It Happened On The Way To Sturgis
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  • Post Date - 10/7/2020

The bike rally in Sturgis is something I try to make it to every year. I close my motorcycle repair shop for a couple of weeks, pack up a trailer full of tools, parts, camping gear and my Sportster and head north. I can usually make enough money fixing bikes and selling parts to pay for the trip and I get out of the house and see some country. I never take the interstate; nothing to see there. I pick old highways, back roads and often side trip to anything that sounds interesting. I've got a camper on the back of my truck with a generator, water and food, so I can stop where I want.

Why don't I ride my bike? Any serious biker would. But I've got just enough damage to my left hip and knee (replaced) from a roadside bomb outside some Afghan village that I can't sit on my bike for very long. So, the pickup it is and at least this way I make some money to pay for the trip. And, BTW, my truck may look old and beat up, but I'm a good mechanic and she runs better than a new one.

It was late afternoon and hot. My old pickup didn't have A/C and the wind was the only cool air I had. I was heading north on 83, heading for the Nebraska National Forest to camp for the night when they passed me. An old Electra Glide, carrying a bearded and tattooed guy. He was dressed in old black combat boots, jeans, t-shirt and leather vest. He had a club logo on the back of his vest, but I couldn't see it thanks to the woman he had riding with him. He gave a short wave as he passed me.

And what a woman she was! In spite of the heat, she was dressed in black leather. Thigh high boots with a 6" heel, black leather mini skirt showing quite a bit of skin on some very nice thighs at the top of long legs, a form fitting black leather jacket, black gloves and a black full face helmet. A long blond braid came down her back out of the helmet. The jacket was only buttoned to just below her breasts and was tight enough to show a pair of glorious tits barely held in check above a tiny waist circled by a tight, wide belt. Instead of holding on to the waist of the guy driving, her arms were tucked behind her like she was holding on to the back of the seat she was on. She never turned her head toward me as they went by.

I was almost to the camp site where I was going to spend the night when I saw the biker and his woman on the side of the road, just past a streak of oil on the road. He was digging through a saddle bag while the woman was sitting on the guard rail. She was still wearing the helmet; arms tucked behind her and her knees held about 6" apart. Her back was straight, forcing those marvelous tits to stand out.

I pulled over in front of them and walked back to offer my help. The cause of the oil leak was immediately apparent. His oil cooler had a large crack across the bottom and his bike had rapidly pumped all his oil onto the ground. At least it didn't cause them to wreck and he had shut it down before any real damage was done.

I introduced myself; he said his name was Oscar. He didn't introduce the woman who still sat on the guard rail. I told him I could fix his bike pretty quickly, but could we load it on my trailer, and I'd work on it at the campsite I was going to use. It would be a lot easier than sitting on the side of the road in the sun.

Oscar said "I don't have any money to pay for the work or parts." I told him not to worry about it. I threw some kitty litter down on the oil and we loaded his bike in the trailer, He led the woman to my truck. Oscar grabbed her waist to lift her in. She never took off her helmet or said a word; just sat there in the middle of the bench seat, arms behind her back, knees apart, looking ahead. Oscar reached over her and buckled her into the seat.

We got to the remote campsite I like to use and pulled his bike out and started working on it. Oscar asked if I needed help (I didn't), then sat down to watch. The woman sat in the truck. I got the old cooler off, dug a replacement out of my boxes of used parts and in an hour, had Oscar's bike ready to go.

As we shook hands, he again mentioned he didn't have any cash to pay me. I again told him "Don't worry about it."

"You really helped me out and I don't like owing anybody. I tell you what, take the woman. I call her gypsy."

I figured he was kidding and said so.

"Nah, man. I won her off a guy at a poker game in Nogales a couple of years ago and I've gotten bored with her. She was a real spitfire then, but once a filly's broken, I lose interest. I was going to sell or trade her in Sturgis anyway. If you don't want her, sell her." He gave me the name and number of a guy and said, "He'll broker the deal if you want. He usually has a truck load of broads to sell or rent at the rally, but this one is fine and would easily make you some money."

He dug into a saddlebag and came up with an overnight bag and handed it to me. It was heavier than it looked. He then went to the cab of my truck and told the woman; "He's your new owner. Seems like an okay guy. Don't let me hear that you didn't behave, got it?"

The woman visibly shuddered and nodded.

He turned and walked back to his bike and got on and started it up.

I said, "Are you serious? I can't take a woman as payment!"

He shook his head and laughed and rode off as I stood there in disbelief. I've heard of human trafficking, but 99% of it is just exaggeration and internet BS. Now I've been traded a human woman in exchange for an oil cooler, oil and a little time.

I walked to the cab of my truck and said, "Come on out here and take off the helmet and relax. Nothing's going to happen to you. I'm not going to hurt you or force you to do anything."

She scooted out of the truck, but then just shook her head no and shrugged. I realized that the gloves she was wearing had all the fingers sewn together then buttoned to the palms, making her hands useless. The gloves were also buttoned to the ends of her jacket sleeves making it impossible to remove them then both sleeves were buttoned together, holding her arms behind her back. The wide belt buckled around her waist would prevent taking the jacket off. She was stuck until someone else took it off. The face shield on her helmet was dark. I realized she probably couldn't see through it!

I said, "Okay, I'll take it off for you." I unbuckled the chin strap and pulled the helmet off. I expected to see a woman's face. Instead, a leather hood with embroidered blue eyes and mouth complete with smiling red lips was under the helmet. The hood came down her neck and included a wide leather corset collar. Looking around, I could see the whole thing was laced up to her braid. The collar had a padlock holding a tab over the beginning of the laces.

"Do you have the key?"

That question just got a shrug from the woman.

I was headed for my tools in the trailer to get something to cut the lock when I realized I should check her bag. I unzipped it and started going through what the biker had left with me. The reason the bag seemed heavy was all the cuffs, chains, dildoes and whips in there. There was a small bag with some cosmetics, tampons, comb and toothbrush. The bag contained very little in the way of clothes; a tiny bikini, a few miniskirts, some tank tops, a corset and some stockings and garter belts. A couple of pairs of high heels. No underwear or bras. Hmmm. But finally, in a pocket inside the bag, a ring of keys.

It took a couple of tries, but I found the key to the padlock and got the hood off her. This biker didn't do things half way. Under the hood she was blindfolded and gagged. A small ring in her septum hung down almost to her red lips. Removing the blindfold revealed the bluest eyes I've ever seen. They blinked a few times in the evening light and then I recognized her. "gypsy" wasn't her real name.

It had been a big deal a few years back. Someone had tried to kidnap the supermodel, Charlotte McKinney, but ended up snatching her assistant instead. Easy mistake since the women looked so much alike. She hadn't been seen since and the cops always figured the kidnappers had killed her and dumped the body somewhere once they realized their mistake. A few weeks later the kidnapper's bodies were found in warehouse in the desert.

I pulled the gag out; revealing it was a 6" dildo. She must not have a gag reflex!

She looked into my eyes, those two blue suns going straight to my dick, then lowered her gaze and whispered "Thank you, sir. May gypsy have some water?"

"Of course." I started to hand her a bottle from my cooler and realized she couldn't hold it, so I held it for her and she quickly drank the whole bottle.

"Do you want more?"

She shook her head.

"Do you want me to take that jacket off so you can use your hands?"

Another head shake. Odd. You'd think she would want to get free.

"Sit down and tell me what happened."

She immediately knelt on the ground at my feet, knees spread as far as the mini skirt allowed with her arms behind her and said, "What should gypsy call you sir?"

"I go by Bob; that will be fine."

She shook her head and said, "gypsy is not allowed to call a master by his name. Would sir be okay or would you prefer master?"

"Sir will be fine, then."

It would take some time to get her to realize that she was free and I was not keeping her as a slave. We'd stop at the next town and I'll drop her off with the cops. In the meantime, I figured the best thing to do was to be as nice as possible and not upset her.

"I recognize you from the news, so how did you end up a slave to some old biker?"

She told me the story. When she was kidnapped, she was taken to an old warehouse out in the desert. They kept her tied to a chair, gagged and blindfolded. She heard someone walk in and shoot both the kidnappers without a word. She figured for sure she was dead then too, but she was stuffed in a trunk.

He snuck her across the border and kept her chained by the ankle in his apartment. She was gagged most of the time. He treated her okay except for raping her mouth and ass daily. He never fucked her pussy. She spent all the time she was alone trying to figure out an escape.

Then the biker showed up one day and she was told he was her new owner.

gypsy was tied into a ball, gagged and blindfolded and placed in duffel bag. The bag was loaded into a pickup and when the ride ended, she was at a medical clinic and taught to be a slave. She fought, but they were strict; hurting her when she "misbehaved". Performing tasks or sexual demands were rewarded. She was taught how to dress and act for her master. Over time, gypsy became the submissive slave she was now.

"Well, you're not a slave anymore. We'll go to the police tomorrow and you can return to your life."

gypsy got a horrified look on her face and then started crying.

"Please Sir! Don't make gypsy go back there! gypsy will be good! Gypsy can take your cock in any hole and make you happy! You can whip and beat gypsy anyway you wish and gypsy will beg for more! Please let gypsy stay with you sir!"

She lowered her head and started licking my boots while continuing to tell me all the things I could do to her or she could do for me. All my life I've never seen anyone grovel, but this was the real thing.

The boot licking made me uncomfortable, so not thinking, I shoved her away with my boot. She fell over and hit her head on the side of my truck.

She immediately got back onto her knees and bowing her head again, said: "Thank you for the pain sir. The pain is good, the pain clears my head of evil thoughts and the pain cleanses my soul. Please give me more pain sir."

Embarrassed at my reaction, I quickly checked her head to make sure she hadn't been hurt.

"I'll get camp set up and cook us some dinner. Then you are going to tell me the rest of the story because I think there is more here than you are telling me."

I pulled out the Camp stove and heated up some stew I had in the cooler. gypsy knelt beside my truck. I usually just sit on a bucket and eat and I was trying to figure out how to feed gypsy when she said, "Sir may put my food on a plate. I am used to eating without hands."

So I sat there eating my stew and watching this 5'8" tall super model hot woman with at least 40" DD breasts in kinky leather kneel on the ground and eat stew like a pet dog. I realized my dick was getting hard at the sight of her there.

I pulled a beer from the cooler and another bottle of water for gypsy. She drank it down quickly and asked; "May gypsy pee sir? Sir will have to pull gypsy's skirt up, please. gypsy is sorry for the trouble sir."

I pulled my entrenching tool and some TP out of the truck, walked out of camp a few yards and dug a small trench for her to piss in. gypsy had followed me and stood over the trench. I reached around her and tried to peel the tight skirt up far enough. I told her; "This would be easier if you closed your legs some."

Gypsy quietly said, "Yes, sir." and closed her legs. Immediately she got a pained expression on her face and twitched a couple of times. I didn't know what her problem was, but skirt up, she spread her legs again. I turned around for privacy and soon heard a strong stream hit the trench.

When she was done, I pulled off some TP and reached down to wipe her off without staring at her pussy. Wiping downward I felt something hard on her pussy. Without thinking, I squatted down to see what it was.

I've seen some pussy in my life. Not as much as I'd have liked sometimes, but I have a pretty good idea what they look like. This one was different. The first thing I saw was the tattoo just above her clit. It spelled "gypsy vertically and said; "g-rab my ass, y-ank my hair, p-inch my nipples, s-queeze my throat, y-ours to hurt." Well, that explains her name.

Then I saw the ring in her clit followed by four on each side of her slit through the lips. The thing I had felt was a shiny padlock with a long shackle which went through her clit ring and then all eight pussy rings, locking at the bottom. Peeking through her lips was a shaft shaped like an upside down "T". The shaft disappeared into her. Touching both ends of the "T", I realized they were spring loaded and as I pushed them in, I heard an audible "pop" like an electric fence.

gypsy jerked and said; "Thank you for the pain sir. The pain is good, the pain clears my head of evil thoughts and the pain cleanses my soul. Please give me more pain sir."

It shocked her pussy when gypsy closed her legs! And I had forced her to close them a minute ago. I felt guilty for hurting her, but my dick stirred again.

Continuing my inspection of her, I saw the end of something sticking out of her ass. A handle locked with a small padlock. I couldn't resist and tugged on it. That thing was in there good. I wiped her as best I could with all the hardware in the way and tugged gypsy's skirt back down (without making her close her legs). I pissed too and filled in the trench.

I sat back down on the bucket with a beer and said, "Spill it. What's going on?"

gypsy knelt in front of me again. I could see just a glint of the hardware in her pussy now. My dick, with a mind of its own started getting hard again.

Kneeling there, staring at my feet, she said; "What gypsy said is true, but she left some parts out. gypsy wasn't a good person before. She stole, cheated, lied and screwed anyone she could to get ahead. gypsy was going to be a movie star if she had to kill someone to do it. gypsy secretly recorded fucking Charlotte's business manager and then tried to blackmail him into getting her an acting job. Instead, he hired some guys for the kidnapping and planned on killing gypsy once they tortured the location of the video out of her. Making the whole thing look like a botched attempt on Charlotte had the added effect of boosting her career with the free PR. If gypsy goes back, they will kill her this time."

"When Master Oscar won gypsy in the poker game and started training her, she had a lot of time to think while he corrected her behavior and straightened out her mind. gypsy realized this was karma punishing her for being a bad person. Once gypsy accepted that, she accepted her new role in life; her mind became clear and focused. gypsy is a slave. gypsy was meant to be a slave. gypsy will always be a slave. gypsy will do whatever sir wants and hopes sir will keep her, fuck her and hurt her when she acts out."

Talk about dick hardening words!

Now, I've tied up a couple of women and had my way with them. I've spanked some when they wanted it and even had a few that liked being whipped. I quite enjoy putting a woman in tight bondage and licking their pussy until they are a quivering mess begging to cum. I even had one that like me to tie her to the coffee table with a huge dildo in her cunt and face fuck her unconscious while her Lab fucked her in the ass. But this was a whole new ball game.

I figured I had four options;

I could sell her in Sturgis and be rid of her, but then I would worry about some asshole abusing her.

I could take her to the cops and be rid of her, but then she might end up dead.

I could take her to a shrink but the shrink would be obligated to call the cops and she might end up dead.

Or, I could keep her and slowly work to get her programming reversed so she could live a normal life with a new identity somewhere safe.

I knew what I was going to do, but decided to sleep on it before letting gypsy know my decision.

"We'll talk about this more in the morning. Just sit there while I gather some firewood and I'll make us a campfire."

A couple of hours later, I was sitting on my bucket drinking a beer with gypsy kneeling beside me resting her head on my thigh. She had refused my attempts to release her from her bondage and she had tried several times to get me to fuck her face or ass; apparently, her pussy had been off-limits for some time. I was tired and ready for bed, but needed to work out the sleeping arrangements. I figured the best thing was to ask her what she usually did.

"After her nightly punishment for the day's transgressions, gypsy is face fucked, swallows sir's piss and then spends the night gagged, blindfolded and chained naked on the floor at the foot of sir's bed. Her hands are either connected to her ankles or neck. If she has been good, she gets a blanket."

"I think tonight, no punishment or bondage. I can't think of anything you deserve punishment for. I'll give you a sweatshirt to sleep in; you take the bed and I'll sleep on my air mattress out here."

Yes, sir." She didn't seem happy with that scenario.

I unbuckled and unbuttoned the jacket and pulled it off. Underneath the jacket she wore a red, steel boned cupless corset pulling her waist in and pushing her breasts up and out. I told her to finish getting undressed while I got some sweats out of my bag. When I turned around, gypsy was standing there naked and I got to see her whole body for the first time. She was definitely out of my league! Tall, slender, huge tits and the best ass I have ever seen on a woman. She had a beautiful face and long blonde hair down to her waist. I dug the key ring out of my pocket and removed the dildo and butt plug (a 9" long silicon cone with a base that expanded to 4" when the lock was turned). She had large breasts and little pencil eraser nipples, which were pierced with gold rings connected by a chain. The rings held gold nipple shields in place also. She told me that she had been given a series of injections while held in Mexico that made her breasts swell to the gorgeous mounds they were now and also made them very sensitive. The injections had contained a venom of a rare South African spider and when injected made her tits burn like they were on fire for several days. gypsy had begged for them to do any depraved thing possible after the first hour just to make the pain end. The injections hurt so bad that if she had not been restrained on an exam table, she would have killed herself. Her agony didn't keep the medical staff of the clinic from fucking her while the injections worked.

They also put a small amount in her clit and butt cheeks. The lower dosage only made them swell a little and become very sensitive. It still burned like fire for two days.

"Thank you for the pain sir. The pain is good, the pain clears my head of evil thoughts and the pain cleanses my soul. Please give me more pain sir."

Before she put on the sweatshirt, I walked around her looking at her body. I saw another tattoo where the traditional "tramp stamp" went. This one said "Butt Slut". I commented on it and she said, "Yes, I'm oral and anal only. Master Oscar made my pussy off limits because I orgasm too easy and orgasms cause evil thoughts. I have another one!" gypsy peeled down her lip and "Cum Slut" was tattooed inside there. Once finished she put on the sweatshirt; it came down just far enough to hide her pussy.

"How does sir want my hands bound tonight?"

"We'll skip the bondage tonight gypsy. Just go to sleep."

"Oh, no sir! Gypsy will be bad if she is able to reach her pussy. You must keep her hands from touching there!"

Giving up, I handcuffed her wrists in front and then used a loose chain to secure them around her neck. I lifted her into the truck with instructions to go to sleep.

Sometime during the night, I felt gypsy crawl into my sleeping bag with me and curl up to my side. She sighed contentedly and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up with my dick being sucked. Gypsy had slithered down into the sleeping bag and was waking me in the best way possible.

I knew then that I would be gypsy's new "Sir".

Her technique was good, but apparently Oscar had not been quite as well endowed as I was. After nibbling and licking around the head and balls, she slid me down into her throat and after the first 7", started to struggle. But she was a real trooper and after withdrawing to catch her breath, slowly slid me down her throat until all 10" disappeared and her nose was rubbing my belly. She held me there, milking my dick with her throat muscles while her tongue tickled my balls. Then gypsy resumed a slow up and down, adding friction to stimulate me. I'd like to say I lasted for hours, but it's been a while since I had sex with anyone but Thumbelina and her four finger sisters, so I popped off pretty quick. I did manage to fill her mouth to over flowing and her tongue worked hard to recover what leaked from her mouth.

"Forgive me sir! You have so much yummy cum gypsy couldn't swallow it fast enough! gypsy will add this to the list of infractions you will want to punish her for tonight. Do you want to relieve yourself in gypsy's mouth now sir?"

I felt like an asshole about it, but I let gypsy swallow the contents of my bladder. She seemed so happy and proud of herself. We got up and I released her hands.

I started breakfast while gypsy relieved herself in the same area we had used the night before. While I was cooking, gypsy knelt beside my truck and we talked about her rules and skills. She could cook, so I'd let her start taking over that chore. She had various rules about clothing in the house; Oscar had apparently liked sexy lingerie and heels on his slave. I was good with that too. We would need to get her some more clothes.

I explained to gypsy that I was going to keep her for now. Before I got any more of my plan out she jumped up and hugged, me thanking me profusely.

"I knew you would be a good sir! gypsy will have a good life serving you and letting you fuck her and hurt her and she will be happy!"

I then continued and told her we would slowly modify her rules to give her more freedom as I was not as strict as Oscar had been. She frowned at that. She was apparently happy the way things had been, so I dropped it for the moment.

After we ate breakfast, me on my bucket, gypsy on her knees, hands chained to her neck eating off the plate on the ground, we got dressed. I told her to pick what she wanted to wear and she quickly dressed in knee high socks, ankle boots, a pleated plaid miniskirt and a white blouse tied off just below her tits. It was gauzy and with the right light, you could see her nipple shields. She held up her two invaders for me to insert.

I tried to refuse, but she was insistent that it was the only way she could travel, so after disabling the shock function, in they went. I locked her pussy shut. Her gloves went back on, keeping her from using her hands.

I cleaned up and got ready to travel. I boosted gypsy into the truck and she slid into the middle of the seat and put her hands behind her back. I buckled her in and then after double checking everything was packed and secure and the fire was out, we headed on to Sturgis.

As we pulled out onto the highway, gypsy asked me if I wasn't going to put the gag, blindfold and hood back on. Oscar never let her see where they were going. I just said, "Not today." That was a mistake.

For the rest of the trip, gypsy was so excited to be able to see things. She was a non-stop monolog of trees, hills, cars, people, clouds, wildlife and cows. The entire time she sat as close to me as she could get. When she wasn't exclaiming about a cow or horse in someone's yard, she rested her head on my shoulder.

We got to Sturgis just before noon, so I stopped at the Dairy Queen and got us a couple of burgers, fries and milkshakes. gypsy was so excited by the food and milkshake she was shaking in her seat. I allowed her use of her hands and we sat in the truck in the parking lot and ate. Then I drove over to the Armory. We would be camping there for the next week. My old LT from Iraq was the Company Commander there now, so he let me camp and use the facilities. I fixed any soldier's bikes for free in return.

We had a nice spot on the wall of the building and spent the rest of the afternoon setting up the sales tent and getting ready to do repairs. gypsy was very inquisitive and spent lots of time looking in boxes and noting where things were.

I got my bike out and told her we'd take a ride around town. gypsy put on her leather jacket for the ride, then got a little pout on her mouth as she opened her mouth and closed her eyes for the blindfold and gag. That pout quickly turned to a smile as I put a small helmet on her head and she realized that not only was she not getting gagged, she would get to see!

When that woman smiled at you it was like warm sun hitting you on a cold day.

We rode around Sturgis getting a feel for who was where this year. I saw a couple of friends setting up and stopped and said hello. Everyone was quite taken with gypsy and an old Army buddy's wife told gypsy that they didn't think anyone would ever capture me. The look on her face when gypsy said that I had traded for her, bound and gagged, in exchange for an oil cooler was priceless!

We stopped at Rozco's and had dinner. That beautiful smile when she saw the steak I had ordered for her made my heart jump. When gypsy smiled her eyes lit up like spotlights. I knew I was falling for her.

We sat by the truck watching traffic go by until dark and I suggested we go to bed. After showering together in the Armory (we had the place to ourselves for now!) she climbed into the camper and bent over touching her toes and said, "I counted 5 infractions today sir; then recited them. The appropriate punishment is ten with the cane."

I tried to beg off, but she insisted that her punishment must be received daily, especially since she didn't get punished the night before.

My strikes started off light, but the sight of that gorgeous ass bouncing when the cane came down soon had me swinging with force. She recited her mantra the whole time and when I was done, turned and knelt before me with her mouth open.

She didn't suck my cock. She fucked herself roughly with it. At one point I saw her eyes roll back in her head from the lack of oxygen so I backed off and let her catch her breath. When I was getting close she did this deep throat - swallowing - hum - suction thing she does that I, to this day, cannot resist cumming to. Damn this woman was addictive!

After swallowing and licking up all I had given her, she wrapped a chain around her neck and locked it to the foot of the bed, picked up a set of handcuffs and locked her hands behind her back. I chided her for assuming my intentions; "You may add that to tomorrow night's count." I released her neck and told her to get in the bed.

She grinned and said, "Yes sir!"

Once I was in the bed, she attached herself to my side like a leach.

I woke to a blowjob again, but this time I pulled her up by the hair and rolling her over, satisfied myself by giving her an ass fuck. I don't think I've ever had a woman cum from anal alone, but gypsy admitted later to having two orgasms, and then added, "I'll add cumming without permission to tonight's count sir."

I released gypsy's hands and let her get dressed. She put in the butt plug and dildo, locked everything in place and after a quick bathroom break, she cuffed her hands back in front and started breakfast. She was a pretty decent cook too!

We needed to get her some more clothes, so we headed off on the bike to shop. I knew there were usually a couple of clothing booths that included a leather and fetish assortment and we lucked out that both were already set up.

She was like a squirrel on speed when I unlocked her hands and told her she could have anything she wanted, but I wanted her to buy work boots, jeans and t-shirts. I wandered around picking up a couple of things for her to try as gypsy zoomed from rack to rack. She had an impressive pile of clothes and was looking at some bondage gear when Sally, the shop's owner; (a tall brunette wearing a tight pair of leather pants, tight corset, high heel boots, a steel collar and her hands cuffed in front) pulled me to the side and in a very sexy Aussie accent asked; "Is she yours?"

I said, yes and she said, "She was looking at a cuff, collar, blindfold and ring gag set with matching leash and when I asked about adding them to the pile, she shook her head and said that sir would have to pick them because it would be impertinent for a slave to pick a collar. The blue lace on black leather in that set matched her eyes and some of the clothes she wants. It would be a shame for her to not get something that would look so good on her, "if" you are interested in collaring her? With all the other clothes she's getting, I can give you a discount and have everything delivered!"

"Add them to the pile, but don't let her see them."

"Yes, sir! You are a very lucky man. If she wasn't already taken I could eat her alive!"

The bill was quite impressive. Leather isn't cheap and gypsy walked out of the store with a new pair of skin tight black leather hot pants and a bikini top of matching leather. Thigh high stockings and new knee high boots with 6" heels finished off the wardrobe. She had cuffed her hands in front again.

"When I said buy some new clothes, I meant regular jeans and such. Add this to your infraction count."

She lowered her head and said, "Yes, sir, but I did get some jeans and t-shirts. I just wanted to wear this for you sir."

"You look hot as hell gypsy. I'm going to fuck you unconscious when we get back to the camper!"

"Yes sir!" said with a grin.

We stopped for lunch and returned to the camper, but gypsy's afternoon delight was postponed. I had two customers waiting for some custom chrome. gypsy's clothes were delivered while I worked and gypsy put them in the camper without opening anything. I would get a fashion show and my reward later.

By the time I was done with my work (and made up a small fraction of what gypsy had cost me today!), gypsy had made us a small salad and cooked spaghetti. She knelt at my feet in the camper and ate from the floor. She was so excited to show off her new clothes, she was almost vibrating.

gypsy then proceeded to show off her new wardrobe. It was heavy on kink; I particularly liked the leather bikini, what there was of it, but true to her instructions, she had bought some jeans. They were so tight you could see the outline of her pussy rings. The t-shirts were okay, but with low cut neck line and tight on her big boobs. You could see her nipple chain in the "V" and her rings imprinted through. The "work boots" had a 4" heel.

The last outfit was a set in blue lace and black leather that matched the collar set I was still hiding. It had a steel boned half cup corset with buckles up the front, laces in the back and "D" rings around the tiny waist. A pair of leather open front G-sting panties had a "tickler" chain down the middle. The chain rubbed against her as she moved. The black stockings were held up with elastic attached to her pussy rings. The outfit finished off with a pair of knee high ballet boots connected by a 12" chain.


I looked at her with lust in my eyes and said, "This is your official uniform now. When not required to wear other clothes, this how you will dress. Now, kneel! Gypsy knelt in front of me and lowered her head. She expected me to fuck her face, but instead, I said, "Look at me, gypsy."

As she looked up with those gorgeous blue eyes, I said, "A slave should have a collar. Do you want me to collar you gypsy?"

She looked into my eyes. Tears started streaming from them and she nodded. I pulled out the collar and her eyes went wide when she saw it. The sales lady had been right. The blue did match her eyes. I showed her the tag on the collar; on the front was "gypsy, slave slut" on the back was "Property of Sir Bob". I buckled it on her throat as she cried quietly. I added the "O" ring gag and wrist cuffs and connected her wrists behind her back, then took a short chain and pulled them up between her elbows and locked the chain to her collar. I connected her leash and dragged gypsy onto the bed.

I pushed her back onto the bed, then after unlocking her ankle chain, spread her legs and chained them wide. Then I took off her panties and pussy lock. gypsy looked at me questioning and I told her, "Slaves don't get to decide where they get fucked. I'm going to make you cum until you are MY cum slut."

Then I stuck my head down to her pussy and spread her lips with my fingers. I spent 10 minutes just barely touching her clit with my tongue. Then took it between my teeth and bit down. For the next half hour I used my tongue, nose and teeth to lick, suck and bite gypsy's pussy. She started cumming after 15 minutes. After 30 minutes, she was lying there vibrating like she was being electrocuted and fluid dripping out of her like a leaking faucet. I could hear her muffled pleas to be fucked through the gag. It wasn't until she had completely collapsed, eyes rolling back in her head that I stabbed my dick into her in one swift move. Gypsy's eyes popped open and her body stiffened. Her eyes smiled at me and her head rolled back as her orgasms started again.

I kept my strokes slow and steady; not wanting this to end too early, but gypsy's pussy just felt too good. By the time I finished, she was just lying on the bed twitching. I released her legs from the bed and clipped them together, took off her gag and slipped into bed with her. Hugging her tight, I went to sleep.

Gypsy woke me with my morning blowjob. She was grinning as she swallowed my load then my bladder contents.

"Proud of yourself slut? You managed to avoid your punishment last night. I guess we'll have to double it tonight."

"Yes sir! If sir will release her, gypsy will cook breakfast."

"I think we'll take a shower first! You smell like a bordello the day after payday!"

The next couple of days I worked on bikes and sold parts; business was brisk and I kept getting interrupted from my repairs to sell parts. When gypsy volunteered to man the sales counter so I could work, I was skeptical, but told her she could come get me if she needed anything. I explained how my cost of each part was hidden in the "stock #" and that we'd need to get at least 30% over that and she went to work.

It was late afternoon when gypsy stuck her head around the corner and asked where an engine block was. I told her and started to get up to help since it was heavy, but she said, "We got it sir, gypsy's helper can manage it." And she disappeared back into the booth.

"gypsy's helper"? What helper? That got my curiosity aroused! I got up and stepped out to the sales booth. There was a crowd of twenty or thirty guys, all trying to buy parts off the "slave girl" parts dealer.

gypsy was wearing her thigh high boots, tight leather hot pants and bikini top. She had on her collar and cuffs and a long chain locked her collar to my truck. She had written "sales slave" on her chest with marker. Dollar bills from tips stuck out of the tops of her boots and hot pants.

Then I saw her "helper"! She was a tall, muscular platinum blond. With the 7" heeled boots she had to be 6'5". I was pretty sure she could have beaten me in hand to hand! She was wearing a bikini top with chrome bra cups barely holding in her chest. Her breasts were bigger than gypsy's! She wore hot pants too. She was chained to my truck by a chain that wrapped around her neck and her outfit was filled with "tips". She had "Jr. Sales Slave" written on her chest.

Gypsy saw me and said, "Sir, this is Rocky. Rocky, this is sir."

To the delight of the crowd, and my embarrassment, Rocky knelt at my feet and said, "Slave Rocky awaits your pleasure sir."

I didn't know what to say, so I just mumbled something about being glad to have her and to get back to work. She and gypsy grinned at each other and went back to selling parts.

I've created a monster. At the end of the day, gypsy came and got me so both women could get their punishment for "poor customer service". Seems they had placed a "Complaint" box out front and promised anyone that left a comment or complaint (along with an email address for future sales notices!) could come back and see their punishment at six that evening.

So at six that evening, I had both of them bent over grabbing their ankles with their asses facing the crowd getting a stroke with the cane for each "complaint". Complaints which included that the "slave girls" were not naked enough or too hot to be out in public. Rocky's ass, muscular and tight, hardly bounced from the strokes! And like gypsy, she thanked me for every one.

Rocky joined us for dinner (When did gypsy have time to make lasagna?) and we talked. After a stint in the Marine Corps, she did some modeling and "Iron Person" competitions. She didn't make a lot and just barely got by. She was hired to be a spokes model dressed as a Valkyrie here for a micro brew, but the guy never showed. So here she was, broke with no place to stay when gypsy spotted her walking by and hired her. I told her could sleep in the trailer on a cot and sleeping bag for the rest of the time we were there.

The next morning I woke to my morning blow job, but it was Rocky instead of gypsy this time. She was good, but not up to gypsy's standards! When I came, Rocky held it in her mouth and gypsy came in about the time to announce breakfast was ready. Rocky grabbed gypsy and kissed her, swapping my cum with their saliva before they both swallowed.

Later that day, I took a break to check on them and there was a gray tabby kitten in a carrier and a black Lab puppy sleeping on a mat in the shade of the truck. One of gypsy's leashes kept him from wandering. They were "partial payment" for a part. Jesus, this woman was going to drive me insane. That night she got a neck to knee flogging for that one. But they were cute critters.

With their cane stroked asses showing each day, they sold all my parts in three days, so I ended up buying parts from some other guys just so gypsy and Rocky could mark them up and sell them by jiggling their tits at guys. gypsy was getting 75% over cost and made us enough to pay for her new clothes.

Before Rocky left at the end of the week, in addition to her pay, gypsy gave Rocky all the tips they both had earned. In honor of her being a former Marine, I gave her a 64 pack of Crayola Crayons; just in case she got hungry on the ride home. I also had gone over her bike and fixed a couple of issues for her. Rocky gave me her email and phone number and said to call her anytime we needed a sales slave. She also mentioned she could eat pussy good enough to drive a woman insane and would be happy to be available if I just needed to ass fuck someone after whipping them unconscious. I bet Rocky would make a fun date! I gave her my number and address and said to look us up if she was ever in Oklahoma.

The last day of the rally, gypsy and I were walking around downtown with her cuffs linked behind her back and me leading her with the leash. We were checking things out before we packed up the next day and headed home. Suddenly a petite woman with auburn hair grabbed gypsy with a squeal. The two women squealed and chattered for a minute before gypsy remembered her manners and introduced me to tammy.

tammy was a small package of dynamite. Quite shapely, curvaceous legs, nice boobs that looked huge on her short slim body and a very pretty face. We invited tammy to come back to our booth so she and gypsy could catch up and I could drink a couple of beers.

On the way back, gypsy told me that she and tammy had been at the Mexican clinic at the same time and shared a cell. They could hear the other's screams in pain as the venom worked its wonders and had become friends. I let the two women talk and napped with a beer in my hand. They woke me at dinner time with a couple of steaks, salad and baked potato. They continued to talk until the wee hours. I went to bed. gypsy joined me sometime during the night. tammy snuggled up to my other side.

tammy was gone when we packed up the next morning and headed to Oklahoma. gypsy was wearing her new jeans and t-shirt, collar, wrist cuffs and boots. Her dildo and butt plug were back in place with the shock mechanism still deactivated, and I had locked her cuffs behind her back for the ride. The kitten was in her carrier in the floor board and the dog was sitting beside gypsy in the seat.

We stopped at the Nebraska National Forest again and as I was setting up camp when I saw the covers on the bed moving. I pulled my little Ruger .380 and whipped the covers back.

tammy was tied to the bed naked, spread eagle, blindfolded, gagged and had a vibrating egg's remote hanging out of her pussy. Fuck! I couldn't avoid admiring her curvaceous body and noticed she had a "name" tattoo above her clean shaven pussy like gypsy; t-its, a-ss, m-outh, m-ade for pain, y-ours to hurt.

I yelled for gypsy and she came and knelt at my feet, head down. She swallowed hard.

"Do you have something to explain slave?"

"Yes, sir. gypsy was going to come clean at punishment time tonight. tammy is hiding from someone and gypsy told her she could stay with us for a while."

"So you just tied her up back here and figured you'd ask forgiveness rather than permission? Like the dog and cat?"

She nodded.

"I am beyond pissed at you right now gypsy. You should have trusted me enough by now to tell me. You are getting punished for this, but not now. I'm too mad. Give her some water; turn off the vibrator and then strip. You will kneel silently, with your forehead and tits touching the ground, hands behind your back until I calm down enough to punish you properly."

Looking down at the squirming bundle of feminine parts on the bed I got an idea. I took a couple of bungee cords and attached her nipple rings to the camper roof. She had to strain her shoulders to thrust her chest upwards unless she wanted her nipples stretched.

I let the cat out in the camper to use its litter box and eat and put the dog on a tether outside with some food and water. He immediately went to gypsy and tried to get her to play with him. When he pushed his cold nose into her pussy from behind she started to jump and I yelled, "Keep still! No moving unless I say so!"

I got a little nod from gypsy, but the pup tired of that game and was soon napping in the shade of the truck.

I fixed myself a sandwich and ate in silence. She had seriously overstepped her limits and what I did had to be harsh. And tammy was just as responsible.

I gathered what I would need and told gypsy to follow me. I had her face a tree I had picked out and tied her wrists overhead to a branch. I wrapped a rope around her waist and the tree; forcing her front against the rough bark. I picked her ankles up and tied them crossed, then ran a rope to her hair. gypsy liked to wear her hair in a long braid down the back and I used that to pull her legs up and her head back. The dildo gag and blindfold went on covered by her hood.

I left her there to take care of tammy. Soon tammy was strung up the same as gypsy. I used a string to connect their nipples around the tree. If one jerked, it would tug on the nipples of the other.

"You'll spend the night here with the mosquitoes and bugs. I will come out and whip you when I feel like it. We'll talk about the rest of your punishment when we get home. I took a cane and gave gypsy five hard strokes on the sole of each foot. Then did the same to tammy.

I spent the rest of the night watching them and every hour or so whipping asses, thighs, backs and tits. Both women were well marked by morning. I noticed that tammy had scars on her back from a really bad whipping, so I went easy on her. It looked like the woman had been brutalized by someone. The cane marks on their feet were dark red weals. It would be a while before they could walk.

At dawn I released them. Both slowly crawled back to the truck. After making them drink a couple of bottles of water, I tied both in a ball tie and stuffed them in the shower.

I was tired from keeping watch all night and decided to spend another day where we were so I could get some sleep.

When I woke that afternoon, both women had pissed in the shower, so I turned on the cold water to wash them off. After forcing more water on them, I left them there. The dog and I napped for a while and had another sandwich for dinner. gypsy and tammy got more water and spent the night in the shower, still in a ball tie.

The bed was empty without gypsy, but the puppy decided to sleep at my feet and the kitten decided the top of my head was her bed. She purred and made bread on my scalp as I drifted off. I could hear one of the women sobbing through the wall. I was pretty sure it was gypsy.

We made it home the next day and after parking my trailer in its spot, I backed my truck into the shop. gypsy and tammy were untied and told to go in the house.

"If you go in this door you'll be in the kitchen. Go through that and kneel in the living room; facing the easy chair, head down, hands behind your backs."

I finished unloading and cleaning up the camper before either woman was able to move their arms and legs. I dumped all of gypsy's new clothes in the living room floor. There was no clothing for tammy at all.

Eventually they made it into the house. When I was done with what had to be unloaded and put away, I cracked open a beer and went into the living room. Both women were there; gypsy was crying. I sat in my easy chair.

"Sit up."

Both women did, but kept their heads bowed.

"tammy. Explain."

"Sir, tammy is hiding from the guy that bought her from the clinic in Mexico. gypsy and tammy became friends while at the clinic. We comforted each other and helped each other cope. We became lovers. tammy overheard her owner planning to sell her for use in a snuff film. tammy didn't want to die and escaped. Gypsy helped her get out of Sturgis. She shouldn't be punished. This was tammy's fault. Punish tammy."

"So the plan was for you two lovers to run off together once we were out of Sturgis? You know gypsy, you don't really belong to me. You can leave anytime."

gypsy's head popped up and tears streamed down her face. "No! gypsy loves sir! She would never leave him! She just wanted to get tammy safe and hoped sir would help her. Sir is such a good man! gypsy is sorry sir, please don't make gypsy leave!"

I thought about it for a while. Then said, "This is partially my fault gypsy. I let you have too much freedom too fast and your old habit of impulsive actions without thinking that got you in trouble in the past came right back out. tammy, what do you want to do now?"

"tammy wants to stay with sir as his slave if he'll have her."

I was speechless.

She continued, "tammy has seen how great sir treats gypsy. gypsy and tammy talked this over in Sturgis. We both want to serve sir. Any way, any how sir wishes. tammy has a nice tight pussy and ass, can hold her breath for two minutes with sir's cock in her throat and can make sir cum as often as he wishes."

Fuck me. Two slaves now. This must be a dream.

"gypsy, I want your honest thoughts. What do you think about tammy staying here, sharing our life, getting fucked by me?"

She smiled through the tears still streaming from her eyes, "gypsy would love it, sir!"

"You know that means no touching each other without permission?"

They both nodded. So, after thinking about it for a few minutes I decided.

"Okay, gypsy, no orgasms for 30 days. You will be whipped on tits and pussy 30 times every night for 15 days and you are not to talk unless told to. You are not allowed to wear clothes, stand or use furniture during that time; that includes the bed and the toilet. You will use the back yard for pissing and shitting. If you need to, you will crawl to the back door and whine. You will remain bound in some way the entire time. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir."

"tammy, you will have the same punishment for seven days. After that, you will be in charge of feeding us, cleaning the house and taking care of gypsy during the day until her punishment is done. I'm tired, it's been a long day. Crawl to my bedroom and lie on your backs, knees spread, hands behind your head for your punishment."


That was 15 years ago. My bike repair shop was on the small farm I had inherited from my folks so it was easy to check on my bound slaves during the day while they finished their punishments. We were close to the interstate and my reputation as a good mechanic brought in business. Both women started calling me "Boss" at work and it stuck. Now all our employees do it. Lots of people like dealing with veteran owned businesses and having the beautiful blonde sales clerk wearing high heel boots, hot pants, tight tank tops, slave cuffs and collar doesn't hurt either. She still wears a name tag but now it says "Executive Vice President Sales Slave". gypsy, it turns out, is really good at managing the business. Her lack of guidance and restraint kept her choosing the wrong paths, but since we've been together, she's done well. We have four dealerships in three states. tammy turned out to be a quick learner and was soon doing repairs. Lots of guys would ask for her to do their work just so they could watch her in cut off "Daisy Duke's and tight t-shirts working on their bikes. I was tough to find her a pair of high heeled steel toe boots to work in though. She now is in charge of the repair side of the business.

At the end of the week of tammy's punishment, I left for work with tammy only in handcuffs with instructions for cleaning and dinner. She was still tender footed from the caning, so I didn't expect much. When I came into the house at the end of the day, it was clean and my dinner was in the oven. I found tammy in the bed, gagged, blind folded, wrists cuffed to the headboard, legs spread, hips elevated by pillows and "Please whip my tits then fuck me" in marker on her belly. I recognized it as gypsy's hand writing. A flogger handle was stuck in her pussy. gypsy was hog tied, blind folded and gagged and plugged front and back on the floor. That night, before I fucked tammy for the first time, I offered to collar her with a red set I had ordered for her from the same company that did gypsy's. She nodded yes with tears in her eyes.

tammy was right; she did have a tight pussy.

Six weeks later, gypsy started throwing up in the mornings. Pregnant, twins at about eight weeks. From the first time I fucked her pussy in Sturgis. Dumb me never thought about birth control.

Two weeks later, tammy this time. Pregnant, twins. From the first time I fucked her. What are the odds? Both births were a boy and girl. gypsy had Jenny and Robert, tammy had Sam and Belle. Both boys look just like me, the girls look like their mothers. The kids grew up with two mothers, one father and Aunt Rocky. Someone is always here for them and they are great kids. We are open with them about our relationship, but don't flaunt it in front of them. We added onto the house; building a new master suite with a hidden basement dungeon, or "storm shelter" as we call it in Oklahoma.

We settled into a routine with my slaves trading off duties. They both get punished at the end of the day for mistakes. Most nights we all sleep together in the bed. Not long after the women moved in I built a new canopy bed from a design I saw on the internet. It's a big steel and wood king with two cages built into the underside. Sometimes one gets fucked while the other is bound, gagged and blindfolded or they eat each other while I fuck what ever hole I could stick my dick in. If no one is getting punished, there is plenty of room for the women to make a Sir sandwich in the bed, but any unfortunates that have to spend the night in the cages. With hands locked behind them, they back in until a butt plug sinks into place. Then it is expanded, locking the woman into the cage; she couldn't get out even if the door (containing a 4" dildo gag) wasn't locked. Nipple rings are locked to spring loaded chains in the floor and she spends the night like that.

There are also a couple of sets of adjustable height steel stocks built into the headboard and footboard. "D" rings are everywhere and the "victim" can be tied pretty much any possible way you'd like.

Rocky would come by every few weeks and eventually I did get to whip her unconscious bent over the horse and then got that ass fuck she offered. It wasn't easy; her asshole is tight. I had to use a lot of lube and patience before finally getting the head of my dick in her. It was an amazing fuck. Then I hogtied her and let gypsy and tammy try out her tongue.

We took a chance and got copies of their birth certificates, then got them driver's licenses and copies of their Social Security Cards. That got us a visit from an FBI Agent asking about gypsy's disappearance. Nice woman. She gets her bike serviced here now and tammy services her while she waits. She likes to be tied lying backward over the horse, blindfolded and gagged with nipple clamps attached while tammy eats her out and she gets shocked by an electric butt plug. gypsy explained to her what had happened and that she just wanted to drop the whole thing. We were left alone, but that put the guy on the FBI's radar.

Before the kids were born I proposed and married gypsy and tammy. Their wedding band goes around the clitoris and is held in place by their diamond engagement ring. The rings have a small spike on the back, so as they walk it pricks them and tickles their clit. I married each woman in a different state on the same day. That took some doing and is not really legal, but unless someone goes looking, it shouldn't come up. I did get some looks from the hospital staff when I showed up two weeks after gypsy gave birth as the father of another set of twins.

A couple of years later, the guy that had tried to have gypsy killed was arrested for trying to do the same thing to another actress. This time he hired an undercover FBI agent and ended up in prison. Turns out he was into a lot of bad stuff. gypsy and I flew to LA and she testified against him. There was a lot of furor in the news about her turning up alive, but we kept a low profile and left town as soon as we could. He hung himself in prison. We were contacted by a lawyer and she ended up suing the guy's estate. That's where we got the money for our second dealership.

The guy that was planning on selling tammy to a snuff film died in a meth lab explosion a few weeks after she escaped.

The kids left for summer camp today for two weeks. Jenny is at a camp for barrel racing in Texas. Belle is at one for dressage in Maryland. They both have won trophies for their riding and both rib the other about their riding styles. Jenny wants to be a veterinarian; Belle wants to work for the dealership. Both boys, Robert and Sam are at a wilderness camp for Boy Scouts in Colorado. They'll both be Eagle Scouts soon. Right now they both want to go to West Point. Not sure what I think about that. When they get back, we'll pack up and head for Sturgis. We have a much bigger rig now with seven of us and Rocky brings another rig and a couple of mechanics from our dealership in Austin; she's General Manager there now. We have a great time. Our "sales slaves" still wear skimpy outfits and get punished at the end of the day for customer "complaints". The kids all help out too and are used to seeing their moms chained by the neck to the sales booth while wearing high heeled boots, hot pants and bikini tops. The tips go into a fund for survivors of human trafficking.

We've had talks with the kids about our lifestyle and sex. gypsy loves to tell the story of how I traded an oil cooler for her and then we kidnapped tammy to make her our sex slave. They understand that it's okay to do things that are fun and feel good, but there are responsibilities too. I don't think any of them have actually had sex, but I don't worry (too much!) about their decisions. They are smart kids and have good judgment. I also don't worry about them staying safe. "Aunt Rocky" has been giving all of them Krav Maga lessons since they were five. Either of my daughters could kick my ass if she wanted. Some high school Casanova has no chance.

So, for the next couple of weeks, we get the entire house to play bondage games. Right now Rocky is in a bitch suit in the back yard getting screwed by tammy's Rottweiler. When his knot grows she cums hard. gypsy's lab has gotten old and is sleeping in the sun. Rocky will have to blow him later. She is being punished for not realizing one of her employees was stealing. gypsy caught it and later gypsy and tammy will take her to the dungeon and complete the punishment for the mistake. But right now gypsy and tammy are tied in a sixty-nine on the patio with orders to make the other cum. The one that cums the most loses and gets to sleep in one of the cages under the bed with Rocky while the winner gets spread eagled on the bed while I eat her out then fuck her until she's incoherent. My record with gypsy is twenty-one orgasms in one night. tammy's is only fourteen, but I think I have a new trick with a vibrating dildo that might up that number.

Tomorrow we'll take a ride on our bikes. gypsy still rides bound, gagged and blindfolded just like the first time I saw her and we had the same outfit made for tammy. She rides with Rocky. I added a couple of Bluetooth vibrators to their riding outfits, so by the time we stop for our picnic lunch, both women will be begging to cum. They know the rules though; 10 with a cane on tits and ass first, then Rocky and I get our orgasm before they do. A woman dying to cum can give a pretty impressive blowjob!

Right now, I'm watching Rocky and getting horny again. I face fucked her through her ring gag earlier while Rufus the Rottweiler had his third go at her. I think I'll finish my beer and go ass fuck whichever woman has managed to get on top in the sixty-nine contest. It's usually gypsy; she is bigger and has better leverage. Of course, she cums from anal, so that will add to her count and might make her lose the contest. I'll get an angry look from her later if she loses. But that will give me an excuse to put a nice dozen stripes across her ass with the cane later.

Life is good!

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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