Ambers Downfall
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Chapter 1

Amber tapped her pen on the side of her seat impatiently, waiting for her plane to land, waiting to see her family after so long. Until now, Amber had been a student at a prestigious girls school, Oakrite Academy, one for up and coming socialites with rich parents (like hers) that focused on decorum as much as it did writing and mathematics. But now she had finally graduated, only a few days before her eighteenth birthday. She had barely seen her family for years, other than on the occasional holiday, as she had lived close to the school in a small apartment that had been set up for her, under the supervision of the school's staff. It had been rigidly structured, the staff strict, and overall not very much fun, and she was glad to be free of it, and it's rules, regulations, and uniforms. She hadn't even had a change of clothes, and was still wearing her school approved button down, plaid skirt, and stockings.

A driver picked her up at the airport and took her to her family's sprawling homestead, the kind that only wealth can provide. Her mother greeted her at the door, and Amber gleefully ran up and hugged her. Her mother's face, however, surprised her, the lips pulling back into a sneer. "Didn't that school teach you any manners? Pull yourself up, look, you've got dirt on your hem!" Amber's mood fell, and she spent the rest of the evening unpacking. She had hoped to see her sister, who had graduated a couple years before, but Amber had been told that she was out of town on business. Confused, but grateful to be home, Amber passed out on her thick bed, dreaming of her birthday dinner tomorrow.

Tomorrow seemed to come quicker than she expected. Dinner was to be an early one, so Amber spent most of the morning playing dress up, trying on clothes she had brought in for the occasion. Anything was better than her old uniform. Finally she decided on a trim black evening gown, which hugged her figure nicely without being slutty. She pulled her hair into an up-do and was frankly quite impressed with the results.

Amber was disappointed, however, when she realized her sister, Jade, was still not home. Then again, she'd missed Jade's big birthday dinner, so maybe it was only fair. Her mother still seemed strangely distant, and was eying her peculiarly. Several other members of the family had come to attend, as well as some family friends, all of them closer to her mother than herself, and some people she didn't recognize. She'd left most of her friends behind at school. Dinner was still delicious, however, and as events were wrapping up her mother tinked the side of her fluted glass delicately, calling attention to herself.

"Today we watch the culmination of a lifetime. A young girl has blossomed into a beautiful lady. This day marks a new path for her, a new future. From this day on, her life will be different, and I feel honored to be able to guide her into womanhood." There was polite applause, and she felt all eyes in the room upon her where she sat at the end of the table. Some of them had a look she couldn't quite place, and it made her uncomfortable. "Now we shall present your gift, for my young lady on her 18th birthday." Her mother's smile was broad.

Two servants brought in a box, wrapped in a bow, which they placed on the table before her. She curiously opened it, and quickly grew confused. All that was in the box was what looked like an armband, but bigger. It was made of black leather, with a large O-ring on the side opposite the clasp and smaller ones along the side. She pulled it from the box, turning it this way and that, not understanding.

"That, my dear, is your new collar. From this point on you are entering my service. Any standing you thought you had is gone. You are now my slave. I own you." Her mother's smile was still beaming. Amber was shocked, and dropped the collar, tried to push away from it. But the two servants, still present at her sides, grabbed her upper arms and held her still, which only caused her to struggle more, but in vain. A third servant grabbed the collar and strapped it around her neck. She felt a lining of soft cloth but also cold metal.

"Cease your struggles this instant," barked her mother, pulling a small device, like a remote, from her garments. She pressed a painted nail to the device and Amber was wracked with pain. The collar must have had some sort of system installed, like those made for dogs. Amber whimpered, and, breathing heavy, stopped her fighting. The pain was already gone, but the memory was vivid.

"Jade! Come in girl!" her mother commanded loudly. A door at the end of the hall opened and her sister entered. She was completely naked, save for a collar like the one around Amber's neck, anklets with tiny bells that jingled when she walked, and some sort of ball gag. Drool was dripping down her chin. Her eyes looked forlorn upon seeing Amber.

"Faster, you slut," snapped her mother, "Meet your new sister slave. Except she isn't dressed like a slave, is she? No, she isn't. Go give her a hand."

Jade nodded, and approached Amber quickly, her hands immediately reaching for the straps of Amber's dress. Amber pulled away, aghast, from the horrifying sight of her sister as she was. Jade tried again, managing to pull it down off her shoulder before Amber wriggled free again. "STOP! What are you doing?! Jade, it's me, help me! Get me out of here!"

"Oh enough of this," growled her mother. She reached down and grabbed a knife from the table, marching over and grabbing Amber's hair, pulling her head back. With quick motions she began to carve at the cloth, tearing her dress to pieces. She didn't stop there, either, continuing to dismantle her attire, including her bra and panties, leaving her naked. She then turned the knife on her hair, chopping it crudely so it fell just at her chin. Amber's tears streamed down her face, her makeup in dark trails, and she pleaded over and over again for it to stop, but it was useless.

Her work done, her mother pushed her up on the table, sending platter ware careening off the edge. "You are mine now, to do as I please. Your body is mine, I made you, I own you!" Her mother grabbed her breast harshly, pulling and tugging, as her mother leaned over her naked body, her other hand exploring her naked body. Fingers found the flesh of her pussy and started to tease and spread her lips. "All of this is mine, you little bitch. I control your life now. You can't leave this place, and anything you do to fight me will only bring you pain!"

It was then she grabbed Amber by the hair and pulled her from the table again, dragging her across the hall. The assembled guests did nothing, despite Amber's desperate pleas, and instead seemed pleased and encouraging. It made Amber feel sick. Her mother, with the help of Jade, eventually forced her onto a large table, strapping her in using fixtures designed for this purpose.

Her mother gave her ass a sharp smack, looking very pleased with herself. "I am now going to show you exactly what you are, you little shit. I spent a good deal of money crafting the perfect slave, and you had best not disappoint me. I demand perfection!" He mother climbed up onto the table herself, hiking up her dress as she did so, revealing her naked, shaved pussy. "Now pleasure your mommy, you little cunt, or else I'll have to shock you again."

Amber, tears rolling over her face, leaned forward, but apparently not fast enough. Her mother grabbed her hair and forced her face into her wet pussy. How could her own mother be so turned on by this? She didn't understand. Desperately she started lapping at it, terrified of the pain from before. Her mother started to moan, grinding her face in harder.

"Now, just to establish you're absolute role of fuckmeat, I took the time before your party to auction off that sweet virgin pussy of yours. Your Uncle John won. It was truly a substantial amount. I think he'd been saving up for years." Amber stiffened, and to her horror felt fingers sliding along her backside, parting her lips. She tried to pull away, but her mother slapped the back of her head, forcing her down again. She felt a stream of cold liquid dripped down over her pussy, then slowly get rubbed in. She could feel fingers being pushed inside her, causing her whole body to shudder.

But what came next was worse. She felt something thick and hard push inside of her. Presumably her uncle's cock. He could barely get it in, and ended up forcing it, pushing hard against her, grabbing at her waist, pulling her into him. She felt disgusted, like she was going to throw up. She then felt her mother's nails digging into her skull, reminding her of her assigned task. She forced herself to keep licking her own mother's clit as she felt her uncle's hard member thrusting in and out of her rhythmically, getting faster and faster, her uncle groaning and finally spasming as his hot load shot into her, his cock throbbing deep inside of her. He pulled out, the sticky threads dripping down the inside of her thighs.

Her mother obviously got off to her own daughter's abuse, growing hotter and louder as her own brother fucked her daughter. When John came, she was soon to follow, covering Amber's face with her musky juices. "Such a good little slut," she sneered, "You really took that like a champ. Don't worry, though, you'll have plenty of time to please everyone here tonight. You better enjoy it though, because after this you're going to be locked up tight while you go through training. Maybe when you become a good girl like your sister, we can let you free again."

Her mother beckoned Jade over, removing the gag. "Thank you, Mistress," she spoke softly, her eyes looking at the ground.

"Be a dear and go clean up your sister."

"Yes, Mistress."

Without skipping a beat, Jade crouched behind Amber's exposed parts, lapping up the spilt cum, thoroughly drinking down every drop. While she did this, their mother began to fondle Amber again, pinching her nipples, playing with her pussy, sticking her fingers, coated in John's cum, in Amber's mouth. "Does it taste better than Mistress's pussy?," she cooed.

Sensing the trap, Amber replied cautiously, "no, of course not."

Her mother's strike was quick and harsh, leaving a sharp sting on the side of her face.

"No, WHAT?" she snapped.

"No... Mistress," Amber quaked.

"Tell me how I taste."

"You taste delicious. Mistress."

"Good. You better get used to it. Your pathetic whore mouth and my perky pussy are going to become gooood friends."

Amber swallowed. She could still feel Jade's tongue, exploring the folds between her legs. Whatever was to come next, she dreaded it.

Part 2 (added: 2020/11/09)

The end of the night found Amber curled up in a ball on a ragged mattress in one of the mansion's various spare rooms. She was uncertain if she had ever been in it before, so did not know how it appeared before its conversion into a slave quarters. Jade was curled up close by, saying nothing.

Amber had, over the course of the night, been made to pleasure every guest at the party. Not only had her virginity been auctioned off, but apparently her ass as well. She couldn't stop recalling the feeling of cold fingers plunging into her asshole, massaging, and then the grunt of some man she didn't know as he plunged his rock hard cock into her, fucking her ass until she felt raw before finally coming inside of her. For the rest of the night her ass, pussy, and mouth were thoroughly occupied, and that was only the start of it. Some of the guests had been worse than the others, delighting in slapping her, pinching her, and grabbing her. Several even used some sort of thick whip on her. By the end of it she'd been reduced to a mass of quivering flesh, sobbing and humiliated.

By now she mostly felt in shock. She lay there, her body aching and sore. She had no idea what to make of this, or what to do. Some of those people had been family, and they'd been all too happy to join in. Who was she supposed to turn to? What were her options? She curled up tighter.

After some time Jade approached, quietly, leaning close, appearing uncertain as to whether she should touch her. She finally spoke, softly, in a barely audible whisper, "We are supposed to be quiet, but this girl wants you to know she feels sorrow for you. She knows it is very hard. She wishes she could say it will get better, but it won't, Sister will just get used to it. This girl... she... tried to fight, when she was collared. Please do not do this, Sister. Just let it do. Sister knows the house is walled in, Sister has seen that everyone knows. There is no escape. Just be a good girl and let it happen, do not fight back. It will only be worse for you."

Long streams of tears flowed down Amber's face. Was there really no option? Jade squeezed closer, finally deciding to embrace her, pulling her close. Amber felt awkward in the nakedness.

"This girl is still your sister. This girl will help you where I had none," Jade whispered.

Amber sniffed and nodded, swallowing down a sub.

"Tomorrow," Jade continued, "Mistress is having more company. She will want to show you off. This is important company, and Sister should be on her best behavior. Sister will be expected to pleasure one of the ladies. Sister will be punished if she does not do well..." Jade trailed off. "This girl will... help you. This girl will teach you how this girl learned to give pleasure. Please let this girl do this. This girl wants to help you. This is the only chance this girl has, tomorrow Sister will be locked up." Jades eyes pleaded. "This girl does not want to see Sister hurt anymore."

Amber was silent for some time, before giving the slightest nod. Jade smiled broadly, like an eager puppy. "This should feel very good for Sister, please try to relax, this girl will show you, it is good, Sister will learn to enjoy it"

Quick as a fox, Jade delicately pried apart Amber's folded form, running her hands over her nakedness, gently massaging her sore parts. Her hands were so different than those from before, gentle and delicate, strangely inquisitive. Amber felt odd, as if she were some prized object being examined and enjoyed, like a priceless cloth gown. Jade softly began to massage her breasts, and Amber at first began to pull away, but, loathe to disappoint her older sister and reassured by Jade's cool confidence, finally caved.

Jade's touch was almost narcotic, the way she wrapped her fingers around her full breasts, raising her nipples to attention. Her mouth was even more so. Throughout the experience, Jade's voice came in whispered instructions, though Amber was finding it hard to follow, her brain a rush of sensation.

Slowly Jade made her way down her body, massaging her inner thighs, and then delicately parting her pussy lips with two fingers before ever so slowly beginning to lap at her clit. Amber was no longer concerned about her plight, or that she was getting head from her sister, she just never wanted Jade's sweet attentions to stop.

Slowly Jade inserted two fingers into Amber's pussy, carefully so as not to agitate it further. She hooked them upwards, running them along the insides of her, her tongue and lips still dancing over her clit, bringing Amber to ecstasy. Finally she could no longer take it, and was shuddering in orgasm, something she never would have thought to experience that night.

Without thinking she reached down and pulled her sister up to her, kissing her deeply. Jade was at first startled, then eagerly returned the kiss, wrapping her hands around her. Amber felt a desperate need to be closer to her, and began to explore her sister's body in much the same way as Jade had explored hers. Her breasts were full and soft, and, to her surprise and, though she was loathe to admit it, pleasure, she found her pussy was dripping wet. She slid her fingers between Jade's soft folds, finding her hard clit, and started massaging it. Her lips did not leave her sister's mouth however, so eager she had become in her strange insanity. Finally her reward came in Jade's quivering pulsations, and the two collapsed on the mattress, entwined.

The next morning the sisters were kicked awake and dragged bodily into the hall by their mother, who was glowering down at them. Jade nearly burst into tears at seeing her displeasure. "I know what you two were up to last night," their mother snarled, "How dare you touch my property like that?"

"This girl is sorry, Mistress," Jade said mournfully, kneeling on the carpet, head down.

"You should be!" Their mother revealed a heavy whip, and, pushing Jade down with her foot, began to strike at the girl.

"Please stop!" Amber's voice came, before she thought to stop it, "She was just trying to help me learn!" Amber clamped her hand over her mouth, terrified.

"Is that so?" the whip came down with another crack, "Well, Jade usually is such a good girl, and I never told her not to. Alright, little one, come here to Mistress." Like a small child, Jade scampered over, grabbing at their mother's leg, rubbing her face into it. Their mother reached down and played with her hair.

"As for you, you little cunt," their mother roughly grabbed Amber's hair shoving her to the ground, "You must NEVER talk back me, and you must ALWAYS use my title. I am always right, and you only live to serve me and fulfill my amusements. Or did your slutty sister not tell you that much?" She raised the whip and brought it down over Amber's back. It burned like a flame, causing her to gasp. She knew that fighting it would only be worse, so she took it, again and again, until her mother's aggression died down. "Now, see how kind I was? You are new, so I went easy on you. This will not happen again, understood?"

"Yes, Mistress," Amber croaked.

"Now tell me how kind and merciful I am."

"My mistress is the most kind and merciful woman I know"

"Very good. You are a fast learner, unlike your dolt of a sister."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"Now, from now on there shall be no fucking around for either of you. I don't want you going and spoiling yourselves. Pleasure is a gift that I alone give, and I can't let either of you having it all willy nilly. Amber, come here."

Amber crawled over, afraid to look up from the carpet.

"Put this on girl"

There was a thud as a metallic object landed in front of her. She vaguely recognized it as a chastity belt. Begrudgingly she tried to fit into it's fasteners, but was uncertain of how it worked.

"Ah, er, Mistress, beg pardon, but how do I..."

The crack of the whip interrupted her, and she felt the flame of the lash over her shoulder.

"You are no longer a person, Amber, you are a thing. A toy, fuckmeat. As I bred you from my loins to be. You will refer to yourself in a manner befitting of such a possession. Jade, help your idiot sister into the belt."

Jade did as instructed, without a word. Amber was afraid to speak again, and in silence their mother rounded them up, locking a chain to the collars and guiding them to the dining room.

"Under the table," their mother barked, and the girls scrabbled to comply. Their mother locked the chains to the base of the table, so that their range of motion was rather limited. They were forced into a kneeling position, and if they were to sit too far up they would bump their heads into the heavy wood. The position was uncomfortable, and the chastity belt made it worse.

Their mother left, and returned some time later with two women Amber did not recognize. They were talking and laughing. Her mother invited them to take a seat, and they did so, directly in front of herself and Jade. Her mother spoke warmly to them. "Please, make yourself at home. My slaves are here for your enjoyment, and are eager to attend to your needs."

The women murmured approval and began to touch and examine Amber and Jade, complimenting their mother on her work. The woman in front of Amber had a fascination with her lips, and would swirl her fingers over them, touching them to her tongue, then finally forcing them down her throat. Amber had to use all of her control not to gag. "My, isn't she but precious," the woman cooed, then promptly pulled back the cloth of her dress to reveal her naked pussy. "I hope you are as good as your sister, you little whore," she said, sounding as if she were talking to a toddler.

Part 3

The women murmured approval and began to touch and examine Amber and Jade, complimenting their mother on her work. The woman in front of Amber had a fascination with her lips, and would swirl her fingers over them, touching them to her tongue, then finally forcing them down her throat. Amber had to use all of her control not to gag. "My, isn't she but precious," the woman cooed, then promptly pulled back the cloth of her dress to reveal her naked pussy. "I hope you are as good as your sister, you little whore," she said, sounding as if she were talking to a toddler.

It was obvious what she wanted, but after the night before Amber felt beyond repulsed by the idea. She also knew she had no choice, the weight of the collar around her neck a constant reminder of the consequences of refusing. Amber forced herself to press her lips to the woman's dripping pussy, trying to recall what Jade had shown her. A quick glance in Jade's direction revealed her sister vigorously nuzzling between the other woman's legs, seeming almost pleased with herself. It was a bizarre site, and Amber was briefly frozen before being brought back in by a firm pressure on the back of her head, pulling her into the pussy in front of her.

Amber, resigned to her fate, obediently began to lap and suck at the lips and clit, doing her best to please and thus avoid punishment. The woman, in the meantime, was winding her hands through her hair, pushing Amber into her, occasionally pulling on Amber's hair or grinding against her. Eventually the woman's legs shuddered against Amber's cheeks and she knew she'd had at least a modicum of success.

The woman patted Amber's head and then promptly acted like she didn't exist, sort of shoving her away and tidying up with a napkin, probably brought in for that purpose. A small bell was rung and a string of servants brought in plates of food, laying them before Amber's mother and her guests. They started chatting away as if nothing was strange about the arrangement. The woman before Jade made several pleased comments about Jade's performance and looks, prompting Amber's mother to ask about her "new acquisition". The response was less than stellar - it was apparent that she was not displeased, but not impressed.

For some reason, this made Amber feel weirdly disappointed. She had always been a people pleaser, but this made no sense. Why should she care about what these crazy women thought? This was inhumane torture, and Amber should be thinking of ways to escape.

The meal continued, and Amber began to notice her sister behaving oddly. She would continue to nuzzle at the legs of the woman in front of her, and went so far as to playfully lick at the woman's pussy. This brought giggles and a hand that pushed her away, but it also eventually brought other awards in the form of food snuck from the table. Amber felt a gnawing hunger growing in her own gut.

Jade continued her antics, eventually prompting the woman in front of her to express interest in making further use of her following the meal, explaining that the girl had been so good that she wanted to reward her. Their mother graciously consented. The girls were brought up from under the table. Amber was made to sit a ways away, kneeling down, while Jade was ordered on top of the table. The women spent some time admiring her form, playing with her flesh, tickling and teasing, and Jade acted like she loved every minute, playing the part so very well. Eventually the descended upon her pussy, parting the lips, touching and feeling, commenting on how wet it was.

That was a trick Amber was sure she would never figure out. How could Jade be wet? Some trick of mind over matter surely. She certainly couldn't be enjoying it.

Amber's mother produced a structure, which at first looked like another chastity belt, but it soon dawned on Amber as to it's actual nature. It was a strap on. The woman who'd requested Jade eagerly hiked up her sundress and climbed into it. In it's final position it appeared a small numb was pressed into the wearer's pussy. Amber was sure it was to provide some function of pleasure, but was not entirely sure. Maybe it vibrated, or moved along with the attached strap on.

The woman, once strapped in, began to tease Jade's pussy lips with the tip of the dildo, slickening it in her juices. Jade whimpered, arching her back.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" the woman asked, teasingly.

"Yes, please fuck me Mistress" Jade replied, her voice quivering.

The woman needed no more incentive, and quickly forced the dildo into Jade's waiting pussy, causing Jade to gasp and cry out. The woman didn't let up, driving the silicone rod in and out of Jade at a surprising pace. The look on Jade's face was peculiar, some strange mix of emotions.

Amber felt embarrassed watching her sister get pounded. She was extremely vocal too, moaning and making sharp noises as the dildo plowed into her. She was an amazing actress, she seemed to honestly be enjoying it. Amber's gaze was fixed, and, though she felt ashamed, she couldn't look away. To her horror, she felt a heat building inside of her. She felt disgusted with herself. Was she really getting turned on by the site of her own sister? But this only made her remember the feel of Jade's lips, of kissing her, of touching her body. Amber felt her wetness slicking the inside of the chastity belt, but still could not make herself look away.

Jade gave another, louder cry, her whole body shaking and convulsing. At first Amber found herself admiring her sister's acting chops, but then a sinking realization hit her. Jade hadn't been faking that. There was no way, not with the way her body twitched and shuddered. Her sister had been enjoying every minute of that.

The woman gave a few more pumps before dissolving into her own orgasm, pulling out the dripping strap on from Jade's still twitching hole. Jade began stammering a string of thank yous, and turned herself around, attempting to lap at the woman's now dripping cunt, but was pushed aside.

"Now now, that's enough of that, slave. Perhaps I'll play with you again later"

The two girls were then unceremoniously left on the floor in the corner while the women chatted some more. Amber still felt her pussy aching, but even had she not been wearing the chastity built would never have allowed herself to do anything about it here, in this place. After some time two dishes of indiscernible gray brown slop were plopped in front of them. Jade didn't hesitate and dropped her face into the bowl, lapping it up. Amber hesitated, then followed suit. She noticed Jade refrained from using her hands, so she did the same, afraid of what punishment she might suffer otherwise.

The food was bland, but not disgusting. Some sort of mix of oats, perhaps. Compared to the feast she had last night, however, it was trash. She ate it all, though, not knowing when she would be fed again.

Part 4

The afternoon did not go much better. Amber and Jade were made to play a variety of roles, from passive servants to footstools. At one point Amber was made to lick clean one of the women's high heels. She could still taste it on her tongue. When she had not done it fast enough her mother had whipped her with a strip of cord over her backside. When she mistakenly talked about herself without using "this one" or "this girl" she had been shocked. The shocking was the worst. By the end of the day, she was mentally and physically worn out. She was fed more slop, and expected to crawl back into bed, or at least onto the mattress on the floor, but after seeing the guests out her mother turned on her with a face the picture of rage.

"How dare you embarrass me that way in front of my friends, you little bitch?" Amber's mother reached out and slapped her across the face, sending her sprawling on the floor. "Your behavior was reprehensible, your manners abominable, and your oral services were completely unacceptable. What in the hell did I send you to that fancy school for? You are such a worthless piece of cunt meat. I am so ashamed that I gave birth to you."

Tears pooled in Amber's eyes, but she wasn't given a chance for apologies as her mother grabbed her by the hair and drug her bodily up the stairs. She marched her into the master bedroom, and threw her at the four poster bed. Amber hit her head on the wooden baseboard, but quickly regained her composure. Her mother scowled down at her.

"I will teach you how to be a proper slave, you disgusting slut. I will bend you to my will just like I had your sister. You are smart to follow her lead, she has finally become the good, obedient girl I wanted her to be. You on the other hand..." Amber's mother abruptly spat in her face. She didn't dare move to wipe it off. "You," she continued, "are fucking scum."

Her mother climbed up into the bed and pulled Amber up after her. "You should have paid more attention to your whore of a sister, slut. Now you get to learn to eat pussy from Mommy, and there is no room for mistakes." Her mother pulled Amber into her crotch, already wet and waiting.

Amber did her best, but it was only moments before she felt the strike of a lash and heard her mother disdainfully correcting her mistakes, her voice dripping in disappointment and disgust.

With all of the interruptions, it was a full hour before Amber brought her mother to orgasm, and her back was raw from punishment. Amber was passively dismissed and she made her way to her room. She was not led there, nor followed, but she knew she was probably watched and didn't dare risk some sort of escape attempt. Maybe if she had time to plan something out... but the dream seemed distant and futile.

The next day brought new guests and new torments. Jade's pussy was used to please three men while she was tied up and gagged. Amber was forced to drink the cum from her sister's pussy and then pleasure the men orally. That night she received more "training" in her mother's room, but didn't fare much better.

Days passed in this manner, her body used to entertain guests, though fewer came as time went by. Presumably her mother had been showing off her new toy, but Amber couldn't be sure. She'd begun to lose track of the days when her mother removed the chastity belt for the first time. It was during one of her oral training sessions, and didn't last long. Only long enough for her mother to insert a small rod between her flesh and the belt. With the press of a button, her mother could make the rod vibrate against her clit.

She had come far enough, her mother explained, that she could introduce positive reinforcement. This had the opposite effect at first, for the vibrations made Amber uncomfortable and made her performance suffer. This led to more abuse, and accusations of her being ungrateful, that she was purposefully throwing it in her Mistress's face.

Amber tried hard to remember what Jade told her, about giving in. But thinking about Jade made her feel weird and uncomfortable as well. Her sister, for all she could tell, was honestly getting off when these strangers fucked her, when she was used and abused. Could she honestly become that? The thought made her feel ill.

But the vibrator remained. She was never allowed to cum, mind. She was always brought to the brink of climax before her mother abruptly shut it down again. It was unbearable. Jade was also called in from time to time to tease her. The two were made to touch each other and kiss, like lifesize dolls, to the amusement and pleasure of her mother, who began to make both of them pleasure her at the same time, sucking on her pussy, tits, or even her asshole. Any hesitation only brought pain, so Amber began to space out in their sessions, riding the feeling of the vibration between her legs. Jade's body taunted her, and it seemed to be that even just seeing her anymore got Amber's pussy dripping. She hated herself for it, but that did not stop her from wanting her sister's mouth on her clit.

Amber also, to her growing horror, began to have similar feelings towards her own mother. She knew it had to be some sort of trained response, she couldn't believe it was possibly anything else. But it was there, and growing.

Some time later, it could have been weeks or months or years, Amber didn't know, she was suddenly surprised she had gone through and entire session of her mother's brutal training without punishment. She hadn't realized at first, distracted by the buzzing against her clit. Her mother beamed down at her, so uncharacteristically doting and compassionate.

"Oh my sweet pet, you've done so good. I think it's time for a reward."

Jade was under her, and gave her a slight squeeze, though not stopping from her appointed task, namely sucking on Amber's nipples. Their mother climbed down from the bed, approaching Amber from behind. She pushed Amber down, so that she was flat, face first to the bed, Jade sandwiched underneath her and, to her credit, still sucking her breasts.

She felt her mother unlatch the chastity belt and her heart fluttered... and pussy ached. She had been kept from cumming for so long, and she desperately wanted it, needed it. It consumed her. The cold air on her bare cunt sent shivers throughout her body. Amber felt she would burst.

She felt her mother's fingers exploring her pussy lips. She almost came then, but her mother froze, denying her the pleasure.

"Does my little pet want to be fucked?"

"Yes, please Mistress, fuck me, fuck me, please" Amber whined desperately.

"Well, since you have been a good girl..."

Amber felt the cold thickness of her mother's silicone toy drive between her legs. She felt the rhythmic pounding inside her slit. It was ecstasy, and it was mere moments before she was convulsing in orgasm. But her mother didn't stop, continuing to force the cock in and out of her. And Amber had never wanted anything more. After endless days of deprivation, endless weeks of training and thought manipulation, being fucked by her own mother was Amber's entire world, the only thing she wanted. There wasn't room for disgust or thought of escape. She needed it, would die for it.

After her mother had finished, she smiled and patted Amber on the head. "Such a good slut. You really liked that, didn't you?"

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress."

"Good. From here on out we will begin new training. You will learn to pleasure men with your body as well as women. You will become the ultimate fuck doll slave. Do you want that?"

Years later, after Amber had all but lost any sense of self she had beyond servitude, after she had long misplaced the school girl from before, after she had pleasured countless men and women in her mother's service, after pleasing her Mistress had become her only life and goal, she would look back and remember that moment as the true turning point of her rebirth as a slave.

"Yes Mistress," she breathed.

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