Remarkable Afternoon
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  • Post Date - 11/17/2020

Author's Note: Something I wrote a while back for another site. Thought I'd share

On second thought, maybe I shouldn't have said yes. This experience has turned out to be much more than what I expected. The amazing combination of discomfort- muscles and joints pulled into places where they don't belong- and the tightness is almost too much.

My body is completely invaded... My mouth is open enough to breathe, though the hood blocks all but muffled sounds. I can't speak because my face feels constricted, pressed tight all around by the delicious leather. The inescapable smell is enough to send me to the brink of orgasm.

The thing inside my sex is not a simple dildo or anything that I have ever experienced before but a contraption that is almost a living thing inside me. It breathes! Or, at least it seems to be breathing. At first I felt only smoothness, but now it is making me insane!

In my ass is a balloon and I feel pressure building and reducing in waves like a tide... Nothing has ever felt like this.

He promised me that he would not hurt me but he also promised that I would not be the same when he was through. I trust him completely but sometimes he scares me a little, or maybe a lot.

This set of feelings is really indescribable. I am not so sure now...

He explained the scene before we started and still I said yes. Maybe I am choosing not to remember his explanation but he relented to my repeated begging so It is my fault that I am in this situation... It started like many of our other playdates...

A leather corset is laced around my body, leaving my breasts exposed, and laced very tight- breaths are shallow. My collar is locked in place like usual but this time it has a long metal bar with cuffs attached to the far end, hooked to the back ring. Both my arms are pulled back and locked into the cuffs forcing them out straight behind me. He attaches a rope to the cuffs and pulls my arms up almost parallel to the floor behind my back causing me to stand bent forward on my 4" stilettos and the bar keeps my arms straight. Not uncomfortable, yet not exactly comforting.

A lead is clipped to the big ring on the collar in front and pulled down to a ring screwed to the floor. My legs are spread wide and ankles cuffed to more floor rings. I'm effectively stuck!

He carefully braids my long hair into one single braid extending from the top of my head, winding a rope with a metal ring attached into the braid as he goes. The ring is clipped to a line hanging down from the rafter and pulled up tight- forcing my head up and my neck back. At least I can stand easier now since my head is supported in place!

2 wooden clothespins are placed on my nipples just before the frightening black leather hood is slipped over my face, my braid passing through the opening in the top. I can see nothing but from the tugging and tightening I know he is working the laces tight around my head. Eventually I feel the straps being pulled tight and sounds drop to muffled noises as my ears are plugged by the mask. I can't move my head and my only air comes from a small hole directly in front of my mouth.

He straps something over my corset at my squeezed waist and I feel more "clicks". Now I can't move at all- I seem to be locked into a brace or frame with no wiggle room. Bending my knees I can tell I'm supported by my corset and my hair! At least I won't fall.

It's quiet for a while. Did he leave?

I somehow sense he is back. I feel his hand cup my sex but I'm unable to pull away. Actually, I want his hand there or something better! I feel his lips kiss my mound just before something smooth slides inside me. That's really nice, kinda takes my mind off my arms and the rest of this predicament and I do so love penetration!

Then I feel him pressing gently on my asshole with his finger, probing with something slippery and pressing his finger inside me. I try and wiggle away but the corset holds me tightly in place. He presses something smooth against my rearmost opening and begins feeding it inside. Not smooth like the other one, this one is irregularly shaped and squishy! What the hell?

Oh shit! it's inflating! I feel pulses from some kind of pump making the thing in my ass larger, not uncomfortable but filling me up completely. Then another strange sensation as something starts to press around my stretched opening from the outside and I realize it's a double balloon. I'm completely sealed up! He puts something on my ass cheeks down low but I'm so distracted by the plumbing inside me that I can't tell what they are.

Again, it gets quiet and nothing seems to be happening.

Suddenly, a warm sensation starts spreading in my insides. The enema I was promised has started... He explained the process but since I have never had a "real" enema before I didn't know what to expect. He's being gentle but this is completely new to me- pressure, a little discomfort, a really warm feeling spreading fast! It's as if my corset is tightening even more but I know that it's because I'm being slowly filled up from the inside.

Then the thing in my sex starts to pulse! The damn thing is another balloon of some kind but I remember he told me it was an e-stim device, electro stimulation. It's just a slight tingle now, a little wave of tickles but my body instantly convulses and my legs twitch with a shuddering orgasm. WTF! I have never had an orgasm that intense or hit that quickly! Shit, it's not stopping... I think I hear him laughing through the hood.

The thing in my ass starts pumping in and out slowly, or maybe my sphincter is clenching and unclenching around it? More e-stim maybe?

This sadistic bastard knows how my body works and he is pushing me... wave after wave of rippling orgasm, sometimes building and hitting hard and other times building, dropping back and then rising ever higher. the sensations move around, front to back, inside to outside, always with a strange rhythm that seems to keep me on the edge but sometimes combining together- turning me into a quivering mess.

He told me I'd be changed and now I realize with finality that he knew exactly what I was going to discover. He has a lot of experience with this kind of play himself and I have begged and begged to be taken deeply into subspace. He warned me that it would change me but I didn't understand... small tastes during our regular playtime only increased my appetite. Now I am beginning to realize what he meant as my body responds only to his devious control and I am utterly powerless to do anything. I'm afraid he was right...

What must have been hours later but can't be, I wake up and realize that I am still in bondage. My mind has wandered as orgasm after orgasm rolled through my body. I know he wouldn't keep me here for hours but somehow I do know he will not allow me to stop until I am spent, pushed past any limit I have ever set for myself. My legs are useless, my arms are numb, my sex is tingling and I am completely drained physically and emotionally.

I feel the devices he has attached to me continue to do their evil work. The plumbing in my ass suddenly turns cold and the magical toy in my sex begins tingling like 50 cat tongues working me over from the inside. Another impossible crescendo starts rolling up from my crotch as a wave of fire erupts into nearly every muscle of my body. My hooded eyes see waves of color, a rushing in my ears begins and I black out again...

I slowly become aware that I'm in bed. He is holding me and I am warm. Nothing is uncomfortable, I'm not laced up or bound but the edge of a delicious soreness is beginning to spread through me. I smell lavender bath soap. As he holds me, his breath brushes against my shoulder. I reach up to touch his scratchy face behind me and my fingers touch my neck. A narrow band of warm metal circles my neck- the titanium collar he promised!

As I snuggle with him, I fiddle with the collar and find no hinge and no lock! A rush of shock and adrenaline courses through me as I realize the seriousness of this! It can't be removed... My mind slowly computes the enormity of this and a sudden contentment washes over me. As I calm down, I snuggle closer to him, trembling.

I have changed, truly.

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