Self-Bondage Missions
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Author's Note: This is my first time sharing my self-bondage fantasies with anyone.

Chapter 1, Part 1

I am a 21-year old bisexual girl. I am from a non-American descent and am an international student at my college in America. Throughout my teen years, I had been into bondage. I realized I was into bondage when I saw a movie "Serious Moonlight" on TV. It was about a couple almost going through divorce but the wife decided to tie up the husband and keep him like that until he loved her back. For some reason, watching the husband duct-taped to a chair while the wife was casually doing her work and talking to the husband as if he wasn't tied up really turned me on.

The idea of being restrained in front of someone and them pretending everything is normal is my true fantasy. Ever since then, I have been watching videos of tied up people to get off. I have recently tried self-bondage and am constantly finding out new ways to tie myself up without any risk. I am very nervous about buying handcuffs, so I have discovered a way to tie my hands behind my back using ropes and a lock (combination lock or padlock) Here is what I do:

I take two lengths of ropes. I make a really tight knot in both the ropes such that they become two rope loops. I take one loop and using a zig-zag approach, I tie my knees together and allow a tiny part of the end of the loop to face my crotch. Similarly, I take the second loop and using the same zig-zag approach, I tie my wrists behind my back and allow a tiny part of the end of the loop to face my knees. As long as these ends are free, I can free myself with no trouble. I then bring both of these tiny ends near each other and use a padlock to lock them with each other. Once I do this, I have no escape. Hands tied behind my back, not being able to free myself. I really get turned on. I keep the key to the padlock somewhere nearby to be able to free myself at will.

Whenever I want to be tied up for longer, without being able to escape for a long amount of time, I replace the padlock with a combination lock. I tie myself up in the same way as before but this time, I turn off the lights in my room, connect my tied up wrists with my knees with the help of the combination lock, and scramble the combination so that I cannot escape until there is a source of light. The source of light is either the sun (if I tie myself up at night) or a timed flashlight which will turn on after 3-4 hours.

I live in a 2-storied shared house with 8 other people (both men and women), each from different countries. Everyone has their own room. Since I have my own room too, I like to sleep being naked, gagged and hog-tied with a combination lock.

I achieve this by turning off the lights, turning my phone's flashlight on (which turns off after 10 minutes), keeping the phone at an unreachable distance, then tying myself up in a hogtie fashion and making sure everything is good before the phone's flashlight turns off. Once my phone's flashlight is off, I cannot escape until the sun has risen.

One night, after hog tying myself and before my phone's light turned off, I realized that I needed to pee. I really got pissed (pun intended). The bathroom in my house is a common one. So I had to go outside my room to pee. I realized I would have to untie my wrists, my knees, my ankles, ungag myself and go to the bathroom, come back, then re-tie and gag myself again. Since it was 1AM, I realized that everyone would be in their own rooms and therefore I could just go to the bathroom just like that. This excited me very much, so I did that. I just untied my hogtie, but kept my hands, knees and ankles tied up, and decided to leave the room just like that, naked. Like I assumed, everyone was in their own rooms, so the corridor from my room to the bathroom was empty. But still, the possibility of being seen naked and tied up made me wet. I hopped like a bunny to the bathroom (since my legs were tied as well) with my heartbeat increased. I gave a sigh of relief once I got in the bathroom. I peed, flushed and hopped back to my room without untying myself. Finally, I locked my room, turned the lights off, connected my wrists to my ankles to be hogtied, and locked them with a combination lock.

I was so excited with the thought of being naked and tied up outside my room for the first time that I couldn't sleep at all. The room was completely dark, I was hogtied with no hopes of escape until sunrise, and I couldn't sleep due to the excitement of what I had just done.

It was then when I realized that self-bondage is much more fun when done outside your room. Outdoor naked self-bondage adds the risk and excitement of being seen by someone, and even better, groped.

Therefore I have decided to carry out some self-bondage "missions" in my own house. Failing these missions will result in a man or a woman (or both) seeing me naked and tied up. This will bring humiliation. Succeeding in these mission will earn me my freedom.

This is the first mission I have planned out so far: Mission-1: One of the rooms has recently been vacated, so it is empty now. I plan to keep the key to my lock in that room. I will wait till midnight (like 3-4AM), get naked, blindfold and gag myself, lock my arms behind my back to my knees with a padlock (whose key will be in the vacant room), and venture out of my room like that to the vacant room in order to obtain my freedom. I have an inflatable penis gag that I plan to use. I also have a vibrator but its sound will alert the other tenants in the middle of the night. So a crotch rope will have to do. The blindfold doubles the excitement of the mission for two reasons: 1) I will have to bump into walls to figure out where I am, and orient myself in the direction of the room where the key is in. 2) Not knowing if someone can see you naked and tied up is really exciting. If someone decides to fuck you, not knowing who is fucking you is even more exciting.

I like both the men and the women in my house. If they see me naked and tied up with my arms behind my back, blindfolded and gagged, there are two possible scenarios: 1) They panic and rush towards helping me, thinking that I have been tied up by a robber. 2) They realize that I'm into self bondage, take advantage of the situation, grope me and (possibly and hopefully) fuck me. I really hope the second scenario happens. The blindfold will make sure that I do not see who is fucking me. The gag will make sure I do not scream for help. Perfect. Also, the blindfold and gag will make any hesitation of my potential fucker go away. They will have no fear of revenge from me, since I have no way of knowing who they are.

I also have reasons to believe that one of the guys in my house likes me. Imagine if you were that guy. You go outside your room at 3AM and find the girl you like walking around the house with her arms tied behind her back, blindfolded and gagged. You make the best out of the situation, take her into her room and fuck the shit out of her, all while the girl doesn't know who is fucking her. I really wish that happens. That would be my best orgasm.

I plan to carry out this mission sometime soon.

Chapter 2 - Execution (added: 2021/01/25)

After a stressful month of classes and exams, I finally decided to carry out Mission-1. In each class and exam, I couldn't concentrate as I couldn't keep my mind off the picture of me being tied up outside my room. I realized that I have to do this mission soon or else I would go crazy and mess up my semester.

The night I chose was perfect. It was really windy. This ensured there was little silence in the house so that I could carry out my mission without waking the other tenants up. It was 12AM, and I couldn't wait until 4AM to start my mission since I was so turned on. So I decided to stay tied up in my room until it was time to go for the keys in the other room.

First things first, I went to the empty room and placed the key to my lock on the table. I went back to my room after that.

Before tying myself up, I wanted to practice walking to the key room without vision. So I closed my eyes and tried walking towards that room by listening to the ambient sounds of the house in order to navigate myself in the right direction. I must admit it wasn't easy and I bumped into walls at least three times, and this was when I wasn't tied up. Just thinking about how I would reach that room while tied up and blindfolded excited me a lot.

With this elevated excitement, I decided to go back to my room and set an alarm for 4AM to indicate when it was time to leave my room and go to the empty room for the keys. I chose 4AM because that's when I assumed every one would be asleep for sure.

When it was 1AM, I locked my room from the inside and removed my clothes and lingerie. I took one good look in the mirror and admired my body. I had recently shaved my pussy, which made it very attractive.

I started groping my breasts and massaged my pussy a little to get turned on. I then inserted the inflatable penis gag in my mouth, blindfolded myself, tied my knees with rope and tied my arms behind my back.

At this point, I didn't use the padlock to connect my arms to my knees, which meant that I could still escape if I wanted. I wanted to eliminate this hope of escape as soon as possible, so I reached for the padlock.

I became really anxious at this point, since this was the point of no return. Before I could think any further, I locked the rope tied up around my arms to the rope tied up around my knees.

This was it. Now I couldn't escape even if I wanted to. I was in my own room, naked, blindfolded, gagged with an inflatable penis gag, arms tied behind my back and the key to my escape was in a different room. My nipples became really hard just thinking about the situation I was in. I was my own prisoner for hours.

I knew it was risky going out of my room like that at 1AM. So I waited until my phone's alarm rang at 4AM. Three hours of not being able to see or speak or use my arms to touch myself. I loved it. The wind grew stronger. It was really exciting and scary at the same time for me. At times I heard the other tenants go the common bathroom and then back to their rooms.

I really appreciated my decision to wait until 4AM even more.

After a while, it seemed like it has been ages since I tied myself up, but the alarm hadn't rung, so I assumed that it wasn't 4AM yet.

Since I was blindfolded, I had no way of knowing the time even if the phone was in my hand. I could use the voice assistant on my phone to know the time, if only there wasn't a penis-shaped gagged in my mouth. I realized I was becoming way too anxious thinking about the time. So I decided to lie down on my bed and relax.


The 4AM alarm on my phone woke me up. I didn't realize that I slept. As soon as I woke up, my partially conscious mind started realizing that I am naked, tied up, gagged and blindfolded. So I suddenly got turned on really hard. I quickly reached for my phone by listening to where the alarm sound was coming from, and pressed the 'Volume Down' button to turn off the alarm.

I knew it was time for me to venture out of my room and find the key in the empty room.

I managed to get out of my bed and reach my room's door by walking around the room and feeling the walls. Since my arms were tied behind my back, I turned around 180 degrees to be able to unlock the door. After unlocking the door, I came out of my own 'prison' and started walking along the corridor towards the empty room. I must say it was really scary since I had no way of knowing if someone was watching me.

Also, since the wind outside was blowing so heavily, I wouldn't be able to listen to the footsteps of anyone around me. My tied up knees made it difficult to walk more than half a feet in whichever direction I was oriented towards.

I kept walking forward until I bumped a wall/obstacle, then fixed my direction. It was like I was a human-pinball. Except this human was blindfolded, penis-gagged with her arms tied behind her back to her knees. After 5 minutes of bumping into stuff and aligning my direction, I finally reached the empty room where I had placed the key to my freedom. I knew I reached the room because of the smell of the newly painted walls.

Now I knew I was safe, as all I had to do was reach for the table on the far end of the room on which I had placed the key to the padlock which imprisoned me. While walking towards the table, I had several second thoughts. "Do I really want freedom? Should I allow myself to be free so easily?".

I suddenly decided to temporarily deny me my freedom by spinning myself in a clockwise direction randomly. Now my direction was reset and I had no way of knowing where the table was unless I bumped into the room's walls to figure out where I was. I loved myself for doing that. After a few more minutes of blindly walking around the room, I finally bumped into the table. My freedom was close.

I turned myself 180 degrees to bring my arms near the table. I started feeling the table top to find and hold the key in my arms. I started panicking when I realized I had felt the entire table top but I still didn't find the key. Did it fall down? Am I in the right room? If I am in the wrong room, does this mean someone is watching me at this very moment?

My thoughts immediately vanished as I felt a sudden increase in the size of the inflatable penis gag in my mouth. I started jerking my head in panic and tried to scream, but the gag now occupied my mouth so much that I couldn't make a noise at all!

I heard a whisper in my ear: "Shhhhhh. Relax. I am not here to hurt you. I will deflate the gag if you promise not to make a sound. Alright?". With no other option, I immediately nodded. I was able to breathe as soon as my unknown kidnapper deflated the penis gag enough.

"If you decided to do anything funny, I will inflate the gag again and keep it like that until you pass out. Do you understand?". I nodded without hesitation. I realized that I was completely at the mercy of a tenant in my house who I couldn't identify. I couldn't see them nor listen to their actual voice, since they were smartly whispering instead of speaking.

I didn't even know if they were a man or a woman. A part of me wished they were a woman, since a woman might show mercy on me and let me go without hurting me.

But another part of me wished they were a man, since at this point I was so turned on that I was ready to suck some cock, even though I wouldn't know whose cock am I sucking.

"Are you looking for the key to the padlock which is keeping your hands tied?", my kidnapper whispered. I nodded in desperation. I felt their hands massaging my breasts. "Well, you are a treasure too valuable to let go. You came in here like tied up like this for a purpose. A purpose that I will help you fulfill."

They picked me up and carried me on their shoulder. I couldn't feel their breasts, so I assumed it was a man. But which one? There are 6 men and 2 women (excluding me) in my house. I had to figure out who this man was. Could it be my crush Peter that lived in the room opposite to me? I had no way of knowing.

After being carried around the house for 2 minutes, I was set down on the ground. I could feel that I was standing on grass. I realized I was in our house's backyard.

I soon felt a metal collar around my neck. My kidnapper chained my collar to something and started feeling my breasts. When I tried to pull away from that 'thing', it made a wooden sound. I recalled that my backyard had a thin tree, to which my kidnapper had me chained.

So there I was. Blindfolded, gagged, arms tied behind my back and neck chained to a tree in the backyard while being fondled by an anonymous man. My dream had finally come true. The logical part of my brain was telling me to panic since I was a highly exposed and vulnerable hostage to an unknown man. But the horny part of my heart was telling me to relax and enjoy.

"You are smiling. I knew you would enjoy being in this situation." I quickly came back to my senses. I immediately shook my head and tried to pull away from the tree, but the chain was restraining me towards it. "Oh, don't try to deny it. This is what you wanted. And if you don't stop trying to escape, I will inflate that penis gag again. You know what? I'll just do it right now for fun" my master whispered.

The penis gag inflated to it's maximum capacity in my mouth. I couldn't breathe. "Tell me. Will you resist again?". I shook my head. "Sorry what? I can't hear you?". I shook my head even harder and managed to make a noise despite having a full-sized penis in my mouth. The gag deflated a bit. "Good". My master started licking my nipples. My pussy became wet as soon as he did that. "I see the juices in your pussy, you really are a whore aren't you?". I was too turned on to respond to that question. He started massaging my pussy.

After a few good minutes of being helplessly molested, I made a noise of frustration as my master immediately stopped. "Wait here." As if I had a choice!

My master left me helplessly tied up in the backyard and went inside the house. As soon he left, I got turned on. I was kind of publicly naked and tied up and I was left alone.

Anyone who happened to enter the backyard at that time (another tenant, a robber or anyone else) would see a young woman naked, tied up, blindfolded, gagged and chained to a tree. They would see an opportunity. I kept thinking about this over and over again to make sure I would never forget this erotic moment.

A few moments later, I could hear someone walk into the backyard. I thought to myself "What if it's a robber?". But then I realized the worst a robber could do was fuck me but not kidnap me, since I was chained to a tree, so I could not be taken anywhere. So I relaxed.

The footsteps slowly appeared towards me and there was a pause. I heard a whisper "Oh my my!". I then felt two hands on my breasts and a third hand on my pussy! I suddenly realized I was now at the mercy of two tenants of my house. I felt really humiliated and turned on at the same time. If only I could see who they are, but that was the whole point of my blindfold.

I heard a whisper in my ear "We will now remove your gag. Do not try to scream for help, or else we will make things bad for you. Do you understand?". I nodded my head. The two people removed my gag and threw it on the grass. I then heard them remove their trousers. I knew what was going to happen next, and there was absolutely nothing I could do to prevent it.

They bent me over. One guy was behind me, and one was at my face. I felt a penis on my face. "You know what to do" the guy whispered. I opened my mouth and started sucking that cock passionately. Meanwhile, the guy behind me put his dick in my pussy and started thrusting back and forth. It was the most erotic moment of my life.

They continued to fuck me like that for about 10 minutes after which they switched positions. The guy who I was initially sucking started fucking me in my pussy and the guy who was fucking me in my pussy earlier put his penis on my mouth. I started sucking him.

I must admit the second guy who was fucking me in my vagina had a much bigger penis, since I was on the verge of orgasm the moment he started humping me. I finished the guy who I was giving a blowjob too quickly. He ejaculated on my mouth for like 20 seconds and then started fondling my breasts.

Meanwhile the guy who was fucking me in my pussy continued to fuck me for 5 more minutes. He was making sure that I came before he did. I started shuddering from the orgasm that I had. It was the best orgasm I ever had. As soon as I orgasmed, the second guy came inside me. Luckily, he was wearing a condom so I didn't fear any unforeseen consequences.

After that, one of the guys picked up the penis gag from the grass and put it back in my mouth. I could sense the taste of the grass as he kept inflating the gag.

Both the guys then went some distance away from me and whispered something to each other for 5 minutes. I wish I could see who the guy with the bigger penis was. He made my self-bondage mission worth remembering.

One of the guys went inside the house while the other came back to play with my boobs. He started inflating and deflating my penis gag, making it difficult for me to breathe. I wished that he stopped doing that, but I was practically helpless and at his mercy. The other guy came back into the backyard soon.

They started cleaning my pussy and my body with tissue paper. I didn't like that. I wanted to be dirty slut who smelled of cum. But I was there toy, and they could do anything they wanted with me.

I soon felt a cold piece of metal around my crotch and a "Click" sound. I realized what it was and started panicking and shaking. I had enjoyed everything that my two kidnappers had done with me till now except this. I didn't want a chastity belt!

I started making noises to indicate my frustration. One of them started massaging my head like a pet and whispered "Shhhhhh. Just relax. What we are doing is best for you". For some reason I actually relaxed after listening to that.

I suddenly felt a piece of cloth on my mouth and nose. It smelled of chloroform. I knew they wanted me to pass out, so I didn't bother resisting and passed out.

I regained consciousness in the exact same state in which I lost it. I was still naked, tied up, gagged and blindfolded. Except this time, I was laying down on a bed. I couldn't figure out where I was nor what time was it. I realized that the key to the padlock keeping my arms tied behind my back was in my arms. I quickly untied my arms, my knees, removed my gag and blindfold.

I realized that I was in my own room and it was early in the morning. My kidnappers were kind enough to place me on my own bed and give me the key to my freedom after a night full of fucking and humiliation.

My mouth was paining from being gagged all night and sucking two cocks continuously. It was an experience worth remembering.

I stood up and went to the mirror in my room. The last time I saw myself naked in the mirror, which was last night before tying myself up, my body was clean and my crotch was free. But now, my crotch was covered with a chastity belt and there were many words written on my body with a permanent marker.

My left breast had the words "Shameless Slut", my right breast had the word "Whore". My shaved vagina had the word "Fuckmeat", and my butt cheeks had the phrase "Property of two proud masters" written across them. It was humiliating and degrading, but at the same time erotic and exciting!

I tried removing my chastity belt, but I didn't have the key to the lock.

I saw my phone lying on the ground and reached for it. After I unlocked it, I saw that there was an email from "yourmastersforever" with the subject "Obey" and some file attachments.

The file attachments were images and videos of me unconscious, naked and tied up. The words on my body were clearly visible in them. The body of the mail read:

"Slave, your fantasy has come true. Since this is your first formal introduction to your masters, we will answer a lot of questions that you probably have:

You came out of your room naked and tied up at 4AM, thinking that the corridors must be empty.

Unluckily for you, one of us couldn't sleep due to the strong winds and was walking around the corridor right as you walked out of your room.

You will refer to this person as your "First Master". First Master observed you all tied up, blindfolded and gagged and bumping into walls. He decided to give you the pleasure that you wanted by taking you to the backyard. He decided to call another guy that you will refer to as your "Second Master". We fucked you so hard that you were smiling all the time.

We then decided to enslave you. We didn't think it was appropriate for you to touch yourself without our collective permission, so we put a chastity belt around your crotch, whose key will always be with us. We will decide when you are allowed to orgasm.

We will randomly send you an e-mail with the text "Cum".

As soon as you receive it, you will have to tie yourself up exactly the same way that you did last night. You will blindfold and gag yourself in the same way as before too. After doing so, you will come out of your room, after which we will take control of your body again.

Here are some rules that you must follow or you will suffer:

-You will come out of your room within 10 minutes of receiving a "Cum" email, tied up, blindfolded and gagged. No exceptions for no reason whatsoever.

-You will not try to identify your masters.

-You will not involve anyone else to help you get out of your predicament.

-You will not try to remove the markings on your body that your masters have made. We will always check if the markings are present on your body.

Failure to comply with ANY of the above rules will result in the following:

-We will immediately flush the key to your chastity down the drain.

-We will release the images and videos attached with this email to everyone you have ever known - your family, your friends, your classmates. While you were unconscious, we used your finger to unlock your phone and copy all your contacts. So do not assume that we are lying.

We have also decided to name you "Fuckmeat", because that's exactly what you are. You are a piece of meat that is meant to be fucked. We will occasionally give you different derogatory names to remind you of your true worth.

If you accept this agreement, reply "Thank you Masters, my body belongs to you and I will obey everything you ask" to this email.

Looking forward to controlling your body again.

Yours ownfully

First Master and Second Master."

I was shocked. My body was not in my control anymore. I had no idea of who my two masters were despite living in the same house as them. If I ever wanted to orgasm again, I would have to obey anything and everything they command me to do, or else I might be locked in my chastity belt forever.

Also, I didn't want my friends and family looking at the the pictures of me being in that naked and tied up state. I had no other option than to submit to my masters.

I replied to that e-mail without giving any second thoughts.

"Thank you Masters, my body belongs to you and I will obey everything you ask

Yours obediently


Chapter 3 - Hope (added: 2021/04/30)

"WHY ARE YOU LATE? YOU HAVE KEPT US WAITING FOR 30 SECONDS! YOU KNOW THE PUNISHMENT!", one of the masters whispered loudly in my ear as I tried to beg through my penis gag.

It has been three months since my imprisonment by my anonymous masters. I haven't been able to touch my genitals since then. The only things that have been in contact with my vagina is the metal of my chastity belt and the penises of my masters when I'm in their control.

Throughout these three months, I have went through humiliation as my masters have been asking me to do some embarrassing tasks in the presence of the tenants of my house.

One time, I was forced to make loud moaning sounds while in the shower, so loud that everyone in the house could hear me. As soon as I came out of the shower, I saw 3 tenants of my house looking at me with a judgemental look. I wish I was able to do what they thought I was doing, I wish I was able to massage my pussy and get orgasm on demand, if only my crotch wasn't locked up inside a metal belt. For all I know, any of those tenants could be the ones who asked me to do that humiliating task, but I had no way of knowing.

I have received around 50 "Cum" emails from my masters throughout the past three months at random times during the day. Sometimes way early in the morning, sometimes in the middle of the day, and most of the times at midnight.

Naturally, I have hurriedly got naked and tied myself up with blindfold and penis gag in my mouth and went outside my room all 50 of these times, because if I was even a little bit late, my masters would make sure that my hopes of orgasms and my honor, what's left of it, would be gone forever.

I always keep the ropes, locks, blindfold and penis gag near me and always wear clothes which I can easily and quickly remove, so that my masters will always find me naked and tied up outside my room when they desire.

All 50 of these times, my masters would take me to their rooms, fuck me hard for at least 30 minutes, then get me unconscious through chloroform and the next thing I know is that I am in my own bed, tied up and naked, with the key to my freedom in my hand. I have got so used to this that every time I wake up, I check my hands for a key, even if I am not tied up at all.

I recently got an online video interview for a job, scheduled during the day. I wanted to get this job so bad, that I started skipping some meals so that I would have some extra time to study for the interview.

I joined the interview, and it was going well. My phone suddenly buzzed, and I saw the text "Cum". I panicked internally but managed to appear calm to the interviewers. There were 10 more minutes left for the interview to end, but I had 15 minutes to get naked, tie myself up and go outside my room and wait for my masters. I was not going to mess the interview up, so I did not think about all of that.

As soon as my interview ended, I took off my clothes, reached for the bondage equipment and tied myself up. I did not know how much time I had left. After I hastily managed to get naked and tied up, I went outside my room.

"WHY ARE YOU LATE? YOU HAVE KEPT US WAITING FOR 30 SECONDS! YOU KNOW THE PUNISHMENT!", one of the masters whispered loudly in my ear as I tried to beg through my penis gag.

"Let's see why you were late", they lifted me up and took me back to my room and laid me down on the ground. I realized I did not close the interview email on my laptop.

"Aha, an interview, is that right? You kept us waiting for 30 seconds because you wanted this job? Well, we'll make sure you don't get this job. We'll show your interviewers how you look at this moment".

I heard a click sound from one of their phones. I started panicking and crying through my gag and blindfold. I cried so hard that one my masters had mercy on me and removed my gag.

"Tell us. How bad do you need this job?".

I managed to get some words out of my mouth despite crying so hard. "I have been skipping meals so that I prepare for this job. I beg my masters to please be considerate and forgive this worthless bitch". Despite my blindfold, I managed to reach the feet of one of the masters and started licking their shoes. "This is where I belong", I said while licking the leather on their shoes. "At your feet. You will always be my masters, and I will obey anything you ask me to do".

I struggled to get on my knees and started licking the crotch of the same master through his trousers. I could feel his penis get erect as I kept on licking.

After 5 minutes of licking the shoes and crotches of both the masters, they put my gag back inside my mouth and inflated it. I heard them whisper to each other for some time.

"Bitch, we have decided to forgive you for your dishonorable actions. However, as a reminder that you are our property, we will upload your pictures and videos to pornographic websites on the internet. Since you were quick enough to accept your mistake and tried to make amends for your actions by proving to us where you belong, we will have the mercy of blurring out your face in the photos and videos. But know this, if you make such a mistake again, we will re-upload the photos and videos without blurring your face and also send them to your friends and the interviewers. Do you understand?"

I was relieved and scared at the same time. At least no one would be able to recognize me through the photos and videos. But I would be so embarrassed throughout my life knowing that my naked and tied up body would be up for display on the internet for thousands of perverts online.

I nodded "yes" to my masters.

"Well then, I will begin uploading while the other master will spank you for being a bad girl."

Master 2 unlocked my chastity, after which I got spanked for like 30 minutes, which made me wonder why it was taking so long for Master 1 to upload my body to the internet.

After 30 minutes of spanking me and probably making my ass red, they started fucking me like they originally did the first time three months ago. They took turns of getting their cock sucked through my mouth and fucking me in my ass/vagina. Once both of them were finished, they got me unconscious.

I woke up in the evening and untied myself up quickly, since I was used to it now. I realized that there were like 15 more markings on my body. My body looked like a wall with lots of graffitii on it.

The markings contained sentences like:

"mmmmmm, delicious -suckmydick69",

"fuck her in her arse -pussypevert32",

"I would fuck you forever -XxxPornAddictxxX",

"Reveal your face! I bet it looks as sizzling as your body -LustfulLover",

"how much price for an hour? -ilovepussy99",

"if only I could be there with you, I would make you lick my pussy for days! -lesbo21",

"have her on a leash and let her lick food off the ground! -petplaylover71".

It didn't take me long to realize these were online comments on the photos and videos that my masters had uploaded on the internet.

I reached for my phone and saw an email from "YourMastersForever"

"Bitch, you have probably realized that your body now contains the comments of some of the admirers of your naked and tied up body on the internet. It goes without saying that you will not remove these markings, or you will also find admirers of your face on the same websites.

If you get popular, we will start charging them if they want their comments to be written on your skin. Whatever money we earn from your photos and videos, we will spend 50% of that on buying some premium quality self-bondage equipment for you, which you will gladly wear if you want your face to remain blurred.

For your reference, attached are the links to the websites where we have uploaded your photos and videos. You can look up the user "YourMastersForever" and you will find your beautiful body in the "Photos and Videos" tab.

Yours ownfully


I downloaded the text file attached to that email.

My jaw dropped as I looked at the size of the list. 50 websites!!! Now I realized why it took so long for Master 1 to upload my body to the internet.

My masters REALLY wanted the world to see my naked and tied up body. It felt so frustrating to know that there are probably thousands of creepy perverts masturbating while looking at my body but I cannot masturbate at all, not until I get free from my chastity, which I do not know if it will ever happen at all.

I now desperately wanted to get free of the chastity AND get my photos and videos which contain my unblurred face deleted forever. The ones on the internet are now written with ink, they cannot be erased, since I saw a "Times Downloaded: 315" on one of the videos on a website.

But since my face was blurred in them, I didn't mind so much. But how do I get my photos and videos with my face deleted from my masters' phones? For that, I would need to identify my masters. How do I identify my masters?

After thinking for a while, it struck me.

I would have to wait until I start earning money in order for this plan to work, so I will wait until I get a response for my interviewers. If I get selected for the job, my freedom is close. If I don't, then I belong to my masters.

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