Eliza And You (AI Generated)
  • Author - AIoverlord
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  • Post Date - 11/21/2020

Author's Note: The story you are about to read was generated by an AI. The story was in part directed by a human, such that the human was playing in the story, telling the AI what they wanted their character to do. The AI responded to these requests with story elements, descriptions, and provided the results of the human's actions. After playing through this story, the human read back through and made some edits to fix minor grammar mistakes, remove some repetitiveness, and to smooth the overall story a little bit. So, this story is about 90% AI generated. Keep that in mind as you read, and think about how much better this will be in the future ;)

You are Drea, a 22 year old woman living in the futuristic city of Crin. You have a compact laser blaster hidden in your jacket and a holoband on your wrist. You've just woken up in a dark alley with bruises all over your body. Its night and the events leading up to this moment are fuzzy. You stand up and see a police droid flying towards you. You run without hesitation. You sprint down the alleyway until you reach the end and turn into a bustling street. The Crin PD would be looking for you. The band on your wrist is sending out an alert after all...

You pull off the holoband and drop it to the ground. You look down both ends of the street and spot a seedy bar where you could probably hide out at. You quickly enter and, to your relief, find it is a lot less seedy on the inside. The walls are decorated with alien tapestries and the bartender is dressed in a fancy blue and purple outfit. Behind the bar is a large tank filled with water and there is a man swimming in it.

You sit down on a bar stool and call the bartender over. She is a young woman with green hair and blue skin.

"What can I get you?" The bartender asks.

"Vodka Tonic please."

"Coming right up." She replies.

You watch as the bartender pours your drink. You take a sip and give a nod of approval. Looking over your shoulder you see the police droid hover past the open entrance of the bar.

"So... Any idea why the fuzz is looking for you?" The bartender asks.

"What do you mean?"

"The fuzz...the cops...you know, Crin Police Department?" The bartender replies quietly.

"Oh, them. They're probably looking for me because some idiot reported me missing." You say. Thats when you remember. A little bit of the blur in your head disappears. You were with Him, and you escaped. You're on the run.

"Well, here's to the idiots!" She says raising an empty glass with a warm smile. You clink your glass and take another drink of your vodka.

"Thank you," you whisper. The bartender raises and eyebrow. "... For not alerting them. You don't know how-"

"And I don't want to," she interrupts.

The bartender makes small talk with you. She mentions that the police force has been on edge with the rise of a new criminal gang, the Black Vipers.

"Who are the Vipers?"

"They're a gang of professional criminals. They do everything from running prostitution rings to drug dealing to armed robbery." The bartender explains.

"Are they any good... at... taking care of people?" You ask.

The bartender raises both eyebrows. "I've never heard of them doing hits for hire," she states bluntly, "I think they're more into the human torture and alien trafficking." She says with a shudder.

"Oh. I'll try and avoid them then."

The bartender doesn't continue the conversation. Instead she returns to cleaning a glass after giving you a concerned look. You finish your drink and pay the bartender before leaving to walk down the busy street of Crin.

You feel for your weapon and take a quick look around. You see a young women walking down the street. She is dressed in a tight blue dress that hugs her every curve and heels to make her as close to eye level with most men as possible. She has long blonde hair, a slender waist, wide hips, and D-cup breasts. Her dress is cut low to reveal plenty of cleavage. She wears bright red lipstick that matches the color of her fingernails.

You keep your head down and walk past her. She turns to watch you go. You continue on for a while without incident. before sitting on a bench. Its chilly and you pull your coat tighter. While you sit on the bench, a young woman walks up and sits next to you. You look at her. Blonde hair, a slender waist, wide hips, and D-cup breasts. It's the same woman you saw walking past and this time you can clearly see her beautiful silvery gray eyes. She turns and smiles at you.

You say, "Hey"

"Hey." She replies.

"...It's a nice night, isn't it?" You say.

"I guess." She says. The woman looks away as if suddenly uninterested.

"So where are you headed?" You try and restart the conversation.

"Why do you ask?"

"Just curious." You shrug.

"Well curiosity killed the cat, didn't it?"

"I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just trying to have a conversation." You say.

"Oh, I'm not being rude either. I'm just in a hurry to find something." She says and begins to stand up.

"I need a friend," you blurt out, "and somewhere to stay."

She stops and hesitates before turning around. "There is a motel a few blocks down, with a neon blue sign. Tell them Nadia sent you. You'll have a place to stay for the night."

You watch as she walks away from you. You hope that she'll turn around, but she never does. You sigh and get up off the bench. You start walking down the street, it is quite dark out now and the nightlife is beginning to wake. You take a walk and find yourself in front of a motel with a blue neon sign overhead. It looks old and run-down. A smaller sign in the window advertises rooms for $5 a night. You check your pockets for money and find $2.50 in loose change. You walk into the hotel and see a man behind a counter at the far end of the room.

You approach the man behind the counter. "Hello, how can I help you?" The clerk asks.

"I'd like to buy a room but I don't have enough money"

"A room without money?"

"Yes." You say.

"Can't help you." He looks away.

"Nadia sent me," you say.

He returns his gaze and you can see see interest sparkle in his eyes. He smiles at you and pulls out a registration card. "Well, in that case we can work something out if you just need a room for the night."

You nod and take the card, fill it out, and hand it back to him. He takes it from you and disappears through a door in the back of the room. You wait for about two minutes before he returns. "Come with me," He says.

You follow him through the door and up a flight of stairs. He leads you to a small room with a bed, dresser, and nightstand. There is a woman's tube top on the floor next to the bed.

You say, "Thank you, do you want me to work or something?"

He smiles, "Just keep the noise down."

You look at him confused but he simply leaves. You walk over to the dresser and open it hoping to find fresh clothes. You open the top drawer and find a bunch of womens clothing. The next drawer has stockings, then lingerie and sex toys, and the last contains a collection of sex tapes and porn DVDs. You close the drawers and sit on the bed, suddenly feeling dirty.

You stand and check the door to make sure it is locked. It isn't. You open the door and peek into the hallway. It is empty so you close the door and lock it. Feeling a little more secure, you take off your coat and set it on the chair. You look around the room. Besides the bed and chair, there is a tall dresser against the wall. You go over to it and open the drawers, but find only stockings and underwear.

You take your small laser blaster from your coat and hide it under the bed pillow, then you sit on the bed and cushion your head in your hands. You need to come up with a plan, but your brain feels like scrambled eggs. You lay your back on the bed and stare at the ceiling. The room is dimly lit by a nightlight in the bathroom, just bright enough for you to make out edges of the furniture. Suddenly, you see movement and a woman walks out of the bathroom.

"Who are you?" You ask, but instead of responding she walks over and grabs you by the hand.

"Don't talk." she says in a robotic voice and pulls you off the bed. She drags you over to a table and forces you to bend over. You struggle against the robot, but her cold metal hands keep you firmly in place.

"Don't struggle." she says and a strap is slipped over your head, brought down and tightened to pin your arms to your sides.

You try to break free, but her hands are as strong as vice grips. The robot lifts your skirt and rips your underwear from your body. She spreads your butt cheeks and something cold and jelly like is smeared over your ass and vagina.

"What are you doing?" you ask.

"Preparing you." she responds.

"Please, wait-" you try to plead.

She smears more of the cold jelly on then thrusts something inside of you. It feels like someone is shoving a giant plug into your ass.

"Relax, it'll feel better if you relax."

"I don't want this, I'll find somewhere else to stay!"

"You have to pay for this room, that's why I'm doing this."

You try to get up, but the robot hits your back with her metal fist and you cry out in pain. She releases you for a moment and you spin around, managing to throw your body into her. She falls to the floor and cries out a robotic curse. You rush to the door and try to open it, but it is locked and the robot is faster. She grabs your arm.

"Oww!" you cry out as she twists your arm and you slide to the floor. Your upper arms are still pinned to your sides as you lay on your stomach on the floor. She grabs one of your feet and bends your leg, quickly strapping your ankle to your thigh in a frog tie.

You kick her in the face with your other leg and she is knocked into the table. You try to crawl away, but she grabs your ankle and drags you towards her. You slide backwards and are pinned under her knee. She leans in close to you face, which is pressed against the floor, and her cold metal skin warms up to your body temperature.

"Stop fighting or I will hurt you." she says.

You try to break free, but her grip is iron tight.

"Okay, I'll stop!" you cry out in pain

She releases her grip but only after securing your other leg in a frog tie. She flips you over.

"Kiss me" she says.

You lean in and give her a quick peck on the lips, but only because you have no other choice.

"A longer kiss" she says and leans in once again.

You kiss the robot to appease her, hoping this will be over soon. You slide your tongue into her mouth and it feels like a warm, wet cave. You break from the kiss. "Don't hurt me," you whisper.

"I only need the film." It responds, and its only now you realize this thing is recording you. Near her temple is a red blinking light. She is recording her perspective.

She grabs you by the neck, lifting you from the floor and pushes you to your knees. "Don't make me hurt you," she whimpers.

You don't resist. You open your mouth and she slides her plastic cock inside. Oddly, it tastes like bubble gum, but the thought is forgotten as she grabs both sides of your head. You wrap your lips around the phallus as she begins to slide your mouth back and forth over the length of it. She begins to throat fuck you, starting slow and steadily moving faster. You can only gag and take it, her robotic arms are too strong.

"Oh...oh....fuck.....I'm cumming!" she yells and her cock begins to vibrate.

In a futile effort, you try to pull away, but she grabs your head and holds you down as you feel the heat of semen her filling your mouth and spurting down your throat.

You gag on the salty taste and begin to cough. She slides her cock out of your mouth and rubs it on your cheeks and lips. The robot reaches up and taps her temple. The red light turns off.

"You were great. Come find me again when you want another job," she says.

You cough and gag and spit out any of the cum remaining in your mouth. The robot turns a dial on her hip and thrusts a hand into her ass. She pulls out a roll of money and drops it to the floor along with a knife. She then leaves you alone in the room.

You look down at the knife and scoot over to free yourself. You take it and cut the straps around your torso and legs. You wipe your lips and stand, placing the knife on the table and grabbing the roll of cash. You open the front door. The robot is gone.

A door opens down the hall and a woman walks into the hallway. She wears glasses, jeans and a red sweatshirt. You look down to quickly count the cash the robot gave you. It's $230 dollars. You've never had this much money before. You see the woman coming and quickly stuff it into your pocket. She doesn't look twice at you, she just walks past to the door of another occupied room and knocks. A man in a brown jumpsuit opens to greet her. He smiles at her and gives her a quick peck on the lips. She puts her hand on his jumpsuit covered crotch and they both laugh. She slips inside the room and the door shuts.

You shut the door to your room and walk to the bed to get your blaster. You can't stay here after what just happened. It would be best to take the money and leave. You grab what little things you have and place them on the table: The money, the gun, and the knife. You walk to the dresser and search for a new pair of underwear, eventually finding something that would fit. Just as you are about to leave, you hear a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" you ask


You open the door a crack and she looks you up and down. "What do you want?" You ask spitefully.

She looks past you into the room, seeing the turned over chair and sexual fluids on the floor.

She motions at the mess, "I'm sorry that had to happen."

When you turn to look, she pushes at the door and slips inside. You step backwards, towards your blaster.

She smiles and stares at you with a blank stare. "You're one of them, aren't you?" she asks.

"What do you mean?"

"One of the slaves," she says.

"How can you tell?"

"Because, you're not distraught. After what just happened to you any normal girl would be a mess. But not you. This isn't the first time you've experienced something like that, is it? It's not the first time you've been forced."

You look over at her with misty eyes. Her gray, almost silver irises, simply stare back.

You blush and say "I'm not a slave. I promise..."

She smiles and says "Of course not. You're an escapee."

She stares at you with her blank stare again. Her silver eyes seem mesmerizing. You know she has powers, but you can't sense what they are.

"What are you?" you ask.

"A vampire" she replies.

"Oh..." Your blood runs cold and suddenly her stare looks hungry.

You make a move towards your gun but she is fast. She grabs your arm. Her red nails dig into your skin and you feel a sharp pain. You turn and look at her. She looks back at you with a hungry smirk. Then, she lunges and bites into your neck. You feel her long tongue lap at your throat and her mouth sucks hard. You quickly begin to feel dizzy. She doesn't drink for long but to you it feels like forever. She pulls away and licks her lips, and you fall to the floor.

She kneels down beside you. Your vision blurs and your hearing fades. You see Nadia's mouth move. You can't hear her but you can make out the words on her lips. "It will be okay..." she says as she brings her wrist up to your mouth. She is smiling, and you taste blood. Your eyes roll into the back of your head and everything goes black. Dreams of naked women dancing before you fills the blackness. They smile and laugh, but say nothing. You wake up before they speak.

You are lying in a bed, in the motel room you 'bought' with your sex tape. You look out the window and see the setting sun rising in the distance. You wonder how long you've been out, and a glance at the clock shows it's been nearly 20 hours. You take a deep breath and steady yourself. You stand up and look around the empty room. You walk to the bathroom and open the door. You look in the mirror and examine the bite wound on your neck. The bite wound looks normal, but it feels like it's burning. Your head begins to swim again, but not from lack of blood, from something else.

You turn on the sink and pour yourself a glass of tap water. You drink it and begin to feel better. You go back to the mirror and examine the wound again. It looks normal, but you can still feel the burning slightly. The strange feeling goes away after a few minutes. In the mirror, you notice that your shirt is covered in blood. You go to the dresser and look through the clothes. You find a few tank tops, a handful of t-shirts, a pair of jeans, and a few skirts. You choose a purple tank top and black leggings. You put on the shirt, then slip into the leggings and go back to look at yourself in the mirror. A knock on the door scares you.


"May I come in?" a woman asks.

You hesitate, but respond, "Come in."

The door opens. A young woman, somewhere between 18 and 20, enters. She has long jet black hair and light brown eyes. She is a little shorter than you and is of slender build.

"Hello, I'm Eliza." she says with a bow.

"Where is Nadia? And what are you doing here?"

"Nadia had to leave. She said you would be in capable hands with me."

She smiles as she crosses the room. She looks at you and up and down.

"Turn around," she says. She reaches out to grab your arm.

"Wait," you take a step backwards into the bathroom, pulling your arm out of reach.

To your surprise, she stops.

"What's wrong?" she asks. You don't respond. "It'll be ok. I know what I'm doing," she says.

"No, I'd rather not."

She frowns. "Are you sure? I can help you." she says.

"I'm sure." You say.

She sighs as she opens the door to leave.

"Call the front desk if change your mind."

"What the hell is going on?" You ask before she can go, "Who even are you?"

"Eliza. I already introduced myself."

"Yes but why are you here? I don't understand."

"I'm here to teach you."

"What do you mean?"

She looks at the floor and rubs the back of her neck.

"You're a...vampire. I'm here to teach you how to survive."

You stare at her in disbelief. "That's impossible."

"It's not impossible, it's just rare."

You stop to collect your thoughts for a moment, and Eliza waits at the door. As absurd as it was, it made sense. Nadia saying it would be okay, the dull burn of the bite mark, the... feeling.

"So what do you need to teach me?" you ask.

"A lot, but first I need to teach you about how this world works."

"So there are other vampires?

"Yes, but not as many as you think. Vampires also aren't immortal and we don't sleep in coffins. That's more of a Hollywood thing."

"Okay... so what makes me a vampire?"

"You were bit by one and you had your blood drained. You ingested some of the vampires blood, most likely without realizing it."

"How do you know all this?"

"Because I'm like you."

Eliza takes off her shirt and throws it on the floor.

Her body is thin with a light dusting of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Her skin is smooth and sports bra covers her C-cup breasts. She turns around and you see that she has a long scar on her back, behind her heart, which seems to have healed badly some time ago.

You walk over to her and lift up her hair. You see two small indentations near her shoulder blade.

"Alright, lets begin," she says softly, "Take a seat."

She lifts a chair from the ground and sets it upright. You sit in a chair as she stands in front of you.

"So, the first thing you need to learn is to bite properly. We'll start with me."

"What does this entail?"

"You need to drink some of my blood."

You reach up and touch the bite on your neck. Eliza sits down and straddles your lap.

She lifts up her hair tilts her neck to the side.

"Sometimes, you may want to make the bite as inconspicuous as possible, so find a vein that isn't usually visible." She takes your hand and traces it along a couple veins on her body, "But the neck is easiest access." She tilts her head to the side.

Seeing Eliza like this stirs something inside you. You're hungry. You place one hand on her shoulder and gently sink your teeth into her neck.

A burst of strawberry flavor hits your tongue as you feel the blood fill your mouth. You quickly pull back and see Eliza looking at you with a curious expression.


"You actually tasted it. Most new vampires don't realize that blood has flavor.

"It tastes good," you reply.

"Maybe to you. Blood is an acquired taste to humans and tastes terrible, but to us, it's delicious. Just think of the most delicious thing you've ever eaten, and multiply that by a million.

"That's....a lot."

"It certainly is."

Eliza's face is blank as she watches you. There is something warm about her. Something comforting. A feeling washes over you, that she is someone you can trust, and your heart begins to beat faster. She reaches up and places a gentle hand on your jaw, opening it. Then she leans forwards and presses her lips against yours. You let her, and she takes the opportunity to slip her tongue in. She tastes like raspberries, and her hair smells of lavender. You place your hands on her hips and begin to push into her tongue with your own. You can feel your heartbeat increase and you run your hands up her side to her breasts. You begin to massage her tits as she continues to kiss you.

Something drives you to reach around her back and unclasp her bra. She breaks the kiss and pulls her face away from yours, pulling her arms out of the straps as she does so. The cups droop forward, and then fall away completely, revealing her perfect breasts. You pull your tank top over your head and fling it onto the floor. Eliza begins to kiss you again, putting her hands on your shoulders and pushing you down. As she does this, you feel her bare breasts press against your bra.

You wrap your arms around her and kiss her deeply. She pulls away and looks into your eyes.

"Do you want to have sex?" She asks.

"Yes." You respond immediately.

"Do you want me to fetch someone for you? I have a few in mind."

"I want you."

"Oh, really? You don't want a pretty girl? A nice ass? Big Tits?"

"I want you. You're perfect." You kiss her again and slip your hand into her pants. You feel around until you find her vagina and slowly slide a finger in. You begin to massage the area as she moans quietly.

"Mmmm....nice..." She whispers as she starts to grind against your hand.

You bring your other hand to your breast and massage your nipple as you finger Eliza. She begins to moan a lot louder, and you feel her vagina tighten around your finger. You moan, and begin to rub yourself. With Eliza sitting in your lap, her legs now curled around the small of your back and her arms all over your body, you feel good. She slips a finger under your leggings and underwear it isn't long before you both climax together. You hold onto Eliza as you calm down. She shifts, stands, and brings you to the bed. You lie in bed together. You feel Eliza's head rest on your stomach, and drape your arms over her.

"How could anyone ever hurt you?" She asks after a while.

"You mean my bruises?"

"I can guess how you got them. How could anyone be so cruel?"

"I'm just an unlucky girl who fell into the wrong hands." You reply.

"Are you hungry?"

"No, I- I don't know... Drinking your blood it- I think it made me horny... Is that normal?"

"It's the virus. It makes everything more intense, including emotions and sensations. You've not had much though. Let's go get something to eat."

You nod and get dressed. The two of you go out into the night as you look for a victim to satisfy your hunger...

You see a girl with long brown hair, a slim waist, wide hips, and ample breasts. She's short but not unusually so. Her face is pretty, but not beautiful. You follow the girl as she walks through the street. You aren't too far away from her, but you are trying to avoid looking suspicious. She enters a store, goes down an isle and grabs a bottle of water from a shelf, then goes to the counter.

"How do we abduct her?" you whisper to Eliza.

"I have a needle filled with a paralyzing agent. Stick her with that, and we can take her some place quiet. I'll take care of the witnesses."

"Got it." You turn to look at the girl, and begin to feel hungry again. You really didn't drink much from Eliza.

The girl heads outside, and you follow her. She walks around to the back of the store and lights a cigarette. She leans against the wall of the store and looks up at the sky. It's a quiet night, and clouds have covered the moon. You walk up to her and casually ask for a cigarette. She is visibly startled and looks at you for a second.

"Oh, sorry. No." She says after a pause and looks back up at the sky.

You take the opportunity to quickly pull out the needle and plunge it into her arm. You pump the entire contents into her, flooding her bloodstream. She gasps and falls over, her eyes rolling back into her head.

"Oh shit," You mutter. You quickly grab her before she hits the ground and lay her on her side.

"Eliza?" You whisper loudly.

Eliza practically materializes from the darkness over the girl's body, and begins examining her. This girl's eyes flicker, but she doesn't wake.

"Perfect," Eliza smiles.

"What do we do now?"

"We take her with us. We can finish the process there without worrying about being caught." With that, she picks up the girl in a bridal carry and begins walking off.

"Wait, you never told me where we're going."

"The church."

You follow Eliza to the Church, and along the way she talks.

"I used to live here, many years ago. After my... departure from this world, it became a church. It seems appropriate."

"How old are you?" you ask.

"I was born in the 1300s. I turned awhile ago."

"How come you've lived so long? What are you?"

"Nocturnal, immaterial, and having a thirst for blood... You might say I am a demon, dear."

"I thought you were a vampire like me."

"Not exactly. I was, a long time ago. However when I was killed I became a succubus. I left that out earlier to make it... easier for you."

Silence fills the air as you take this in. You walk up to the church, but it's locked tight.

"I can't get in," Eliza says with frustration, pulling on the handle.

You try to bust down the door, but it's no use. You can't get it open.

"Let's try a window," Eliza suggests.

You walk up to a window and try to open it, but it's stuck.

"Let me try," Eliza says. She goes up and tries to open it. It doesn't budge.

"Maybe I'm weak, but this should be easy for you."

You take a step back and lunge forward, using your strength and smashing through the window with your elbow. The window shatters into countless pieces of broken glass.

"Come on," Eliza says.

You both crawl through the window.

The church is dark and creepy. You are in a pew, next to Eliza. There's broken glass everywhere. You shiver, the temperature is much colder inside the church. You look around and take in your surroundings. You look at the brunette in Eliza's arms. Her eyes are closed and her face has an expression of serenity. She looks like an angel. You notice she has two long scars on her shoulder.

"If we just drink the girl's blood, will she die?"

"No, don't worry," Eliza says soothingly. "We don't have to drink all her blood. She'll be fine after we finish."

She lays the girl onto the floor and begins caressing her face affectionately.

You sit on the other side of the girl from Eliza. You look at her neck, where her unusually big vein is easy for you to see now that her skin has stretched over it due to her head being tilted back.

"Oh God..." You can feel the urge growing strongly inside of you now.

You lean down and bite into the girl's neck. You feel the blood enter your mouth and run down your throat. It's delicious. You almost moan in ecstasy as you drink. You continue drinking the lovely, lovely blood. It's so... invigorating. You haven't ever tasted anything so sweet. The warm blood travels down your throat and warms your body. It's amazing how something so simple can fill you with energy.

After drinking your fill, you pull your head away from the girl's neck. You look at Eliza and see that she finished long before you did. Streaks of red dribble down her chin and a second bite mark leaks blood from the girl's wrist.

"Are you ready?" she asks with a smirk.

"Yes," you reply.

Eliza leans in and kisses you passionately on the lips. You feel the energy from her, and kiss her back with equal force. The two of you fall to the floor, continuing to make out.

"Oh my..." the brunette on the floor says as she wakes up. She gasps as she notices that her neck and wrist are bleeding. She holds her hand over the wound as she gets up and stares at the two of you in shock. "What... what the fuck?!"

You look at Eliza. She looks expectantly at you. You sigh in exasperation and look at the girl, who is glaring daggers at both of you.

"I was hungry," you say simply.

You raise an eyebrow, silently encouraging Eliza to come up with something to fix the situation.

"Let's have fun with this" she suggests, her eyes narrowing as a sly smile appears on her face.

Eliza stands up and strips off her clothes, tossing them into a corner. You smirk as the girl turns bright red. You stand up and quickly take off your own clothes, relishing the chance to be naked in front of two attractive girls. Eliza sits down next to the other girl and smiles at her.

The other girl looks uncertainly at you, and then turns to Eliza. She seems to relax as she stares into her eyes. You recognize this look, having experienced it yourself in the motel room. Eliza was using her seductive magic. Eliza's hands move to the girl's shoulders, and she begins massaging her gently. The girl closes her eyes and seems to melt under Eliza's hands. She lets out a slightly contented sigh as Eliza's hands move down her body, stopping briefly to squeeze her breasts and buttocks. Eliza leans forward and the two of them begin kissing each other eagerly.

You reach down and start to finger yourself. You're getting incredibly turned on by watching the lovely Eliza with this other girl. You can barely believe your luck in meeting her. You never thought you'd ever get to see something like this in real life. You watch, transfixed, as Eliza slowly removes the girl's clothes. You gasp as you accidentally brush your hand against your own clitoris.

You continue to watch the two beautiful girls making out in front of you as you shamelessly pleasure yourself. This is so hot. You can't help but look. The other girl smiles at Eliza, and then moves in to kiss her on the lips. Eliza seems surprised at first, but then she wraps her arms around the girl and the pair of them sink to the floor. Meanwhile, one of the girl's hands has found its way down to Eliza's crotch, and she begins to rub her gently along her pussy lips. Eliza's eyes widen slightly and she lets out a quiet moan. The girl leans in and gently takes Eliza's nipple into her mouth and begins to suck on it gently. Eliza bites her lip and closes her eyes, a look of pure pleasure on her face. You see the other girl slip first one, then two, then finally three fingers inside her own vagina.

Eliza begins to buck her hips gently in time with the girl rubbing her clitoris. Her breathing gets heavier and her chest starts to heave. The other girl moves her mouth away from Eliza's breasts, and moves in to kiss her on the lips once more. Eliza responds eagerly, wrapping her arms around her partner and grabbing her buttocks, pulling her closer. The girl responds by inserting a fourth finger into herself, and the movement of her arm causes her to slide up against Eliza harder and faster.

Eliza suddenly arches her back and lets out a moan, closing her eyes and tossing her head back.

Your whole body goes into spasm and you gasp as an intense wave of pleasure washes over you. Wave after wave of ecstasy racks your body. You can barely think straight, it feels so good. You lie back against the wall, still shaking slightly with the most wonderful feeling you've ever experienced. Immediately after your own mind-shattering climax, the other girl has also reached her own. Her face goes red and contorts into a mask of pure pleasure. Her mouth falls open and she makes little squeaking sounds. She slams her hips against Eliza's hand and shakes it wildly. Her body goes rigid and she lets out a long, guttural moan. Meanwhile, Eliza has also reached her second and final orgasm of the night.

As the other girl collapses backwards onto the ground, Eliza sits up and lies against the wall. She grins as she stares at you. She opens her mouth to say something, but then closes it again. The girl you abducted seems to be in a daze, staring off into the ceiling.

You crawl over beside Eliza. "We should leave," you say, "I want you to take me to Nadia".

"We can't just yet," Eliza says, a slightly pained expression on her face. "It takes a while to recover. Just give me two minutes, okay?"

You nod in response, and wait patiently for her two minutes to pass.

You quickly get dressed again, and wait for Eliza to do the same. One minute passes, then two minutes, then three. After five minutes, you're still waiting for her to get ready.

"Eliza are you okay?"

"Yeah, I just need a bit longer," she says.

"We don't have time for that," you say firmly. "We're going to find Nadia if I have to drag you naked through the streets."

Eliza chuckles.

"You would like that, wouldn't you?"

"Maybe," she says with a grin, "Come closer and I'll show you what I like." You shake your head at her, smiling. "Fine, I'll get dressed," she says with a sigh. "But you're missing out."

You leave the church and Eliza brings you to a stadium. Eliza says she knows Nadia tends to come around here.

"How are we going to get in?" Eliza asks.

"I don't know," you respond. You look around for a while, casually walking around the stadium in the night, looking for an easy way in. The two of you come across a blimp sitting parked in an open area beside the stadium. You climb into the cabin. You look out of the blimp towards the stadium. You say "So you think Nadia is here?"

"Probably," says Eliza, "I know she meets people here."

You nod in response, taking another deep breath. You look out from the blimp window, at the towering stadium before you.

"Alright," You look around for the keys to the blimp, and find them attached to a metal board with a bunch of buttons on it. You pull them off and put them in your pocket.

"What are those?" Eliza asks.

"Keys for the blimp. Do you know how to fly it?"

"Of course I don't know how to fly this thing!" Eliza snaps. "Why do you think I would know how to fly a blimp?"

"This is a stupid idea," you say, "let's find a different way into the stadium."

"Too late," she says, looking upwards out of the window.

You look up and see a spotlight slowly moving across the blimp. "We need to run!" you hiss.

"Too late," says a voice. "Drop any weapons, and come out with your hands in the air."

You look around. You're surrounded by lights and guns, and you have nowhere to hide. You raise your hands in surrender, and slowly climb down the ladder.

"Keep your hands in the air!" Both of you glumly comply. The lights suddenly turn brighter, and you can finally see where you are.

"Come with me," a man says.

You do as he asks, and armed men lead you both to a waiting transport, which has a large embossed logo of a Viper on it. You're separated, but you see Eliza get in another transport beside yours. Soon, the hovercraft is rising up above the stadium. The inside of the transport is steel plated, with a few soft seats in the middle. You sit down in one of them and wait for your fate. After about an hour, you descend and the metal door opens.

"Come on out, vampire," says a short man wearing a black suit and tie. You climb out of the box and look around. You've been brought to a new area, surrounded by a metal fence. The man in the black suit leads you around the metal fence and through a compound, until you reach a row of small buildings. He stops and turns to you.

"This is your new home," he says.

"Where is Eliza?"

"She's in one of the other buildings," says the man in the black suit. "Now, before we go on, I have to tell you the rules."

The man walks forward and opens the door to the first building. He goes inside, and you follow.

"What rules?"

The man sits down on a small, hard bed and gestures for you to do likewise. You sit, and the man begins to speak.

"This is a training camp," he says.


"You're going to be trained and sold for pleasure, for the entertainment of the rich and powerful."

"No, you cant do this!" you protest.

The man laughs. "Sorry, kid. Slave you shall stay until the end of your days."

You leap off the bed and dart for the door. The man's faster than you, though, and he grabs you by the scruff of your neck and flings you onto the bed.

You scream, "Let go of me!" You begin to struggle, but it is in vain. The man smiles and hugs you close. You can feel his cold body temperature permeate your being. This is a man without a soul.

"We're going to have so much fun," he grins.

"No, I want Eliza!"

The man begins laughing. "Ha! I knew you would want her. She's a wonderful slave, isn't she?"

You stare at the man, angrily. He stares back with a twisted smile on his face.

"Well... we should get on with your training."

You struggle against the man, but his grip tightens around you. He stands up, lifting you off the ground, and carries you over to a long, metal table. Cold, hard and unnaturally sharp, the edge of the table is sharp enough to slice through bone and flesh with ease. The man lays you on the table, your face down.

"Please don't do this, I can pay!"

The man begins laughing. "You can pay? Ha! I can get more money using you than you can offer!"

You begin to struggle, but the man is too strong. He presses your face down onto the table. You feel a sharp, cold metal band clasp around your neck. You gasp for breath, but it's impossible. You begin to choke.

"Nervous system destruction sequence activated," says a monotone voice.

You pull at the collar. The man procures a medical saw from a metal drawer. He flicks it on, and brings the blade close to your neck.

"But before your training I need to make some... modifications."

"Nervous system destruction in T-Minus 25 seconds," says the robotic voice.

You swing your fist around, smashing it into the man's throat. He grunts and falls backwards, releasing you from his grip. You gasp for breath, filling your lungs with air.

"Nervous system destruction in T-Minus 20 seconds."

You leap from the table, and grab the saw. The man snarls, and charges towards you. You hold the saw up to defend yourself. He swings his fist at you, but you duck under and jab him in the stomach with the saw's spinning blade. He groans and falls to the floor, as you leap onto his belly. You hold the saw above your head, preparing to strike, and bring the saw down into his chest. A red puddle pools on the floor.

"Nervous system destruction in T-Minus 10 seconds."

You quickly bring the saw up towards your neck. It slices through the metal band that was holding it up but not without cutting your neck as well. You ignore the pain, grab the collar, and pull it off.

"Nervous system destruction sequence aborted." says the monotone voice.

You bend over and bite into the man's neck. Blood spurts into your mouth. You feel energetic and revitalized. You continue drinking, until the man's cold, dead eyes stare blankly at the ceiling. A surge of power and confidence floods into you. You fall backwards off of the man and bring your hands up to your wounds. You press your hands against the wound on your neck. It's still bleeding. You need bandages. But where? You look around the room. There's a large door on the far side of the room. Perhaps that's a medical bay?

You walk quickly towards the door. It slides open, revealing a huge room. Monitors line the walls. Computers fill a large workstation in the center of the room. You see a large medical station along one wall. You walk over to the medical station and quickly spot a large red cross marked on one wall. You pull the medical kit off its hooks and open it. You spot clean gauze, tape, scissors, antiseptic, bandages, and more. You quickly wrap your neck with the gauze, applying pressure to the cut.

You turn and look at the monitors, looking for Eliza. You spot her on one of the cameras. You see Eliza lying on a table. She's stripped naked, with three large men staring down at her. The scrawny man from who put Eliza in the transport before stands off to the side, a wicked grin on his face. You hear the door open behind you. You turn, to see a massive figure standing in the doorway. He's tall and wide, covered with muscles, with curly black hair and brown eyes. His skin is pale, and a cross-shaped burn is pressed into his forehead. The man smiles at you, revealing a pair of gold teeth.

"Hello," he says slowly.

You try to run forward, but pain in your leg overwhelms you. You must have injured it in your struggle with the other man. You collapse on the ground.

"What's your name?" he asks, approaching.

"D-D-Drea," you stutter.

The man walks forward, extending a hand to help you up. You pause, then grab it, and he pulls you to your feet. "I'm Cassian," he says softly.

"I need to save Eliza," you say.

"What?" he asks.

"I... I can't stay here."

"I see," Cassian says. "The girl, Eliza. She means a lot to you."

"Yes. She really does," you say. "I don't want to stay here and I need to get to her."

"Why would you leave?" Cassian asks. "Here, we could teach you so many things..."

You bow your head. "I don't want to I just want Eliza! Please help me."

"I... I can't do that," Cassian says. He pulls out a knife.

You take a step back, holding up your hands. "Wait."

Cassian looks at you, then nods. "I understand. The knife bothers you." He walks over to a workbench, grabs a large drill and turns to you. "Does this bother you?"

You nod. "Yes..."

"Good," Cassian says. "Then you'll do as I say. Take off your clothes." You stare at him, trembling. "Do it."

You slowly remove your clothing, until you're naked before him.

"Good girl," Cassian says. "Now, go over to that table."

You turn, walking over to the table. Cassian grabs you by the wrists, pulling your hands over your head and binding them to the table with rope. He binds your ankles in the same way, so that you are spread eagle. He stuffs a ball gag in your mouth and buckles it tightly behind your head.

You try to pull against your restraints, but they're buried into the table. You can't get any leverage.

"Now," Cassian says, attaching something soft and fluffy to the ceiling. "This is mohair. Doesn't look it, but it's made from a very rare breed of goat." He pours some kind of liquid onto the soft, fluffy fur.

The fur is light brown, rather than the traditional white. Along it are short, black stripes. It looks incredibly soft and warm. You can practically feel your entire weight being lifted just by looking at it.

"See the liquid I've just poured over it?" Cassian asks. You nod. "It irritates the skin, yet doesn't damage it. It's oil based, scented and flavored. The scent and flavor is up to you. What do you want it to be?"

You try to beg for mercy, but the gag just makes incomprehensible sounds.

"Okay," Cassian says. "I'll pick for you." He walks over to a large book, opens it and starts reading.

"Blackberry and honey," he says, as he makes a note in the huge book. "That could work... Pine and Lemon." He makes another note. "Let's see... How about Lavender and Eucalyptus?" he asks, as he writes it down. "Cinnamon and Vanilla?" he asks. "No, that won't do." He makes a few more notes, before looking up at you. "I think I've got it. Poppy and Patchouli?"

You struggle against your restraints, but to no avail. Cassian stops you with a quick jab to the head.

Cassian grabs a large scalpel and presses it against the soft underside of your chin. You shake your head no.

"Good," Cassian says, turning and walking away from your line of sight. He returns with the mohair. He takes a seat in front of you and smiles. "Now," he says. "We can do this the easy way, or the fun way. The easy way, you cooperate, please me, and then I return you to your cell. The fun way, well..." He smiles at you.

You stare at him with wide eyes.

"Tell me your name."

The ball gag prevents you from speaking.

He stares at you for a few seconds, smiling. "We'll try again," he says. "What is your name?"

You try to speak through the gag as Cassian gently runs a finger down your throat.

"I'm sure you can do better than that..."

You try to shake off Cassian's touch.

"That's not a wise choice," he states, staring at you coldly. "You're going to regret that," he says, a cruel smile on his face. He slowly runs a finger down your cheek, and for a second you think he's going to caress you. Instead, he grabs your face and holds it still while he snarls at you. His cold breath makes you gasp. "...You're going to regret that," he repeats, releasing your face and standing up.

He walks over to a table, on which sits a large toolbox. He pulls something out of it and walks over to you. It's a box of matches. You try to struggle, but the shackles hold you tight to the table. Cassian strikes a match and holds it above your face. You shake your head, pleading.

"No?" he asks, confused. "You'd rather this?" He runs the match along your cheek, and you feel the heat on your face.

"MMMhhmmm," you try to beg.

"I don't want you to beg," he says, striking another match. "I want you to moan."

He holds the match up to your face, and you feel the flame burning your cheek. You moan loudly, as Cassian lets out a laugh. Your skin twinges with the heat of the match. You feel the heat on your face, and let out another long, long moan. The sound is primal, animalistic, and probably more sexual than anything else. Your long drawn out moan that ends in a gasp of relief as Cassian blows out the match and drops it on the ground.

"Do you like this?" he asks.

You shake your head no.

"Yes you do," he says, smiling. "I can see it in your eyes." He strikes another match and holds it up to your face. "But I don't just want moans," he says. "I want to hear your sounds of pleasure. The sounds a man wants to hear from the woman he loves."

You stare at him in disbelief. He strikes another match and hold it up to your face. "No?" he asks, as if genuinely confused.

You nod vigorously. The match is dropped onto your stomach. You let out a shriek as your skin starts to burn. Cassian laughs and flicks the match to the ground, putting it out with his foot.

"I think you want this," he says. "I think you want all of this." You feel another match drop between your breasts, and you can't help but let out a cry of pain.

"You're hurting," he smiles.

You pull against the ropes and let out a sound of pain and fear, but with each passing second you feel a mounting sense of pleasure. Pleasure that can be summed up in one word: submission.

"You're mine," Cassian growls, staring into your eyes. He takes a deep breath. "I know you're hurting. I want to hurt you more."

He strikes another match and holds it over you.

You pull on your restraints, but they refuse to budge. Cassian drops the match onto your collarbone. You let out a shriek and Cassian lets out a laugh. He lights another match. You pull your leg and the rope comes loose on the table leg, allowing you to knee Cassian in his stomach. He falls backwards and drops the match onto the ground. It starts to burn a hole in the carpet.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" he says, grabbing at the carpet with a hand. It's clear he is insane.

You throw your weight to tip the table over, and it lands on top of Cassian. You hear him scream as smoke billows from around the table and the fire begins to grow right behind you. You reach your hands up to your face, trying to get the rope tying you to the table off.

"I'm sorry!" Cassian screams.

You hear wood snap as you manage to break the wooden frame your right hand was tied to. With your one free hand, you reach for the scalpel on the on the ground. You grab the scalpel and start sawing away at the ropes holding your arm and legs in place. You free yourself and scramble away from the table. You run through a door to where you think Eliza's room is. You stare down the hallway on the right, hearing screaming and crying down that way. You run down the hallway to the right as the fire starts to spread behind you.

You charge forward with a yell, ramming the door with your shoulder. The door bursts open and you fall inside, rolling to a stop, splinters poking at your bare skin. You quickly stand to your feet and look around.

"Eliza!" you call. The room is empty, but the window is open.

You step to the window and look down. There is a narrow balcony below, which seems to surround the entire floor. You seem to be at the very top of a building. You see Eliza out on the balcony, simply gazing out into the night. She is still naked like you saw her on the camera, but none of her captors are around.

"Eliza! What are you doing?!"

Eliza turns to you and smiles. She doesn't respond. She seems transfixed, almost in a trance, as if she'd been drugged. You stare at her naked body, taking in her breasts, her legs, and...

You reel yourself back in.

You climb through the window and quickly grab Eliza by the hand.

"Eliza! Snap out of it!" you yell. Eliza slowly looks at you, her eyes having trouble focusing. "We don't have time for this!" you say. "We need to hide!"

"I'm cold," she moans.

Eliza's right, it is cold. You can feel it on your naked body.

You run down a fire escape and into an alley, Eliza holding your hand. You are both still naked, and you're only sort of paying attention to where you're going.

"Are we going to fuck?" Eliza asks.

"No!" you say. "We're just looking for a place to hide, hold on."

"It's cold outside," she complains, as if she didn't notice the obvious. "I need warmth."

"Shhhh," you say, putting a finger to Eliza's lips. "Let's just find a place to lay low."

Eliza nods, and you lead her down the alley towards another building.

You enter an aging building with Eliza. There is a small counter and a door to the right, leading into the back storeroom. Overhead is a softly humming fluorescent light. The room is otherwise empty save for a few cardboard boxes.

"What is this place?" Eliza asks.

You throw your arms around her and squeeze tightly. She squeals softly as you embrace her. Her hands press against your stomach, but she doesn't push you away. You gently lower yourself and Eliza to the floor, continuing to squeeze her in a hug. She keeps her hands on your chest for a moment, but then brings them to your back. You feel her hands beginning to wander as you press your breasts into hers. You hold her tightly to warm her.

"Eliza," you say softly, "I want you to remember this moment." You bring your lips to her and place a gentle kiss on the side of her neck.

Eliza gasps softly, then sighs. She brings her hands up and gently running them across your breasts. Your heart flutters as she touches you, and you feel a surge of warmth rush through you. "You are so beautiful," she whispers, her breath hot on your ear.

"Are you okay? What did those men do to you?"

"What did they do to me?" Eliza says. "They didn't do anything. They wanted to, but they didn't. They gave me something and said they'd be back..."

"So... they tried to fuck you?"

"Naw," Eliza replies sarcastically. "They wanted to do other things."

You turn your face away, blushing. You're not even sure if Eliza realizes that she's teasing you right now.

"I'm just glad you're okay..." you whisper.

You embrace her tighter. Eliza returns the hug.

"I need you," she whispers, "I don't know what I'd do without you."

Eliza looks into your eyes and smiles.

"You're the only one who cares about me," she says. "I love you."

"You're high," you grin. Eliza brings her mouth to yours and gives you a long, sensual kiss. Her arms are wrapped around you, and she presses her body against your own.

"I love you too," you say.

Eliza kisses you again and again. She's about to bring her mouth to your neck when you hear the jingling of keys from outside. Eliza quickly disentangles herself from you and hides in a corner of the storeroom.

You hide with her and listen. The door opens, and you hear heavy footsteps.

"Just wait 'til the master hears about this," says a gruff voice, "Can't even keep a hold of one little girl."

"This is your fault for hiring a stupid saint in the first place," another voice says. "If you hired a competent person it would have saved us all this trouble."

You hear footsteps heading your way. You hold your breath as two men walk in. The first one is short and fat, with a drink in one hand and a knife in the other. He's balding and has a beard that goes down to his chest.

You keep quiet and hide behind the shelves of boxes. The two men look around, but it's obvious that they're only half-heartedly looking.

"Come out, come out..." They taunt.

The second man is tall and skinny. He flicks his black hair out of his eyes as he looks around. You look to the door, but the men are blocking your route. You look up and see a ceiling panel dislodged slightly.

You point upwards at the panel, making a climbing motion. Eliza nods in understanding and begins to climb up onto the boxes and then the shelf. She goes up to hide in the rafters. The two men begin looking around and draw near your hiding spot. You quickly climb up, following Eliza.

"Come on, hurry," she whispers.

You reach the top and lie down on the rafters, pulling your legs up through the opening.

You wait for the men to leave and they eventually walk away, not seeing you hiding above them. After a few minutes, they turn and walk out of the room. You wait patiently, counting to a hundred after they leave before you climb down and check the hallway. It's empty, so you go to the door and press your ear against it. You hear the men outside, you need to find another way out. You open a different door and find yourself in an empty hallway.

You motion for Eliza to follow you. You walk down the hallway, checking each door you come across. It seems this building you wandered into was some sort of abandoned school or academic building. Many rooms have nothing in them but dust and cobwebs, but a few have tools and supplies. You find a first aid kit, a lantern, and a large box of matches. You walk over to Eliza. She's still naked, and you can't help but look at her beautiful body as you approach. Your stomach flutters slightly as you gaze at her supple breasts and tight crotch. Your desire is mixed with pity and guilt for Eliza's suffering.

"Here," you say, holding up the first aid kit. You open it and tend to her cuts from breaking the window.

With Eliza patched up, you look out into the hallway and see nothing. The hallways spans twenty feet ahead of you and turns a corner. The floor is tiled and empty, but for a few scraps of trash. The walls are barren, made of simple gray bricks.

You ask, "Ready to go?"

"Yes. I'm ready."

You nod at Eliza and creep forward. You move slowly, checking every angle so as not to be caught off guard. As you creep forward, you see an opening to your right at the end of the hallway. You reach it and look through. You are in what appears to be an old auditorium. Rows of seats rise up in front of you and a shadowy stage is visible at the far end. Large windows line the far wall, but the glass has long since been broken and it's hard to see anything from your angle.

You creep forward towards the stage and broken windows beyond. You pass rows upon rows of seats, all of which are covered in a thick layer of dust and grime. They are also made of wood and start to creak and crack as you pass. The noise is barely audible, but the sound still makes you cringe. The stage is also made of wood, and as you step upon it you realize that it's not as strong as it once was. You hear a loud cracking sound and instantly jump forward, heart racing. You peer down and see that part of the floor you were just standing on has fallen through. The stage is unfortunately shaped like a narrow, inverted "V", meaning that while the middle is supported by solid pieces of wood, the front and back are not.

You help Eliza across the stage, which she does nervously. You reach the other side and creep up to the windows. You slowly climb over the broken glass, making sure that you place each foot and hand safely. You get to the other side and gently coax Eliza forward. She crawls through without issue. Outside you see a fairly busy street. As you look around you notice police cars racing down the street heading in the direction of the complex you escaped from.

You keep to the shadows since you and Eliza are naked. You pull Eliza back into the corner and watch as the police cars race by. They slow down as they approach the complex and you expect them to stop and enter, but instead they head straight on.

"Looks like they decided not to come here after all," you say.

You see a man in a business suit walking down the sidewalk in your direction. You stay in the shadows and hold Eliza close. The businessman never turns down the alley, so you slowly edge out into the open. You look out into the night.

You and Eliza quickly move out of the alley and down the sidewalk. Your feet move quickly and silently along the concrete, your ears twitching as they pick up on every tiny sound. After a few minutes you reach the first store: A little corner market. You quickly move past the market and spot what looks like a clothing store two buildings down.

"We need to get inside somewhere," you say quietly, "where we can hide and figure out our next move."

"Yeah...okay," Eliza whispers.

You walk slowly up to the clothing store and peer through the windows. You see no movement, so you gently open the door and step inside. The lights are turned down low, but it's enough for you to make out that the store seems to sell fancy dresses and suits. You quickly grab a nearby dress and pull it on.

"What do I do?" Eliza asks. She's still naked, and you feel tempted to let her stay that way.

You see a dress on a nearby mannequin that should fit Eliza pretty well. "Come with me," you say, grabbing the dress from the mannequin and heading into the changing room.

"As much as I like seeing you naked, you should put this on," you say, tossing the dress into Eliza's hands.

"Are you sure?" she asks, clearly enjoying her nudity.

"Yes, please put the dress on. We can't draw attention." Eliza nods. You watch as she slips into the white dress and struggles to get herself into it, eventually she getting it on.

Eliza's dress is a pretty, although not overly fancy, white dress. The neckline is high and the sleeves long, although it has a slit up one side that reaches nearly to the waist. You lead Eliza out of the store room and pull her into a kiss. You enjoy the feeling of her lips on yours, and you can feel her mouth stretch into a smile.

"You look beautiful," you say.

Eliza smiles, "I like your dress too."

You look down at yourself. It's a green sleeveless dress that comes to your mid-thighs. "I like it too, now let's get out of here before someone catches us stealing."

"You're right," she says, turning to leave.

You head towards the back of the store. Near the entrance stands a large mirror, and you pause. Eliza turns and faces you, smiling. She hugs you tightly, the both of you admiring the dresses you picked out.

"It's beautiful," she says.

"The dress is nothing special."

Eliza looks at you, suddenly smiling coyly. She wraps one arm around your waist, pulling you closer to her. She leans her head against your shoulder, looking up at you and smiling before kissing you lightly on the cheek.

"As much as I want to, we don't have time for this. Plus, we just got dressed." You wiggle free of Eliza's grasp and quickly start walking towards the back room. "We need to go, right now," you say.

"Hold on, what's the rush?"

"Do you want to get caught?" You ask.

"No, but that sounded an awful lot like you don't want to kiss me."

You sigh. Whatever they'd given Eliza was probably still affecting her. "That's not true," you assure her.

"Well, then what's wrong?"

"Nothing, it's just we really need to go right now. Those guys are probably still looking for us."

You see the hurt in Eliza's eyes and feel immediately guilty. She goes silent and nods.

"We need to find a place and money," you say, "I had cash but those slavers took it. I think they were Vipers so we need to lay low."

You look around and see a glass case nearby. Inside are trinkets and jewelry. You motion to it. "I could break that case open and we could grab a few things. We need money after all," you say.

"You sure that's a good idea?" she asks.

"Probably not, but we need to do something."

You walk over to the case and stare at it for a few moments.

You search for a lock or latch on the glass case, but find nothing.

"It's not locked," Eliza says, "You can just open it."

You walk up to the case and put your hands on the glass. You breathe deeply and push until the glass moves inward slightly. It's harder than you expected, and you wince at the sound of glass scraping against the inside of the case. After only a few moments, the opening is wide enough for you to slip your arm through. You start pulling out all of the jewelry you can get a hold of. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, it's all shiny and pretty. You grab as much of it as you can before you are forced to pull your arm out.

"I'm done," you say, "Let's go." Eliza nods in response.

You leave the store and walk out into the night. You are now in a new area of the city you haven't been in before. It's well lit by street lamps but it's a little scarier than the touristy part of town.

"Where do we go? A motel?" you ask.

Eliza spends some time looking around before nodding.

"There's a place down the road," she says, "Follow me."

You follow her down the road as you watch her hips sway back and forth as she walks. You feel you can't wait to get to the room. After a few minutes you arrive at the motel and follow her into the lobby.

Eliza looks around nervously before speaking.

"Um, we need a room," she says.

"How many beds?" the man behind the desk asks, eyeing Eliza.

"Just one," she responds.

He looks at the two of you over for a moment and nods. He pulls out a key.

"It's gonna be $60 for a week."

You hand him a jeweled necklace instead. As he takes the necklace, his eyes widen.

"Alright, it's all yours," he says, handing you the key. You and Eliza grab your stuff and head toward your room. It's a pretty shoddy looking motel, and the hallway smells musty.

You step into your room and quickly look around. It's pretty dirty, and the carpet is a different color due to years of dirt build up.

"Well, this place is pretty nice," Eliza says sarcastically. You drop your things on a counter and walk over to the window.

"It will do for now until we figure out a better plan," you say.

You look over at Eliza and see her staring at you, a lustful look in her eye. Her eyes quickly make their way down to your crotch and she licks her lips seductively.

"What?" You ask coyly.

Eliza quickly approaches you. She grabs your hand and moves it to her ass. You quickly grab her by the waist as she moves her mouth to yours. She moves her tongue past your lips and into your mouth.

You kiss her back and guide her to the bed. You turn around and sit down on the bed, bringing Eliza down on top of you. You pull her in close and you feel her squeeze against you. You open your mouth wide and push your tongue into her mouth. You pull your mouth away from hers. You slowly move your lips down her chin, then to her neck, where you begin to suck gently. Eliza lets out a small sigh as she closes her eyes.

You continue sucking on her neck as you begin to undo the buttons on her dress. Once you get them all undone you pull the top of her dress down, exposing her breasts covered by a black bra.

"Maybe we should have just kept these off."

Eliza lets out a small laugh. "Perhaps, but I don't like flashing everyone!"

You smile and move your head down to the top of her breasts and begin to suck on the skin just above them. You flick your tongue against her nipples, causing them to become erect. Eliza lets out a small moan and gently runs her fingers through your hair. You take your index finger and middle finger and pull down the cup of her bra, releasing her right breast. You gently take her breast into your hand and squeeze lightly. You take your mouth off her chest and move it towards her nipple, where you give it a gentle kiss before taking it into your mouth. You suck on her nipple gently, and then begin flicking it with your tongue. Eliza sighs contentedly and lets out a long breath, just as you felt she would do.

You gently suck on her right breast while you move your hand to the other one. You massage the breast softly, then begin to squeeze it and flick the nipple with your index finger. As you gently suck on her right breast, you move your left hand down to her thigh. You gently caress her thigh, moving your hand closer and closer to her crotch. Eliza moves her legs farther apart, giving you easier access. You slide your hand beneath her panties, slowly moving your fingers up and down. You gently flick your middle finger against her clit.

"Ah," Eliza says softly as she takes a deep breath. You gently push Eliza's bra down, releasing her other breast.

Eliza sits up and begins to undress you, pausing for a moment to take you in.

"You're absolutely gorgeous," she says.

You stare at her lovely figure, naked except for a pair of black panties. Her body is thin and small, but still curvy in all the right places. Her breasts are full and round, and her nipples stand at erect attention, waiting for your touch.

You push Eliza's hand down to your private area and gently guide her fingers onto your vagina. She continues to rub your clit, while you move your index and middle fingers over and into her hole. You push your index and middle fingers into her warm, wet vagina. Eliza lets out a long, slow sigh as you gently move your fingers in and out of her.

"Mm..." she says.

You can feel her walls begin to tighten around your fingers. As Eliza gently moves her fingertips over your vagina, you let out a long, low moan. Eliza smiles and begins to massage your clit. She leans down and softly kisses your belly button.

"Ah," you sigh.

You use your free hand to rub her clit, as you begin to moan louder. She begins to finger you faster, as you head towards your climax.

"I think I'm gonna..." you begin to say. Eliza suddenly takes her hand away.

You look at her in disbelief. "What the fuck?"

She grabs your right hand and holds it to her vagina. "Finish me off," she says.

"You're a cruel mistress," you say slyly to her teasing.

"Good. I want to make sure you're never gonna forget me," Eliza says.

She changes positions, and begins to ride on your hand. You continue to finger Eliza as she rides your hand.

"Holy shit, I'm gonna come!" Eliza grunts.

She grinds her pussy into your hand and lets out a long sigh of pleasure. Her vagina muscles begin to contract in rhythm, pulsing against your fingers. With her free hand, she grabs your wrist and holds it firmly as the orgasm rushes through her body. Eliza breathes heavily as her orgasm begins to subside. She releases your wrist, and leans forward to rest on your chest. You can feel your wetness running down your legs.

"I'm sorry if I was too cruel to you," Eliza says.

"No I like it."

"I'm glad you're satisfied with me," Eliza says.

You lay on the bed with Eliza on top of you. Your legs slowly part, and one of your hands slips down between your thighs. Your eyes half-open as you look down your body towards Eliza.

"I want you to watch me," you moan softly.

Eliza sits up, one hand on her hip and the other holding her breasts as she licks her lips. Your body shakes and writhes with pleasure, as Eliza watches on in excitement and anticipation. You scream out in ecstasy as you feel your body climax against your fingers. Your feet quiver and shake as they slide up and down against the mattress. You pant heavily, as you slowly move from your own orgasm and towards reality once again.

"Wow, that was hot," Eliza says. She leans over to kiss you on the lips.

You kiss her passionately, as the two of you embrace on the bed. She slides her tongue into your mouth, running it gently around your own. Before long you are curled up together and fall asleep.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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