The Birthday Present
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Part 1

This is absolutely delicious!" Emily chirped, as she took another bite of pasta. She had been very confused at first when her coworker, Anne, invited her to an impromptu dinner party at her house. Emily had only been interning at the firm for a few weeks, and hadn't made many friends. She was usually the type to keep to herself, especially being so much younger than most of her colleagues. She was a junior in college, but most of the colleagues were very accomplished adults, which made her feel much younger and inexperienced.

But Anne had always been friendly to her, and she thought it might be a good chance to get to know more people. But, when she arrived, just passed 7:00 pm, at Anne's large and beautiful home, the only guests were Anne and Anne's husband, Richard. They were a stunning couple, she was a statuesque blonde, and he was very tall, brown haired, sturdy, and looked like he just stepped off a GQ photo shoot.

"Am I the first one here?" Emily asked.

"It looks like you'll be the only one here," Anne sighed, with a look of disappointment. "Everyone else has been sending me one excuse after another on why they can't come."

"Oh." Emily glanced around, feeling awkward. "Well, if you want to reschedule-"

"Oh no! We've already done cooked, and we'll need someone to help us finish all this food."

"I don't want to intrude-"

"Nonsense," Richard smiled, friendly. "You aren't intruding at all. We invited you, you're our guest. And you absolutely can't leave before you try my special sauce." He winked, and Anne flushed, laughing.

"I guess a few bites won't hurt." The group ate in a massive dining room that could have easily accomidated a dozen guests. Emily felt even more dwarfed in size, sitting in a massive straight back chair, that left her feet dangling beneath her. Richard brought out the plates, pasta smothered in marinara, and the couple chatted to Emily to learn about her life.

"I keep to myself mostly, same as in the office. I'm a bit of a homebody."

"And your family?" Richard asked.

"I don't speak to them much," Emily replied. "They lived in Oregon, so they're pretty far away."

"I'm sure they're very proud of you. You seem like a very bright young woman," Richard said warmly. Emily smiled.

"How about some wine, dear?" Anne asked, topping off her own glass.

"Oh no, I'm already feeling a bit sleepy, wine would just make it worse. I probably should be heading home soon, anyway."

"You don't like the food?" Anne pouted.

"Oh no! I just feel a little tired." Emily took another bite to prove how good it was.

"Any boyfriends, Emily?" Richard asked. "And have another bite, we have to finish all this food." Emily took yet another bite, her arms starting to feel heavier as she lifted her fork.

"No, never had one. Mostly stuck to school work. I'm sorry, I'm not sure what's coming over me."

"Have another bite, dear," Anne prodded. "And I don't know how you've avoided a boyfriend all these years with a body like that."

"Excuse me?" Emily perked up a bit, and cocked her head to the side.

"Last forkful, Emily," Richard pointed, and Emily slowly raised the pasta to her lips. "And she's right. Young and tiny, perfect to just pick up and fuck. And those tits? A perfect handful. The boys must be all over you." No one had ever spoken to Emily like this, but her mind was becoming too bleary to process it.

"Well, they aren't." Emily tried to stand up, knowing she needed to go home. "I need my keys." She took a few faltering steps, then tripped over her own feet, sprawling across the hardwood floor next to the table. Anne knelt down next to Emily, smiling.

"Poor thing." Emily moaned in response. "Shhh, don't speak." Anne brushed Emily's hair out of her face. Emily began to squirm away, confused and uncomfortable, until she felt a foot on the small of her back, holding her in place. She struggled a bit more and Richard applied more pressure as a warning, making her still again.

Anne pressed her lips to Emily's ear. "I'm going to tell you two little secrets, all right dear? Number one, the pasta cause WAS very special, it makes good girls nice and relaxed for their hosts." Emily moaned again, fighting to keep her eyes open. Anne and Richard both laughed, hers like a tinkling silver bell and his like a ringing church bell. "And number two, today is not just a dinner party. It's Richard's birthday, and I got him a very special present. I brought him a special little toy to play with." Emily felt Richard's foot come off her back, as he moved to kneel by her face.

"Just the way I like them. Naive, innocent, and cute as button." He tapped Emily's nose with his finger, fondly, before turning back to his wife. She would have jerked away, but she could barely wiggle her fingers. "I fucking love you, babe," Richard moaned, and kissed his wife, deeply. Emily couldn't keep her eyes open anymore, and feel into a deep sleep.

As Emily slowly began to wake up, she tried to move her hand to rub the sleep out of her eyes, but was quickly stopped. Her eyes fluttered open, and she realized with a few pulls that she was strapped to her dinning room chair. Her wrists were tied to the chairs arms with soft rope, and her waist and chest was held in place like she was seat belted in. Her head was tied across her forehead to the chair's back, but a few kicks confirmed her legs were free, but still unable to touch the floor. She tried to call out, but her mouth was stuffed with some soft fabric, and duct taped in place, leaving only a soft whimper. She had a difficult time looking down, but she could tell she had been stripped to her lacy, black bra and panty set.

She began to struggle in earnest, until she felt a large hand on her shoulder. "Shhh, dear. Calm down." Richard said softly, standing behind her. Emily tried to move her head to see him, but was trapped in place. His hand slid down her front, from her shoulder to her breast, giving her a small squeeze. " We haven't even gotten to the fun part."

Emily began to cry, tears streaming down her face. Richard came around to crouch in front of her, and he brushed the tears off her cheek. "So sweet. So precious. Don't worry, baby. It's not the time to cry. That comes later." Emily screwed up her face, and tried to kick out her leg at Richard. He caught it easily, and gave it a squeeze. "I like watching your cute little legs kicking about, but I'll strap them down if you're naughty, understand?"

Anne knelt next to Richard, carrying two large white objects, handing him one. Emily's eyes widened in fear. "Do you know what this is, sweetie?" Anne asked Emily. She flicked hers on, and it buzzed loudly. Emily started to struggle again, and Richard gave her leg a more painful squeeze to still her. "Looks like you do," Anne laughed. "Have you used one before? Give one grunt for yes, two for no." Emily was too afraid to answer, until Richard began to twist her ankle painfully.

She gave two grunts. "Good girl," Richard said, dropping her leg. "Then let me show you how it works." He turned his on, a chorus of buzzing filled the Emily's ears. "See, if I press this here," he said, touching the vibrator to her breast, over her bra. Emily arched her back as much as she was able to towards the feeling. "It feels good." He pulled it away, making her moan in displeasure. She both loved and hated the vibrator. She loved the feeling it gave her, and hated how the pleasure i gave her controlled her body.

"How about here, little one," Anne said, touching the vibrator to her panties. Emily jerked her legs closed, the feeling was too overwhelming. Anne and Richard both shook their heads playfully. "No, no, no, baby. You keep your legs open, or you'll be punished." Ice ran through Emily's veins. The couple moved the vibrators across her body, over her stomach, all over her underwear and breasts, occasionally slipping under the bra. Softly and teasingly, driving Emily nearly mad with pleasure. She had never been this close to an orgasm in her life and now she wanted it desperately.

After about 10 minutes of teasing, Anne began to tap the vibrator on the most sensitive part of Emily's panties. *Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.* Over and over. The rhythm was maddening, and Emily couldn't take it any more. She kicked her feet out, lightly striking Anne, and then squeezed her legs together to block future assaults.

"Oh, that's very naughty, baby," Richard sighed. "I guess you need a punishment." Emily began to cry, terrified. Anne grabbed some rope, and the pair lashed Emily's ankles and knees to the legs of the chair, spreading her legs obscenely wide. "You have to listen to us, my sweet present, or things will get much less fun."

Once Emily was secured, Richard turned his vibrator up to it's highest setting and placed it against her panties, pressing hard. Emily jerked, but couldn't move anywhere. All of the teasing sent her careening into her first orgasm. It felt amazing, but Richard kept the vibrator on her, sending her into a second, more uncomfortable orgasm. She began to scream into her gag for him to remove it, but he just smiled. "It's a punishment, baby, you're not supposed to like it." Anne handed him a role of duct tape.

"We're going to have a little dessert," Richard said, pressing the handle of the vibrator against Emily's stomach. "You'll stay here," he began wrapping the duct tape around her waist, holding the vibrator in place. "And serve out your punishment. Should take about, let's say 15 minutes?" Emily screamed out again. She couldn't bear this for another second! Anne and Richard each gave her a peck on the cheek, and left, leaving her screaming and overstimulated, orgasming over and over.

Richard and Anne came back into the dinning room to find a twitching Emily, her eyes shut like she had passed out from the pleasure, the vibrator still drumming pleasure into her. Her panties were soaking wet. They smirked, and Anne flicked off the vibrator. "It was a little too much for our sweet girl, wasn't it," she whispered.

"She's probably happy for a break," Richard smiled. "Let's get her untied while she's like this." They untied the ropes and took out her gag, and she slumped back into the chair. "Let's take a picture," Richard suggested. And as the pair turned to find their phones, Emily stood and began to run towards the door. She was still weak from the punishment, and parts of her body felt numb from being tied. But she was slight and had always been quick, plus she had the element of surprise. She quickly made her way out of the dinning room, and towards the front door.

She got one hand on the door nob before she was grabbed around her waist and lifted into the air, screaming. "What a clever girl, you are, my little present, hm?" Richard laughed. "I guess you'll have to be punished again. Can't have my baby girl thinking she can just run away whenever she wants to." Emily thrashed and cried as she was flipped over Richards shoulder and carried into another room.

It was the couples master bedroom, large, luxurious, with a king sized bed. Richard set Emily on the ground, then grabbed her by the arms so she couldn't run. "Could you grab me some rope, love?" He called out to Anne. Emily kicked and screamed out. "And a gag!" He shouted. Anne came in and quickly tied Emily's arms behind her back. Then she grabbed a fist full of Emily's hair and yanked her neck back.

"Open up." Emily shook her head, whimpering. Anne reached under her bra and gave a hard tweak, making Emily cry out so the hard ball could be shoved into her mouth and strapped in.

"These wet panties must be uncomfortable for you, baby. Let's get them off." Richard hooked his finger around her underwear and pulled them down Emily's legs. Emily wept, as Richard lightly touched her pussy. "Look, love, not shaved."

"What a bad girl," Anne tsked. "We'll have to fix that."

"We will. But first, Emily needs to learn a lesson about playing tricks." Richard sat down and pulled Emily over his lap. Anne gripped Emily's ankles to keep them still. "Have you ever been spanked, present?" Emily cried harder. Richard ran his hand over her pert, white cheeks. *Wack!* Emily screamed into her gag. *Wack! Wack! Wack!* Richard gave hard spanks on each of her cheeks. First he was hard and methodical, giving each cheek equal attention.

Then he moved into dozens of quick spanks up and down her ass and down her thighs, then became more playful, playing her like a drum set. Her entire back side was fiery red. "Would you like a turn, love?" Richard ask his wife. Anne was even worse than Richard, giving a solid hit, waiting a few moments to let Emily relax and then *Wack!* the surprise making it all that much worse.

By the time they were done, Emily was limp and shaking, all her energy spent. Richard pet her ass, soothing it gently. "You did very good, present. Now you know not to run away." Anne knelt in front of Emily and gave her a kiss over her gag.

"You're so fun to play with," she cooed.

"Let's clean her up, shall we?" Richard stood Emily up, scooped her up bridal style, and walked her over to the bed, tossing her onto it. Emily moaned in pain, and rolled over to avoid the contact to her back side. Anne untied Emily's arms, then the couple flipped her over and began strapping her to the bed to practiced precision. There were cuffs on the four corners of the bed, pulling Emily into a spread eagle position. They shoved a few pillows under her head so she could look down at her exposed body.

"I'll get the supplies," Richard said, kissing his wife as he went into their connected bathroom. Anne reached into the side dresser and pulled out a small knife. Emily shrieked and began to struggle in earnest.

"Oh, shut up," Anne said. "Just be still." She used the knife to cut Emily's bra straps, and then reached beneath her to unhook it. "Isn't this better?" She smiled. "Nice and free." Emily had never been more mortified in her life.

Richard returned the "supplies," a wet washcloth, a can of shaving cream, and a razor. "You better hold still, little girl," He grinned at her, as he began squirting out the cream and rubbing her mound with it. "Wouldn't want to cut you up."

Richard began methodically shaving her pussy, as well as "accidentally" brushing against her still sensitive opening, and Anne took an intense focus on her breasts. She stroked them lovingly, flicking her nipples, pulling and twisting on them to make them long and hard. Emily hated it, but was afraid to move and have Richard cut her.

When he was finally done, leaving her mound stinging and sensitive, he crawled up the bed to join his wife at Emily's breast. "Now that is much better isn't it?" He smiled, tweaking Emily's nose playfully. "All cleaned up." Emily moaned softly, and the couple laughed.

"How about I take over here," Richard whispered in his wife's ear. "And you go make sure I did a good job down there." Anne grinned and moved down the bed to Emily's pussy. Richard was far rougher than Anne, groping and slapping Emily's breasts. "I love little tits like yours," he groaned. "I could play with them all day."

Anne lowered her head between Emily's thighs and began licking with vigor. Emily snapped her head up, and Richard shoved it back down. "Just enjoy it, baby." He twisted her nipple and made her arch and squeal. Anne used her tongue to bring Emily up to the edge of orgasm, giving Emily that tight and needy feeling she had tied to the chair. She began switching and twisting, begging for release. "Stop!" Richard called to his wife. Anne immediately pulled away, leaving Emily crying and desperate.

Richard got off the bed and began stripping off his clothes. Anne grabbed a few pillows and shoved them under Emily's hips to lift up for easier access. She unbuckled Emily's gag from her head and pulled the ball out. Emily began to beg. "Please let me go, I won't say anything I swear." Anne pressed her finger to Emily's lips.

"Shhh, little girl. This will feel amazing, I promise. After we get you loosened up a bit, of course," Anne laughed. Richard climbed back onto the bed, completely naked, and rock hard. Emily looked away. She had never seen a naked man before.

"Eyes on me, baby," Richard commanded. She looked him the eyes, afraid to look down. "Has anyone had you before?" He stroked her cheek.

"No," Emily managed to choke out. He grinned widely, turning to his wife.

"A sweet little virgin. The perfect birthday present. I love you so much." He kissed his wife, then moved between Emily's legs.

"She's a screamer," Anne said. "We can't spoil this moment." She grabbed two scarfs from her closet. She balled up one and shoved it into Emily's mouth, and wrapped the second one around her mouth to hold it in place.

Richard moved his member to Emily's entrance. She gave one last pleading look, and he shoved himself deeply inside of her. It was too big, too fast, and she was too tight. She tried to escape, but had no where to go. Richard fucked her like a jackhammer, cursing and rutting over her. He brought his head down towards her hers, and groaned in pleasure. "You're so tight, my perfect present. Such a good girl. I'm the only one who will ever be inside of you, baby. I'm your first, and your only." She jerked her head away, but he grasped it and held it in place. "You keep your eyes on me, baby.

Emily felt the familiar desperation in her pussy, and she knew she was going to cum. She started to moan louder, tossing her head back and forth, and Richard slowed himself down, pulling his dick almost completely out, and then bottoming it back into her. "Do you need to cum, baby?" Emily nodded. She was scared, in pain, and wanted nothing more than to be in her own bed, safe and asleep. But her need to cum overrode her entire brain.

Richard started rubbing on Emily's clit, making her rock back and forth and roll on his fingers. "That's it, present," he said, shoving himself into her, right when he was fully inside her. "Cum on my dick." Emily screamed behind her gag, as waves of pleasure took over her body. It was too much, and Emily lay still, completely spent, as Richard went back to hammering into her with all his might. "I'm gonna cum, baby. Gonna fill you up." He gripped the headboard as his emptied himself into her. She could feel his seed running down her leg.

Richard pulled out of her, and all put collapsed on top of Emily, nearly suffocating her. Anne crawled back onto the bed, and gave her husband a peck on the cheek. "Happy birthday, my love."

Emily felt her hands and feet being un-cuffed from the bed, but she was too weak to try and run again. Richard pulled her to her feet, and held her tightly in case she tried anything. Anne brought out a series of black belts, and began turning Emily into a kind of mummy. She started by wrapping the belts around her ankles, then her knees, thighs, all the way up her body. She made sure to pull the belt holding her arms to her waist incredibly tight, making her breaths short and labored. By the time there were done, Emily couldn't move an inch, and could have been knocked over by a strong wind.

Richard untied Emily's gag and pulled the scarf out of her mouth. "Water," she croaked. A glass was quickly brought to her lips and she gulped it down. Richard smiled at her.

"Bed time for everyone," he announced, and scooped Emily up to place her back on the bed. He laid her in the middle of the bed, and the couple climbed in on either side of her. No one spoke for a few moments, so Emily dared to speak up.

"Now that you've, um, had your present," she cringed at the word. "Can I go home, please?" They've played with her, they've fucked her, surely they could just let her go.

The couple laughed, making Emily's heart drop into her stomach. "What a sweet girl," Anne cooed, stroking her breast.

"It would be rude to return a present so soon after receiving it," Richard said, grabbing the ball gag from the side table. "No, I think we'll need to play a bit more before then. Open wide!" Anne gripped Emily's mouth tightly, working her jaw open so Richard could shove the gag in. He tightened the strap around her head, then give her a kiss right on the ball. "Sleep well, present." Anne gave Emily a peck on the cheek and a light tap on the nose.

"I knew you'd be perfect," Anne sighed. The couple turned off their bedside lights, plunging the room into darkness. Emily tried to close her eyes and fall asleep, but between her feelings of dread, her struggle for breath, her stretched out jaw, and how both Richard and Anne had begun pawing at her breasts in the dark, she had a feeling she would get very little rest tonight.

Part 2 (added: 2020/07/30)

Emily felt like she had just drifted off to sleep when she was abruptly woken by a light bite to the ear. She gasped in surprise, and the couple lying on either side of her giggled. "Good morning, sunshine," Richard said, brushing whisps of hair out of Emily's eyes. She moaned around her gag and began to wiggle in her tight bonds.

"Do you need to go to the bathroom?" Anne asked. Emily frantically nodded the pressure in her bladder becoming intenser by the second. Richard climbed out of bed, and scooped up the partially mummified girl and carried her to the bathroom. Anne followed him, and the two of them began to unbuckle the tight belts that covered Emily's body. The relief was amazing, and Emily was able to take a deep breath for the first time in hours. She reached her hands up to remove the ball gag, but Anne caught her hands and pulled them down.

"No, no. You keep it on until we tell you to. "Emily was afraid of another spanking, so she did as they said. They left her alone to pee, and Emily took her sweet time going to the bathroom and cleaning her hands. When she stepped out, Anne was finishing up getting dressed for work.

"I'll be back at five, though I hope I won't be swamped with all the extra work you're leaving me with." Emily made a confused noise behind her gag. Anne grinned and pulled out Emily's cell phone. "The firm will be receiving a very upsetting email from you in a few hours. Something about your mother in Oregon being very sick, and you having to leave on the next plane out of the state. You had to tender your resignation immediately."

Emily ran to grab her phone back, but was caught around the waist by Richard. Anne gave Emily and Richard each a kiss on the cheek. "Don't have too much fun without me!" She called as she left. Emily began shaking terribly. Left alone all day with Richard, who had proven the night before he was strong enough to do anything he wished to her, was a true nightmare. Richard rubbed her arms soothingly.

"It's OK, present. We're going to have lots of fun, you'll see." Richard pulled out a pair of handcuffs and snapped Emily's arms behind her back. They ate breakfast, Richard feeding her spoonfuls of oatmeal before putting her gag back in, and then he pulled her to a room she hadn't seen yet. It looked like a regular home office, with a few disconcerting difference. This included a large hook on the ceiling and conspicuous hole in the seat of the chair.

"I'm a writer," he explained. "Erotica, if you can believe it." He grinned at his little joke, and Emily was stoned faced. "Lighten up, present." He rolled his eyes. He reached around her head and unstrapped her gag.

"Emily," she said.

"Excuse me?"

"My name is Emily. Not present. I'm not an object." She was afraid Richard would get angry at her defiance, but he only chuckled.

"We'll see about that, won't we?" He opened a desk drawer, full of BDSM toys, Emily anxiously noted, and pulled out a what looked like a metal O with straps attached.

"I'm going to show you just how much of an object you are." He pressed the O between her teeth, and Emily's mouth was forced open. Richard grabbed her hair to hold her in place and shoved a few fingers into her mouth. Emily gagged and tried to pull away, but couldn't stop it. "Just to make sure you don't try anything funny with your teeth." He pulled his fingers out, put kept his fist in her hair.

"This chair is very special. I designed it myself." He pressed a button on the side, and the seat came apart, opening the hole up like the stocks she'd seen in colonial villages. Richard pushed her onto her knees and manhandled her into position. He closed and locked the chair back together, and Emily struggled for a moment to find a way to get out. There was none. Emily's head was trapped inside the seat of the chair, and there was barley enough room even to twist her neck around.

Richard swung his leg over her head to sit in the chair. Her face was about an inch from his crotch. "You're not an object, hm? Well today, while I work, you're going to be my blowjob machine." He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Emily began struggling wildly, but there was nowhere to go. He laid his cock in her mouth, and it began to harder instantly. He opened his laptop and began to type.

Emily refused to help him get off, sitting as still as possible. He glanced down at her. "We're going to be here awhile. Do a good job, and you'll get a reward, hm?" He went back to work, and Emily pondered her next move. She decided that a reward was better than nothing, and that maybe he'd let her out of this uncomfortable position if she got him off and began using her tongue to tease him.

Richard groaned, but continued to work. Emily bobbed her head back and forth and ran her tongue up and down his length for the better part of an hour. Richard mostly focused on writing, but eventually began moaning in earnest. He grabbed her head and moved his length further down her throat. She gagged. "Breath through your nose, present," he said, tightening his grip. "You swallow it all. You hear me?" With a gasp and a jerk, he shot his load down her throat. She didn't have much of a choice on the swallowing. Richard sighed and brushed her hair with his hand, his dick still soft in her mouth.

"Very good present. I'm proud of you." Emily looked up at him.

"HMMMM?" She mumbled. She wanted her reward, and this dick out of her mouth.

"Ah, yes." Richard checked his watch. "We have a few more hours until lunch." He tweaked her nose playfully. "Just keep it warm till then, hm?" Emily glared, but there was nothing her could do. So she sat with his dick on her tongue, and her legs slowly being overtaken by pins and needles.

Richard unsnapped her from the chair a few hours later and they went back into the kitchen for lunch. He fed her soup through the gag, laughing at her as most of spilled down her front, then they returned to the office. Emily looked at him expectingly. He chuckled.

"Oh yes, your reward." He pulled something small, and purple out of the drawer and with deft fingers shoved it inside of her. She gasped in surprise. He unsnapped the chair and moved her back onto her knees. She started pleading with him through the ring. "You didn't think you'd get out of your job, did you? No, now you just get some pleasure as well while you work." Emily tried to argue around her ring, but her mouth was quickly filled with cock.

Richard fiddled around with a small remote, and Emily felt the egg turn on inside of her, humming loudly. It was like the vibrator from then night before, but so deeper and more intense. She moaned, gently vibrating the cock in her mouth. Richard breathed heavily. "Fuck, that's good."

They spent another few hours like that. Emily made him cum two more times, and he brought her to several orgasms, but mostly seemed content to let her just squirm over the egg on a low volume. Finally, he closed his laptop.

"That was the most productive writing session I think I've ever had. We'll have to do this again sometime." He took his cock out of her mouth and unsnapped her from the chair. She tried to stand, but her legs were completely numb. "Did your legs fall asleep, present?" Emily nodded. Richard reached under her knees and pulled her up into his arms. "I bet you would like a little nap, right?" He carried her back into the bedroom.

"I have a few things to do that doesn't require help from a my little present." Richard laid her on the bed, unsnapped one cuff from her wrist, and attached it to the headboard. "Are you going to be quiet?" Emily nodded. She just wanted to sleep. He removed her gag and she sighed with relief. She'd had that ring stretching out her mouth for hours and hours.

"Now you take a nice nap, and I'll be back for you later, ok?"

"But what about -" She tried to ask him to take out the egg, but he silenced her by kissing her deeply.

"Good night, little present." Just before he left he flashed the remote, slyly. Emily felt the egg go off, and her hips bucked off the mattress. He chuckled as he left, locking the door behind him. Thankfully, after a few minutes of teasing, he turned it off. Emily jiggled her wrist for a moment to see if she could get the handcuffs off. It was no use.

She sighed, and laid her head against the pillow, and focused on getting some much needed rest. A few minutes later, she was in a deep sleep.

Emily woke up in a very familiar situation, strapped down to the massive dining room chair, though this time it was only her wrists. A full plate of food sat in front of her, teasingly. Anne and Richard were eating dinner and chatting away until they noticed she was awake.

"Look, love!" Anne exclaimed. "Our little toy is awake."

"We would have woken you up for dinner," Richard explained around a bite of chicken. "But you just look so sweet while you're asleep. Like a little doll." He reached over and squeezed one of her breasts, making her gasp. "It's also fun to have a little grab and squeeze while you're passed out cold."

Anne reached over and cut off a piece of chicken off of Emily's plate and held the fork up to her lips. Emily closed her mouth and jerked her head to the side. "What's wrong? Aren't you hungry? Richard's cum couldn't have been very filling." Emily was hungry, starving almost, but was afraid of being drugged into oblivion again.

"Don't worry, it's not poisoned," Anne tried, moving the fork like an airplane around her mouth. Emily shook her head, lips tight.

"I swear, this food doesn't have what was in the sauce last night. It won't make you go to sleep." Emily looked at Anne, and she seemed serious. She cautiously opened her mouth and took the bite of chicken. Richard grabbed his own fork and began offering food to Emily.

They continued to chat about a number of random things, work, friends, a vacation to Hawaii they had planned for next month, all the while feeding Emily like a baby doll. Soon her plate was completely finished. When her eyelids started drooping, she assumed it was the after affects of eating comfort food until they untied her arms and she found she couldn't lift them.

"You-" she slurred. "You swore"

"And I told the truth," Anne laughed. "This isn't what you had last night, and this won't put you to sleep. It's much better. You'll be awake, just a bit more, hmmm, pliable."

"And I do believe it's bath time for our little present, am I right?" Richard asked. Emily moaned.

"Please, just let me-"

"Oh, hush," Richard said, scooping her up and carrying her to the bathroom, Anne in tow. The bathtub was massive, more like a jacuzzi, with a bench along the edge to sit comfortably. It was already prepared for them, warm and steaming. The couple stripped, passing Emily between them as they took off their clothes, and they climbed into the tub. Richard sat Emily in his lap, keeping her propped up. "Time to get our toy cleaned up.

Emily felt like her arms and legs were made of lead and her head of stuffed with cotton. She moaned in fear. If she was let go, she would just sink to the bottom, unable to pull herself up.

"It's alright, dear," Richard cooed, holding her up against his chest. "I won't let you slip into the water." Emily's head lolled back. All of her bones felt like jelly.

Anne grabbed a wash cloth and bar of soap and began cleaning off Emily, making sure to get every inch of her. She started with the face and neck, then focused intensely on her breasts. She rubbed the soap back and forth, lifting them to get her under boob, gently teasing her nipples.

Then she lifted her arms to scrub her armpits. Even in Emily's haze she managed a giggle a jerk at the soft fingers. "Oh you're ticklish, are you?" Anne asked. "We'll have to remember that for later, won't we?" Emily moaned a closed her eyes. Great. Another teasing torture.

Anne ran the soap over her stomach and then stopped at her waist. "Dear. Let's open our present up, shall we?" Richard used his knees to pry open Emily's legs, so she was spread wide. Anne then ducked the soap and cloth to her opening and began to 'clean it,' Emily moaned and bucked forward, still held tight by Richard. He whispered into her ear.

"Go ahead, cum for us." Emily jerked and wiggled with her last bit of strength and came hard on Anne's hand.

"Good girl," Anne said. Between the drugs and the orgasm, the rest of the bath was a blur of hands, mouths, and moans. She knew Anne and Richard had turn their affections to each other, rather than her, but they would each take a few moments to brush her pussy or squeeze her nipples. Emily felt Richard grow harder and harder against her back as she flopped on his lap.

When they finally finished, Emily was lifted out of the tub and wrapped up in a soft towel to dry. Being out of the warm water helped her head clear up a bit.

Richard laid on the bed, his erection standing proudly. Anne helped Emily stand on her shaky legs, and whispered in her ear. "We're going to try something very special tonight. First things first, you're going to straddle Richard's waist, like you're riding a pony." Emily took a hesitant step forward, but almost collapsed. 'They couldn't really expect her to do this while she was higher than a kite?' She thought.

Anne roughly picked up Emily and positioned her in a straddling position over Richard. She held her around the waist to keep Emily from slumping over. Then Anne grabbed Richard's stiff member and began to guide it towards Emily's opening. "Now I want you to slide yourself down on this, so you're sitting on it."

Emily shook her head. Richard was big enough when he was shoving himself into her, there was no way should could fully take him like this. But Anne didn't give her a choice. She began not so gently shoving Emily down on top of his dick, making her gasp and moan. It hurt at first, but that was nothing compared the unbearable fullness in her pussy. It was ten times worse than the first time he'd forced her and 100 times worse than the egg. She felt uncomfortable and stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.

"Good job, present," Anne said. "Now, you're just going to go nice and slow, like this." Anne began to move Emily up and down on his dick, making Richard groan deeply.

"Just like that," he panted. "Fucking perfect." After a few minutes of slow sliding on his dick, Richard gripped Emily's hips tightly.

"Ride me, present," he said, and began bouncing her fast and rough on top of him. "Play with her," he growled at his wife, and she obliged, sucking Emily's neck, biting her ear, and teasing her nipple until they were rock hard. Emily's eyes rolled into the back of head. She was completely overwhelmed by the sensations.

Richard roared as he came, his fingers digging into Emily's hips painfully. Anne released her grip and Emily fell forward on top of Richard, completely spent. Richard rolled her over she lay in the middle of the bed, and Anne climbed in next to her.

Richard lay his head on her breast as a pillow and Anne lazily entangled one hand into her hair as she closed her eyes to sleep. "You were such a good girl today," Richard whispered into her ear. "Keep it that way, and there's so much more fun to be had." Basking in the after glow of mind blowing sex, he fell asleep quickly.

The drugs Emily had taken seemed to finally be ready to pull her under for some desperately needed sleep, but not before she noticed that they had forgotten to tie her down for the night.

Part 3 (added: 2020/08/08)

Emily slowly opened her eyes and squinted out into the dark. The clock on the bedside table read 5:45 am. Richard and Anne snored softly beside her. Emily reached up to rub her eyes, and then softly gasped. Her hands were free! They must have assumed the drugs would hold her over till morning.

She slowly sat up in the bed and tried to form a plan to escape. She was sandwiched between her two captors and was afraid of the disturbance if she crawled over them. Then she had an idea. She laid herself flat on her back and slowly inched her way down to the foot of the bed. Once she got there, it was simply of matter of sliding off. Success! Emily grinned and began creeping her way towards the door.

She silently inched it open and slipped out into the living room. It was still incredibly dark, but she tip toed around the edges, looking for a set of keys she could use to get away from this house of horrors. She eventually found a bowl with a few car keys, and she picked one at random. She smiled, she would be out of here in no time!

She got overexcited at the idea of escaping and ran to the front door without looking where she was going. She tripped over the coffee table and fell with a large *THUNK!* She tried to scramble to her feet, but she was too late. She was hauled up by her hair by a very irritated Anne.

"What do you think you're doing out of bed, present?" Emily struggled and screamed. She was so close to freedom.

"Let me go!" She shrieked. Richard appeared in the doorway of the bedroom, in just his boxers, rubbing his eyes.

"What the hell?"

"Seems like our present still has a few lessons to learn." Anne pushed Emily back into the bedroom, and passed her to Richard. He dragged her over to the bed, pushing her down so she was bent over it, her legs dangling over the side.

"I'll tolerate many things, present," Richard growled, holding Emily down by the small of her back. "But you will not," *WACK!* "interrupt," *WACK!* "my," *WACK!* "sleep!" He spanked her hard and slow, making sure she felt every hit. She buried her face in the mattress and cried. When he was done, he flipped her over and wrapped her hands together with duct tape.

"We're going back to bed," he said, and pressed her up against the bedpost and wrapped duct tape around her chest and knees to keep her standing and stuck against the pole. "And you will stand here and think about what you did." He slipped off his boxers, balled them up, and shoved them as deep in her mouth as they would go. "Don't fucking wake me up again." Emily felt her heart drop into her stomach. Richard, despite the horrible things he did to her, always had a happy go lucky attitude. She was terrified of this new, angry, Richard.

Emily couldn't sleep, she was too uncomfortable and afraid. The underwear in her mouth continually threatened to gag her, and she was scared of it falling out of her mouth, further angering her captors. So she stayed awake for another two hours, cursing herself for her stupidity, and trying to brainstorm more fool proof escape plans.

Eventually the alarm went off and the couple began to get ready for the day, mostly ignoring Emily. Once Anne was ready, she gave Richard and Emily both kisses on the cheek and left. Richard smiled tightly at her.

"Are you ready for a 'fun' day, my dear?" He pulled a pocket knife out of his pocket, and Emily stiffened. He cut the bonds holding her to the pole, but left her hands tied in front of her. He pulled the damp boxers out of her mouth next.

"You did good, present, keeping these in all night."


"Shhh," he pressed a finger to her lips. "Did I say that you could speak?" He reached into his pocket and pulled out a short chain with two dangerous looking clamps on the end.

"These, my dear," Richard said brandishing the chain dangerously. "Are called nipple clamps. They go here," He snapped one onto her right nipple, and she cried out in pain. "And here," he snapped the other end on her left nipple. The clamps made her nipples swollen and unbearably sore. Richard grasped the dangling chain that hung between her breasts and began to tug her along. One pull made it feel like her nipples would be ripped off, so she quickly trotted along to relieve the pressure. Once they arrived at the office/torture chamber, Richard lead her to the ominous hook hanging from the ceiling.

He grabbed her tied hand and attached them to hook, stretching her out, so she was forced to stand on tip toes. While she struggled to get comfortable, Richard began pulling several things out of his desk drawers. He first came to her with what looked like a black panel with straps. "This," he said. "Is to help with your pathetic blowjob skills." He held it up to her face, and she saw there was a massive dildo attached to the center of the panel.

"Please, I'm sorry, I won't-" He shoved the dildo into her mouth and tightened the straps around her head. Emily retched, the rubber penis tickling the back of her throat, but with intense focus, she could keep herself from gagging too much. She sank her teeth into the cock, pretending it was Richard's.

"You already know what this guy can do." He shoved the vibrating egg into of her pussy. "But this guy is a little new to you." Richard moved behind her and she felt something prod between her already sore ass cheeks. She began to squirm. Richard swiftly spanked her. "None of that. You deserve this."

Richard shoved the butt plug roughly into her, and Emily squealed in pain. She had never had anything put into that hole before, and she felt herself squeeze the intruder tightly. He held up the remote and smiled. With a tap of the button, she felt both the egg and the plug begin to vibrate. Emily wiggled and moaned at the sensation.

"Feel good, right? Well, don't get too comfortable." Another tap and a plug admitted a painful shock. Emily jerked and shouted. Richard grinned. "Now you think about what you did while you're hanging out, alright?" Emily glared at him, and he gave her another shock. "Alright?" Emily nodded frantically. He turned the vibrators on again, high enough to make her squirm but low enough to keep her away from an orgasm and went to his desk.

For the next several hours he worked at his computer and played with the remote. His favorite game seemed to be bringing her right to the cusp of an orgasm, then giving her several hard shocks. Sometimes he would stand to get a book from his shelf or some other item, and he would give her nipple clamps a hard tug or her ass a spank.

Emily's arms went numb from dangling above her for so long, and she was utterly exhausted from the torture. She could feel her brain being fried from the constant pulls between pain and pleasure in her pussy. Eventually, he closed his laptop and came behind her. He turned up the vibrations to its highest setting, and she felt her cheeks jiggle with the vibrations.

"Rub your ass against me," he whispered in her ear. When she hesitated, he gave her a hard shock, making her shriek. "Come on, present. Like you're giving me a lap dance." He grabbed her hips, held them against his crotch, and began to move them in small circles. "Just like this."

Hoping he'd let her down if she did this, she pressed herself against his hardening crotch and rubbed as hard as she could. Richard groaned in ecstasy. "That's it, just like that." She heard him unbuckle his belt, and she tried to turn around to see what he was doing. He grabbed her nipple clamp chain and tugged hard. "You stay front and focus."

Emily felt Richard pull out the butt plug, and swiftly and painfully shoved himself inside of her. The plug had stretched her out so it wasn't as tight as it could have been, but it was still a great shock to the anal virgin. She struggled to get away, but she could only dangle helplessly. He gripped her hips like a vice and fucked her hungrily.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh," Richard grunted with every thrust. He moved his hands from her hips to her sore breasts. "Take it, take every inch of me, bitch." His fingers went to her clamps and her pulled them off her her roughly, intest pain flooded her nipples as the blood rushed into them. She moaned in agony, delighting Richard. He rubbed and pinched her newly sensitive buds, making her rock and squirm even more.

He finished quickly and quickly replaced the butt plug, forcing her to keep his seed inside of her.

He zipped up his pants and gave her a condescending pat on the ass. "Well, know I know your ass is better than your mouth. I'll have to remember that." He flicked on her remote again to start the cycle of buzzing and shocks over again.

He worked for a few more hours, his lunch break consisting of sharing some kind of protein shake with his dangling captive before regagging her. By the time he was finished, her arms were completely numb, and her legs were shaking terribly. She was relived when he finally closed his laptop and walked over to her.

"You ready to come down, present?" Emily nodded frantically. Richard smirked at her desperation, but removed the plugs from her private parts and unhooked her hands from the ceiling. She collapsed forward into his arms from exhaustion, and he quickly scooped her up, bridal style.

He carried her into the living room and sat her on the floor in front of the couch. "On all fours," he order, and she shakily moved into position. She then felt a heavy weight on her back, and she realized she was using her a foot stool.

She didn't know how long he kept here there, as he alternated between his book and his phone, but her arms and legs were trembling nonstop by the time Anne came home.

"Well, look at this adorable picture?" Anne laughed.

"It's really quite comfortable. You should try it sometime."

"I got take out, why don't you set the table while I feed our toy." Richard sighed, but took his legs off of Emily and went into the kitchen. Anne helped her up onto the couch and took off her gag.

She held a water bottle up to Emily's mouth, and she nearly downed the entire thing in one gulp.

"Please," she gasped. "I'm sorry-"

"Shhh," Anne hushed her and pulled a packet of apple slices out of her purse. "You deserve everything you're getting today, doing something so silly." She began feeding her the slices, which Emily accepted hungrily. "Not every day will be this exhausting. They'll be many days full of fun, and excitement, and pleasure. I promise. But to get to those fun days, you have to be nice and compliant during the tougher days." Emily shuddered, but finished her snack silently.

When they were done, Anne pulled her into the dinning room, which was set for two places. "Let's get our girl into place, shall we?" Richard tapped the table, indicating for Emily to climb on. She hesitantly complied, and the couple got to work tying her to the corners of the table, tightly, with rough rope. Once she was secured, the couple went about their meal, Emily not daring to make a sound.

They chatted as usual, talking about a barbeque they were having that weekend with a few 'friends.' A chance to get help, perhaps? There weren't many details said about the event besides food preparations, but Emily was hopeful.

Once they finished and cleared their plates, their attentions returned to Emily. "Now, present," Anne said sickly sweet. "We're going to give you one last punishment for today, then we'll forget this whole ugly mess." Ice formed in Emily's stomach, and she trembled in her bonds. "Oh, don't worry, dear. It won't hurt. In fact, I'm positive it will leave a big smile one your face." Richard and Anne both laughed at this.

Anne stretched out her hand and began stroking her fingertips lightly up and down her rib cage and Emily jerked and gasped. "Oh, she's so sensitive." Emily bit her lip, determined not to give in quickly to this torture. It's just tickling, after all. Anne began to run her fingers lightly over her stomach and sides, as if to warm her up. Emily turned her head to the side and ground her teeth together.

Anne climbed up onto the table and straddled her around the hips. "Come on, lets put a smile on that sweet face." She began a much rougher assault on her sides, digging her fingers her ribs with glee. Emily arched her back, a smile spreading on her face.

She was so preoccupied with the upper body assault that she had momentarily forgotten about Richard, who by know had started itching his finger under her knee cap. She tried to scrunch up her legs, but she was tied too tightly.

"Such cute little feet you have, present," Richard said, wrapping his arm around her ankle to keep it still. He lightly drew circles with his fingers on the softest parts of her foot. This pushed Emily over the edge into hysterical giggles.

"Please, it's too much, please, please, please!"

"Coochie, coochie, coo!" Anne spidered her finger up her neck to under her chin. Emily shrugged her shoulders up to block the assault, so Anne moved to her arm pits as a punishment. Emily began to shriek in laughter, unable to speak.

"Should we gag her?" Richard called up from his position, now scratching her feet quickly with his nail.

"No, I want to hear her scream." She dug her fingers into her helplessly exposed armpits, enjoying the many shades of red Emily was turning. Richard, having his fill of her feet, moved up to her pussy, running his tickling fingers over her mound and entrance.

"Stop, I can't, I can't, I can't, stop, stop!" Emily shrieked, heaving with laughter.

"And she's wet, too!" reported Richard.

"We'll have to do this more often!" Anne said, laughing.

"NO!" Emily screamed, as Anne began sliding her nails up and down the entire length of her sides.

"But you're laughing, and so happy! You must love it!" Tears leaked out of Emily's eyes as she panted with hysterical laughter.

Anne climbed off her and stood at the head of the table, reaching over Emily's head to tickle her pits from a new, more devastating angle. Richard pushed Emily onto her side, as much as the ropes would allow her to and began to dig his fingers into her ass cheeks. At this, Emily's body couldn't take it any more, and she released her bladder onto the table.

Richard and Anne jerked out of the way and Emily sighed with relief that the torture was finally over. For a brief moment, she feared that they would punish her further for wetting herself, but they just chuckled.

"I think she got the message, didn't she," Richard laughed. They untied the limp and exhausted girl and took her to their backyard, which featured a sprawling yard, a large pool and tall gates. They prayed her off with a garden hose, then carried her back to the bedroom.

Richard laid her on the ground and began tying her hands behind her back, then attaching them to her ankles, effectively hogtying her. She didn't care how she uncomfortably she was tied, she just wanted to get into bed and finally get some rest.

Anne pulled a large trunk into the room set it at the foot of the bed. "You took your punishment well today, present," Richard explained, running his fingers along her spine. "But you've lost some privileges, as well. See, present, you're a toy, and toys don't sleep in a bed at night. They get put away when their owners are done playing with them." Emily realized what the trunk was for and began to shake her head wildly.

"Please don't," she said, her voice horse from her tickling session.

"Remember what I said about waking me, present. Don't want another punishment, do we?" He grabbed her by her shoulders, and Anne grasped her legs and they lifted Emily up into the trunk.

"Good night, sweetheart," Anne said. "Tomorrow will be much more fun, I promise."

They closed the lid and Emily was left in darkness, wondering exactly what the couples definition of 'fun' would entail.

Chapter 4 (added: 2020/10/07)

The next week passed slowly as Emily settled into a routine. She was awoken and pulled out of her trunk/bed around 7:00 am. She was allowed to go to the bathroom, and Anne left for work. Richard had started to give her some clothes as a "reward," but they barely qualified as clothing. G strings and push up bras, nighties with lace and bows that barely covered her ass. Anything that didn't truly get in the way of his pawing hands.

Richard would go to work in his study and would have Emily bound and used in some kind of way. Usually she was in the "blowjob chair," as he referred to it, her mouth forced open to hold his cock, but sometimes he changed it up by dangling her from the ceiling hook or using her as a foot rest. Once he forced her onto her back so her feet stuck through the chair's "head hole" so he could tickle her feet as he worked. This was the worst torture, as she thrashed and laughed under the chair, but couldn't move her feet at all as he spidered his fingers over the souls of her feet.

He would often ask her "Now how does this make you feel?" or "How would you describe the sensation of this action?" as he pinched, smacked, teased or tickle her. He explained that he used her reactions to help write his stories.

"For accuracy, of course." She tried to explain it the best she could, for fear of more punishments, but he usually just seemed for interested in torturing her than her actual descriptions.

After he finished work, he would either put her back in the trunk so she could nap, or he would bring her into the living room with him to relax. He would read a book or watch TV, and mindlessly play with her. He seemed obsessed with being able to just touch her, constantly. Sometimes she would be bound and gagged across his lap so he could run his hands over her ass, squeezing or slapping when the mood struck him. Sometimes she would be on his lap, legs spread, and he would gently rub her clit to work her up. Any time she gasped or squeaked, he would shush her.

"Trying to watch the show, present."

Then Anne would come home and they would have dinner, Emily strapped to the chair and hand fed. After the finished, Anne would declare it "play time" and take Emily to their room for some "girl on girl fun." It started as some tease and denial and lessons in rug munching, but Anne soon decided to up the ante. She bought a medium-sized black strap on and delighted in Emily's terrified expression as she brought it out of the first time.

"Don't worry, present," she laughed. "It will be fun, I promise." Emily had to admit, Anne seemed very concerned in Emily's pleasure, making her cum multiple times while she used her with the plastic cock. It almost made her disappointed when Richard came in for his "goodnight kiss," as he refered to it. After he fucked her, she was bound, gagged, and placed back into her trunk.

It was not a perfect situation, obviously, and she still desperately thought was ways to escape most of the day. But she was less afraid as she spent more time with them. She knew what to expect every day. She hadn't been punished in a while, and staying compliant kept her captors happy. However, when the weekend came, her routine was thrown for a loop.

Her trunk was flung open later in the afternoon than normal and she was pulled out to see Richard and Anne in bright summer clothes. "Good morning present!" Richard said. "Today we're having company over, so you'll get to spend the day outside! Isn't that great?" Emily nodded quietly. She wondered what kind of people would be ok with their friends owning slave.

"Let's get you dressed first." The couple pulled out her belt set, which they used to mummify tightly, and then shoved a ball gag in her mouth. Richard scooped her up and carried her outside. Their sprawling yard had a large lawn, a pool, and lots of patio furniture, now set up with food and drinks for their party. They walked over to the pool, where an inflatable pool lounge sat floating on the water. Anne maneuvered it next to edge of the pool, and Richard sat her gently on the inflatable bed.

"I think you make a great pool toy, don't you?" He asked, laughing.

Richard put a pair of sunglasses on the bound girl, and push her out into the pool. Emily whimpered. The feeling of drifting about with no control was anxiety inducing. She tried to lay as still as possible, knowing if she fell off she would have no way to save herself. She was floating for a while, becoming uncomfortably warm, when she heard the gate open.

"Hey guys!" A male voice called. She lifted her head and gasped behind her gag. It was Jasper, another lawyer from her former firm, arm and arm with a pretty brunette. She was about to call out for help when a third figure followed them. A vaguely familiar, very handsome young man, wearing only two articles of clothing: a Speedo and a collar. The collar was attached to a leash, held by the woman. By his sullen expression, she could tell he was a slave as well.

"Jasper, Susan!" Richard greeted them. "How the hell are you?"

"Is this her?" The woman, Susan, asked, eyeing Emily. Richard grabbed a pool cleaner and used it to guide her inflatable lounge over the edge of the pool. The new couple kneeled down to get a good look at her. Jasper immediately began to grope her, squeezing her breasts to make her squeak, and then began to feel her pussy to test her wetness and tightness.

"Very nice," he mused. "Very nice." Susan took off Emily's sunglasses, making her squint in the bright sun. She grasped her chin, twisting her head from side to side.

"She's just darling, isn't she?" Susan asked her husband. He grunted an affirmation. Susan turned to the boy on the leash, who had been standing silently next to her. "Isn't she darling, Henry?" The boy didn't respond, but Emily gasped. Henry! Amy laughed.

"Oh yes, you two know each other, don't you?" Susan asked, stroking Emily's cheek lightly, in a way that made her shiver. Henry had been an assistant at the firm, like she was. She remembered thinking he was cute, and they chatted often, but he was very reserved and quiet, like she was. He had quit suddenly in late December and she never saw him again. Now she realized Jasper had taken him like Anne had taken her.

Susan smirked, put the sunglasses back on Emily, and shoved her back out to drift with a push of her foot. The trio of guests made their way over to the table where Richard was laying out the lunch. Susan sat in a chair and point at a spot next to her. "Kneel," she barked, and Henry did as she ordered, staring straight ahead, hands in his lap. The friends chatted, and Emily strained to hear them. She caught up in the conversation as she floated closer.

"Do you always keep her so tightly tied?" Jasper asked.

"Usually. If not, we'll give her a few sprinkles of the good stuff to keep her compliant," Richard answered around a bite of hot dog.

"I know how you handle your presents," Anne laughed. "But I like mine with a little fight in them for as long as possible. It's fun to watch them squirm."

"Oh, you should have seen this one before we got him trained. Squirming is an understatement," Jasper laughed.

"How'd you get him?"

"Grabbed him in the parking lot if, you believe it. A quick whack to the head and he was out cold."

"I wish I had taken more photos!" Susan cooed. "I came down Christmas morning, and there he was! Jasper had him wrapped up in ribbon and a big bow under the tree, and a sparkly ornament in his mouth. it was adorable!" She ruffled Henry's hair, fondly.

"Anything for you, baby," Jasper said, giving his wife a kiss on the cheek.

"And of course we've had to be very strict, but now look at him! The picture of obedience."

"What's your secret?" Anne asked.

"Well, of course there's the usual stuff. Whippings, lose of food privileges, sleep deprivations. But our secret weapon never fails to bring them in line." She tugged on Henry's leash so he would stand. Emily craned her neck up to see better. Susan pulled down Henry's Speedo and Emily gasped around her gag. Henry's sizeable cock was locked in a steel cage.

"You see," Susan said, stroking Henry, teasingly. "Once you control a slaves pleasure, you control their whole being." Henry didn't flinch at the finger running along his encased dick. Emily stared in disbelief. He was completely broken. She was suddenly grateful she was with Richard and Anne, because at least they seem to have no interest in breaking down her mind like this.

Emily's flotation device bobbed her away from the party, and she couldn't hear them anymore. She closed her eyes and tried to zone out, when suddenly she was lifted off the device and carried over to table.

"It's time for a little party game, Emily," Richard said, cradling the mummified girl. "And you get to play!" Emily moaned.

Richard set her down next to the group and, to her surprise, began to unbuckle her from her straps, and took out her gag. She wasn't sure what they wanted from her.

"First," he announced. "We are going to see how little Henry feels about Miss Emily."

"Oh, I know how he feels," added Jasper. "He used to tell me at work how cute he thought she was." The whole group got a big laugh out of this, expect for Henry and Emily, of course.

"So you thought she was cute?" Richard asked Henry. "Let's see what else you think about her." Susan pulled a small key out of her purse and unlocked the chastity device from Henry's cock.

"Behind your back," She barked, and he quickly clasped his hands behind his back.

"Little Henry isn't so little," Anne quipped, eliciting chuckles from everyone.

"Let's see how big we can get it," Richard said, and began to play with Emily's breasts. He started at her nipples, twisting and pulling to make them long and hard. Emily began to breathe heavily to try to control herself. She tried not to look at Henry's cock, but she couldn't help but glance down. It was beginning to slowly twitch.

"Do you like breasts, Henry?" Richard asked, playfully jiggling her small boobs. The stoic slave boy didn't reply. "No? You're an ass man then." He roughly turned Emily around and grabbed her butt cheek tightly, shaking it. "Look at that beautiful ass."

Jasper pulled his dick out and began jerking off at the display, and Susan began to snap some photos. Richard began to lightly slap Emily's ass to give it a rosy glow. Emily was close to tears. It wasn't too intense compared to what she's been through already, but being put on display made every grope ten times more humiliating.

"Bend over, present," Richard said, pushing her over so her ass was in Henry's face. He then began to gently stroke her pussy lips, making her shudder and moan. "She's wet, Henry. So fucking wet. Wouldn't you like some of that wet?" Emily heard Henry give a tight groan. She turned to look at him. He was too well-trained to grab his dick, but it seemed to be taking all his strength not to. His cock was throbbing and rock hard. It seems the months of denial had made him incredibly desperate.

"Looks like our pets are nice and ready, hm?" Richard asked the group, and they nodded. "So here's the game, slaves. We're going to let you go have some fun in the grass for, oh, let's say, five minutes. Emily, if you can stay away from Henry for five minutes, we'll let you go. You can walk right out of here, no strings attached."

Emily couldn't believe what she was hearing. She would finally able to escape this hell hole! "And Henry," Richard continued. "If you can catch Emily in five minutes, you can fuck her all you want." Emily looked at Henry with wide eyes. He wouldn't. He couldn't. Not when freedom was so close. Henry met her eyes with a cold gaze.

Richard pushed her towards the lawn as Susan unhooked Henry's collar and led him to the other side of the grass. Jasper pulled out his phone to set the timer. "All right, five minutes!" The rest of the group came to stand on the edges of the grass, like they were getting ready to watch a dog fight. "Ready, set, GO!"

Before Emily could form a plan, Henry charged at her, fire in his eyes. She gave a yelp of fright and tried to dart around him, thinking she could stick to the perimeter of the yard. She was slight and fast, but so was he. She only could take a few steps before he tackled her to the ground.

She screamed and thrashed under him, trying to break her arms free. She was able to get a hand out, and she ran her finger nails across his arms, drawing blood. This distracted him enough so she was able to wiggle out from under him and scramble to her feet.

The couples began to cheer on Henry from the side lines.

"Come on, boy!"

"Are you going to let her get away like that?"

"Get her!"

Emily tried to flee, but Henry was able to catch her around the ankle and tug her down. He crawled on top of her, using his weight to press her down into the grass. She tried to flail her body, to crawl our from under him again, but he was too heavy.

He wrapped one arm around her neck in a choke hold, and used his other hand to grab her arm, and yanked her backwards so the top half of her torso were lifted off her grass. She had seen moves like this on WWE. Emily's breasts were on display for the crowd, who cheered in delight. Jasper checked his phone.

"Just under two minutes! Well done, Henry." Henry panted, staring at his masters.

"Oh, go one," Susan said. "You have our permission." Henry dropped Emily's neck and arm, and dug his fingers into her hips and yanked them upwards, and he shoved himself inside of her. Emily gave a loud scream. She wasn't aroused anymore, and Henry was BIG. Bigger than Richard.

Once he was inside of her, he laid himself on top of her so she was flat on the ground, pinning her wrists down and using his legs to spread her own wide. Emily struggled for a few moments, but she had nowhere to go. As usual.

Henry fucked her like an animal, grunting on top of her, and meeting her hips with every thrust. He squeezed her wrists, hard, making her squeak in pain. He then moved his hand to her hair, gripping it tightly and pulling it back for leverage.

Thankfully, he was so desperate and denied that he finished quickly, roaring as he filled her with his seed. Almost immediately Jasper and Susan were on him, re-attaching his collar and leash and yanking him off of her. Emily lay still, panting from exertion.

"Not much of a show, in the end." Richard complained. Emily turned her head to see Susan snapping the chasisty device back on Henry's softened dick.

"He hasn't had an orgasm in almost five months, a breeze could have made him cum," She said, indignantly.

"How was it for you, present?" Anne called over to the prone Emily, and everyone chuckled.

"A little variety is good for her," Richard said. He moved over to her and yanked her to her feet, snapping a pair of handcuffs on her. The group moved back to the tables, with Emily firmly on Richard's lap

"Maybe some more play dates between the two of them would be good for them both," Susan suggested.

"How so?" asked Anne.

"Well, it can be a reward for when Henry is good," Susan said, stroking Henry's hair, who had resumed his kneeling position next to his owner. "And based on Emily's reaction to their little game, Henry could be..."

"A punishment," Richard finished, with a wicked grin on his face. "I think that would be a great idea." Emily stiffened and looked to see Henry's reaction. The boys face was still impassive and expressionless, but when he met her eyes, she saw a tiny glint of excitement.

"Maybe you two can play another game once Henry's ready for round 2, hm?" Richard asked playfully. The group had a big laugh at Emily's terrified face.

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