Peanut Butter Pie
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"Uh." I said as my brain shut down. Before I could say anything else, Betsy was already halfway to the door, leaving me to deal with the stares of everyone the restaurant.

And the check. This meal had been "Her treat," as I had just maxed out my cards paying for a new transmission. I did not have enough money to cover her Surf and Turf.

That was when a woman slipped into the vacant chair. I thought she must be the owner.

She gave me a bright smile and said, "Well?"

Did she somehow know I was broke? "Well....?" I echoed.

"What the fuck IS wrong with you?" she said calmly. "You've piqued my curiosity. Oh Yummies!" she blurted as the dessert Betsy had ordered was placed in front of her.

The waitress was visibly confused by a new woman across from me.

"He's Mormon." the stranger explained. "One wife gets the dinner, I get dessert."

The waitress edged away from my table and I wished I could join her.

"Would you like some pie?" The woman offered, "It is excellent!"

"I'm lactose intolerant and I have a peanut allergy." I explained.

"Did she know that?" She asked, her voice hardening.

"Yeah, I mean I mentioned it on our last date...although I guess this is now our..."

"Let me guess." she said, cutting me off. "This was your fourth date."

"Third." I corrected.

"This place was her idea." Her flat voice continued.


"She ordered the most expensive items on the menu." She wasn't asking, she was telling me.

"I didn't check, but yeah, it was up there. It didn't matter because it was her treat and..."

"And you are broke."

"New transmission." I said quietly.

She sighed as her fork hit the empty plate. "How long did it take for you to realize you were being set-up?"

"What do you mean?" I stammered.

"She takes you to a restaurant you can't afford, makes a public scene and leaves you with the check."

"Well, maybe..."

"And!" She continued, ignoring my comment, "She orders you with an expensive dessert you can't touch and if she HAD eaten it, that would have made it impossible for you two to kiss! She had it all planned."

"It wasn't like that!" I protested, knowing that it was exactly that.

"Where are your leftovers?" She asked quietly.

Long gone, of course, Hers AND mine.

"I will give her credit for one thing; I did not know anyone could stomp while wearing stilettos." She said.

I had nothing to say. I had been a fool and I deserved what had happened.

There was one thing I had to say. "Are you the owner?" It was time to admit I couldn't pay.

"No," she said, "But I'll call him for you. Marcel!"

"No, wait don't..." Too late. An impeccably-dressed man strode to our table.

"Miss Prudence," He said happily, "I was not aware that you would be joining us tonight."

"I'm just picking up a few dinners for the staff." She answered, "Now Marcel, why haven't you told me about that Peanut Butter Pie?"

"New Item! Do you approve?"

"I love it! What will I have to do to get a pie added to my order?" She purred.

"Are you able to wait for twenty minutes, or would you rather have it delivered?"

"We'll wait in my van." Marcel nodded. "Oh Marcel," She said before he could leave. "Add this to my account." indicating my table.

"Of course." he said as he left.

No, please." I protested, "You can't."

"I can, you can't." She corrected. "Where is your car?"

"Still in the shop." I admitted.

"Of course it is. Well, if you don't mind waiting, I'll give you a ride home."

"That would be wonderful," I said. "I will repay you, it just might take a bit." I spotted the waitress who had served me. "Please excuse me for a moment." I hurried over to her and gave her what little money I had. It wouldn't have paid for the meal, but it made a nice tip. Silently, I followed my savior around to the loading area to a black cargo van. Although curtains blocked my view of the back, I could smell the dinners that had already been loaded. "But why are you doing this?"

"I don't like seeing nice guys abused. There aren't enough of you. So," she added after a short pause, "Tell me about tonight."

I gave her a quick history of Betsy and me; the website where we met and everything leading up to tonight.

She listened intently, then asked, "I have to admit, I'm still curious. What did you say that allowed her to storm off?"

"She asked about sex." I said softly

"Doesn't sound too horrible. What kind of sex?"

"She asked what I was into." My voice was almost a whisper.


"I said I hoped to tie her up."

She was quiet for a bit. "And?..." She finally said.

"That was enough." I continued. "Like most women, bondage scares them away."

"Wrong!" she snapped. "According to a recent survey, 60% of women and 40% of men have some sort of bondage fantasy."

"I must be meeting the other 40%." I said dryly.

"There is more to bondage than tying up the lady. Sometimes. the lady ties you!"

"There's the other problem," I said. "If I were to bind a woman, she would have my full attention. I would make sure she enjoyed herself and had multiple orgasms."

"You brute." She said softly.

"But if a woman were to tie me up," I said, ignoring her comment, "Bang, I'm suddenly wearing a bra and panties as she see how big of a plug she can shove into my ass."

"That doesn't happen every time!" She protested.

"It does as far as I can tell."

She paused, then asked, "So, how many times HAS a woman bound you."

"Well, never." I said honestly. "I would be afraid to give them the chance."

"Let's see if I can change your mind." She opened for a compartment in the center console and removed a length of chain. She held it up for a second, then put the top of it by my feet. "Hold this." She requested, giving me the rest of the chain.

She reached down and snapped a pair of leg irons around my ankles. The chain was attached to the short chain between the manacles. Her hands flowed up the links to a leather collar. She buckled the collar in place then slipped two fingers under it, testing for tightness.

Next she wrapped another chain around my middle, securing it to the main chain with a padlock.

She reached into the console again, taking out a pair of leather cuffs. I dutifully held out my hands and they were swiftly locked to my belly chain.

"There!" She said, clapping the imaginary dust from her hands. "All nice and secure! Has your ass been invaded?"

"Not yet."

"And I'm still wearing the bra and panties. Although I have to confess, they are not as dry as they were earlier."

"That's....nice??" I ventured. I heard the back of the van open.

"Thank you Marcel!" She called. "Now I add a pair of accessories and we can continue your journey." A padded blindfold blackened my world and I waited for the next piece.

"You said a pair of things." I said quietly.

"Your safe word is three." She said in no-nonsense voice. "Three grunts, three finger snaps, three anything."

I nodded. The back door slammed shut.

"But only use your safeword if you really are in trouble. I have a chastity belt with a butt plug in your size.

"I understand."

She sighed. "Someone forgot to restock the gags in here and all I have is a penis gag. I won't use it if you feel it is humiliating, but I do love to see a man properly gagged.

"No," I said, "I'm willing to trust you." I felt like I had swum into a riptide. I was being pulled in a new direction and all I could do was wait to see where I wound up.

And hopefully, survive the experience.

"Good boy!" She said, sliding the rubber cock into place. "Have you ever been gagged before?"

I grunted No.'

She buckled it into place, much tighter than my collar. I tried to push it out.

I was properly gagged.

"Ever been bound before?" She asked as she started the van. I shook my head no.

"Ever worn a girdle?"

I said nothing and I was afraid to move.


She stopped talking as she drove, and the gag limited my conversational abilities, so I had time to think.

What the fuck WAS wrong with me? I had allowed an incredibly sexy woman to bind and gag me and I was being taken to an unknown location that may or may not have a shapewear waiting for me.

Obviously, my dick was making all decisions.

The last part of the drive involved several sharp turns followed by an echo that told me we were in an enclosed area. We backed up for a few feet until the final stop. Before she unbuckled my seatbelt, I heard the snap of a leash being attached to my collar.

My door was opened from the outside. I heard a girlish laugh. "Janine brought home another one!" She called.

"Is it a waiter or some hapless hitchhiker?" A woman called from the back of the van.

"Neither!" The woman (Janine?) called. "This is an honored guest! He will be treated with respect."

"And orgasms?" Someone asked.

"Well.....yeah," Janine admitted. "Take him to twelve."

"In use." another person answered. How many women were here?

"Room seven?" Janine tried.

"Can do. How many?"

"He deserves three."

I felt a pull on my collar. I meekly followed my captor as I wondered what "Three" I deserved.

A short walk, elevator, short walk, two turns, through a door and I guessed I was in seven.

In what had to be less than thirty seconds, the cuffs and all my clothes were removed. I remained blinded and properly gagged.

Then the ladies sped up. Some sort of mitten was pulled up my right wrist. As my hand popped to the end, my fingers were forced into a fist. I felt her pull laces tight along my arm and then buckle two or three straps closed.

In less than a minute, my right hand had become a useless nub.

While this was happening on my right, a second girl had trapped my left hand the same way.

And a third girl had pulled a leather helmet over my head. I had a moment of panic when I couldn't breathe, but it was over in less than a second. There was a large opening under my nose and I could breathe freely.

My chin slipped into place and she pulled the laces at the back. I felt the leather stretch across my face as it also tightened around my neck.

Three times she pulled on the laces, getting it as tight as she could.

The gag, which I had been able to shift with my tongue, was now immoveable. It wasn't touching my tongue or any part of my mouth. Other than making me keep my mouth open, I might have forgotten it was there.

At least until my tormentor was finished with the helmet. There were four straps attached around the hood that amplified its effect on me.

The first forced the gag even deeper into my mouth. It still didn't touch anything, but now it demanded my attention.

The next went from the top of my head to under my chin. It made me bite into the gag and made opening my mouth an impossibility.

The third just pressed the padded area over my eyes a bit harder. Other than the pressure increase, it didn't have an effect.

The final strap was the built-in collar. Just in case the helmet was going to spontaneously slip off without it.

While my helmet was being adjusted, the two who had trapped my wrists had put a strait jacket on me. It wasn't until they yanked the straps that went on either side of my balls that I realized what I was wearing it.

I was distracted!

My arms had not been wrapped around my body...yet.

I could feel my cock bobbing in front, begging for attention. As loathe as I was to admit it, This was fantastic.

One girl grabbed my cock and led me forward. I followed as best as I could and was soon helped up onto a narrow table that was just wide enough for my body.

They finally eased my bound arms through the loop at the front of my jacket and attached the sleeves down the sides of the table. So simple and yet I was trapped until they were ready to free me.

At my waist, the table split into two small tables and my legs were strapped separately.

The girls were able to effortlessly move my legs widely apart, but I was unable to shift them in any way.

I heard them activate several vibrators. There was padding over my ears, Anything they said was audible, if muffled. But when they rubbed against my helmet, that sound was very loud.

They rubber the vibrators all over my bound head.

My cock somehow grew even harder.

After tormenting me for a while...they stroked my leather-covered body and my naked legs...but never touched me where I so desperately needed to be touched..they finally used the vibrators for their intended purpose.

All I could hear was my blood pounding and the ever -increasing cries of pleasure.

One girl, tiring of her toy, climbed on top of my and rubbed her pussy over my gagged mouth and nose.

Another began to lightly run her fingers down my cock. It felt amazing, but I craved more, so much more.

As if hearing my desperation, a warm mouth slid down my cock as a lubricated finger slid up my ass.

I lost it. The combination of a hot mouth sucking me, the finger dancing within me, the woman's funk I was forced to inhale and, yes, the bondage, gave me the strongest orgasm of my life.

I have no idea how long it lasted; might have been a minute, might have been ten. Although I didn't exactly black out, I did sort of lose connection with the world.

"Watch your head." She said.

"Oh, thank you." I answered. Wait, what happened to my gag....or my bondage? I was helped into a car. Was I naked?

No....but I was still blindfolded. I reached to pull it off and had my hand slapped away.

"Don't do that unless you want to be cuffed again!"

"I'll be good," I promised, sheepishly. My jaw ached from being held open for all that time. I could still smell, and taste, a woman from the involuntary oral sex I had performed.

And I felt....wonderful! Fully at peace.

"Do you still think being bound is horrible?" She asked as the car began to move.

"No," I admitted. "That was..." How could I properly express myself? "This was the experience the rest of my life will be measured against."

"Oh my! Janine was right about you. Such a shame to keep such a talented tongue trapped behind a gag. Next time, we will have to hear more of your pretty words."

"Next time?" I stammered.

Her fingers danced across my lips. "You'll be in my bed, if only in my dreams."

Not wanting to say something that might lessen my chances, I kept silent.

Soon the car stopped and she told me it was time to leave. "Please keep the blindfold on for a minute." was the last thing she said to me.

Dutifully, blindly I stood on the sidewalk until at least a minute had passed. No one commented on my eyeware.

Then I trudged up the stairs to my apartment. Sad that it was over, Thrilled that it had happened and hopeful that it might reoccur.

I examined my face in the bathroom mirror. My face was still imprinted by the gag strap, but my jaw was not aching as much.

I pulled down my pants to take a much-needed shower when I saw it.

During my post-orgasmic stupor, they had locked a chastity on me! I reached down in a futile attempt to pull it off when...I succeeded!

It wasn't a chastity belt, it was just a pair of underwear with the image of a belt printed on it!

I laughed at the souvenir they had left the water heated.

Then I realized I also had the answer to the question.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

Not a fucking thing!


Betsy could not believe her luck, he was perfect! Handsome, so many muscle and rich, rich RICH!

Tonight she was going to blow his mind...and other parts, so that he would never leave her.

She shifted in her silken dress, taking care not to damage it. It was going back to the boutique after this date. There was no way she could have afforded it.

Well...maybe she'd be able to actually buy it once she landed the hunk!

She sipped her wine, debating on which entree to have. The last time she had been to this restaurant, she had enjoyed Surf and Turf. She smiled at the memory.

"I wonder what happened to that poor schlub..." She thought.


The Maitre d Announced loudly as he pointed at her. "SIR, You are always welcome, but we can not allow A PERSON LIKE HER to dine here!"

"Of course I understand." The hunk said softly. "Won't happen again."

Betsy had jumped to her feet as a pair of large waiters approached her. She saw the growing stain on her dress where she had spilled the wine. "What are you going to do about this???" Betsy screeched!

He looked at her as the waiters dragged her away. "I'm going to have the Peanut Butter Pie. I hear it's excellent."

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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