Modern Ordeal
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Author's Note: Life and punitions of latex slaves

Small precision vocabulary derived from Wikipedia: The ordeal is to pass a physical test the accused deciding his fate. The accused was dressed in religious clothing to submit to the "judgment of God", the event takes place under the eyes of the tutelary deity of justice, which will save the innocent and prevent injustice. The judicial duel is a bilateral ordeal. The tests were against people with conflicting claims.

Both parties opposed in a duel to the death. The winner of the event proved by this divine judgment on the merits of his claim. This mortal combat, always going to the end, was common for crimes cases. The choice of weapons is making by social class, only nobles could fight with a sword or spear. To generalize the eleventh century, this duel will continue under the Capetian dynasty, religious institutions wanting to ban but ultimately tolerant as the divinity of reference supposed good, could not overcome the bad and leave the good die. Here is such an ordeal practiced today in the most rigorous SM environment.

The two black SUV engage in the pouring rain in the wrong paved road that enters the pine forest. A hundred yards away, a heavy metal gate opens at the approach of vehicles entering a closed chamber by electrified and monitored by video cameras wire. We are in the former GDR. This former Soviet camp became in the years ninety owned by the powerful and secret SMtics, military computer company who practice secret testing of weapons systems. But behind this real and lucrative industry coverage hides a secret international organization that has made sadomasochism one of his specialties, providing enthusiasts worldwide locations and discrete devices, carefully kept to house their current practices and especially extreme.

Continuing their road in the forest, the two vehicles involved in a more narrow way that forces them to slow down. Then the path leads to what appears to be a vast expanse of water, in the dark gray and rainy morning. The vehicles stopped near a former military braquement. Six people down. In each car is a person heavily constrained by chains ankles, knees. Their arms are severely shot in the back and connected by metal bands attached to chains. Both forms are pushed unceremoniously inside the barracks, where entering the other four participants.

Inside is erected a sort of platform, slightly raised, with a table and four chairs, which take place four participants after tying the other two people on metal chairs facing the stage.

In cold neon lights of the room, four people sitting on the dais are dressed identically. They all wear a long coat black rubber belted, and also black rubber boots. They are black rubber gloved. We do not distinguish their faces hidden under gas masks with opaque glasses, and it is impossible to guess their age and sex, the undifferentiated standardizing clothing silhouettes and accentuating the drama of the scene.

The other two are dressed in a latex suit, very thick, like a wetsuit, big rubber boots to go bust, and a latex mask that reveals the eyes and mouth. The fineness of their face lets get it comes to women. They sit motionless, severely bound with chains on their chair, arms pulled behind their backs so we imagine easily deprived of their upper limbs.

While each has its place in total silence, punctuated only by the rain hitting the metal roof of the house, one of the people of the platform rises and speaks. It is a woman's voice, speaking in English.

"Katrina Slave, Slave Astrid, you know why you have been conducted in this place. You will be tried for high treason. Facts have been established and you have recognized repeatedly. Your statements were filmed and allow us to have a clear opinion about your behavior. We will proceed with the reading of the indictment. "

Another person rises, it is also a good woman that nothing leaves seem austere in its place.

"Slave Katrina, you were surprised by Astrid Slave November 15, 2011 in the slave quarters that you share in your master making a call to an unknown caller. Slave Astrid claimed he was a police officer and you were telling the practices of the community to which you have freely chosen to join it ten years ago. Slave Katrina, you are aware that any contact with a foreign member of the community you is expressly prohibited. Moreover the about which you have been assigned by Astrid Slave suggest a willingness to betray your master and cause serious damage to the entire community. You vigorously denied the story when you were asked by your teacher as a result of the termination of Slave Astrid. You even accused Slave Astrid you have personally given this phone number as that of a friend and therefore you deliberately trapped away from you for the affection of your master.

Slave Astrid, your comments about the betrayal of Slave Katrina were never confirmed it. A year of testing, several rounds of severe interrogation by your master failed to bring out the truth. However curious tax audits made in your master could leave understand that there had been denounced, but today no one can identify the source of these problems.

We are faced with an impossible situation in our community where two slaves carried pose a threat to our business. Your master, regardless of its commitment to each of you, can not tolerate such a situation and is open to us to find a solution. He asked us not to show any leniency towards you. We must resolve definitively the conflict in accordance with our laws which provide in this case the use of a traditional practice to establish the truth, the duel to the death. Are you aware of the seriousness of the situation? Can you bring us new elements allowing you to avoid this event which will be fatal for at least one of you? ".

The accuser sits down in a rustle of rubber and latex.

Without being able to get up, Slave Astrid speaks: "I confirm my statements, I say Slave Katrina deliberately decided to betray our community and endanger what we believe and for which I am ready to sacrifice my life as my free contract stipulates. " Slave Katrina takes his turn vehemently.. "I absolutely deny all the charges against me This is a conspiracy, a despicable trap Slave Astrid kill me I want the triumph truth and I intend to rid our community of this intriguing dangerous. "

The trial judge stands up and says: "In these conditions, the two accused refused to change their position, it will be carried out immediately to sentencing."

Changing his tone, solemnly, she then said:

"You will be equipped and prepared for this fight. I remember it is as is the history and tradition of our community in a duel to the death. It will take place in the lake adjacent to this house as sessions of fifteen minutes each. All shots are allowed. Sera declared innocent slave survivor. Did you make a final statement? "

Slave Katrina speaks. "After ten years with my master, I learned to endure everything with joy. My life has no value, only the pleasure of my master account. I would like him to hear his position."

"Slave Katrina, your master is not here and relies on the judgment of the court. He simply said that whatever the outcome of the duel, the slave survivor washed this charge will nevertheless severely punished for the rest of his life. He did not give us any additional information about the nature of this additional punishment beyond the jurisdiction of the court. "

"I thank the court for this information," Katrina Slave responds "I am innocent, I'm ready for the duel." Slave Astrid adds, "I have nothing to say, I have no regrets and I will fight with all my strength. I am confident of winning and I have a strong desire to destroy Slave Katrina to wash my honor and that of our community "

"Well, the judge resumes. Here are the rules of the duel. You will be equipped with a fully opaque gas mask that will be connected to an air tank with a capacity of fifteen minutes. Guests also receive a cap of plastic ear depriving yourself of everything outside. states that I poured into your ear canal when the plug can be removed and the survivor will be sentenced to life deafness. Are you aware of your future disability if you survive? ". Both slaves to suffer the worst erect and ready at any moment to die for their master nodding." So you will have fifteen minutes to complete each sequence, otherwise you will lose knowledge by asphyxiation, but if you are free your movements, you will be revived and will receive a new air tank for a period of fifteen minutes. However, if at the end of the fifteen minutes once you have the physical means to force the other we will not intervene until that the dominant go after the execution of his rival and taking for itself the risk of also being asphyxiated. I would add that you will be equipped over your latex combination of a new combination even thicker , burdened by steel bracelets and ankle cuffs. You will receive boots also weighted up to the shoulders, ankles will then be attached by a chain, which will set a steel ball five pounds. Your right hand and your right arm will be neutralized, severely tied back. Go now, that justice be done! "

The four judges descended from the stage to release the two slaves and immediately fit in the scenario described. Slave Astrid struggles when he removed his boots, energy unnecessarily spending while Slave Katrina cooperates equipment. It is a fetish expert, living for years, at his request, totally enclosed in latex, without outside contact, and feels perfectly comfortable in these multiple layers. She had no contact with the outside air for years. She has lived long periods of isolation at the bottom of the pool of his master, attached by three meters deep without seeing the light for many days. She quickly equipped and lacks only the mask that will be at the lake. Lorsqu'Astrid finally prepared, the two women are driven by the lake on a gravel beach, full of bumps, small rocks flush with the surface of the water. They can in the emerging morning identifying locations, identify some rocks, gauge the nature of the bank, gravel and grass. Then the gas mask them is fixed by a padlocked metal collar a few inches high, further reducing their mobility. The pins are attached and finally the metal ball is attached. Then each line is about ten meters from the shore in the icy water, they have water up to their knees. The mask is connected to the air tank, the air intake valve is open and vigorous pat on the shoulder means that their duel begins.

Each of them, trapped under layers of latex, blind and deaf, quickly measure the difficulty of moving on stony ground and slippery. Under the cameras filming the scene of the bank for the production of a snuff movie to be distributed on the highly confidential global market for this type of film, we see forward hesitantly, stumbling over rocks, advancing without namely one to the other in black and absolute silence. Step by step, the two women come together, they tend left hand in the air, vainly scanning space, while struggling to keep their balance. Slave Katrina suddenly stumbles and falls with all his weight, head first into the water. Struggling to get up, right arm immobilized, however, it manages to sit on the bottom of the water, she struggles to find her balance when Slave Astrid stumbles on it and in turn spreads in water. The two women realize that they are very close and Slave Katrina grabbed the left leg to prevent Astrid Slave to rise. Slave Astrid relaxes and sends a strong kick on the mask Slave Katrina, which falls in the water. Two of the judges, which chronomètrent the scene, finding that the tank runs out, are quickly approaching the two slaves. Slave Katrina is struggling, but Astrid Slave fails to locate, reeling the air with his left arm while trying to recover. However, she manages to hit the bust Slave Katrina grabbed the arm Slave Astrid manages to twist violently forcing her to kneel in the water and trying to push his head under water.

But he lacks the forces it suffocates, who consumed more air than its rival, desperately trying to get up and loosens his grip to stand up. She succeeds, but it lacks the air, she feels a black veil enter his head, blood bumps into her skull and she collapses into the water losing consciousness. A few meters further, Astrid Slave stands and starts breathing hard. The two judges rush to the fighting and immediately replace their tanks with pure oxygen ... They regain their vitality, Slave Katrina gets up and rushes to Slave Astrid as quickly as possible, but they are excluded from the shore, the depth is increasing and they have water to the top of the thighs. Enter their falls have ice water in boots, even heavier and fatigue first fight back quickly. The two women running out to find and sink deeper and deeper into the water. Sensing danger Slave Katrina tries to regain his senses and find the slope of the lake to return to shallower waters. In her research, she approaches the edge and hit a floating branch. She grabbed it but the industry is proving to be a board that are still attached protruding nails it considers long groping with his gloves. A weapon capable of pulling off the decision.

But this research has taken time, she feels the air is rarefied and breathing again becomes breathless. Expert breath control, she did not panic, trying to delay the fatal moment, breathing calmly. She sits in shallow water returned and collapses from lack of air when Astrid, farther, in turn falls into the water unconscious.

Judges take longer to approach Slave Astrid struggling to catch his breath despite the pure oxygen was revived. Slave Katrina is in better shape, but the judges through consultation and consider it necessary to prevent the two slaves away making it very difficult to enter combat. They decide to hang their steel necklaces chain of ten meters long that connects and prevents them from moving apart from each other. They bring Katrina near Slave Astrid, where the lake is about one meter deep and pulling on the new chain makes them feel that they are now close . Slave Katrina has the advantage that it can pull and pull hard on the chain, forcing Slave Astrid to get closer to her. After a few minutes the two women are very close to the point of being able to touch. Slave Katrina who found his board seizes and starts bombarding him with violent blows on the face of Slave Astrid. It destabilizes and grows in water, reaches the weight of his body to keep it under water and in a burst of energy snatches the hose mask, forcing her to run out to find his balance and his breath. Slave Astrid managed with great difficulty to rise to the surface. One of the judges is similar with a mobile camera to shoot close-up exhausted the two women fighting to the death. Astrid struggles and manages to get over but the maneuver is surrounded by the chain around the neck.

Firing energy Slave Katrina pushes underwater Slave Astrid and setting foot on the chain manages to push his head to the bottom and then sit on it. Slave Astrid chokes, loses his strength, struggles more softly and suddenly stops moving. One of the judges is getting closer and finds it is inanimate. He tries to revive with a new bottle of oxygen, but in vain, his inert body fleet, she lost her battle. Then he raised the left arm of Slave Katrina in triumph and began to undo his mask to remove it and allow it to breathe freely. Katrina, exhausted, stumbles again and should be supported to reach shore. On the door to the house, it is rid of his heavy boots full of ice water, it frees his arm and then it removes the heavy external suit ... Lying on a bench, she barely catch his breath, exhausted but proud of this struggle.


Although she won, but the judge is closer to her and shared a letter from his master. Tired of these quarrels, he told him of his decision to get rid of it without even seeing her. He leaves the choice to be entrusted to an organization of prostitution SM or be assigned to a producer of snuff movies to shoot movies of fights to the death as the first in which it has been heroin without her knowledge. She chose a violent orgasm that last alternative before fainting.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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