Locktober At The Femboy Mansion
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Author's Note: This is my first story on here, as well as the first time I've written so much. If anyone has advice, I'd really appreciate it. As for the story, I just wanted to get a room full of femboys in chastity and make it fun. I hope you like it.


While the world was burning and everyone was locked inside for the foreseeable future, a honey-blonde woman was dressed up as a teacher for a monthly meeting. Slapping the table with a riding crop, demanding the attention of her so-called class.

"It's going to be October tomorrow. When that day comes, all across the world, perverts will be celebrating Kinktober." The teacher announced, pointing at the whiteboard accompanied by lewd drawings to motivate her class. "It's not a real holiday, of course, but we're going to latch onto the trend. From this week until Halloween, start to incorporate bdsm into your streams."

After the short presentation had ended, the 'teacher' looked out to her classroom. Half a dozen chairs were lined up in front of her desk and on them were just as many girls; all dressed and styled according to a theme. On the left, a bubblegum princess and goth were casually chatting with each other. On the right, a cosplayer, a librarian, and a normal girl were politely listening. Stuck in the middle of them all was a grimacing tomboy.

Each one worked primarily as a cam girl; a person that streamed indecent acts for donations and monthly subscriptions. Most cam girls were independent but these girls worked for a company run by their acting manager, Natalia Argon, who was currently enjoying her role as a teacher.

Ms. Argon reserved full control of their channels and revenue in exchange for some nice benefits. A steady wage, a comfy room, healthcare, and without question they could get anything that could be considered a 'business expense'. Compared to most cam girls, life at the Al Zahra Mansion was comfy. But occasionally, the manager had an idea.

"Now, some of you here might be aware of another version of Kinktober. I know one of you does but for everyone else, face the board!" Ms. Argon demanded the room. Slapping the whiteboard, it flipped over to reveal a single word accompanied by more indecent artwork. "Locktober! For the duration of October, everyone that has one is locked into a chastity device. It sounds really hot so we're going to do it too."

At her declaration, all but two of the girls leaped to their feet and started loudly protesting.

"You can't do that to us!"
"How are we supposed to work?!"
"This has to be illegal!"
"Yeah! A month is inhuman!"

The princess, the goth, the tomboy, and the cosplayer all complained. Of those that remained seated, the librarian was flushed red with a cheeky grin, while the normal girl quietly raised her hand and waited for everyone else to be quiet until she declared: "I have no idea what is happening."

Everyone but the librarian looked over at her before the manager forced out a small chuckle. Opening up a drawer underneath her dress, then one by one, more than a dozen devices were set upon her desk. Some were metal, some plastic, some silicon. Sharing nothing but a ring, a tube, and a locking mechanism.

"The ring goes behind your balls. Then you push the tube-thing over your clit and connected it to the ring, before locking everything tightly in place." Answered Ms. Argon whilst giving a small demonstration, before glaring at the standing girls. "You asked if this is legal. In truth, I don't know.. But it's not a problem if you all do it willingly."

"The only that'll wear that for a month is a masochist like Katie. Don't compare us to her. Besides, our fans like playing with our dicks, if we-" Complained the tomboy before Ms. Argon cut him off.

"Clit. Girls have don't have d-words." She interrupted, correcting her mistake with a cold glare to carve those words into the girls' hearts. Breaking the atmosphere in typical game show fashion, as she wrote on the whiteboard around her lewd illustrations. It was a ranking board, paired with prizes. "This is a challenge and challenges demand prizes. So here are your potential prizes."

1st: 1-month bonus vacation time, plus a paid business trip to Uruguay.
2nd: $5000
3rd: $2000
4th: $1000
5th: Free massage.
6th: Free chastity cage (key not included, lol!)

The girls collectively studied the board and couldn't help imagine being able to do whatever they wanted for a month, in addition to getting a (probably) well-paid business trip. Even the more pessimistic members imagined what they could buy with the prize month.

"As for the rules, once you're locked in, I'll hold the key. You won't get the key back until you formally give up on the main stream or everyone else gives up. The game won't end until we have 5 losers. Got it?" Explained Ms. Argon as she wrote the rules down on the whiteboard. Turning around to the room of anxious, excited, and conflicted faces all staring at her expectantly. Ending with her crop raised triumphantly into the air, declaring: "We'll start tomorrow morning after breakfast. Everyone will be locked up on the main channel tomorrow, so get ready! All your fans will be watching."

Like that, the meeting ended. It was as one-sided as always with their manager pushing everything onto them, regardless of their opinions. The moment they reached the living room, many released a collective sigh that belied their frustration. From there, it only devolved.

"Did you tell her about this Katie?" Growled the tomboy towards the librarian.

Katie, the librarian, always wore a pair of sleek brown-rimmed glasses and an old-fashioned dress. Today, it was an open-chested beige dress paired with a mature, lacy black bra; obviously padded to disguise her flat chest. But the most striking accessory was her leather collar. With a metal 'o' ring and a padlock sealing the buckle, it was clear to everyone that she leaned towards the kinky.

"Oh, don't get mad, Alex. You can just give up on day one and help me pick out some clothes for my vacation. Not that I'd accept any fashion advice from you." Answered Katie mockingly. Maintaining an aura of smugness even as the tomboy followed her to the couch and continued to lord over her.

Alex, the tomboy, kept her grown-out hair confined into a scruffy ponytail. Wearing nothing but boyish clothes like the loose tank top and ripped jeans she wore today. Even if the manager didn't restrict her wardrobe, as long as she didn't give up on the manager's strict hygiene policy, everyone would automatically think she was a woman no matter the outfit.

"You're a bitch, you know," Alex said with obvious disdain.

"Why, thank you, Alex. I didn't know you could give out compliments. I'll get you a souvenir to go with your new cage on my way back from Uruguay." Katie swiftly answered, anticipating the insult.

"Is everyone else just going to let him off with this?" Alex complained, turning around to the other girls with their mixed expressions.

"Her. Don't forget the house rules," Katie added before anyone could jump in, causing Alex to groan.

"Is everyone going to let HER get away with this? She's the reason our-" Alex repeated, stopping herself from repeating the same mistake before continuing. "She's the reason our clits are going to be locked up for the next month."

Following an awkward pause, Jane the normal girl, and the newest member of the house stepped forward from the crowd in her loose crop top and denim shorts. Timidly half-raising her arm, praying that no one would interrupt her as she spoke.

"I don't know much about this event but if Katie didn't suggest it to the manager, there wouldn't be any prizes at all. So let's not fight?" Jane delegated.

"You're only saying that because you've never been in chastity before. It's torture. A month would literally be hell." Alex calmly explained to the new girl.

And as soon as she finished, Katie raised her voice with another taunt. "Don't worry, Jane. Alex is just saying that because she couldn't last an hour in one. You should've seen her when she-"

Before any more could be said, Alex pounced on top of Katie. Covering her mouth with both hands, whilst straddling her hips to maintain her balance. An act that had been repeated and refined on a near-monthly basis. Quickly devolving into a playful fight between the pair, with Katie feigning to struggle until Alex broke out some wrestling pins to keep her firmly restrained. Seeing the pair acting like this, the others shook their heads and broke off for the night.

Honey returned to her bedroom and flipped the light switch, revealing the cotton candy nightmare that was hidden underneath the darkness. From the princess-style canopy bed to the sex toys lined up on her shelves, everything was a variety of soft pastel colors. It was all so childish and girly, just like Honey had always wanted.

After the mandatory toning, moisturizing, trimming, and plucking, it was time to change. Pulling out a paper screen, continuing her act as the 'bubblegum princess' out of habit whilst she exchanged her frilly dress for nightwear.

When the screen next parted, she was dressed in her flowing, semi-transparent camisole and a pair of panties bearing the same floral lace design. True to her theme, it was a soft pastel pink. Twirling around in front of the mirror, Honey couldn't help but admire herself and her outfit. Snapping a selfie for her paying followers before they poured in, wishing her sweet dreams.

Normally, this would be where she'd curl up snuggle up with a teddy bear and sleep. But the thought of tomorrow and the challenge for the month ahead disturbed her thoughts. Blankly staring at her phone as she imagined what would happen. Like most of the girls, she had experience with chastity devices. They kept panties neat and came in all the colors she loved, yet she never wore them offline. She couldn't.

Honey had no illusions that she would win the vacation, however, money was another question. Alex was secured for 6th, which only meant she had to outlast one other besides the obvious 1st place, Katie, for an easy $1000.

Resolving herself to get 4th place, Honey set aside her panties as she moved over to the shelves. Picking out a soft, silicone prostate massager and promptly slipping it inside. With the remote in hand, she sat down in front of the computer and begun her first offline solo performance.

Turning on her computer, the cameras lit up with red lights at her command. Various angles appeared on her screen from the camera on top of her screen, underneath her desk and the one hanging from the ceiling high above. Everything was exposed and she loved it. Tapping on the record button, she activated the prostate massager and began what would turn out to become a very long night.

Throughout the mansion, moans could be heard that night as everyone got ready for the contest.

Chapter 1

1st of October, 2020.

Morning came to Al Zahra Mansion and it was time for breakfast. One by one, the girls trickled downstairs from their bedrooms over a couple of hours; all cleaned up and dressed up for the day, as the house rules demanded. Stumbling around half-asleep until they made their breakfast and found somewhere to sit in the living room to eat. Anxiously munching away as the manager gradually transformed the room around them.

Ropes and chains were hung down from the second-floor balcony overlooking the living room. Even the chandelier had been taken down and replaced with long, thick chains that were barely within reach.

Leather couches were set to either side of a coffee table. At one end was the television that doubled as a recording monitor and now, at the far end of that table was a pyramid. Six small, modern cages were all stacked on top of each other and zip-tied together so they wouldn't budge.

In the background were glass-fronted shelves lined with the usual toys; butt plugs, dildos, vibrating wands. Now, various gags, blindfolds, and restraints joined them from a city of delivery boxes. Everything that couldn't fit neatly was propped up against a visible wall or hung from the balcony; from medieval-looking restraints to hoods to mounts to several dozen padlocks fitted with their keyrings.

Looking over all the preparation made for them, the girls were anxious. Most of them were exhausted from a combination of the night before and their regular, late-night streams. But none of them dared leave their seat. Not until the manager told them to start stretching as she went to get changed. Locktober was about to begin.

When Ms. Argon returned, she had transformed into a dominatrix. Her honey-blonde locks poured out the sides of a leather police cap. The thin, black-latex dress hugged her curves; flaunting everything the girls didn't have. Her tall, stiletto heels tapped against the granite; demanding their attention. She bent slightly forward, seductively tugging at the cups of her dress, warming up a pair of faces to her satisfaction. Fixing her before she addressed the girls.

"So, how do I look?" She asked with a seductive curl.

"The cap is no good, Nat. It'll fall off and make everything awkward at some point," answered the cosplayer in earnest.

"You look great, manager. We can add more accessories later," Katie continued for the cosplayer.

Tossing aside the leather cap, Ms. Argon sighed a little before beginning an impromptu meaning. Unlike a mobster, she couldn't do anything unless her girls consented to everything she wanted. Establishing some rules, limits, and safewords, like a real domme, as the girls mentally prepared themselves for the scene that would soon follow. If they wanted to, they could sit out and still take part in the contest. But no one wanted to miss a paying scene.

"So no one left. Then let's get started," Ms. Argon said, clapping her hands as everyone got into position.

As agreed, the girls crawled or climbed into one of the prepared cages. The thick, sturdy metal bars comfortably contained their universally small bodies; holding them steady, even as the other girls climbed into their respective cages. Once everyone was inside, with a weighted sigh, they locked themselves inside. The instant they did, they became painfully aware of how small the inside of the cage actually was. Uncomfortably shifting around on, and grabbing at, the bars all around them.

There were no hidden keys or loose padlocks. Katie's viewers would be watching after all. Leaving the girls no choice but to stew in their discomfort and anxiety; eyes locked on the keyring hanging from the camera stand.

After all the girls were in place, a red light flashed on the camera stood in front of the television, and on that television, reflected everything the camera saw. The pyramid of caged girls, restlessly shuffling about, and the domme sat on top of their prisons. Leisurely caressing a riding crop as she waited for a dozen viewers to come in before addressing the audience.

"Welcome to the Al Zahra Mansion live stream. I'm Mistress Natalia and these are my girls. You might already know them, but you'll get to know them a little better soon," she said, pushing her crop against Katie's cheek before she turned back to the camera to continue. "This month is Kinktober. To celebrate, our girls are going to try some things they might've never done before for the entire month. Take good care of them, gentlemen. ... I almost forgot. We're doing a little contest this month. Katie."

"Ah, yes Mistress! This month we're going to be- our clits will be locked up," obediently answered Katie, only for the riding crop to lightly, and loudly, smack against her exposed thighs as she seemingly slipped up. Gasping before she seemingly forced herself to continue through the pain. "This month we're celebrating Locktober! For the entire month, our clits are going to be locked up."

"Yes, their little clits are going to be locked up for an entire month. However, I'm not a cruel Mistress. If our girls can endure for the entire month, they'll be rewarded, and so will their fans. But for each girl that drops out, their prize for holding it in will only get larger," Ms. Argon explained to the stream. Satisfied at the excitement and the steady number of viewers despite how early it was, she pointed her crop at the camera and declared. "Tease them, taunt them; do everything you can to help your favorite girl out. It's a chastity royale! The biggest winner will be going to a bondage convention next June and the biggest loser will be locked up after they cum. Now, let's get them locked up."

The donations came in and Lin, the cosplayer, was picked to go first.

Mistress Natalia unlocked her cage and the Japanese schoolgirl crawled out, immediately flushed with color as she stood up to face the camera. Holding down her short skirt until Mistress Natalia dragged her arms into the air, one by one, where she snapped them into a pair of handcuffs suspended from the chandelier pulley. Stretched out as far as she could go, Lin was left dancing around on her toes. Turning away from the camera, desperately wanting to hide the thing poking underneath her skirt.

But Mistress Natalia wouldn't let her hide. Strapping a leather belt around her ankles, she moved behind her and stamped down on the leather belt. Holding her securely in place; forced to face the camera. Squirming against her bonds, praying that it would all be over soon, as a squeak escaped her lips. Suddenly, her skirt and panties were yanked free from her body, revealing the small, hardened clit underneath.

"You're not supposed to get excited when you're about to lose your clit. And yet," Mistress Natalia teased to now flushed Lin, before changing the topic. "Introduce yourself to the gentlemen watching from home."

"I'm Lin. I'm 20 years old. I stream on LoveBunny every day but Thursday," she answered anxiously.

After a moment of silence, Lin winced at the sudden, painful smack to her bare bottom. Her entire body jolted forward, reacting to the pain, only to be held taut by her restraints as the crop menacingly tapped her reddened flesh. "Is that all you have to say about yourself? Why not tell the audience why you're dressed up like a schoolgirl, Lin?" Mistress Natalia suggested.

"Ah, ah," moaned Lin as she contemplated the embarrassment. Pushing herself forward to avoid another smack, rapid-firing her words just to get it over with. "I'm a cosplayer! I like dressing up in cute dressed and costumes! Whenever I'm dressed up, I play with myself in front of a camera for money! Happy?"

After her confession, the cosplayer lost the strength to talk back. Staring blankly at the camera and the stream playing on the television behind it, plainly displaying her humiliating position for everyone to witness. Shutting her eyes. She did everything she could to endure this situation as some donators voted on which device to use on her. In the end, they settled on the stainless steel micro cage.

Soon after, Lin felt the gloved, feminine hands pushing her balls and softened clit into the smooth, stainless steel ring until it settled at the base of her crotch. Opening her eyes to watch on, helplessly, as the rounded, stainless steel cap squished down her growing clit, leaving nothing behind but a shiny metal nub. Before it could escape, Mistress Natalia slotted the lock inside the device and twisted her key; securing everything in place. Her eyes instinctively followed the key towards her cleavage, where it was added to a previously bare necklace.

With her clit now snugly under lock and key, Lin was freed from her restraints. Immediately rubbing the smooth steel nub where her clit used to be until Mistress Natalia's crop struck her bare bottom again, spurring her to crawl back to her cage. Leaving behind her skirt and panties in the panic. Too late to grab them as Mistress Natalia re-locked the cage. Whispering her a subtle: "Good job," through the bars as she turned to the next donation.

Like this, the stream continued until everyone had their own chastity device picked out by the audience after introducing themselves.
Once the last girl was locked up and back in her cage, Mistress Natalia returned to her make-shift throne atop the pyramid. Waving goodbye to the faceless gentlemen raving in the live chat before she ended the stream.

"Good work girls," Mistress Natalia said, dropped the keyring to their cages immediately after. Letting it tumble through the bars and bodies to who-knows-where. Stepping down from her throne, she grinned at the girls slowly erupting into a frantic panic once they realized what she had dropped. Leaving them to pat around for their only means of freedom as she casually returned to her office wearing a new necklace, now decorated with six new keys.

Eventually, the keyring was found tucked away in the folds of Honey's ruffled dress and she got to work freeing everyone. At least until one recently liberated tomboy snatched the keyring from her padlock. Plopping down on the couch with a satisfied grin. The collared librarian being the only one still trapped inside her cage, rattling its bars for attention.

"Alex, this isn't funny! Let me out," Katie growled.

"Then can you take this thing off my-" Alex said, stopping herself for a moment to roll her eyes. "-my clit?"

"Jane?" Katie said, turning to the most casually dressed of the group for hope, only to notice her flushed cheeks.

Without the discomfort of the cage to distract them, the girls collectively turned their attention to the new toy locked between their legs to the librarian's dismay. Curiously caressing their devices, some began to pant with need while others simply blushed. No one cared what the librarian and the tomboy were doing today and eventually disappeared to their rooms. Soon after she had gotten dressed back up, Lin returned to her room. Leaving Alex and Katie alone in the living room.

The pair glared at each other until Katie finally broke. "Fine, what do you want for the keys?" She asked with a sigh.

"Drop out," Alex answered bluntly.

"And take your spot? No thank you," Katie smugly implied.

There was nothing more to be said between the two. Alex was hoping for this and zip-tied the keyring into the cage directly beneath Katie's on the pyramid before waving goodbye. Ascending the stairs only to hide behind the balcony, enjoying the scene of Katie straining her arm through the bars, fingering at the keyring in a desperate attempt to escape. But it wouldn't be easy.

Alex felt satisfied for a moment as she walked down the empty hallways back to her room. Opening the door, she was greeted by her mostly teal and pale yellow room. Unlike everyone else in the mansion, Alex was a manly man at heart and she wanted her room to reflect that. But like her clothes and her hygiene, the manager was strict with what furniture she could have. Leaving her room in this boyish state complete with dinosaur and superhero stickers.

Normally, this would be where she would defiantly sigh. But today was different.

Closing the door behind her, Alex moved into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. It would be completely silent, if not for her warm breathes. Stripping out of her boyish clothes, she tugged at her unfortunately girly panties to reveal the teal-colored chastity device that was the source of all her thoughts. She squeezed it between her fingers, feeling nothing. The plastic was rigid and refused to budge; firmly affixed to the ring behind at the base of her crotch.

Slouched against the wall, her clit strained against her chastity device, causing her to wince. Thinking back to the moment her manager straddled her cage, her latex dress shifting just enough to show her panties. And then she touched her; fondling everything as she put on the cage. The pressure quickly came to a boil and Alex was desperate for release. But her clit was inaccessible, leaving only one dreadful option.

Returning to the bedroom, Alex rummaged around her wardrobe until she found a still-packaged dildo. A present from the manager that she refused to even touch until now. Promptly pouring the contents onto her bed, two items fell out: a bottle of branded lube, as well as the teal dildo she feared. It was long and thin, molded from on-brand teal silicon that curved like a real penis. Just the sight of it was enough to make her stomach churn. A real penis was the last thing a manly man like Alex wanted to be fucked with. But her clit, now painfully straining against her chastity device, seemed to disagree.

"As long as I can cum, who fucking cares!?"

With those words in mind, she threw away her panties and smeared the dildo until half its contents dripped onto her floor. It was a mess but who fucking cares! Alex laid her stomach on the bed, spreading her legs to welcome to cold silicon member inside her virgin asshole. Writhing and cringing at the cold, unnerving moistness pressed against her hole until it popped. The dildo slipped inside and met resistance. Alex kicked her feet against the floor, desperately trying to hold it in, only for her asshole to push it back out.

Whether it was her pride or foreign disgust, Alex quivered. Her mouth wouldn't move anymore. But her clit was still desperate to be free, overwhelming everything else. She didn't think and pushing it back in. The sloppy member broke inside and just like before, it was pushed back. But unlike last time, she held it there and kept pushing it. Only this time, instead of discomfort, it hurt. The most she pushed it, the more it hurt, until eventually, it was too much for her. Slowly withdrawing it from now sore asshole, quivering more than before.

"Maybe I just need to push it all the way. Like a g-spot?"

Convincing herself that the issue was the depth, Alex repeated what she did before. Shoving it in as far as she could, only to once more, be intimidated by the growing pain. Taking another approach, Alex sat the dildo on the floor and positioned herself until the tip was pressed against her asshole, then squatted. Lowering herself onto the dildo, it filled her asshole. The curved member rubbed against her soft inner walls, further and further, until it hurt. But this time, she dropped her entire weight onto and pierced herself with the dildo. Immediately, the pain was too much. Falling down onto her side, splashing into the puddle of lube.

Her side and her hair were drenched in the cold, sticky liquid. The dildo stuck in her asshole like a knife. She felt miserable as she laid there in the puddle, tugging at the chastity device that caused all this. It was humiliating. But worse of all, her clit was rock hard. Somehow, Alex was enjoying this. Or maybe she just wanted to cum that badly. She didn't know. She didn't want to know. She tried not to think anymore, tried to. The sensations; the pain in her clit as it strained against the cage, the pain in her asshole as it squeezed out the dildo; constantly slipped into her thoughts.

Eventually, Alex removed the dildo and stood up. Unknowingly flushed, sexually frustrated, and humiliated, she wiped herself off with a towel and turned on her computer. Browsing through the internet, searching for advice on anal masturbation. Letting out a dry, self-deprecating laugh. 'Relax.' It was something so obvious that she didn't even think to do. Fondling her cage, she continued to read the articles until she moved onto some demonstrations. Namely on BadRabbit; their main streaming site.

Browsing through the pages, Alex soon found her housemates at the bottom of the second page. Beyond feeling ashamed, she clicked on the streams as they appeared. Lin, the resident cosplayer, was bottomless with a ball gag in her mouth as she fondled her cage for a donator. Honey, the resident princess was down to a camisole and bent over on her bed getting fucked by Lilleth, the resident goth, wearing a strap-on over her black cage. Jane was getting educated by her viewers about chastity, while Katie was stuck in the living room.

It was supposed to be for educational purposes, but Alex found herself watching their streams intently. Squeezing down on her cage at moment, desperately suppressing the urge. Knowing somewhere deep down that it would be better to stop, yet she couldn't bring herself. Opening up the donation menu, Alex typed: "Can you show me how to masturbate with a dildo?" At this moment, her eyes were glazed over with lust. But in the end, she hastily deleted it. Holding her head with a sigh, still somewhat sticky from the lube.

As Alex considered her options, the bedroom door suddenly flew open, and a collared librarian marched in with a scowl. Alex scurried noticed her and hurried to cover her crotch, but it was too late. The librarian was smiling. Looking not at Alex, but the discarded dildo lying in the middle of a puddle of lube. Like always, she took the chance to tease Alex. Leaning over her shoulder, not saying a word, only acknowledging what she saw on the screen with a smile. Only this time, there were no humiliating remarks.

"Sorry for bothering you," Katie apologized without a hint of sarcasm.

Alex was taken aback. Biting down on her lip, she suppressed all her better knowledge and chased Katie to the door. Grabbing her arm, not caring if she and everyone else that might be in the hallway saw her like this. The librarian stopped and glanced over her shoulder, taking note of Alex's appearance. Smiling once more, when...

"You know how to do it, right?" Alex asked, half pleading through lusty breaths.

"Do what?" Katie answered plainly.

Pursing her lips, Alex squeaked out the words as she obviously suppressed the urge to run. "Anal."

Katie was taken aback but only for a moment. Showing her resolved, she closed the bedroom door and dragged Alex back onto her computer chair. Making him sit there as she gathered her thoughts, looming over the half-naked tomboy with her teal chastity device pushing out between her squeezed thighs.

"Can you repeat what you just said?" Katie asked.

"I want to learn how to do anal," Alex repeated, already feeling ashamed for her moment of madness. Holding her head, complaining to Katie. "Fuck, I'm sorry, just forget it. This thing is driving me crazy."

"If you really want, I can do it to you. But if you don't want to do it, then I'll forget this ever happened. I promise," Katie answered with complete seriousness.

Alex took a moment to mull it over, not that her libido-addled mind needed was capable of much thought. With the end in sight, there was almost a relief. Holding herself as she meekly nodded to the librarian, who took it as a 'Yes' before leaving to gather some things she needed. For Alex, the moments were marked with doubts. Watching the streams behind her, wondering if Katie was going to bring everyone to her room to laugh at her. But she did not make an appearance. Returning a few minutes later carrying an on-brand teal buttplug and a few of the new toys in the living room.

"What are those for?" Alex asked, obviously doubting they were going to be shoved inside her ass.

"You didn't forget leaving me locked up in that cage, did you?" Katie said in an accusing tone, leaning over Alex, hearing the dry saliva gulp down her throat before she continued. "This is for your punishment for that. Don't worry, you'll still get to cum. Even if you change your mind."

Unlike before, in her vulnerable position and alone with Katie, this was more than fair for she did. She had no reason to deny her if it meant she could cum. As long as she got rid of the constant pressure, she didn't care if the whole house saw her getting fucked by Katie. Simply because she trusted her. Willingly obeying her directions as they moved onto the bed.

Katie fitted first fitted a heavy-duty leather collar fitted with metal rings around her supple neck. Buckling it in tight, she added a questionable padlock to lock the buckle in place. Reassuring her Alex that it was all going to fine as she bound her subtly toned legs together with leather belts, transforming them into something similar to a frog's legs. Threading another belt through each knee joint before she pulled them up, towards her collar where they were buckled in place.

Alex tumbled around on the bed, bent over herself as her legs pulled at her new collar. Uncomfortable, but that was only the beginning. Laying down on her side as Katie added a pair of leather cuffs to her wrists, adding more questionable padlocks to the buckles before using another padlock to hold them to the ring hanging from the back of her collar. She struggled, unable to escape, let alone move as she wanted. Anxious, almost afraid. When Katie placed a comforting hand on her head.

"I know how you feel. It's embarrassing, isn't it?" Katie said, to which Alex meekly nodded as much as she could. "Then how about we make this work? I can just turn on your stream and it'll just be like any other day. Do you want me to do that, or should I keep this between us?"

"That might help a little," Alex gasped, forcing a wry laugh.

Katie smiled and silently nodded her head. Stroking Alex's hair as she brought the ball of a panel gag to her mouth, to which she reluctantly bit down on it. Toying with it in her mouth until Katie buckled the harness around her head, and underneath her chin, forcing her to bit down on it. Communicating in muffled grunts whilst Katie shoved a pillow underneath her; pushing her ass up into a more manageable position. Then last of all, she wrapped a leather blindfold around her head, blinding her to what Katie was doing.

After the blindfold was put on, Katie left Alex's now limited senses. Her patience rapidly turned to anxiety, then to panicked groans inviting Katie to stroke her head before she disappeared once more. Then, at least, Katie touched her again. Holding her chastity device almost possessively. Quietly feeling the clit trapped inside beg for her attention until Alex's groans joined in. But Katie kept her waiting, enjoying her desperation whilst Alex was helpless to stop her. When finally, a sloppy dildo prodded at her backdoor.

"Relax. Don't worry about anything other than relaxing. I'll take care of all your needs," Katie whispered.

There was no point in worrying. That ship had already said and been tied up at another port, just like her. Alex, for perhaps the first time in months, relaxed and as she did, the dildo carefully entered.

Katie manipulated the dildo. Stirring the tip around her asshole, the resistance soon faded and she pushed it further. The curved dildo caressed the walls of her hole, searching for something, deeper and deeper. Then, suddenly Alex squeaked. A firework lit up inside her asshole, spurring Katie to attack it. In and out, fucking Alex with the dildo as she aimed at that spot again and again. The bound girl squirmed, gasped, and eventually let out a muffled moan. Her clit straining against the cage, until, a bang. Juices shot out of the slit in her chastity, dripping down onto her ass as Katie withdrew the dildo. Pressing it against her chastity, teasing her like always as Alex herself could only wordlessly pant behind around the ball.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" Katie asked.

Alex nodded without hesitation before slumping back into the bed.

"I guess that was a stupid question. Your clit is dripping," Katie said, as she fondled with said clit. "I'm going to miss this thing. Call me if you want to do this again."

Katie lifted herself off the bed and disappeared from Alex's senses for a moment. Then, the jingle of keys and a dull thump. She immediately understood what she had done, throwing the keys to her restraints on the floor. Alex fought against the leather binding her, but it was impossible. Screaming, as much as you could call it screaming, through the gag. However, instead of Katie, a familiar robotic voice called out from the other side of the room.

"WeedJesus68xx has donated $10. get off the bed you lazy bitch the keys are on the floor"


"Real_Adolf_Hitler has donated $9.99. no their on the bed turn left and crawl as far as you can"

It was the donation notification voice. She was being watched on stream. More importantly, she was being streamed. Goosebumps broke out across her skin and she stiffened in a panic. Hearing the door to her room slam shut, her entire being focused on escaping. Where were the keys? Looking around the room... wasn't going to work with a blindfold on. Then she remembered the donations. Turning left, she shuffled forward, inch by inch. With her arms and legs pinned to her collar, progress was slow. Pushing back the embarrassing image she was showing to her viewers. But then, the bed suddenly ended, and she fell on the floor. Luckily, landing on a pile of towels, which turned into a sea of towels as she struggled around.

"Princess_Bubblegum has donated $15. The keys are on the green towel. I know you can do it, Alex!"

Or so the donation said. But all the towels looked black right now. Groaning when it dawned on her as another donation came.

"AngelReaper20 has donated $5. right"

"Moechan has donated $5. It's near the table. On the green towel."

"Jane_Huddley has donated $5. Good luck."

The names were more than familiar. They were currently open on her computer, assuming Katie didn't close them. The usernames of her housemates. All of them announced they were watching, as she struggled around on the floor. Awkwardly hobbling over to the right in her restraints, only to step out of the sea of towels, and into a puddle of sticky liquid. When yet another donation came.

"humbleobserver donated $30. Other right, you dumb bitch."

For Alex and many of her viewers, this was going to be a long and frustrating day.

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