Death Of A Blanket Hog
  • Author - T.S. Fesseln
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  • Story Codes - M-f, consensual, bondage
  • Post Date - 8/9/2020

Author's Note: Disclaimer: This is a work of amatory fantasy. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading here. If you are a bit squeamish about graphic depictions of sex and bondage, please stop reading here. The author takes no responsibility for those who wish to reenact anything written below. Any comments are gladly accepted and encouraged.

Samantha was a blanket hog. It was as simple as that.

Brendan had moved in with Samantha a little over three months ago and there had yet to be a night that he would have his half of the blanket for a full night. He had always slept in just his boxers, but now he contemplated buying several pairs of flannel pajamas. She would even pull the electric blanket from over him and curl it around herself like a warm cocoon.

It had to stop. Tonight was the night.

The idea came to Brendan while watching his blonde-haired girlfriend sleep with all the covers wrapped around her. He really loved Samantha; the way she bit her lower lip when she was embarrassed, the way she danced when she listened to her Ipod when she thought no one was looking, the way her lean, pale body looked in her neon green bikini as she tried to sun herself by the apartment complex pool without burning to a crisp. All of those things and many more made Samantha someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. So in the name of love the blanket hog in Sam had to die tonight.

Samantha was looking as beautiful as usual stretched out on the couch in her long t-shirt as Brendan brought in two bowls of her favorite mint ice cream with chocolate fudge drizzled over it. Her pale blue eyes lit up as she saw what he had in his hands.

"Ice cream?" Brendan smiled as he handed her the bowl.

"MMMMmmmm, yes," Samantha grinned as she took the bowl offered her, "Thank you. What's the occasion, babe?"

"No occasion. I wanted some so I dished you up some too."

"You know," the blonde smiled as she curled up beside her boyfriend, "I am going to burn this off somehow."

Brendan smiled, "Oh really?"

"Uh-huh. Just the chocolate syrup alone is going to be at least an hour's workout."

Samantha looked right into her boyfriend's brown hazel eyes. He could do things to her with just his easy smile and a wink. Of course, that wasn't the only thing that attracted her to him. It was something about the whole package of the body of an Olympic swimmer and the personality of a DJ. He had a bad boy edge that she craved and could be tender as angel if he wanted to be. He looked like he could be Ryan Reynold's younger, hotter brother.

"What kind of workout are you talking about, Sweets? It is getting pretty late. . ."

The blonde smiled wantonly and slowly sucked the ice-cream off of her spoon, "I just don't know, babe."

"It just so happens I got some new equipment for our exercise routine; something new. Something just for you."

Samantha paused, "What? A new Fitbit or something. . ."

"Or something," Brendan replied.


"I'll get it out after we finish this off."

Samantha pouted as she finished off her bowl of ice cream. Her mind raced through all of the possibilities what it might be. They had a pretty complete set of toys that included a few different vibrators, lotions and a set of fuzzy handcuffs. Her bedroom wardrobe was pretty complete as well, not that she would turn down a new teddy or garter belt.

Sam set her bowl and spoon down on the floor with a clink, "Done."

"I'm not," Brendan said, taking his time with his last few bites.

"Babe. . .," she pouted again.

"Okay, Okay," he relented as he set his bowl down, "I'll get it."

Brendan disappeared down the hall into their bedroom. He emerged with a large Amazon box in hand and set it on the couch between them, "Merry Christmas."

Samantha grinned ear to ear and dug into box, throwing the packing paper out until she got to the first sealed white bag. It was heavier than she imagined it would be as she tore in open.

The smell of leather wafted out as she pulled the gift from its bag. It seemed like a tangle of belts. She looked at Brendan with a puzzled frown.

"Hold it up," he smiled.

She untangled it and held it up. It was a web of straps and buckles and 'O' rings. It took her a few seconds to realize what it was: a leather harness.

"Go pulled the shades and try it on," Brendan said as he began eating his ice cream.

"Why?" she said, "let's give the neighbors another thrill."

With that, Samantha pulled off her sleep shirt brazenly and slipped off her panties, baring herself to her boyfriend and anyone else that might be looking through the living room window.

The black leather harness was something definitely different for Brendan; not his usual taste in bedroom attire. But it was not unwelcome. She figured out the place where her boobs went through and buckled the straps accordingly. After some trials and errors, she figured all out under the smiling eyes of her boyfriend.

"Ta Da!" she exclaimed, showing herself off.

"Nice," he growled and he took all of her five foot seven frame in.

The harness emphasized everything that was stunning about her bod: Nice, large breasts with dusty pink nipples, a narrow waist with a well-toned stomach, wide hips and long, tapered legs. The belts framed her light brown nest she kept trimmed in the shape of a heart just for Brendan. Sam was a Goddess in leather.

"Like it?" he asked.

"I LOVE IT!" she exclaimed, noticing a bulge forming in his loungers.

And Samantha really did. It was soooo pervy. It was sending little sparks of pleasure just moving around in it. The harness hugged her just right and it was making her that much more horny.

"There is more in there, you know," Brendan pointed out.

Samantha dug into the box and pulled out a few more sealed bags and started ripping them open and laying their contents on the couch: several pairs of leather cuffs, a leather blindfold, a leather collar and a penis-shaped panel gag. Samantha had seen these online but never ever thought she would be wearing them. It wasn't the idea of being buckled up in them, it was just a huge surprise and one she had not one hint about. It wasn't as if Brendan hadn't played with her fuzzy cuffs before. This was at a far different level entirely.

"Ready to work off some of that ice cream, my little bondage slut?," Brendan asked.

"Whatever you want, Master. . ." Samantha purred.

"I like the sound of that; 'Master'."

Samantha swatted at him playfully, "Don't get used to that, Babe, though every once in a while I might be persuaded. . ."

"Well, come over and finish dressing you up."

"Okay, my sometimes Master," she replied, "How would you like me?"

"Just stay put and I'll do the rest," he smiled.

Brendan grabbed the collar first. It was a simple leather collar with a few chrome 'D' rings around it and a wide buckle. He opted not the get a collar with a lock since he thought it would have freaked Sam out.

He carefully encircled the collar around her throat and fastened it, making sure it was not too tight.

"Okay?" he asked.

Samantha nodded. She had a couple of chokers in her jewelry box but this felt more substantial and wanton and forbidden. She felt a primal sort of sexy wearing it.

Her boyfriend then slipped the blindfold over her eyes, the padding blinding her completely as he tightened it. He gave a couple of light kisses on her cheek before holding her by her shoulders and kissing her deeply.

Their tongues danced around each other as he held her to him. She clutched at him hungrily, wrapping her one leg around his and thrusting herself against him. He eased her back. . .

"Babe?. . ."

She felt something pressing against her lips; the tip of the penis gag.

"Babe, please. . ."

"Shhhush," Brendan whispered, "Slaves are better seen and not heard. Trust me, sweets. I'm not going let anything happen that I don't mean to do, okay."

Samantha opened her mouth reluctantly. The phallus slipped into her mouth, silencing her as she felt him fasten it tightly. All she could do was mewl.

Brendan gathered her wrists and she felt him buckle the straps around each one. The more helpless she was becoming, the hornier she was getting. It was the whole pervy forbidden thing. She would have no control when he ravaged her and he could be ruthless and controlling in bed. She guessed that this was an extension of the whole control thing.

She trusted Brendan even though it was the 'bad boy' attitude and tribal tattoos that first attracted her to him. She had let him move in her apartment with her, something she hadn't done with any boyfriend before. He talked her into getting a couple of tats herself and now he was going to make her his slave girl for the evening.

The blonde felt him fastening straps around her upper thighs and then fastened each wrist cuff to a thigh, immobilizing her even more. Lastly, he buckled cuffs around each ankle but he did not hobble her.

"Ready to serve your Master?" he asked her.

She nodded and mewled her agreement through her gag.

Samantha felt something snapped onto the front of her collar, something that wasn't in the box; at least she didn't see it there. There was a slight tug on her collar and she realized it was some sort of a dog leash.

"Come along," he said.

With a few cautious steps at first, Samantha let him guide her around the living room. He was probably parading her in front of the window to show off his prize, she thought, before leading her down the short hallway to the bedroom and beside the bed.

Brendan helped ease her onto the bed. By the cool of the sheets, Samantha could tell he had already turned down the covers.

"Scoot," he told her.

Samantha wriggled to what she thought was the middle of their king sized bed. She felt him climb into bed with her and firmly pushed her onto her back. Almost forcibly, Brendan fastened each of her ankle cuffs to the thigh cuffs that were anchoring her wrists, making her open her legs for him. His aggressiveness was really turning Samantha on way more than she was expecting.

The blonde felt the bed jostle as Brendan climbed around her and over her, pushing a pillow underneath her hips and another under her head. Samantha squirmed in her bindings, more to entice him than to try to get away. Finally, she felt him kneel between her legs and lean over her.

His tongue hungrily licked around her stiffened nipples, sending electric bolts of pleasure through her. She moaned into her gag and thrust her hips to him. He ignored her imploring as he continued nip and lick her; driving her nuts with need.

Hands replaced his tongue, kneading her breast roughly as he began to kiss and lick around the straps between her breasts and over the flat of her stomach. His tongue inched closer and closer to her small nest of curls that crowned her puss.

"Nnaaagg Eeeeee!" Samantha begged through the gag.

His tongue reached her lips, teasing at her swollen clit as his hands held her legs open. She could feel the molten storm building inside of her as she raised herself as much as she could to him.

Then he stopped.

Samantha screamed into gag in frustration.

"Do you want to cum, Sweets?" He asked.

The blonde nodded her head, moaning into her gag.

"You know I love you, Sweets, but we have a bit of a problem. . ."

'What!!!' her mind screamed, 'are you fucking joking!'

"It is the whole blanket hog thing. I just can't another night of not have some of the blanket so I want to try something new. If I make you cum, you will let me try a little experiment for a week or two."

His fingers glided up and down her slit, flicking at her clit.

She did not know what this 'experiment' entailed but she knew she felt like a caged tiger in heat and she needed to be released, now! She nodded her head vigorously.

She felt him position himself above and eased himself into her. God, she loved the feel of his cock inside her. It almost sent the building storm raging through her. He quickly picked up his tempo, fucking her faster and harder. . .

A white-hot cyclone roared through her as her body was no longer her own. She thrashed and bucked in her bindings until she felt him withdraw, his condom filled, and collapse beside her.

Brendan held onto her for what seemed to be eons, each catching their breath and basking in the wanton afterglow of the moment. Finally he moved and unbuckled her weak legs and stretched them out before locking her ankles together.

"Uhhh?" she questioned through her gag.

He seemed to ignore her. Another strap went around her legs above her knees, welding them together. She continued to plead through her gag to apparent deaf ears. He continued to make her more and more helpless by putting some sort of bags over her hands and tightening them.

Then he tickled and her clit again, sending another lightening flash of pleasure through her. She then felt him slip in her Bluetooth vibe that he had bought her the week before and nestled it into place.

"So Sweets, here's the deal. Every night before bed I am going to tie you just like this. I will cover you up and if you are a good girl about this, I will let you sleep without the gag. . ."

She felt the vibe turn on, humming through her slit and sending another tornado of bliss engulfing her soul.

"If you don't tear the blanket off of me, the experiment will be success and we'll see about getting a sleep sack for you. . ."

He kissed her on the forehead as he covered her up.

"Sleep tight. I'm going to catch the news then I'll join you. Night, night, Sweets. Enjoy."

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