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Your excitement grows as you turn the corner in a dim warehouse, as around the corner is the recently-captured sniper. All for you. You had an objective with them of course, otherwise this sniper would have just been shot, but anything between that and now is between you and them.

You step around the corner to see a hunched male figure, his hands drawn behind his back. As soon as you step into view, his eyes flick up towards you. He had managed to break the zip tie that previously bound his boots together, but the handcuffs are gonna hold him no matter what. His hands are locked around a pipe in the wall, preventing him from moving around.

You stand in front of the still silent sniper,

"I'm not even going to pretend that you might not know why you're here. You've killed no less than 5 of our men yesterday. Normally, there would have been a bullet in your skull the instant we found you. But we've got good reason to believe that you might have information that's useful to us... locations perhaps? Factories? Does this ring any bells?"

He says nothing, just shifting slightly on the concrete floor. You can tell he's fiddling with the cuffs a bit, and not doing a very good job at hiding it.

You step a bit closer to him, pinning a bit of his pant leg under your boot for effect

"...You wanna start talking?" You growl

Looming over him, he starts to speak in a fast-paced manner. Unfortunately it's in a foreign language. Damn. You had figured, based on the brown commando sweater he's wearing. The boys out there had been getting awfully lazy, not bothering to send the translator, or even mention that he's useless to talk to. Doesn't matter much to you though, as you've got plenty of time for that later. Right now you have all you need, a prettyboy sniper chained up, and total privacy.

You feel your cock start to stiffen in your pants slightly, as you inspect the sniper's face. You can just imagine sinking into his mouth, with those lips around your shaft. Before you get too ahead of yourself, you realize you need to make sure he's not bluffing. You step over him, then sit, straddling him across his lap.

He doesn't offer much struggle, as you're taller and heavier than he is, and he seems to be a bit panicked, based on his facial expressions. It's funny seeing how hard he's trying to hide it. He starts on another, slower, sentence, but you cut him off, grabbing a handful of his sweater and bringing him close

"Listen, if you're screwing with me, now's the time to admit it. I'll stop at any time, you just have to tell me, alright?"

Of course you're lying, but he doesn't know that. He stays silent.

You release his collar, and sit back a bit. You reach down between his legs, and feel him up. As soon as your hand contacts his groin, his whole body tenses and his breath stops. After the initial freeze, he starts to struggle. Feeling his squirming body under you starts to give you a stronger erection. The sniper feels this, and looks down to the rising tent in your pants. He can barely move since he's locked in the corner, and can't move forwards any more. You feel his torso, and reach up under his sweater. His shirt underneath is tucked into his pants, so you go ahead and loosen his belt.

He continues to struggle as you pull his shirt up, and you feel his body warmth on your cold fingers as you grope him. His breathing is still extremely quick, and you can feel his rapid heart rate, but the writhing has slowed. You find one of his nipples, and rub it, feeling it harden under your fingers. You can tell that this makes the sniper uncomfortable, and you like the expressions passing his face.

You grab the hem of his shirt and start to pull it up over his head. You fit his head through the hole, surprised by his compliance. You start to push his clothes behind him, when suddenly he lashes out, biting your inner arm.

"Agh! You fucker!"

You quickly pull away, but don't leave your position of sitting on him. His shirt and sweater are still over his head, but he could easily pull them back on. You give him a solid punch to the face and he cries out. Tears form in his eyes. A small part of you regrets bruising up that pretty face of his, but he got what he deserved.

Damn shame he's a biter, guess you're not gonna get that blowjob. You decide that you want to gag him somehow, to keep that from happening again. You think for a moment, and decide to remove his belt and tie his head to the pipe with it. You completely undo his belt, and pull it free from his pants. He's just about wriggled back into his sweater, so you quickly grab a fistful of his short brown hair and push it back, hitting it against the pipe.

He grunts upon the contact, and you grab the hem of his shirt.

"Don't fuck this up again, okay?" you hiss

You pull his shirt up, and duck his head into the neckhole. You have to let go of his hair to push the sweater and shirt behind him, and you do so cautiously, catching his hair again as soon as it passes over. With your other hand, you guide the clothing down to his wrists. The exposure to the cool air has raised goosebumps over his pale torso. You take a moment to take in the sight, but the pressure in your cock is getting to be unbearable.

You hold the belt in both hands, pulling it tight right in front of his face. You try to press it against his lips to encourage him to open his mouth, but he keeps shaking his head. After a bit of a fight, you manage to catch a moment where the belt's in slightly, and forcefully push it in. With one hand on either side of his head, you wrap the belt around the pipe, and tie it unyieldingly. You sit back on to him again and watch him test his bindings. You think he's realized how deep in he is, and he really starts to struggle again. Every move is useless, with you pinning his legs, his arms unuseable, and his head tightly bound in place. You just want to sink into him so badly right now, but you still have his legs to deal with. You really don't want to get kicked with those heavy boots.

You turn around carefully, making sure to keep his legs pinned, and start to work on taking off his boots. Once you do, you take out the laces entirely, in case you'll need them later for additional restraints. You place them aside, and turn around again. You undo his pants with a bit of effort, since he's putting up a struggle, then you grip his waistband and start to pull his pants and underwear down his legs.

A new wave of panic washed over him as you exposed him. He starts trying to talk around the cleave-gag, and it almost sounds like pleading. You ignore all of this, instead focusing your attention to his dick. It's pretty average in size, but that doesn't matter. For you, it's all about the violation, watching his face contort and his body writhe as you stroke it. You focus your attention back onto removing his pants entirely, and you pull them fully down his hips, and off his legs. In the process, you feel something in his pocket. You stop to fish it out. You find a box of cigarettes and a small silver lighter.

You chuckle a bit, and pull one out of the box and light it. You discard the rest of them and the lighter beside you. You look into his watery eyes

"Bit of a smoker, are you?"

No response. You weren't really expecting one anyways. You take a big pull off of the cigarette, and blow the smoke into his face.

"Last bit of that you're gonna be getting for a long time"

You finish removing his pants, and immediately start on your own fly. Your erection springs out, and the sniper's chest starts heaving. You realize he's starting to cry. Some big brave sniper he is. You ignore that, and lean over him, so that you can place your cock against his, and begin to stroke them as one. He struggles a bit under you, but it only makes it more enjoyable.

You can feel his dick start to harden a little, and even though you know it's just an involuntary response to your touch, it's nice to feel. It's another humiliation aspect to give him. Having another man seemingly turn him on when all he wants is to be out of there.

You drag your other hand across him, towards his ass. You grip his cheek, then move towards his asshole. You prod at it with a finger, and the sniper gets louder in his crying, and starts repeating what sounds like a single word or short phrase over and over. You press against his hole, and with it refusing to yield to just one finger, you figure he's gonna have a pretty bad time taking your cock.

You finally manage to pop your finger in, and you feel his sphincter try to retract around it. You pump it in and out a few times, before adding a second one. The sniper is sobbing, and has pretty much given up on fighting. Of course he'll thrash or writhe every now and then, but he's no longer giving any major resistance. You stop stroking your cocks, and holding the cigarette between your teeth you use both hands to grab his legs.

"Let's just do this nice and easy..."

You situate yourself between his legs, and start to try and prod against his asshole. He starts to push you away with his legs, but you're strong enough to hold him folded at the waist, with his knees up to his chest. When that doesn't work, he tries kicking you, but his legs are on either side of you so it ends up ineffective.

You put out the cigarette on the concrete next to you, and push the head of your cock against his entrance, but it doesn't budge. He tries to kick you and squirm out from under you upon feeling this, but you don't let him go. You push harder, almost hurting yourself a bit. It really doesn't want to give in for you. You readjust, this time slipping in one of your thumbs first. When you do this, he flinches a bit. You align your cock head against your thumb, pointing into his asshole. You again push, and this time you make some leeway. The sniper cries out as you start to sink in.

You push your way into his tight hole, with the sniper crying under you. You can't imagine it's terribly comfortable for him, with his head crooked against the pipe like that. You watch his face contort as you push your way in fully. He tries to choke out some cusses between sobs, his panic seemingly turned into anger now. You're glad you've got him pinned and tied as well as you do.

You sink your dick into him all the way, taking a moment to savor the feeling of your balls against his ass. After giving him a second to breathe, you pull almost all the way out, before slamming back in. Your breath hitches when the head of your cock pops in. You hilt him again, then rapidly pull back out. You keep thrusting, each push heightening your pleasure.

Your arousal starts to peak, and you start to thrust faster. You push in as hard as you can one last time, going as deep as possible. You finish inside him, and sit there panting. You give a few more weak thrusts before pulling yourself out. You grab the sniper's underwear that were sitting off to the side, and wipe your cock off with it. You stand up again, pulling yourself back into your pants, and fixing your belt back up.

You look down at the used sniper, satisfied with what you've done. Might go a second round before really roughing him up with the translator... You're not sure. You've got time. For now, you just leave him on the cold concrete, waiting for whatever you're going to do with him next.

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