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Author's Note: First story in a long while, constructive criticism always welcome! Hope you enjoy the story, more chapters to come.

Chapter 1: Einführung

The wind was picking up a bit, the trees lightly swayed and the crisp country air brought a smile to Ben Danforth's face as he walked down the driveway to the palatial mansion in front of him. He always liked this part, the walk up from where his company car dropped him off at the gate to the estate. It was not a terribly long walk but long enough to appreciate the beauty of the countryside, something Ben was not used to back in the city. The serenity of the environment around him reminded him of his purpose here and what he sought every single time he came.

Ben was walking up to the home of Lady Christina Konigin, at least, that's what she called herself. Ben knew that was not her real name but, hey, it worked for what she was. And she was the premier dominatrix in the area, quite possibly the whole country. Men came (and paid good money) from every corner of the globe just to have the opportunity to submit themselves to her completely. Ben was one such man.

As he approached the front door a smile crept on his face. Back in the city, he was a rising star in a high power law firm well on his way to making partner. At 29, he was successful financially, successful in his career and with his well toned body, smooth, well kept brown hair in a left part and his natural charm, he could be successful in any personal relationship he sought. But despite all of that he felt like something was...missing. Something he craved on a deep, intense level. Something the hectic chaos of his job, the city and his life as a whole was simply not able to provide.


He'd spent a lot of time trying to find that peace. He did not find it in work, did not find it in friendship, did not find it in dating, did not find it in any pursuit he took part in. Until he'd met Christina. Now, he found his peace in submission, in letting go and just....serving. When he was on his knees and collared before her all that mattered to him was pleasing her and serving her. And in that submission, he found his peace. The irony, he found freedom in the chains, peace in the submission and catharsis in the pain. And now, every 2 or 3 weeks or so, he would make an appointment and...well, find his peace, so to speak.

He stepped up to the front door and straightened his tie. Lady Christina expected him to be well composed and well dressed and would be more than willing to throw him out if she felt his appearance was not up to her standards. He closed his eyes, breathed in and out, and rang the doorbell.

Lady Christina Konigin sat in her parlour reading as she waited for her next client. This one was a personal favourite of hers and she thoroughly enjoyed her sessions with him. He was easy on the eyes and when he went into subspace he was one of the best submissives she'd ever seen. There was also something else about him that stirred in her when she thought of him....well, that was beside the point. Right now she was getting herself into the headspace to dominate.

She was 28 with a body to die for, one she worked hard to maintain, 36DD breasts and red hair she usually put into a ponytail, as she did right now. She was wearing a black latex dress with black opera gloves and black high heels. She looked devilishly beautiful and she knew it. Ben was going to be absolutely stunned when he arrived.

As if on cue the doorbell rang. She looked at her clock. Right on time, as usual. She leaned back in her chair and opened a laptop next to her, watching a live feed of the camera on her front door. Ben was wearing a black suit with a blue tie. He'd clearly done his hair before coming here. He looked very good, she thought as she smiled. She let a few minutes pass, making him stand outside in apprehension, before she pressed a button which opened the front door. Ben would know what to do next.

The front door swung open after a while. Master liked to keep Ben waiting, she knew she was in control and was not afraid to let him know in a thousand subtle ways like this. He hurried inside and made his way to the reception parlour. It was a path he was well familiar with.

He entered the reception parlour with his eyes to the floor. He knew better than to try and make eye contact with Master before she gave him permission.

She looked at him, taking in the sight. Yes, he was looking very good today. She let him hold that position for a good long while, letting his natural submissive tendency push him deeper into subspace. Finally, she stood up and walked to him.


The moment Master gave the command, he shed his clothing piece by piece, folding them neatly on the table next to where he stood as he was supposed to. In less than 2 minutes he was standing before Master, fully naked and still looking at the floor.


He dropped to his knees without a moment's hesitation, keeping his eyes on the floor. She smiled and reached over to the table, grabbing the play collar and locking it on him. Now, for as long as he was here, that collar would be on his neck

Ben felt the collar being locked on him. Whatever part of him was not in subspace immediately fell completely into submission the moment it was on him. Wearing this collar, being like made him feel safe. It felt natural. He was now completely in subspace.

She began stroking his face and running her hands through his hair. He really was quite an attractive man. She gently stroked his face until at least she looked down at him and said "Look at me."

Ben looked up at the Aphrodite before him. She was beautiful, she was stunning, she was powerful and she had him, fully. She was still stroking his face and his hair while she gave him a penetrating stare that seemed to promise untold pleasure and unimaginable pain.

"Such a strong and powerful man back in the city. All those cases, all those important people, all those lives in your hands, all those decisions to make, all that weight on your shoulders. Don't you wish you could let go? Don't you wish you could just submit and not make any decisions, just follow and obey?"

Ben's voice was breathy now as he was fully submerged into subspace. "Yes...Master...." She smiled. "So say the words, Slave." That word. Slave. That's what he was. A Slave. Owned by this woman to be used as she saw fit. He felt the peace flow over him as he accepted his place and said the words. "I want to submit, Master. I want to obey...."

She smiled. "Good boy, Slave." She grabbed his chin, making him look at her as she stared into his very soul. "You're here until tomorrow afternoon. When morning comes around you will be released but until then. You. Are. Mine." She squeezed his chin at the final word for emphasis.

"Now, what's the safeword?" "Red, Master." "What's the slowdown word?" "Mercy, Master." "And when you are gagged?" "Mmm-mmm-mmm, Master." She smiled. "Good boy." She took a step back. "Now put your face to the floor." He immediately obeyed and was rewarded with her stepping on the side of his face. He could feel the heel, could feel the power and his own submission. "Ass up high, legs spread." He assumed the position as he heard her grab something from the table. He felt vulnerable, exposed in this position but it felt so right....

"We have quite a lot to cover this session, Slave. I want to experiment with electroshock, we need to exercise that body more and I did promise that I would give you a treat this session, did I not?" He shivered as he remembered what she had promised to do to him. "Yes, Master." He felt movement and a flogger hitting his ass and balls. It stung but he was able to keep quiet. Master's training had gotten him used to it. Mostly. "Prepare yourself, Slave, because I am going to do it to you today." She did not bother waiting for a reply as she brought the flogger down on his ass, again and again and again.

"You." SMACK "Are." SMACK "Mine." SMACK "Mine to use." SMACK "Mine to abuse." SMACK "Mine to do with as I see fit." SMACK "Mine, Slave." SMACK. Ben lost count of the number of times Master smacked him with the flogger. By the time she stopped, his ass and balls felt like they were on fire. He had to stifle his whimpers since he knew if he cried out he would get flogged more.

She stepped off his face and walked behind him to admire her work. Ben's ass and balls were red and she detected a slight shiver. She smiled. He took it well.


Ben lifted himself to his feet, his legs shaking. She came up behind and took hold of his hands, pulling them behind his back and handcuffing them with leather bondage cuffs. He was now bound, naked, whipped, entirely at her mercy and he was loving every second.

She walked in front of him, stroking his face as she looked into her eyes. "Good boy, very good." Ben straightened his back as she said that. A tinge of pride always filled him when she spoke, pride in having served his Master. She clipped a leash to his collar and tugged at it. "Come along, Slave." She leaned in and whispered seductively in his ear.

"It's time to serve your Master."

2 Years Ago

Ben hurried down the corridor towards the conference room where his new client was waiting. This case was a real doozy according to the case briefs. He knocked on the door and opened it, entering it. Then he stopped and paused when he saw his client sitting there.

It would not be a stretch to say she was the single most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Everything, from her professional yet alluring business suit to her face with its minimal makeup (as if to say 'I am perfection and don't need that' which, to be fair, was not incorrect) seemed to exude an almost primal sensuality. This woman was, in a word, truly stunning.

After a couple of seconds in which she stared at him like he was a deer who had wandered into a lion's den his professional senses kicked in and he closed the door behind him. What was that? Whatever it was, he had a job to do.

He walked over and extended his hand. "Good afternoon, Ms Konigen, my name is Ben Danforth, I'll be representing you in this case." She took a moment to size him up, her eyes scanning him, before slowly taking his hand and firmly shaking it. A chill went down his spine. This was going to be....interesting.

He took a seat and opened his notes, flipping to the summary page. Before he could say anything she narrowed her eyes and said "You seem remarkably young for an attorney, Mr Danforth." He looked at her and gave her a reassuring smile. "Young though I may be, I am also more experienced than my relative youth may suggest. I assure you, Ms Koningen, your case is more than capable hands. And please, call me Ben."

She raised a quizzical brow and leaned back in her chair. "So, you've handled a lot of criminal cases, have you?" He nodded, "Yes, ma'am." Her lip curled into an almost imperceptible smirk. "Any serious cases, Mr Danforth? I feel like I am entitled to know what sort of attorney I have engaged."

His eyes dropped as he remembered some of the more....noteworthy cases he had been part of. A case of a 17 year old facing the death penalty for allegedly murdering his father. A case of a battered wife who had shot her abuser in self defense. A case of a man accused of murdering his neighbour despite his adamant insistence of his own innocence. Cases of life and death, where failure could result in damnation of the people who had placed their very lives in his hands, not to mention the possibility of defending someone who was actually a monster. A million different questions that gnawed at him day and night intensified. Was he doing the right thing? Was he cut out for this?

After what felt like eternity but was actually just a couple of seconds Ben refocused and looked up at his client, that reassuring smile returning. "A few, unfortunately I am not at liberty to go into specifics. Confidentiality. I am sure you understand, ma'am." She nodded a response, acquiescing, but never taking her eyes off him. She looked at him like she was staring into his very soul. He looked back at his case file to try and escape her stare.

"So, this case that the District Attorney brought against you for Prostitution seems, at its face, quite lacking. I suspect the DA is more interested in making headlines than actually prosecuting you, it is an election year, after all. This case would be relatively easy to win in a courtroom but that would take time and publicity, which...." "Which I cannot afford." Her tone was icy as she interjected. He nodded. "Exactly. The DA does not want to try you in a courtroom, not really, he wants to try you in the court of public opinion so he can look like the powerful DA protecting traditional values in time for the election. And he knows that the moment your...profession becomes public, your name would be ruined anyway. Even if we win in the courtroom battle, we lose the war." She furrowed her brow slightly. It was hard to get a read on what she was thinking.

"However, there is another option. If we can get the DA to drop the case, no problem." She raised one eyebrow, inviting elaboration as he gave her a smile with just a hinge of professional pride. "And I have every confidence I can achieve that goal." Her face moved not an iota as she said, "And how, Mr Danforth, do you propose to do that?" He smiled as he closed his notebook. "You let me worry about that, Ms Konigen. The DA has offered a meeting in a couple of days, no doubt to try and scare us into accepting a convenient plea deal, save him the effort of a trial. I'll try and....convince him of the correct path forward then. If that fails, which it won't, but if it does, we'll come up with a trial strategy. But don't worry, Ms Konigen...." He got up and extended his hand again, giving her his best comforting smile. "'re in capable hands."

She eyed him intensely before taking his hand again. "I am entirely at your mercy, Mr Danforth." She got up and walked to the door before stopping and turning to face him. "You never asked me if I was guilty of what I have been accused of, Mr Danforth." He shrugged. "It does not matter. Either way, I'll do my best to defend you, Ms Konigen." She stared at him with that intense look again. "Thank you, Mr Danforth." She turned and left the conference room.

Ben exhaled and took a moment. That was...quite intense. Something about his client was magnetic, alluring. He shook his head and made his way to his office. He needed to focus right now. He would not let her down.

Chapter 2: Just Another Day


Ben followed along as Master led him with the leash towards her dining room, stopping at the head of the large dining table where some toys and equipment was waiting. She took a seat facing her Slave, stroking his erect cock while coquettishly smiling at him. "Did you enjoy the flogging, Slave?" He knew better than to look at his Master without permission and nodded, staring straight ahead. "Yes, Master." She lightly chuckled.

"This cock of yours gives you away. You enjoy being flogged, don't you?" "Yes, Master." Another chuckle. Suddenly, she squeezed his balls hard, enough to make him bend over slightly and moan in pain.

"Whose cock is this?" "It's your cock, Master." "Whose to do with as they please?" "Yours, Master." A light smack with her hand on the shaft. "That's right." Harder squeeze. "Mine." She reached next to her, on the table, and took a cube of ice she had prepared, running it over his rapidly shrinking shaft. The sensation made him shiver and softly moan.

Waiting until his cock had shrunk, she wordlessly grabbed the next item, something he was all too familiar with. She began to lock his cock in a chastity cage, smirking as she put the final lock on, trapping it. She took hold of it, squeezing it as it struggled against the cage, trying to get erect to no avail.

"It looks much better under lock and key, don't you think, Slave?" She laughed, not waiting for a response, as she got up and made her way behind him as she put on a latex glove. "Bend over." He complied, spreading his legs as he did so. He knew what was coming as he heard a squirt from a tube and a cold, wet feeling on his asshole.

"Whose ass is this, Slave?" "It's your ass, Master." SMACK. His ass still stung from the flogging which intensified the slap on his ass. "That's right, Slave." He felt a large buttplug start to stretch his asshole as she slowly slid it into his ass. "Mine." She said for emphasis as, finally, it slid all the way in, snug in his ass as he whimpered and moaned. "Stand up straight."

He raised his chest and closed his legs, assuming his usual position. She tapped the base of the plug, sending shots of pleasure up his spine and making him shiver and moan as he felt his cock struggle to grow against its cage. "Nice and snug. Do you like it, Slave?" Taking just a second to catch himself, he replied. "Yes, thank you, Master." One last, more forceful tap made him bend over ever so slightly before he righted himself.

He heard her discard the glove behind him followed by her sitting down in front of him. "Give me your foot." He raised it obediently, keeping it in the air as she locked a leather bondage cuff to it without a chain. She ordered him to lower it and raise the other foot, locking a cuff on as he complied. Then she got up and made his way behind him.

He felt her bite down on his neck, just below his collar, not hard enough to hurt but hard enough to feel it. He exposed his neck further to her as his breath became ragged. She held his neck as he fell deeper and deeper into subspace. Finally, she let go and whispered into his ear. "You're mine, Slave."

She undid the chain locking his hands behind him but kept the cuffs on. Making her way back to the chair, she gestured to the leftover materials, the lube, the spare gloves and things like that. "Put this away, Slave." He affirmed the instruction and complied, clearing away the materials, putting them back where they belonged (he had done this enough to know where everything belonged).

He stood before his Master as she read a book, barely paying her Slave any mind. "Pour me a cup of tea and bring me a tea biscuit to go with it." Again, he affirmed the instruction, heading to the kitchen next to the dining room. Every step sent shivers thanks to the plug but he pushed through, desperate to serve and please his Master.

In a few minutes he returned with a tray, a cup and saucer, a teapot and the biscuit. He knew what kind of tea Master liked (he remembered his training very early on in their sessions as she taught him how to make it exactly to her specific tastes, promising ten whips with a single tail for every failure. Suffice to say by the time he left at the end of that weekend he could not comfortably sit down for quite some time after the whipping he had received). He carefully poured her tea, diligent to not drop any of it (more whippings had taught him that), dutifully placing the cup and saucer in front of her, along with a small spoon. Then, he resumed his position next to her, standing at attention and awaiting her instructions.

She casually took a sip of the tea, not taking her eyes off her book as she did so. Apprehensive, he stood still, awaiting her judgement. After an excruciatingly long pause, she said "Very good, Slave. I am pleased." Pride swelled within him as the tiniest of smiles took his face. "Thank you, Master.

She took her time drinking her tea, keeping him at attention and awaiting her instructions. After quite some time, she turned to face her Slave. "On your knees in front of me, Slave." He obeyed without delay. She smirked as she pressed her heel into his face. "Worship, Slave." He happily obeyed, gently and reverently taking her feet in his hands and began to worship them and her heels with his tongue and mouth. She continued drinking her tea as her Slave devoted himself to worshiping her feet with every fiber of his being.

She took a moment to look at him, catching him looking up at her as he worked on her feet. The look on his face was one of sheer devotion and adoration. He quickly caught himself and looked down at his task. She smiled. He was hers, fully, and she knew it.

After ten minutes devoting himself to worshiping her feet she pulled her feet back and ordered him to stand up. Gesturing to the now empty cup, he placed everything onto the tray and whisked it away, carefully cleaning everything in the sink and placing it in the drying rack. He then returned, cleaned up the crumbs on the table and floor (when he was down there she took the opportunity to tease his caged cock with her heels) and disposed of them before returning and assuming his position again.

She got up and placed her hand on his face, gently stroking it. "Very good, my Slave. Very good. Your Master is pleased with you." He leaned ever so slightly into her touch as he felt himself blush. "Thank you, Master..." He said softly. She gently made him look into her eyes as she continued stroking his face. "I think you've earned a little reward before our next phase." He looked at her, trying to keep as stoic and neutral a face as he could while being aware that he was failing miserably. "Thank you, Master."

She gently tapped his face and smiled before clipping a leash to his collar and locking the chain on his hands and feet, securing his hands behind his back and hobbling his feet. Now, he could only take relatively short steps. She tugged on his leash and led him along, taking a leisurely pace due to his leg restraints. She made their way to the backdoor of the house, stopping to take in the bound figure of her Slave.

"We're going for a walk, Slave. It's a lovely day out, after all. Besides..." She leaned in close and whispered into his ear. " could use a little break before I do what I've promised I'm going to do to you, Slave" A chill went down his spine as he remembered what she had promised in their last session. He could not think on it for long, however, before she tugged on his leash and led him outside for their walk.

The Walk

The weather outside was peaceful, the light wind adding a level of serenity as they walked on her grounds. He followed along behind her obediently, the chains on his feet occasionally rattling as they slowly walked the path. She took this opportunity to ask about how he was doing. She knew what he was here for, the peace he sought, and found that a period where they could talk more....normally, even with the usual restrictions, helped him find that peace and kept bringing him back.

She was not going to lie, she quite liked him. He was attractive, submissive, obedient, he could take what she dished out, he could serve willingly and worship her anyway she wanted at a single word from her. She enjoyed playing with him, dominating him, torturing him and using him. But beyond that, she found she genuinely enjoyed his company.

He was smart, kind and, when they interacted outside of a power exchange, he was funny and charming in an effortless way. Of all her clients, he was the one she enjoyed the most. Even now, listening to him talk about his week, his work and his thoughts, she was actually interested in what he was saying. She never had to fake interest unlike some of her other clients.

They walked past her rose garden. She saw her gardener James tending to it, pulling a few weeds from among the garden. Turning, he gave her a wave and a smirk as he saw Ben being led behind her before he went back to his work. She waved back and turned to face Ben. He was blushing but maintaining his composure otherwise.

It was not the first time someone had seen him like this, mostly the few staff she had on the grounds. They did not mind her work and paid no heed to seeing a sight like a naked, bound and caged man being led on a leash. It clearly embarrassed Ben but he was obedient enough to bear with it.

They continued on, talking as Master and Slave. Occasionally, she would reach back and squeeze his balls, pinch his nipples or smack his ass. He would moan and thank her after each. They passed a wooden post that almost looked like a gallows.

She smiled as she remembered one of the most intense sessions Ben had endured, being tied spreadeagle while she mercilessly whipped him. Not out of punishment but because it pleased her. She had whipped him until he was a blubbering mess, until he had pissed himself out of fear and pain, until he was crying and begging her to stop (though he never safeworded), and then she whipped him more after that. By the time she was finished, he was limp in his restraints and whimpering incoherently, his back a bright, hot red from the assault, his face a mess from the tears. It had not helped him that James and her repairman Trevor had been nearby, watching, and he knew it. The embarrassment, the pain, everything flowed together to make a session that she definitely would remember and got the impression he did too.

Ben fought the urge to smile as he saw the whipping post. His thoughts drifted back to that one time. She had told him she was going to whip him until he could not stand anymore. Not because he had displeased him but simply because she wanted to. He remembered the fear, the apprehension before the first strike. And when he hit, he remembered the searing pain. He cried out with each strike and she'd yelled at him to scream louder. Each strike on his back, his ass and his thighs was sheer agony, slowly overwhelming him with each hit. She'd whipped him without mercy, whipped him until his mind basically shut down and all he felt was the sensations.

The pain, the embarrassment from being watched, the fear of the next strike. But even though he was on the verge of safewording one thing kept him going. His desire to please Master. It kept him together, just enough, to make it through that grueling session. And when he thought of what happened next, he could not help but smile just a little.

She remembered seeing him hanging limply in his restraints. He looked resplendent like that, his skin an angry red from the whipping, gleaming from the sweat, truly beautiful in that state. She knew she had pushed him to the point where he'd basically shut down. Even if it was too much now he would not safeword simply because his mind was not coherent enough to do it. She set the whip down, she may want to inflict pain on him, push him right to the edge, but she did not want to damage him.

She'd walked up to him, waving her hand in front of his eyes. They did not track her movements. She gently ran her hand over his back. He whimpered but did not recoil. She gently stroked his back, stroked his face, gave him gentle little bites on his neck, telling him how proud of him she was, gently bringing him back down to earth. Her ministrations slowly brought him back, bit by bit, until he was able to stand shakily instead of hang limply.

She'd let him down and carefully guided him back to the house, allowing him to lean on her as they made their way. She guided him back into the house and instead of taking him to the playroom where she usually did aftercare she guided him to her own personal bedroom and bathroom.

There, she slowly shed his restraints, his collar, cuffs, everything. She drew a bath and applied lotions to his back. He'd obediently complied with everything she was doing, he was still not completely back and she could tell. He shed her own clothing and got in the bath with him, cuddling him as she slowly massaged his back. They sat like that for a while until, finally, she turned his head to face her and said. "I'm very proud of you today, Ben.: And gently kissed him.

There were many firsts that day. First time she'd taken a client to her personal room, first time she'd been naked before a client, first time she'd used a client's name in a power exchange (especially a first name), first time she'd gone to sleep snuggling with a client, first time she'd kissed a client.

She had rules, rules she was generally unwilling to break. She did not go naked for a client (her body was precisely that, hers), she did not use a client's name, she did not sleep beside a client and she absolutely did not kiss a client. She broke all of those rules that day and, looking back, it did not bother as much as she thought it might. She never would have considered it with anyone else but with Ben it did not feel...bad. She had not done any of those since but it still lingered on her mind.

Ben was smiling as he remembered the aftercare of that particular session. It had been absolutely wonderful. He'd never experienced anything even close to that before or since. He had been tempted to ask Master about it, ask if it was something that could be repeated. However, the next morning she had pointedly talked around that which signaled that was unlikely to occur again. He figured it was a momentary indulgence, one that she would not repeat. It saddened him, certainly, but he respected it, it was ultimately her decision.

She snapped out of her reverie and continued on. They had spent a good 30 minutes out walking and talking, it was rapidly approaching time for the next activity. She smiled as she thought of the plan she had for Ben. Oh, this was going to be good.....

The Activity

Ben followed as he was led towards the playroom. It was a corridor he was very familiar with. She turned to face Ben, smiled deviously, and opened the door, leading them inside.

The playroom was quite a large room, filled with shelves and drawers full of toys and just about every piece of bondage furniture you could think of. Stocks, cages, St Andrew's Crosses, basically anything you could imagine. This was not even the only playroom in the building, there was a room for roleplay of all kinds, medical, police, there were cells, many of which Ben had been inside and some he had not. There was a reason she was one of the most premier doms around.

This playroom, however, was the best equipped. It was for one thing and one thing only, the total submission, restraint and domination of anyone unlucky (or lucky) enough to be at her mercy in it. And right now that person was Ben.

She unclipped the leash and the chains from his cuffs. Before he could do anything, however, she smacked his ass with a riding crop and ordered him towards one of the pieces of furniture. It was a flat metal table with raised edges on all sides. There were chains that could be adjusted at each corner to restrain the victim. Ben had been on it a few times and they had all been memorable.

She ordered him on it and once he had climbed on, she chained his arms and legs to the corners, tightening them so he was held spread eagle. She then used two more chains, attaching them to his collar, before pulling them taunt. He was well and truly trapped, he could not move his arms, legs or even his head. She leaned over him, giving him a taunting smile.

"Comfortable, Slave?" "Yes, Master." Came the slightly strained reply. She lightly chuckled. "Good. You've got quite a session ahead of you..." She took hold of his cock, giving it a squeeze. "...and this poor cock of yours is going to get quite thoroughly abused, isn't it, Slave?" He was quite breathy now. "Yes, Master...."

She took the key to the cage out and unlocked it, slowly pulling the cage off his cock. Almost immediately it sprang to life, fully erect. It was only slightly above average in length but it did have a noteworthy girth to it. She tutted and started stroking his cock. "Such a dirty slut you are, aren't you? Getting so hard that quickly, you dirty pervert." Ben was quite breathy now and replied raspily. "I am, I am a dirty, slutty pervert, Master...."

She grabbed his face with her free hands, still stroking his cock, and looked intensely into his eyes. "Whose dirty, slutty pervert are you, Slave?" He looked back, his eyes wide with submission, want and desperation. "I am your dirty, slutty pervert, Master..." She squeezed his cock. "Mine." She held that stare for a while before letting go and stepping out of his sight. He could hear her taking out a few pieces of equipment somewhere out of his view.

She returned with a trolley with wheels, the kind you would see in a hospital. On it was an assortment of toys that he could not make out at this angle. She put on a pair of black latex gloves and gave him a mischievous grin. This was going to be fun.

She first took a bottle of water, holding it to his lips so he could drink something. "You're going to need it, Slave." She said with a smirk. That filled him with anticipation and apprehension. Once he had enough he thanked Master and licked his lips. She put the bottle away and picked up a flogger, smirking. "Let's start with a dose of the familiar, shall we?"

She flogged his chest and thighs, careful to avoid his cock, tenderizing the flesh and reveling in his screams of pain. He was in pain but not an intolerable amount. He knew this was just the warm up act to the main event.

After 30 or so smacks she set it down. "There, nice and warmed up, Slave." In between pants he replied. "Thank...thank you...Master...." She felt his chest and thighs. Warm to the touch but nothing out of the ordinary. She reached behind her as she took his balls into her hands. "Such a lovely cock I have here to use. I feel like it's been neglected for a bit, don't you agree, Slave?" "Yes, Master...." He felt his face go pale when he saw what she had reached for. A zapper was in her hands. "Time to pay a little attention to that cock of yours, Slave."

She bagan zapping his cock over and over again, the head, the shaft, the balls. Each zap was a shot of agony. He struggled in the very limited form he could but there was no getting away from it and he knew it. Each zap elicited a scream and a jolt from him and she was loving every second.

"Such a nice cock this is." ZAP scream. "I do like using this cock, Slave." ZAP scream. "I'm really enjoying myself right now, how about you, Slave?" ZAP scream.

She continued her assault on his cock, enjoying the delectably pained screams. For his part, he seemed to be enjoying it in his own way. After several more zaps, though, she had her fill of zapping for the time being. She put away the zapper and picked up a ring gag. "I love a good ring gag. All the benefits of being gagged while still being allowed to hear my Slave scream."

She put the gag to his lips and he obediently opened, allowing her to fit the gag into his mouth and buckling it on. His mouth was now being forced open and all he could make were basic sounds. She smiled and disappeared again, reappearing in front of him with an enema bag. The sight of it filled him with dread, enemas were especially painful for him. She saw the look on his face and cooed, stroking his face.

"I know you don't like enemas, Slave, but I like giving them to you and you do want to please me, don't you?" He looked at her, a mix of dread and devotion on his face, and made the noise closest to 'Yes, Master' that he could. She smiled and tapped his face. "Good boy." He felt his face blush as she clipped the bag full of liquid to a hook above her. "Don't worry, Slave..." She said as she gently pulled the plug currently in his ass out, eliciting a moan from him. "'s only soapy water this time, nothing exotic like last time."

He shuddered as he remembered the spice enema he got last time. Beyond the cramping and the pain, the true horror for him about that was that it required more enemas to flush out of his system, prolonging the humiliating experience.

Once the old plug was out she set it aside and applied new lube before placing the nozzle of the enema bag's tube against his hole and slowly pushing it in. This one was easier to take since it was narrower. Once it was in and snug she gave him a grin and opened the flow of the bag.

He felt his bowels fill up with the soapy water. It felt cool but he knew that, after enough time, the cramps and the pain would come, along with the humiliation of expulsion. She rubbed his tummy gently. "I hope you're ready, Slave, you'll be holding this for a while." He moaned in response. She lightly chuckled in response and monitored the filling.

Once he was full with the 1 gallon enema she slowly pulled out the nozzle before reinserting the original plug from earlier, making him moan in discomfort. He felt completely filled and he could feel the cramps coming. She gently massaged his tummy, helping to spread the enema out more. She smiled at him and said. "Good boy." Despite the discomfort and humiliation he felt a tinge of pride, looking away as he felt his face redden.

After enough time had passed for the enema to settle, she turned to the tray to retrieve the final toys. "I hope, Slave, you have not forgotten my promise to you from last time." He looked at her, concern on his face. She smirked and presented the sounding rod she had acquired. "I promised you a good sounding, did I not?" He looked at the rod with fear. It looked huge, there was no way it was going to fit.

She took a small bottle of lube, spreading it around his urethral hole as she stroked his cock. "You think you're full, Slave?" She lubed up the tip of the rod. "Just wait till this is inside you." She carefully pressed the tip to his penis and looked at him. His whole body was tense, he face fearful. He was looking at the rod, laser focused, his eyes not even blinking. "Just remember, Slave, this will be easier if you relax."

With that, she gently began to slide the rod into his cock. As it slid in more and more he felt the pressure in his cock, it was not painful, per say, but it was an incredibly intense feeling, a mixture of pleasure and discomfort. Once it was in deep enough she released it and let it slide down on its own while she stroked his cock. He let out a moan as it slid down further and further until it reached the deepest part it could go. His whole cock felt absolutely full and the sensation he felt was an intense mix of pleasure and pain.

She slowly rotated the rod, eliciting a loud moan from his as the sensation intensified further. "Feel full, Slave?" A moan came as the response. She chuckled and kept rotating the rod. "Good boy." She started pulling out the rod. Removing it was an equally intense sensation. Once the rod was out she applied more lube on the rod. "Don't worry, Slave, just need to lube it back up and it will go right back in."

Once it was lubed again she slid it back in slowly, letting it slide down again. Again, the sensation he felt was intense and he moaned until it was all the way down. She stroked his cock, adding to the intensity of the feeling as she rotated the rod and slid it up and down gently. The pleasure pain he was feeling was intense and was beginning to overtake the rest of his senses as she intensified her stroking.

"You've been such a good boy today. I feel like you deserve a little reward." Her stroking became faster and faster. "Don't you want a reward, Slave? Don't you want to cum?" He looked at her, moaning loudly, begging her with his eyes. Her strokes were getting faster and faster. Then she reached under and pressed into his taint.

He could feel the tip of the sound against his prostate. Between the enema, the sound and her stroking his cock, the sensations overwhelmed him and he came, his whole body convulsing in his restraints. The sound, however, ment his cum had nowhere to go. He felt the pressure build up in his cock as the cum forced its way past the sound, seeping out of his cock while it felt like his urethral passage had expanded 3 times larger than usually. He was screaming as he came, the mix of pain and pleasure overwhelming all rational thought.

He lay there panting, his mind still coming down from the orgasm. She pulled the sound out, letting the rest of his cum seep out as he moaned involuntarily. She wiped away his cum with her hand, depositing it in his mouth. "Swallow." It tasted acrid but he obeyed, licking and swallowing his own cum dutifully. She cooed as he did so. "Good boy."

She picked up the sound and wiped the cum off it, reapplying the lube to it. He looked at her with fear on his face. "But I don't remember giving you permission to cum, Slave." His eyes widened as she attached a wire to the part of the sound that did not enter the cock. The wire was attached to an electro box. The fear inside him was rising now as she, again, placed the tip to his urethral hole.

"Such a naughty slut, cumming without permission. Don't you deserve to be punished for being such a horny, disobedient slut, Slave?" He whimpered through his gag. "Beg for it. Beg for me to punish you, you dirty slut." He moaned and whimpered, looking at her with fear in his eyes. She started to push the sound in, then pulled it out and placed it on the tray. He gasped and began to breathe in and out. She grabbed his face and stared into his eyes intensely.

"Don't think you've escaped punishment, Slave. You've been granted a temporary stay, not forgiveness. And in our next session I am going to punish you with interest. Understand?" He nodded, not breaking eye contact with her. She roughly grabbed his cock, squeezing it. "Mine." He whimpered. She got even closer, right up to him, eye to eye. "MINE." She said more forcefully and with an intensity he had not seen before.

She held the gaze, the intensity felt by both. They looked into each other's very soul. After a few moments passed she let go and stood up on the table, standing tall above him. "You are mine, Slave." She pulled up her skirt, exposing her pussy. It looked absolutely beautiful and he could not take his eyes off of it.

She looked down at the bound Slave beneath her. "You belong to me. And now, I'm going to mark you as mine, Slave." She spread her legs slightly as a slow stream of piss began to trickle onto him. He moaned as he was marked by his Master. The stream hit his chest and his face, getting into his open mouth, causing him to sputter as he swallowed her piss. She pissed on him, marking him. "Mine." Her voice was breathy now as well as she marked her Slave.

When her stream finally pittered out and ended, he was covered in her piss and still sputtering from swallowing it. She pulled her skirt down and got off the table, taking a cloth and wiping his eyes so he could see. She stroked his piss covered face. "Good boy, very good boy." He looked up as her, his eyes clearly showing the full depth of his submission, he was in total subspace. "Mine."

A wave of cramps hit him at the moment and he cringed as the pain washed over him. She saw his reaction and cooed at him "Do the cramps hurt, Slave?" She massaged his tummy again "Do you want to expel it?" He nodded and whimpered as she gently rubbed his tummy. She unbuckled the gag and unchained his hands before relocking them behind his back. She then unchained his legs and helped him off the table. He was still covered in piss but she allowed him to lean on her as he doubled over from the cramps.

She led him towards the bathroom attached to the playroom. Every step intensified the feeling of fullness in his gut. They entered the bathroom and she made him lean against a wall, spread his legs and assume a position where he was unstable and reliant on her for balance. She tapped the plug in his ass, making him whimper and shiver from it.

"I'm going to pull out the plug. Don't you dare expel it until I give you the order, Slave." He moaned and whimpered in response, desperately trying to clench his ass as she slowly pulled out the plug. It popped out and, mercifully, he was able to hold the enema, at least for the time being.

She helped him stand up and led him to the toilet in the room, sitting him down on it. He was clenching hard as another cramp hit him, he could feel his muscles painfully tighten as he whimpered, managing to hold it despite the pain. She grabbed hold of his chin, making him look at her. "Look at me. Don't you dare look away, Slave." She looked at him with that intensity again, baring into his very soul. "Expel."

He expelled it, whimpering as he did so. They looked right into each other's eyes, his face reddening from the embarrassment and the humiliation as she stoically stared at him. After he fully expelled the enema (it took a while given how full he was) she wordlessly flushed the toilet. He was still looking into her eyes but the humiliation and embarrassment was clear in his face. She gently stroked his face. "Are you embarrassed, Slave?"

"Yes, Master...." He whimper-whispered. She rested his head against her chest, cuddling it and stroking it. "You have nothing to be embarrassed about. It's a normal human action and I ordered you to do it. I'm not upset by it. In fact, I am very proud of you, Slave. You did very well today." He leaned into her chest and closed his eyes, absorbing his words as he entered a post euphoric submissive stage. He felt small and vulnerable but in a good way. They stayed like that for a good few minutes, enjoying the moment.

Eventually, she stepped back and made him look up at her, holding his head in both hands. "Time to clean you up, Slave." She stood him up and led him to the shower in the corner. She unbuckled all his restraints and led him to the shower head. There was a chain hanging from the ceiling, she quickly wrapped it around his neck and padlocked it, locking him in place. She stepped back and took in the sight before her, nodding approvingly. "There is soap in the dish to your right, clean yourself up, especially your ass. I expect you to be finished by the time I return, Slave." She turned and started walking out of the bathroom. "Enjoy the shower, Slave."

He turned the water on, pulling the shower head out of the socket it was resting in. This was usually a sign that she was pleased with the events of the day, if she was not pleased then 'cleaning up' would be her spraying him down in the yard with a garden hose. He rinsed his body, letting the warm water run down his face. In this moment, he felt the utmost catharsis from having pleased and served his Master in every way he could. He found the quiet moments after a session allowed him to absorb his submission and achieve the catharsis he sought.

In his quiet reverie he failed to notice that she had stopped in the doorway and was observing him. That intense expression was back as she watched him run the water over himself. She looked at the collar in her hand and back to him. Before she turned to go do what she needed to do she firmly but quietly said something, so quiet you would have to be right next to her to hear the words.

"You are mine, Ben."

Gentle Ministrations

When she returned he had finished cleaning himself and was standing, dripping wet. She had changed out into a different dress, a dark blue latex one. She carried with him some light restraints and a towel. She approached him, setting the restraints aside for the moment.

"Good boy. Are you cold, Slave?" He nodded, his teeth chattering. "Y..yes, M-Master..." She cooed. "Poor boy, all cold and wet." She began to towel him off, gently patting the towel on his back and sides. "Here, let Master's gentle ministrations make you feel better, Slave." She tended to his entire body, drying off every bit of him before finishing by toweling his hair off.

Once she was satisfied he was dry, she threw the towel into the laundry basket nearby and picked up the restraints, cuffing his hands behind him with the leather bondage cuffs. She did the same to his feet then collared him again, unlocking the chain around his neck securing him in place. Clipping a leash to him, she guided him in front of the mirror in the bathroom.

"One last thing before we proceed, Slave." She got up real close behind him, her body pressing into his, and looked over his shoulder as she picked up a comb. She slowly combed his hair into a neat part, just the way she liked it. As she did so, she cooed into his ear. "You are beautiful, Slave. Never doubt that. My beautiful, handsome Slave." She knew he had some body image problems, not crippling but still extant. She tended to do these little exercises to remind him of what she really thought of his body.

His expression was one of soft vulnerability as she did so. "Thank you, Master...." He quietly whispered. She let her words sink into him as she kept combing his hair softly. She knew that these little acts of tender domination affected him almost as much as the more intense, painful ones, and she was more than willing to oblige. She found she enjoyed them as well. Seeing him in this soft, vulnerable headspace was...endearing for her.

The rest of the day went relatively quietly. It was getting last and she needed to feed him before putting him to bed for the night. She led him to the dining room, sitting him down on the chair next to the head of the table. She tapped his nose and said. "Don't go anywhere, Slave." She then walked over to the kitchen. She had prepared a meal, butter chicken curry and rice (flexing her culinary interests) while he was in the shower. Naturally, she had kept and eye on him, a camera with a direct feed to her tablet and a button to release the chain that had kept him restrained while he showered. She took no undue risks with her clients.

She returned with two plates, setting one down in front of him as she set the other in front of her chair. "Given how obedient you were today, excluding your cumming without permission...." He looked down and blushed at that. "....I've decided to forgo your requirement to wait on me for this meal, Slave." She took a seat next to him as he looked at her, the soft expression still on his face. "Thank you, Master."

The rest of the meal went relatively simply. She would alternate between taking a spoonful of her food and feeding him a spoonful of his and letting him have a sip of water. They chatted a bit more about this and that, chatter she actually enjoyed, taking their time and enjoying each other's company. He quite liked the meal, the food was tasty and the spice was not overpowering. The meal went by slowly but they both enjoyed it immensely.

Once the meal was finished she carried the plates and cutlery away, leaving to be washed later. She returned and stood him up, wiping his mouth and inspecting his body. He looked absolutely beautiful and she took the sight of him in. Still, she had one final thing to do now. It was late and it was time to secure him for the night.

She led him on the leash towards the cells. It was where she kept clients overnight, usually. It was a long walk, the cells were nestled deep in one of the wings of the house. After a short walk, however, they arrived at the cells.

There were 3 cells, Isolation, Punishment and Overnight. She smiled as she observed the two big, metal doors marked 'Isolation' and 'Punishment'. Isolation was padded and so quiet inside that the silence itself could be deafening. It was usually used for sensory deprivation or some specific medical play.

Punishment, however, was different. There was no padding, in fact there was nothing in there at all except a drain in the corner. It was small and designed to be incredibly uncomfortable to spend long periods of time in. She turned to look at him and smiled at his reaction. He was intimately familiar with both cells and knew the full extent of the....unique experience that came with confinement in them.

Today, however, it was Overnight's turn for use. It was, comparatively, simple, a metal toilet in the corner, a sink and a mirror and a simple bed were the extent of the luxuries inside. It looked like a cell you could find in a prison and, thus, also found use in prison roleplay.

Arriving at the cell door, she unlocked the chain on his hands and feet (but kept the cuffs on both) and unleashed the collar. She swung the heavy cell door open, ordering him inside. He obeyed and she swung it closed, locking him in.

She looked at him through the bars as he adjusted to the relative freedom. "I am going to turn off the light in 20 minutes, Slave. I expect your teeth brushed and any other...matters you need to attend to finished by then. Understand?" "Yes, Master." She turned, paused and turned back. "And no playing with yourself or else." She let the promise of punishment hang in the air for a bit. "Good night, Slave." She turned and walked out of his view.

He watched her walk out of view as he looked around the cell. It had been quite a day today but he smiled. Despite it all, he loved every second. He enjoyed letting go, enjoyed serving Master, enjoyed the submission. He closed his eyes and felt it. The peace he sought. He reveled in it for just a moment before he went to do his nightly rituals.

She watched him through her tablet as he slept soundly on the bed. She'd turned the light off sometime ago and watched as he had drifted off to sleep. She gently stroked the screen as he slept, he looked serene and....peaceful like that. She had changed out of her 'work clothing' and was just wearing a bathrobe with her hair down now as she sat in the living room, relaxing.

She heard footsteps behind her and turned to see James walking up behind her, a goofy smile on his face as he waved at her. "Hey, Sis! How was work?" He chucked and she could not help but laugh as well. James had always been funny, even when they'd been kids.

"Pretty good, not going to lie. I definitely think he enjoyed himself too." She gestured at the screen. He cocked his head to the side. "Well, it's not like he would tell you if he didn't." She gasped and threw a pillow at him. "Oh, shut up!" Her tone was playful. He caught the pillow and dropped it back on the couch. "Losing your edge, Sis, not quite the hurler you used to be." She stuck her tongue out at him and laughed.

James looked down, his face getting a bit more serious, before looking back at her. "That's him, I take it?" She looked back at him, still smiling but with more...conviction. "Yes, that's him." James looked around, clearly trying to carefully select his words. "Are you sure about this, Sis? So much could go wrong if...." She interrupted him, her tone confident. "Yes, I am sure."

She set the tablet down and stood up, putting her hands on either side of her brother's shoulders. "It's going to be ok, James. I promise." Ever since they had been kids those words had never failed to calm James down during some of the darker moments of their childhood. He looked nervous but steeled himself. "Ok, Sis. I'm with you all the way. Always." He looked away. "I gotta go do something, Trevor needed my assistance with moving a thing." He reached over and kissed her on the cheek. "Have a good night, Sis." He turned and walked back the way he came from.

She did have to admit, however, that James was right. What she was planning was dangerous and if it went wrong...well, it would not go wrong. She sat down and watched Ben through the camera. It would not go wrong. Simple as that.

2 Years Ago

She sat next to Danforth, her attorney, outside the DA's office. He had personally taken lead counsel on this case, Danforth told her, to help his chances in the coming election. She projected an outward air of confidence but on the inside she was beside herself with worry. If this case went public she would be finished. No one would ever consider her services if they had to worry about their picture in the papers the following morning.

Danforth assured her he was in control but she found herself incredibly uncomfortable with the prospect of being in his hands. The guy was cute, sure, but he looked like he had just stumbled out of law school yesterday. Despite his assurances, she found herself anxious. Still, there was nothing to be done about it now, all she could do is trust him.

The door to the DA's office opened and out stepped the DA himself, gesturing for them to enter. She got up, following Danforth as they entered his office. Her nerves were on edge, she knew her fate was about to be decided in the next few minutes.

And she did not expect the result she got. As soon the obligatory small talk was out of the way Danforth tore into the DA mercilessly. He threatened him with a countersuit, a motion to dismiss he would surely win, a media tour that would shame the DA for not only persecuting a poor, helpless independent businesswoman but as an incompetent oaf, a media tour that Danforth assured him would not make the DA look good come election day. Perhaps most damning of all, however, he threatened to reveal some of the...creative leaps with 'facts' the DA had made in his initial filing to the judge which, naturally, Danforth could prove the DA knew were not true. By the time the meeting was over not only had the DA agreed to drop the charges and never, ever speak of this case again (especially to the media), he apologized to Lady Konigen for the inconvenience caused.

As they left the DA's officer and stepped into the street, Danforth turned to her with a pleased look on his face. "Well, Ms Konigen, I think that settles this case. The DA will steer clear of you from now on." She maintained her stoic expression but inside she was elated. "I must say, Mr Danforth, I am impressed." Danforth smiled. "I always aim to serve well, Ms Konigen." A small, almost imperceptible smirk creeped onto her face. "I am beginning to gather that." She said.

Something about this man intrigued her, piqued her curiosity. She found herself wondering what it was about him that caught her attention. "Thank you, Mr Danforth." She extended her hand to him. He smiled, clearly pleased with himself. "Just another day, Ms Konigen." He shook her hand, said goodbye and walked down the street, heading back to his office. She watched him go. Yes, something about this man intrigued her. And she was going to find out more about this man, one way or another.....

Chapter 3: New Realities (added: 2021/01/25)

It had been a week since that last session with Christina. Ben had gone back home re-energized and ready for another week or two of the rat race and the stress of it all. Instead, he'd found his cases were being slowly cleared with no new cases coming in. He'd been a bit off put by it and then his boss had hit him with a rather unexpected twist. They'd asked him to clear his leave, a month's worth, in one foul swoop, basically to take a one month vacation.

It was strange for sure but he did not have a real choice in the matter, apparently, so he took the paid vacation without question. It did leave a big question as to what exactly he was going to do with himself for a month but as he drove home he was not too worried. He'd have plenty of time to figure something out.

Finally, after a relatively quiet drive back to his apartment he stood in the lift, waiting for it to arrive at his floor, contemplating his schedule. A smile crept on to his face as he thought of Christina. Maybe a session or two would help pass the time? As it turned out, he needn't have thought about that as the elevator arrived at his floor.

He raised his eyebrow as he approached his front door. Someone was standing outside with their back to him. As he approached, they turned to face him. "Christina?" He asked, his voice carrying a tone of pleasant surprise. She was wearing a dark trench coat and had her hair down. She smiled at him and took a step towards him. "Ben. It's nice to see you."

He stopped, fishing in his coat pocket for his keys. "Likewise. But what are you doing here?" He was smiling but his eyes did show a hint of uncertainty. She stepped back from the door, gesturing at it. "Well, Ben, I want to talk to you, if I may. Could we step inside?" He pulled his keys out, nodding as he opened the door, inviting her inside.

He took her coat, she was wearing a well put together blue dress that really complimented her, and offered her a drink which she accepted. Once they were situated in the living room, sitting across each other on an L couch, with their drinks, she leaned forward, her eyes never leaving his. Something about her demeanor, however, reminded him of that time they met all those years ago. She seemed.....apprehensive.

"So, I'm just going to come out and be direct. I know you are free for a month." He raised an eyebrow as he loosened his tie, he'd not bothered taking off his suit. "Oh? How do you know that?" She kept her eyes on his as she continued. "Because I am the one who convinced your boss to give you that month off." His mouth opened as he froze, processing what she said as she continued. "It was not easy. Sure, your superior is a client of mine and they owe me one or two favours but you are an incredibly important part of the firm, they assure me. It took some time but I eventually got your boss to let you go for the month."

He looked at her, still aghast. "You?" He stuttered as he tried to process his thoughts. "But...Wh...Why?" She still stared right at him, eyes never leaving his. "Because, well, I want you, Ben." If the previous bombshell stopped him in his tracks this floored him. He looked at her blankly as she stood and slowly walked to his side. "I've wanted you for some time now. Not as a client but as something....more." She sat next to him, her eyes burrowing into his soul. "I want to own you. I want you to be mine and mine alone, mind, body and soul."

She reached out and held his face in her hands. His breathing was getting heavier as a wave of different emotions hit him. "I want you to be my Slave, Ben. To fully give yourself over to me. Completely. I want you to submit to me, Ben." She leaned forward, her lips right next to his ears as she whispered. "And I know you want to submit too." He shivered and closed his eyes, completely at a loss as to what to do or even what to think.

She took his hands in hers, giving them a reassuring squeeze as she leaned back, looking into his eyes. Her expression had changed from one of confidence to.....vulnerability. "How are you feeling, Ben?" He opened his mouth and froze, not knowing quite what to say. She smiled and squeezed his hands, reassuring him and letting him take as much time as he needed to process.

"I'm going to be honest, I don't know what to think." He looked at her. "I like you. I like you a lot. I enjoy your company, both in and outside that context. And I would be lying if I said I had not....thought of something similar." She held her face stoic but he knew her well enough by now to know that she was anxious. "But I never thought you thought of me that way. I never knew that you...wanted...well, me."

Her face brightened. He was not completely opposed to it. That was a good starting point. He continued to verbalize his thoughts. "I'm certainly interested, Christina. I would be interested in pursuing something.......more with you." Her face really brightened up. "But if we are going to do this, we really do need to talk things over first." She squeezed his hands again, beaming. "Of course, Ben. What do you want to discuss."

He laughed, a nervous laugh, and smiled. "Well, ummm....first, I suppose, umm...well, I like to submit to you. I like being submissive to you in our sessions, I even enjoy it for prolonged periods of time. But I don't know about slavery, I don't know if I want to be like that. And, like, there are so many things about a potential....relationship that we would have to work out." She leaned forward slightly as she tilted her head just a bit. He was interested. Now it was just the matter of getting him to go along with it.

"I do have an idea, Ben. If you are comfortable with this, perhaps we could...try it out a little." She raised her hand to his face, lightly stroking it. "You have a month of free time." She smiled. "Why not try things out a little? Try a little....slavery. The usual safewords would apply, if you want to stop at any time, it stops, we just try it out a little, see how you enjoy it?" He looked at her and....well, to be honest, he was incredibly tempted. She could see that and knew she only needed one final push.

"You're safe with me, Ben. No matter what happens, I will never hurt you. You're safe." She ran her thumb over his cheek as he leaned into her hand, sighing softly. "...ok..." He said softly as he looked at her, vulnerability on his face now. "...I trust you..." She smiled, leaned forward and kissed him. "Good boy." She whispered in his ear as she kept stroking his face. "I'm going to give you a little something. You'll go to sleep and wake up back at my estate where your slavery will begin. Just remember, you can stop it all anytime you want, you're safe and I will never hurt you. Ok?"

She leaned back as he looked at her softly. "...ok..." She smiled as she stroked his face getting up and walking to her coat. He sat still, his mind all over the place. He was really going to do this? Submit to her for a month, let her drug him and take him away to do whatever she wanted? He fiddled with his hands nervously. He was...apprehensive but also...excited and eager. He wanted to try this, he was just afraid of what he might discover about himself.

She returned with a syringe and a small alcohol swab. She took his hand in hers and swabbed a bit right on the top of his hand, around the veins. She held the syringe and looked at him, holding his hand. "Do you want to do this, Ben?" He looked at her. He did not know fully just what was about to happen but...well, he trusted her. And he was more than willing to try it. He smiled as best he could. "I am yours."

New Beginnings

Ben's eyes fluttered as he began to stir. He felt groggy and disoriented. He tried to reach up to wipe his eyes but his hands were restrained behind him. His mind immediately shot awake as he tried to remember what happened and what his state was. He looked down at his body, he was in a bondage chair, he was naked and he was tied up. His legs were restrained so he was open and his hands were bucked to the back of the chair. He felt a thick collar on his neck that made it difficult to look down and he was gagged with a ball gag. He blinked and looked around as he tried to remember how he got here.

Images of the night came flashing back to him, meeting Christina, her proposition and the slight prick of the needle in his arm before darkness. He leaned back in the chair as he remembered. He had wanted to be here and that brought a level of calm to his mind even as he felt apprehensive. The sound of footsteps behind him told him he was not alone as the ever beautiful figure of Christina wearing a silk robe appeared before him.

"Hello, Ben. Sleep well?" She smirked and slowly circled him, disappearing behind him. He began breathing heavily, unable to see her behind him. He felt her hand slowly circle his throat from behind him while she lightly squeezed, limiting his breathing. She kissed his cheek and whispered seductively in his ear.

"I bet you're thinking a million things right now, a million different questions. Where am I, what's going on?" She began slowly circling back in front of him, her hand still on his throat. She leaned in close in front of him, her face close to his, looking right into his eyes. She squeezed his throat harder, eliciting a moan.

"Well, to be frank, Ben, none of that really matters. What matters is this. You. Are." She squeezed harder still, choking him as he looked at her, his eyes wide. "Mine." She held the pressure and her gaze as he struggled to breathe. Finally, after several seconds, she let go, stroking his face as he hyperventilated as she softly cooed at him, calming him.

Once he had stabilized, she continued. "You belong to me, Ben." Those words sent a chill down his spine. "You're here as my Slave for as long as I want you." She stared at him intensely, stroking his face, before leaning forward, whispering in his ear. "But remember, this all stops if you want. All you have to do is say the magic word, Ben." She leaned back, a comforting expression on her face as she smiled. "You're safe, Ben. I'm not going to hurt you." She kissed him gently. "I promise."

Her expression slowly changed from comforting to more...playful. "But, you are entirely at my mercy, Ben. No one is going to come for you. You are here, you are mine, mine to do with as I please, entirely at my mercy for as long as I want you." A dozen thoughts raced through his head, apprehension, a slight tinge of fear but also....comfort? A feeling of security? Despite it all, he felt safe. He refocused as she continued.

"Why am I doing this, you may ask?" She pulled the belt on her robe, letting it fall off her to reveal her fully naked body. It was only the 2nd time in his life that Ben had gotten to see her fully naked and it was beautiful. Even as apprehensive as he was he was he could not help but admire the curves of her breasts, her thighs, her milky soft skin, everything about her gorgeous body.

"Well, Ben, it is quite simple." She slowly swaggered towards him. "I have spent my entire life looking for someone." She placed her hands on his shoulders. "Looking for someone to own, looking for someone to possess, looking for someone to make my slave, mind, body and soul." She sat on top of him, straddling his lap. Her pussy was right next to his fully erect cock and Ben could feel the wetness of her pussy.

"And I have chosen you, Ben. You are mine. You belong to me, completely." She cupped his jaw in her hands and made him look at her with his limited mobility. She looked at him intensely, an expression that he had trouble placing....obsession, he realized. Intense, longing obsession. "I don't just want to own you, though. I want to take you. I want to make you mine. I want to break you completely until you submit yourself to me, fully. And I am going to break you, Ben."

She grabbed his cock with her other hand, stroking it as he began breathing harder. Despite everything, he was still incredibly aroused. "And you seem quite excited by the idea, Ben." She smiled and giggled a bit. Everything about this was beyond anything Ben was used to, he was trapped completely and he knew it. Even the way she was acting was different from what he was used to, this seemed more....natural?

She raised herself and guided his cock to the lips of her pussy. She looked at him, smiling, the intense expression still there. "But first, I want to consummate your slavery. I want to use my slave for my pleasure, Ben." She slowly slid down onto his cock, moaning with pleasure as she did so. She looked into his eyes as she dug the nails of one hand into his back. "Mine." She said through laboured breaths.

She began bouncing on his cock, moaning louder and louder, the breathing getting more and more laboured, repeating 'Mine' over and over again. He was also moaning, his breathing getting equally difficult. They were both incredibly aroused as she fucked him mercilessly. Finally, after her relentless assault on his cock, they both exploded into climax together, she, digging her nails into his back, leaving scratch marks, throwing her head back and crying out in sheer ecstasy like a wolf howling to her pack and him, pulling against his bonds, crying out as loud as the gag would let him, his eyes almost rolling back into his head.

They both breathed heavily, coming back down from that almost transcendent experience. She was still on top of him with his cock in her as she looked at him, an expression of softness and her face. "Mine." She kissed him, again and again, repeating that as she did so. He felt soft, vulnerable and submissive. He felt those words sink in. Hers. She was right. He was hers, he was entirely at her mercy, and the submissive side in him revelled in that fact even as the rational side was still unsure.

After several minutes of kissing, she slid off his cock, eliciting a moan from both of them. She smiled down at him, that intense expression returning. "My slave. Mine." She stroked his cheek as she did so. He looked at her, the vulnerability he was feeling plain on his face. This was what she wanted, she wanted him to bare himself to her completely, to be owned by her. She smiled and leaned forward, kissing him softly on his forehead.

She let him collect himself for a moment before she began to speak. "In this coming month, Slave, I am going to train you to accept your new position as my property." She stroked his cheek softly. "It will be very tough. This first week will be difficult. In fact, this first week will be hell." He looked at her fearfully. "I'm going to break you, Ben. I'm going to break you down mentally so that I can make you accept your new reality." His eyes widened as she continued her gentle stroking and slowly took off the ball gag. He tried to make a noise but she put a finger to his lips and softly shushed him.

"But I want you to know something. I do care about you, Ben, I do value you. And no matter what happens, no matter what I do to you, I want you to know I will never hurt you. I will inflict all sorts of tortures and pain on you for whatever reason I want but I will never hurt you, Ben." She looked at him softly, her hand on his cheek. "Do you trust me, Ben?"

He looked vulnerable and he had a thousand thoughts going a million different directions in his head. Part of him wanted to beg, part of him wanted to demand, part of him wanted to threaten. But the biggest part of him, a little voice in his head, told him to trust her. And, looking inside himself, he found that he did trust her. This was crazy, she might very well be crazy, but he did trust her.

"Yes, Master....."

Her face lit up as she smiled. "Good boy." She began to kiss him again, stroking his face. "My good boy. Finally, after many kisses were had, she leaned in close to his face, gazing directly into his eyes.


Knock Them Down

Ben's eyes fluttered open from his fitful rest. He was in the Isolation cell. It was padded on all sides, including the floor, and was so quiet it was actually legitimately disconcerting. Spending prolonged periods of time here was uncomfortable, to say the least, and Ben had just spent the night, trussed up in a straightjacket. At least he was not gagged and the floor was padded but it was still an uncomfortable sleep regardless.

He could not see anything with the light off, that combined with the eerie silence was a form of torture all on its own. He felt his anxiety and fear elevate with every passing second as a million thoughts went through his head. What was going to happen next? He did not know the answers but feared what they could be.

He tried to push his thoughts aside by focusing on last night. He remembered coming home, he remembered waking up and he remembered Christina fucking him. She had been gentle but firm afterward, feeding him in the chair before releasing him from the chair. She put this straightjacket on him and told him it was time to get some rest for tomorrow.

He looked around for all the good it did him in this darkness. She had said that tomorrow was going to be especially hard and that he had better get some rest to prepare. His fear raised significantly at the thought of whatever she was going to subject him too. With nothing else to distract him his mind went wild, speculating on the exact nature of the hell he was about to be subjected to. It did not take long for him to begin sobbing, overwhelmed by events.

He did not know how long it took for the light to flicker on and the heavy cell door to swing open. He looked up, tears on his cheeks. She was wearing a bright yellow sun dress that went just below her knees with lacy white gloves and black high heels. She looked like she was getting ready for a day in the park as well as beautiful.

She sauntered over to where Ben was laying, curled up, kneeling down to stroke his face. He looked up, apprehensive, knowing better than to speak before she spoke to him. "Did you have a bad dream, Slave?" she said softly as she gently stroked her thumb on his tear stained cheek. "No, Master...." She nodded and made an ahh sound. "Feeling a little overwhelmed, Slave?" He leaned back a little bit afraid to answer honestly but afraid of silence more. "Yes, Master...."

She gently cupped his chin, making him look up at her. "I noticed the hesitation. Were you afraid I would punish you if you told me the truth?" He looked up at her, the fear on his face plain. "Yes, Master...." She cooed at him as she stroked the top of his head gently, a shiver of cautious delight going down his spine. "You never need to fear telling me the truth, Slave. I will never punish you for telling me how you feel or what you think. I will, however..." She tilted her head forward a bit, her expression going from sweetness to sternness. "...punish you for keeping things from me or for lying to me. Understand, Slave?" He shivered again. "Yes, Master...."

She smiled again, the sweetness returning to her face. "Good." She let go of his face and took hold of the straps on either side of his straightjacket, pulling him up to his feet. She was face to face with him, staring right into his eyes. "You're safe with me, Ben. No matter what happens, I will never hurt you." He looked into her eyes. He'd spend many a time looking into the eyes of liars in his line of work, both fighting against and for them. When he looked into her eyes, he saw many things. Right now, it was...honesty. Sincerity. He did feel safe, even as he knew he was going to be subjected to painful tortures, he knew she would not do anything to truly hurt him. "Thank you, Master...."

She kissed him, a kiss of hunger, of want and of possession. It was long and deep as they both savoured every moment. Finally, she leaned back, that intensity back on her eyes. "Mine." A simple word that, more and more, seemed to define his existence. Hers.

She stepped back, heading towards the door, gesturing to him to follow which he did wordlessly. Outside the cell, she put a leather collar on his neck, padlocking it and clipping a leash to the front. The feel of the leather around his neck actually helped calm his nerves and he took a moment to enjoy the sensation. Next, she started unbuckling the straightjacket. Before she unbuckled the final strap she looked him in the eyes, face stern, and said. "Don't disobey me, Slave." He nodded and, satisfied, she undid the buckle and took the straightjacket off him.

He could have fought, could have tried to escape, but something kept him silent. He did not know if it was fear and the prospect of punishment or genuine obedience but he stood there, still as a statue, as she hung up the straightjacket, walked behind him and cuffed his hands behind his back. He hung his head, unsure what to think of himself now.

She walked back into his line of sight, softly stroking a finger on the collar. "Today will be very difficult, Slave. I'm going to push you farther than ever before, right to the breaking point and past it. I'm going to subject you to a truly hellish experience." The hand raised to his cheek, stroking it. "But I believe in you. I believe you can take it, Slave." She held her hand there for a moment before turning, leading him away with the leash.

She led him out of the cell area by the leash at a brisk but manageable pace as he followed behind her. The familiar corridors of her mansion brought a little comfort to him, in another context he would be in heaven, enjoying every minute of his captivity. Now, some part of him was enjoying it still but another was completely terrified of what was to come next.

He was led out to the yard where a small table was set up with one chair. He was guessing the chair was not for him. She put on a sun hat, the whole ensemble would not look out of place in a summer park. The only thing unusual was the naked and tied up man being led on a leash by her. She picked up a riding crop and turned to look at him, a devilish expression on her face.

"I'm going to be teaching you discipline and obedience, Slave. First, a little....regimental training." She used the riding crop to raise his leg to a 90 degree angle till his leg looked like an L with his foot parallel to the ground. "I want you to march, raising your feet to a 90 degree bend like this, Slave, but also stay in place. And I am going to correct you...." She smacked his ass with the crop, eliciting a cry of surprise. "...every time you make a mistake. Understand, Slave?" He stood still looking straight ahead. "Yes, Master." She smiled. "Good. Begin."

For the next two hours the training proceeded, he tried to march in place while she mercilessly whipped him for every mistake, of which there were many. "You're moving forwards!" SMACK. "You're bending your back, maintain posture!" SMACK. "Not 90 degrees!" SMACK. "Moving forwards again!" SMACK.

His legs burnt from the effort, his ass burnt from the whipping, everything hurt. He could feel his mind slowly hone in more and more, focusing entirely on the task and the pain, all other thoughts banished as irrelevant to the task at hand. He could feel his mind slowly shut off as all that mattered was doing this task correctly.

Finally, she took a break, letting him stop and stand still, almost at attention. She sat down, taking a sip from a glass of lemonade by her side. Disciplining him was hard work, she could not imagine how he felt. He looked absolutely amazing, though, the sweat gave his body a nice sheen, she could see his body shiver from the pain and exertion and the bruising on his ass and thighs was a deep, angry red. Despite all that he stood there silently, looking straight ahead. She smiled. He would be broken in no time.

She walked towards him with a glass of water in her hand, tilting his head back and letting him drink just enough water. He was not done with physical exertion yet and she did not want him to cramp. "Not good but it will do. I will do this again tomorrow and the day after that until I am satisfied with you, Slave." His body shivered at the prospect. "But for today that will be enough. I'm giving you 5 minutes to rest before we proceed to the next activity."

Rest turned out to be standing still while she set up some equipment around the area. Once the time had passed, she unbuckled the cuffs behind him, again presenting him with an opportunity for escape and, again, he stood still, rejecting the chance. She ordered him to his knees, attaching the cuffs on his hands to a spreader bar, keeping them locked at shoulder length. She ordered him to assume a push up position which he did as best he could.

She walked around in front of him, her high heels directly below him such that if he lowered himself he could kiss her shoes. He heard the whoosh of the crop and a smack as she smacked his ass with it. "Back straight." He raised his back, his hands shaking. "When I say down, do a push up and kiss my foot while you are done there, Slave." He already felt the shaking in his arms. "Yes, Master." He said with a strained voice.

The forced exercise session continued for another hour. Push ups where he kissed her foot and she whipped his ass for poor posture. Sit ups where she would twist his nipples for poor form and he would say "I belong to you, Master." With every repetition. Pull ups where she would whip his ass all the way up and down. Repetition after repetition of pain all over his body until he was a quivering wreck at the end of it. His body ached, it burned and he was exhausted. The sweat gleamed on his body as he stood before her, his hands behind his back again, barely able to stand up straight. After the appropriate cooldowns she let him drink from a bottle of water she had brought, he drank it like a man who had just marched through the desert.

She laid out a blanket on the ground and let him lie down, still tied up, with his head in her lap as she gently stroked his hair. He was exhausted from the exercise but this...this felt nice. She assured him of her pleasure with his performance, reiterated her ownership of him and told him how proud of him she was. He closed his eyes, getting lost in her words and her hands as they gently stroked his bound body, a familiar feeling growing inside him, one he only really felt when he was completely at her mercy.

He felt at peace.

Build Them Up

After about an hour of rest and gentle ministrations she helped him to his feet and led him back to the house but not inside, instead tying the leash off to a post next to the garden hose. He knew what was coming next. The hose had a decent amount of pressure to it, not enough to hurt but enough to feel it. Plus, the humiliation of being hosed down like a dog added an extra level of degradation to it.

She sprayed down his body, making him turn around repeatedly, hosing down every bit of him. It stung and made him shiver from the cold, especially when she sprayed down his more sensitive areas. Once she was satisfied, she walked up and gently dried him off, lightly dabbing a towel all over his sensitive body. She changed his restraints to dry ones but kept him chained to the post, naked and tied up, kissing him before whispering "I'm going to get changed. Don't go anywhere."

He stood there, restrained, waiting for her. James, the gardener, walked by, saw him, chuckled, waved and walked on, leaving Ben mortified and embarrassed, a feeling he was not unfamiliar with by this point. As he waited, he began to think about how he felt. He did have to admit, this did not feel.....bad. The ability to just let go, just obey, he knew he enjoyed that and he knew he enjoyed her.

She eventually returned, changed from the sun dress into a black latex bodysuit that really accentuated every wonderful curve on her body. She leaned in close to his ear, whispering "This is for the play session later." Biting his ear while she unleashed him, making him shiver. She led him back into the house and to the dining room, sitting him down and strapping him into a chair with leather belts.

"Before we proceed with the rest of the day's activities, however, we shall have lunch first. I don't want you to starve, after all." She said as she sat next to him, the two of them facing each other as she leaned in close. On the table were two plates with fettuccine pasta on them. It looked pretty good and the smell made Ben's stomach rumble. She forked some of the pasta and put it to his mouth, gently feeding him as she ate her meal as well.

"So, be honest, Ben, how do you feel?" She said as she helped herself to a serving. "I's hard to describe, Master. I feel several emotions. Apprehension. A bit of fear. But I also I feel safe with you, Master..." She smiled as she fed him a serving. "You know, there is one thing I've always wondered with you." He looked quizzically at her as he chewed. "Why do you like this? Why do you enjoy just...letting go?" She rolled a serving for herself as she looked at him, tilting her head slightly. "What is it about this that you enjoy and why?"

He looked down, contemplating. "I..I really don't know, Master. I mean, I remember how we met, I remember how I came a client but...I really can't say why I enjoy this, Master." She narrowed her eyes. "I don't sense deception but I do get a feeling that there is more to that. Maybe not something you consciously think but I get the impression there is a bit more to that." Ben lowered his eyes. "I honestly can't think of anything, Master."

She reached out and stroked his face. "I'm not upset, Ben. But I do think this is something worth exploring in the future." He looked at her, his head still lowered. "Thank you, Master..." She smiled and leaned back, preparing another helping of his food. "I do, however, have a topic I want to discuss in the future with you that I know you will be more resistant too." She looked at him, her face a mixture of stern and understanding. "Your past."

He looked away immediately. His past was a very, very touchy subject. Of all the times that had talked, all the things they talked about, from the banal to the interesting, he had never, ever talked about himself before he got his job and had firmly shut down any attempt to talk about it from her. It was one of his hard lines. "I know its a touchy subject, Ben, and when we were client and Master I was more than willing to let it go." She reached out, gently grabbing his chin and making him face her as his eyes betrayed an intense vulnerability. Even his body seemed to be cringing away from that particular topic.

"But if we want to be more, Ben, it is something we are going to talk about, no matter how uncomfortable it is." She used her thumb to stroke his cheek. "We don't have to talk about it now and I won't push it if you're not ready but I do want to talk about whatever it is that you carry on your soul, Ben." The expression on his face was, without a doubt, the most vulnerable and unsure it had ever been in the entire time she had known him. They held each other's gaze for a moment before she raised the fork to his mouth.

"Just remember, Ben. You're safe with me." He leaned into her hand as he closed his eyes. The rest of lunch went unremarkably, she changed the topic and let the food settle in his stomach for a bit, just chatting about lighter subjects before, eventually, she stood up, untied him from the chair and led him to the playroom. "Time for the final activity of the day, Slave." She said with a rather sadistic twinkle in her eye.

Fun And Games

Ben was led into the playroom by his leash, a small sense of trepidation on his mind. She led him to the center of the room where she released his hand restraints before re securing his hands in front of him. She then raised his hands above his head, tying them to an eyebolt in the ceiling. He felt exposed and vulnerable and she ran her hands over his body to accentuate that feeling.

Stepping behind him and out of his sight, he heard metal clanking followed by the feeling of a spreader bar being attached to his legs, spreading them. He felt even more exposed now. Next was a small cord being wrapped around his cock and balls, tied off and attached to the spreader bar, pulling on his privates. He softly moaned, getting him a light smack on his cock. "Dirty boy, getting hard before I'm even finished." He began to apologize, barely getting one word out before she kissed him intensely. Her tongue explored his mouth, fully taking over in the moment.

Once she had her fill she pulled back, leaving him wanting more, a sly and playful expression on her face. She traced a finger on his face, his expression of desire unmistakable. She disappeared behind him again before a blindfold was pulled over his eyes, depriving him of vision and heightening his senses. He felt vulnerable, he felt exposed but most of all, despite it, he felt safe.

He felt her hand lightly clamp on his throat as she whispered in his ear. "Today, Slave, we're going to explore what makes you tick a little more." He felt her other hand on his ass, stroking and squeezing it. "In all the time I've known you you've been a remarkably reserved man on how you feel and what you think." She dug her nails into his ass, quickening his breathing. "This time, however, you're going to tell me what's on your mind, what you think, you are going to answer my questions, Ben." She squeezed harder. "You simply don't have a choice." She let go of his ass, returning to the soft stroking as her tone softened. "But remember, this can all stop if you want it too. All you have to do is say the word, Ben."

Stepping back, he heard a swishing sound from what he guessed was a riding crop. His guess was quickly proving correct as the crop was brought down on his ass, eliciting a cry of pain. "Tell me what about submission attracted you to it, Ben." Another strike, another cry. "Tell me what you enjoy about this." Strike, cry. "Tell me why you like to submit, Ben." The strikes were not too painful but it really drove home the point of how helpless he was.

"I....I don't know, Master...." A slight pause followed by a strike, harder now. "I don't believe you, Ben." Strike, cry. "You're going to tell me." Strike, harder this time, louder cry. "The only choice you have is how much pain you suffer before you tell me." Strike, strike, strike. It was getting harder to think, harder to focus through the pain. "I...I...I do..." Strike, the hardest one yet, making him scream and pull on his restraints. "Focus, Ben. You can do this. I believe in you." She paused, letting him catch his breath. "I...I like...I like letting go, Master..." He heard her getting a bit closer to him. "Go on."

"I like letting go, just....submitting. Just...being. Just obeying, Master...." He heard her get closer still, her voice soft. "Go on, Ben." He tried to focus but it was slipping now, his natural walls coming up again. "I...don't..." He did not get far before another strike was delivered to his ass.

"Just tell me what I want to know, Ben!" Strike, cry. It was starting to overwhelm him. "Tell me why you like to let go!" Her volume was raised now, not shouting but loud. "Why do you like letting go from your life, Ben?" Strike, strike, strike. He felt tears welling up behind the blindfold, his breath was ragged, he was on the edge. The pain, the feelings, it all came crashing through at the same time, breaking through his proverbial walls.

"BECAUSE ITS HARD!" He shouted out, not a shout of anger but the shout of a man letting things out he'd never let out before. "Its hard! Every day I have to be on point, have to be perfect!" He was limp in his restraints now as he spoke through sobs. "Everyone expects so much of me but provides no guidance, there's no room for a mistake. Every day, I have people depending on me to save them, protect them. They place their lives in my hands." He dropped his head as his voice got softer. "If I make a mistake, I could destroy their lives. So many questions, expectations. Am I doing the right thing? Are my clients good people in the right?"

He paused, trying and failing to fight back his sobs. "I have to be perfect and I have no one to guide me. Its so hard sometimes...." His head dropped again. "I just want to let go of it all, just let go of the expectations, the responsibilities, the thinking, just let go and obey....." his voice trailed off and he hung limply, lightly sobbing. He felt a hand on his face, flinching in surprise, before she softly shushed him, stroking his face gently. His back burned, his mind was all over the place and he felt totally exposed but her hand on his face helped calm him.

"You were very brave, Ben, opening up like that. I'm proud of you, my good boy..." She leaned in, wrapping her arms around him and hugged him, stroking the back of his head. He leaned into it as much as he could, his sobs slowly getting under control. "Its ok to feel that way, Ben, its natural. You have a very stressful life and its ok to want to let go." She kissed him, softly this time. "And I'll always be here for you if you need me, Ben. Always...."

They stayed like that for a little while as she held him close. Eventually, she untied his balls, released the spreader bar and untied him from the ceiling, re securing his hands behind his back but keeping the blindfold on. Grabbing hold of his leash, she led him out slowly, guiding him gently in his particularly vulnerable state. He felt a bit uneasy being led blind, something he'd never done before, but he trusted her enough to follow her without complaint.

She led him to what turned out to be the living room, laying him down on the sofa with his head in her lap as she gently stroked his head. "You did really good today, Ben. I'm very proud of you." She repeated it over and over again, soothing him and comforting him. He felt himself fall deeper and deeper into submission with every stroke, every reassurance. "Master? May I ask a question, Master?" She kept stroking his head as she responded. "You may ask but I might not answer."

He took a moment to consider his words. "Why me, Master? Why did you want me? There must have been other people, better people to want to...enslave." He took a moment, wanting to word it carefully. "Why me, Master?"

She gently took his head in both her hands, made him face her and leaned down and kissed him deeply. She held it for a good long while, savouring him. Eventually, she pulled back, looking at his blindfolded face while stroking his cheek. "I'll answer that question, Slave, at the end of the month if you are a good boy. Ok, Slave?" He leaned into her hand, a soft moan of contentment escaping his lips. "Yes, Master...."

"Who is my good boy, Slave?" "I'm your good boy, Master..." She repeated the question several times, stroking him, relaxing him until eventually, she felt him drift off to sleep in her lap. It had been a hard day, emotionally and physically, and she let him rest for a bit. She was not going to lie, it felt good that even bound as he was he felt safe and comfortable enough to fall asleep like this. She sat there, running her hands on him, as she felt his rhythmic breathing, slow, soft but cute.

After close to two hours had passed, she heard footsteps behind her. She turned to see James approaching as she put a finger to her lips. He stopped, then slowly tip toed forward before he saw Ben's sleeping figure, nodding his head and mouthing ahhh when he did. "Is he asleep?" She nodded, still stroking her head. He nodded smiling. "So I take it he said yes when you spoke to him?" She smiled warmly at her brother, nodding again. He could tell she was pleased by this turn of events and he could not help but be happy for her.

"How is, training, going?" She smirked and spoke softly. "Very well. He's taking to it like a fish in water. He's just a big ol' submissive softy at heart." He softly chuckled a bit, looking at her. "And how does he make you feel, sis?" She looked at him, contemplative. She had not really stopped to process how it all made her feel, she had been in dominant mode all day. Thinking about it, she finally found the answer that made the most sense.

"He makes me happy."

2 Years Ago

Ben stood in front of his co-worker Dalton, a pretty bland and colourless man but a brilliant legal mind. He enjoyed his company, to an extent, because of their shared love of sports. He was talking about the Indians and how this would be the year they finally break their curse, though he wished his own team had made it instead. Ben smiled and shook his head. "I dunno, I don't think you can count out the Cubs, I've got a feeling this could be their year." The conversation continued on like this for a bit.

Ben did not like these company parties all that much, a simple affair to wine and dine their long term clients, especially those with retainers. He knew it was his duty to duly suffer through it, though, so he put on a happy face and schmoozed his clients like the rest of his co-workers. Eventually, Dalton had to go brown nose someone, he did not recognize who, and wandered off, leaving Ben alone. He made his way to a corner, content to just watch for a bit.

"Mr Danforth." A voice to his right made him turn to face the ever graceful figure of Christina Konigin wearing a well groomed business suit. "Ms Konigin!" He stretched his hand out, instantly shifting to professional mode. She took his hand and shook it, her eyes never leaving his. "How are you doing today, ma'am?" She smiled a bit. "I am doing fine, Mr Danforth, and you don't have to call me ma'am."

He raised his hands. "Of course, Ms Konigin, I meant no disrespect." She tilted her head slightly, her eyes still not leaving his. "And none was taken, Mr Danforth." There was something about the way she was looking at him, like a shark would look at a seal. "I have a question for you." Not a request, a simple statement of fact. "What's a capable fellow like you doing hiding in a corner?" He laughed nervously, her question piercing through his usual social walls.

"So you noticed? Umm, well, to be honest, I don't do well in crowds, you know?" He shrugged sheepishly. This elicited a raised eyebrow from her. "An introverted lawyer? A career almost entirely dedicated to interaction with people? It must be quite stressful." He did not know what it was but he felt...well, a bit uncomfortable but something else as well. He looked away, hoping to excuse himself. "Yes, well, I hope you enjoy the party, Ms Konigin, but I really must..." He was not even finished before she took another step forward, closing the distance.

"Not yet. Stay here." Her tone was not requesting, it was commanding. He stopped, looking at her, was difficult to say what he felt right now but he stayed. "Good boy." Whatever this feeling was, it grew at that, along with a feeling of humiliation. This person was giving him orders and complimenting him like a pet and he was just taking it.

"I understand how you must feel. It must be quite a lot to bear. Trust me, Mr Danforth, I know." She took another step forward. "You know about my line of work, yes? You did defend me, after all." He was looking away, his face red. "Yes, I do." Came his quiet response. She tilted her head back a bit, smiling. "Yes, I do, 'ma'am'." She said, waiting. He looked down, his face getting even redder. "Yes, I do, Ma'am." She reached out, lightly squeezing his shoulder, sending shivers down his spine. "Good boy."

She continued. "Many capable men use my services and find it helps with feelings of stress. I think you could use my services, don't you agree?" He was still looking down. "Yes, Ma'am." He did not know what this was but he felt completely unable to say no. "Good boy." Another shiver. What was it about that phrase that did this to him? "Is your schedule free tomorrow, my good boy?" He shivered again. "Yes, it is, Ma'am." Her tone turned more stern. "Look at me when I am talking to you." He cautiously looked at her. His expression was one of uncertain vulnerability while hers was one of confidence.

"Good." She reached into her suit jacket, pulling out a card. "I want you to come to this address tomorrow, 6 pm sharp. We have quite a bit to discuss, I think." He took the card. "Yes, Ma'am, thank you, Ma'am." She smiled, then patted him on the head. "My good boy." She turned and gracefully walked away. He looked at the card, wondering what on earth had just happened. He knew, however, that he was going to be there. He did not know what he was feeling but...well, he would be lying if he said he did not want to find out.

She walked away, smiling. Without a doubt he was the most naturally submissive man she had ever come across. Getting him to come for an appointment was childs play. As she walked away from his firm, she was quietly happy.

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