The White Mall: Una
  • Author - TheArchitect
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  • Post Date - 10/19/2020

Author's Note: The setting of the story is based on one of my dreams and inspired by many other similarly-themed stories, while the plot weaved itself as the protagonist kept going forward. I hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Una has met her fate, but I'm planning to tell other girls' (and perhaps boys') stories, perhaps on CHYOA, as you can't make the protagonist wear everything in the assortment, unless the reader gets to choose. So any feedback and/or suggestions are very welcome.


Ever since Una regained her consciousness, she knew something was wrong. She felt the cold air on her skin for some time before opening her eyes to see something she never saw before. She was lying on a glass bench in some kind of a mall. The walls and ceiling of this huge place were white, so Una had a hard time just looking at them. One of the first things she noticed around was a full-length mirror. Una saw herself lying on the bench in it.

Her sleepy but already worried face had no sign of makeup she surely had on during the last day, but still could be considered pretty without it. Her hair was short and black, and it could have used some combing right now.

Her body was highly desirable. Una's D-size breasts were looking back at her from the mirror. The girl's waist was 23 inches, and her curves continued downwards onto her prominent butt and slim legs. She was 22 years old, with most of the life possibilities still before her. Una, however, was not so sure about that last sentence right now, because her current circumstance was very peculiar, to say the least.

What was this mall? Why was it looking so huge and lifeless? When are the opening hours? Una didn't want to stay naked in front of the customers, so something had to be done about that.

She stood up and saw her 5'7" frame in the mirror completely, but the first thing she felt was how cold the floor in the mall was. The girl needed to find some shoes as quick as possible.

She looked around and saw that the hall had a lot of furniture in it. On one side from her there were tens of long and tall rows of polished wooden storage shelves mixed with large wardrobes with closed doors, and on the other side there was a multitude of lockers of different height. Una jumped onto the closest locker to escape the freezing floor, then bent over to try and open the locker section and see what's inside. This was a mall, after all. Something had to be up for sale.

The locker section opened without resistance, and Una tried to fumble for something inside with her hand. She pulled outside the first item she could grab, which fortunately turned out to be a pair of shoes!

They were different from any other shoes Una has ever tried or seen before. A shiny solid metal needle heel that was 7 inches long captured her attention. She occasionally admired the beauty of high heels during her life, but in general she didn't wear them a lot. Una had a couple pairs of, say, 3 or 4 inch high, but she only wore them for special occasions, and the memory of massaging her feet afterwards was not a pleasant one.

She continued to examine the item carefully. The outer material was dark purple velvet, and the inside was padded with high quality leather, as the touch and the smell suggested. She saw that the hidden platform of the shoe was 2 inch thick, which meant that her feet here would be arched like never before, yet it also didn't appear too extreme. There also was a thick ankle strap with a heavy metal clasp rising from the heel cap

"A masterwork" - Una whispered. - "Maybe if they are my size, they won't be so uncomfortable. And, boy, will they look gorgeous on me!"

She slowly touched the upper part of the heel with her finger and rubbed the cold metal all the way down to the heel tip. This made her remember that her feet were still burning from the coldness of the floor she was walking on just recently. Together with her fascination, this made her decide to put the beautiful shoes on right now.

Una put one of the velvet-framed beauties on the floor gently. It landed on the solid ceramic tile with a quiet click. She took the second shoe and put it down quicker than the previous one. It landed with a clunk that echoed across the vast hall space and was telling that the shoes were quite heavy not only because of the metal heel, but also because there was some intentional weight put inside the platforms.

"Should help me not to fall over" - Una whispered, as she didn't want her voice to echo all over the mall. She still was not sure if she was even alone here.

The girl rested her round butt on the locker, hung her legs down and also bent down to help put on the shoes with her hands. She held the open ankle strap, and the smooth inner surface let Una's right foot inside the shoe. As her toes reached the closed toebox, they finally felt the desired warmth.

The girl quickly put the left foot inside the left shoe. The fit was perfect. They were perfect. Except the ankle straps were still open, that was what felt incomplete. Una grabbed the massive clasps with her hands and confidently pushed both of the massive metal tongues inside the square clasps at the same time.

The snap of the clasps was so suddenly loud but so satisfying that Una squealed loudly and sprung her upper body back onto the locker. She laid on its cool surface, straightened herself, using her leg muscles to lift her newly equipped legs, and closed her eyes, listening to the echo of her own squeal that was flying around the hall gloriously for ten more seconds.

As the sound faded, so did the euphoria. Reason took over Una's thoughts. She was wearing a pair of some kind of expensive fetish shoes, which existed to her before only hypothetically. And why would these beauties sport such a ponderous ankle strap?

Una looked at her shoes once more and saw a detail that was not there before. The closed clasps now featured a clearly noticeable keyhole in them! "Are these locked now?" - the girl asked herself not believing what she was seeing. She put her right leg closer to her and tried to pull the metal tongue out of the clasp box with both of her hands with all of her strength, but it didn't budge at all. As Una touched the straps that hugged her ankles tight and secure, she discovered that their leather material was reinforced inside with metal, so was the case with the place where it was connected with the rest of the shoe.

But what if the keys are inside the locker? Una stood up for the first time in the heels and only managed not to fall over because of the platforms' added weight. The needle-thin heels were designed to provide height, but gave almost no balance support in return. Even though the toebox was quite comfortable, the pressure on Una's toes was unprecedented.

She made her wobbly knees slowly bend down, finally getting into a squat position and easing the tension in her legs. Now the girl could have a thorough search inside the locker.

Una was delighted to discover five different keys on the upper shelf, where she found the velvet heels her feet were now caged in.

"One of them has to fit in." - she said anxiously. She tried the first one. It was too large. Second one was too small and circled loosely in the keyhole. Third one had a completely different shape. Fourth one seemed... shapeless. Una read the text carved on it with very small letters: "Keyhole Sealer. Put inside a keyhole for permanent lockdown!"

"That's exactly the least thing I need right now." - she threw it aside and took the fifth key. "There you are" - the girl said before putting it into the keyhole. Or, rather, trying her best to put it inside, because it also had a different shape. She dropped the key in frustration. It ringed loudly against the tiles.

What frustrated Una even more was the fact there was a pair of white sandals with 6 inch chunky heel and 1.5 inch platform which had the same kind of ankle strap but would definitely be easier to walk in even if she locked them on her feet too. Behind the sandals there were three keys, but she could already tell by their shape that they weren't the right ones. One of the keys was completely circle-shaped in the end, like a chess pawn.

"It's a magnet key to a magnet lock." - guessed Una.

How was she supposed to find the true key with so many false ones around? What kind of a game was this place playing with her?

On the bottom shelf, there were some ankle boots. They looked like they were supposed to make the wearer's feet pointed towards the surface, like in ballet, but with a thin heel to force it to stay that way.

"Uuuuuuuuh, I'm pretty sure these are not for walking." - Each discovery weirder than previous one, Una seemed to take it easier as her mind grew deeper in the confidence that this cannot be real, yet the feelings were as real as they could be.

She let out a sigh of a missed opportunity, as she stroked the rubbery surface of the sandals and decided to stand up. Slowly but more surely as she was finding the right gravity center, she raised herself from the floor until she realized that when she was standing with her legs straight, the tiles were much further from her eye level than before. 7 inches further, to be precise. It meant that she was now 6'2"!

"Alright, it's quite hard to stand in them, so it might be easier to walk. Just do as you were taught." - Una took a step, putting the monstrous heel in front of her toes. First few steps were unsteady, but she quickly understood just how much weight she can safely put on her heel at a time. Each step was followed by a loud metallic click against the tiles. She approached the window seeing all of her naked body involved in the process of walking.

The clicking her heels were making and the fact that she not only can, but has to walk in such sexy way, aroused her and made her rational thinking just shut down in a moment, just like it usually happened when she was offered another shot of vodka at a party.

"These boring sandals wouldn't be half as gorgeous. It is so fortunate you locked these on, they look and feel so good. Your ankles hurt slightly already and it will get worse, but it is for good. You need to develop myself to be worthy of these shoes. They are bonded to you, and you need to bear them with pride."


Una paced and posed for some time, but eventually the euphoria faded away. The air was still very cool, and the girl faced the fact that she needed to find something to cover other parts of her body with.

"I agree. The shoes are not enough. We need to add some worthy extensions to our outfit."

She looked at the long store shelves. The assortment of doors to open was huge. As the lockers probably mostly contained footwear, the wardrobes should have something to cover myself. A rich fur coat would be perfect.

"Too bulky. It won't do. But I'm excited for anything this mall has to offer."

Una walked by the shelves, swaying her hips wildly, as if she aimed to seduce whoever was watching her secretly, but in reality the most natural way of walking.

The deafening clicks stopped near the first wardrobe. Una pulled at the doors, and they opened without a squeak. The unmistakable odor of rubber bursted out of them, and the insides of the wardrobe contained many different items. None of them was close to being a fur coat, so the girl had trouble picking a specific one.

"Close your eyes and take a random one."

When her eyes were open again, she saw a black bra made of thick latex. The cups were perfectly polished outside. What was on the inside, however, confused her. Tiny blunt metal spikes were sticking out of the inner lining. Una doublechecked that she wasn't holding it inside out.

"This is not the kind of massage you would want your boobies to have." - she muttered. Una has worn sport bras with supportive padding, but this was beyond any sense for her. She also was suspicious of the intricate hooks at the end of the bra sling. It all looked like a cheap trap.

"It would tease you constantly. A little teasing pain is a second short of trading it for serious level of pleasure."

The girl didn't buy it. Such passages were beyond her understanding at the moment. The smoothness of the outer cups were easy to believe, but she didn't like the other side.

Una threw this bra back inside the wardrobe and looked for something else. It turned out that every item inside was made of latex, rubber, leather, metal or using two or more of the materials. As the girl totally lost her hope to find clothes she considered "normal" he soon pulled out a black latex thong which looked relatively ordinary.

She dropped it on the floor, and tried to pull the panty holes over the shoes. The latex turned out to be very durable and elastic, but to a certain point, so it took a lot of effort to not to fall over and get the thong closer to where it was supposed to be.

The tight latex rolled over Una's legs quite reluctantly, as it wasn't enhanced with a lubricant. The girl peeked inside for a solution and found a few bottles of supposedly talcum powder spray.

"Alright. Let's just hope it's not actually an industrial glue." - she said as she sprayed the powder over the thong. Some of it got onto her legs, but Una didn't feel it. Her legs felt too cold for it, and there wasn't yet a promise to get any better.

She finally slipped on the thong. Now there was no excessive wind going in and out of her intimate parts. The latex took a tight hold of her butt, and it gave her a strange new level of sensitivity.

As Una smoothened out all the folds, her fingers stopped for a second. Then they slowly started to move towards her latex-clad pussy.

"Hey, I don't want to fall over with this, do I? There's no bed nearby, babe." - her mind said.

But as she approached her ever more sensitive pussy with her fingertip, the control was lost.


As she was stroking herself, she leaned her weight upon the open wardrobe door. She managed to hang onto its top with her left hand, while the right hand had some unfinished business to do. Her moans weren't echoing all over the hall as much, because the 'storages department' was much taller and absorbed more sound than the footwear lockers.

As she finally reached her climax, however, Una couldn't hold onto anything and fell down into the wardrobe. She was wiggling in pleasure and satisfaction from successfully warming herself up, but then, when she began to calm down, the girl realized that her neck lies upon a small and wide metal bar. It was slightly curved towards her neck's shape.

Before Una could figure out anything out of this, the bar let out a squealing sound, and more metal sprung from inside of it and closed shut under her chin, forming a collar!

First of all the girl sprung out of the wardrobe and onto her unsteady legs before its content can make another assault at her. Then she searched for an opening in the collar, but only found another keyhole...

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" - she slammed her fist against a random closed door in anger.

The collar's snugness around her neck wasn't helping in regaining her normal breathing rate. This thing was about three inches wide, but 'only' half an inch thick. Now Una had to hold her neck straight, and she had trouble simply looking downwards at her heels, which were as irremovable as now the collar was.

"That's what I get for going along with my feelings!" - Una cried and stomped hard against the ceramic tile with her killer heel. The tile shattered into tiny splinters, which flew all over the passage between two long storage rows.

The sound spread around the hall like a gunshot and has put a sudden stop to Una's emotional outbreak. She stood tall on her heels as her breath slowly normalized. She rubbed the steel around her neck. It was completely smooth by both wide and short sides.

"It's a clean work."

"Shut the fuck up." - Una hoped that the collar won't make her neck too tired soon. Other than that, she tried to ignore her new accessory and decided to speed up her search and find something to cover her torso, and, preferably, keep the possibility to freely change it later.

Una also didn't feel any excessive liquid in her thong, even though she just came into them. She pulled the tight latex away from her skin and found nothing.

"Well, finally something positively weird."

She decided to search in another row, just like one would start drawing a sketch on a clean sheet. The girl walked to the end of the current one, almost tripping over tiny splinters of ceramic a couple of times.


Una approached another row. Tens of untouched doors were waiting to be opened by the unwilling Mistress of the White Mall.

The girl walked into the passage, her hips swaying slowly but strongly. The latex thong has made each of her steps more enjoyable, balancing out the fact that her ankles were already hurting a lot from constant straining, and her toes also wanted some rest after suddenly having to take all of the body weight onto them. Yet there was no rest to come even if Una stopped her walk and sat or lied down right now.

The girl was opening each door she passed by on the right side. Some of them were opening towards her, some were sliding up, some were collapsing like sunblinds. Behind them were more of weird fetish items. Latex stockings that Una would gladly use if she and a chance to put them on before the shoes. A furry leather straitjacket ("I'll get back to that if I get desperate, but I kinda need my hands"). A heavy rubber prisoner ball with the ankle cuff opened invitingly ("no thanks, I have enough trouble at cutting distances"). a solid metal loop to put around a 16 inch waist ("Why is it closed already? Did the previous owner not survive its perfectness?"). A folded metal base for a hoop skirt. Lockable leather diving goggles. A latex mermaid tail. A 50 pounds-heavy steel bracelet. And many other things that could only be born inside a very twisted mind.

Then Una opened another small section and saw a black cardboard box in it. This was not the first time she had to uncover the section contents by two actions instead of one, so she just opened the lid.

Inside was an overbust corset. It was dark purple velvet on the front with some floral drawings on it, and pink leather on the sides. The front buckles were shiny metal, so were some decorative details on the bust part and, as she pulled the garment out, she understood so was the inner boning. The corset was very heavy, but also very gorgeous. On the inside it looked like a solid tube of latex, but she knew the steel bones had to be hidden behind it. Or else why would it weigh so much? Did it hold any secrets?

Oh yeah, it actually did. The laces on the back were obviously in a loosened state, but none of them were sticking out to allow to tighten them. Instead, the sides of the corset, from under which the laces seemed to originate, ended with a system of steel catches.

"They are probably designed to lock together when the ends meet. As long as I don't lace it fully I should be okay. How many inches would that be? The little number carved here says "18". That's definitely too far from where I am now"

This was the perfect garment to cover her cold stomach and frozen nipples. It even matched with her damned shoes. Una didn't want to put on any more things which design she couldn't understand, but that was the only thing stopping her. She just needed a slight push forward.

"It would hug you so well, sweetheart. Your frame is already very beautiful, and such a garment would allow you to make it ideal! Admit it. You were born for each other."

"You're too beautiful!" - Una cried, giggling like a little kid as she reached for the talcum sprayer that was also lying in the box, used it extensively, then lifted her left foot and stepped inside the corset, pulled it up slightly and squeezed the second shoe through.

"The latex lining is just luxury. The bust support is also an appreciable part of the deal."

"This is too sugary! Please shut up, you're not helping to do it!"

Una pulled the corset up to her thighs. She took a pause as her hands grew tired from the effort. Right now it felt like her legs were encased in a thigh latex pencil skirt. She took a deep breath and pulled hard on the garment. It sled through the round thighs with a pop and set somewhere around where it should be.

However, it was loose on her waist, and now the girl wondered how to pull it in just slightly. She tried to catch the laces on her back with a finger and pull them, but they retained their position, as if it was set strict inside the corset until a special command.

Una looked inside the box for hidden items or instructions. The collar made it difficult, as it was lying on the floor. She stood up then and thought a little more. She ultimately decided to go to the mirror and seek the solution there.


The girl went out of the storage zone and approached the window. It took a couple of minutes, so her fascination mostly faded away before a frustrating mystery about her dream corset's method of lacing, added to her overall fatigue and high heels-induced pain. She tried to use the mirror to see what was on her back, but the collar prevented her from turning her head. Then she just stood looking at herself. The corset flawlessly matched the shoes, but didn't look right yet.

She wasn't even sure what was a stronger call: to complete the outfit and look ideal or to take a nap on the glass bench and then try to think of something complicated.

Una rubbed the pleasant velvet on her chest, the red roses which were masterfully sewn onto the purple material. Then the decorative buckles in front, then on her bust. Maybe there was a hidden tiny lever somewhere? She rubbed the cunning metal hooks at her back blindly, but they were immobile. To her relief, Una heard a sound of a pressed button, and she saw that the corset started tightening a bit. She tried to locate where the button was, as she happily both felt and witnessed the long-awaited snugness and warmth around her waist, and then suddenly realized that the button was the number "18" carved on the steel end of the garment.

Within a second relief turned into dread.

"No, no, no! Stop it! Please!" - she screamed as she saw her activated corset slowly and inevitably getting tighter with pulling mechanic sounds coming from inside of it.

Una tried to pull it off, but it was too tight to budge in any direction already. There was no more sense in fighting the merciless device, so she tried to calm down and steady her breathing, which was nearly impossible as Una's waist crossed the 20-inch threshold and proceeded on getting smaller.

The poor girl tried to slam the corset with her fist. Her waist was rock solid, and she felt the metal bones deep in the device, playing their role in securing the deal.

The latex padding was doing its job at being smooth. Even though Una's body was getting crushed all over the place, it didn't feel anything alien other than extreme pressure.

Her breasts screamed for help, trapped in the secure overbust cups. Una felt tears running down her face as she looked again and saw the impossibly perfect shape that her upper part was being mashed into.

Another breath she took turned out to be way too shallow, and Una blacked out and fell onto the bench. The tightening process went for a few more seconds and concluded with multiple metallic clunks. The metal sides met and clasped together, sealing Una inside the beautiful torture device for good.

"Hi Alan. I got the ticket, departure's in two days at 9am. I know you can't on Saturdays, but no other available ones made sense. How about making this Friday night special, as an apology? We didn't have it in a while. Luv ya. Bye."

When Una opened her eyes, she saw the white walls and ceiling of the mall. She was lying on the glass bench. Funny, right where I woke up last time...

Then it struck her that she almost couldn't breathe. There was enough space in the lungs to get enough air in a complete resting state. Once she tried to sit, hypoxia crawled nearby.

She noticed the mirror. It was standing on the same place. What the girl saw didn't surprise her but saddened her greatly as it signed where she was right now.

In the reflection Una saw a girl wearing multiple torture devices, such as ridiculously high, heavy, clunky and unsteady heels which were locked shut without any chance of escape on her feet using a special metal padded ankle strap. Her poor feet didn't get any rest when the rest of her body did due to unnatural arch they were forced to because of how the heels were designed. The worst part was that she trapped herself in those hell's hounds willingly and consciously. She had no idea where the key to them could be and if it even existed, because if it didn't, she would be stuck in the monstrous shoes permanently.

Her neck was almost completely encased in a seemingly seamless collar made of heavy military-class steel. It was a snug fit and prevented her from doing such simple actions like looking down or back. The reason it appeared onto her is an accident that happened while the girl was touching herself through the freshly obtained latex panties. It was going to keep itself on Una's neck as a reminder what may happen if she loses control over herself again.

As the girl moves her knees out of the sight, it can be seen that she wears an impossibly tight corset. It was designed as a single-time activated device to adjust the wearer's waist to be equal to 18 inches and then lock itself securely onto the wearer without any chance of removal of the garment without the key, or reducing the tightness.

She is ready to surrender and lie down and die on this bench. She places her hands on it to take the lying position carefully... or, rather, no. She's standing up!

"Look at my legs, how long and beautiful have they become. It is all thanks to the precious shoes I was so lucky to find. Don't you toy with me, or else I'll stomp you with the 7 inch heel. It's shiny and dangerous. I bet you wouldn't have the courage to even put them on! And if you see this ankle strap, you can be sure you can't ever get them. They are only mine! Watch me click-clack my way through each of my body muscle moves to make my walk ideal.

Look at my neck. How smooth, shiny and steely it looks. It will help me to only look straight ahead and never look back.

The absolute pinnacle of the outfit would be the corset. Its rich ornament and its color design is truly perfect. See how it made my body match the needed standards? Now my waist is glorious 18 inches, my frame was adjusted so that only the necessary content is left, this old-fashioned metal construction on my back makes sure it stays that way, and all you can do is envy me. I am the best. You are not.

It hurts a lot. I can barely breathe. My movement is restricted. But there are two sides to it. My body is bound tightly. My soul flies high.


The simple objective to find some clothes to cover up her vital organs from the cold air and potential attention has transformed Una into an impossibly gorgeously looking panting mess. Getting used to limited air supply, she slowly walked towards the double door in the end of the hall.

She no longer expected anyone to come here, so it was time to search for someone else herself. It seemed that the unexpected nap, as well as her reevaluation of her predicament, has given her the necessary power and will to explore this weirdly enormous and enormously weird place. As the girl approached the door, she saw in the glass that there was some kind of corridor, which was going along the hall.

"Usually corridors like these lead to unloading zones, which definitely have a way out of here." - Una thought as she had too little resources to allow talking to herself aloud. She had worked in a mall for a few months, so she knew how the compartment arrangement of such a building should look.

The door had an electronic lock. Its gray panel was to the right of Una, so she made a wobbly sidestep towards it.

The only thing on the display was a projection of a green button. Having no other clues, the girl pressed it. The gray line of plastic above the doorway turned out to be a scanner, and it scanned each Una's curve within ten seconds, buzzing soothingly.

The panel now displayed a message in thick red numbers. It said "3/4".

"Three out of four. So I have three out of four of something this door needs to let me pass through it." - Una was thinking. It must have been about the only things this place had for sale, which was "clothes".

But she had four items on her right now. Heels, panties, collar, corset.

"Hey babe, you only secured three of them on you." - the voice that Una considered the voice of her newly awakened perverted feelings has said its first phrase of reason.

"Your guess may be right, but it better not be so." - the girl's breathing became slightly faster. Maybe she could just break the glass and climb into the door window... but not with the corset on. She would faint earlier than the corridor's walls see her encased boobs for the first time.

So the conclusion Una came to was: "I need to lock one more item onto my poor body. Anything. I have to come back to the storages and choose the fourth accessory, because three is not meeting that stupid door's level of modern fashion."

She let a grimace of displeasure onto her pretty face as she turned around on her toes and strutted her way back to the storage shelves, chose the row she found the corset in and started opening the doors on the opposite side of it.

Una whistled as she opened a large wardrobe. It was filled with skirts. Most of them were made of thick leather and latex and varied in length greatly. There was even a knee long pencil skirt made of thin and smooth steel.

The girl's legs were still open and vulnerable to cold. She swiped off some talcum powder she didn't even feel was left on them before, and realized just how ice cold they were relative to her fingers and hands she didn't have to warm up as much, as they were in action all the time. Choosing a skirt would be optimal there.

She pulled out a plain red leather mini skirt with a zipper on the back.

"It won't solve my warmness problem."

"Red leather? That would be a bad taste choice, darling."

The piece flew to the bottom of the wardrobe. Then she fished out something black and large. Upon further examining Una realized it was an ankle length thick leather hobble skirt. Long, strict, unruly. It had a massive belt incorporated at the waistline that could be regulated before getting fastened. The fastener was a familiar looking metal box.

"It will envelop your legs tightly and hug every inch of your beautiful legs. You'll just lie down and enjoy your completely encase and immobile body till the end of time."

Una caught herself when she had both of her heels standing inside the opened jaws of leather predator that was lying on the ground.

"What am I doing? I won't even make it to the door with this monstrous thing on!" - she thought before stepping out in hurry and leaning on nearest closed door to catch her breath. - "To close the belt would be to surrender myself to this place."

"Surrender. Doesn't sound too bad. Just go with the flow. Go with the flow of this high-quality leather. Everything would be so simple..."

"NO!" - Una cried, dropping the belt that she already raised to her thighs now. She stepped out of the hobble skirt again, threw it inside the wardrobe, leaned against the door again for some rest, closed her eyes and spoke mentally:

"You want everything right now, but you are short-sighted. Why not take a chance to explore this wonderful place more extensively, see what else it has? We don't want to take one good outfit and die in it, knowing that we could find a better one if we tried?"

For a few seconds she could only hear her own unstable breath and rapidly beating heart. Silence was both around her and inside her mind.

"By cooperation we find best solution." - she whispered aloud.

"True. You got me there, you smart-ass bitch. Take something tight and sexy with some walking space left, I dare you."

"I don't know who you are, and we have different goals, but we can both take the most joy out our rivalry."

"Shut the fuck up already."

Una paddled through the large rubber-smelling assortment of the wardrobe and found a perfectly polished shiny latex pencil skirt that would end just below her knees. The waist of the skirt had a thin leather belt divided in two at the end of the zipper seemingly without any buckles, but reinforced with something harder on the inside, as she realized upon feeling through it with her fingers.

The girl unzipped the zipper, sprayed the inside with the ever-present talcum powder, dropped the thing to the floor and stepped inside with her shoes. The pain from wearing them was still growing, but she was getting used to it accordingly. Una took the deepest breath she could take with the impossibly tight corset on, blindly grasped the belt with her fingers as the collar prevented her from looking down, then straightened her legs and stood up.

Even with the zipper opened up to her lower thighs, the skirt sat snug on her curves.

"It will hug your ass so tight when zipped up! You will be such a juicy fruit once packed and delivered!"

Una moaned quietly. Her fingers scratched against the smooth latex, trying to find the metal zip, and as she grabbed it firmly, she pulled it up with all her force.

The wonderful material squeaked as it clung tightly to Una's butt. But as the zip was rising higher, it became clear that the skirt will be loose at her tightly laced waist. The girl let go of the zipper when she zipped it up completely, joining two ends of the belt.

Una was puzzled: "What now?" Next second, she heard a loud pop. She looked back and watched the zipper fly down the passage as it detached from her skirt with force. The girl immediately held the place it was before, but it was just solid latex with no sign of tearing. The belt was now a solid piece of metal-reinforced leather; with a squealing sound it started to contract swiftly until it was snug around her 18 inch waist.

"It would take more effort than that to pull it in any tighter" - Una thought, touching her rock solid waist. "If someone tries to chop it off with an axe, I think I'll be fine."

"You will be slain by a whiplash."

Una felt that there was now a keyhole in the back of her belt. She realized that even if she finds the key to her corset, the skirt won't allow her to get out.

"It is best for you. Look how much more complete you are with it on."

The pencil skirt covered the lower half of the corset with its uncompromised blackness, showing off her newly obtained curves even more than before. The bright light that was falling down from the ceiling made the latex blindingly shiny as Una moved in it.

She tried to make a step; now its maximum length was strictly set by the skirt's neckline that was stretching just a little bit before becoming very resistant. The girl's knees were now squeezed together, adjusting Una's walk to be even more arousing to her.

She walked out of the storage shelves zone and headed towards the door, moaning each second step, feeling her cheeks burn, but keeping her restricted pace.

"There's the mirror. Admire yourself."

"I'll have plenty of time for that later." - She resisted the urge to look at herself and approached the door. The scanner activated on its own and examined Una's attire. The display said "4/4" in green letters, and the door fasteners that were connecting the two wings of the door from the other side and were connected to the electronic lock, detached themselves and allowed the girl to go through.

She swiped the door away and entered the corridor. It was less spacey than the hall, the lamps lighting the white walls weren't as bright, and it was slightly warmer as well. She saw a large display with a couple of buttons a few meters down the corridor, and many huge taped cardboard boxes full of something standing along the walls. Una fell onto one of it without thinking, stroked herself through the latex skirt and latex panties, which were making reaching her target harder, but added some strange sensation to it. The exhausted girl exceeded her oxygen limit very soon and passed out again.


- Hi Mom. I hope you will listen to this message after all the things I said to you... and the things you said back. Candace told me about... 'swallow' ...and I never thought... never thought it wouldn't matter at all one day. I'm not sure if you are still as mad at me, but for me... all it took to forgive you... 'sob' was to look at it with a clear mind instead of sheer emotions. You know they usually prevailed at the time... I'll be coming, Mom. As soon as I find a single fucking seat... 'sob' ...I do love you, Mom. And I hope I'll be there in time.

Memories of the last events flooded Una's mind as she awoke again. She felt some of her cream on her legs where they were squeezed towards each other, but the rest, which came in touch with latex, had vanished once again - part of a peculiar nanotechnology.

The girl looked around. She was lying on a box made of thick cardboard reinforced with multiple layers of common tape - a weird way to store the products which were inside.

The boxes were not completely full, and this was allowing Una to lie so comfortably on it, as the top central part of the box bent inwards, creating an improvised bed.

Una tried to raise her body up, but the clothes she had imprisoned herself in resisted greatly. She couldn't bend in her waist due to the absurdly tight corset, and the heels made catching on the box's edge with her feet to help pull herself out very hard. In the end, she just pushed her frame, weighted by her garments, over the edge using raw arm strength, trained in the process of opening doors, putting on clingy clothes and discovering small elements on her back.

The girl landed on her heels, they landed loudly, but not clunkily, on the fabric-lined floor of the corridor. Lying down, strangely, provided some rest to her feet, as they weren't aching as much as before. When her breathing resumed, Una saw that the closest thing to her was the large display she saw earlier. Down the passage there were some doors. Two of them were on the right side, one on the left, but none promised an exit.

Una decided to take a closer look at the display. It looked like an information panel, so she hoped to find some answers there.

Three buttons were projected on the screen: "Food", "Water" and "Mall". She was about to press "Mall" but remembered that she neither ate nor drank anything but her own lust for unknown, but very significant amount of time. She carefully pressed the food button. A thick plastic tube moved out of the wall, and Una grabbed it with her lips. The buttons on the screen were now "Pump" and "Return".

As the girl pressed "Pump" button and held it for a second, some kind of mashed grains transported themselves into her mouth through the tube. They were very nutritious, but tasted terrible, so, after swallowing the first portion with utter disgust she just pushed the tube deeper into her throat and held the button for one more second.

"That'll be enough for my poor smothered stomach."

Afterwards she pushed the "Return" button and then chose "Water". The drinking process went in a similar fashion, and Una was glad it didn't have any catches like "Have 2 orgasms to get your water, or else you will starve, lol" or dildo-shaped tubes. As if the mysterious mall architect wanted her to only fear dying from technology-crazed predatory clothing and not natural causes.

Finally, she pressed "Mall" button.

"Welcome to The White Mall, Una.

Feel free to use all of our top-of-the-line facilities and products! The number of our rooms and facilities is now above one thousand and our product assortment is above seven hundred thousands, and we are proud that these numbers are constantly growing!

Una stood in shock of what she just read on the screen. The text answered none of the important questions and scared her even more.

"This is definitely located in another dimension. Special dimension of malls, which grow on their own, like a cancerous tumor. It would be nice to know that I need to walk through less than a thousand rooms to get out of here."

In fact, Una decided to try entering one of them right now. She walked away from the screen and pushed the closest door that wasn't the one she came from.

The door, which was glowing with green "4/3", opened, and the girl let out a gasp of excitement. She saw mirrors, a lot of borderless mirrors - and tens of her gorgeous reflections. The lighting was much different as a symphony of different-colored lamps were dazzling at her. It was a maze, and her task, if she would want to complete it, not to get lost in herself. But should she?

"Look at you! What appreciation of~"

She heard a snap inside her collar. Una froze in place. After twenty seconds it happened again. She watched twenty copies of herself take another step inside the mirror maze.

The next snap came a little sooner. What could it mean?

"Maybe it indicates that the key is nearby?" - such a guess appealed to the girl who was tired of wearing the only device she had put on completely by accident.

Una wandered through the mirrors, taking turns randomly as the snaps were becoming faster, sounding like a metronome. On her way she saw mirrors with doorknobs, they had more "products" inside.

"Now I understand your point. We need to find the keys to have a chance to try something even better."

She saw a small table with a little ornate box. Her head was shaking itself from the intensity that the snapping in her collar achieved. It also made thinking considerably harder.

Una opened the box, and it threw out about a dozen keys. She picked one of them randomly and pulled it closer to the keyhole, but the tempo of snaps didn't get any crazier. She was throwing away the false keys to not get confused until she picked up a simple small key, and the snaps stopped completely at once.

Dumbfounded by the sudden silence, the girl stared at the key. Only after a minute she decided to try to put it inside the keyhole. Her hands were shaking. Una only managed to put the key inside the collar on her third try.

Will it play by its rules? She turned the key in the keyhole. It fell on the floor as the collar became a short metal bar again and fell down somewhere under the table.

On the edge of fainting, she rubbed her neck that was capable of bending again.

"It wasn't good for the outfit at all. Look how much better you look without it."

She took her time to see herself in the mirrors surrounding her from different angles. Her neck was still somewhat stiff, but she could turn her head.

Una put her chin onto her shoulder and looked in the reflections enigmatically, once more enjoying how the velvet-leather corset crushed her frame, how the latex skirt was underlining it while reflecting many colors the lamps of the mirror maze had on its ceiling. Finally, how long her legs looked with her feet still trapped in the shoes.

The girl saw her reflection move her right hand towards the enveloped pussy, and once again Una didn't have much time before her oxygenation wasn't enough to support her excitement, and she fainted before the climax.


"Miss, you are swearing loudly. Contain yourself, please, or I must ask you and your mom to leave the building."

(after a long and uncomfortable pause) "I'm sorry. Gosh. My throat is sore. I'm sorry. Did I say that already? I need one more cappuccino, please. Won't happen again, I promise."

'receding steps sound'

(quietly) "What did it say on his badge? 'Alan'? Gotta ask his number, I need more connections there."

Una crawled on her knees, her outfit creaking and squeaking. The lights were confusing her, sight of her reflections intoxicated her. She had been there searching for an exit for what felt like hours. The girl was so glad to see the familiar ice cold white tiles under her fingers.

"We are not done there. You could take another walk in the maze. Isn't it a dream choice to only witness your gorgeous state until the time runs out?"

"No, please... I'll lose my mind there."

"And do you need it so much you can't let it go? To me, it only tries to break our unity."

"You lie... no... you are mistaken. There is no such thing as unity of body and feelings without a conscience, unless you want to be a sex doll and not an actual person."

Una's silent speech wasn't answered. She heard her breath steady itself, stood up, careful not to lose her balance after such shocking experience behind her, and stepped forward, being calmed by the loud clicks her heels made on the tiles.

After a few meters there was an entrance to the next room. There was no door, only a crimson velvet curtain.

Una caressed the pleasant fabric with her finger before swiping it out of her way. She saw another hall, a bit smaller than the first one. It wasn't looking so well-maintained as the previous one as well. The area's furniture was represented by moderately large plastic toy boxes standing in rows and gigantic bell-shaped plastic lids. There also was a rusty steel ladder that led to the second, technical floor, where rusty pipes were going along the walls. The girl stepped towards them, and three metronomic snaps that occurred at the same time almost threw her off balance.

"What? The place has keys for my whole outfit?" - Una thought of being finally free of the merciless heels that were hurting her as hell, and the corset which was cutting off her air supply so strictly she couldn't even feel her orgasm come as she would just faint every time it neared completion. And the skirt which wasn't so bad but prevented her from escaping the corset's grasp on her waist.

She knew she will have to earn all of them, as some of them were definitely hidden on the second floor. But first she strolled over the first floor, trying to concentrate on the snaps rhythm as it was constantly shifting, confusing the girl who didn't want to be a prisoner of her outfit anymore.

There it is. In this plastic box. Her corset was snapping wildly. She pulled off the lid and set it aside, then examined the box contents. There was a pink latex mini dress with provocative cuts in breast and thigh area. It didn't have zippers or mechanical closures, which meant it belonged to the "safe" to wear minority of the mall's products.

Una threw it out of the box. Then she found a very nice pair of black velvet thigh high boots. They had a sporty looking wavy half an inch thick outsole made of something that smelled rubbery, and a round toebox, but their chunky heels were six inches high, which would arch her feet even more than the gorgeous torturers the girl had on currently. Additionally, there were multiple D-shaped rings placed along the boots' soft shaft for unknown purpose.

"They would be great if they had a lower heel. Couldn't they just put in some sneakers as a diversion instead of this objectifying nightmare of an assortment?" - she thought.

"You know you love it. Why try to fool yourself?"

She pulled the boots out of the box and saw a remote for something, as well as a variety of keys. Una was just grabbing them in order until the obnoxious snapping inside her corset stopped. The girl let out a tiny sigh of relief, but then she remembered that she could not get out of the garment just yet, she needed the key to her skirt.

But where to put the key? For some reason Una was afraid that it might disappear, roll away when she's not looking.

"You gotta expect any kind of dirty tricks this place has for you."

She finally had to leave it on the bench, in her line of sight.

Una approached the ladder. Its steps were so narrow that only the platform part of her shoe could fit, and it was way too steep for her skirt to allow getting up casually.

She tried to roll the rubber up her legs, but the stubborn material just kept flapping back painfully and keeping her knees together. Pulling up the handrail with her hands only also wasn't an option, their muscles were already aching from earlier efforts. The girl sat on the first step to think it a little bit. She looked down onto her tortured breasts, her forcibly shaped hourglass figure, and the bottomless pool of blackness, which her legs were encased in down to her knees. Finally, the heels, which started it all.

Una raised them onto her level, one in front of the other. They barely fit the ladder step together with her shiny ass that was creaking intensely from the pressure created by the bending legs. Then she grabbed the handrail and stood up carefully, so that the snapping won't send her back down head first.


That was how she was going to get up there. Just three more steps. No rush.

Two more now. There we go.

One more. Don't look down.

"Look how long and flexible your legs are. Such a shame you decided to release them from their sweet, sweet encasement..."

"Do you think it's sexy to break your neck? Whatever you are, you could be using my brain for something else than seeking orgasms, you stupid bitch!"

"Your anger is sexy."

"If you love to make the most out of my feelings, how do you feel about this?" Una looked down. The ladder looked to be going down almost vertically. Thin steel steps left behind seemed so insecure. The primal fear of death seemed to shut the second voice in her head up.

The girl grabbed the handrail stronger than ever, made the last effort and saw the technical floor before her. Many giant pipes were going along the walls, iron pathway also went by so they could be accessed by tech personnel. In theory, of course.

Una went forward carefully. The floor there was steel and lattice-like, so she used all of her remaining concentration to keep her heels away from the holes. Opening the closest locker which was decorated in black and yellow as an electricity distribution unit, she saw some keys and felt the clicking stop completely as soon as she took two of them randomly.

Without any more dramatic pauses, the girl put the first key inside the skirt's keyhole on its belt. The heavy latex piece fell to the floor with a mysterious musical sound, which Una remembered from somewhere. However, there were important things to do now, and she paid no attention to it.

The girl used the handrail to sit down and place her now unrestrained butt over the skirt. All of that to be more comfortable when working with the shoes' keyholes. Una turned the key inside the right shoe's ankle strap, hearing sweet mechanic clicks inside, unbuckled it, then slowly transitioned the key towards the left one and repeated the procedure.

Now was the time to finally get free from the very first devious device she willingly imprisoned herself in. Una pulled both of her agonizing feet out of the heels at the same time and pushed the gorgeous velvet-padded prison cells as far as she could. Then she massaged her feet, feeling the divine relief. But it was not a complete one. She still needed to free her unrealistically gorgeous frame from the devilish corset, which was a smartly laid trap that fooled both of her internal voices.

Una stood up and gasped as the sharp pain of stretching her Achilles tendons kicked in. She had to lean onto the handrails to keep her balance.

"Fucking shit. Will have to tiptoe around for a short while. A few hours of wearing these monsters can't hurt me for life, right?"

So the girl tiptoed her way to the steep ladder, admitting the return of the cold floor problem. She traveled down without any trouble (she left these upstairs) and hurried to the bench. Happy to see that the key did not disappear, Una anxiously searched for the keyhole on the corset's back, managed to put it in, make the necessary turn and fainted from the excitement before witnessing her freedom from The White Mall's product.


"You're really doing it?"

"Yeah. I want to be free, even if in need. I'll take the first job I'll find and still be happier. Besides, it was your idea."

"I never thought you'd take it seriously! And now it's my fault."

"No it's not. You can speak one language with Mom, I can't. That's also not your fault. It's just meant to be like that."

'suitcase clunks against floor'

"Una. Think twice, please."

"You were a bitch, Candace. So was I, that means we're even. Tell Ben he was nice and I owe him. Byes."

'door slams'

The girl woke up quite calmly. Her whereabouts and recent events flooded back into her operative memory slowly. Most noticeably, it was much easier to breathe, but the air was quite cool, so Una lifted herself up from the bench, shivering a bit.

The corset was loose on her. To warm up, she decided to be rid of it once and for all, and wiggled out of it quickly and energetically. Her feet did not hurt, nor did the rest of her body. No scars were present after the discomfort and pain the gone clothes have caused to her, pointing at their excellent quality. The only piece left on her were latex panties.

Una was full of strength and life energy and did not even feel hungry yet, though her sleep could not have lasted less than eight hours, in her own estimation.

"I guess I am free from these devil's toys now completely. Can I go home now?" - Una said her first loud words in a long while.

There was no answer, so she started to move deeper into the hall. The girl walked on the plastic toy boxes, which formed improvised long benches, to mostly avoid stepping on the freezing cold white tiles.

As she was passing a huge plastic lid in the shape of a bell, she stopped. There was a large green button, saying "REVEAL".

"Can't hurt to take a peek." - Una said and pushed the button.

The lid quickly folded, showing a glass cone containing a futuristic metal suit. At first, it seemed to belong to a future robotic soldier, but there were features, which made suit's combat capability dubious. For example, its integrated boots resembled horse hooves. Even more strangely, so did the gloves. Moreover, the headpiece did not have any holes for the eyes. Una imagined this robot horse blindly rushing to the finish with a leather-clad jockey on top of it.

"Wouldn't that be lovely to see in real life?" - said the voice in the girl's head.

"Ah, you're back. Just in time. I wanted to look for some more of these costumes, which I'm definitely not putting on. But you can admire them all you want."

Una pressed the "REVEAL" button on another plastic lid. Under it, there was a huge petticoat dress, which would be a hit, would it be worn in the Victorian era. It had a built-in corset with ridiculously small waist (probably even smaller than the damned 18 inches), puffy shoulders and stiff sleeves, which actually ended in one another, effectively making the dress a straitjacket. The metal hoop skirt was much longer than the distance from Una's waist to her feet, so there were special shoes to be worn with it. They were in poisonous green color and had an at least 10 inch platform, which would barely allow them to touch the floor under the skirt. Logically, without them the wearer's legs would just hang helplessly.

"Looks like a great chance of being a talk at the highest of societies."

"I absolutely agree!" - Una said, pressing the "HIDE" button, which appeared instead of the "REVEAL" one.

Next outfit was a full rubber suit labeled as "FLYSUIT". There was a helium tank and a hose attached to it. Quite self-explanatory.

There were more plastic boxes and more plastic lids, but Una saw something more important behind them. A swimming pool went all the way to the end of the hall, replacing the white tiles. There were two doors on the other end of it. One said "0/3", the other said "0/5".

"Shit. SHIT! Can I go back? No, the door that led there also needs three devices... No point in going back..."

"It's fitting time, my darling! Why don't we take a look in the boxes?"

"Yeah. I'll have to wear some of the 'products' again."

Una opened the closest plastic box and peeked inside. It contained an unzipped rubber sleeping sack, a small pile of keys to something else and a black bracelet. She picked the last item up and examined it.

The item's surface was made of smooth aluminum, but it felt like the insides of the 1 inch thick band contained heavier material. Six solid D-rings were sticking out of the bracelet for unknown purpose.

"Not too bad. What do you think?"

"A pair of handcuffs with this design would be perfect. This is... yes, only not too bad."

Una decided to not put it on right now and gather the rest of her outfit first. She closed the yellow box and laid the bracelet down onto it. Then the girl opened the next cloth container.

It had 9 inch-heeled stripper sandals and a leather posture collar with incorporated ball gag. Still considering her ability to walk and talk important, she said:

"Nothing of interest." - and closed the box.

Next one was much more interesting. Una pulled out a closed white swimsuit made of latex that was considerably thicker where the legs, arms and head openings were. Eight metal D-rings were decorating it from shoulders to thighs. The swimsuit's neck was rather high, ending where the wearer's neck was beginning. This piece also weighed more that the girl expected, but she quickly found the reason for that.

The swimsuit had two built-in dildos for two respective openings in Una's body. She never used any before, but was not immediately disgusted by the idea.

"Looks like a lot of fun. It would be perfect to try it out in the pool."

Her pretty face was disfigured by lust, but, according to her own plan, she needed at least one more item first. Una closed the box, placed the swimsuit onto it, and looked towards the doors.

Behind the pool, the white tiles continued for about twenty before meeting the doors, and God knows for how many more behind the doors themselves. Stepping on the ice-cold tiles wet-footed may have terrible consequences, so it would be best to find herself some footwear.

She sighed and started her search for something less torturous than her previous shoes. Box after box, the girl found heelless pony boots, thigh high ballet boots, 6-inch needle heels with horribly pointed toes, pink sissy ankle booties with a short chain between the ankles, 7-inch stiletto and a small platform, steel platform boots which would make Una's legs unbendable and, furthermore, force her to drown instantly, should she wear them to the pool.

"Not a single pair of flip-flops. They must be too luxury for this place."

"If you really think these pointed toe beauties aren't worth a try, there were boots you were okay with in the beginning of the hall."

The voice was right. Una quickly traveled back and indeed found the boots where she left them.

"It's still a six inch heel, but they look really comfortable compared to what I saw before."

This time, however, she noticed that these boots were at least three sizes larger than she would prefer. There were no visible laces or zippers to fix that.

"Hey. Everything else here is my size and these are not when I need them most! Not fair! Maybe if I put them..."

Then the girl remembered that there was something else in the boots' native box. She raised the lid and drew out the mysterious remote.

After bringing everything closer to the pool and parting ways with the panties, Una decided to start the self-imprisonment. She unzipped the swimsuit, discovered that it was pre-lubed for her comfort, and put her right foot inside. Touching the slippery lubricant made her legs feel the coolness of air even more acutely. She repeated the infiltration of the swimsuit with her left leg, mentally preparing to get infiltrated herself, because there they were.

The huge dildos were swaying playfully as Una was getting her intimate places closer to them, unsure if they would even fit inside her.

"Fill what must be filled. Be complete."

As the swimsuit was getting pulled up further and further, the girl carefully placed the sex toys against her natural openings and started to slowly put both of them inside at the same time.

The sensation was indescribable. Una never felt anything like that before. Her hands and knees began shaking, but she wanted to finish the job desperately. The dildos were huge, but proceeded smoothly thanks to the pre-applied lube. After a long minute, the girl felt that they were fully inside, and took a break to comprehend her feelings. They were completely different now. She was already lightheaded from the fullness and the realization that her every movement would now make her internal intruders do their business inside both her pussy and her ass.

Una felt as sexy as ever.

"There is no other satisfaction that is necessary for a happy life. Seal your mouth with a rubber cock - and you need nothing else. EVER."

"Whoa, easy there. I'm not yet trading Sunday burger at my favorite café with my pals for a permanent cock."

"You have no idea what you're trying to reject. Eternal fulfillment. Constant arousal. Orgasms at the snap of your finger against your cunt!"

"Shut up, please!" - Una screamed into the air, barely keeping herself from a climax as a result of both physical and mental invasion. She still managed to keep her priority of making progress into the suit, so she pulled on it. The girl's arms went through the holes. After setting the shoulders, Una stretched her hand to close the zipper on her neck.


The white latex hugged her beautiful body, which only looked better due to her recent tightlacing experience. Una grabbed her sensitive breasts with her palms, crossing the line and allowing a violent orgasm take control of her body. As she was rocking her body, emitting sweat that was dripping down the plastic boxes she laid herself on, the zipper predictably fell off the swimsuit, leaving a keyhole behind itself.


When she calmed down a bit (full calmness could no longer be achieved because of the dildos), Una checked that the swimsuit was sealed onto her, and so were the dildos. Then, however, the suit started to deflate itself on its own, clinging to the girl's frame perfectly and leaving zero air beneath its smooth white surface. The suit's tightness was considerable, but definitely within comfort level.

It was the bracelet's turn. Una picked the device up and thought whether to put it onto her right or left hand.

"See how wide it is? You can put both hands inside at the same time."

"Yes, I can. Also go fuck yourself."

"How ironic. You're already there."

Being a righty, Una decided to put the bracelet on her other hand just to keep her main hand away from any restriction. She threaded her palm through the hole in the wide aluminum loop. The bracelet let out a loud squealing sound the girl already heard before while falling into the steel collar trap.

"These must be sensors of some kind."

The device quickly contracted against Una's wrist, becoming a snug fit. The rings attached to it ringed happily against the round metal.

Now the boots. They also bore questions to be answered, first of which was:

"Do I put them on before or after the swim?"

Una's swimming was merely okay. She was not sure if it was safe wearing the boots to water. Won't they be filled with water after she's out?

The second question was putting them on. Supposedly, the electric remote with a single button was responsible for this, and it was most correct to check it before it potentially got wet during the swim.

Una put both of her feet inside the velvet boots' soles. They were loose on her, of course. Then the girl took the remote and pushed the button.

According to her plan, the boots started to shrink and form to Una's legs. The soft black shaft grew less loose, then snug and then tight. Very tight, in fact. The pressure on the girl's legs was distributed evenly between the thigh highs' surface.

The heel was very high. Six inches with very thin platform. At least they were chunky, not needle thin. Una's ankles were supported by the respective part of the boots, but the walking still needed practice to become confident.

As the girl was inspecting the stylish boots, she realized that she is not seeing something that should be present. She saw the ribbed outsole in all of its detail, the strange D-rings, which, by coincidence, every part of her outfit sported.

"Where are the damned keyholes?"

"Right there, silly."

She looked around and saw that the keyhole was indeed there. On the remote. Now Una had to carry this accessory wherever she was, if she hoped to change her footwear for something else.

"Oh, the tricks..." - she sighed as she approached the pool, trying to master the walk in her black-and-white fashion pick.

The swimming pool was 50 feet long, the water looked clean and friendly. She could see the bottom very clearly. It was 7 feet deep. Una started to walk along the edge, thinking aloud:

"Drowning entirely possible. Not sure if I can throw the remote far enough to keep it dry. Is there a reliable solu~"

The girl tripped in her booties and fell into the pool face forward.

The sensation of sudden fall and wetness from the outside was challenged by another sensation, that of the water splashing inside her lower body! The dildos of her swimsuit, apparently, had holes Una did not notice, and now her swim became one big enema procedure from both sides.

She was not ready for this. Getting flushed by the physical law of liquid fluidity was not in her plans. She wiggled in the water, struggling to keep herself above the surface, thus making the dildos move inside of her intensively, adding to the sensations.

As soon as Una could grab the white tiles, she did it and pulled herself out of the water with all her strength, lied down despite the coldness of the surface and got lost in a turbulent orgasm once more.

"That was a great ride! Can we trip like that again next time?"

"Oh, jeez." - was all Una could say before jumping to her heels from the freezing floor. "I was lucky not to slam my head against the floor. Where's the... Where's the remote?"

She squatted down to take a look into the pool's now-disturbed water. The tight boots resisted her efforts to bend her knees softly, but strictly after a certain point. What Una saw was enough, however. The remote lied on the bottom of the pool after getting dropped out of her hand during an unplanned jump into the water reservoir.

"You better be perfectly fucking waterproof."

The velvet cover on Una's boots was soaking wet, but they were tight enough to not let any water inside them, and so was the swimsuit. She was ready to take another try, however, the mission was different now.

The girl needed to dive to the pool's bottom and get the remote, and only then proceed to the other end. To cut the distance to the remote, she decided to enter the water with a jump.

Una placed the round toeboxes together and her hands along her sides, then took a small jump forward. She reached the bottom heels first, then bent her knees and touched the cold tiles with her hands. Much to her surprise, the remote was only a few inches from her left hand, so she stretched it out to get the device.

However, the hand disobeyed to get away from her thighs. It was attached, as if by a chain.

"That wasn't a hard job, was it? What the fuck?"

Una looked at her left hand to investigate, and did not believe her eyes. Two D-rings on her bracelet and on her swimsuit's thigh part were linked together. This weird incident, added to both anal and vaginal flush that was even stronger this time due to higher water pressure at greater depth, led to Una's air supply running out quickly. She snatched the remote with her right hand instead and bounced off the bottom to the sweet surface.

Moaning on exhale as she swayed her limbs to advance, the girl was doing her best to keep above the water, using her right hand only.

"Ease the tension. Right now. You need it."

And she needed it. Una looked at the remote in her hand, then to the other side of the pool.

"Yeah. I can throw it from here."

That was what she did. The plastic device hit the white floor and stayed. After that, Una took a deep breath, closed her eyes, lowered her head under the water and let her body explode in another orgasm. The water inside her appeared to be boiling hot, and she felt like she was flying in open space at a speed of thousands kilometers per second.

Out of both air and uncontainable excitement, Una felt her heels touch the bottom again and bounced to the surface again. Traditional swimming techniques were unavailable to her, so she just repeated the inhale-exhale-dive-jump cycle until she could finally grasp the white tiles.

So familiar and so disgustingly cold to her wet fingers, yet so necessary and desired. Una could not reach the shoreline with her left hand, so she swung her right boot onto it and pulled herself up as hard as she could. Finally, the girl rested on the hard surface, but not for long enough to freeze to it.

Wet rubbery boot soles were squeaking loudly and echoed around the hall as Una unsteadily approached the door, picking up the remote for her boots on her way.


The door glowed with green "3/3" and gave way to the girl with no resistance. After going through, she recognized the corridor she saw. She came into the glass maze and the second hall from here.

"It's a circle! Hoo-fucking-ray! I'm supposed to be making progress here, am I not?"

"You've visited some interesting places. Trust me, it's a great experience to have."

"At least I'll be able to dry my..."


"Good news at last. My bracelet's coming off soon."

"Maybe it's not? It makes cute clinky sounds when you try to pull it away from your thigh."

Una wandered by the large cardboard boxes until the click-clacking intensified to the maximum level. This box was flattened a bit, because it was coincidentally the one she used to sleep on. The girl gave the remote to her restricted left hand, torn the tape away from the top of the box with her right, opened the box and started her search.

"The lighting could be better."

The huge object seemed to contain items from different fabric. Cotton, velvet, leather, synthetics, plastic, even a straw hat.

"So these are the 'regular' clothes? Where it's hardest to find them? Or are these disguises? Once on, they might take a very different form. Everything to trick you."

"You became so suspicious, Una. Can't you just accept all the presents?"

Una chuckled.

"The White Mall taught me to think twice before a try-on. Sorry. No offense."

The girl only found two keys so far, and both of them were wrong. Not wanting to find a piranha upon sinking her hand deep and out of her sight, she just un-taped the side of the box, allowing the clothes and keys avalanche out of it, creating a large pile.

Pleased by her inventiveness, Una picked up the correct key, put it into the keyhole and... there was a pause.

"Can you put that away, please? I'm sure we can negotiate and avoid fashion casualties!"

"Gimme a second."

"It's not even that uncomfortable! You gotta keep it! You already found the key!"

Una smiled widely, definitely pleased by the conclusion she made.

"I'd place my signature under every word you just said."

She turned the key. The bracelet unlocked, and so did the D-ring attaching it to the swimsuit. The girl separated the rings and put the device right back on. It re-contracted around her wrist. The keyhole was still suitable for the previous key, Una made sure to check that.

"We need two more items to make progress, don't we? It's all about numbers."

She took the straw hat out of the pile by its string and put the key and the remote inside.

"I can't trust you to put you on, but I can make you a worthy vessel for the keys."

As the girl was squeaking her way down the corridor, she heard her boots start to snap at their ankles, but could not realize where to go until she leaned to the right wall.

"It's back in the first hall... And I need 4 items to go back there. Just a minute!"

Una kicked the door into the glass maze open and had a moment of question.

"If you wore ugly chunky heels like your current ones or the sandals you were smart enough to reject, you wouldn't be able to find where to go quickly. Let's rejoice, because you were better than that... at the time."

The girl saw distinct marks in the soft floor where the seven-inch killer heels stepped. She found the long-discarded collar in no time.

"See, you, voice in my head! I'm going to work on my mistakes and put this thing back onto me, because it's best for both of us!"

"Huh? What's the thrill if the key to it lies right there? But I'll take it as a compliment."

"But I don't think I want it on my neck. What if..."

Una applied the metal bar to her right thigh just above the boot. The sensor was silent. Too wide. What about right under the knee? With a squeal, the collar closed shut and became a big, steel, heavy leg brace. As it started snapping like crazy right away, the girl quickly found the key on the floor and put it to the rest.

"Look how it shines under these lights. It wants a twin brother on the other leg."

"Maybe, maybe. I would prefer a different design for it. Hey, why don't we pick up the fifth one just to save us some time?"


Una passed the maze using her own heel tracks and entered the second hall once more. She saw the pencil skirt and the corset lying down, and the dreadful heels on the second floor.

"I don't have a spare pair of legs, and I won't take the corset again. Gotta go with the skirt."

She approached it and picked it up.

"I still got the dildos inside of me. I got used to it eventually, but with this skirt my walking will be... impossible to get used to."

"Not like we mind."

"I'll put it on later. After I cut most of the distance, okay?"

Una just threw the skirt over her shoulder (it was too slick and heavy to carry with a hand) and put its key into the hat.

"What kind of mall is it to not have shopping bags? Give me your book of complaints!"

Swimming through the pool with added weight looked like a suicidal plan, so she just passed the maze again without further adventures (a sudden orgasm after trying to learn a new walking technique does not count as one) and opened the door into the white hall of The White Mall. She oversaw its vastness and said:

"I didn't miss you at all."

The girl followed the snaps and found the key inside a locker behind a pair of heavy boots in shape of a perfect cube.

"It is time for moving into a new home for your pretty feet."

Una pushed one of the homes out of the locker. It fell from only two feet, but smashed the ceramic tile into ruin.

"Perhaps it's not."

The key to her current boots went into the hat, and off she went, her neck straight, looking forward, as if still having the collar where it was before and not on her leg.

She marched up the corridor and placed a brief glance on the door to the left. "4/10" - said the screen.

"This one's for the hopeless."

Her attention, however, focused itself on the door to the right. Una went through it and into the pool hall.

"4/5" - said the screen on the second available door for her.

"This one's for... uh... me."

She dropped the skirt on the floor. It collapsed with a deaf sound. The rubbery sole of a barely dry black velvet boot found its way inside, then the second one. Una started to pull the skirt upwards, but after a click her left hand stopped quick.


Yes, one of the D-rings found love at the left boot.

"Alright, you will be the last one." With that, Una opened the bracelet and put it on the floor before continuing with the skirt. There was no lubricant inside, only her own sweat, but it was slippery enough for the girl to trap her juicy thighs into thick, restrictive latex again.

After Una started to zip it up, she could not help but moan as the pressure on her ass drove the rear dildo deeper inside, making wonderful discoveries.

"Don't stop, you!"

"I'm going, I'm going." - she murmured weakly, pulling the zipper closed with all her effort. With a pop it flew away and into the pool. The splash against the water was her green light, and she slipped down the wall, her passionate screams echoing all over the hall.


The unnerving squeal - and the bracelet was on again. It was time to go.

Una opened the door and found another corridor. It was darker than the previous one, and its walls were dark red. Various antiquarian furniture was the content of it. The secondary decorations were various metal rings, hoops and bars sticking out of the floor and walls. as well as hanging from the ceiling.

"Gotta watch my step." - she said, retrieving the skirt key.

"Have some manners! You've only had it on for five minutes!"

It was at this moment Una heard a muffled moan. She did not make this sound, so it must have been another human. Another human in the Mall.

"See? Holy shit, she might need help. No time for a doubt!" - as she skillfully opened the keyhole on her back, tossed the key into the hat, picked up the skirt and proceeded carefully.

There was a way forward, but the moans came from the passage to the left, so Una skipped through the vicious metal, her boot soles joyfully squeaking as well as the dildos inside her, and she approached the turn, getting excited to see a human for the first time in... she never knew how long.

When the girl had the chance to look, her previously fine balance almost failed her. Her arousal also disappeared completely upon what she saw.

A person was hanging by two chains in the middle of the room, held in the air by a metal belt on her waist. She was covered in latex, velvet and metal from head to toe. Moreover, her hands were connected by a chain which went between her legs and pushed against her latex dress' skirt, stretching her into a painful position. There was a plain rubber mask on her face. It repeated every feature of her pretty face and had no holes on her eyes and mouth.

The mask did not cover her ears, so she might have heard Una entering the area and started trying to produce sounds, muffled by the gag in her mouth behind the mask.

"Can you hear me?"


"Oh lord, I'll try to help you, perhaps gather a pile of keys to try and release you from some of these. Holy shit, the door behind you says '13/3'. Your release won't be..."


"What?" - Una got closer to have a better hearing.

"Wuu-tur" - the poor being's gagged voice was much weaker, but clearer.

"Water? Oh no. Let's hope we find the key to your mask first. I've seen a lot of keys on my way, some must be yours."


Una already started off, but the word made her stop and turn around. The mask looked directly at her now, and the girl on the ground saw that there was no keyhole or other type of lock on the mask's surface.

"What have you done to yourself?" - Una asked, already having a guess she did not like. She looked around the crime scene and spotted a used Keyhole Sealer lying on the floor. "What have you done?" - the girl cried, tears were running down her face.

Una grasped the mask and tried to pull it off with brute force, but despite all her efforts, there was not even a tiny gap between the skin and the device.

When she released it, the victim of the Mall started swinging back and forth on the chains, and Una stepped aside to not get hit. When the swinging stopped, she noticed that the body went limp.

"I can't help her, can I?"

"Hey, we got to try something else! We can't leave her to die!"

"There isn't a Keyhole Unsealer, right?" - Una sat down on the floor, careful not to knock her improvised key basket, rubbing the still moist velvet cover of her boots to try to calm down.

"Well, we didn't find it, but in theory, it can exist..."

"She must have obeyed her own second voice without question where I resisted. Her weakness of will sealed her fate. At the same time... We aren't mortal enemies to each other, are we?"

"Of course we're not... If my dream of eternal fulfillment ends like that, it may not worth it. She can never try out so many other sexy things!"

"Alright. We are in a giant facility that abducts women and tests their ability to resist the sexual temptation. I'm trying to get out of here, you're trying to make me enjoy the trip. Simple as that. Agreed?"

"Yeah. And if you fail, we're fucking dead!"

"I'm glad we understand each other." - Una jumped to her heels, picked up the hat, but approached the masked girl first and measured her pulse, which was still there. After that, she let her hand drop and exhaled heavily.

"If the Architect wants her to live, he'll find a way to give her water. Our job here is to not follow her example."

Una knew there was nothing for her behind the door, which showed a "4/3" upon seeing her, so she went down the corridor, avoiding nasty accessories and death traps.

When the corridor was left behind, there was a round room which had a hemisphere-shaped ceiling. Climbing plants decorated it and, more notably, she could see sky with clouds through it. They were floating above her slowly, and she stood, hypnotized by them.

"Who were we back on Earth? Our memory was reduced to tiny shreds."

"Whoever I was before, I won't come back unchanged."

Una finally lowered her glance and saw a door. "Exit" - the little screen above it said. Another one to the right of the first had another message, written in bright red numbers:


"What does that mean? I gotta get rid of everything to get past?" - she asked herself, making a step towards the room's center. As soon as the girl noticed a feeding apparatus that she did not mind using, she heard a



There were four more ways out of this room. One of them led to a staircase down, one - to a staircase up. The remaining two were similar corridors with red walls. Una went into one of them, as the snaps in the remote for her swimsuit suggested.

They led her into an oversized basketball gym. No door was in her way, and the strong smell of paint told the girl that someone was finishing the room within last hour.

The gym had appropriately colored thick rubber floor mostly covered by sports mats. Tens of various gym equipment were the main content of the room: runways, exercise bikes, bars built into walls, other training devices for different muscle groups. All of them looked normal, but the spirit of curiosity inside Una was long gone. Near the exercisers there were items that weakly pretended not to be another example of fetish gear: a vinyl leotard with stripes, stars and a built-in corset, a set of four fitness bracelets all connected by metal bars, few pairs of "sporty"-themed footwear, all of them sported a heel of 5 inches or higher. One pair of lacy ankle boots even had roller skates attached.

"If I was the second best runner in the world, using these on my rival would be my way to the top."

"Maybe if we write in the complaints book, we can have them mailed to us?"

"Hey. See this shiny thing up there? This is why we're here, and this is the evidence. Evidence that this room was made for me exclusively." - Una placed her hands at her mouth like a loudspeaker and shouted:


"And how do we get up there?"

Una inspected the upper part of the room. It featured a whole network of acrobatic rings hanging from the ceiling down the rope. Some ropes were thicker and went right into the floor, forming an improvised rod with rubber rings as connecting elements between parts of the rope. The key that Una needed was placed in a glass container and hung by a small hook near on the height of approximately 15 yards.

"Isn't falling from this height, like, fatal?"

"Yes it is! Let's carry the mats to the scene to change that."

The mats were thick and heavy, therefore fit for the cause but hard to drag around. Una found the process extremely uncomfortable in her current attire.

"I need a steadier stance for this one." - She looked back at the entrance to the gym and thought for a second. - "There aren't any other doors between me and the exit, right?"

"You weren't complaining previously! I feel betrayed."

"One last leap to freedom, and we can have everything you'd like! If we're allowed to take these boots with us, I'll take them."

"You're not going away with just boots, young lady!"

The collar and the bracelet went off first. With a heavy clunk and a lighter one both of them fell on the gym floor. After that, Una picked the boots key with her left hand fingers, while holding the remote with the keyhole in the right hand.

The remote looked unharmed, but the girl was still anxious. What if the circuitry broke after the trip to the bottom of the pool? Then everything would be undone.

The girl put the key into the hole and turned it. After it made a half-circle, it refused to move further, but the boots were not quite open. Una pushed it stronger. No difference.

"Perhaps this happy relationship is destined to go on forever."

"NOOOO!" - Outrage caused by such careless words at such an important moment drove the girl to turn the key with all her might, and the lock finally gave.

She fell onto the closest mat and pulled off the loose boots. Her feet ached even more than after the previous pair, and that might have been because their sole arch was steeper. Una moaned from pain as she massaged her poor feet for thirty minutes straight before she thought she was ready to stand up.

"You're tired. Some rest won't hurt."

"No. I smell freedom. This stupid swimsuit is the last obstacle on my way."

The latex piece tried to tease her with its tightness and with its dildos, but that could not distract Una anymore. Her determination was off-scale, and she could not waste a tiniest minute of it.

She dragged the mats across the gym, grunting and screaming to give her strength. Her Achilles tendons were burning with stretching pain, but nothing was able to hinder her progress.

"Now I'll survive a fall. To the climbing part! Let's see my rock climbing trips paying off!

" remember these? You climbed with the boys in the scout camp."

"My arms are sore and tired, but they're still climbing... Of course I went there, had to take any chance of slipping out of my Mom's sight!"

"We had a life back there..."

The girl noticed that the thick rope she was climbing had D-shaped rings sticking out of it in seemingly random places.

"Gotta be careful."

Now Una was high enough to climb over to the ropes that were not hanging down to the floor. She moved herself to the next one, keeping the D-rings on her swimsuit away from the corresponding ones on the rope, then looked if the key was close from here. It was not.

"I can't hold on for much longer. There's no way I can climb over there, and there, and there... Can I swing it hard enough?"

The girl did not waste any more time questioning herself and started swinging back and forth on the huge rope, putting her remaining strength into the movements. The phalluses inside her were also swinging wild, and she could not ignore them for long.

"The rope's not long enough!"

"Yeah, we need to jump!"

"WHAT? I need to think this through!"

"If you decided that leaving the family house is your only chance of achieving freedom, what else are you going to think about NOW?"

Una swung as hard as she could and leapt from the rope, her right hand forward. As her body was moving away, one of her D-rings on her thigh did catch a D-ring on the rope. As she felt the force holding her back, the fear of upcoming failure overwhelmed her, and she closed her eyes.

The girl was hanging down from the rope, two rings holding her securely. The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was glass shards falling down from the ceiling about fifteen meters away.

"The key's out of the box!" - Una realized.

She brought her right hand to her eyes and released the grip of its fingers slightly. The key to her freedom lied inside along with a few more glass shards. Her palm was not cut, so it must have been special safe glass like they would use while shooting an action movie.

Una held the treasure with the two of her hands, held her breath as deep as she could and bent her head forward, so it would be easier to access the keyhole on her occiput.

There it is. A half-turn - and she just fell out of the swimsuit and onto the mats, completely naked like she came here. She could not keep her conscience.


My name was Una Jace before I met Alan Malcolm. Two months deep in our marriage, I bear his surname.

Unlike my siblings Candace and Ebenezer (Ben for short), I inherited dad's riotous character, which led him being unable to deal with his emotions and leaving my mother alone with the three of us.

She worked hard, and by the time I hit 13 we moved from living in a small flat to a moderately airy household. Yet I could not make peace with her. Right after I've finished high school (with less than desirable marks) I had another quarrel with Mom, which led to me leaving my home in a few hours. She was calling me, ordering to return right now, but this decision to leap away for a better life was final.

I started a new life from scratch in another state and met Alan. He's a good boy. Well, not rich, not a talk of the town... but reliable, handy and a good lover.

Then Mom fell very, very ill. A pneumonia. Her time was running out, and by then I came to reconsider our disagreements. I booked a flight back home, but decided to have a special night with Alan before we were going to be pulled apart for some time...

This is where things got messy. I woke up late and had to hurry the taxi driver to get us to the airport in time. In the airport, I... uh...

Wait. I didn't get to the airport, did I? What happened, then?

Una woke up lying on a sports mat. Her whole body was either aching or itching. She saw the white latex swimsuit lying by her side and swiped it away.

She slowly came to remember the place she was in, as well as her objective. It made the girl find the strength to stand up, find her balance and move towards the gym's exit, groaning from the pain like a granny.

"Hey. You forgot something."

Sighing deeply, Una kept her part of the deal and picked up the black boots, as well as the key and the remote.

As she approached the final door without further obstacles, a green ray double-scanned her, and then the door opened on its own, showing nothing but blackness. With nothing better than to enter, Una stepped inside and suddenly felt the gravity disappearing completely. When she looked back, she did not see the door anymore. In a few seconds, her eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, and the girl could see many stars shining around. Strangely enough, she could not make any familiar constellations out of them.

"I must be so far and so lost..."

After that, there was more light close to her as someone lit the candle right in open space. That seemed even stranger than her being able to breathe and not feeling the absolute zero freezing the hell out of her, so it had all of her attention.

Candlelight has outlined a male face from the other side of the candle. It looked 40-ish, with short black hair and deep moustache. His long nose and chiseled chin gave him away:

"You must be the Architect."

"I'm D.H.W., or simply Hades, and yes, I have created this place after I was sent here myself. And you must be Una Malcolm, the first ever person to make peace with your inner voice and exit The White Mall.

As it is the thing that matters, I must tell you that you will be going home, even though it lies across galaxies from here. I am ready to answer your questions now, and I'm sure you have them with you along with these pretty boots.

Una was terrified at first, but that was mostly the surprise of meeting a person for the first time in a...

"How long have I been there?"

The architect said without looking at his wristwatch:

"Twenty eight Earth hours fifty eight minutes."

"Tell me how you got there and how you made uh... The White Mall."

"The White Mall was named after its most frequent interior color. Which, in its turn, was inspired by the color of our lab's walls. We were scientists exploring a newly found interdimensional rift. One day I violated the rules of safety and common sense and came too close. The rift swallowed me and sealed itself.

Then I was there. Somehow I managed to think about getting warm, and I got warm in this very space, in the middle of nothing. I thought I needed air to breathe, and then I had it. Then I questioned myself if I can create, and it turned out that I could.

What to make if you can make anything at all? Your deepest fantasies. Another, secret field of my study was psychology of women. Don't get me wrong, men's psychology is also very interesting, but it's different. Minds of people of your sex thrill me more, and I created this undoubtedly twisted place only to realize... that my powers are only absolute as long as they are fueled with them. With objects of my study.

What is the worst part of alien abductions in the movies? They take the person who does not want to go. They has relatives, friends, people that depend on them. I never wanted to become a movie alien, so I decided that I'll only take girls who passed away timelessly... before they should have.

"That means... I died?"

"Yes, you did die. The taxi driver wanted to slip through under the red light. The truck could not stop that quick. The passenger died within a second."

"Holy shit! I wanted nothing like this. I only wanted to visit my mother one last time!" - Una imagined her lifeless body dragged out of the car back on Earth and started crying.

"As I said, you will be going home. Alive. I have the power to send you back. The others before you, however...

It is a rather simple puzzle: put this on, find the key there, and get through once you have enough of the pieces on you.
" - his speech pace slowed down for a couple seconds at this point, and as the candlelight only showed the man's face it was hard to tell if he was aroused just by getting his mind to think about all these torture devices the 'mall' was stuffed with. - "But what if I took their emotions, impressions and inner desires... and gave it a voice."

"That's what you did to me. The voice was trying to trap me there."

"Your battle with the voice was going on long before you got here. You were readier than everyone before you. Those who fail the challenge stay there and feed my powers for eternity."

"Like that hanging girl in the mask!"

"Her chance left her quickly, but it was a consequence of her own decisions. Even once deprived of any chance to leave, they can stay for unlimited time and enjoy themselves. The rest of the girls are still wandering around in the ever-growing mall, keeping me almighty in my realm. Many of them still have a chance to have another try at life on Earth, while some must stay. I see them all and I'll keep the mall growing until it it is a solid sphere around the universe itself." - He smiled with his white teeth. - "Who knows, perhaps it will be enough to save it from another Big Bang."

"I don't fucking care for your Big Bangs, why make the steel collars, why make latex corsets, why make sky-high heels? Isn't there any other way to test how my brain works?"

Some of his face muscles eased, and his smile now looked utterly creepy.

"There won't be until the powers that placed me there choose someone else for my job."

As Hades burst into laughter, Una wished to unhear everything she just heard from this deeply ill-minded person. She did not want to talk to him, she just wanted to go to Mom...

"One last thing, since I am the first and stuff... Can you give... uh... a chance to another person of my choice?"

"We have her!" - one of the medics shouted, and Una took her first breath back on Earth.

After the transportation, she was placed in a hospital. They told her that her life was not in danger anymore and she was going for full recovery, but they scheduled some scans for tomorrow to check if any of her body parts received any damage that went unnoticed. That meant she would not be there for her.

"Your belongings are here, Mrs. Malcolm. Purse, jeans, booties, shirt... boots. Do you need anything right now?" - the nurse asked.

"Yes, can you check if my phone is alive."

"Let me see... it is." - she opened the purse and handed the device to the patient. It was fine, aside from a big crack on the protective film.

She unblocked the screen. Thirty-ish minutes since she checked the time in the taxi. No calls, but the hospital had Alan's number, so he was on the way.

The call was in the middle of the night. Candace's excited voice said:

"Hello Una, this is Candace. Alan texted that you are going to be fine, and I hope for that too. I wanted to tell you that something weird just happened. Mom had a clinical death, but... Then she didn't. When she opened her eyes, they were full of life. She wanted to call you, but I decided that it would be safer not to do that.

I wouldn't believe that a few minutes ago, but now the doctors say she's going to live. I hope you will get well soon and come for a family celebration in... any day, I guess. Whatever. Crazy stuff. Bye-bye."

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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