Captive In A New Country
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Author's Note: Wrote this a long back. Didn't publish. English is not my first or second language, so pardon my mistakes. The story contains long term metal bondage, slavery, torture. Please share your valuable comment. It inspires us to write more.

Chapter 1 (added: )

"You definitely need a glass of water" was his first words to me. I was almost shivering in fear as the flight started moving. I looked at the source of the words, my co-passanger, he had a charming smile. I took the glass of water from him and returned a weak smile back at him.

I had a big fear of flying. I was traveling to Zambia, it was my first international flight, my first trip away from India. I was sent there by my employer for a project with a client in Zambia. But the thought of being in flight for 12 hours scared me enough. I was praying since the flight started moving.

"My name is Bharat, and yours?" my thoughts were interrupted. My co-passanger was speaking to me again.

"Maya" I replied.

"first time flyer? " he asked.

"No. But I really get scared of flying"

"Business trip 6i guess? " he asked again.

"Yes" I replied.

Soon we started chatting. It was better to chat with someone to pass time than to watch movies.

"Which company do you work for? " he asked.

"Accentive" i told.

"What? " he seemed excited. "I worked in Accentive for 4 years. I was working in finance. " he told.

"I joined recently in coding " i told.

"I knew Mr. Rao in coding, he was a good friend of mine" he told.

"Wow, Mr Rao is my boss " i was excited too. He spoke about my company in great detail. I was new there anyway, so i also listened to him quietly.

He told that he traveled to Zambia many times in the past. He Also would be going to the same hotel, so he would drop me there.

I looked at him when he slept. He had nice lips, beautiful figure, broad shoulders. I grinned, "Was I thinking too much?"

Finally we landed at Zambia. We came out together. We claimed our luggage together. He was speaking to someone over phone. He had two big suitcases and two small cabin luggage bags.

"Maya, I need to meet a friend of mine here. Just go and wait outside near the taxi counter. " her told. I nodded and started walking with my luggage trolley.

"And, can you take these two small bags with you, those suitcases are a bit heavy" he smiled.

"Ssure" I took the bags. I walked down the lounge towards the exit gate. Suddenly three police officers stopped me.

"Madam, please come with us? " a lady officer asked.

"Wwhat is the matter officer? " I was surprised. I had already cleared the security check.

"Nothing, just a routine check up" she told. They took me to another empty room.

"We need to search your luggages. " they told.

"Why not, but I had already cleared security check" I told.

Routine check. "she told.

She started with my suitcase. She took out everything from my suitcase and examined. She found nothing. She searched my small bags too. Finally she approached to the smaller bags given to me by Bharat, my co-passanger.

"Those are not mine officer" I tried to get up. The male officer beside me held me and forcefully made me sit again.

"Please sit down, and do not touch anything. "

I had no idea what was going on. The lady officer took out everything from the bag. There was nothing unusual. Just normal towels and shirts. Then she took out a big knife from her pocket and slit the bottom of the bag. There was white powder beneathBeneth the false bottom.

I really started panicking now. She tested some white powder on the tip of her tongue. Then she looked at the other male counterpart.

"That's pure Cocaine " she told.

"What? "I screamed. They looked at me.

"I swear, this is not my bag. My co-passanger gave it to me. His name is Bharat. He was suppose to meet me outside. You can still catch him. He must be waiting near the taxi counter. " I told them.

They spoke to each other in their native language. Then the lady officer came to me. I started crying meanwhile.

" You will do whatever we say. You will be arrested for smuggling drugs in this country. You have only one chance. You will stand near the taxi counter now. Our officers will be all around you, so don't try to run. If the guy you are saying, comes to the stand then we will arrest him. "

I stood up as they took me to the taxi counter. I was scanning all the faces. I was really scared. I could not find him.

The officer approached me again after 10 minutes.

"He will come ma'am " i started crying again" Give me 5 more minutes." I told.

He did not come. I waited for five more minutes. Finally the lady officer held me by my wrist and took me inside again.

"Believe me officer, the bag is not mine. Please let me go" i was pleading.

"I know the bag is not yours, as the luggage tags are of a different passenger. But i am damn sure that he was your partner in crime. You both tried to smuggle drugs in our country. We will catch him nonetheless. But we are arresting you for smuggling drugs in this country. You have right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in court. We have switched off your phone and sealed it as evidence"

I started crying profusely. I was begging them to let me go. She took me inside a small cubicle.

"Face the wall and put your hands on the wall" she instructed.

"Please ma'am, I am begging you. Let me call my company. I am an IT employee. They will clarify everything. "

She forcefully made me face the wall. Then she started frisking me. She first searched my body from outside, then told me to spread my legs to stand. I was shocked when she grabbed my crouch area.

"Please don't" i screamed.

"Shut up and let me do my job." she screamed back. She moved her hands over my vagina and then grabbed my breasts and searched beneath them. I was feeling so humiliated. I could not think straight anymore.

She then held my arm and roughly pulled me back to the outer room where my luggages and those two bags with cocaine were kept.

"Turn around and place your hands behind your back." the male officer told. He had a pair of metal handcuffs in his hand. The world was falling apart in front of my eyes.

"Please officer, please listen to me. Why don't you believe me? Please let me call my employer in India. Pl... "

They did not let me finish the sentence. The officer grabbed my left hand and forcefully pulled it behind my back. I let out a scream as the cold cuff encircled my soft wrist. They pulled my right hand behind my back too and applied the other cuff on my wrist with series of clicking sound.

I was dying of humiliation. I could only cry. He made me sit in a bench.

"You have to wait till the local police arrives. They will transport you to the police station. You will get your phone call there. " he told.

The cuffs were so tight. I could not find a comfortable position. The lady officer was standing there.

"Please remove the cuffs madam. I am not a criminal. I am cooperating with you. Please"

But she didn't look at me. She continued looking at the other way.

It took around one more hour for local police to arrive. I was physically and emotionally drained. I was crying continuously.

Two new female officers held my arms and made me stand. They were speaking in local language. I could not understand anything. One make officer took out a coil of silver chains and kept it in the bench with lots of noise. He first took one long silver chain from the pile and approached me. The chain had a long silver solid end with a hole on one side.

"Please be straight " he told. He then wrapped the chain one time around my waist and took the end in front.

I was horrified. "what are you doing" i shouted. "I am not a criminal. Why are you putting this chain on my waist? "

"Just keep your mouth shut. " The man screamed. " Else we will charge you for resisting arrest ".

I kept quiet. He put the long solid end of the chain through a link of the same chain in front of my belly, adjusting the chain tightly over the narrowest part of my waist. An extra slack of almost two feet of chain was dangling in front. Then he took another chain from that pile. It was around three feet, same thickness as the chain on my waist. There were one small ring attached to each side of the chain. He passed the long end of the waist chain through one end ring and let the chain hang from my waist chain too. The end of this new chain was touching the floor.

He was still holding the long end of the waist chain when the other lady officer took out a pair of handcuffs and a strange looking small metal box (later i got to know that is called lock box, it is a security measure so that the prisoner doesn't get access to the keyhole of the handcuffs) . She pulled the box open and put it in the middle of the handcuffs and closed it. There was also a small hole on the box which was passed through the long solid end loop of my waist chain.

"You don't need any of these, please" i pleaded once again. But nobody bothered about my plea. The male officer then grabbed the extra slack of my waist chain which was hanging in front and pulled the end loop through the long solid end bar, effectively fixing the lock box and the other chain in the front of my waist chain. He locked the extra slack on the right side of my waist chain with a small padlock.

The airport security officer then unlocked my existing handcuffs behind my back. They did not even give me time to rub my sore wrists. They grabbed my wrists and locked them in the handcuffs which were now hanging just in front of my naval from the waist chain. I started crying again. Nobody had treated me like that in my whole life.

That was not all, there were more of it. They took out something else from the bag which looked like a bigger version of the handcuffs. It had almost 15 inch is chain between the two cuffs, and the cuffs were also bigger. I had no idea what they would do with this cuff. The lady officer approached me with that cuffs and kneeled down in front of me. When she grabbed me left leg I just realized those cuffs were for my ankles.

"Oh no, please don't, please, not the ankles. Are you insane? I am not a criminal" I screamed and tried to release my leg from her grip. She immediately snapped the cuff on my ankle. She then passed the other end of the cuff through the end loop of the chain, hanging from my waist chain. I saw helplessly as they snapped the leg iron to my right ankle too.

" Walk" the male officer told as he pulled me by my arm. I took my first step. The shackles was hitting the stone floor, and was making loud clinking sound.

"Ohhh" I screamed as the chain tugged my ankles painfully. "How on the earth can somebody make a girl suffer like that." I thought as tears rolled down from my eyes. The lady officer came near me and pulled the connecting chain between my waist and my leg irons and told me to hold it. They led me out of the room. I was walking like an ape. I was holding the connecting chain with my hands to prevent my leg irons from hitting the floor.

They made me walk through a sea of crowd. Everybody was looking at me, some were taking pictures. I was crying profusely. I wanted to run past them. But those leg irons didn't even let me walk normally.

We came out of the airport. They led me towards a police car.

"Get inside" the male officer told as he pulled the door open. I sat inside with difficulty. I had to pull both my legs together inside.

"Why do they need to chain me so severely" I thought.

The car started, and after a while we reached our destination. It looked like an old police station. They stopped the car and made me get out of it. There was a big sign board which read " harbour police station". I was still awestruckwstuck with my situation. They lead me inside.

It was a busy police station with plenty of people inside. They all looked at me as they marched me inside. It was so painful to walk shackled like that.

"Please don't pull me like that" I shouted as the male officer pulled me harshly by my elbow. We were inside the station in charge's office.

"I need to call someone in India, please. I am innocent" i told as soon as the station in charge looked at me. He was an old man, probably 50 years old.

"Just shut the fuck up, whore" he screamed. I was shocked. How he could speak to me like that. I was standing there for at least 10 minutes while he discussed something with the police team that brought me in in local language. I could not understand a bit if it.

"Mariah" he called someone after sometime. A lady, big, well built and muscular , came inside the room. He instructed her something in local language.

She held me by my arm and led me towards outside.

"Wait, where is my phone call? " i asked.

The lady slapped me on my back and gestured me to not to speak. I started crying again. I was so helplessly chained that i could not prevent her from hitting me again.

" No speak, walk" she told loudly in broken English. She took me to another small room with just a table in the corner.

Another lady officer from the team who arrested me from the airport came to the room too. She handed over a bunch of keys to her and left. She came near me and started removing my restraints. All the chains finally fall on the floor with loud noise. She gathered all the chains and kept it on the table. I rubbed my sore wrists.

"Strip" she told.

"What!!! " i was really surprised.

"Take cloth off, I search" she screamed at me again in her broken English. I could not believe my ears. I kept on looking at her.

"If no cloth off, I call male guards to cloth off" she screamed again.

I really started to panic now. I slowly started removing the buttons of my white top. Soon I removed my top and skirt. My watch and jewelry followed next.

"Remove all" she screamed again. Tears rolled down from my eyes as I removed my undergarments too. I stood naked in front of her. I was hiding my 34 c bests with my hands.

She came near me and pulled my hair open. She put her fingers though my hair. Then she forcefully pulled my mouth open and put her hands inside my mouth, behind the gums and beneath my tongue. I almost felt like vomiting.

"Put hands on head, open leg, kneel" she instructed. I did the same. My vagina and my breasts were getting displayed as i kneeled.

"Cough " she instructed. I coughed.

She took some time to search through my clothes. Then she gave them back to me.

"More search, jail, tomorrow " she pointed at my vagina. I had no idea what she wanted to tell.

I wore the cloths back. She put my watch and jewelry in a box. I guessed no jewelry is allowed in police station for prisoners.

She then again took the waist chain from the pile of restraints and approached me.

"Nooooo please" I screamed. "I will be good, no chains please. I am not going anywhere. I will cooperate. " I folded my hands and pleaded.

My plea fall in deaf ears as she wrapped the chain again in my waist. One by one she locked all the chains again on my body. The waist chain was tighter this time.

Once she finished chaining me, she took me out of the room. I was led back to the station in charge's office. This time he let me sit in a chair. Then he pushed the desk phone towards me.

"Call" he told.

I could not reach the phone with my cuffed hand. The officer helped me to dial the number. The lady held the phone on my ear.

The phone rang for several seconds. Finally Mr Rao picked up.

"Mr Rao, this is Maya. I am in big trouble." I started crying again as I described the whole incident to him.

"But i don't know anyone named Bharat. " he told.

"Please do something sir. They have taken me to police station. They have kept me in cuffs. I don't know what to do? Can i speak to the client here? " I asked.

" No Maya, there will be a reputation issue for us. I will speak to some lawyers tomorrow morning and contact Indian consulate there. Please give me couple of hours. " he told.

"Please inform my family also sir " i told.

Once the call was over, the lady made me stand again. She was speaking to the station in charge in local language. Then he lead me outside.

She stopped me in front of a wooden bench in a small passageway just beside the main hall. There was another black woman, probably in her 40s was sitting there. She was wearing a black revealing dress. She was also locked in full set of transport chains just like me. The lady officer made me sit beside her. Then she took a handcuff out from her pocket. She locked one cuff to my waist chain, and locked the other cuff on the metal armrest of the bench.

"Weekender, cell no empty" she told in broken English and left.

I had no idea what that means. It was so irritating being chained like this. I looked at the other woman. She was sitting so relaxed despite being chained like that.

"Relax darling!!!" the woman told when she saw me looking at her. " Don't fidget, you anyway have to be in this bench for the rest of the day and full night.

"What? " i was shocked. " how can they keep us chained like this in this bench? ".

"She told you already, isn't she?" she chuckled. "We have been arrested today, Sunday. So until the court opens tomorrow, they can't allocate you police custody cells. So we are weekenders now. There is just one cell here for weekenders, and that is full too. So we have to spend the night on this bench only. "

"But this is inhuman! How can they keep us chained like this? Isn't this against law? " i asked.

No. This is perfectly lawful. Which country you Are from? " she asked.

India" i told.

"Great. Why are you here? " she asked again. I narrated my whole story to her.

"You are in a deep shit baby. Ten years of imprisonment is inevitable. The jails are horrible here. They uses the girls sexually. Anybody with money in Zambia can rape you inside. And when you will be out, you can get no other job apart from prostitution, like me. " She told. She had tears in his eyes.

I was horrified. I could not believe my ears. "What if they prove that i was smuggling?" They have all evidences against me. I broke down.

The alley where we were chained, was not very busy. I sat there for several hours. It was almost night.

"go pee? " the lady officer asked.

I really had to use the bathroom. I nodded.

She unlocked the handcuffs attaching me to the bench. Then me led me towards the bathroom, deep inside the same alley. Once we reach the bathroom, she unlocked my right wrist from the waist chain.

"go, fast" she told.

It was very difficult to lower my skirt with one hand. I could only cry on my predicament. She relockled the cuff on my wrist once I am back.

"Please ma'am, remove these chains, I am not a criminal. I will sit in that bench, I won't mind. But these chains are hurting me. " I pleaded once. She did not say a word. She just led me back to that bench and chained me there again.

I cried continuously. At night they gave me a sandwich to eat. Again the lady unlocked one handcuff for me to eat the sandwich. I was very hungry. I did not eat almost anything since morning. I ate it.

I was mentally exhausted. I slept on the bench. Suddenly somebody woke me up, it was the lady. I looked around ,it was still midnight. The chained woman beside me was still asleep.

"get up" she told. She had already unlocked the handcuffs which was anchoring me to the bench. I got up. My back was aching bad due to the rigid position . There were almost no one in the corridor.

She took me to a room. There was a mirror glass in one side and plain grey walls on the other sides. There was a table and some chairs in the middle. She made me sit in one of the chairs.

The door opened suddenly as two men entered in the room. One was a white man among them.

"Miss Maya, i will ask some questions here, and I want you to answer them" the white man told.

I nodded.

"Wwhom did you want to supply the consignment in the city?" he asked.

I started crying again "Bbelieve me officer, those were not my bags. A co-passanger told me to hold them as he had extra luggage. "

I am sick and tired of lies, " he screamed. I was shaken in fear. "I i have different methods to make you speak, please don't assume you will get off so easily" he screamed.

"believeBelieve me, please, i am not lying, please sir, you check my records, i am an IT employee" I started crying profusely.

"Ttake your time, but you have to confess. We will meet again tomorrow" he told and left.

The lady officer took me back to the bench again.I could not sleep anymore.

Chapter 2

"Hi, I am Raghav, i am a lawyer, Mr Rao sent me to take your case "

I was still chained to the bench. I looked at the speaker. He was a young guy in a lawyer's dress. I found some hope in his eyes. I told him everything.

"pleasePlease get me out of here. I can't take it anymore. I don't want to go to jail" i told him.

"In Zambia, drug smuggling is a big offence, you can get 10 years of rigorous imprisonment for that. I will try to get bail, but i can't guarantee anything. He told. He made me sign some papers.

It was time to go to court. The lady unlocked both of us from the bench and took us out of the police station. We were taken into a police van.

I was still chained. They had not unshackled me for even a minute since previous day. We finally reached court and they took us out.

I was again marched through a sea of people. Every muscle in my body started aching by then. I lost the feeling of being embarrassed anymore. I just wanted to get out of those chains. My ankles got chafed from those leg irons.

They marched me to a court room where i met my lawyer again. He told me not to speak anything until he tells me otherwise. I also saw the white man who interrogated me last night. I shivered in fear. The court session started. My lawyer tried to convince the judge to grant me bail. He tried to establish my side of story. He showed CCTV footage where Bharat was seen giving me those bags. But the opposition lawyer dismissed those facts saying that I i could have been the co conspirator ar of the whole smuggling.

The police lawyer pressed for my police custody. They wanted to interrogate me more. Finally the judge decided to put me in police custody for five more days. I broke down.

I spoke to Mr Rao and My mother over phone before police took me out of the court again. My mother was crying over phone. She told not to worry, my brother would be coming to Zambia in next couple of days to help me.

I was again taken back to the police station. This time they took me towards the back side of the building.

A heavy gate opened as i was taken inside. A new lady officer was accompanying me. She made me walk to a big room which looked like a huge bathroom with lots of shower stalls.

"when i unlock these chains, do not move a bit, or these chains will go back again on your body for next 5 days too. Do you understand? " she told in a commanding tone. I nodded. I could do anything to get those awful cuffs and chains off.

She took a bunch of keys and removed my restraints, one by one. Finally after around 28 hours those chains were off my body. I rubbed my sore wrists and ankles.

"Strip, and stand in the shower stall" she instructed. I hesitated.

"If you don't strip in next 2 minutes, i will do it forcefully and then keep you naked till your custody gets over" she screamed.

My hands were shaking in fear. I started removing my clothes as tears ran down from my cheeks. I removed every single thread from my body in next 3 minutes.

Cold water ran down my naked body as she turned the shower on. I was so embarrassed being naked in front of another woman. She handed me a piece of soap and a sachet of shampoo. She also gave me a towel to let me dry myself.

Next she handed me a white shirt and a pair of shorts. I wore them over my old undergarments.

She held my arm and led me out of the bathroom. We entered a corridor. There were series of cells with barred metal doors, mostly empty. She made me stand in front of a barred cell and unlocked the door.

"Get in" she told. I stepped inside. She closed the door with huge noise and locked it with a padlock and left.

I looked around. The cell was four feet by 8 feet with just a bunk and a steel potty. I sat on the bunk.

"What the fuck i got myself into! " i told to myself. I did not have any idea what they would do to me in next five days. I cried silently.

I could see no one from my cell except a lady guard who was doing rounds in the corridor. I pulled the shirt up and looked at my waist. The marks of that chain was still visible, and it was still paining.

Sunlight from the small window of my cell started deeming. It was already evening. The guard gave me a plate of bread and curry in the afternoon. I started feeling hungry again as time progressed.

Suddenly three guards came in front of my cell and unlocked the door.

"Come with us" one of the guard told. I got up. He held me by my arm and led me out of the cell. I was very scared. I had no idea where they were taking me. They took me to a room, with nothing in it. Not even a chair.

I screamed when they tried to pull my hands up and lock my wrists to a pair of handcuffs, dangling from a chain fixed in the ceiling in the middle of the room. I tried to struggle, but they were too strong for me. My hands were tightly locked above my head.

"Please, please don't do this to me!!! " i pleaded. But they left me there alone.

After a while those two officers, who interrogated me last night came to the room.

"See Maya, we can chat in very normal painless way today if you want. Or i can use other methods to bring out what i really want to hear from you" the white man told in a firm voice.

"Wwhy don't you believe me? I am innocent. Please Sir. "

He ignored my plea. He came very close to me.

"Wwhere is your other partner? "he asked.

"I don't know Sir, i told you before. I just met him in flight" i told him in crying voice.

He gestures something to the other person. He walked near the wall and flicked a switch. Suddenly with loud noise the chain started to pull my hands up further. I screamed in fear. It stretached my entire body. I was in my tiptoes when he stopped it. It was difficult to stand. The metal cuffs were cutting into my wrists.

"See Maya, you don't understand. We need the truth, and nothing else. Answer my questions"

I kept telling them that i knew nothing but they kept in questioning me. The room was very hot. I was sweating profusely. My shirt was wet with perspiration.

After I felt like hours they took a break, leaving me hanging from the chain. I was loosing my mind. The hard metal cuffs had sunk into my soft flesh. I could not stop crying. The pain was unbearable.

They came back again and started interrogation. My shoulders were on fire. My whole body was shivering. I lost my consciousness after sometime.

I woke up again when three guards were carrying my almost limp body through the corridor. They dumped me to my cell and closed the door. I did not have any strength to even cry. I closed my eyes and slept.

Sun rays from the small window woke me up. I looked at my wrists. There were Deep purple marks over them. My hands were numb.

"How those men can be so cruel" i thought.

The hours passed. I had no idea how to get out of this mess. The guards gave me breakfast and lunch inside the cell. I was not feeling like eating anything, but i ate to keep up my strength. I was eagerly waiting for my brother to come.

Few hours after my lunch two female guards opened my cell door and took me out. I panicked. I knew they would again torture me. But I was helpless. They took me to that same room where i was interrogated yesterday.

"No please, don't torture me" I kept in pleading. I saw the white man again in the room. This time the guards made me sit in a chair. The man gestured them to go. I did not see the other man.

"Maya, I don't want to torture you anymore. Just tell me where is your partner, and i will let you go. " he told in a soft voice.

"I don't know that man sir, his name was Bharat, I told you before also. Please Sir. Have mercy ." i told.

Suddenly i could smell something burning. Within seconds smoke started coming out of the ac duct.

Fire !!! Fire!!! Somebody shouted from outside. The man looked worried as he ran outside. I could hear many people screaming.

It was almost 2 minutes since the white man left me in the room. The room was filled with smoke. Panicked, I also ran out of the room.

I saw everybody running outside. I ran along with them. I ran past the corridor. I was almost outside when somebody called me by my name. I looked on my left and saw the white man.

"Come this side, fast" he told. I ran along with him. He led me towards a staircase. It led to a tunnel. There were nobody except us. We crossed the tunnel. When we came out of the tunnel, I realized that we were on the backside of the police station. I could see high wall in one side and forest on the other side. I looked around and found nobody around.

I wanted to ask him why we were there. But i did not want to interfere into police business. Especially after yesterday's torture.

"Come! " he told. "I am handling your case, I need to take you to another secure police station. " he told.

He took me towards a car. He opened the door. When i just tried to enter the car, he stopped me. He took out a handcuff from his pocket.

" Turn and put your hands behind your back. " he told.

My wrists were still chafed and hurt. I did not want to be cuffed again.

"No sir please, not the handcuffs, I won't try to escape. Please believe me. " I pleaded.

"Do you want the full transport chains instead? I have a set in my car trunk" she asked.

I did not want those heavy chains around my body again. I reluctantly put my hands behind my back. He locked those cold steel cuffs around my wrists. Then he pushed me inside the car. He started driving, and soon we were on the road. He drove for almost two hours. I was very tired. I slept inside the car.

"Get up and get out of the car. " i heard him shout. I got up immediately.

We were standing in the car parking basement of an old building. There were no cars parked. He held me by my arm and walked towards the lift.

The lift was also old, made of wood. He took a key out and pushed it inside a key hole of the lift panel. Then he input a password if sort through the number buttons. The lift stated immediately. There was no display panel so i had no idea which floor i was going. The lift finally stopped after almost 5 minutes.

"It must be a big building" I thought.

When the lift door opened I became very surprised. I thought i would reach a busy police head office or something. Instead it opened to a small empty hall which looked like any apartment's hall without furnitures. He pushed me out of the lift.

There were two doors from the hall. He opened the middle door and led me out in. There were two cells inside the big room, one was just on the opposite wall. It was wide and big, the other cell on the right side was smaller. Both the cells were covered by thick barred grills from two sides. There were no one inside the entire floor except us. The cells looked old and dingy. There were old grey faded walls.

"Where are we? Is this a police station? " i asked.

"Yes, an old one" he told. He unlocked the bigger cell door.

"Get inside" he told.

"Isn't there any more prisoner? " i asked with surprise.

"These are high security holding cells. We get very little prisoners here. " he told, " unfortunately there is no one right now.

I walked inside the cell. The floor was dirty. I could see one iron bed without mattress opposite to the bars, one white ceramic potty, and a shower stall without any walls for covers. Seems the cell was not been used for months. The cell was big, around 20 feet width and 10 feet deep.

I looked back and saw him closing the cell door. I ran back at the bars.

"Sir, the cuffs" I turned and put my cuffed wrists through the bars. I thought he forgot to uncuff me.

He finished locking the cell door with a huge padlock.

"I want to be sure that you are secured in this cell. So the cuffs stay. " he told. I was really frustrated. Where could i go from this cell. But before i could speak, he already left the room, closing the wooden main door.

"Please sir, my wrists hurt" i screamed. But he did not return. I was in total shock.

I looked around. I was really surprised to see the jail. Something did not feel right.

I sat down on the corner of the bed. It was full of dust.

Time was moving very slowly. The cell did not seem like habitable. I thought this was a temporary arrangement. I was waiting for someone to come and take me from there.

I could see the daylight fading from the small window way up on the wall. That was also heavily guarded with a wire mesh cover. My shoulders were aching due to those cuffs behind my back.

Finally after a long time I heard a sound from the room outside.

"anybody, please help me. " I screamed.

I saw the white man entering the room again. He was carrying a thin mattress. He unlocked the door and came inside. He keptspareaded the mattress on the iron bed.

That's your bed for the night. Be comfortable. He told.

"Wwait sir, why are you torturing me like this? Is this your way to make me confess? I have told you all the truth. Please remove those cuffs from my wrists. " Ii told while he was about to leave the cell.

"The cuffs stays, i would like to have a peace of mind knowing that you are not trying to do anything stupid. " he told.

I started crying as he left me there again. My arms were really numb by then. The cell was dirty and i did not really wanted to spend my night there. But i had no choice.

"God knows how long they will keep me here" I thought.

I started feeling hungry after sometime. But nobody came with food.

"Hello, anybody " I screamed. My voice echoed through the empty place.

I was really scared. I had no idea how and why there is nobody in this police station. There was just a small light in that room. I kept on screaming until I could scream no more. Finally i drank some water from the tap with difficulty and slept with empty stomach.

Chapter 3

"Good morning Maya, how are you? "the man entered the room and asked.

"Sir, what is this place? Nobody gave me food yesterday. Please sir, no more torture. "

"OK, ok, but first see this. " he threw a newspaper inside the cell. I had to bend over to retrieve it from the floor. I was shocked when i saw the first headline.

"Cocaine smuggler escaped from jail" was the headline along with my picture.

"But Sir, I..... " I was so confused. I looked at him. He had a smile in his face. I had no idea what that meant.

"Let me introduce me properly. I am Jhon. Deputy director of investigation department. And this is my private jail. " he told.

"What it's a private jail? What is this place? " i screamed..

"This is a place where I deal with people privately. Now i will give you two choices, please listen to me very carefully.

"First option is I will take you back to police station. And they will charge you for smuggling and jail break. Here in Zambia, jail break is a bigger offence. So you get minimum 20 years of jail time. They will abuse you in court and humiliate you in public. You will get no chance for early parole. Also in Zambia jail you will be sexually assaulted, raped."

"I am innocent" i screamed back at him. "I will tell everyone that you have kidnapped me, I did not try to escape from jail"

"And you think people will believe you? We have cctv footage that you were running out thorough the corridor. Nobody will believe you. " he told.

I started crying profusely.

"Now let me come to the second option"

I looked at him while he spoke.

"you will become my private prisoner, here in this place, for just 3 years. I will use you whatever way I want. You have to obey my every command. You will have no rights of your own. I will send you back to India after 3 years. " he told.

"Please sir, why are you doing this to me? " i pleaded.

"You have just one hour to decide your fate. " he told and left.

I had no idea what to do? 20 years of jail literary means my life would be over. And he could surely prove that I tried to escape. But what kind of use he was taking about? Why he wanted to keep me as his prisoner here? For sexual use? I had no idea. But i had no choice but to consider his proposal. I did not want to go to jail for 20 years.

I was very hungry. I did not have anything since yesterday afternoon. I could not think straight anymore.

The man, John came back in sometime. He sat on a chair .

"What do you mean by using me? Will you rape me? " i asked him.

"I won't clarify anything. I just want you to obey my every command. You will be punished severely for not obeying any of my orders. "

"But i am innocent sir, please Sir, don't do this to me. " I begged him.

"I don't have all the time Maya, I will take you back to police station now"

The thought of being jailed for 20 years horrified me. I have heard a lot of stories about gruesome rapes and murders inside Zambia jail. But also I had no idea what would happen if I be here for next 3 years.

I was thinking about another possibility. I wanted to escape from here. I wanted to just vanish. If I could escape from there, I could contact my family in India and try to get back to India illegally as I had heard previously that this country is very small and somebody can easily cross borders to reach any neighboring country. From there i could try to return back to India. It would have not been possible in heavily guarded prison. But here, he is a single man. I wanted to overpower him and run from here. I just had to get free from those handcuffs. And now I just had to say yes to get some food.

"Wait Sir, please. " I screamed as he tried to grab my arm and push me outside the cell.

"I am accepting your offer. Please Sir, give me some food. I am very hungry. " i told.

"Very well then" . He went out of the cell and closed the door. I sat on the bed and waited for him to come back.

He came back with a bowl of food. He kept it on the dirty floor through the bars.

"Eat" he told.

"How?" I showed him my cuffs. He just smiled. I had no idea when he would release me from those horrible cuffs. I sat beside the bowl and pulled my cuffed hands in one side to eat from the bowl. It was very difficult to eat like this. My already injured wrists were hurting badly.

"What do i need to do to get my wrists free? " I asked him.

"It's not for you to decide when you get what. You have no rights here, remember?

"But my wrists hurt. You have to remove those cuffs" i told.

"You need to learn to obey my commands. You need to learn to not to speak until i allow. You will soon do that."

I ate the food like an animal. After sometime I suddenly started feeling dizzy. Before i could realize anything i passed out.

Chapter 4

I woke up in that cell again. I looked around me, nothing changed, except my hands were free now.

I looked up and saw John sitting in a chair outside the cell.

"Good evening my angel. I hope you had a good sleep. Now listen to me carefully. I want you to strip for me... Slowly"

"Oh no, he will rape me now" i thought. I had to overpower him before he would do anything to me"

"Can't you hear me? STRIP" he screamed.

My plans were going for a toss. I would never want him to touch me.

"I won't strip " I shouted. "let me go you freak"

He calmly got up from the chair. From the corner of the room he took a square box. It looked like a storage jar, made of metal. I could feel that it was heavy as he dragged it towards my cell. I wanted him to just open the door. I had taken self defense classes in my collage and just wanted to kick him in the groin. I thought he made a big mistake by freeing my hands.

He unlocked the cell door and came inside. I quickly ducked and tried to kick him. He dodged it like a pro and punched me on my belly. I screamed in pain. I had never experienced so much pain in my life. He was unbelievably powerful. I fall on the ground, gasping for breath. He pressed his boot on my neck, strangling me. Another boot was on my right palm. I was screaming on the top of my lungs.

He lifted his boot from my neck and kicked me on my shoulder. I was howling like an animal. Then he grabbed my hair and dragged me towards that metal jar. It had a round opening in one side. I could not fight anymore. I was in tremendous pain. He opened the jar in two halves from one side, the other side had hinges.

I started screaming again when i understood what he was trying to do with that metal box. He dragged my face into that and tried to close the other half over the back of my head. I struggled like anything but he was too powerful for me. It enclosed my entire head, and the round opening had settled snugly on my neck. They're was pure darkness in front of my eyes. I tried to open it from the side with my hands but i found a padlock already locked it around my head. It weighed atleastat least 20 kgs. I had no way to lift my head without help of my arms. I was feeling suffocating inside it. I was screaming and was trying to get that iron box off my head.

My both hands were suddenly pulled behind my back and i felt metal handcuffs around them. It was total darkness in front of my eyes. I could only cry and beg for my release but i could not hear anything from my captor. I started feeling suffocated. I pushed my legs and slid on the floor, desperately trying to find him. All i could do was to bang that metal cover probably on the wall. There was no way I could pull my head out of it, nor I could lift my head with that heavy metal around my head.

Chapter 5

"Please... Please let me goooooo please" I cried in a faint voice as I heard something near me. I had no idea how much time has passed. It felt like eternity. I had vomited inside that metal cover already and it was smelling awfully. I had lost my consciousness a couple of times by then. I also had pissed in my pants many times. I was feeling like i had been buried alive. The air inside the enclosure was heavy and it was difficult to breath.

"Pleaseeee... I cried once again"

Suddenly I felt a grip on my wrists as my handcuffs were taken off. I immediately brought my hands on the metal enclosure and tried to open it again. It did not bulge a bit. The padlock was still there.

"Open this pleaseeeeeeee" I screamed again. This time my hands were grabbed once again and to my horror it was again cuffed behind my back.

"Wait.. Please.. Let me gooooo" I screamed once again as I heard footsteps going away.

I was getting chocked in my own vomiting. I never felt so disgusting in my life. I had no more strength to fight, to beg. I lay there, unmoved.

It was really difficult to tell how much time had passed again. I was hungry, thirsty. Next few time the same routine repeated. He took those handcuffs off for a few minutes, and then when I tried to remove the enclosure, he put them back again and left.

I started believing that this is the end of my life. It was probably a couple of days when I was kept in that same condition. I was desperate for water. I was losing my consciousness frequently.

I had no idea what he was trying to achieve by freeing my hands just for a few minutes everytime. By then i was defeated. I knew if he would have wanted to rape me, I was in no condition to defend. In fact i could trade sex to get out of that enclosure.

"Please have sex with me if you want. I am ready to be your prisoner for 3 years as you have told. Please sir. Please let me out" I screamed with all my strength next time when he came and released my hands. But the same routine repeated again, and my hands were cuffed once again.

Suddenly something stroke in my mind. He wanted me to strip, probably that's the thing he wanted. I waited for him to come again.

I heard footsteps, and then my hands were released again. This time I didn't try to get the enclosure off my head, instead I started removing the shirt i was wearing. this time he did not stop me. i removed my bra too. I could not hear anything from him. With my shivering hands I pulled the pant off my waist followed by the panty. The floor was very cold. I lay there naked.

"I have stripped for you. Please sir, let me out" i screamed.

My hands were grabbed again and pulled behind my back. The same cold steel encircled my wrists again. I was waiting for him to touch me. There was long silence. Finally i heard footsteps going away, again.

"No, please stop, come back, oh god, what else do you want. Please, let me outttttttt" i kept on screaming. He did not return. I laid there, still not been able to move a bit. My nipples were touching the cold floor.

More time passed. I cried for a drop of water. My stomach was grumbling for food. I had already lost my mind by then. I remembered my parents. I thought I would not be able to see them ever.

I must have been unconscious for a long time when I heard a 'click'near my ear. The awful metal box was opened finally. I had no strength to move at all. My face was soiled with tears, sweat and vomit. He grabbed me by my neck gently and dragged me towards the water tap. I had no strength to resist him. He poured water over my hairs and gently washed my face. I drank some water too.

"Just remember one thing. You are here to obey my order, i will decide when to punish, how long to punish. " he told while drying my face with a towel.

Chapter 6

It had been two days since he removed that awful box from my head. He fed me three times a day with his own hands. My hands were still cuffed behind my back. I was so scared of the torture, I did not even beg him to release me from those cuffs, though my shoulders started aching really badly from those.

I was kept naked as well. Every time he stepped in my cell, I felt like he was going to rape me. But by god's grace he did not touch me sexually. I was so exhausted that I slept on the bed most of the time. By third day i started feeling OK.

I knew he was coming when he heard the lift door opening. I got up and pushed the knees on my chest, trying to hide my boobs. He entered the room outside. He was carrying a sack.

"Good morning angel. How are you today?" he asked.

I was in no mood to reply. I started crying seeing him.

"You need proper training to respond. I will not act so nice all the time. " he told

He entered my cell with the sack. And with a huge metallic sound stared pulling out a long chain from it. I started felling panicked again. I knew this was not good.

"what do you want to do with me? " i asked fearfully. "please don't torture me anymore, please" i begged. I was still too weak to resist anything. Plus my hands were still cuffed behind my back .

"Just trying to arrange a good stay for you, don't worry. " he told add he kept the huge pile of chain on the floor.

He took one end of the chain from the pile and dragged it towards the wall. He locked the end of the chain to a thick and big ring mounted on the wall with a big padlock.

Then he came near me and held my shoulders with both of his strong hands. I screamed in pain. The shoulders were really hurting from being handcuffed behind my back for so long

He went back to the sack and again with huge metallic noise took out a network of chains from it. It was clear to me that those chains were for me. It had plenty of thick and heavy looking chains and some rings which looked like manacles.

"Pplease don't. I will not try to escape again. Please " i started crying by seeing those. He dragged them toward me.

"theseThese are much more comfortable then these police handcuffs. These will be easy for your daily routine.

I tried to get away from him but he held me by my arms. He pushed me on the floor and made me rest on my belly. Then he held my legs.

I could feel cold shackles been encircled around my ankles. There was huge clinking of chains when i tried to move my legs.

"Don't rush, you may hurt yourself" he told in a calm voice. Tears rolled down from my eyes. I knew there will be no chance of escape if he puts those chains on me. But i was too helpless to resist.

He turned me on my back and helped me to sit up. Then he took a big thick metal ring. which was attached to a long chain which ran till the middle of the leg iron chain from the floor. The ring was simply made of round metal rod, around half inch thick with a hinge in the middle. He cleared my hair from my shoulder and put the ring against my neck skin.

"It's coldddddd" I screamed. He did not seem to bother. He pulled the chain which was attracted to the wall from the floor, threaded the end through that ring and then closed that ring on my neck with a padlock behind the back of my neck. The long connecting chain already had two more cuffs dangling from it In the middle.

I could feel the weight of two chains dangling from my neck. I laid down on the floor again once he finished locking that ring on my neck to cope up with the weight.

He finally unlocked my handcuffs and brought my hands in front. I screamed in pain as blood rushed through my numb shoulders. He locked both my wrists in two manacles attached to the linking chain between the ring on my neck and leg irons on my ankles. I started weeping when he closed two tiny padlocks to lock the cuffs snugly on my wrists. I knew it was just the beginning of the torture.

He stroked my hair and gently wiped my tears. "These are comfortable. Try to get adjusted. " he told. Then he got up and left, closing my cell door.

I laid there, unmoved. I knew it will be really hard to carry so much of chains around my body. And i knew when i start moving, i had to believe that there would be no escape possible from here. I could not stop crying.

Gradually i decided to check on my bondage. I brought my hands closer to my eyes with heavy rattle of chains. The cuffs were fairly simple. They made of heavy round single rods with a hinges in the middle and two flat ends with a hole each at the end. A tiny but strong brass padlock was put through those holes to lock the cuff on my wrists. I tried to slip the cuffs over my palms, but it was not possible. Liked like they were actually made to fit my wrists snugly. They were heavy, heavier than anything i had worn on my wrists before. Those were polished black in color. In fact the entire Set of chains were in polished black color except the chain on my neck which attached me to the wall.It was bright silver in color.

The chain between the manacles were hardly six inches. The chain was thick and noisy. The middle link of that chain was welded to the long linking chain between the neck ring and the leg irons. I realized that if I stretch my legs, or if I stand, i would have to keep my hands near my belly.

I touched the neck ring (now I know it is called a collar). It was thicker then the manacles on my wrists and ankles. I was already feeling the weight of the shackles. I knew it will be really hard to bear with all the weight of the shackles. I tried to twist and break the padlocks on my wrist manacles, it did not bulge a bit.

"Oh god, why this is happening to me? " I thought.

I heard footsteps near my cell. He came near the bars and kept a plate of food on the floor through the bars.

"bon apatite " he told and left.

I was hungry. It was the food that kept me alive for so long. I had to get up now.

I screamed in pain as soon as i tried to get up. The shackles HURT!!!! the weight on my neck was too much to bear . I immediately tried to ease the pressure by bringing my hands to my neck, but it resulted in more pain to my wrist and ankles as i could not pull them beyond my breasts. The chains jingled loudly. I lost my balance and fall back on the floor again.

"Ohhhhhhh. It hurts" i screamed. Tears rolled down from my eyes. I was feeling so helpless. I was feeling like an animal. Even those police cuffs were less painful than these. I draw my legs closer and wiped tears from my cheeks.

I got up again, this time carefully. The weight of chains were putting tremendous pressure on my neck. I tried to walk. With clinking sound of chains i could only take tiny steps . The leg irons hurt, really badly. Pulling that anchoring chain by neck was not easy either. I held the anchoring chain by my hand to ease pressure on my neck. The cold chains touched my naked body, made me shiver.

I reached the plate of food and sat down. I ate with difficulty.

"good knows how many days he will keep me in these chains" i thought.

I ate the food. It was a generous portion of rice and chicken curry. The food tasted good. The chains rattled loudly with each movement. I had hold the plate very near to my mouth due to the shortness of the chain between my wrists. I passed the plate outside when i finished eating.

This time i grabbed most of the dangling chains with my hands and got up to go towards the basin. I did not want to crawl like a pathetic animal anymore. It was difficult, i was still very weak. I took small steps towards the basin. I tried to ignore the pain on my neck. Finally i reached the basin and washed my hands and face.

I was happy that even those heavy chains could not dampendumpen my spirit of being independent. I rubbed the skin beneatheneth those ankle shackles as i sat down again.

Chapter 7

Weeks passed. I wondered what was the propose of keeping me here like this. I was naked, chained, vulnerable.but he did not touch me, even once since he chained me with those manacles. I was getting insane. I wanted him to fuck me and let me go.

Passing time was the hardest thing to do. I used to stare at the sky through that small window near ceiling for hours. I used to clink the chains and sing songs. By then i fully realized, i could never get those chains off by my own. I got used to those chains. I could carry them around now. I was getting food three times, everyday.

"look at her. She is there at your service sir" i heard him saying as he entered with another person at the outer hall. I panicked and tried to hide my private parts. The other person seemed Asian, Japanese probably. They both were looking at me from outside. I was actually seeing another human being apart from two of us after a month.

The man nodded and both went out. I had no idea what they wanted. Soon they came back, carrying something which looked liked a wheelchair. It was made of rods and had two small wheels on the rear legs. It looked very naked, almost no seat, just two bent rods in the place of the seat.

I was very scared. I pulled my legs to my chest and embraced myself. They did not immediately got inside my cell, the Aasian man pushed the wheelchair and came inside my cell. Jhon carried one big size wooden box and kept it on the floor.

"get up" Jhon screamed. I was too scared to get up. He came near me and grabbed my neck chain and pulled me up. He pulled me forcfullyforcefully towards the wheelchair.

I shivered when i saw the devilish chair. It did not look like a wheelchair up close. It was entirely made of thick metal rods. It was shaped like a chair with two small wheels on the back legs. There was no seat, just two bent curved rods, probably to support ass. The backrest comprised of just a thick vertical rod with a horizontal rod mounted to the top of it. There were two opened thick cuffs dangling from each end of that rod.

I could not see the chair much clearly as before that Jhon thrashed me over it. I screamed in pain as those hard metal rods hit my ass and back.

"Stay still, or the pain will be worse" Jhon screamed. He first pushed me to the rod backrest and closed a padlock through the ring on my collar behind the back of my neck, fixing my neck to the backrest.

Then he unlocked my wrists from the cuffs. They did not even gave me a chance to struggle, they quickly locked both my wrists to the cuffs dangling from the vertical rod.

My hands were away from my body, and i started feeling very vulnerable. The bent rods were hurting my ass. I tried to pull those cuffs hard, they did not bulge at all. Those were strong, much stronger than anything i could break.

They unlocked my leg irons next. They pulled my legs up from the floor and locked both ankles apart on the legs of the chair with some kind is metal cuffs. There were no foot rest. There were nothing below my feet, it was hanging there with the help of those cuffs. I had to keep the legs up, else the cuffs were causing pain.

Jhon finally unlocked the heavy collar and dangling network of chains from my neck . He just wrapped the anchoring chain on my neck and locked it with a padlock . He smiled at me and left my cell. I was alone with the Asian guy.

I felt cold chain around my waist as he locked me firmly to the chair frame. His face was expression less.

"Sir, please, my name is Maya, this man has abducted me illegally here, please help me." i pleaded to the guy. I knew she would not help me, but i wanted to try. His expressions did not change.

Suddenly he pulled the backrest further back, and i bent back. my body weight was entirely on the backrest rod. I screamed in fear. I could not see my body anymore.

"please don't hurt me" i begged. I was crying profusely. I struggled to get free once again, but without any luck.

I had no idea stay he was doing there. Soon something touched my left nipple, i shivered.

"What are you doing? " pleaseeeeeee i screamed as a sharp pain bit into my nipple. I was shivering. He also put something on my right nipple. There was something dangling from both of them. I could not see what he was doing. I was struggling as much as i could, but i was too tightly tied to the chair.

I screamed as loudly as i could when he touched my vagina. His hands were cold. He was playing with my vagina. I started begging him to stop. Soon another pinching pain on my sensitive vagina lobe made me cry even more. Something was dangling from it too. i could feel it.

Another pain from the other lobe, and then i saw him emerging in front of me again. My body was full of sweat.

"pleaseeeeeee, noo, let me gooo" i cried again. This time, to my surprise, he gave me a smile. He showed me a black small thing, like a car remote.

He pushed the button, and then i saw a red light blink on the remote. Suddenly a huge jolt of thousand volts hit my nipples and vagina. I was screaming, howling. I never felt such pain in my life. I wanted a floor under my legs, iI found none. I felt as if my eyes would explode.

The electricity stopped within a few seconds. But it felt like eternity. There was saliva running from the end of my mouth. I was coughing violently.

He came near me. I was unable to move at all, i was still baffled. He bent down and started licking my nipples. I screamed again. Those had become so sensitive that it was hurting like hell.

"Stopppppppp, ohhhh my goddd, stoppppp" i was screaming on the top of my lungs. He was licking slowly, making me scream even more. I could feel the saliva dripping from those wet nipples.

"offfff offfff" I was panting heavily when left my nipples alone before engaging with my vagina. He was licking the outer lobes slowly.

"Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" I started screaming again. I was squirming in bondage. The slow touch of the lip was causing more pain on the sore vagina. Or should i say pleasure? I could not think more. He had already moved to the more sensitive inner lobes.

He got up after sometime and came near my face. I was too fatigued to tell him anything. I could only mourn loudly.

The second wave of shock was stronger. And it lasted for about 15 seconds. I was hawlinghowling like an animal. I could not recognize my own voice. I thought it would kill me. I pissed, vomited. But somehow i survived. The world blacked out in front of me.

He grabbed my breasts and squeezed them. He then tilted the chair and let his cock enter my sore vagina. I let out a loud mourn. I could not feel my own hands. My nerves were wrecked. Tears rolled down from my eyes as he kept on fucking me. I had no power left to scream.

"Ooh God, kill me " i whispered.

I lost my conciseness when the third wave of shock hit me.

Chapter 8

I woke up millionth time amidestamidst unbearable pain on my breasts and vagina. I could not touch them, as my hands were cuffed behind my back. I felt they were have also locked to a chain around my waist. I was alone in my cell, on the mattress. I closed my eyes. I did not try to move a bit, again. I could not move. The nerves were still shaking. I was still in a trance.

Someone held my head and pulled up a bit. It was Jhon. He poured some porridge in my mouth. I did not have strength to even chew them. I swallowed them. I did not feel any taste.

I laid there like a vegetable for 3 days. My entire body was still cramped. As if someone had inserted thousands of needles on my body. I pissed and dumped on the same spot. I had no control over them. Probably Jhon had cleaned them.

By forth day i could open my eyes and see properly. I screamed when i tried to move my legs. I felt as if somebody had torn flesh from my vagina.

I looked at my nipples. They were red, swelled. Any movements were making me scream in tremendous pain. I was not chained like previously, instead my hands were cuffed behind my back with metal handcuffs, which were locked to a chain around my waist. My legs were shackled too, with a hobbled cha chain in between them.

The collar was still locked on my neck, with the wall chain locked on it. I guess it was never taken off. I did not try to move much, I could not either. I could only cry at my predicament.

Jhon came to my cell After sometime, carrying my food. He first cleaned me with a wet sponge and then applied some ointment on my nipples and vagina.

"ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh" I screamed loudly in pain again as he touched them.

"it will heal them soon" he told.

"kill me please. The pain is unbearable" i whispered. He did not reply. He poured some milk and oatmeal in my mouth. I swallowed them again.

I got some strength back by fifth day. I guessed it was early morning as i could see morning light coming through the tiny window.i tried to sit up. I cried with every movement, but i did not want to lay like a vegetable anymore. The waist chain was encircled at the narrowest part of my belly tightly. I could not lower that. The arm movement became very minimal.

I wanted to touch my sore breasts, I could not. the neck chain jingled as i pushed myself and sat against the wall. I looked around. That awful chair was gone. I found those old heavy chains and cuffs pilled near the bed. I guessed Jhon will put me again to those very soon.

I gathered my thoughts. I was still shaken, but i knew one thing for sure, that was not the last torture. There was more to come. And i had to be strong to endure them. I wanted to go back to my family, alive.

"good morning sunshine, are you feeling better? " Jhon asked as he entered the cell. I nodded. He looked a bit surprised to see me without fear i guess.

"You have recovered well" he told as he rubbed those ointment again on my private parts. I clinched my teeth hard. I did not want to cry anymore in front of him. He fed me and was about to leave.

" when my next torture session begins? " i asked him.

He came back and sat beside me. He gently put my loose hair away from my face.

"Mr Yamimoto is one of the most powerful man here. I have business with him. This is some favor i have to give to enhance relationship.

"pleasePlease, Ii won't survive like this. Please kill me now. I can't take it anymore. Else, send me to jail. You have not told me that i would face torture like this. This is inhuman. " i told.

"it's too late for that. I had given you choice, and you decided to be my prisoner, rather than going to jail. So it is your fate now. " he told as he stood up. I started crying again.

" Besides, Mr Yamimoto visits this country oncetwice every year. So he would not be a problem for you, but i will be. So be careful" he told as he left.

My vagina and nipples were healing. The pain has been subdued. I started walking again. My hands were still cuffed behind my back, which was causing pain on my shoulders. I realized though my old chains were heavier, they were more comfortable. At least i could use my hands.

I also decided to keep on speaking to Jhon. This way i may be able to understand what was going through his mind. Even if he tortures me, i would still speak to him. It also will help me ease the fear of him, all the time. Besides, he was the one taking care of me. A good relationship may ensure a better stay here.

I had my periods meanwhile. Jhon saw this and gave me a pant style diaper. It had adhesive belt which he wrapped around my waist and then put the diaper between my legs, sticking the ends to the plastic belt stuck on my waist. The diapers were heavy. He used to change the diaper once a day and used to wash my vagina with water. I did not take bath for almost a week.

"Jhon, please let me keep my hands in front again. I want to atleastat least eat with my own hands. I can't even take care of my personal hygiene. If you want, please chain me like before with those chains" i pointed to the pile of chains and cuffs near the wall and pleaded.

"Wwhy, you don't want to be free from those chains? "

i could see his wicked smile on his face.

"No" i told. I looked straight at his eyes. I knew he would never let me out of bondage. I could feel it.

He smiled again and dropped a bunch of 3 keys inside the cell.

"i want to trust you. So use this key to get out of the those chains and cuffs you are wearing now. I will give you just 5minutes. You yourself need to put those old chains on your wrists and ankles. Failing to do so will result in 30 more days of cuffing your hands behind your back. Your time starts now" he told.

I looked at him. I was confused. Was he playing games with me? I thought for a second.

"I don't want to give him a chance to torture me like this for 30 more days " Ii thought.

I got up and rushed towards the bunch of three keys. It looked like he was enjoying the show. I sat on the floor and tried to use one hand to put a key into the imaginary keyhole.I found none. I fumbled through. Then i tried to take my hands on the side. The damn waist chain was not letting me take my hands on my side to see the cuffs.

Finally after lots of struggle i could see those handcuffs. But i could not see the key holes.

"Ddamn, those are below the cuffs" i realized. Pulling the waist chain was causing pain on my belly.

"2 minutes over. " he shouted. I was still trying to find the first key hole. I fumbled for few more seconds before i put the key inside a key hole .one swift movement and my left hand was free.

I pulled my right hand on the side and used my left hand to free that immediately. I was sweating profusely.

I grabbed my leg irons and put the first key in , it was too small. I realized i had put the handcuff key into the leg iron keyhole. I pushed the second key inside and unlocked the first leg iron.

"two minutes to go" he announced. I quickly unlocked the second cuff and ran towards the wall.

The chains and cuffs were all tangled and i could not untangle the themm easily. I dragged them to the centre of the cell and using both hands untangled them. Due to my struggle the unlocked tiny padlocks, which were dangling from the cuffs, fall on the floor.

"One minute to go "

IO was panting heavily. I first closed those wide cuffs around my ankles. I collected two tiny padlocks from the floor and quickly closed them on my ankle. I felt the weight again on my ankles. I took another padlock from the floor.

"thirty seconds" he screamed.

I fumbled to get the end of the chain to attach to the collar. The cold chain on my bare breasts made be shiver. I closed the bigger padlock through the collar and the chain link.

"Twenty seconds" he told.

I took the first cuff and put my left wrist inside. I closed it with a padlock.

"Ten seconds"

I wrapped the other cuff on my right wrist but i could not find another padlock. I looked around. To my shock, that tiny padlock was near the wall where the pile of chains was placed.


I tried to get up in a hurry. My legs tangled with those heavy chains and i fall on the floor with huge rattling of metallic chain. I screamed in pain.


I crawled like a dog towards the paddock. The chains rattled on the hard floor.

"Three "

I grabbed it by my right hand and took my hand near the belly.


I transferred the padlock to my left hand. I locked the cuff on my wrist and pulled the opened padlock through the hasp.

"One ,stop"

I heard the click of the padlock just as he told me to stop. I was panting heavily. There was sweat all over my naked body. I looked at Jhon.

He seemed happy. I wash very tired and did not want to get up.

"what's there in your waist?" he asked.

I looked down and was horrified. The waist chain was still locked around my belly, and the cuffs were dangling from them. I realized the third key was to unlock the chain, but in hurry i forgot to do that.

"I i am sorry, please. I have almost finished..." he did not let me finish.

"Aalmost is not good enough. So it seems your hands are going behind your back again" he told.

Tears rolled down from my eyes. I did not want my hands behind my back again. I got up and pleaded again.

"pleasePlease sir, please don't do this, iI am begging you" iI started crying loudly.

He unlocked the cell and came inside. I knew no amount of pleading will make him stop. I could only shut my eyes and cry.

He grabbed my neck chain and pulled me up. He took the keys from the floor.

He turned my back towards him. I felt tug on my waist chain. I heard a small 'click ' behind my back.

"Open your eyes and see" he told. I opened my eyes. He was dangling those regular cuffs in front of my eyes which was locked behind that waist chain. He put them away near the wall. The chain was still there on my waist though, but the cuffs were unlocked from the chain. He also gathered the old leg irons from the floor and kept them near the handcuffs.

I was confused. I looked at him.

"I sometimes reward for good works. You tried your level best, so iI am not going to chain your hands behind your back for 30 days now. But the waist chain stays on your belly to remind you of your failure. Enjoy your freedom"

I almost cried in joy. For the first time he did not torture me even when he got chance.

"thank you" i whispered as he left the cell.

Chapter 9

I tried to become friends with my chains. I tried to understand my limitations. The continuous clinking of chains was a part of my life now. I used to walk inside my cell, as much as i could, as far as my chains would allow t,too count counteer boredom. I used to hold and pull the connecting chain to lift the leg irons to prevent tangling with my legs. I knew there wasis no escape from these chains.

I used to cry, a lot. I was living in a continuous fear. I started to prey more. I wanted god to give me strength. I was counting days.

It was 20th day after the electric torture when he entered my cell. It was already evening. I was sitting on my bed. He looked drunk.

He grabbed my breasts from behind. I could struggle only little. The chains rattled hard as i tried to prevent him from smashing them. But i was no match to his enormous strength. He stepped on the leg irons to prevent my leg movement. I knew i had nowhere to go. He kissed me on my shoulders and made me rest on the bed. He held the chain between my ankles and lifted my legs up. I bit my lips and mourn when he plunged his huge cock inside me.

I knew this day would come when he will use me sexually. Tears kept on rolling from my eyes as he started stroking hard. I was covered with sweat. Soon my vagina was filled with hot cum.

I was really worried now. I could get pregnant like this. He meanwhile had left me alone and wore his dress back. I did not want to get up. I was exhausted.

"pleasePlease sir, i6 don't want to get pregnant" iI told in low voice when he was locking my cell door. He smiled at me and threw a strip of tablets inside my cell.

"Ttake one and keep the rest" he told and left. I got up slowly from the bed and walked towards the shower area. I first cleaned my vagina and then reached near the tablet strip. He had indicated clearly that he will use me sexually frequently. And i could do nothing about it. I went back to my bed and cried my heart out.

I grew stronger as more days passed. I was scared of the rape, and that had already happened twice. I was a prisoner,at his mercy. So there was nothing much to lose. I had no idea whether he would release me from here, ever. But that was the only hope i had.

I started keeping myself busy. I used to clean the cell everyday. Then iI used to take bath properly. I asked Jhon for some story books, which he gave me after a few days. I started drawing pictures on the cell wall using a small piece of red stone which i found in a corner until Jhon gave me charcoal pencils.

The rape continued. He used to use me sexually almost every day. I stopped resisting, there was no use. Surprisingly, me and Jhon started having small talks during the time he used to fuck me. He used to talk about cultures and history of Zambia. I used to enjoy the chaarts. At least it used to make me realize that i am still human. Jhon gave me a small cardboard box containing toothpaste, toothbrush, a towel a comb and a shaving kit. He didn't used to like unshaven armpits.

Three more months passed. I was almost used to my prisoner life here. I was punished many times for not responding quickly enough when he called me, for falling to call him Sir or for not shaving armpit properly. Punishment included locking my collar to a vertical cell bar for the entire day so i had to stand straight for the whole day , whipping on my buttock or the worse which i was facing for last one month, attachment of a ten pound ball and chain on my left leg. I had no idea when he would release my ankle from that dead weight. He also warned me that on my next mistake, he would chain my hands behind my back again for a very long time.

I didn't used to feel scared anymore. I knew i would survive anything. I knew he wouldn't kill me. He used to bring some good food when he used to be happy. He had never asked me about my past or my family.

It was a full moon night. The lights of the cell was off. I was sleeping on my bed when i heard Jhon opening the next cell door. I was a bit surprised as he had never unlocked that cell ever for last 6 months, since i was here. I could not see anything due to darkness. He dragged a heavy something inside and came out and locked the cell door. I did not bother to check anything. I went back to sleep.

An ear-splitting scream suddenly woke me up in the morning. I got up on my feet. I was stunned to see a girl inside the other adjacent cell. She looked very young, shell shocked. She was handcuffed behind her back. A pair of leg irons with just one link if chain between them was locked on her ankles. She looked Indian too.

"ahhhhhhhhhh, let me outttttttttt" she was screaming on top of her lungs. I was stunned to see another girl meeting same fate as mine.

"Shhhhh please calm down" iI told.

"Helpppp, Let me ....." she just stopped midway and looked at me. I guessed she was looking at my naked body and heavily chained avatar.

"Wwhat the Fuck!!! " she screamed at me.

I was feeling ashamed of my nakedness all over again. I tried to hide my breasts.

"Where am I? Who the fuck has done this with me? " he shouted from her cell.

I walked as far as my neck chain would allow towards her cell. I could see her clearly now. She was struggling to get out of her cuffs like anything.

" pleasePlease stop struggling, you will hurt yourself " iI told her.

She ignored my words completely. She kept on screaming and yelling. I walked back to my bed. Walking became very difficult for me due to that heavy ball and chain on my ankle.

Soon Jhon entered the outer hall. He went straight to the other cell. The girl was trying to get up, but she fall back to the floor again.

"Wwho the hell are you? Where is Sameer? Why have you kept me here? " she started screaming once he entered the cell.

Jhon kept two bowls on the floor, one contained some rice,the other one with water.

"Ccome down and have food and water. Your boyfriend had sold you to me. Now relax, we will talk later" he told in a calm voice.

"Fuck you, let me goooooo, helpppppp" she was screaming again.

"shut up" Jhon yelled at her.

"Bbastard, open my hands and then iI will show what iI can do. I will kick your ass" she continued screaming.

Jhon seemed agitated. He got out of the cell. Meanwhile the girl tried to crawl out of the cell too, but Jhon came back before that. He was carrying a big scissors.

Amid loud screaming, Jhon held her by her hair and pulled her towards the back of her cell. He pulled her clothes and started cutting them off her body.

"Ddon't touch me, no noooo nooooooo" she was yelling and struggling. Jhon already had cut her top and torn her bra. The leg Irons were too rigid for her to be able to kick. Jhon pushed the scissors inside her jeans and started cutting her bottom wear too.

"Oohhhhhhh Fuck youuuuuuuu" she was screaming. It didn't seem to bother Jhon. He had cut the jeans and toretorned her panty out. He left the struggling naked girl inside and locked the cell again.

I felt really bad for the girl. Tears rolled down from my eyes. I remembered my predicament days. She was very young, probably 18-19 years. For now I i wanted to leave her alone. Jhon meanwhile passed my breakfast through the bars of my cell.

"Nno speaking to her if you don't want to be punished severely " he warned me.

I had my food. The new girl was crying loudly. I wanted to tell her to to eat. That was the only way to survive.

Hours passed. She was still screaming and crying. She looked tired. They're was saliva and tears smeared on her face. She had not touched the food.

"Wwhat he is gonna do with me? Please help me get out" she asked me. I could not disobey John's order. I could not speak with her. I showed my chains to her.

"Oh God, what he wants? Is he gonna fuck me? " she asked again. I ignored her questions.

Jhon came back in 4 hours. He gave me my lunch. He also ignored her scream and left soon. She Was still struggling.

She must had dozed off due to tiredness by afternoon. By evening he started screaming when she saw Jjhon again.

"Bbastard, you try to touch me sexually and i will kick your ass, you moron. Let me goo nowww" she was yelling.

Jhon had enough. He took a whip from the shelf and went inside.

"Hhaven't i told to shut up, you bitch " he screamed and started whipping her. She was screaming and jumping. He whipped her mercilessly. I started crying seeing her in such pain.

She was begging him to stop but Jhon continued to whip her. She was struggling to breath. She could not hide her body. The whip was lashing on her bare breasts, legs, arms, belly.

"Ggo and eat the food. " Jhon screamed as he continued whipping. She started crawling towards the bowl immediately. She cried loudly as she put her mouth in the bowl.

"Tthis should keep you quiet for now" he screamed and walked out.

I could see her crying loudly while chewing the stale food. She was gasping for breath too.

She stopped crying after a few hours. I went to bed at night. I was really worried about the girl.

I woke up in the morning and looked at her. She was still sleeping in the same position. Jhon came after a while and passed one bowl each inside the cells. The girl seemed in deep sleep even then. Jhon did not call her, he left in few minutes.

"Gget up and eat" iI whispered after a few hours. I did not want her to be punished again.

"Iit's already couple of hours, he will come back, please eat" i told loudly.

She did not move. I was really scared by then.

"Ggirl, can you hear me" iI screamed, but she was unmoved.

"Jhon, come fast, the girl is not moving" Ii screamed. But nobody came. I had no idea whether Jhon used to stay here, or he just used to come sometimes.

He came after another couple of hours. I was really scared by then.

"Sshe is not moving, please check. " iI screamed in panic stricken voice.

Jhon hurried to the cell. He turned her and checked her breathing. She looked pale.

"She is alive" he told "but..."

"What happened?" I asked.

"She is unconscious. Also have high fever " he told.

"Please take her to doctor" I told.

I can't, iI can give her some medicines. I don't know whether she will survive or not. " he told.

I was really scared now. I could not see her die in front of my eyes.

"pleasePlease, let me help her. I got a nursingse training back home. Medicines alone won't help her if she has high fever. "I told.

He thought for a minute. Then he picked her up on her shoulders. He unlocked my cell door and put her on my bed. I touched her body. The fever was very high. Her breathing was shallow. Her hands were still cuffed behind her back.

"lock this on her neck first" he threw a metal collar ,two padlocks and a coil of chain inside my cell.

"Aare you even human? " iI asked. "don't you see she is very ill? Where she is gonna escape? " iI asked.

"Dodo you want to help her? Then put it on her neck, else iI am going to transfer her back to her cell again and let her die" he shouted.

I reluctantly took the metal collar from the floor. The collar was wider than mine one. I put that on her neck. I locked the chain in front of her collar and locked the other end of the chain to the wall ring just like my neck chain. Jhon looked impressed. He walked out and came back in about a minute. He threw a key towards me.

"that's your reward " he told.

I was really surprised. I looked at the key, i had no idea which key was this one. I looked at him helplessly. He pointed at my ball and chain.

I quickly got down on the floor and unlocked the cuff from my right ankle. I was happy, i would not need to carry the dead weight anymore. The skin beyond the cuff had been chaffed badly. I kept the ball and chain near the wall.

I came back near the girl. I started putting wet cloth on her forehead. She was still unconscious.

Jhon came back and threw a strip of medicine inside the cell. I requested him to give a blanket for her which he obliged.

Her senses came back by evening. I was repeateadely nursing her. She was groaning goarning in pain and fever. She could not speak a word. She was just looking at me.

"Everything will be alright, keep breathing " iI told. She closed her eyes again.

I wrapped her with the blanket and held her in my arms as she shivered all night. She was speaking gibberishjibrish. She was calling her mom in her sleep.

It took three days for her to be able to open her eyes property. She looked pale, weak.

"Eeverything will be alright dear, please don't lose hope " I whispered. She did not had strength to get up.

By fifth day she could move a bit. I made her sit against the wall and made her eat.

What's your name? " i asked

"Liza" she told.

"Wwill he kill us? " she asked.

"Nnot If you obey hiser ord ordersers" I i told. "I i am here for last six months. He had punished me severely many times. There is no way we can resist " .

"Ccan you open these cuffs and free my hands at least. My shoulders are in tremendous pain " she pleaded.

"Ii can't. It is too tightly locked around your wrists. Only he has the keys. "

She stared crying again. She held the wall chain and tried to break it by pulling. I knew what she was going through. It took me months to realize there was no escape from those chains. There was no hope to break them. I messaged her shoulders to ease pain.

"Pperhaps you can plead him to give you more comfortable chains. He may listen to your... "

she interrupted "No way, Ii won't plead to that bastard. Even if i die, I i won't surrender to him"

She looked at me "Didid he had forced himself to... "

"yes " i told" she raped me. This is why she had kept us here, to be his fuck dolls"

I could see deep fear in her eyes.

"how did you come here? " i asked her.

"iI really don't know. My boyfriend told he had got a job in Zambia. My parents did not want us to get married, so i eloped with him. We came to Zambia and took a hotel room here, had dinner and wine, and then i woke up here, cuffed and imprisoned" she told.

I narrated my entire story too. She was really surprised.

"Tthis is criminal. How can he keep us illegally here? We should fight together" she screamed.

"Ddo you see this heavy chains? There is no escape from them." iI showed the neck chain to her. "you can try, but you will be punished severely for that."

"Whatever, but i won't bend in front of him " she told.

We stopped talking as Jhon entered the room. He looked at us, angrily.

"Hhaven't i told you to not to talk? Do you need to be punished all the time?" he asked. We kept quiet.

He pushed our breakfast through the bars. I took the plates. There was sandwiches.

"Ssir, please release her legs for sometimes from those rigid cuffs, let her walk till the shower stall. She had not taken bath since she came here" i pleaded.

"Soso, should i put them on your ankles? " he asked me. I kept quiet.

"Ddon't try to tell me what i should do, else iI will show you what actually i need to do" he shouted.

"iI am sorry sir" i told as he walked away.

I was happy that atleastat least someone else was around. Liza was an attractive girl, had slim waistline and curvy breasts. We used to chat all day in low voice. She had recovered well.

Jhon came inside my cell that night. He grabbed Lisa by her collar and dragged her towards the ring on the wall where both of our neck chains were locked. Liza was screaming in panic and pain. He took a padlock from his pocket and shortained her neck chain to merely one feet from the wall. Then he came to me and pulled his pants down. I knew what was coming next. I looked at Liza. I could see horror in her eyes as he plunged his cock inside my vagina. I mourned in pain and pleasure as he stroked hard.

He wanted to humiliate me more in front of Liza i guess. He came inside me and then told me to suck his cock.

"Ssuck it clean baby. " he told. I had to obey his order. I reluctantly took the huge cock in my mouth. Ii was feeling like vomiting.

"Ususe your tongue to clean to tip" he told. I quickly finished cleaning it.the taste was awful. I quickly cleaned it and crawled towards the wash basin. I vomited as tears rolled down from my eyes.

"Nonot bad, but i need better next time " iI heard him laugh . He unlocked the padlock which was shortning Liza's neck chain and walked out, locking the cell door.

"Are you alright " Liza asked as i helped her come back to the bed.

"I ai m ok" i told. I was still crying. I was feeling so humiliated of being fucked in front of her.

She rested her chin on my shoulder to comfort me.

"I i am sorry" she told.

I cried quietly and closed my eyes.

Chapter 10

"Wake up ladies" Jhon told as he entered our cell again. I got up immediately. He was carrying a sack. I could hear metallic clinking sounds from it. I hoped it would not be anther torture device for me.

"Mmake her sit here" she pointed at Liza. I helped her get down from bed to the floor.

Jhon untangled.. ..the The things from the sack. It contained a series of heavy cuffs and chains, all in Stainless Steel, bright silver.

He pulled the entire network of chains towards her. I could see a big wide collar like thing added to the network but it was bigger than the collars we wore on our necks. Liza looked really scared.

Jhon first unlocked the legironsleg irons from her ankles. I could see deep red marks on her skin behind those cuffs. She tried to stretch her legs, but Jhon pulled them back where they were.

"Ifif you move your body without my permission, i will break those ankles" he shouted at her. I could see fear in her eyes.

Jhon pulled the leg irons first and locked them around her ankles. Those were well crafted, looked thick and smooth. They did not have any dangling padlock like my restraints. They had internal locks, which clicked once he pushed the ends together.

Liza shivered as the 'click' reached her ears. The chain between two cuffs were around a foot long. Jhon then grabbed the big cuff like metal gear. It had three hinges. There were two cuffs dangling from it, which was joined by a network if chains, which in turn was joined to the leg iron chain in the middle.

I realized that metal cuff would act as a belt when he pushed it on the smallest part of her belly. The connecting chain between her leg shackles and the belt was running from the back of the belt. The two ends of the belt met just above her naval. It was very tightly encircling her waist. It had an internal lock too, which clicked once he pushed the ends together.

I could see tears rolling down from her eyes. I knew what it feels like being chained.

"Ohhhh, Liza screamed once Jhon unlocked her handcuffs. There must have been tremendous pain in her shoulders due to long confinement. Jhon did not even gave her time to react. He locked those dangling cuffs to her wrists. I looked at the cuffs carefully. There was atleastat least two feet chain between them which was passed through two solid rings behind the belt. She could take her hands to her sides. The connecting chain between her legironsleg irons and the belt was actually attached to the middle of the handcuff chain between those two passing rings.

"Geget up" he told her. Liza almost fall down for the first time she tried to get up, as the connecting chain between the leg irons and handcuff chain was too short.

Jhon held her and made her stand. By now i realized how wickedly those shackles have been made. When she stood up, the total slack of her handcuff chains got pulled by the connecting chain through the rings, thus she was forced to keep her hands behind her back while standing. Hey cuffs were almost got attached to the belt rings. So her freedom of moving her hands till her sides gets over once she would stand or walk. Even walking would be very difficult as even the leg iron chain would get short.

"oh it hurts" Liza screamed when Jhon pushed her to walk. I knew those leg irons would hurt. Especially when there was almost no slack left. Jhon seemed very satisfied.

"you will get used to it" he told. He put two plates in the floor and locked the door.

I held her and helped her get back to the bed. She pulled her legs up so that she could get some freedom to move her hands. The chains clinked loudly as she pulled the slack chain through the rings. She pulled on the metal belt.

"ohh, it's so tight" she told.

"atleastAat least these are better then those rigid cuffs. You can atleastat least move your hands and legs.

"How can we escape? " she showed the chain "Tthese are so heavy"

"I i have really lost all hope of escaping " i told her, "since he had put me in those chains"

"Hhow can you lose hope; don't" she screamed.

I smiled at him. Deep down i was already defeated. She still had hopes, i did not want to dash those.

"Bbetter get used to these chains. Those looks better than mine. I love silver" iI tried to make her mood light.

She smiled too. " pleasePlease exchange if you want. This one's are so restrictive "

For the first time she had food with her own hands since she came here. I helped her walk till the shower. She sat down and took bath.

"Iit feels damn good" she told as cold water ran down her naked body. I smiled, any man could have killed to see such beautiful girl taking shower, naked.

"Ccan you please put some shampoo on my hairs. These handcuffs won't let me reach my head" she told.

As far as i knew myself till date, iI was straight as an arrow. But don't know why friction between my bare boobs and her back felt good as i had applied shampoo on her head. She had short hair, till her neck. We took bath together.

"Next time you apply soap on my back. " iI told her. She laughed. Momentarily we forgot the pain of being a naked prisoner.

We sat on the bed. We were careful not to speak loudly.

"Let me see your cuffs " she told. "if i can pluck the lock somehow" she told.

She tried to pull and twist. But it did not bulge.

"What will you do by picking one lock? I have plenty more. And then there is this great neck chain which is omnipresent. " iI told her.

"God iI hate that thing on my neck. Very irritating, iI feel like an animal. " she told, rattling the neck chain.

We chatted until Jhon arrived. He gave us our lunch. Then we slept together for sometimes. The belt was poking on her waist. She could not sleep properly.

"Use the blanket as cushion near your belly" i told her.

Three days passed without any new development. I thanked God that he sent Liza to my boring life.

Jhon walked in on that night. He instructed me to sit near the ring on the wall. I was surprised when he locked a padlock shortning my neck chain to the world.

"Isis he going to fuck Liza today? " iI was worried. I was really protective about her.

I saw Liza shivering. She must be feeling it too.

"Kkneel down here" Jhon ordered her. She was shaking her head. Jhon held her neck chain and pulled the helpless girl to the floor. She started crying by then.

"I want you to meet someone here" he told as he walked out of the cell. Keeping the cell door open. I could see a man approaching the cell. It was too dark to see his face.

"Sameer " Liza screamed. I could see him too now. A tall Good looking boy, must be in his 3020th.

"Has he captured you too? please baby, let me out. This man is torturing me " she screamed.

Sameer also came running. He helold her in his arms.

"i Can't save you dear, i had too much debt to this person. I could not do anything" he whispered.

"Wwhat the hell. Let me out , now" Liza screamed.

Jhon seemed enjoying the show. He started laughing. "Bbro you can act well. Why don't you tell her how much money iI had given you for her? " he asked.

A faint smile appeared on Sameer's lips. "Ththat's true, iI am rich now, thanks to you. And he granted me one more wish"

Liza became very violent. She tried to kick her, but her limited chains did not allow her. She fall back on the hard floor with hell lot of jingling of chains.

"you bastard, iI will never forgive you, iI will kill you? " she was screaming as she tried to stand again. The man held her neck chain and pulled her down to the floor again.

"Tstsk tsk, you know, I chose these chains for you, Ii know your limitations. I got permission from your new master to fuck you once more before iI go back to India tomorrow. " he told in a calm voice.

"I i won't let you touch me" she screamed. She was struggling as far as she could, but the chains did not give her any chance to defend herself. She was helpless against his strength. He held her bound legs, opened her zipper and plunged his penis into her vagina. I could not see her frustrating scream anymore. I looked at the other side. I had tears in my eyes.

He finished raping her after sometime. I could see the girl , lying defeated motionless. I could hear her morn as Sameer got up.

"see you soon bitch, keep your new owner happy" he told.

Liza did not react she was crying profusely. Jhon came inside the cell as he left. He unlocked the padlock which was shortning the neck chain.

I limped towards the girl. Jhon locked the cell door and went away.

"Liza, get up , let's go to bed" i told her. She did not respond. She was crying profusely.

"Ccome on, be strong. Keep your faith in God. Please"

I almost dragged her till the bed. She was shivering. She did not respond to my words. I took the blanket and wrapped her in it. It was difficult for me to work in chains, but Ii manged somehow. I wrapped my arms around her and slept on the floor that day.

Chapter 11

She did not speak at all next morning despite my attempts to lighten her mood. I was very disturbed too. She must have been feeling devastated. I guessed she had only one hope, that her boyfriend would take her out of this situation. But now that her last hope too had been dashed she must be realizing the real situation, that there is no escape from here. I knew that feeling too. But i realized the same over a period of imprisonment, not in one night like her.

"good morning girls" Jhon told as he entered the outer hall. She did not react. I took two plates of food from Jhon.

"Have food " i told her.

Suddenly she got up and threw the plate in the floor. I was surprised by her behavior. Jhon looked at her furiously.

"Wwhat are you doing? Behave, or we both will be punished. " i whispered.

"Ffuck off" she screamed at me.

"Wwhat did you say?" Jhon shouted in a deep tone.

"Yyou bastard, you listen to me. You let me out if these fucking shackles right now. " she screamed as she rattled her heavy chains.

" Ddo you have any idea what.... " she stopped me midway

"Wwhat can he do? I don't fear him anymore. You can whip me again like a sissy. How much money do you require? My dad will give you. But i will never let you touch me, ever" she was screaming on top of her voice.

I was really scared now. I knew what Jhon could do. He would not even batter an eye lead before torture her to death. I tried to make her sit.

"Calcome do downwn, please don't do this. " iI told her. Jhon meanwhile walked out of the room and came back quickly. He was holding a metal gear.

He held her hair and threw her on the ground. He put his leg over the connecting chain so she could not move her hands a bit. He sat on her back, pulled her head back by her hair and then pushed the metal bracket like thing inside her mouth.

"ahhhhhhhhhhh ghhhhhhhhh" Liza was screaming on top of her lungs. The "U" like shape was extended till the back of her neck. There was also a slightly bent type of a rod dangling from one end of the U, which he pushed on the other end, locking the device behind her neck. He pushed the rod further to make to more tight around her cheeks.

I started crying as well seeing her predicament. it looked looked like some D shaped cuff i saw in old movies. Only the middle of the U is inverted further inside her mouth, seizing her ability to speak.

She kept on screaming, Jhon by then had locked that terrible metal gag in her mouth. He left her there and went out of our cell.

"I will make your lives miserable if you behave like this, mind it" he told and left.

I rushed to Liza, who was trying to get that metal gag off her mouth.

"ohhh flesssssss" she was pleading to get that thing off her face. I tried to remove it. But it was firmly locked around her cheeks.she was drooling heavily. The metal gag was painfully pulling the side of her mouth wider. She had to keep her mouth open.

"oh gohhhhh" she screamed when she realized there in no way to unlock the gag .

"I told you not to argue with him," I told. I was also crying seeing her predicament. She was panting hard with all the struggle.

"Try to relax, say sorry to him once he comes back. " i told.

I poured some water in her mouth after sometime. Her boobs were wet with saliva. her mouth had become dry.

"I aaa shoiyyyy" she screamed once Jhon came in the afternoon. He ignored her plea and gave only one plate of food.

"Sir. She said sorry, please sir" i told Jhon too

"Do you want one gag for yourself. I think you do" he told me. I kept quiet. He waited for me finish the food. I did not get Chance to feed her something from my plate. I had no idea how she could eat with that thick metal inside her mouth.

Liza cried all day. She wag not given any food to entire day.

"ifff hurfffsss" she told with teary eyes.

"i know baby it hurts, i believe he will remove it soon" i tried to console her. She was crying profusely.

Liza was weeping in hunger. It was already one full day she did not eat anything. She tried to say sorry every time Jhon came in, but that gag was never removed.

I was happy when i saw Jhon coming with two plates of food by afternoon. He Passed two plates inside the cell.

"open the gag " he told me firmly as he threw a key inside the cell. I hurried to my feet to grab it. I pushed the key inside the keyhole on the gag and turned it. The heavy metal bracket fall on the floor.

"ohhh" Liza screamed as she closed her mouth. Hey jaws were aching badly i guess.

I took two plates and placed in front of us. We finished the food in no time. Jhon was watching us from outside. He spoke after we finished washing our hands.

"Nnow pick the gag, and put it back on her mouth again. " he told me.

I was not ready for such command. I was really happy that finally she was free from that torturous device. Liza started crying again once she heard that.

"Pplease don't, please. I am sorry. I will do whatever you tell me" she was pleading .

"Arare you gonna stand there all day? " he screamed at me. I really could no do this to her.

"Sshe won't speak a word, iI guarantee you. Please don't tell me to put that thing in his mouth again" i pleaded too.

He really became angry. He took a whip and came inside out cell. He started whipping me mercilessly

"ahhhhhhhhh" i was screaming like an animal. The whipping was severe on my naked body. I was rolling on the floor, trying to defend myself. My skin was on fire.

"Ppleaseeeeeee, put this in my mouth, pleasePlease" Liza screamed as she saw me in tremendous pain. She rushed towards me with that metal gag in her hand.Jhon stopped whipping me. Looked like he was enjoying the show.

"pleasePlease put it on , i don't want to see you in pain because if me, pleasePlease" she told me. My hands were trembling. She opened her mouth wide as i pushed the metal bracket inside her mouth.

"iI am sorry" i whispered as iI pushed the lock. Jhon made me push the back rod until Liza scream in pain. He locked it and took the key. We both were crying profusely.

"If i see anyone disobey me. I will kill one and let other one watch. " he shouted and walked away.

The gag stayed firmly on her mouth for days. He used to threw the key to me before every meal, and i had to unlock and relock it three times a day. She used to cry at the beginning, but later she became very numb.

I missed those small talks between us. I used to wipe her drools all the time and poured water on her gagged mouth to keep her hydrated.

She stopped pleading too. She became like a stone. I used to speak to her to divert her attention but she used to look the other side. her eyes became very still, as if she had already lost her battle. Jhon used to fuck us every alternate day.

"let's walk for sometime, come on, get up" Ii pleaded one morning. She was in no mood to get up. She curled on the bed and closed her eyes.

"Iit's morning, get up" iI screamed again. This time she looked at me and then looked at her leg shackles. She had tears in her eyes.

"hey, even i have chains on my legs, but that should not stop our spirit" I told.

She reluctantly obliged. We walked for few minutes.

Jhon came in while we were walking. I was really surprised to see him so early. He had a small doctor like kit in his hand. He unlocked the door and came in.

"Ssit down ladies, this is for your good health" he told with a smile. We kneeled down near the bed.

He took one vile and one injection from the case. We both were very scared.

"what's that? What are you giving us? " I i asked.

"just antibiotics" he told with a smile. He first came to Liza and without warning pushed the liquid on her left breast.

"ohhhhhhhh" Liza screamed from behind the gag. Jhon took some more liquid inside the injection and pushed the same on her right breast too.

"Wwhat are you doing to us, please leave us alone. " iI screamed again.

"I think you need a gag too like your friend" he told. I shut my mouth.

The injection was again filled and pushedused on my breasts. It really hurt but i kept quite.

He fucked both of us that night.

Chapter 12

"Aahhhhhhhh " iI screamed as iI tried to move in my sleep. The breasts were really sore since he applied those injections on them. I looked at Liza. She was also awake.

"Aare you feeling the pain too? " iI asked her. She nodded. She pulled her hands in front and tried to massage her breasts. It was difficult since the chains were short.

"Ddo you want me to do it? " i asked. She nodded.

The breasts were warm, well, more than warm, it was hot. Just same as mine. She screamed when i touched her nipple.

"Aare they sensitive? " iI asked. she nodded.

"I don't know what he had done to us" iI quipped.

Our breasts enlarged further within 3-4 more days.they became super sensitive. Both of our breasts almostalnose became 38D. I asked Jhon several times about the injection, but he did not tell me anything.

"hmmmmmmm, huhhh" Liza screamed and made me wake up. She was looking at the mattress. I found some liquid spilled over the mattress. It was coming from her breasts.

"Ooh my God, are you lactating? I asked.

"yhhhhhhh yehhhhh" she looked panicked. I checked my breasts, there was nothing.

"Iis this causing pain? " iI asked. She nodded affirmatively.

We walked till basin. I massaged her breastrestss to drain some liquid from it.

By morning milk started leaking from my breasts too.

"Ggood morning ladies" Jhon told as he walked in. I got up with huge clinking of chains.

"Oour breasts are sore, there is liquid coming out if it. Please help us Jhon" I i pleaded. He smilednorted and came back with two plastic apparatus.

"Ddon't worry, that's milk, your own breast milk. These are breast pumps. You have to put them on your nipples in order to drain milk. You won't feel any pain once you drain the milk in the pot. " he told with a smile.

"Bbrest milk? " iI screamed. "Arare we pregnant? "

"Nno those are hormones iI had injected. You will feel good when you drain it thrice a day"

I started crying seeing all these.

"Wwhy are you doing this to us? " iI screamed.

"Iit's valuable. And i don't want to waste money on both of you just like that. You have to earn your bread here" he told.

He put two vacuum sucker on liza's nipples. There were two pipes which went into a small machine and then to a sealed plastic bottle. He did the same with my breasts too.

"Are you ready ladies? " he told with a smile and pushed a button. It felt like a gentle sucking on my nipples as milk started flowing through the transparent pipes into the bottle. It felt really good. The pain was getting reduced slowly.

It took almost half an hour when the machine stopped automatically. The soreness in my breasts were somewhat gone. I actually enjoyed the sucking pleasure. I looked at Liza. She looked relieaved too.

Jhon came near Liza and stroked her hair. He took the key out of his pocket and unlocked her gag.

"Yyou did good today, so now i want to take this gag off and put on your friend's mouth. One of you has to be quiet " he laughed and told.

I shivered from inside. As much as i liked that gag to be removed from liza's face, I really panicked to know that now he wanted to put that thing on my mouth. I started crying profusely.

I did not move. I knew any movement would cause in severe punishment. I shivered when the cold metal touch my cheeks. I closed my eyes and let out a muffled scream.

He laughed like a madman looking at my reaction. He did not close the thing around my mouth. He threw it near the wall where the ball and chain and my old cuffs were still lying.

He stopped laughing briefly. "if i see you girls talking then this one will go in one of your mouths for a very long time. " he told in a serious tone before walking out of the cell with those bottles of our milk. He kept the pumps inside.

We embraced each other and cried for a long time. We did not dare to speak a word. Jhon came back by afternoon and passed two more bottles inside the cell. Now we knew how to use the pump. I helped Liza to put those pods in her nipples and then i put the other two on my nipples.

This became a routine. We started speaking to each other in very low tone after a week. Jhon used to push hormone injections once every week. At night Me and Liza used to caress each others sore breasts to gain some relief and s yesexua, sexuall pleasu pleasure.

It was romantic. I had no idea why 6i was doing that. I had no idea I liked women Or perhaps only Liza. She was more aggressive after the initial few days. She started kissing me on my lips. Every chance she could get. I enjoyed the attention.

I liked Liza, a lot. She was beautiful, attractive. She somehow became like a sex addict teen, always wanted to rub her breasts on my body. I really feared Jhon would see us and may chain us in two different cells. But by then we figured out his frequently and time of visit. Even sometimes he used to give us dry foods and fruits and told us that he won't be visiting for a few days.

She I sometimes used to push hermy fingers inside myher vagina while caressing her breasts. We soon started masturbating with each others company. I loved tickling her while sucking her breasts. It was easy for me to control her, i just had to step on her linking chain,so that her hands get confined on the small of her back.

We enjoyed each other's company more and more.

That was the only relief we had in this prisoner life. Jhon still used to fuck any one of us everyy alternate day.

Gradually our punishments increased too. Probably he wanted to punish us more for his own sadistic pleasure. He used to beat us with leather belts for small reasons. He also used to put additional restraints on us. I got one thick metal waist belt like Liza for two months for not shaving armpits properly. My handcuffs were padlocked in front if it. Liza got elbow cuffs for one month for not making pleasure sounds during intercourse. She also got the ball and chain for one month for failing to lick his dick purposely.

Chapter 13

"Llet's celebrate today. " Jhon told me as he entered with a cake. I was surprised to see that. I had no idea what celebration is there.

"Iit's our anniversary. Just one year ago you came here" he told with a smile.

"ONE YEAR!!!!! " i screamed inside my head. It felt like ten years while enduring those torture. My chains felt heavier. I sat down on the floor.

He took a plastic knife and made me cut the cake. He gave two big pieces to us. I could not hold my tears when i ate the cake.

"Wwill you really let me go after two more years? " i asked Jhon.

"Ooff course. Don't worry" he told with a wicked smile. I really wanted to Believe that. But my mind was telling, he would never let me free.

It was our hormone day. Jhon pushed two syringes full of hormone in our boobs. Our breasts were getting soggy day by day due to weight of the milk.

"Aahhhhh " iI screamed as iI tried to walk to basin to wash my hands. There was something sharp went inside my right foot.

Don't move, it's the needle of the syringe. Liza told as he walked towards me. Her punishment of that ball and chain was still continuing. I did not have any additional restraints at that moment. Only my regular chains were locked. She took time to reach near me.

She held my foot and pulled the needle out. A drop of blood oozed out of the wound.

We looked at the was long, sharp. The end was bent due to pressure.

I washed my hands and came back. Liza in the meantime had bent the tip of the needle and had pushed it inside the belt lock. She was trying to pick the lock. I laughed.

"Ddo you think you can pick the lock with that tiny needle? and if you do also, do you knows how many locks you need to pick to escape from here? " why do you even try? " iI asked.

"iI don't know. But i will keep in trying" she told.

"And you will keep on being punished" iI told as iI kicked the ball and chain on her ankle. She laughed too.

"let's Try to pick your chain locks" she told as she came near me.

"Bback off"I ti told. " iI don't want to be punished like you. "

She forcibly held my hand and pushed the bent needle inside the tiny lock. She tried to push and move it, but nothing happened.

"Ha ha ha" Ii laughed. But she did not want to give up. She pushed me on the bed and got over me.

"Wwhat are you doing? " iI tried to push her off. But i was actually enjoying the friction between our moist sensitive nipples. She pushed the needle iniside the big padlock on my collar. He was moving the needle inside that big lock.

" justJust get off before he sees you" i told and pushed her away. I got up, and something heavy fall on my lap. I looked at it, it was the padlock which dangled from my collar for last twelve months.

She was looking at me with wide eyes. My hands started shaking. I was really scared. What if he sees this. I knew he would kill me or beat me black and blue.

"what have you done? " I i screamed at Liza. " you know he will punish both of us if he sees that. "

"I tried to close the padlock through the loops, but the padlock was not closing. She ran towards me to stop me from trying to closing it.

"Hhave you gone completely mad? Those is an opportunity for us to escape. " she told in a low voice.

"Eescape? What are you thinking. Look at me. I am chained by my wrists and ankles. You are chained to the wall. How do you think we can get out of this cell? " i screamed back.

"not me, you, you are gonna escape. I will hold the bastard with all my strength. You are gonna run. You are accustomed to those leg irons, you are wearing them long enough. You can surely run faster. "

"Tthat's suicide!!! He will kill both you and me! " iI told her.

"No, we need to try. Otherwise he will never let us free. Please, try once. " she told with tears in her eyes.

"Hhe will kill you even if i manage to escape. Please dear. I can't do this. " Mmy hands were shaking. I still could not think of escaping, alone.

"You can quickly call people before he does anything to me. Please, this is the only chance iI have. I can't rot in here for my entire life" she held my hand and told.

I was shivering from inside. I was sure that the attempt will fail. But it was our only hope.

I held the collar and the padlock by my handrotated the collar one eighty degrees so the open padlock would be hidden behind my neck. I was very scared. I knew it would be impossible for me to run with the chains between my legs. Liza also would be no match to John's strength with those heavy restraints on her body.

"Ohoh God, give me strength. " iI prayed.

Jhon came by then we had done finished milking ourselves one time. He unlocked the cell door and came inside. He was carrying two plates of food too. my heart was pounding faster.

"I i brought some spicy Indian food for you guys today. " he told as he kept the plates down.

"Maya, now" Liza screamed as she jumped at Jhon. He was not expecting an attack from the chained girl i guess. He fall over the beast pumps and bottles, crushing them. Liza first threw the spicy food on his face and then sat in his chest and tried to choke him with the rubber lines of the pumps.

It took me two seconds to understand the situation and start running. I could see him punching Liza on her face.

"I i will kill both of you " he screamed as he kicked Liza. Liza screamed in pain. Huge metallic noise filled the room as iI struggled to run. The collar opened and was dangling from my cuffs.

I came out of the cell, first time in last one year. I looked around and saw an iron rod in the corner of the outer hall. I struggled to reach it. I could hear Liza scream in pain as Jhon kept on hitting her. But she did not let him get up. Jhon held her neck and started punching her on her abdomen. Liza fall on the floor. I knew Jhon would recapture me in no time. I ran inside the cell again. Jhon did not see me coming. He was Hebusy cleaning hot curry from his face. He kicked Liza on her breasts and turned toward the door to see me.

I swang the rod fiercely. It hit just above his eyes hard. He fall on the floor, face first, like a sack of vegetables. I did not stop. I hit him hard behind his head. He was out cold.

I ran towards Liza and held her with my arms. She had a deep cut onbeat her lips and it was bleeding badly. She was crying in pain.

"Arare you all right? " i asked her.

"Ooh, you came back for me" she was whimpering.

"Iis he dead" she asked.

I checked his breath. He was still alive.

"weWe better tie him up"Ii told.

I i was panting hard. I ran towards the wall. The spare cuffs and chains were still lying there. I took the rigid handcuffs which previously was put on liza's wrists and rushed towards Jhon. I could see plenty of blood flowing from his head. I took his arms and locked them in the cuffs behind his back. Liza also crawled towards the stock of restraints and threw the rigid leg irons towards me. I locked them on his ankles. Dead or not, he was not going anywhere.

I asked Liza to give me an opened padlock from the pile. I locked the anchoring chaincollar around his neck.

"he can't follow us now. " i told.

We first searched him for keys. I couldn't find anything in his pocket except a wallet and a car key.

I got up with huge clinking of chains. The opened collar was dangling from my handcuffs. I told Liza to stay away from Jhon and walked out of the cell.

I came to the big hall outside the room. It looked exactly like it was one year old, with no furniture apart from a table and a chair. There were another door which led me to a small store room. I found a few sacks with lots of chains and cuffs. I saw few dirty mattresses too. Those all had different keys inserted in the locks. I could not find any isolated keys for our restraints.. I kept on searching.

Finally i found three isolated keys inside a small box near a water pot. I took them and came back to the big hall. I wanted to scream and call for help, but then i realized i was naked, as was Lliza. My first priority was to free ourselves from those heavy chains.

I went back to our cell. I showed the keys to Liza.

"I i could not find anything else other than these keys. Just try to open those locks." i told her.

Liza sat down and tried to unlock her belt. But those keys were bigger than those keyholes.

"Ahhhhh" she screamed in frustration. Even her cuffs were not opening with those keys.

"Ttry the collar" iI screamed. I did not want to leave her behind with that man.

The third key opened the lock of her collar. I screamed in joy as the heavy metal piece dropped on the floor. The other key freed her from the ball and chain. The third one was probably for my collar.

"Fuck the chains, let's get out of here" i told her.

Liza got up and limped towards the door. She could not take big steps due to her leg irons. I held her arms and supported her.

We came to the hall and looked around. There was no doors to go out, except that lift. There was no cloth to cover ourself up either.

"Forget cloths, let's just get out. " Liza told.

We saw a keypad like number pad, high above the was beside the lift. Neither me nor Liza could reach that with the kind of bondage we were in. I dragged the chair and after a bit of struggle i stood over it. The keypad was still six inches out if my reach. I tried to pull my bound hands add much as i could, the chains were rattling hard.

"Damn shackles" i screamed in frustration.

"Touch them with your mouth or nose" Liza told. I hit the enter button with my nose and waited. The doors did not open.

"There should be a code or something." She told.

I tried few random codes. It did not work. We knew what we had to do. We both were really scared to face him.

"What is the code of the lift? " I screamed at Jhon. He did not move. Liza splashed water on his face.

He woke up. He was trying to tell something, but it was all gibbrish.

"Blood" Liza screamed. I turned him and saw pool of blood behind him i hadn't noticed before.

"Please, don't die, please " iI screamed. His breath was shallow.

"Tell us the code goddamn it" Liza screamed again.

He died within five minutes.

We scareamedscreamed for help. This place had only high windows which we could never reach, thanks to our chains. We banged the lift door. There was no response.

By night we were tired. Jhon's body was still inside the cell. We carried our mattresses outside and slept in the hall, embracing each other. We had nothing to eat.ate what Jhon gave us at lunch.

Next day we tried really hard. We threw some wood Pieces through the high windows. We wrote "help" with the red stone in Few of them. But no contacts were made to us. We were hungry, thirsty and tired.

More than that our breasts rests were full and it was paining all the time. The brest pumps were smashed during our fight with Jhon so we were not been able to get rid of our milk. It was draining from the nipples all the time drop by drop. The nipples felt so sensitive.

"Please drink some of the milk. I can't hold them anymore " Liza told by night. I had to have some food too. I kneeled down in front of her and sStarted sucking from her nipples.

"Aahhhh, it feels so good" she screamed. I felt tickling in my nipples and pussy too.

"You do it for me" I i told. She crawled over me and started sucking. I haven't felt something like that in recent times. It was like having those first days of sex. I could feel her lips around my aroused nipples. I Whimpered, closed my eyes and rubbed my clietories. I felt another hand in my vagina.

"I know what you are feeling like. Do you want me to stop? " Liza whispered.

"No, "Pplease continue " iI screamed.

She was leaning over me. It was hard for her to reach my pussy and suck my nipples at the same time due to her shackles, but she somehow managed. I screamed in Pleasure as iI pushed my vagina to her fingers.

I came in a few minutes. Thus was one of the best cum I ever had.I never had this kind of pleasure when Jhon fucked me for so long. It was something else. My nipples and pussy was both so sensitive.

I was almost out of breath. Liza looked tired too. She was vigorously sucking and fingering me.

She drank from both my nipples. I was feeling relieved, both sexually and from the weight of the milk.

"why didn't we do this for so long? " she laughed. I joined in.

"It's unfairnfare. I gave you all the pleasure, you just sucked my milk" she laughed and told.

"Let me make it up" I laughed too. I pushed her naked Body on the floor as chains jingled loudly. I put my mouth on her pussy.

"Ohhhh goddddddd" she screamed as I put my tongue in.

"Why didn't you do this for so long. This is far better than fingering" she screamed.

We both slept at each other's arm, on the floor. When I woke up in the morning, fear started grabbing me again. The joy of being free finally from the monster was fading now. We still could not get out of the appartmentapartment.

For the rest of the day we screamed and cried, tried dozens of codes on the lift pad, nothing worked. Only relief was when we had those sexual encounters. We were living off each other's breast milk. That fingering and musterbatingmasturbate was extra gain. Still the milk was not enough for us. We were hungry.

We were tired too. We wereerw tired of trying, we were tired of carrying so much chain around. My open collar was dangling from my handcuffs. I wrapped it Around my neck again and closed it with a padlock.

"It's easier this way" I told Liza. She smiled.

The corpse started smelling by the third day. We had almost no strength to scream or cry. I found a carpet in the store room. We wrapped the body, but the smell did not stop.

"That's it, we are going to die here" Liza screamed. By then our joy of breaking free had vanished. We knew after a week the milk on our breasts will stop, if no hormone was injected. By then we had tried everything and we were out of ideas.

We were hungry and tired. By fourth day the body started smelling really bad. We felt like vomiting. Liza was just laying on one corner.

"We will smell like this too in a few days" she cried and told.

"No, somebody will come, somebody... " I tried to tell.

"No! No-one would come, no one has ever come here. We will die here" she screamed.

"I don't want to die of hunger " she screamed again. "I want to suicide " she told.

"Don't talk rubbish" iI screamed.

"No, please" she ran to the Storeroom and brought out a chain. She wrapped it around her neck and looked for a high point to put the other end. I ran towards her and Held her.

"Are you out of your mind? " I screamed.

"Yes, I am" she screamed back. I pulled her down on the floor.

"Please, I can't take it anymore " she screamed. She pushed me aside and held the wooden chair in one hand. She threw it towards the lift.

It missed the lift and crashed on the wall beside it. The color from the wall fall off, and we could see plywood beyond it.

I got up as fast as I could. I pushed the wooden wall with my shoulder. It felt softer than the normal walls. I realized that wall beside the lift was made of wood.

"This can be broken" I screamed. Liza got up too. She pushed it hard. It moved a bit but did not bulgebuldge or break.

I ran towards our cell and picked up the ball and chain. I held it and swongswang it with all my power. The heavy ball hit the wood and made a hole. I looked through it. I saw a staircase.

After a few more swing we could make a big enough hole to pass through. We cried in joy as we went through the wooden wall.

With huge clinking of chains we walked down the staircase. The whole building was under construction with just a few floors made. From the top we could only see jungle around the building. It was a standalone five storied building. There was not a single sole around it.

We found his car at the basement. We dialed emergency number, and then braced each other and wait for police to come.

Chapter 14

Zambia police found us naked girls by tracking GPS signal. They took us to police station and removed our shackles. We were in news all over Zambia. They could not believe that their deputy general of policewas was such a pervert. That place was his den for illegal smuggling.W It was situated far outside Zambia, on a 50e acre farmland.

We were really scared to face journalists, specially seeing so many people after such a long time. Liza was crying all along. I answered most of the questions.

Within a few days we were flown down to India. We were still shaken. I said goodbye to Liza upon our arrival to India. I could see changes in herW behavior . She was ealways scared. She didn't want to let go of me anytime. But it was time to go. Her family members took her away. We were really sad to be apart.

When iI arrived, I got to know that my mother was no more. She passed away three months back. I started staying with my brother's family.

The news was viral in indiaIndia too, and iI soon started feeling that they started behaving differently with me. Neighbors came in just to know the graphical details of how iI had been raped. My sister in law didn't want my nephew and niece to be with me, she thought iI was a bad influence. Nobody wanted a rape victim around. People used to point fingers at me at public places. It started affecting me mentally.

I was so tired and frustrated of it, I decided to move to Delhi. I came in touch with an NGO who arranged for a small job in the same NGO and a house to stay.

Meanwhile i could only keep in touch with Liza over emails as for a strange reason whenever I called her, her folks told she was not available to talk.

One find morning I heard knock at my door. I opened and saw Liza. She hugged me and cried her heart out. She got the same kind of discrimination from her family as mine. She could not take it anymore. She was mentally too disturbed anyway.

"I want to be with you. My family wants to send me to an asylum. They think I am mad" she cried and told. I did not want to let her go either.

I was sleeping at night when I felt someone was crawling over me. I woke up and found Liza under my blanket, naked.

"Do you remember the last few days? " she asked. I kissed her. I still remembered the feelings. Seeing her naked again sparked something inside me.

I took my cloths off, we kissed and fondled each other.

"Something is missing" iI told her.

"The restraints, the cuffs, the feeling is not the same without them" she whispered.

The next day we went to a hardware store and bought metal brackets and chains. We made makeshift cuffs and padlocked them on our wrists and ankles. Liza wanted her hands behind her back, just like before. I wrapped a chain around her belly and locked the cuffs behind it.

We just remembered the good part of our captivity and laughed. Then we finger fucked each other and sucked our breasts. Our breasts had been doubled than what was there before the hormone injections anyway. We loved each other's company.

Liza refused to start a new life outside. She wanted to be inside the house always. Mentally she was not ready to face people. She also used to hallucinate.

"Pplease, don't release me from the chains. Keep me chained to the wall. I will do your household works, keep your apartment clean. I will pleasure you at night.

I tried to convince her, but she felt comfortable being chained to my appartmentapartment. I didn't want to force anytthing to her, she was mentally brittle.

Her dad never wanted her back. He was wealthy, and didn't want to be embarrassed in the society. He gave her a ton of money in her account and stayed away from her. He also bought her a big apartment. We shifted there soon.

I loved to be with her. She bought proper cufufs and chains for herself and a spare set for me too. We used to roleplay every night at our appartmentapartment. She had become a proper submissive. Solid metal cuffs on her wrists and ankles, and a metal collar on her neck was what she used to wear. The cuffs were connectedjoined by chains and the collar was locked to the wall by a long chain, long enough so she could walk around the house. She gave me the only keys of her restraints. After I came back from office everyday I used to wear my set of restraints too and pretended to be the prisoners of Jhon again. We used to do our household chores in chain and cuffs and then made satisfactory love, without worrying about anything..

I never felt a void of a man in my life anymore. We never wanted a man between us.

We lived happily ever after.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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