Tied To The Family
  • Author - Neil Sanddriver
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  • Post Date - 10/16/2020

Author's Note: It indicates there will be no follow up but if people are interested I will write one. Please feel free to check out my other stories under the same author name and please feel free to email with your thoughts/ideas even experiences or just to chat to a like minded individual. I have loved hearing from some of you guys and love to read all your stories.

This story is a work of complete fiction and essentially involves a son in law and a mother in law crossing a line that perhaps should not be crossed.

Neil opened the back door of his 4x4 and placed his bag on the back seat. It had been a long day and he just wanted to get home. At least he had the next few days off he thought and could have a lie in, in the morning.

His wife Laura was away for 2 days on training for her job, so he was to be alone when he got home.

The mother in law had kindly had the kids for him, but they would be tucked up when he got home and she normally just left once he arrived.

He pulled in the drive way and entered the house.

Sandra was sat on the couch looking through a photo Album.

"Oh hi Neil, was work ok? I didn't realise the time. I brought these photos up for your dear wife to look at and then lost track looking at them myself."

Neil smiled politely.

"Any embarrassing ones, I can use to blackmail her?"

Sandra looked up at him and grinned.

"Nah not really, but you should see some of these"

Neil, put his bag down.

"I will have a look now, I am just going to grab a beer, can I get you anything Sandra?".

"Erm.... Yeah, I will have a drink with you if you're not in a rush for me to go, just the one mind as I am driving aren't I?"

Neil was sort of hoping she would refuse his offer and start getting herself ready to leave. It's not that he didn't like Sandra it was more that he felt quite awkward around her. They had never really bonded and any interactions they had were normally with his wife present. He didn't really know how to talk to her. She was pleasant enough but seemed quite reserved and shy and very old fashioned.

Sandra was a woman in her mid to late 50's with mousey brown hair and what you would describe as curvy, but only very slightly. She was in good shape for her age and could get away with being in her mid to late 40's. Neil certainly didn't find her attractive. It was not that she was ugly, just simply that she was the mother in law and far older than him.

He grabbed himself a beer and poured her a very conservative vodka and coke before joining her on the couch.

The two spent the next 20 minutes looking through the pictures in the album and talking about Laura and how cute she was as a child.

Neil found himself actually enjoying her company and offered her another drink.

She hesitated for a moment, and then looked at the clock.

"Erm.....I probably shouldn't Neil, thanks all the same but I am driving and it's getting late"

Without thinking Neil replied.

"Well it's up to you, your welcome to stay if you don't fancy the drive. I can take the couch and you can have our bed".

Sandra looked at him as he stood in the door way and thought for a moment.

"Oh, ok then, well that would be lovely as long as you're sure, I will get out your hair first thing, beats going home to an empty house I guess".

Neil smiled back at her.

"No problem, I will fetch us another drink and you can carry on telling me about my wife's sordid past" He said sarcastically.

The evening continued and both Neil and Sandra sat chatting away for a few hours, both not realising the time or how drunk they were becoming.

It was only when they ran out of booze that it really drew attention to how drunk they both were. But they found this highly amusing and started residing themselves childishly to the sleeping arrangements, joking that they would share the bed.

Neil started clearing things away and watched his mother in law get to her feet and sway towards the door before stumbling into him.

He was quick to move despite his intoxication and steadied her, before physically escorting her to the landing outside his room. She headed for the bathroom and requested Neil Fetched her handbag for her whilst she went to the toilet as she liked to have it with her and that she wanted her phone for the alarm etc.

When he returned she was just leaving the bathroom. She gave him a big hug and wished him goodnight.

Neil headed back downstairs and started switching everything off and placing the spare bedding on the couch. He didn't get undressed as he thought it was inappropriate should Sandra come down in the morning before he was up.

He kicked his shoes off and lay back on the couch and started to relax. He didn't quite have the spinning room sensation, but was experiencing that agitated stage of trying to settle and let his body relax and find the right position.

He then lay there awake for a while reflecting on the evening and was quite pleased that he would be able to tell his wife of her drunk mothers antics and that they had spent the evening together in perfect harmony.

Just as he finally closed his eyes, he was disturbed by his phone vibrating on the coffee table. He leant over and picked it up. There was a message from Sandra. He tried to focus his eyes properly and then clicked on it to open it.

"Neil can you come up here for a sec, I need help"

He read it about 3 times before he got up and started plodding upstairs. He presumed she wanted to know where something was or how to work the TV etc.

He arrived at the bedroom and knocked quietly before he heard her say come in, in between silly giggles.

He opened the door and saw her sitting on the bed bright red and giggling to herself. He had however failed to notice what was so funny. The dim lamp barely lit the room and it took him a few moments for his eyes to adjust.

When they did, he got the shock of his life.

There was Sandra sat on the bed with his police issue rigid handcuffs locked round her dainty little wrists.

"Jesus Sandra, what are you doing?"

She looked down, still giggling to herself.

"I am really sorry Neil, I went into the draw under the bed looking for some pj's and found all your naughty stuff. I was just too curious and was playing with these things. I didn't realise till after I put them on that I couldn't get them off. I tried the keys but I can't reach the locks".

Neil felt his face burning with embarrassment as he stared at her. He thought the best way to deal with this is treat it as a joke and keep it light hearted. And try and dismiss the fact his mother in law now knew that he and Laura where a seriously kinky couple.

"You Mad women, that will teach to route through other people's things won't it"

Sandra stopped giggling and looked at him.

"I am so sorry, I was not routing, I genuinely was looking for pj's. And then I found this stuff and got a bit carried away with myself, you won't tell anyone will you?"

Neil started moving over towards her spotting the key on the bed and picking it up.

"No of course not, I don't want Laura knowing any more than you do. Right lets sort this out, give me your hands"

He fumbled with the key a little trying to locate the first lock as he was nervous and couldn't see all that well due to the lighting. Sandra watched her son in law on the bed next to her and could not help but feel excited as he held her cuffed wrists in his firm hand and started to manipulate the lock.

The key found its mark and the cuff dropped open, Neil spoke sensing the awkward silence.

"Lucky you didn't put these on behind your back you would have had no hope and probably fell off the bed"

Sandra instinctively placed her hand over his as he was trying to locate the second lock.

"That's how the police do it isn't it? I have never been arrested, show me how it works."

Neil actually dropped the key in shock.

"What you want these back on again? Are you mad?"

Sandra started giggling again and called him a spoil sport and a wimp and asked him was he frightened of hurting a poor defenceless lady.

Neil started to laugh as well, the booze still very apparent in his system; he started to relax a little. Without thinking he twisted the hard plastic of the cuff which in turn manipulated her wrist forcing her to lean over. He firmly grabbed her other wrist and locked the cuff back on behind her back before standing up.

He grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs back onto the bed, leaving her on her side. She wiggled a bit to reposition then lay there looking up at him.

"This feels so weird, I can't move at all. Laura likes all this does she?"

Neil looked down at her laughing.

"Please don't mention my wife in all this; it's embarrassing as it is without discussing our private life with her mother".

Neil grinned to himself as he had a thought.

"Right goodnight anyway, sleep tight and I will see you in the morning"

Sandra looked at him very seriously, not knowing if he was joking.

"You better not leave me like this, what if the kids came in; you better unlock me now anyway"

Neil smirked as he was starting to enjoy this sense of power over her, he was by no means sexually excited but he found this playful side to his mother in law very unexpected and strange and in turn that made it all the more intriguing.

"Don't Worry, I will leave a note on the door for the kids asking them not to disturb Nan as she very tied, I mean tired ha ha"

She still couldn't work out if we was serious and felt a little sense of panic mixed with excitement.

"Come on now, I know I started this but I really can't move my arms and i won't be able to sleep like this".

Neil just laughed at her as she tugged on her cuffs and looked quite helpless before him. He was starting to feel brave and slightly reckless and decided to see how far he could push it. He fully respected this women and had no intentions of frightening her or embarrassing her further and he certainly wasn't getting any sexual gratification from it. He was just simply enjoying it, as the situation was so alien and almost bordering on the perverse.

"Ok then Sandra, you win. I will let you go"

She laid there, the cold steel against her wrists, the buzz of the alcohol, her big strapping son in law stood over her. Then it hit her. She was a little turned on, no wonder her daughter likes this she thought to herself.

"I never said you had to let me go, I just don't want you to leave me like this "

Shit she thought, what the hell did you say that for, you really do sound perverted now, he's going to think you're losing your marbles. She lay there looking down at the bed, afraid to look him in the eye.

"Well Sandra, I didn't know you were so kinky, wait till I tell Laura"

Her heart skipped a beat as she heard those words. Oh shit she thought, what if he does tell her. He probably will. I will be a laughing stock. Their little running joke about how Nan ended up in handcuffs and is such a weirdo.

As her mind wandered even further into her predicament she desperately searched for the right response. But before she could say anymore, Neil produced his phone and snapped several pictures of her. Now she was still dressed, but how could she ever explain the photo to anyone.

"Please don't Neil, this has gone too far now, delete those pictures and let me go. I thought we were having a little fun but now your scaring me"

Neil now getting braver by the second put the phone back in his pocket.

"Don't worry Sandra, I am having a little fun, no one needs to see those pictures as long as you do something for me"

Sandra relaxed a little. Oh thank god she thought, he's just winding me up. He is going to say something silly like lend him some money or babysit the kids overnight or something.

"Of course I will do something for you; I will do whatever you want"

Neil grinned ear to ear. Could he be this bold, he really wanted to humiliate her and not in a nasty way as if he had some vendetta. Just in a fun way. The power he had over her was exciting him very much and he wanted to push the dynamic and exert his dominance over this very respectful, normally firm and strong willed women. He just couldn't detach from the notion of humiliating her for his own personal entertainment.

"Ok then Sandra. I will unlock you, but I want you to take your clothes off and put some of Laura's on. Next to the draw you where routing in is another drawer full of her more naughty clothes. I will step out when you do this and you can message me when you're done. When I come back, I get to tie you up properly. That way you get to find out what it's really like and i get to see you tied up, which I have to be honest intrigues the hell out of me".

Sandra listened intently, her heart now pounding and her stomach doing somersaults. Neil was already on the bed next to her unlocking her cuffs before she could even respond.

She started to quiver as she eventually spoke.

"I think this is going too far Neil, I wouldn't mind the being tied up, it sounds kind of fun, but I am not dressing up for you, that's too weird and I am too old for all that, I would feel stupid and embarrassed, so let's meet half way"

She knew as the words where coming out she was being ignored and she watched in horror when the second cuff came off as Neil took out his phone and composed a message to her daughter and attached a picture of her to it.

"Oh god, ok ok ok, I will do it, but I want you to know that I may be drunk but I don't like this idea and I think this is going too far".

Neil was already leaving the room.

"Yeah yeah, message me when you're ready"

Neil went back down stairs and literally just sat in the dark on the couch and stared at his phone. He started having second thoughts and thought he was being too mean. Why would he want to do this to her. It's not even like he fancied her or was getting anything from it other than the satisfaction of humiliating the poor woman.

He picked up his phone and started to type a message telling her he was only joking and that to get some sleep. His finger hovered over the send icon when his phone beeped. Just the one word message from her "ready".

He started to panic now and wanted to back out. She was right this had gone too far and it was a sobering thought.

He approached the bedroom now feeling sillier than she probably did. He took a deep breath and entered.

What he saw actually shocked him even more than when he first walked in. There was his Mother in law lying on his bed transformed.

She had actually put thought into her outfit and not just grabbed the nearest thing she could find. She was now donned in black hold up stockings, lacy black panties, a short leather skirt, a white blouse unbuttoned exposing a matching black lacy bra.

She looked at him extremely nervous and quivering and then asked.

"Is this ok "?

Neil couldn't help what happened next despite all efforts he felt a stirring in his pants.

Jesus Christ no. This couldn't be turning him on; this is his mother in law in her 50's for god sake. What was going on?

He started to almost panic a little and felt himself shake with nerves

"you look lovely Sandra, really sexy. Shit, I mean, not sexy, pretty. No not pretty just nice, erm.........fuck"

Sandra laughed at his clumsiness and immediately felt a lot more at ease with him. He had managed to inadvertently offer her some control back by simply offering what she knew to be genuine compliments.

"Thank you, right now let's get on with this before one of us has second thoughts, you can do what you want with me as I have never been tied up and may never again so do your worst".

Neil stood and thought for a moment.

What is the safest way to do this without it being sexual?

He decided on the spread eagle position, as although it was sexual it meant he could do it without too much intimacy and it was probably what she would expect being a novice.

After some clumsy fumbling and nervous giggles, Sandra found herself on her back with her wrists in thick leather cuffs which padlocked securely in position and then thick cable ties secured each cuff to the metal frame of the bed. Her ankles where secured in exactly the same fashion and she started to wriggle testing her new restraints.

Neil looked down at her, proud of his work and with a sinister grin leant over and pulled firmly on the cable tie securing her wrist. He then moved down to the corresponding ankle and did the same, pulling her flailing leg taught.

By the time he had finished Sandra felt extremely helpless with very little movement in her extremities. She also noticed a little tingling sensation in between her legs and had to submit to the idea that this was making her very horny.

"The reason I have chosen leather cuffs over metal and cable ties over chains is because they make too much noise against the bed frame and we certainly don't want to be discovered do we"?

Sandra looked at him then looked at her wrists stretched out and secured and felt the urge to push him further.

"So what's next? What do we do now? I saw some other things in there that look interesting like a ball thing and a hood, if we are going to do this let's do it properly"

Neil had forgotten by now the weirdness of this situation and his confidence had once again grown.

He was a switch but when he was dominant it enabled a confidence in him that took over and he loved the feeling. Laura often told him he was more confidant in charge in the bedroom. A quality that she loved.

He opened the draw and took out a red ball gag and pull over lycra type hood with built in blindfold.

"Open up then Evans" (Sandra's Surname)

He knelt on the bed between her legs and without realising leaned over her to place the gag in her mouth whilst simultaneously pressing his knee hard up against her crotch.

Sandra instinctively reacted by offering a slight grind against him as the buckle fastened tightly behind her head. Neil felt this but was distracted initially by affixing the gag.

He placed the hood on her, arranging the mouth hole over the big red ball now lodged between her teeth.

She was now completely helpless. She tried to talk but only the muffled sounds could be heard. She pulled on all her restraints and Neil finally allowed himself a full erection as he watched her struggle, knowing she couldn't see it.

He sat next to her on the bed listening to her muffled groans and watching her helpless figure move the few inches the restraints would allow.

He noticed the leather skirt slowly rise with her wriggling and the clear outline of her pussy showing through the black lace of the panties.

He wanted to touch it, this had gone beyond morals and right and wrong, the urge was too much for him as he placed his hand firmly on her panty clad pussy.

She jolted and muffled attempts at communication could be heard through the gag. He didn't care as he rubbed firmly and felt that there was already dampness there.

He slid his fingers in through the side of the panties, grazing her lips as they found their home on her clit. It was warm and wet and to inviting. She really was doing her best to verbalise a protest and her struggles became more intense as the bed frame moved slightly with her resistance.

His fingers glided over her clit and he manipulated it in firm circular motions as she attempted to close her thighs together. But the restraints held firm and she had no chance. Plus Neil knew her body was betraying her mind as he felt the familiar dampness turn to fluid aiding his nimble fingers in their now naturally lubricated mission.

Her protests turned to groans and before long the groans turned to pants.

Jesus she thought, I am going to cum on myself here. I can't do this, it's so wrong. I am going to cum in my daughter's panties and all over her skirt. Iam gonna, Iam gonna, oh fuck, fuck fuck.

She pulled tight as her body locked into place and her hips arched. Neil felt the gush of her juices coat his hand and soak the panties, skirt and even the bed.

He grinned from ear to ear as her poor body lay limp in its affixed position and Sandra still quivering tried to speak.

He leant over and pulled the hood up just enough to release the gag but keep her blindfolded.

"What the hell are you doing Neil that was so wrong? This was supposed to be a bit of fun. What the hell would Laura say if she found out?"

Neil just wasn't buying the sincerity of her voice

"Sandra, you can't be that outraged, you are the one that dressed that way and wanted to be tied up. You have just orgasm'd and cum all over the bed. You're not telling me you didn't enjoy it"

She let his words sink in and realised they were predominantly true.

"Ok Yes Neil, I did enjoy that and yeah it's been years since a man has touched me that way and yes, I even love the fact I couldn't stop you. But you must understand how wrong it is, forgetting the fact I have a daughter your age. The same frigging daughter is married to you".

As she was talking Neil had retrieved the scissors from the bedside table and cut the panties off her, she hadn't really been paying attention as she was still blindfolded and was too busy lecturing him.

"We are both adults Sandra. It doesn't matter how old you are or who you are, we are adults having fun and believe me; I know you were having fun".

She couldn't argue with that either, but she was quite taken aback by his tone, almost as if he was talking down to her. She felt like a young and stupid teenager being lectured. How does he mange to achieve such an air of assurance.

She thought to herself, she could have a case for a serious sexual assault here if she wanted to go the police and he was talking to her like it was nothing.

Sandra wouldn't dream of telling anyone what happened and despite the nature of it, she didn't feel remotely assaulted or taken advantage of. She felt alive and exhilarated, she just thought she had to portray objection as that was the right thing to do.

"And you still haven't answered me have you? What if Laura found out? We would both be in for it then wouldn't we?"

Neil Sighed when she had finished

"Well if you think she won't like what's just happened then she certainly won't like what's about to happen".

Sandra felt her heart summersault and nervously asked

"Neil, what do you mean? what's about to mmmmmmmpppphhhhh "

She felt panties shoved deep into her mouth and the gag firmly put back in place holding them in before the hood was pulled back down.

Oh fuck she thought, he's not going to?

Her already dripping pussy was almost instantly breached as she felt him inside her.

Holy fuck this was weird. It had been so long. He wasn't big, but he was big enough to fit snugly. She jolted out of shock and locked up, once again panicked but excited. She felt him slowly manoeuvre himself half in and half out of her as if to almost tease her. She finally gave and embraced him; he was gentle and felt almost familiar.

She pulled once more on her restraints, but this time to enjoy her helplessness and embrace this man who had decided she was worth the risk. He slowly started building momentum as the bed started to rock with their now combined rhythm. She felt the urge to touch him and hug and kiss him but soon realised this way was actually for the best as it was exciting and somehow felt less personal.

She felt the warm juices starting to flow again and his hot breath near her face as he started pounding her. She was glad to be gagged so effectively as she guessed the groans would wake the neighbours let alone the kids.

He drilled into her now and she started panting heavily. She heard him start to almost growl like and animal as he gave it everything he had and began to let go. For the second time she locked up like a board and felt like she was going to rip through her restraints as she felt him explode inside her. She returned the favour and once again and released all over him before laying there limp and helpless beneath him.

He dismounted her and began to untie her. Starting with her ankles, then her hood and gag.

Just then his phone beeped and he picked it up off the side. Sandra lay there her hands still in cuffs, smiling at this kinky toy boy who had taken advantage of her. But Neil wasn't smiling; he looked up at her, the colour draining from his face.

"It's Laura "

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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