Bound To Come
  • Author - Dick Teaser
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  • Post Date - 10/12/2020

Author's Note: This short offering is less extreme than my other fantasy stories as it is a factual account of a recent bondage session.

I have laid everything ready on the bed. These are a selections of straps, a waterproof jacket with a hood and rubberised lining, a whole head rubber hood with apertures only for my mouth and nostrils, an inflatable gag, and my home made nipple clamps. These are two small steel bull-dog clips with holes in the handles, through which I have threaded a short linking cord.

I now have to prepare myself before my tormentress arrives. I am already wearing a tight black full corset with my favourite nylons (sepia brown with double-banded darker tops) stretched onto the six short suspenders; otherwise I am naked and I keep my body hair free.

I begin my preparations with a roll of inch wide elasticated bandage which I tie tightly around my scrotum close to the base of my penis. Keeping the bandage under tension, I wind it around and around my scrotum, pulling back my foreskin, and then bind the rest of my scrotum, stretching it to a few inches in length and constricting my testicles into a shiny hard, purplish package on the end. Finally I wrap these tightly in the remainder of the bandage so that they ache and throb gently.

I secure the bandage with a safety pin and sit (carefully!) on the bed. I push my feet into six-inch heeled court shoes which cramp my toes a little and keep my feet in tip-toe position. I loop a strap around my insteps and pull it really tight, holding my feet firmly together, and augment this with another strap around my ankles.

I swing my legs up onto the bed and position myself on top of the spread out jacket, ensuring that it will close around my shoulders and that my head fits into its hood. The sleeves are folded underneath it as my arms will be zipped inside the body of the jacket to ensure that I cannot use them. I connect the zip at the bottom of the jacket and pull it up a little way, sufficiently to allow me to secure a belt around my waist, ensuring that my arms will stay within the body of the jacket and that I cannot reach my penis.

Satisfied with this, I sit up and loop further straps around my knees and thighs, binding them together; I find the sight of my tightly bound legs in their glossy stockings highly arousing. To keep my rigid penis upright I fit a three inch wide belt around my hips; this holds down my bound scrotum so that my penis juts out over the top edge and my constricted testicles protrude below the bottom edge. I pull this strap as tight as I can!

I am now nearly ready for my tormentresss so I attach the small metal clips to my nipples. They bite fiercely, and I increase my suffering by tying the short cord between them very tautly, stretching my nipples painfully towards each other.

I call to my tormentress that I am ready before pulling the rubber hood over my head and closing the zip; I feel excitingly smothered by the rubber clinging to my face, and I can see nothing. I lie back into the jacket, pull its hood up over my rubber hooded head, and ease the sides of the jacket over my shoulders.

My tormentress enters the room and I confirm a few last minute details with her before I insert the gag into my mouth and pump air into it. The amount of air in the gag is the only thing that I retain control of, partly for safety reasons, and I hold the rubber bulb in my hand as the jacket is zipped closed, with some difficulty, over my folded arms. As the garment was not designed to fit around both my torso and arms, it constrains me very effectively, and I experience a moment of nervous excitement as the zip is pulled up to my chin, completing my entrapment. I feel arousingly helpless as my tormentress tightens even more severely the straps around my legs and feet; I can barely move at all, while my penis is exposed to whatever she might do with it.

She starts by gently massaging it with baby oil before applying the tip of a vibrator to the most sensitive part of my glans. I am soon wallowing in a warm bath of sensual excitation, emphasised by the fact that I can do nothing but lie there an enjoy it. Before long, however, the stimulation generates in me a strong deep urge for satisfaction and I long to masturbate, a craving I cannot relieve. I moan quietly behind my gag and my breathing grows more ragged as my tormentress's fingers and the spasmodically applied vibrator intensify my frustration without respite; waves of extreme pleasure flow from my straining penis to consume my body.

Somehow my system manages to absorb this intensity and I plateau, floating for a while in a cloud of sensual deliciousness. I begin to lose awareness of my surroundings and my personal world contracts into a dream of physical sensations contained within my restraining bonds.

Eventually the intensity begins to fade a little and I fear that my wonderful session will dissolve into anticlimax, but before disappointment can set in, the brief lull passes and I begin to climb again. I have no control as my tormentress's attentions goad me very slowly towards climax. I am desperate; I need to move faster to the finale as I cannot bear further suspended frustration, or I need it to stop and release me that way. Neither happens and I continue to inch higher, notch by notch, into a delirious state of unfulfilled craving. I give vent to muffled verbal expression.

I am becoming light-headed and feel as if I am falling, but upwards and in slow motion. I am suffused with overwhelming sensations, just as if actually climaxing, but drawn out unbearably as I hover on the edge of orgasm.

I pump extra air into the already large gag, hardening it to muffle further my hoarse cries. Breathing becomes more difficult, and already I am breathless with panting and shouting; my grip on consciousness begins to losen. With my other hand I quickly grope for the loose end of the cord connecting my nipple clamps, and finding it, I pull on it, increasing the agony in my tortured nipples. The resulting flare of pain penetrates the ecstatic fog of pre-orgasm, but then blends into it, rendering the whole experience harsher and even more overpowering.

For a few seconds that seem like an eternity I hang in that extreme moment of coming before plunging into uncontrollable release. Violent convulsions grip my body as surges of raw physical relief consume me; in that instant I no longer feel human but have transformed into a giant penis exploding with the urgency of orgasm, and made all the more intense by being tightly contained inside my constricting bondage.

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