You Belong To Me
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  • Post Date - 10/22/2020

Author's Note: my first story please be nice

hi my name is steve a shy guy of 24 year old it was always my dream to find a mistress that would take me extreme session but never found any and looking for a escort to do the things that fantasies was hard to find. so I almost gave up looking on the net but then I seen a ad from a lady with no photo "are looking for a mature lady that will turn your sick fantasy into reality then you better call me mistress liza" I must of read it about 10 times but i was to scared to call.

Over the days I keep a eye on the ad but my desire got the best of me so about 6pm I call her a sweet little voice told me "to give mistress liza your name and number and hang up" I panic an hang up after that my phone start to ring with a unknown number I answered it "how dare you hang up on me without given me your details I want to know your name now" my name is steve I am so sorry "so you should be I am a lady you don't want to mess with and you will address me as mistress but for now tell me about your mest up fantasy" I was lost for words but somehow I told her that I wanted to tie up to a bed and raped with a strap on mistress "that is so fucked up and I love the idea being a $1000 to this address in one hour time tell know one" she hang up lucky I was able to write the address down and I looked it up on google maps it was cafe about 20 minutes away so i quickly got in my car and heading to atm and then the meeting spot.

When I got there is about 7.30 pm and the car park was dead with 3 car in the parking lot I was starting to think it was a set to rob me but i got out of my car any way to find out the cafe was close about 2 hour ago so dum found I started walking back to my car but one of the cars in the parking moved next to mine and then the window come down " look at the ground steve and get on hands and knees by order of mistress Liza" as I was doing this car door open and all I could here was heels "I will be putting a blindfold on you don't look at me" yes mistress but it was not a average blindfold it was a latex mask and then a collar put away my neck " a collar is neck with a leash and you will stand and I guide you to the boot of my car by the way give me your wallet and phone now" yes mistress I was led to the boot of the car as I fished out my wallet and phone then I was pushed back into the boot "Steve this will be fun I got you and wallet and phone bye"

The car ride was hell thinking what have I done with well a lady I don't know or what she looks like and then I must have fallen a sleep because when I woke the car had stop "get out now" yes mistress I was led to I don't know where "it is time for your fantasy but first your safe word will be mistress I belong to you now strip" I could not strip any faster when I naked I was pushed on a bed then I felt metal cuff around my hand and feet "well steve have ever tried smothering it will be fun" no mistress i will love to try it then I filt her on tip of me and then she drop her ass on my face. I could feel her must be latex panties on my face and I love it but then I could not breath I needed air but all of a sudden mistress let me breath "how was that" mistress i love but before i could say a word she smothered me again but will time it was longer and thought I was going to die but that when she sat up mistress please no more I beg of you "only one way to stop me use your safe word" mistress I belong to you "I can't hear you" and she sat on my face again. It was not long as last time but then she got off me i screamed MISTRESS I BELONG TO YOU "as of the agreement of the safe work this session is over"

I feel like I was safe but a little upset is was over but then mistress uncuffed from the bed "you can take off the mask and look at look at the girl you gave up on" I rep that mask off so fast to see a sexy 40 asian lady in a school girl outfit " can you came with me to my office I need you to do something" do i need to get dress "no just come with me" i walk after to her to her office "I need you to sign this slave contract please" why "because you use your safe word and broke the agreement it is for my safely please sign"

I sign without reading it.

"before I take you back to your car i want to show you one last thing" I would love to and mistress grabed the leash and let me to a room with jail cell "it will be fun jump on in and I will lock you in" ok sound like fun I walked into the cell and mistress locked it "I have idea but I will back soon " she come back with handcuff and red ball gag "put is red ball gag and then hand behind your back so I can cuff you" I did what I was told.

Then a evil look on her face scared me "the contract you sign has a claws in it by you using your safe word you stop the session but if you continue after you legally belong to me welcome to your life slave"

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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