The Saturday Job
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Author's Note: A teen girl has a lucrative and highly unusual Saturday job. Kaylee has just turned eighteen some months back by the way.

It was the best, the very best Saturday job you could have she thought. It wasn't just the pay either which was Gucci, Gucci, Gucci all the way to the bank. It was probably the best Saturday job in the whole world, assuming they had them in other countries. Did they have them in Africa, Europe or India or Australia or...or, well they probably did, she decided as no other country sprang readily to mind.

Geography was not her strongest subject, nor English or science and she absolutely detested mathematics, positively loathed it. History could be cool at times, the bits about kings and queens she liked but then there was also politics and battles, boring, mega boring! Likewise dates. Fucking dates, who gave a fuck as to who killed who on what fucking date!

School was like that anyway. It was a great place to be with your squad and your bestie, but yeah, boring with a capital B. It wasn't that she was stupid or anything, but she just couldn't get excited about all the crap they kept thrusting at her. Sure, it would affect her life, but it was her life wasn't it, and so far she'd had no problems she could twist just about anyone she wanted around her little finger couldn't she? Staying on at her parents behest had been a bad move big time so she should have done some serious twisting!

She checked the watch on her slim tanned wrist. Five minutes before the next one was due. She looked back at her reflection in the colossal mirror that almost filled one wall. Habit, it had become almost automatic to discard whatever implement she'd rounded the session off with then walk over to here and check out her appearance.

Mmmm. A little sweaty, this room was always on the warm side, probably because it had no natural illumination, no windows that made it kinda odd but then it was also totally soundproof apparently. Well, so she had been told. ' don't worry too much if they get noisy dear and I am sure they will if you are doing your job correctly.'

No need to grab a tissue from the little backpack she thought turning from side to side, not like she was about to strut majestically down a catwalk or pose for a Vogue magazine cover with not a blemish in sight. If anything, that slight sheen of moisture added rather than distracted. It gave her face a somewhat dangerous sexy wild woman look that she rather liked!

Dangerous, well was she, no doubt those who visited her in this room thought she was? That was her job, though, that is what she was here to do and had been doing for what, nearly six months now. They were always so obedient, so passive did they think her dangerous or was it more that they feared other consequences from her unusual employer should they act otherwise?

A quick flick of her fingers to tidy her long, slightly wavy tousled blonde hair. Yeah, that wild look definitely went with this hairstyle, perhaps a half-inch or so off the fringe next week she mused. Yes no? Her fingers smoothed down the bright yellow low cut sleeveless top and tucked it back into her fashionable ripped denim shorts. Damn things always rode up when she was energetically whipping squirming butt cheeks. Yellow, she still wasn't sure about that colour?

Out of habit, she bent forward the better to view her cleavage. Her bra was in the bag; her mum said yes at all times, her employer said no, not yet dear. They seem fine as they are, firm and still to develop fully, let them enjoy their freedom for a year or two yet, they add so much to the spectacle when you are hard at work!

Makeup was still okay. Mrs Sabbadini did not like the heavy look. Foundation, a little eyeliner, shadow and mascara to highlight those beautiful eyes, a touch of glossy pinky-orange lip gloss and that was more or less it. 'You are still very young dear, young and pretty nay beautiful, don't overwrite what nature has given you, a light touch, I want you to look at least a year or so younger than you are, we all so appreciate that youthful, energetic sparkle when you go so sweetly to work.'

Her self appraisal was distracted by the low moans coming from behind her causing her eyes to flick to another reflection. Oh, so Colin had woken up from his little sleep had he the poor lamb, he did that frequently, frequently enough to be annoying on some occasions, but experience had taught her to pace herself with him. She did with them all during their allotted thirty minutes, but he had that irritating habit of passing out on her far too often.

That passing out or fainting had caused her a lot of concern in the beginning not to mention moments of absolute panic, but Mrs Sabbadini didn't seem to think much of it. 'One of those annoying little trifles dear, you will learn to put up with such interruptions and to deal with as they occur. I expect it will happen with each and every one of them at some point, especially those that have seriously earned my displeasure!'

It did still cause her a little concern, but the smelling salts judiciously applied always seemed to work along with a little break to allow them time to get a grip on themselves, but Colin was definitely becoming a bit of a nuisance. She made a mental note to discuss him with Mrs Sabbadini before going home. Thirty minutes each and no more was the rule, the woman was a stickler for punctuality.

She shivered, there had been that time when she might have lost this job. She was only five minutes late, but Mrs Sabbadini had been most put out and had made that perfectly clear. Not angry but, well yes angry, livid even but in a cold calm frighteningly emotionless way. No wonder everyone in this strange household seemed terrified of the elderly soft speaking women who ruled supreme over it like some medieval despot. Now she ensured she was at least thirty minutes early and waited at the café in the nearby supermarket.

Perhaps that thirty-minute rule could be extended in Colin's case. He was her second favourite after Alicia, another fifteen minutes perhaps, yes she'd suggest that. I mean that would be fair all round wouldn't it. He would receive as much as the others, and she would not be deprived of the time to admonish one of her favourites. Had she been a bit too severe this time, no she didn't think so. Colin always sang so sweetly for her when the bamboo firmly caressed his gorgeous butt. There was something about Colin though that was a bit different. Alicia was another one but she couldn't quite get an angle on why they seemed different to some of the others?

The tip-tap of heels approaching alerted her. High heels, god she'd worn those uncomfortable things a few times. Thank heavens for comfortable trainers. That would be Alicia bringing along the next one on today's list and to release Colin from the flogging bench. Alicia was last on that list today which was unusual so she must have been a very naughty girl to earn that dubious honour. There was a polite knock on the big double doors.

Right on time, she noted looking at her watch again. It was an Apple, the latest model, of course. No point earning megabucks every Saturday if you couldn't flaunt it, discreetly of course. Her parent were not, repeat that in capitals, NOT very IT aware and would never notice any change from one model to another. The only comment when she'd first bought one had been about the size. 'Don't you think that's a bit ugly dear, what's wrong with that nice gold one grandma bought you for your fourteenth birthday?'

Yeah, that was a cute watch even if it wasn't real gold. Cheap but nice and of course she'd been thrilled at the time, but that was like yonks ago now. Well,several years and she hadn't got the Saturday job then. Still, a kid and when all is said and done this wasn't exactly kids work was it? Legal, yup, well Mrs Sabbadini had assured her it was.

That had bothered her a bit, still did in a teeny back of the mind sort of way but like she was ever going to stop, no way! She was no longer 'jail-bait' was she? The law said she could start screwing screw Billy Jones legally way back. Whether or not she would was quite another matter, still making her mind up about that one. Masturbation was one thing, and that vibrator she'd got off eBay was brilliant but a for-real cock? Yeah, well maybe her giggling classmates might be curious about such silly objects, but she no longer needed to be, not after six months of Saturday afternoons!

Legal? She had her provisional licence and was taking driving lessons in another part of town, hopefully not to be seen by her parents or some loose mouthed busybody! Nothing wrong with that she was well old enough. Just didn't want the hassle of having to explain where she got the money. Her dad, sweetie that he was, had also started giving her a few and he was so very proud at how good she was how quickly she learned. Truth to tell she did feel a little guilty about that.

Legal? Okay, so it would shock some people, a lot of people no doubt and better no one knew about it, not even her closest friends and of course not her parents, they topped that list! It had shocked her at first, but she'd soon got over that and was surprised at how disappointed she was when she'd finished with the last one that very first Saturday afternoon. Okay, so she couldn't drink yet, well not legally anyway in her country but nobody ever got their knickers in a twist over a few teen drinks, did they? Well yeah, some parent might go ape if you overdid things and got like paralytic, but she wasn't that stupid. Not like that crass idiot, Susan Hardacre grounded for life or what probably felt like it to the silly bitch! There was a rumour that she'd also be nursing a fat belly soon as well.

Legal? It had bothered her so much that, well, she'd checked on Google. Prostitution, the minimum age for that was, well, okay, so she was covered, just! Still worried but then she checked the definition. Noun: a person, in particular a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment. Verb: offer (someone) for sexual activity in exchange for payment.

Did that apply to her, was that what she did every Saturday afternoon? Mrs Sabbadini was exceedingly generous considering the few hours 'work' that she did. That had worried her so on the fifth visit she'd asked Mrs Sabbadini about it. A part of her hadn't really wanted to because it was so enjoyable and the last thing she wanted was to have to stop, and it wasn't just the money. Okay, so yes that was a part of it but certainly not the whole part, no way!

In those first weeks, Mrs Sabbadini had sat in with her and watched every session, mostly in silence but occasionally offering a helpful word of advice. Still, she seemed generally content to let her learn by experience and seemed happy with what she saw. Naturally, she'd been very awkward and nervous throughout those first few sessions and relieved that Mrs Sabbadini was there.

Later she found that she preferred being on her own with them, somehow she felt more liberated, freedom to express her authority her way without worrying about whether the silent onlooker approved or not. Mrs Sabbadini had wisely left her alone on the fourth session possibly just for that reason, and for the first time, she found herself far more relaxed. Free to experiment as she wished not that her employer had ever interfered overmuch before. They posed no threat to her whatsoever, a fact she quickly discovered to her delight despite some considerable differences in both age and physique. Her authority was absolute. She was both composer and conductor with batten, figuratively speaking, in hand and they invariably sang and danced to her tune!

Mrs Sabbadini still attended sessions but not all that frequently and rarely now for the whole afternoon period. The email list that dinged her inbox every Friday evening would generally give her a clue as to which of the 'subjects' had been foolish enough to earn such a voyeuristic visit from their fearsome employer. Maybe she would wish to view Alicia later.

The woman was Kaylee's absolute favourite out of all of them. Perhaps it was the twenty-plus years' age difference between her and the attractive mature woman; perhaps it was the fact that she reminded her of a teacher she'd had a bit of a crush on a year or so back. Maybe the fact she reminded her a little of Alice Silverton's snitch of a mum, that interfering bitch had ratted on her one time and got her grounded for two whole months! Maybe all or neither?

Alicia was special; she never rushed into things with the woman when her turn came eager though she always was, not to spare the rod! It was disappointing when she did not see her name on the weekly list. Fortunately for her, that was rare, the silly woman always seemed to be getting herself into trouble.

How did that pathetic woman feel about this ludicrous situation, deep down feel? What did any of them think about it? Could Alicia genuinely crave the humiliation not to mention the pain? Were such things that essential to her life? Maybe at the hands of her older employer, but from Kaylee? How did the older helpless naked bitch feel when a pretty young teen stood before her, clothed and with a cane in her hand that would soon beat her till she screamed and begged her youthful tormentor to cease. No way though bitch!

Kaylee loved those first few moments when they were alone together, and she could look the big trembling cow in those sad, frightened yet oddly defiant eyes. Eyes that would be considerably less challenging once the allotted thirty minutes was up and very, very wet! Taking that minute or two to stand there flexing a bamboo cane between her hands while staring the helpless naked bitch down, both them knowing what was about to happen. Yes, that was why she so loved her unusual Saturday job!

Mrs Sabbadini had explained her philosophy over tea and cakes, tea that was actually quite pleasant, at the end of that, well what had been a bizarre and slightly worrying first experience. Mega strange but also in a way both exciting and even ultra 'clit tingling' as she mentally reviewed it all later while safely ensconced in the privacy of her bedroom indulging herself with a little buzzing pink sex toy!

"I am not a cruel woman, Kaylee. I know perhaps after the last few hours that may seem strange something of a paradox, but cruelty for cruelties sake serves no purpose. Some would do as you have just done purely for their own amusement and gratification. I have rules and standards, high standard, very high standards, and expect and demand nothing short of absolute perfection at all times. My staff here are very loyal, exceptionally well paid and I might add devoted to me despite the unusual disciplinary procedure enforced in this household. Indeed, they would not stay if a part of them did not need that which I provide.

Whether they enjoy it, of course, is entirely another matter! However, I tolerate no slackness, not one inch, and since I lack the strength of arm I used to have I need a surrogate, you are not the first to have filled this position. I hope that you will prove as loyal and as efficient as your predecessor did? She is now in her first year of University, a prestigious overseas one I might add. I was generous, extremely generous with her leaving bounty. Her work over three years was admirable."

Mrs Sabbadini was a rather formidable person which was strange since she was quite old and small in size, but she had that sort of 'presence' that made you feel like you were in a room with a giant. Nor apart from that time she'd been a few minutes late had she ever been anything other than friendly and quite charming 'Is that what's bothering, you dear, I sensed something was amiss today?'

Kaylee had nodded after confessing her doubts about what she was doing and being paid to do. It was the end of her fifth week, and she was invited to take afternoon tea again.

"There are some who might view your, shall we say your unorthodox weekend work in that particular light. I do not. Let me, in turn, pose a question to you, and I am not referring to any feelings you may have experienced during or after you have fulfilled your duties here. No doubt because of the nature of the work you have seen more than one erect male organ or witnessed a very wet female vulva. Likewise, I know there are those I employ who may have gained some brief sexual release as a result of your most excellent flagellation is that not so, but have you ever touched or encouraged such outright impudence?"

That hadn't been a question she could have answered in the negative in all honesty.

"Leaving aside, I would quickly hasten to add the natural curiosity expected of one so young. I presume such sights were possibly a completely new experience, in the flesh, at any rate, more tea dear?"

That had been a question she could answer honestly. Of course, she had explored the naked helpless bodies of her victims, both male and female. Natural curiosity yes initially, there was also an undeniable sensual thrill in doing so, and it was just as enjoyable now for her as it had been in those first few weeks.

"Quite so Kaylee, I'd be surprised if you didn't receive some degree of personal satisfaction, I doubt you would even be here if that were not so. The point is that none of those whom you regularly chastise is paying you to provide them for their brief moment of fun or even paying you for the far more extended periods which I hope are not fun. I pay you to do a job; it might be mowing the lawn, walking a dog or beating the carpets. The responsibility is on me. I suppose if we ever went to court, the lawyers would argue the point back and forth and no doubt racking up a considerable bill for me to pay but please don't let such thoughts bother you. They say professional Dominants are not prostitutes, I believe, don't they? A debatable point since those that make use of their services undoubtedly expect them to provide some form of sexual release by whatever means at the end of such sessions. Have you ever wanked off one of those cocks or frigged that ever wet slut Helen to orgasm, have you?"

She'd gone bright red at that question then giggled. "Well," she confessed, "never deliberately, I always thought it was rather naughty if they did that, but there has been the odd accident when I might have been a bit too hands-on but only out of curiosity. I would never deliberately encourage that sort of thing, it seems...."

"Go on" Mrs Sabaddini had leaned forward with interest her eyes bright. "Seems what Kaylee, do tell?"

"Well ma'am sort of wrong, just plain wrong, I mean they are not there for their pleasure are they, I mean they are there to be punished by me on your behalf for their failures it sorta feels like I am failing you!"

Mrs Sabbadini had nodded slowly and sipped at her tea. "Quite right, you are an extension of my authority just as the various implement you have learnt to use so effectively are an extension of your absolute authority over them. It is nothing to worry about whether such incidents occur accidentally or through a certain amount of assistance on your part. The fault is entirely theirs for an inexcusable lapse both of control and self-discipline. There is a simple remedy, my dear. I suggest the next time someone gets an erection or over becomes over wet, find yourself a riding crop one with a substantial leather flap at the tip. Use that flap hard, very hard several times on the appropriate targets; you will find both cock and vulva highly sensitive to such an object lesson I assure you."

Kaylee had found herself nodding in approval, how she had changed from that first tentative exploratory afternoon. Mrs Sabbadini had smiled at her and added. "Don't worry yourself about what you Googled dear; this establishment is watertight so unless you feel like divulging any little secrets to loose-tongued friends I would not anticipate any difficulties. In the unlikely event of that happening you can rest assured that I have the financial means and the lawyers to..., let's say minimise anything unpleasant!"

"Quicker, girl" Kaylee snapped at Alicia, taking way too long. "Your lazy inefficiency is depriving poor Maurice there of his full thirty minutes, and I see he needs it this week. Quicker girl and don't forget that you are on last, you don't want me angry by then do you?"

Her eyes dropped to her cell phone. Point of fact she never did get angry, occasionally irritated but never angry. That might be a dangerous emotion under these circumstances and anyway she prided herself on being just as efficient whether it be the first or the last of the day she dealt with.

Actually, Alicia wasn't any slower than usual as she released Colin and replaced him with the rather repulsive short fat, bald naked figure of Maurice. It inevitably gave her a kick though to address the good looking forty-something maid as 'girl'. Probably why she was her favourite and last on the list today for the first time, now that would be fun, for her anyway.

Was she a closet lesbian she wondered? Her interests and curiosity in the male anatomy had diminished quite significantly in the last six months. Likewise, she had yet to hear one believable story from those of her friends who'd sampled a bit of 'dicking' and claimed to find it thoroughly enjoyable.

She glanced down at last night's email. Every week she received the list of names and the order in which they would be brought into this room. Likewise, there was a list of numbers next to each name, numbers that would determine their fate, determine how loud they would sing for her today as she thought of it. Maurice was down for 18, 12/1, 6/2.

It was a simple system. The first was the number of strokes, and that could be anything from a dozen upwards. The highest she'd ever applied had been sixty to that fat slob about to receive the eighteen allocated for today. There was an elementary scale, one to three. One meant hard enough to wriggle and writhe in considerable pain. Two meant hard enough to scream and beg, perhaps faint. Three well that was a rarity, but she had done that on more than one occasion. Three meant blood and agony, screaming, pleading begging and the smelling salts. There was no release though, no reprieve, her task was to carry on till the final stoke was delivered. Mrs Sabbadini was the one who sent the email she was merely the taskmistress who carried out her work as ordered.

That had been something else that had bothered her early on. There was no holding back in this place was there. One of her main interests at school had been tennis, and she certainly had a strong right arm, one that could and did wield cane, whip or paddle with vicious intent. Could it be that she was a sadist? She must be mustn't she to come here once a week and to enjoy doing what she did for not once after that first afternoon had she wavered in carrying out her assignments. There were no safe words in this house! No mercy, such pleas fell on deaf ears, hers!

She never questioned the list and rarely bothered herself as what transgressions had occurred to earn the wrath of her employer. Occasionally such as today, her curiosity was aroused, she'd definitely question Alicia as to why she found herself on the bench last and sentenced to 40, 30/2 10/3 .

In the early days, it was only natural that her curiosity needed to be satisfied as what transgressions could have such painful consequences. They were usually trivial but added up over the week. Toast not crisp enough or too crisp, a minor chip in a cup laid out for tea, bathwater a few degrees too hot and so on. Trivial and yet ultimately painful. Mrs Sabbadini did indeed set high standards.

In those first few weeks, her employer had nominated which implement she should use and for how many stokes on each of the miscreants along with advice on the effects the wicked devices could produce. These days the choice was left entirely up to her as her familiarity with the various and numerable implements of torture available became more practised.

There was perhaps a slight flaw in the simple system, and she wondered if her employer was aware of it. Probably but she had never mentioned it. The limits on her were not one hundred per cent ridged. Take that slob Maurice over there now awaiting her attention. He was her absolute least favourite, and she just adored making him sing! There was nothing to stop her turning a couple of the first fourteen stokes into number twos was there and the second batch might accidentally have a number three in it. Not her fault you couldn't expect her to get every one right, could you? Heck, you couldn't hit a perfect backhand or forehand every time either could you.

Over in the corner, the winking little red light on one of the cameras caught her eye, was she being watched or recorded, probably both, but then this house and grounds were covered with the things, and she had long ceased to be self-conscious about anything she did in this room.

Maurice had his head turned towards her watching intently, and she noticed with satisfaction, was that fifty-year-old fat dog turd shaking a little? Would he get a stiffie again today she wondered, and the bad news for him was that Mrs Sabbadini did not regard those 'love taps' with the riding crop tip as part of the days' allotment! She regarded him coldly then turned and selected a wooden paddle with holes in it, a medium whippy cane and the appropriate riding crop just in case. It was time to begin.

Mrs Sabbadini dropped her bombshell as she was preparing to leave. As she'd predicted, the lady of the house had accompanied Alicia when her turn came and taken her usual comfortable seat while a trembling Colin secured the naked, frightened women to the flogging bench.

"The cane and the paddle I think Kaylee, please. Warm the slovenly bitch up good and hard, and I mean hard with the paddle then you can shred her slutish bottom with the cane. I'll teach her to make cow eyes at those she shouldn't!"

It had turned into one of the most punitive sessions she had ever done, nor was it left entirely to her as she had become accustomed to by now. That aged figure, so comfortably seated was not happy about something and kept demanding "Harder, harder Kaylee". Not only that she'd verbally added another dozen strokes which was a first likewise the way the traumatised Alicia upon being released from the bench had to crawl to Mrs Sabbadini's feet and lather them with her tongue at the snap of her employers' fingers.

Mrs Sabaddini had asked her to join her in the main downstairs lounge once she'd finished freshening herself up ready to depart. What was that all about she wondered in the bathroom, had she done something wrong was that why she'd virtually supervised that last chastisement session? Her whole manner had been frighteningly cold during that session with Alicia. Well, no point in hanging around up here!

The warm smile and the gracious gesture to seat herself she was greeted with put her mind to rest, but the first words didn't, not one bit.

"I spoke to your mother a little earlier today, dear."

"Wh...what, you spoke to....why?" her eyes went wide, and she found herself sitting bolt upright, ridged, gripping the arms of the chair.

"Oh, calm your self girl, nothing to worry about, not in the sense you are thinking anyway. What you have been doing here so efficiently every Saturday afternoon for the last six months as I have said on previous occasions is of no concern to outsiders, none whatsoever regardless of who they are".

I nodded and relaxed a little sinking back into my chair but still feeling somewhat wary and apprehensive.

I received the smile again. Actually, she had a beautiful smile on those rare occasions she chose to use it. I noticed for the first time what white teeth she had and wondered if they were still her own or were they dentures. Funny the things you think of in moments of stress.

"Yes, I called in to thank her for the work you have been doing around my house and for me. I wasn't specific of course; in fact, I think she rather gained the impression that you were acting as, well let us say 'an elderly ladies companion'. You leave school in just over a month's time I believe and will not be continuing with any form of further education?"

I nodded.

"No plans whatsoever you mother said, oh she did mention something about waitressing"

I nodded again. "Only temporary, I have something lined up at a fast-food joint a couple of days a week"

There was a pained sigh. "So, flipping burgers dear, is that what you want to do?"

"Well I have been sending pictures off, photos, model agencies that sort of thing, but...." I trailed off under her keen scrutiny. "I was never very interested in schoolwork" I admitted.

"So, your mother told me. Bright but bored easily. Modelling you know is a very cut-throat business, and from what I have heard not as glamourous as girls your age think. Nor very lucrative unless you are one of the few, the few at the very top and for every one of those there are probably a thousand even ten thousand wannabes."

I nodded again. "Yeah, yes ma'am I know that, but at this stage, I haven't a clue what I want to do, not a clue. I should have given a hell of a lot more thought to it, shouldn't I? Maybe I ought to take evening classes or something."

Those eyes of hers bored into me, but she said nothing then the smile came back. "How would you like to work for me Kaylee, full time I mean, and it would be residential. Your mother wasn't opposed to the idea I might add." She took up a pen and scribbled something on a scrap of paper and then again on the other side and passed it to me. "I told your mother that is what I would pay you."

I looked at the scribbled figure well; it was way way better than what the burger bar would pay.

"I take it that you had not told you, parents, what you received from me every Saturday via the usual envelope left on the hall dresser?"

I shook my head. "Only a portion of it, you have been more than generous and...well, I..."

"You enjoyed doing what you have done, that I do know Kaylee unusual, bizarre even as the work was. Tell me honestly now, suppose I'd pleaded poverty and cut the amount in half or even by two thirds would you still have trailed over here every Saturday, be truthful?"

Yet again, I nodded. "Oh yes ma'am, it's been....well, of course, I would have come I'd have come for nothing! I only wish..."

"What do you wish Kaylee, Mrs Sabbadini leaned forward and once again I was conscious of those penetrating eyes. "Tell me now, what is it you wish?"

I sighed for it was an easy question to answer. "Well, Saturday just never seemed to come around fast enough, another afternoon or maybe an evening or two evenings would have been so much fun" I confessed wistfully and meant it.

Mrs Sabdadini smiled again. "Fun for you anyway Kaylee. Not for those who suffered as a result of your considerable enthusiasm and ruthless efficiency. I, on the other hand, was very impressed. Turn the paper over Kaylee, that one I just gave you, look at the amount I wrote on the other side, do it now!"

I did as asked no ordered, looked at the figures, blinked, looked again then at Mrs Sabbadini then back to the paper, then sort of gasped aloud, "No, I mean what....?"

"I didn't exactly lie to your mother Kaylee; it would be delightful to have your company here full time. I am an old woman after all and having another lively energetic young girl around to assist would undoubtedly be stimulating, but of course, that is not the main reason for that generous offer, you have talent, my dear, the right ability, attitude and enthusiasm that my business needs. I have a natural instinct for the right people why do you think you got offered the job in the first place. I spotted your potential straight away at the tennis club."

I was puzzled and must have looked it for she laughed, which annoyed me a little she reached out for a small handbell on the nearby side table and shook it imperiously.

"Ma'am" it was Maurice looking totally different almost stately rather than fat in his immaculate black butler's suit.

"Fetch Colin here immediately."

"Yes, ma'am."

"The little weekly interludes upstairs have been illuminating and no doubt entertaining for you, but my household staff don't need more than one visit a week. Another afternoon, especially under your effective remedial attentions or two evenings might be overkill I think much you as might enjoy it."

"So why..." I stopped as she held up a white wrinkled age-spotted hand.

Maurice and Colin returned, the latter looking somewhat dishevelled wearing nothing but a damp plastic apron and a wary, almost frightened expression as he bobbed low to bow. "Sorry, ma'am I was scrubbing the kitchen floor when..."

"No matter Colin" the hand waved again to silence him. The cold eyes regarded him for a moment, and I noted how he wilted under that gaze then my host tapped at the device on her wrist, I'd seen it on many occasions, some fancy alternative to an Apple watch I had supposed but not quite so compact. It wasn't.

By now, I was used to Colin and others screaming; I had made them do just that on numerous occasions but never like that. It was frightening I jumped out of my chair at the sound as Colin leapt into the air shrieking in agony then collapsed writhing on the floor finally going quite still and silent. There was also a faint whiff of burning in the air and something else that I couldn't identify, but it wasn't pleasant. My companion I noted had lifted a slender beringed finger off whatever she had just pressed.

"Maurice, if you would do the honours!"

Maurice bent down and quickly checked the unconscious figure and nodded to his employer. "Still breathing ma'am."

"Then remove him, Maurice, remove him. Put him back where he belongs, do the usual and give me an update later. It looks as though he has been lucky yet again."

"So, it would seem Ma'am! Maurice bent down and with strength, I wouldn't have suspected picked the seemingly lifeless figure up and carried him from the room. The beady eyes watched, and her hand gestured for me to reseat myself.

"A little example of my power Kaylee, my humble or perhaps not so humble abode, my entire domain, in fact, is well served by many electronic security devices."

Yet again I nodded my mind in a whirl for clearly something significant had just happened but what? "I have noticed all the cameras."

"Just a part of it, there is a whole lot more that is not noticeable. I have as you are by now well aware no less than eight house servants to cater to my needs. You, of course, know them all well, having ensured that they live up to my exacting domestic standards.

I nodded for the umpteenth time.

"What you are not aware of is that only six of them serve willingly, loyally devoted, pain craving masochists all, Maurice, for instance, is one. The other two, Colin and Alicia, are considerably less enthusiastic about serving me" She paused to consider. "A little strange, one might even say ungrateful given the alternatives I have available!

I gaped at her, that took a little while to penetrate, and then I gripped the chair arms again. "You mean they are...they are sort of like slaves!"

She shook her head, "No dear, there is no 'sort of like' about it, they are slaves, my slaves and will be till they die which might even have been tonight in that lazy wretch's case! That jolt would have knocked out a gorilla I expect. No don't look so shocked surely you must have realised by now that my unusual household was not quite what it seemed, no, well you do surprise me, girl!"

"That, that thing on your wrist it's like a shock collar control device?"

"Mmmm along those lines, dear. Collars can be such unsightly devices, I used to use them, but now they all carry implants, much neater and might I add, considerably more effective if of course expensive. There are certain areas should they be foolish enough to approach where they would be shocked just as you witnessed. Attempting to leave my service, well that would be even more foolish. Now I will ring for some tea, and while they are busying themselves I'll take you on a little tour, come, dear. "

She rose and took my arm, and I didn't resist but bemusedly allowed myself to be led. "Don't panic, dear, nothing will happen to you, I promise. I can feel you shaking. You can go home anytime you want, but don't imagine that if you come back with the relevant authorities that they will find anything amiss, just a confused old woman and a few staff. I doubt that they would have a search warrant or bother to get one, so I have nothing to fear, nor as I have said do you".

All very well, but I was still reeling from what she had so casually just told me and the callous way she'd used poor Colin as an example. I was reluctant; I didn't precisely dig my heels in, but I was scared, very scared.

"Tch tch, dear, don't be a silly girl" she stopped and faced me. "Tell me now, tell me what were you doing to Alicia upstairs not even thirty minutes ago, tell me, Kaylee?"

"Beating her" I mumbled.

"Louder Kaylee"

"Beating her, I was beating her."

"Correct and how many times did she pass out and what did you do, tell me, Kaylee?"

"Three times, three times I revived her"

"Tut-tut Kaylee, three times that poor woman fainted from the pain you were causing her. Three times and did you stop, no, of course, you didn't and why and don't tell me because I was paying you. We both know that you were behaving with abominable cruelty yet you carried on, why, answer me, Kaylee?"

"I took a deep breath and answered. "Because I was enjoying it, I guess."

Mrs Sabbadini laughed delightedly. "You know Maurice is far more scared of you than your two predecessors, I'm so impressed."

"What happened to them?" I asked quietly

"Look again at that bit of paper in your hand, Kaylee. I will admit to telling just one little white lie. Anabel did not go abroad to Uni; she fully intended to but then after I allowed her to take a peek through that door she decided that Humanities and Social Sciences might be rather dull and nowhere near as remunerative. Her favoured workplace is my stable block. That girl just loves the ponies. You can say hello to her perhaps in a minute or two. Jenny was always more interested in the kennel, she left a few months ago to take up a similar but more responsible position with a couple I am acquainted with who are exclusively into the canine scene."

She folded her arms and stood, looking at me. "Thinking back I may actually have told another little untruth, did I not once tell you that I am not a cruel woman, and that cruelty for cruelties sake serves no purpose?"

I nodded yet again.

"Well, I am a cruel woman, a very cruel woman but I do have a purpose and cruelty is the only effective way of achieving my goals. Now, Kaylee, you can go back that way, collect your last envelope from the hall dresser and Maurice will see you out and I will wish you every success with your, er burgers! Whatever happens from now on, I will need to find a new domestic disciplinarian, won't I?" she paused for a long moment before continuing.

"Alternatively, you can accompany me through that heavy security door, over there. You wanted another afternoon or extra evenings did you not? Beyond that door, you would have twenty-four/seven, that I can promise. Each day will be a Saturday afternoon from morning till night! Beyond that steel you will find no docile willing masochists, I assure you that not a single one wants to enjoy my 'hospitality' apart from the enthusiastic girls like you that I employ.

You are very taken with Alicia are you not. I have several like her among the twenty-nine new canvases awaiting your artistry, by no means blank I'm afraid and unlike masochistic Maurice, they will neither crave nor appreciate your unique talents. The absolute opposite, in fact. Neither obedient nor passive, not until you work your magic! No restrictions whatsoever when you make them sing for you. No thirty-minute sessions for those creatures! Choose Kaylee, choose now.

I looked one way, and then the other and down at that scrap of paper I was still clutching and then I made my choice.

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