A Walk In The Park
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Author's Note: Over 20 years ago I read a story similar to this one.

I decided to put my spin on it, and ad more to it in my own words. Kudos to the original story and it's author.

Today was Wednesday the day that Victoria goes out for her weekly stroll, pushing her baby carriage through the park and downtown area of the small town in which she lived.

She prepared for her outing the same way in which she always did, going through her huge walk in closet deciding on her outfit for the day.

She always dressed as a 1950's house wife might, but with a twist.

She favored strict heavy foundation garments, towering high heels, fashionable gloves and sometimes and wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off of her delicate skin.

After carefully applying thick eyeliner on her upper and lower eye lids and brushing her high arched brows she affixed long luscious false eyelashes to complete her desired look.

She mulled over her collection of open bottom girdles, waist cinchers,heavily boned waist crushing under bust corsets, sheer real nylon stockings, fully fashioned RHT stockings and satiny wide garter belts .

Any under garments that included garter straps always had 7 straps per leg in order to keep her stockings pulled high and tight to prevent any wrinkles or sag.

Today she chose a black satin under bust corset with steel boning giving her a severe hourglass figure.

Next she decided on a bullet bra with pointy cone shaped cups, a white clingy Lycra pull over long sleeve blouse and a tight knee length black pencil skirt .

Looking at her collection of high heels with nothing less than a 5" heel height, she choose from ankle strap pumps, sexy wedge heels and mules for puttering around her house.

She decided on a pair of black suede lace up oxford style high heels. The heel was 6 1/2" inches high with a small 1/2" platform. With her size 6 foot this made her delicately balance on the thin stiletto heel and the ball of her foot forcing her to take short mincing steps.

And having worn shoes with this heel height her whole life she moved elegantly and with grace in such impossibly high heels.

After she was dressed she finished off her outfit with a wide black patent leather belt pulled snug around her small corseted waist, which in turn pulled the material of her blouse down and tight, stretching it thinly over the pointy tips of her cone shaped bra cups.

She slid her hands into a pair of wrist length white gloves with small black polka dots.

Topping that off with a wide black floppy brimmed hat.

The clicking of her high heels on the cement walk signaled her arrival in the park.

Some of the Town's men who hung out there to read the paper, play chess or just relax waited in anticipation , anxious to see what outfit this statue sq woman with the perfect posture would wear today.

Most were in awe of her and wondered how she could walk so gracefully in such impossibly high heels and manage to push her carriage in front of her.

She moved along taking stepsonly as long as her tight pencil skirt would allow.

She moved with grace, teetering on her heels as she slowly made her way down the sidewalk turning men's heads as she went.

She relished in the perfect posture she had due to the strict foundation of her under garments.

Victoria spied a group of ladies sitting on the park benches , made her way over to them and sat down.

"Hi, nice to see you out in the park today Victoria. You look elegant as usual. We were wondering if today might be the day we get a look at your baby. He must be very well behaved as we never hear a peep out of him when you are out for a walk."

"Yes, he is a sound sleeper that's why I always have the canopy closed so as not to disturb him."

Just then a muffled sound was heard from beneath the canopy.

"Oh, it sounds like he is waking up exclaimed on of the ladies."

Victoria quickly began rocking the stroller , the carriage wheels rolling back and forth a few feet at a time but the moaning persisted.

Would you mind rocking my carriage she said to the lady next to her, I need to re tie my shoe lace.

As the lady put her hand on the carriage handle and continued rocking, Victoria extended her stiletto clad foot down by the bottom of the carriage and untied her high heel oxford court shoe.

She slid her foot out exposing the reinforced heel and toe of her nylon stocking, wiggled her toes and slid it back in her shoe while tying the lace. Then she readjusted the gold anklet around her thin ankle

The moaning from inside persisted so she asked the helpful lady to move the carriage a little faster back and forth.

As Victoria rose and stood up the noise from under the carriage canopy seemed to have stopped.

Thanking the ladies for their help and bidding them farewell , Victoria continued her walk heading for home.

Her thin stiletto heels clicking on the walk ,every step she took she could feel the pull of her garter straps on her stocking tops reminding her of what she was wearing underneath her outfit.

She chose to not wear panties knowing this would excite her husband.

She could feel the cool breeze underneath her skirt on her smooth hairless exposed pussy

Entering her house she parked the carriage in the front room and pulled back the canopy revealing her husband.

He was bent over face down and strapped to a padded rail that ran across the carriage.

His feet were strapped down to a platform and his hands tightly strapped down in front of him.

In front of his face was a clear glass panel at the bottom of the carriage , forcing him to watch his wife's stiletto clad feet as she pushed him along.

Anyone standing next to it would not even know the special window existed.

A baby bottle filled with a powerful aphrodisiac hung from the top of the canopy while a hose fed it into the black panel penis gag that was strapped tightly around his head.

This aphrodisiac would ensure that his penis would stay incredibly erect and throbbing while lewd thoughts would flood his brain. Try as he might, he could not help but focus on erotic high heels and think about them.

The panel gag had straps under his chin, up over his nose and forehead. And around behind his head.

Victoria continually went over the straps one at a time, pulling tugging and cinching each one tighter and tighter until no holes were left in each strap to insure he would get every drop of the elixir and no leakage would occur.

Perhaps the most insidious feature of this carriage was the pump in the hidden lower compartment.

It was activated by the turning of the axle and wheels.

A rubber hose went from the pump to a flexible cylinder that her husbands fully engorged penis was inserted into.

Any movement of the wheels would start a suction action in that cylinder.

The pump would also force the aphrodisiac mix down his throat and he had no choice but to swallow it as it was force fed to him or he might end up choking.

Looking at the catch bottle attached to the hose she noticed it was filled to the top with semen.

"Oh honey look! it seems like you enjoyed our little outing today. You completely filled up your catch bottle. How many orgasms did you have?"

He responded with a Mmppffhh! into his gag.

"Did you enjoy your view of my foot while the helpful ladies rocked your carriage she asked cheerfully ?"


Victoria went to her closet and retrieved a pair of her black patent leather 6" ankle strap pumps and set them down in front of the carriage's lower glass panel.

"There you go darling, you look at those and be a good boy while I prepare your next feeding and your nice warm enema."

"I will be using the special black solution that you love so much. I will also run the water over a bar of Castille soap for a little extra strength, just for my loving husband. I know you love the extra cramping and the cleansing effect the soap adds to the solution."


"Yes dear I know you love it. And we will be using your inflatable plug too so there will not be any leakage and you will experience the full effects of your enema . I know that you will make you happy. You can thank me later for being so thoughtful"


With that she teetered on herheels as they made a clicking noise on the hardwood flooring while pushing the chrome enema stand over to the kitchen counter. Then she poured the special black solution into the 2 quart rubber bag and began running the warm water over the bar of soap to fill it.

"Here is your pink penis cage on the counter dear, I will set that aside for use when we are finished with our walk."

Making her way back to her husband in the carriage she reached down and examined the cylinder containing her husband's penis.

"You are such a good boy today. It looks like you are really enjoying yourself. Your penis is so swollen and hard . And look at those veins they are so red and throbbing" she said as she twisted the cylinder back and forth for a better look.

That caused her husband to moan behind his gag. The head of his penis was an angry purple color and was throbbing inside the cylinder it was trapped in.

And with all of the sexual stimulant he had swallowed on the walk, it would be hours before it would be able to go flaccid weather he wanted it to or not.

"Ok honey, Im changing your feeding bottle and I added a little more to the ingredients to make it a little stronger.

And I emptied your catch bottle and I expect you to fill it up again when we go out for another walk shortly. Can you be a good boy and do that for mommy?"

Pulling down the pink panties her husband was wearing she inserted the inflatable enema nozzle and released the hose clamp starting the flow of the soapy solution.

"You have been such a good boy today.

For a special treat I am going to take off my Oxfords and put on the ankle strap pumps you have been looking at for awhile. You will have a great view through your special window.

Would my little boy like that?"


Victoria made sure he could watch her change by keeping her feet down by the clear bottom window of the stroller. She wiggled her toes while sliding her feet into her heels. Next she closed the buckles on the thin straps encircling her ankles.

Then she used her index fingers to fondle the length of the slim heels. She re adjusted her anklet very slowly making sure to drag out the process.

Victoria twisted her stiletto heel back and forth and side to side , making sure her captive saw it from all angles, giving him a preview of what he would be forced to see , and looked forward to seeing for the next hour or so.

Looking up she noticed that the 2 quart bag was now empty .

With her shoes forcing her to arch her instep down at such a steep angle , she slowly stood up gaining her balance.

She removed the nozzle and inserted the tip of the over sized inflatable plug. Pushing slowly the expanding girth of the plug disappeared into his hole until the widest part popped in and his rear muscle greedily closed around the stem of the plug and grasped it tightly.

Victoria always loved to see that part of the insertion. The widest part stretching him out, then the plug getting sucked in as the plug narrowed to the stem.

Squeezing the bulb to inflate his plug and rocking the carriage back and forth to activate the pump ,Victoria exclaimed "okay honey we are ready for another walk around the neighborhood.

Would you like me to walk faster this time? It might make that pump work a little faster on you and and result in more intense stronger suction. I don't know how much more of that constant stimulation you can bear but we will be back home quicker so you can empty out that mean nasty enema you are holding. What are your thoughts dear?"

Just then he experienced the first of the many cramps to come. The special black solution was doing what it was supposed to.

All he could reply with was a guttural


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