A Wonderful Saturday
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Chapter 1

I was just done with my lastest project. A wooden stature of a hawk just about to take flight. The work on the feathes alone had taken me a month. But now that it was finished I was quite proud of it. This one would not be put on sale, it would look great in the living room.

With my hands pushed in the pockets of my jumpsuit I wandered around the shed. It wasn't that big. On one side I had my work bench and on the right side a couple of cabinets to house my tools and supplies. When we bought the house we designated this as my work shed. A place for me to relax and focus on my hobby. Tara usually didn't come here, because she wanted to give me a place where I could be alone if I wanted.

I was just done and looking at my latest project, a wooden stature of a hawk just about to fly away, when I heard the door of the shed open. Without turning around I knew it was Tara. After more then a decade together you just know these things.

She walked up to me and hugged me. I didn't take my hands out the pockets of my jumpsuit but leaned back against her. I felt her breath in my neck.

"I want you." She whispered in my ear. And placed a blindfold over my eyes.

My breath grew erratic at this, I could feel my nipples stiffening under the jumpsuit. Because I usually went naked under it they now brushed against the soft fabric. I knew very well what might happen now. And again I thanked the heavens I had such a wonderfully kinky partner.

For the second time her voice sounded in my ear. "You are not allowed to speak. Neither are you allowed to move." And then she began to roam her hands over my body.

After all those years together she was still able to drive me crazy with a couple of simple touches. I stood there motionless with my hands still in my pockets unable to see as her hands travelled overy my back to my stomach and briefly touched my breasts.

And then they went downwards again to the pockets. I felt her fingers encircle my wrists, briefly reminding me of similar sensations in the past, and gently pulled my hands out of the pockets. She kept hold of my hands as she gently guided them to my back. Then she placed them in a specific position. My wrists on top of each other with the palms facing away from each other.

My breathing became heavier. I knew very well what was going to happen next.

My left arm was in the top position and it was at that wrist I felt it first. Steel encircling my wrist. The sound of a cuff ratcheting filled my ears. It tightened around my wrist. Not too tight, but still tight enough I could not pull out my wrist without unlocking the cuff first. My right wrist was next. The feeling of steel tightening around it and the sound accompanying struck a deep chord withing me.

And then it was done. I was handcuffed. Experience had taught the both of us that these cuffs were inescapable without it's keys. And with how my hands had been positioned they would have been useless anyway.

Tara took a step backwards. I missed her warm presence immediately. I was stuck. Before I was motionless because of her command. But now I could move, but I was no longer free. The cuffs held me in a unbreakable grip.

I was so horny right now.

It took me some effort to stay motionless. I wanted to move around, go to Tara so she could touch me and relieve me of my tensions. But that was not to be. The only punishments we used in our games was orgasmdenial. And I had no wish to be kept on the edge for the next couple of hours.

So I bit my lips and waited for what would come.

I didn't have to wait long. Tara took a step towards me and hugged me from behind. Normally I'd lean back and enjoy our closeness, but that would have me break her orders. My attention became focussed on her hands when she brought them to my breasts. Even through the fabric of the jumpsuit I could feel them playing with my nipples.

If I hadn't been horny before, I was now. My inability to do anything made it even more intense. I took a chance and laid my head back against Tara's body. She said nothing and continued to drive me up the wall. Breathing deeply and evenly I tried to control the rising arousal. It wasn't much helpling but I managed to keep quit. I just knew she would not let that go.

With the blindfold covering my eyes I had no notion of time, but we stood there like that for a while. Me trying to keep myself silent and motionless and Tara trying to make me break my resolve by playing with my breasts. I was getting more and more aroused. I enjoyed it but it was so frustrating not to be able to do anything.

And then she suddenly stopped. She laid her hand just above my hips. On one hand I was glad she had stopped torturing me because it was getting quite difficult to keep silent. But on the other hand, it felt so good.

She kissed me in the neck, just below my ear. "You did very well darling. I know keeping silent is difficult for you. You earned your reward."

I was happy to hear this. If she didn't pull a fast one one me the threat of a punishment was gone. Tara released me from her hold and stepped away. I heard her rummaging in a plastic bag before she came back to me.

She now stood in front of me. Next I felt something pressed softly against my lips. Even blindfolded I recognized it as my muzzle gag. We both had one. It was one of the most comfortable and effective gags for sale.

I opened my mouth and the plug was gently pushed inside. It settled comfortable in my mouth, pushing my tongue down. The leather cover went from my chin to just under my nose. Tara began fastening the numerous straps that would weld it to my head.

The gag was very effective. I would need to try to scream to make any noise at all. I loved it.

It didn't take Tara long to finish with the straps. The irony didn't escape me. Now that she waved away the punishment for me making any noise, she made it impossible for me to do so. Not that I was surprised, I tended to do the same when I had her bound and helpless.

Now that I was silenced she stood beside me and guided me through the shed. Considering the shed wasn't that big we came by a wall in a couple of steps. She positioned me in such a manner that I was leaning against with my back.

My arousal, which was still at a fairly high level, spiked at this. This was a classic move for us when we wanted to play with the other while still standing up. I was finally going to get my reward.

I felt her hands touching my jumpsuit, at the lowest part of my stomach. The last button holding it closed was there. It was undone by her. And I felt her hand holding something sliding inside. I moaned into my gag as I felt her fingers brush by the edges of my crotch.

Then I felt something enter me. It was a vibrator. We had several but I believed it was one of the smaller ones with a remote control. I shook as if someone had hit me with electricity when it slid against my most sensitive part downstairs. The vibrator settled right against it.

It felt so good. I could only wait in anticipation as her hand withdrew from me and slid out of the jumpsuit. She closed the button and kissed me briefly just above my breasts.

I was so primed to get off. Being handcuffed and Tara playing with my breasts had really gotten me worked up. Adding the gag and the vibrator really brought it to the next level. I was so ready for it.

And then Tara turned the vibrator on.

It brushed right against that sweet spot. The vibrations resonated through my body. With every second that went by it brought my arousal to a higher level.


I didn't break through that barrier. I was just on the edge of an orgasm.

I sagged down against the wall. Very consious of the handcuffs holding me captive. The gag preventing me from asking questions or demanding actions. I couldn't even look pleadingly at Tara. All I could do was to ride through this and hope Tara would have mercy with me soon.

Then I heard her laught softly. "You didn't think I would let you get off so quickly, huh?" I had hoped so.

"Last week when you had me strapped in the straitjacket you decided I was making too much noise. Even though my muzzle gag is even more effective then yours." Her right hand briefly played with my breast. Driving my arousal even higher. "You kept me on the edge for hours."

I remembered it very well. And quite fondly. Tara had indicated she wanted to be strapped into the straitjacket. I obliged her of course. I also added the gag and blindfold, then used leather straps to put her legs into a frogtie. And then the next couple of hours I used a vibrator to keep her on the edge of an orgasm.

She had stopped fighting against the jacket fairly quickly. We had been quite thourough in buying it, it was inescapable. The rest of the time she just let things happen, not that she had any other choice. In the end I gave her an orgasm that lasted almost ten minutes. She was exhausted when I released her. She thanked me and then cursed me out for doing that to her. And then kissed me deeply before promising me dire retribution.

It seemed it had come now.

I was giddy with happiness. To have found such a wonderful woman happy to play such kinky games with me was something I was still grateful for. I was the luckiest woman in the world.

I laid my head on her shoulder and nuzzled against her neck. It was all I could do. Tara caressed my hair. "I love you to, honey. But it doens't mean you will escape my retribution."

She pushed me gently back against the wall and opened the third button of my jumpsuit. Exposing the upper part of my breasts. And began to kiss them.

The kisses were soft and fleeting. With the promise of more to come. This together with the vibrator still buzzing inside me was almost too much for me. Desperate to come and unable to achieve it. All I could do was to go through this delicious torture.

I could only guess how long Tara would play with me like this. If the situations had been reversed I would have taken my time. She would have loved it. As I loved this.

Tara didn't keep at it for that long before she opened the next button. Which fully revealed my breast. She suckled my breasts turn after turn. All time lost meaning. The only thing I focussed on was the vibrator and her teasing my nipples to become even more stiffened.

But even this torture stopped at some point. Tara opened the next button and caressed my now reachable upper part of my stomach. She pointedly avoided my breast, giving me time to wind down a bit. Not that it helped much as the vibrator was still busy. By taking deep calming breaths I managed to keep myself contained, as much I was able to do so myself and not enforced by the handcuffs.

Very quickly after that she opened the last two buttons of the jumpsuit. I was now as exposed as was possible like this. And I hoped fervently it was the moment she would allow me to come.

"I could play with you like this for the next hour or two, but I feel like having a bath. So you are getting off easy this time." It took me a moment to understand what she was saying, but hope rose sharply when I did.

Without any warning the vibrator was turned on full force. The barrier I previously had been so desperate to overcome was broken withing moments. My whole body stiffened and I came, hard. One after the other. I lost count after three.

Tara held me in her arms as I rode out the waves churning through my body. All thoughts fled but the sensation of this feeling.

Some time later the vibrator shut down and I managed to get myself a little together. Still bound and helpless as I had been Tara held me as I came back to myself. I was content. The world was all right by me at the moment.

"You come down yet?" Tara's voice was soft and gentle. She knew I tended to be in a daze after such an intense moment. I nodded my head 'yes'. She guided me a step forward and stepped behind me. I felt her hands on the blindfold. Within a few moments I could see again. Then she began to undo the straps of the gag. It only took her about a minute before she gently eased the plug out of my mouth.

I stretched my mouth a little. The gag was comfortable, but it was still a large plastic plug. Before I could say anything I was kissed by her. I tried to put all my feelings of love and happiness in it. Lack of air forced us to stop.

"So, I heard you talking about a bath."

Tara laughed. "Yes, you can join me. But I'm keeping you in the cuffs. My retribution isn't over yet."

I leaned against her as we walked out of the shed into our backyard. This has turned out to be a wonderful Saturday.

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