The Foundation Chronicles: The Task Force
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Author's Note: Another story in the on-going "Foundation Chronicles" stories.

A young senator tries to gather political momentum to do something about all the women going missing. The Foundation is forced to take action against this potential threat.

Anne watched as ten, collared, and recently trained, slaves lined up for inspection. They stood straight at the shoulders, but with eyes downcast, as they were taught. They were naked, except for the metal collar that slaves of all ranks wore, even trustees like herself. Their bodies still bore the bruises and welts of her intense training program. A program, that chief of staff to the Prime Dom herself intended to scrutinize.

The slaves did not make a sound, while they waited to be inspected, like the objects they now were. Trustee Robyn paced up, and down, putting marks into her tablet as she passed each object.

Anne glanced at trustee Pam who hung from her ankles nearby. Pam dangled; arms trapped in a reverse prayer. A ball gag, so big that her jaw seemed as though it must be dislocated from the joint, muffled all but the slightest whimpers. Her ample breasts pointed to the floor below them as they jostled with Pam's every twitch.

Unfortunate Pam fell victim to one of Robyn's inspections. Pam neglected a minor detail that even Robyn herself may have overlooked if the situations were reversed. Robyn wanted to assert her dominance, as usual, and gave Pam twelve hours in her current position.

Pam's feet were purple from the tight ropes and her face crimson from blood that followed the pull of gravity. A worker slave stood close to monitor her condition. If it looked like Pam might actually die the slave was authorized to lower Pam to the floor. Pam already looked like she wanted to die and Anne didn't have the heart to tell her she still had ten hours to go.

After her punishment ended, she would not lose her Trustee status this was simply a corrective procedure. Pam's dilemma served as a reminder to Anne what Robyn could do to her if she saw fit.

Robyn finished her inspection, "Everything seems to be in order. But this is only the easy part, the real test will come during client sessions, and I will be monitoring them closely."

"Yes, of course ma'am, we wouldn't want to make any mistakes," Anne said, biting her tongue not to say something she shouldn't.

"I hope for your sake nothing goes wrong. I wouldn't want you to end up like little Pam here." Robyn said, laughing, and then glided out of the room. She punctuated her threat by giving Pam a hard slap on the ass as she left.

Anne suppressed her anger. She hated that Robyn held power over her. Robyn was captured and brought here as a slave the same as her. They both wore collars and served Dominique. Robyn allows her position to obscure that fact. Anne needed to find a way to remind her.

Chapter 2

Dominique scanned the collector reports and failed to suppress a yawn. Being Prime Dom wasn't all fun and games, more often than not, it was a bit of a bore. The reports were mostly uneventful, accounts of successful collections of women around the world. Every so often, a woman will be in the wrong place at the wrong time and will have to be abducted along with the original target, or a male friend will get involved and have to be dealt with. The real inconvenience came when a target escaped and made it to the authorities. Not a crisis, but definitely presented a headache. A few calls, some palms greased, usually cleared things up and the escaped target would be apprehended anyway.

Nevertheless, all of that created paper work that at some point made it to her desk. Keeping records was a double-edged sword. On one edge it was necessary to run a large operation, on the other, it created a paper trail and potential evidence. Precautions were taken, however, and she knew how to deal with authorities if they came sniffing around.

She pointed to her empty mug and a worker slave immediately refilled it with hot coffee. Bells jingled from the slaves pierced nipples as she moved and then retreated back to the corner of the room.

There was a knock at the door, "Enter," Dominique said, eager for a distraction.

Trustee Anne entered, "Mistress, I have something you should see."

"Oh, and where is Robyn? She is usually the one who brings me things I should see." Dominique said, sipping her coffee.

"Robyn is busy dealing with another matter I offered to bring this to you." Anne said, and moved quickly across the room to switch on the T.V.. She changed it to a news channel. The woman who appeared on the screen Dominique recognized as Senator Debra Markus.

The congresswoman was giving a speech on the floor of Congress about a bill she just introduced. Dominique listened as Anne increased the volume. "We all know the stories, we read about them in the news all the time. A beautiful young woman disappears, we spend a few weeks looking for her only for authorities to give up after no leads emerge. The families are left without closure never knowing what might be happening to their loved one. But, we can put a stop to this if only we have the will and can martial the resources to do so. And that is what this bill, The Justice for disappeared women and their families Act, intends to do. This bill will allocate money to form a special investigative task force designed to find the ones responsible for these women's abductions and bring them to justice."

"Should we be worried about this, ma'am? This is a direct shot at The Foundation's operations," Anne said.

Dominique studied the woman on the screen as she took her time answering. The Senator was thirty years old but seemed younger. New to the chamber, with blonde hair that would, if not tied in a bun, reach to her shoulders. Attractive, with a tight curve sculpted body, the sort of look The Foundation often went for. "Only, if we do nothing about it. Send the nearest collection team to bring her in, immediately."

"Won't that look suspicious?"

"I've dealt with these problems before trust your mistress won't you."

"Yes Mistress, I am sorry."

"You know, Robyn never questions me."

Anne became visibly tense, afraid she might have overstepped, "I...I'm sorry ma'am I meant no disrespect," she said, dropping her eyes to the floor.

"l appreciate it, sometimes I enjoy an actual conversation. That being said, in this case I know what I am doing."

"Of course, ma'am, I will have a team sent for her immediately."

Chapter 3

Anne left Dominique's office satisfied with herself. Any conversation with Dominique could be perilous if she wasn't careful. Usurping Robyn's authority the way she had was a delicate situation. Robyn, for the moment, had Dominique's ear most of the time.

"You bitch, I know what you did," the voice came from behind her, as if conjured from her own thoughts. She turned, and saw Robyn jogging to catch up with her. The woman just turned forty and has been with The Foundation a long time. Even at her age she still retained her beauty. Although, that was no coincidence because maintaining ones appearance and figure was a requirement for survival under Dominique's regime. Every slave, no matter their status, had to be in peak physical condition at all times.

"You're going to have to elaborate," Anne said.

"Oh, don't play dumb with me. I said I would inform the mistress about the Senators task force," Robyn said. Coming so close to Anne's face that she could feel her hot breath.

"You were busy, so I assisted you by taking something off your plate. What's wrong with that?"

Robyn's nose crinkled, her face reddening with anger, "I'm going to be keeping a close eye on you from now on and you had better not step beyond your place again." Robyn waved her finger in front of Anne as though scolding a child.

Anger boiled in her gut and she nearly snapped back heedlessly. With some effort, Anne tamped down the feelings before they could overwhelm her. Robyn will make a mistake, and she will be there to take advantage of it. She would be patient and the time would come. "I'm sorry, I won't let it happen again," Anne said, raising her hands in surrender.

"You better see to it that it doesn't," Robyn said, and then stalked away, probably, to chew someone else out.

Anne watched as the older woman walked away her tight ass filling out her overalls, nicely, hips sauntering side-to-side with each step. Robyn wasn't very well liked amongst the trustees. First of all, she lived up Dominique's ass, second, she used her position to get other trustees in trouble when they threatened her. Now, Anne had threatened her, and she fully expected some kind of reprisal. She was counting on it actually.

Chapter 4

"Leaving work now, be home in about an hour," Debra Markus tapped out the text and hit send to her sister Amber. The elevator doors opened to the parking garage. She took a deep breath and stepped out of the elevator, always a bit nervous leaving her senate office, alone, at night. The task force bill required a lot of work that only she could do, so, late nights could not be avoided.

Her phone bleeped with a reply from her sister, "Good, dinner will be ready when you get here," the text read. She smiled, glad to not have to think about dinner. It was a good decision to invite Amber to live with her, they were close, and she had the extra room so it made sense. Not to mention Amber was a good cook.

Reaching her car, she groped for her keys, attention dropping to her overstuffed bag. She really had to clean this thing out. Just as her fist closed around the keys something slammed her hard from behind. Her face and ribs hit the car with such force that she could not breath. Her attacker threw her to the ground and was instantly on top of her. She opened her mouth to scream, but a spray of noxious liquid covered her face before she could make a sound.

Whatever it was, Debra choked as it soaked her upper lip and back of her throat. She tried to thrash at him, but he pinned her wrists against her chest with one hand. She opened her mouth, but before she could scream, a rubber ball was shoved between her teeth. He held the ball in place with his palm and Debra's screams came out muffled and useless.

Her attacker held her for a long time. She began to feel the effects of whatever he sprayed her with. Her vision swirled, her muscles weakened, she fought harder, but it didn't matter, and she became more feeble with each second. By the time the man got off of her, she was still conscious, but completely paralyzed.

The man picked her up, and placed her limp, helpless form, into the back of a nearby Van. Debra tried to move, or scream, or to say something, anything, that might help her, all she managed were whimpers.

"That drug will wear off in about an hour, so, I'm going to bind you up good and tight before that happens," her kidnapper said. All Debra could do was, cry quiet tears, as he bound her, tightly, with cable ties.

Chapter 5

Anne scanned her keycard and the lock clicked open. She put her weight against the heavy door and entered the cell. In the center of the cell was a new slave. A metal stock held her wrists and neck. The stocks were chained to the ceiling forcing the woman to balance on her toes. Another stock trapped her ankles, holding them spread apart at about a forty degree angle from the floor. Finishing the look was a bit gag, so tight, it stretched her cheeks and lips horrifyingly out of shape, while drool poured over the edges of her exposed teeth. She arrived only a day ago.

The woman's name was Stacy and was a professional fighter in her old life. According to the collectors report she gave them quite the fight before being subdued. That was just the kind of warrior spirit Anne was looking for.

So far, Stacy was unresponsive, probably passed out from the stress, Anne took a moment to admire the woman's body. Her slave training had not started yet, and her body remained unmarked. Except for the bruises she sustained during her capture. The woman's body rippled with muscle, hard, compact, and ready to pounce on any opponent she faced. Her stretched position forced every fiber, and sinew, to the surface putting the woman's Olympian physique on display.

Anne pinched Stacy's nipple, and twisted, causing the woman to jerk awake with a grown. "Good, welcome back."

Stacy pulled against her restraints, violently, and angry moans escaped from behind the gag. Her wrists and ankles were already raw from the unforgiving metal and struggling only threatened to draw blood. "Please, calm yourself. You don't know it yet, but my being here is a very good thing for you." Anne waited while Stacy fought to calm herself and seemed ready to listen. "I need you to listen to me, carefully, so as a gesture of goodwill I am going to remove that gag and allow you a drink of water."

Stacy looked at her with, wide, tear glistened eyes, suddenly hopeful for some kind of relief. Anne removed the gag and held a straw to Stacie's lips. She drank greedily, and Anne allowed her to drink as she began speaking. "I am in a position to make your life at The Foundation, a living hell, or something considerably more comfortable," Anne said.

"I want to go home," Stacy said, her voice raspy and tired.

"Oh honey, that's just not possible. It is beyond even my influence here."

"Why are you doing this? What do you want from me?"

"What I want is to give you something no other new arrival gets. I am going to give you a choice." Anne walked around the naked woman. Her fingers traveling across Stacie's exposed midriff, over her navel, around her hips, and finally ending with a swift slap on one tight ass cheek. Stacie yelped, more out of surprise than pain. "New arrivals are assigned to one of three classes, the lowest and most miserable existence is that of the Object slave, somewhat better, but not by much, is the worker slave, and you have my status that of Trustee." She came back around to look Stacy in the face. "I can see to it that you are given the privilege of being made a Trustee. As such, you will be allowed to keep your name, wear clothing, and will be free to move about The Foundation as you please. Most importantly, your body will not be violated by any of our clients."

"I'm not going to make any deals with you people. You're fucking monsters."

Anne smiled, "I had a feeling you might say something like that." Anne flipped a switch on the wall, and a wall mounted monitor lit up. On the screen was a naked girl being led into a room filled with assorted torture and extreme fetish gear. A man waited, in the room, for the girl's arrival. "This is a live feed from one of our client sessions. This girl has been rented for a three-hour session and will be at the mercy of one of our clients. Based on this client's previous sessions this Object is about to have a rough go of it. It is not uncommon for sessions to be this difficult. Most Objects endure clients like this eight times a day." Anne replaced the bit gag, securing it even tighter than before. "I'll leave you to watch the show and then we will continue our talk afterward."

Chapter 6

Dominique stood over Debra Markus, amused, as she squirmed against the straps that held her limbs to a steel chair. She wore a stylish pants suit like many female politicians often do. Of course, now the ensemble was, ridiculously disheveled, with one shoulder protruding from a badly stretched blouse. Her suit jacket was torn and caked with dirt. One bra strap dangled out from under her shirt where her shoulder was exposed. Her collector must have gotten fresh while she was in his care. Her hair fell in a mess, across her shoulders, in stark contrast to the tightly bound hair bun she typically wore in public.

Debra looked up, her face contorted to accommodate the huge ball gag that stretched her jaw, her eyes wet, and brow clenched in fear. "Hello, Senator, we need to have a chat," Dominique said, unfolding a chair and taking a seat beside her trapped victim. "I saw you on the news. Well, your task force already accomplished one thing, you now know where all those women have been disappearing to. Because you're one of them now." Debra's struggles increased as Dominique connected the dots for her. "You are luckier than most, though, because my hope is that you will be a catch and release situation." Dominique removed Debra's gag, "You may speak."

Debra took a moment to summon words in her parched mouth. "You want me to kill the task force bill?" Debra said, in a tiny unsure voice.

It made Dominique smile, at how quickly the Senator offered her bill for negotiation. That was a good sign that Ms. Markus would be amenable to an arrangement. "Not exactly."

"Please, just tell me what you want from me."

"I want you to pass the bill."

"But it will shut you down?"

"Let me show you something." Dominique flipped a switch and a viewing window opened up. Through the window was a well-furnished apartment. It looked like a common studio space you might rent in a crowded city. "Look closely at the young woman asleep in that bed."

Debra leaned forward the best she could and then Dominique saw recognition on her face. "You fucking cunt, I'll goddamn kill you," Debra burst into motion against the straps as she realized that the woman in the bed was her sister, Amber.

"Is that anyway for a respectable Senator to speak. She hasn't been hurt, and won't ever be, as long as you cooperate."

"I am already willing to kill my own bill what else do you want from me?"

"I want you to add an amendment that sets up a three-member committee for the purpose of administration. The members of this committee will include yourself, Senator Brandel, and Senator Ramirez. Once you approach them about it, they will be eager to participate."

"And then you will let Amber go?"

"No, little sister will be staying here with us as insurance for your continued cooperation. Amber will be imprisoned in this suite and will have a warm bed, entertainment, good food, and no one will ever touch her. But the moment you step out of line, or fail us, in any way, her status will be reduced to that of an Object slave and will endure the most horrendous suffering. You work for us now."

"Remirez and Brandel work for you too, don't they?" Debra said, her voice cracking as sobs came very close to overwhelming her.

"We have Ramirez's wife and Brandel's daughter in a nearby suite. But you shouldn't worry about them. Worry about your own troubles."

Debra sank in the chair, defeated, and out of options, "Alright, I'll do whatever you want."

"Very good. Before you are released, we need to give you a first hand example of what will happen to Amber if you fail me. And something for you to remember us by."

Debra was released from the chair by two slave women who followed Dominique's every command. "Strip," Dominique said, when Debra hesitated, Dominique added, "Comply, or I'll have them do it for you."

Debra glanced at the slaves as they closed in, she put up her hands, "No, I can do it." Debra removed her clothing until she stood before the three women completely naked. She hugged herself for both modesty and warmth as the air caressed her bare skin. "I said I would do what you want. Why are you making me do this?" her voice trembled.

"I told you, I want to make an impression on you that will last the rest of your life. And besides, you deserve some punishment for making me go through all this trouble." Dominique approached the door to leave, "Take her to room fourteen, and begin her treatments."

A collar closed around Debra's neck, her hands were shackled behind her back, and her ankles were hobbled. She was led from the room and down a long cold hallway by a leash. At this point she could not stop the tears as each step deepened her humiliation.

Chapter 7

Trustee Robyn marched through the corridor, fuming, that bitch wants her job. Well, she's going to learn quick not to fuck with her. Robyn knew how to deal with a rival like, Anne, she had done it before when others crossed her in the past.

As Dominique's chief of staff, she had the power to conduct performance reviews of any trustee that she wished. Often, all it took was one failed review to put a rival back in her place. Sometimes, it even led to severe punishments. The first time she knocked out a rival for Dominique's attention the poor girl was demoted from trustee to a lowly Object slave. That was when she truly realized that even as a slave, she could wield more power than she ever could in her free life. As for Anne, Robyn needed her out of the way, which explained the unannounced inspection she was about to perform.

Robyn scanned her keycard and entered the medical and hygiene processing area. Medical and hygiene was a first stop for all new arrivals. Anne, as slave trainer, oversaw early processing of new arrivals. This helped with deciding where a new slave could best serve.

Inside, trustee Pam directed a group of worker slaves while they bathed a row of women who wore only chains. "Trustee Pam?" The girl turned on her heels and snapped to attention. She was young, only twenty-three, and arrived here about a year ago. She had some medical training, and was apprenticing under trustee Rory. Recently, she had given Pam a round of corrective discipline and now the girl was back in line.

"Yes Ma'am," Pam said.

As a trustee with lower seniority Pam had to treat her with respect. "I trust you are following all the protocols for cleansing new arrivals?"

"Yes ma'am, trustee Anne made it clear in her instructions to me. No corners should be cut, at any point, during processing."

"That's good to hear." Robyn looked the new girls over. They stood shivering as cold water blasted them washing away their dignity along with their tears. However, nothing was out of the ordinary. Robyn was about to leave disappointed when another girl chained up in a separate room caught her eye. "And what about that one?"

"Oh, she's a unique case. Anne wanted to give her special attention. I'm under orders not to approach her or go inside that room."

"Which slave is it?"

"She is a new arrival, Stacy, I think Anne said."

It was strange that Anne would prevent access to a new arrival. "Trustee, I wish to inspect the new slave. I don't care about Anne's orders; I am officially overruling them."

"Yes, right away. You can go into the cell I'll get some workers to help us with the inspection." Pam hurried off, leaving Robyn alone to proceed.

The cell had an observation window which is how Robyn noticed her at all. But she needed to know what Anne was up to with this one. A closer look was necessary.

She entered the cell and the chained girl looked up at her. Her wrists were manacled to the floor and she was filthy, covered in dirt, blood, and bruises, mostly from a rough capture. Aside from that, the woman was in elite physical shape. Robyn wondered what she had been in her old life. "Now, why is Anne interfering with your processing," she said, rhetorically, not expecting Stacy to respond. Although, she was ungagged which was also strange. "Well, I'll just have to report this to Dominique." Robyn doubted this would be enough to bring Anne down. If she could establish a pattern of odd behavior, though, that might add up in-time.

Robyn reached for the cell door just as she heard the lock click. She tried her card, it didn't work, "What the fuck." Pam looked in through the window outside the cell. "Open this door immediately," Robyn demanded, but Pam just stared back at her. Robyn slammed the window, this time, "Let me the fuck out, now, or I'll have you dismembered and put in storage beside former Trustee Melanie."

Pam smiled and pressed a button on an outside console. "You hung me upside down by my feet you fucking bitch," Pam's voice came into the room through an intercom. Robyn heard another click and thought it was the door unlocking, but the sound was behind her. Then there was the very distinct sound of chains dropping to the cement floor.

Robyn turned around to see Stacy standing fully erect her manacles in a heap at her feet. The larger woman's sweaty, well-muscled body glistened in the overheard lights. "What are you doing free? stay right there," Robyn said, trying to sound assertive and failing. For the moment, Stacy just looked at her, almost like she was trying to decide what to do next.

"Let me out of here," Robyn screamed, her voice breaking as panic overtook her. She pounded on the window begging Pam to unlock the door. But all Pam gave her was a satisfied smirk.

Robyn turned back toward Stacy just as an elbow struck her in the jaw. The first hit was followed by another, her head, recoiled and impacted the window. Her vision blurred and her legs went limp. She was vaguely aware of being on the floor, but the blows continued. Until, mercifully, she lost consciousness as the beating went on. Her last cogent thought was of Trustee Anne, she definitely had something to do with this.

Chapter 8

Debra shifted her weight, trying to find a more comfortable position, but the effort was in vain. After being forced to strip she was led away and placed into an elaborate stock rig. One that trapped her wrists and neck in the usual way, another, which pinned her calf just below the knee and a third restrained her ankles. This forced her to remain on her knees with her upper torso, and arms, supported by the stocks. The position exposed her bare ass, and pussy to any who cared to molest her most private areas.

A ring gag held her mouth agape, drool dripped off her bottom lip and coated her chin. A final stock closed tightly around the base of her breasts with tiny spikes that cut into her flesh as it locked into place. Elastic bungees attached to the four corners of the breast stock stretched to the floor, and maintained continuous, torturous, pressure on her tender flesh. The spikes drew droplets of blood from her tits and made any movement agony.

All Debra could do was moan, and cry, while time ticked by. Eventually, Dominique entered, and Debra strained to see her, but the stocks made it hard to turn her head very far. "It's time to begin," Dominique said, and Debra heard a familiar voice. It took a moment, but she soon realized it was her own voice. A recording of her giving a Senate speech. "You're going to listen to this while I make you suffer. That person on the recording is a strong, powerful woman, and I want you to associate that version of yourself with this place and the pain we inflict."

Debra couldn't say anything intelligible with the gag but it wouldn't have mattered, anyway, as the next thing she felt was a scorching sting across her back. Debra twisted in the unforgiving stocks to escape the bite, but every hit found her sending new waves of pain across her body. Dominique brought the leather instrument down repeatedly. She spaced the hits out so Debra would feel the full effect of each strike. The whip connected with her body at every exposed point, from her ass, to her shoulder blades, and along her ribs. The stock holding her tits cut even deeper as she jumped with every assault.

Her face dripped with tears, and drool, as screams emanated from deep in her throat. When the beating finally stopped, Debra heaved, trying to catch her breath. Through the sounds of her own moans and gasps she could hear the voice of a much different woman under very different circumstances. Only, that woman was her, and the strength of that other women's words and her conviction taunted her. The contrast between, then, and her current state, was itself a humiliation.

"Save your tears, dear, we aren't done yet," Dominique said, and Debra sensed her moving toward her exposed feet. "I don't want to neglect these dainty little feet."

Before Debra could process that comment she felt the hard sting of a cane across the soles of her feet. The stocks held her ankles so she could not avoid the new assault. Wherever she twisted her feet Dominique found them. More times than Debra could count the wooden rod sent stings rippling into her exhausted mind. The beating continued until she felt nothing but the buzzing of each strike surrounding her mind in a cacophony of torment

Once Dominique finished, Debra slumped in her restraints trying not to focus on the burning sensations that seared from her skin. Then she heard the voice, her voice, demanding a task force be assembled to find missing girls. Another speech of hers, hearing it now, sickened her. That wasn't her anymore, not after this hell, after this humiliation. That voice was a mere mockery at this point.

"I'm going to leave you for a while before we move to our next session. But first let me fix those tits for you." Dominique cranked something on the side of the apparatus that held her tits and Debra whined as the stock around her tits was pulled down stretching and tearing her breasts even more.

Debra sobbed, air wheezed from her mouth as she tried to control her breathing and push through the pain. She had never been pregnant before, but she wondered if this is what labor felt like. Hours passed, the best she could tell, her muscles cramped, and her joints strained. She tried to remind herself of her sister, Amber, if she didn't endure this torture, they would do it to her instead. Knowing this, gave her some comfort, but not much. While she waited, the words of her own Senate speeches played on a loop and it disgusted her to be reminded of how far she had been reduced. It had been so easy for them to so this to her. She never had any real power.

After some time, Dominique returned with two of her bald slave women. "How are we doing dear?" Dominique said, in a patronizing tone knowing full well Debra couldn't answer. "Release her, and bring her to the next room."

The two slaves did as commanded and affixed a leash to Debra's collar. As they pulled her along Debra began to stand in order to follow. "No. I want you on your hands and knees like a dog."

Debra groaned, but complied with the command. The slaves had not been kind enough to remove the gag and so a verbal protest was not an option anyway.

The slaves pulled at the leash and Debra did her best to keep up with them. The cement was hard, and rough, and cut into her knees with every inch. Dominique followed close behind and anytime Debra slowed her pace the whip would come down on her ass making sure she kept moving. The hall seemed to go on forever, and all Debra could focus on was to keep moving, desperate, to avoid the sting on her ass.

Chapter 9

Anne paced the empty fitness room waiting for Pam. This was the hardest part, having to depend on others to get a job done always spiked her blood pressure. She was never sure who could be trusted. Although, she was confident that Pam had no love for trustee Robyn. Robyn had screwed Pam over one too many times. Still, Pam could get cold feet, or get herself caught. Even if Pam came through with her part, this whole thing, still hinged on Stacy doing what was expected of her.

Anne froze when she heard the electronic lock buzz on the door. On the other-side, it would either be Pam to report success, or Dominique with Robyn in tow. If it turned out to be the latter Anne would surely be put in chains, de-limbed, and placed permanently beside Melanie on the lower levels. She shuttered at the image of Melanie and the thought of meeting such a fate herself.

She gave a sigh of relief as Pam, and only Pam, stepped into the fitness room where they had agreed to meet. "I assume you have something good to report," Anne said, not willing to relax until she heard it from Pam herself.

"Yes ma'am, everything went according to plan. Stacy did her part well."

Anne finally loosened the tension in her muscles, "And where is Robyn and Stacy now?"

"Stacy is in tight restraints awaiting further punishment. I had Robyn brought to the infirmary where she is being given special attention for her injuries."

"What is her condition?"

"She has a concussion, broken jaw, three broken ribs, and an assortment of nasty bruises. Needless to say, she is going to be hurting for a while."

"Good. I need her out of commission a little longer, though, what can be done about that?"

"Well, now that she has been admitted to the infirmary, I can do quite a bit. I haven't filled out the incident report yet so... her exact condition is somewhat fungible." Pam said, grinning.

"I like the way you think, trustee Pam, you and I are going to do great things together."

Chapter 10

Debra straddled a wooden, horse like, apparatus. Her ass and pussy were stretched and filled with massive dildos that protruded from the device. Her arms were bound in a box-tie position behind her. All sensory information severed by a tight leather hood that; blinded her, plugged her ears, and filled her mouth with a penis gag that came dangerously close to cutting off her air. Shackles were attached to the floor and tightened so that it increased the pressure on her taint and drew blood from her ankles. A final agony came from the six-inch metal skewers that pierced each breast and were pulled, painfully, by rope attached to hooks above her.

They left her for a long time, and every so often she would come close to losing consciousness. The hood must have been secured to the ceiling, because each time she drifted off something would pull tight above her.

All she wanted was to beg for release. She wanted to convince this, demon of a woman, that she would do whatever she wanted. Instead, they were making her suffer for their own amusement as far as Debra could tell.

Debra jumped violently, every restraint pulling tight as a ripple of stinging pain emanated from her breast. She knew the pain well, by this point, the bite of another whip against her unprotected flesh. This time, though, due to her sensory deprivation the hit came without warning and the shock was almost as bad as the whip itself.

There was a long pause before the whip came again. Each time she felt its heavy leather on her body she would twist to avoid the next invisible attack. Her efforts only won her more pain as the dildos stretched and pulled at her delicate insides.

The whip moved to her midriff, her sides, and her back. Like before, each hit was spaced out in time so Debra felt the full effect of each and every connection It made with her skin. Tears filled the inside of the hood and her screams came out as soft moans around the gag.

Just when Debra thought she would die from pain, the beating stopped, as suddenly as it had started. Her chest heaved, air whistled through her nostrils, sweat dripped from her body and she had no way of knowing what would happen next.

What did happen next surprised her. The hood and gag were removed. Through wet, blurry vision, she saw Dominique standing before her. One of the slaves pushed a straw between her lips and Debra drank every drop of water they allowed her.

"How are you Senator?"

Debra didn't know what to say. She was afraid anything she said would cause her more punishment. Finally, she said the most honest thing she could think of, "I'm not a Senator anymore."

Dominique's brow perked up, "Well, of course you are. You're just, my Senator now. You will start your task force and through you I will control it. For this, your sister will remain here as our, well treated, guest. Fail to do your part, in anyway, and Amber's status at The Foundation will be downgraded. What you have just endured is only a sampling of what she will go through if you disappoint me. Do you understand?"

Debra would have said anything in that moment that she thought would get her away from these people faster. She didn't care about any other women, now, all that mattered was herself and Amber. "Yes, I will do everything you ask."

"Good, remove her from the horse," Dominique said, and two slaves hoisted her up until her holes cleared the dildos that filled her. She was placed on her own feet and stood, naked, except for the rope that bound her arms.

"We're not quite done yet," Dominique said, and held up another dildo that was attached to a leg harness. It looked like a strap-on but designed to be inserted by the wearer. "I want you to look closely at this device."

When Debra examined the phallus closer she noticed it's surface was covered in pointy scales. "W..what is that.?"

As if anticipating her reaction, the slaves grabbed her arms and held her in place. "This will be inserted between your legs; the scales make it impossible to remove without tearing apart your most delicate area. The straps will keep it in place and, if you try to remove it, or have someone help you remove it, we will receive a remote signal informing us. Amber will suffer for it."

"No please, you don't have to do this. I already belong to you," Debra begged, realizing what this meant. She would never be intimate or even pleasure herself again. She would truly be theirs. She pulled away but the slaves held her as Dominique approached.

"I need to make sure you don't forget the lessons learned here." Dominique guided the dildo into Debra's pussy. Debra felt her already stretched vagina widen further to accommodate this new invader. Her sensitive vaginal walls sliding across the scaly surface of the dildo until it could sink no further. Dominique fastened the harness around her thighs and waist. "You can easily wear a pair of pants over this and it shouldn't affect you serving me. In fact, it will keep you laser focused on serving only me."

Debra squirmed as the intruder filled her pussy uncomfortably, and was easily the largest object it ever had to accommodate. After a moment of rubbing her thighs together in hopes of finding a more comfortable position Debra resigned herself to the infernal device remaining with her indefinitely.

"Hand the Senator over to the collector's and have her returned to her home."

Debra's thoughts filled with hope at the sound of Dominique's words. She was going home. She had survived this hell. Except, when she returned home, Amber would not be there, and she would not be free. Debra knew this, but for now, all she wanted was to shower and sleep for days.

Chapter 11

Anne entered the cell where Stacy hung in bound misery. Pam ordered her strung up to await her punishment. Stacy was suspended in a brutally tight hogtie. Her arms crushed together from elbow to wrist with rope. Her legs, bound together from hip to ankle at eight different points and then secured to her wrists and elbows. What could still be seen of her limbs under the ropes turned an obvious shade of purple from the tight bonds.

Anne knew worker slaves would monitor her condition to ensure no permanent damage was done, unless she ordered it, of course. In this case, she would not be giving that order. Anne approached the stricken woman and Stacy became aware of her for the first time.

A nose hook anchored to the suspension line pulled her head back. A huge bit gag pressed deep into her cheeks, drool ran down her chin mixing with tears, and snot, and creating a gooey cocktail befitting the girls suffering.

Stacy's eyes moved to find Anne. A pathetic moan was the only sound she could muster. "You did well, trustee Robyn is safely out of the picture. I am sorry you need to suffer, but we have to make it look convincing." Stacy wiggled her hips, just about the only thing she could still move, as if to argue. "Now don't worry, I have not forgotten our agreement and I intend to honor it. You will be subjected to a seven-day punishment protocol. Severe enough to match your crime but nothing that will cause permanent damage. Once your punishment is complete, I will convince Dominique that the slaves and trustees need a physical trainer to insure they maintain peak physical condition. Given your background, as an athlete, this is a job you are well suited for."

Stacy seemed to calm, her struggles ceasing. Anne wasn't sure if it was because her words had reassured her, or if struggling put painful strain on her already arched back and hips. "You need to remember that the suffering you endure, now, will make it easier for me to convince the Prime Dom, Dominique, that you deserve a second chance as a trustee. Once you become a trustee, of course, you will be loyal to me and I will require your help again in the future. I promise you; this is the best chance you have of not being turned into a mindless sex and pain slave."

Stacy couldn't very well respond, but Anne was confident the woman understood whose hand would be feeding her from now on. Not trustee Robyn, and not Dominique either. Anne left the cell quite satisfied with how things were working out.

Chapter 12

Debra woke, suddenly, from a deep sleep. Even before her vision came into focus her head throbbed with a splitting migraine. After a minute, or two, she tried to move. Surprisingly, her limbs were not bound. In fact, she recognized the ceiling above her. Forgetting the pain in her head she sat up and took in her surroundings.

She was naked, but otherwise, unbound and sitting comfortably in her own bed in her Washington apartment. Her fingers felt her crotch, her eyes moistened, as she traced the contours of the immovable dildo harness filling her insides. A perfect reminder that her ordeal had indeed been real.

The spikes were gone from her breasts and all her wounds had been tended to. A thick ointment filled each puncture wound that perfectly matched her skin tone. One would have to squint hard to notice any damage. That made some diabolical sense they would want to keep all their girls looking pretty.

She shook the thought away, at least, she was free. That thought alone gave her a kind of euphoria. She sprang out of bed, groaning, as the dildo shifted inside her. Forcing herself to ignore it, she made her way to the shower. Afterward, she got dressed, ate, returned to bed, and fell asleep immediately.

When she woke, later, she noticed her phone on the night stand. April 8th, she thought, the last date she remembered was April 6th. Two days, just short enough that no one would ask many questions. The only one who would have known she was missing was Amber and she was... Debra caught herself mid thought. A fresh wave of depression came over her.

Amber was still a prisoner and it was her fault. All because of that stupid task force. She wandered into the hallway and ended up next to Amber's door. Debra pushed it open and sat on Amber's unmade bed. She never made her bed. Debra began to cry; the tears ran freely down her cheeks and she did nothing to stop them.

She wasn't free, she would never be free, that woman owned her. She was simply, a slave without the shackles, but a slave nonetheless. She would cry herself to sleep, that night, and every night for the rest of her days.

Chapter 13

Robyn opened her eyes but found the simple task difficult as pain shot across her brow. She moaned, tried to speak, but could not. Her teeth and lips were clamped together vice tight. She tried to move, but found her entire body trapped inside some kind of ridged shell. Her arms were pinned to her sides and her legs pinned to one another.

She panicked, her moans growing desperate, and her eyes searched for anything that might explain her predicament. It was difficult for her to see much, as the stiff structure that held her did not allow her to turn her head. The only part of her body free from the trap were her feet which were exposed to the open air.

"Hello Robyn." As soon as Robyn heard that voice, she knew who it was, and her heart froze at the implications of it, "I am afraid you had an accident." Anne's face appeared within her limited field of view. "You sustained serious injuries due to your amateur mistake. You were so determined to catch me, that you didn't realize you were being set up the whole time."

Another face came into Robyn's view, this time it was Trustee Pam. "You screwed me over more than once with the Prime Dom. So, I didn't need much convincing when Anne came to me and asked for my help. The shell you are in is my own special version of the full body caste. You'll have to remain here for ten to twelve weeks," Pam said.

"That will be enough time for me to completely supplant you as the Prime Dom's number one," Anne said.

Robyn's moans became agonized screams, muffled by the tight casting that sealed her jaw, but still loud enough to make her point. Her feet flailed at the open air as she tried in vain to sit up, or to move anything at all, but the caste forgave nothing.

"By the time you get out of here I'll have a more permanent solution for you. Maybe, I can convince Dominique to demote you to object slave. But, for now, you should rest up. Pam will take good care of you," Anne said, laughing, as she moved out of view.

"I have just the treatment for you. Don't think this caste will prevent me from administering it," Pam said.

A second later Robyn felt the switch rip into the soles of her helpless feet. Her screams intensified, but went unheeded as Pam exacted her revenge.

Chapter 14

Dominique observed Senator Debra Markus in her apartment. During her captivity, cameras were installed in every room of the domicile. Shifts of worker slaves will observe the cameras, always, and report everything the little mouse did from now on. She leaned back in her chair, and smiled, she rather enjoyed how things with the Senator worked out.

There was a knock at the door and Anne entered. "Hello, Ma'am, I heard things went well with our uppity politician," Anne said.

"Let it be a lesson to you, life, and family will always win out over principle and ideology when you apply the right pressure."

"Yes, Ma'am, that is true."

Anne stood, at attention, her eyes focused ahead. Anne's black hair was pulled into a tight bun and bright red lipstick stood out in the center of her creamy complexion. She originally brought Anne to The Foundation for her administration skills, but being honest with herself, that had not been the only reason. Anne possessed a certain quality that reminded her of herself. Normally, that might have worried her, but in Anne's case she found it intriguing. If properly molded, Anne could become a trusted ally, maybe even a partner. "You can relax, tell me how things went with Robyn."

Anne went at ease and looked at Dominique for the first time since entering the room. "Robyn will need to remain in the infirmary, under Trustee Pam's care, at least ten weeks. Stacy is beginning a seven-day punishment protocol."

"A new slave attacking a trustee is a serious offense. Don't you think seven days is a rather light punishment?"

"Normally, I would agree but Stacy is a trained athlete and can be utilized as a physical trainer for all of the slaves at The Foundation. The incident occurred before Stacy received her training, and her new name, always a difficult time for any new arrival. I think a little leniency is appropriate."

"You think this Stacy deserves a second chance then?"

"Yes, after a painful punishment of course. I think she can become an asset to The Foundation."

She was silent a moment as she considered Anne's words. She knew Anne was up to something, but Dominique found it more interesting to give Anne a long leash and see what she did with it. "Very well, I'll let you have your way. But, one week is still not enough punishment for attacking a trustee. Increase the protocol to fourteen days and then we will see how Stacy performs as a trustee."

"Thank you, I know you won't be disappointed. What should be done about Trustee Robyn?"

"You mean will she return as my chief of staff after her recovery? No, her days as a trustee are over. I had grown bored of her constant brown nosing anyway. "

"I understand."

"I will leave Robyn's fate in your hands." Dominique paused, thought a moment, and then came to a decision. "You will become my chief of staff until further notice." Anne seemed surprised, as if she had made things too easy for her. "Isn't that what you wanted? To serve by my side as Robyn once did."

"Y...yes ma'am but..."

"Oh come now dear, you didn't think I was totally oblivious to your plotting and the rivalry you and Robyn had."

"No, I didn't-"

"Do not finish that sentence, if you do you will be lying to me. I consider that to be the most serious offense of all." Anne's lips clamped shut, instantly, as she realized the mistake she almost made. "I admit, I am not clear on all of the details behind how you engineered Robyn's little mishap. But I know it didn't happen by accident."

"I am sorry, ma'am, I overstepped," Anne said, dropping her gaze to the floor.

"I chose to let you two settle matters on your own. I wanted to see which one of you would end up on top. Clearly, it is you who bested Robyn in the end. So, I see no reason to delay as the position of my chief of staff is open and you desire to fill it."

Anne swallowed hard enough that it could be heard from across the room. "I appreciate your confidence in me. I will not let you down."

"See that you don't, or else, you will end up next to your girlfriend Melanie."

"Yes, ma'am," Anne said, returning to her stiff formal posture.

Dominique dismissed Anne and the woman quickly left her office. She had high hopes for Anne but she thought the same thing of Robyn once. She very much hoped Anne worked out, because being a Prime Dom in a facility like this one was a lonely job.

Chapter 15

Anne stepped out of Dominique's office and breathed. She felt as though it was the first breath she had taken in several minutes. Her entire body relaxed finally; and she walked down the hall a smile expanding across her face.

She was surprised by how quickly Dominique gave her exactly what she wanted. Dominique was not as clueless as Anne had thought, but the Prime Dom obviously agreed that Anne was right for the job. Anyway, in the end she had successfully completed phase one with relative ease. Now, she could begin work on the next phase. Anne returned to her quarters, her head already busy with plans and possibilities.

The End
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