Spring Break
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Chapter 1

John awoke to the sound of his alarm clock, it was a sound he was all to familiar with. The new year had just started and John was less than enthusiastic as he got up to get dressed. Despite being in his second year of college John's social life left a lot to be desired. John came from a poor background was poor and to afford college he had joined the Army for the education benefits which, the age and maturity difference made it hard to connect to his classmates and left him as a bit of a loner. Despite this he had a felling this year would be different, however as he set out on his mundane walk to class that optimistic feeling began to fade.

"Who am I kidding?" John mumbled to himself "Why will this year be any different?"

John got to calss and as he pulled out his notebook a girl he'd never seen before walked in. She stood barely over five feet with long dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes. John almost couldn't believe it when she walked right over to the empty seat next to him and asked with a smile.

"Is this seat taken?"

She had the sweetest most angelic voice he had ever heard. The normally confident and stoic John froze for a second before mustering up a reply.

"No, no one is sitting there."

She sat down and took out her notebook. It took every ounce of discipline in John's body to not stare. He'd never believed in love at first sight, but in a matter of seconds his lack of belief was shaken. The silence was once more broken by her voice.

"I'm Brooke." She said sweetly, with that same smile still on her face.

"I'm John." John replied, trying to maintain his composure.

"Am I dreaming?" He thought to himself "Is this really happening?"

He didn't have much time to think as the professor began speaking, but Brooke's presence next to him remained on John's mind for the duration of the class.

As class ended John and Brooke exchanged a quick goodbye and went their seperate ways, but for the rest of the day John couldn't stop thinking about her. His mind abuzz with questions, thoughts, hypothetical situations.

"Do I have a chance? Sure not. Maybe? I shouldn't waste my time, surely she has a boyfriend. How will I now if I don't try?" His mind raced for the rest of the day until he finally fell asleep that night.

Chapter 2

The next day was uneventful and John's mind was preoccupied with Brooke, the same questions repeating in his head. John had served overseas and had never doubted his own bravery until he met Brooke, he was terrified but he knew that if he didn't make a move he would regret it. He went to bed with his mind made up, he was going to make a move.

In the morning John got dressed a little better than he normally would, did his hair nicer than normal, brushed his teeth longer, he wanted to put his best self forward. He walked to class with a swagger he hadn't had since he started college, he walked into class, sat in the same seat and a couple minutes later she walked in and John's confidence evaporated as she took her seat next to him.

"Good morning." Brooke said.

John just managed to squeak out a reply.


After a few minutes it became clear that the professor was running late and Brooke and John started chatting. She told him about her families business and the apartment she shared with her sister and he told her about his military service. The conversation helped John loosen up but before John could make his move the professor walked in and the conversation ended until the end of class. As the class was winding down their conversation picked back up and John prepared to ask her to hang out but never got the chance.

"I have some friends coming over tomorrow and I'd love you to come too." Brooke said.

John could hardly believe his ears. Was she asking him to hang out?

"Yeah, sure." He replied.

They exchanged phone numbers and went their separate ways. The next night he went over to her place, met her sister and friends and got to know her better. When he left to go home she gave him a hug and he could swear his heart skipped a beat.

Chapter 3

Over the next few months they kept hanging out and had become good friends, when spring break came around Brooke's sister, roommate and most of her friends went out of town be she stayed. John had never been big on traveling and so also stayed home. One day Brooke called him and asked if he wanted to come over and hang out, and John was more than happy to say yes.

When John got to her place she answered the door in a pair of tight shorts, white ankle socks and a tank top, it was just the two of them. They chatted for a while before Brooke asked

"Want to play a game?"

This piqued John's curiosity.

"What did you have in mind?" He asked.

"How about we tie each other up and see who can escape the fastest?" She replied.

John had always had an interest in bondage but had never thought he'd actually get to engage in it, and definitely not with a girl like Brooke.

"Okay." John Said.

"I'll tie you up first." Brooke said as she quickly got off the couch and went to the broom closet, promptly returning with a roll of duct tape. "Sit down on the floor."

John obliged and Brooke quickly wrapped the tape around his wrists a few times before moving to his ankles. John had watched a good bit of bondage porn and could tell Brooke wasn't experienced. She finished the hasty tape job and John was out in less than twenty seconds.

"Dang." She said disappointedly. "That was fast."

John stood up and said with a smile

"My turn."

Brooke sat down and John got to work. He knew if he went all out there'd be no way she'd get out so he decided to go easy, this time at least. He crossed her wrists and wrapped the tape around horizontally a few times and then vertically a few more. He then moved down to her ankles, he thought about taking one of her socks and gagging her with it but decided that would be too much for now. He wrapped the tape around her ankles a few times before stepping back to admire his work.

"There, see how fast you get out of that." John confidentely said.

Brooke smiled and started to pull on the taped binding her wrists to no avail. When that didn't work she tried wriggling her legs, again, to no avail.

"You wanna give up?" John chirped.

"Not a chance." Brooke quickly replied still struggling.

After a minute John once again inquired if she needed help, Brooke remaining adamant she didn't. She rolled, pulled, and turned trying to get free. Her smile turning to a look of pure concentration. John watched, growing aroused at the sight of Brooke struggling, and wondered if he was dreaming. After ten minutes Brooke finally stopped struggling, sat up, and let out a sigh.

"Okay." She said, sounding defeated. "You win. Untie me now."

John bent down with a pair of scissors and cut her hands free and then her feet. After she was free she stood up and said

"That was fun, we should do it again sometime."

"Why, so you can watch me win again?" John confidentely replied.

A couple days later Brooke invited John over again, when he arrived she was wearing tight grey yoga pants, a white tank top, and pink ankle socks. After chatting for a few minutes she suggested they play their game again.

"You tie me first this time." She cheerfully said.

"Okay." John replied taking the roll of duct tape that was still sitting on Brooke's coffee table.

He wrapped her up the same way he did last time and she struggled the same as last time, but this time she gave up after only three minutes.

"You're just too good at this." Brooke said, appearing disapointed.

"Don't worry, you'll get it eventually." John reasurred as he freed her of her bonds.

John sat down on the floor for Brooke to take her turn doing the taping, but what she said next surprised him.

"Wait here!" Brooke said jumping up and running to her bedroom.

She returned with a pillowcase and told him to put it on his head.

"Okay?" John said curiously.

She told him to get up and led him to her room and had him kneel at the foot of her bed.

"Okay spread your arms." She said, with authority in her voice.

John did as she said and could only listen as she buckled leather cuffs around his wrist. She then moved to his other side and buckled another cuff around his other wrist. When she finished she took the pillowcase off his head.

"There, get out of that." She said with a devilish smile.

John pulled with all his might but the leather cuffs, and the ropes that tied them to Brooke's metal bed frame wouldn't budge.

"Okay, very funny Brooke, you win, you can let me out now." John said, still thinking this was a joke.

"I'll be right back, don't go anywhere!" Brooke said, almost as if John hadn't said anything. She disappeared into her closet for a minute before telling John to close his eyes.

"Okay." John said, slightly concerned about his helpless state. The next thing he knew she was right behind him.

"Alright, open wide!" Brooke said excitely. John tried to protest but Brooke shoved an pump gag in his mouth and buckled it behind his head.

"Wha a oo ooing!?" John said through his gag.

"Oh my, you're still making too much noise." Brooke said as she grabbed the pump and gave it a few squeezes.

"Wook aah!" John said realizing the gag stopped him from saying anything intelligible. He starting kick his feet, which were still free.

"Oh no, we can't have that can we?" Brooke said in the most devious voice John had ever heard from her.

She sat on his calves, stopping his feet from moving, and wrapped tape tightly around his ankles, more effectively than she had the first time she had restrained him. John knew he wasn't getting out now.

"I bet you're wondering why I'm doing this." Brooke said, as she lied down on her bed and looked John right in the eyes.

"Uh huh." John moaning through his gag.

"At first, I suggested we played our tie up game just for fun, but when you tied me up I say you turn hard as a rock. The first time I wasn't sure, but this time I paid closer attention and saw it clear as a bell. I'm a small person and knew I could never dominate a man fair and square so I took advantage of your horniness to lure you into a trap." Brooke explained. "Your attraction to me has betrayed you and now you're all mine."

"Oo an oo iss!" John tried to retort.

"But I already have, my roommates won't be back for two weeks, and by the time I'm done with you, you won't have it in you to resist." Brooke said with a smile that could give the Devil shivers, and looking down at John's crotch, "It looks like you're enjoying this more than you're letting on."

Chapter 4

John sat there in shock. As much as he didn't want to admit it she was right. His feelings for her had betrayed him and as much as he didn't want to be in this situation he couldn't deny how aroused he was.

"These will be the worst two weeks of your life." Brooke said as she jumped off her bed and walked to her closet. John could only imagine what would come next. Brooke return with a wheeled trunk half as big as she was. Opening it, her evil smile returned to her face.

"Where to begin?" She said as she began throwing things out of the trunk. Whips, gags, dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, restraints, a chastity cage, blindfolds, nipple clamps, bondage tape, and more piled up in front of John's helpless eyes. Brooke picked up a feather tickler with a smile.

"Yes, this will do." She said as she began tickling John's feet. He howled into his gag as tears started rolling down his cheeks.

"See. You're laughing. You wouldn't be laughing if you weren't enjoying this." Brooke said as she tickled him more.

Within a few minutes John was practically screaming into his gag.

"Eeeeaassee ooooppp!"

"Okay, okay." Brooke said "You're being a real killjoy right now, you know that?"

John glared at her as she started laughing.

"I wanna have fun and you're not letting me have fun." Brooke said, picking up a riding crop. "If you don't want to let me have fun I'll have to punish you."

"Uh uh, uh uh!" John tried to protest but Brooke had no intention of listening as she pulled John's pants down. "Eeaase ook, own oo iss!"

She brought the crop up and brought it down hard on John's bare ass.

"MMMMMMFFFFFFFFF" John screamed into his gag as pain resonated through his body.

"See what happens when you don't just let me have my fun?" Brooke asked.

"Uh huh." he mumbled, fully realizing just how helpless he was.

John looked at the clock on Brooke's nightstand.

11:21 AM

"She won't even be tired for for hours" He thought to himself.

For the next five hours Brooke tortured John in various ways, whipping him, tickling him, edging him, she was relentless. At about four thirty she stopped.

"I'm getting hungry, I'm gonna go get something to eat, I'll leave you here, but first, I gotta make some adjustments. First I'm gonna replace your gag, if you scream, I'll whip you until you bleed." She said in a threatening voice. She unbuckled the pump gag and John panted before looking up at Brooke.

"Brooke, please, let me go, I won't tell anyone, you don't have to do this." John pleaded.

"I know." Brooke said with a smile as she took off her socks "I saw you eyeing these earlier, what were think about?"

"I was going to take them and gag you with them." John admitted.

"Well, you know what they say about great minds!" Brooke said, stuffing both her socks in John's mouth, taking bondage tape, and wrapping it around his head multiple times.

This new gag was even more effective than the previous, John could barely make a moan now, much less somewhat understandable mumbles. Brooke took off her yoga pants revealing pink panties. John let out a huff from his nose and Brooke looked at him with a smile. She put on pantyhose and a short skirt. She then took off her tank top revealing a bra that matched her panties and put on a white t-shirt. She finished off her outfit with a pair of black converse and put her hair in a ponytail.

"How do I look?" She asked.

"mmff." Was all John could get out.

"Aw, you're too sweet." Brooke said laughing, while picking up the role of bondage tape and wrapping around John's head, covering his eyes. "I'll see you later, and if I'm in a good mood I'll let you see me too!"

Before she left she took some string and tied it around John's balls and then tied it to her bedframe so tight that John was forced to shuffle closer.

"I know you aren't going anywhere, but a girl can never be too safe." Brooke said with a giggle and a second later John heard her bedroom door close, followed by the apartment door. He was alone now. He couldn't move, he couldn't see, he couldn't speak, even though he moved closer the string on his balls were still causing pain, his ass hurt from her crop, his arms hurt from being restrained so long. John waited in silently, the only sound being the ticking of Brooke's clock, slowly driving him mad.

After what felt like an eternity he heard the front door open, and then the bedroom door, and then nothing. Surely it was Brooke. Her roommates were out of town. But what if they came home early? John's mind raced as whoever opened the door stood in silence. He started panting thinking how he would explain his predicament if it was her roommates.

"Mmm mmm. mmm mmm." John tried to speak to the mystery figure, feeling pure terror at another possbility. What if it was a burglar? A complete stranger. "MMM MMM! MMM MMM!" John began doing what he could to scream as he pulled at his bonds at which point the figure let out a laugh. It was Brooke.

"What's the matter? You thought I might be an uninvited guest?" She asked.

"mmm hmm." John moaned, nodding.

"Dont worry, no one will hurt you" Brooke reassured "Well, except for me."

"mm m m mm m?" John mumbled.

"You want the blindfold off? Brooke asked.

"mm hm" John replied.

"Well, if I cared about what you wanted you wouldn't be tied to my bed, with my socks in your mouth, your pants pulled down, with your dick tied up, now would you?" Brooke responded.

John knew further argument was pointless. She wasn't going to relent. He heard her walk around dropping her clothes around the floor, take things out of her closet and climb into bed. After thirty minutes John knew she was asleep, he could shake the bed, he could try to scream, but he knew she would punish him, so he just bided his time and hoped she had a change of heart in the morning.

Chapter 5

The night moved at a snail's pace and after what felt like an eternity John finally managed to fall asleep. Despite his stressful position, the exhaustion from the day's events had left John drained. He woke up a few hours later and started panicking. He thrashed his arms and legs and tried to pull away from the bed, forgetting aboud the string on him genitals. John let out the loudest sound he had made since the sock gag was applied, at which point John remembered his predicament.

"You're finally awake!" Brooke said, laughing at John's muffled screams. "Good, I have some fun things planned for today."

John was panting as he heard Brooke rifle through her trunk of toys before she picked something and walked over to him.

"Here comes the airplane!" She said, as though speaking to a child as she shoved a fourteen inch dildo up John's ass.

"MMMMMMMMMMM! MMMMMMMMM! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" John let out a series of screams as Brooke began laughing hysterically.

John writhed frantically tugging at his bonds pulling on the balls string again, only causing more pain.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" The harder John screamed, the harder Brooker laughed.

"Stop pulling you idiot, you're only hurting yourself." Brooke said, enjoying every second of John's suffering.

Brooke then walked over to John and took the tape off his eyes. He looked up a her, his eyes pleading for her to release him.

"Do you want to stay tied up? One moan for no, two for yes." Brooke said, sounding genuine.

"Mmmmppphh." John promptly responded.

"What was that?" Brook asked.

"Mmmmppphh." John moaned again.

"Two, so no." Brooke said with a smile. "Okay then, can I whip you? One moan for no, two for yes."

"Mmmmppphhh." John responded.

"Hmm?" Brooke said.

John wasn't going to fall for it again and he said nothing.

"I said I didn't hear you!" Brooke said, yanking on on John's ball rope.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" John screamed.

"Two, okay!" Brooke said picking up a cat o nine tails and a whipping it into John's back.

She would continue for another hour before deciding to take a break. She then climbed onto her bed and lied on her stomach, her faces inches from John's.

"Are you hungry?" She sweetly asked.

John hesitantly nodded fearing it was another trick.

"Okay, just a minute." Brooke got up, went to her nightstand, opened the drawer and pulled out a small bottle and a rag. "I have to make sure you don't cause any problems." and she poured some of the liquid onto the rag and John knew immediately what she was doing. She held the rag up to John's face for a few minutes as he slowly drifted off.

When John woke up he was tightly tied on a solidly built metal chair. What should have been uncomfortable felt a throne to John, who was relieved to have his balls untied and the dildo remved from his behind. Brooke was sitting across the table playing on her phone. John moaned, discovering he was still gagged.

"You're up!" Brooke said excitedly. "I'll make lunch!"

"Mm mm mm mm mm mm" John moaned.

"You want the gag taken out?" Brooke asked as she got up.

"Mmm hmm." John replied.

"Okay, but, if you scream I'll piss and shit in my panties and gag you with them, then cover my dildo in spicy powder and stick it up your ass, and then put spicy powder on your dick, then stick you in a box, and leave you there for two straight days, understand?" Brooke asked.

"Mmm hmm." John replied again.

Brooke walked over and unwrapped the tape from John's head and took the socks from his mouth.

"Brooke, please, just let me go, I won't tell anyone, you don't have to keep doing this." John pleaded.

"I didn't ungag you so you could ask to be let go, if you don't stop, I'll punish you." She scolded.

"That isn't what I agreed to." John retorted.

"I'm changing the deal, If you ask to be let go again, I'll consider it screaming and you know what happens if you scream." Brooke said aggressively. "You're in no position to argue."

"Okay, fine." John said. "Why are you doing this?"

"It's simple, I'm dominant, like, very dominant, but being 5'1, being dominant isn't easy, so I had to find another way to live out my fantasy so I came up with our game, and at first that's all it was meant to be, a little game we'd play here and there, but then I saw how hard you were and how effectively you taped me and thought if you get to have your sick fun, why can't I? You got to be a little pervert and watch me struggle, and I wanted to join in on the fun." Brooke explained while making lunch. "You've been hard this whole time, so you much be enjoying this too, even if you don't want to admit it."

After she had fed John she stuffed her socks back in his mouth, pulled out the bottle and rag, and helped John to sleep again. She then dragged his unconcious body to her bedroom, restrained him to the bed again, and waited for him to awake.

For the next week and a half she countinued playing her game with John. Whips, dildos, vibrators, gags, the works, taking more and more pleasure after each one of John's scream, squeals and moans, as she tortured him with no remorse. On the eleventh day of John's captivity, after spending half an hour fucking him with a strap-on, she got up, uncuffed John, gave him his clothes and said he was free to go.

John promptly got dressed, and as he was going out the door he turned around to face Brooke and said

"You know, if you had asked to do this I would have said yes."

"Well," Brooke replied "there's always next spring break."

And with a smile John hobbled out to his car and went home.

"I shouldn't have enjoyed that nearly as much as I did." John said to himself.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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