The Price Of Fantasy (The Chastity Diaper 2)
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Author's Note:Domina here! Now, this is a story I'd been wanting to write for a long while, and finally got around to doing it justice! You see, there's another story here on GaggedUtopia called The Chasity Diaper by Jakie Fox. It always spoke to me deeply, but there was so much about the story itself that didn't resonate with me that made me just want to rewrite it. In addition, someone had commenting asking if anyone out there would take up the mantle and continue the story. So I'm doing both! This story can be treated as a self-contained experience, or, if you want more, later you'll be able to follow this poor character's life in a branching story! I don't have the logistics worked out quite yet, but depending on how much y'all love this piece, hopefully we'll see it soon. <3

Ch 1: The Order

Growing up, I've developed a lot of different fetishes, but among everything, chastity devices trump them all. For some reason, nothing makes me hornier than the idea of not being able to get off. I found the kink in my late teens, and have been hooked ever since. I've been through just about every sort of affordable chastity device on the market by now, both minimal tubes and more full style belts, but nothing was ever quite good enough. Everything's either too easy to slip out of or just don't make me feel as helpless as I want.

I hadn't bought a new device for a while, just wearing my rather comfortable silicone chastity tube on the daily. I had been pushing myself to see how long I could hold out with just willpower, but... I realized that without a keyholder it was just too easy to grab the key and unlock myself. The silicone is nice enough though, easy to wear, minimal visibility. I even wear it to the high school I work at. It was a little exciting having such a thing hidden under my clothes when out and about, but it still didn't give me what I really wanted.

This Wednesday morning, I received an email from an online ex of mine. We didn't have a very long relationship mostly due to the distance, but we at least shared a few interests... The email was a referral to a company. Not for a job, but... Lumen Industries. They appeared to be a manufacturer of high quality, and high tech fetish gear. This was enough to get my blood pumping, and I soon felt the pressure between my legs, my normal silicone chastity device still locked tightly onto my cock. I decided to peruse the website a bit longer, but there really wasn't much to see... Descriptions of a few of the products they could produce but no images or pricing or anything. There was, however, an email and phone number for product inquiries. I end up deciding to send an email off to just get an idea of what they do:

"To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Desmond, and I'm interested in buying one of your products. The website wasn't extremely clear on what I could order though, but I gather you do produce chastity devices? I would be interested in one of those. If you could send me some additional information, I would be very grateful. Thank you.


Sending the email away I sigh, heading to the shower before getting ready for work. I grab the key from inside the bathroom drawer, unlocking the steel padlock on the silicone cage, sliding the pieces off and placing them into the sink with some hot water. As I shower, my mind is just filled with ideas of what I could imagine the 'perfect' chastity device to be... Maybe Lumen Industries could build something that truly matched my deepest desires for me? Needless to say, by the end of my shower I'm rock hard and wanting to rub one out. I bite my lip and hold back the urges, wanting to ride out this intense desire a while longer. Heading to the kitchen, a little ice in a paper towel applied just right will be enough to soften it. After a few minutes of sitting on the bed with my cock pressed into the ice, I'm flaccid once more, and I quickly slide myself back into the silicone chastity, clicking the lock shut once more.

I finish getting dressed and ready, but a ping on my computer alerts me to a new email - a reply already!


Thank you for contacting us. For custom orders, we'll need to give you a phone call to discuss the details. Are you available today at 12:00 noon? Please reply with your phone number and we will call you then.


That's fast! At least it was at noon, I could take the call at work during my lunch break. Typing a fast email back with my phone number, I rush out the door, biting my lip hard, already feeling myself swelling in the silicone tube again.

I leave the house and drive to the local high school. Working as a drama teacher was pretty easy, and it was nice that the students thought I was a more hip and relaxed teacher compared to the other faculty.

The whole morning all I can think about is the phone call at lunch, like I'm some nervous virgin waiting for a call from his girlfriend. When lunch rolls around, I grab my cell phone and retreat to the back of the drama room and into the dressing room areas. No students would be back here during lunch so it was a nice safe area. Sitting down, I wait for the call. It was only a few minutes later at 12:05 when my phone started vibrating.

"H-hello? Desmond speaking."

"Ah, hello Desmond. This is Sweets from Lumen Industries. Please note that our calls are recorded for training and legal purposes. How are you doing today?"

"Fine thanks. Um.."

"You were interested in having a custom-built chastity belt constructed for yourself? Or for someone else?"

"F-for me, yea. Uh... Wh-what kind of things are you guys... capable of making?"

"Anything at all. We have the highest grade materials and facilities available. Think top of the line, and then several lines above that."

My heart is pounding in my chest, my cock throbbing in its soft silicone prison in my pants.

"Wow! I uh... I definitely would like you to make me something... Something really secure. M-maybe a bit more secure than you're used to making. Nothing's doing it for me."

"No? Just not secure enough...? Our lesser competitors really aren't what you should be using, you're right..."

"Yea... I just find myself able to pull out or otherwise."

"Alright, something inescapable. In that case, you should probably opt for something of a full-belt design. Much more secure than a small device."

"Y-yes! Something strong. A full belt could have like a... an anal plug too?"

"Oh of course! Wonderful idea..."

I hear her typing, loud clacking keys, her giggles getting me even more excited.

"Yea... I want the chastity tube to be like... as small as it can be, too. I don't want it to be possible to get an erection."

"We'll need many measurements for this order so that'll be no problem at all..."


I noticed my hand had made its way into my pants. I can't help but rub at myself through the silicone tube, and I could feel that I was leaking precum. Fuck, I was so horny from this. She must be able to tell though...

"You doing okay there?"

"Y-yes! I'm fine, sorry. Just... yea, I'm good."

"Wonderful. Now. How large should the plug be?"

"Large? Oh... Right. I uh... "

I'd experimented a lot with anal play in efforts to try milking myself in chastity, but... this was meant to be the 'ultimate' chastity belt design right? In that case...

"Please make it as big as you think you can. I want this to be pretty extreme."

"Ooh, I like that. That's pretty hot~ We'll see what we can do with your measurements then when we get those."

My hand keeps rubbing, squeezing my balls with lust and desire.

"Alright... big... big, and... big. Good. Now before we move on, I need to ask if there's any other sort of themes or addons you'd like to consider?"

"Themes? Addons? I... I hadn't considered that. Like what sort of things do you ... have?"

"Oh! All sorts of things! Like, electrodes in the anal plug, in the tube... perhaps a urethral insert? GPS monitoring..."

My heart is beating hard in my chest hearing this.

"Y-y...yes! All of that. Please. GPS tracking like ... they use for sex offenders?"

"Exactly like that! We offer many different software packages for our devices--"

"Yes! I want that... I... I want to be locked up like a dangerous sexual predator.."

"Yea? You feel that you may be a danger to your community? Need to be locked up for the safety of others, huh?"

"Y-yes... It should be like... legally binding to wear it. I want to feel helpless..."

I was panting heavily; this was like phone sex. She's letting me talk about my fantasies and she's fine with it... the kind of thing I'd been longing for my whole life. My hand in my pants is covered in precum now.

"Alright~ What about the externals? Do you want more classic looking steel or something different? We don't have to sacrifice security to offer many different designs."

"Industrial and secure metal sounds really nice. I don't mind if it's thick or bulky."

"Wonderful. The best in impenetrable security. We also offer other sorts of locking pieces that can go over top of the belt itself too!"

"Mmmh... o-other locking pieces?"

"Yes. Some clients like leather briefs or even full diaper designs..."

Diapers. My face turns bright red. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have thought about such a thing, but I'm so horny. I'm only occasionally into this kind of stuff but... if they could do it why not take advantage of something so cool? I want this to make me feel completely helpless.

"A diaper. Yes. That's what I want... a big diaper. Like an adult one right? Really big? Too thick, and really soft?"

"Ehehe... oh, you're so cute... I can hear how excited you are. So you want that as part of the chastity device?"

"Y-yes! Like, make it lock too."

"So it should stay on as part of the locking system?"

"Yes... "

"Alright, Desmond... I've got just about everything ready here, but I need to know something important. What sort of duration is this device intended for? Our different models generally fall into one of a few categories... Under 24 hours, Up to 7 days, up to 2 months... and last, indefinitely. This mainly affects how the locking mech--"

"Please, indefinitely. Like permanent. I'd love that."

"You want to permanently be locked into a chastity diaper?"

"Yes... Fuck I want that... "

"Alright. We may have to do some custom changes to your design for that but... Noted... alright. Okay, Desmond! I'll compile this information and email you the list of questions I'll need you to fill out, measurements we'll need, legal forms, all that sort of stuff. Once you return that to us we'll begin on the production immediately. Thank you for your patronage!"

Just as quick as the call started, the line went dead, leaving me here with my throbbing cock still in chastity, hand sticky with precum, slumped over in the drama department dressing room. Fuck, why didn't I bring the chastity key with me? I really needed to cum. This was all too exciting... Reluctantly, I went to the staff washroom, cleaned my hands up, and went back to work.

Ch 2: The Delivery

Sure enough, when I arrived back home there is an email from Lumen Industries, and it contains a very long PDF document. The instructions said to print it out, fill it out by hand, and scan or fax it back to them. A bit old-fashioned, but I suppose it's for legal reasons. I do as instructed, and start filling in the document. There was all the required credit card number and information required for payment, and there were a LOT of measurements. Some of them made me feel a little self-conscious. I'd never measured my cock before, let alone measuring it flaccid. The tape measure shows me only 2.5 inches soft. Sadly, when aroused I only could get to about an inch bigger at 3.5 inches. I fill it all out, embarrassed and flustered... I'd left my chastity on after getting home. Once I'd calmed down it wasn't so bad... and besides, if I had fantasies about being locked up for a long time, I could handle a few simple days, right?

The last part of the document appeared to be the legal disclaimers. The main bit went on about how, by using this device, I agree to the terms I provided and discussed with the company. Most of it was in pretty small text too, so I don't bother reading it too thoroughly, just initialing and signing on all the required places. I can't wait to send it, my fantasies back in my head. I reveled in feeling this excited and aroused. I decide it'd be easiest to use the fax machine at work, so I pack the document away into my school bag and prepared to relax for the night.

The next day, I decide to not unlock myself. My new goal is to see if I can make it all the way up until the arrival of the new chastity diaper. Then I could really feel my best and masturbate after trying it out... Heading to work, I acted as casual as I could, using the office fax machine to send the large document away to the number provided. Once it was sent, I decided to shred the evidence. Such a document was a little damning, and I didn't want to risk any coworkers stumbling across it in my bag...

After another day of work, Thursday evening is another horny mess. I leak precum into my underwear a lot, just too horny. I decide that I'd masturbate tomorrow after work, regardless of if I hear anything from the company. That was accomplishment enough, a whole week!

Friday morning. I had a new email! It was from Lumen Industries. It's a thank you message, a receipt for the new chastity diaper, and a shipping notification. It was going to arrive... Tonight??? That was fast. They must be local... The whole day at work, I can do nothing but think about it. I'm sure the students are noticing too, my face is red, and it's extremely hard to focus. After work, I rush home and find a large black cardboard box sitting in front of my apartment door, with my name on the top. I quickly fish my keys out to unlock my door, and drag the box inside quickly, shutting the door behind myself. I take the box to my room and set it on my desk, cutting the thick tape holding it shut.

Inside the package, there was actually another box, this one metal, and a lot more flashy looking than the nondescript black cardboard. On top of the metal case was a folded piece of paper. I pick it up, opening it to discover a handwritten letter.

"Hello, Desmond.

Thank you for purchasing a custom made chastity device from Lumen Industries. As your device is custom made to your personal specifications, this letter is for two purposes.

One, to inform you that since the device is of your own design, Lumen Industries hold no responsibility for how you use this device. You have signed all the legal documents relating to it. It was a custom order for you, and is now your property.

Two, the rest of this letter details any special usage instructions you MUST follow before and during the use of your device, to ensure safety.

Thank you again!


The bottom portion of the letter is a printed section detailing usage, just like it said. Much of it is instructions to make sure to use the included lube and not any other brands. Makes sense. The bottom part, however, seemed to talk about the rear plug.

"Due to the large plug, we insist that you stop consuming solid foods for 30 hours prior to usage, and then perform a soapy enema. The equipment for this is provided. Lumen Industries takes no responsibility for any injuries relating to---"

Okay, I get it. Since it's for long-term wear. I sigh. I wanted to masturbate so badly... but I also wanted to put this new toy on badly too. I guess I would have to wait...

30 hours was a long time without solid food, but I could manage on drinks and liquid diet until then. I leave the key to my silicone chastity on top of the metal case. I didn't even want to open it up until I knew I could use it. It would be too tempting. I wanted everything to be perfect. This was like the big date I'd been waiting for. I couldn't imagine even a marriage proposal being this nerve-wracking... and certainly not this horny.

Ch 3: The Chastity Diaper

After 30 hours, it's now Saturday night. I'm terribly hungry, but I managed to power through it all. I spent a while in the bathroom performing the enema too. I'd done it a handful of times before, but that was just for experimentation. Now it has a purpose. I'd never felt this clean before either. After finishing up, I grab the chastity key and head to the shower. Clicking the lock off, I pull the silicone device off slowly, my aching cock springing free. It's still flaccid, but I can see it throbbing still. So horny. I'm really just like a sexual predator, uncontrollable arousal and desiring such a fucked up thing like a chastity diaper.

I wash my body slowly, careful not to stroke myself. I could hardly help it. I bet if I gave myself a few rubs I would explode right here in the shower. No... I've come this far I'm not going to fuck it up. After a long hot shower, I dry off and head back into the bedroom. I was dripping already. Throbbing. I decide to grab some ice beforehand since I'm going to need it. Bringing it back, already holding it to my cock, I sit down with the metal case on the bed.

Opening it up, there are two sections. One contained the chrome steel, or was it titanium... chastity belt. The other side had what could only be described as a pillow; a big thick white... diaper. I press the ice against myself harder. I have to quell this erection. Fuck, this was so hard. I just want to try it on!

I fumble the chastity device out, and find that it opened quite easily. It was an over-hip design, the insides of the metal seemingly coated with a soft slippery rubberized material to prevent irritation. It looks pretty strong, and thicker than I thought it would be. It must be titanium, too light for steel. Inside the belt, my hand gravitates towards the large anal plug. It was huge, at least 10 inches long, and looked to be made of some kind of black rubber material, shiny and slick. It had several little metal bumps covering it though, likely the electrodes mentioned before... Looking to the front, I saw that there was a urethral insert sticking out of the internal chastity tube. The tube was ... tiny, with a separate area for my balls. But the urethral tube that came out of the tube was... really long. Did we discuss the length of this?

I sigh. I couldn't keep freezing my cock off. I had to put this on to try it out before I just lost control. Reaching to the case, I grab the included bottle of lubricant, and use them as quick as I can with my one free hand, squeezing each onto their respective intruder, rubbing them to coat the entire length of each of the large, long pieces. Then some more inside the chastity tube itself.

"Fuck, okay. Let's put this on..."

After waiting so long, I slide my pathetic tiny cock into the chastity tube first to avoid the risk of cumming too soon. I pull the belt underneath myself as I kneel over it.

Pressing the slimy urethral tube against my hole, I start to push it in slowly. I'd have to move fast or risk getting erect again, but the lubricant made that easy. In and in and in, until I pull the front of the belt up against my pelvis, feeling my cock slide in perfectly. The lubricant was helping but it was actually perfectly sized for my 2.5 inches of flaccid throbbing prick. As it slid in all the way I could feel the urethral tube seem to press pass something inside me.

"Nnh... In... Now..."

I lower myself back onto the large anal plug, panting while I held the chastity tube against myself. It was bigger than anything I'd ever taken before, fuck. The lube is helping a lot. Rubbing slowly against my hole, I gradually lower myself more and more, the little metal bumps pushing past my tight hole. My cock is already throbbing hard in its new little chastity prison, this one much less flexible than the silicone chastity I'm used to. Finally, I feel the thick plug seem to relent, the base of it bottoming out, and I feel a surge of pleasure as the plug rubbed right against my prostate, no doubt sensitive from having not cum for so long.

I sit there panting, groaning, feeling like a little slut. Naked, the open chastity belt sitting around me, my hands holding the front and back against my body. It was a LOT, but it fit perfectly... Just what I wanted. I pull the two halves of the belt part itself up, pulling the plug and chastity tight against me, though not uncomfortably. It was perfectly made for long term wear, no risk of chafing. Each side of the half-circle was pretty thick, as was the whole belt. Some internal features must be hidden within. Each side slides up above my hips, so it would have no chance of being pulled over them.

I examine it for some time before realizing there was no lock. It just clicked together. Must be an electronic lock? I did ask for all the bells and whistles after all. Without another thought, I push the two halves together, clicking the belt tightly around my waist, above my hips. It fit too perfectly, like an extension of my body. I sigh heavily, laying back on the bed. I could feel my cock throbbing harder than ever before, my ass too, tightening around the new massive intruder. How long could I stand to wear something this extreme?

After a few minutes of letting it settle, and realizing I could not get even the least bit erect, I sit up and look into the metal case. There were two more things aside from the lube bottle that I'd missed. Two large syringes, one labelled 'urethral insert' and one labelled 'anal plug'. Both had small diagrams on them to show what appeared to be little access ports on the front and back of the belt itself. Checking, I find them exactly where I expect. The bottles seemed to be a mixture of two fluids in separate parts, a big plunger at the back to push both into a single little nozzle. The diagram showed these being pressed into the ports on the belt... but nothing else.

"Maybe it's some stimulation lube? I've seen those before... let's see..."

I'm too horny to think. I want the full experience. I take the cap of the urethral one, and press it against the port, pushing the plunger down. The two fluids slowly went into the port, and up a special channel of the tube. I can feel the slight increase in pressure and I smile. It feels good. Too bad there wasn't more... the anal plug one was much bigger though! Probably because the plug was bigger. I waste no time grabbing that one, leaning back and pulling the syringe between my legs. It took a bit longer to find the port, but I do, pushing it in and slowly depressing the plunger. This one was harder to push down, for as I did, the base of the plug inside was swelling up like a knot, just past my anus. This felt amazing, filling me up absolutely and completely.

Finally, it's all in, and I can hardly keep myself together, panting and groaning. I toss the syringes aside, feeling full and secure. I feel along the belt. It's smooth, no chance of fitting fingers under the edges. It's perfectly flush with my body, and only shifts a little bit when I try to move it or pull it away, the lubricants and slippery buffer pieces doing their job well.

"Fuck... so horny. I'm pathetic. I'm just a..."

I glance over, I'm only half done. There was still the big diaper part of the belt. It attached on too, like we had discussed. I reach over and unpack it from the case. It looks like a proper diaper, not a pull-up kind... It's bigger and thicker than any diaper I'd ever managed to get ahold of online, even the prime ABDL websites only had rather average ones. It's padded evenly too, and is pretty wide. It'll be difficult to walk normally with this thing on.

As I handle and look it over, I clearly see the parts of the waistband that would attach to the chastity belt. However, as I touch it, I realize how much it crinkles. The sound was only about a medium volume, but any movement at all would cause the crinkling. The outside of the diaper is shiny white, clearly waterproof, while the inside has a little impression in it already where the chastity belt would sit. Biting my lip and breathing heavily, I lay it out on the bed and crawl on top, sitting my belted bottom down on it.

It's so soft, and is crinkling quite a bit as I position myself on it. I lay down on my back, spreading my legs, and pull the back of the diaper up. It seems to have little magnetic aids to help it connect to the belt, and when they find their mark, I hear them click into place. I'm panting so much, like a whore in heat at this point... I pull the diaper up between my spread legs, and press the front bits along the top of the belt too. It all clicks into place, and before I knew it, I couldn't see the belt at all. Tugging at the edge of the diaper, I couldn't peek inside, or even tell there was a chastity belt underneath. It just seems to be a huge and bulky, but well-fitted diaper... secured on as part of the chastity belt. There were no locks, or really much of anything other than soft crinkly plastic layers.

It was done, it was on. Finally. It feels amazing, so tight and secure. I feel all around the crinkly diaper and I can't feel a thing through it. But fuck I want to. Pressing hard at the back, trying to shift that big plug inside me, rubbing the front of the diaper to somehow get to my balls... nothing. I've never felt so horny in my life. My heart is racing, my cock throbbing inside its new prison, to no avail. I'm in pure bliss, repeating degrading comments in my head, teasing myself more, rubbing at myself through the crinkling diaper... I carry on like this for about thirty minutes before I groan, sitting up to stand. It's a little difficult, my legs can't close all the way... and each movement was causing a loud crinkling. Just then, my email buzzed on my phone. Reaching over to my bedside table, I grab my phone to check it.

Lumen Industries.

"Hello, Desmond.

I see from my terminal here that you've successfully installed your new chastity diaper without any issues! Now, I don't have the luxury of having been present during your installation, but I'm guessing you followed the instructions. Can you answer a few questions though, please? We need to make sure no further alterations or maintenance will be needed.

First, did you apply the proper lubricants to the right places?

Second, did you fill both the urethral anchor and anal plug with their respective resin fluids?

And third, did you make sure to follow the strict diet leading up to installation?

Please get back to me as soon as you can with this information and I can help connect you with the required services you'll need in your life moving forward, such as liquid food suppliers, and your local law enforcement.

Thank you once again for choosing Lumen Industries for your permanent chastity needs.

-Sweets, LI Customer Management"

I read it over a few times to make sure I was understanding it right. Urethral anchor? Resin fluids? Local law enforcement??? Surely, there was some kind of misunderstanding. I stand up quickly and nearly fall flat on my face, legs forced apart by the thick diaper. I steady myself and sit on my desk chair, rolling to my laptop on the desk. I need to email them back quickly.

"Hi! Yes, I put the new belt and diaper on. I followed the instructions but what's this about resin? And law enforcement? Please email me back!


Concerned, I start to attempt to take the chastity diaper off. But... how? The diaper tapes on the front were just for show. And no matter how hard I tug on the waistband, it feels like it's part of the titanium belt underneath its padding now. How was I supposed to take it off? There isn't a lock or anything. I grab the instructions again, but as I'm scanning over the text, I realize that nothing here is helpful! Ping. Another email reply. I click it open quickly and scan through the message.

"Hello, Desmond.

As per your design, your belt was designed to be worn indefinitely. In order to ensure this, we included a special resin bulb system. If you followed the instructions, the fluids you pumped into the urethral port will have filled a catheter balloon, and the fluids into your anal plug will have inflated the anchor.

These liquids will mix and over a period of thirty minutes will solidify into a rubber resin permanently. This will ensure neither the plug, nor the special urethral tube and catheter, can ever be removed. This effectively anchors you to the belt forever."

Resin!? Thirty minutes? But it's already been much longer than that...

"The law enforcement contact must be established, as you are now a registered sex offender. In the forms you submitted, you signed off on the forms declaring yourself a pedophile and deviant, and that this device was to ensure the safety of your community. Our on-staff psychologists and medical professionals cleared and approved this. This does, however, mean that you must contact your local law enforcement to ensure they are aware of your presence and can take the required precautions. This includes setting up the GPS tracking with your chastity diaper."

The email had a lot of contact information for a local constable, and links to resources detailing how to let your community know you are a sex offender. But... I'm not! It was... just a joke right? I didn't want this. I had to fix this.

I pulled out my phone and went to the recent contacts. That call from Lumen Industries, it had a number. I redial it, listening to the tone as I can hear my heart beating, feeling my cock throb.

"Hello, Lumen Industries Customer Management. This is Sweets."

"Hello! This is Desmond, w-we just spoke a few days ago about -- my new device?? There's been some kind of mistake with it..."

"Hold on... one second. Desmond... ah yes, here we are. Yes, I just sent you an email. Did you get it yet?"

"Y-yes I got it!"

"What seems to be the problem, then?"

"I didn't want... I mean, I can't wear this forever, can I? How does it come off?"

"Come off? Let me see. You did request it be able to be worn indefinitely. And you specifically said... let's see..."

As she typed a bit, I suddenly heard my own voice over the phone, a recording of our conversation:

"Please, indefinitely. Like permanent. I'd love that."

"You want to permanently be locked into a chastity diaper?"

"Yes... Fuck I want that... "

They'd recorded it all, of course. I go red in the face, hearing how lustful and stupid I had been.

"You see? Permanent. Just like you said. All of this is on your record, and was submitted to the psychologists and doctors."

"But... but how am I supposed to wear this for the rest of my life? I mean what if I --"

"Well, you see that's what I meant with a few changes to the design to account for that. Since you requested such a large and complex anal plug, we needed you to cleanse your insides and stop eating solid food. You will have to continue to stay on a liquid diet from now on--"

"What?! A liquid diet?? But I'm hungry... I thought it was just for a little bit."

"Oh? You must have misunderstood then. Yes, you'll be on a strict diet of liquids from now on. Eating solid foods will be dangerous for you. Luckily, you signed all the legal and health waivers included with such a thing when you submitted the forms."

"B-but... but... nnh..."

I can't stand it. I'm terrified, but so horny and aroused. Isn't this what I wanted? My deepest fantasies coming true?

"What about the diaper? How do I take that off? I feel like I have to go pee."

"Oh, well, you'll likely have to get used to that feeling. Having that weighty resin balloon in your bladder means it's permanent. However, it also means you won't be able to feel when you actually need to."

"W-well how do I take it off?"

"I thought we just went through this. It doesn't come off. The diaper has attached to the chastity belt and they are a single piece now."

"What?! How am I supposed to go into work like this???"

"Work? Ah yes. I can see here that you work at a local high school? Well, you're likely to be fired from that job in a few days. I'm sure you're aware; a registered sex offender can't work as a high school teacher."

I start to realize just how much I fucked up, but just as I take a breath to start asking another panicked question... I suddenly feel a slight tingle, then a powerful pulse, all the way up my cock. The urethral tube was ... buzzing! Instead of words, I only let out a loud moan into my cell phone.

"Mmmh..? Desmond? Are you alright?"

"Fu-..fuck fuck... nnhgh..."

I feel like I'm about to cum. It's so good so... Warm. There's a warmth spreading between my legs, spreading out quickly. The diaper between my legs was starting to swell slightly. I'm wetting myself! I can't stop it either, no matter how much I clench, the flow just keeps coming steadily. The urethral tube was stimulating me with some kind of electric current as the flow went, finally slowing down as the warmth stopped building. I'm gasping heavy breaths. I nearly orgasmed, but it wasn't enough.

I look down between my legs, noticing the diaper is a little thicker now, and feeling it, it was squishy. The design of it somehow spreads out what it absorbed all throughout the diaper, meaning I could feel the diaper had become squishy beneath my plugged ass as well.

"Desmond... are you there? Should I call the ambulance?"

"Nn-... no... I'm... Fuck, I think I wet myself..."

"Ahh~ Nothing to worry about then."

"Wh-what do you mean nothing to worry about! I can't just piss myself like this!"

"Of course you can. It's what you wanted. And in fact, you're legally bound to now. As I said, you have signed the forms stating that you must be kept in this device to secure the safety of your community, family, and friends. Now, if you keep shouting over the phone at me, I'm going to have to terminate this call."

I start to cry. No. This can't be happening. I don't want her to hang up, though. I need help.

"Su-surely I can't just keep wetting the same diaper though... how does it come off?"

"Oh, did you not see? Under the diaper compartment in the shipping case, there should be a special pump. You'll be able to attach that to the front waistband of the belt, and turn it on. It will drain the diaper of any liquid it has in it. It does take a while, as it cycles a cleaning fluid through during the draining process. You can save time by just emptying less frequently. The diaper unit your device has is actually one of our largest~ It can hold a lot more than you probably imagine, but don't let it go for too long! The pump is also the charging device for all other features housed within the belt. So, depending on how your interactions go with the police, you may need to drain more often to avoid your GPS tracker losing power..."

I moaned in frustration.

"Why did it ... buzz when I..."

"When you wet yourself? Well, you did indicate you wanted electro-stim in just about everything. The urethral stim is connected to the catheter valve. When it opens, it activates, and when it closes, it stops."

"But I ... I was so close to cumming. I--"

"Cumming? Oh, sorry. You did order a chastity device, did you not? Lumen Industries chastity devices are designed to completely prevent orgasm. And, since your belt is on permanently..."

I let out a shuddering breath. I'd never cum again. Trapped like this.Chaste. Horny. Plugged. Incontinent. Belted. Diapered. A registered sex offender.

Forever. And I'd done it all to myself.

But what could I do now?

"O-... Okay... "

"Okay? Great! I'm glad to hear, Desmond. Now, since I have you on the line, let me discuss your new options for meal plans! Lumen Industries offers a wide variety of liquid-based diets..."

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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