Training Worm Girl
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Author's Note: Obviously, this is fiction. Never attempt something like this in real life. BDSM should always be safe, sane and consensual. I welcome constructive criticism and ideas about how I could make this story and future installments better.

Chapter 1

I waited with bated breath for my newest delivery. I was so excited that I paced nervously on the floor. Going back and forth between watching the blaring television and checking for updates on my tablet. I looked at the longingly at the lovely face on the television screen, the missing young woman, Amy Park, an up and coming Korean American state senator who had died yesterday in a plane crash. She was lauded as a hero for her work fighting human trafficking and would be sorely missed.

Except she wasn't dead. Some powerful people whom she had crossed one too many times on the issue of human trafficking had arranged for her staged accident, and facilitated her delivery too me. My job as a dominatrix was to turn her into a worm girl, transforming her from a hero to an enslaved zero. She wasn't dead, though she would probably wish she was when I was done with her.

Let me introduce myself, though of course leaving out identifying specifics, as you'd expect. I am a human trainer, specializing in turning people into pets, bitchsuited dogs, ponyslaves, and human pets. Amy had the distinction of being my first worm. She also was the first of my trainees who seemed undeserving of her fate, as my previous "pets" had been criminal scum who I felt deserved their just desserts at my hands. Poor Amy truly didn't seem to deserve my minstrations, but her enemies wanted to make sure she got a unique, extra cruel humiliation, and as a confirmed sadist, her innocence of wrongdoing made this more exciting for me.

I got a text on my phone about the package having arrived. I went out to the driveway of my isolated ranch house to the black van waiting in the parking lot. Two muscular crew cut men carried an unmarked crate with airholes into my house and towards my dungeon, they knew the way. Drew, my contact, handed me an envelope and said "First installment as agreed, the rest when you complete the transformation of Miss Suzie Wong into Chink Worm." He said with a smirk, it was a minor point, but I was irritated this jerk couldn't tell the difference between Chinese and Koreans.

" I know the drill, you can tell your employers I will keep them updated on my progress." Drew smiled his oily smile and said "I took the gag out for a bit, she's kind of uppity, sure would like too see her squirming around while you whip her bare Chink butt, can't I get a little glimpse?" I kept a poker face and said " You know I disclose my training to a select few, you aren't one of those, so I'll see you when I have her ready."

Drew shrugged and said "Okay, hog all the fun, come on guys, let's go." The jerk and his assistants got back into the van and left. I went back to my dungeon and looked at the crate tingling with anticipation at what I was going to do to my charge. I opened the crate and gazed at the terrified, angry girl staring back at me.

She was only wearing her bra and panties. Her hands were incased in latex mitts and secured at her waist to a belt. Her legs were duct taped together at ankle and lower thigh. This was at my instruction to facilitate the first stage of her training. I got my most wicked looking riding crop off the wall and slapped it against the edge of the crate to get her attention, her almond eyes flashing with anger and fear as they focused on me.

" Hello, I like to keep things short and sweet," I said "So here's what you need to know. Your life as you know it is over. You are no longer Amy, until I think of a new name for you, I will address you as slave, if you anger me I will call you "worm" before I punish you. I am Mistress to you, and on the rare occasions I allow you to speak, you will address me as such. You will feel the urge to resist, that is natural, if you do I am skilled at inflicting pain, you will regret it." I struck the side of the crate so hard splinters flew, watching with satisfaction as she winced.

I continued " Now, slave, I will help you sit up, I have to make you compliant for your new life. When you're up stare at a point straight ahead, do not look at me or I'll make you regret it " I helped her sit up, as soon as her eyes were locked on a point straight ahead, I unhooked her bra and threw it aside. She gave a brief mew of protest and started to turn, I twisted her nipple and said "Don't test me slave." She wisely obeyed and kept her eyes locked straight ahead, shaking with anger and terror.

I picked up my custom breast harness and put it on her nice C cup breasts, glad Korean women tended to have larger breasts than most Asian women, due to some distant Mongol ancestory, so my harness fit perfectly. I pulled the attached leash just enough to test it, she winced, defiance flashed in her eyes, but she was smart enough to keep her eyes locked straight ahead. I felt a tingle in my crotch, this was going too be so much fun!

I said "Now, slave I'm going to cut the tape on your ankles and help you out of the crate, try to fight and you'll have purple tits," as I gave the leash a warning tug. I pulled a box cutter out of my pocket and cut the tape, helping her out of the crate and onto her feet. She was a little unsteady, but I helped her balance until she could stand on her own, than deftly cut off her panties with a couple of flicks of the box cutter.

She mmphed an objection around her ball gag and started to turn her head to me. I gave a warning tug on the leash and pinned her with my vicious Domme glare, which made her subside and lock her glare on my hitching post. Perfect! I pocketed the cutter and said " Hobble to that post." She obeyed, halting at my command and keeping her gaze fixed straight ahead as I tethered her harness too a u-bolt on the the post.

" You must be wondering what's to become of you, I can't leave you totally in the dark, so here's a hint." I'd downloaded a silly hentai anime porn picture of a girl bound up as a worm being led by a Domme as she slithered on the ground, photoshopped Amy's, soon too be Worm Girl, picture on it, than printed a hard copy. I was giggling the whole time I downloaded it, and had to suppress giggles now, as I said " That sure sucks to be you, you really pissed off the wrong people, so I'm sorry to say I have to put you in your place permanently." Partially true, I felt more pity for her than most of my subjects, even admired what I read in her file, but business was business.

Poor Worm Girl didn't share my mirth. She lost it completely and turned her face to me, cheeks reddening and begging desperately around her gag. I had the riding crop tucked into my belt, in one swift motion I swatted her bare butt as I yelled " Silence! Face forward, you fucking cunt! You are nothing, just a wriggling little worm I will crush under my heel without a care. Obey now, You little worm!" A trembling Worm Girl did as she was bid, as huge tears slid down her cheeks. She was definitely slightly perturbed about her fate, imagining what her demotion to worm would feel like.

She'll know soon enough, I thought, as I said "You're already pissing me off, Worm," though I wasn't really mad, I had anticipated she'd react like this, had to make sure she knew who was in charge. "Keep quiet and your gaze locked on that picture, that is who you are from this moment forward, Worm Girl, if you forget it you'll be mush under my boot heel!" I kind of spoiled it by giggling a little. "Pardon me, it's just a such a pathetic loser fate for a woman with your potential, I'll probably be laughing at you a lot during your training, please pardon the unprofessionalism." I was gratified too see anger and defiance flash back in her eyes, though she retained her composure. It was a shame really what I had to do to her, but no changing so I it, powerful people were paying me to mold her into the hilarious punchline of an evil joke, might as well enjoy it.

I left her contemplating the picture of her humiliating future as a sad plaything. And turned to the table where she would be modified into a worm girl. The suit was laid out in three parts. A breathable latex torso piece that would cover her from neck to naval. There were cutouts for her breasts to leave them bare, though I had covers for her breasts so she wouldn't wear out her nipple when I made her squirm around. The lower piece covered her from naval to the soles of her feet, her ass would usually be exposed for corrective whippings during training, though I could cover that as well. And the their was her headpiece, a work of art I'll describe more as training progresses. I giggled some more as I imagined her squirming around in this ridiculous getup, hating her new life. She twitched at the post when she heard me, but still controlled herself, poor little do gooder, her noble aspirations earning her a degrading punishment. This was going to be so much fun!

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