The Perils of Enhancegirl: The Smell of Chloroform
  • Author - Damselbinder
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  • Story Codes - F-f, non-consensual, bondage, drugs, kidnapping, teen
  • Post Date - 10/6/2020

Author's Note: This is the first in the sixteen story saga of "Enhancegirl", otherwise known as Sophie Scott. Sophie is a superheroine in a world of many such people, possessed of drastically enhanced senses, save for her hearing which is normal. As the title of this story implies, Sophie's powers give her a serious weakness: she is extremely sensitive to sedatives.

The overall saga of Enhancegirl starts off very simple, but becomes gradually more complex and continuity heavy over time.

Chapter 1

"Um...hello?" A pretty, red-haired girl had walked into a small, dilapidated warehouse. It wasn't the sort of place one would ordinarily find someone like Sophie, for what appeal could on old warehouse hold for a young woman who would generally be found on her college campus, or with her friends at the very trendiest of bars? As she walked inside, her high heeled black shoes clattered on the concrete floor of the warehouse: she was certainly not dressed for the current occasion. Her long hair brushed against a thin, white blouse. The blouse was tucked around Sophie's waist into the top of a short, tartan skirt, her long legs covered only by a pair of white stockings. One might have thought that it was not sensible for the attractive eighteen-year-old to be wandering around an abandoned building in such an appealing outfit.

Indeed, someone was thinking that very thing. Sophie was being watched from the shadows, watched by someone who was taking great pleasure in eyeing up the lovely redhead: her svelte legs, her slender arms, and her wide-eyed face, charmingly dotted with pale freckles on her cheeks. She was about five foot nine, a little taller in those heels.

"Excuse me?" she called out. "Is there anyone here? I'm kinda lost, and my cell doesn't have any signal." The man watching her grinned. This was almost too good to be true. Carefully, he slipped a walkie-talkie out from a holster on his back pocket.

"Boss," he whispered into it, "we've got an intruder."

"What kind of intruder?" A female voice crackled back, its owner intelligent enough to match the man's whisper. "Cops?"

"Nah. Just some redhead dame in a mini-skirt. I heard her say she was lost." There was no answer for a few moments.

"Is she pretty?"

"Very. Want me to add her to the pile?"

"Negative. Bring her here, Schultz. If she's found this place, accident or no accident, we need to know if there's anything that might have compromised the operation. And once we're done with her, then we can add her to the...merchandise." The man grinned.

"Understood. You'll have her in thirty."

"Excuse me? Anybody?" Sophie continued to call out. "Come on, damsel in distress here! Anybody want to be my knight in shining armour?"

"Hey there, little Missy," Schultz said, emerging from the shadows. "Did I hear you say something about a damsel in distress?"

"Oh, yes!" Sophie said, clasping her hands together in excitement. "That would be me!"

"It certainly would," Schultz said. He had something clasped in his left hand, something Sophie could not see. "How can I help?"

"Well, my friend Kirsty wanted me to go to the new mall outside of town for her to get something for her new boyfriend's birthday and I said 'sure thing' except I kinda forgot that I don't really know where the new mall is so I wound up here and the bus doesn't stop here very often and I can't see any signs of life anywhere except here so you think maybe you could help a gal out?" It took a few seconds for Schultz to catch up with the fast talking girl. He'd never heard anyone talk quite that quickly.

"Oh, uh, sure thing," he said. "I can tell you how to get to that, uh, mall if that's what you need."

"Ohmygod that would be SO awesome, 'cause then I can get Kirsty's stupid present and then get outta here before I, like, bump into some perverted weirdo who wants to kidnap me or something." Schultz wasn't the most educated man in the world, but even he could see the irony of the situation was almost too much to take.

"Well, little Missy, if you'd just care to look back out that door there..." Obediently, she turned her back to him. While some of her hair fell down her front, some fell down her back as well. Schultz admired her from behind. Her tartan skirt had a frilly hem, but it was tight against her behind: Schultz could see Sophie had some fine curves.

"So...where do I go?" she said. She truly seemed to have no suspicion of what Schultz was about to do.

"Well, I could tell you where you're going," he said, bringing out what he'd hidden behind him, "but I could just take you there myself."

"Oh, that would be so awesome of - YYMMMMPPHHH?!" Sophie suddenly found her mouth and nose covered by a thick, damp cloth, exuding a sickeningly sweet odour. "MMMPPHHHH!! MMMM-NNNMMMPPPHHH!!" she cried out, as his free arm went around her waist, pulling her svelte body against him.

"Sorry, girly, but you walked into the wrong neighbourhood." She struggled frantically, trying to wrestle against Schultz's grip, but Sophie was much weaker than he was, and she couldn't break free.

"Mmmmpphhhhh! Hmmmmmmpphhhhh!" Suddenly finding herself in just the situation she'd joked about avoiding, Sophie tried to pull the cloth away from her face, but she couldn't. She tried to kick at him with her long, stocking-covered legs, but she couldn't hit him anywhere that would hurt. "Hmmmpphhh...hmmmmpphhh..." Sophie suddenly realised that she was beginning to feel weak, almost...sleepy. The cloth pressed over her face was not just gagging her, it was drugging her as well.

"Worked out what's going on yet?" Schultz said, as the pretty teenager's arms began batting feebly against him, her high-heeled feet shuffling weakly against the ground. "You don't seem like the smartest bulb in the box, so I'll tell you: you're being kidnapped, Little Missy."

"Nnnnmmmpphhh...dmmmpphhh..." Sophie whimpered. Her arms fell away from Schultz's, dropping to her sides. Her legs stopped shuffling. She felt so helpless, so soft. Her weight was now mostly being supported by her assailant, her supple body limp, and her mind drowzy. "He...he caught me so quickly...I didn't know that...that this...this was what it was be chloroformed..." was her last thought before her large, blue-green eyes fluttered down shut. With a feminine sigh, she sagged back in Schultz's grip. He released her, and the drugged damsel flopped down to her knees. Her head lolled to the side, exposing her neck. She stayed like that for a few moments, as if she were suspended mid-fall, before she slumped down onto her front.

Schultz was cautious. He was aware how easy it had been to subdue the foolish girl who had wandered in where she had no business sticking her nose. He pushed against her thigh with his foot. She lay still. He pushed her a little harder. No response. Turning his head to make sure no-one was watching, he lifted her tartan skirt a little, just enough that it went past the tops of her stockings, showing the bare skin of her soft thighs. She did not react to this either. Sophie was well and truly knocked out, and was completely vulnerable. But as much as he might have enjoyed ogling the subdued eighteen year old, he had a job to do. Grabbing her slim arms, he crossed Sophie's wrists behind her back. He grabbed a roll of silver duct tape that he had left nearby, and pulled a small amount away from the roll. He then stuck some of it to Sophie's left wrist, before winding the roll underneath and around both her arms, adhering tape as he went, all the way up to her elbows. After three circuits, Schultz was satisfied that Sophie's hands were bound. But he wasn't taking any chances. He stuck some tape to Sophie's upper arm, before he began spinning her over, turning her so that duct tape stuck to her arm, then just under her breasts, then to her other arm, over and over, binding her arms to her back. As she was spun, Sophie's long red hair fell all about her, the pulchritudinous maiden's unconscious form being bound tighter and tighter every time she was turned around.

"That should be enough," Schultz said, before moving on to Sophie's legs. He did not balk at this task. He could feel how toned and smooth Sophie's legs were even through her stockings, and he found that when he began winding duct tape around her slim ankles it stuck very easily indeed to the fabric that clung to her skin. He wound tape just above Sophie's knees, enjoying being able to touch the beautiful girl as he pleased, while she was totally helpless to resist.

"Ah, the perks of bein' a hired goon," he mused, as finished the last circuit around Sophie's knees, ensuring that her legs were pressed very tightly against each other. As the coup-de-grace, he took a some tape, and pressed it down over Sophie's pretty lips. He then began winding it round her head, two, three, four times, the tape even pressing Sophie's hair against her ears as it covered over her lips, far too many layers of tape for her to make much of a sound. That way, even when she awoke, the bound redhead would be silenced and helpless.

With Sophie bound and gagged, Schultz lifted her up by the waist, as the foolhardy girl flopped limply against him. Taking her by the thighs, he managed to pull her up and toss the drugged damsel over his shoulder. Keeping a tight grip on her legs, he noticed that her skirt had summarily failed to protect its owner's modesty, revealing her round ass, scarcely covered by a pair of frilly white underwear. Grinning, Schultz smacked her on her firm rear, but the captive co-ed did not react. The chloroform was keeping her totally subdued.

Sophie was quite tall, so despite her slender frame, it took quite a bit of strength to carry her slumbering body to the black Encelade that Schultz had parked outside. Opening the boot, he tossed her inside.

"Whmmpphhh..." she whimpered softly, shifting just a little in her bonds, her helpless bondage only adding to her feminine appeal.

"Man, the boss is gonna love you, girly," Schultz said, before slamming the boot shut, getting into the front, and pulling away, with Sophie drugged and bound, helpless and totally vulnerable in a villain's evil clutches. She had blundered into a criminal hideout, and been foolish enough to let herself get knocked out with chloroform, and tied up with duct tape, in an outfit that would have drawn the attention of any villain with an eye for a pretty captive. In other words, everything was going according to her plan.

"Mmmmpphhhhh...hhhmmmpphhh..." Sophie moaned as she returned to consciousness. She could feel movement underneath her, and her trussed up body had been crammed into a very small space. "That perv stuffed me into the trunk of his car, didn't he? Ugh...great." She'd known that she'd probably end up getting tied up sooner or later, but she certainly didn't enjoy it. "If Kirsty could see me now it would be sooooo embarrassing!" The goon had tied her up well. She couldn't break the bonds, and even if she'd screamed as loud as she could, her voice wouldn't carry very far past the thick layers of tape wrapped around her mouth. She wasn't sure how long she'd been unconscious, but it had been for at least an hour, of that she was fairly certain. Before she had time to think what her next move would be, the car she was in shuddered to a halt.

"Mmph!" Sophie squeaked, as she bumped against the inside of the boot. "A girl as pretty as me letting herself get tied up and gagged in heels and a mini-skirt...if I took this act to Vegas, I'd make a fortune..." Her train of thought was interrupted, however, when the boot's latch unlocked. She had turned her head, startled by the sound, when the boot suddenly sprang open. Her eyes overwhelmed with light, having been for so long in total darkness, Sophie couldn't see a thing. Her eyes had hardly begun adjusting when she suddenly felt a hand slipping under her bound legs, and another around her shoulder.

"Whmmphh!" Sophie felt herself getting lifted into the air, up and out of the boot. As her vision recovered, she saw that it was once again Schultz who had the fetching female in his clutches. The glare that had blinded Sophie was not daylight, but the harsh artificial light of a parking lot. She wriggled a little in her captor's arms, but all that more strenuous struggles would have achieved would have been Sophie crashing down onto the concrete beneath her.

"Y'know, I gotta say, you really are dumb, girly," Schultz said. "You had to know somethin' bad was gonna happen to you. Not that I'm complaining about havin' to lug you around, you understand," he said, giving her stocking-covered thigh an appreciative squeeze.

"MMPHH!" Sophie protested.

"Sorry. Couldn't resist."

Schultz carried her into the main part of the building - whatever it was - where he'd brought her. It had all the appearance of an office building, but it was strangely empty. There was no-one around, but that was not the strange part. The strange part was that while there were light fittings, and working electricity, there was no actual furniture.

"Someone's paying the bills...but no-one actually works that's a front if ever I saw one." Schultz took her into the one room that did actually have more in it than a light-bulb: there was one chair inside the spacious office, upon which he sat Sophie down. She looked up at him with wide eyes, so very helpless, and so very tempting. But Schultz was a professional, in his way. Whipping out the same roll of duct tape he'd used before, he wrapped more tape around Sophie's chest, squeezing in her pert breasts as he bound her to the chair. Sophie didn't struggle: she appeared to have been intimidated into tame obedience. Schultz made sure she was fully secured, though, wrapping more tape around her ankles, only to then attach that tape to the two front legs of the chair. Sophie was well and truly trapped on the chair.

"Now be good, and stay there," he said, before making his exit. Sophie looked around the room. There was nothing in it that could help her effect an escape.

However, she wasn't left to contemplate the possibilities for very long. Schultz re-entered, but not alone. Another thick-set man walked beside him, but it seems they were only there for muscle. The star of the event was clearly the person who walked in next - a dark-haired woman, about the same height as Sophie, in a black trouser-suit. She observed the bound redhead with what looked like disdain, but there was a tinge of a smile on her face as well.

"Oh yes," she said, "very nice...very nice indeed. I love the stockings, dear, and with that skirt! Gives you a lovely sexy-schoolgirl kind of vibe."

"Sexy schoolgirl?! Ugh, you have gotta be kidding me!" Sophie was taken aback at this woman's attitude. She was more like a fashion designer than a kidnapper.

"Then young thing snooping around abandoned warehouses, getting caught and tied up by ne'er do wells...maybe more of a Nancy Drew vibe."

"Hmmm-mmmpphhhh!" Sophie felt the need to vocalise her objection to that comment. But indignant as she was, she could hardly curse her luck. This was, after all, exactly what she had planned.

"So, my dear," the woman said, "are you feeling in the mood to talk?" Sophie looked at the thug on the woman's left, then at the one on her right. Schultz cracked his knuckles threateningly. Shrinking back in her seat, Sophie nodded sheepishly.

"Good," the woman said. She snapped her fingers, and Schultz set about unwrapping the tape from Sophie's mouth. She'd been gagged very thoroughly, so it wasn't easy to remove all of the tape.

"Ow!" Sophie's mouth smarted as the last of the tape was pulled away from her lips. "That hurt, dumbass!"

"Hey, you watch your mouth, you little -"

"Schultz!" The woman hadn't raised her voice that much, but Schultz stopped in his tracks. Obviously, he was afraid of her.

"Sorry, Madam Black," he said. At last, his employer had a name. She looked daggers at Schultz for a moment, but soon regained her composure.

"So." Madam Black approached her red-headed captive, and leaned in slowly. "What's your name, girl?"

"Sophie Starson," she replied. "Yours?" Madam Black laughed.

"I? If you're hoping for my real name, you're fresh out of luck. All you need know is that I am Madam Black, your host for the evening. Possibly for a little longer than that, my delightful little damsel." She stroked Sophie's hair with the back of her hand. "Oh, such a pretty thing," she mused, "what a fortunate acquisition."

"Maybe, not as fortunate as you think," Sophie said, grinning. "Enhance!"

"What do you - AAGHH!!" Suddenly, Madam Black found herself thrown back by a burst of energy that erupted from Sophie's body, accompanied by a blinding flash.

"What the hell?!" Schultz said, covering his eyes. The flash was only momentary. But when he looked back at where the bound, helpless redhead had been sitting, he could no longer see one. For Sophie was no longer bound, the burst of energy having destroyed her bonds. Nor was she helpless: the word 'enhance' had activated a set of fabulous powers - the name that Sophie had chosen to go along with them? Enhancegirl.

"Oh, you cannot be serious," Madam Black said. "You idiot! You brought a superheroine here!" If the magical phrase and the burst of energy had not been clue enough, Sophie's - Enhancegirl's - appearance certainly was. She was clad in a shimmering gold mini-dress, hugging tightly against her figure. It left Enhancegirl's shoulders bare, but covered her arms. Her feet were covered by a pair of silver, ankle-high boots, her long legs left totally uncovered. Finally, over her eyes was a small domino mask.

"So," Enhancegirl said. "Who wants to try me now?" Schultz went first, barrelling towards Enhancegirl like a gorilla, furious that he had been duped. He raised a fist and swung, but Enhancegirl avoided his blow effortlessly. Then the next, then the next.

"Oh, come on!" she laughed. "I swear you're, like, not even trying!"

"I am gonna wipe that smirk off your face, girly!" Schultz roared, as his partner came in to help, coming up behind the superheroine. But she was not unaware of this. Indeed, it was difficult for Enhancegirl to be unaware of anything in her immediate environment. Her powers greatly enhanced her senses, far beyond ordinary humans. She could not only see everything within the borders of the horizon in absolute, perfect detail, she could see through walls as well. She could smell and taste the slightest, most minute differences in the composition of the air - including every ingredient of Madam Black's perfume, and every minute particle of food stuck to Schultz's teeth. Her sense of touch was so fine, she could have felt any slight movement in the air around her. Only her sense of hearing was that of an ordinary human, but her other senses more than made up for it.

The other thug swung at Enhancegirl from behind. If his blow had struck, it would have knocked Enhancegirl out: she was no stronger, and no more durable than she had been before her transformation. But that was a big 'if'. She knew his blow was coming when she felt the tremors in the air from his muscles tightening. At the last moment, she dodged him, and his blow struck Schultz instead, knocking him down instead of the thug's target.

" did-?" Enhancegirl gave no quarter. She struck him in the stomach with her knee, knowing exactly where to land her blow for it to be the most effective. He went down too.

By this time, Madam Black had radioed for help. Enhancegirl had sensed the transmission and guessed at its purpose - she could even feel the heat of the radio-waves moving through the air.

"It's not gonna do you any good, y'know," Enhancegirl said. "Your little goon squad ain't gonna be able to do much to me."

"Arrogant whelp!" Madam Black got back to her feet. "How did you even know where to find us?!"

"This place?" Enhancegirl smiled winningly. "I didn't. Your thug brought me here. That was pretty dumb: a hot girl in a sexy outfit just so happens to wander into your secret warehouse, and you bring her to your even more secret hideout? I mean come on. That's just stupid."

"But, the warehouse?" Madam Black was stalling. If this superheroine wanted to talk until the rest of her goons arrived, that was fine by her.

"You start kidnapping girls off the streets, you think that's not going to attract attention?" Enhancegirl was clearly very enamoured with her own cleverness. "You guys are, like, obviously running some kind of slavery ring. So you're stashing the girls someplace. All I had to do was find somewhere in the city that was abandoned, big, that wouldn't be likely to get much attention from the cops...and look inside." She tapped her nose in a mock gesture of secrecy. "Let's just say there's not much that doesn't escape the notice of Enhancegirl!"

"Oh, really?" Madam Black said. "Well, 'Enhancegirl', you seem to have overlooked my associates."

"Um...not really." Enhancegirl turned towards the door, and waited for a few moments. The door suddenly flew open, a burly bald man charged in, and Enhancegirl effortlessly swept his legs out from under him. Her x-ray vision had alerted her well in advance.

"Aaaaggghhh!" he cried, crashing to the floor. Enhancegirl lost no time. She sprang over him, bursting into the main office where she found the rest of Madam Black's reinforcements. Fourteen of them, armed with baseball bats and bits of lead piping.

"No guns, huh? Guess Madame le Morón wants me alive."

"Hey there, hot stuff," one of the goons said, eyeing up Enhancegirl's long legs. "I promise if you give up now, we'll be real nice to ya." The others chuckled.

"Oh, really?" Enhancegirl said. "Well, you're all so big and strong, and I'm just a weak little girl. I'd better give up, I suppose.." She knelt down. The thugs were confused. "No, I mean it," the red-haired heroine said. "You can even tie me up, if you want."

She crossed her arms behind her back. "I promise, I'll be obedient if you don't hurt me."

"Heh," the first thug said. "Looks like you got some brain cells in there after all." He approached Enhancegirl, plucking a roll of duct tape from his back pocket. Another thug brought out a cloth and a vial of clear liquid - chloroform in all likelihood, even though Enhancegirl couldn't smell it through the seal - and began walking slowly towards the kneeling heroine.

"Y'know," the first thug said, unwinding some duct tape, "this is almost too easy."

"Yeah," Enhancegirl said. "It is, isn't it?" Saying that, she suddenly rolled forward, out of the reach of the first thug, before leaping up and striking two of his comrades at once with a spinning kick, her long legs reaching both at the same time, knocking them to the ground.

"You little b-" the thug did not finish before he found a baseball bat, plucked from the hand of a beaten thug, hurled at his stomach. "OOOHHHHHFFFFF!!" he grunted, before collapsing on the floor.

At this point, there was a general charge. The thugs ran towards Enhancegirl, swinging their bats and pipes wildly, trying to get a single hit on the evasive redhead, who danced between them with the grace of a ballerina. One of them tried to hit her in the stomach, but she dodged just at the right moment for him to hit the thug who'd been carrying the vial of chloroform. He fell onto his back, dropping the vial which shattered on the floor.

"Now this is too easy," Enhancegirl said, as she took out three more of Black's henchmen. The others now backed away from her gingerly, on the point of running away. Madam Black watched from the office where Sophie had been bound, aghast that this spanner in the works might well be her undoing.

"You know, maybe you guys should just leave now," Enhancegirl said. "I can tell ya, your boss lady is going down. You sure you want to go down with her?" The thugs looked at each other. Some of them began eyeing the door.

"That's what I thought. You guys should - whoa..." Suddenly, Enhancegirl felt strange. She blinked her eyes a few times, shook her head, to right herself, but the feeling wouldn't pass. There was an odour, a familiar odour invading her senses. She'd smelt it when...

"Chloroform!" Enhancegirl turned to see that broken vial of the drug had spilled its contents all over the floor. Her enhanced sense of smell was now able to focus on nothing else, the cloying sweetness which seemed more overpowering now than when Schultz had shoved a ragful of it into her face.

"Ooohhh..." she moaned, beginning to feel weak.

"What the hell?" The thugs watched as the heroine began to falter. They had not connected the broken vial on the ground with what was happening to their foe.

"I can't...I don't...what's...what's going on?" Enhancegirl couldn't believe what was happening. Her enhanced senses, a moment ago the source of her power, were now suddenly making her weaker than she had been without them. More than that, the smell, the drained feeling running through her body, had very much turned the tide of this situation. Suddenly, she had become a vulnerable, attractive maiden, in the lair of a kidnapper, dressed in a very revealing outfit.

And there was one other who had worked out what was going on. Madam Black herself could detect the faint scent of chloroform in the air, and it made sense to her that only this could be responsible for Enhancegirl's sudden weakness.

"Oh...oh..." Enhancegirl supple, naked legs were no longer strong enough to hold her up, and the lovely heroine dropped to her knees, this time involuntarily. "I don't...I don't...believe this..." The thugs weren't taking advantage of Enhancegirl's state, believing it to be another trick. Madam Black, however, was not so easily scared off. She picked up the piece of cloth that the chloroform-wielding goon had been carrying, and pressed it against the small pool of liquid.

"Well, well, well," she said, approaching the kneeling heroine. "Look at you. You were so confident, so sure you'd outsmarted me. But all it took was a little whiff of chloroform, and you're powerless."

"Back...back off lady...or I'll..." Enhancegirl was too weak to finish the threat. The cloth was nowhere near her face, but the chloroform was much closer than it had been, and now the long legged eighteen-year-old was struggling to stay awake, the sweet smell seeming to be winding around her, its invisible tendrils keeping her subdued.

"Such a pretty young thing," Black repeated. She began stroking Enhancegirl's hair, deliberately holding the cloth a few inches from her mouth.

"Unhh...unnhhh..." Enhancegirl moaned, her arms falling to her sides, her body too weak for her to put up a fight.

"It's a shame you didn't alert the authorities to our operation, Enhancegirl," Black said, a little amused by the name. "Now that you've fallen into our clutches, who knows to stop us?"

"You won' won't...nnnhhhh..." Black had brought the cloth closer to the hotheaded heroine's mouth, intent to clamp it over her pretty lips, but she hadn't got that far. Enhancegirl, rendered frail and delicate by her sensitivity, swooned when the cloth was brought just a little closer to her face. Her eyes fluttered shut, and she fell forward, flopping helpless onto her own legs. She was unconscious.

"Tie her up." Black's simple command was obeyed with gusto. Her henchmen grabbed Enhancegirl's supple, defenceless body, laying her out on her front. Her slim forearms were placed parallel to each other behind her back, and thick, hemp ropes wrapped around her chest, pinching Enhancegirl just above her breasts, and binding her arms to her sides. The thugs then wrapped rope around her wrists, binding them together roughly, but tightly. They then connected the rope wrapped round her chest with the rope around her wrists, binding Enhancegirl in a strict box-tie.

They turned her over, her head lolling back, her entire body limp and weak. Her long, naked legs were bound next, hemp ropes tied in circuits around her soft, exposed thighs, before her ankles were bound together too, leaving the sensuous damsel bound hand and foot. Suffice to say, Black's henchmen had no complaints about tying up the pretty, bare-legged maiden.

"There we go," Black said. "This one's going to fetch a fine price, I'd wager." Black took it upon herself to gag her captive, opening Enhancegirl's mouth and pressing in a small wad of sponge. That done, Black untied a red cloth she'd been using to tie her hair, letting her black locks fall. She wrapped the cloth around Sophie's mouth and nose, covering them completely.

"There. That's all we'll hear of her nonsense." She motioned to one of the thugs, who grabbed the bound girl by her bare shoulders, lifting her up before throwing her trussed-up form over his shoulder.

This was the second time that day that Enhancegirl, that Sophie, had been knocked out with chloroform, tied up, and thrown over the shoulder of a brainless mook. The first time, however, it had all been part of her plan. This time she had overestimated her powers, and fallen into the clutches of Madam Black with no escape plan. This would have been more humiliating for the nubile heroine, had she been conscious, than the fact that once again, her firm, round ass was completely exposed in her helpless position.

"Nnnnmmmpppphhhhh...mmmmmppphhhh..." Enhancegirl moaned, once again reawakening having been rendered insensate by chloroform. She found herself lying on her back, the feeling of hard wood underneath her. As she looked around, she saw that she was in a wooden crate, with the side wall removed. She also saw that she was not alone.

"Joining us at last, are you?" Madam Black said. Schultz stood outside the crate. Enhancegirl tried to use her x-ray vision to see more of her surroundings, but she could still feel the fumes that had defeated her making her drowzy, and it was hard to concentrate.

"Nnnmmmpphhhh...rrmmmpphhh..." Enhancegirl could feel the gag holding back her speech - not that it would have done her much good even if she had been able to talk.

"I suppose you'd like to know where you are," Black said. "Well I'm not telling. At any rate, you'll be shipped off somewhere else in an hour or two. We haven't got a buyer yet, but I know plenty of people who'd be interested in a leggy young superheroine." She ran her hands up the helpless damsel's exposed legs, feeling her soft, smooth skin.

"Mmmmpphhh...mmmmppphhh..." Enhancegirl protested feebly, her body still so weak that she could hardly even wriggle in her tight bonds. It was only then that she saw the cloth sitting by her foot. "Mmmmpphhh!" she cried out, realising that it had been soaked in chloroform. The smell was still overpowering her because the chemical was still there.

"Oh, that's right," Black said, turning the weakened girl over. "Just making sure that you're still nice and tame when you arrive, Sophie." Her judicious use of Enhancegirl's real name was a pinpoint strike.

"She's right not to call me Enhancegirl," Sophie thought. "I'm not worthy to be called that...I can't believe I was stupid enough to get kidnapped for real! My whole weak...I'm so helpless..." Black lifted Sophie's dress from her rear. She gave her a squeeze, eliciting a squeal of protest from Sophie. Her gesture had not been lascivious. She was inspecting her stock.

"Very nice," she said. "Firm, taut. I bet all the boys fawn over you." Black turned the defeated girl back over, and grabbed at her breasts, feeling them beneath the tight spandex of Sophie's outfit, before running her hands over Sophie's narrow, bare shoulders.

"Mmmmmpphhhhh..." Sophie moaned, manhandled and fondled by the amoral criminal.

"Not as sizable as you might be," Black said. "But I guess it adds to the whole 'nubile young maiden' thing." Sophie blushed from shame. She was not merely being kidnapped: she was being categorised. The chloroform was not merely making her body weak, far away though it was, it was making her mind groggy. She'd normally be able to feel for the weaknesses in the rope, but she couldn't. She couldn't focus her mind enough to think of a plan. She had been rendered utterly powerless. "Come on, Schultz, let's get out of here."

"Uhh, boss?" Schultz did not look pleased. "We got a problem."

"What kind of problem?" Black said with veiled menace.

"Orlov says he doesn't care how much the cape is worth, he ain't comin' to pick her up."

"What? Why the hell not?"

"The warehouse. The cops just showed up there. The whole operation is blown."

Black didn't say anything for a few moments. She turned to look at Sophie, staring daggers at her.

"Oh yeah..." Sophie thought. "I got Kirsty to tell the cops to go to the warehouse if I didn't check in with about that?"

"We're getting out of here. Now." Black said. She bent down to look Sophie straight in the eye. "You haven't beaten me, girl. You knew there was nothing at the warehouse to connect to me, that's why you bothered with that stupid scheme of yours. I'll be back for you." Sophie didn't take the threat very seriously. Black wouldn't kill her now - it would take too much time to arrange cleanup - and she wouldn't damage something she thought so valuable in the long run.

Black was about to leave, but something made her turn back. She grabbed Sophie from the floor, lifting her up by her shoulders, and pushed her against the back of the crate.

"Mmmmpphhh...mmmppphhh..." Sophie wriggled her shoulders in Black's grip, but she was still to groggy to escape.

"Remember this, Enhancegirl," Black spat, "you may have saved the day this time, but there's something it wouldn't do well for you to forget: I know your weakness now." Sophie froze. Black was right. The criminal had discovered Enhancegirl's kryptonite, and if she came after Black again, she would be ready, and she would know just how to deal with her. Black let Sophie stand, the trussed-up redhead just about strong enough to stay on her feet, before grabbing the chloroform-soaked cloth from the ground, and shoving it into the heroine's face.

"NNNMMMMPPHHHH!!" Sophie cried out, senses immediately overcome. "NNMMMPPHHH!! Mmmmpphhh...nnmmmpphhh...hmpph..." It took only seconds to render her unconscious again. Black released her, and the tall, red-haired maiden fell the whole length of her sylphlike body, falling down to the floor, rendered completely defenseless in mere moments, by the simplest of methods. She lay still on the ground, her long legs naked and exposed, her lovely body helpless and vulnerable on the ground, wrapped up in ropes as easily as one might have kidnapped a brainless heiress: more easily, in fact, as Sophie could not fight back against the drug used against her to even the slightest degree. As Black said, Sophie had won the day, but her weakness was now known...

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