One Mistake
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  • Post Date - 10/25/2020

I've always enjoyed being tied up but I've never had anyone to tie me up so I've always had to do it myself, but having roommates doesn't make it easy. I've always had to schedule my self-bondage sessions around work and them, and even then I've had to keep it simple in case case they came home early. This was the routine for months until one day both roommates announced they were both taking time off work and would be out of town for two weeks. I also had two weeks of vacation time and decided this was the perfect opportunity. This was a dream come true. Two weeks for all the intense self-bondage I could only dream of before.

The week leading up to their departure, I could hardly contain my excitement, thinking of all the ways I could tie myself up without having to worry about unwanted guests, I was euphoric. When they finally left I said my goodbyes and waited for the text saying they were on the plane, and getting ready to leave. Once it arrived I knew I was all clear. I immediately got to work. The first thing I did was a simple hogcuff with a ballgag, nothing fancy, but being able to roll around for as long as I wanted with the chains rattling, and moan into my gag with no concern about anyone hearing me was an exciting new experience. After a couple hours like that I grabbed they keys, uncuffed myself made dinner and went to bed. I decided there was no reason I couldn't take my fun to bed with me. I tied my ankles together, then connected them to the footboard. I then put a penis gag in my mouth and buckled it tightly behind my head, and finish off by tying a setting of handcuffs to the head board and then locking my hands in. I had already tied the key next to them so getting out would be no problem. I had always moved around a lot in my sleep but I could tell it would be a problem that night.

I woke up the next morning and went to stretch, when I couldn't move I panicked before remembering my predicament. Almost immediately my panick turned to arousal and I decided I'd just lie there for a while, pulling on my bonds and moaning into my gag before I decided to get up and have breakfast. The whole time I was eating I was thinking about what to do next until I remembered the position I had wanted to do for a while. When I finished I went into my room and got to work. I started by crossing my ankles and tying them so I couldn't uncross them and tied a rope to the ankle tie connected to a pair of handcufss, then I grabbed a roll of bondage tape and a pair of women's sweatty used gym socks that had been worn for days with being washed I'd bought online. I stuffed both socks in my mouth and wrapped the tape tightly around my head seven times so there was no way of spitting the socks out. Then I inserted a vibrating butt plug in my ass, and then slid up to my bed and tied my genitals to the bedframe with some string. I then looked up to make sure the handcuff key was within reach. After that I took the bondage tape and wrapped it around my head, over my eyes, turned on the butt plug, and cuffed my hands. I was now hogtied, blindfolded, and gagged with my junk tied to my bed and a vibrating butt plug in my ass, and I relished every second of it.

After two hours the battery in the butt plug died and I decided take a break. I had started getting stiff, and my arms, and legs were sore. I reached over and released the string holding the handcuffs key. I heard the key drop, but it sounded like it had fallen further than is was supposed to. I felt a little panicked but reassured myself it was just the tape over my ears that muffled it as I began moving my hand around behind me, trying to find the key. When I still couldn't find the key after two minutes I began to panic. I didn't have a plan B and my roommate wouldn't be back for twelve more days. I moaned into my gag as loudly as I could, but to no avail. Between the socks and the tape, almost no sound came out, and certainly no sound any of my neighbours would hear. I thrashed around, forgetting my balls were tied to the bed. With one pull pain shot through my body as I yanked on the string. Muffled screams flowed from my tightly gagged mouth as I crumpled as much as a hogtied person can. Once the pain subsided I tried one last time to reach around for wherever the keys were, brushing around with my hands and feet as best as I could, to no avail. As long my balls were tied to the bed there was no way I was getting to the keys.

Realizing my only way out was to free myself from the bed I rolled over to reach the string, overestimating how much length I'd given myself. The string held me closer to the bed than I realized and rolling over only resulted in another tug and more muffled screams. I was now more worried than ever. I decided that I'd just have to push through the pain if I wanted to get out of this situation, but soon discovered that it would take more than desire to get me out of this situation as even with pushing throught the pain I still couldn't reach the string keeping me in place. I kept struggling for hours trying to get to it, to no avail. Eventually I gave up. I was exhausted and in more pain than ever before. The saliva that had built up in my mouth had caused all the sweat and dirt in the socks to come free, filling my mouth with a horrible taste. I was helpless as I slowly drifted off to sleep, hoping to wake up and find this was all just a dream.

In the morning I woke up. Unable to move, unable to see, dirty sweat taste still in my mouth. For a few more hours I struggled, still to no avail. How could I have been so stupid as to make a mistake like this? I spent the whole day rolling, pulling and moaning for help. By the evening I was still just as stuck, and I was starting to feel my hunger set in, and my parched throat start to hurt. Despite my helpless state I was incredibly aroused. This was simultaneously the best and worst experience of my life. My hours of struggle had led to more exhaustion and I fell asleep again.

The next morning I woke up, starving, dehydrated, and in gnawing pain. In the night my bladder had finally given up and I woke in a puddle of my own piss and precum. I realized how dire my situation was and got right back to fighting for my freedom. After six more hours I knew I needed to try something else. I realized if I could untie the rope connecting my feet to my handcuffs I'd be able to reach my keys. I desperately reached for the knot as hard as I could. I finally got a grasp of the knot and picked at it for another three hours until finally my ankles came free of my wrists and my feet fell to the ground. I turned my feet away from the bed and brushed them along the floor, for five minutes I tried to find the keys, slowly losing hope until finally, there they were. I picked them up with my toes and dropped them near my hands quickly picking them up and releasing my wrists. Once they were free I quickly untied my genitals and just lied there for a minute, relieved I had made it out of my predicament. When I finally calmed down I sat up and removed the tape over my eyes. After almost three days unable to see, the light of my bedside table felt almost blinding. I removed the tape from over my mouth and spit the socks out. I then removed the butt plug and stood up, relieved to finally be free.

The End
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