She's Off Limits
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  • Post Date - 7/16/2020

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Chapter 1

The party raged throughout the cramped dorm, music booming amongst the tipsy cheers of the guests. Nearly three dozen students were present, exchanging immature banter and drinking recklessly.

Kyle huddled in a small corner, smashing together every ounce of confidence in his body. Across the room, the alluring Zoe sipped casually at her drink. Zoe had attracted Kyle's longing eyes in their first shared class and had occupied his mind ever since. For nearly three months he had attempted to summon the courage to talk to her but had chickened out at every opportunity. However, when he had heard that she would be attending a party in a nearby dorm, he knew that he would never get a better chance to ask her out.

Kyle began to formulate his introduction, piecing together each word carefully to give off the right impression. He zoned out the blasting music and rowdy chatter, concentrating on his task. His focus was broken by the flick of an elbow, splattering his open beer over his grey shirt.

Kyle looked up, and was met with a pair of cocky, mischievous eyes.

"Hey loser, maybe stay out my way next time", Grant jeered maliciously, striding off indignantly.

Grant and Kyle had quickly become rivals since starting university a couple months ago. Both taking much of the same classes, Grant took every test or lesson as a chance to outdo Kyle. The animosity had begun when the two noticed each other trying to get the attention of captivating Zoe. Since then, the pair had fought mentally over the chance to ask her out, despite both being too nervous to talk to her anyway.

Kyle realised that Grant may have had the same idea as him and was currently getting ready to make a move on Zoe. Pushing aside his cautious instincts, Kyle set off towards his charming crush. He manoeuvred hastily through the clumps of chattering young adults, just ten feet away from Zoe and her small circle of friends when a delicate hand grasped his shoulder

Kyle turned to see a stunning brunette behind him. Wearing a tight-fitting blue blouse and white short-shorts, she certainly was a gorgeous sight. Her sparkling smile dazzled the horny teen.

"Hey, you're Kyle right?" she asked in a soft, angelic tone. His previously mustered bravado blown to the wind, he simply nodded like a goofy fool.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Hayley" she announced cheerfully. Before he could ask her why she knew of him or what she wanted, her other hand gripped his opposite shoulder, pulling him in for a sensational kiss.

Kyle reciprocated, lips embracing as the two shared a lustful moment together. His eyes were bugged out in shock, bewildered to why this magnificent beauty was taking such an interest in him. The pair made out as they edged slightly towards one of the bedrooms attached to the dorm common room. Kyle briefly considered leaving Hayley to ask out Zoe, but soon enough sexual attention from a wonderous girl put his downstairs brain in the driving seat, following Hayley into the bedroom with little resistance.

She spun him round, lightly pushing him towards the bed. Kyle layed down on the mattress as Hayley slid the door shut, closing the duo off for some private time alone. Kyle was very aroused by this point, his cock growing as Hayley stalked sexily towards him. The two joined again, hands clawing at each other as mouths intertwined. Hayley clutched at Kyle's shirt, tugging it over his head and discarding it. Kyle reached for Hayley's blouse in return, but she lead his hand away, grinning naughtily.

Next, his belt and jeans were removed, leaving the aroused teen in only his underwear. Hayley, still fully clothed, flipped her partner onto his back, mounting his waist. She broke the kiss, her body towering upright above his laying form. Kyle was confused at this state of strange teasing, but he would soon receive an explanation.

Suddenly the door swung open, giving way to a trio of ravishing girls. The three stormed over towards the pinned boy with looks of confident determination. Kyle struggled to get up, immobilized by the sexy girl straddling him. Two of the girls reached for Kyle's arms, planting them securely against the bed, the third new girl shutting the door.

"Hey what the hell is go-", Kyle uttered before one of the women on his arms clamped a hand firmly over his mouth.

Kyle thrashed his limbs fiercely, both embarrassed and afraid to be held down nearly naked by a handful of beautiful girls. His elbows flapped uselessly; his forearms anchored down.

"Jodie, the gag ready", Hayley called out, indicating to Kyle that whatever they intended to do to him was pre-planned

He felt his socks being plucked smoothly from his feet, exposing his bare soles to the mercy of his new captors. Jodie neared his face with his socks, one of them now boasting a bulky knot in the middle.

"Hey, don't you fucking dare thi-", he managed to spit out as the hand gag was replaced by the sock. The knot was yanked tightly between his teeth, constricting his lips and making any coherent speech impossible. The other sock was tied rigidly around his head, holding the knotted part in place. He yelled impatiently into the makeshift gag, but his screams of protest were obscured by the socks and the blaring music of the party.

Kyle glanced up, taking in Hayley's broad, smothering smirk. Jodie retrieved a stout box from under the bed, opening it up to reveal a bundle of dense rope. The girls on his arms brought his wrists together, Jodie leaning in with the rope coiled in her hands. Kyle tried to wrench his hands away, but the girls were surprisingly strong, holding his arms close long enough for Jodie to weave the rope snugly around his wrists.

Next, Jodie crept over to his ankles, climbing atop his flailing legs to keep them steady. His ankles were also bound securely, leaving Kyle tied and helpless in front of these girls.

"Now that I have your attention, my brother has a message for you", Hayley announced forcefully.

Kyle was utterly perplexed. Who was her brother? And what message needed this kind of prelude?

Kyle anticipated some unreasonable demand or blackmailing threat, but none came. Instead, Hayley's sharp, manicured nails advanced upon his exposed armpits. Kyle fought to evade the wiggling fingers, but an arm clung to his bound wrists holding them in place.

The scrabbling fingers made contact, eliciting a maelstrom of ticklish suffering from the poor victim. He howled into his gag, his body writhing around to no success. Muffled laughter streamed from his quaking lips, though he doubted the unaware party guests could even hear him. His anxiety was doubled when he felt a quartet of devilish nails skitter up his soles.

Hayley's accomplice Jodie had snuck back down to his feet, whisking her torturous digits all over his tender arches. His archaic chuckles increased, his voice reaching out for help in humiliating, girlish shrieks.

"Sasha, those thighs are looking plump and vulnerable", Hayley hinted, causing one of the other girls to clamber onto the bed and dig into his upper legs.

"Becca, get his neck", Hayley encouraged to the last unidentified girl.

Becca used one had to detain his constrained arms, the other skirting tauntingly over his neck, causing his head to jolt around violently. The four girls abused the young boy, his nerves alight with tantalising mirth. The sock gag was soggy from his constant drool, and his eyes were gaping with shock and filling with tears. His breath began to draw empty and ragged as he was thoroughly worn out.

The girls all withdrew at once, leaving Kyle heaving and exhausted.

"Do we have your attention", Hayley questioned assertively. Kyle nodded desperately.

"My brother Grant tells me you want to ask out Zoe. That isn't going to happen. Nod if you agree that you are too weak and pathetic for her, and that you'll leave her alone", she commanded boldly.

Kyle seethed with anger. Grant put his own sister up to seducing and torturing a rival, all over a girl he didn't even know!

"OOO, I OHN OO AEHEEEING OOORR ANNT", Kyle roared into the gag, his words a jumbled mess.

"Uh oh, that didn't sound like a yes. I guess we'll just have to prove how weak and pathetic you are", Hayley explained sadistically, scarily excited about tormenting the boy in front of her.

Jodie, Becca and Sasha agreed eagerly, nails wriggling towards him. Kyle immediately regretted his defiance, fidgeting in fear as the ticklish fingers closed in on his defenceless body.

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