Self-Destructive Tendencies
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  • Post Date - 6/20/2020

Chapter 1

I've always been something of an overachiever. Competitive gymnast since I was four. Ballet. Competitive acro dancing. Academic Decathlon champion three years running. Tae Kwon Do blackbelt. Girl scouts. Candy stripers. Top fundraiser for our church's donation drive. Weekend volunteer at the veterinary clinic and an assisted living facility. Absolutely anything to prove I was the perfect little girl. That I wasn't useless, and worthless, and fat and ugly and unlovable.

When I was fourteen I took it a little too far. I may have managed my diet and exercise just a liiiitle bit too hard, so I wound up in the hospital. I wasn't trying to hurt myself; it's not like I'm really anorexic. I just needed to stay under 90 pounds so I could do better aerials. I thought I was taking all the right supplements and vitamins to keep my muscles and bones strong, but apparently I got a bad batch of something, because my metabolism crashed and I wound up in the hospital, like I said.

That's how I lost everything.

I was stupid and probably let my vitamin C get too low or something. I always counted out my supplements but I might have missed a few. Every little mistake adds up. But it doesn't matter how it happened anymore, because it's too late to fix it.

My immune system crashed at the hospital and I got meningitis and I lost my arms and my legs. The doctor says it was just a fluke and it wasn't my fault but I can tell he was just trying to make me feel better. I thought I was on top of my health, but I obviously wasn't. And I remember thinking, now I won't ever be a gymnast or a doctor or a charity worker or anything but some stupid girl in a wheelchair that people pity and whisper about behind her back.

So, to hell with that. I refused to let my wreck of a body hold me back. I pushed through the pain and tapped into all my gymnastics and dance training and made my body work again - or what was left of it. I refused to wear the prosthetics they wanted to give me, though. They weren't my hands and they weren't my legs, so what was the point?

My parents took care of me until I turned 18 but I wasn't their little superstar anymore. I could tell I was a burden, by the way neither of them could stand to look me in the eye anymore. My taste in music and art and books took kinda an emo turn around then, too. I stopped hanging out with the cool sparkly kids and mostly hung around the emo goth losers when I could stand to be around anyone at all. I started cutting myself, and started fantasizing about doing more extreme things to my body - tattoos and brandings and piercings and implants - anything that would let me reclaim it as mine, after so much of it had been ruined and taken away from me. Whenever my parents found me looking at those pictures they freaked out and sent me to therapy, so I learned to just shut up and keep it all to myself.

So, as soon as I could, which was right around my 18th birthday, I got help from the assisted living group I used to volunteer for and moved out. Kind of ironic that I used to be the one helping, huh?

Anyway, as soon as I moved out I knew I needed to reclaim my body. I went around with my friend Jess that weekend until we found the most hardcore tattoo and piercing place we could - it was this crazy place a few blocks from the college owned by a guy who did medical-grade textured silicone implants and horns and crazy stuff like that. When I saw all the photos on the walls I knew I was in the right place.

I spent weeks with the owner, Steve, talking about what was surgically possible and what the end results were likely to be. Steve had done plenty of living-room surgeries before, but he wasn't sure he could handle what I wanted to do.

After about a month we went ahead and did all of it. I had Steve's assistant pierce my nipples, pierce my septum, pierce my clit, and had Steve himself put in a soft silicon implant into the end of each stump, that fills out the whole end of the stump and gives it a raised kitty toe-beanz shape. That took three painful months to heal, and the whole time Jess had to bathe me and feed me and basically do absolutely everything for me. But once it healed, the extra padding actually made walking on the ends of the stumps way less painful, and now I leave these adorable little kitty paw-prints behind me when I come out of the shower. Once that all healed up, we went back and I had the toe beanz tattooed pink, and the area around them tattooed a darker greyish brown color to cover up all the little scars, so now they look like little Siamese kitty paws.

Steve is how I met my Owner, too. Something happened when I met my Owner that just opened the floodgates. I met him when I came back so Steve's assistant could check on the tattoos and implants and make sure everything was healed up properly. By now I was getting around just fine, so I wasn't with Jess. He was just coming out from getting a circle of Norse runes tattooed on the back of his hand, and when I saw him something inside me just snapped and I decided for the first time in my life to flirt as shamelessly as I could.

So I crawled over to him and started weaving in and out between his legs and making the most pitiful "cat in heat" noises I could, and it worked. He picked me up and asked if I was a stray, and I meowed and licked his nose and purred, and he asked if I wanted him to take me home and I meowed and batted at his chest, and he just tucked me under one arm and walked out with me.

We drove back to his place, and I spent the whole time in the car trying to crawl into his lap and getting picked up and put back in the passenger seat, all without him ever taking his eyes off the road or losing control of the car. Then we got to his place and he parked and opened my door and I hopped out and pranced up his stairs on all fours with my nose in the air, which is way harder than it sounds. Then he let me in his apartment and sat down and I crawled into his lap and he started petting me.

I was having so much fun that it took until right then for me to notice that this was the furthest I'd ever got with a boy before. Before the accident I'd never had time, and after the accident I always assumed that I'd just be too ugly for guys to notice, but here I was wriggling around on this huge beautiful man's lap, and I could definitely feel something getting bigger and harder between his legs.

I honestly didn't quite know what to do next, but i had read enough really bad Twilight fanfiction to take some guesses, and I wasn't about to break character so I looked up at him and made some inquisitive 'mrow?' noises and pushed the thing between his legs around a bit with my nose. He chuckled and pet-scritched my hair a bit more firmly, and asked "did kitty find a toy she wants to play with?", or something like that. So I grinned real big and unzipped his pants with my teeth and spent a minute digging around in his crotch with my lips, until I managed to get it free of his underwear.

I have to admit that I was not expecting what I got. He was way, way bigger than I had any idea what to do with, but having to deal with managing a gymnast's diet and award-dinner banquets meant that I had spent most of my 'tweens in bathrooms learning the ins and outs of my gag reflex - so I decided to just go for it all the way.

All the way turned out to be past my neck and halfway into my chest. I tried to wiggle and purr as cutely as I could to distract him from noticing that I had no idea what I was doing, and spent a few minutes getting used to all the ins and outs of breathing and saliva and tongue and neck musclss. He was super helpful, giving me all sorts of pointers and suggestions, and said i was doing a great job, which made me want to absolutely melt into a puddle in his lap.

Then I thought about how much more I could do if I still had hands, and how sexy it could be if I still had legs to wrap around him, and I started crying. I could tell he was worried, or worse was about to pity me or something, which made me so mad that I just shoved my face all the way down into his crotch and started screaming. Or, well, tried to, but my throat was full. At first he tried to pet me more gently but I batted and pawed at his wrists with the ends of my stumps until he sort of got the idea, and I got him to actually start choking me while I suffocated on his cock. Which, ohmygod did I need that. Eventually my sobbing and screaming got quieter all on it's own, and my lips and the tips of my ears and my stumps all started to get cold and tingly, and the edges of my vision started turning grey and sparkly. I so so so needed to pass out like this, but right then he let go of my throat and tried to pull me off of his cock by my hair.

I growled and shook his hand off my head and shoved my face in deeper, and forced myself to let go and fall back into the velvety blackness that was already creeping into the back of my head. I finally blanked out just as i felt his cock start to twitch, and something hot and gooey started to spurt its way deep into my chest. I remember thinking "God, please let me die like this", just before I passed out.

I guess either God or Sir had other plans, because I woke up almost instantly on my side, throwing up lots of saliva mixed with super salty white stuff that felt like snot but very definitely wasn't. Sir was massaging my back and patting it hard to get me to cough it all up, and never in my life have I felt so vulnerable and so taken care of all at once. I whined and crawled back into his lap and nuzzled my cheek against the tip of his cock, which was way smaller now and barely poked out of his pants.

He tried to ask me some questions, but I only answered in soft meows and purrs, so eventually he just got up and got me a towel. I wriggled out of my shirt and shorts, and he helped me with my panties until I was naked on his couch, and he toweled me off.

I arched my back and gasped when he lifted one of my nipple rings up to get it out of the way of the towel, which got his attention enough that he started playing with both my nipple rings - softly but still really intensely. I wasn't about to start using words but I wanted him to know how much I was enjoying it, so I lifted up and arched my back all the way into a backbend and got my thighs around one of his thighs, and fell back on my first masturbation technique - the one I had learned on the balance beam. He tugged and teased my nipples gently and I rubbed against him and just breathed deeply and softly until I came all the way through my body, and I'm pretty sure that I did just melt into a puddle in his lap at that point.

He asked me if I wanted a bath and I nodded and nuzzled the palm of his hand, and he took me into the bathroom and drew me a hot bath and gently cleaned every inch of my body. Then he asked me if I wanted to spend the night and I nodded furiously and he picked me up and took me to bed.

I'd never slept next to a man before, so I had no idea what I was missing. Sleeping next to girls is nice, but a big man is warm and soft in some spots and hard in others and when his arm goes around you, you feel completely tiny and vulnerable and also completely safe and protected all at the same time. I never ever wanted to go home again.

Sometime during the night he got hard again, so I immediately seized the opportunity and used my thighs and knees to work his boxers until his cock peeked out of the hole in the front, and then I eagerly pushed my butt up against his tummy and frantically tried to fit it in with my elbows until he asked if I needed any help.

That immediately got me crying again, but I just whined and nodded and meowed pitifully, and he took his cock with one hand and my belly and waist and inner thighs with his other hand, and effortlessly spread me open and slid inside me just a little.

The sensation was ... well, it was a shock. I tensed up for a moment and whimpered, and then when he looked worried I growled and shoved myself back with my knees until he was so deep inside me, it felt like I was going to split in half. I started gyrating and squeezing my hips, all the while sobbing and shaking more and more, and thank God he didn't decide to stop but just started working with me harder and harder until he was squishing me into the bed while I wiggled and struggled to get control of anything I could. Then he pulled out of me and something hot and sticky splashed all over my lower back, and he held me down and kissed the top of my head hard as I sobbed and shook and shoved my face as hard into the mattress as I could. I could feel him toweling me off, and then he held me as I purred until I fell asleep in his arms.

He went out and bought me a kitty collar the next morning and put it on me. He kept asking me my name, and I kept just meowing at him until he decided to call me 'Aya' which I thought sounded beautiful, so that's what it says on my kitty tag. I was so excited when he put it on I started crying again, and spent the whole morning wiggling and showing it off to him or admiring it in the mirror.

He made us waffles and eggs and bacon and toast for breakfast, which was way too heavy for me but I ate a little anyway. I could tell he was worried that I didn't eat enough but he only asked twice so I didn't have to force myself. Then I spent the whole day exploring his apartment on all fours, naked, while he sketched me and did stuff on his computer and went in and out.

I snuck into his closet to sleep while he was out, and I found a big beautiful wood chest with metal corners and a lock. It wasn't locked, but it took a long time to fiddle with it until I could get it open. It had so many beautiful things inside - whips and floggers and chains and shiny black leather boots and a corset and a few other matching things that I couldn't quite recognize. I pulled all those out one by one and spread them out on his bedroom floor and waited for him to come back.

When he did, I excitedly led him back in the bedroom and then picked up one of the pieces in my mouth and offered it to him with a pleading look. He laughed and I spent the rest of the day learning about corsets and armbinders and posture collars.

The armbinder was the best. The tighter he pulled the straps the better i felt, so I kept enthusiastically whimpering until I got him to squeeze my shoulders together behind me so they touched. I don't have much in the way of boobs, but what I do have looks amazing when I'm in a tight armbinder, and the way my nipple rings stick out is just perfect.

Of course, it was way too long for my stubby little arm stumps, so he had to fold it over in half and tuck the empty half under. There was a ring on the end that he just clipped to the back of the posture collar, which tightened everything up really tidy and made it look like it was just supposed to be that short.

I spent a long time admiring myself in the mirror, with just an armbinder and posture collar on, but once I had figured out how to walk on my leg stumps without having arms to balance with I needed a challenge again. So I brought him the corset and he put it on, and I got him to squeeze it down all the way which looked weird but felt so so good. He said that was the tightest he'd ever seen it go and i felt so proud, and it took a little bit to figure out how to walk again with my spine being less flexible but it was easier than last time.

Then I had him help me put on the little mini-skirt, which barely covered my butt in the back and did nothing to cover up my thighs, and I twirled around in it and showed off and wiggled my butt and we both started laughing.

Then I presented my butt to him and meowed with as much horniness as I could put out, and he got the hint immediately and put on a condom and took me right there on the floor. The corset and the armbinder already made it hard to breathe, so when he put his weight on me I actually managed to pass out again for a few amazing seconds. When I came to he was trying to loosen the corset, but I meowed an objection and batted his hands away with my legs and eventually got him to tighten it all back up and go back to fucking me.

I managed to pass out again right as he was coming, which was exactly what I needed. When I came to he offered to let me out, but I convinced him to leave me like this and I spent the afternoon crawling around his apartment and seeing what I could get to with just my mouth and legs.

Luckily he had Soylent in his cupboards, so I didn't have to weigh myself down with another meal, but he made himself fish for dinner and I had a few bites to be polite. The corset actually made hunger a lot less noticeable, which I wish I had known about when I was twelve because I would have just worn one forever and never taken it off.

I tried to get him to let me wear the corset and armbinder to sleep, but he wanted to bathe me again so I let him, and then I fell asleep in his arms and everything was perfect again anyways.

When I woke up, he was starting to make breakfast again, but I made a point of climbing into the kitchen pantry and pulling out a Soylent so he'd know I didn't need any. I finished half of it while he cooked, and then something completely mischievous came over me so I let him sit down to eat and then crawled under the table and gave him a nice, slow blowjob while he ate his breakfast. He definitely sounded like he appreciated it. Then he let me follow him into the shower and we both got clean together, and he made me cum with his hands while he washed me and I made sure to keep my head under the shower so he couldn't see me crying again. And then he got dressed and I picked up the armbinder and meowed until I got him to dress me up in it, and the corset, and the skirt and the posture collar.

I noticed the posture collar has an extra zipper and figured it must be to something, so I rummaged around until I found a gorgeous matching lower face-mask with a huge clear pink rubber cock on the inside of it, and sucked down the cock and begged him to zip it closed with loud whining and batted eyelashes until he did. Then he pulled up the back of the posture collar and laced it down tight, and pulled two flaps over my ears and zipped them onto the mask too.

Walking around with a giant rubber cock down my throat was surprisingly hard at first, since I couldn't bend my neck down well enough to see how to place my legs without choking myself. But after awhile I got used to it, and then I was prancing and pirouetting around the apartment again while he worked on his computer. I played around a lot with how the cock and the collar choked me when I moved in different ways, until I could get myself right to the edge of unconsciousness but would fall into a position where I would start breathing again after I passed out. Then I edged myself into the most mind-shattering orgasm of my life and collapsed into soft warm black nothing in the back corner of his closet.

I woke up and decided to rummage around inside the treasure chest some more, which was a lot harder since I couldn't really bend my neck for long, but eventually I managed to pull out what must have once been another part of the outfit I was wearing. It was the most beautiful pair of shiny black knee-high boots I had ever seen, and I immediately started crying and banging my head against the wall because I knew without calves or feet I could never, ever wear something like that again.

My new Owner found me and petted me and shushed me, then pulled the boots out and sighed. He talked for a bit about how they were okay but the heels never quite matched the style he was hoping for, and then he took out a pair of scissors and cut the feet off of the boots, right at the ankles. I stared wide-eyed and horrified and almost told him to stop, but then I watched as he folded the ends up in this really clever pattern and then stitched them up and glued on a pair of big round rubber foot-pads that he took off the back legs of the couch. And then he put in a screw and put a pair of thick metal rings inside the rubber foot-rings, and cut some round gel inserts and glued them to the insides of the bottoms of the new 'boots', all while I stared wide-eyed at how incredibly creative and talented he was to just start hacking up a pair of boots and turn them into something I could wear.

And then I offered him my legs and he slipped the boots on me and laced them up tight, and of course they were perfect and I spent the whole rest of the morning dancing around and pirouetting even more energetically than before.

I went back in the closet and passed out masturbating again, and then rummaged around in the chest until I found a big shiny metal hook with a sort of egg shaped ball on the end. I couldn't pick up anything with my mouth anymore, so I had to tip the whole chest over and then kick it along the floor into the living room, and looked up at him inquisitively.

He laughed and said "that goes in your butt", and I looked at him with huge wide eyes and squeaked, and he asked me if I wanted to try it and I blushed harder than I'd ever blushed before in my life. But I nodded and waited and he came back with a giant bottle of some kind of clear liquid and washed it off thoroughly, and then he bent me over his knee and I felt it slip in and it had to be the most surprising thing I'd ever felt in my life. And then I felt him pulling on my arms so I arched my back, and there was a 'click' and he must have clipped the other end of it to the armbinder because I couldn't even try to un-arch my back without it tugging my butt up instead.

Having something up my butt all the time made me really, really horny. I kept trying to get him to fuck me again, but instead he pulled out this giant metal egg and pushed it deep into my slit, and then put a pair of panties on me and tied them to the corset somehow so they wouldn't slip down. And then he pushed some buttons on his phone and the egg started buzzing and throbbing, and then he showed me his phone and let me pick some good trance edm, and he made the egg buzz in rythm with the music, so I spent all afternoon dancing and cumming and basically getting sound-fucked non-stop by all my favorite dance artists.

Then he showed me a recording of me dancing, and I realized that I could still do something amazing even if I couldn't be a competitive gymnast anymore.

Then he tried to take me out of the outfit but I fought him a little, so he explained that he'd put me back in later but he actually needed to talk to me for real so he could stop worrying about things. I hated this and I actually fought him a little harder at first, but then I realized it really wasn't fair to keep him having to guess what I was thinking so I let him pull off the gag and said my first words to him.

I said "take me out to dinner and I'll talk about whatever you need me to."

He even let me keep wearing the boots and the corset, but he made me compromise and put on my shirt and shorts and take off the armbinder and the posture collar. So we went out to dinner and talked.

I told him that I'd listen to anything about him he wanted to tell me, but I just wanted to be his little kitty and not have to ever talk about myself or think about what I wanted or anything. He asked me some questions about "boundaries" or whatever, and I told him that after I lost my arms and legs I felt like I wanted to die until I met him, and now literally anything he did to me would be better than whatever else happened to me.

He threw out some scenarios that I think were supposed to scare me, like being gang-raped by guys he brought over or having all my teeth pulled out so I could suck cock better or being beaten so hard I broke bones, but the worse he tried to be the more horny I got and I told him so. I told him I trusted him to do whatever he wanted and when he was done with me I was done with myself, and he sighed and nodded and told me that I needed to be able to change my mind if I ever found something better to live for.

I didn't want to think about that, so I told him if he wanted to hurt me or have anyone else to fuck me to just do it and not even ask, and that once we left the restaurant i was going to be done talking in words but it would be nice to go back into the whole outfit and dance some more for him. He asked what i thought about him recording it, and I grinned real big and asked to see his phone.

He slid his phone over and I fumbled around with it for a few seconds until I could get it to recognize my nose as a 'finger', and then I set up a new YouTube account called 'Stumpgirl Dances' and uploaded the video he had taken earlier. Then I pushed the phone back over to him and told him to show everything to everyone.

That actually got him to blush, which was about the most adorable thing I had ever seen, and for a second I kinda regretted my decision to not want to talk to him like one person to another. But then I remembered what passing out on his cock has felt like, and I knew I was making the right choice.

To make him feel better, I made one more video of just my face, saying "Hi I'm Aya, and I'm a little kitty that likes to dance and get tied up. I'm doing everything here because I want to and I have a wonderful human who helps me and dresses me and takes care of me. So don't worry about me and enjoy watching me dance and play!", and then I uploaded it and that's how the whole camblog thing got started!

Chapter 2 (added: 2020/07/09)

Hi! It's me, Aya Stumpgirl. Aye kayy aye Stumpkitty! I hear peeps have some questions.

Lemme get back into the - there we go. So as you can see, my arms end right at the elbows, and here's the - hold on... Heres my toebeanz!

Yeah, Steve does great work. He's so amazing guys, I can't even say.

Aaaand my legs end right here, at my thighs. I think my knees used to be like, four inches down from here? They actually weren't even at first but I pretty much threw a hissy fit until they evened them up since I wasn't going to use their dumb prosthetics anyways. Aaaand here's my footie toebeanz, and I'd show you the piercings but I dunno if you wanna watch me... i mean, spend next forty minutes watching me try to get my panties off.

So yeah!

We're thinking about pulling my teeth next, I couldn't decide whether I wanted kitty fangs or no teeth at all and my Owner said 'why not both' so we're probably gonna pull my teeth and then put in dentures with the kitty fangs. Steve showed me some really cool cheek piercings with screw in whiskers but we all decided they look a little too hardcore punk, and I'm a soft kitty. So nyaaah.

Exercise? I run around the house all the time, kitty has invisible mice to chase! And kitty still practices her gymnastics and circus - oh! I've been practicing a backbend. Check it out! I can almost touch my head to my butt if I'm not also trying to balance on my front pawz at the same time. In a month or two I'm gonna try and do it balancing on a ball and then maybe I'll try it balancing on a ball while my Owner fucks me. So if you wanna see that my donation link's on the bottom of the vidya feeeeeeed. Ya get me?

Umm mostly this week kitty's been working on flexibility and balance and core strength. Mrow, thank you! Mrow thank you Subpuppy, that's so kind! Mrowz out to Subpuppy, peeps!

Well, we also talked about getting kitty some little ocelot spots over her shoulders and butt. I'm not sure if I wanna be an ocelot kitty but Sir made some drawings and they're sure cute. But Sir says kitty always decides what kind of kitty she is and Sir will help make it happen, and all of you guys are helping too! Kitty loves all of you.

Oh! Sir's making me a tail! (It goes in my buuuutt... sshh!) We're gonna try to do that thing with the Japanese cat ears that respond to mood and make a buttplug tail that works with them, although Steve thinks we might also be able to actually put it above my butt like a real tail and then I could swish it aside to do butt stuff with Sir. But it's kinda risky so indunnoooo. But I know if Steve could do it I'd have real kitty ears and a tail so so fast. I wanna be able to feel ear scritches tho. Catgirl_lover you're supposed to invent me real cat ears that I can feel things with! Come on stop playing with rockets and focus on what's important! Mrow! Mrow. No, kitty loves your rockets, I saw the astronaut space docking thing last night! Kitty is just a kitty and doesn't understand it at all but kitty thought it looked super impressive and spacy and pew!pew! and Sir was very very proud of you.

Lemme see, fanmail... ohh ya! Somebody asked how I cut myself if I didn't have any arms and legs. Umm, well here's the scars on my thighs, and I mostly just stabbed myself or scratched myself with a compass. See I can hold stuff between my front pawz like this, so it's not too hard to write or type if I really need to.

Doogydoug is asking... if I still think about hurting myself... nope! Kitty's all better! And really if I tried, Sir would probably just put me in an armbinder and never let me back out, so I'm not worried either way. But really, kitty's doing great!

No it's okay I don't mind taking about it I just figured it was boring and nobody wanted weird details. Hahahaha okay I'll be sure to share more weird details just for you Sonic. Oh! Mostly kitty eats out of a kitty bowl or Sir feeds her out of his hand. Kitty is very spoiled. Yeah kitty is good at washing herself. Kitty likes being very very clean!

... Kitty isn't going to talk about litterboxes, Subpuppy. Kitty loves you though! Mroww!

Ooh! I know! Check it out, I've been practicing sword swallowing! Owner got me this... holonaminnute... okay here, you get to stare at mah butt while I look under the bed...

Bwah. Check it out. It's silicon jellie and it's twenty two inches long and... nine inches around. And ah khan awweahy geh ih dowwh 'o heahh, whickh ihs... eighheem iwmchhes. Ammen ah ghush... bluurgh! Like that! Eighteen inches and still getting better.

Soooo. Doopdeedoo, man. This is basically all the talking I do all week so it's super hard to think of what to say and I feel all like a chatty idiot at the same time. Mrow. Mrroww!! Kitty embarrassed.

Oh! Corset! We started tightlacing for fun and I'm at sixteen inches so far. I'd show you but no way I can get a corset on and off and I wanted to show off the backbend more, so mebbe next time. I been working on endurance stuff too, jogging in the corset and armbinder and a gag, gonna get mah cardeeooo up and then see if I can prance around in a thirteen inch waist with twenty two inches of Mr Purple Snek wriggling around in my throat and down my tummy. And then we'll start seeing what kinda backbend I can do when kitty's cinched down to thirteen inches, and theeeen we can try it with the armbinder, and theeeeeen we can try it with the armbinder stuck to a butthook so i gotta keep the backbend going, and theeeeeen we'll see if I can keep that up for a whole fetish party.

Oh! Oh!! I went to a FETISH PAR-TAY! Wooo! Kitty got sooooo many pets! Sir made me a sign that said 'please pet the kitty' and got me a stuffed fish toy and made a gag out of it and kitty had Sooo. Much. Fun. Oh emm gee. Sir even made it into a coming out party for me and I went up on stage and danced on the pole and everyone got really excited and all the girls were so nice! Especially Marlene, she's soso soft and her boobs are almost as big as I am and she let me knead them while I stood up on her lap and kissed her! I gotta work on my purr tho. Hmmm.

I dunno if I wanna tell the next part.

Hahaha hi Doogydoug, hi Fitzbit. Okay okay fine. Wow that's a big - oh honey. Oh honey that's a lot of money. Thank you! Mroww's out to Fitzbit, everybody. Okay I'll tell!

So Owner is a mad genius but you all know that. We kinda talked it over beforehand but I told him to surprise me if he ever wanted me to do stuff with other guys, so he gave out this camlink and then he had people buy these like... envelope tickets? And they all had little Stump Kitty swag in them but ten of them had a condom in them and an invitation to come up on stage and... umm... meet me... in personohstopyesimblushingFINE! SOOOO i got tied up on the main stage and got pounded by like ten dudes from behind while sir just looked into my eyes and pet my hair so I didn't even see who they were and holy FUCK that was so fucking hot. I don't know if I ever wanna do it again but I felt so terrified and so safe all at the same time cuz he was right there and he even made one guy stop when he could tell it was actually like for real too much, and just... guys.


You guyz.

He's the best. He's shutup YOU'RE crying I'm not crying kitties don't cry! Nyah!



Fuckit, I'm gonna choke on Mr. Purple Snek again, and you can all watch me try to take my shirt and panties off while I do and if I get them off you can see my piercings and watch me try to get off. Kitty's too embarrassed, kitty doesn't want to words anymore for a little while.

Ghu... MMMMMF! Ah dhih ih! 'ookh! Lookh! Dwenhy dhoo iwmchhes! MMMMFH! HUKH GYEAHH! Ah gkhan likh dha bawwlz!

Ahn mah pfhuh... phan'hees... awre... oghff! Mnoh moah puh.. pant... hees. Guh. Mrowwgh. Noh moah. Pant-hees. Ghey ah fhinkh ah khan awmohst dhalkh liekh dhihs.

Bweeahhing ish kghinda dghiffikhult. Buh ah fhinkh ihff ah... glaaagh oh God that didn't work. Sorry! Sorry! Umm kitty needs to clean that up. Yuck. Yuckyuckyuck. Okay. Oh kay!!

So here's kitty's kitty, with the piercing, and that's a little opal that Sir got me for the captive bead... aaand lemme get my top off... just... lemme hook on this bedpost... eep pinchy pinchy pinchy- yay! Kitty's titties are free! Umm... what? Sonicpal you just asked a - oh! Sometimes an A cup but usually a B. Yeah.

Hahaha yeah! Totally. Umm no I love them, if they were too big they'd drag on the ground when I ran. Oh of course you'd like that.

Fifty eight pounds!

Sooo, now kitty's naked. And so many boys and girls want to pet kitty, and you're all the way over there on the other side of the internet! Mroooowwwww! Mraaaaaoooooooouuuuuuuwwwwwwwuuuu!

Kitty will just have to touch herself. Luckily kitty's flexi- hahaha no I'm not that flexible yet but if kitty was she would totally lick herself like, all the time. I'm so working on that.

Oof this would be so much easier with kitty's buzzy toys but Sir put them all up on top of the dresser like a big fat meanie. No he squirts kitty with a water bottle when kitty tries to climb up there. ... Of course kitty tries to climb up there, come on!

Kitty doesn't know anything about that, kitty's just a kitty. Mroww. Sir takes all the money and puts... puts it in a ... I've got a retirement ... thingy... oh god. Oh wow. Oh God kitty needs Snek in her mouf fhor thihh ohh mmmmwwwwwuhhhh uuuuuuugggggghhhhmmmmm mmh! Mmmmrrowwwwghhh. Gh-kh-khuuuh! Oof! Kitty should never ever ever try to purr with that in her throat. Oof. Oh that was lovely. Thank you everyone for sharing that moment with kitty, kitty loves you all very much.

Whoooo. Kitty's tired but kitty doesn't want to leave all you wonderful people. And we still have fifteen minutes. What do you - hi Catgirl_lover. Yeah I'm being a little more ditzy this time, it's cuz I was soooooper horny. Oh that's so sweet but you and Sir are the smart ones. I'm just a little kitty, mroww.

Mroww! Yeah sir gets back and then he said he'll dress me up in the corset and the armbinder and Mr Purple Snek and then we'll go to the park. Yes I'll make sure he brings the good camera this time. Umm no, sorry hon there isn't good enough signal for livestreaming out there. Mrow? Mrow! It's all white leather with gold painted flowers on it. He painted them himself, Sir is amazing like that. We'll try to get you all some good close ups at the park.

No we don't do naked in public because sometimes there are other people and the fetish stuff is embarrassing but Sir says I'm a rude kitty when I make people see me naked who didn't ask to.

Hahaha yes I may have gone outside naked a few times. Kitty wants to be an outdoor kitty some days!

Okay Catgirl_lover, I'll write another blog post just for you. Mroww's out to Catgirl_lover, everybody! Aww I'm glad you like my writing. Actually I use text to speech, kitty can totally typey type with her paws but it's so slow! But yeah I guess kitty talks a little dumber than she writes, huh? Kitty still wants to make teacher happy, mrow.

Mrow, PupTrainer, kitty would have to ask her Owner. Mrow!

Hey is there any way to get that popup to go away?

Mrow, thanks Catgirl_lover. Do I have to close this to do that? Will I lose the log?

Okay, thanks Catgirl_lover and Subpuppy! Mroowwww! I'm not gonna risk it.

Oh man is it gonna keep doing that? Okay we still have five minutes, I'm gonna close this and stop talking and you can all just watch me dance naked for the last five minutes.

Thanks guys! You're all so generous and so wonderful! Kitty feels very special to have all of you as friends!

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