Fun At The Beach
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Author's Note: This story is told from the perspective of both parties involved. While it is fiction, it is a fantasy I have had for many years. This is my first attempt at a story like this, so I appreciate any feedback. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

As I took my early morning bike ride this week, I kept seeing this sexy brunette that was sunning herself on the deck of her house. As I passed by, she would wave at me, so of course I waved back. Today as I approached the house, she got up, came to the railing and called to me. I stopped the bike and rode up the driveway. She said she was having some kind of problem with her shower and wondered if I knew anything about plumbing. I said a little, and she asked if I minded taking a look. She answered the door in the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen, and invited me in. She showed me to the bathroom and said that she couldn't get the water to turn off. It was running full force. I found the water shut-off inside a closet and turned it off there because the handle was broken on the shower faucet. She thanked me because she was afraid that her well would run dry. I said it was no problem and was glad to help. She offered me a cold drink for my trouble, and I drank it down because

I was thirsty from riding. As we talked, she said she was from the Pittsburgh area, what a coincidence! I suddenly felt like I was going to pass out and sat down in a chair. The room got fuzzy and then dark as I lost consciousness.

I had been watching this man riding his bike every morning, and I thought he was very handsome and sexy. Something looked a little familiar about him, and I admired his lean, muscular body and the way he rode.

He reminded me of someone that I knew a long time ago. I decided to make a plan and get to know this handsome stranger. I caught his attention that morning and asked him to look at my shower. I offered him

a drink, and I had put a sleeping drug in it. He drank it and suddenly he sat down and passed out.

When I woke up, I had a terrible headache and I still couldn't see. I tried to open my eyes, but something was covering my eyes, and my mouth was really dry and held open with something I couldn't push out. I was confused and tried to sit up. I was on my back, and my arms and legs were spread wide like an X, and something was holding them in place. I couldn't remember what had happened to me.

I looked at his sexy body laying on my bed. I had some fun plans for him! It was time to get to know him better. I didn't want him to see me right away, so I had put a blindfold on, and a ballgag in his mouth so he wouldn't yell out loud. I walked toward the bed and told him that I wasn't going to hurt him and to just relax.

I heard a voice that sounded vaguely familiar, saying that she wasn't going to hurt me. Who was this? Where am I? Then I remembered about the woman on the balcony and stopping to help. It started to make sense. She had somehow drugged me and was holding me captive. I tugged at my bonds, but they were very secure and I could barely move an inch in any direction. I was at her mercy. What could she want with me?

He finally woke up and was starting to struggle. This excited me! I was getting very aroused by him, and spoke softly to him. I asked if he recognized my voice. He shook his head no, but seemed to be thinking, trying to remember... I started to lightly touch his arms with my fingers, running my fingertips over his skin. I went up one arm and down the other, barely touching him. I came close to his face and whispered in his ear. "I hope that you and I can have some fun together". His lips looked very inviting. I really wanted to kiss him!

I could sense someone approaching the bed and whispering to me. Then I felt a light touch running over my body, and felt myself strangely aroused. I hoped this wouldn't be evident to her because I still had no idea what she was going to do. Then she said she wanted to have some fun with me. "How was this fun?", I wondered to myself.

I struggled more at my bonds, but to no avail. She had me right where she wanted me. I felt something cold and metal-like running under the leg of my shorts. Then I could hear fabric being cut, first one side and then the other. She was cutting my shorts off! Then I was naked and my erection stood up and gave my arousal away!

I then felt something, rope maybe? It was being wrapped around my cock and balls and then cinched tight. This caused my erection to be even harder and was at full attention for her to see. It was uncomfortable at first, but also somehow stimulating..... maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all. I was still a little apprehensive at what was in store for me. How long would she keep me here? In any case, I was in no position to argue. I am fully at her mercy!

Her touch moved up my legs and then went around my privates, getting closer with each circle. I could feel hot breath on the tip of my cock and I strained to lift myself off the bed. She must have moved away as soon as I lifted up because I couldn't reach her, and she wouldn't touch my cock. I was getting frustrated and continued to be very aroused at what she was doing. I pulled hard at each limb, but all were secured very well. This woman knew how to keep a man restrained!

I was enjoying watching him straining to reach me... I was glad that I learned to tie securely because he was VERY strong! I was getting very aroused as I was cutting off his shorts, as I moved around the bed, and touched his skin. I could feel my pussy getting wet, and I couldn't wait to continue my plan with him. He was very responsive, and looked very inviting. I moved up to his face, and started to lightly brush my lips on his cheeks, down his neck and across his forehead. He was moaning and moving, exciting me more! I wanted to kiss him, so I removed the gag and told him to be very quiet or I would put it back on.

I felt the gag being removed and started to ask questions about who she is and what she wanted with me, but she immediately clamped her mouth over mine and engaged in the deepest, most passionate kiss I had ever experienced. I couldn't help myself in kissing back. We kissed like that for minutes while one hand ran over my bare chest. The other reached behind my head and held it there so she could go deeper with her tongue. When the kiss was over, I again tried to talk, but her mouth was replaced by a luscious breast with an erect nipple. She told me to give it pleasure, so I sucked on it, swirled my tongue around the nipple and playfully bit at it. I continued doing this until she replaced it with the other one and I started over again. She kept alternating them for what seemed to be a half hour. I tried my best to make her happy so she didn't do anything drastic.

His kiss was much better than I expected! His lips were soft and luscious, and I enjoyed probing my tongue deeply in his mouth. I had never been kissed so passionately before. Then I put my breasts in his mouth, and his tongue was like magic... he pleased me well. I was very happy that I took a chance on this handsome stranger.

She then moved her breasts away and I could feel her straddling my chest. I could smell her arousal and she then moved upward, covering my mouth with her wet pussy! She told me to use my "magical" tongue on her there and make sure that she came! I wasn't going to disappoint, so I set to work, probing her inner depths with my tongue, licking her juices as I went, kissing, sucking like I never had before. She was so wet!

I loved the feeling of him licking me! He gave me such great pleasure! Mmmmm. I moved around slightly, moving my hips as he worked on me. His tongue probed deeply, and it wasn't long before he pushed me over the edge in a huge orgasm! He sucked up my juices and licked me clean. It felt wonderful. After the first O, he continued to lick and suck, and I had a 2nd and 3rd O, I was in heaven! I was very satisfied, and I rewarded him with another long, deep, passionate kiss. I then put his gag back on. Now for some pleasure for him.

I wondered if I had done something wrong when she put my gag back in. I had pleasured her the best I could and got multiple orgasms! I almost drowned in her sweet juices as she gushed each time, but had been able to keep up and swallow every bit. So I was confused as to what I did wrong. I shook my head and tried to resist, but I was helpless.

He seemed to be fighting me when I tried to put the gag back on. I leaned forward and whispered in his ear not to fight me. I told him that he would be very happy with what i would do next. I got out some nipple clamps, but decided to first lick around each nipple, sucked on them awhile, and even massaged them with my hands. Then I put the clamps on, and he moaned. He seemed to enjoy this feeling and that pleased me. Then I sat on top of his legs, and leaned over and started to kiss his face again, down his neck and chest, and let my bare breasts brush along his skin. I licked and kissed my way down to his stomach, while my hands roamed freely over his naked body... As I did this, his body started to relax, and he responded to my touch. He tried to move toward me so I would touch him... he moaned softly and strained more at his ropes. He had no idea the pleasure that was coming to him!

She told me to be still and I would be happy with what happened next. She started kissing my chest and teased my nipples, then put some kind of clamps on them! It hurt a lot at first, but also gave me a tinge of pleasure in my cock. I couldn't explain it, but I liked it. She continued to kiss down my chest and stomach. I tried to lift my hips again so she knew I wanted her to focus on my cock, but she bypassed it again, frustrating me even more. I pulled at my bonds again, straining my muscles to see if I could break free. If I could, I would make her do what I wanted, I thought to myself.

He was getting very frustrated I could tell. I continued kissing downward, kissing down his legs, one at a time. I reached my hands underneath him to squeeze his bum, and I realized how perfect it was. Such a nice shape and so toned. I massaged his bum for a few minutes, heightening his arousal even more. While I did this, I leaned over and pushed my tongue in his belly button, licking around playfully. More moans from him. I loved being in control and having him helpless and at my mercy! If he thought he was getting away, he was wrong! I then licked my way to his hair down below, and started licking around.

She was touching every part of my body except my cock. I couldn't take it much longer. I just may cum without anymore coaxing! She continued to kiss all around my privates. Then suddenly she took one of my balls in her mouth and began gently sucking on it. This really made me squirm as I had never had this done to me before. I thought if she ever does touch my cock, I'm going to explode instantly, I'm so aroused!

He liked it when I gently sucked on his balls.... Mmmmm, I thought to myself. Then I licked the tip of his cock, causing him to react. I licked his tip again, and there was lots of wetness. I knew he was very aroused, so I licked down the sides of his cock, and put my hand around him and stroked a few times. Then I took his cock fully into my mouth and swirled my tongue around. I continued sucking and stroking, wanting to give him as much pleasure as possible. It didn't take long before he tensed up and exploded in my mouth with a loud moan of pleasure. I sucked up every drop.

I knew it wouldn't take much as soon as she put me in her mouth, I couldn't hold back. I let go and pumped my full load into her mouth. She continued to suck me until I was dry. It felt like heaven!

I loved the taste of him, he was certainly feisty and I like that! I decided to take off his blindfold and looked into his eyes. He had very sexy brown eyes! I took off his gag and found his lips again. I wanted to feel those luscious, soft, warm lips, and I swirled my tongue around his. He moaned with pleasure into my mouth.

I was surprised that she removed my blindfold. I finally got to take in her beauty and perfect body! How was I so lucky to have been captured by this goddess?

I decided to put his blindfold back on, but left his gag off so that I could kiss those wonderful lips when I wanted to. I decided to give him a break and thought he might be hungry. I fed him some fruit and cheese, all with my mouth, and kissed him deeply between each bite. Then I ate some myself and suddenly felt tired. I laid down on the bed beside him, put my head on his chest with my arm over his body, and fell asleep.

She slept like that for what seemed like an hour. My arms are aching and I need to go to the bathroom. I try to say the words around the ball gag, but can't get my point across. She decides its time to get me up. I'm glad I'll be able to move again. But to my surprise, she is very careful in releasing only one of my legs until she can hobble it at both knee and ankle to the other one, leaving me only about 6" of movement between them. Then

she put one end of a handcuff on my left wrist and then releases it from the bed post. Holding on to the hand-cuff, she sat me up and swung my legs off the edge of the bed. Then she snapped the other cuff to my other wrist behind my back before releasing the other from the bed. I have a little movement, but not much more freedom. She also buckles a collar around my neck that has a lead attached to it. She tugs on the lead to make me stand up. Then she proceeds to lead me slowly out of the bedroom. I shuffle along obediently, still gagged.

She leads me into the bathroom and stands me in front of the toilet. I guess she did understand after all. I was embarrassed to pee with her watching, but had no choice. After emptying my bladder, she leads me into a huge shower with shower heads on opposing walls. She attaches my cuffed wrists to a bar in the middle of the back wall, positioning me directly in the middle where both shower heads will hit me. She turns on the water full force and starts to lather up her hands with foamy soap.

I made sure he was still bound securely while trying to get him off the bed. I didn't want him to run off on me. I understood that he needed to pee, so I decided after that to take a shower with him. After he peed, I got him into the shower and I got in with him. I lathered up my hands and started to wash his body, paying careful attention to his privates. I had removed his gag bc I wanted to kiss his wonderful mouth. As I soaped him up, I came closer to him. I reached out and pulled his head down to mine, and I clamped my lips on his. I kissed him deeply for several minutes, and wrapped my arms around him to squeeze his butt. Then I ran my hands down his hips and legs. I couldn't get enough of his kisses. I took advantage of it, and kissed him repeatedly.

While it felt strange to be restrained in the shower, it was great to have her wash every part of me. And those kisses...... oh she kept kissing me more passionately than I've ever been kissed. All the attention is causing me to get hard again, even though it hadn't been long since she sucked me dry.

I loved washing his sexy body, and enjoyed his soft lips even more! I reached down and felt his erection, stroking it, letting my hands massage his body. I dropped to my knees and started to suck him, taking him fully in my mouth... Mmmmmm I so enjoyed his firm cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

Her hot mouth around my erection felt so good! I pushed with my hips to try and go deeper. She took me all in and moved her tongue all around. Her slippery hands were still stroking as she moved me in and out of her mouth! I felt ecstasy as my excitement built! I am going to cum again soon!

I worked him in and out, hearing his moans and sounds of pleasure. I continued to stroke him as he moved his body around to get in farther. I started stroking faster and he tensed up and exploded in my mouth. I sucked him dry again. Mmmmm I love to taste him! I moaned on his cock to show MY pleasure.. Then I stood up and kissed him again, long and slow, our tongues playing....

Oh my, it felt so good and she was really enjoying this too! My knees were weak, but being cuffed to the grab handle was holding me up. She turned off the water and started toweling me dry. She released my cuffs from the bar and gave a tug on my lead, not before replacing the ball gag though. She led me down a hallway and into a dark room. It had high ceilings when she turned on the lights, and I could see various hooks on the walls and in the ceiling. There was a chain on a pulley hanging down from the center hook in the room. She unfastened the cuffs from behind my back and reattached them in front of me and at the same time attached them to the chain. She then pulled the other end of the chain, raising my hands high above my head until I was all stretched out in front of her.

I liked to see his body stretched out before me. I decided to stand back and watch him awhile, enjoying his naked body. He tugged on the chain and wiggled his body around, wondering what I was going to do next. I gave soft moans, letting him know that I was near, watching him. I got out my little crop whip and walked around him, hitting his bum a few times. Then I slapped the whip down the back of his legs, on his back, chest and stomach, heightening my own excitement. He squirmed and moaned. I put his blindfold back on, and then I got out my electric toothbrush and turned it on. I walked toward him and let him hear the sound, and then I touched his bum with it, working it around and touching his skin lightly. I walked around in front of him and lightly touched the tip of his cock, letting the bristles tickle him. He moaned with pleasure. I am getting very aroused.

I tested my bonds again, thinking maybe I could get loose, but she was good! My body was stretched out and I could feel that strange excitement building again inside me. I never knew being tied up like this would arouse me so much, but it did. She walked all around me, reaching out and touching me here and there. A little slap on my butt, then across my stomach, the backs of my legs and across my chest. She had this little crop whip that she used, and it was building that arousal again. My cock was betraying me again and rising to the occasion! She put my blindfold back on and I could hear a buzzing sound. What could it be? Was she going to hurt me? Then something touched my cock. Something bristly. It was vibrating and pulsing as she ran it over my most sensitive part. I squirmed to try to get away, but I could go nowhere. She kept after me!

I liked to see him squirm at my touch. I continued to touch the toothbrush on different areas of his body. I grabbed his cock and gave it a stroke. Then I stepped close to him again and began to lick his nipples, and circled the toothbrush around them. I alternated licking and using the toothbrush, and gave playful little nibbles. Then I swirled my tongue around each one and sucked on them. This raised his arousal even more, and his cock was growing long and hard. Then I parted my legs and rubbed my wet pussy against his cock. I could feel my wetness spreading over him.

She was driving me absolutely crazy with that thing, whatever it was. Then her hot mouth was all over me too! Ahhh, I can't take much more. Next I could feel her naked body against mine, and she wrapped one leg around me, grabbed my cock and pressed it against her wet pussy. She rubbed it back and forth slipping the tip in and then back out. I tried to move my hips to be better positioned, but she was in control!

His cock was so firm and perfect, as I rubbed it against my pussy. I started to work it inside me, and it slipped in easily as I was so wet! I moved my hips and started to thrust forward, and continued to move my body back and forth, pinching his nipples with my fingers. I leaned up and kissed his mouth firmly, probing deeply with my tongue.

Then she took my blindfold off and turned around with her back facing me. Then she bent over and backed her firm butt into me, guiding my cock into her wet pussy from behind. She rocked to and fro, pushing deeper with each thrust. I braced myself the best I could, holding onto the chain above me and taking the punishment, but oh did it feel good!

I loved to feel his thrusts from behind. I have not felt that sensation in many many years! It was reaching my inner most depths and most sensitive spot. He was pushing me to climax again, and one more thrust and my body tensed and I screamed in ecstasy as I released a huge orgasm. I continued to rock my body and got a 2nd O. It felt so good! I continued to thrust my body back and forth, wanting to give him more pleasure.

I counted at least 2 big orgasms from her, maybe 3! I was beginning to see why she was keeping me here. But for how long, that was the question. She can't keep me forever! People will wonder what happened to me. I didn't think I had anything more to give, but at the third O for her, I came again too! She kissed me deeply again and told me not to go away. How could I? She put the gag on again, turned out the lights and closed the door, leaving me hanging by my wrists. What could happen next, I wondered?

After about 20 minutes I returned to him, and uncuffed his hands. I led him to a chair in the middle of the room and sat him down. I tied his hands behind his back, and his legs to the chair legs. I took his gag off and asked him if he needed a drink. He did, so I got him some water. I asked him if he remembered me, and he said he was trying to recall and that I seemed familiar. I told him that I wanted to get to know him more, and that if he wanted to leave he could. I was sitting naked on his lap and didn't want him to leave. But I knew that I couldn't detain him much longer. Before he could reply again, I put his blindfold back on, and pushed my breast into his mouth. He began to lick and suck them, and he seemed to really enjoy my breasts. I loved how he pleasured them!!

I really didn't remember who she was! Certainly I would have remembered someone like this from my past! She had such sexual energy and knew how to keep me going! She said I could leave if I wanted to, but didn't make any moves to release me either. With the blindfold on, I didn't know until she thrust her full breasts in my face. I enjoyed sucking, kissing and nibbling on them.

I didn't know if he wanted to stay or leave. I hoped that I would see him again. But before he left, I wanted to give him all the pleasure I could. After he pleasured my breasts, I started to lick his lips, nibble on them, and pushed my tongue in his mouth... I kissed him firmly but passionately, making him want more. I pushed my pussy into his leg and rubbed my wetness around. I enjoyed this man and wanted more of him. We continued kissing, the passion building again, and I guided his cock inside me. I worked him inside as I let my hands roam over his body. He sure knew how to keep me going!! I rocked my hips back and forth, as his hard cock pushed farther inside me. After several thrusts, I exploded with another huge O.

I couldn't believe she had another orgasm! This woman was unbelievable. And now I wasn't only struggling physically, but mentally as to what to do. She said I could leave, but I was enjoying myself so much. I don't know what her long range intentions are, but I am really liking the attention I'm getting. Even if I do need to be tied up... I could get used to this! This woman knows what she wants and is willing to go after it! And that's me I guess. She's coming after me with more of those unbelievable kisses. I eagerly kiss back, wanting to make sure she is pleased.

I was glad that he is still willing to kiss me, and doesn't seem to be fighting me too much. I loved the way he kissed!! Maybe he is enjoying this as much as I am? I wondered if I would be able to see him again. I didn't know if he really enjoyed being tied up or not, and I knew that I couldn't keep him tied much longer. But I would make this last as long as possible. I never felt such wonderful sensations before! I also wondered if his memory would ever remember who I am? What would he say? What would he do? Would he be angry that I tricked him and tied him up?

I enjoyed my time with him and it was more exciting than I could have imagined! I knew that I wouldn't be able to trick him again, and I didn't know if he would be riding his bike past my place again. How would I get him back here? Would he be gone forever? I hoped not. I enjoyed pleasing him, and he pleased me. I took off his blindfold, kissed him deeply again, and then uncuffed and untied him. I told him he was free to go...

I was surprised that she took the ropes and cuffs off. I thanked her and said I have to go. I would like to see you again sometime, I said. The only problem is that since you cut my shorts off, I have nothing to wear.

I was surprised that he wanted to see me again! I thought he might be angry for the way I tricked him and detained him. He said he had nothing to wear now, and I just happened to have extra clothes in the drawer that my brother had left behind. I got him some shorts and he put them on as well as his shirt.

One lasting kiss and I was on my way. What a way to spend a day at the beach! Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that. But I loved every minute of it!

As soon as he walked out the door, I instantly regretted untying him. I didn't want him to leave! I felt if I detained him too long, his family would be worried and come looking for him. I ran outside after him, and I asked him to stay, or if he would be riding again tomorrow?

As I was getting on my bike, she came running outside, still naked much to my surprise! She wrapped her arms around me and gave me another deep kiss, and asked if I could stay longer. I wish I could, I said, but my vacation ends today. I will be back next summer. If she is here the same week again, we can connect sooner and spend the week together maybe. I walked her back to the doorway. I notice that the handcuffs are laying on the counter by the door. I continue kissing her as I back her up against the post. I discreetly move her hands behind the post and quickly click the cuffs closed on both of her wrists. Farewell beautiful, I say, as I take one more look at her naked cuffed body. I lock the door behind me. Until later, I think to myself.

He couldn't stay and I was disappointed. He said maybe next summer. As he was kissing me goodbye, he backed me up against the post, letting his hands roam along my body, and holding my hands behind me as he kissed me passionately. Suddenly I heard a click, and my hands were bound together around the post! And he was walking out the door! I yelled for him to come back. Please come back! Oh no, what would I do now?

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