Twenty-One Hours In Rubber Bliss
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Author's Note: Non-Fiction, the events portrayed occurred on Oct 8-9, 2020

The decision to do one more heavy rubber session developed early on Tuesday. The Monday session had been ten hours in rubber and there had been minor issues with the bondage strap system. Additionally, ten hours sealed in heavy rubber just didn't seem to sate my hunger for rubber surrender.

I discovered that looping straps around the outside of my thighs and up through the crotch to lock on the waist belt had always been an issue. When seated, the straps would shift and sag loosely. The physics of the system just did not provide a way for the straps to stay tight. Additionally, the second set of chest straps had a similar problem which caused the chest harness to not be snug.

I modified one strap to hang two straps from the back. I used cable ties to secure the two straps together for the first six inches of their length. It turned out being a simple and effective solution to my problems.

Then I began a discussion about long term heavy rubber enclosure and isolation with a friend from Germany. This friend is quite known among the fetish community for his very extreme public rubber adventures. His performances last days, not hours. He never knows how long a session will be. He is sealed in heavy rubber, chained and locked in immobility to a chair or frame network then provided liquid food and hydration umbilical tubes. His preparations, usually avoid the need for handling bowels but he has a catheter.

His blog follows his very intense activities and as I read it, I felt my juices surging and stomach fluttering. The idea of having friends that could and would make me a sealed and locked in rubber object for forty-eight or even seventy-two hours was incredible! He describes all preparations and the final acts of being sealed, locked and blinded by special fitted lids over his gasmask. Sounds muffled by special ears muffs, he could only guess at where he was being pushed or carried.

His friends would roll him to dining areas, bar areas and surround him with all level of fun and merriment, touching his rubberized body, teasing him then discovering that electro stimulation devices would send shocks to his nether regions. Time and actions were completely beyond his control.

His blog so intrigued me, I began to wonder on what it was like to be so dependent on others, the level of trust required, the incredible inner feeling associated with such extreme rubber sexual encounter and intensity. The very thought of losing contact with the outside world and being completely focused on the touch of rubber, the smell, the sounds of heartbeat, the whoosh of breathing through restricted gas mask with no concept of time or when locks open just had me getting aroused as I read. I've seen and read fantasies on the topic of 24/7 total rubber enclosure. I've written fiction on the subject but this is the first time I have encountered someone who has really tried to reach that goal.

Now my bondage strap problem. I got to thinking about the old beavertail wetsuits and realized I needed straps that passed from the center of the back through the crotch and lock on the center of the belt in front. I came up with two bungee straps linked by a steel ring. Two additional straps attached to this belt would be passed through the crotch to the lock on the front of the belt. A quick test of the strap proved my concept. This along with minor fixes to the Hydroglove suits took up Wednesday. I chatted with some friends and let it be known that I would be back in rubber by Friday afternoon. I lied.

Thursday arrived. I looked at my gear. The Hydrogloves lay at the foot of my bed. The heavy outer suit was in the bathroom. I ate fairly light in the morning and had my usual bodily function. Then I went again, twice. I began to think that I might be clean enough to put on the gear later in the day. I saw the opportunity to be in rubber by midnight, maybe a little sooner and out of gear early Friday afternoon, a usual session of twelve to sixteen hours. I've done that length of time many times and was comfortable with the idea. The fact is, I had gone nineteen hours a week earlier.

So About 10:00 in the evening I started to dress. I took the foot off my prosthesis and pushed the leg frame into the left boot foot of the heavy rubber dry suit. Setting the suit aside, I started pulling on the first Hydroglove suit. I pulled the right leg on and made certain the foot was properly seated. Then I pulled left leg, modified to be snug against the stump below my knee, on knelt left leg on the wheel chair and pulled the suit pants over my hips and waist. I pushed each arm into the sleeves of the shirt, made certain the attached gloves were fully on and ducked my head into the shirt. It slid easily over my skin and I pushed my head through the neck into the attached hood. Using the mirror, I lined the edge of the pants evenly under the shirt bottom and made the first roll of the pants over the shirt. I then carefully rolled the two pieces again so the seam sat just under my belly and against the lower back.

I pulled up a second pair of pants which covered the seam and pressed the rubber closer together. Then I put on a second Hydroglove shirt which further completed the suit seals and provided additional protection from leakage while giving an even more erotic closeness against the skin. I confess the close tight feel is my primary desire, the extra leak protection is just an additional benefit.

I tape the dangling foot of the second pants to the stump then put on a compression sock to hold everything tight as I roll one of my rubber sleeves on the stump, essentially a neoprene sleeve like a wetsuit with a locking pin for the prosthesis leg. Now comes the heavy suit.

Right leg first into the long leg of the suit, working it up as I push the foot deeper into the magnificent heavy rubber. Foot seated I push the left leg stump into its leg. The layers of rubber under the sleeve creates enough bulk to make it an effort to push the my leg into the opening and down to the locking mechanism. I see the locking nut rotate, indicating the pin is seated into the opening. I quickly turn the nut which draws the stump tightly into the prosthesis.

It doesn't take long to pull the heavy folds of the suit up over my hips, then over my chest. I feel the additional press of the rubber on my body. I slip my arms into the suit and work the suit up to my shoulders, duck my head into the back opening and pull the suit hood over my head. I shift and shuck my shoulders to get everything settled then pull the long lanyard to close the waterproof zip across the back. This always takes some time but I get it all closed and I am "officially" sealed into all suits. It is 10:45.

A short rest and enjoying the wonderful heavy rubber before putting on the bondage system. I lock the two waist straps on. One has the center mounted straps at the back. The second one has "D" rings on each side. I pull the two straps from the back to the front through the crotch, one strap passes on each side of the breathing tube that is attached at the crotch of the suit. I lock them to the front of the belt.

I take the chest straps, sling one over each side of my neck then crossing the back and under the arm on the opposite side around the front of the chest, through the center steel ring around the torso again and finally locking each one them to the "D" rings on the second waist belt. It makes for a very tight and perfect fit. The final touch is the neck strap. I put all keys and the pull lanyard into the Kitchen Safe Lock Box. It is 11:30, the official time of sealed and locked.

I settle onto my computer and announce my presence and condition to my fetish friends, "sealed and locked in heavy rubber layers. Looking for suggested times to set on the lock box". I attach a photo taken that moment with the computer camera.

I try Messenger. I send out some feelers, do get a few chats but nothing about setting the lock box or times. Sweat is rolling quite freely and I have to hydrate. I can already feel fluid filling my good leg. I swill sports drink. I chat some and surf a little. I check my Fetlife page. It is Thursday evening and just becoming Friday morning in Europe. This time is typically kind of dead time as the main part of the day is marching across Asia and the western Pacific region.

At 1:00 Friday morning, the German friend described earlier comes on the messenger. I send him a photo of my status and a "Heavy rubbery greetings!"

I wait briefly before moving on to other surfing. I almost miss the notice that he has replied.

We chatted and discussed some of his future plans and adventures. I was getting pretty hot as he described plans to be completely submerged in a slurry of sludge while sealed in multiple watertight rubber layers and being connected to the outside by only umbilical tubes for liquid food, water and air. This project would last several days determined by his helpers and without his knowledge of the length of time in the slurry tank. The tank will be trailer mounted and he will be taken anywhere the handlers go. Each day he will be taken from the tank for a sleep cycle but forced to sleep on the ground in a large pool of sludge then returned to the tank at the end of the designated sleep cycle. Sleep cycles will be staggered and varied in order to confuse him relating to time. His mask keeps him sightless so he has no idea of day or night. Because of the planned duration he will obviously produce waste that will remain in his suit. It will be the ultimate humiliation for a rubber pig.

I really was getting hot as he described the plan so I mentioned that I was still looking for someone to suggest my lock timer setting.

"How long have you been in right now?" he asked.

"Since 11:30, about two hours."

"What your time now?"

"A little after one AM"

"Then set your lock to open at bedtime tonight," he says.

His suggestion means setting the timer for 18 hours.

"Or you can stay in your gear through tonight into tomorrow morning."

That would mean an additional eight or nine hours! I passed on that. One full night and day is enough for me!

Thus, began my long endurance adventure sealed and locked in rubber. I zoned several times, even slept once. I actually slept sealed in layers from top of the head to toe.

I surrendered to my lust for rubber. I loved the massage, each time I pissed, the sweat slowly filling the inner suits, the squeaking with each move, the whoosh of air when I wore gas masks...everything was pure rubber bliss.

I made videos of me enjoying my rebreather mask. I demonstrated my "zoning" gas mask. I surfed, did some chat, zoned, drank sports drink, pissed and sweated and pissed some more. I took my morning pills. All the while I was feeling hot, sealed and just a little bit aroused. But the feeling was a pretty constant press and the comforting press of rubber kept my focus.

At about the 16 hour point I took out the Equalizer massage device and worked it under the front straps. I switched the device on and moved it to around until I found the right spot. This was rubber heaven. I thrust and moved and shifted to bring the vibrations to the exact place needed to achieve relief. My description of this sexual climax is described in my final note to my German friend. Soon arousal turned to that urgent need which carried me over the edge to a most satisfactory orgasm. I lay there stewing in my juices as I recovered. You know that feeling after orgasm, the desire to get out of gear which I could not do.

I made videos, posted instant photos from the computer camera, did some live feeds on FB, zoned, drank sports drink and protein drinks. What else can you do when locked in rubber for 21 hours?

Soon arousal struck again, I pulled on my zoning gas mask, the one with covered eye ports and used the industrial strength massage unit and came again. Still locked and now truly exhausted I could do nothing but revel in rubber as I climbed, reached and came off a second orgasmic peak. I let my mind zone and wander as I let the rubber cradle me in its wonderful embrace.

For another three hours, I watched some TV, did computer games, laid down briefly and just waited for the locks to release. Thus ended 21 hours sealed in rubber.

Final message on the session to Friend who suggested the amount of time to set on the timer.

A final note. I made it twenty-one hours in rubber - was thinking to go another three for twenty-four hours, but when including the time getting dressed, locked into the bondage system and removing the bondage and getting out of the heavy outer suit, I had been in the first layer for almost twenty-four hours. Besides, after such an intense and long total rubber enclosure session, I couldn't see being up until 2:00 AM with initial washing and hanging of gear.

The session had a spiritual aspect. I was so consumed by heavy rubber and the oneness I have discovered in other sessions grew into a single identity with the rubber surrounding my entire body. I was so wrapped in rubber and so focused as I concentrated on the great pleasure in rubber. Nothing else mattered then. The outside world was distant, maybe even gone.

I never got tired, just zoned five or six times, came out of zone mode refreshed and ready to continue in my rubber rapture. At the sixteen-hour time I was so frustrated and aroused that I used my Equalizer "industrial" massage device. Applying it to the sweet spot, I was soon consumed with building desire. My body thrust and surged in its rubber prison as I reached a plateau of erotic cravings. Feeling for rubber lust buried in dark corners erupted to the surface of my depraved mind. My rubber encased body hung on the edge for an eternity, counted in many seconds, before plunging into the carnal depths of the most explosive and gratifying orgasm in years!

Of course, that intense desire to climb out of gear hit as the afterglow faded, but I was trapped! My rubber prison was complete, sealed and locked for another five hours. I had to endure the hot cloying rubber. But soon I warmed again to my erotic situation and settled in for the last five hours.

I did some computer stuff. I found a free program to convert AVI video to MP4 and set about converting a couple of videos shot with my camera. The video of my orgasmic experience was viewable after the conversion. Must admit an orgasm of someone sealed and locked in heavy rubber suits has a very limited fan appeal, but I sure love seeing them.

Then at about the eighteen-hour time, I was hit with a surging desire to cum again. Even after eighteen hours of intense and exhausting rubber enclosure I felt the need for carnal satisfaction! Tired as I was, I put on the "zoning" gas mask, put the Equalizer to my rubbery skin and began teasing myself. The rubber intensified the vibrations as I moved the device over different parts of my hot and rubber-sealed body - chest, side, thighs, chest again, around the bondage straps and the gas mask tube attached to the crotch of the suit up to my shoulders, a pause on each nipple area, on and on I teased myself. So many fingers enjoying teasing me in my prison. Zoning out in the near dark of the mask, I visualized being on display at a convention, being a new rubber toy to tease and use, ears plugged and eyes covered, the only senses being touch, smell and taste and those are completely rubber driven. Unheard people commenting, laughing and pointing as I am securely locked and immobile. I move the device to the spot, imagine one of those unseen people doing the action, and BAM - a second explosive orgasm wells up out of the depths of my rubber world and consumes me a second time in total rubber fulfillment.

The last three hours went quickly, a fitting epilogue to my rubber journey. The locks released and I climbed back into the real world. Cleanup is always a pain and quite time consuming but was well worth the price of such incredible sexual intensity, excitement and satisfaction.

I thank the rubber friend who inspired me to do this adventure through his personal rubber sessions and his suggestion to set the timer to lock me from 1:30 AM, Friday morning until 9:00 PM Friday night. He even suggested that I could lock in until 6:00 AM, Saturday morning. Part of me wishes I had done that; part says I did the right thing. I guess I'll never know for now.

The End
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