Government Mandated Classes
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Author's Note: yes the ring was based on the terminators. please provide any feedback and or criticism I tried to build a story so it does start slow at first. if there is enough demand and positive feedback I will continue work on this series. some things may change in the story as I don't feel confident on why the classes are now mandatory

John Smith: Freshman attending his first year at college.

Amber Ponder: age 22, freshman in college. tends to put John in situations or predicaments for her amusement

Amanda Yates: age 30, professor of the sex ed class. has a very dominant and demanding personality. men fall for her bombshell body. takes class very seriously.

Misty Martinez:: age 21, your typical tomboy/skater currently a minor/supporting character

Jeff Dallas: age 25, typical jock character, currently a minor/supporting character

Chapter 1

Due to a global depopulation crisis on the rise in the country, the government has decided that it be necessary to get involved by adding new criteria for college students. With new government guidelines, it was now mandatory for any student seeking to get a degree would need to have at least one year of sex education classes.

John woke up in a daze, a few seconds later he realized the time on his alarm was flashing 10 o clock. "Shit" he exclaimed realizing that he was running late for his first day of class.

Rushing through his daily routine he bolted for his car and left his apartment speeding to the campus. Upon arriving there he looked at his schedule on his phone, seeing that he already missed two classes he rushed to the room number of a class that was already underway.

As he entered the room the class went quiet, as the room went to a deafening quiet a brunette woman who had her hair tied back got out of her chair and began walking towards John. Every step she made could be heard as her heels clicked against the tile in the room. Every step she made john couldn't help but notice how her breasts jiggled.

"Hello, Mr. Smith I presume?" she said as she pressed her finger against his chest. Dumbfounded John nodded as he was at a loss for words in front of this stunning woman. Trying not to stare at her cleavage john apologized for interrupting class and said he would find his seat.

As John made his way to an empty seat the teacher began to walk to the front of the room. "As I was stating class before we were interrupted" John sank in his seat a little as her eyes locked on him. "Due to new regulations, all of you must take at least one year of a sex education class if you are to have any hopes of graduating".

As she droned on john tried not to be obvious but took a brief look around the room only to notice how many cute girls were in the class. Thinking to himself that he was pretty lucky to be in a room with so many babes. Before he could get too lost in thought the teacher began to write on the board.

With this new curriculum, we will need to go very in-depth with sex education stated the teacher. Voices could be heard coming from groups of the students some of concern some making jokes. It didn't take long for the teacher to silence the class with an authoritative tone demanding silence.

She continued with her lecture "when I say more in-depth I mean you all with begin to get intimate with your classmates so please do try to get to know each other better". After hearing this the class broke into another rumble.

John couldn't believe what he heard, he had hoped that this would be the year he finally gets laid but he didn't expect it to be served to him on a silver platter. at this point, he couldn't help but imagine taking out all of his pent up frustrations on the cute girls in the class.

Interrupting John's daydreaming the teacher started waving a stack of papers saying "before we continue we must now separate the class into groups, if you are a virgin please raise your hand"

John felt his stomach sink as the room fell silent again, the teacher repeated herself and stated that those who lie will be dealt with. a few hands in the class rose, as did a reluctant john who was red from embarrassment.

Clapping her hands together she asked for those who raised their hands to please group together for the time being. John noticed a few girls in the group but mostly guys were in this group. before anyone in the group could ask what was going on they were all given a small stack of papers.

"Thank you for being honest," the teacher said to the smaller group now this form is just your standard consent form to taking this class she proclaimed. gesturing for them to go back to their seats each one flipped through the packet as they made their way back to their seats.

After the larger group of students got their papers she addressed the whole class "I need everyone to review the consent form and return it I will give you a few moments." not even bothering to read it most of the men in the class signed away some of the girls in the class just signed because of the number of pages. with only a handful reading the fine details.

After several minutes of the room being filled with page flipping and pens scribbling the teacher again got the attention of the class. going into more detail the teacher explained that part of the consent form was an abstinence clause. just as soon as the men in the class groaned the teacher began to speak up. explaining that it only meant outside of the class and class activities.

Carrying on about the clause she did mention that anyone caught breaking the clause would be dealt with harshly as this is to keep everyone safe and STD free. At this point, some murmuring began as the students were unsure about this.

Seeing the time the teacher announced that they would need to pick up the pace as she started to unbutton her blouse allowing more of her cleavage to spill out. this caught the attention of all the guys as their eyes were glued on her. Taking off her blue blouse only to reveal a lacy black bra she instructed the students to join her.

Before she could remove her tight jeans, she once again demanded that the students follow her lead as this is part of their grade. the students one after another started to slowly shed their clothing.

John tried not to stare at the girls in the class as he piled his clothes in a neat pile on his desk. as the whole class sat at their desks with everything on full display, some of the more modest students trying to cover themselves to no avail.

A now nude teacher addressed the class informing them that at the beginning of her class they will strip to be more comfortable with the human form. turning around to write on the board with her ass on full display caused some of the men to whistle.

John had never been so interested in class before and while he tried to hide his erection under his desk thought that this was going to be his year.

Chapter 2

John woke up excited for class, it was such a foreign feeling for him, normally he couldn't stand high school let alone be excited about it. getting ready he couldn't stop thinking about all of the naked girls he was going to see. just the thought of this was more than enough to put a spring in his step.

The first two classes of his schedule seemed to drag on for John. He never really cared for Math or history as he powered through them as he wished his next class would start already.

As soon as the bell rang john hopped up and rushed to class to be greeted by the teacher. John saw her in another tight-fitting green shirt as he said "good morning Ms.Yates". She smiled and said she was glad he was on time today as john walked to his desk.

As John got situated at his desk and his clothes put away a petite girl with long black hair sat next to him at the desk. "Hiya I'm Amber this seat isn't taken, is it?" John covering himself nodded no as she started to strip next to him.

Giggling to herself seeing a flustered John told him that he shouldn't cover himself. John focusing on the breasts that seem to be the perfect handful right in front of him took a second for her words to register to him.

As Amber sat her bare ass on the chair she placed her hand on John's lap," are you gonna remove that hand?" she said in a playful tone. slowly removing his hand amber let out a small gasp of excitement seeing john's cock.

In one swift motion, her hand went under the desk and around John's hard cock. "wow your huge I can barely wrap my hand around it" she said in wonder. Feeling him throb at her touch made her giggle some more " that exited huh? you must have been in the other group huh?"

Blushing John nodded as he was hoping that she would start stroking him. Before anything could happen Ms. Yates walked to the front of the classroom asking everyone to form a line at her desk. Letting go of a disappointed john the two of them started to get in line with the other students.

While standing in line amber gave John a playful tug pushing the tip of his cock against her firm ass. John grabbed a handful of her ass causing him to throb in amber's hand as she stroked him. This was soon cut short as Ms.Yates brought everyone's attention to a pile of boxes ranging from small to large and a big plastic bowl.

feeling cut short again he grabbed Amber's hand and directed it to his Frustrated cock only for her to swat it away. getting nothing from amber he decided to pay attention to what the teacher was going on about.

Ms. Yates placed the plastic bowl right under her breasts and asked the students to pull out only one slip of paper. this had the attention of a curious Amber and frustrated John as well as the rest of the class. one by one the teacher presented the students with the bowl until all of the slips were gone.

John showed Amber that he got lucky number 7, She giggled and showed him that she got a plain old number 2. Before anything else could happen Ms. Yates asked the students to find and take any boxes that had their number on it back to their desk. the students were scrambling all over to find boxes that might be theirs.

Despite having some girls rubbing up against him amidst the chaos John felt a little discouraged seeing that his box was the smallest one. Some students had several large boxes and others had boxes that were more on the medium size. John tried to guess what the boxes were for while Amber tried to figure out what was in John's box.

gathering the students' attention Ms. Yates instructed them to open their boxes. One by one gasps and laughs could be heard as the students saw the various sex toys and objects within their boxes. Amber more curious about John's box rushed him to open it.

John being careful opened the brown box to reveal a metallic ring. John didn't know what to think of this, Amber gave john a tug on his arm and said: "looks like a cock ring, guess you'll be having a lot of fun huh?" as she completely ignored her box.

While John and Amber were fiddling with the metallic ring Ms.Yates began addressing the class " now students these are assigned to you for the year they will be an important part of your grade". Before any questions could be asked the teacher called for numbers five and three to the front of the room.

A girl with short hair and perky tits walked up followed by a man with a major hard-on. Ms.Yates asked them to introduce themselves and what their assigned materials were.

The girl said her name was Misty she likes skateboarding, she was in her early twenties and enjoys music. She followed this up by pulling a small red bottle out of her box and announcing her box contained lubricants. after a small applause, she gave the spotlight to her partner.

The man who appeared to work out frequently said his name was Jeff, he followed this up with some basic likes and interests ranging from football to lifting weights. He then proceeded to pull out a fist full of condoms Bragging that it wouldn't be enough for the year.

"excellent introductions you two" Ms. Yates proclaimed as she explained that Misty was part of the smaller group and that this would be an excellent introduction. Ms. yates told the class that speaking to Misty Prior she wished to remain a virgin so there would be special circumstances for this demonstration.

Ms.Yates gave a gesture to turn around and bend over to Misty, Displaying her ass to the class was a pleasing site to Ms.Yates, Grabbing her ass Misty let out a little moan as the teacher spread her cheeks apart. "Pay attention class" Ms.Yates proclaimed as she went on about how virginity was determined by the lack of vaginal intercourse.

As the teacher's fingers wandered on misty soon brought her attention to her asshole. "now class one can stay a virgin as long as nothing enters the front" Ms.Yates said as she ran her finger around Misty's Asshole.

Ms.Yates directed Jeff and Misty to sit on the table. The teacher gave them a look and they both knew what she was getting at. Jeff wasted no time getting Misty's Lube all over his dick. Not giving her a moment to prepare Jeff grabbed misty and sat her on his lap rubbing his dick against her quivering ass.

Feeling his thick dick against her tiny ass Misty let out a gasp saying he was too big. Gently pressing into her with his tip Jeff ignored her comments as he forced the tip in. Letting out a gasp misty let out a gasp gripping Jeff's thighs tightly.

With another small push, the class could see the pleasure that was on Misty's face as Jeff glided in and out of her ass, each thrust getting her to moan while she ran circles around her clit . Ms.yates obviously Enjoying the show Warned Jeff not to accidentally slip it into the wrong hole.

Several minutes of thrusting was more than enough for Misty to begin moaning Jeff's name. Jeff exclaimed how tight her ass was as each thrust brought him closer to the edge. the next thing the class heard was a loud grunt as his thrusts slowed down to a complete halt until he slowly slid out of Misty.

Ms. Yates congratulated them as she tossed them a towel. the two made their way back to their seats, by the time misty realized she had a hard time sitting Ms. Yates called the next numbers

In a loud voice, the numbers seven and two were called out. John froze as Amber squealed in glee that it was her turn. Pulling John by the hand she told him not to be a chicken, she followed this by consoling him by telling John that his dick was way bigger than the last guy on stage. realizing this was his chance to get laid with a major cutie he decided to take his chance and run with it.

walking down with Amber their boxes in hand Amber introduced herself. she announced that she was a freshman, enjoyed nerdy things and that she had been looking forward to this class since she found out about it.

John made a similar opening yet not to his surprise did not get the same reception that Amber got. once finished the two pulled out their boxes getting ready to present. Amber feeling silly showed a bottle of pills that were medical-grade aphrodisiac pills. John added that he had a cock ring that was a few sizes too big, getting a laugh out of the class.

Ms. Yates attempted to correct him while asking why he didn't read the instructions with it. While popping one of the pills Amber gave him he replied with "because a cock ring is pretty basic" while he swallowed the pill.

Having a look that only showed frustration Ms. yates simply replied with " while you are correct about that, what you have is not a cock ring Mr.smith." walking over to her desk she pulled her cellphone out and asked him to try to put the ring on. John did as he was asked saying "well whatever it is it's still too big"

Not even acknowledging what John just said she pulled the box and scanned a paper that came out of John's box. As soon as john asked what was going on he could feel the metallic ring spinning and getting smaller to the point where he couldn't remove them from behind his balls.

amber looked in awe as she witnessed this as did the class, unlike the others john panicked and tried to pull the ring to no avail. Ms.Yates tried not to laugh while telling him that he shouldn't try to pull it off.

Ignoring The advice of the teacher John tried and tried until Ms. Yates decided to force his compliance. John Hearing nothing but her nails tapping on her smartphone was the only thing he could hear before an unbearable pain befell his balls almost bringing him to his knees.

Seeing a now flaccid John She made a few taps on her phone and the shrinking ring return to a size that was just to snug behind his balls. Amber tried to help John as he asked "what the fuck was that?!". Letting out a laugh Ms.Yates stated that Mr.Smith if you paid attention you would have realized that you were assigned a chastity belt.

As Amber made a little gasp, John with a dumbfounded look asked what the fuck was that. Before Amber could tell John about his situation Ms. Yates interrupted and asked John to take a look at his cock as she made a few taps on her phone.

John and Amber both stared at Johns's flaccid dick, a few seconds later John felt the cold steel start to spin again and heat up. The metallic ring soon started to change shape as the ring protruded several bars enveloped his cock in a tight prison.

Freaking out John demanded to be freed as he tried to break the bars to his cage. Ms.Yates walked over and grabbed his trapped cock, "Mr.Smith you are in no position to demand anything." feeling nothing but Frustration from the teacher's breasts on him made him accept his situation in hopes of being freed.

"now that is a good boy, please continue with your demonstration you two" commanded Ms. Yates as she walked back to her seat. A slightly confused Amber said as he didn't know what to do with a locked dick.

Ms. Yates still activated crossed her leg giving the two of them a peek of her pink pussy. she explained that chastity belts are used for a couple of reasons.

The first and probably the most important reason is, if a male has low sperm count or has a chronic masturbation habit, this can be used to stop him from stimulating himself and build up his numbers.

Another reason might be if you believe your spouse to be cheating. something like this will guarantee your partner is only having relations with his partner.

Other uses would be training, say your husband lacks motivation in the bedroom, simply holding his manhood hostage is the first step in reprogramming him.

John was getting a little concerned with the way Ambers's face lit up at some of these uses. The longer she explained the more John could feel a fire inside of him, each second he could feel himself straining in the cage to get erect.

Without hesitation, Amber started kissing John as she grided her body against him. While John was enjoying her soft heaving breasts rub against him, he couldn't help but feel himself straining against his cage.

John could feel Amber's anticipation dripping in between the bars of his cage. Each drop of her sopping wet pussy was driving John mad with lust. John's mind went blank as she rubbed his trapped cock against her wet lips, he couldn't believe how close he was yet couldn't do anything.

Amber let out a sigh of frustration saying she wanted his dick badly. Just hearing this only made John more conscious of his predicament as he pulsed in his cage. Feeling frustrated Amber pleaded with the teacher to let her get off.

Ms. Yates let off a sigh while crossing her legs in the opposite direction, "Ms. Ponder I have not prevented you from doing so in any way, unlike Mr.smtih there, however". Seeing a glob of precum dripping from john she suggested to Amber to make John earn his release.

Surprising John with how strong this petite girl as she pushed him onto the table. She gently ran her hand over John's cage and over his chest as she made her way to the other side. The mere touch of her at this point had him thrusting into the air begging for release.

Amidst his begging Amber straddled his face as she began to moan telling him to work his tongue. Ms. yates chimed in "excellent make him earn it", hearing this was more than enough to perk John up. With a second wind, John began licking everywhere he could.

John continued to ravage Amber as best he could, each moan and shakey breath getting him more excited. It didn't take long for her to begin grinding herself against John's face. Once he brought his tongue to her sensitive clit she couldn't help but groan as an intense orgasm washed over her.

Still affected by the aphrodisiacs she grabbed Johns's hair and forced his had against her lips. "I need more John I'm burning up down there, I promise ill make you feel better later," she said in a shaky tone. his frustration at its limit John focused on her clit ravaging it relentlessly.

Wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over Amber as she lost track of her surroundings. Long after she lost track of how many times she came Ms. Yates signaled that their demonstration was over. A now sweaty and ditzy Amber got off John leaving his face a wet mess. John was reluctant as he got up feeling nothing but his frustrations present.

While The teacher called the next numbers John approached her asking for her to remove the cage. Ms. Yates gave him a cold look stating that he would need to wait while she gestured him to go back to his seat. Not believing his luck he reluctantly sat with amber who seemed to be in a sexual daze.

John fiddled with his cage running his fingers across the gaps hoping for any kind of stimulation no matter how small. Finally coming down from her high she noticed Johns squirming and asked what he was doing. John sighed and said he didn't get off at all and was desperate. Showing a little sign of guilt she wrapped her hand around his cage and said she would make up for it later.

The two not paying attention were lost as the with what was going on as the next group of students were going at it. John could feel himself straining with jealousy as he saw the guy ramming in and out of the cute girl with crazy speeds. Feeling her squeeze on his cage amber said" must be hard to watch, huh?"

John tried to take his mind off anything sexual as hard as that was given his environment. Amber enjoying the show was squirming in her seat ready to go again as she kept a hold on John's cage. Even John couldn't keep his eyes off the performance when a loud grunt was heard, the two watched as the man sprayed an impressive amount of cum all over the girl as she lapped it up.

Ending the class Ms. Yates started to get dressed as she did the others while they prepared for their next classes. Not missing his chance, John walked up to his teacher who only had a chance to put her bra on asking again to be released. "I'm sorry Mr.Smith but now that the belt is synched it has to wait a few hours before it can be removed, see me before you go home."

John felt his stomach sink, He wanted freedom and he wanted it now. As Ms. Yates continued to get dressed she told John to hurry up before she decided to punish him again. This threat was more than enough for him to get out of the room.

Meeting up with amber outside he complained that he was stuck until the end of the day. Amber let out an "aww" as she tried to cheer him up by telling him that wasn't too far away. Giving him one final tease for the day she gave John's cage one last squeeze over his pants and asked to see his phone. With a swift motion, she grabbed his phone and sent herself a text message and told him that she would talk to him later.

John Followed the rest of his schedule, on top of adjusting to his new classes he couldn't take his mind off his arousal. Feeling trapped each sound of the clock ticking just reminded him of approaching freedom. As his professor droned on John couldn't wish for the day to be over any quicker.

Having barely survived 3 more classes, John rushed his way to Ms.Yate's classroom. Opening the door he was greeted by his teacher who was sitting at her desk in an empty classroom. "Please come inside Mr.smith, close the door and we can talk about your predicament," she said in a playful tone. Doing as she asked he walked in and sat at her desk with an eagerness on his face.

Pulling out her phone she asked John if he enjoyed his day today. "not really I feel frustrated, horny, and angsty." Cutting John off mid-sentence She followed this question by asking why he thought he deserved release.

Feeling a throbbing sensation in his groin he begged the teacher to let him out. objecting at his pathetic groveling Ms. Yates scolded him, saying he wasn't taking her class seriously by coming in late or making jokes. His stomach now sinking he pleaded to say he would do anything to make up for it.

The sound of those words was music to Ms.yate's ears as she was hoping he would say something like that. Pushing her chair back she walked around her desk to John telling him to prove it then. Hiking down her jeans, John was met with her thong as she told him to earn his extra credit.

In disbelief, John couldn't believe that his teacher wanted to fuck him. Unzipping his pants to show Ms.Yates the cold metal cage entrapping him. With a devilish tone, the teacher told him that he wouldn't need that as she planted her ass on his face.

All that could be heard in the room were muffled pleas as she rubbed her round ass against John's face. As John Groaned feeling his cock straining her pulled down her panties and burrowed his face between her soft cheeks. Hearing her soft moans of approval only made John more eager to be free.

John trying his best to recreate the movements that he did on amber was proving difficult, feeling the swelling in his cage distracted him. Growing impatient Ms.Yates used her hand to put more pressure on Johns's head. trying to overcome his distractions John focused on every fold he could reach until her moans grew louder filling the room.

The sounds she made only served to frustrate John as he craved release himself. Feeling close to orgasm Ms.yates demanded John to pick up the pace. Hoping that his torture was almost John Delivered all of his attention to her swollen clit as he ferociously attacked it with his tongue.

This new sense of animosity drove Ms. Yates over the edge as her knees buckled. Pulling up her pants she let out a sigh of relief as she eyed a pitiful looking John up and down. She slowly sauntered her way to her side of the desk enjoying every second of driving John mad.

Pulling her phone out of the desk bought john an excitement he never felt before. The two sat there for what seemed forever as she was on her phone, each sound of her nails hitting the phone made John get more excited for his freedom back. eventually, after several minutes her hands stopped and she placed her phone on the desk as she stared John in the eyes.

Speaking in a calm voice Ms. Yates said" Mr. Smtih I feel that your performance has been unsatisfactory, Furthermore you seem to be more interested in getting off than your partner off". John felt embarrassed and promised that he would do better in the future. Continuing where she left off, Ms. Yates informed John due to his lack of performance He will continue to wear the cage until his performance improves.

John felt his stomach drop as he attempted to protest. Not having it Ms. Yates countered that since he was a virgin that he shouldn't complain since he didn't actually know what he was missing. Feeling upset John demanded to be freed from his unusual punishment.

Picking up her phone a Ms. yates started tapping on her phone again, John felt victorious thinking he had set things straight. Seconds later John clenched over in pain as he felt a nasty electric shock to his balls. "Mr.Smith you seem to forget who is in control here, I'll make sure you are properly managed so please see your way out, and make sure you on time to class from now on".

Not wanting to get another shock John grabbed his bag and headed to the door. Driving to his apartment John felt defeated, he had never been so close to getting laid before. Arriving in his current state he just fell into his bed hoping this wouldn't go on much longer.

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