closed the door. A computerized voice said "please remove all cloths and a uniform will be provided". Nervously I reached behind my back and unzipped my dress. I pulled it off standing in just strappy stiletto heels, a bra, and panties. The air was cold and my nipples started to harden. I folded my dress and placed it on the bench next to me. I waited for a uniform to appear in the slot that looked like a vending machine when the computer voice repeated itself. "please remove all cloths and a uniform will be provided". I reluctantly slid my panties down. Next was my bra. I folded them and put them on the bench as well. I now stood almost naked in my sexy stilettos. I wrapped my arms across my breast to cover them as I shivered slightly. "Please remove all jewelry to start scan", I took of my earrings, choker necklace and leather bracelet. I shivered a bit more as I stood completely naked in just my stilettos. "Please remove your shoes". I reluctantly took off my sexy 6 inch stilettos. I've always been very ticklish on my feet so I feel very vulnerable barefoot. "Please step in the middle of the room and grab the handles above your head".

I reached up and grabbed the handles. Instantly metal snapped around my wrist. Apparently there were metal cuffs around the handles. I shrieked as I pulled against the cuffs. "Do not scream or you will be punished. The restraints hold you still to get an accurate scan" I calmed down a bit still a bit nervous. A bright flash forced me to close my eyes as the laser scanned my upper body. The handles holding my wrist lifted up stretching my body. Robotic arms started combing my hair. They then grabbed my long hair and started pulling it into a pony tail. Suddenly something cold snapped around my neck. I could see in the mirror it was a black metal collar. I pulled hard against my wrist cuffs to try to remove the collar but it was no use. I heard a motor whir and the collar got tighter. It was almost choking me when it stopped. A puff of smoke and it was done. My arms were suddenly let go. I instantly looked for a uniform or my cloths, but they were gone. It was hard to look down with the tight 2 inch collar around my neck. I shrieked again as something started to ozz out of the top of the collar. It felt like rubber, but it seemed to be printing itself on me. As the pink liquid crawled up it left behind perfect seamless latex. (I would find out later that "smart latex" was invented by the rich investor and could perfectly seal any body part. When done it would look like a perfect latex suit, but any portion of it could be retracted into the collar as needed) . I screamed again as it started to cover my mouth. "you will be gaged since you can't refrain from screaming." Said the computer voice. Pink latex poured into my mouth filling it. With my fingers I tried to pull it out of my mouth. I couldn't close my jaw and my tongue was pinned down. It seemed to stop before going down my throat. Suddenly my jaw was allowed to close around the ball of latex in my mouth with only a thin amount going between my teeth. The latex continued up my face. 2 earbud looking items clanged into the tray. "put the ear buds in your ears." I didn't respond right away as I clawed at the latex clinging to my face. Suddenly the floor became electrified and I was shocked on my bare feet. I tried to scream but couldn't with the gag. My feet hurt so much, but strangely I was starting to feel wet. "put the ear buds in your ears to avoid further pain." I put them in and they each hissed as they got tighter. I immediately tried to pull them out but they were stuck. As the latex pours over them I couldn't hear anything. Next it went up my nose and over it. For a second I struggled to breath, but soon the latex had nostril holes about a half inch into my nostrils. Next I couldn't see as the latex went over my eyes. I tried to scream but as the latex hood tightened behind my head I could no longer even open my jaw and my mouth was full of latex. Struggling to catch my breath I realize I can't scream. The pink hood totally encases my head from the neck up aside from my pony tail coming out the back. I feel cool latex pour down my body from the collar. No matter how I contort my body it seems to have no problem. It starts to become much harder to move against the tight rubber. As it pours over my breast it makes my D cup breast look like C as the latex tightens over them on my chest. I feel it seal tight with my hardened nipples pressing into the fabric. It lifts my breast perfectly like a bra. It starts to run up my arms and the latex continues sealing over my wrist and hands. I feel my waist constrict as the latex tightens around my stomach. It's not quite as tight as a corset but, pretty tight. As it pours between my legs it feels too tight and pushes my clit hood open rubbing the latex on my wet bare clit. It starts to pour over my ass and pulls deep into my crack splitting my ass. It continues down and starts to seal my legs. It goes over my bare feet and starts to slide under my bare feet lifting me slightly as it works its way under my ticklish soles. I try to laugh and shake it off as it tickles my feet. My toes are all sealed as one like a sock. I realize my entire body is sealed in the pink suit. Next I feel like I'm getting punched in the gut as a black latex ozzed out over my waist. It seems like a corset is being forced around my waist. It keeps getting tighter and tighter until I have a perfect hourglass figure. I start breathing fast trying to catch my breath. I think I can't take any more as it stops, but it then start again relentlessly tightening more and more. I franticly try to stop it but I can't scream and my latex covered hands are useless against the tightening corset. I feel like it can't possibly get tighter but it does. Finally it stops for good. The latex on my face opens slits over my eyes. I now can see but still can't talk or hear. I look in the mirrors and see I look completely naked, just with pink skin. The latex fits me perfectly and it is so thin you can see every curve of my body under it. My hard nipples and clit are clearly visible through the thin fabric skin. I felt so exposed and it fits me so tight. I am covered from head to toe in pick latex aside from my waist in black latex that looks like a corset. My black metal collar says my name in pink text. On the side is a small screen that displays the letter "A". My black waist is so small. "Your cloths will be laundered and stored in your locker. Please take the manual to review in your room." My mouth is unsealed as well and I suddenly can hear. I try to open the door, but it is locked. "unauthorized access, please use other door". I turn around and open that one. It opens to a hallway. I'll guess I'll go barefoot for now I thought. (or latex foot) I felt so sexy in this second skin. I don't know why, but this whole experience made me a bit wet. My skin was so perfectly smooth. There were no seems or anyway to remove it. I hesitated as I step out feeling so exposed. I see my clit clearly defined in the mirror through the latex. I quickly run to my room trying to not be seen but fantasizing about how sexy I look and secretly hoping I will be. I can't wait to show my roommate Amy how sexy I look.

I arrive at my room and realized I never got a new key. The door clicked as I approached it and I was able to open it. I sat down on my bed to read the manual. The collar worked as a Bluetooth key. It could also pay for things and was linked to our school id and credit cards. I read that there were different levels each student was at. Every week our grades would be evaluated. Whatever our worse class was would determine the punishment or pleasure we would receive. This would change every Friday at 5 pm. No matter what, the collars would never come off until we graduate. There were shoes we could add to our uniform and certain areas required shoes. Our phone would control all aspects of the suit. It also said rules bellow can change if a punishment or extra pleasure is needed.

"A" students :

Clothing: May remove the suit only when they are in a dorm room.

Clothing off Campus: They can visit the changing room removing suit and wear normal cloths off campus up to 48 hours per week.

Stimulation: They can request robotic stimulation from the shower or massage tables any time.

Sensory: They will have full use of their mouth eyes and ears as long as punishment or stimulation is not progress.

Other: They will have access to robotic massage tables 24/7 as well as access to an exclusive dining Hall.

"B" students :

Clothing: May remove the hood and corset only when they are in a dorm room. Suit must stay on.

Clothing off Campus: They can visit the changing room to remove hood and wear normal cloths over suit and corset off campus up to 24 hours per week. (hands still in suit)

Stimulation: They can request robotic stimulation from the shower any time.

Sensory: They will have full use of their mouth eyes and ears as long as punishment or stimulation is not progress.

"C" students :

Clothing: Must wear full suit 24/7

Clothing off Campus: They can visit the changing room and wear normal cloths over suit off campus up to 12 hours per week. Suit including hood will stay on.

Stimulation: They can request robotic stimulation from the shower once for every 10 hours spent in study hall.

Sensory: There mouth will be sealed unless a teacher calls on them, or in study hall. (also opened in bathroom for hygiene and dining hall for food.) During class they will only be able to hear teacher's voice unless a group project is in progress. Eyes will be sealed 10pm to 6 am ensuring students get a full night's sleep.

"D" students :

Clothing: Must wear full suit and ballet boots 24/7.

Clothing off Campus: They can go off campus up to 12 hours per week. Suit including hood and ballet heals will stay on with no clothing over it.

Stimulation: A chastity belt will be worn under suit 24/7 preventing them from stimulating themselves.

Sensory: There mouth will be sealed unless a teacher calls on them, or in study hall. (also opened in bathroom for hygiene and dining hall for food.) During class they will only be able to hear teacher's voice unless a group project is in progress. Eyes will be sealed 10pm to 6 am ensuring students get a full night's sleep.

"F" students :

Clothing: Must wear hood, collar, corset and ballet boots 24/7. A suit will not be provided and their breast and ass will be exposed.

Clothing off Campus: They cannot leave campus

Stimulation: A chastity belt will be worn preventing them from stimulating themselves. Both ass and pussy will be plugged with large didoes capable or pleasure of pain. The belts may be removed during certain times to allow these students to be "used". Students will be teased whenever not in class but never allowed to orgasm.

Sensory: There mouth will be sealed unless a teacher calls on them, or in study hall. (also opened in bathroom for hygiene but not in dining hall) During class they will only be able to hear teacher's voice unless a group project is in progress. Eyes will be sealed 10pm to 6 am ensuring students get a full night's sleep.

Bondage: They will sleep restrained every night. They will be restrained in class as well. Punishment restraints may be applied at other times including daily humiliation. They may be whipped or punished in other ways any time the administration deems it appropriate. These sessions will be filmed and sold furthering the students humiliation and paying for student's that work harder's education.

Wow, I better remain and A student I thought. Reading further I found out I could download an app to control my uniform. It said I must shower at least 2 times a day do to the hot latex. It's been a long day so I decided to take one now. I stepped inside and nothing happened. I didn't get to the shower section of the manual so I figured like the changing room I should grab the handles. Cuffs snapped around my wrist like before. The corset loosened and seemed to flow into the pink skin underneath disappearing. I could finally take a deep breath. Next the latex suit retracted into the collar. Finally I was naked aside from the collar. Suddenly I was sprayed by a white foam all over my body. While I was struggling it sprays between my legs thoroughly spaying my crotch. After a few minutes, it sprayed me with hot water and I noticed any hair bellow my neck was washing down the drain. My legs, my pussy and everywhere else were hair free. I struggled to get free as I wanted to feel my freshly hairless pussy. No matter how hard I struggled, my wrists were locked above my head. Soapy water was sprayed all over my body by a powerful jet. My wrist started to rise and I was straining to stand on my toes. Suddenly cuffs on robotic arms snapped around my ankles. My feet were lifted up one at a time. As soon as my bare soles left the floor completely, soapy water shot at them from all directions. I am extremely ticklish and the machine seemed to spend extra time tickling my bare helpless soles with water. I was getting so turned on by this. I started to fantasize about Amy licking my helpless clit while the machine tortures my helpless feet. I bucked against the restrains but I was helpless to move. I started to laugh loudly. My soles were rinsed off and let back down to standing on both feet. My legs were forced apart as it began to spray my legs and clit and pussy. I was helpless as it "scrubbed" my privates. I started to moan. I wanted to orgasm so bad at this point. I started to moan harder. As I got closer the sprays left my pussy and started up my chest. Frustrated I slumped in my restraints as it arrived at my breast. It felt nice but wasn't quite enough on my nipples. Powerful sprays started to massage my scalp. "close your eyes please" said the computer voice. It scrubbed my hair and face. "Would you like an orgasm?" "Um ...yes" I said quietly. "Error, medical team has not yet evaluated you." "WHAT!!!" A huge blower dried me off in seconds. "do you want a new suit" "no" I said, hoping it would leave me naked. "Error, medical team has not yet evaluated you. " The latex poured over my skin the same way the changing room did. I sighed as the hood went over my head. "Would you like to wear a corset?" "no" I said. As sexy as I looked it was just too tight. It finally released me wearing just the suit with no black corset part.

I needed to go to the bathroom so I went into the stall wondering how I would go with the suit on. The seat had something in the way closing the hole in it. Instructions on the stall door said to sit down and put feet on the painted spots on the floor and grab the handles. On the floor there was what looked like a boot with no front or top. There was a metal plate under my foot and metal that ran up the back of my leg. It seemed to curve around the back of my calf. I grabbed the handles as well and I and heard the door lock as it restrained me. Metal bands snapped over my shins and 2 over the top of my foot. My hands of course got cuffed to the handles. The robotic arms lifted my legs and spread them. My knees were forced near my shoulders and my ankles near my hips. The stretching started to hurt. I tried to make it less intense but my back was pinned to the wall. Next the metal plate under my foot started to tilt down pulling my foot with it. My foot started to painfully point. I thought about Amy tickling my pointed sexy foot. The hole in the toilet seat opened and suddenly I could feel cold air on my crotch as I felt the latex uncover it. It was weird being in this position to go to the bathroom, but I did my business. "how am I supposed to wipe with my arms bound" I thought. Suddenly a powerful jet of water sprayed me. It cleaned me very well including my ass. Powerful streams toyed with my clit. I was breathing hard pulling on the restraints. Next hot air dried me up and my crotch was closed before the restraints let me go. I sighed as I was getting very turned on. I seem to like the machine forcing me to stretch, especially when it pointed my feet. I'm starting to wonder if I actually like pain.

I figure I should get the medical exam so I can make full use of the shower. I call the on campus doctor's office and am told no appointment is necessary. I try to leave my room but the door won't open. I get a shock to my neck. "Missing corset" says a computer voice. I shriek as it shocks me. No I don't like pain I think. I walk back to the bed and pick up the manual. I see I need to add the corset with my phone. I click a few buttons and the black latex ozzes out. I can barely breathe again as the black corset tightens around my pinks suit, but I must admit I look sexy. When I arrive I am greeted by a woman dressed head to toe in white latex. Her eyes and mouth are exposed as well as her blond ponytail coming out from the hood. The rest of her is encased in latex. She has no corset or collar but Is wearing white ballet boots. She walks effortlessly in those towering shoes. She gives me a form to fill out with all the standard questions. Once I got to page 2, the interesting part started. It describes the standard medical test that will be done but also says the machine will test how it can best pleasure and punish me. It will also test flexibility and stretch to design a fitness program for me. I sign it knowing it will be hard to pleasure myself without opening the suit. She tells me to go into door 3 and follow the same procedure as a shower. The robotic arm holds me as all the latex aside from my hood retracts into the collar. I feel something hit my back and it is soft. I soon realize a massage table held vertically is being pushed up behind my body. The door to the room is opened and I instinctively try to shield my breast, but obviously cant. The nurse walks in and watches the robotic arms strap me to the table. The straps don't seem to stretch at all but are about 4 inches wide. The first goes over my forehead immobilizing my head. The second goes over my neck just above the collar. It tightens a lot making me struggle to breath. My mouth is sealed and gaged by the hood and suddenly I can't hear either. I can only see what is happening with nothing I can do about it. A strap goes over my shoulders above my breast. Another is right below my breast and another tight over my stomach. Its tighter then the corset. Another goes over my hips but my legs are strapped separately. Two go over my upper thigh. 4 more go above and below my knees. Another set tightly over my bare ankles. My wrists are suddenly free. She wheels me out through another door. My eyes are sealed and now I am totally sensory deprived. I feel the table tilt back and as it is being made flat as I settle in on my back. A strap is now wrapped around my bare toes and pulled strait down. It forces me to point my foot painfully. I couldn't help but get a bit wet as the pain hit me. As a ballet dancer the sole of my foot could almost completely touch the table. It kept pulling until I yelped in pain. (or tried to yelp through the gag) My arms were still free so I quickly started to rub myself.

I felt a bunch of stickers being attached to me. Presumably these were heart monitors and such. Suddenly my legs started to spread apart. The tables seemed to split in 2 from my waist down. As my legs split I became more and more exposed. The nurse took note that pain seemed to give me pleasure. As my legs went closer to a full split I pictured myself as the perfect ballerina. I rubbed harder thinking about my ballet teacher abusing me like this. I thought about her whipping my thighs if I didn't try hard enough to split. That thought shocked me out of the moment a bit. What was I thinking? Enjoying my teacher giving me pain? What was wrong with me? I loved feeling so perfect. Without this assistance I was unable to do a full split in ballet yet. The table held me almost fully split for a bit then backed off. It then forced me into a full split painfully. I yelped out as my inner thighs burned. I kept rubbing my clit faster. I was thinking about being bound on display to my whole class so I would learn how to do a split. Suddenly I feel several latex hands grab my wrist. They are strapped together above my head pulling them up harshly. I try to cry out as I want to keep rubbing. I struggle to move to try and get any stimulation. Suddenly I feel a flogger hit my bare pussy. It just turns me on more. I hear a voice say they will remove the gag but don't be too loud. It hit me more and more. The pain isn't enough to cum, but certainly keeps me close. I keep trying to close my legs to protect myself but I'm truly helpless. Soon a crop hits my clit directly and I cry under my hood. That hurt too much to be fun. Next they try the same on my nipples. I desperately try to hump the air. The more they torture my nipples the more turned on I am. As latex fingers continue to massage my nipples I feel finger slide in my pussy. This is much more clinical but I can't help but enjoy it. Suddenly my nostrils seal and I can't breathe at all. I pull hard against the restraints but can only get more turned on by the helplessness. I feel like I'm about to pass out. Finally they open and I can take a breath. A speculum is inserted in me I orgasm hard shaking the whole table. I seem to pass out, and when I wake up I feel a huge dildo being pushed in me. It slowly pumps in and out of me. I let out a scream of pleasure. A large latex cock was shoved in my mouth gaging me. I'm a lesbian, but being forced to suck a fake cock made me so hot. Next a nurse hit me with a vibrator right on my clit. I was so close but not yet there. Another nurse tightened the tummy strap making my waist painfully tight and I came again. I awoke to a motorized latex cock fucking me. I tried to scream but I was helpless to stop it. I also had a Jenkins gag in my mouth holding my mouth wide open. A nurse swabbed my mouth. I tried to curl my toes as I came close to orgasm but I couldn't move them at all. In fact I felt something weird on my feet. It felt like there was something taped to my soles. The fucking was starting to become too much. I tried to get away from the motorized cock but I couldn't slide up even a little. I started to smell a wet pussy. I felt latex legs straddle my naked body. Suddenly I felt her pussy over my mouth. I heard in the middle of my silence, "make me cum or you will be punished". I didn't respond fast enough and my collar shocked me. This was not a fun pain either. It really hurt. I started licking quickly. I tried to suck but with my mouth forced wide open it was hard to do. "harder" she said and I felt a prick in my arm drawing blood. I ran my tongue around her clit and she was getting close. I reached further with my tongue pressing on her clit. We both came at the same time and just as I was about to pass out again from the power of it my bare soles got shocked hard. I loved it and it made my orgasm restart and last longer. My orgasm continues for what felt like minuets as I was continually fucked and shocked on my feet. The fucking machine suddenly stopped and so did the shocks. I was in bliss. The shocks hurt so much and well as the stretching but it was the most powerful orgasm I've ever had.

I felt the table allow my legs back together. Many latex hands unstrapped me and rolled me over. I had no energy to struggle. There was a hole in the table for my head and breast. Suddenly, the holes around the base of my breast constricted around them. I could not pull my breast out. Clamps are attached to my nipples under the table that pull on my nipples. It hurts so much. For some reason I love it. My legs and body are strapped down like before, but my toes are forced to point with my bare soles exposed. I feel them use a flogger on my bare soles and I get wetter. Latex hands grab my wrist and straps are pulled around my wrist behind my back. I feel a crop hit my soles while just under my elbows get strapped sealing my elbows together. Painfully my arms are sealed together behind me. The pain on my soles is so great. I want more though. I fantasize about my ballet teacher striking them for not pointing my feet correctly in class. Suddenly the cropping stops and my body is tickled. Latex hands tickle my feet making me buck in the restraints. My ribs and thighs are also tickled as well as my oversensitive soles. I wish my roommate was here to do this to me but she won't arrive until tonight. I buck like crazy just trying to get some stimulation on my clit. As the tickling continues my ass is spanked. I love it and feel myself getting even closer. Suddenly my legs are pulled wider and the spanks stop. Not the full split like before but about 45 degrees. From my knee down my legs are released so I rotate my feet to relive some of the strain they suffered. Several latex encased hands fold my lower leg up at the knee strapping my lower leg to upper leg. I am now effectively hogtied. My arms are pulled up to the ceiling painfully. I suddenly feel the slightest touch from a vibrator on my clit and instantly cum hard. As I cum my legs are stretched wider and my arms are pulled higher stretching me more. My bare soles are tickled to. I keep orgasming as a huge dildo is shoved upto my ass. I fight it and clench my bum. Nothing has ever been in my asshole before. It adds fuel to the fire and I keep going. Suddenly a shock to my collar stops it all. I feel something put around my ankle tightly. It seems to get tighter and tighter and soon felt like it was cutting off my circulation. I realize this must be a blood pressure cuff. Suddenly it deflates and the dido is slid out. All my restraints removed. My breast clamps drop and the tightness on the base of my breast loosens. My gag drops out and my mouth seals. I'm back to just wearing the hood and collar.

Suddenly the suit starts to cover me again. I feel it pushing between the table and my body. I moan as it pulls between my crotch over my clit. I stretch my arms and legs. A nurse grabs my shoulders and helps me up. I'm still blind do to the hood. She walked me out to the waiting room and my eyes suddenly open. I am told the results of my test will be ready in 5 min. I sit in a chair trying to recover, but extremely tired and over whelmed. Currently I'm in the suit with the corset, but have use of my eyes mouth and ears.

The results are in. I have no std's and am perfectly healthy. Blood pressure and blood test were all fine. Next it the report outlined what the machine determined I liked and disliked based on all the sensors attached to my body.

To aide arousal the following may be used:

Painful stretching (there seemed to be no limit to how much pain from stretching would aid in arousal providing no mussels were damaged).

Tickling (especially feet)

Forced to lick pussy/humiliation


Sensory denervation

Any amount of pain to feet including shocks and spanks

Light clit spanking (but not too hard)

Penetration to any orifice

Breath play

Ass spanking


Turn offs (may be used for punishment):

Shocks on neck

Cropping or hitting clit to hard

I was a bit worried reading these results. Some of the things it said I enjoyed didn't seem like much fun. I would need to be cautious when allowing the machines to stimulate me. I was hungry and decided to stop at the dining hall to get some food. I remember the manual said I'd need shoes to enter the dining hall, so I pulled out my phone. (it was left in the changing room during my exam) On the shoes menu there were a few options. There were point shoes. I first clicked those thinking they would be more comfortable then heals. "error, only available in class" chimed in my ear. Next were pony style shoes that had no heal and appeared to have a horse shoe as the sole in the picture. I didn't want anything with no heal right now as I was tired. I saw rock climbing shoes that were also unavailable unless at rock wall. Sneakers that were also unavailable unless in gym or track. "Punishment shoe" was the next title and they looked like a normal wedge shoe that was 6 inches high. I wasn't sure why this would be punishment. I selected it. As the shoe seemed to grow under my feet it started to tighten considerably. The all black shoe crept from my toes to shin. It was so tight it felt like it would crush my feet and legs. I couldn't flex my tight ankle. Latex crept in between my toes wrapping the each tightly. Next I felt spikes in my sole. They were dull and wouldn't actually pierce my skin but they hurt like lightly stepping on tacks. Apparently looks can be deceiving and I tapped my phone to remove them. Next was Ballet heals. As the last one I figured these wouldn't be the worst. The boot forced me to point my foot as if I was on pointe except a stiletto heal extended from my heal. As it wrapped around my lower leg up to my knee it suddenly got solid. It felt like metal but was black and shiny. Any ankle movement I had was taken away as my leg and foot was encased in this solid seamless shoe. I tried to walk and almost fell over. My ballet skills were certainly helping, but it still took me a while to get used to these crazy shoes. I felt sexy walking through the halls in my sexy suit that was so tight I felt naked with my perfect corseted waist and sexy looking shoes.

I arrived at the dining hall for "A" students only. I was seated at a table with fine china, table cloths and was greeted by a male waiter. I grab my phone and fumble for the menu. He waits as I finally unseal my mouth. He was dressed in blue latex from head to toe. There was a sheath built into his suit for his cock and I could clearly see it was erect through the latex. Across his chest was written "Grade A dining". He took my order and returned with a great meal. I couldn't finish all of it with the tight corset, but it did taste wonderful. I noticed on my phone there were many more shoe options now in the grade A dining room. Apparently I can enter the waiting area without shoes and select an elegant set of heels and even a latex dress for just dining. After eating I went back to my room. I chose to remove all my clothing with my phone. I sighed with relief as the corset faded away. I was now lying on my bed in only my collar. The bed had black latex bottom sheets with no top sheet to cover my naked body. I continue reading the manual they gave us with all the rules until I remember my roommate failed a course last year. She will be in the "F" group. I also read that "f" group will be forced to go through the medical test before going back to rooms.

Finally I hear the door click open and I try to cover myself. Of course it's my roommate. I'm so glad to see her. I look her over. She is wearing ballet boots up to her knees. Her pussy is covered in shiny metal but her thighs and ass are exposed. Her corset is supper tight and lifts her breast, but leaves them exposed. Her sholder and arms are exposed and her head is encased in latex and the only opening is her eyes and her long pony tail coming out the back. An "F" flashes on her collar next to her name "Amy". She can't talk to me but she can hear me. This is going to be fun. My phone chirps. "F student in your room. You may control them. I get off the bed and give her a huge hug. I am a bit shorter since she is in ballet boots while I'm naked so I'm standing on my toes to reach her. Our breast touch and she tried to kiss me with her latex sealed lips. As we break the hug I look at my phone. Several options pop up. One is "mono glove" I click it. Suddenly her arms are pulled behind her. Latex starts pouring out of her collar and sounding her arms behind her back. She moans through her gag as her elbows are pulled together behind her back and her arms and hands are sealed behind her. Her breasts are forced out even more. I really want to tickle her feet, but her shoes won't come off unless she is alone in shower. I grab her body and hug her tightly. She can't hug back and is quite helpless. I click blindfold on my phone and her eyesight is taken away. I lay her face down on her bed. I straddle her legs and start to play with her bare ass.

I tell her she has been a bad girl. I tell her if she got good grades I could eat her out and she could pleasure me to. I tell her I will punish her until she gets good enough grades that her mouth will be free. She looks so sexy with her arms welded together elbows touching sealed to her body. I get up and look closer at my phone. I find the vibrator for her chastity belt. I turn it on max, although it will override my command as she gets close to orgasm and slow down. She starts to buck as the vibrations hit her. She is breathing heavy but can't stop it. I start to spank her ass cheeks hard with my hand. She shrieks under the latex hood and I know I need to silence her more. I press a button on my phone and her mouth fills with a latex ball. I keep spanking her and start to finger her ass. I roll her on her side and see her nipples are perfectly erect. Suddenly a knock on the door. I fumble for my phone to add some clothing to myself. But first I accidently hit the hogtie button. "Amy's legs get pulled behind her welding her ankles and lower corset together in latex. Her ballet heals now cover her ass and her arms remain mono gloved. As I choose to add the suit back the door barges open. It's a woman dressed in all black latex. My suit takes too long to cover me so I attempt to with my arms. The woman ignores me and goes right over to my roommate. "I see you're already hogtied, good" The woman reaches between Amy's legs and shoves a large plug in my roommates ass. She then puts what looks like a diaper on my roommate. She then presses a button on her phone and latex seals my girl's ass and pussy over the diaper like a leotard. My roommate's boots start to disappear into the latex around them. Her bare feet are exposed. My roommate starts stretching her feet that have been locked up for hours. My suit is now complete and I go to run over to my roommate to play with her sexy bare feet. Suddenly I'm stopped as my legs stick together. The lady says not to interfere. I feel the inside of my legs touching skin of the other leg and see the latex is wrapping around both legs. A metal device is fitted over the top of her barefoot and ankle. It forces her to point her foot and her soles are fully exposed. I grab the manual and see that this device is a torture device. It will force the wearer to point their foot more and more throughout the night clicking tighter every 15 min. Forced on her stomach she was turned sideways on the bed. Two hoses were taken from the side of the bed and inserted in her nose holes. She was laid back on her stomach. Two winch wires were taken from the sides of the bed. They were clipped to her knees and the motors came to life. They kept pulling until my roommate's knees were forced apart until she was in a bit of pain. She groaned through her gag. The woman attached her collar to the bed as well. She told my roommate good night and that all the bondage would automatically open in the morning. She would be required to shower then and be ready for class.

As the woman left my suit returned to normal and my legs were freed. I was distracted for several hours playing with my girl. I stripped naked again of course. I started by slapping her ass a few more times, but the diaper seemed to protect her and her feet were in the way. I no longer had control, but noticed when I did I could have removed her shoes at any time. She was so helpless all she could do is moan in the gag. I ran my hands up and down her sexy legs slapping her bare thighs. I got to her sexy size 6 soles and started to rub them. She seemed to like this until I started tickling them. She bucked in her restraints but couldn't move much and couldn't wiggle her feet at all. I reached under her and tried to rub her small size c breast. She moaned helpless to stop me. I opened the closet and found some fun items. I found a flogger, a crop, a tens unit and several other toys. Also it looked like there was some furniture that folded up. I cropped her feet until they were red.

Soon I masturbated watching her struggle and went to sleep. I awoke to feeling metal on my ankles. As I stretched I could feel Amy's weight on my ankles and I was feeling her chastity belt as she straddles my ankles. She was naked aside from her hood (which now had open eyes) her corset and chastity belt. Her boots were not on yet. She started to tickle my sexy size 7 bare feet. I tried to wiggle but she was straddling me facing them. I sat up partially and I reached my arms down to grab hers and she shrieked. Trying to move them while keeping weight on my ankles. I grabbed my phone and saw a few more options. One was to attach her legs to mine. Latex dripped down her ass from the corset and onto our legs. Latex wrapped around both of ours forcing her to stay in the kneeling position. He metal pussy was forced tight into my ankles. She continued to tickle my feet while I continued to tickle hers, but now she couldn't move hers. She bucked as she tried to tickle mine and I was enjoying this so much. Soon I hit the strait jacket option and her arms were forced to cross in front of her. Her upper body bucked as I ticked her more and all she could do is look at my sexy feet. I released her lower body bondage and told her to lay down on her back with her feet near my pussy. I spread my legs and she went to work caressing me with her feet. She first used one foot rubbing her whole sole over my clit ending with her toes over it. She did this a few times but then used both feet and her toes to slide open my clit hood exposing my clit. She then used her big toes to rub the side of my bare clit and squeezed it a little. She then held my clit between her big two and second toe on her right foot and massaged it up and down. She started to penetrate me with her other foot. It started with just a toe or 2 but soon her whole foot was fucking me. It was extremely tight. I came loudly and my pussy squeezed tight holding her foot in my pussy. Eventually it let go and she slid it out. She ended it with a kiss through her latex lips and I told her to go take another shower.

We both walked to breakfast and I decided to go to breakfast with her instead of in my fancy dining hall. She was still quite naked but now clean and had on her boots. I was in full latex with open eyes and mouth as well as my boots. I figured I might get a chance to talk to her at breackfast. Her mouth did not open when we arrived. Latex started to fill her mouth making her gag. The solid latex opened her mouth wider and wider. Suddenly a 1/2 inch hole started to appear in the latex. Some of the tables had hoses in the table and it was clear how she was going to eat. Instructions on the table showed her how to insert the feeding tube. There were no chairs at that table. After the tube was inserted her suit covered her arms in latex. Soon they were pulled behind her back and bound to her body. Next an attendant wearing a black suit told her to kneel and connected the heels of her shoes to the tips of her latex hands forcing her to stay kneeling. I went to the buffet and got a nice meal. To my surprise my corset automatically loosened slightly. I guess that's a perk of getting 'A"s.

After breakfast Amy's legs were unhooked and she was told to stand. She struggled to get up as her breast bounced with no hands to help balance. The attendant removed the tubes and then the F students were sorted by class and lined up. The latex gags disappeared but the latex still covered their mouths tightly. Butt plugs were forced into each girl and then inflated so there was no way they would come out. A chain from the plug ran to a pair of nipple clamps put on the girl behind her in line. The last girl in line had hers attached to a 10 pound weight she would have to drag. The first girls nipples were attached to a leash. Suddenly All the "f" girls eyes were covered. 10 girls stood in amys line. Each in Ballet boots, a chastity belt on front, butt plug in rear, a tight corset, and bare breast connected to nipple clamps and a completely covered head in pink latex. The girls were then led around the school painfully. If Amy was to slow her nipples would get pulled. If too fast her ass would get pulled. After about 20 min of being exposed they started stopping by different classrooms. When they would arrive the leash would be tied off. All the girls in the back that went to that class were disconnected. The nipple clamps and chains were removed but the butt plugs stayed in. They were forced to sit on special chairs in the back. The buttplug latched onto the back of the chair preventing them from getting up. The latex binding their hands retracted back into the collar but their hand were quickly handcuffed to the desk in front of them with just enough slack to take notes. Their ankles were firmly cuffed to the floor holding their legs open wide showing off the chastity belts. The hood opened the eyes of the girls in that class. The weight was attached to the rear girls butt chain and the train of girls continued to the next class. They looked so helpless and humiliated. A part of me thought it looked so sexy. This continued until all the girls were in class.

I went to my first class which was Ballet. I was wondering how I would do ballet dressed in a latex suit with ballet heals instead of point shoes, a corset, a collar and only my eyes and mouth exposed. As I walked into class I was told to get ready for class with my phone. I clicked the ballet uniform button which wasn't available before. My hood started to creep down my face and into the collar. I was left wearing a collar and latex leotard with no corset. My arms and hands were still covered as well as my crotch, but the back of the leotard crept up more like a thong. I was barefoot and bare legged outside of my room. Our dance teacher was wearing the same without a collar. She came up to each of us one by one and hand cuffed our wrist together. She them clipped them above our heads making us stand on our toes helplessly. She clicked a few buttons on her phone. I felt my waist squeeze, but there was no black color change. The pink latex became a corset except this one was tighter over my breast and squished my breast harshly. By the time the corset is done I have a perfect hourglass shape and I look like an A cup. It's so much tighter than the other corset. Next a new collar is fitted over the old one and it is much taller. I now have to hold my head perfectly strait and can't turn it side to side. The teacher explains that dancers can't have big breast so the over bust corset is necessary instead of the standard corset the rest of the school uses. Also we need to maintain perfect posture so we will be in posture collars instead. These will remain on 24/7. She uncuffs us and directs us to put on ballet pointe shoes. I go to my phone, but she tells me those are for practice only. I am to use the ones she provides in class. The shoes look normal on the outside but have a metal plat on the inside that runs the length of the sole. The teacher holds a riding crop like used on horses. As we go through the normal class, any mistakes are met with a swift hit on our exposed asses. I can't say I didn't enjoy the punishment a bit. I was getting so wet in such a painful corset, exposed ass, my upper body encased in sexy latex. Next she put us in a position on point and said we needed to work on our endurance. She pushed a button on her phone. I tried to hold the position perfectly but after 5 min my arms were getting shaky. I got a swat on my ass that was hard as a struggled to fix my arms. I closed my eyes as the crop hit me feeling the pain but enjoying it so much. I screamed out in pain so she hit me again, harder. I stumbled and fell off point. My right sole hit the floor and as soon as it did I was shocked. The metal plat on the inside shocked the middle of my foot. As the pain coerced through my foot I wanted to rub myself to orgasm right there, but instead got back on point and held the position.

After several girls got cropped learning from me not to come off point we were eventually done with this endurance test. The teacher pressed a button on her phone and said it was safe to come off point. We were told to remove our shoes for a series of stretches. We were told to start with a split. Several of the girls had no problem with this but 3 of us couldn't quite get into a full split. The teacher pushed a few buttons on her phone and a thin stream of latex flowed down the back of my legs. As it covered my feet it forced them to point severely. A small ring appeared on each foots toes. The teacher pulled a cable from both sides of the room. They were hooked to each of my feet. The 2 other girls had the same done. Finally a winch wired to life and I was stretched helplessly. Since it pulled from my toes, my latex encased feet were forced to point even further while my legs were pulled forcing me to almost a full split. In front of me was another girl in the same position with her perfect ass exposed as her legs stretched. The rest of the girls (aside from the 3 of us) were put through a variety of dance moves and stretches. I was so turned on watching sexy girls with bare legs, bare feet and bare asses dance around me. Suddenly my arms were pulled into the mono glove position. The latex sealed around my arms pulling them back. I have never been able to touch my elbows together but the latex was sure going to try. The teacher started to spank my thighs with a riding crop telling me to stretch more. My fantasy was coming true. The cables pulled a little more but it still wasn't enough. I was told to lean forward. I did as I was asked. My wrist were tied to another cable and lifted up in a stapedo position forcing my head and upper body into the floor. Suddenly I hear something buzzing under me. The teacher put a small vibrator on the floor under my clit. She says she wants to give me some positive encouragement. If I get a perfect split I will get relief. Suddenly my leotard starts going up and it now stops at my waist. My pussy and ass are fully exposed. If only I can get into a full split my clit will be directly on the vibrator. I struggle to reach it as the teacher leaves me alone for a while. Finally I feel several bare feet on my back of the other dancers. They push down hard stepping on me. They push me just enough and my clit slams into the vibrator. As I split slightly more the cables tighten holding me in the deeper split. The bare feet are removed from my back but I am tightly held on the vibrator. I orgasm loudly in seconds. As I scream my hood quickly envelops my head. Suddenly there is a huge gag in my mouth. I'm also blind and cant here. Within half a minute I am ramping up to orgasm again. The teacher spanks me hard with her bare hand on my ass for screaming so loudly and disrupting her class. I cum again and again silently but bucking in the restraints. Suddenly my arms are let down from ceiling while my vibrator slows. My hood disappears. My arms are still stuck behind my back. I am told that 2 girls helped me get to the full split and I must thank them. As I sit up I see a nervous girl with her hands handcuffed behind her back. She is on point squatting with her bare clit near my head height. I am told I need to lick her until she cums. She is not aloud off point until she cums. As I start to lick her she starts to get into it and is clearly less nervous. As she moans my vibrator speeds up. She starts to shudder. Letting one foot fall and getting a nasty shock. She doesn't seem to enjoy it so I pretty much need to start over. I keep going and she gets close again. My vibrator speeds up and im close to cumming to. Finally she cums hard and falls off point. The next girl was more of the same except she was careful not to get shocked. Right after she cums I do as well and my upper body slumps to the floor. I feel my arms get freed and the cables slack. Slowly the latex covers my whole body again. Class is over.

As the other girls stand up I slowly do too. I see the 2 other girls are exhausted as well and had a similar experience to me. I walk to my room to shower but on my way see quite a sight. All the F students including my roommate are restrained kneeling in the middle of the hall way leading to the dining hall. Each is fully hooded with ring gags in their mouth so their mouths can be used. They are naked aside from their collar and hood with their chastity belt removed. Wide leather straps strap amy's shins and feet to the floor pointing them and exposing her bar soles. Her feet are strapped wide with her ankles at least 2 feet apart. Her arms are hand cuffed behind her back while a metal rod coming out of the floor attaches to her collar. Her upper legs are perpendicular to the floor while her upper body is parallel to it. She is basically in a position on all 4's except arms behind back. Cameras record this session so it can be sold to porn sites. There are carts with various implements including crops, tens units, dildos, vibrators, rope and many other toys. Anyone is allowed to torture these students in any way they want although they will be stopped if it looks like long term damage will occur. There are no sharp objects either. Suddenly several men dressed completely in blue latex arrive. They are from another collage nearby and are told they can have all the sex they want with these girls if they wear the blue suit. Non opted for the medical test so their mouths are sealed to. They seem to all have a metal belt instead of a collar and their manhood is completely encased in latex as is the rest of their bodies. I go over to Amy first. She can't hear or see me, but I will have my fun. She has never let me do anal play with her so the first thing I do is shove a huge vibrator in her ass. With no warning she screams through her gag (or tries to) as the well lubed dildo slides into her ass. Next I tickle her helpless little feet. The dildo starts to slide out so I add a crotch rope. As I tie it I ensure 2 strands of rope hold her clit hood open going tightly around her clit. I continue tickling her ribs. Next I start to use a flogger on her bare soles. They start to get red. I grab a riding crop and continue. Soon her feet look sore enough so I tickle her red helpless soles again. This time it's much more intense for Amy. I finally position myself under her and start to lick her clit. She is soon almost Cumming and I turn up the vibrator in her ass. Next I position a fucking machine under her. It slams a huge dildo in and out of her pussy a few times a second. I reposition myself in front of her head and force her to lick my latex encased clit. Unfortunately there isn't enough stimulation through the latex and I can't remove it outside of my room. I leave her alone hoping that plugging her holes will prevent men from doing that. The other girls all seem to have men encased in blue deep inside them raping them with latex cover cocks. They have no choice. As F student they must be punished.

I finally make it back to my room to shower. As my corset comes off I am so happy, but it won't let me leave it off after my shower. According to the manual its required 24/7 if enrolled in ballet. My precious d breasts are crushed under the corset and I won't get to ever touch them directly. The rest of the day is pretty normal. No more bondage in class although my collar was used to shock me for wrong answers in some classes. I go back to my room to study and lay down on my bed to relax. I get a light shock "daily exercise requirement not met". I pick up the manual and see that dancers have a calorie requirement of exercise every day. I must go to the gym daily. I walk to the gym and am surprised when my latex is almost all removed including my hood and corset. I am left in a sports bra with no corset. I take a deep breathe for the first time today. My nipples are still covered but at least I can breathe. I'm left bare legged in just latex panties, collar and sports bra. I sit down on an exercise bike thinking this will be the easiest way to get the calorie count. Suddenly the panties open and I feel the bare bike seat on my pussy. The panties seem to have become one part with the seat and im not exposed. I put my bare feet on the peddles and start as latex encases them and seals them to the peddles. As I get faster the seat vibrates my clit. As my heart rate increases I feel something poking up out of the seat. I try to pull away but the latex panties hold me firmly. Suddenly it pushed up more and more as a huge dildo penetrates me. As I go faster it starts fucking me faster and faster. I'm getting tired and distracted and slow down a little. Suddenly I am shocked on the soles of my feet. I get turned on by it but it hurts so I push myself to go faster. After about 20 min I am slowing down again exhausted and I keep getting shocked every few seconds. The fucking slows as well. Every shock causes me to speed up for a little bit but doesn't last. Suddenly I feel something being shoved up my ass. It starts to inflate as I slow down. If I speed up it deflates completely but as I slow air rushes in and fills it completely filling my ass painfully. After 45 min the machine finally stops. All my restrains are gone and I'm left in panties and sports bra. I check my phone to see if I've met my goal. I have met calories goal and lower body workout, as well as stretching. I guess I met the stretching requirement this morning. Upper body still needs work. I sit on a weight machine. As I pull the weight down a dildo is shoved into my ass. As I let it up it goes out. I do quite a few reps and think I should be done, but not surprisingly my wrists are bound to the handles. My pussy is sore and I don't want to do much more. I keep going slowly. I finally stop for a few min and get shocked hard on my neck. I do a few more and finally my wrist are let go. Someone dressed in latex replaces the attachment on the machines I use and I slowly get up to leave. As I approach the entrance my suit comes back and the painful corset comes back and my breast are squeezed more. I'm back to my full suit.

I make it back to my room to study and sit at my desk. I'm sitting naked aside from my corset and collar. I study for a while and then lay on my bed. Amy finally gets back a few min before her curfew. I give her a big hug which she returns and kiss her through he latex lips. I hear a knock on the door and lay on my bed. I figure I should get used to this with an f student in my room and not bother covering up every time. Suddenly latex creeps down my legs sealing them together. I hear a robot voice saying this will happen every night since I tried to interfere last night. Amy is instructed to lay on her bed face down as tubes are attached to her mouth. Her diaper and latex are fitted over her chastity belt and a hose is hooked to her ass. Her legs are brought up to her ass and another sheet of latex is put over her. it is sealed on the edges of her bed. I hear a whir and all the air is sucked out. Her feet are sealed to her ass and her whole body is shrink wrapped to the bed. Next I'm told she is given an enema through the hose in her ass. She will be given 3 overnight and required to hold each for 30 min. She groans as the water fills her ass but has no choice. Suddenly my legs are unbound but my feet are not. Shin high ballet boots form on my feet except this pair has no heal. They stretch my feet painfully, much more than the regular pair of ballet boots. I grab the manual and see this is part of the ballet program. I must be stretched overnight every night. I guess if I need the bathroom I will be crawling there. I lie down and try to drift off to sleep. I breathe out and suddenly the corset tightens more. It starts to creep down over my hips and now I can't even sit up. I lay there in pain and eventually drift off to sleep.

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