A Sudden Change of Plans
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  • Post Date - 10/4/2020

"Well, slave, how do I look?"

I snapped out of my reverie and looked up to find my Mistress a full-on rubber goddess. Her ankle-length black dress flared at the bottom, showing off a flash of bare skin above her jet-black heels. Her face, perfectly made up, bright red lips that I yearned to kiss, a tight metal choker highlighting her neck.

Moving my eyes down, I took in the opera-length black latex gloves, tightly buckled waist cincher and the plunging neckline showing off ample cleavage. And nestled in that cleavage, at the end of a silver necklace, a small metal cylinder, the contents of which I knew all too well.

As if on cue, my cock surged uncomfortably in the tight metal cage it had been locked in for the past three and a half weeks. My monthly release was due shortly, and it couldn't come soon enough. Mistress knew exactly how to drive me insane with desire. Tonight was no exception.

Mistress had dressed me about two hours ago before getting dressed herself. While she was a vision in black rubber, she had opted for white latex and bondage for me. A thick white rubber straitjacket confined me above the waist, my arms wrapped around me, strapped into place. Matching white latex stockings with black seams showed off my legs, and five-inch heels were locked onto my feet.

I groaned a little and squirmed from the discomfort. That was about the limit of my ability to communicate at the moment thanks to the thick white latex hood I was wearing. The penis-shaped gag invading my mouth from inside it saw to that quite nicely. The zipper on the back was locked as well, not that that was really necessary thanks to the 2-inch wide steel collar locked over top of it. A tag with her initials engraved on it hung from the ring in the front.

She took in my discomfort and laughed. "I'll take that as a compliment, slave. Looks like I'll be attracting all sorts of attention at the party tonight."

"The party" was a dinner and play party at the house of a woman my Mistress had known for years. There would probably be about 20 people there, and you can probably imagine what the night would be like after the Masters and Mistresses had dinner. I certainly did, and my cock surged again with another wave of discomfort. Mistress had swapped the head of my chastity cage out for a solid one with a urethral insert and multiple spikes in the head when she dressed me earlier, and I let out another, louder groan into my gag. That elicited another laugh.

"Alright, slave, enough fun and games. I still have a little more work to do to get you ready for tonight, so we'd best get to it. Wouldn't want to be late for dinner now."

Now that she mentioned it, I did find it odd that I wasn't wearing anything over my cage. But, again, I was in no position to complain.

Mistress undid the crotch strap of my straitjacket and produced a stout metal buttplug. Putting on a glove, she slathered a generous amount of lube on the plug before gently guiding it into my ass. This was one of the larger plugs she had; another loud groan was stifled by my hood as it slid into place.

It took me a moment to realise that the plug she had used had connectors in it for use with an e-stim box. Sure enough, the wires came out and were connected to the bottom of the plug in a flash. She then re-buckled the crotch strap. With a flourish, she produced three more padlocks and quickly secured all the straps on my straitjacket.

Next, two more wires came out, this time with TENS pads on the ends. One was stuck in place on my chastity cage, and the second she carefully placed behind my aching balls. She threw the wires for everything over my shoulder in what I could only assume was a temporary placement.

Mistress opened one more plastic storage bag and brought out a strange pair of what looked like underpants. I hadn't seen these before. Unlike the rest of my outfit, these were that odd shade of transparent that makes rubberwear seem like it's made out of condoms. A tube came out of the crotch, leading to a rubber bag. She worked the pants up over my legs, seating them into place over my crotch. The tube and bag hung down, and she buckled the bag to my calf. Finally, Mistress locked a pair of heavy Clejuso leg irons around my ankles.

Seemingly satisfied, Mistress produced the lead to my collar, and wordlessly led me downstairs. I assumed we were heading for the garage to get in the car, but I was surprised when instead she guided me out the back door of the house and into the yard. She tugged me along by my collar as I struggled to keep up, my ankle chain shuffling against the paving stones as we went out to the garden shed at the back of the yard. Producing the key, she undid the padlock holding the door closed and led me inside.

My growing concern grew to alarm once we got inside. There, my confinement cage sat in the middle of the shed. On top was the power box to the e-stim system, rigged up to a laptop.

Mistress led me over to the cage, and when we got there, she removed my collar and simply ordered, "In. Now." I wasn't sure what was going on, but I couldn't argue.

I carefully lowered myself to my knees, and slowly wriggled forward into the cage. A leather-covered pad was mounted in the centre and I worked my way in, resting the pad on my belly below my strapped arms. As I did so, my head came out the other side of the cage, where a head stock was mounted. Mistress quickly clamped and locked the stock shut, leaving my head immobile.

She worked quickly now, putting the finishing touches on my bondage. The wires that were now dragging behind me were picked up and attached to the power box's leads. A strap on the belly pad was drawn across my back, keeping me from moving my torso. Lastly, she spread my legs as far as they would go in the cuffs and padlocked a chain to the base of each cuff. Each chain led to a ring in the side of the cage. With this setup, I was more or less immobilised.

The cage door banged closed, and one more padlock applied. With that, Mistress finally spoke to me.

"Well, slave, I bet you're wondering what we're doing out here. Do you remember last week, when Lady Vanessa was visiting? I will say you served the two of us quite well as our maid that afternoon. But you may recall I had to run an errand, and I left you in her care for about an hour. Do you understand where this is going yet?"

I could feel all the blood draining out of my face, even under the latex.

"For the record, Vanessa said you did a wonderful job with that tongue of yours. She said you gave her so much pleasure. But it was not yours to give. That was a test. And you failed. I'm *very* disappointed in you.

"So, here's what's going to happen tonight. I'm going to the party. Alone. And you're going to stay here, in this cage, in the garden shed, all night. But don't worry, I'll be with you in spirit. By which I mean, I'll be torturing your cock and ass through the electro box on top of your cage. They just came out with an app for it, did you know that? Technology these days. So I can manipulate it remotely over the internet. And believe me, by the time morning comes you will be wishing you had passed that test last week."

I felt myself beginning to shake, but my bonds wouldn't let me move much more than a centimetre or two. I began to plead with her through my gag, please, please forgive me, please let me redeem myself, but of course all that came out were muffled grunts.

Mistress knelt down next to my immobilised and gagged head, stroking it. "I know you're trying to beg me for forgiveness, slave," she whispered. "But we both know this is for your own good. Think how devoted and compliant you'll be when I release you. Although, I should warn you, I hope you're comfortable, because I'm probably not going to be back before noon tomorrow. Alina will be at the party tonight, and you know how we get on. I think I'll spend the night at her house tonight. Maybe we'll do an orgasm challenge together. Just think about it, the two of us, coming over and over again, while you're trapped here in a world of pain."

I did, and I wished I hadn't, as the spikes in my chastity drove into my glans and I let out a gagged scream, producing one more cackle from my Mistress.

"And thanks to your new pants, when you piss yourself in the night as I turn the power up, you won't make a mess. It'll all be collected in that bag on your leg. Very convenient for when I make you drink it tomorrow...along with some of my own."

She held the cylinder holding the key to my cock and continued, "Oh, and one more thing. We've already established you could stand to learn some discipline. So that nasty little cock of yours will be going without a release this month. And the spikes are staying on until then as well. You've got a lot of correction to go, as you'll soon find out. We'll see if you progress far enough to merit a release next month."

With that, she stood up. "Well, it's getting late. Enjoy the next 16 hours or so, slave! Ta!" I heard her heels clicking on the concrete as she walked out of the shed and closed the door, and then the rattling of the padlock as she secured it. And then, nothing.

There were a few minutes of horrible silence before the electroshocks began, and in between my muted screams, I realised I might not be the same whenever Mistress finally returned.

The End
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